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The Dullest Market of lic Vc ir in
New York Vesterday
An nilrcmc rnnrn1ilc Ilnnlc Malt
Iticnt OtTrreMl No
An nil De clnlir Kvrnt t
In Smith Afrlrn Iorrlcn Jloncj
Ilntr Are- Ijiircrlnln
NEW YORK Jan 27 The dealings in
Mocks today were the smallest in more
than a j car and the changes in prlccu were
unimportant save In one or to Instances
The tendency of FtocKs however was to
ward a lower level
An extremely favorable hank statement
was without effect and the market closed
dull and heavy The feature of the state
ment Mas an Increase of J8SH300 In cash
bringing the cash holdings of the banks up
to 224409D00 as against K54GI400 a
J ear ago By far the greater part of the
sain In cash was from the Interior move
ment of money shoving that funds are
flowing to this centre in undiminished
Money is becoming easier throughout the
country and an abundance of funds for
speculative purposes is promised for an In
definite period Not much money is now
tied up In the crops and commercial needs
are considerably reduced An expansion of
7513600 in loans was accounted for chiefly
by the enlarged Iranactlons in bonds
An Increase of J15OOS000 in deposits was
from the cash received from out of town
Government receipts and ci edits against
loans The surplus reserve was increased
Jo092300 to 2927775 as against J39
23202u at this time last j car
In ordinary circumstances a bank state
ment of such a character as todays would
have stimulated trading and Improved
values The fact that little attention was
paid to it proved that speculators were de
terred by special considerations from ac
tive operations in stocks For one thing
there was a general disposition to wait for
more decisive events In South Africa Since
the news of the abandonment of Spion Kop
by the British the relaxation In funds in
London and other European centres has
ceased and uncertainty as to the future of
rates exists The tone of sterling exchange
Is distinctly firmer but there is nothing
as yet to lead to the expectation of a re
sumption of gold exports
The prolongation of the war may result
In a call by London on New York for more
gold but should gold be called for it could
easily be spared
There were rather large offerings of
Third Avenue Itallroad -stock today with
a sharp fall In the price It was denied
that there was any hitch In the arrange
ments for the readjustment of the finances
of the company The needs of the com
iianv are to be determined by an expert ex
amination of Its affairs which is now in
progress and which it Is stated will be
completed in about a week
The report of the Chicago Milwaukee
and St Taul Hallway for December waa
issued and showed an Increase of 391121 in
gross earnings but a decrease of J1G8S35
In net earnings Coupled with the belief
that the report of the Burlington and
Qulncy road for the same month would not
be a favorable exhibit the effect on the
so called granger stocks was somewhat de
pressing The reason for the decreased net
return by the St Paul was known to be
large expenditures by the company on the
road which were charged to operations
American Steel and Wire stock was strong
In anticipation of the declaration of a div
idend on Monday
Xcw York Stock Market
Corrected dally by W D HIbbs Co
aieinbers of the New York Exchange
1119 T Street
Open HlBb lw Clot
A S Wire ISA 49W US
S Wire pfd W W M 10
American Sugar 115Jf 116V II5V 116
American Tobacco 99 M WV
Atdiinn pfd fOi 60M CO CO
II fc O pfd 74V 75 74V 74K
Baltimore k Ohio i 174 hli S7
BrooUyn Uapid Traatlt 7IX 2 70J 71V
Cbetap ske A Ohio 29 29H 29K 19f
a B k Q 12l K1S 121S 121V
Ohicago as 103 03 30 103
C M 4 St raiJ 118 118 117 17S
o it l t p toai loo 100 ue
ChL A Creat TVesfn 13 13 13 13
Con Tobacco f2 31 32 32
Kedcral Steel 50 51 J M Mi
Illlnoia Central 13X 114 1135 114
Louisville 4 Xahvllle h 78 78 78
Metropolitan Traction 167 168 ICOX 107
ManliatUn Elevated B3i IG3 f3 Oi
Mltsourl Padnc 4J HI 2
National Lud Co 20 V ICi M 28
Nortliern Pacific 51 oli 51 51
Pacific Mail 42f 42k 12J flU
Heading firsU 50V rOU 50V tOU
Eouthern Pacific 37S 37S 37S 37 H
Eouthcrn ILailvay 11 HX US 11
Teiai rcUc 15 13 15 15
Tend Coal Iron 83X 83 83
Union rcific 6k 6S 40 IS
Union Pacific pld 75 75V 75 75
U 8 KuUber 38 38 38 33
ttabath pld 10 20 0 LOi
Colorado fuel A Iron 12 2 42 i
Leather lej 16Vj lo In
Iluslncss in the New York stock market
during the month of January has been a
third what It was in the came period last
year During the week Just ended the total
number o thare traded in on the ex
change was less than the business on any
one of several single days a jear ago
Speculation has vrr nearly come to a
sUndtlll The public Is doing nothing
-whatever and the cliques almort nothing
The room traders fiom day to day make
little scalping transactions causing frac
tional advances and declines in pi Ices and
this with small buying and veiling for
account as the South African war gos
favorably or the reverse to the British
constitutes the entire business of the ex
change The past week has been an event
ful one In news that would usuallj have
caused activity and important fluclustlors
