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1900 Ramblers
The Best
We Have Ever Built
Standing of Teams in Hie Local In
door Baseball League
nuRlurKS Mens Hon line CIuli Hf
nlts of ContcMH In InM V M C A
Cnnu ft MnKt lip f esv Tenuis
Csirrornnii Hopeful cnrly Hrnily
ior GtiirKrlimiiii Indoor Me ct
Speaking of tho warring factions In the
ranks of thi Baltimore amateur athle is
mention of which was made in this col
umn last Sunday a prominent member cf
the new association writes There Is but
little let up in the contention between ttu
Atlantic Division and the Middle S ates
Association the latter new organization
which hopes to keep along athletics at a
Utllo brisker pace than has been set f r
some tirrc Each side Is working hard to
outdo the other and It looks as if it will
be a case of the sunival of the fittest
It looks now he continued as if the
split as itIscalled will be a more or less
good things end that the dissatisfaction
over the old stjlc methods of managing
the legislative end of athletics which
brought about the withdrawal of the lnct
prominent o the Baltimore athletic clubs
may prove a blessing In disguise in our
city Baltimore
Athletic circles of this city will watch
wlh considerable interest the outcome of
the conflict in our neighboring city for
most of our athletic organizations are
members in a sort of way of the Atlantic
Association and scleral have been ap
proached by the new or Middle States
Association which if it can make good iU
promises and prove that it has eorno to
stay and that ii will afford certain ad
vantages and give good protection to Its
members ml secure additional member
RxtrnilliiK tlic Circuit
The above assertion Is ttrong but rot stronger than we Intcml it
to be because Wn MEAN EVERY WORD or IT Assuming our claim
to be honest wc ask square
Boil the Facts Down
and look back to our TWENTY ONE YEARS of exclusive Bicycle
construction and Rood common ev cry da sense will tell jou that such
prolonged practical experience MUST result in producing
A Wheel of True Excellence
American Bicycle Company Washington Branch
Gormully Jeffery Sales Dept
1325 27 Nth St N W
I ocal Ap nci 1 toth St nw
strong all around team
The following have been chosen for cap
tains of squads of the men each and
points scored bi tho men will bs credited
to the respective squads Itoce Hough C
E Shaw H S Greene Carl Mueller and
P B Balne These will choose from among
the following and others and make up
the respective teams G L Brisk J A
Mathews C A Watson W B Robinson
W W Billard II E Brown M E Wea
ver J Graham P E Aldcn W Dunkcr
ley H J Eickcl A B Moulton O L
Meigs E R Ferris and C M Reed
The winners in last weeks contests and
the results of their efforts follow
Running high Jump R F Le Mat feet
3 inches L J Mather and W D Lind
sa tic at 5 feet Rope climb 13 feet
sitting start J M Bartcls and L J
Mather tie at S 2 S seconds and Meigs
S 1 5 seconds dash A
H Spcare and R V Lc Mat 3 2 3 seconds
Lindsay Mather Keyser and Webb 3 2 4
seconds letting shot A R Spcare 23
feet 3 1 2 inches S Maize 32 feet 3 inch
es Ralph SLepaid and C J Meuller tic
3J leet 8 I Z Inches
the time for the closing
Is keeping up Ills good work and Crist
shows a good average Laud is lolng bet
ter work and Miller surprised his friends
by scoring n 120 game Spier of the
Sacngcrbunds took Jlrst price for best
single last year witha 127 game
Ornrjideivv n Vfirtilfy Athlete
In less than a week the big track at Con
vocation Hall will be read for the Indoor
games to be given by Georgetown Uni
versity on Saturday Pcbruary 17 As soon
as the track Is ready the local aspirants
for athletic honors will use the track for
practice purposes
Altogether the affair prraiiscs to be ono
of the largest of the kind ever attempted
in this section of the country and It will
give a decided Impetus to athletics locally
The only fear now is that there will be
too many events but then if they are well
contested the affair will not be tiresome
ind the Indications arc that with sj many
clever performers from out of town con
testing against one another and against
the lurals there will be no lack of interest
The latest feature to be added Is the re
lay race between the local and the Balti
more Y M C A teams They arc strong
rivals and the event will be interesting
Since Dick Orant has left Harvard ho
llas kept up his practice and Is in as good
