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Ilciriu nu lie Aineiiilniciif to lie
Inteislate Commerce Act
A ItrprrwriifniU t the lename of
liiiluntrliil AKiielnlIini tuiiiltliiii
flit iUllticr nlr TIip 3lllleri
if Ilio Cnnnlrj In Inwir of tlir
IVOiinril tlinliKf the MrriMiirr
Tlic Senate Committee on Interstate
Commerce gave a hearing yesterday to a
number of reprctcntaUv es ot business or
ganizations on the subject of the bill to
amend the interstate commerce law
whiSh hah been Introduced y Senator
Cullom Chairman of the committee
The first speaker was Frank Barry of
Milwaukee Secretary ot fe National
Millers Association and the accredited
representative of the National League of
Industrial Associations Mr Barry con
demned the present interstate commerce
law which he said has become powerless
and of no value He announced his ap
proval of the propose amendment which
he said woold benelit both the shipper
and the carrier
In reply to questions asked by Senator
Tillman Mr Barry said the Standard Oil
Company the Sugar Trust and the large
flouring mills and grain elevator Interests
of the Xorthnest were not co operating in
the movement He had no direct Infor
mation on the subject of favoritism but
called attention to the recent changes of
freight classification made by the rail
roads which he said left carload rates
on oil practically where they were while
it raised the rate on fractional carloads
from CO to 200 per cent It was not dim
cult to see that this was in the interest
of tho Standard Oil Company Mr Barry
expressed the opinion that the Minneapolis
millers are receiving discriminatory rates
from the railroads and said that flour for
export is being discriminated against In
favor of wheat for export This discrim
ination he thought was due to the fact that
many of the railroad officials and stock
holders -are largely interested In the grain
The second statement was made by
Augustine Gallagher of St Louis Com
missioner of the Millers National Asso
ciation He stated that he firmly believed
that the amendment proposed by the Na
tional Board of Trade would produce re
sults greatly beneficial to the whole peo
ple and that he also favored it because
It will act in favor of the millers whom
he represents
He said that the railroads were not
content with controlling the mines and
the forests of the country but that they
were now attempting to control the bal
lots of the people along their lines He
contended that the railroad system of the
Middle West so far as the grain inter
ests are concerned are practically par
celed out by large Arms In Chicago and
other cities
Mr Gallagher stated that the exports
tion of from the United
wheat ItUUI tilt llllirU States
last year was
possibly 60 per
the British Isles The labor cost of pro
duclng flour he said was something more
than 20 cents a barrel and of course
tliat amount wns lost to the labor of this
country on the exported wheat
In reply to a question asked by Senator
Chandler Mr Gallagher said that the Na
tional Board of Trade and the National
Millers Association are in favor of such
A II in 1 1 to He IMneed Upon Alton
to Imlrnt ClNifH Milpn
The shipping subcommittee or the Sen
ate Commerce Committee having charge
of the Hanna Payne Ship Subsidy bill
agreed yesterday on three important
amendments to that measure
One of these Is to place a limit of
3200000 a year on the amount of subsidy
to be paid to ships ot the first class
which it Is thought will remove the ob
jections raised that the fast steamers
would receive an inordinately large propor
tion cf the benefits of the bill With a
like object in view the committee made a
material Increase In the compensation to
lie paid the slower steamers beginning
with those of ten knots speed
A third amendment reduces from SO per
eut to II per cent the required American
ownership in foreign built vessels which
may be admitted to the benefits of the
As thug amended the hill will probably
be favorably reported to the full committee
at its next meeting
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Oiilj KtnOno to Ho Mnle Iiuiiic
lliifrly Aviiilnlile for the Project
The House Committee on Interstate and
Foreign- Commerce met yesterday to re
consider the Nicaragua Canal bill which
hail been reported with an appropriation
of 140C00uC0 It was decided to change
the appropriation section so as to make
only 10000000 immediately available
with authority to contract for the entire
excavation construction defence and
