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p&lf35?!J jevyw-'
Helping You to Select the Gift.
Christmas isn't so very far off now. The space of a few weeks is
soon flown, and presto! the holidays are on us! "Everybody" will
be buying a little later, and you'll have to take pot luck then in the
matter of getting prizes of selection. Buying now you've a whole
stock to pick through unbroken assortments entire lines unim
paired stocks. You can take your time, too. Select at your leisure,
and if the inducement of timeliness don't attract you here are prices
thai force the tense listening of every dollar in your purse.
pJ SE P gW- jPaHfif
Quadruple plated,
hand-engraved Tea Set.
4 pieces, as cut, worth
tC. Complete,
First Floor.
English wrought Iron
Candlestick with can
dle, shade and holder,
worth 75c. Complete,
Third Floor.
250 assorted Bisque
Figures and Orna
ments, heavily trimmed
with gold, worth 75c,
Third Floor.
100-pIece Amerl.
can Porcelain
Dinner Sets, pret
ty floral decora,
Third Floor.
6 "White Force
lain Tea Cups and
Saucers, 12 pieces,
Third Floor.
An assortment
of S and 9-lnch
nicely decorated
Jardlneres, worth
up to II, at 49c..
39c, 23c, and
Third Floor.
"Well-made, fam
ily size Oval
Clothes Basket
worth 50c 100 only
Third Floor.
Genuine Cut
glass Sterling Sil
ver Top Salt and
Pepper Shakers,
I5c value,
Third Floor.
(t0 J)
Bohemian De
corated Lemonade
Sets, 7 pieces with
tray, a regular
IL50 outfit. Spe
cial, 95c
Third Floor.
A well made,
good quality, 3
string Carpet
Broom, 15c value,
Third Floor.
A handsome de
corated Table
Lamp, ready to
light, worth $1.50,
Third Floor.
925-1000 fine Sterling Sliver Tea
Spoons, worth 75c,
First Floor.
Full size Sx8 Mexican Onyx Top Par
lor Tables, worth J3.50, for
Third Floor.
Another Big Lot
They're timely, too. November is n
the threshold has been passed, and win
ness, is on In earnest. Overcoats are of
to the vest can keep up such a degree
extra garment will never be noticed,
expensive, and one Is often deterred
which In all justice Is asked for 'em.
and the cost won't be much, either. In
woven, and at a drop In price that
much as 40 per cent, of what Is usually
earing its middle, and In a week or so
ter, with all Its cruel cold and sharp
ten cumbersome, and a Cardigan next
of warmth that the absence of a heavy
But good Cardigans are by no means in
from their purchase by the high prices
This time you'll get good Cardigans,
deed, you'll get the best that can be
amounts to 25 per cent, and even as
asked you.
Lot 2
will give you the pick of Blue, Brown, Tan. Garnet and Black
Jackets, made of the finest quality yarn and made in a perfect
manner. You'll only find single-breasted ones here. (
$1.50 Jackets will cost you $1.00.
$2.00 Jackets will cost you $1.59.
$2.75 Jackets will cost you $2.00.
contains some splendid qualities In all-wool garments. All of
these are double breasted. Their colors include Brown, Wine, Tan,
Garnet and Black.
S3.00 Jackets will cost you $2.00.
$3.50 Jackets will cost you $2.75.
98c Baron Knit Underwear, 59c.
These goods are the finest of their
claps. They're full regular made, and
hae elastic ribbing, which Insures their
fitting the form as closely as the skin
Itself. It Is the only make whose fleece
is worked In by a patent process. Noth
ing can budge It. We'll offer it
to you today In blue anu sil
ver gray. Shirts from 3t to 46.
Drawers from 30 to 31. Reduced
from 9"! cents
Underwear Odds and Ends, 29c
Oh! they are of various sorts. Some of
em are of natural wool and some of
camel's hair. They've been slightly soiled
through being handled too much and
through display in the window.
You'll find every size Worth 50c,
CJc and even 7c Take your
pick for
5L25 Scarlet Wool Medicated, 75c
It's strange how this underwear renders
one absolute relief from rheumatics and
kindred troubles. And it's strange to find
such a splendid grade as this so cut
down in price. You can t
come too big for this line.
Sizes run up to M. Worth
$1.50 Sanitary Underwear, $1.
These garments are absolutely non
shrlnkable. They are a little lighter in
weight than most underwear, and are
thoroughly medicated. The garments are
very carefully finished. The
shirts and drawers are all sizes
and match. Reduced from $1.50
$2.50 Fleeced Unihrwear, 51.19.
