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CI 0
The 3hC7v lrotcsi CoiiMtiticil by
Ihc Senate Coinmittrc
iiiamriil ill llelinlf of Hit
Itciimiisirnuti A riiiillln
flnnnl Qiicxtlnii Allrsril l llr
O 1 rnnlkiier Slnlntnliis
llir KrituliirlO f I Ulectlnli
The Committee on Privileges an 1 Elec
tions cf the Senate heard argument of
ounfel vesterdar in the case of John T
McGraw and members of the lcgslaturc of
prove Upon this the committee will de
termine whether it will go Into the ques
tions of fact and hear testimony acd
whclbcrit will determine the case by pass
ing only on the law points Involved tie
opposing counsel being agreed on many of
the faeis
The opening argument was made by
Judge Hilt Tlie first contention was that
Senator Scott did not receive a majority of
the votes of the Joint assembly of West
Virginla He said that the record icons
Uon its race that the Legislature of We t
Virginia consisted of ninety seven mem
bers and that Senator Scctt rc elvH but
fcrt -eight votes He held that two of the
votes cast for Senator Scott wen- of State
senators who had vacated their offices by
accepting military commissions In the Vol
unteer Army of the Initeil States
The point dwelt on by counsel was Uinl
the acceptance by Messrs Galzcndanncr
and Iicrson of offices of emolument under
tho Govctimcnt of the United States vacat
ed their offices as Slate senators Counsel
cited n number of authorities to sustain
this noint quoting at some length from
the nport of the Committee on the
iarj of the House of Iteprescnlatives in
the cafe of Gen Joseph heeler of Ala
During a recess of the legislature Gat
yeudanner and Picison resigned their mili
tary commissions and re entered the State
a uatc There having been two vacancies
created bj the gentlemen upon their ac
ceptance of military commissions these
men could not again fill those vacancies
simply by their Individual acts The Leg
islature of West Virginia voted that
on TiT Knn Twm entitled to I
their scats but thet decision said counsel
for the remonstrants was not final as
constitutional question was involved The
Senate or the United States was asked to
construe the constitution of West Virginia
and lo determine tie qualification and re
turns of its own members Counsel
brought forward numerous authorities lo
sustain the contention that the Senate of
tlic Initcd States could go behind the re
lurtis cf a State legislature
Jud e Holt said
Then- is no question whatever that the
United States Senators must be elected bj
the Stale legislatures The Joint assem
Ml I- th legislature The language tit
the tut of 1W In requiring a majority t
the votes ot the Joint assembly must be
equivalent to requiring a majority xif -the
leclslature The act does net say or mean
a majority of votes cast but a majority
cf the legislature
It is tLe universal rule of law applying
to rll Imdies composed of a definite nura
br formed for the purpose of doing a
crie thing that a majority of the whole
Is miulred although a msjorlt where
notice is given lo all may transact busi
ness by a vote which represents the entire
ltody The coinmcn law rule In such eases
was that in such a liody all must be act
ually present anil In a number of English
eases It was held that the absence or the
mayor or a single member of a city couu
ell invalidated any election because an
Integral part of the body was absent The
later and better rule Is that those ab ent
must be considered in determining the
question of majority but that a majorit
if the body can meet for the transaction
of business
Judge Holt cntc cd upon a discussion of
the contention ot the remonstrants that
the election of Senator Scott is void on
the ground that the Joint convention was
held under a fraudulent private agreement
and not under the statute II was fol
lowed by Irank L Welles who maintained
thai Senatpr Scott at the time of his elec
tion as a United Slates Senator was not
an Inhabitant of the State in which lie
was elected as required under the Fed
eral Constitution He admitted that Sena
tor Scott at the time of his election was a
clllien of West Virginia Mr Welles said
m substance that for a great many pur
oscs tho terms inhabitants and rcti
ilents are snnnomous Hut a very differ
ent meaning was intended lo the word
inhabitant as used in the Constitution
At the time of his election Senator Scott
was holding a Federal appointive office
at Washington and living in that city
There Is no authority which holds that
a person residing in Washington holding
an appointive office is an inhabitant ot the
State frcm which he came eald Mr
Welles All the authorities hold Jie oth
