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H 71
Tlie Superb School Siskin in llic
Indian Torriloiv
An Imiiif iim1 Imiil Devoted n Insti
tutions for flip Uinhf iiilitnttnii of
ICiinss leillze The Ktiie Ilnnriltiitr
College riiltnreil 1 tiling ChteUn
n W omen Cnrliii for Orphans
In the Indian Tcrrltoiy that land where
the rive Civilized Tribe have 60 Ions
dwelt there exists todaj a sjslcm of free
or public schools that Is not excelled and
scarcclj rivaled In the world A great
many people It the hae not invcstlca
led tho matter will be Inclined to doubt
this statement for to the majorltj the
words Indian Terrltorj are fcuj
Sestte ot an absence of culture refine
ment education and art One has but to
journcj to the home of the The Civilized
Tribes io become conTinced that for thor
oughness of instruction and complccncss
of sjslem tho public schools there arc net these
Improvement in the latter this sum be
came Inadequate to meet the demands bo
Anally In the last agreement made be
tween the Chickasaw Nation and the Uni
ted States Government whereby certain
radical changes were made In the tribal
government It was provided that the roy
alties from the leasing of the coal and
other mines should be set aside and used
as a permanent school fund This ensures
at least J100000 j early for the public
schools in the Nation In this Nation the
school sjstcm was inaugurated fifty jears
ago when the Indians first removed to
tbe Territory and has been continued un
interruptedly to the present time
There are 5000 Chickasaw s and they
spend more per capita for education than
any other people In the world the amount
being about 200 for each person Each
district has from three to four day schools
for bojs and girls there being about thir
ty pupils to ach school and fully 00 students-
altogether The teachers in these
schools are selected from the graduates of
the colleges In the Nation
Vive Hoarding ColIesreK
The district schools are similar to the
public schools of the whites but in addi
tion to these there are five boarding col
leges located in different parts of the
tion Any Indian child between nine yearn
It vas an October afternoon and through
Indian summers tulle like haze a law
swlnglng sun sent shafts of scarlet light
at th highest peaks ot the Blue Itidge The
sweet gum leases looked like blood colored j
stars as the floated slowlj to the ground
and brown chestnuts gleamed satin like
through their gaping burs while over all
there rested a dense stillness cut now and
then by the sharp jelp of a dog as he
scurried through the bushes after a rabbit
Surrounded by this splendid autumn
beauty stood Mountain Top Inn near the
crest of the Clue Hldge in Hockflsh nap Its
historical value dating from the time when
Jefferson Madison and Monroe after a
long and spirited discussion in one of Its
low rooms decided upon the loca
tion of the University of Virginia
On the porch of this old Inn there now
sat a little boj idlv swinging a pair of
sun tanned legs Occasionally he tickled
old licr colored hound that Jay dozing
In a limp heap buL being rewarded only
bj toothless snaps at very long Intervals
he finally crew tired of this amusement
and stretching himself out on his back he
began to dream with wide open ejes At
dream times when he let his
really excelled anywhere thoughts loose thej alwajs bore him to
To uein with there is a radical oilier- the verj same field and here his fancy
enco between the Indians of tbe Territory i
or the rive Civilized Tribes and those wild Jaln1 P
denizens of the plains The latter are in s Imagination
ith the vivid colors of a
pictures so strong that
the largest sense wards of the Govern- I they left him flushed and tingling with
mtnt and slmplj reside on lands rcicnei j pride again pictures that brought a cool
out ot the public domain for their use
the title of which rests in the United
States while the Klve Civilized Tribes
own their territory in fee simple in com
mon and were granted a patent thereto by
this Government The Government holds in
tnibt for the The Tribes an immense fund
realized from the bale of their lands in
Mississippi and other States at tbe time
of their removal to the Indian Terrltorj
The interest on this fund amounts to an
enormous sum each jear and Is paid to
tbe Indians semi annually This In con
nection with the immense ro allies paid
the Flic Tribes by companies who lease
and operate the man coal asphalt and
other mines located within tbe boundaries
of the Territory renders these Indians
not alone wealthy but absolutelj Inde
pendent In so far as their internal and
domestic affairs are concerned
The dlncntlonnl ntcm
By way of example It will be of interest
to examine the system ot schools In the
Chickasaw- Nation whose territory bor
ders on the State ot Texas This Nations
amount of interest on Its trust fund is
J63000 annually and up to one or two
J ears ago this money was devoted entire
ly to and was sufficient for its schools
But with the Inevitable Increase of and
choking feeling to his throat and at times
pictures that made his childish mouth
quiver and droop Among all of these
thought born scenes at intervals there
would stand out the real ones scenes that
were etched on the clean walls of his
memory In everlasting strokes
He never tired thinking of that first
morning that morning when all the world
seemed gilded with sunshine and throbbing
with martial music His grandfather had
lifted him up on one of the big gate
posts to see the soldiers march by With
mingled feelings of admiration and child
ish envy he had watched them drill for
many weeks but they hfd never seemed
such real grand soldiers until now as they
came marching by with quick firm step
keeping time to the clear staccato notes
marching oft to real battlcfields It was
all so beautiful splendid and gaj the
music the soldiers the people the hurrah
ing It stirred his sentient little body
through and through with a kind of jo
and he thought it so strange that his moth
ers eves were full of tears
Just a few dajs later he had listened ea
gerly to tho sharp crackling sound of
guns and the rumbling thunder of cannon