In blue, brown and tan. The very best
quality heavy ribbed goods. Fast in color
and unshrinkable. Heavy wool
fleeced. The shirts are silk
faced. Each garment Is worth
69c Fleeced Underwear, 44c
Wo can hardly call this a complete line
of any sort. It's made up of three lots,
and out of one you'll be bound to get
your size, me garments are blue,
gray and mottled. They have a
thick, fast fleece lining, and
they've always sold at 3c
$156 Fleeced Union Suits, 93c
The handiest undergarments a man
can wear. All one piece Tight-fitltlng
and snug. Made with a deep,
steadfast, downy fleece that won't
run off. Worth 52.30 apiece.
In pink and blue ..
S. KANN, SONS & Co.,
8th and
Market Space.
" - -p-v-i - v
y -
ml t : lurr
2.49 is
the Winner
Arm In arm with quality, style and
good taste. Men rarely oecome en
thusiastic over a. value but they have
become enthusiastic over this. It's a
clear saving of 50c to $1.00, and It don't
take a shoe man to see it.
Black Box Calf, Winter Tan and
Patent Leather Shoes. Latest toes,
well made, perfectly finished.
JJ Shoes Shined Free J J
939 Pa. Avenue
Chief I'urrlN Urffe More Alnrtn Boxen
mid J!drnntN.
Chief Parris, of the District Fire De
partment, yesterday called the attention
of the District Commissioners to the lack
of facilities for the proper protection of
the Capitol.
The Commissioners arc without au
thority to afford better.protection for the
structure as the Capitol comes under the
supervision of the architect, but they are
ready to co-operate In ever" possible
manner, and the letter of the Are chief
has been transmitted to the architect in
order that he may be guided by the sug
gestions therein contained.
Chief Parris expresses the opinion
that there are not enough Are hydrants
on the Capitol grounds. The letter reads
as follows:
"I have the honor to recommend that
the attention of the proper authorities be
called to the lack of lire protection at the
Capitol building. This was most apparent
on the occasion of the recent fire. In the
first place, there is no provision whatev
er to send In a call In the event of a
lire. Last Sunday everting it was neces
sary for an officer of the police depart
ment to go to the coast and Geodetic
Survey Building (box 51) to send In the
alarm. This, of course, caused a delay.
I would suggest that at least three fire
alarm boxes be placed within the build
ing one in each wing, and one in the
central portion.
"Again, the water supply Is wholly In
adequate. There were but live engine
working at this fire, and had It been nec
essary to send for additional ones they
would not have had sufficient hose tn
reach the fire. As It was, engine com
pany 14 used 1,400 feet of hose; engine
companies I and 6. 1,(60 feet each; engine
company S, 650 feet, and engine company
3, 500 feet.
"In addition to being compelled to lay
out so many feet of hose, engine compa
ny S reports that upon Its arrival It con
nected with the hydrant at the south
steps on the east side, but found they
could get no water, and were compelled to
take their engine to the cistern directly
In front of the building. Such a state of
affairs should not exist, ttna I would earn
estly urge that the necessary water mains
be laid and fire hydrants erected to give
this building the proper protection."
Comm!Htoiieri4 Order.
Orders were Issued by the District Com
missioners yesterday for work under the
permit system as follows:
Lay a new curb and cement sidewalk in
front of lot 3, of Tuttle's subdivision of
Washington Heights, at an estimated cost
of $118, and also set a new curb in front
of 2221 Kalorama Avenue, at an estimat
ed cost of $7S.
Lay a vitrified brick blocs driveway at
the Massachusetts Avenue front or the
Blaine mansion, at the corner of Twen
tieth and P Streets, at an estimated cost
of $S.
He-lay the sidewalk In G Street, be-
OXLY jl.23 FOR 24 BOTn.ES.
So Strengthening- !
so nourishing so whole- '
some. No wonder those !
who are pale aud weak get ;
strong and well so quickly '
by drinking
BEER. It's an ideal tonic '.
to build-up strengthen ;
aud invigorate both niind
and body. '.
& 21 tattles, sent in unlettered vragon,
only $1.25. Write or phone.
4th and F Sts- N.E. 'Phone 215
I-M-H'I M H-H-S-l-I-K-H-I-H-M-!
- VHV.VJ1, n ptT m0,iih. Cooda In
Sth n. hit. ocU-ua
fcsnwir. filter" ? v4.