bhapo as ecr and while he will not ap
pear In any of the intercollegiate ccnts
he will In open events and In his special
ties one mile and S00 ard runs he will
make it interesting for all coniers lie
has covered the first distance in 153 min
utes and the latter in t minutes Ills
brother Alex of 1cnnsy will probably
run against him Kcrnan the champion
of the Keystone State will also compete
in the middle distances
Princeton Harvard Yale Cornell
Urown and Villenova hate all made par-
At Georgetown Trainer Tolcy Is busy at
all times and he has a fine suqad of run
ners and sprinters from among whom he
will cull the best track teams the blue
and grc has had Mulligan Is going
well and Duffy is fairly fllng The latter
will go after the JO and 75 yard records
Sheridan Dessez Holland and Kernan
hope to go fast enough in Individual and
team events to bring points to their alma
Trnlnor Mnrplis IiiIIiunIiinUo Over
the 1ronprelN of Ills Trilrk Tcnm
PHILADELPHIA Jan 27 The track
team of the University of Pennsylvania
will be stronger this year than ever be
So said Trainer Mike Murphy today
when asked about Pennsylvanias prospect
on track and field There arc more men
out ho continued and there is a larger
amount of good material among the new
men than In previous jcars This is no
doubt due very largely to the fact that the
Paris trip cf the track team has been i
guaranteed by the Atlantic Association I i
think Pennsylvania will do quite as well in
the intercollegiate championships as last
Regarding rennslvanlas chacces for
strong relay teams the great trainer said
We will have much better teams than last
Tiic American Ai locinlion Has
Eight Clubs Usnrcil
i Mrrllnir of lie ii OrKfitilntlnn
Will He Held in Iliilnilrlpliiii mi
Tiicdn Itiiln Dioliirin
Unit Uetii AssisTus d nnil lie
Vliins j rusted o Cciiitllct of llutc
NEW YORK Jan 17 It has been defi
nitely decided by the promoters of the
new American association to hold a meet
ing at Philadelphia on Tuesday next when
a permanent organization will be per-
fected and officers elected Harry I Quia
the temporary president arrived In this
city today from a hurried visit to Io3ton
and Providence where be said he com
pleted final arrangements for the admis
sion of those cities In the proposed circuit
In discussing the outlook uin was very
positive In his assertions that the new
association would be a go and declared
that after next Tuesdays session those
of the League magnates who hae been
predicting failure for the movement will
open their ecs
T know very well said Quin that
we have bcn ridiculed by the National
League magnates ever since the Inception
of our scheme They have accused us of
bluffing faking and seeking cheap
tlal entries and more will follow before 1ut n tho League schemers
The best team totals scored were thoc Aprfj especially in the four mile With
One of the crack athletes and an en- ran Cadet plajcd the second game of tho
thusiastlc supporters of athletics In Bal
timore is quoted as sajlng that one ot
the chief things with which the Insur
gents will liavo to contend will be that
their men will be unable to enter any
games outside of this city The
games given under the auspices of the
Washington Y M C A last fall arc still
remembered with pleasure by many Bal-
of L J Mathers team with 7uS 1 2
points A R Speareb team with 712
points and R F LcMafs team with 700
The work of the men was good through
out and reflects credit on their instruc
The candidates for the team to repre
sent the Association in the Baltimore A
C SL Leo Gymnasium Joint games In
March and In the Georgetown University
games on February 17 arc hard at work
and when the weather I fair the runners
take practice on the track at tbj grounds
Others work Indoors on the cocoa mat
Entries for the Georgetown games will
probably be made in the high Jump shot
put pole vault CO 220 and U0 yard and
mile runs A special feature will be tho
relay race between the local and Balti
more Y M C A teams
The she teams of the Association Indoor
Baseball League and the colors which will
designate them arc as follows and by the
way the Browns lost to the Whites last
week by the score of S to 7 Whites A R
Spcare captain Browns AV S Lindsay
captain Greys J T Webb captain Ma
roons H S Shepard captain Reds II r
LeMat Cadets II F Lerch
Oirenrnn Cnilrt Corps
The Indoor baseball team of the
