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Richard Phillips Accused of Killirg
a Soldier at Fort Monroe
J prrn llnll lMnjrr nnil IdkIIIhI
Held for tlie Virginia Atitliorltlm
A rrlvnte Alletrtl lo lime lleon
rut to Death 1- tlie Atlllrtc 1rr
linrinx to Hiitcncc lu u IrliollKlit
Richard alias Dick Phillip colored
tw enty seven j ears old is a prisoner at No
3 station where he Is held for the Tort
Monroe Va authorities who charge the
roan with murder He was arretted early
yesterday morning In a house in Kings
Court between Twcnty Fixth and Twenty
seventh and K and L Streets northwest bj
rollceman OBrien of the Third precinct
It Is said that Phillips on January 10
shot and killed John C New a soldier of
the Fourth Artillery He denies that he Is
guilty and states that Trank Watts col
ored committed the deed Grant Williams
also colored whom the Fort Monroe au
thorities claim was an accomplice of Phil
lips Is tinder arrest now He was taken
Into custody In Hampton yesterday by
Sheriff Curtis In answer to a telegram
tent yesterday Inspector Hoard man re
ceived word that an ofbeer would arrive
here this morning to take Phillips In
The crime charged agalnut Phillips Is said
to have been the result of a fight In a ne
gro dive Phillips and Williams It Is said
got into an altercation with New there It
Is alleged that Phillips had In his posses
sion a Winchester rifle owned by his em
ployer who conducted a saloon In Phoebus
Phillips worked as a bartender When the
trouble assumed alarming proportions
Phillips It is bald shot New killing him
almost Instantly He lost little time in
making his escape
After working on tbe case lor several
flavK the Fort Monroe authorities suspected
Phillips of the crime jnd learning that he
was in Washington telegraphed here re
questing his arrest Phillips is well known
here as a ball player and a pugilist and
the home of bis father In Phillips Court
was closely watched Though Phillips did
not put in an appearance at tic home of his
father information was obtained that led
to locating him at the house In Kings
Court He clalmtd after his arrest that he
knew the police were after him and that
lie had Intended giving himself up
Phillips Is well known to the lo al po
lice though be has never been regarded ai
a bad man At one time bo was a member
Of the celebrated Cuban Giants a bill
team composed entirely of colored plajcrs
In later jcars be figured In athletics and
was regarded as a clever taxer and prize
fighter frequently be appeared on tbe
stages of variety theatres in exhibition
touts with pugilists of note It is ald that
since the killing of New Phillips fought
and defeated a colored prizefighter It Is
further said that he was arranging another
bout which was to have been fought it
HoMilyn nt a near date
In tho summer of 1E90 Phillips figured in
a fight In which his brother Mell Phillips
ws killed The Phillips bojs interruptel
a meeting between tbe wife of Itlrbard
Phillips and Daniel Gray colored and dur
ing the fight which follow Mell Phil
lips was ttabbed His femoral artery was
tevcred and before medical aid arrived he
filed while being carrl 1 along the street
Daniel Gray was afto ward found by the
jollce lying unconscious and bleeding on
a vacant lot It was stated at tbe time
that he Gad been beaten by Itlchard rbll
lips and bis friend In avenging tbe death
of Mell Phillips Gray was badly beaten
and had been left tor dead When-
Mas arraigned lor trial he entered a plea
of stir defence and was acquitted
30 pieces of 36 Inch Black Yelour
Doited Skirt Lining this material
comes In black only The value
of this cloth Is 18c a jard
Special after Inventory price
All shades of the best quality of Mer
cerized Moreen for underskirts
the regular value of this qual
ity is 35c a yard After-stock
taking price
Genuine Imported 22 lnch Guaran
teed Shrunk French Haircloth
regular selling price I9c yard
After inentory price
15 odd pieces of good quality sateen
In plain shades and fancy effects Will
make exedknt jacket or skirt
lining former price was 18c