In prices Nearly every day has bad Its
happening that might be expected lo cause
quick buving or Felling of stock Appar
ently the public and the large interesls
might all have crastd thread the newspa
It was the fashion a weeK ago to suggen
that the market was waiting for decisive
news from the scat of war It Is now seen
that even this kind of newjC has no effect
The Idea of the overwnelmibg impcrtancc
of the war as a factor in the American mar
ket must ho given up The apathy of spec
ulation Is due to some other cause The
week -saw what was at urn believed to be
a 6reat victory for the British Later il
uaw an entire reversal of the first news
Into an even and more Important victory
for the Uoers The taking of Splon Kop
caused much enthusiasm In Ixndon but l
did not cauc a half point advance lu the
price of American securities and It did
not add 60000 shares to the btislm s of the
next session of the exebant When the
Urltish evacuated Spion Kop Instead of
the panic that many looked for the pulte
of th exchange did not quicken a r t
The reduction of the bank of England
discount rate to 4 per cent an event of
much Importance Intrinsically had no il
fecL The brilliant earnings of the rail
ways even where during the third week of
January had no effecL The magnificent
showing of the Atchison company for De
cember was received with indifference
The Brooklyn Rapid Transit election of di
rectors caused no buslnesr Call money
loaning at I to 3 per rent all the week and
another superb bank statement yesterdaj
were all equally Ineffective In Inducing any
buying of securities
11 Is evident that a revision of opinion
must b made by those who have believed
the lethargy of tho market due to the un
certainty In South Africa This factor un-
doubtedly has had some effect when taken
with other causes but It Is nut a chief
factor The public that might buy stocks
at this time hns lost all of its money or
is still hanging to stocks bought at higher
prices too much tied up to buy more The
important Interests the Vandcrbilts the
IlOCnCfcllcrs the svnUicatc wjc thjit are
grauU1 Securing control the railways
of the country are nliiidy h ST sellers
of securities arid Uif imlinuc to buy
conservatively Evoiv day purchases arc
made for them These interests do not
want a boom The know that prices are
certain to advance to a much higher level
during the coming months and they know
also that the worst possibility In the sit
uation is the Immcnsu enthusiasm of tlio
new- people that would eoinu In on an
other boom The market however Is
very strong The Iuiirtjiii people want
another slump In prln cviu less than
they desire a boom Of the two evils
they would undoubtedly choose the boom
The result of these conditions has been a
walling market quite remarkable In Its
duration and puslsttme Trices do not
go up but much more lliey do not go
down The fractional thauges from week
to week have been advances
The bank statement yesterday was
again much better than expected A
heavy Increase In the suiplus reserve car
ries that figure nearly to J30000000 The
cash shows an increase of nearly 9009
000 and the deposits an increase of Jla
000000 11 is not easy to account for the
loan Hera In view of the citreme dullness
of the market The figures of the state
ment follow
ItevrvM increifcd
Loans increased
Legal tendtr increased
lie increased
IKpoits Incrt atcd
Circulation increased
f50 12300
The earnings statements of the week
have been extremely important They are
all In entire harmony with the suggestions
heretofore made In tills column The
weeklv gross earnings lnvc all shown an
Immense increase over t4C figures of last
car The importance of this fact is dou
bled when U Is remembered that the month
of January last jear was one of the best
seen by American railways up to that time
This j cars gross figures are making new
records every day The net earnings state
ments for December havc now begun to
come in As has been pointed out in this
column these figures may be expected to bo
poor as those for November were Prices
of steel coal and wages ceccsbaty ex
penditures evcryw here were Increased
during the jear As the natural result of
this freight rates have been advanced
everywhere sufficient to a little more than
offset the loss but during November and
December the old freight rates were In
force while the cost of materials had ad
vanced to the top notch The professional
pessimists may be expected to draw lurid
pictures of bankruptcy and ruin from the
poor showing yesterday made by St Taul
for December and from the equally poor
figures expected from the Burlington to
morrow It Is not probable but It Is pos
sible that the bears will be able to force
the prices of these securities down In this
wa despite the fact that at the present
time both St Taul and Burlington are do
ing a record business In such an event It
would seem the part of conservatism to buy
stocks Orders for a good many thousands
of shares of the grangers and other first
class securities at prlcts not far below the
close vesterday are In the market
The gross earnings of forty sti railways
for the third week of January were J6
