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lie Had a Plan to Rid Havana
Forever, of Yellow Fever.
When .merlviiu Trooim Go to Cuba
They Will Lucnle on flrotlllil lie
Cliunr The- Report of III I.nliol-H
l'rceieil Comiilcte Tlie DtMlufer
tiou of 111h Home.
New York, Oct. 30. The cremation of
the body "of Col. George E. Waring, jr.,
was completed at Snlnburne Island cre
matory about 4 o'clock this morning. The
body was consigned to the oen at 9 p.
m. last "night, and when the incineration
vas. complete the ashes were placed In an
urn and sent to quarantine, where they
will be held at Mrs. Wiring's disposal.
The, work of fumigating and disinfect
ing the Waring apartments was begun
Saturday afternoon and will not be com
pleted wntll tomorrow afternoon. The
bedding, bed linen, and clothing of Col.
Waring, as well as everything with
which his body actually came In contact
were removed to the board of health's
float and burned
The disinfectants used In fumigation
were sulphur and f nrmaldehj de. The
fumes from these will be allowed to per
meate every room of the apirtment until
Tuesday. Then the ceilings, walls, and
tloors of the rooms and all the woodwork
will be washed with a solution of bichlo
ride of mercury and every crack in the
rooms will be tilled with this solution
This done, the rooms will be thoroughly
aired and Tuesday night Mrs Warlnv,
her son, John P Yates, and the nurse.
Miss Gllfillan, will return They will re
main under the observation of the health
authorities for five dajs Then the quar
antine will be raised.
The three persons named abov e are now
at the residence of Col Warlns's plivsl
clan. Dr. Daniel M Stimson, No. 11 AVest
Seventeenth Street Dr. Stimson 70
Iorted tonight that all were In good
It is learned that Col Waring died with
his work practically done The President
Fent him to Cuba to selecl camp sites for
the army of occupation, to report upon
the sanitary condition of Havana and
other Cuban cities and to suggest means
of improving that condition Camp sites
were recommended some time ago and
when the trooro go to Cuba they will
camp upon ground i-elected b Col War
ing The report on the question of sanitation
and the scheme for Improving It a.
practically completed when Col Waring
arrived In New York The President and
all those In Washington who' are deeply
interested In this question may now
know that the report In triplicate was
among the papers which were most care
fully disinfected It will be returned to
Mrs. Waring, who will profcablj forward
It at her convenience to the President
The report Is said to be very volumin
ous, and it is said It gives the story of
the ga-iltary condition of Havana and a
plan for a complete system of drainage
and sewerage, which Col. Waring believ
ed would rid Havana forever of vellow
fever It Is said that the plan maj be
applied to all Cuban cities
Col. IlooNnelt Will Hush .It-muni
olii- Mori- Thlx Week.
New York, Oct. 50 Notwithstanding the
Republican claims that Col Rooseelt Is
as good as elected g;oernor of Xew
Tork, the leaders are anxious regarding
the situation and the warrior candidate,
together with his troop of Rough Itlders
and a numerous coterie of spellbinders,
is to be rushed all oer the State agj'n
this week on a stumping tour. lie has
made oer 3C0 speeches in the campaign
thus far, while Justice Van AVjck has
made not oer half a dozen
Notwithstanding the frantic actlUty of
the Republicans, Col Itooeelt has not
gained In strength and the betting re
mains eien, with Van Wyck money
plentiful and the Democrats confident.
The latter base their predictions of Van
AVjck's success on the reports from all
points of Democratic harmon. together
with the statements of the county leaders
that there hae been no defections
Tomorrow night Rooseielt will speak
at a dozen places In New York and
Brook n Tuesday night he will address
several meetings In Manhattan borough
and Yonkers Wednesday he will talk
twele times at Long Island points and
on Thursday will address the oters of
Albany and Troy Tridaj and Saturday
he will close the campaign, and he will
on those das address oters at different
points in this citj Ills oice is alrendy
ery weak from the tremendous strain
and It Is feared It will not hold out until
the end
A hen It Wii ft mi rmi I foil Trenton
IlalmrntN Iittitril Htm.
Trenton, N. J, Oct 30 Edwin W.
Crane will lit this citj tomorrow night
and will speak from the same platform
with former Congressman McAdoo, ex
Gov Zulick, of Arizona, and Bajard
Grower Cleveland was Incited to be
present, but the Imitation was sent late
last week, and after It had been made
known that he would decline The Imi
tation was sent to satisfy the sound
monej men, who resented the Interference
of State Chairman Gourlej and Commit
teeman Lannlg In the Interest of the free
s!ler men The latter threatened to bolt
the ticket if Sir. Cle eland was permitted
to come out of retirement and lug the
financial question Into the campaign The
difficulty seems to hae been tided in or
by inlting tho ex-President, with the
understanding that he would decline the
AhUciI to l'nrtiflitafe In Oiienfitj; of
Gooil Trmiilnr'N Cnmlvnl.
Lieut. Hobson will probablj- be present
this evening in Masonic Temple at the
opening of the Continental Carnival, under
the auspices of the Good Templar lodges
of the District. Tire noted naval con
structor will receive a pressing Invitation
this morning from Chairman John C.