terles with the Young Mens Christian As
sociation team last week and was defeated
by the score of 26 to 1G la a full game
While it was a bad defeat the work of the
team showed great Improvement and the
management Is much pleased thereat
What the team needs Is ginger and team
work and It is suggested that Captain
waiters drill his nine In this kind ot work
tlnuorc athletes and it will be hard to give 0 r the material could very well be
up ltlJ Idea of entering rimc like these
This same line of thought was touched up
on in this column several weeks ago when
the new association was in contemplation
It is a stumbling block to aspiring athletes
but it is suggested that it may be over
come by extending the association to Phil
adelphia to cities in New Jersey and If
seeds be to New York itself This may
be a good suggestion and the move might
rrovo successful but much depends upon
the strength the infant shows at its com
ing meet and immediately thereafter
During the past week reports were cir
culated Uifct the trouble between the two
tides might be patched up and that the oil
to be poured on the raging waters would
bring a calm to Baltimores athletic sea
Other reports from certain leading lights
gives no assurance that the cruel war will
soon be over In the meantime prepara
tions are being made for the two separate
and distinct Indoor meets for next month
Indoor llnsrlinll Lenuc
At a meeting of the National Capital In
door Baseball League held last week it as
decided in view of the difficulty In securing
a playing field for regular scheduled
games to cut the sechdule in half and de
cide the championship by playing IS in
stead of 20 games as originally intended
At this meeting Mr C A Tolton on ac
count of lack of time to give the office
proper attention resigned and Mr James
D McCauiey of the Bureau A C was
elected to fill the vacancy
The Young Mens Christian Association
team seems to have a firm bold on leading
place and up to date has not lost a league
game and for that matter has not be en
beaten by a local team It has played five
league games and won them all and will
playibc Bureau team probably next Thurs
day and this is the team last league game
The standing of the teams follow
Won Lost Vet
T M C A 5 0 looa
VYstrrn n g 1 1 jy
rlrni IL S 1 1 Mi
fsrroll Institute 0 1 wj
Arlimriiin fllicelnun 0 1 00
Itoruu A C 0 3 OOJ
V M A Allilftr
The second of the scries of athletic con
tests for the championship of the Y SI C
A will bo held February 2 Under tha
system of competition the ph steal Instruc
tors are gradually working up the mate
rial at uanu and developing somo very
tlevcr workers TLc winners at tho end
dropped from the nine and out of a num
ber of other good plajcrs In the company
a very strong team could be gotten to
Captain Edwards is making an effort to
arrange games witli the Eastern High
School mid Bureau Athletic Club teams
and the Baltimore Young Mens Christian
Association will play the first of a series
of return games heie as soon as a suitable
hall can be secured
Captain Edwards also hag about closed
with the Baltimore Young Mens Chris
tian Association basketball team for a
game here This Is the team which
plajcd such an excellent game here last
winter when it plajcd the Corcoran team
which latter won by the score of 8 to 7
The game preceding this was won by the
visitors by the score of 0 to 4 The teams
are well matched and should play a fine
The players are naturally sore over the
whitewash score of 7 to 0 administered by
the Eastern Ubletlc Club last
They attribute much of the defeat to hard
luck In the matter of goallng lulls sev
eral times rolled around the rim of tho
basket ind then dropped outside Clarke
was in oor form and missed five chances
to goal from offence play He and rll the
icani need brushing up In goal throwing
Captain Gutsta had a chance at free
throwing but ho purpuwlj missed land
ing said a player as the bojs did not
desire to save a whitewash through a free
throw Tho Eastern Athletic boys de
served to win he continued for they
played well and one thing must be said of
the winners and that is that they arc al
ways In the game and play all games to
the best of their ability regardless of the
flags of opponents
The team showed some Improvement
since Captain Guista took charge and his
players hope to lotc no more games and
will try- to laud in or tie for first or second