K4153 Of this number forty one show In
creases of iS90C2 and Ave show decreases
of jC30 the total Increase for all lines
beard from thus being 66126 or 143 per
cent The gross earnings of sixty eight
lines for the second week of Jauuarv were
J840S51 Of this number only five showed
decreases in earnings the total decrease
being only J40CO0 The gross Increase on
all the sixty eight lines deducting this
40000 was 1074348 or 14 63 per cent
The gross earnings of the Chesapeake and
Ohio for tho third week Increased 439S4
The increase from July 1 has been 5S2353
The increase In the gross earnings of the
Big Tour for the week was 66753
Tho December gross earnings of the St
Paul Increased only 91121 and the net
earnings for the month decreased 16S133
The December statement of the Burling
ton is expected tomorrow There is every
reason to believe that this statement also
will be a poor one The December recerds
will not all be poor however as Is shown
by the remarkable figures published by
the Atchison company during the week
and a very good Bhowing made by the
Beading company jestcrday Decreases in
net earnings arc expected and will not be
a surprise to anyone The good showings
made will all be bull arguments for the
very gocd reason that the bears have been
suggesting that the era of good statements
ended last October
Tlie meellng of tho stockholders of the
Brooklyn Rapid Transit and the election
of directors was one of the most important
events of the past week The new people
elected are all strong men financially and
conservative market people and business
men generally consider the board as now
constituted the best of evidence that the
Brookyn sjstcm Is not on the down grade
to ruin The stock was very dull all the
week and even after the announcement
of the new directorate on Trlday no In
terest was shown In IL The bears at
tempted to make a drive on the theory that
the good news was out and people would
sell but they met with no success
II H 1ortcr Is a railway man of ex
perience He has been Identified promi
nently with the properltj of the North
western the Omaha the flock Island and
the Chicago and Eastern Illinois lie Is
chairman of the board of directors of the
Tedcral Steel Company Mr Porter Is an
intimate friend of John D Rockefeller and
Is also on the friendliest of terms with the
present managements of the Brooklyn
Mr Harriman is popularly supposed to
represent the Vandcrbllt Interests In the
new board He Is chairman of the Union
Pacific executive committee He has been
A heavy bujer of Brookljn stock during
the recent break and Is understood to b
one of the chief holders at the present
time August Belmont Is a very strong
man but is not understood to represent any
particular interests In the new board He
has been a recent buvcr of the stock 1
P Olcott Is President of the Central Trust
Compan and was one nf the members of
the voting trust of the llrookljn Hapid
Walter G Oakman Is Pjesldcnt of the
Guaranty Tmst Companv His el ctfon Is
supiioftd lo foreshadow a possible union of
interests between the Brooklyc Hapid
Transit and the Long Island Railway lie
was the head of the syndicate which two
ji ars ago purchased the Austin Corbin
holdings lu the Long Island company
Third Avenue stock was old off sharply
for a time jestcrday The cause of the
break seemed to lie continued offers of
Heller slxt options
Tennessee Coal and Iron lias lieen a
trifle weak Gossip In tho street that the
company has been offering to cut rates on
btecl fee ran to be the cause of the selling
of the stock which has been largely If
not entirely for bear account The com
pany llle all the steel and Iron concerns
shows no signs yet of descending from
the top of Its wave of prosiierlty lis
statement of earnings for December was
magnificent and profits arc piling up for
the stockholders Ameiican SK el and
Wire Is likely to attract attention during
the coming week owing to the nearness
of the decision regarding the dividend to
be declared on the common stock There
was fairly good buiin or the stock yes
terday on a renewal of the talk that an 8
per cent rate will be Inaugurated
Itubber baa lwen a trifle weak on ac
count of an advi rse winter cho bears say
Charles It Hint said yesterday that the
affairs of the company are In excellent
condition He stated that dividends on
preferred and oramon stocks are being
earned and a good surplus In addition
It seems probable that Heading first
preferred may have an advance this week
on account of the excellent showing uuda
by the December statement -of the com
pany There was no activity In the Head
ing securities or In fact in any of the an
thracite coalers yesterday
Wnnlilnctoii Slock Exclinntre
Sales Wash Loan Trust 126160 To
tomac Flro Ins 33i76 Arlington Fire In-
suiance 2010 Capital Traction 24191
C S 105G91 7 S Washington Gas 10
S3 1 2 10 53 C S 125054 250fj54 1 4
1230D4 3 S Ches Iot Tel 25SJ64
Aincr Graphophone GOffll 3 4 Amer
Graphophonc prd 20T12 1 2 Pneumatic
Gun Carriage 1005J24 cents After call
Arlington Fire Insurance 1747150 Lanston
Monotype D0 15 1 2 Mergcnthaler Llno
tpc 10191 1 2 10194 3 8
lTfsnlMl Ot
irsrsiw cjj
USdU 1925