Moore, of the press committee, who is
himself a former officer of the United
States Naj
The District Naval Guard Band will
also be present this evening and arrange
ments have been made to have a program
of dancing everj night. Sirs. N. L. King,
assisted by a corps of joung ladles, will-
serve lunch every daj commencing to
morrow from noon to I o'clock.
It Will l'nij- fur I)cln In Kineii
ntlon nml Ilellrf of MUcry.
London, Oct. SI. The Times Havana
correspondent cables that a petition that
has already been signed by a hundred
thousand persons will be forwarded to
President McKInley at the end of next
week, prajlng him not to allow further
delaj In the evacuation of the Island and
the ending of Spanish nuthorltj. and urg
ing Immediate relief of the terrible mls
oy that Is prt vailing throughout Cuba.
mj m
Scores of Washington's Afflicted
Availing ""Themselves of
Dr. Young's Generous
Free Treatment
The Time Limit of This
Offer Is November 6.
All da jesterday the people kept streaming
into Dr. sound's reception parlors. The doctor
was kept ery bubj, but managed to see every
Iodj that called. It is advisable, however, tor
those intending to .avail themseHes of the free
offer to call as caily as possible to atoid the
great ruth of the last day. The following is the
Art boil t Rich or Poor, niiiI Iiik
In perion nt, bin well-Viifvt n huhI
tnrluni before November (1 ivlll re
eel e the moHt expert treatment,
ftertlceN, itntl nttentlon until eared
free of charge. The only fee re
quired of nti) uuc 1m n wore nominal
hum to coer netuuJ vattt of mcdl
eliu'N itrencribefl. TIiIk offer iUh
iippllrn to nil old imtleutN rciivliiK
t rent incut before Hint date.
Treats, with unfailing success, all dwa-es of the
train and btrfcuA sjhtrm. Catarrh, Asthma,
PronchiUs Dispcptia," Constipation, LHer Dis
ease, all affcitions of the Vct Lar, Nore, Throat,
and Lungs; Mght Emissions. Sexual Weakm-ss,
Organic caknc, Struturc, aru-octle. Hydro
cele, and all. diM?ae of a delicate nature it
ftctinp the Urinary Organs.
Ofitcc Hours, 10 to I and 3 to 6 dally.
Sandals W to 12,
Wednesday an J Saturday eenlngs from 7 to 8.
Col 12th and F Sts.
MnrunlKf dy .Mcrlm ille mill Ilimliiuul
Vlult the Catholic 1'iiisernUi.
The Marquis and MirciuNe de Montriers
de Merlnllle, accompanied by Sirs. Don
cllv, the aunl of the marquise, were the
guests of the Catholic I5nl ersity ester
daj. It Is eight?1 cars since Slarj Gwen
doline Caldnell, now the Marquise de
MerinUlle, lilted the university, and It
was the first i l?lt of her husband.
The Caldwell Hall of DMnltj owes Its
existence to this ladj's munificent gift
of $33.000, which encouraged the bishops
of the counto to lu the foundation stone
tt tha UnlmPdlrP VnlllMtll thl islt
'of such dldtlngulthed friends, who hae
contributed o largel to the establish
ment of the unlwrsltj, was the occasion
of great rejoicing.
Solemn high mass was celebrated at 10
o'clock, and the guests occupied prle
dleus in the aisle near the high alter All
the professors and students of the uni
ersit were present Among the IsItors
WTas the Vtrj Re George Dethon, Super
ior of the Paullsts The rector preached
tho sermon, and said in part
"I think I Aolce the sentiments of all
In saving that the heart of the university
is filled with joj todaj for haIng In our
midst one of the founders; In fact, the
first founder of this unhersitj. In thla
bulJJing, the gift of her munificence, and
In this chapel, a memorial from her sis
ter to the memory of beloved pirents, It
Is well for us before the altar of that
chapel, and In the presence of the univer
sity professors and students to thank Al
mighty God for the Inspiration which
prompted the gift b which the founda
tions of this universltj were laid
"It must bo a consolation to her after
j ears of absence to visit this place of "her
munificence, and see that the talent that
was given was not hidden In the napkin,
but has been multiplied, and finding evi
dence In the works that are seen on all
sldts. It Is a consolation to her dis
tinguished husband, whose family his
been linked for so many centuries with
the best traditions of Catholic Trance, to
be here with her and see the evidences of
the strong Catholic faith of thU great Re
public Indeed, it is a moment for both
to thank God for the blessings that have
come upon the work of her hands.
"We beg God to bless jou, we beg Him
to bless jou unto many jears, and prav
that we may alnavs be faithful to the
aims and purposes of this University, to
Its vocation In our American educational
life, that we mny nlw-os strive to keep it
up to the high ideals which jou had
placed before It, when under the Inspira
tion of God jou made jour gift to tho
Bishops of the Plenarj Council
"Jlaj- God bless jou and jour distin
guished husband and bless all jour Inter
ests. Slaj jou alvvajs feel that here for
ever and forever, as long as the church
of God does Its work In this countrj, jour
work shall go on leading souls to Justice
and forming leaders of people both In
church and state who will fight the bat
tles of the church for the supremacj of
truth "
After the mass the marquis and mar
quise held a reception In the parlors of
the Caldwell Hall for the Tacultles and
DIvlnltj School students The occasion
was made memorable bj the presentation
to the marquise of a set -of beautiful dia
monds bj- Mgr. McMahon. The rector en
tertained his -visitors at dinner, to which
the deans of the faculties were Invited.