- La-'l&je
The) Greatest and Grandest PriceCut on Fine Clothing!!!
Saturday will witness the most merciless price-cutting ever known. The Miller, Ross & Co.'s handsome stock is in the death
throes of annihilation. Be in at the finish a chance of a lifetime awaits .you.
:r e .a. id i
.-- M T1
Men's SIO and SI 2 Suits and Overcoats.
Every style and material. Every one C Jl C
excellently made...; tJ M" VJ.V
S25 and S30 Silk-lined Suits.
Lined all through in finest silk the
best gcods manufactured by Miller,
Ross &. Co., worth $25 to $30 .'.
S15 Men's Box-style Overcoats.
These overcoats are in elegant Eng
lish Kersey, with velvet collars worth
$15 at
This price wouldn't pay for the ma
terial nottomind the makings.
S3.50 Children's Suits.
The age of miracles is not past when
you can buy such stupendous values in
Children's Suits as these at
Men's $6.50 Suits and Overcoats.
The handsomest assortment you want
to choose from
Men's S5.50 Suits.
All that are left. Come while your
size is here
S8.50 Overcoats.
Handsome .shades choice fabrics
splendidly made, and well worth $8.50
60 QtS.
S4.00 Men's Trousers.
Fine worsted, tailor-made trousers
cut to fit properly worth $3.50 and $4..
Men's Mackintoshes.
Men's splendid Mackintostc?, tan,
Kent nnfl mrv1i WnrMi ti T net li
at ". and $ 1 -48
Men's Heavy Overcoats $2.25
MenVOxford Gray Overcoats $3.37
Men's Kersey Storm Reefers, high
collars, worth $3
Men's Extra Fine Overcoats, strap
seams, velvet collars $11 value for
Men's Furnishings.
25c Fancy Hose Plaids and Stripes -J Qc
Men's All-wool Natural Hose, worth 25c and 35c Oc
25c Suspenders gc
All-wool Cardigan Jackets, single and double breast. 98c
50 dozen Linen Handkerchiefs 5.
60 dozen Percale Shirts, re-enforced back and front,
and cuffs to match 51 values 48c
Splendid winter weight men's under
wear just what you need, and just O O a
what you'd pay Si for per suit 3W
ur Only Store in Washington.
Corner Ninth and E Streets.
twecn Seventeenth and Nineteenth
Streets northwest, at an estlmuted cost
of $200, chargeable to the repairs to
street appropriation for l&M.
Tin- Mnrtnlllr Itrroril.
Death? "wen recorded at the local
health office yesterday as follows: Susan
C. Lincoln, P2 years:-iHenry II. Hallldaj',
S years; Joseph Ai "Williamson, n years;
Thompson R. East, C years: Sarah It.
Stevens, CI years; Andrew Itoferson, fl
years; Mrs. Eliza Greene, K years: James
Sullivan. Si years; Abraham Hlltman, 5S
years: Caroline JlcN'ulty. BO years; 'Wil
liam Sufferlee, 40 years; John P. Costello,
IS years; Julia Talbot. W years; William
O. Curtln, 22 years; Louise Frizxet, 6
years; James Robert Swain. 3 ytnn:
Arthur R. ltlchurd. Z months.
Ill.trlet Ittilldlnir ,ofr.
IVllllHni itcCabcha. been appointed an
additional private of poller for duty at
the narchouF?of 4lu depot quartermas
ter, at No. 7:3 Delaware Aenue north
east. I P. Bradshaw liaalbeetf rmlnstateU a
Inspector in the.enj;lneer department of
tho District at a salary of 11. IW a year. In
place of G. V. Beall, who has been trans
ferred to Inspector on the temporary roll
at tl a day.
The Commissioners have accepted the
proposal of Serrard to supply the District
with a six-Inch valve Inserting machine
at $M0, on condition that the machine
proves satisfactory to the oliice after a
trial of thirty days.
An order wbb Issued by the Commis
sioners yesterday permitting Policeman
C. IV. lllcketts to retain a check of 110
presented to him by F. U. Denny, quar
termaster of the Marine Corps, as a re
ward for the arrest of William J. Schnei
der, n deserter from the Marine Corps.
Xaituleoft Forrest Sue. Dr. 31nllan
Utr DamnccN.
Napoleon Forrest yesterday filed suit
against Thomas F. Mallan for 110,0)
damages, as the result of unskillful work
of the defendant as a sureeon In the
resetting of the bones of the right lez
of the plaintiff.
