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Biihiinorcs Han oil Every
Kind of Hiuiirii Aclh iiy
K rn Clcnr Deiil r
mill Itiiii liiooitt Impri
tiirs Forbidden to Dti ltititrt V
Iliikj Tim- fur tin- roll- Tin
lnn XV ill lip in Court
BALTIMORE Jan ST Tomorrow vlll
be a busy day lor Baltimore policemen
There is no bluff about the statement that
the Sunday law is going to be enforced
The police board the grand jury and
Marshal Hamiltons forces have said so
and the law vtill be carried out to the
letter The order came about so suddenly
this time that the people of Baltimore arc
dazed by Its provision Little by little
some other branch of trade tiat Is carried
on on Sundays Is searched out and this
too is put within the pale of the law
llcre Is a partial list of those who will
be Teported to the grand Jurj If the sell
anything or do anj work tomorrow Cigar
dealers grocers meat dealers messenger
boys hackmen coachmen saloon keepers
drivers bootblacks fruit dealers soda
water dealers Ice cream dealers news
boys lunchroom dealers clerks type
writers confectioners and stationers
The police department has rarely had so
much trouble on its hands as It now has
Marshal Hamilton had several consulta
tions with the police board today and the
result was Uiat It was agreed that the
law would be strictly enforced The po
lice stations today became bureaus of in
formation for the time being and ques
tions of every kind were asked In most
of these cases Marshal Hamilton was J
called In the Central district a majority
of the people who came with queries were
sent to the marshal
It is said by those who profess to know
that the police department has bit oil
more than it can chew and there is go
ing to be a hot tlmein this city tomorrow
To Illustrate with one example Marshal
grand jury
JIarshal Hamilton thought that messen
ger boys would be nciessarj but said thai
they would not be exempt The hackmen
who stand jn front of the railroad stations
will have lo look out for policemen
otherwise they will have to give their
names It Is not probable that those who
go to church In carriages tomorrow will i
be molested but one of the dealers vho
will violate the law tomorrow unless he I
closes complained that there was no dif- j
ference between his working and that of
the coachmen who drive the wealthy
pie io church I
It is said at several lunchrooms that
there will be no closing tomorrow Every- J
thing will go on as usual and if there is 1
a prosecution the proprietors will stand by
lh fine As no arrests are to bo made
there will be no way of preventing a viola
lion of the law tomorrow The newsboys
who have the temerity to sell their wares
tomorrow will go on selling just the same
no matter how often the policeman takes
their names
Members of emigre IJIrteel In Ilill
ndrlplitii by the llve oclock CI till
sional Committee on Naval Affairs arrived
in this city from TVashlngton shortly before
1 oclock today Carriages were In waiting
for the vltltors who arc the guests of the
rive oClock Club and they were driven to
Kicctown for a tour of Inspection of the
lildvale Steel Works
The Congressmen were accompanied by
J Hamilton lloorp ind other members of
the club who Journeyed to Washington to
meet them yesterday and esrorted the
committee to Philadelphia The trip from
Washington was made on the Congres
sional limited of the Tennsjlvania Rail
road and the run from the National Capital
was made on Echedule time
Following nre the members of the Naval
Committee George E Toss Acting Chair
man Alston G Dayton Henry C Louden
elager R B Hauler Thomas S Butler
Melville Bull Sydney E Mudd James E
Watson Victor II Metcalf Amos J Cum
mlnge Adolph Meyer Farlsh Carler Tate
John r Rliey William W Kilchln Will
Jam D Vandlvcr Charles It Wheeler and
J E Hall clerk
Unusual Interest centres In the visit of
the naval legislators at this time It was
due largely lo the recommendation of this
committee that Philadelphia was awarded
the mammoth stone dry dock at league
Island and an appropriation for the im
provement of the channel in the Delawatc
Jarnee H Sullivan of the Midvale Steel
Works took personal charge of the party