completion of the canal at a total cost
not exceeding 140000000
Before this action was taken Mr Hep
burn Chairman said that as all the mem
bers of the committee were anxious for the
success of the hill It was ncll to csnjidcr
some objections which had been raised
He had heard several objections oil the
ground that the whole JUO000000 was ap
propriated now and three r four persons
had sale they would not support the bill
If the entire sum was appropriated now
but would supiport it if only 1 portiun was
made available at once to begin the work
ilr Corliss thereupon offered the lollow
ing new section which was adopted
Sec C That the sum of J10OO00C0 is
hereby appropriated out of any mm in
the Treasury not otherwise app oprlated
toward the project hereiu contempaed
and tho Secretary of War Is further hereby
authorized to enter into a contract or con
tracts for mHterials and work that may to
deemed necessary for the proper construc
tion defence and completion cf SJlil c nal
to be paid for as appropriations may from
time to time be hereafter mafic not to
exceed In the aggregate JHOOOOCIO
In the amended form the bill was or
dered reported
Tlt toiifrreior Jlrjiorf on flic Ceiimji
Hill AcrirJ to
In the House yesterday Mr Hopkins of
Illinois presented the conference report on
the Census bill and it was agreed to By
the agreement reached the enquiries re
garding blind deaf and dumb were re
slrlctcdKto age sex name and address
and tbet provision directing that statistics
regarding mines and mining be taken sim
ultaneously with population statistics was
stricken 6uC
Mr Sherman ot New York Chairman or
the Committee on Indian Affairs reported
the biirniaklng appropriations for Indian
service for the year 19P0 1 Also a resolu
tion directing the Secretary of the Interior
to report to the House certain Information
regarding the payment of annuities to the
Sac and Foy Indians from 1S3S to 1S39 in
clusive which was agreed to
A resolution offered by Mr Burton of
Ohio was agreed to authorizing theCim
mlttcc on Hirers and Harbors to sit during
the session ot the House and recesses of
The Urgent Deficiency Appropriation bill
as amended by the Senate was sent to
managers on the part of the
House being Messrs Cannon of Illinois
Barney of Wisconsin and Livingston of
On motion of Mr Mahon of Pennsjlvania
the Hcuse resolved Itself into committee of
the whale Mr Steele of Indiana in the
chair for the consideration of bills on the
private calendar
Mr Mahon called up the bill to author
ize the Secretary of State to pay the claim
of the EasternExtenslon Australasia and
China Telegraph Company limited the
bout IIS000000 bushels amount of expenses Incurred in repairing
cent of which went to lIlc Manila Hongkong cable cut by Ad-
mrnl ajlitflrtiT hn ll1i Ct tflln
Mr Mahon explained the bill He said
the Government only assumed responsi
bility -for the loss incurred by the inter
ruption of business
The payment of the claim was opposed
by several members notably Mr Moody of
Massachusetts He called attention to the
case of the schooner Frederick Gcrring of
legislation as -would restore an j - ln2u B L J
outside the limit fish caught but
tion practically the same as the recent
Joint Traffic Association Do they not
really propose asked Senator Chandler
to organize a gigantic railroad trust which
will abolish all competition In traffic
rates Mr Gallagher denied emphatically
that they have any such intention
Well said Mr Chandler some of us
Iiollticians cannot understand why the Na
tional Board of Trade and the National
Millers Association should desire the cs
tabliihment of a railroad trust the Idea of
which is to crush railway competition
We do not want to crush competition
replied Mr Gallagher and what we ask
will not accomplish such an end
What you wantthen suggested Senator
AIlenls to authorize the railroads to main
tain rates without pooling their Interests
Exactly replied Mr Gallagher Well
said Mr Allen thats only another name
for the same thing
E O Stanard of SL Louis a flour manu
facturer stated that for years the railroad
has been giring rates to wheat shippers in
discrimination against the flour manufac
turers who are also exporters
This discrimination is so great said
Mr Stanard that the British flour manu
facturer can make flour from American
wheat at least 1 cents a barrel cheaper
than the same flour could be made here
In conclusion Ie stated that In his opinion
there is nothing in the proposed amend
ment which would enable the railroads to
