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My Bachelor Friend
lie couldnt sec It
That was all tie argument my friend
George Telford ever condescended to ad
vance In support of his objections to cny
proposition whatever Hint to hltn to try
nuy new scheme or life endeavor to make
lilm acknowledge any fact subscribe to
any tlory do be or suffer anything Jn
fhort outside of his actual and present
Inclinations or prejudices he couldt fcce
George said J to lilm one Jay you
ougnt to Ret married Here you are a
bachelor slipping into the thirties with a
euue fortune and not a relative living
nearer or dearer than your second cousin
the widow Four capital reasons for ma
trimony my boy
Cant see It in the lensj Charles
rumbled Ceorge
Turther discussion was useless
About three months after this I made
up my mind to go to Kurope I also made
ap my mind to ask George Telford to go
with me I knew he needed Ktlrring -up
He was getting so mentally or psychologi
cally blind that he couldnt see anything
reasonable to speak of I found him lunch
ing moodily In his bachelor apartment
George said I Ive resolved posi
tively at last to go to Europe Hy the by
my dear fellow what a grand thing It
would be If youcf conie along AVed Lave
o glorious time We wouldnt do the or
dinary used up great routes of travel but
wander about like real Bohemians only
better provided with the coin of the
realm And I went on for about ten
minutes in this strain When at last I
fctopped to breathe George who had lis
tened In an abstracted nonchalant manner
Cant see It at all my young friend
Whenever George called me his young
friend he meant to be Ironical I being
Just eight months his Junior and I knew
there was no further attempt to be made
Upon him So I ent akme
George was not much of a correspondent
He couldnt see it to any great extent But
I now and then got a short note from him
generally a growl
At length after nine months residence
In Paris the ery morning 1 was about to
leave it en route for the land of sphinxes
fleas turbans dogs pyramids and other
wonders of nature and art I received a let- i
ter from Telford containing the following
characteristic passage
ily old friend Caltrup insists that I go
up in the country with him to spend the
holidays It is somewhere in Canada
There are a lot of sisters and cousins and
u pet sister named Fannie I suppose I i
shall have to go though I dont see why
I clapped this epistle In my pocketto
laugh over more leisurely on the road and
in another hour was rattling over the rails I
to Marseilles
After nearly a year no it was JueI eight
months spent chiefly In getting a good
coat of bronze on every visible part of my
person I returned to Paris to bleach
J oon after getting into my old quarters
I strolled Into one of the most fashionable
hotels to look for American physiognomies
It is a well known fact and not particu
larly extraordinary perhaps that the
mere meeting with a fellow countryman
abroad after a longlsh absence without
news even though you neier saw or heard
of him before gles you a special thrill
of pleasure Kot forty paces had I taken
lefore I came upon a gentleman the sight
of whom there and then caused a sen
sation of genuine joy It was George Tel
We rushed at each other the first shocl
being over My dear fellow Delight
ed Jucky chance etc But George
jald ly you couldnt see a trip to Europe
In the least
Ah 3 es Uie fact is oh hang itl nev
er mind that now Ill explain it all to
you tomorrow Come and dine with with
me tomorrow my boy
Why not today old fellow
I have a particular engagement today
btammered George looking as if he had
gone Into the wong room by mistake and
just come out of it hastily
JVo Impertinence I hope said I Jo
cosely With a lady
yes with a lady I might as well
tell jou at once and stand the fire It is
viih my wife
And w it has come to this cried I
after all these years of obstinate bllnd