er way The contention that this vvnuM
deprive Senators of the right to re tlcctlon
U not sound If a man is elected by his
neighbor and those who are
ants with hltn to represent them for a
tenn of years he retains Ills inhabitancy
localise he remains as their agent in on
siast tench with them Ilut a man wbu
leaves his State under an appointment of
the Federal Government and acts not as a
representative of tho State but of the Ied
Tal Government and inhabits the city of
Vashington for an Indefinite period iomt 8
rjthln the constitutional Inhibition
The office of Commissioner of Internal
Hcvenue has no definite term and the oc
cupant of that office being absent from
Ilis State for an indefinite period loses hid
At the afternoon session of the com
mittee former Senator Faulkner presented
tho case for Senator Scott He maintained
that the Joint assembly met regularl
that 48 votes were cast for Kalhan It
Scott 4C for John T JlcGraw and 1 for
Judg Ooff Mr Faulkner proceeded lo
discus the question whether Senator
Scott at the time of his election as r
United States Senator was an inhabitant
of West Virginia Senator Tettus inter
rupted liim and told him to pass the point
by Senator llurrows also said Ves you
need not discuss that This was taken to
Indicate that the Senators thought Uie
1 olni made by the remonstrants against
Senator Scott was not worthy of further
Passlnc to the question of the final
right of the legislature of a State lo con
strue the constitution of that Slate so far
as it concerns the eligibility of the mem
bers of such legislature llr Faulkner
maintained vigorously and eloquently that
the United States Senate could not enquire
Into the constituent parts of tho
legislature when the legality of Uioe
parts had been determined by the legisla
ture itself He defied the remonstrants to
rite a tingle precedent on which the
United States Senate or any of its com
mittees could base the action assed for by
the remonstrants Mr Faulkner discussed
at lencth the points of law involved In
Ills citation of authorities be was closely
followed by the members of the commit
tee present all ot them manifesting a
lively interest In legal technicalities
Cutcromfut for Itmvrnli
Hearings on the bill creatine a territorial
form of government for Hawaii wero con
ducted yesterday by the House Committee
tm Territories The understanding is that
the UI1 with sorao slight amendments
Trill bo reported lo the House this vreel
WOULD COST 50000000
The inv- f tlif Pnnsr l tlie Vllen
Peiislnii ltnltilliin
The Commissioner tit Pensions has sub
mitted to Senator Ilcn an cMimate show
ing an appropriation of about 1iifil0t
nould be required to caiT mil the pro
visions of the Allen Mil granting n pen
sion to all honorably discharged soldier
and sailors of the late civil war
The bill proposes la grant n pension or
10 per month to nil tinponsloncd Folrticrb
ami sailors who erved in the nrnjy or
navy of the Inltrrl Stales for n period of
three months or more anil wore honor
ably discharged therefrom and the samp
amount to all soldiers who served for three
months and who ire now drawing a pen
sion of less than J1P a month the latter
sum being in Ueu of any penlon now
drawn by them
It is estimated that of the 7 1221 Invalid
pensioners on the roll about 720000 were
West Virginia againH Senator Nathan B J tjtf cvl n
There are In all 10S24IS
5cott of that State Tnc ren oattranu j survivors of the dill war excluding de
wrrp represented by Judge Holt cf We t sorters At the present time about 312000
Virginia Henry X Itussell Prank L 1 survivors of the civil war are unpensioned
1 lender the cpcralion of the Allen bill it
Welles Claude N Ileunett and J C I
rerulrc j jjcj annually lo pay
Welles Senator Scott was represented ly J hcst j is csljmBtd tliat ue joo000 sur
formor Senator Charles J Faulkner of vlvors who are now drawing pensions at
West Virginia The day was consumed in I rates less than 10 per month would r
the hearing and at fi oclock the commit- eclve In addition to what they now r
tee went Into executive sefsion The 1 cclrc over 11000000 a jear making in
members will be furnished with a state- I all an Increase cf f30000ou0 a jear In the
- desire l tl alt bill
menl if what the remonstrants to
pension appropriation under this
In response to an enquiry from Senator
Gallinger Commissioner Kvans has Font
to him a statement giving the number ol
pensioners borne on the rolls of the office
on account cf each of the wars of the
United Stales and giving a brief review ot
the laws under which lhy were granted
The statement as to the number of pen
