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The Briiisli Forced o Make a Hur
ried ISciicnt in flic Xigiii
Vnrrens Porprs 1 nnlilc In Hold tlie
1oNllioii for Wliieli Tlif FoiiKlit
inllniill Yet- llr wire ntul IWnl
Ixfnrliir f Hit- llpicrw
1iikImiii1 riiini il Into filmim lu
tlie AiiliiMineciiient Inim Duller
Jiint tlie Hoc Htlil IteeoereI the
Ke o Their Resistance 1 lie Tn k
fir Itelievtiitr IiulMiiltli nvv Ap
pears More Desperate Tlinn I v cr
LONDON Jan 27 The brief announce
tnent from General Uullcr that General
Warren had been forced lo abandon Splon
Kop which was considered the Key to Boer
resistance has plunged England Into the
deepest Bloom and the Intensity of feeling
In London is without parallel In this jieriod
of war General DuIIcrs despatch or that
rart of It which the War Office makes pub
lic explaining the British reverse reads
m Central Warrens garrison 1 am sorry
to say I find this morning had in the night
abandoned Splon Kop
7n the complete absence of details from
any source it is impossible to throw any
light on General Warrens abandonment of
Splon Kop The critics set forth alterna
tive explanations but the expression of
regret at General Bullers despatch tinges
even the most hopeful suggestions and all
comment falls back on the bare disap
pointing fact that what the generals ap
peared to consider the Ley of the position
is no longer in British hands and is quite
probably In the enemys
Since General Bullers flanking move
ment began on January 10 his casualties
according to the official returns appear to
have been sixty killed SS9 wounded and
sixty missing The returns however
have been somwbat unprcclsc
There Js again difficulty with the cable
General Bullers despatch announcing the
abandonment of Splon Kop Is dated Jan
uary 23 noon It reached the War Of
fice at G oclock Friday morning The
telegraph company reports that the cable
is interrupted between the Island Soa
Thome and St Paul dc Loando and the
one that can be used
The silence n the Boer side is equal
to that on the British side There arc
indications however that they arc put
ting fresh energy into their efforts against
Ladysmlth and the engagement in the
neighborhood of Cheveley which was men
tioned in yesterdays despatches though
no details have been received seems to
have been a Boer and not a British rc
connolssancc This reminds the critics
here that the Boers In front of General
Warren arc as near the British line of
retreat to Cheveley and Estcourt as are
the British themselves and that the
Boers arc able to move faster than the
A despatch to the Chronltle from
Ladyraltb dated January 21 reports that
the laagers in the neighborhood of
the Icleagucre d town have not bees re
moved since General Bullers movement be
gan not even those behind the ridge over
looking the Tugela River Parties of Boers
arc continually riding to and fro on the
road from Besters to Potglcters Drift
They seem to be concentrating toward the
plateau at Acton Homes apparently with
the intention of chc cklng the relief forces
The correspondent of the Times at
Frcrc in a despatch dated January 2J de
scribes the activity of the Boers They
are digging within range when the shells
ffllow them lo do so and they are always
at work outside thcrangc They are also
bringing up fresh guns Every prisoner
caught cays that the Boers will never let
the British reach Ladyemilh whatever ee
tappers This is their last chance of pre
venting the relief of the town for behind
the ridge they occupy lies open country
without a single position that can be for
A General Ilellrf Tluit the War Of
flee Ik Withholding News
LONDON Jan 27 It Is generally be
lieved that the War Office is withholding
Information of further British reverses
All published details of the abandonment
of Splon Kop are utterly worthless owing
to the fact that they cannot he traced to
any legitimate source The public has
philosophically settled down to await the
lifting of the veil that now hides South
Africa from view
Tlie London Imiern Com plain of c
VnKllrnrm of IteportH
LONDON Jan 27 The editorials in the
morning papers while tempering their
criticism of the abandonment ot Splon Kop
owing to ignorance of the circumstances
do not spare the War Office and General
Duller In connection with the despatches
that are received The Times complains
of the vagueness nnd Inconsistency of
General Bullers successive telegrams
which even when allowance is made for
the War Office ccutorshlp are Jejune and
The Standard regrets that military
officials both at the front and at home
persist la publishing hasty accounts of
lcrotnplcto half understood operations
whenever they bear the faintest appearance
of British success It advit es that more
rcfclralnt e cxercited
Other papers make editorial rcmarki of
the SQ8 character
lie Siis It In
Mirrovvful Men
General Ynnilerlie lien Demi
THE HAGUE Jan 2G General Vander
heyden the victor of Atchen Sumatra is
dead at the age of fceventy thrce
Freneli MnrineN nf Iekln
PARIS Jan 26 A despatch to the Fi
garo from Shanghai stales that a detach
ment of French bluejackets has arrived
at Pckln
looped nml Wns Ieerleil
CHICAGO 111 Jan 26 After an ac
quaintance of barely three hours Lucille
Chapman twenty jears old a leader of a
social set at Springfield III eloped with