nesii You who sullenly refused to see
the pleasure of accompanying your next
friend to Europe jou who Indignantly
t couted marriage as a visible object in
He smiled pleasantly and That will
do for the present Charlie said he I
confess I am Just a little sensitive yet on
that subject Come let me present you
to Mrs Telford and first I beg to Inform
you that her maiden name was Caltrup
Hold onl interrupted I Dont think
me discourteous or qulslcal but really for
the dramatic effect of the thing George
Id rather not know too much about her
till youve told me your story and If yon
please well adjourn the introduction till
after the narrative
Certainly only leen married
three weeks
Ah That makes it bad I would say
Cot at all my dear fellow Come
round an hour before dinner time Ill un
lxjiom myself to you before she makes her
apjwa ranee
At Jive minutes before 5 tbrviext day I
was in Telfords salon He had a very
handsome suite of rooms and was evi
dently doing the bridal tour la grand Etylc
After a glass of sherry he began
You know that letter I wrote you Well
that ery evening Caltrup came around to
see me and insisted upon carrying me up
to the homestead I could not see why I
frliould Icae the comfort of the city In
winter for the dreary country But to
make a long story short I went
The entire family met us at the door
I shall not enter into a special description
of each member but confine myself to
those who had a direct Influence upon my
new life There was Clara Caltrup a
Juno like maiden of eighteen given to ro
mantic literature and a serious flirtation
with a youthful cousin Harry of whoa
more anon This them was Fannie a j ear
older with a radiant face mirthful blue
eyes and a great tendency to lease peo
ple Finally there was the cousin Harry
Harry was Immensely smitten with Mlsj
Clara and Jealous as a concentrated ex
tract or Otbcllo
In the cceuing we had games There
vas a Might seasoning of dances and when
with considerable trepidation I ventured
to approach the queenly Clara I first be
came nwar by the glowering -eye of filr
Harry of his uuffering from the green
eyed monster
When I retired that night I could not
help ctjnfesslng to myself that family re
unions were not at least this particular one
was not M absolutely disagreeable to look
jJ i i
fallible receipt for compelling the prefer
ence to call it by n mild term of a
haughty maiden This was to feign utter
Indifference courteous scorn for her and
to get up a fearful passion for atoher
maldenrlght under the haughty ones
nose If I may so express mjself
I commenced this deep laid tchemc the
first thing In the morning Of course I
altered ray entire stjlc to 6Ult the sto
of my present object 1 paid my
tions to -Miss Fannie Miss Fannie was
witty satirical fond of a Joke full of
animal spirits I Joked with her laughed
with her sleighed her teased her with
signal slccees
Well somehow I began to think lcs
mvagcly of my retengc on the haughty
Clara Tabnle was a remarkably sen
sible girl wJth all her levity She and
I agreed in many things that I never found
a woman to agree with before and Clara
did not show the slightest tendency
toward relenting or luring me back from
the rival goddess 1 had set up In her de
spite Harry too no longer bored me with
his Olympian frown I stajed a fortnight
at the homestead Instead of a week and
when I had returned to my den in the
city 1 really eausht myself feeling stupid
and wishing 1 knew Just what they were
all doing up at the homestead
Then a singular fancy took poscj
sion of me for Caltrups soeety I al
was liked him but never sought him
tcry assiduously now I haunted his
studio absolutely haunted It I assure
jou Charlie I couldnt have analyzed my
feelings then to save my life I saw the
opera with Caltrup I saw a few evening
parties at the houses of friends of Caltrup
I saw a very elegant ring diamond and
rubles and bought It and locked it up
