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The times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1897-1901, January 28, 1900, Second Part, Image 14

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Aelscrtlnrmcnl i timlrr lliln licnil
trslll lie limcrlcl for one cent a storcl
Cor each Insertion
VYANTED rxiricntxd white waitress also
white ehtmlicrmald good pasing position
for cook and hiucworkcr pay after position It
emiied THE LUCRO V 1111 O U
WANTED -Good sir or housework bring ref
e 1
N Y at
G L nw
srages 1013 X Yac
MANTED Onera servant colored wttlnl an
excellent place for a good woman Cf1
owe SIM lro pcct ase nw
WANTED Ncat white girl for light liou ework
rood home M4 Bales ft from N Capitol
to 1st sH 1 and iiw
W NTK1 Colored girls liucht drwsriuhtng
cutting designing at NATIONAL INSTITUTE
810 m tt mr - Jt ct
WANTED Ono ladic tailor and one seamstrrss
1511 K ft nw n
WANTED Working housekeeper small wages
good liomr city references Address BOX 4M
this office il
WANTED Good girl for housework brine ref
S00 O tl nw ltrm
WANTED Jiidc i mrtici this week best time
best terms in Jk honl l Milliner- thorough
conseientiotti teaelicr llooitl ivu iiij
ja27 3icm
no washing house lieyond
ja2T 3tcm
WANTED Whlle cook alto white houeuiald
smtll family good home wages 13 and
20 reft Apply Sunday 137 M H nw It cm
WANTED -Neat competent colored cbaiwVrmaul
waltm nurv and cook at once cood
WILL give use of kitchen to responsible lrty
In- ftrn iwMir linmeOlV I mOTnillCS 0 dlU
Ing roolu tatties in house uill give extra ssorklt
WANTED Tcn women lor Mount 1leatint North
west and Northeast Rood wages 300 st
nw jt27 St
W ANTED -Girl to do general housework 1700
Scaton st nw ja27 3t
WANTED An honest cotnpitent woman lor
eral housework 1623 U st iiw t27 3t
WANTED Lady to call on housekeepers and leave
sample and circulars Appl BOOM 3 437
Tth st nw j20 3t
WANTED At PI04 Va ave aw a woman
white preferred for central housework and
slay tiichts in a family of three tmall wanes
and good home laSj 3tm
WAN TK D A r in ts
AGENTS Macnctic hcalinc personal inseuetitm
and lirpnotism hooks free for tamp beauty
power health and wealth for ou earn a a
sure UK I DI1AUN Oroaha Neb It
AGENTS IO0 tnonthlv roetalic bread Iward
sample free IXJKSHEE CO ducinnati O
MANTIXIESS gas burners mantleless gasoline
lamps dependable mantle lamp failures otct
comr MOULT Tatetitee Ugrange 111 It
AGENT -Coin money selling tl J latest great
illusion the endless wire fun and mystery
sample postpaid 10 cents GENE1IAL PLTPLY
ASSOCIATION 157 Dcaibcrn St Chicago lt
AVANTED Ladr cleared P man JllSi last
six months Introducing llolladaya Manel
Waterproof slios polish stlf rfdning rusct and
black whv not youT Demonstrated samples
free HOIJAIIAV CO Itoom 882 1S3 Monroe
L Chicapi sole manfs lt
WANTED- Agents salary or commission 2i
dailr guaranteed 4 new iiatents cverjlody
us sample free BKAI1AM MFG CO II tftJ
Cincirnsti O Tt
tiAllWENBet jelling altidc in tl world
CTarks adjustable mirror easily adjusted
sirmde in tonstrurtion perfect in operation hand
some id ornamental reconmended and in use by
Marshall Held Co Seigle Cooicr i Co
Slandle Bros D 1L Fisl Co Dunlap Co
Hatters the Fair the Hub CTothiers also man
hotels sheatpes birbcrshop private rcsidencw
dr makitc dixtal and bsir dressing parlors
eiclusive terriloiy to good T atles sell on sight
no roupetllian write for terms CIAUK
lnENTIt Owner fl and 11 Mate St top
floor fliuaii It
Wideawake hustlina man in every
town to handle new automatic weather strip
cood profits wiite fcr terms KEI111 MANFC
UIJbhcl 111 It
WANTED lieu and wiarcn to till our gocd
wlicre our agtnts inaLe from is to S3 pr
da write for larticulan ODoBLLSS PLANT
W I0i0 agents to handle the quick sell
iu oueen sslHy pa lamp send stamp tor
Circular Failnrj 24 to SO West lUndolph fL
tUirag III It
AtCVTS gas burner 100 candlepouer
uiibitit mantle or chimin cuts gaa bill lu
to Teaiis lor tli sample TIIE KOYAL M
Wghllgtoiu ttago It
AGirNT MattblCH mantles light thrtmelres
io uutch nesded fend Sic for sample aLd
Dland th ao llival Mantles jl per dozen It
WAN1TD To or three bright widVawake men
to liandle a uvlul article for home cilice
or M Ui 4 arfuait ted villi mifessioual nun
efcrrtd Call CSt Im Capitol M Msnda bt
iween III and 12 a III It
AGENTMokt line of bath esbtneia
or arrnt sold one thousand in four inontlut
Tlir law IN CO 123 Chambers St New York
Attscrtlsciiicnts under tills lieud
rlll be iuaertel for sine cent n trurtl
lur ritcli luarrllou
WANTUI lVllion as lad romtanloti by laarr
from tnmtry basing small child bume want
ed Addrew MltS E- ntemiiy Md It
WANTED- By a lady truni eeuiitry Mlisi as
ladies maid Addrr Mite V KricKll
ilL 11
WANTED -II firl cUM laundrrM waging to
take home or go out by the day 1301 tth H
cw It
I WILL give V and HO er tuohtk as rsdg u rt
tsioM to anyone pouring n a verEnieit
pct tion at 130 or 0 per suuntb Address BOX
CS ibi tlOet It
WANTI3 -By a jwing wlorrd woman washing
and ironing taken in at Lome first -Cast laun
dry ink Call or addrew 1CI0 Coka Place nw
W ANTED By Tcfiued AmeriLan aa working liouse
keejMT of invalids altendnL Address BOX
412 this itne It
WANTED scntnts supplied witl out
charge to ipoyer Tlie LLCBO CO 1111
f st Id floor ltem
WANTED by elderly lady artist
iMtruction gitcn day or night at residence or
ttudio in oil rialntlnc liersoni getting up class
will be Instructed tree and material found
for tale cheap Box 455 thi office
WANTED By steady reliable young lady writing
good rapid business Ijnd position as copy
S1 clerk or companion no objection to travel
jng Box 45C tiiis oliicc lt em
sJJ WANTED Br widow a jdace as housekeeper
i davs work or ofect cleaning good reftL
Apply 103 id n nw lt em
WANTED- II v white girl situation lu lunchroom
P13 r st tye Ucm
WANTED By colored gill place to do general
housework prirale family 17 Chester ct
nw ja26 2ttm
WANTU Horse wagon and harneta for Its Lei p
Irg best of rclcrenccs Addrtas IIOX 74
iJtgdon U C It
Ads ertlacstiesitsi under thla bead