Charles Drcadoau a traveling salesman
for a New- York firm to Chicago last
Monday Altera two days stay in this city
Miss Chapman was deserted by Dreaudoau
and was cared for last night at the Harri
son Street police annex The police nro
looking for Dreadoau who has f 115 of
Miss Chapmans money
VildlerN From Cnlin
NEW YORK Jan 26 The U itcd States
transport Sedgwick arrhed this morning
fiom Matanzas Cicnfuegos and Havana
with fourteen cabin passengers and eighty-
two discharged and furloughcd oldlcrs
end civilian Government cmplojes among
whom were eighteen- prisoners
Mel Mo rim lilenlilleil
Detective Helan and William Unrnhart
a clerk at Wiilards Hotel returned yester
day morning from Pittsburg where they
Identified Nicholas alias Nick Moran
who is under arrest charged with robbing
Representative Samuel N Robeitson ot
Louisiana Capt Charles I Palmer and
Mrs Gillett at Wiilards Hotel on Janu
ary S
norfolk A WiibIiIiikiiiii Meiiiiifiiint Co
Dillsltfrtl trlfis dily it CM p m to Old Point
Comfort Newport Ncwi No folk itd Milnli
lialLh Tor tUicdulr sec pie
lie Timet
MOSCOW Jan 2fi Count Leo Tolstoy
the famous sociologist in commenting on
the Boer war sajs
This war is the greatest contradiction
or our times Two highly civilized na
tions the English and the Dutch are an
nihilating one another England a state
tfhleh was proud of Its title as the land of
freedom seeks to crush a far less numer
ous people the Hoers who have not done
the slightest injury to England This is
inrompichcnslbly unbelievable
-Do ou know with what this attack
the scorn of all humanity is to ho com
pared Something like this Suppose we
were both old people and were to go into
a dancing booth and there with gypsies
indulge in a riot
This war broke out after The Hague
Conference of which so much was made
This South Afl lean war is a tign ot
our times but a -very sorrowful one It
tells us that sordid soulless commercial
ism rules the world I have a friend tn
the Transvaal and he informs me ciosely
as to what Is going on My sjmpathics for
England In consequerce have been very
inujh cooled
Mini Will Take Inrl In the
lllKT ev lirk Meeting
NEW YORK Jan 16 The executive
commitlee of the New York committee for
the aid of the South African Republics
held its last meeting at the Morton House
tonight preparatory to the big mass meet
ing to be held In the Grand Central Ialaco
Monday night It was announced that
Governor Thomas of Colorado Governor
Poyntcr of Nebraska Judge OBrien of the
Court of Appeals President Warficld of
Lafayette College and J F Barnes lead
er of the minority in the State legisla
ture had all sent letters authorising the
use of their names as vice presidents of
the meeting Letters were also received
from Mayor Perry of Grand Itaplds Mich
and District Attorney Gardiner saying
that they would be present at the meeting
Following is a partial list cf the speak
ers Montagu White Senator George L
Wellington of Maryland Representatives
William Aslor Dc Armond and
Cochran of Missouri August Yan Wjck
Jtotjcrt E Roosevelt and John Van Vcor
his of Itochestcr
The Vlrulnln Semite Milclriickfil
Restitution if S Inpiitliy
RICHMOND Va Jan 2C Senator
Barksdale today introduced a resolution
of sympathy with the Boers He argued
strongly in favor of the measure declar
ing that the Boers were now fighting for
the same principles that inspired the Amer
ican revolutionists He asked all who sym
pathized with England In her struggle to
vote against tne resolution but pleaded
with these who felt sympathy for a small
republic battling for independence to sup
port the measure
Senator Fairfax opposed the resolution
declaring that this country esneciallv
cast coast cable therefore is the only I Slnia was too near to England in blood
inauuuD auu sujiuiiv politically anu corn-
merclally lo turn against her in this hour
of trouble He moved that the resolution
be referred to the Committee on Privileges
and Elections The motion to refer the
measure was adopted by a large majority
Laborers Mnkc nn Attempt to llluiv
Ill Fortune Island
COLON Colombia Jan 26 Laborers
made an attempt to blow- up Fortune Island
last night using dynamite It is reported
that the pier and barracks were damaged
but no lives were lose
Ilrntrtiunt flslmme Aiiinnt the Demi
TORONTO Jan 2C A private cable
gram announces the death of Lieut J W
Osborne of the Scottish Borderers Rifles
who was killed In action He was a son
of J K Osborne a wealthy citizen of
Toronto Lieutenant Osborne was grad
uated from the Kingston Military College
and Joined the Scottish Rifles In 1S53
Inspected liy the Irlnee nf Ynle
LONDON Jan 2C The Imperial Yeo
manry were Inspected at their barracks
this morning by the Prince of Wales who
made a speech to the men Many promi
nent persons were present
Innc Cecil ColliiiKe
LONDON Jan 26 According to a des
patch from Pretoria dated January 24
the gun known as Long Cecil which
was built by the Dc Beers Company at
Kimbcrlcj and used In the defence of
that town has collapsed
Ilcien ciitlii lit Inil Miiltli
PIETERMArtlTZBUriG Jan 23 Lady
smith reports cleten deaths from fevers on
January 21 and January 22
Hoer MnUini Ammunition
DURBAN Jan 24 A Free State pris
oner who has armed here sajs that the
Transvaal is manufacturing 12000 car