In his complaint, Forrest alleses that,
on February Z. -he sustained a compound
fracture of his rl;ht lee and became an
Inmate of Providence Hospital; that the
defendant, acting: in his profession as
phslclan and surgeon, assumed the care
and treatment of the Injuries of the plain
tiff; that It was his duty to use reasona
ble and ordinary care and skill In the
treatment of the injuries to the plaintiff,
but did not. and would not do so. and
that, as a result, the bones of the plain
tiffs right les were left out of align
ment, crooked, deformed and weak, and
that on account of the negligence and
unsklllfulness of the defendant, the com
plainant was obliged to call upon other
surgeons to rebreak and reset the bones
uf Ills leg properly.
j rrore i f lli- Work n .iueduc
j Tunnel nuil Jlc.ertulr.
j A report of the work on the aquedurt
j tunnej and the Howard University r
. ervoir has been made to Oen. Wilson.
I chief of engineers, by Col A. 1L Miller,
the engineer officer in charge.
The report states that during the cwtith
of October operations consisted principal
ly of retlmbering tb.e various shafts
which lead into the tunnel ami rerooilng
accumulation from the tunneL It sjys
also that it Is proposed, during the pres
ent month, to complete the ere-tlon of the
head houses at the shafts and to contin
ue the work of trimming the tunnel ami
removing the stono and muck. The report
states that the condition of the wat.-r
which was served to the city during tho
month was pool, being clear twenty
three day and turbid the balance of the
A Sore Sinn of Croup.
Hoarseness In a child that is subject to
croup is a sure indication of the approach
of the disease. If Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is given as soon as the child be
comes hoarse, or even after the croupy
tough has appeared. It will prevent the
attack. Many mothers who have croupy
children always keep this remedy at
hand and find that It saves them much
trouble and worry. It can always be de
pended upon and is pleasant to take. For
sale by Henry Evans, wholesale and re
tall druggist, K3 F Street northwest, and
Connecticut Avenue and S Street north
west, and 112S Maryland Avenue north-cast.
Hnle. .rhIii Urdu red to Arllnclon
Tltoe who luTe jwt bern to Arlington lately
thoald certainly !. en hand tomorrow to tale
adwetage of tLe reduced rates offered by the
Washington, Aleiaralila, and Mount Vernon Hall
way Company. ThU may be the last opportu
nity of the eaon, as these special trips may
be discontinued alter the rjning imulay. For
tomorrow, however, round-trip tickets, good only
for the day of sale, will be old fo- only IS
cents. To spend the morning or afternoon hours
at Arlington is certainly a very pleasant way
of pending pan of Sunday, and as the fare
on the electric train4 is so low, there wul
doubtles le a good-sized crowd at the beautiful
national cemetery during the entire day. The
electric trains leaethe station at Thirteen-and-a-half
Street and Pennsylvania Avenue every forty
flTe minutes for Arlington on Sunday. Those go
ing to .Mount Vernon can take these electric
trains every hour frexn 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
White Ash, S3.99
PEE TON (2,2,0 Pounds.)
Do not believe what you hear,
but call and sec for yourself.
WW1. J. ZEH,
717 UtU St. N. W.
Regi3t:red Flucibirj-
Hubbard Heating Company,
Steam and Hot-water Heating
918 F Street N. W
Washington, D. C
Mrs. Ivubel Wonts the Quiet of First
Mrcet Left Undisturbed.
Mrs. Josephine Kubel, a resident of First I
Street northeast, has written to the Com
missioners protesting against the con
struction of an underground electric sys
tem of the City and Suburban Railroad
along First Street northeast. In the block
between C and D Streets.
At present there are no car tracks In the
street. The Ecklngton line extends out C
Street and returns from Its Eastern ter
minus In D Street as far as Fourth
Street, passing along the latter thorough
fare to C Street and running again In C
Street to the heart of the city. Under the
franchise providing for the installation of
the new underground system the City and
Suburban line, as it will then be called,
will not run on Fourth Street from D to
C Streets, but will continue by single
track along D to First Street, and along
the latter street southward to C Street,
where It will join the old route.
The protest is against the single track
construction on thls,strc-et. In replying to
the complaint yesterday, the Commission
ers stated that the track is to be laid In
conformity with provision made by the
act of Congress authorizing the installa
tion of the new system, and for this rea
son they have Informed Mrs. Kubel that
they cannot interfere In the matter.
... . . . , ,
. vt.' . 't' I'ir,
It attracts universal attention. The public recognizes that we only conduct
Honest Values at Honest Prices. ?