sioners is as fallows
On account of the Revolutionary War
four widows and seven daushter s
War ot 1S12 One survivor and lSS
w idows
Indian wars IKE to ISi 1CT6 survivors
and 3SS1 widows
Mexican war HiOi survivors and S17
Granted slnre 1SGI under general law
521535 lntalid and ICSOl widows and other
dependents under law of IJfO Invalids
420112 widows and dependents 120226
Tlir 1lnnl llcnrlnc In 1rnslon ruses
tn He llml Itefnre TnilKrrs
Within the net few days a bill will be
intrcduced in Congress to provide for the
establishment of a court of pension ap
peals which shall take the place cf the
board of appeals now serving in the office
or the Secretary of the Interior for review -lug
the pension cases This rceomnvn
elatlon is to take the place or the I ro
pojed eommlsslon for eodlfjing the pen
sion laws and will have the full sanction
of the Tension Committee and of General
naw uie oi vue
Grand Army nf tho Republic
The bill will provide that the new eourt
or appeals shall have jurisdiction of nil
Itenslon cases which are appealed from
the Commissioner of Pensions It Is to
have the authorltl of a regular court ot
proiir lourt to define them
lHitciit lltllnules Jtonoiitieetl on
tlie lntr Iteprrsentitlv r ItHlril
The House was in session yesterdaj
during one hour aid twenty minutes
When the Journal had been rcid Mr Cur
tis of Kansas asked unanimous consent for
the cons deration of a joint resolution set
ting apart 10tOf0 ot the appropriation
for Ihe support ot the regular and volun
teer army for the current year to bs
used in the coustructlsn of a military hos
pital at Fort Leavenworth Knn He made
an explanation of the joint resoluilon the
passage of which was necessary he said
to rarrj out the original intention of Con
res As there was a disposition to de
ltaic the question he withdrew the Joint
resolution with tho understanding that he
would cull it up on Monday
Tlic Houc then proceeded unrt r a spe
cial order viltb Mr Robertson of Iouis
iana In the chair to jay tribute to the
memory cf the late Representative IJaird
of Iouiiana llulogics were delivered by
Messrs Itansdell cf foulslaua Eddy of
Miuni Kiln Uartlctt of Georgia Meeklson
nf Ohio Mcjrr of lywlsiana Clajton of
vlabama Hroustard of Ixiulslana and
Henry ol Texas
M the conclusion of the address as a
further mark of respect the House at 1 20
p in adjourned until Monday
IIIII tut roil ueeil In the House 1r
ltipreirulnll e Vlmlil
Quite a number of street extension bills
have been Introduced in the House this
session The last one on this subjtct was
InlroJuiol by Mr Mudd
It directs the District Commissioners in
xtnd M Street with a width of ninety
feet tram the llladeitsburg Road to a oiut
750 ftet wett of the southwest boundary of
the Ilennlng race course grounds thence
northcist along a jiropiscd avenue of the
fourth scelion plans of permanent system
of higliwajs to O Street produced from
addition to Kenilwurth thence lo the Ana
roktla Road provided 7Z per cent of the
laud is donated without cost lo the Dis
trict ol Columbia
The bill provides for the usual method of
condemning the land which is to b paid
for out of the revenues of the District
Vlr niiiion uaiii nnini
The Illinois delegation In Congiess rccL
In cauuis jcslerday afternoon and uatned
Representative CJiinon for membership on
the Republican Ccngressional Camjulgu
Committee Mr Cannon as held the peti
tion for the past two terms
Arrenr of uses In tlte District
A bill lias lieen Introduced In the House
by Mr Iearro fixing the rale ot interest
tn be collected finni persons owing ar
icarages of general taxes The propose
law relates to arrearages pilcr to July 1
IVjS now due and the liens for Mhich are
h Id b the District of Colmnblr Tha rate
of Interest is iled ut C per cent per annum
In lieu uf the rate nud penalties lion fixed
lij la together with all accrued conts
Tho act is to apply ouly to taxes paid on
or before Ihe 1st of January lMil
I lie lule ItorKiir Outlet
Chairman Itarlholdl ot the House Corn-
State mlttee on levees and Improvements of
the MisFi sippl River lias called a meeting-
of the committee for wvt Mondaj
morning at 11 oclock for tbe purpose of
hearing James SeMnu Cow den explain his
idaster model of Lower Louisiana In rela
tion to the proposed Lake Ilorgne outlet
A shot to lleulli
Sam Jonc and llenrj Maggard engaged
In n row at a still bouse on the loor Fork
ot Cumberland River today Thc drew
their pislols when Joe Maggatd the
twehc i ear old son of Heury Maggard
rushed letwccn them Jones pistol went
off the ball going through the bojs heart
killing him instantly Jones immediately