The marqule visited all parts of the dl
vinitj building, and expressed herself as
delighted with the progress of the work.
She will remain In Washington for a few
dajs before returning to Europe.
Nnnl I,oilg:e lltillilliig: Dninnireil to
the Extent of .-fl.'JOO.
A destructive, fire occurred early jes
terdaj mo-nlng In tha Naval Lodge Build
ing, at the corner of .Fourth Street and
Pennsjlvanla Avenue southeast. The
blaze originated In 'the blcjcle establish
ment of Hazleton i,'Love, on the ground
fioor, where most of tho damage was
Shortly after 12 o'clociv. the flames, were
seen to be bursting .from the rear of the
blcjele store bj- Policemen Cramer and
Fllton, who were pn their waj to their
beats from the station house. An alarm
was turned in from box 511 and the lire
department qulcklj responded.
The flames seemed to come from the
cellar of the bicycle shop, where the re
pair department was located, and which
was reached with difficult j
The damage to the building will amount
to about tl.IOO, and the stock of the bi
cjcle establishment, which was valued at
(3,000 was destrojed. No Insurance.
I'oniclit 1lth Pitelier nml Knife.
Charles Washington and John Chapman,
both colored, and aged respectivelv
twenty and twentj-three jears, are at the
Emergencj- Hospital under treatment for
several cuts and bruises received during
a fight at the home of the latter early
Sundaj morning.
Chapman lives with his sister at, No. t
Pierce Court southwest. While Chapman
was absent from jthc .house Saturday
night Washington called, and when the
former returned and found him In com-panj-
with tho sister he expressed his dis
approval In strong ?erms. A fight fol
lowed, and Chapman is said to have dealt
Washington so) oral blows with a heavj"
water pitcher. Inflicting; as many cuts and
gashes on the man's head. Washington,
It U said, drew a knife and stabbed his
antagonist In the head and neck.
Hechts Greater Stores.
The store
for domestics.
Pulling prices down in the domestics
Is proving profitable work for us
bringing a trade that a store of long
jears' growth might well be proud
to own. No other store In the city
bujs as Immensely as we do none
therefore enjojs the advantage of
such Ion prices to start with. Here
are Mondaj's all-absorbing values:
All-wool red llunnel. such as everj'
other stores will ask jou
19c a j-ard for. Is offered i)l.
here at I Z -C
32-Inch all-wool white shaker flan
nel, which Is the best jou can get
elsewhere at 39c a jard Is bijl.
offered at I.J.-1
0-Inch heavy round thread un
bleached muslin which Is retailed at
everj- other store at c a jard,
Is offered at fo
Instead of Mc for the 1x30 popular
brand "Monarch" sheets, hand torn
and hana ironed, and neatlj- heranud
all jou have to pay Monday OQ'n
Domet shaker llannel, of white of
good, desirable quality will be offered
as a special value per yard Q7n
at OhU
Tull-size pillow cases well made
and of vcrj' good quilltj will be of
fered at this astonishing 7
price Hsu
Colored Domet skirt patterns full
size, with contrasting borders finish
ed with hollow hole stitching, which
everj one else asks 2Gc for Is Q
here at I Ju
5 cases of outing fiannel full 27
Inches wide for house dresses, wrap
pers, dressing sacques, and the like
such as jou usually pay 121-2C 7
for will go at .HSU
Mill rtmnants of heavj canton fian
nel unbleachid In 4 1-2 to 10-jard
lengths will be offered per )n
jard-at Z'-b
Yard-wide Androscoggin muslin a
qualitj' that everjone knows ifp
verj well will be offered at.. ru
513-515 7th St.
I.irut. Hobson 111 Appear ll.foie
the Itolinl of CollNtriletlon.
Lieut R. P. Hobson will appear today
before Capt O Neil and other members of
the board of construction, at the Navy
Department, and give his views In dctnll
concerning the feaslbllltj of reclaiming
the sunktn warships of Cervera's squad
ron, with approximate estimates of the
cost to this Government.
He Is confident that the Cristobal Colon
can be saved He believes it Is possible
to raise the Vlzcaja, although she is bad-lj-
damaged bj explosions and fire, and
her bow almost blown awaj bj torpedoes
The Oquendo Is almost a hopeless wreck,
but the Itelna Mercedes, which was sunk
bj- the Spaniards as an obstruction at the
mouth of Santligo harbor, can be saved.
Lieut. Hobson sajs more air pumps will
be required to raise the Colon than were
used on the Maria Teresa, as air will have
to be forced into the uninjured air com
partment of the Colon, besides Into the
manj air bags which will be emplojed In
the notation process The Colon cost the
Spanish government about $1,000,000, and
the lieutenant regards her as a "magnifi
cent product of marine architecture."