so near that the air secjied to vibrate He
and another little boy had stood and talk
ed in high quick tones bragging and pre
dicting breathlesslj the retult of the bat
tle as they used the term our men
Finallj they climbed tue tallest oak on
the lawn and strained their young ejea
to see which was gectin whipped
A little while after this he remembered
lile Ijir mif tnni tint
I filial a1 f 4 fiwl fl t 11
uii naiu i iuc Jlisi UP UV BA W UlUi
stoop and loosen the white cotton band
ages of a wounded man On the next nar
row cot there was a blender boy of fifteen
who lay with clenched hands watching the
work of the surgeon Then they passed a
woman who was gently bathing the fore
head of a man whose soldier dajs seemed
likely to come to an early end
Some weeks had gone by when one day
ho followed a party ot men to Marjcs
Heights It was a short time after the
battle of TredericKsburg A light snow
had fallen the night before which the
wind whirled and silted about the dead
in a way that made them appear to be
shuddering Once a sharp Rust blew the
snow off a body ling on his face and the
boys eyes filled He scaroclv heeded th
talk of the men with whom he had gone
His thoughts were held fast by the awful
scene which lay spread before bis vouny
Uok often since then had tbe boy pic
tured himself a grown man seated on just
such a fine horse and following Lee It
and twenty years of age is at liberty to was always Lee In his dreanilaut through
attend one of these colleges where be or the heart of the battle bj always followed
fcbe is given board lodging and complete Gen Itobrt E Leo his hero whom he
tuition abeolutely free of charge until had never seen hut wliotv he had ear-
graduation Two of the boarding colleges rlcd halo crowned in his heart ever since
are civ en over to females and two to
males while the fifth Is set apart for all
orphans of the Nation the latter number
ing about sixty These orphans are cared
for and educated thoroughly until they are
able to Sght lifes battles alone
The five boarding colliges are situated in
favorable locations In the country conven
Got the W lioleniale DlaieoDlit
lrom tbe London CLronicle
An IJglUlimjn liailinff from the north went
iLto the Clatliara Hotel la Iarij rrecntlv and
Bulloulr Bed the iTice of a wlilaly One
iMiw rU TiU1 Le ltndr And a
vWeVy s aodir One franc lr All drink
the tame price Tlie ljigimmn sit down
to liis Bitiiiahaent found that be pUce
TlfZ Arafric M nd tint the enrforaers
Lelpe1 thrrmelies at llielr otin diatTrtfon He
punlalied 1 bou of whh j
JMPty Ai he went out he paid down Mi innc
ImiI the milliter cilicd him back and said leS
friiorPara ur rf J tlwusUt tint
the drink n a franc That la to tlr waa
threly -Hut ii tie retili price but there It
rediiction when you buy wholeule And ha
handed back fire tout
he could remember
And then the very saddest day in his
life had come the day when the first news
nf Lees surrender lay heavy on the hearts
of the household For a while he had fol
lowed his mother as she went sllentlj
with closed while lips from one duty to
another 1inall he went out to heck com-
lent to all the people The method of run- fort from Uncle Jake whom he found slt
cinfj them Is as follows The trustees of ting with bis back propped against the
each college award to some educator side of the corn crib drawing little quick
whose qualifications must be first rate a puilB of smoke from his pipe
contract for conducting or operating the Uncle Jake he said Lees just had
school Under this contract the person i to srendcr
who if to take charge of the college must Ves honey I done licahud bout hit
furnish board lodginc and full Instruction i And ae he looked Into Uncl Jakes little
to students for five jears for which ha fed water ejes he saw no comfort there
will receive ilOOOO jearly These con- and turned away Then Uncle Jako raid
tracts must be ratified and confirmed by ery tenderly Xuvvuli jou mn son
the Chickasaw Legislature and at present ef 30U had ben uh growd up man youd
tne united States Government attends to u w nipped um Hio inc Jake gwine tub
the disbursing ot the school fund
Educators from all parts of America aro
to be found teaching in the colleges and
tek jou possum huntin Sadv nlirht
Seven months had gone by since he war
naa cnaea sun on this October afternoon
JU before said the graduates thereof are i as the boy lay stretched out on the porch
qualified to teach in the Indian district
schools The course at the latter school
is elementar nd is Intended to fit tho
child for thp more advanced college train
ing which is similar to that of the average
college Deglnnlne with tbe primary
class the student Is carried on upward
through all the intermediate grades until
the senior or graduating class is reached
Greek Latin Trench and other languages
are taught and all arts as well The
colleges are empowered to grant diplomas
and confer degrees
Tnlented Indian CIrI
The Bloomfield 1emale College In the
Chickasaw Xation Is a splendid example ot
the system of public schools carried to Its
logical development Hon Holmes Col
bert Delegate from the Chlckasaws to
Washington Is one of tbe trustees of this
flourishing school and is eloquent in his
jiraises of its perfection and advancement
Said Mr Colbert Tor fifteen jears the
present Governor of our Xation Hon D H
Johnston was president of Bloomfleld and
upon his election to the governorship the
assistant instructor Prof Hinshaw a
Quaker minister from Indiana was
awarded the contract and Is now president
and chief instructor
There are eighty five girl In attend
ance at Bloomfield and they are being
thoroughly Instructed In all -the inodc n
branches of education Including painting
music and other arts Our people are bv
nature lovers of things beautiful nnd en
ter upon the study of art with great zest
and enthusiasm and become proQtient in
all Its branches
A commencement at Bloomfield is inot
entertaining and Instructive There ono
may see an arraj of young women who
In all that makes the refined well-educated
and cultured girl equal their lair
listers of the country and after witness
ing the ixblbltion of musical skill palnt