tisSU be Issacrted for one cent a irord
for each liiaertlon
WANTJJI By respectable colored boy place aa
waiter in lunchroom or boarding house refer
ences 4GS Washington t It
WANTED By light tolorcd msn place In private
family boarding house store or hotel Ad-
BOX 475 this office lt
W ANTED Place as cake and pastry baker beat
cf ref Box 4S3 this oSi e ja27 2tcm
Ompelent cervanta supplied without
carge to emplojer THE LLCUD CO Ttll
C 1 id floor lt tm
WANTED llelouchinfr or position ItTaiiy branch
cf iilKt9trtiIifi cciinKlHit Box 457 this
suffice lUem
WANTED By experimoed Jspine e tea merchant
a tituatlun at JIti per month will bring you
Iride Address Box 45L thit cltce It cm
WANTED liy young man clerical position In
clBce Box 448 tlil vnV js272tem
WANTED- -By joung colored man plare to drive
delisery wagon Address Box 448 this office
WANTED By need coltred man place In
plbrobeia supiily tJmper ttote irpairer U
nelrees aL nw jiXtLsra
WASTED Bv reliable Northern eh- posltioa
countrv Ivotel prHerred 1 est of llreftees
Address BOX 117 this oBc jsiJ 4t
Alt cptlNciiicnts timlrr thin licnil
t11I lie Inacrfrtl for nc cent n tToril
for eccli Irmertlon
OClt apedalty i pwitiom with first tla private
familiet and hotels wc Iced comin tnit lut
ltr waiters and housemen and make no iharce
until ixiution is secured THE LLCKO CO 1111
t It
WANTKD SAKS CO want two custom coat
makers steady empkymfnt to competent
oikinen Apply Manager Tailoring Department
jaS9 2t
WANTi InteHitrent ami indutriou younc man
with few hundred dollar for stationery
thip Address IIOX 473 this ofricc U
WANTED larties to imest J150 in gowl parirj
bufiuess murt take actiic art only thoc
meaning buaintsS ticwl addrcrt DON 4C7 thia nf
flee lt
WANTED A maehinL t expert Mr tie mtn goo J
on latlie work Apply MTHEIll XM 4
CAtlll 1S02 I tt nw U
UANTID Traveling salesman for general mer
chants and dry good trade contract for 11KX
give lets and exjierienrr Uoi 3 Detroit Mltlu
WANTED Kxjerieneed cicar salesman colored
laborcnt Hoom 17 035 F st nw ltcm
WANTED CoTored men lor railroad woik in W
Va Apply at 07 N Y aie tie ltcm
WANTED By a joung man a gentleman in
structor in English Address BOX 413 this
office Ja7 3t
WANTED Energetic salesman scboo tuppliea
country work 1W salary- and extra It O
EVANS t CO Chicago 1IL ia0tl4i72S
WANTED Cood baiber steady work
ate nw
1720 Pa
WANTED Cood barter at once Apply 17154
Tth ft nw jai5 Steui
WANTED By coloreil man and wile two le
ment room in payment for senice around
lmue Box 45S thi ciflicc It cm
YOlXfi gentleman desin furnished room iuut
1 reaonable state terms Addrc BOX
47 llii oHic e JaS3t
UANTED One large or two small unfurnbhed
rooms state terms Addresa MItS LEVVEY
IIS F st nw It
WANTEDTwo or three rooms for 1 lu k flat
preferrol must be convenient to departments
Addresi BOX iHH thi cilice JaSS St
BENT 3our snare rooms witliout trouble or pub
licity by calling at our c flice or diop a inistal
and well call method new up-to-date inexpen
st nw ji2 3t
WAXTED ltoom in trood locality on l st for
dentist or light businrsa Address BOX 461
this cftce It
WANTED Three or four unfur rooms heat and
gas price 15 Box 445 th office ltem
WANTED By married couple without children
one or two fur rooms and lioard within leu
minutes walk of 9th st and Pa ase nw state
particulars and terms which must be reasonable
AdJrrw Box 450 this office ltem
waxtisd n i cr cles
GET OUR spot cash offer for your second hand
Wncle before telling CYCLE EXCHANGE
740 loth st nw ja2S St
WE WANT 100 second hand bicttlcs for cash
lie aie an ja3 3mos
avvtiii corxTHY hiai kstatk
I WANT to rent a farm for S years more with
good house and outbuildings wood water
fruit etc near railroad must be a bargain
state distance from railroad station or electric
line and cive amount cf rent and full particulars
Addretn HOME MJEhUI Post Office Box
Washlrgtor D C ja2 3tetn
OWNER of houses rejairs them himself and saves
rnncv will do same for other owners will
call Address BOX 450 this office It
WJL E SHANNON 3 110 C ft Amca Building
jalS tf Telephone 127
WANTED By aingle gentleman room and board
near 11th and L tts Address BOX 477 this
office ja2 lt
WJXTED Board and room In home like prhatc
lanvly within lew blocks oi capttoi se or
sw - Iiy sounr man state terms HU
474 thu oSMU jaii at
WANTED Boom and board by a refined yemey
lady in Gosernmcnt employ terms reasonable
Address BOX 40 thu office It
W ANTED Dtres t from owners Southern 4imlrT
hiKU anno asri ispwrd Addrtes D M
rilEDEIIIKSEN It IO The Temple Chicago It
KOlt AlKilTION A nice baby boy two well
old to a rwpectable Arty Address BOX 109
this ottkT jtt 3t
W ANTED- IluEet tor dub toast I teven feet
lustg or snore Address IKI IN ti office
WASTED To ntu cflate the IstssA rr Ip two frame
houae J B HALIDAY Ns 4S JM at sw
jT Jirm
WANTED lllglsit caati inlee pah for ladies
atsd genla ra oS clothing drop liostsl Ill
ealL B TAHMIES latis 7th sL nw Ja27 Imo
WANTED SiiuU safe rnui Ie in flrtt dass con
ditkm and cheap state prkc and site Ad
dress Box tSt tMs office JiW 3tn
WANTED Secondhand I or 4
electile nwtftr YN LYMAN 1012 ltlli it nw
WANTED At BlVCL slUi CM La ave M bed
roam suits heating atoves idanos organs
stocks of groceries roll top desks showcases for
spot cash storage tl per load 23t
WANTED od secotid hand cflice filturea glre
price description etc Address BOX 470
tills office a20 3t
WANTED For highest c ah prices metal irou
rubber Hier slock machinery tools etc
Ja21 tf
WANTED Highest cash price paid for ladles
and gents cast tO clothing drop l oital Ill
esIL U TABSIIES 130S Tth St nw de271mo
UIGIIKST price psld for second hand bicycles
sbo taken on storage 4i bth tL nw
101 BENT Front room for twu with
board 37 per month S02 11th sL nw
J2b t
THOMkS C1RCIX Double rooms with Imard
f5 per inrnth up for 2 also tingle rooms
with board 123 ier day 1332 Mass ate
FOB BEST Large fur prlor for 2 gentlemen
with board 35 per month also 2d Jwr
room with board for one 13 per inontlu 1J
tth st ne ja27 3teiu
FOB HUNT Nicely furnished room southern ei
