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Second Part
ruicc ij
Entire Shoe
Stock of
Jacob Reeds
Sons at Just
Half Their
Just Think of It
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riilbdilpliu J n HZ lTO
JIc Wm IIjIiii A Co
UiMiingtmi 1 C
Cent Iciikii -A our pffcr
for Uie jMirhac t our
entire Mjoc frtoik has lcn
accepted - vc lute
stated tire jhIikijuI rea
son fr difcont limine thi
brtmli tf uur mine 1s
Ik mi tlie tircful need of
oilier itejtartirvnls for
more jwc t is miiii
li thw coJrrtion ivliuh
prompts us to ihupcc of
tliu extlleiit tttxlt Tlie
roods are all fine n3 of
high prjJr 1lie mens
fjOf apart from the ath
letic fwoJs retailh r at
from 1 to 9 a pair and
the buy hor from iJO
to l
We thip today by Iciina
It It In 72 drj good
er and trurt tbtj will
reach you safeljr and that
jou may met vriih success
in the diTKKal of them
loam erjr truly
j icon iiLEirs sovs
The Quaker City
Sensational Shoe Sale
We have just purchaM d Hi entire siock of Mens and bys
Fine Shoes formcily owned by the well known Mens Outfitting
house of Jacob Heeds Sons 1412J 114 Chestnut St Philadel
phia The superior oualitv of ooK handled bv this old estab
lished house is known and recognized tliiouglioiit tlie United
mam on i
The original price inaiks of Jacob Heeds Sons still ie
these Shoes Our price- shall be exactly ONE HALF
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A Sacrifice
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This sale w ill start with a rush tomorrow inoniing at S
oclock at our Seventh street stoie only We say to you candidly
and most emphatically thai Washington lias never before had
the opportunity of buying such superior footwear at such a pit
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Special Bargains for Men and Boys with Very Narrow Feet
Three Reliable Shoe Houses
ESrRemembcr This Sale at the Seventh
Street Store Only
A Trip From tlc Porlugncse Coast
to the Gundiana
Cadlr tlie SenpoH Founded nicscn
Crnturicn Hcforo - nlrlh of
Clirlnl i llnipe f lnlo Irom
IMileli Cnlniuliin frnllrd on ITI
llrst Vojnsre ot Dlncuitr
CADIZ Spain Dec 21 We arc not do
ing the Spanish lour In the straight and
narrow war of the orthodox guide book
but according to the vagrant fancies of our
own sweet will as to routes and details
Oa the Ignored principle that one docs rot
travel fr to find familiar thing we Ig
nored the comfortable but commonplace
steamers of England and Germany and
took passage at Lisbon on a little Portu
guese cosater whoso Jabbering of strange
tongues unguessable menu and piratical
looking crew each swarthy -villain Tilth a
knife etuck in his bolt a la opera bouile
promised plenty of the spice of life
Thus we sailed down the Tagus and out
to Bca hugging the coast all tho way down
the Peninsula In full view of the dark
Sierra de Caldclrao but slopping nowhere
until after the sharp corner of Cabo do
Sao VInccnte ws roanded thence due
cast along the Province of Algarvc call
ing at many small ports to take on wine
fish oil olives and other articles of Por
tuguese and Spanish trade
Irom Lagos near the Cape to the Gua
dlana Itiver whlUi forms the boundary
line between Spain and Portugal a narrow
gauge railway follows the short connect
ing the coast villages like the beads on a
rosary We religiously went ashore at
each port or call although there Is Utile
In them to tempo the traveler All present
the same general features a sandy beach
fronted with warehouses lighters and
fishing craft one or two straggling streets
lined with whitewashed tile roofed casas
treedy customs officials and undersized
wasp walsted military attaches brave la
biiff blue and green comfortable looking
padres under shovel shaped chapeauz and
half naked urchins with wonderfully bril
liant eyes brawny flsherwomen Id blue
klrtiea and huge felt hats with bare feet
and legs and enormous golden hoops In
their ears conlentdeggarE lounging In
the sun who put on a piteous expression
while whining their appeals por amor
it Sanctisslma Virgin but tale rebuff as
cheerfully as reward anl call on the
saints to bless you all the same
As everywhere else in Portugal the
omnipresent is abroad
In tho land no hamlet being eo poverty
stricken that It has not scores of them
male and female selling halves quarters
even eighths of tickets and finding ready
purchasers Indeed the poorer the people
the more anxious they teem to buy for
Is not the time honored sajlng true To
morrow the wheel goes round Who
knows but some twirl of fortunes finger
will place the grand prize in the band ot
the man who Is hungry today Hope
springs eternal in the human breasts
therefore everybody invests from the
padre under his shoel hat to the cheerful
beggar lolling In the tun
lloKiiltnllt nf tlie People
So beautifully hospitable arc the Portu