llltCUlUUtU IU DCII ill
A few odd pieces of Flannel
ette which told for Sc Inven
toried to go for
Every jard of Flannelette p 3
which sold for SZ i 10 and Vxt
321 2C Inventoried to go atw4
40 pieces of good quality Out
ing Flannel extra wide light
styles Sc i
to go at
IS pieces of All wool Wrapper mp
Flannel which sold for 3Sc In- iL
ventoried to go at fc J
All wool Medicated Tied
Twilled Flannel our S3c qual
ity Inventoried to go at
Light Wool Flannel extra
fine 33c Inventoried to go
quality Inventoried
A I ivfl KIb1i With Munex lhn
trntiN ci AVImlovvH
Birney Langlcy William Turner Trank
Ford and William Llovd pupils of the
Brent School and John Queen Daniel Fer
guson John Chambers Jerry Slmms Har
rison Brown GrantThomas Albert Bar
ker William Bailey Henry Johnson
Charles Turner and Ilobcrt Smith pupils
of the Lincoln School for colored children
were arraigned In the Police Court jester
day on charges of throwing Ftones They
ranged In age from seven to fourteen years
During the school recess Tuesday a bat
tle with stones for ammenition took place
on Third Street southeast between the
boys of the Brent School and those of the
Lincoln School Trouble had been brewing
for some time between the lads and when
ihey met Tuesday a lively light took place
Windows were broken and a number of
narrow escapes were reported by pedes
trians The police made arrests which
stoppd the fight
Kach of the boys was arranged In court
separately vestcrday and with the excep
tion of one William Turner each denied
that be had thrown stones Judge Scott said
that the supervisors of tbe schools were the
proper persons to deal with the offenders
and that he intended to dismiss the charge
against them but If the trouble ever oc
curred again he would send tbem to jail
ArrnlKnmrnt of 1t rpnn Tntllctetl h
flic Grand Jarr
The persons against whom indictments
were returned by the grand Jury for the
District on Friday were arraigned yes
terday before Justice Cole in Criminal
Court No 2 Every one of the accused
pleaded not guilty to the charge preferred
against him
The priboncrs and their crimes are
Albert Hofman false pretences Itobjrt
Sims Svlvester Parker and Joseph
Queenan larcen Ollle Winston second
offence petty larceny Frank Mavo con
cealed weapons tecond offence John U
Van Horn false pretences two cases
Thomas Ityan and Joseph Holland house
breaking The two latter also pleaded tot
guilt to larceny 1
An Innfllrlriit Ilrm rlptlnn Aliened
to luvnllilnlr 11 Title
Suit was Died in equity jestcrday by
Agnes Dc C Brooks and her husband
John Henry Brooks against Charles T
Yodcr to bet aside a tax deed Tbe title to
the property In question was made to
Lorenzo T Voder by tbe IlMrict
j sioners in January 1S93 anl be afterward
tranfornul It in flirt lomla tt
1 It Is alleged by the romplalnanls that
the title lo the property is invalid because
of the insufficiency of the description sit
out in the deed of couvevancc
Mini ArrPNteil
James Hlch colored twtnty two jears of
age who was arrested last night by Po
liceman Hcadlcy of the Fourth precinct
in Virginia Avenue southwest near Third
Street is said to be insane He is charged
with carrying concealed weapons and will
have a hearing tomorrow in the Police
Court Illch was annrehended during the
j evening at the Denning frclghtyards by the
police of the Ninth precinct but escaped
before being lodged In the station A look
i out for him was sent out from headquar
1 lers resulting In his arrest in Southwest
j Washington
lYuili ijsrd not my frltttd Hie rloouttwe of
I Gitlin lot tnorr CO than a cIm of Hiiri It
TV qaalltlts U lliuriili hnn the truth tliat
MAttrsrn Sfnste and lKr arc pure aitd tlirr
i rd not tlir rleMurnrr t oath to roivtm r the
lhat II- hnt malt and Ikiw aie uted to
brew time aupcricr Lectl 1Jionc C3
Un EotUug Co Kr a cue
The Busy Corner S Kann Sons Co Eighth and Market Space The Busy Corner S Kann Sons Co Eighth and Market Space
Our Inventory is Over and Another Big Sale Starts Tomorrow
We know our stock piece for piece and yard for yard The task of counting is through with Weve left the