posure with lioard 3d floor also back par
lor nicely furnished with home comforts S3S
East Cai st lt tra
FOB KENT IS Grant Place
class board
Iter week 615 1st st ne
fur rooms first-
li 3tem
BOOM and board 1 per week table board J
JItl Stern
DELIGHTFUL second story front room large bay
window cnnlooking Washington Circle good
fable reasonable rates 2313 Pa ate ja25 7tem
BOOMS AND BOA II D ti a week consenIentts
business people and all amusement
lARS HOTEL C43 Ij ave JaI57t
IIOTEI TIIYSON 7tli and P tts nw flrst Uass
meals 1 per week lioard and room 5 and
upward E WOOUS Manager js25 Ct
218 INDIANA on F sL car lint opposite
Judiciary Square trauoincd looms good
table deSblmo
tOLLOW TUB CROWD and you will certainly
brlrg up at the Ccnca SO0 and 80J 12th
at satisfy your appetite only H table board
c qusl to any f4 a week in th United Slstea
plenty fruit pure cream and butter steaks and
chops all imlled beautiful rooms a ra L
reasonable met to translerta r IL MOORE
Her pLcr 1287 ocl8 tf
roii iiiT sToiin anu dviiiiu
FOR Itl VT Store and duelling Wyle sL he
10M per month OWNElt SO II st nw
FOR RENT Rtorc and daelling 67 II St II
opiioslte Co rrintlnr Office 10 rooms rent
Enquire Bl It I sve nw a7Jtem
FOR RENT Second floor fist four rooms and
Uth re nt reasonable Enmilre 20D7 lath
st nw i28 Jt
FOR REvf Rasemriit three doora norlli
of Pcnn are other rooms for rent 211 tj
rntt lirvr Viirniheil rooms heat gas and
bath reasonable M4 10th st nw jalSSt
FOR KENT Leircc comfottably fumihel rooms
second and third floor front hot water heat
7M 3d at nw jg 3t
FOR RENT 1118 O sL nw nicely fumUhed 2d
story front rooni Ja2 3t
FOR RENT Two large basement rooms furnished
or imfttrnihcl a business or dining rooms anil
kiteJien large bc droom bath on same floor 415
4th st nw ja23 3t
FOR IIEXT 1207 0 st nw a large totilh front
hall rooiru a-3-
FOR KENT Furnished rooms with beat and gas
125 and LW fir week 2151 l st
ja2S St
FOR KENT Warm fumuJicd 5 or l per
we ck with IViard boy or gentleman 1120
131h St nw 3 3t
FOR KENT Comfortable rooms l W and 5
beat and gas 022 11 1U nw ja25 3t
YOU GET suited In rooms and save time trouble
monev by calling and taking advantage ct
our up-to-date metliod THE TOURISTS GUIDE
CO- US F st nw jaitl St
FOR KENT Front room furrdshd second Hoof
6 PCS 5th sL nw a2S St
FOR RENT One or to furnished rooms cheap
to desirable parly 528 tj St sw Ja2S 3t
FOR KENT On February 1 second floor front
room 715 11th sL ja2jlt
FOR KENT Urge second story furnlhe1 room
private bath steam heat 15 moih 421
Cth St nw Ja27 Stem
FRONT room for rent on 1st floor with hoard
1017 121h st nw ja27 3tca
FOR RENT 1110 4th st nw nicely furnished
room in private family also stable
FOR KENT Two large communicating furnished
or unfurnished rooms svith heat gas and
lialh for light housekeeping Id floor cheap
2117 Pa ave nw It cm
FOR RENT Nice fur room 1 per week r19
N It nw ja27 3tem
FOR KENT At 117 st nw 3 front rooms
all m i price l if3 10 heat gas
Ia27 3tetn
1XR RENT Nice fur room on 1st floor for one
or more 4 IS 2d ft nw ja27 3tem
FOR KENT 720 10th St furnished heated front
room cheap ja27 3tcm
C21 1STII ST N W Two nicely fur communicat
ing front rooms 2d floor abo front on
1st floor suitable for office with or without
board ja27 3tcm
TOR KENT Urge svarm fur luck room 2d
floor sery reasonable 207 G st nw
FOR RENT Niccly rur well heated rooms 5
tier month 511 Cth st nw ja27 3tem
UsUGE nicely fur front room 2d floor suitible
for two with or without lioard rsfs ex-
changed Apply 1110 N Y ave mr ja27 3tem
FOR KENT Three rooms fur hefed lighted
5 10 J12 rets 221 E sL nw ja27 Stem
TOR RENT Nicely fur 21 story room for 1 or
2 gents all cons- on same floor opposite
Pension Office 021 tth st nw ja2 iem
FOR KENT Nicely furnished front rooms J5 and
J10 719 tth st nw ja7 3t
FOR RENT Two furnished or unfurnished rooms
2d floor tingle or en suite htst gas and
bath 703 2inh st nw Ja27 3t
rOR RENT Three 2d floor rooms fur or unfur
heat gas and bath 420 Mass at nw
ja20 3tcm
220 11T11 ST S 11 Two large rooms batli heat
gas furnished complete for housekeeping
la26 3lem
TOR RENT Front room furnished second floor
042 N V- re nw liawt
FOR RENT Three furnished or unfurnlsaVd roomJ
complete for housekeeping 125 C at ne
jaJO St
TOR KENT Large loom futttUied suitable for
to with board 100S 0th St nw ja2Kt
FOR RENT T9 or three connecting rooms sec
ond floor sonth front 707 II st rw j23t
TOR REXT Dclightfulroilt toomi first class
Iward r at nw laSO St
FOR ItEXT IjJsc front joony wflJjfatefH W
month sinele room 1 17 E st nw ja2 3t
FOR RENT Elegant down twn rooms facing
ave new furniture ctcry convenience l5e
week up S37 Pa ase nw Ja25 3tcm
FOR KENT Comfortable furnished rooms in ele
gant bouse splendid location heat gas and
bath icjwrallc rales 21 IV El nw
FOR KENT 218 New Jersey ave 1st id and
id floors furnished cr unfurnished to suit
terms moderate furnace heat all conveniences
central location J21 it
FOR KENT Fur room J per week cossenlciit
to business young men and ladies
LORS 013 U ire Ja23 7tcro
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms 2d am Id
floors also parlor furnished or unfurnished
hot water heat C37 I st nw ja23 7t
LOST Betoeen Rosslyn and Dr Talbctia on old
Georgetown Itoad white lox terrier wltit
brown sot Liberal reward will be luid for his
return to 1217 1 st nw It
LOST Small black dog answers to name Dixie
liberal reward lor his return to SI I T st nr
LOST Small watch and pin set with peatlt
tween tth St and Kanns store Reward it
returned to Orsid opcia llou lox office laSZ ot
tuUNll lev T -am puie iM Oellcvus 7UC per
sve nw Theme SKL leJMI
FOR SALE Good a in I six room flat at low
LORS 1309 r It Iw Ja2e 3t
WANTED CTtlt tirstlass pension siill exrliangu
to sniBton office or uongriaaioui 1 iirary set
drt BOX 471 this office U
LOOK Onlv place In Hie city for lamp repair
ing 721 13th st nw JaH7teni
FURS remodeled to present styles collarettes J3
cuata relined 75 cents sieves remodalrd tl
coats ahoitencd and scalloped JLOO 715 lltl st
nw ltem