gese people particularly those who occupy
that golden mean of station between the
proud but impoverished nobility and the
illiterate peasantry that the stranger who
Is loitering away an hour or two while his
steamer discharges or takes on cargo Is
sure ot being invited Into a somebodys
home to rest under the shade of the corri
dor and refresh himself with a cooling
draught of wine or orangeade He will be
treated with all the courtesy accorded to
an expected guest and when he departs
there will be cordial hand shakes and Xcr
egt commendings to the care of the salnei
King Carlos too contented sutjects may
be shiftless and unprogrcsshe but there
is very much to be said in their favor
Perhaps theirs is the truest philosophy
no kicking against the pricks of environ
ment but accepting with tranquil happi
ness whatever the gods bestow Ilcst Is
in sea and sky and earth and air the
hoary rest of centuries with peace and
modest plenty At their hack doors are
mountains and vallejs green the whole
jear through unftlling in rich jleld nf
fruit and grain In front of them the sea
teeming with food free for the taking
Scarcely comprehending how greater
wealth might be desirable they wonder
why any human being should worry and
strive and as for him or her wl o hur
ries there must be something radically
WTong about so unreasonable a person
To be sure an American farmer with
his mod rn methods would easily accom
plish in half a day more than r gang of
Portuguese farm hands can do in a week
but the former misses altogether the
charming plcturesqueness of pastoral life
During the last thousand jears Portugal
has made not a single Improvement In any
implement or utensil Ground is still
scratched with plows of tho first pattern
made by a man a sharpened root or the
crotch of a tree and it Is dragged by oxen
hitched tandem In traces of braided
straw A dozen men womm and children
consider themselves indispensable to the
tilling of the each short furrow clinging
to tlie plow handles riding upon the beam
goading the oxen and nmld tremendous
shouting and excitement and when a
few feet of the soli have been thus turn
ed over all sit down in the shadow of the
flowery hedge to enjoy a well earned si
esta Why should the hurry when sum
mer never ends and seedtime and harvest
come alike at the will of the planter
Primitive Melliuils In A ukiii
All American cereals grow with remark
able luxuriance In Southern Portugal They
arc cut with the short curved sickle fol
lowed by the gleaners as In the das of
Ituth In the field of IJoaz Corn is pulled
not cut the leaves preserved for footler
the stalks munched by goats and denkejs
and the cobs after shelling used for fuel
Ever farm has Its elra or threshing floor
a circular heap of pumice stone raln
soaked and beaten hird as granite Upon
this the wheat and barley are plied and
over them blind folded cons and oxen are
driven to and fro until the trcaolts has re
leased the lernels In the entlie Penin
sula there Is no other method of threshing
grain The straw Is then lifted off the elra
with wooden forks jnd i rag hoisted on a
stick to find the direction of the wind
This asctrtained the women and girls
range themselves along the windward side
of the eira and toss the grain into the air
tmtii the chaff is blown away
Another Portugese Institution that may
have been borrowed from Moses time is
the Mora or water whccl You n c it
even where along the country roadsides
with blind folded oxen marching round ami
round raising the water which Is sent
through stone troughs to fill the fountains
and feed the irrigating ditches
Late in the afternoon we crossed the
Utiblcon of the Guadlana and left old
Iortugal behind So it happened that In
the glory of a Spanish sunset I caught the
first giimpe of tlie longed-for-land of my
chateau en Espagne cherished since child
hood the only bit of rcn stnle I ever
owned In cloud pictures against the sun
set sky Its shining toners arose complete
With tittkmrnU high In the hush of tlie air
Vn tlie turrets thrp on
appropriately draped in crimson and
gold tho rojal colors of Spain In the
moving panaorama of fleecy tlouds ono
could distinctly trace tho gallant figure of
Don QuIJolc de a Mancha followed by his
faithful squire riding their donkejs full
tilt against misty windmills the mighty
Caliph Abdurrehman rearing Moslem tem
ples for the mail clad CId to destroy and
all the other delights and wonders that be
long to cvtryboJjs imaginary possessions
In Spain
Tbcro was just time before twilight
dropped its curtain on th scene to get a
field glass view of Palos the ancient lort
of southwestern Spain wheneo Conmbus
sallr d four hundred jears ago on his first
voage to America The uliln little stono
Church of St George looking as flesh In
the distance as If onlv veterday the eon
tractor had handed over his finished work