making of after inventory prices to bur buyers and they have done some deep cutting Theyve applied the
knife operated on broken lots and odd things and made a very successful job in favor of our clientelle The new
markings of tomorrow are so different from those of the past week Theres a mountain of merchandise that
must find an outlet Theres no chipping here or there---or piece meal business about this event Every door
every avenue of exit is thrown wide ajar for this occasion
New Prices from our Lining Dept
That Set a Bargain Pace
Inventory is responsible for this break Wu feel satisfied
that our trade will enjoy tliie reductions
Our entire line or 10c Tercalincs la
fast black and all colors The agents
price for this quality is 23 per
cent more but e shall sell this qn
special on account of l
ry at I 4-
23 pieces of Guaranteed Shrunk Can
vas in black only for skirt faclns
gives the same xffect as French Lalr
cloth This quality Is worth On
121 Ic a yard Special after- tr
stock taking price Ar
We also put on sale tomorrow our
entire line of Sllk flnishcd Glass Lin
ing in black and all colors
This quality Is sold regularly at
I5c a jard After-stock-taking
E pieces of 35c quality Black
Mercerized Italian Cloth After-
stock taking price
Lining DepL rirst
-4 ColiasFet Bleached Sheet
ing classed among the best
Inventoried to sell for
Belfast Bleached Tillow Casing
handkerchief finish size 43 by qsp
3C Inventoried to sell X pl
for U4
Good quality Feather Tick
ing Inventoried to sell
Drcs Ginghams dark stles pop
10c and 12 l 2c grade In- L
rntoried to ftll at - 4
and 25c a jard Aflcr lmc
tory price
rioor Section G
Domestics and Flannels Third Floor
Its not necessary as a general tliintr to make reductions
on such goods as these but liavi ng taken inventory we are not
going to have any fish or flesh business about this sale
JCew York Mills yard wide Bleached
Muslin ticket and name
every niece From 12 1-
xnarked down to
S t Berwick Unbleached
Best Quality Frints dark n yr
stJcs which sell for C l 2c iSl
A Case of Clean Sweep
Everv thing reduced to about one
half and even less One lol of Ladles
Jackets consisting of kersey cheviot
and coverts in blacks and tans every
garment of this seasons style either
new shield front box effect or fly
front All elegantly lined also some
few misses They sold
from 730 to 10 After-
Inventory price
Annual Meeting of the Teachers
Aid and Auuuiiv Association
TIic OrKnntrnllon Convene In
Irnnklin School llnlldliiK Heiiortn
of the Flnnnrlnl Srrrvtnry mill
Trrnnnrrr V 1 intre Cunirti Irei
Itlcnt The Aeetli of 1hr Sorlrty
The members of the Teachers Annuity
and Aid Association met in the Franklin
School Building j esterday morning In con
tinuance of their sixth annual meeting
begun last Saturday Owing to the fact
that matters of much Interest were to be
discussed and that an election of officers
was to be held the hall at the Franklin
building was well filled with the members
of the association
N P Gage President of the association
was In the chair when the meeting opened
Sir J T Freeman read the report of the
financial secretary wlikh shown the total
receipts of the association for the past
year to be C3430 CO The report was ac
cepted without discussion
After the report of tho treasurer which
w aB similar to that of the financial secre
tary two amendments to the constitution
of the association were proposed These
amendments dealt with various privileges
proposed for retiring leachcra member
ship and dic and after a lengthy discus
sion they were rejected by the associa
The election of officers was net In or
der N P Gage was re elected president
Hiss E C Wescott and Mrs S A Bradley
were elected vice presidents Miss F L
Hundley recording secretary J T Free
man financial secretary and A F Stuart
treasurer Miss Annie Beers Miss A I
Xewmejcr Miss S II Sangler and It T
Janney were re elected as a board of di
rectors and Miss II McGill was elected
director at large
Mr Gage the president then made a
few remarks regarding the necessity of