II P s c ires
II 5s C li Q F
11 1 Vnl
114 H4
lit JH
1WV isriK
1334 H V
in in
usu ln
u jios
district or countntA nosn
fun ling erold
Vsll01vVntcrstock currcnoy
VklMM Watcrstoc citrvency
KundlngcurroncyJljs US
4 Vt Keg S 10s ISSHWJl
Met It It hs M2S 125
Metlt It Cert Indebtedness A
Met It K Cert Indebtedness li 115
Columbia Hit its Wit 1 M
Columbian lira more s NOV
Citv buburban It It
Wash tins Co ur A i s mc 2
Wash lias Co ter li bs HUl VJ
U b llec Light Deb imp lAJi
IT A lIcc Light Cert liidcul
CbcsA 1otToi
Ches A PotTol Conis
AmKcv ATnistoslU3
Wash Market io Isttis 1KW 191L
57UW rctlrodnnnuall
v nc h Market Co Imp os PJl j
Wash Market to ext os istll f
Masonic Kali Assnoa C Htri
Amvr jrupboptiono Dcubd
AuuioUuA lutomac ad
Hani of v ashington
Metro noliuin
iui w
357 403
51 75
Central lit
1 armcri -Mechanics Mb
tcconj 155
Utliuis IjJ
Columbia Ii5
Capital liij J to
west Una ur
Trailers 16
Lincoln jjj jo
Nntlona f ate Dooosit A Trust 123
Wash Loan V TruL 153
Anivibjcurlty A Trust PJ7
Vasu3uo Uepujit 70
Firemen 90
lrnnklln to
Metropolitan J
Lorcurun GU
1 utomac 75
Arlington 149
jcrn4nAmerlcan 20
iMitlonil Union 10S
Columbia 12
leuples 0 V
Commercial 4
ltcat Estate Titlo M
ColumbiaTitlo 4
vv asuingtou rule j
L iui it i Title a
Capital Traction
Cllv A Suburban
uiictreluwn Icnmvll town
ua ami u tcntio nour ktocxs
Washington G W
Georgetown Gas u
UbeltnmcLluu -
Iotojiao 64
Pennsylvania JS
Mcrgcntbalcr Linotype- 1W
Lanston Monotype lafe
American Graphophone 11
American Iraphophon pfd 12
t niuuiutlcUuii Carriage z3
ashington Market 13
orluIKA WasMaxton
Lincoln Hall O
Ls Dividend
ADrcrense of -00000 llimlirlx In die
Visible Snnply of Whent
CHICAGO Jan 27 Wheat was very
steady today There was about 1 Cc ad
vance early on the 1 Id advance at Liver
pool and from 2 4g2 3 4c advance at
Paris Foreigners both bought and sold
There was liberal profit taking for local
account Primary receipts wcro about
half of last years Clearances were about
400000 busnels There were 100000 bush
els cash wheat sold here for export The
visible supply will decrease at least 300000
Cold weather is weakening tho bull at
titude on corn Tonights prices are 1 SQ1
l 4c under Fridays There has teen a
large cash business done here In the past
few days but It has been on a rate reduc
tion At the same time Western offerings
havo Increased and the advent of the cold
wave has wonderfully Improved the con
ditions for movement from the farm to
the market
Oats vcre off a small fraction The sell
ing has been better than tho buying Iho
big oatmeal people have been sellers today
Oats respond Instantly to any weakness In
AVnre A IclnmIN Letter
Reported dally to Ferry k Wood Broken
1335 I fclreet upstairs phone 132j J
CHICAGO Jan 27 Wheat at LIv pool
3 Sil up with a further advance reported
of 1 sil after the close London targoes de
cidedly higher futures 1 2 up Trench crop
damage In the north cootlrmed Iaiis
wheat 15r5c higher flour 3oS0e hliher
Antwerp llrm 1 8 higher Paris cabled
New crop reported damaged bv frosts but
Its extent not known A lluccos Ayres ca
ble was received here raving that port was
closed owing lo several suspicious cafes cf
plague Worlds shipments Increased
JSOOOOO bushels Including 2300000 Aus
tralian Kngllsh fanners deliveries 52U
000 bushels average 78 1 4c against
7S3 4c last week Primary receipts 311
000 bushels fthlpmenU 174 000 bushels
Clearances fliWl bushels from Julv 1 to
date 117385000 bufhels which Is 26SI70C0
bushels less than last jear Mlnnerpolls
wires demand for spring wheat continues
strong at about Ma price for milling ac
count Klevator people complain of not
being able to sell for export
rurther strength was developed today
but the market did not hold closing a lit
tle under last night Foreign markets
were Mrong and higher but holdirs ould
not stand prosperity and accepted piotiK
Wc are Inclined to look for more acttvlt
and In tho event of any little set back In
values which mt be witnessed on Monday
would incline to the long side
Corn Clearances 71000 bushels from
Jul 1 to date 12555C000 an Increase over
last jear of 2S3I00O0 The market Is
heavy Wc look for an IncrcacJ movement
and lower prices
Provision Hogs lost the advance esti
mated Monday 32000 head next week
105000 head Shipments of lard 1310000
pounds meals 2- J000 pounds Liverpool
Lacon td higher lard 3d higher There
was not much snap to the market and
values worked of a little Wo favor pur
chases on weak spots
Clilcfistft lrnln ami lrIMnu Inrie1
Corrected dally by W D HIbbs Co
members of the New York Exchange
1119 F StrecL
Wiilat Open Hlth Low CIos
May i8 f8 SV cVU
July m UUV 19 C94 II
Mar 31V M tJV 3D
July 13 13 51S 33
vlav 21 23 IV nV S
July - -1 12 s it
Mar- 100 iaM 1073 1UH
July low law loss law
80 tffti a27 00
July Oiu OJ2 W17 0V7
May 8W BR S77 LM
July 585 5 bS 545 5K1
Ifevr York Oillun Market
Open High Loir Clor
January 7b8 o 71 770
Jmrou 711 7 CI 7m Tul
May 76 Iiar 750 76J
August 7D1 70S 701 77
Interest in the Cuming Animal
Mcciii of ihe Stockholders
A tncimer e Honrd lo He IlUci
Humum lip Annies of
I Z Irller nml F V Slrvnin
Talk of a en Altemnt In Secure
Control A Cnninss fir Troxlrn