surrendered to tbe authorities Ho claims
the shootlnr was accidental
lie Proposes 1 Test lbc Legality
of His Exclusion
lie ar to llr Cnrririt to Hie
I nlleil Mnles Siiprrmr Court V
Itiiiiiur IIimI 1 litiiiinx II Ilrril Will
lie rliillltllTN fuiliisel 1 111- Vliiriniill
TnlUs of Ills Illtlirr mill Ililltlm
law and will probably consist of three j to contribute In any manner to the fund
judges They villi hear all appeals and
will permit Iwth sidc3 to be represented
The IJII will provide for npjieal from
the icutt of appeals to the higher courts
of the couttry only eti the certification of
the court iUelf
The present iKiard cf appeals In the In
terior Department consists of clerks of
llrigham II Roberts stated last night
that he would take the mnttir of hU ex
clusion from membership In the Houc of
Representatives to the Supreme Court nf
tho United States in tome form let to lie
determined as the right of a sovereign
State lo representation in Congress was
involved In his rejection
Mr Roberts said he had not determined
upon the selection of a lawver to hand o
his case but when the name ot Thdnias B
Reed was suggested to him as having been
selected he refused to affirm or deny that
the former Speaker of the I2ouc had been
consulted in the case
He said that he was not prepared to
make an extended statement with regaid
to tho recent action of the Hone of Repre
sentatives in excluding him from member
ship in that body He said lie woud re
main in Washington for a week lenger and
then return to his home
There is but one course fur Ihc Governor
of Utah to pursue said Mr Rcbens If
it is desired that the vacant seat be occu
pied by a representative of the district lo
which It is allotted a new electon Is neccv
rary and I shall certainly indulge myself
In the work of the coming campaign I
shall do my best to semf a Democrat here
and I think it ran tie done He will not he
disqualified by the House as I was and we
will fill that seal by a man competent to
care for the interests of Ute State ot Utah
llir Wenttirr Iliirenn Iltll lie Re
port ril Ill torn lilj
One of the most interesting bills lint will
shortly come up In thy House Is the meas
ure reported by Mr Wadworth from the
Committee on Agriculture which provides
for a reorganization of the United States
Weather Rurcau One of the features of
the bill which has attracted attention is
the granting of authority to the employes
of the bureau to create exclusively from
their own moneys n fund for the retire
ment ot disabled and aged officials this to
be accomplished without one dollar of ex
pense to the Federal Government and In
such a way that at no lime in the future
can the Federal Government be called on
The report concludes as follows
To briefly summarize the salient fea
tures of the proposed law It may be said
that It apportions appointments among
Senators Representatives and Delegates
without regard to their political faith and
It provides that candidates shall be nomi
nated under such conditions as will render
the department who are well posted In It dlilicult If not Impossible to affect the
pension matters There is no pcrious ob- permanent appointment or Hie promotion
jectlon to his lioard as it now stands ex- j of an unfit person It prohibits the use of
ecpt that it docs uot icess the required I political or other Influences to seriire pro
legal authority and is not made up of motion or assignment We believe that this
ncnt jurists It is also felt by the com- measure properly co ordinates the pre
millet that when Congress passes the rogatlves of Congress and the executive
amendment lo pension laws now desired officers of the Government In the matter
the laws themselves will be sufficiently J cf the appointment to and th control ot
clear and explicit and will only need
the weather service It places each
ploje strictly upou his merits and com
pels him to work out his own salration
while the present law leaves this to the
will of the executive officer or the rules of
a commission It prohibits the removal
of any cmplojc for iolltical reasons and
makes his tcnurr of office secure so long
as his services arc advantageous to the
Government and no longer Without one
cent of expense lo the Government it pro
vides far the separation from the public
pa rolls of disabled aged or only partly
efficient employes and at the same time It
provides support in their hours of need
The bill is strictly in line with th
most advanced ideas on civil service as
espoused by man executive officers who
have had wide experience in the public
service and who are earnest in their de
sire to maintain either the existing laws