increasing the permanent fund of the as
sociation and suggested that some enter
tainment be arranged similar to the
Teaihcrs Bazaar given a few years ago
ConMfiltlp Could piiturit
In the matter of the rule Issued by the
Supreme Court of the District requiring
Constable W l H Gould to dhow ciuse
why be should not be removed from office
for misconduct In refusing to serve a writ
the court severely criticises the constablo
In Its opinion announced yesterday The
court states that the constable had no
right to make himself a Judge of the le
gality of the process which he was called
upon to scrv and which upon Its face was
not absolutely void However as It was
the firet time In his seven years of service
as a constable that complaint had been
made agalnEt Gould the court was not dis
posed to remove him from office
Amrnilltic flic Police HrKtlliltlolih
Attorney Andrew B Dtivall submitted to
the Commissioners jestcrday the draft of
an amendment lo the police regulations
which will extend the limits or police Juris
diction over the discharge of firearms to
the entire District This action was taken
at the request of Commissioner Wight and
Major Sylvester in response to a request
from E A M Lawson of Lnngdon Mr
Lawson stated that the people of the sub
urb In which he lived were often annoied
liy the discharge of firearms near their
houses and the shot from the guns of
hunters had struck several of the houses
The former police regulation on the sub
ject extended only as far as the city limits
Our Suit Department
Another lot of Ladles Jackets most
ly navy blues some few tans and reds
made of superior quality kersey
some lined with Skinners satin others
with fancy silk shield front fly front
and reefer effects Were
1093 and 11218 After-
inventory price
The AVcnthcr Indication
Inrrraficg cloudinr and warmer Sumbr rain
by Sunitai night Jrfrh south to conthraat ninri
llomh partl cloudy and much coldtr
Iynct tf rrptraturr 8 a m 18
Highest temperature i p m 82
Sun ris 710 AM in 51 PM
Moon nwa Moon sets JJAM
New lit and SOtli Full 15th
1int quaiter Eth Ust qiaiter 23d
High tide S 23 Of and 5 85 P VI
Iow tide 1J15 AM
Ijlnif s lit today 5 PM
ljnijrt out toinoncw G17 AM
A Inrse Iimiirnrn
A torn plaint uas lodpftl at Police Hfitlquar
tcrs lat night of the theft of a purse contain
injf 19 from a chiffonier at th homr of Mrs
Mar E liuiU 1710 C btrvct northwest
Mmirlrf brIilorr AVUI
Thr i till of Maurice N blower made in
i filed feiierfay for prototr All the property
of the tli ciwetl i left Mis HrRinia C Iititon
who In madr citxutiir of the estate
MnrrliiRr Mecii Indued
Mrriag Hcn were wd yesterday to V T
Itichantenn and ltoa J Settle Uaine Cross
Reads A a Anderson A Hrown Inehburif Va
and rr A taWIIr Itobert K U Domini and
Anna 1 Hood
Wulk I OMT With u CnnUIiiK Mor
Itoc JaiLfcun if 27 Smiths Alley northwest
evmjairtd to the police Iat night that a colored
man had itottn a crokuig stuve from her home
jtttcnla mormna The stote w valued at f0 and
Jtosc is intonwmenced hy its loss
A Mlanlug Wiitrh ntnl Ilintn
Charles T retne ct J422 Corccran fctrect
nortlittCt told the police lait tiiglt that a
pold walcli and liver chain had been ttolen
from Ins residence Ietecihe Haur will imeti
gate the complaint The theft took place lndjy
IlltliiC mid Itiiihtiili IlifurcH Cone
Two vacant houft belonging to Thomai Smith
Eon of 120 I leenth Mreet outhrat were en
tend Inda night and portions of piping and
bathtub fixture ttolen The building are lo
cated at the corner of fourteenth and A Mrccu
Clfxn rielil Ioe Vttrt y Dollar
KJiza IVlds lmntf at 20 S Street nethwcst
tollctrs that hu tice Thornton colurtrd tolc 40
from a tnink at her bmne yesterday morn
Inc arconlirg to a report made lat light at
Police lbadmaiten The tulice are looking for
A ltonilliiUT Cumpntij Surd
Kate lu raj nter jetcrday instituted cult
against the American Uomltng and Trust Coin pa n
of Maryland to recover 2D01C alleged to be
uue on a jiruiiiiwij uvu iimiiiuii
and franklin Mackej dated Ma J lby and
I- r i 1 m nmnnnl if M frY
A Montru 11 urn Itaidetl