inc and thoroughness in general educa
tion one will depart flrmlj convinced that
not only is the school system in tho Indian
Territorj nearly perfect but that the In
dians themselves are almost abreast of
their white brothers in modern culture and
of the old inn he dreamed his bojish
ureams oi romance ana ncrolsm
Suddenly his attention was attracted bj
tho sound of hoofs and turning his head
hp saw a nan riding slowly down the roid
A new arrival at the inn was always most
Interesting An eager light came Into the
boys eyes as he watched the rider who
now near enough for blm to see how linn
ly he sat In his saddle The man seemed
a very part of the strongly built horse
which carried him with an ease that in
dicated long habit
A wiry little negro had also seen the ap
preaching horkeman and vaB now hurrj
ing across the lawn lo meet him
Ma 1 spend the night here my man
asked the stranger
Yessuh yessuh answered Uncle Jake
quickly and opening the gate he stepped
out and caught the bridle near the bit
as the horseman swung out of tho creak
ing saddle to tbe ground
Uncle Jake take the horse around to
the stablel called out the boy who felt
that tbe honors of hospitality rested on
him there being no one else In sight Then
he ran briskly down the walk to meet the
stranger who extended his fine strong
hand with a little smile and said very
Hon do jou do slrT
Im well replied the boy
And what is jour name
Jimmy Well Jlmmj Is a nice name
lie said Then he turned and ttlll hplt
the boy hand as he watched the little old
negro who stood with his head under tbe
saddleskirt tiptoeing and straining in his
effort to unfasten the girth llnallj when
he succeeded he Cung the saddle on thi
ground and the horse feeling relieved ot
his burden first shook himself violently
and then expressed his comfort again and
again in deep chest tones
During all this time Jlmmj s eyes had
been fastened on the strangers spurs and
n peculiar feeling of incredulity gradually
filled his mind
Silver indeed He could not fool hlmt
No one was rich enough to have real sil
ver spurs So sternly did he resent what
he thought lo be an attempt at deception
that he drew his small brown band slowly
out of the strangers gentle clasp
After slipping off the bridle from the
horses head and dropping It by the sad
die Uncle Jake led him away by his
i Blaulc anu Jimmy walked to
i e urn sit ucrc for a while
and then I will go over to the stable and
see about ray horse
As they sat down the old hound came
cautiously down the steps wheezing out
a husky greeting
Sin Is too old to bul anyone said
Is she yours
nor sir Tips mine Listen ho x
cialned as the sharp yelp of a dog agate
Vol 1 No 1
27tb NOVEMBER 189D
ami his feellnes In rpparH in trtn nnj
Tbe LaJyiiml Lyrt n niSuVd t upfy ft Icoj
lVisat WMtca in Ki rg d to o eit
eff freer tb world u orwt wtucb jjj can ftbotuOlj
Tj ou u ffcL Th rccitr thit fpoo to ogii
to kiofii tnj fcr all jou lao l ojciiiooaU tnw
0 j aew to Us lL
la tb collection d prrps ilioa c l fil Viooxli w
till tpi CO rJcrt tfii cj cipfcnni It it rnoib
fcr li tlat LsJnaitb vuli icn it
Fo en o VzroirTt
t wtzzltm TiLretinnX
LoadoB tfafce S
A 1311 1 roa Loac Ton bunt la tb Wtr 08co
thi titcrssoa Gesml Drckobur7 Director
Geotrtl of Ordztttm ixvpt 1U rnvil vitb
Tt4 futiCD Sffcrtl rppuUiooi er ttnovtlf
UrkgJ Tcier 0Vr ibe Ordniom CotDttitrto
Wla BSt I tt0 A fpLaUT bt 210 lt Fo Ml
OS icjdwlorbcdfbef s ortb Pna MiBuVr
A J Bfour ki r r3roJ a third rdihoB of
rfcdwcpotf Doubl Tbt cri exctioi ow
xltfttr oa tl dauM f atrxiod fcj tbo Cjhfitt u
talb prob5iliti ci war fita tai Tnajvul Tfc
Fli Lord c tap Tmrirr Lai ded txed la rditioa
to his kodf Lord StZSra
Tfca arVlrrj tatsdJ for lb campaifo la South
Alnn wul to dripaUhf i cm 09b tbo anmatrj
aiaiaaitioD bas t to ironed fraa tb Otroaa
Tbe Lt J Aavc r bat appoint a asj oa liouta
Cjsaitlre for tbe rrhtt of Ladriotb
Ifr MicbMl Divin Dr Taascr Mr DPoi asi
ilr 8i MeNwlI bato aaaouonrd ibeir iototion ot
jciotrctbo Inab Cnraix Tb ilejco rCooi
vntbrut drraur imJi rraLt in aid
Tho Socaad Arxj Co l aa boeo djcovensl is
tis pifaCB bol of Ibo 7ar OSioa
Otsdrirnaa OTclbor IX
Tba RbalJa baa rrturard to Lif pala1 oo tb
Kd Lo d Kixbasr if at Faboda Ho u rcarcb
ta aQlb la rataa tbo aitg cf lJjizitb
Tana Itorerotar 10
Mar Marcbaod baa orraaml ao cxpojitioa ro
tlo icorcra of tba KLp Biar It ta raaoarod tbat
lia object u to r om Ibf jaoctioa rf tbo Bnliib
forco aortb aao pooib of lae Tiala Tbo Gorf a
ire f of tbo Brpobtia baa bo a warnod Llal lata viH
toracardod aaaa osfruadlr act
Too ubibitioa Ku booa pot t3 naiil tbe ad of
tba 0th oaatarj ta criu tbat rVaaoo ca darolo
lor aaoiea to Ibe robjagatioa of Oroat BnUio
Adia Adeba rtOTaubT 2
iiesalia kaa docland war acaiaat Fraooc Ba Laa
paaled to Oral Stilkjt let aaiusoe
I 4 irJoraod ea tbo ai bort astbontr ttct
A n baa dadarrd arar acaiait Great 3 iUis ad
baa appajtd to Fra o for aaamtaaoo
JobaaBcaburr ID
IUnn loaradatbrvBb Ibt raciiuBa of 7U
SlvLii nS sprt Km tbat tb Jobaasoiluj
oarxado xn BtUad u Ladjinuli iti tboir wiiaa
Bad faraSjea aarcral bofidred al bomodlr
for Saul tbj nomiaj Now tJ latoroaTDc daral
paaoBta ara uboAWl
broke the stillness Thats Tip He goes
off and runs rabbits all by hlmscir
Perhaps he is ifler a fox
Xo sir Tip wont run a fox
Jimmv can jou tell from a does err
whether he is running a fox or a rabbit
No sir
Well if he is trailing a rabbit he docs
cot bark continually but if he Is after a
fox he doc so jou can alnaj s tell if you
listen carefully
Never heard about that bjfore re
plied Jimmy with a smile
After this there followed a long paus
during which the straneer looked about
then said
Jlmmj how long have jou been living
Not verj long We refugceil over In
North Carolina the first part ot the war
Then we came back to Spattsylvanla coJli
ty while father was in priion Whj we
Just came here after the srendcr You
remember when Leo Junt had to s ren
der he asked looking up into tte
strangers face
The bojg mouth as usual quivered as
he uttered the word Vreader but the
man did not appear to see this He iccm
ed to be locking at a far off mojntaln
peak After a pause he replied Yen I