Dullness Jlru llovtllnir Club
Tho bowling team of Iho South Wash
lngton Business Mens Club last week
made a record for Itself and one which will
probably stand fcr the season It would
seem as If they had Just struck their gait
and If they keep It up they will In shott
order move up the line from the tall end
They bowled over 2557 pins which while It
Is a big total docs not quite equal the star
total made by the Carrolla last year when
tbey neon 2C02 pins In one evenings
play Smlthsons average is a good one
and his 212 for the game will likely be the
tf tho season will form the nucleus fcr standard for this season Captain Kidd
TlietmpwcdIliilcIruuli only
trc In wltfiMUfciituru
otj 4sw
tsdwlfretta rrrnuurntuia rpve ljr mrcwiict rennl toUiru of itio
Eptiat Awyu n t HaJn truiurM un ianu tufrTno1ril jojrlitjii7rMf
llBZinolt iTln7rttnintit Dieyii lun jUiosi a imm ctuic iit j f rtiJy iroirta
I wr ai4 I tiju a tiion time oa urlll a a r bsiul vrct Dcrat sufier any iorr I
amir aaiiorwHnii4ron7 nun iiinprf cirrnt rhirj 1
K itSTZi Tij IO 3d Uroailniiv
irAlltIlla JT TCilA
t JTOwr rrtfti
York CllVt
r net t t5 r tfnyjfti 1
Tzrra i
Grant Bushnell Stuart Ballllc Bowen
Cllmenson and Slandln to plrk from We
should get a fast team In tho two mlo
event we will not he Very much stronger
But we have some good runners In Roth
Cllmenson Earnshaw Standln and Smith
and these- may develop into fast
For the onc mIc team there will bo
the greatest trouble in getting out a fast
team The loss ot Tewksbury will cut a
big figure In the speed of the team
However there arc a large number of
quarter mllers out now and several of
them give promise of being fast We still
have Cooke and Orumhcller from last
year and they are both In good form
Then there are the new men Lcary Mctz
gar De Armond Lardser Earley West
ney Hanson Fleming and Mailon Tlicv
arc all moving nicely in training but of
course none of them can fill Tenksburjs
shoes However the four best of them
will make a prcttj fast team
I wont make nny predictions as to
what any one ot the teams will do but I
hope we will meet all the teams that werj
here las year In addition to Harvard and
The Athletic Association managers ex
pect the relay meet of 1500 to eclipse tta
predecessors in number and quality of
teams represented This will be the best
meet we have ever had said President
Gejclln today There will be several new
and fast college teams in the champion
ships and wc expect more school teams
than at any other meet Relay racing orig
inated by Pennsylvania has become so gen
erally popular among the schools and col
leges that we expect to have teams this
Soar from sections that have not heretofore
been represented There will be over 100
teams entered with more than C00 run
The Pennsylvania relay team which Is to
run Harvard at the Boston Athletic Asso
ciation games next Saturday will lnclud
Lcary Cooke Drumheller and Metzgar
Bullard of Chicago will run In tho fifty
yard dashes and Grant and Stuart In th
two mile A A U Indoor championship
There has been considerable agitation
of the Henley and Paris crew question
among the undergraduates this week Tho
students arc endeavoring to Induce the
rowing committee to send a crew regard
less of the consequences of the intercolle
giate regatta The students appointed a
committee to confer with the rowing au
thorities but tho conference was void of
results It is the polity of the rowing
committee and Coath Ward to bend every
energy toward devi loping a winning crew
for Foughkeepslc It would bo Impossible
to send the amc crew to both races as
they arc but a week apart The rowing
committee considers the Intercollegiate
race the more Important and will not
send a crew to Englond If tho Paris te
gatta occurs the latter part of July Penn
sylvania may be represented but at pres
ent the committee does not regard the
Idea favorably The irew squad lias In
creased to more than 100 men and Ward
is much pleahed at the work of his
charges If weather conditions are favor
able the men will go on the river in about
two weeks
The football team began work this week
for next seaon They are under tho per
sonal direction of Wodruff who will have
entire charge of tho squad next fall The
men do light gjinuahium work and take
short cross country runs three times a
Coach Arthur Irwin is rapidly gett ig
the baseball meii in ond form lie is paj