The coming annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Washington Gas Light Com
pany Is attracting attention to the affairs
of the company and to Gas stock and
there has been much gossip of a more or
less Interesting character floating in the
street during ihe past week us a
consequence Activity and an advancing
price for the stock has added to this In
The meeting will take place on Monday
February 5 Directors will be elected for
the coming year There Is one vacancy to
be filled In the directory and many sur
mises as to who the new man will be arc
heard There Is also Indulgence In spec
ulation over the possibility that a fight
may be made by new people to obtain
control of the company and force the re
tirement of the present management It
Is known that those now In control of the
company are making every effort to aug
ment their strength Proxies have been
gathered in by them vigorously during
the past month or more It Is not be
lieved however that they have any fear
of losing control The rumor is still cur
rent that Mr McLean Intends to retire
from the presidency of the company before
many months aro passed Ii there is any
truth In this rumor It Is suggested that
he may desire simply to be re elected by
a strong majority as an evidence of confi
dence In his management before he gives
up his position
Two gentlemen have been spoken of as
likely to lie elected to fill the vacancy
L Z Lelter and V C Stevens Mr Leltcr
is one of the largest holders of the stock
of the company as he is of several other
local corporations Mr Stevens Is also a
stockholder but he Is chiefly prominent In
the business world as one of the Washing
ton Traction and Electric Company syndi
It Is suggested that while the election of
Mr Letter would be considered an excellent
one It would not be In any way particu
larly significant as indicating any change
of policy on the part of the company or
change of control either The Lelter suit
ngalnst the Metropolitan Hallway is sup
posed to show that Mr Lciter is not In
sympathy with the Washington Traction
and Electric Company and his election by
tho gas company would probably set at
rest all talk of the gas company being ab
sorbed by the big syndicate
Mr Stevens election on thq other band
would cause a vigorous rtncwal of those
rumors It Is known thatLaC the time of
the attempt to purchase the gas company
Mr Stevens held a conslderahlc block of
the stock and controlled more and It has
not been learned since that time that he
has disposed of his holdings The question
If the Washington Traction Company was
the actual bidder for the comnany has
never been settled as far as the public is
concerned but at any rate the general be
lief Is Arm that the two concerns would
have been very closely allied If the sale
had been effected
Gas stock advanced in price yesterday on
the local stock exchange to 54 3 8 The
level recently has been around 53 More
than 500 shares of the stock changed hands
at yesterdays session It could not be
learned for whom the stock was bought
but the advance In price was considered
to be an excellent evidence that the stock
is In demand for election purposes quite as
much as for Investment
A lnjnicnt of l00O In IMrrnrd
AViinrtun fur Iont Jewelry
An Interesting case has Just been set
tled In the Supremo Court of the District
of Columbia Last year Mr Edward It
Wharton of York and Newport wlu
was spending Ihe winter months In Wash
ing ton was robbed of several valuable
rings while asleep in a Pullman sleeping
Through tils attorneys Messrs Berry
Minor be brought suit on the ground of
negligence against the company for their
value estimated at 1270 The case ha
been set for trial for January 29 but was
dismissed yestenlay the Pullman Company
having paid Mr Wharton 1000 by way of
It Is believed that this Is the largest
sum ever recovered from the Pullman Pal
ace Car Company for the loss of Jewelry
Heretofore the company has strcnously de
nied any liability for the loss of valuables
of this kind
SIOO Reward 100
The readers of this raper will be pleased
to learn that there Is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure
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cure now known to the medical fraternity
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quires a constitutional treatment Halls
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directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the sjstem thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in doing
Its work The proprietors have so inucn
faith In Its curative powers that they offer
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mi ii iin niii
TllOS noWLINfl
Ily virtue of
k CO Aucticmceri
deed of trust duly recorded In
IJbtr 1517 at Polio 121 et smens the land
rrcunh o the IJiMrlU ot Columbia and at tiie
reqiest ot the holder of the note secured there
by the underipnrd truifm wiP oflrr for Mle
at public auction In front of the premises begin
nine at fOUlt OCLOCK P M UEDNLiUllY
JAMMItY 31 It the following described teal
estate dituatrd in the County ol Ualiinton in
the IliMliet of Columbia to wit IUnck 2 block