WE MEND dam and repair ladies and gents
clothing of all kinds WASHINGTON 1IENI
ING PARLORS B31 K sL nw Ja27 3t em
DRESSMAKING all branches
10O0 E sL rw
prLe reasonat le
l ra
NOTICE To those who wear custom made shos
it you haic tender or crippled fret or adnre
a neat and stllUb shoe and have been dlsjpjKii it
ed by others give me a trial I will guarantee
satisfaction or rrfund inonpy Special attention
glieu to ladies who are particviar about their
footwear L BUDUBIS Boot and choc Maker
aw 11 St nw Flrst clat mulling In all Its
branches aI3esatlw msunlw
Jl Piano and organ tuning 1 factory pxtwrt
J AS It DUBITV 305 12th t se ja27 3t
PIANO AND MANDOLIN Sic leason at studio
MISS U L IL CIO 0 st ac Ja7 3t
UPHOLSTERING mattress makirg chair caning
a specialty F V MKDIKLIIT 1315 Wh at
nw ja27 3t
Daiiseu o Residence and aeadem 1213 12th
st nw Caution protect yourself fmm incom
petents JIUs Ionardo Is the only teacher in
Washington leaching under diploma of Na
tional Association Maiters of lUncicg Her
father Is nuiierilKir for this Ditric Mils Leon
ardo will teach you to wsltx properly a26 3t
WANTED Five private evening students book
keeping or mathematics individusl inslruc
Hon ti per month flie lessons a Aeek W P
P1EUSON 143 A ft ne ja25 i
YOU ABE throwing money asy il you get yur
paiiering or pauitlng done Utote jou get Uv
estimate 1 say to alt honest Ivople if our
work Is not satisfactory dont pay lur It RICH
ABD a BVNEX Mb and II sis ne jll liuj
YOUR picture on a button 10c mads and finish
ed while you wait good cabinet photographs
Ose lier dtiien FLYNNS 459 Pa ase jalMcno
LOOItl LOOKII IjOOKIII Ooodrich tires s wr
pair put on Hartford tirra No 77 A50 ptr
tV and Maine ase aw ja 3mos
nw Any ordinary clock cleaned c watchea
cleaned C0u up musical box repairing and all
other work low In proportion satisfaction
guarsnteed send postsl will call tor and deliver
trc e to any part of District Jt3 lmo
1S00 visiting cards 25c for 100 other pilot
leg cheap names on leather gcadi in gold 25c
racb a r WILLIAMS U5 7tb aL nw dcl7 tl
iOR SALE Male canaries from ft OO upwards
f oJdAtbca cats parroti dogs rabblu etc
EClltilDS 3IRD faTOItE 7L 12th at nw
COHEN 1101 7th IL cw
roit itiT UNruitNisiinD litmus
FOR RENT Three unfurnished tommunlratlns
rooms recrlnd floor heat ga and bath 1
h k 1117 Sth st nw ja2S 3t
FOR KENT llirec delightful unfuinWied rooms
on second floor heat gas and lath terms
rraonabIc 30il7thlt sw jal 3t
1XIR RENT Tro ilirgr connecting uiifurnlsheil
rooms suitaole for light housekeeping 15
heat and gas free 113 2d st ne jalS St
FOR KENT Two or three unfur rooms newly
papered large1 clffcls southern cxKsure
well kept hoiioc light bouekeeping C12 M tl
nw ltem
FOR RENT Unfur 2d floor 3 rooms heat gas
hot water newly pilrtcii and paperid 1J7
Ind ate ji27Stem
FOR RENT Three uiifuinUheil 2d floor rooms
reasonable US II st ne Ja27 3t
FOR ItENT JlieapT two nlceIarge unfurnllied
s rooms light houtkeeping or same tw o fur
nlheil near car line 42 S nw ja2d 3tem
FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms suitable
for light housekeeping gas and heat 15 In
adrance 1140 Cth St nw jaB 3t
FOR KENT Three unfjr rooms light house
keeping 230 Id SL ne ja25 3tem
FOR KENT Two unfuriiiihcd second story front
rooms I h k 1019 O St nw ja25 4t
nisivnss ciiancis
OUR BOOK GOUltlAI free siiving how
sou can make from 25 to 5fl ler cent month
ly on your money wrile lor IL NATIO I TURF
IXiESTMENT CO Incortioratedj 107 Dcarlmrn
Chligo It
SIoiio Millinery elegant trade making money
syxjo Gioecry meat cash trade doing 20
Icr day
SiVi Confectionery doing good business snap
S200 Lflnehrciom colored rtukirjr money
If sou want to buy or sell anr kind of business
see CHALMERS OMOHUNDRO Room 9 615 017
lltlt st nw
WANTED To buv saloon for rash from 1500
to give tull particulars Address BOX
102 this office JJ2S 31
The Jefferson Park Hotel andsprlng one
mile from Untvcrlty of Va house furnished
througliout electric cars JEFFERSON PARK
CO Charlotte ville Va
OWING to inability to handle business alone will
taka in Kirtner mut be mau of ability and
character Hoc 452 this office ja27 3tcm
CIGAR STORE dealing 150 month grocery
store doing 1500 month btiness insolee
2t price tiX ijuick DLNLAI 900 F sL
FOR SALE A good paling ami increasing busi
ness everything new good reasons fur sell
ing Apply on premises cor 13th and C st
nw Ja27 3tetn
1500 WILL buy a well established svlplenle
grocery and manufacturing biwine splendid
investment for active man sickness rrason for
felling Address Box 417 this office Ja27 3tem
FOR IIENT Cheap 411 G st nw 2 offices
store or shop Apply OWNElt c4 llth st
nw jl27 3t
FOR SALE-Old-established c onlrctioLery and ice
cream manufactory Including gas engine ic
cream machine Ice cruher tubs and cans bake
house utensils showcases tsbles and chairs one
business waeron etersthinir In complete order
price x For further particulars addressJIOX
si mis onice ja jb
WANTED Laterer lo take haement and kitchen
house filled ivilU Iwardeis 1107 10ti tl nw
WANTED A nutner with about 1000 to con
tinue an oblsUblUhed end Iegltitutte rurin
business Address BOX 136 this otHcr jaJ7 3t
WANTED Toiuycfor cash a saloon or restaurant
doing paylr business Address BOX 439 this
office Ja27 3t
TOR SALE Suall Job printing office Arplr 1010
St ave an- i Ja27 3t
FOR SALE LuTfcTirooin fixtures and sundries
cheap SOW M IL nw ja27 3t
FOR SALE Saloon 7th St near market finest
chanci in city W J DUGAN CI7 IX aie
Ja27 St
FOR SALE Salobri centte of city cheap rent
price ibcju iv J iiiaian tiii u ase
ja27 St v - i
FOR SALE 5aloon one pf the finest comers
Southeast hlcti comrnamls the finest trade
the only rea 5n for selling the owner CcimiolIed
to leave cifyi J HUOAN 017 La ase ja7 3t
FOR KALE Mea roule lwrse wagon harness
and tools complete 100 2001 llth st nw
FOR SALE Meat and provision store good stand
price tito Call 2ai3 P it nw ja2 3tn
FOR SALE Oyster hoisv cheap if sold at once
Apply at snoe stoic an ntti t nw
450 daily receipts IIS
to WJ rent SI0 1 LLTON IU GORDON 1100