Thoma II PP lvinff at Montroe Md has
asked the afHtance of the local police in p
jffehending a thief who entered bis barn at that
place Friday night and Hole corral turkejs
hams and other provisions The rrpnjt of the
rirbWrv wai roach- to the Georgetown precinct
yesterday afternoon
Den ti Hiilfonl IIImhIii
Thr poller hat lieen requeited to look out
for Dean Halford tutnty two year of age who
diMppeared frm U borne 122 Twenty wcond
Street wctlmeft Friday afternoon Halford is
described as alwut fle feet cleten Imhe tall
with dark hair and cyc and weigldng 155
One other lot of fine Tallor mado
Jackets In tans castors navies royal
and black made of high grade import
ed kersey cloth also some few heavy
cheviots every garment of this sea
sons buying They arc finished and
lined with the best quality of satin
taffeta and fancy silks former sell
ing trices were 124S
re 798
15 After inventory
is the greatest Suit value ever offered in this department They are innd trimmed
and finished as well as any garment which you would pay jj for They come m as
sorted weaves such as camel hair homespun and vicuna cloths the shades are
brown oxfoul light grey royal and electric blue The jackets are lined with good quality of
all silk taffeta and aie made either fly front double breasted or tight fitting The skirts are
lined and interlined with excellent quality of percaline We ha vevery size from 2 lo 42 Dont
miss this great bargain even should you buy it for later wear i98
A Small List of Big Toilet
Ilubifoam for the teeth J
Sanitol Tooth Wash J
23c Bottles of Glycerine and IOC
Hote Water J
llosc Cream of Almonds for the JZC
complexion tk
Malvlna Cream and Lotion
Violet Cologne In fancy glpss CfJC
bottles Were 73c Ju
Imported Soap five odors three 1 7C
cakes in a box
-ounce bottle of Ictrolcum If
Jelly J
23c Complexion Brushes
33c and 4c Hair Brusbcs
Handkerchief Items
that Demand At
Womens White Linen fancy em
broidered handkerchiefs Slightly
soiled Ileduced from 50c After- OCQ
Inventory price -
Womens and Mens all si lie Initial
Handkerchiefs iodd Initials
slightly soiled Were BOc and OCC
75c After Inventory price
Womens and Mens hemstitched ini
tial Handkerchiefs all linen OC
After inventory price
Womens all linen Embroidered and
Lace edged Handkerchiefs Were 23c
After Inventory price ISc or CnC
3 for JU
Weve Used a Strong
Hand to the Glove
Special lot of Womens Kid Gloves
Glace and Suede broken sizes hooks
clasps and buttons black and colored
They sold for Jl J125 and J150 Z
After Inventory price
Womens SIIk Hned Kid Gloves with
fancy plaid linings formerly
sold for J223 After Inventory tl Ch
Womens Sllk lned Mocha Gloves In
Tan and black formerly sold tl flft
for 175 After ltventory price
Mens Terrlns Dogskin Gloves In
tan unllned for the street or
driving Worth 1E0 After 1 tt
inventory price IUU
Mens Silk lined Mochas In grey
All sizes Reduced from 1 JltoC
After Inventory price
A Dend Infnut round
A dead Infant was found yesterday morning in
the rear of 171 Ketr Jervr Avenue northwest by
Policeman Itoutc tf the LightU precinct
riro In nn Oilier Itnlldln
A slight fire occurred In the rooms of V V
Fitrgcrald at the District Title Company build
ing early yesterday morning The blare was
caued bya iontaneous combustion and the damage
amounted to 975
A Tire lit Kletenth Street
About 1 oclock yesterday afternoon fire was dU
cohered in house 610 KIrtenth Street northwest
occupied for office purpows A low of 52j re
sulted which U covered by Insurance Tlie fire
department extinguished tie bbze
A Dcimrstlc Aceued
Jennie Fritters eighteen years of age is tharg
ed with petty larceny She is said to have stolen
a ciher watch a gold pin and a pair of gold
rfeere buttons from Carl A Johnson of Kctlnj
ton at whose home the was employed
The- Will or Iucy Jlnrrl
Tte will of Lucy II Harris dated June 13 1S
was filed yesterday for probate The deceased
leaves all her property ennrfsllrj cf land In
Wake county S C to her daughter Keltic
J Haiti reiueting that she share the income
with the hustt and of the testatrix