3 lots 1 2 3 4 5 E and V Jn Mock of
Jacob P Clatk and ldwaid D Cotticll trustees
Fubilivilon of lot 3 and part ct lot L of part cf
While llaien according lo he plat or plan of the
same as tecoided In Liber 7 p 93 of the lecords
In tbe omit of the uiuer of the District ot
Terms ot sale One third cf tre purchase money
to be paid In c4h aud the balance in equal in-
tlallmentt one and tuo ears after the date
of Kale Kcurrd by deed ct trust on the pioperty
sold with interest upon the deferred payments
at the rate uf C per lent per annum from the date
of sale until paid or all rah at the option of
tle purchaer dejKit of 23 villi be required
at tie time of sale on each f said lots and a
deposit of SUM on each of said Mocks Terms of
ale to be complied vrith in filteen days from the
date of sale or the trotters rtecne the right to
rcell at tbe rfrk and cost of the defaulting pur
chaser or purchasers after fire days prerlous
advettlvment of nicil male All
recordinp and revenue stamps at the cot of the
purctiaair or purchaser
invviv c ci mr
LllWAltD T IXETClirn
Ily virtu cf a certain nVed of tnut dated Jan
uar 21 IS and recorded January it iw In
Liber 2370 folio 112 et xq of Ihe land leconU
of the District of Columbia tbe undersigned will
sell at public auction at Maple Crore farm owned
by John baul esq on the Mreet road
jut northwest from Pitwoilh II C about two
mllea from Seventh Street and lloundary at 10 a
m TUESIHY JMJAIt 30TII Io0 the lollow
irne described iropeity
IJghtern head of milch Cows and three bead of
work lone About thirteen of the rows ate now
nillklnc two will soon tie fresh and all are
superior stock Terms cash
TllOMA J iWEV Auctioneer
jalMtem Trustees
1335 r Street Uiialnlra
Note Ten aliarea of lock and up
ward cnrrled on 2 per cent ntarsiln
Int reat after SO days Phone 123
Stocks Grain Cotton
Direct connection with all eiehanges Offlrj In
all principal Eatern cities References Mir-an-tile
Agencies and Lowcry itinVIng Co Atlanta
613 15th St N Y Office 61 Broadwlf
Carley Rosengarfen Co
Bonds Slocks Cotton Grain Provisions
1421 F Street N W
A J Swan Co
S D Cor 7th Et and Pa Are X W Upstaln
Fast Wire Quotations CJulck Service
No Interest Fractional Lots
Small Marzlns Phone 2202
Lappin Davis
529 Seieath St N W S E Cor F
Telephone 1701
We bare every fjcllitj for tbe quick eiecutloa
cf crden Id ttocka tDtl rrtla Email Jtod Irsi
lotJ receive equal attention nolMfera
4 and 5 Per Cent
Prompt Leaned ca Keal Estalt la Pirtrtct of
1008 F Street ecSS tt
Uimbere New YoiV Elect Eichinjt
1 41 9 F Street
Correspondents of
New Tori
Honey to Loan
At 4 and 5 per cent
elltf 04 lh ST N W
at oclock Sinday afternoon and 7 10
oclock Friday evenings in Confederate Veteran
Hall 431 lllh ct mv All are cordially invited
roil iciimi
lOIt HXtllNE litre city and countr proper
ties to exchange suncMful exchanges quick
ly negotiated this branch of the business is my
specialty AlillAIIAJI 1IMILR 512 K St nw
ja7Su tushlmo
Men from twenty to eighty years of age suffer
ing Iroui any wcakEcsu 1II rejoice to lean
that at last they can obtain at a reasonable
price remedies thnt will cure
Their attention is here directed to two genuine
iprclHcs that nil produce effects exactly as repre
UIPHRINP Invigorates restores lost
er cures Impotency enlarges
shrunken parts Increases desire Insures proper
relations etc etc
VITA I INF 8IP il drllu l05S
Tl I nLIIII natural desires bad dreams and
bad habits thst destroy both be mind and body
Restoration complete
These ars actual result and not promises
made for profit Mo case too bad for
The price Is within reach of all and the results
are lasting not merely a temporary relief Sold
by Druggists everywhere
If your dmgglvt has not got It write or call at
homk cunt CO
70 13th SI X IV IVstab D C
de3tutbtatSu tt
Atlantic Building 930 F
Our customers arc welcome to tliu benefit of an exceptional
connection with an important Wall Street Operator who furnishes
us telegraphic and mail advices which do more than tell you to
Uuv on declines and sell on rallies
Fractional Lots
Small Margins
Quick Service
Phone 1770
Capita 500000
Letters of Credit
J American Security S
and Trust Co 5
Interest on Deposits
Ton can cpen an account vrlth this
company check against It at will and
receive Interest on your monthly balances
a 5 DELL President
dtl eod If
S250 Less than I cm S2 50
Per day- Per
Year A Safe Deposit Bh Year
Washington Safe Deposit Co
916 918 Pa Ave
Open to 430 p
and Eaturdajt to 8 p i
The Columbia
Guarantee Company
fa Ihe cheapest place to borrow montj on Iloas
hold Furniture liaoc etc No removal CojI
dcm confidential
Columbia Guarantee Company
613 F St n w
JaT tf
To loan on furniture piano etc without re
moral or publclty and the day you ajk tor It
We will loan any amount raaVini time and pay
ments to fait Ivin one month or one year it
you desire and at rain that you can afford to
pay If you now hare a loan with any other
company and desire mure money lire at a call
Hll as cheerfully mate t 10 loan as flCO and
no charge cr expense if loan Is not made Always
ready and will nf to gire information regarding
rates and methods to secure loan We are the