lng particular attention to batting lis
Pennsylvania has Un weak in that de
partment for several jears The regular
schedule will begin April 1 and close Juno
IS Pcnnsvlvanla men are pleased at the
prospect of continued relations with Chi
cago In baseball and football
Tlir Anniinl Content by Cable Will lie
llrlil Mnn li ii i
NEW YORK Jan 27 After an exchange
of cable messages between the secretaries
of the Brooklyn and British elicss clubs it
was agreed today to play the annual cable
chess match between Great Britain and
America on March 23 and li Owing to
some misunderstanding the Britishers pro
posed to play the match on March 9 10
dates which the Brooklyn club could not
accept and which bad never been suggested
by It
According to present arrangements the
students representing Columbia Harvard
Yale and Princeton will play their second
annual cabin match against Oxford and
Cambrldgn un April 20 21 This end of the
match will again be conducted in the tliea
tre of the Knlckcrbockrr Athletic Club W
Llbalre has been appointed honorary man
sger of the American students
have been throwing each other down we
have been working quietly with the result
that at last wo havo accomplished our
purpose and are read for business Wc
do not want an thing but a fair deal from
the prc33 and public In return for which
wc will try our level best to purify base
ball of the evils that have been fostered
tho League
So murh for our intentions Now to
give a few undeniable facts The associa
tion circuit has been fixed It Is composed
of Boston Providence Philadelphia and
Baltimore In the- East Chicago St Louis
Detroit and Milwaukee In the West Each
one of these cities will send responsible
delegates to our meeting at Philadelphia
next Tuesday and each club has agreed to
jost 5000 In cash at a guarantee that the
coming season will be played out without a
break In the circuit
I have Just returned from Boston and
Providence At Boston the backers of the
new- association club who have already
leased Charles River Park for a term of
years had to receive assurance that all of
I the other cities were as well fixed finan
cially before they would consent to go ou
I carried to them Friday documentary evi
dence that everything had been satisfac
torily arranged and In return I received a
positive guarantee that Bcston will be
with us Leaving Bostcki I went to Provl
dence and after a coBsulpltlcn with tho
men who control the Eestern League club
and grounds in that city 1 at once assigned
an association franchise to them They
have a money maklngplant and will be
present at our meeting With Boston and
Providence fixed we have strengthened
ourselves with the two best ball towns In
New England which Is the hotbed of the
natlonnl game
You ask about Philadelphia and Balti
more The move made by McGraw In the
latter city Is proof enough tbat the asiocla
tlon is a certainty McGraw and his
friends have actually leased the former
National League grounds through neglect
on the part of the Brooklju Baltlmcrc syn
dicate The old leeje un the grounds ex
pired on January 3 and was not renewed
by Hanlon and Von der Horst probably
because they did rroi belloe in our move
ment As a matter of Tact the stands and
buildings en those grounds were put up
by the railroad people with the stipulation
that they must go with the lease no mat
ter who secured them In future years So
you can sec that we have grounds in Bal
timore and an organized club with a paid
in capital stock of JIOOOO which Is plenty
of money to carry on the uusiness vie
Graw will bo the manager and he will hvve
all of his former players with him Wo
have never been in doubt about Philadel
phia Fiom the start we knew there was
plenty of money in the Quaker City to es
tablish a newt ball club and It Is there yet
The club has been organized and a first
class manager has been selected The play
ers are all well known Dont let anybody
tell jou tbat this Eastern end of our cir
cuit is not a beauty It could not bo better
unless we had New York instead of Piovl
denre and by the way people here are
still trying to get a franchise from us
Our Western end hasbten ready for the
past three months At St Louis grounds
already prepared have been leased and the
club has a barrel of money behind it An
son has the money at Chicago and will be
In line despite statements to the contrary
At Milwaukee I personally own the grounds