G St nw ja2S 3t
GIIOCEKY l5taUlshri 2i years owner retiring
price 2500 cigar store low teiit for 75
azu 3t
FOR SAIE f1gar tlA stationery store bargain
319 ra fire nw jasKit
IOR SALE Harness shop Iwtwren two livery
stables Addres BOX 4B Ihis office J2 3t
FOR SAIE Prooery store at 404 Wilton St nw
m reasonanie oner reiuseo come ipiuk
ja2 3t
FOR SALE Pool room and cigar stere a good
chance cause of selling other butinesa 1011
II st ne ja20 3t
FOR SALE Grocery store and fixture In nw
WW Box 422 this ctfHc jJiV3tcm
10R SALE 150 old established oyster bouse
can at iiws - st nw ja3 Etem
TUB finest stock sjttem In existence lardtt
sssurrd incbus aad guaranteed principal
di t
rou saii 2S1sckiiamois
FOR SALE No 21 Columbia sit isr was 3
now 1215 mtiI adileesK will cell KIM
MICK 612 G nw jam St
FOR SLE Ne atly new gas rarge at liall price
only 7 Call tin st se it
I OR SALE 15 gaL steam laid keltic li sal
steam lard kettle 5 liorfe lKmer Wiriaiit
iwiler and Attires complete Cinilerella range
331 Delaware ase sw ja2S 3t
FOR SALE Dress gooiN silks lace curtains
t ere blankets coiiuorl men clotluiur
caiies csuts skirt etc on weekly payments
iimp postal i can iurni csiit ziu isj st
nw i2s Ut
FINE I1IUIIS IlarriJ Plymouth Rck and light
Brahma Cockerel l each J II IKXIAN
Rirerdale Md ja 3t
FOR SsIJJ One snull foeit Nwer priiulnir ptess
and 13 styles ot awirtni tyi 25 icy litis
st nw It
FOR LK At balgain fundturo of ls sxuu
lou central leKatlon 10 rooii tenter lo
permaiieiit jieople Address BOX IGI this office
FOR SALE One New lloiuc I2 Singer improv
ed alO lluusclioiu eiu isiieeler s uiison
7 Singer N F 1 Hartford 5 5 years
guarantee lUXKS 327 O st se ja27 3tem
FOR SALE A very old violin worth t50 well
sell lor 73 eay terms rici a at se
BARGAINS In Sewing Maeitltite A few slightly
used standard retire machines that hate been
used lor trial and lentlng puriHis evribody
knows what tlie jstanilanl i fins opn riunity
is not offered every day be quick hTAMlAKD
SEWING MACHINE CO 002 9th st nw JO-
SEIll II FISK Mur a27 ltem
ltK SlLl Contents ot nicely fur 4 room flat
conbtIi4r ol bedroom suite chairs rockers
31 range tables desk couch rarets etc pur
chased new i months ago desiring to leave city
will sacrifice to Iiiiineuiaic purchaser AiMresa
Box H9tliia office ltem
FOR SALE Sates 10 safes opened and npjitrl
1313 F tli J427 31
FOR SALE Fine pianos 15 up on 1 weekly
lasmcnts famous makes of squares such as
Bradbury Knabr tteimvay Cliickeiliur llalnw
li Vrr richer liniler Mart with one of these
and well take It back at full value any time in
exdiatgo lor4new upright F CI SITII 1125 Pa
aie jalS tfem
FOR SIIK Fine Ire 4ui S0JI Snl driver
320 S Cap st se Ja20 3trm
seen sttK S55 Standard eewlnsr machine nitkle
tiimmirsrs new 15 bather chair jsio
Pa ate L
FOR SALE -Mounted buffalo head dcers ells
moose and othrr animals and hlrdi
SCIIJUDS Taxidermist 712 litis St Iiw
FOR SALE Diamonds watencs Jewelry easy
payments will call with samples F st
jewelry bouse Address Box 191 this office
rOR SALE HI hair inatticssea in two paits
lounges 275 9 cook and heating stores 3
psrlor and bedroom suites 1 per week we are
after furnishing your house cash or credit RED
MOM 311 and 313 7th sL nw del tfem
OR SALE Coke oten cole better than gta
coke 20 per load rt and se 27 per
load northwest and southwest orders looked at
00 F sL nw cash with order de7 tf
FOR SALE OooJ lullllj rpaaut lhadea Btttd to
your windows only tec the but Quality
ail enaeue akadea o9 cecta hurnr fiel will call
srlth taroples KLKLilLATTi lilt UJ II stst
ct autt tl
Sailing Wedncsdats at 10 a a
Every Wedneadar at U noon
riern 14 and 15 N R Otnce 73 Broadway N Y
IMladelphis OlBce 305 37 Walnut St
Or W G MOSS ArenL at Sanders t Staynuaa
1327 F st nw
Norfolk Washington
Steamboat Co
Every day In the year for Norfolk New
port News and all points South by the
superb powerful steel pslace steamers
Newport News Norfolk and Wash-
Ingon on the following schedule
Waslilngtono30 pm
Alexsndria700 pm
Ft Monroe700 am
Norfolk 00 am
lcrtsmoutliS15 am
Lr Futtsmouth5W pm
IT Norfolk 5 IS pro
Lv Ft Monroe C45 pm
Ar Alexandria B30 am
Ar Washington700 am
Tlckcta on sale at 817 Ienn ave B and
- O ticket oKlce tts Pcnn ave and corner
- 15th st and N Y ae C k O ticket of-
- flees at 513 Pcnn ave and 600 llth -
- 8 A I ticket ofllce 1131 N Y ae and
- on board stesmers
XiTpor further Information apply at
- eral offices 7th sL wharf Wash D C
- Phone 750
9 tf JOHN CALLAHAN Central Manager
Ileal Ilstatc Hrokcr nml Aiictleinccr
917 F Street N W
017 Sth st f h Cr lot 19x100 ft 803
1133 tth f h 5r lot 15xK ft to alley 30011
1109 to 1113 30th Sr Uth and a m 1 each 3000
1123 9th f II Or lot 11x31 ft 3001
2018 2d f h Cr large porch 1701
1337 5th at f li Jr lot lilsSO It 1700
1412 17th b li 12r lot 25x110 it offer wanted
2124 8th f b 5r lot lOslll It offer wanted
339 N b h Cr and bath 2500
419 10th b h Ir and back building 1701
312 and 311 M t IiV 5r each stable lwth 5M
301 K f h sir and dwg br 333
1 1 15th st b h Cr bath and a m 1 2400
727 16th st f li 6r lot 23xsl lJM
1138 5th b h 2 stories Sr lot Uxl05 ft 1401
115 R st h li IOr bath and a m I 10000
204 A b h llr bath and a m 1 900D
213 N J ate b h llr bath snd a m 1 70V
Intersection of Virginia ave and I St 5574
sq ft svith improvement renting for
12 per month COOO
SIO X tr ave b li 9r bath a m 1 0000
333 E b h Cr and a m I 3040
311 and 323 D b hs Or each Each 3000
1301 3d at b h Sr lot 5ll0O ft 2101
415 I f h Cr lot 2 vH It 1009
1112 K f h Sr lot 20x102 ft 1
1131 N J are b h 4r 15C 0
120S K st nw 12r CiM
2155 L st nw llr fur unfur 30 59
3b Est nw 9r 25 50
Upper- pjit and l to mi first floor 1001 P
st nw 13V
213 I at nw 3r 15 30
KO Va ave fx 4r 15 00
West flat 207 It tr nw 4r 15 00
412 Washington st nw 4r II 00
517 S st nw 5r 13 30
1003 N J ase nw 6r II 25
313 22d ft nw Cr low
132 J sL ne 5r 10 DO
1320 29th St nw 5r It 50
1140 N It ave nw 4r 9 30
622 314 ne tr S 30
313 K C are sc 4r 7 7 CO
617 Blair Ooutt nc 4r 7 SO
712 Rock Creek Church Koad 5r 7 00
613 Burks Alley sw 4r G SO