still guards the entrance to the town as
when the great admiral reid from its pul
pit the rojal elu t thai ciilzc n of
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price is
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Mocha Coffee or with each Mb puicliase of 0e Sreiii Mack
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Special sale ban els
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ood ripe California Oranges
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Palos should furnih his cm th un
certain oyngc in carch of nno her uo ld
Taney the terror ami distrcjs I Mte
ton at suti in unexpccto 1 J T ron
icant population There too the con-
cnl chapel ot Santa Clara vihcre Colum
hus and his sailors fulfilled their ycwn af
ter the return from that momentous Ilrst
lojage You remember that a drtadful
storm arose durinp which they promittd
the lllcsseil Vlrfiln that it saved by her
Interposition they would spend the vhole
of their first right ashore i pwer and
praise before her nearest altar Ilistory
iys that Columbus at least performtd his
io to tho letter knecllne al night Ions
on the cold stoue before her 1hi3k in Santa
Two or three miles beyond clear and
distinct on Its breezy hiiltop stands the
old old Consent of La 1ablda whose
counterfeit fiRiirert at our Worlds Ialr In
Chicago a few j cars ago Today passlnp
osr1s rarely touch at Palo because the
aced tonn offers few Indifeiuents lo mod
ern trade or traci mil yi a may cnsii
reach It from Cadiz cltli r on doukey
back niter the fashion of t c country or
In a carrlase Aside front s historic as
sociations it contains nbsr utely nothing
of Interest only one lor stragsllng
ftrcet and a few scattered iiuses climb
ing up the hillside I doubt half a dozen
of Its live or six hundred In hltants cer
heard of Columbus or what he dlscoered
and the ilsilor to Palos brings aay with
lilm besides an extra burden of dust and
fleas a sad Impression of prevailing Ig
norance poverty and sloth
Venernlile tndl
Speaking of antiquity the discovery ot
America only four little centuries ago Is
but as a minute past compared with the
traditions of Cadiz Pounded by Hercules
eleven centuries before Christ was born it
is not only one of the oldest cities in Ku
rone but fully half as old as this weary-
world itself according to the Hebrew
a ships deck in the early morning Its
towers and battlements churches and tall
stone houses glistening like spotless mar
ble lu the sun It looks as if buildcd yes
terdaj Here pen and ink are powerless
to describe It De Amlcis came near the
truth when he said one could not do better
than to write the word White with a
white pencil on blue paper and make a
note on the margin Impressions of
Cadiz It Is a study in blue and white
its regular rows of snowy buildings aloft
on a bold promontory between sea and sUy
tbe color of indigo
I lie CM llitv froiiiiient
Situated at the ixtremity of a long and
narrow- Isthmus connected with the main
land only by 1 strip of rotky earth In some
places not two hundred yards across Cadiz
is practically an Islfnl nearly all its
streets beginning and ending at the ocean
The long surges of the Atlantic beat upon
its we tern and southern ramparts while
the north and east is encircled by the deen
Inlet which forms an outer and inner bay
The clly Is very strongly fortified with
high sea wall bastions forts and watch
towers calling to mind the desolating in
roads of Ilirbary pirates when perpetual
watch was kept and their dreaded coming
announced by slgnal llris built on the hill
Anchored at last In the outer bay jou
climb down into a felucca a queer craft
with an immense triangular sail and tub
like hull equipped with a rudder at both
stem and stern The waves are always
white capped in Cadiz Ilay runted by winds
that sweep the Inlet as through a funnel
and the sail to shore is an thing but un
alloveil delight with a still breeze tipping
the felucca to the punnale Past the
frowning walls of San Sebastian Svnta
Catallna San IVrnando Matagorda and
several other mediaeval forts jou go un
der rusty guns that seem to threaten the
hated American with instant destruction
dltion What its early name may have j The Instant jour feet touch tho shore of
been under the Phoenicians Curthngc
nlans Is not now known The llomans
who captured It three and a half centuries
before the foundation of Uoinc was laid
called it Caddis and made it for a time
the most wealthy and Inportant city of
tlie world Afterward the Coths and
Moors had their turn A it eacli a few
hundred jears and It lias been Spanish
only since 1262 Nor has It belonged to
Spain ever since for Drake Hie English
buccaneer took forcible possession In 1J37
followed by Lord Isicx and a horde of
llritons who plated Its time honored
name Into something like Kales Th