and have unlimited money to run them I
have secured Hugh Jennings and Tom Daly
of the Brooklyn to piny on my team and
will have other stars later The backer of
the Detroit club is a big tobacco firm which
has money and grounds The only cities
where we will have to build new ball parks
are Philadelphia and Chicago and that Is
not worrying us at all
Now I want to make one point very
clear to the baseball public It Is the most
Important point of all too The association
will not tolerate a baseball war e aused by
contllitlng dates In the cities already oc
cupied by League clubs The League will
not be permitted to conflict with us even
if we have to change our schedule once n
week Our plan Is to play ball at Boston
Philadelphia Chicago anil St Louis when
the League trams of those cities are away
from home The League can go about Its
own business without worrjing about a
war It cannot have one even If Its wants
Tho League men say we cannot take
their plajers away because they are
legally held by the option clause In their
contracts Our contention is that when
last season ended the League pla ers hav
ing fulfilled the spirit and letter of their
contracts for value received were at liberty
to sigu with any other organization pro
viding it did not como under the head of
a so called national agreement Tho
American Association ihapLens to bo Just
such an organization it Is n business
rival of the league jnd stands ready to
make an honest bid for skillful talent
Tbat the League has Jieen placed In rn
odd predicament by the associations
latest moves there cab be -no doubt Mc
Graw s defection appears to be a complete
knockdown Hanlon after arriving at Bal
timore Friday night sent for McGraw and
told him ho n making f foolish move
It Is understood that thf had n Murray
Interview In which McGraw told his former
manager to mind his own business Just
what action the Ilrookljn Baltimore syn
dicate will take Is a question Tho Leaguo
circuit commilte e will hot Interfere for
the present and several of the magnates
say the wrangle at Baltimore must be set
tled by the owners of iheXeague franchise
In that eily
The minor league which have been
trailing along at thu beck and call of the
circuit committee are In n state of panic
The Astern League does not know where
It stands and President 1 F Powers Is In
a quandary He has been figuring on Bal
timore and Washington all along but the
unexpected strength of the association at
the latter city has put up a bundle over
which he cannot see The same may bo
said of the American League and Its presi
dent Ban Johnson Both of these organi
zations are tied up and not one of their
clubs can Bign any plajers The National
League players arc waiting to find out
what the association does next Tuesday
A elt iir enuc
1icm the Chicago Times HeriM
tin- bwjrr said you wbh to break tojr
lathers II1T Whats the mailer with it 7
Welt he left nearly half of his fortune to
colleges and charitahlr Institutions
Ilin Did he ever show aaj evidence of being
weak initidedr
lie was aceepted as a Juror hi a nuirdtr trial
Oh thliU be dead HjV
Ilniilnn Holds Ihr Baltimore Gronnds
for Iho IIIk IenKiie
BALTIMORE Jan 27 Harry Von der
Horst who rushed back to Baltimore from
New York was In consultation with
President Hanlon this afternoon Both
gentlemen tried to keep up a bold front
but it was evident they are worried over
the situation Mr
Hanlon after a con
sultation with tho clubV attcmey author
ized the following statement
Union Park Is now In our hands and 1st
guarded by two of our people No power
can take It from us and Satlonal League
ball will be played there next summer If
we do not sell out In tho meantime We
are doing little talking now but are act
ing and as each move undertaken brings
results they will be announced to the pub
lic Wc will only talk about facts la
Mr Von der Horst concurred In this
statement He Is very Indignant at the re
turn the Baltimore baseball contingent ap
pears to have made hlii for his stand
against the National Leagues efforts to
cut Baltimore out of Its circuit
I have been recognized as the one man
who has stood up for Baltimore and
blocked the circuit reduction scheme ho
said Hanlon Ebbctts Abel all were
won over to the other side but I am a
Baltimorean and stood to my citys Inter
ests Well Im done now Ive gone over
to the other side Such treatment as this