1113 Q st no Ir 8 GO
Call at office for semi monthly Bulletin
Ill II MALE 1 1 OVS C3
Louis D Wine Co
Real Estate
1304 F Street N W
We have an cpjvn on 50 aires of land in the
D C bcwutifuUy iuated n ar thoroughfare and
electric cars at a price that will justify caps
talits to intest IN ill nuke money for you
while you sleep
13 r b h on ave rpNntie a park tented
for S5 per mo a turgsin at lUO
A nice little borne bckk on loth st nw
Lot worth the irwaey siuall cash pay
ment required 4000
Cheap economical butldiDg lut cm B near
4th ne i
One id the mot dir14e wr hilt n Mas
ave near DuiMint Circle see us
Frame house cor 10th ami W uw hit Skit
to alley gcod lnHinces corner lose rent-
el at 1750 300
Six biick and ttenc front liou ea 6r hkmI
all rrntrsl will exehaBge fvr usiinprvvril
grciHTid goixl lecatlon
9 r briek W iear llrh mod 7500
House near I S CapiM desirable for
mnnbrr ot ngrtss cost owner 10IXO
will sell for SWA
Good Kics idasr llb ami 19lh
nw lot cheap witliosit Itome rented 2100
3 story stone front on It near SOtli nw
cost owner 9501 want money and will
sell for 8000
Splendid 13 r b on Washington Hciirhts
2 liaths Oni died in nrt euisa oilier to le
appreciates nut In seen 12000
You must si r our lovely bouse on Frincctmi
t Columbia IMghts It r 3 lutlw it
will surely plea e you 11000
A loveh resiieiK e with aliit lu acres of
land at lljsttsville Mil will eietunge
for an equity in gml lioiie in
Ington D t
Whole ft ot ground in lltnttililli at 5c
Kr ft ut might make ll pleasant and
prof tahlc to a builder
We are ieadiiarter lor single and desir
able lol in lliatcvillr lie sell farms In
Virginia and Maryland ja2S 3t
cjiflV 75c up HAYS Punter SIO F st nw
FOR KALE To colored piirtluir flue corner
ncrlhnest inlern brick 2 story o rooni
hou 1 street pays 8 er cent on price 3000
ABRAHAM FlallKH 511 K it nw JaI7 3tem
FOR SALE -To colored piirrhj er moeleni G rooni
brick house on 3d street Le Droit Park
500 eay terms AltKAHAM FISIIEK 312 E
st nw Ja2MIeni
FOR SALE 13 inrcent net imetmeut 8 houses
on L st se renting at each sold at a
sacriflce on asv term for iKi0 ABRAHAM
FISHER ftli E st nw ja27 3tem
FOR SALE SoutliwMl btick dwelling L5r
only cash 13 monthly ali B rnom
and Uth brick northwest 25 only t IX
caili 15 loonthlv alvi br k store dwelling
and sljbte liorlhcat 2 only P cadi la
monthlj tt C HALIIEM X 717 lllh si
ja27 3lin
FOR SAIK llig tMrgaiu only 15o eall rMfiiied
a larxe 5 rooni frame- lu tirU clai
Hon lot 25 It front by 6H ft deep to a 30 ft
paved alley stable a splendid lianee for a liouie
or llrst rla insestment atMi aet of title to
date without unv charge bieali I3lli st nesr
Pa ase price lWi will loan purchaser
1400 en the proitv JOHN II OlHLSNEIL
302 Pa aie se ja27 3t
FOR hMK -Dwelling ctna t proirty
In Mahiiigton fine h rooru brjel ImiIi
cellar furnace Luge luek jard near
cars ne PoWKIU W N V aie nw
JaiB etem
FOR Elegant lut on liilney ave SJxll
ft iiuproseil by small frame hoie e iiier
350i JOS A BUIIKART 01 Coii otan iM
FOR SALE 4H llth tl se rent 10 1250 Unci
N J ale se 8 ieliu lent 10 1300 large
lot 1001 2d st se Louse awl lot 100 JOHN F
FOR SUE A tiargaiii small eah payment
anee 25 per month G roimi ami bath a m
t just ccunpleleil lulf square from ears wide
parcel alley granolithic lidenslk price 3000
Apply lo owner PERCY II HImLLI ia G
St nw jatl 7t
WM R SHANNON 1110 CI St Ames Building
JalS tf Telephone 427
FOR KEVT Paity giving up houekreping will
rent reslden e nortlniest fine onler e arpcts
and sluilcs incloeleel good terms Address IV V
47 tils oHiee Si
FOR KSNTwTirsfV ne 0 roum brick 1150
41 6i st sw ff rooni Irsme 12 leys next
door ja27 Slen
FOR RENT J0 house 513 F st ne 7 nwmj
a m I ja27 3t
FOR KENT Only 1330 a chance to rent cory
G ruoru brick on a paved street 013 llth St
jald Stem
FOR RFNT 13M New Jersey ave corner house
snull rcOned family 930 house open
Washington Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway
From Sttlcn 1JVJ St and Pa Avenue
In Effect November 1 199
For Alexandria week days fJUJO 701 7S0
ow oj ssv vt ju wj iiw llilj a m
11205- 1220 1215 xl23 115 200 210 323
359 i13 iir s05 x310 640 604 630
OT 733 300 900 1000 1120 1159 p m
KtmrlStr f JC nVs nic main tl i -
1200 noon KM 130 215 300 345 430
600 643 730 815 900 1000 11
p m
For Mount Vtrncn week days 030 800 10CO
1100 mt xi205 xlM 200 210 359 706
9C0 p m
Suneys B00 1200 noon 215 3t5 643 B00
p m
For Arlington and Aqwdxrt Bridge week
dlr 800 859 923 1000 H0O a m 1203
1243 - 200 -210 415 505
601 630 703 800 p m
Sundays 743 900 SIJ 1030 II U a w
It- 2a 3 215 300 313 430
515 60O 645 730 S1J p ra
rarcets carried on all trains Baggage checked
xExpress To Arlington only
t VIN SuperintendeaL
O E ABBOT Presidrat
rosTOFiicn notice
Siiould lie read daily as changes may occur at
tny time
FOREIGN MAILS are forwarded to the ports of
sailirar daily ard the schedule cf closings Is ar
ranged on the prcaumption of their uninterrupted
overland tranrlL For the week ending Fsbru
ary 3 IKS the last connecting closea will be
mace from this ctuce aa follows
Trtiiia Atlnntlc 3nllM
MONDAY c At 915 p m for EUROPE per
I t tiler Irom ew torg via mm Hamp
ton and Bremen
TUESDAY Ccl At 013 n m for EUROPE
per a St LouU from New York via
c At 1105 p m fcr DEUHUM direct per
a a Suuthwark from New York via Antwerp
Letter must be directed Per s s South-
WEDNESDAY c At 915 p m for ntANCE
t La wmanuie Horn lew lorn via
Havre Letters for olbe parts- of EUROPE
mut be directed Per a a La Normandic
FRDAY c At 1103 p in for AZORES ISL
ANDS direct per a a Tartar Prince from
New York
c At 1103 p m for NETHERLANDS di
rect per s s Maasdam from New York
via Rotterdam Letters must be directed
Ter a s Maasdim
e At 1105 p m for EUR07K per s
Teutonic from New York via Queenatown
c At 1105 p m for ITALY per a s
Werra from New York via Naples Letteri
must be directed Per a a Werra
c At 1103 p m fr SCOTLAND direct
per s a Ancholia from New York via
Glasgow Letters must be directed Per s
a Anchorla
e At 1103 p to for NORWAY direct per
a s Hikla from New York via Christlania