with no earthly object that I distinctly
recognized at the time
One day Caltrup said to me Theyll lie
In town tomorrow Ive Just got a letter
from Fan
Who are coming I asked calmly
Oh mother and Clara and Fan and
Harry Theyre on a grand shopping tour
preparatory to the great event In the
spring you know
Yes I knew In the spring the haugh
ty Clara was to wed the gushing Harry
So they came and I passed a fortnight
again at the mercy of Miss Fannie It
was a humiliating two weeks to me for
Miss Fannie compelled me to see every
thing she chose to assert good1 and I to
my shnmc abjured In the most pusillani
mous manner my most cherished blind
nesses and came out with telescopic pow
er to look admiringly on all objects ha
loed by her approving smile
When they went back leaving me an
Informal Invitation to the wedding I spent
a whole day and night till I fell asleep
searching my Inner self and then It was
that after a rigid examination I first dis
covered lodged In n fructifying nook of
my lmsom a specimen of that luxuriant
plant yclept love already bursting into
bloom It absolutely frightened me
Caltrup nnd I went up to the wedding
together There were not a great many
people there The bride looked charming
of course
Fannie first bridesmaid was disas
trously I thought then bew Itching The
last feeble defence of my cynicism as well
as nearly the last spark of my hope or
rather courage sank before her fascina
tion How often that morning I tortured
myself with the question Did she love
mc Could she love me And did not dire
to answer it save by a very lugubrious
sigh I had little experience in the wiles
of Cupid you know and a womans heart
was a Rosetta stone to mc
As we were looking at the gifts Miss
Fannie said Oh what a delightful thing
it must be to go to Europe Just think
Clara and Harry are to be gone a whole
year and are going all over Italy and
France and Germany and through all
those grand old galleries nnd cathedrals
and and everything How I wlBh I could
go with them
I cant see the delight to any extent
Miss Fannie I replied rather spitefully
To be rushed from one place to another
and dragged through dreary picture-galleries
and damp gloomy churches day after
day until its all a muddle as somebody
san seems to me a fearful bore
You are an obstinate crotchety old
lochelor I declare cried Miss Fannie But
I dont think a wedding is a wedding with
out a bridal tour to Europe and it was
I who influenced sister to go and per
suaded mother to let her and ordered
Harry to make all the arrangements and
If ever 1 She stopped suddenly and then
tripped from the rora like a fairy but not
lefore I saw a rosy blush flushing up from
her cheeks to her brow like a translucent
cloud tinted by the rising sun
I pondered over this declaration of Miss
Fannles and her suddenly Interrupted if
ever 1
The next day however I made a sud
den startling and quasi Involuntary re
solve aud acted upon it instantaneously
how I did It or even why I cannot explain
It was an Impulse a most happy one I
feel now Fannie and I were on the piazza
I dont think we were saying anything very
special when the boy drove up with let
ters from the adjacent village
Miss Fannie said I buddenly it may
be true as you have said that I am obsti
nate and crotchety but believe m it is
my misfortune not my fault I never had
die gentle Influences of mother or sister
or even a lady cousin to mold my harsh
er nature I begin to see that that I
should and could see many things which
in short I really want to bcc to to I
could not proceed for the life of me as I
had wished but drawing a hurred Lreath
I almost stammered Will- U you per
mit me to lo write to you
The blush rose against slightly as she
replied I shall always be happy to re
ceive a letter f mm the most Intimate friend
ot my brother
Fannie i pokc with a demure smile that
instantly roused a fierce desire on my jiarl