during the Mslt to the great plant The
visitors returned to the Hotel Bellevue at
Hamilton was asked this morning what Cumtnincs Prcidcnt 11 i Inrlls of the it
would be done in the case of newsbojs 1 rur lUilroaa natnr linrndge Heprevniathc
telling papers tomorrow Ho replied I Bowe poil lliar Admiral Hcjaer V Mjmi
The Policemen will take their namt s and i 0or lon -- AUunt Attornrv n
addresses and send this information to the
VVIIlinin j Ilrjnn Vmii itp the
u sft Utiterliilnel
Thcjinner given by the Gridiron Clu
last night in the main banquet hall of the
Arlington Hotel was one of the most not
able afihirs in the history of the organiza
tion In point of attendance and personnel
the function will take high rank In the
lubs records Among the guests were a
possible President Senators Representa
tives diplomats department chiefs railway
presidents and manager soldiers and
sailors or note lavvjers and jurists of
timtlon from various parts of the country
authors artist inventors of world wide
ame business men of high repute rnd
Jourmllsts of all degrees of fame It is
rare that such a representative assemblage
of the brains energy and distinction of
America is gathered at a dinner for noth
ing but social enjojment and it is doubtful
if a like company could be assembled lor a
like purpose at nuy other point n the
There was no sef scheme of decoration
although the hall was a bower of smili T
cut nvm potted plants and orchids with
arms and other svmbols of the army and
navy giving something of a martial tone to
the studied discord of the decorations The
lollleklng fun began soon after the Grid
Ironcrs and their guests had sat down at
table and was List and furious until an
early hour this morning the more staid
among the guests retiring from the Jolly
scene before ihe weekdaj lapped over into
the decorous Sabbath
The list of guests Included
William J Itrtan Senator Prje Prrsidiiit pro
tllnpore or tlie Sliale the flimi e Mmlnrr Iro
nipr inn n Picidmt Smvr fj xiic
NiuUUm Itjilirai Cnator Chiumti VI
Snator Ilanna Senator Wolcott tiiator llund
1T Cm 1 It Ilrnolic late Governor ftim nil of
ISjIia sor Tillman Interftate Cemmine
einimiioiirr Vwmaix Itiprcsnuthc Champ
Oiarl Vitant M ntarj Mcllejolia Miron T
Ilirrick of Cleveland Ohio Stnalor S lioup Pmi
dent Griwom of the lntei natlona Vnitmn
etrupanjFtear JtliMlc Ktprwruiatie
snanon n orcc II Ilaniel General Pawner
gent of the New ork Cmlral Aiant Sccrc
tarv Vjtnlerlip of the Trcaeun Department Sena
lor IliiiTDut liauliiu former Sfnatcr Man
derwn lrpr ntatiie Hall llt precentathc Dal
wll Ir Gcwct VVe tiwrlieuo of 1itf lnarc -Win
Addison Porter Vcrclarv lo the PiKiibM Col
Tlieodorc V Ihiigldtii I K A Rpre fntte
erai rradt Dimct Commlfiiewr Wisht Oil S
hillocc X S A- Mr X L Dailtr Presi
dent of tbe Tenneeve Vial and Iron Comjunv
IterrrKntatlre I iiJeraowl Itirlurd Kerens VV
4 Tuik General Pawneer Agent and J 11
Culp General Traflic Manager f tne -southern
Kailuai lames Kherson cjn rntathe lie
Vries Vnator IVnretse Palent Commissioner
Duell dpi laming 11 Ileacli V S A 1 C
Van Ularcein ef St lxjm lrt kuni Jtr Ocn ol
IOUi P n Iidirrrood ft cond Vice 1rei
dent of the Hal imoie Slid Ohio ltallroad Jordan
W Lambert el M Ixiuis lMnard J lligc and
AVillmr J Chamle rlaiu tf th ivk Voik Min
Joseph stanlri Ilreirer of WaJiIntlon Colonel
l n ffen I s A J II MaiMy nallmiorc and
Oliio ltallroad Trank X ef lliila
de lpliia teriAeiitatiie Tatt7ier f Minneita
Henri liemp C3iailes VV Hitler of George
1oti Del William Inine Ilivwke S II Kau3
man Dr II L 11 Jolmfoii Jolm V Wgsraman
Ileal 1 Hottard James I narlwur W H
lliMs Otto Crmitliael and VV II llapley of
VasliinLrton James CampWll and Frank
fn ef Philadelphia Cul TranV 1 Heeler and
llajor Ceorge II Ilerkin ef Detroit
Tho Gridiron members present were
President II I West Vice Preldent Arthur
VV Dunn Swrctary llielutd Ic Fearn Treas
urer 11 Walker U A Coolidge Holnt
II Lanier O O slMit iij j Barrj Clrln
A ltoTion II V llointon U VMilte lluhr
John II taiton II C Clarke William 11
Jurtu K G Ditnnell ItiU Garthe H J
eilison Henry Hall P A Handy James S