consolidate or pool their interests
Mr Stanard was followed by E P Wil
son of ClncinnatiSecretary of the National
Association of Manufacturers who said it is
essential that the Interstate commerce law
be amended that the Interstate Com
merce Commission would have some au
thority and be able to carry out the duties
for which they were appointed He be
lieved that the commission ought to have
authority to step In between the railroads
and shippers and settle disputes until the
question could be adjudicated by the
later drifting across the limit the vessel
was seized and confiscated wiping out the
earnings of a lifetime and ruining the
Before we spend any money doing
grace to the citizens of Great Britain let
that government pay what it owes to the
citizens of the United States lAp
Mr Moody propbscd as a substitute a
proposition that the Secretary of State
shall send to the House a list of the
claims against the United States and
Great Britain by fbe citizens of thise
countries with a view to the establish
ment of J commission to settle them
Mr Adams of Pennsylvania advocated
the passage of the bill which the Presi
dent and Secretary of State recommended
thus setting an example for Great Britain
to follow
Mr Moody But she doesnt follow wc
continue making examples and she re
fuses to follow
Mr Bay of New York supported Mr
Moodys proposition and without dispos
ing of the bill the committee rjse
At 2 oclock under ojieratwu of a spe
cial order the House proceeded to the
consideration of resolutions of regret over
the death of the late Vice President Ho
bart and at 4 14 the House adjourned
Tlir Inlltllj of n WVet Vlrelnln en
illnrlfll Kleftlfill tn Ilr Crated
Argument In the case of Juhn T Mc
Graw and certain members of the Legisla
ture of West Virginia against Senator
Nathan B Scott of that Statp will b
heard before the Committee on Privileges
and Elections of the Senate today It U
probable that the cause will net proceed
beyond argument by opposing counsel as
the question involved is one of law rather
than of fact Ioruer Senator Faulkner
will present the care of the defence and
that of the remonstrants will be present
ed by Senator elect Blackburn of Ken
luckj and Welles Bennett Welles
Omiiucrilnl iimpniilrM Oppnftr
On llrmlilp
The Commercial Cable Company and the
Pacific Cable Company ot New Jersey
through its representative Gen Wager
Swayne entered a protest to the House
Committee on Interstate and foreign
Commerce against the bill providing for a
cable to Manila to be owned by the Gov
ernment the objection of the companies
being that It would be Improper to have
private messages insjiected by the Gov
ernment officers
The Eatern Exteninn AustraIasia and
China Cable Company through Louis
Marshal of New York claims the monopoly
ot a cable between Hongkong and Manila
This claim 11 bated on a grant given In
1878 with a tutisidy for forty vears the
same concern also claims a monopoly for
twenty cars on certain cables between
certain islands and Manila the grant dat
ing 1897 and b a later grant March SO
1838 It claims a monopoly covering all tho
Islands for twenty years which could be
broken only by the pivmcnt of J530CO
This company claims that It would cost
joo0M to purchase the exclusive rights to
land cables In the Philippines
Captain Sfiuier of the Signal Service
told the cotfroitiee that n brief had been
prepared by the officers of the Judge Ad
vocate Generals department which con
troverts th claims of the companies for
monopolies on the cable lines to Cuba
Porto Itico and the Philippines He also
slated that General Grecly has copies cf
the original grants of the Spanish Govern
ment which will be presented to the com
mittee probably by Tuesday the date of
the next hearing
Mr Milrer In Ilr Henrd
Ileprcfecntative Suiter has had a talk
with Speaker Henderson Chairman of the
Committee on Kulcs in icferenrc to his
resolution to investigate the Secretary of
the Treasury In connection with the sale
of the old custom house In New York city
to the National City Bank of that place
The Speaker said the rommlttco would give
Mr Sulzer a hearing on the resolution one
day next week
The Administration Sniil to Have
llecedctl From lis Position
Absolute Free Trjiilr Impriitlicnlilr
unit Dniiireroii lit tlir Opinion of
tlir fnlilnf f Neeelt J Tor Av oiilliiiv
n Pniey Which Would Mukr the
Iiljiml Tori of the IVilcrti t nlon
A new turn was givei to the discussion
regarding legislation for the Island of Porto