Trench held It n few years In the early
part of the present and Heaven
knows who Its next master may bo when
Spain gets a little more out of jiockct and
With thfse historic points in mind one s
first view of Cadiz The Silver City Is an
Immense surprise You ore prepared for a
sad gray tumble down place but not for
the bright and beautiful allty Seen from
Spain jou realize that you are under not
tho most friendly military supervision
and presently find joursclf In the clutches
of the greediest customs oHiclals in the
world JANXIi II WA11D
I tt IZiilurKe t lie Jnn Iiik ilroiiiul
The Navy Department Is endeavoriug to
securo a large strip of land adjoining the
proving ground ai Indian Head The
ground now embraces 1000 acres but Is
not large enough and about J00 more acres
ate wanted The owners want JJS000 for
the land which is valued at 13000 Con
demnation proceedings may be resorted to
to obtain the laud
llir Vlovenients of Vessels
The following movements of naval ves
sels were announced yesterday The New
York arrived at La Guajra tho Texas
left New York for San Juan and the Mont
gomery went front Kusenada to Monte
video and then returned to Eusenada
Second Part
Mustering Out
t -A quick muster out of certain lines of Shoes Its
t i in accordance with our usual custom at this sea-
son of the year
sharp decisive
a quick response
350 4 and 5
Shoes l
Iboken sizes in
Womens 1
and Shoes These
have been placed on
a bargain table for
easy buying ami
selling Take a pair
if vour sie is here
Tlir llieiioiuennl neeen of a Ilioto
Krniih Mlel Ullgntor Unit niiI
1 IntcrritlnK lllitwrjr TnLlne
THIri m n Fnetor In linking- Pic
ture Ioimlnr I lie ce of Truth
This wholesome sentiment In a recent
art magazine Is worth quoting as it quite
accords with the writers firm faith In
things American Our aim 13 to make It
clear that American art is something
fresh virile and characteristic equaling
in Importance and influence other na
tional schools and Inspiring the world
with hopes for a great twentieth century
Then follows this interesting confession
We are obliged to say that much of the
work that is really and typically American
at present Is being created by men and
women whose names are not yet engraven
on tho enduring walls of fame The hope
of our new art rests on them rather than
oa the more famous ones whose skillful
works ticketed with salon recognition
have no spark ot the American spirit
People who will be pioneers and blaze
the way for those who follow must ever
meet with vigorous opposition from the
conservatives who find It more comforta
ble to accept and defend conventional
standards than to use their brains and
give honor where honor Is due no mat
ter what cherished notions are dissipated
or what gods are dethroned This U an
age of seeking after truth and the public
crown accustomed to revelations In the
field of scientific investigation is ready to
accept new truths about art The public
desia It and thoe earnest students and
specialists who frankly declare tne trutn
on art matters will find friends who will
help them win the battle against the con
Recent exhibitions In Pittsburg Philadel
phia and New York have been widely
commented upon recent and while It is
clear that some of the crltlcsare cau
tious most of tho art reviews of these
exhibitions ring with prale of the younge
men many of them finely equipped with
the best foreign training who have gene
right to nature here at hoTie for Inspira
tion These pictures are a delight and
give one a confidence in native talent and
native material
iir Llojd Ilranson of Know Hie was In
the tlty last week arranging for some
paintings which the PtK toflKe Department
Is to send to Paris as part of Its exhibit
at the coming expo itlon Mr Branson Is
a painter of ability who prefers the quiet
environment of his native town and a good
business connection to distinction th it
would surely have come to him had he
pulled up stakes ten years ago and set
tled in New York when his Academy pic
ture some Tennessee mountain girls of
the Charles Hgbert Craddock type attract
ed the attention there of artists and con
noisseurs alike This picture was pur
chased by one of the Crockers of Califor
nia who became ar enthusiastic admirer
nf the artist and urged him to come to
Xew York The distinguished collector
av in the youns man evidence not ouly
nf talent but that Dranson had a keen ap
preciation of the pluuresqueness of his
mountain ptople
Mr Crocker offered every Inducement to
he artist to come to Xew York or go
abroad and finish his studies but Mr
Dranson preferred to remain quietly at
home and declined the flattering propo
sition In a brief and appreciative note
lifteen years ago Mr Branson and the
writer occupied the same studio In Xew
York where both had come from the
South as students to benefit by a winter