Henry Frank II Hosford i L Johnson Itodolph
Kauffman Franei 11 Lt upp Datid 11 McKee
Albert lliller HoWrt K OKriiii Ilaymond Pat
terwn Frark V lbchanl on Gee rffeW llouwr
Itf mnald Selmxder L G e kendorff J i
Sirirer V 15 Mesen V J Motor lleriah
VMlliiiS and ltr Urt VVjur
III- Hill AliirnnVd In llin PI re- Inur
nneer Olci llon Cilit st
The complainants In the suit of Richard
Harrison John cn and others against Sam
uel 11 Walker which Is known as the Mu
tual Fire Insurance Company case have
filed en amendment to the original bill in
the proceedings The amendment Is in
the form of affidavits purporting to shotv
hei manner of conducting the election for
a board of managers for the corporation
held on January 15 last
John Qulnn one of the policy holders of
the company testified that he was present
at the meeting en Januarj 15 and was ap
pointed one of the tellers or Judges of elec
tion that David Murphy moved that so
proxies hould be voted at the meeting
that Jesse II Wilecn offered an amend
ment to this to prohibit the voting of
proxies which were obtained prior to Jan
uary 1 1S0O that a vole was called for on
the admeodment and the chairman de
clared it was carried by a vote of 7S to IS
that R Harrison Johnson and others called
for a division and that tellers be appointed
to nsccrtain whether thoc who voted were
policy holders that the chairman stated
thai Ihose present were gentlemen and
would not vote unless entitled to do so and
lefused to allow a dhi lon count that
C oclock for the banquet- of ibe Klvo Johnson and Franklin llarrett offered and
oclock Club Among the guests at the
dinner were
Judge E A Armstrong of Camden
Mayor Samuel II Ashbrldge J W Dab
ctek Wllllsm M Barrett United States
District Attorney James M Deck Judge
A M Beltler Congressman Bingham
David Bispham Rudolph Ulankenburg Su
preme Court Justice J Hay Brown Charles
II Cramp Edwin S Cramp Supreme Court
Justice John Dean National Republican
Committeeman Charles Dick Thomas
uolan William L Klklns Dirr ctor of Pub
lic Safelv English Supreme Court Jusllco
Henry Kreen Director of Public Works
William C Haddock Judge William U
Hanna Sheriff Wencel Hartman City
Solicitor Klnec and Congressman II C
Ivntfonnl linnL Ontxtninlliiu
Tho Comptroller of the Currency an
nounced jesterday that the amount of na
tional bank notes outstanding was 247
193415 In currency notes and 81550 In
Cold notes The national auk notes issued
In six days ending January 27 was 2149
S0 and the nmount redeemed and dc
rlrojed for the tame period was 1952K2
Tis Said
77 uill cure a Cold In one di
77 will break up a touch of the
Grip Jn Iweutj four hours
That 77 will check lullueuza over night
That 77 will leslorc a speaVcrs voice on
the way la meeting
That 77 win stop Coughing the vioiat
thing for a Cough
That 77 will prevent a Cold running Into
Pnf uroonia and a Sore Tthroat into
That 77 restores the che ked citculatiou
Indicated by a chill or shiver starts
the blood ceurslng through the veins
and lltus brcakf up the Cold
Manual of all lItir rt frcP
Tor sale by all drugKlslF or vent on re
ceplt ij price 2ac or five for 100 Hum
phreys Homeopathic Medicine Co tor
William John Sis V
tried to vote proxies but that the chair
man refused them the right to do to
There arc several other affidavits ttating
similar circumstances submitted in sup
port of the amended complaint
The injunction granted on the original
complaint was returnable c8leday The
restraining order granted bj Justice Bar
nard on the amended bill is returnable
February - next
3Iorr MiilflK fur liill lnm
HAKERSTOWX Md Jan 27 Antietam
battlefield will shortly have some new
monuments The Ninth Iennsylvanla
Regiment will erect a monument on a
ledge of rocks on Cornfield Avenue The
Fifteenth Massachusetts Regiment will
orict one surmounted by a Jlon and a
bronze figure of Crneral Kimball and the
Nineteenth and Twentieth Massachusetts
will each erect a monument The site for
the Fifteenths monument was paid for a
few days ago by Ben Y A Cannau of
Washington who vislttd tho battlefield
V ill Old I Coiir
oak tree alongside the road leading from
Church Hill to Chestcrtown has been