tridges and 200 shells dally
TIic Atlniiiiifrnlioif s Xlmv Plan for
Dealing With Insurgents
lY Iroclniiitfm iiiititiiictiiK In TM
I iitt Krattnu of 11m Itclicl Ann ntul
llllllll t Mtll AM AittUri to Iuj
lo N Arm t ii I ii fl ii Ntn Tli t ii
1 1 lit IVfii Inl ii Omnium IIooIutn
Ollicials of the Administration arc wafb
ing closely the operations now- being con
ducted by the American troops in the Phil
ippines Reports from General Otis ay
that the insurgent army Js disintegrated
and that the rebel forces arc nothing more
than organized bands of robbers preying
uiKin the country and attacking the peace
ful nathes General Otis Ins represented
in his reports that there Is no organized
army of Insurgents that the rebels have
not even a pretence of a government and
that nearly alt the rebel officials arc In Jail
In Manila and the Filipino bands scattered
about without other means of existence
than robbing the natives
The Administration is now considering
the advisability of halng General Otis is
suo to the Inhabitants of the Islands a pro
clamation announcing the complete disin
tegration of the Filipino army calling upon
all nathes to lay down their arms end
declaring all armed bands as banditti to
be punished accordingly It s learned that
such a course is now being considered at
the War Department and the officials agree
that the time Is not far distant when It
will be advisable to proclaim the armed
forces now- resisting authority as banditti
It Is said authoritatively that such meas
ures will be taken -but no tlc f has yet
been set for the announcement to be made
by General Otis After a proclamation has
been Issued to the people of the islands
all the privileges accorded to a revolution
ary party will be forfeited and the cap
tured banditti will be treated like common
thieves or murderers It is probable that
this proclamation will not be delayed more
than a few months meanwhile the army
will continue Its aggressive policy of pur
suing the rebels from town to town and
forcing them to either abandon their life
of lawlessness and become good citizens or
be sent to Manila as prisoners
A MmiiRe lKnil lj iiccii
Ainerienii Ioiiuil lu ilrltiMl
MANILA Jan 26 Colonc I Hayes
troops hate occupied SarIao in the prov
lnce of Tayabas southeast of Manila
where a note signed by eleven Americans
was found The note read
Wo leatc tomorrow destination un
Captains Casleel aad Grade of the
Twenty seenth Volunteer Infantry have
defeated 400 insurgents at Tanay In the
province of Morong east of Manila and
north of I aguna de Bay
A despatch from Lcgasp provin e of
Albay in the extreme southeast portico ot
Luzon dated January 23 says
After occupying Sorsegon Donsol and
Bulan in this prolnce without resistance
General Kobbc had a sharp fight today in
taking Lcgahpl Six hundred insurgent
held strong trenches controlling points
where it was expected the Americans would
attempt to land
The rebels had previously destroyed
the piers at these iwlnts This really had
been General Kobbes plan but when he
saw the insurgents trailing for him in the
trenches he called for boats and landed tvo
companies of troops on tbo beach turn
ing the insurgents left flank under cover
of the guns of the cruiser Nashville The
flankers eaught a party o Insurgents be
hind the town and killed tnirty thrcc The
fighting lasted two hours
The two companies went on to Albay
which is only a quarter of a mile from
Legaspl and had a brief skirmish It is
known that the insurgent loss was forty
five killed and ten wounded The Ameri
cans had four wounded The Americans
alEO captured seven cannon The shells
from the set fire to two of the
towns and S000 bales of hemp were
burned There are ocr 100000 bales of
hemp in the ports already opened await
ing shipment The crop Is large Vlrac
was also occupied without opposition
General 4Hi tlie Oeeiipn
tlnii or Four Important Toiim
The War Department received fcveral
despatches from General Otis jesterday
telling of the progress of the campaign
in the Philippines The most Important
despatch rrported the opening of a num
ber of hemp ports in southeastern Luzon
and on tbe adjacent Islands Of the open
ing of the hemp ports General Otis said
Kobbes troops occupy the hemp ports
of Sorsogon Donsol Bulan Albay and
Legaspl southeastern Luzon Virac Island
Catanduanes will probably occupy the
ports or Calbayoc Cathhalogan and Taclo
bau of the Islands of Samar and Leyte
befnro tomorrow evening No opposition
except at Legaspl where i00 insurgents
btrongly entrenched under Chinese General
Powah made stubborn resistance troops
landed under protection of guns of Nash
ville which fiercely bombarded fortifica
tions at close range enemys loss over
fifty killed or mortally wounded twenty
eight killed at Bridge Head at almost
hand-to-hand encounter refusing to sur
render Our casualties Capt Bradley
Haucoek quartermaster volunteers aide to
Kobbc wounded In hand six men Includ
ing one sailor on Nashville slightly
wounded These ports contain great quan
tity of hemp ready for shipment and will
be open on 13th Inst
Following Is an account of a brush Lieut
Col Edward M Majes and his Fourth
Cavalry had with the insurgents
Hajcs cavalry reported at Santa Cruz
drove enemy out of Luzon Tayabas and