We've bought for cash a tremendous assortment of Men's Overcoats and Top i.
Coats which will be sold at a price where the word profit is not known. This cloth- i
ing transaction will be recorded as one of the sensational purchasing events of the x
No Sale No Prices No Qualities Ever Equaled These. ?
We're doinp; the biggest Overcoat business in Washington. We doubt that there's another i
store which can compete with us in prices and qualities. X
Men's Suits.
We culled from our stock the choic
est offerings In men's all-wool suits.
Ever- one is stylish In appearance,
well made nnd worth three times the
prices we ask. j r
Men's-all-wool suits, sizes 3i i yT
to . Worth $10. Sale FrIce...P!t'
A NoWy Suit.
The newest Ptyle of the swellest
tailored single jand double .
breasted suits.' Other stores h 1
ask J12.50. Sale Price PV.
DM Yeu Ever
think you could purchase a JIG diago
nal clay suit, sacks and frocks, fancy
worsted In blues and black, A
sizes 31 to , for Sale 7 7K
A Tailor
will charge you .twice . the price for
this suit. We cwon't des
cribe it. Wo -want you A
to see it. Sizes H to 42. JCQ "C
For Sale Price .-. l7At
-For Big Men
we have suits, sizes up to 50. Here's
a tremendous good bargain otm-mm
for big. fellows. It's yours. V7 7S
Sale Price ipi.i J
$10.60 Top Coats, $5.97.
A lot of 100 light top coats, guaran
teed to be all wool. In tans and In the
newest shades. Tailored in the highest
style full back lap seams sleeves
lined with satin. A coat
that's worth 510.00, for
which we ask
$33 and $49 Overcoats, $16.
Another lot made by the best mer
chant tailors handomely made the
finest goods the up-to-the- -. . nn
minute styles. Coats worth h llll
5 and $40 lo go for. rMW
Dark Steel Gray
overcoats neat patterns ,. ..
silk velvet collars sizes 34 J 7 k
to 42. Worth $8. Sale price W"J
Beaver Overcoats.
Interested you'll be with this lot.
In blues and blacks long
and short cut velvet col- A1 .
lars Italian Unlng silk. i 47
Worth J10. Sale price P"tVH
Melton Overcoats.
Beautiful, smooth finest
melton overcoats, tine quali
ty. They've got to go
quick. Worth 12. Sale
A Gemini; Bargain.
Overcoats In dark Oxfords light
and dark shades patterns a,---to
sult.all- Worth 15. sale I 7C
Men's Pants.
In w.irsled stripes good
business pants; worth $2.
Sale price
An assortment All-wool,
Men's Pants, all sizes, up
to 42; worth 52.50. Sale
Chinchilla Overcoats.
Large storm collars. A .. ..
regular life preserver. Ih
Worth 56. Sale price ipi.lt;
Large Size Pants.
For large men, made of .,
the best goods, all wool, 7 7K
made to fit. Sale price" ?!
Boys' listers.
This Is your chance,- mothers;
large storm collars, sizes, (ft in
5 to 10; sold elsewhere for t
$2.50. Sale price v'
Boys' Reefers.
Good, warm blue Chin- ff .
chllla Reefers; sizes 7 to 15 f Al
years. Sale price 7. ........'''
Boys' Department.
We can fix up the boy to suit the
mother's heart.
Boys' Long Pants Suits.
GOOd. SUltabla mttpma
They wear well and aro
worth 53. Sale price
Boys' AH'ffool Suits.
The latest patterns and A
swagger styles. Cut rrom 55. 7 07
Sale price pd.7l
Yonng Men's Suits.
Neat suits. In worsteds and cassl
meres. Any young fellow
will be proud to wear 'em. Z 07
Worth 510. Salo price JiJ.7i
Young Men's Overcoats.
price ....
Meltons. All the
in blues and
Worth 53. Sale
stylish f
Children's Kns? Pants Suits.
We're going to have a bargain treat
for the youngsters. AH our 52 and 520
suits sizes four to sixteen -f
years to go for sale. 1 J)
price t...W,uv
Si 2 Men's Storm Collar Ulsters, regular life, preservers
StO Men's Fall-weight Top Coats, great values
709 7th St. N.W.
' ..t.,T -?' TwTm,m.TITj'
:-;-H"i in; M-t-fri
"S5?"sSif jvt-t,, iZ.?t ttgas-'-y-J, --r. ju?f5

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