nt to the Inmwe Awylnn
Mist Kather Winn WhUtler who was taken
into custody at Police Ileadepiartfrs Friday after
noon wa cxan fred by the police surgeon jes
terdjy and rronouncec in sine Mic was sent to
St KIizattfi9 Aylim far the Insane and her
relative in I ancsboru Masc were notified of
her vrfreabouts
PrnnU Wtllit Aliin
Frank Well- who conduct a luberdashery bus
iness at II3 F blrre j esterday made an aign
merit for the benefit of his creditor to William
S tlill wlio is named aigncc Well tatt
hi liibilitir to be 700701 and places Ins as
sets at SVJVOSj
Alimony n run ted 1enilliiff au Apiteal
In the cae of Dr David M Ogdcn against arali
J Ogden for divorce in which the petition of the
complainant wad granted and the defendant took
an appeal from th decree of Justice Itarnaid Uu
court jcterday ordered that Dr Ogden shall iuy
the cot oi appeals ana aiimon to tnt ueienunr
during the pending of her appeal to the Court of
Appeal for the District
ChnrKeil A Ith Iromot lot Iollej
1eyton Holmes colored fortj five years old is
charged Willi promoting poluy and i held at
the SoconJ preiinct station pendant a hearintc
In the rlict ourt tomorrow Holnwa was aar
rested joterday afttrnoon ty Detective Watson
at the curlier of Seventh ami N Streets noTlhwryt
He i id tu connected with Jt ftolkf firm at
IEosIin Alexandria county
Hurt hi it HuiiiitYit
houe attached to a coupe driven by Ilenla
ni in Limpkins of Si I Mreet oithea t ran
awaj at the corner cf Four and a half Street and
IVnnnlunia venu northwct eteidiy alter
noon and collided with a carnage drhn by Jos
eph WiUr nrar tne corntr f Sivth Street
Waller ua thrown out of the carriage and slight
ly hurt Uotli vehicles were damagid
I hi1 II en th Itrconl
The filuxiiig deaths were reported to the
Health Orflcer j esterday Jvham Mchol 78
icars Margaret Fetter 71 jrars John If Haw
kin no year Daniel Steven 57 ears William
Ielie jears Mary It 1 ry 51 yeaw
Charlotte U Rockwell Trf jears Sna V
o year Flu Weston 21 year Archie
Axerj 8 ear- Hita M Johnston 3 year infant
of Lta Muilh I month
MiipeHtri or Comnilttln Inrrni
prinu j irrp colored twenty three ears
old U held at the S xth iretinct tatioii on
r - -a t Im i nrrotft 1isitJj
tUIllllUIl HI Uiccuj - --
altunuoc m the rrntt of a complaint from louU
II larjier ui iiw r onn u -
lnt tlie low br Unit from hu ei ul Wl
iu usli ricice iltJiira bis Rtnlt He Iitm at Iu
TIrt tlreit soiittwast and 1 emplojfil a jjnitor
at tlie IjtiiUliii mrntloneil
1 joj ImptrJtWflr demand Iltiitlcha lij akirC
lor iUmtn and Laurr by their tunin
ami nut hj vioril ihrl ami Hiclit jou
Will tw a nirril lijr dilnklng a betr Ltenetl of the
lt nult ami lips purtfaasable Ibone KH
Atllnrlon Uotllinu Co fgr a case ci HcuiiciTa
In Lmttltr
Aterinventory Prices on
Colored and Black Dress floods
Wc have six very elegant robe dress
patterns handsomely braided and
pliqued The materials are Henrietta
and surah serge the former price was
15 per pattern Now that In
ventory l over they are
marked down to
Jj Inch silk and wool colored novel
ties creponi and serges the selling
prices average a cents to J Lot
a yard Now that Inventory
over they arc marked down
35 Inch and 40 inch all wool fancy
novelties plaids and coverts they
were 49 cents a yard Now that
inventory is over they are
174 inch all wool black storm serge
a regular wear resisting cloth
which sold for S3 cents a yard
after Inventory price
This department Is now permanently
entrance In Section II
The Pot Called the Kettle Black Be
cause the Housewife Didnt Use
We dont quote on pice in the paper and ak
you more when you come to the office We make
the Iet plates and do all nectary extracting
painlessly for S- no more and no less Satis
faction guaranteed
Cor 7th and D Sts NW
lOioitc IC Harris ft Co
Buy Your
Coal Now
Dont wait until prlcM adrancc I
liandle ouljr the tt at lovrrst prices
John Kennedy
Yardi Xo 14 11 Jt m cor 4th and F sti nt
and C35 G it nw Office 1333 K at nw
Kj TCaiMnclon Uor 1013 Pa t m
The New York Buffet
The Best of Everything
nt bailn mans resort The nvnt sltct