adlaccnt towns ipjcuchI twenty Spanlfh
prisoners and Tne women other Spanish
prisoners moed baik in sr jall detach
ments Into mountains enemy dispersed
and gteater part believed to be seeking
homes at Taj abas found record dated
15th Instant saying eleven American pris
oners leave tomorrow hnow not to what
place Ilajcs casualties one killed -three
mortally wounded two Mfghtly wounded
Admiral Watsons cablegram to Secretary
Long told how Commander Edward II
Gheen of the Marietta co operating with
the army had captured Taal an important
town twenty five miles south of Manila
It wi as follows
Marietta Gheen Nineteenth co-operated
army capture Taal Infiladed in
surgent trenches sixteen hundred yards
Lieutenant Price landed with Colt gun
Gheen reports battalion Forty sixth Ma
jor Johnston carried bridge and town
ery gallantly facing artillery and rifle
The following despatch from General
Otis tells of the sending back to Spain of
a lot nf released Spanish prisoners
Released Spanish prtsotfcrsv Seventy
four officers 1000 enlisted mu22 civilian
officials 21 wives and a1 children were
furnished transportation to Spain
da j
A lilt MirlnUiiKe lu the lrtlluuitcil
Ullile Min
NEW YOHK Jan 26 The jnews was
cabled here a day or so ago that the
United States troops were clearing the in
surgents out of the southern- end of the
Island of Luzon and that United States
1 officers had opened the hemp exporting
j ports of Legaspl and Sorrdgon These
tinrti nm in the tilt- lifmti irrnwlnir dis
tricts of the Island at tho extreme south
ern end Sorsogon is on the Bay of Sor
sogon on the southwest ccast and Le
gaspl is on the Gulf of Albay on the
northeastern coast
The news of the opening of the ports
was ery satisfactory to the hcrap mer
chants and brokers Since the war In the
Philippines the visible supply of manlla
hemp has decreased from something oer
M00 bales to only a little oler a hun
dred thousand and the price has gone up
from 4 1 2 cents a pound to lo cents or
more than 300 per cent The news of the
opening of the ports started a more or less
lively selling of hemp for future delivery
and some large orders were sold
Today tho telling stopped suddenly
Another despatch was received by one or
two of the hemp brokers It was to the
effect that while the ports had iten
opened the Insurgents had succeeded in
burning 20000 bales of hemp1 at Legaspl
In ordinary times ths would not be a
very large amount of hemp but with the
supply as low as It is ever thousand bales
looks as big as a mountain Further the
fact that the Insurgents had succeeded in
burning their hemp made it evident that
they had not been cleaned out of tbe dis
trict and tho possibility of future raids
makes further additions to the visible
supply uncertain Altogether the men
who had sold manlla hemp were unhappy
It has been represented that tbe Increase
In the price of manlla hemp has been u
serious matter to the farmers here who
usl the twice Manila hemp dealers hero
said today that manlla hemp had not been
used In the manufacture of twine for five
years It Is used exclusively In making
cordage The twine that farmers use Is
made of sisal hemp the price or supply ot
which has not been seriously affected by
the war
fii American Womnli Coim It tcil In
Me eo of Miinlerf iijr Iter HiinIiiiihI
EL PASO Tex Jan 28 Mrs John D
Rich the Chicago woman surrendered to
Mexico to be tried for the murder of her
husband in Juarez last May was today
adjudged guilty by the Mexican court and
sentenced to serve fourti i years In
prison The finding of trie court waj
read to the woman In her cell this morn
ing She collapsed compleely when shy
heard the sentence and screamed like a
maniac It required the combined strength
of two guards to prevent her from assault
ing the oltirlals She was finally quieteJ
however and then she asked the pardon of
those present for her conduct She will be
imprisoned at Chlhuihua
A Itenr Knit toIllHlnn pnr fumlier
iiinil Diirlnurn lleiivy MioirMorni
CUMBERLAND Md Jan 26 A fatal
rear end collision occurred on the West
Virginia Central Railroad three miles from
Cumberland early this morning as the re
sult of a train stalling on a grade during
one of the worst snowstorms veteran rail
road men havo cter expt ricnced Signals
could not be seen three feet ahead Frank
Winterstcnn fireman was fatally scald
ed John Nee conductor had his spine In
jured and Itobert Allen engineer was also
Nee was cooped up In the burning ca
boose and narrowly escaped cremation
Ross Twigg conductor sustained danger
ous wounds The engine and many cars
were demolished
I nte In maiter tenernl to lie
Hurled lit Arlington Toiln
The jemains of Gen Thaddcus II
Stanton accompanied by his wife and fcv
eral intimate friends will arrive nt the
Pennsjlvanla Railroad statlcn today at 1
p m A squad of cavalry and artillery
from Fort Jlycr and a detachment of Light
Artillery from tho Washington Barracks
will meet the train and act as an escort to
Arlington Cemetery where brief cere
monies will bet conducted Under tho au
cplces of the Loyal Legion
Rev J II Bradford chaplain of the Dis
trict of Columbia Comraahdery will oin
clatc at tbe grave
Senator Thurston will deliver an ad
drees and General Hawlcv is expected to
say a few words The following are the
honorary pallbearers who will accompany