on tbe civil service or an improvement
uiou tbeni
The lull is strong endorsed by the
department commander of the Grand
Army of tbe District ot Columbia by the
last past department commander ot the
same District by the commander-in-chief
of the Grand Arm of the Republic by
all the large maritime asi idations cf Ihe
United States by the principal boards of
trade cotton cm lunges pioducc and com
mercial exchanges essel masters asso
ciations and by the press in ever Stale
In the Union as evidenced by Several hun
dred editorial expressions wnich the com
mittee lias received Among these edi
torials there ate less Hun a dozen dis
senting opinions
While allowing nominations to lie iniile
by the rore eiilat ves of the people the
bill provides such a high standard for
admittance to the service and fueli a
rigid system of merit after tlic candidate
Is once nppoiutcd as lo coinmaid the
support of nearly all clasc i of people wlio
believe In an honet ts onomieal ami effi
cient administration of public office
liilercMliiir Inlorninlioii Inriilslieil
tlie House li Vrrrlnr ilntzv
Th Secretary of the Treasury jesterday
transmitted to the House In response to a
recent lesuliitlou passed b that body call
ing for Information ns to the amount of
oleomargarine shipped Into the several
States and Tcrrllnrics during Ihc fiscal ear
ended June SO lif n letter setting forth
the information in detail The Secretarys
letter discloses the fact that the tot
nmoiiut of oleomargarine shipped during
the jear was 7iCl7H pounds Of this
amount ffM ismudg were distributfd vo
this it I16i4Mi pounds III Virginia
lTUiiO pounds ill Marvland
1IIIU of Inlereol lo lllborlnv II
Two bills of Interest to laboring men
wcrc Introduced in lh Iloue jeslerday bj
Mr filvnn ot Xew York One provides
that eouvlcl made goods shall not be told
outside the Stale or Tcrrilc ry where tbey
aie mvde Ihe oicr fixes the rjlnimum
comiHiiralion loin aaiil b the Government
for unskilled lsbor at 15u per day of eight
Repm t on it Coiilelcit Kleetlon use
House Elections Committee Xo 1 yester
day received the report fiom the mb
committee on Ihp Wise Young tontcst for
the seal from the Second Congressional
district of Virginia The majority lc
porled In favor of Mr Wise the Republi
can contestant The report will probably
lie adopted
Health Guarantee
Gel a bottle of Hostellers Stomach ISH
leis from any drtucglsl It will cure your
weak tlomaih Tlie Hitlers Is for constipa
tion indigestion ilysjiepsia biliousness
ncrvoiimrss and all diseases arislug from
weak digestion It has been kunwn all
over the country for the past fifty cart
as Ihe Vmqueror of Dspepla See that a
IRIVvTK RiViUK STVMl covers the
neck ot the uoltlc
It Makes Hostetters
n l m j
Rich BlOOd Bitters
Vlinlsier Wn Ttilir Innir Invites
Trnirn Ills
NEW YOIIIC Ban 27 The second an
nual dinner ot the American Asiatic Asso
ciation an organization of merchants In
the Oriental took place at Delmonl
cos last night Among the guests were
Jittaro Komura the Japanese Minister
Wn Ting Fang the Chinese Minister
Charles Denby Jormer Minister to China
John Rarrett former Minister lo Slam and
Senator John L Mcl aurfn of South Caro
Wit Ting Fang the Chinese Minister was
applauded when he arose to speak He said
In part
I am here to protect the Interests of my
country and my countrymen but In so do
ing nothing would make me want to hurt
ou or jour country My one object In life
Is to cement and draw closer the happy
relations now existing between our respec
tive countries
We all know that Chlni Is one of the
greatest markels of the world with a imp
utation of 400000000 who must be fed and
clothed and receive the necessaries of life
She wants your wheat jour cotton your
iron and steel and your manufactured ar
ticles of the New Knglaml States She
wants steel rail electrical machines and
one hundred other things that she cannot
get at home and must get abroad It is n
fine field for American industry to fill these
wants It is particularly easy for jou to
reach China on account of the fine high
way you have on the Iacific and especially
desirable that you do so since vou have be
come our next door neighbor In the Ihll
Ipplnes If you do not come up to your
own expectations and meet this opportunity
it Is your own fault
Although China wants these things
America will have lo go Iff China to sell
them Americans must study the require
ments and wants of the Chinese It wont
do for you to dump your surplus goods on
them because they wont take them You
mu3t exhibit your goods because Chinese
will not buy on trust as they must see and