DoxoIokj Interrupted bj I'liimeH in
the UiiptlHiiuil Pont.
While the doxology was being sung in
the First Baptist Church7, corner of Six
teenth and O Streets, last night, flames
burst from the biptismtl font, Immediate
ly beneath the pulpit
There was considerable excitement for
a few minutes, but cool heads pre-erved
order while a lire alarm was turned In.
No 9 engine companj responded.
A large muddj hose was dragged Into
the church and through the aisle to the
source of disturbance After the pulpit
rostrum had been flooded without regard
to carpets and the fire ubdued the dam
age was estimated at J2.
Th TcniiCHnee ltepreentntlv e Crlti
elllly 111 Wlch Peritonitis.
Knowllle, Tc-nn., Oct 30 Congressmin
W. P. Brown'ow is reported In a critical
condition at his home In Jonesboro to
night. He has peritonitis.
White HoiiHe Reception.
President McKinlej held an Informal
reception at the White House last night.
The callers were Secretaries Alger, Bliss
and Wilson. Gens Corbin and Sternberg,
and Assistant Secretarj- Allen Several
of them were accompanied bj their wives.
Prlnee of Wille Vt Invited.
It was stated at the White House last
night that no Invitation had been e
tended bj the President to the Prince of
.Wales to visit this countrj No intima
tion has been received from the prince
that he contemplates visiting America,
and until one is received or some special
occasion now unforeseen suggests it, no
invitation will be extended
Sergt. Howell C Harris, Companj- A,
Third Immunes, who is a Washingtonian,
has been honorablj discharged from the
nrmj-. j
The leave of absence granted Second
Lieut Charles J Promberg, Fifth Im
munes, has been extended one month on
surgeon's certificate of disabllltj-, also
that granted Lieut Oscar J. Charles,
Tenth United States Infantrj-.
Hospital Steward Herman Harbors has
been ordered to report for dutj- to Wash
ington Barracks, D C , from his present
station, Lelter General Hospital, Chlcka
mauga Park, Ga.
Col. Wllllnm IIj ile.
St. Louis, Oct. 30 Col. William Hjde
died this evening, aged sixtj--two jears.
Col. Hjde was for manj- jears managing
editor of the Republican, now- the Re
public. He was postmaster under Cleve
land's first Administration, and superin
tendent of malls at the time of his death.
He made a sensational balloon ascension
with Prof. Wise before the war, sailing
from St. LoUIs across the Great Lakes
nnd landing In the CanadI in pineries. He
had just completed the work of his life,
a cyclopedia of St. Louis.
Major CeorKe I!. Ilonelirenk.
San Trancisco, Oct. SO Major George
II. Bonebreak, of Los Angeles, Is dead.
He was an Ohioan. prominent In the Civil
War, and was the founder of several
prominent banks and trust companies of
Los Angeles.
Dm lil HnrpNter.
Upper Sanduskj-, O . Oct. 30. Dav Id
Harpster died last night at his home at
Harpster. Death was due to strangula
tion, caused by dropsj-. David Harpster
was a character of Ohio. He was one of
the most extensive wool growers in Amer
ica, and for jears has been known far
and wide as "the wool king,' The famlly
todaj' received a message of condolence
from President McKinlej.
Cleetrlclt, KeroMene. anil Candle-it
Wonlil OnuoH- CupliI'H Work.
Montclair, N. J , Oct. 30 A. young man
and n. oung woman In-traveling dress
appeared last night at the office of Jus
tice Darlington and told him they wanted
to get married In a hurrj-, so thej- might
catch a train to Washington.
Tho Justice's olllce is equ pped with elec
tric lights. He pressed tho button and
the lights shone for awhile with proper
bridal brilliancy. ,
Then something happened to the dj--namo
The Justlcp was just sajlng, "Wilt
thou have this woman " when the of
fice was plunged Into darkness. The Jus
tice found a kerosene, lamp with only a
little oil left In it. After-finding the place
in the book where he had left off, he pro
ceeded with the Userfionj-. The lamp
flickered a momentlor'Jso and went out.
The bridegroom asked" his friends, the
witnesses, to 'go out (or candles. The
stores were closed, and ,hc witnesses re
turned without anything Illuminative.
Tho jus i:e, however, was not at the end
of his resources He" pfoduced a box of
matches. Under IiIh, direction each of the
witnesses kept a matel) burning. With
this light the cereijionj-.was finished and
the certificate was made out. A cab took
tho pair to the railroad station Just In
time to get the right itrdln.
It In In Tnll Illimt, anil Ileiam With
.i-iuiiit ilnnngerljur.lt',, Arreiit.
Omaha. Oct. 30 Cultera sensation has
developed In the department of exhibits,
growing out of the arrest of II. B. Hardt,
assistant manager of the department and
general superintendent, on two warrants
charging, him with forgery. He will be
arraigned tomorrow.