Letters must be directed Per a a llekla
PRINTED MATTER ETC Oerman steamers
sailing from New Yoik on Tuesdays take Printed
Matter etc for GERMANY and specially ad-
iln wil Piintcd Matter etc for other parti ot
American and White Star steamer sailing
from New Ycrk on Wednesdays German steamers
from New York on Thursdays and Cunard
Flench and German straniers from New Ycrk on
Saturdays take Irinted 3Iatter etc for all coun
tries for which they are advertised to carry mails
3Iisilit feir South mill Crntrnl America
West Inille i Ktc
SUNDAY 0 At I0U a m for NA HAIT N P
per steamer frost Miami lis
MONDAY c At 1105 p in for LVAGUA
vetnon from New Ycrk
TUESDAY itl At 020 s m fur PERNAMBUCO
and SANTOS sr a s Kafflr Prince from
New York tetters for otlier parts of Brazil
and LA PLATA COUNTRIES must be direct
ed Per s Kafflr Prince
h At 230 p ra for JAMAICA per steam
er frem Boston
c At 1103 n m for CENTRAL AMERICA
except Custa Rica and SOUTH PACIFIC
PORTS per f a Finance from New York
via Colon Letters for fir sTFAtlLA must bs
directed Per a a Finance
c At 1103 p m for POPTO RICO per
11 S Transport from New York
e At U0 P to for ST THOMAS T
ANDS ir s rontabcL from New York
e At 1103 p ra for CAMPACHE CHIA
PAS TABAeC and YUCATAN per a a
Orizaba from New York via Pro ares Iart
ters for other parts of MEXICO must be di
rected Per s Orizaba
ci At 1103 p m for PORTO RICO per
a s Afar from New York via loiH e
WEDNESDAY f At 1030 a m for NASSAU N
P per ateamer from Miami Fla
c At 1103 p to far JAMAICA per ateam
er from Philadelphia
Cc At 1105 p m for BERMUDA per a a
Orinoco from New York
e At 1100 p m fee NISSAU N P and
s Saratoga from New York
TIIIRSDAY fc At 1103 m for BELIZE
a Har sa from New York letters must be
directed Per f t Hana
e At 1105 p m for JAMAICA per r
Erna from New Yoik Iattrra must be di
rected Per a s lina
FRIDIY e At 1105 p m foe ST THOMAS
ISLANDS and DEMEKARA per I s Jladiana
from New York
e At It 03 p ro for FORTUNE ISLAND
GREYTOWN per s t Alene irom New
York Letters for COSTA RICA must be di
rected Per a s Alene
c At 1105 p ro for HAITI per I s Dean
from New York via Port au Wince letters
rected Per s t Dean
c At 1105 p in for NUEYITAS GIIIARA
i a Olinda from New ioik
SATlRDAY 0 At 1030 a m fcr NASSAU N
P ier steamer from Miami Fla
SVNDU h At 1200 in for ST
it steamer from HainTav So
Mail for NEWFOUNDLAND by rail to North
Sidney and thence via steamer close here daily
except Sunday at 1200 m and on Sundays only
at 1130 a m d li
Malls for MIDUKLON by rail lo Boston and
thence via steamer coe here daily at 315 p
ro d
CUBA M VIES ebse here via Port Tampa Fla
Sundays Wednesdaye Thursdaij and Fridays
at 220 p m I
Via Miami Fla Mondays Tuesdays and Sat
iiiOjis at 1020 a m f
Mails foe MEXICO omlaml unless specially
addressed fur desiatc If by iteamern sailing from
New York chee here daily at 103O a m snd
100O p in k
CORTEZ and GUATEMALA by rail to New Or
leans and thence via steamer clo e here daily at
1000 n nu the connecting cltxes for which being
Sundays sndTneRlija for CO fTA RICA and
llats lor BELIZE ILhltHI CUU1I anil CL Alt
rriiiii tjicllli AltilN
Mails fur HAWAII via San Francbc close here
daily at tl3 p m up to February 2 inchuise
for despatch per s it AlbtralLi c
Mails fci AUTRAIIA eseept WeU Australia
which goes via Euro- and New Zealan1 which
goes via fau FtancUco HAWAII ami FIJI ISI
AXDS via Vannaiter eTcse here eViilv at 5T
i in up to February 3 1nclulve for elcpatch
cr s s Miowera o
here daily al 045 p iil up ti Fehruaiy lln
clusive for el spllch pee s Nippon Slant ol
ISLANDS via ecattle close here elally at 035
p m t February 5 for elcpatih per s r
Tosa Maru Ilegisternl letter must l dtrecteil
Ma fxutlle o
UMB also UAH All Isia San lrancico
cbe lieie Lilly at S4 p re up to February
12 inclualtr for drsiatch pel s Rio de Janeiro
Mails for Al STRAIIA rveept We
iINDS via San FraucHo clwe liere dally a
035 p m after Ielruaiy 3 and up to Febei
17 inclusive for ilrspalcli per Alarne
Mails fcr CHINA awl JAPAN sla V
elc hue dally at 633 p m up I
20 inelu ive for de quldi per -China
Iteglterrd mall uwet b
VanccHiser o
MiUs for tl SOCIETY Is
tico c hsie here elaily
ruary 23 inc lufve for c
lee o
Malls tor OCHIN CHINA 0
New Ycrk tor connection nltli Ku icrj
patched to San Franclsat all clot lur that
oftlce lo connect with Government transports the
sailings ot which are irieeular
b Registered nulls ciu at 100 p ni same
c Registered nulla close at 800 p m same
d Registered malls close at 300 a m same
0 Kccistcrrd mail close at 100 p nu previous
h Registered mails close at 1200 p m pre
vious day
k Registered nulls close at S00 p m pre
vious day
o ltrxiterrd mails clwe at 600 p m previous
day JOHN A MERHITr Postmaster
PRESS Parlcr and Dining Can Harrhburg ta
man SWoInr Uinlwt Smoklog and Observa
lion Cars Harrlsliurg to Chicago Cincinnati
Indianapolis St Louli Cleveland anJ TolcdJ
mri Hr cr n Harrlsburj
Z H 2r SF Pullmln Bnltt Parr
S Ilarrishurg Bullet Parlor Car Harris
burg to Pittsburg
Car Washington to SI Louis
and Sleeping aad Pinin Car IlarrUbunc t
Indianapolis St LouU Nashville via ClucI
nail and Louisville and Chicago
720 P M WESTERN Sleep
ing Car fa Pittsburg and Chicago Dinlflc Car
to Chicago
Sleeping Cri Washington to Pittsburg
sod Hsrrljb jrir to St Louis Cleveland and
CinclnnatL Dining Car
1043 p j PACIFIC ILXPRESS Pullman Sleep
ing Car to Pittsburg
753 A M For Kane Canandalgua Rochester
and Niasrtra Falls daily except Sunday
1050 A For Elmira aad Krnovo dally cr
eep Sunday For William port dally 3SJ P
720 P M For Wllliamsport Rochester Erie
Hurrah and Niagara Falls daily except Sar
nrday with Sleeping Car Washington to Roch
1910 P M For Erie Canandalg ia Rochester
Buffalo and Niagara Falls dally Pullman
Sleeping Car Washington tv Rochester Satur
usyj only
Fur Ilillaileliihln Nevr Yorlc nnel the
daUy il Parlor Cars with Dining Car from
Baltimore Regular at 700 Dining Car 720
75381 B0O 1000 Dining Car and 1LO
Dining Car from Wilmington A JL 12 IJ
fJi SM Dlnle Car from Baltimore 650