Rico yesterday by the statement of a
member ot the Cabinet that the Adminis
tration would recede from its recommenda
tion for an absolute declaration of free
trade between the United States and the
island The reason giveiifor this
some membdrs of Congress and of the Ad
ministration a free trade declaration
would furnish ground for the claim that
Torto Itico is really a part f the United
States on equal terms with other parts
ot the national territory
This Cabinet bfuccr ei id that it would
probably be necessary to maintain a tariff
schedule between the United States and
Pcrto Itico but that the duties Imposed on
Pcrto Tllcan goods should be merely nomi
nal The imposition of tariff taxes of
nominal amount would avoid he said the
embarrassment which would result from
having Porto Rico a claimant for the same
laws and privilegesas original territory of
the United States and would for all prac
tical purposes amount to the same thing
as free trade
The question whether Poro Rico is a
part of the United States kunder the Con
stitution and laws ot the country has al
ready appeared In a legal case brought in
one of the States to determine certain
questions regarding invoices ot tobacco
The Administration it was said Js averse
to any action which would aggravate the
controversy regarding the form of govern
ment to be established in Pprto Itico Sen
ator Piatt cf Connecticut Senator Krye
and other members of the Senate are or
the opinion that a declaration of tree trade
between the United States and any ot the
newly acquired posesslons would mean a
virtual recognition of those possessions as
integral parts of the country and bound
to be governed eventually as parti of the
Federal Union-
Senator Piatts amendment introduced in
Ihe Senate last Wednesday providing for a
reduction ot duties en Potto HIcan products
of 23 per cett and striking out the po
vision of the Forakcr bill allowing a Dele
gate from Porto Itico in Congress is based
on tho opposition cf the Senator and sev
eral of his colleagues j any step which
would allow the Island to tie treated as a
part of our territory within the United
President McKinley recommended- in bis
annual message that free trad be estab
lished and up to the tlmtlie conference
was held last Safurriiv between members
of the House Ways a 1 Means Gommitte
and Secretary Knot there was no evidence
that the Adminlstratlv1 would modify the
view expressed in the message The agita
tion ot the question however had led the
Administration to believe that at least a
nominal tariff on Porto Ilfcan Imparts
should be maintained by the United Spates
The hearings of the Committee on Cu
ban Affairs on the Foraker bill proposing
certain legislation for Port Itko Includ
ing free trade with the island and the
representation in Congress by a territorial
Delegate were finished jeslerday Today
the committee will begin the consideration
of amendments in executive session and
Senator Foraker has already decided on
some changes in the measure as originally
introduced in the Senate The Administra
tions change of base as Indicated hy
the Cabinet officer who is the au
thority In the matter Is reparded as fa
vorable to a measure such as that pro
posed by Senator Piatt although providing
for a much lower rate of duties and
against the Foraker bill with Its pro
vision for free trade and a territorial
n Alleged I tterer nf Wnrtlilenii
Cheeks Taken In iiHtoil
Yesterday afternoon Charles W Rlnk
ner thirty eight years of age was taken
Into custody at Martinsburg W Vn by
Detective Hcrndon of this city charged
with false pretenses and last night he was
brought to Washington The prisoner is
said to have confessed and will be ar
raigned in the Police Court today
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A strange and pathetic story was told
at the Tirst precinct station last night by
Esther Winn Wistier about twenty eight
j ears old and formerly of Utncsboro
Mass Miss Wistier is detained by tho
police pending an examination into her
sanity and while her story is lncrcJible
it proved interesting in Its recital
The young woman said that she reached
Washington yesterday afternoon and vis
ited police headquarters where she had
been arrested at the direction of Sanitary
omccr Frank Miss Wistier said that she
had been employed as a typewriter for a
firm in Kinsa City I had no friends
at time in that city Six months nf
ter I had become settled in my position
and then niy rouble began Whenever I