Hardt denies the charage and In turn
declares that he will make some counter
charges tomorrow that will cause mora
of a sensation In exposition circles than
his arrest. What these eounter charges
are can only be surmised, but the general
impression Is that Hardt will charge
crookedness In other departments, and,
at least, claim leniency because he Is not
alone gulltj-
In the meantime a large number of ex
hibitors, representing all parts of the
countrj-, are crjlng- fraud and demanding
a rehearing and a readjustment of
awards, which they boldly claim Hardt
manipulated for value received last week.
-Miner nnil Otlicrn In tlexleo Con
tinue lit Sen nil for It.
(from the Niu Orleans Picajun-)
"The Interview- In the Plcajunc this
morning with Capt Evans, the vciemn
Mexican miner." said u drummer last
nignt nt me Grunewald Hotel, "reminds
me of a verj Interesting story I heard
when In Mexico some months ago. You
have heard the old legend of the fabu
lous gold burled somewhere In the mo.n
tains bj the Aztecs about the time of the
Invasion of the. countrj- by the Spaniards,
when thej robbed thff people and swept
awaj' Into their own coffers all the go den
treasures of the unfortunate Aztecs.
Prescott's version of this storj- Is the
best, and there Is certalnlj more truth
than fancj In the legend You remember
there hud been a large expedition Sent
out from the Citj- of Mexico bj the Mon
tezumas Into the gold countrj'. for the
iurpoo of gathering a vast amount of
the precious metnls for the ornairenta
tlon of new- temples that were being con
structed The record reads In tho legend
that this expedition was just starting
back to the capital when word was
brought It that tho nation was In the
hands of Spanish robbers. Thej were
Instructed to burj- their treasures and re
turn to their homes emptjMiandd, rather
than to give the additional booty to the
followers of Corlcz. The gold expedition
followed Instructions, burled Its treas
ure" and returned to the capital Cortez
was- waiting for them, for he had advice
of their mission. He was so enraged ati
their empt j -handed return that the en
tire partv was ordered killed.
"Well ever since 'that daj, at stated
times, miners and others have sought for
tho treasure Many diligent seatches
.have been made, but all have proven fu
tile. The secret of 'the hiding place was
lost with the death 6f those who buried
it. When I was in Mexico, traveling In
the Interior some miles from the citj, I
met with an American nnmed Miles. He
was from ome point in Missouri He had
three partners, Mexicans, ore of whom
was an Indian and they were just start
ing for some point in the Interior, where
the Indian said the famous treasure was
hidden I have never heard a word from
the expedition Miles was confident th it
thej would find the ore.rfor It seems he
had" good reason to lel!ee that the In
dian knew what he was talking -about.
"Miles said that the'pla'ce whither thej
wero destined was within fifty miles of
Mexico Citj-, within the-range of the sur
rounding mountains. During the davs of
the Aztecs there was n constant warfare
going on between the people of the Mon
tezumas, living within this range, and the
tribes living without that limit, so much
so that any effort to penetrate bejond was
met with armed reslstanee Hence, he
reasoned, as there was verj little, If any,
communication between the Montezumas
and the outside world, all the gold mmes
from which the ast wealth of the Aztecs
was drawn must be within a few miles of
the citj-. Miles believed that some day
these old mines would be rediscovered,
and would prove as wealthy as they evl
dentlj were before the Spanish plundered
the countrj-. This treasure, burled so
many jears ago, tho old Indian said, wa3
now buried In the waters of a small lake
In the Interior This lake was the des
tination of Miles and his partj-. I have
watched the rapers closely for some ac
count of the expedition, but have never
seen a "ord nbaut It."
This man, spending several months of
every jear In Mexico, Is convinced that
there aro vast gold mines somewhere in
tho interior, close to the City of Mexico
"I remember," he continued, "one daj- I
was In the store of a small countrj" mer
chant, and an old Mexican came In,
bought a few goods, and, taking the mer
chant off to one side, handed him a small
tobacco sack filled with gold dust. I learn
ed afterward from the merchant that he
had many customers of this kind, who
camo In quletlv. made their purchases and
alwajs paid for them In gold dust. Bui
ho told me thej could not be persuaded
nor bribed Into givlng.awaj the secret of
the precious metal's location. He told me
that there sometimes came Into his town
whole bands of Mexican Indians, all hav
ing gold dust, with which they made their
purchases. Hut thy show the bitterest
spirit toward all who make Inquiries re
lative to the sources of their crude
No Trnee of Korlien.
William II. Rogers, the business asso
ciate of George W. FQrbes, the missing
contractor, will go to Baltimore today ard
endeavor to obtain Information which
maj' lead to some clew to his partner's
present whereabouts. The parents of
Forhes reside In Baltimore, and It Is
thought that he maj- have gone there.
1o Core Mnlnrln, Clitlln nnel Fcrcr
quickly, take Mliburn's Malaria Capsules.
At druggists, 10c and "Jc o:?-lm
llovr to Prevent! Croup.
We have two children who are subject
to attacks of croup. Whenever an attack
Is coming on my wife gives them Cham
berlaln's Cough Remedy and It alwajs
prevents the attack. It Is a household
necessity In this covmty and no matter
what else we run out Df, It would not do
to be without Chamberlaia's Cough Rem
edy. More of It Is sold here than of all
other cough medicines combined. J. M.