bo pleased with what they arc going to pay
their money for
Here Is another hint Be more civil lo
them Remember they have been brought
up in a different way from you and that
in many questions their etiquette differs
from that prevalent In Wall Street Let
there be no more browbeating such as has
been going on for many years Civility
goes a long way Deal fairly with them
This Is no insinuation that oit iheat but
dont try to b too sharp The Chinese
have always hellevcd that verbal con
tracts are binding They have had some
shocking experiences with Americans who
held that nothing but a written contract
was binding That question should be
looked into
Above all things else lei roc warn you
lo lie careful how you treat your new sub
jects In the rhlllDPtnes 1 feel my duty
to warn you as a friend rl tnc United
States who fears that his efforts on your
behalf may be frustrated If any unfair
advantage Is taken ot the Filipinos I
know that such actions would cause a gen
eral mistrust in all China and ruin all
prospects of trade there You must treat
them in a manner not on
the principle of taking all and giving noth
The Japanese Minister said he was
pleased to welcome in the efforts of the
Japanese themselves the addition of
American energy and skill for the work
still to be done and the Industrial im
provements still to I made He rejoiced
that In tho Presidents message and in all
the acts of Congress as well as In the
business world such h arty good will had
been shonn toward Japan and Insisted
that nowhere would American Industries
be more welcome than In his country
Sir Denby an Mr Ilarretl 1 oth urged
the necessity of increasing our Far East
ern trade and spoke of the- usefulness ot
our 1hlllpplne possessions to that end
I lie
1rrnlilcnt of Hie Inl rrsllj
vear out
tliiidiilintl llr no ii need
CINCINNATI Jan 27 The attitude of
the students of the Univcrsll of Cincin
nati upon the demand of President Ayrcs
for Ihe resignation of the entire faculty
has been aggravated by the voluntary res
gnation of Irof P N V Meiers followed
by similar action on the part of Prof E
M ltrowu ot the chair of Kngllsh litera
ture Two meetings have been held In the
university building one composed ot sym
pathizers with the outgoing professors and
the other largely cf friends of President
Ajers Pandemonium reigned at both
meetings Miss Amelia Hickenlooper the
daughter of Gen A Jllckcnlooper was
balrmau of meeting The
purpose was to pass resolutions of sympa
thy with Prof Mycrs In his resignation
and strictures on President Acrs When
the resolution was proimsrd it was follow
ed by a motion to adjourn which was lost
by a eloie vote
During the demonstrations f faculty
meeting was held In President Ayers
room and shortly after the announcement
was made that Prof llrown of the chair
it KriKlish literature and a text book au
thor of considerable reputation had also
resigned This was received with wild en
huFim by the Meyers suiuthlzeis At
the faculty meeting all of the professors
Yere present President AjerM asked them
to tign a pledge to remain in the facultj
until the end of the jear They
mouldy lefiised
luit each assuied him on
I In Iurt HIiiCK JroMcni
li eeretnr Itonl
ACVriX Tct Jan IT Covitnnr Eay
er baa teeeived a letter from Secretary
Itnot resanllng the tctent inubj be
tween the nesni ioldicrs at 1trt
Kold and tbe citizens of Ithi Irunde Citj
Heres a
ut FJtMOItr
Jf i
Startler for Shoe Buyers
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odd lots and broken lines in every grade of our stock Tomorrow these shoes will
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Antiquities and Art Objects
liter Itrnuglit to thi cuniitr Tie fU t cf
nitsT rjipiitu uitMTint ti v hs ant
IN AMFRK Tlie lollwti n ft
hitch ami imiii Mivnit
Miirruii rivm
in urdemtMr Hie nil ruriisiie trer in and
imlud tl cictintnl Ilia L Jaik ilxr
JlieATiir t cf
Ihe Itftnl Willi tneli nf the Mnd
Kins Iiiiliiltr II I vnrln
A to i iipeti n r rwiitt tuie sct
irade ft r l lenn I lijr TliMiule
V Mavtly Carved Knilisli Oak Hall tmnie j
Cluck lieisht II ffft
Mantle ami IL11 tlnlrf t VI
V nolatIe iidlMti n ami ritteric3
IVint Vaet ft
In ilillltliin Vliimlnj fell til
llllli Diit unit tenliili
I factuie of sttel billets With It the com
bined mills imild take the ore convert it
Judge Advocale Ccreral Ileler has litM into iron then into steel and then into the
that the soldiers arc not liable lo acsner nmsii u inn
in a State tour tf the ollence allcRed
Mr Hoofs letter U in part as follows
I beg lo npsuro 3t that I apprc Iatc
the temperate iil l Kindlj tone of jour
letter ot Ditembcr and I am glad to