Talked along ihe streets I was annoyed
by men sometimes singly again in pairs
or threes apparently awaiting me at the
srect corners following me toward my
nnrro nf nlnfti rf Ktna nrrfiln cvan
cation of policy Is that In the opinion ot j PajinK to me I finally lost my position
became despondent and left the city go
ing to Chicago In the hop of ridding my
self ot notoriety There I was followed
and was hounded by these persecutors
who began a system of decoy letters del
urging my friends and enemies alike with
false and dishonorable statements about
But as time went on and my persecutors
increased Ibccame convinced that I was
the victims of a great conspiracy Ijwas
shadowed by dctectlVes I was hounded
by men In the employ of the Secret Service
ot the Government and all because I pos
sessed secrets which they dared not have
divulged I am possessed of tho secrets of
the Masonic societies and of the Cencral
Government therefore I am insane they
say and cannot be permitted at large
For a moment the woman paused and
then proceeded In Chicago ray friends
tried to assist me They too then came
under the ban of my persecutors I was
arrested there placed in a ceil and efforts
made to kill me with an electrical device
Failing In this my enemies who now num
bered officials of the police and Govern
ment department attempted to poison
me but in thisTtbey also failed At last
I was released b it an Intimate friend was
arrested for assisting me and sent to
priscn for efforts In my behalf I then left
Chicago and went to Baltimore There
I wrote a book entitled Friends Beware
It is a small volume but gives the plots of
the Secret Service other detectives anil
enemies to injure me I remained in
Baltimore from August last until yester
day I was followed by letters and de
tectives there always Increasing as I
moved about Now I am here and shall
not leave until my wrongs are righted
ciirnl Prominent Iliiite Men In
He rrnineil Thl Mnrnltiic
Mr T F Schneider of the Cairo Flits
T If Marshall of 2111 K Street northwest
W II Moses of Hlcventh ami F Streets
B S and Cdward Graves of Havenners
bakery J F Kilter and A S Johnson of
tho BIJou Theatre J C and E M Tol
man of tho Tolman Laundry and C r
und J A Schneider ot the Union Iron
Works will appear before Judge Kimball
this morning to answer to the charge of
violating the District smoke law The
warrants for their arrest were sworn out
by Inspector B L Lynrb There have
been two cases of a like nature tried before
tho Police Court One was dismissed by
Judge Scott on the ground that the Gov
ernment must proc that tht smoke Issl
Iu from the chimney in question was a
nuisance and In the other tie defandant
was fined 30 by Judge Kimball on the
ground that the Government had only to
prove that smoke if the kind described is
sued from the chimney to make the de
fendant guilty
Vilthnr Henillntr nt the Ciilmiililn
A large and brilliant audience assem
bled at the Columbia Theater yesterday
afternoon tollsln to readings from the
works of F Hopkinson Smith and Thomas
Nelson Paget by the authors themselves
for the benefit of tha Art -Students
League All ot the Washington art colony
were there and a host of their friends
testifying both to the popularity of the
two writers of Southern life and of the
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Washington Shoe Co
o7 l llnltu st llillo IUI7 Vlnrkrt M llillnt - Jlronilwnr -
O 101 want really fine serrlce in
your next pjclage ot UunJryf
Xo doubt jou do o juat It m
bat it Well jcu
with our neatness cleinHmvi
and drtpitch -Nice soft finbh
anti swear Inittonholnt In
colUn andshtrd immaculately
white Wagon call prompt
Comer SUth ard C Sta XW
Man - tailored
Suits that have
been selling sa
high as 30 and
iZZ Most of them
all of them are of the very latest
3 Lots of Ladies Jackets
1 nc for Ladies Black Kersey Mel
J I J J ton Dearer and Chevjot Jack
ets fly front or Doubre breasted and
finished with strap seams Kegular
values 5 KM and
5- flfl for Ladies Winter Jackets In
itain made or the fashionable
colors Eton Iteefer fand Fiy frout
styles lined throughout with plain or
fancy slik Regular value D to 1350
Vi fin for Ladies Covert Cloth and
fJVV Melton Jackets in plain Black
and colors cut In the latest styles and
lined with silk Regular Values JI to
Ladies Silk Waists
CO flT choice of many kinds styles
JJJ ani colorlcgs including pidln
Black Taffeta and Satin and Fancy
Stripes etc They are all the present
seasons waists therefore- absolutely
correct In style and were thought