the remains to the cemetery Senatois
Hawley and Slioup Generals Corbin Baird
and Randall and Major John M Corson
Citizens of AIenuilrln Count Still
Ililllile tn Aitrce
A stormy session of the special committed
ot tbe Board of Development of Alexandria
cilnly to consider the question of bond
ing said county for f 1500ft to so ure tbe
Improvement of roads was held vesterday
afternoon at the oftlcc of II A Phillips 00
Fourteenth Street northwest Considera
tion ot the third bill preparation of which
was begun at the last meeting was de
layed and so much of the new measure as
provided for a special road commission to
have charge of the funds raised by tho
proposed bond Issue was finally annulled
Immediately upon such action being taken
two members of the committee V W
Douglas and Tbcmas DeLulshmut left the
inciting declaring that they should fake
no further part in the proceedings It was
stated that a member of tho board of super
iors of the county had been In Richmond
several das in connection with the passage
of what is known as the second londlng
bill which was considered at a recent
meeting of the Board of Development held
in till- city Thii second hill it is stated
was passed yesterday afternoon by tho
Slate legislature prior tn the icelpfby
the assembly of resolutions re enlly passid
at a mass meeting of county citizens ill
eppositioi lo it Information repa d ng Ihn
patsage nf this second bill Is withheld by
those Interested but will be announced
probably today
IS I to Illlltlmore nml llelnrn v lit
II A I Sal unlit I Mimlll
tiinuij 27 ind ii c ml tat p i1 I following
Mouk TUUH govt em all TIi Il
He Inrciglis gainst Imperialism
and Suggests n Plai form
o Truth In
Iile nlllnl
Mot enieiit
I lie Ileport Tlint He Ii
Willi nn Antl llrjnii
III Aelirn tkn MIer In
UN Opinion Not the llonillillilt
Iftilie of the Comlnc ChiiiiiiIkii
State J Sterling Morton Secretary of
Agriculture under President Cleveland
and other old Una Democrats are making
plans to control the conventions which will
name the delegates from Nebraska to the
Democratic National Convention The ob
ject of this move accordjng to the stor
Is to send to tbe Democratic National Con
vention a delegation unalterably opposed
to tho nomination of Mr Bryan and lhU3
If possible to defeat his nomination In the
The story had It that Mr Morton was
being assisted In organizing the State
against Bryan by W Boiirke Cockran and
other Eastern Democrats Tho despatch
was shown to Mr Cockran this afternoon
After reading It he made the following
There is no truth In the statement so
far as I am concerned I am not engaged
In any movements plots or enterprises
to aid any Democratic faction or thwart
any Democratic politicians I am neither
a gold Democrat nor a silver Democrat
a Bryan or an anti Bryan Democrat I
am simply a Democrat without adjective
qualification or hyphen
In 1S36 I believed that fidelity to
Democratic principles Imposed opposition
to tho Democratic puty Therefore I
supported the Republican candidate- My
opposition however was confined to tho
platform To the candidate there was no
objection and there could have been none
I am very much mistaken In him if Mr
Bryan would be capable of suppressing re
nouncing or disguising bis views en any
qucstion for any reward even the Presi
dency of the United States But the is
sues ot the campaign do not depend upon
Mr Bryan or any other leader Cam
paigns arc always waged on the ques
tion which happens to be ot chief in
terest to the people at the time The
issue In the next election will be Im
Ieriallsm or silver it cannot b bath No
matter what platform the convention may
adopt If its candidates were elected tic
currency of this country could not be le
duced to a sliver basis for at least four
years The silver question therefore will
not play a decisive part In the campaign
The maintenance of an ImperlalUtl pclicy
or Its abandonment is the one question
which can be decided and decided for
ever by the popular r tdict next Novem
ber There is little doubt that It will lc
rejected It all who condemn it arc allowed
to unite In opposing It The only chance
cf Its success lies In the danger that antl
iinpcrlallats may be divided by the Injec
tion of a financial diseuislon Into the cam
paign For my part however I believe
this Usuc will be presented without any
distracting question to complicate It
To unite party it Is
not necessary that It should repudiate any
of its former expressions that It should
renounce suppress or even disguise any
of Its beliefs The Democratic party
would he Invincible If recognizing the
fact that the silver question has been
postponed by the people for at least four
years reaffirming if necessary the faith
of the majority In the declarations of
1S0C and their determination to press
them whenever an occasion again arises
realizing that this election Involves not
any one policy but the very existence
of democratic government the convention
should Invito all citizens who abhor the
attempt to clothe this Republic in the
tawdry rags of imperialism to co operate
In maintaining the territorial integrity
of the United States leaving all ques
tions affecting the financial Integrity of
the United States to be settled hereaf
I would reaffirm the Declaration of In