to kiss her there nnd then Which how
ever I did not do
When we were about to leave I search
ed In vain for Fannie She was nowhere to
be found and I bade the rest of the family
a rather gloomy farewell
My first epistle was sent In a fort
night cruel delay I received a charmingly
piquantc reply The very next day 1 mail
ed epistle No 2 A week only this time
elapsed between expectation and the an
swer From this time we correspond regu
larly until
Until taid n sweet voice with a touch
of malice In It unexpectedly Interrupting
George until the obstinate crotchety old
bachelors eyes were opened so he avowed
and he saw distinctly many things not
given him to see previously
Wo both started and turned around
There slood Mrs Georgo Telford once
Hiss Fannin Caltrup with the bright pro
voking smile on her radiant face and her
sicLdcr finger upraised threateningly to
her surprised husband
My ah Fanule how when did you
come In Oh allow mc to intro luco my
friend Charles Seavor
The courtesies of the Introduction over
Mrs Telford said I have not lieen eaves
dropping very long but long enough
But I have a few more words to add
said George I have to add that I made
at after all And then suddenly a
Ecvral nioio delightful xlslu at homo-
- u
lilo Idea considering my life and opinions
Tills was to excite the Jealousy of the gush
ing Harry even unto faeelhlug To do the
romantic for Miss Clara and make Harry
n blighted lelng Mind you I had no fctrl
ous Intentions I wasnt In the least captl
rated by the damstl But I wanted to wilt
lilm Besides I was only going to stay
there a week I should only make a few
mild demonstrations enough o stir the
lover s gall and then leave him to triumph
again I thought it would be fun So I got
Caltrup to corner Harry In the library
while I read Tcnnyson8 Maud to MUs
Clara and rhapsodized oier the tender
jasMges In a melodramatic whisper Miss
CUra however did not do mo justice she
gae mc but half an ear I became piqued
and laid myself out still more resolutely
to fascinate her but my success was to
uy the lean only partial when the sleigh
clrcno to the door nnd my far audience
hurried away to cloak and fur for n drive
vlth Hnrry As she went out I caught
St 1st Fanule looking at mc with the most
ululilrvous smile I ever saw
The fourlh night It recurred to roe
Ibat I had read of an In
Ktcul until Just thrr e vieekb ago day 1b
Com yeitcrday I htood In llic long parlor
tliert uitli tills Utile hand In mine he
took hi vllcs hand with a proud srullu
and osvl In love and clierlnh Trances
Caltrup till death huuld tin part
And Interrupted Mrs Tf with n laugh
lo do Kurope thoroughly
All true cried Ri orge with a good
huraumd laugh I sec everything that is
good now lxt ii go to dinner
Ae Mrs Telford took my arm I noticed
ou her third fiugi r n very Ix autlful dia
mond and ruliy ring which I had never
seen before hut of which I had heard hut
I made no remark Ihereon Leousnl
AtoMa In the Tort Worth Itegistcr
Ilir Lntr Ir Mnrllticnn
riiun the Ken m Commfrrisl Adurtlscr
T c -nth ct the ltir Dr Jamr Martinrou
tin ul eminent Liillanan l the aire riniovn
111c m uie inct iiisiinciiwieil tr Hi wriuis en
Ihoilegia and pliikwo ihitiil topics Ilr James
JJanineau nd his lister Ilaniet cre eminent
euniplt ot iinmliers of liic tame famllr iruinr
indTneut and opnoilns Intrllertual careen
Harriet vrat a riirid nt cicirlitt rin jnH
ImM the llicuilc iition Their tireers irfcmkle
In konio rrtperts thaw ot the laic Cardiial Acn
irtia ri l rnther Inntii
J 4
- -
V 1
Passages of the NoseL
Eustachian Tube
Upper Part of thePzarn
kp Hyod Bone
Thyroid Cartilage
33- It there nausea
J - Are jou ticl
Is there vwnitirgl
4 DgJiiu lickh un pas
Hare you aterhraih
Arc llpIillwauVdV
l r jou
J Hjjnir ciauc iated
j Ihj i hu fiuk and t jiil
Jl Ke Iln ater eating
J Are jou nenous ard vicak
TX Do jou liavc aitl lieadathe
JJ Do von Moat up attir ratine