remember as he rofc and tlartcd toward
the stable
Ill show jou the way taid Jimmy
Thank jou sir he answered gravely
When he entered the sUble the bit gicj
horse greeted his master with tome soil
little nlckerings Oh he know jou with
out even looking exclaimed in
tones expressing delight and surprise
Yes he knows me pretty well tho
man replied a3 be looked with anxious
sympathy at a saddle galled place on the
hores hick
Jimmy had climbed up on the side of the
stall and was also looking with much In
terest Suddenlj he exclaimed I ltrow
whats good for that Some stuff dofn In
the bottom of the chalybeate spring
He pronounced each Billable of the worn
chaljbcate verj clearly for it was 1
newly letrnod word and he was proud
of his ability to use it
Why the iron in It ought to be
healing How far is the spring
Oh Just a little way Ill show jou
Jlmmj replied jumping to the round and
quickly opening the stable dror Let itc
lead him he added
Had nt jou rather ride him Jlmmj
Yea Mr he replied in rathir shj but
pleased tones
All right said the man as he swung
the little fellow up on the horse There
Sit farther back to you will not hurt that
galled place Now Ill lead him and von
tell rae in which direction to go
Down the road there Just on the other
side of ILc Ice pond said Jimmy pointing
In that direction as they moved off
The boy was happj as he cupped his hire
hia bare legs close around the body of the
horse and watched the square shoulders of
tne mm who walked slowly ahead II
thought him exceedingly nice and kind
rict cd
ft preaibm aowarar offa ii tbo left rmilal4
ntvri lb1 aoco irmbi njj uaoidabl crt
la- To rat ovr rcadrra tbe troublo of picbtog tbooi
ouUtbtao will be pubtubod ic a aroculroIasD bf tbaa
Tbia diriaioo of aov ito In ad fajM u
ao eatirelr ped parturo Attg buor of Ibtrabba
prf Wbjttnr toii real falba pparo dsroTad to
trwlb ear bcliore Tbot il cl tbo La nl
Lyn fob raa toM or cat a joj 1 a
ThCrM mucJ iom 1ch u taott r Pevni
Coatrrxtct rratorn u of a tinned l ti proUM
otTtmc fUcr PrriiJr til Rtf Laj iotiiiAt J tut
tt 3outb Afncto Ibpabtic iii set be tpmnl
ISfwt bu rrsvchH hra roos rtluUe toirt I hit
LcrJ Sllv T I to tt lerot of pnwrc jro
pol by PiTjidtai Krujf lb uiTfodr i ttu
prt f I1 bow txeapirt bf lb Boer
Gvccral Clryljj rtlbi3ran ba nffv3f coluoa
toibeMooi Bier Munttburj i tlaott drtwtrJ
Jcubcrt bu od eocth itb the ntfer p3c la
CesirsJ BulUr w t Cpro 0nnJ Frcatb
i cot t Dundee Tbnnb utCr fiti fron
re th to Lonloa be lco oiucvd t3i per wofi
Tbo Too Ouird art zndermtna Cobulwaoi
Tij pnjLOft to Mo up ta cetnj yua wits
ejhai cf potuuia
Tk rrtiJot BtfTitnto tt lotobi Csp tii
fool for bn honv lit u tJmlf loucberi bj tb
rrvpitoi jiff to Lia tuclftJ cr tit en a4
Mr ScbftU Onrj T I u ot ft protest tail t
B NJ roil ft oo lb VapttAl at tb Too Util
H buuoweapb JiseJ tbe ftwt by tIlto lis
Oeaarai JouVrt fca tra tantad 10 duaaa J li
feni en Tepvonb Bad Ucbuliraai aad to acad is
aa pmooera tlie goaoera oho boiitod tb wbita r
oer Loac Two aod bia brother Fu2cf DiUr la
order I bat l brr ilaj load aad lae tbe rasa ra Baol
Mn fCruer boe Lealh la eteUeou coaclatsa
tbat lS Preideot la VcotlBf too Eatifh Ca Ql
losfr riea to bed ta bat aod tuote
071 Taut Cofrtrrrioe
Do too tanf a Chnaiou fiidiicT Totf uW
Thia la bow too caa got U
Tlia pm will be praa for
tnt Hoar umcrcoea cuira
from the iell fire ef tba enema trtweea tbo dalsa ot
oeeaiotr aad Derecibrr SA Tbe soapetitioa wnll
cloae oo Orucaher Hit at 12 aooa
So if ton want a Ctrutmaa pudding data co
loBrer Go oat aad bao s Dirculoca eaoapo tad
aad a deaenpboa of it b
Tbo Editor ot the Inty mBi ln
o tbe cf tbo LjJrimtfi trt
co Hra Iladea
Ubib Street
roBtaitsif trB
Lad Bauik
now iiulle positive hlsrsaddle with R
Lon it Is out theft It the gate
-here he comes nov said one of
group eagerly at Ieait I suppose that it
is he
Let us see said- Jlrs Clavcry glng
rapillj to the window I taw him once at
the ilrecnbrier White nnd I am sure that I
would know him Tesit Is he she ex
claimed as she lookiJ at the man coming
slowly across the lawn talking eirnestlj
to th barefoot boL at his side His
thoughts were so completely o cupied by
what he was raying that net until he waa
quite near the inn did le see the group en
the porch and his face flushed slightly as
he realized that they were there to greet
Mm Lifting his hathe ascended the
steps with bared head Sirs Clavery walk
ed quickly forward and Extended her slim
white hand
General Lee I belleyjJlrV0 i
Yes madam lie rejifled graveljTas he
boned low over her hand
At the Eound of Lees name Jimmys eyc3
grew round and filled with astonishment
Tor one brief moment he stood gazing up
at the statel old soldier whom everyone
was greeting then he backed slowly away
until he reached ttic door There he stood
another moment seeing nothing but tls
Suddenlj he turned and darted down the
long hall up the stairway and Into his
mothers room
Mother he exclaimed in breathless
wonderment mctoerf fleneral Tee f
cr mouer lie s lust exactly like anv
body else Margaret Minor in St Nich
I IihiibIi the Xiill In Iertlle the lllue
inn I hrives
in lii the Ljndon Mall
After thry had gone some distance Jim- V uscu
r exclaimed Theres the Then J r In e
grouping on n lawn but It does
he slid quickly to tbe ground and without
other words knelt down and baring one
arm dipped out of the botlom of the
spring a handful of rust colored flakes
This Is what jou put on his back he
said Just laj It right on It doesnt
hurt it Just feels cool
The directions were quietly ubejed and
the horso made no movement save a
slight quiver of the skin as If to shake
c1 a flj
Uncle Jal e says that doctors cant make
any finer medicine than this he bald as
he stooped up another hrndful
Well Jimmy I am very much obliged
to jou and Im sure Out my horse Is
alMi said the stranger as thej started on
back to the stable
In the meantime the saddle left by Un
cle Jake near the horec rack had attracted
th attention of a joung man as ho came
through the Iiont gate After looking at It
for a few minutes idle curiosity prompted
him lo turn it over with his foot and as
ho did so three bright braBS letters
ft E I greeted hlra He looked