blown down Tor many jears negroes dug
mysteriously at Us base believing that
there was gold hidden there in large quan
tities In olden limes when there were no
banks on the Eastern Shore weallhy
farmcrs and residents sometimes kept
hidden large amounts of money ami
around the base of this tree Is said to
have been the hiding plate of tho wcjllh
of one rltJi man
A AsU l Pur
Albauns S T Johnson Jlargarct J Ed
wards and J lllnlsou Edwards jeslerday
instituted proceedings against Washington
Dauenbowcr Hinry II Jacobs and John
A Prescott IrtistPcs and twenty two
other defendants asking tho court to com
ptl them to rendr an accounting and also
for the appointment of a receiver The
litigation Is the outgrowth or u real estate
transaction In which tin- defendants and
Albanus L Johnson- the father or ihe com
plainants viere interest d
Io ui Itinui fnpel
Prof W J McGce of tin- Smithsonian
Institution has arranged to give a scries nf
lectures at the Andrew Ratikln Chape at
I p m on rcbrujr 13 and 2 ani jarch 1
lli ltl lfttiitr Triiimr rrril
dw put on nid SftinLiy Lj Oorge
VV rn son snd Lis wife 43iug to llla J
IbTlicxin lots Nc 13 50 and n square No
210 The twiiliulHiii ttitid fin lut e
amount 1 1 uinix on Ilie licl JuJkhn i lie lu
f the prrt to I y75WW Ii Ji looted In
ike Kjuare hounded l Vermont Aicuue K au4
b and littinu btrtrtl iiuriuvuil
Almas Temple Preparing io Etalcr
lain the Imperial Council
Ilie nHinnl einlli rincr In ll
Aimniil Ifin on
Jlnj 22 spc lnl nf IJn I
lirliiliiuxiit V Ilnni
Cfiniiiiilt c if One llunilri il
The nobles of the -Mystic Shrine affiliated X
with Almas Temple of this city are busy -
preparing for the meeting of the Imperial
Council in Washington on Ma 22 In iis
seventj -sixth annual session
Beginning tomorrotv night there will be
a meeting of one of the committee1
charged with some fe aturc of the arrangc
menU each evening -during the weel at
the headquarters of the executive commit
tee In Willard Hotel
Tomorrotv night the finance commitlec
meets to consider the all important I
Hon of raising funds to dcfn the expenses
of the entertainment of the Shrincts and
their friend 11 is expect d that no le s
than 100 members of the order will visit j
Washington the week eif the meeting of the I
Imperial Council and that those with their
fre nds will aggregate something like iOtOO
The local committee Intends io provide
several features of entertainment for their
expected guests and the expense entailed
will necessarily be large The task of rais
ing the requisite funds has been placed on
the shoulders of the finance committee of t
100 of Ihp lnnr t enorrptln tnomhprc nf Al- I A
Jjas Temple- headed by II II Warner
Tuesday evening the committee on print
ing and badges or which George II
Walker Is Chairman will meet to consider
plans for suitably decorating their guests
while in Washington and for suppljlng
them with artistically executed pro
grammes cards menus and souvenir of
every feature of the occasion Wednesday
evening tho question of hotel accommoda
tions will be taken up by a commlttco of
which Harry Standifonl Is Chairman
Thursday evening Allison Nallor and the
committee over which ho presides will
consider the subject of parade3 On Friday
nighl the committee on transportation
John J Han over Chairman will hold a
session and on Saturday night the com
mittee on music will meet at the call of
the chairman Benjamin Parkhurst
There are other committees to meet the
following week and tho headquarters at
Wiliards Hotel will be the scene of somo
sort of a gathering of the buT Shriners
from now until the night before he meet
ing of the Imperial Council Once only
havc tho Masons of Washington attempted
fo entertain a gathering like that of the
Mystic Shrjners in May That was In 1SS3
when the local coinmandcries carried
through with success the triennial con
clave of Knights Templars which con
vened here that jcar
This time the Shriners many of whom
are Templars go about the task with the
experience gained then and it Is expected
that the ceremonies and festivities at
tendant upon the meeting of the Imperial
Council of the Mystic Shrine will be on a