NIckle, of Xlckle Bros., merchants, Nick
lev llle. Pa. For saler bynllenry Evans,
wholesale and retail druggist, KS F Street
northwest, and Connecticut Avenue and
5 Street northwest, and"H2S Maryland
Avenue northeast, i u
-H"I-i::-;-I-I-H-H-K-r-K-H- i-HK-I-I-H-H-II-jij-.I-M-H-K-;-
"No," said Mr. Horn; "I don't be
lieve In sensational or misleading
advertising. It doji't pay In the
long run. Bogus telegrams, as
signment sales, sheriff sales, or the
other numerous 'fakes' resorted to,
to stir up a temporary boom, are not
In my line. I don't want a customer
today and lose him forever. I want
him to come again to be my constant
patron, so I make every effort to give1
him the best value his monej' can buj'.
Result is he brings to me another cus
tomer. That's my best proof of giving
supremo satisfaction all round. If. I
didn't do right by my customers, I'd
still be In my old basement, G13 r. but
when people found out what really
good values they were getting, I was
llterallj- squeezed out, bj an overflow
of business," "And," continued Mr.
Horn, "mv- present premises are becom
ing cramped, for my trade Is steadily on
the Increase No, I don't believe in
'Jaw-breaking ndjectlves In adver
tising. The simple truth, slmplv- told.
Is good enough for me."
HORN, ihetIlob: it F ST
The only complete housefuniishers iu Washington.
accomplish if properly applied. We put sufficient brains and
energy into the management of our busiuess to collec t for ynur
selection a wider and more pleasing stock of furniture than any
other house in tow n. We practice the policy of honesty both
in prices and qualities. When our enormous business enables us
to buy more cheaply than our competitors, we give you the ad
vantage; and that isthe secret of almost all our prices being
so much lower than other houses charge. If you have not
already looked over our stock and that quite recently, as it is
changing constantly do so before you make any furniture
purchases. It is to your interest. Never forget, too, tint
credit is an accommodation which we willingly extend free of
charge to all honest peop'.e.
louse &
Liberal Homefurnishers,
961-963 Seventh Street, Corner of I (EYE) Street.
htorj of a Pnur ttiiKiifui A Iu JInile
Ills Fortune Hi-re.
(From the civ York Timis.)
Charles Burkanltz, thlr-lKe cars
old, one of New York's -wealthiest and
most inlluential beKgar', was sent to the
Iland for three months e"sterda b
Magistrate Olm-ted In the AVest Side
Court. The eharce against him was a
grancy, Jet the m!hapen and withered
little man Is said to be worth all the nay
from $14,000 to 20,000.
Burkawltz was arrested Monday een
!rs at Broadway and Fift -ninth Street,
where lie was busily engaged grinding out
ancient melodies on that beggars' most
precious friend, the bijou hand organ,
v hile his lghtles ejes turned appeallng
ly upward with the far-away stare of the
blind. Being arrested Is no new etperl
ence for Bukawjiz He has made many a.
journe to the Island In the course of his
busy life. He Is known to half the po--Hcemen
In the city. They know that hy
a strict attention to business and the ap
plication of approed methods, he has
built up a lucrative trade In his own par
ticular line, and they regard him as a
shining example of w hat thrift and enter
prise will accomplish, een In the beg
ging profession
Burkawltz was brought to this country
from Kussla about fifteen jears ago by
hls uncle, who hoped to use him as n re
munerative object of charity. He hadn't
a copeck to bless himself with at the
time. Hb was descended, however, from
a. long line of famous mendicants and In
herited traits In good stead In new fields.
The only external equipment -possessed
by the bo was a peculiarly repulsive ap
pearance, his hair growing far down on
his forehead, as if he had been born a
helpless Idiot. He did not have even a
withered arm or leg.
His uncle, who was a prosperous beg
gar In this clt. Installed the boy at
Fourteenth Street and Third Avenue. This
claim had long been considered by the
beggars to be practically worked out, but
joung Burkawltz went to work with a
will, and soon had the buslncs on a pay
ing basis. He supplemented his meager
natural equipment by feigning blindness.
He woald roll his ejes upward, so that
only the whites could be seen He subse
quently enlarged the scope of his opera
tions by dlsplaving a suck of villainously
bad lead pencils, and thereby practically
Introduced the display of beggars' pen
cils In the lower p-irt of the city.
Burkawltz soon withdrew from partner
ship with his uncle, and went Into busi
ness for himself. Nine jears ago he met
with a fortunate accident. He fell down
three flights of stairs In the tenement In
which he was living and laid oen his
skull. He came to his senses and found
that he need not roll his eyes In order
to be sightless. He consulted eminent
surgeons, and they told him they could
perform an operation whereby he could
see again, but the rearranging of the
shattered skull would prciably destroy
his reason. So Burkawltz promptly de
elded to remain blind. He was sadly
maimed, and nfter that his bank account
grew- by leaps anfl bounds.
Ever progressive, he gave up his
stand on Fourteenth Street, and moved
up to the park entrance, equipped with
B Please don't Imagine these goods
came In a "paper' train," drawn
by a "paper engine." HORN.