4J J tliere diHrtitt lor lueakfastr
4 Hare 3et distress after eating
X jour tliiflt tilled with slime
1V1 j ou at limes have uiarrhoea
Is there rmb of MouI lu the beaJi
Is titerc ei irfitant senalin in the fctcniarliT
Do j ou feel as If yon liatl lead in Mitniathf
When you get up sudd nly are jou dimy
When ttomaili is empty do you feel faint
Do jou belth up material lliat Imrus tiimat
When Mumidi is full da you feet oiiicsM d
Ilxteriiilmitliiii In Vlnv fur the Tlurr
or lllrilft
fiom Hit CLlcago Ilcccril
lcople In Chili- told mc that the cun
ning nnd cruel condor nlilch used to
carry off Iambs and Kids and even chll
ilrcn and sweep dnnn uimn tho uuury
traveler in the mountains is almost
exterminated This User ot birds la
non seldom been except In tho south
eastern ranges of tho Andes where the
population Is sparse There it still
preys upon the Iloekf and henroosts and
Is dreaded by farmers nnd frontiers
men Some jears ago the congress of
Chile passed an act declaring the na
tional bird a public nuisance and offer
ing a bounty of o for every condor
Killed This reduced the number rap
idly at a cost of several thousand dol
lars to the public treasury nnd they
f ltTVVX 111 I HI 1
t -T ----
In Putting Off Treatmentjor Catarrhal Affections
While These Troubles May Not in Themselves Be Serious As Regards Life They Are Such as on Slight
Exposure Cause a Liability to Take on Acute Troubles as Pneumonia Bronchitis Pleurisy Consump
tion Rheumatism La Grippe Brights Disease of the Kidneys Inflammation of the Stomach and
Bowels c Which Often Terminate Fatally
Disease of Bronchial Tubes
Have you a cmieM
Are jou losirg llilit
Ii voh cough at ninMF
Have jou pain in nd
IK jou take eld fully
U jour apiftitc variable
Have you ftiUne in slilcj
Do jtu reuifli until you gtgS
IK you latse frothy material
Io jou consh on going to bed -
Do you courIi in the morning
Are you low rplrlled at limes
Do you spit up yellow matter
1 jour tonsil short and lucking
Io you spit up little ch xy lumt
Have von a diciit for titty foods
Is tlire a tickling behind the palate
Do you ieel jou are growing weaker
Is there a burninc pain in the throat
Hare you pain behind the breaslltonc
Do jeu couch vmne nieht am morning
Do you have to fit Uii at nlgU to get brcitlil
The proper course of those affected is this Read these symptoms carefully mark those that
apply to your case and bring this with you to the eminent specialists of this institution Ad
vice and consultation absolutely free
mAWL 7t KfiK lit - 1-
jcm T7sm mmmJM b wawv
A mmwmr vil a i
xwtiiM f u i m i riix
CTMLKi5 Vim fAB vl n - mPJi A
t wiiiM II ML I II UlEllhllli I
u mamw 77 i
rtim i ms vms s - -
fltislffl m
TSs5 flnri
It It 1 t VmilWtr -- 1
liJMiv Uili
Disease of Head and Throat
TAimii viEv the cosnrnov or tiiC
iilood rnEDisrosES to tii condition
If the voir husky
Do you spit up slime
Do you ache all orer
Do you snort at night
Do you blow out scabs
Is the nose sopred no
Docs your nose dlschanref
uv c WCIU CA 12
Does the nose itch and bum
Is therevpain aero the eyes
U there tlcliins in the throat
Is your mm of smelt leaiine
Is there pain in front ot lead
Do you limit to clear the throat
Is the ihrtat drr in the mornin f
Are you loslnr your sense ot lister
in yon aieeD wixn me moutn openr
Dots yoar nose step up toward nlihtl
i Food Passage
1 Arytenoid Cartilage
cricoid cartilage
SIZSj SZ Vocal Cord
Food Passage
WWV U XTaTraTrtraBn Vv
Trachea Wind Pipe sectional ps
Wind Pipe
Disease ot uic Stomach
nro now ns scarce as tho baldhcadcd
easle In the Inlted States The ma
Jorlty nf people ot Chile have necr
seen anything but the mUcrabls and
rcpulslie specimens that are kept In
the 7oological gardens Condors do not
thrive In captUIly Tlie rare atmos
phere and tho low temperature of the
mountain tops are necebsary to their
Passing omt Hie Andes on muleback
or In a railway train Mack specks In the
sky arc often pointed out to unsophisti