hud upon a cartful examination of the
jiatHTs that thl facte to far as now as
lertaliied obviate any occasion for con
flict lietween the authorities of the Slate
of Tcnas and the military authol lei upon
the reservation at lurt Hiucgold for it
apars by Ccncral JlLlvlbblus despatch
that the occurrEJJT to which bo refers
an a aute for the Arrests which he decs
not purpose to permit are occurrences
which took reservation Such
occurrence- the learned attorney Rcncral
of your State Ill the opinion whicli juu
were coed eiough to transmit to me dat
ed Dh ember ii H4 declaie in lie with
in the exclusive Jurisdiction of the United
States aud not within tbe jurisdiction of
the State of Toms
11 appears fco far as any papers which
have come to m notice arc romemed
thai no one off the military reservation
wa wounded or struck by an shot fled
duriiiR the occurences in cjucitlon ko that
no act done on the resiervllon took effect
off the reservation aud there Is there
fore no recaslon for applying the rule MA
diinti In lue nuiui rous and unquestioned
eased which held that an offence Is deem
ed to be committed where tbe act tikej
effect I be I assure Ju t Iia t ttieie 1
no dispodllon on the part cf tho milta y
authorities of the Fulled States to Inter
fere In any way vvltli the procss of tho
StaC of Texas-
The icriple are di nuutdinj jsire Uer and their
1 for llmiuli Vlaijicn Srnatr ir laser
N er IKn1 Ir dark r lielit wlicn
ym uanl IIruniir b t r lb differert
liramh lw tiutr imiw ior e llmncUa
pluie tU
tnv erniir -I fi lor Vlu Ittfue In sfn
Hi- Cerllllente
IltANKFOKT Jan 27 Former Chief
Justice 1rior as counsel for Senator elect
lllackburn has formally offered tjovernor
Taj lor the rcjiort of the legislative ses
sions at which Backburn was elected
Fnlteil Slates Senator together with a re
quest that a certificate be Issued to Ms
t cut The document has been filed but no
I official action taken
lllackburns friends are hoping that the
certificate soon will be forthcoming but
Covcraor Taylor declines to be IntervIeAcd
upon this point It Is regarded as certain
however that Oovcrnor Taylor will not
sign hl3 name certifying lllackburns elec
tion unless forced to do so His failure to
algn may strengthen Uradlcjs claim for
lllackburns scat
Vlllllnimlres Mm llvpires
nlitil llnrlilirii Cut
SANTA HAIinAKA Cal Jan 17 Phil
ip D Armour Jr son of the Chicago mil
lionaire died here from congestion i f the
lungs He left Chicago three weeks ago
In excellent health
Warned nf Ills lliirlliern Ilrntli
CHICAGO Jan 27 Fred Roe Trait at
torney and oue of the well known Tratt
twin brothers died at Manila a few days
ago nnd Instinctive knowledge of his death
flashed quicker than the cables message
to the mind of Frank Fay Iratt the sur
viving brother Veslo day a cablegram
arrived confirming the premonition
Baraain Table No 1-
Ladlcs Fine Dongola Laced and Sutton
Shoes new coin toe patent leather tips
all sizes our regular 1150 and J2 quail
ties choice tomorrow
5T0 pairs Ladles First Quality Rubbers
all sizes complete the regular 50c kind
choice tomorrow at the unheard of price
Mens Winter Russets enamel and box
calf Rhoes all sizes and shapes our regu
lar 350 it and qualities special to
morrow and while they last
Bargain Table No 2
A grand assortment cf broken sizes in
Ladles Ruttoa and Laced Shoes worth
from J200 to fl 00 your choice tomorrow
Bargain Teble No 4
Odds and ends and broken sizes In Mena
Shoes qualities that sell regularly for
two and three dolUrs choice while they
Babies 50c Soft Sole Shoes Button and Laced All Sizes I9c
isttk or tiii ivti
Kurts r
310 312 Seventh Street
Pnor lo llnlr ON TIIF llIEMI TA
8 West 33d St New York
tlierratter until tlie intire roll it inn ia
ved ef
Trnri fr Fale fa ii lhTvit ot 25 ftr icnt
reqn red from all ininli9ers
Cat doirtica n uled mi applnauon to
i Mlfl II Niielliuieer
V tllfll1tltili of llltere
it Ilttiilied
lit Oliln
CIiKIXI Jan 27 S NV Cro toa
of tills tity tlic larsest thartliolikr in tle
Iennylvanla Iron ami Coal Company is
lrj Idr to linne about an important combl
nitien A ronfirence ia being Iield at Ca
nal Dover m Mcli the KeiveS Iroltcrs
oh Mrs of tlie iron and lioilcr iiidustri3 at
iMiiptin JiLez Itceves Ireiilnt of lie
u w 1 lladriidiLi Iron and Jt 1 Cominy
vwird of honor they would remiiii in I lurry 1ievia owner of the Iron will in
Cair l Lover and A Ileyer reprcvcutinK
the Cambridge Ohio rolling mill arc par
The dan of eonsolidjling nil the mills
named In looked upon with favor It Is
pointed out that the Joint holding of ore
lands of tliefe mills would maintain them
for many years If the rombiiintlon is