All This
I shall make Suits to order from a
choice of 9C0 yards of woolens In
Cheviots, Blue or Black Casslmeres,
Tweeds, Pin Checks, Stripes, Large
Plaids, and Stylish Mixtures,
To Order
Perfect fit guaranteed
OR NO pay:
A Good Story
Is worth repeating, and the story of
our b g business is cne with a moral.
ENERGY and IION'ESTY have ac
complished what they will invariably
an organ capable of no less than five
plaintive melodies. Here, with the cool
ing breezes from the green trees, and
with the song of birds blending with his
music, he grew wealthy. His vacations
were spent on Blackwell's Island. He
sent to Russia for his cousin three vetrs
ago and married her. She died two
veirs ago and Burkawltz had no difficul
ty in winning the affections of pretty
Vetta Etzvetz. They were marrieil
eighteen months ago.
Burkawltz's home is at 53 Lewis Street,
In the heart of the poor Jewish district,
and hero the beggtr's wife was found
Jesterdaj There Is no npirtment in all
that district to compare with the Burka
wltz home The family lives 6n the s c
ond floor, front. The front room is cir
peted expensively. A white oak dressing
case. iith heavy .ilate glass ml ror,
stands in one corner. On the neatlj cov
ered center table are various articles of
bric-a-brac, and the large, pIuhcovereil
family album containing the portraits of
the Burkawltz ancestors From the cen
ter of the room hungs a large brass cage
In which n canary was singing at the top
of Its voice Several handsome vases and i
an expensive cuckoo c'ock stood upoi t e
mantelpiece. The cooking stove vvts of
the latest pattern, but Mrs. Burkawltz j
was jetting supper on a supplementary l
kerosene stove Near by was a hand- I
pome oa- refrigerator I
In a. neat little portab!" zinc Imth tut.
the beggar's babj had Just haul Its b.th.
Above all hung. In a heavj silt franv. a
rrnjon portrait vi me neaui oi to noun.
It was one of two. th Jaallrrsw pain
ed for Mrs. Burkawltz. who eannot stak
, English, that had Mil taken tu s ml
I back to the o'd countrj. Tb lutwnaw.
! dating artist had drawn Horkawttz as a
1 handsome man. able to
The apartment. a 6ik had an
air of comfort, ami "Vn luxary Ta
neighbors Mid that Uurkawtt snw BMrt
tcr off than any of them In kaitx- j-r
the beggar has preferred, Is remain ai
homo un all holidays ami oa Fllsntay.
anil does not go out rxept the wmtnar
tie propitious. He U said to E to ami
from his business In a street car
"VU j Iinnttrr Hot l.
(From the UlmU CMatitutfea.)
And now. what do we tee' Here comet the
calbnt Chaurcey boml njr calamity at f'e top f
hU voice, and he has a good, tronx i-oke with
which to howl It, lie crlts rut that IlepnUtean
defeat nould put thine tack to where they were
before this wonderful wave of McKInley prof
perty 'truck the country; tlat It would tie up
mrnc;; that laUr would le Idle; that we would
liae to fie tit Sfain over a sain
Chaunccy is evidently artd. He and the men
he works for arc mortally afraid It something'
may occur to offict thcirTsuccesifuI effort to con
tract currency and beat doun- pncc They are
afraid that, with a change Injhe cmreion of
the House, they will be unable to force tbroug'i
the iniquitous cuitencr bill which wa. to be
the return for their heavy camhaien ton nbuti in.
That explains thu lapse into calamity howling
Chauncey realizes that the tide is R?Uin;r against
the Republicans, and he feats that if the Demo
crats fuccccd In getting eotittQl jt the House
the will be In a spItDdidftition for the cam
paign of 1000, and the see in tbat noibih(y the
end of their cherished "hvpWfcr filrthcr currency
It is th people aga!nt tht plutocrats.
MOXEY AT i,.. . .
4j AND 5
Promptly loaned on Rcrt'Zibtt li'Dutrict of
HE1SKEL.I, A--Mcl.EliA--
1003 F StrMt. oc28-t
llrmberl ltw York Stock Exckugt,
1 41 9 F Street
3orretpoiidntl "
Mtw Tork.
American Security i
and Trust Co. s
Money to Loan.
This compaty hu monry to loaa on
listed collateral accuritlea at lowest ra'. S
ol int-mt.
a J. BELL. Prraidtnt.
floney to Loan
At 5 per cent
On Kfal Estate in D. C.
tll 7M HTH ST. X. PL
I'roni lO uimnril lorneit on fur
ii I tu re, pin ii ox, orKuns, Ac., with
out removal. (Mrlctl confiden
tial.) We charge 6 per cent interest and a MODER
ATE CIIAKCE tve prepanrg papers, appralainir
gocdj. etc. .0 OTHER CIUR(,ES. .NO PRE
UMIN'im CIIvItCE made or deduction ol
charges. You get ITLL AJIOL'NT applied for.
lou pay back monthly or weekly. You are a.
GENT treatment. If desired, our agent M1U call
to sec you.
Olu I" street . W.