effort of men to whom the courtesies of
Union Iark have been extended for years
to rob us of our property and our players
cannot bo spoken of with too great con
Mr Hanlon positively asserts that no
business was accomplished with Baltimore
at the Cleveland meeting and that It would
surely have remained In the League but
for recent developments Since the com
plexion of the local situation has changed
he will not say what will happen
McGraw resents the attitude in which
he has been put before the public by an
Interview with Hanlon In which ho was
reported to have sold out In favor of Han
lon McGraw s first move will be to sign
such players of last years Orioles as he
may wish for the new club He has al
ready received volunteer assurances of
sympathy from many of them and de
spatches from Brooklyn this morning say
that Pitcher Howell and Catcher Crisham
announce their determination to go with
Cnpt td Ilrnr fiiKCfts Ifnvr the
sport Cnn lie VInilc KiiJoj nlile
One of the most enthusiastic road riders
In the city and one who has many centu
ry bars to show for his active Interest In
the sport is Ed S Byrnes former locat
centurion of the Century Road Club of
l America and the present captain of the
newly organized Columbian Wheelmen He
is always ready and willing to help along
road riders and his advice has ctten been
found a valuable aid to timid road rldcra
When seen last week he gladly gave a
talk on the subject of century riding and
road work generally and his remarks
which follow will Interest lovers cf the
The proper way to ride a century said
Captain Brnes is to take tho full time
allowed which around the District Is four
teen consecutive hours In several sec
tions of the country sixteen hours Is per
mitted for one to cover 100 miles I think
when one has plenty of tlmo and tho road
surface is in fairly good condition- both
fourteen and sixteen hours Is certainty am
ple time for a wheelman to rover this dis
tance and then bike riding a century is
pleasure Take for Instance the road from
Washington to Frederick Leave here say
at 6 oclock In the morning and by cot
overexerting oneself he can revch ths Mary
land town by 1130 a mand with two hours
and A half rest with a good dinner which
latter In my experience is characteristic
of the hotels in Frederick the wheelman
Is then In C jd shape for the return trip
home which does not seem near so great
a distance as the ride In tho fore part of
the day
I have had the question put to vsd
numerous times if I saw anj of the sce
nery while nn one of these trips and have
no doubt hundreds ot wheelmen have bad
the same query put to them and my re
ply has been nlwajs In the affirmative
Some persons who have never tried this
department of sport are under the Impres
sion that the average century rider ducks
his head down and with his hands on a
pair of handle bars goes scorching along
a country road only seeing the road In
front of him and bound to make a certain
place at a certain time The latter In
some respects Is a fact but with the
proper attention to your riding tearing
your mount for heavy hills and taking
advantage of all down grades to ride them
a little cvtra amount ot energy I eau
safely say that anyone providing they
are In good health will find a century
rlde a pleasure
Captain Byrnes went on to say that
seme think that Well he should prac
tice what he preaches ai he has been a
promoter of fast centuries as well as some
long dlstanco race record This ho ac
knowledges Is true but not from choice
but from a sense of duty for he was In
terested In that branch too and If the oc
casion required It would the same again
Personally he continued I like a good
long time on all the century runs that I
make and believe the majority of wheel
men are with roc on the subject There Is
no qucstlrn but what century riding around
the Dlstilet Is on the wane hut tho reason
I am unable to give Nothing tbo recent
reports of the centurion for the Maryland
division of the Century Road Club of
America he goes on to say I find that
last j ear in the State of Maryland century
riding held Its own In the way ot percent
age for the jear and showed a gratifying
condition of affairs and the same condi
tions appear In most other parts of the
country Wc will hope that next season
this kind of sport will come to the front
once more at least among the century rid