1000 and 1150 P M On Sunday 700 Dining
Car 720 313 900 1100 Dining Car from
Wilmington A JL 1213 315 500 Dining
Car from Baltimore 650 1000 and 11 50 P
M For Philadelphia only Express 1215 P SL
week days 201 and 540 P Jl daily
For Boston without change 7S3 A JL week
days and 300 P SL daily
For Baltimore 620 700 720 753 S15 300
1000 10W 1L00 A IL 1213 1245 1258
fcttt 313 330 400 Limited 420 431 300
540 615 650 720 19 00 1010 1135 and
1150 P II On Sunday 700 720 813 900
903 1030 1100 A M 1213 113 201 315
130 40O Umited 429 iOO 540 61S 850
7J0 1000 1040 and 1150 P U
Tor Popes Creek Line 755 A JL and 4UH P JL
week days
For Annapolis 700 and 9 00 A JL 1215 and
510 P Jf week days Sundays 900 A JL
and 420 P Jt
Florida Special for Jacksonville and St Augus
tine 620 P M week days Express for Florl
da and point on Atlantic Coast Line 430 A
IL 307 P JL dally Richmond only 1113 A
JL week days Atlanta Special via RIehmsnd
and Seaboard Air Line 500 P M daily Accommodation-
tor Quantico 745 A M dally
and 123 P JL week days
Scnshore Connection
For Atlantic Cflty ia Delaware River Bridge
all rail routs 315 400 Congressional Lim
ited and 1150 P Jl daily Via Jfarket
Street Wharf 1000 and 1109 A JL 1213 P
JL week days 1150 P IL dailr
For Cape May 1100 A JL we- days IL50 P JL
Ticket offlces corner Fifteenth and O Streets
nd at the station Sixth and B Streets where
orders can Le Itft for the ehecilcz cf haggags
to d tfstion from hotels and residence
Telephone call 1111 tor PennsWraeila Raft-
road Cab Service
General JIanager General Passenger Agent
Southern By
Schedule In Sect January 18 1000
All traina artist and least fcnnsylvanla Paa
textger Station
301 A JL Dally local far Danville Char
lotte acd way ttations connect at Manassas daily
tor Strasburg IiariLsonbarg and Staunton dally
exctpt Sunday snd at Lyunburg with the Norfoll
and Western daily and with C O IL It lot
Natural Bridge daily and Lexington daily ex
cept Sunday alto connects at Calverton fur War
MAIL Pullman Sleepers New York and Wash
ington to Jacksonville and Miami uniting at
Salisbury with Pullman Sleeper far Ashe tile and
Hot Spring N C KnoxvUbv Chattanooga and
Memphi Tern and at Charlotte with Pullman
Sleeper for Augusta Connects at Columbia with
Sleeper for Chaileston Pullman Sleeper New
York lo New Orleans uniting at Charlotte with
Pullman Sleeper for Atlanta Solid train Wash
ington to New Orleans without chane Dining
Car service
1130 A JL Daily local for Charlottesvillff
connecting at Calverton for Wtrrenton
401 I JL Local fir Front Royal Strasburg
tod Harrisonburg daily except Sunday
420 P JL Dally local for
connect at Calverton for Warrenton
633 P M Week Days NEW YORK AND
FLORIDA L1MITFD tlncst train in the world
Pullman Drawing room Llbiary State Room and
Observation cart between New York Washiniston
and St Augustine via Jacksonville Al Drawing-room
Sleeping Cars to Aiken Augusta and
Port Tampa Dining Car service
EXPRESS tarries Pullman Bullet Sleeping Cars
New York and Washington to Jacksonville via
Savannah connecting there with Drawing Itaom
Sleeping Car for Port Timpa and to Augusta
via Columbia with connection for Aiken Through
coach Washington ta Jacksonville Dims Car
TANOOGA LIMIfED via Lynchburg with
through SUepers Itora New York and Washington
to Memphis and New Orleans through BrisUL
Through coach Washington to llempms Parlor
and Observation Car between Radford Va and
Attalla Ala Dining Car service
man vestlbuled Sleepers Dining Cars
and Day Coaehes Pullman Sleepers New
York to Naihvllle Tenn via Ashevllle Enox
ville ard Chattanooga New York to Jlcmphls
vtt Birmloaham New York to New Orleans vl
Atlanta and Jtontgomery Pullman Library and
Observation Car between New Aork and naah
Ineton and Atlanta Connects at High Point N
C with train for Pineburst C Extra Draw
ins room Sleeping Car between New ork Wash
ington and New Orleans every Tuesday and
Saturdav connecting thence with Sunset Lim
ited for San Francisco Vestlbuled Day Coach
Washington to Atlanta Dining Car Service Sun
set Personally Conducted Tourist Excursion Seep
er en this train every Jlonday Wednesday and
I- n elan Frsnrisco without chance
VISION leae Washington 001 A SL datlv and
4 13 P M week day and 623 P JL Sunday
only for Round Hill 433 Jr M week days
625 P M Saturdays and 1120 P JL Wednea
clavis and Saturdays for Lecsburg and 625 P Jt
dally for Herndon Returning arrive at Wash
ington SS A JL daily and 213 P JL week
dava acd 810 P JL Sunday only frum Round
Hill and 700 A M week days from Herndon
and 83t A M week days 70tl A JL Jtondays
and 732 P M Wednesday and Saturday frum
Through trains frcm the South arrive at Wash
ington 642 and 733 A JL 215 and 850 P JL
dally and 1015 A JL daily except Jlonday
Harrisonburg 12 noon week dart and u IO P
JL daily from Charlottesville 823 A JL and
40 P JL dally
Ticket sleeping car reservations and other In
formation furnished and baggage called for and
checked Irom hotel and residences by Union
Transler Company on orders left a I Ticket Of
ficer 70S Fllteenth Street northwest 511 Penn
sylvania Astnue northwest said at Peniuylvnni
Fa cgvr Station
Telephone call 1111 tor Pennsylranla Railroad
Cab Srrrlcc
FRANK S fcANNON Third Vice President and
General Manager
J JL CULP TrtKVe Manager
W A TURK General Passenger AgeaL
L S BROWN G ncral Agent
rc iJ4jJw
atl Lr
rt Louis
n Vs 1
a Cincinnati I-
a Jf DAILY r
tr tinelnnatL Pullman i
cry ol
sine- Cur
J IrfXlngton and Louisville v
open for occupancy at lW
lion lor Hot Spring- - VUJrr
comnartm t car to Virginia Hct Spr
dayATThuisJays and Saturdays Objenration u
Hinton to CmcinratL Slcepjra dnclmutl 1
cliirairo and St LeHils
Jf p jl DAILY For Cordonsvnte Char
loUesIBe Staunton daily acd tor Richmond
dallv except Sunday
Reservation and tickets at Chesapeake and Ohio
offices 513 Pennsylvania Avenue ear llth Street
near F and at the Station Telephone call 1441
tor Penmylvanl Railroad Cab Service
General Paasene r Xirent
WM E SHANNON- 1110 G St Amca Building
jalS tf Telephone 127

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