SVioney to Loan
On Furniture, Piano3. Etc,
Without remoral (rom owner"! possession. W
male loans on the monthly installment plan, lar
ill months or a year, with pnrilese ot pajlnj
li lull any month at a discount. All bussnett
confidential. Xo expense If lian la not made.
Prompt attention to all applications. You are
inrited to call !or full particulars before goinj
Capital Loan Guarantee Co.,
602 F Street N. V.
se20-tf em
delay.' YE11KES f BA5EE,
Rooms 40 to II. Ueuerott Olda; . 1110 F it,
Loans of lOI'Ussw1
tWgcns. etc.. at lowest ratci tAd oa the &tv
tou ipplr- I-onj nuj be rtid n the build
be KMociatica plan, in cur weedy cr monttil
rajmenta; oriy parmccr reduce rort of eai
ryizz loan. U jou tare a lean vlth aome otter
cctnpanr. we will par It off and advance J3
core money, if desired.
Leans made anywhere la the District. Call
ted t;et -ates. Front rooco. fi-it Scr. scientific
American Building'.
National Mortgage Loan Co.
625 F St. N. W
Loans made on furniture,
pianos, etc.. wlthoat publicity
cr removal, and the day you
ssk fo.- it. We havo m equlta
b'e payment plan which greitly
reduces the cost of carrjinR tha
loan, and we will give you a
j ear's time If you want It to piy
the same- we will as cheer
fully make you a tlo loan as
2100. and no charg'j or ezpenso
If loan Is not made. Business
atrlctly co-ifidsntlal. Please call
and convince yourself that our
r&'3 are the lowest.
Washington Morlm; Lou
,Vo. 610 F Street ,.
MONEY TO LOW at 1 and I 1 1 pr cent in sums
of 51.CO0 to $10 000 on D a real estate; pjj
oil 5 and G per cent mortrage and begin anev;
all transactions conducted with economical con
sideration for borrowers. VVM. IL SVLNDFRS k
CO 1407 F st. nr scil tf em
Highland Terrace,
U01 Mass. Aie.
Flegant 2 to G rooms apartments, with bath.
commishiom:rv oticr.
KWrtKN IHKF.T NOTICE Office of the Com"
niisi oners of the I)i-tnct of Olumlna. WaOi
met on, Octottr .. ls'. The Katfrn Market
will be clu-ed en Moiuhr, the 31t Induct, and
en Turclar. NcTemler lu to raible nces-sinr
repair to t nude to the Ka tern Marktt Houe.
Dt-a.tr in Mid nurktt will ! permitted t slV
their coeds on tre parement jdjartnt t the
market bnu vnile aid rcjairs ne ! rig nude
nnUU, CommiioiHr of the Ihrfncl f C turn
bi- uc29 3t.ftn
Law and Claims Company
Ccei Bus. ! e. CU 111;. 472 U An. X V
fTitl lr ttt Heat Ex! ate Tttlet;
AdvM ma oa tai&e whit la tutpent
BtsVTwnw bkr r sirrr U4l it ft!?etrd;
ntll r-hji. lor e. unsJUMed tnWrtttt
la heal Eatatc ard tVrfkfes cf aU kinds.
am tilde Kel EtUt fe tttk or Uki
itMt hi e tefcance tut Rl Ettate;
Tafec t arrMM aettfcd at a large dlMouat.
n Infamf rlrUpiirUrl.
(From th t'tka (Hnn-r)
fMHkz went, a teetr In m of ttfca'
pttftdic fct. )-fa4 Mr vacation with a married
itrr i the Uvt "Itu ter t the mother of
a artel uWr w is the treeed Tear of life. One
day nnXiWr ad djuchtfr were rittin? n the
(hetrt ear. wlWn tlW mother discovered the
Whr-iiiKsM'T ctic a peach. ttcx he .had
ltnJad it the nVther took the ti ne away from
ber, and wa ioot to diI-ve f it, when she
dfctcovc id that the tubr had a not fur ptach. Py
tbi time her curiosity wai thcrooshly aroud.
She knew her bahy wai extravagantly fond cf
peach, but she couldn't Imagine- hw she lud be
come ptsefd of two. S sic reeolvfd to keep
her eves open. Whtn the baby bad finished the
Kccnd peach he contentedly handed the stone to
her mnthtf, and then, stretching ber short arm
and little hand out, she dived into the pocket
of an elilerly man who was MUtl m front ot
her, and. drawing therefrom a thi d peach, was
about to devour it when her mother lalltd a slurp
halt, hvervbody In the car was amued at the
dexterity displayed by thi small specimen of
juvenile depravity, but none so much as the old
man, who fairly roared with delifrht at having
been the unconscious victim of an infant pick
pocket. Onfl flfin D-fnk and Dnc. Inebriates re
OUUjoUU etored by the Kecley Cure. Au
thorized Institutes. 211 North Capi
tol st , Washington, D. C.? and Greensboro. X C
rite confidentially. Jc7 tt
-zaz&(r)&&4&Jk&si!a,z.l ktsxisi
.jj-fPhiJ k-t
i ML-q!aeSa&it&1Ml.3&. ai&KBat-

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