ers ot Washington and not overdo It in
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time allowance In this way we can get
all the road pluggcrs back in line once
roliimlilrtii AVlieelmcn
Tho run last Sunday of the Columbian
Wheelmen up the Conduit Road was made
by Capt Ed S Byrnes Robert C Williams
John Q Shcehy Edward Conway Al D
Griffith and Joseph X Benner Samuel
Barnhart also made the run but on ac
count of the fast pace he missed the bunch
and therefore was compelled to plug over
the course alone
Today the boys will go as far as Ccntre
vllle Md over the Marlboro Pike and
weather permitting It Is expected that
quite a large delegation of club members
will be in line Tho boys are eagerly
waiting for the spring weather to set In
so as 0 get down to active training for
road record work that Is rec
ords Lieut Hilly Maher and Joe Uenner
aro going to make an effort to bring down
the time of Capt Ed Byrnes and Secretary
Howard risks short road record from Bal
timore to Washington made last Decem
William Werner and Al Boldcn are after
tho long road record to the Monumental
City on n Tandem Williams Is also going
into active training for his attempt at
breaking the New York Washington rec
ord now held by Harry Park Bob was
nearly prepared last fall to go after this
honor but circumstances were such that
he was compelled to postpone thp same
until this season Captain Byrnes and
Billy Kaufman whose application is up
for membership In the club will make an
attempt along with President Williams at
establishing a tandem record over the
same course
Especially noticeable Is the fine riding
tint Ed t Henderson Walter Close his
little brother Louts Edward Conway and
last but not least Poster are doing of
late whenever the weather permits All
the rough riders can be seen plugging
over tho roads with a spirit of vim which
shows that they mean business and Intend
I Grains of Health 1
r These tittle pills yTi quickly cure x
i CcpsIp3 isn CGngesiloi Heatfacfie 1
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omplets care of long standing or recent
asss of derangement of the urinary organs
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mi Hi raosnigs ciin ci fAKis
ami Gleet cuarantetU in from 3 tu C C
t aJ8 5 no other treatment reqtt 5
Sold hj all dnifHfcti 5
Relieves Kidney
x Bladder
troubles at once
Cures in
EachCaMale V
rbear the name JST WDM J
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ever stoppia Drains ausd Emlulons
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honrs curiif while Ton sleep No wwid atoot
snes wort or stomach drnjrrinr hut a direct local
ppllctlou to the entire Urethral Tract
The stagnant accumulation ia
Is etpelted by rstorln healths clreuUtlon thronsh
the Prostate Gland Yaluahts lltus Treatise free
St James Ajjn 44 Viae St Cincinnati 0
to uphold the high reputation of the Co
lumbian Wheelmen
Quite a large volume of busins3 will
come up for action at the next meeting
The dance which was spoken of in last
Sundays Times will be given in connec
tion with i musical programme and ac
tive preparations will begin shortly by
committee While the organization is un
der but very little expense at the same
time It was thought advisable by a good
many to raise a fund for the purpose ot
giving medals to each member who com
peted in competitive evcnt3 given by the
club and the proceeds from the dance will
at this time as the club is a new organi
zation help along nicely
Roderick Dlmmick Ben Stone Cliff
Sparrow and Billy Hadger are waiting for
tho warm weather before starting into ac
tive U vcIe work and are satlsflcel to leaves
the more daring members to do the rough
weather riding which is the case to a cer
tan extent at this time of the yesr and as
Captain Ilyrnes puts It the Mud Horses
cry rarely refuse to do their work
Ti not the many oaths tbat maSes the
truth hut the plain single row that is voncd
true It is our plain sinirte vow eat there is
no beer to eipial Ileuriihs Jlierzn senate or
Lager m purity asre anil strrrirtn as shown
hy analysis of the Jovernment chemists at thu
Agricultural Department You wilt think Ileu
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evil for a caw
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a really fine brand of whisky
you should try a bottle of
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