cated travelers as condors scaring In the
blue empyrean aa we read in the old
geographies and It Is Just as well fur ten
derfeei tu belie e what Is told theni and
enjoy the patlsfjction of hating seen one
You oce islonally hear prospectors tell of
candors iuuntlng the mule trails In the
Interior waiting for some poor exhausted
beast to He down nnd die They are said
to smell carrion farther than It can be
seen No doubt a mysterious Intuition in
- - iVA 2k V x
x iuv c vi- rr AW Jr M 7Eiiim S w
s sTrraai k n
- Jk wM m
A free examination A free trial treatment A thorough treat
ment and one suitable to your own case The treatment that appeals
to reason The treatment that has cured 3500 cases of nose
throat and bronchial trouble as well as 1200 cases of deafness
during the past three years
Out-of-town cases treated by mail Write for symptom blank
The Dr Davis Medical Institute 715 Thirteenth St N W
i i
OFFICE HOURS 9 to 12 a ui 1 to 5 p in 6 to S p 111 daily SUNDAY 10 a in to 2 p 111
Ii iiiiiIi1
forms them when arr about to peg
out but scientists Insist the atmospheric
vibrations make It impossible far odor to
be conveyed n long distance It Is a fact
however upon which cverylKHly agrees
that a candor will Invarlablv arrive at
the deathbed of n mute r a sheep before
the victim breathes lis last although ie
wljt remain nut of range as long as human
beings are seen in the neighborhood Al
though the old song eiijb
Next remes He rotator awful lirl
On tlie mountains Mcjiot top
Has hrrn Xnoun to cat tip hii and gtrh
And tlicn to Ink its chops
condors rarely attack rhlldren or any
other human beings Hunters who were
working for the bounty used to Kill an obi
mule or a horse and then lie in ambush
near the carcass To shoot it on the wing
Is eutlrely out ot the question for it
flies at altitudes such us no other bint at
tains The londor hatches its young
amoug snow covered crags often at an al
titude of oJ0tt fee and can endure a
range ot temperature in which hunim ex-
Istenee 13 Impossible It is equally at home J
upon the snows peaks and upon tho burn-
Ing sands of the Chilean deserts With a
sweep of wing from nine to twelve feet in
Disease of the Ears
i there rcjrug like a witrrfjli a the haJi
rv -LA
rJidM t trMiifii rv iM ri inu uai
TiriiK tiit ritou xtrfT -1
I your licaiiK aiI
Uj yow can tWharse
IH your cars Itch ami tiurnt
Mre tlie cart dry and saJrY9
4Ii there ttiroLUtwr irl the tnrsr
Have yon pain Iliml tlie tarV
U tltre a kjxzioz soumt ifil
Do you hae r ngln hi th nt
Arc tltoie tMcUfm souiuli bor i
your iifario hd coui r ibyst
h you Iiar rarairi
Arc there khiikU like tam oyjpi5
ltvytrti constantly fccar owl tu U- crs
IV you lir loiter totao diyf tfciu olherj
IK ourrars Iturt wltn jou 4owyowr iKne
IK tle noliM la roiw car i keru rnu ajraiei
4The jou Mew ttuir ihic ite tls ttrirs tract
A nrrnl irnalni Ctiuiilr
Krone tuc icibjaapoiii llrri
Th nittirat wtirss f It uncull iratrl Jjfuta
in CiiUi U cootx 1 ttw rraibttt rttratK of rr
iicilring tiii country by Hut wb iurva Iitila
capital trs urd lUWr ftir iit is neb lusnilcnc
and tiiiutantt rt rvcemnx tlnv raltle
its flight ij sr swill mat il can i uw i tnvtr r hm ni
sail out of sight in n tery few moments wbc luve uitnmcd tlicir traiUn isc tMt in a
Observer Iiave timed the flight of n con- ft time tln y ate in ait Meal ciiiniiiwn ot
dor and claim that it Is superior to that h J PrewrratHiii ot iuy
i i nnufccwaiv it j country bae tUw ifture Tv is
of all eagle j ift irodutrd lrrli csr montli i Ibv jr ir
Va liiiMl
Easy Home Cart
We -will send anyone
mldictcsl to Opium
3lnriihln Landau
aTrinlTrentinentTrrorCIian rof the most rciinrkable rviuedycTLTdlseovcml Con
lniii3llreiit Vital lriDriplo heretofore untnorn ieiniittr taos MlfcJtetL Coiuklen
ttal rorreirondeneo Intltccl from all csiwially rhysirians tT JVJU3 KOCIETY 1131 I

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