itocL cf liquors and cigars In tha city
On DrausbL
On Draught
Ilnntcr IVIIon and Cnralalra
Itj c
40- Triilh Street X W
Coke Calls
n I X on eiorbitaiit coal
llAL I UII Its a tu
that comWnts quality with a low prior
Coke lelijrht thr cixtk a it lights up
qukkly anil leaves no ashrt or dirt to
clran up INInt you better start uiinj
coke Tlione 1TS7 jour oriler WVH de
liver promrtlj
W u Coke Uncruslud
40 bu Coke Crushed
113 tOth St V XV
Pennyroyal pills
v OrlciBBl nt Onlr
K it ftVA J ffiintiTfiic uvrTNir
i n
w ia
vv if
ir jiB va --
vttli M rlkben Tke her Kefao
tlB Oil r j DnnUi w 4
itknr br Tartlealae T I
tmrm MmlL 1 0OOO TtiMfcI 8 T
ttnUcaUlifijtr M Sarr 1UlUi a
4S Inch all wool satin cords such
shades as garnet nav plum green
brown grey and castor Be fn
fore stock taking they wenrMXL
L43 a yard Mow marked --
46 Inch all wool camels hair zibellne
in shades of navy garnet hello and
castor sold all through tho A Of
season at 119 a yard Our aft- MXC
price is vU
4S Inch all wool plaid back black
clay serge this goods ha3 a cloth fin
ish and a very fine twill The former
price was J133 a yard reduc
ed on account of after-stock
taking to
These goods sold for 223 a
yard After Inventory price
42 inch mohair and wool black ere-
pons representing a very fair rm
tion or mister patterns
located on tho main floor nearr the
Afterstocktaking Bargains in Silks
G renter and better valuest han we bad at tbe time of our
clearance sale
Silks at 33c a yd worth 69c
and 75c
S23 yardB of Plain and Checked Taf
fetas in very pretty combinations
such as blue and black rose and black
green and black blue and rose brown
and garnet and red and black
Silks at 49c a yd reduced
from 89c
COO yards of two toned Popelalces
all silk and wool representing such
combinations aj blue and brown green
and rose blue and brown hello ami
green Also some very special good
designs in Satin striped Taffetas ev
ery yard 21 Inches wide
Silks at 79c a yd worth S125
750 yards self colored P K Corded
Taffetas In such shades as castor
brown garnet blue green grey he
llo national and cardinal this Is one
of the greatest bargains of the season
21 Inches in width
Silks at 69c a yd worth SI 00
and 5125
1000 yards of Satin striped Taffetas
all of the past seasons choicest color
ings in both street and evening ef
fects r the designs and patterns are
very desirable and effective also 21
inches wide
Silks at 89c a yd worth Si50
1000 yards of Pllsse and warp-printed
Taffetas In a line of very pretty
multi colored effects Among this as
sortment youll find some very ex
quisite designs for entire gowns
Silks for 98c yd worth 175
and 200
A miscellaneous lot of 1000 yards
representing Embroidered and Satin
striped Taffetas in the most exquisite
colorings The majority of the goods
sold as high as 2 per yard
Silk department first floor section A
THAT Ijl ft
is when yon are filling your Lin with inch sat
Wactcry coal as the Wyoming Our
ttyctning coal embraces ail lue cardinal virtues
that make j coal satisfactory to the most particu
lar and economical housewife It supplies her
with a good solid hot fire in furnace grate or
stove and you can toat your shim or bake your
bread with pleasure
Wm J ZEH 702 Ilth N W
Sample Line
7 k II DcmfetU
Sewing Itn hints
Tel 77
And youll save proportionally as tarjre A
supreme stock of clothln a superior line of
footwear and 3 matchless shaving of furnish
Inc- DItiUtirS W0 Eighth St
e k
J F n013IA50
IKK Illh it nw
For Conitlunttoa
Tbone 1951
LIQUORS Popular brand at ntcretlrff price
Connoisseurs and judzes ot Pure Straight Iljro
Whisky recommend Egalue fie pt JI2J
nt JI50 per al
Twelfth and O Sts X W
Uncle Sam Dont Wear
X S Trus hut he carries as All
t Cushion Truaa ill over the United
w States Utu tromen and children
rear and like them The Air Cushion Iad holm
with romfortr oothlne else will Consultation
and two week trial tree Office parlors trait
ig and consultation rooms on the Sams floor
Catalogue free TIIC ROltICK Allt CUSUIOf
TRCES COUPAXV 1131 V u ntr 2d floor

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