Ij at them at first then his eyes dilated
and a little pricklj thrill ran through him
I wonder If It can be he said Suddenly
some convincing feeding seemed to fill his
mind and then he almost ran to the hous
On reaching the steps he sprang up them
two at a lime and entered tbe hall where
he met Mrs
ilrs Claverj he began and stop
Well she asked smiling at his hesi
tation What is it Charlej
ward the Inn with his guest who said as Ah do you know Mrs Clavery I
think that General Lee Is here
le Tps His
voice was husky with excitement
General Lee Where But witlojt
waiting for a reply she stepped quickly to
the door of tbe old fashioned parlor and
exclaimed In soft suppressed tones to a
group of women sitting there
They Ihinlc that General Lee Is here
What makes them think so asked a
Ihln grey hatred woman as she hastily
a rote
Why replied the young man his tones
not stand
our climate very well and cf course nev
er reaches any great height It 13 the va
riety that jields the eucalyptus oil tho
antUeptlc so much recommended as a cure
for influenza Moreover its leaves rolled
Into the form of cigars and smoked are
said lo be a cure lnr asthma In South
Africa it is the principal and practcallj
the onlj timber tree
A Custom llntlnar llnelc In the Ms
Ireiith Century
From the Chicago Chronicle
Accounts width dale back lo 1323 show
that the prlnclpio of allotting slUings to
particular people and charging for the
same was then In force At St Law
rences Church Heading there is an entry
unucr uate im lor re forming the mar-
ors seat and at Hje the church wardens
expended S shillings for making a new
pew for the magistrates wives
In 173G the church wardens decreed that
women occupying seats In certain favored
positions should pay I pence each For
still better positions near the pulpit the
cliRrge was 6 iieuce At Dorchester In
1623 Robert Poldens wife Is noticed as
paying 1 shilling 6 pence for n seat In the
womans square So there Is reason for
believing that originally pew rents were
charges made every time particular seats
were occupied
In the Valle
Ilrtn the distant mountain peak
We fix cur ardent cuze
On tint far finlnnce e nek
Tlie future of run- wrya
Oh willingly we thmu nor atop
Fre we hue reached tbit mountain top
While fairer eaaier at our feet
A garden JamLarape lies
Where e way walk in dalliance meet
To win lifes liijheit prize
Heroic deed we may ecmrnind
Jvor ever learr the valley land
It L Raine in Kiaul City Star
ralar it
irtoto wtU oil at UMpaiiwrurfi or C
Cap er Obwrtftlo Ihll Port or Wra
Hill oc tnrbr I co ild kmi b
Utv lb bori of 12 I a d 12 h
vll fcr f
ccihiaij o tu i
IllUUBI CTlaUai 3
W tba ooder naJ
ao tw t0 k
R WU 10 plaj a in of itMI otit on ata Jar
or aitll SuoJ eierpttdl Ir 0 coa of
core Of le
StaVra to bo d pn ltd oa tho Raoxnurw oadir a
fuard ot Uu nlboeilea J n5aeat crinber for
he pjrpocaa t found ia tbo rnisbiaed aroiee
3 cued u Toa
P nily
New editioa jrat piiblnbea r iej aad ealarfed
Miwr MiJorOcaenl Sir K
Oert it 4c -Hi aa appanj co Ibo fanitiaa
and racajeaaril ot araoyr d traiaa
Deep U l Miaio aad Ibe Mio ral niehei cf
Laifeit 8r ibe Saddler rfeaai o tbo i Lllf
LvJnailhRiuVJ v JJ3 0f poriaa la
Siiert Sioat tlrartl
- Fron Ta V Una to Bf ITmtM L
Speacu Clio tb II do p epaeeionl -
atw error BctH
ro Ladjicjith Z 2b j Liej
Hooper Lane a freide
V I bj Boad aad Hail
-B Coasaaditl
The Adeerltaeaeot Editor will be glad to aicbasra
aeerel tOnaad wordi dmeroliee of tbo baflo of
bxabad Kop for eadcicot hlcndo ef potash L
tire the field aerie aide of hia batao Kraar
freK coal of aheli coleur for CtrVEta
1m Colleeicra A rotlltnaii bo if paicg on
htcot cli05 dcairca to etcbaoro hia eara -Bad
atuahlo peeitneoi locladiog coct oxaaplM of
Long Ton Toapom Ao Aa for ataapa bcaia
tbo Lali3itb foit isarh with aa dato bafwaes
yoreaeer ith IBM aal April lit 1800
I Trr Joherta Hair Cu iera Hosdreda of teat
non all Iron tta caaar ot tbo Rojal UcttL lit
Carter prooiOnt anreoj aad otben
The rTr tjrt wl appear tirj cow aad taedl
Costrtbjtto3toUe Laifliuk Ijrt naj bo sell
to TboEdiorcaP Krujor E Freuna al
ibould ba caried - To raa arnral Tbe abould
bo acroiapaji d bj tho oaoea arj aidreaaca cf too
wnt oat oee taanlj al a ruana2 ef good faih
Acc nd co Inbutiorj wiJ ba pc J for at tba rata
of jCIO per 100 worja cr portioa tharxf ortr b
firihndr d whwh wvM be acebpted cjatia
Xicont tbuoa will be accented wbchosccea IC3
The Loinmdh Ln co bo obtaiaed ef all rew
irrenta aod railvaj booliitalla witbia tbe penaaae
cf Ladisuth and at tbo prtaeipal hioaqcea
Tbapeofitaif aar ef tbe LaJyvmA Lyrt w0 o
d oted to the reitorattoa of alt charcbei cooeasta
boapitala dnBltsg tara aad ober pablie boddiap
iBjjred un tba boxbardsra of tbo town
fjua to tie tic- of ri to frtaa
A III lie or the Ilrnt lllillier of tlie Iml nmllli Tj rr n Fn etIon Venapappr Ikxik iI for the Allinrnient
of the ItrwirKeil
nnler InrBCt lor Cupid riefore
lie I TiTent eveti
Irom the Sr l cxis Republic
The most dangerous ago for a bachelor
Is under 26 1- to be accurate 223 as
the registrar general dryly puts It in his
statistical return Just issued The moat
Joyou and delightful age for a woman is
something over 21 1 22150 That Is to
-say that it was at those precise ages that
ine average bachelor of last year and the
average maid became one
The bachelor however grows more wary
jear by year He was older In lSOStthan
in 1SS7 when he fell into the toils The
average bachelor was married in 18DT at
2C30 years of age quite 03 less The girl
too has to wait longer now than she used
Mo She was 03 of a year younger in 1SS7
wncn she became a wife than in 1S53 As
for the people who marry as minors they
are rapidly becoming a vanished number
among men at least Si out of every 1000
husbands in 1871 were married under the
age Of 21 and SO were 227 out nf ererv
Lit women ine boy nusbands have come l sc1 my men lo look up me young woman
11SC girls 17
downstairs and he Is Just splendid and- Ai
tojs anu - clra ls
A Mirnvil Imtlvldunl IVho AVorUia Ac
eorilliiK to Syitcni
Tbe modern detective Is not a man of
wigs and melodramatically mysterious
ways He does not go skulking about
scanning tho highways and byways for