more elaborate scale than those of the
Templars conclavo In 1SS9
Tin- I nn ton TrMIinoiiliiI Iunil Mill
The Lnwton fund according to an esti
mate made at the War Department jes
tcrday afternoon will reach over 05000
Adjutant General Coribn received yester
day a notification from the itiitus com
mittee of Pittsburg that J2000 would be
Immediately forwarded to Washington for
the fund This will so far as t depart
ment has knowledge bo the Is contri
bution to the fund and unless soil unex
pected contribution Is made within a few
davs the fund will close at a total of near
ly tscooo
Adjutant General Corbln and other War
Department officials who hav been In
terested in the collection of the fund re
gard the response of tho American peo
ple as remarkable
Im il OIckIIiiIs rrennrluu to Ct-I-
hrmc Tln lr fr nt lliillilny
The Chinese New Year begins next
Wednesday and the Celestial residents of
Washington are making extensive prep
arations for the celebration of tho event
in accordance with the usual custom The
day Is the most Important In the Chinese
calendar and they usually celcbrats it in
a manner suggestive of the American
Fourth of July
This year owing to the prosperity of
the Chinamen in this illy during the past
twelve months there will be a greater
celebration of the occasion locally than
ever There Is little of the religious in
the Chinese way of ushering In the Now
Year the principal method of celebration
being teastlng and exploding fireworks
There will be a reception at the Chinese
Legation durlne the three or fmir fliv nf
the cekbration at which only Chinamen
will be guests In lase the report of the
d ath of the Chinese Emperor Kwang Su
provee to be true tho kgatlou will post
pone their festivities for several days but
the other Chinamen In the city will con
tinue their ctkbratisn u usual
file 1fl llliihL r tnernl Inter
red ill ArlliiKlnn
The Interment of the remains of
II Stanton late paymaster General
of the Army took place at Arlington jes
terday afternoon The IoyaI Legion con
ducted the si rv ices at the grave Rev
J II Bradford Chaplain of the District of
Columbia Commander read the burial
service and offend prayer
The remains were met nt the Peiinsj
vnuln depot by a squadron of the Third
Cavalry and a bittcry of the Seventh Ar
tillery ami a large number of army offi
cers and members of the Legion of Honor
The houoiary pallbeartrs were Senators
Havvlcy and Shotip fienerals Corlilu
Balrd and Randall and Major John M
Carson Mn Stanton and her two daugh
Inrs Mrs Western and Miss Josephine
Stanton nicompniiit d the remains
WllnlilltKloll lrllltllll
At lire rtirulJr incrtlig if Waslilnlon Asnci
tion No 1 National AKullun Matlorary ln
gitf Mr 1 Ilnd tntirlalnul the
inmiln is viitli jii add- on Cotnprc d Air
IL lYoductiun and I - lie illmtratid his ii
court with M ifral diagrams ami tOutdir As
tin- insin rijsun for tli nllmcc of the Ni
tional Abfcotutivn cf t taiionar lritintfn f nlu
ratioll so all tko lecture ilitruision and
luqxra before VVasliittou Ashk lalion So 1 are
optn to inleneleil riie prtiidnig otiir
at Hie rnrcting rl V dnrulay January 10 ap
Iititid the foIloHint ataihnir oimtiiiteo I
Joltti riiliifriC f liatles S MiWm and
II J VI llonanl llwatlotul iJcoigc II Itud
II I nail II S llullnn and John Hmiloff
rinployimnt II I lark II S Ilolton and John
rieiuini Knainliilntr C S VVilvin fieirKe 1
Held II S IIoIimi II 1 Cliil M JliCarincy
Ihoniton ileotl U II Carriitlnr i It lohli
ttoli and VV 1 ok
A rninnfer of Persoiinl Properly
A bill c f tale was pnt on iiiiinl jilenh3
lry I IskA and smith Thompson lor
transfirrlng to fliarlrs VMialrn all tip per
miial projieilj on pmuirfs 13 Ninth Mrfct
foimetly oKupiil br harlcit II WiKnlhurj as
a mtatirut r c fc Tlie ale wa made in
acfirdjnoe with anion of r ouit ialiu in the
bankruptcy pnK redm iff Chaili i II Woodburi
Iniiii H lnri i fiiiiernl
The rrnuiu ol James liaro an oiltr on the
cruisir Iittrolt arnted in this cit jisterday
and will lie Iltttired al Vtlilictun Vtndiy at 2
p in Ilarcy mi killed hi a row with a uatire
lioatmen at Kinff 4on Jam ih J ali nit a moiitli
ac o Ilatry lln1 in New Vork my and M