dependence and go to the people on that
alone On such a platform the campaign
of FOO would resemble the platform of
UOO in its issues Its temper and Us re
sults Who can doubt that Jeffersons Im
mortal work would obtain in 1900 an en
dorsement as emphatic and as salutary as
its author received in 1S00
I do not believe that Mr Bryans posi
tion on trusts is very different from mine
although his expressions on this subject
are somewhat vague I have no doubt
that what he really condemns is an Indus
trial organization which obtains control
of the market through Government favor
In his opposition to trusts built upon tbe
favor of Government or of railroads or
other nubile or quasi public agencies Mr
Bryan Is no more resolute than any other
Opposition to trusts in my Judgment
really means opposition to special privi
leges This discussion- of trusts while not
always sensible has already borne valuable
fruit It has shown that the tariff If not
exactly the mother of trusts Is lo a large
extent their nurse and whatever tends to
demonstrate the folly and vice of taxing
some people for the benefit of others is
calculated to promote democratic princi
ples and to secure good government which
Is the same thing
Two IarKe Anillenee ftreet lllm at
Sin run anil Wilmington
WILMINGTON Del Jan 2C William
J Bryan spoke at Smyrna this afternoon
to about S00 people He reached this clty
at 5 oclock In charge of a committee of
the Democratic clubs and was received by
a briss band and greeted by about 1000
persons After dining he was escorted to
the opera house which was crowded with
an audience of 1500 or more Mr Bryrn
devoted his speccli to the Income tax free
sliver trusts and imperialism lie said
that when the Democratic party first pro
posed tho Income tax they were met with
the reply that Democrats would leave the
party He said ho did not presume rich
Democrats would object to Just laws but
he did not know them then as be does now
He thought if the rich Democrats left the
party the poor Republicans would Join It
Sperklng of the Boer war he said
I hope England will have to send thou
sands of men more to South Africa be
fore she ran conquer the Itocrs
lie attacked Imperialism and read
from Lincolns speech criticising President
Polks attitude on the Mexican war He
dwelt at some length upon the money
question and declared It to he a lively
corpse He contended that the money
trust was the greater of all trusts and
thatth gold standard was solely in Iho
interests of tlie bankers During the
course of his speech he declared that the
Republican prophets should present their
credential- before tieing taken seriously
Ho added that during the campaign of
ISSfi tlx hundred men had iutroducd him
as the next President but they were
not true prophets and In the future lie
should demand the credentials of
Fl uns IIiimIi ss follece Mil anil It
Cmiui odJcc Euminalum 3
ivrnnjr Mii Irleiuti Ileilnccil liy the
Mom niter iniire Lrentttrei
SHANGHAI Jan 26 The Dowager Em
press has dismissed Jung Lu generalissimo
of tho forces on account of his disap
proval of the coup detat Other high of
ficials have also been superseded The
Viceroy Lul Kan Ylh has been succeeded
by Lu Chuan Liu one of the Empress
There Is widespread lamentation among
the progressive Chinese who regarded
Kwang Su as the savior of the Chinese if
he could have been rescued from the
j clutches of he Dowagtr Empress
NEW YORK Jan 2o A despatch re- Tho news of Kwang Sus abdication has
eolved last night from Nebraska Cit created a rensatlon In official and soilal
Neb says that according to a story circles in Japan where it is believed that
which was being clrcilated through the j Russia Is lending a hand In the coim
It was stated at the Chinese Legation
yesterday that no offlcljl Informatlcn of the
abdication of Kwang Su had been re
ceived Nothin was known of his re
ported death In the absence of the min
ister who in t New York Mr Chung
viun icw one oi the secretaries informed
a Times reporter that the legation had
received no news from China
Secretary Hay stated ye3tcnay that the
department has received no Information
from Mr Conger the United States Min
ister at Pckln since the cable despatch
Thursday announcing that Pu Chun had
been appointed heir to the throne of China
The Defenee In the PoNnii Trial Will
IlrKln ett Week
NEW YORK Jan 2t Manheim Brown
thetenth Juror In the MoIacux case wboo
Illness necessitated the adjournment of th3
i case until Monday cexi was reported t bs
much better today Juror Bron Is suffer
ing from the grip but It Is expected
1 that he will be able to take his seat In the
box en Monday If he Is net abe to
I pear then the recorder will adjourn the
trial probably for a week or ten days lo
I give hlma further opportunity of recovery
Assistant District Attorney Oj borne ex
pects to finish the case for the proseution
In a few hours and then Mr Weeks of
counsel for defence will a3k for an ad
journment until the next day so as to glvo
him a little time to prepare his opening ad
Jress Mr Weeks has kept his own coun
sel and nobody knows what his line cf
defence will be In the mean time Roland
B Mollneux has preserved his cheerfulness
and displayed wonderfu nerve and will
General Molineux accompanied by his
wife and daughter-in-law Mrs Rotaid B