In the great city Ilranton always re
served and cautious worked seriously and
well while many a more brilliant student
became more widely known only to bo
forgotten because the progress In hc
work did not keep pace with his social
recognition Mr Hranson has been ab
sent from the Xorthern exhibitions for
some years now but one can never be
sure that the coming season may not see
one of his serious and excellent American
pictures the talk ot the Academy
Mr Dranson Is a One example also of
one of the two types of American artists
One type Is consumed with an ambition to
be famous and on the altar of art lays
everj thing even to life itself the other
to which Ilranson belongs loves art quite
as much and Is equally Industrious but
For Mens
fan Shoes
Any pair of
Looking for Another
Busy Week
Such value
giving as ours
must be success
ful and the
amount of busi
ness done in the
last few days
clearly proves
the old maxim
that Honesty is
the best policy
Weve added to our alreadv
strong list of TUADE
Embracing AH tie Small LoU
Item 1 512 and
l5o0 Overcoats at890
Item 2 13 and
1S Overcoats at 1090
J Kaufman
1007 Pa Ave
The reductions have been
These Shoe bargains call for
Womens Mack
Kid and Mack
White Red Pink
and Mue Satin
Slippers Just what
you ladies need for
evening wear Re
duced to
Tan Shoes in stock
that sold for ft and
f o IIu manic
Shoes excepted go
Shoes Shined Free 939 Penna Ave I
X l
American Artist Who Really
Enjoys Obscurity
it is for arts o s vect sake because ho
enjoys the work above ail other occupa
What hecomes of the pictures Is small
concern lo him and the thought that they
make him personally conspicuous Is actu
ally distasteful to him And thns it hap
pens that many years ago he associated
himself with a photographer in
Kncxville and Is a partner
painting portraits from life and
pursuing his art studies on the com
fortable Income derived from the business
His position is unique This course Is not
uncommon with artists but such a busi
ness association Invariably destroys tha
art instinct and the artist cease3 to paint
anything of real value Dranson Is with
out ambition either in art or business but
his enjoyment of painting Is as deep 33
that of any man who ever lived That ha
has surprising skill in some directions la
well known to ail but himself It Is doubt
ful If it ever occurs to him to compare hia
work with that of others probably that
would seem to him a waste of time but la
the presence ot a great picture or soma
impressive and paintable scene it is per
fectly apparent how exact Is his Judgment
and how keen his appreciation ot beauty In
form and color His postic sense is deli
cate and refined and his enjoyment of life
full rounded and complete That he is an
obscure genius U not so small a matter
to anj one as It Is to himself
Dranson was relating to the writer tha
history of the now famous negro photo
grapn Alligator Bait a row of smiling
negro babie3 on the shore of a sandy bayou
His partner showed It to him declaring
that it would prove popular and had It
copyrighted Mr Branson took no special
Interest In It regarding it as ciever per
haps but rather low art and this story
is related to show from what very smalt
beginnings very popular pictures grow
This photograph was placed in the window
in Knoxvllle and a prize a few dollars of
fered for the best name that might be sug
csted for the picture Titles came In thick
and fast One young man who was work
ing in a hardware store nearby called la
from the door Put me down for Alligator
Bait and his name was recorded with
his suggestion for a title A committee of
prominent citizens was appointed to deter
mine which among the hundreds of sug
gestions was the winner De it remem
bered that all this time the matter was re
garded as a bit of humor ot only local im
The committee narrowed Its titles down
to three and finally awarded the prize to
tho voung man in the hardware store
This picture has become well kconn from
ono nd of the country to the other The
illustrated papers lme bid very high for
it but the owners win not permit h i
appeai in other fotn than the original
photo sraph Mr Branson savs the s iles
from this one negative Lave reached nearly
The success of this recalls somo
phenomenal recent book sales I -ay
safelv be said that the larger part cf thn
success of tois picture is diia to the cap
tivating humor of the title as was that fa
mous Academy picture of a puzzle 1 old
man examining a stocking In which many
holes had been worn The title was
Xot Worth a Darn
The pceple know what what and thtS as
Inch as mttJrhJie K can Thc m
llatirh btrs are w jopular h that the peo
ple knnw wliafi what and lliat l all one would
tare to kno Phone 631 Arlington llottllnit
Co for a caic ot JIaerzcn Senate or Laser

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