nioiher if litre to atttnd ue lumral
C qiurt PeamI 1
Granite n S ice
Isns irtli fl
wih 1c sold
11Hnlar for
3100 jards of unbleached
ln short lengths will bring i
a great crowd to these counters
Monday yard at
2 mch hem Monday for
T5 dozen hemstitched
pillow cases size to
go on sale Monday for only
Muslin wear
worth up lo 69c
muslin drawers
2 5c pure linen
n vari
2100 jnrds of bleached muslin
ous well known brands among I 3f
them Short lengths but quail- ITrL
tics sold at C and Sc janl for 4
A new arrival seersucker dress
ginghams In the latest stripes r J I
and checks fast colors iqV
lar 10c value Monday for WO
to pieces of French flannelettes In
patterns that are exact copies of the
all wool Trench flannels which sell
for five limes as much Exquisite
flcur dc lis effects on grounds of light
blue pink etc with white
dots and many other designs r
Kcguiar price l c a yarn
Monday for
CO dozen ready made bleached
sheets size SI by 00 full size
fj double beds finished with
Weve gathered In one big lot all tbo
iiroken lines of muslin undergarments
that sold up to C3c consisting of gowns
skirts drawers chenlisf and corset
overs trimmed wijh lace and em
broidery in many elaborate styles and
choice is jours for C3c
Made of good milMin and finished
with hem and tucks and worked but
tonholes all sizes from 2 to 12 years
A very remarkable value youll agree
39 dozen ladles ptc Irish linen
handkerchiefs trimmed with Valen
ciennes laco border whlch never sold
for less than 25c will go with a rush
tomorrow at 12 l 2c each Theyre
mussed but relaundtrlng will make
them fresh as ever
Tlie Results of a White Ci oss So
ciety Investigation
tlrs Jftiii CrelKliliiii Itrniirt of
nnil Kviit iiilUiirei Ilt rltireil
to lie ittlriieliir llvsiiliitliins
I tiliiif r rttlln Kcniiiliiloils
iiiflileiirr In tin- President
At the meeting of the National White
Cross Society at 1012 Thirteenth Street
northwest last evening the members
present heard the results of the investiga
tion made Into the report of the President
General Mrs Jane V Crtightou who sub
mitted it at the meeting last Monday even
ing Tho special committee which had
the matter In charge was composed of the
following members K J Roche Treas
urer General Chairman E E Patten
Mrs Mark 11 Hatch and J C N Smith
After a thorough Investigation tho com
mittee reported favorably and the society
last night unanimously adopted the fol
lowing resolution
flcsolted That Ihe slamfcrovs report clrcu
laled that our prcudnt general ilre Jane V
Crenrhton and 51ia Vanine Thomas had used
fundi belonging to till tocietj for traveling or
other expense are absolutely fjtc and that IhU
resolution be epriad tqion the minutes of the
fcotu i and ghen to the ptr for fiuulk allon
Mr Roche said to tlie reporter Hint the
statements heretofore circulated had no
foundation In fact He said that Mrs
Crelghton and Miss Thomas had made a
trip to New York to see Miss Helen Gould
and If possible interest her In the soelety
TIiIh was at the expense of the society
They had alto made n trip to Indianapolis
tho expenses of which Miss Thomas paid
and for which the society would reimburse
her They had also made a trip through
the West but it was at their own expense-
and every dollar expended by Miss Crelgh
ton had been fully accounted for
Mr Rocho attributed Ihe circulation of
the report to a dissatisfied clement In the
soelety and said that It woufd bo a source
of much gratification to the entire organl
7ntIon to have the rumor contradicted and
the resolution given publicity
Tin- ClinrKPN IHsiiiIhui iI
The charges of Intoviiatkri and nrclect of ilutj
tat have been jpninst iNilueiuaii Law
rence J Illea of tho Ninth preeiiKt were
dimitdl vttteiday nioinir by irdir of the
Coii inwiiomr
it will positively cure EPILEPSY
Ht Vitus nance FITS Spasms
CONVULSIONS Jiir oinniii and
ALL kiiidrul This buin
htiictli a vegutable prcpaiation
it will not c nise UIJMISM or
oIki bad ifter effects
Every bottle sold Is guaranteed to do
the work or money refunded Medical ad
vice free Sold by all druggists cverj
wbiTC nr write for full particulars direct
to us We inswer all questions