splendid values at JSo 773 and JS
First Floor EavtjSectlc n
Hundreds or them
la Tecks Puffs
Imperials Asos
etc In unexcelled
patterns and
shapis and our
Wc Silk which is
equal to Tic Scarfj
All over patterned French Tercale
and Madras in the very latest pat
terns and leading makes perfect fit
ting with each separate link cuffs to
Mens White Shirts A Qr
worth up to 150 OL
Fine Shirts every one of them Only
these sizes II IT 1 2 and
IS 1 2
Broken Lots of Mens
Best Underwear
At 29c
Camels Hair Derby Ribbed and
Natural Woo Underwear that haa
been selling at 50c a garment Some
Shirts some Drawers some Shirts and
Drawers to match But remember
scattering sites
At 48c
Underwear worth up to tlZ0 a gar
ment Cashmere Natural Wool Dur
ham Ribbed Fleece Lined Camels
Hair etc Not ail sizes but all down
right genuine values
At 123
Underwear worth up to 13Z0 a gar
ment Including broken lots of Jaroa
Hygienic Underwear Cartwrlght
Warners English Cashmere and other
of the finest sorts
an ounce
pint bottle
Circumstances Send Prices Scurrying for Saturday
lieu wc Iittvca tusk to do we do it with all one will lie it fop loss or am if is wnctlsv
our attention it is worthy our greatest effort Tims yon find us Siicrillcintr with the fiitiiiiini
J of silicon- motive LKAHAXCK
Down to Very Dollom With
Boys Clothing Prices
Fourth Floor West Elevators
By Joining all
Some most tremendous offerings are made herewith
Last Day of the
Overcoat Sale J
Third Floor East Elevators
l 0 Overcoats
-50 Overcoats
l8f0 Overcoats
000 Overcoats
U0 Overt oil ts
1000 Overcoats
1500 Overcoats
5000 Overcoats
Fifth Floor West
It has been
big- sale In spite
ot the
of the weather
because every
covered regular 19c kind for 12c
Wash Boilers galvanized Iron
large size regular 1 kind for 50c
Clothes ring hard wood worth
3c a dozen for lc
Ironintr Boards made of clear wood
4 1 2 feet long regular 59c kind
for 30c
Horseshoe Lye lCc size and
strength tor 5e
Coal Hods 15 Inch size Japanned
worth 20c for 12c
Bread Raisers 10 II and 17
quart 39c
Tea Iots 2 quart size made of
heavy tin 10c
Galvanized Tea Kettle- 2 quart
size Special 10c
that big values
Jae BEST Over- T
coat values were X
being offered at X
real and
tant concessions V
In price With T
the added X
ence now of the 4-
nipping- cold to-
day will t V
DAY of the sale 5
Ton can get y
Just exactly the i
style ot an Over-
coat you want
for weve every 4-
style In stock
snd every single X
Wlnterwelght 4
Coat on the Thitd
Floor except y
are Included In your choice 3
Youve got Just one day to act Jn
7r0 Overcoats
5 i0
nuuo uvi rcoais ii
1250 Overcoats S71 jr
1500 Overcoats 7 2
I7no Overcoatrf 51150 X
000 Overcoats -
1550 --
1800 X
Fancy Vests the Last Go
We put them all the Fancy Wool
and the Silk Wool the Single-Breast
the very low
est estimate every
one ot these sets U
worth SJ73
Theres -choice ot
four patterns
blue green and
neutral tints un
derglazed and of
a very fine grade
ot American porcelain One most Im
portant point In their favor is the fact
that should you break a piece it can
be replaced any time
o50 X
ed anil the Breasted Into one V
lot now excepting only the 3
ros and offer you the choice but for
today only of
Fancy Vests worth up P9
to 6 P
Toilet Sets 5h 295
Specials in Housefurnishings X
Slop buckets with cover family J
3lzc neatly Japanned in assorted j
colos regular c value for 15j y
Wash Tubs made of clear cedar and
In three sixes large 6c medium
59c small 39c
Wash Boards the January zinc-
NOTICE All men who have written to me
and others come to see tne In my of
fice MONDAY JANUARY 23 between 9
and 11 oclock Each one will have to
pay railroad transportation to the works
HID D St NV bet llth and 15th St
January 19 1900 The annual meeting ot
the shareholders of the WASHINGTON
GAS LIGHT COMPANY for the election ot
directors and for such other business as
may properly come before said meeting
will be held at the office ot the company
FEBRUARY 5 1900 at 12 OCLOCK
NOON The polls will be open from 12
oclock noon to J oclock p m WILLIAM
B ORME Secre ary
911 G St N W
de29 lmo
ritman new ItAIlD method EXCUSII Spe
cial alI to delicate or backward pupil Prirate
Washington Preparatory School 1C2I P it
arranged to auit the purchaser
Furniture Cart etJ lloufur
nishinz IIOLSl IlEHtt
MASS Cor 7th and I Eye Sta
tliilertnUer ami 11 cry
332 Tenn Ate nw VVaddnzton D CA
Nee Will Trusl You
iirctkie Carpet Criclerj Ilrddinz Etc
V 1 KTC Jta u at

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