called on the defendant at tfp
Tomb today The prisoner and his rela
tives chatted for over an hour In the prison
counsel room Young Mrs Mpllneux tcok
ber husband some floweis
A Colorado Convict Siiiiniiitrllr Denlt
With Ii n Moll
CANON CITY Ccl Jan 2C Thomas
Reynolds was lynched here tochL Rey
nolds was captured near Florence and Im
mediately brought to this city At tho
edge of the town he was met by a mob
taken from tho officers and strung up to
a telephone pole In ull view of the peni
tentiary Reynolds and three other con
victs murdered a guard and escaped from
the penitentiary Monday night
The muriler was cold blooded and unnec
essary In nuking the esape Capital pun
ishment has been abolished in Colorado
and this undoubtedly led to the lynching
The Jamolimn Ground In Ilnniptoii
HoniN During a tinle
NORFOLK Va Jan 26 During a
fierce northwest gale which swept over
Norfolk last night and today the old Do
minion steamship Jamestown of the New
York and Norfolk passenger line went
ashore near Rush Bluff on Hampton Roads
The steamer was bound from Newport
News for Norfolk with abcut a half cargo
aboard when she overlook the A P
Daughcrty Companys tug towing a string
of barges Tug men who witnessed the ac
cident say that the steamer In trying to
pass the tow slowed up lost her steerage
way and was swept ashore The steamer
grounded on apparently toft mud at 730
oclock this morning and it was thought
could be hauled off easily The tide re
ceded however and a number of tugs
hauled on the liner all day unavallingly
Lightening was resorted to and it is
hoped that the ship will be Coated at high
tide tomorrow morning
The Mate Committee
Wants Mr llriin I2levrlierc
William J Bryan will not make a speech
at Brown University next week has been
settled by the Democratic State Commit
tee which has unanimously voted against
the proposal cf the Drown Debating Union
The committee docs not want Mr Bryan to
spend his time speaking to so small an au
dience and it is also displeased by the re
port published on Thursday that the uni
versity authcrittcs did not care to have
him make a speech on the campus lest it
might offend supporters of the college
Conditions Imler Willed the District
Will Aid In Iti Support
The Superintendent of Charities sub
mitted to Commissioner Ross yesterday
a draft ot the form of contract it is pro
posed to establish for the care of the in
digent blind of the District in the homo
which has been recently established by
the Aid Association for the Blind
It Is desirable Mr Lew Is say3 that the
association shall agree to receive any
blind persons that the District authorities
care to place In their Institution up to Its
full capacity reserving the right of course
to exclude any person thus committed
after giving five days written notice with
a statement of the reasons for the exclu
sion In addition to this the contract
form requires that the persons admitted
by direction ot the Commissioners and
placed under the care of the association as
indigent shall be treated with the same
respect accorded the other inmates of the
house and further that the assocjatloit
shall agree to furnish suitable board lodg
ing and clothing together with the amuse
ments enjoyed by the other Inmates of the
The price for the maintenance ot each
patient or boarder In the home Is fixed at
cents per day all bllH to be paid
monthly Tho rules of the homo should
be subject to the approval of the Com
missioners and the place should at all
times be open to the District authorities
for inspection Mr Lewis recommends
Tho papers that have been prepared will
be considered by the Commissioners In
board meeting and It Is probable that the
suggestions of Superintendent Lewis will
be approved
A UorrlMe Death
NORFOLK Va Jan 26 Kdvvurd
Powell a negro employed in the Norfolk
and Carolina Chemical Companys fer
tilizer factory was caught in the shafting
at the works today and whirled around tbe
swiftly turning shaft After some moments
his body finally fell a crushed and shape
less mass
Price One Cent
Imllo v Disputes Anlliorify With tho
Civil IJovcnioTof Havana
The Henil of the llllllnry Department
That the city Ilmleet
Muit lie Delivered tn m nl vt
lo Seior irma Open Itreach
HAVANA Jan 2J The Inevitable clash
bctwrcn Governor General Wood and Gen
era Ludlow owing to the latters Inter
ircution of his prerogatives as military
governor of Havana granted by Ireslden
MeKinley will materialize on General
Woods it turn from Santiago Differences
Lave n lten between Senor Nunez civil
governor of Havana provlDee sad General
frdlor i cI the breach between them is
now open General Wood will he rillel
upon to settle the controversy which may
bo taken to Washington for final adjudica
tion A decision In this matter will likely
result In the establishment of the Depart
ment of Havana on the same basis as the
other departments of the i3land with the
relegation of General Ludlows assumption
of supremacy here or else the humiliation
of General Wood
It will determine whether General Wood
Is really the Governor General of Cuba
whether his orders aro to be obeyed by the
department coromandere and whether a
distinct department can be built up In the
headquarters of the division and guided
without regard to the policy of the division