rornied It will be necessary to build a new
steel hiRDt at Canal Dover for the nanu
AH jioods ilelivcritl in liukttercil wiifronst
It Isnt Only That You
Get the Lowest Prices
and Easiest Terms
lut vou liiivc licro nut of tin- fiust colleetious
of Furniture
choose from
designs and
tutl Caiiiets itt tlic whole country to
A rust ntimlici of designs the newest
uiauy exclusive ilesiiis ithl to the
isuit of iMirdiihi at our big establishment
large is our stock anil so nicelj graded are the
different prices thai everyone can lintl the articles
they waul at the prices I hey have decided to pay
and their money will make a better showing here
than they anticipated The lerm will be arranged
to suit
901 903 Seventh St Corner of I Eye St
ClItTIs On Ml trdir larnan T llfl at
p in M till IH E inljtit diughtrr and
only tlnIJ rf 1arnee 1- end Alwe IMhrld
Cultij of dipfitbrria scd one JPar uvtn
tnenlhs and Itftffn itirr
I nneral and iiitnnient prrl ji3 Tt
YinTOY tn turilar JaiHttrr S won at
44 p 111 ANMt Iwknrtd wile oi William
Mm It ami Lena Lerclr aed fifteen yea and
iu iHy
Funeral ptirjlc frwn In wW reAlew S
II Mreet lKHtljit VIoiuLij Jjmury at
2 oclock p 111 IntrrnKH at 1ropeet lltll
tCUONM IX On wtnrilay Jiaiiury 57 lnt
MICIIii I MTkI ii nf Mr Vlari li
nrll asrd twcnlj even years
Tlie trimO i the faimlv are ric4lttllT 111
Vltnl to attfMl bis tunrnil frwm U- rfrulnee
cil 1 It mother 2131 N flrret ms tltttrrt en Vtm
day January 29 l at U 1 ocln k t
KcqmePi inas frr the reii e cf Ins hmiI at 5 t
Strli1 l Ihnrcli at Hi oMocl It
1IUKI On jiiinljr Jniwrr 27 W at 11t
a 11k IVNMK ISIMI Iieloviil wile of IV
If Hied in the thirty mmlt jear vt her ar
Funeral from lirr lale ifHltner 712 kitbtli
Strut southet Vloliiliv Jauuarr n at
nckitk p in Ktlalle lutitft lu atttn l It
Tin- Itnplil TrniiIt Itnllriiml I nil Ira 1
tnr tlvell Tell llnjs VIore lime
NEW YORK Jan 27 John It McDon
ald whose bid of 33100000 to build the
rapid transit imderground railroad has
been accepted ha3 been granted an ex
tension of ten dajs lu wliLli to complete
his bond of 3000 0C0 Mr McDonald ex
plained to the hatlsfactiou of President
Orr that the ten ilajs orisifilly allowed
was not sufficient in which to prepare the
necessary papers Vlr ilcDonald is or
ganizing a construction company to carry
out the work
liunrevc Services Cnmliieteil In M
tenrses Clinpel
LONDON Jan 27 The Duke or Teck
was buried today in St Georges Chapel
Windsor Castle The ceremonies were
very Impressive and all the members of
the royal family were present
lrr Phelps MriMicer
NEW HAVEN Conn Jan 27 1 J
Phelps former Minister to England who
Is seriously ill with pneumonia at his
home here passed a comfortable night and
this morning appeared to be lghtl
I a tfe epctve JIsac
thmisanila have It and dont
Tjfll IRI B Vnotr It It ou nunt quicli
reuilti you ran make no
ilitake hy mine lr Kil
mers Swamp Itoot the creat Llilnry rcnifdr
At drusiita ia fifty cent and dollar aiscs Sara
pie bottle by mail free also pamphlet tellins jaa
sow to End out if you have kidney trouble
atlix ea Dr Kilmr t Cik Binzhamton N V
Iotomac Telephone Company A divi
dend of SI per share will be payable oa
the 2th day of January 1S00 to the stock
holders ot record at tbe close ot business
1 oa the 19th of January U00 at the offlca
1 of the treasurer of the company BID Four
1 leealh Street northwest Washinjrton D C
wt - X
nneril fnm her tit- milenee a lnlil V T 1 - T
u rnrfj Imun at at - iuj ui aauuaij iu mu jiu vu
p ill yi Sl
I KPCH On tunlar Janturr S it xt l Tft
111 it iriiHitlMfU Il I- v ltrl rvn 11
rJanoary inclusive
Washington D C January la 100O
W Nrtl Fire prirati f Triune rtadcotf 1mkc
fcrepinir ct mathematics individual instruc
tion - i rr uontli live Ici funa a week VV l
PIKIt ON 113 A r nc ia2Vt
911 G St N Vv
ccST lmo
Kaihirjton D C
ProfjioaI u liool Ccurre three Jan De
gree LL D Unirerlty Schoot Graduat
mines D ffrfe IX l ppen October 4 ISSs
Address U C UOBINSON Dun
ckmscivii siitviciitoitTiiAvt
Pitman nw KAPtn method ESCMSIL Spe
cial aid to delicate or backward pupili mvate
Wajinnirton rrepiratsry School 121 I St
Viulertnkcr 11 nil LtTery
Si2 Tenn Are nvr Wajhlngtoo D C
Nee Will Trust You
fursurr Carpt CrocLrrj HI lnj Etc
P J NFE 7lh it II Wj
Mariarn Wine Warld Famjus Tonic
Kecommendcl throughout the world by
the medical profession and during thirty
live years pronounced the most reliable ef
fective and agreeable tonic and stimulant
rrevcii Grip
All druggists Ilefuse substitutes
ROYAL Baking Powder
Highest of all In leavening
Strength V S Oov ernmcit Report

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