bits of paper that look supleion ready to
draw a trusty weapon and bring tho fly
ing offender down with a well directed
shot Yet because ot the literature of a
sensational character that for years filled
the youthful mind with tho exaggerated
notion that the sleuth was almost super
natural a nun of a hundred faces and a
thousand disguises this mistaken impres
sion of the officer who makes a business of
hunting criminals Ins become more or less
popular The blood and thunder play of
ten or a dozen years ago In the palmy dayii
of the melodrama did Its share toward de
celving the public into false Idea3 of the
detective nnd like many more venerable
tradition- these erroneous notions linger
today and are not entirely confined to the
youthful rnlnd so susceptible to the eo
mantlc Influences of exciting fiction
A rrominent Southern detective wa In
down to 51 per 1000 now the girl wives
have dropped to 170 per 10CO There have
not been so few boy and girl marriages at
any time since 1831
Of the total marriages of 1S3S 12731
persons were minors Of these there were
2 girls 14 jears 10 13 jcirs 13S IS yeara
3 boys IS years C51 boys 17 years
years and 320
vears over 15 the
Kin wives run Into the tens of thousands
and actually nearly 19000 jouths of 20
years were married
There has been a dtcided slump in -v bl
owers and widows of late In 1S71 12S
husbands and 100 wives in every 1000
were widowers and widows respectively
Things have changed since then There
were hut S3 widowers and 69 widows In
evry 1000 marriages In 1SDS The
tll lZ
Although rich in such beautiful flowers I
as the arum Ill atnaryilis Ixia and
j gcrous to the susceptible heart of the op
er choice bulhuous plants and also In poslte sex than the widow It Is to be not
frulis like the peach and tangerine South ed however that when the widow selects
Africa is woefullj lacking in trees of a a bachelor as a husband she takes a man
size sufflcent to make a respectable v ood I nearij two years her Junior when she
or plantation j chooses a widower her husband is nearly
The only varlelj which appears to thrive five years older than herself
In anj quantity Is the blue gum I
tus globulus which Is found in largo ALL SORTS OF COCKTAILS
numbers so much so that many people are - -
under the Impression thit it is a native oi i Limit to the Vnrlctj of merlenri
tbe place
This however is a mistake as the real
home of the eucalypti was originally Aus
tralia where at the present time many of
the tpecles frequently attuln a height of
over 300 feet It rarely reaches this alti
tude In South Africa however although it
soon establishes Itself and then grows at a
tremendous rate rapidly forming a fine
handsome tree with thick glacuous foli
In the form of avenues it Is a prominent
feature In man to Am The chief sreet of
the town of Worcester Capo Colony has
two uce tows oi tne trees
were not nearly so Intense The desire to I urPus Globulus U cultivated lo some
ask if they were real silver though was I Me1 In tue malarious districts of Italj
strong but he felt that perhaps it would ln 1r imitrles bordering the Medl
not be polite so he said nothing tcrrauean Sem In this country it Is tome-
I utorlte Tluiile
Irom the CliiLago Inter Ocean
How many kinds of cocktails are there
do jou suppose said the bartender One
man said six another ten while an Eng
lishman hazarded a thousand but no one
raid any attention to him Finally they
all gave It up and the bartender had tho
chance he had been waiting for
How many then they asked
I dont know said the bartender I
have only been in the business ten years
but there are very many Some jears apo
when I was in Frisco a man told me I
couldnt make one dozen different cock
tails I told him I could make four times
as many Finally we made a bet He
used to come ln every morning and I
guaranteed that I would make him a dif
ferent cocktail every morning for forty
dajs If I failed I was to foot the bill
otherwise he was to pay I got through
all right Tor forty days I made a differ
ent cocktail for him every morning nnd
finally I threw In eight more Just as a
There was not of course much differ
ence between them but qulto enough ior
an experienced man to bo able to distin
guish them and so I won The truth Is
there is no limit to the varieties ot cock
tail nnd I should not be surprised to see
an experienced mau reach tho hundred
ttiieer Inieriiitloits Mioatliie the Sen
timent of IlKhters
from the ew Vork Presa
Bough as tho fighters of old were the
Inscriptions which they put on their swords
often showed not only considerable poetic
instinct hut sentimentality Faithful in
adversity Is such a sentence engraved on
an old sword of the seventeenth century
In a collection of blades of the sixteenth
century are these Inscriptions I quar
rel Gel give me speed that my foe be
beat Indeed With this defence and
Gods will all my enemies I shall still
In battle I will let myself tie used
When I my sword uplift ln strife God
give the sinner eternal life Trust in
God bravely war therein jour fame and
honor are Your aim alone be Gods
great name Who dares deny strike thou
him lame Every soldier fine look on this
sign and use his hand for God and the
On blades from the eighteenth century
are these Inscriptions Nothing better In
tbe world thou hast than to hold love and
friendship fast I serve A good blade
I who would deny let him meet me and
I will hold It will cost him or blood or
Hunt Work
From tlie Chicago Times Herald
Little Elmer Pa what Is brute forcer
Pa W lomethinr Dcoton poeti call to their
aid when tlie make banner rhjme with lioaannB
town the other day and discoursed freely
upon the work ot his colleagues Our
bu3incf saltl he i today a thing of
system and of organization The best de
tective is not a man who is adept in the
rapid change of false hair and whiskers
He U shreud man who is possessed ot
a keen business seno that might be en
vied by man follower of the professions
In his managing capacity he handles many
men without actually teelng them and
keeps track of their doings by receiving
frequent reports
The urfoiM observer might haunt a
detective hciilqturfcr3 frt weeks without