oldest loan company In the city abd will girt
you honest treatment All business strictly con
SdeatiaL Prlrate offices
Washington Mortgage Loan Co
610 r Street NW
Loans of
and upwards made
Waffons etc at lowest rates aad on the dav
you apply Wj are loaning on the Building and
Loan Association plan which makes the cost ol
carrying loans much less than you pay else
where and allovr ou to pay It off in any siaed
notes you desire running from one to twelve
months Tou only pay for the use of ircy tor
the length ol time you carry IL If you have a
loan with some other company we will par it
off and advance you more money I desired Rates
cheeifully given and no cost to you unlss loan
Is mads Loans made anywhere In the District
Call and get rates Front room Hut floor Sd
entinc American Building
National Mortgage Loan Co
625 F Street N W
B0 U
Household Furniture
PIANOS ETC without femoral from your p
session or on warehouse receipts Any amount
from 10 up on Ions or short time and at lowest
rates of interest We are the only
loan company and It will pay you to ne
gotiate a loan through us So trouble delay
cr publicity Offices crirate Loans made In
any part ot the dtr
Room 1 Warder Building
Corner Math and V Street X W
Money to Loan
Household FurnitirePianos etc
If you are In need of money we desire to In
form you of our new method We can secure you
a loan on an easy monthly payment plan at lesj
cost than ever befort and below tie rate of any
other cempany In the city You can pay In full
at any time after the loan Is secured and it will
only cost you for such time as you hare had the
money Our business Is strictly prirate and all
applications are treated confidentially If you
have a loan with any other concern you can se
cure a loan through us to pay it and get more
money if deelred It wilt pay you to call and ace
us befcre Eoinsr elsewhere We are ready at any
and all times during hours to sire informa
tion concerning our hjlness methods and you
will recelee courteous treatment
ap3tf C02 V St N VV
110LY loaned salaried people and retail mer
chants upon their own names without se
curity easy payments TOLA1AN Room 49 0OS
011 O st oc22 lyr
IIONEY TO LOAN at J 33 4 and per
cent in sums of SlOlM to 10000 en II C
real estate pay off 5 and 0 per cent mortgages
and begin auew all transactions conducted with
economical consideration far borrowers VVM II
SAUNDEttS ft CO 1107 F sL nw jyl tf cm
Itooms 11 and Metzerott lluilding 1110 F st
jeli tf
lilt MMl lfllMlll IHOIMlllTl
Kilt Farm rear Vnuarolis and May rtiJje
suiiuiier rewirt 105 aini CO acres clear
lulance Ane timber that will more than pay for
the place fino peah tree larjre totucco harr
Polling luthincr etc j bargain price or
end for peeial bullrtin of tiarcains in farm
ami suburban pciprrtv Mill VII MI FMIKIt 512
E at nw Ja27 3tem
FOIt LK On eav terms one half acie coed
I mil trpom and tellar houe pump at door
stable ami carriage ioue near Fcetoria a
slejni and electric can price 1O0 Villi Ml vv
H IIHt 312 K st nw jairstera
Ioit sni nicrcies
IOI SLE tlenulne bargain large aiortment
ligli grade ccond hard biicle from each
up CiCLE KACimCC 710 lOtb st nw
ja23 3t
10U SVIE E vtraordinarj liarcalns large assort
ment of high grade Mvond band bicyelrs from
5 up CiCIE LAUHMSF 710 loth st nw
niCACIi repairing we do all kindi abo buy
sell rent in I cvcliange Modes tires Good
rich 3 Hartford 3 iff 1225 good seconds
JI00 lWlOrlslI llicjcle Slaclunist 71 tb st
i oii sii scnrnuAX
lOlt SMC Falls Church at electric and sleani
depot one 10 toom houe flni location lots
any sire you desire one tract of 15 acre
M E MUTLRsIKLCH Lewinsvllle Va
a2l 7t
IMSMS and suburban propett for sale and ex
change send for InioHeL put issued Arlt
IP IIEH 512 K St nw a20 lOtcm
HM E SHANNON 1410 I at Ames lluilding
jalS tf Telephone 427
W1I E SHANNON 1410 i St Ames Lluilding
Jal8 tf Teleplione 427
rim mT oiiicii
Lat lrCT 46 ni niatnll isVaL tiwm tn anf j1iif
Dr Young
Oldest in age longtst located
Heaalar graduate two schools i
Cor 12ib
and F Sit
Authorized bf the District Coternmtnt to treat
AUlleaeot theNooe Thront and Lungs Urart
NerTe Oralr More Sain Si much Klrtnejj and
DLuldar Night Imc Sexual Wenkncrfnnil all
Special Diseases of citherscx FtrlcturcVatlcoctl
ami Hydrocele enrol wltboutcrtttniroroperatloa
No pain No law of time A jTomit and rf
tnanert cure guaranteed PyphilWatiTtgecurcd
fcrijV without mercury cr potasn Noeypostmt
Dally Office Hours 10 to 1 mi 3 to S CundaTi
10 to 12
WARtiLa Dr Vounf Is la no way con
ntctt d with any jo cjeif meJIcal Institute
Dr Leatherman
r XPKRT SPECIALIST la the evue et alt prtTila
dbeaaea Hydrocele Varicocele Stricture Iav
P and SypnJMle Dtaeaaet poltlrly cured
Adrlce and cocjultatlcn free Both inn DaUr
to If x to S Tunday Thursday aad Saturday
Lvenlaft J to
003 p Street Norl
Idoied Sunday
mtJJ tl
Ilia Readings to
Ladles S5c Cents 50c
Oldest ertabliahed Clairvoyant telUyour business
lore affairs family troubles about lawsuits di
vorces or anything yuu wish to know fcnn
eparated together causes speedy marriages re
moves family troubles bad luck spells or mj
tcrioua feelings 10 to 10 dally ua II st sw
Dr McKeehan