commander This trouble has been fore
seen It existed during General Brookes
regime and was commented upon con
stantly by the Cuban Dress The pmlni
J tlon given by the Danent of General imL
lows tenure of office here Is that he had
more Influence in Washington than Gen
eral Brooke
The present crisis arises from General
Woods determination to relegate the mil
itary to a supervisory position leavlns
to the civil- authorities all the functions
consistent with good government and to
have civil business transacted through
civil channels This policy has the hearty
sympathy of the Cubans and Is what they
have been calling for Senor Nunez ap
preciated the fact that with this policy
in force his office would be more than or
namental He decided to take up all the
reins of authority allowed him under tha
law aud was backed up In this by Sec
retary of State Tainayo He immediately
ran against a snag In the military oppo
sition of General Ludlow First he want
ed tbe municipality of Regla to have Its
own police Regla Is within General
Ludlows command but la a separate
municipality It is policed by Havana
The people wanted their own police
Senor Nunez also demanded that he bo
allowed to appoint the councilmen ot
Havana He has exercised this right in
all the other municipalities ot the prov
ince and he held that ho should do so
here also General Ludlow refused to
permit It all the councilmen having been
appointed by himself
Tiinr camo the difficulty which will lead
In alt probability to the end of the fric
tion one way or the other Under the
law the annuaLJudgefisof all municipali
ties meat be submitted to tbe civil
ernor for approval With the exception
of the city of Havana all the municipali
ties submitted their budgets o Senor
Nunez even Regla and Guanabacoa
which are within General Ludlows com
Senor Nunez asked Mayor LacoUe for
the Havana budget but tbe latter re
fused to submit it on the ground that he
had been ordered to submit It to General
Ludlow This occurred on Thursday To
day Senor Nunez visited General Ludlow
In ar effort to determine how far In tho
latters opinion General Woods order af
fected the department of Havana General
Ludlow thought it did not apply to Havana
He pointed out his assignment by Presi
dent McKlnley to the military and civil
governorship of the city and said that he
was supreme civilly and militarily Senor
Nunez did not bring up the question of
the budget If General Ludlow Is civil
governor then Senor Nunez is not and
the burget should be submitted to General
Ludlow for approval or disapproval Senor
Nunez still maintains his rights and has
written a formal letter to Mayor Lacoste
asking that the budget be submitted to him
and to submit the matter to General Wood
on bis return Senor Nunez Is not appa
rently contumacious over the question Ho
says he believes he is acting solely with
in the prerogatives of his office under the
law and also under the last order of Gen
eral Wood defining the functions of civil
and military commanders He is responsi
ble to Ceceral Wood through the Secre
tary of State his direct superior If Gen
eral Wood or the Government at Washing
ton decides that the city bf Havana Is In
no way under his control and that offi
cially It i3 no part of the province of Ha
vana he wants to know It In order that
his condvet may be guided accordingly If
the municipality of Havana is to be a sep
arate mllltivry department with power to
modify at a III the municipal laws of tha
Island it Is Just as well that It be under
stood n General Ludlow says that Se
nor Nunez may see the budget but he does
not give up his right as the supreme au
thority to approve or disapprove It
The Ciiliieiis Finn u Itnnt Reception
for lllm at Sniitlneo
transport Ingalls arrived here last night
with Generals Lee and Shatter Secretary
of Commerce Rivera and the ladles ac
companying them on board Governor
General Wood landed from the transport
at Manzanilli and Is traveling to Santiago
overland He Is expected to arrive here
tonight by train from San Luis where
General Miro with 1000 former Cuban-soldiers
will welcome him
General Mlros attitude has greatly
changed since his conference with Gen
eral Wood In Havana last mouth Gen
eral Woods visit to Santiago will bo
marked by numerous civil and social dem
onstrations Both of the large clubs here
the San Carlos and the Cosmopolitan wilt
hold receptions and give balls in his honor
Colonel Whitside will hold a reception
at the palace tomorrow General Lee his
family anil the other members ot the
party visited the battlefields this morn
Knte Claxtoii n Bankrupt
NEW YORK Jan 26 Kate CInxton the
actress filed a petition In bankruptcy to
day under the name ot Kate E Stevenson
giving her residence as 2SS West Seven
tieth Street Her husband Charles A
SieveiiM ii filcl a petition In bankruptcy
DecomVr 2 last In her schedules 6he
places Utilities at 510729 Her assets
consist ot clothing JIOO which Is exempt
and an accident insurance policy taken
out by Charles E Stevenson In her name
fur Jl COO
SI Ti To Iliiltlmorc nml He 1
turn s la Ienns Ivnitla Itnllronil
Tn Lc on ale Saturday and SunJa Jjnuary
ml d to return untd Momli J niury
S Alt I ex ept tuTijTiiionai I mued

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