being able to discover anything particular
ly mysterious Moat cf the men are con
stintly in the held ferreting out C3ae
They work qtiietlj and as far as possi
ble without attracting any attention from
the uninitiated
In my time I have been called upon
o do many queer things We do not
waj 3 have to hunt for criminals Two of
the most interesting cases I ever had wero
cf a character that jou might call matri
monial I really became an agent for Cu
pid temporarily
Last summer when I was en duty at a
prominent seacoast resort I waa approach
ed by a fair visitor who at first exhibited
considerable maiden timidity I encour
agd her to speak freely and she finally
unburdened her mind to the folovlng ef
fect I have been to New York city
within tbe week past and during my so
journ there met on two occasions a gen
tleman who impressed me I saw him on
the street and he was tbe handsomest man
I ever met I felt certain from his dis
tinguished appearance and his Boning hair
that ho was a genius perhaps an artist
or a roct or an actor 1 did not speak to
him and do not know whether be noticed
me or not I know absolutely nothing ot
When I asked the young woman why
she wanted to find blm she replied tbat he
had made a decided Impression on her and
added a bluh which I readily understood
I suppesed it was one of those cases of
lore at firt sight but was compelled to In
form her that it would be lmpos3lb to
locrc a man in the city of New York from
such a meagre description She wa3 great
ly diuppolntcd and declared that she was
witling to spend any reasonable amount of
to locate the gentleman that sie
aevtr coule forget him etc But I w
oblgtd to decline the case becauss there
are to many good looking men with long
alr lu New York that a llfetimo might
be spent in trjing to fdentlfy the one she
On another occasion my caller was a
gentleman vho told me with anlmaton
that he had met a young woman saTeral
times a month previous on a street car
In a Southern city and he wanted me to
discover her abiding place He codld not
lu tti Vfrieim Kntlirs ns Iliunlntors
of Aiiuiilnai
from the London IIjiL
The Kaffir makes an interesting study
You cannot understand him all at once
It req iircs time and a good deal of it A
nf w arrival thlnk3 the Kafilc is a born pre
varicator ot the truth and ha3 his reasons
for so thinking
Suppose you catch a boy committing
a misdemeanor Ask him what he has
been doing and he will look up In your
face a picture of innocence and reply
Ikona baas a plump denial Tell him
you saw- him do it threaten him with pun
ishment he will still persist in maintain
ing his innocence He will still plead Igno
rance of the misdeed and mutter in astoa
lshment or fear Ikona baas In fact
he knows nothing whatever about It If
the ofTcnce be one that cannot be over
looked jou proceed to administer reproof
with the foot If jou are not particular
and wish to be Impressive Ahat does
he do If he is a raw and not usifl
to it he runs off with a terrified look
on his face if he is used to it he retires
precipitately with a satisfied smile not
necessarily Dccause he has got the thrash
ing but because he no loncer has It to
look forward to
The only explanation for the systematic
lying o the native In face ot the most
convinces proof Is that the native mind
Is totally unable to form a conception of
what we understand by truthfulness
Sen Motive Iovver Alillnn In Lower
ing rrnnsportntioii Irlces
From the Boston Clone
About cvcrybody3 Investments today are
confronted by the unknowable Dosslhllltfea
of new inventions A company Is said to
have been Incorporated In New Yerk which
proposes to put out Immediately 200 car
riages and 100 omnibuses some of them
to be operated by electricity some by air
power and others by gasoline
The concern which has the bicklng of
some very solid capitalists will carry peo
ple for 3 cents on omnibuses while very
Ion fares are announced for the easy-riding
rubber tired carriages which will be
stitloncd broidcast
The constant tendency of the new mo
tive forces is to cheapen fares Until some
combine can be organized thit Is big
enough to control cverj thing that moves
on wheels this tendency will continue No
combination can quite forestall the possi
bilities Qf new labor saving inventions But
how shall we get along ln a horseless
world How will our cities seem when ev
ery vehicle In the streets moves on silent
rubber tires and the stillness ot death per
vades the now noisy streets Ilqt before
we get that far some other new and start
ling invention may sweep the whole board
Progress Is eternal
rroni the Cleveland Tlain Dealer
He had forbidden Ida daughter to rrceire the
ralla of a certain youth but he fancied he wai not
Uinir obeyed
One earning he came home unexperteOlr and
marched into the front parlor Hut e iUer
a nimble youth hustled hiatlly into til inU
hid behind the liatriclc
Tlie item parent glared around
I think I amelt a rat t growled to his child
She aralled demurely
It must be In the Chinese laundry around he
cornr she awtetly remarked they are Just
having supper
tie mm iff YEAR
Celestials Busily Preparing for
Their Chief Holiday Season
The 1esllvllles Jo Contlnnr for a
VV eek The Amilirtl Ilonse Clenii
Ini Omena of Good or llntl Fortune
Frona the Snrrlssns Ilnnt tctlvlty
of the Creilltor nnil the Debtor
Everything In Chlnatovnt at this time U
hustle and bustle Every Celestial mer
chant lajndrraan and restaurant keeper
Is maklis nost careful and elaborate
preparatliiey to celebrate his New Year
The Chinese New Year is a movable festi
val falling on any date between January
21 and February IS and Is said to be the
most generally observed holiday season
kept by any nation in the world It Is
celebrated wherever a single Chinaman Is
found be ho in Washington or In Peklrr
This year it begins on the last day of this
month and it will be ushered In immedi
ately upon tbe striking of the midnight
hour on January SO For a whole week th
Chinaman will continue tbe festivities
occasioned thereby
Preparations for the feast were begun
several weeks ago At present the annual
housecleanlny Is In progress The accumu