818 UTIt ST N W
Ofilce noun 9 to 12 a m 6 to 8 p m
days 2 to p m
DISEASES OF MEN Longest established
equipment south of New York
317 6thSLCorli A
WuhlnglOJ DC
GEItMAN SPECIALISTS in charge to treat all
chronic Ulaeaaea of man and woman Catarrh
liutuinatbnn Brain Stomach Heart Kidney Bladl
der Hemorrhoids Piles cured vitality restored
PRIVATE DISEASES Stricture Impotency
Varicocele Hydrocele Syphilitic Skin and Blood1
Potaon cured without mercury
Fffpeclat attention In old and vtiMA inMM
eaiee treated and cure accomplished Ilourj 10 to
12 2 to Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays
till 8 evening Sunday closed Dr CZARRA
In ebstetrlca Gold medal awirded for the adene
of obstetrics L om the Jnireralty of Uurlch B
varta Treats succearfully woraene rrmpllcatlona
and Irregularities private sanitarium tl ladle
before and during confinement Irfants adopted
Office hours J to p m eu Pa are mr
Waahington D C MlO tf
Cold nlllnirs and bridge work a specialty at
the lowest prices amalgam filling Soer full seta
ef teeth oa plates 15 extracting elthr h
I or local spray absolutely painless 50c with
lot tic all work done by eipcrta and guar
antied the best open on Sundays from 10 ta i
oclock mhiffm
tOAN OFriuc
314 Ninth Street N W
Iforey Loaned on Watches Diamond Jewelry
nuelnesn ptrictJy confidentlaL No connection
with any other Loan Office in the city
Come and consult Prof F Jameon lie tells
your name ajf and object ot call without askln
a question also sivca advice upon all matters
pertaining to lore marriage divorce buslnes
difBcultIe etc Through his powers lovers hus
bands and wires arc reunited happy marriages
are caused and all In distress are helped Satis
faction spiaranteed Hours 10 to 8M daily Sun
days 11 to 5 Half price this week only
Parlors 1004 H Street N W
lara 3t
1004 I Street NW
Mrs Itoc will scire to LADIES a delicious
cup of coffee alter which she will read your
fate in the ground From 9 to 5 daily except
Sunday ja23 7t
the greatest clairvoyant and life reader tells jut
what you want to know without akjnr mi s
tions eittiags dally M cents and 41 03 6th
St nff ji28 7t
proof free
City Kan
TOUIt FvTE TOLD Mmc Monde palmist and
card reader 25c and jOc hours 10 a m
to 7 p ro 1123 9th st nw no sign T2S J
LADIES Your bust enlarged 6 inches failure
impossible harmiens 10O cash guarantee
JIIDDLE tCED widower would marry woman
wno would appreciate ttnantM nos nice
home good buines and worth f lOOOa ddress
MR UOOD Ilox 210 Englewood station Chicago
FLDERLY gentleman of wealth out of wxiety
would marry Ihe lady who could male hw
home coutfortible and luppy MIS HvNNV 117
It gl st New ork lt
I 1IAK FOI ND a positive cure for drunkenness
can be given aecrctly will gladly tell you
what it is dont end money MHs JHY lIVtY
hINS Lok Itriv J II 131 Grand Rapid Vllcb
de31 32t a
I VDY PlliSICIvNS 5 three coure treatment
mailed free for a few days only to introduce
cures female wcakne displacements leucorrhea
suppreved or painful period etc IR V rv
It K CO 105 station O Chicago Ilh ja2I23
Mil L NOItRIS Ualtimores talented medium
at 730 OIU st nw daily from 10 to S Sun
days Included seances Tues and Fri s p m
Wednevlaya 2M p in Sunday nights at Macca
bee Temple 9th L nw good music silver col
lection Ja2l 7t
MME RETTv Card Reader your fortune for 10
and 15 tents extra reading 25 cents 921
4th St nw Ja22 7t
HUE DWIS born clairvoyant and card reader
tells about bulnes removes spells and evil
influences reunites the separated and gives luck
to all cures piles and drunkenness 1223 23th st
nw Ial0lmocia
HMtE you are thi bouse is known for Its re
liability and when we tell you we can sell
you i fine custom made nt of clothes worn
some much le s than tin no good new stuff
its try us JL3TIFS OLD STAND 610 D
t nw ja23 7t
SUHHtLHs from l pilcpsy will do well to call
715 131 II t nw a22tf
von siu iiohsus aad vihiclis
IOR Svl E- ccoud hand delivery wagon S20 225
h st m ja23 jt
FOIt SIK Ninev and four wheeler cheap
ILL1 M II v IS 22 II st ne Jai3 3t
1011 SVLE One Corning bivgy
Mtll 7th and Md ave ne
chci CO L
lOlt SLK t Ihirgain owner to uc loeoinobile
Mir grey roan hofc 1100 pounds 0 years
old can be after 2 daily private stables rear
lOts lllli t mv
lOlt S ME Great bargain 12 head of horses and
mates ranging in age from 5 to 0 years
weight 00 to 1100 pounds tillable for any
biHinrs and no reasonable offer refused Call
212 t tt nw Ja2l 7t n
DIL RUD of Uoton hxpert Shoer Is here
II F McClUIIs8 STAPIJC 1327 II t nw
He can ture lament1 stop overreachlng knee
banging o any imperfect gait your hore may
have jaISt
TIIE WAR IN OI Til AFRICA has sent prices
sky high in Europe American gootU are
going up too Wc havent advanced prices yet
still papcting rooms with hew rich handsome
stylish paper fur onlv 2 up llnrst wo k F 1
NOLTi StOOthst VOIirtWCII ja27 tf
llll 2T
j lotntnl nfflt wifi uar of typewriter xntl I rtnt tvpcwrlterj
uirpiiotir vs mut urn oruce jut inr i jaii jiuo
No Rrmlrgt h
City rMtofflce
i per menfi
TTrCWKirUE nnwiIIINO We do cauftii worfc
charge vrr rrjionable also buy sell od
LAuuniii 7iT yn it nw

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