lated dirt of many months disappears as If
by magic and everything Is made to look
bright and cheerful Not only his store
laundry or restaurant but the Chinaman
himself undergoes the cleannft process
lie washes his outer garment and clothes
and bathes his person In perfumed water
and with strongly scented lips
Omen of the Anrclasns
The laundries and stores are elaborately
decorated with long streamers of glaring
red paper bearing In Chinese characters
New Year wishes and Invocations to their
god Wong Kung and with artificial flow
ers made from vari coioreil paper and
feathers and the Chinese narcissus This
is the Chinamans favorite flower it is
in great demand at this season and its
growth is anxiously watched by IU owner
Should the plant bear QoTer before the
advent of the New Tear It signifies that
Its owner will have plenty ot all and lots
of good luck Should on the contrary lte
plant begin to bloom after the close of the
old year it mean3 evil and bad luck to Its
proprietor The Chinaman then to dispel
the evil spirits which brins the bad luck
and are hoverinir around blm tears the
plant Into little pieces meanwhile burn-
In innumerable Joss sticks ani murmur
ing prayers His measure of luck for the
Net Year also depends upon the number
of flower stalks produced from a single
bulb if many stalks plenty of happiness
if only a few misery without end
The Chinese stores and restaurants along
tho south side cf Pennsylvania Avenue
and on Four-and-a-Half Street during the
closing days of the old year present a busy
and most picturesque scene They are
thronged with customers attired in holi
day garb of heavy silken coat lined with
fur who are eagerly securing large quanti
ties of delicacies clothing and New Yar
Settling vaith Creditors
New Year Day Is also of great Importance
to the Chinese debtor and creditor botli
of whom can be seen hurrying to and fro
anxiously endeavoring to straighten out and
settlo their accounts According to a cus
tom which is worthy of imitation all ibts
must bo paid or settled in some satisfac
tory manner before the dawn of the New
Year In order to enable them to meet
give any description of her except ia a their liabilities shopkeepers frequent
eeneni - u -- i offer their wares at low prices and if is a
I common occurrence for fun 1 es lo part
w IS aa M lt3 of
I had
one ot mj office force ridLnc uo and
- - piirina ra i na nrnnmonra nni nnmsri r
uown on a line of street car3 for days and
he finally located a young woman who
might have been the one we soughL The
anxious client readily paid 573 for the in
formation and said he would find some
way of getting acquainted with her He
never came back so I do not know wheth
er he was successful or not Yoj will ob
serve from these instances that a detec
tives lot is not entirely bound up ia the
somewhat dangerous and unromantic
search for people who have broken the
curios relics ornament3 and objects ot
art for a trifling sum They believe that
there is no disgrace equal to having an
unpaid debt on the first morning ot tho
New Year
The creditor also ha3 his obligations to
fulfill which are more agreeable however
than those of the debtor Should he neglect
to collect what is due him at this time
he loses the right to ask payment from his
debtor for many raoiths But the China
man is of a saving and calculating nature
and he therefore pursues his debtor far Into
the night continuing his search Into the
New Year Day if necessary rather than
lose the privilege of reminding him of his
obligations Should tbe creditor be un
successful In locating hU debtor and
should he therefore be obliged to continue
his March on New Year Day he must
carry a lighted lantern to Indicate that he
Is still engaged in last nights business
and that he has not discovered tbat the day
has dawned
Those Celestials who live up to the tra
ditions of their nation and the teachings
of their religion will wend their way to
the Joss house soon after daybreak on tho
first day of th New Year and there of
fer their prayers to Wong Kuns the Chi
nese god through the medium of Shen
San high priest After that everything
In Chinatown will be practically free to
the faithful There will bo feasts and re
ceptions galore
At the Chinese legation preparations
on a grand scale are being made to ob
serve the holiday in a befitting manner
Its attaches and secretaries attired In pic
turesque blue silk tunics and skull caps
with red button can be frequently met at
stores where the are laying in their sup
ply of New Year gifts
FlsllIllllllllR It
From the Inducapolu Journal
Tommy how do you tell those little twin
Smith boys apartl
Ho pj thats easy Theyi both got redder
liairn each other
Ills Favorite
From ruci
Dibbr Joins hu ClirLtnus shoppici I would
I like to buy a bottle of turnery for mamma
fietk All rlgnt my Boy I wiiar ouor uo you
IouDy 0h I lhlck I think slnerbread
From the Philadelphia Record
h said the good old lady who was vuitin5
the prisoners how vour poor wile must weep
as ale thinks of von here
Which one maam aaked the convict ad-
ilrecd Im up for bigamy
An Aveneiilar Itelntlon
From Hatlera Life
She s Alfred liows politely to a perort of Jew
ish appearance Whos Tiur friend
Alfred Oh liel an uncle of mine
She On jour motlicra side
Alfred No on the cast aide
A So nitlenfe
From Puck
Must think how the hitorv of the world irouM
Wen chanced If llesamter this real Caesar
Hinnihal Napoleon and Clire bad been ia favor
of artitratlonl
Mies indeed Ther could have come pretty
near whipping anvbodj who
A Good lteitson
From the Xcw York World
V Would jou start out on a journey on Frijay7
B No indeed
Why are people so superstitious
II Hut this has nothla to do with snjwtitlon
I get paid on Saturday
Frcpnrlnsr for Rmerseneleia
from the Philadelphia Uccoid
Dank Cashier Tlilj check madam isnt tUUd
Isnt whatt
It ha your husband- name sUrned to it bnt
it does not state lKr much money jou want-
Ob is that all weil HI take all there Is
lie Would Jfot ICnoar
From Puck
Head bartender Here You are not maUrj that
cocktail rfjht
Ass slant Whats the diLt Tuts ii tho third
ones hes had

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