Tlie Dr Davis Medical Institute
7ir Tliiit Hli Shift x v
tt II c
jji tuihal If
Immense Values in
Bedwear and Upholsteries
CO piece1 of jard wlde lace
o I rl nrwl mirlqtn ciplmnriiili r
150 Icggins
a yard offered Monday for
E0 pieces of yard wide sllkollnes of
best itiallt in new jnd Q3P
Ing patterns Regular II l 2o 7L
value for
100 double bed while crocjet spre d-
in handsome Marseilles par
terns toe regular uc quilits
Monday for
13 dozen double bsd Comforts flKcd
with pure white cctlon and
covered with silkollne In
pretty patterns Worth
100 pairs of 11 4 Dlankets 7nP I
cry soft and finely finished ML I
Worth Jl go Monday for v
SO rolls of best grade Japan linen
warp Mattings In a rich as- Qfr
soriment of carpet effct tL
Worth 10c a yard for J
Stationery 3ic
Real Irish Linen Writing Paper
both plain and ruled In white and
fashionable tints will be offered for
3 l 3c a quire tomorrow
Knv elopes to match 3c a package
About a hundred pairs of Childrens
high cut Kauntieroy 3 buckle Leggins
made of Jersey cloth Coduroy and
leather In black and brown Theyre
worth up to i 150 and go Monday for
CO cents a pair
Ladles lO bulton Fast Black Tailor
made Ovcrgalters that always IMC
sell at Coc a pair on sale Mon- I l L
day in Shoe department for T
Famous makes of
The determination to cul a clearing
has led us to some unprecedented sac
rificing among the corset stock We
offer C B W U and Warners
corsets makes that are celebrated for
bestness in nil stiles at 69c for
choice Long and short in white and
drab and every size
ALEXANDRIA Jan 27 The street
cleaning department is at a standstill the
amount ot money appropriated by the city
council for cleaning the streets having
become exhausted At the last session of
the city council a resolution appropriating
JS0O for this purpose was offered by Coun
cilman n E Lawlcr of tlie Finance Com
mltee but was referred to the Committee
on Finance There will not be another
meeting of the city council until the sec
ond Tuesday In February and unless the
major calls a special session for the pur
pose of making the appropriation tho
ashes in yards boves and aliejs must nf
necessity accumulate and the streets will
not be swept during that period Already
1200 has been expended during the pres
ent fiscal year for this purpose There Is
no other fund from which money can be
drawn for street cleaning purposes
The Methodist Episcopal Church South
having been practically rebult will be
opened again tomorrow morning for divine
worship The church has been hand
somely fitted out in every particular At
i oclock Rev V II Kern formerly pastor
at Del Rar of the church will address tlie
scholars of the Sunday school Bishop j
A V Wilson will conduct tho dedicatory
services at 11 oclock The Kpworth
Leugue will hold a service nt 3 oclock
when addresses villi be made by Rev J T
Williams and Rev T R Carson Special
music will be rendered at each service
Ttier were no eases for trial in the I
lice court today Twenty six lodgers were
at police headquarters last night
A regular meeting of tho Agricultural
Fair Association of Northern Virginia will
be held In the rooms of the Business
Mens League Monday February S
There was a small fire at tho corner of
ritt and Pendleton streets shortly before
noon today The damage was slight In
responding to the alarm both fire engines
went to the corner of Fairfax and Cameron
Streets somo distance from the scene
This was due It Is claimed to an Im
proper alarm which it is believed would
soon be overcome if the city had its own
system of telegrapn or telephone alarm
Tho funeral of the late Thomas Rudd
took place at 2 oclock today Rev II G
Register conducted the services and the
remains were interred in tho Methodist j
Protestant Cemetery
The funeral of the lale Mrs Amanda
Iiossart will take place tomorrow after
noon at 2 oclock
The funeral of the late Mrs Keith Ilavls
will take place from the Methodist Protest
ant Church tomorrow at I oclock
Rev Douglas Forrest will preach at St
Pauls Church tomorrow mornlug at 11
oclock Rev F E Brooke will preach nt
tho Second Iresbjterlan Church In nil of
the other churches the resident clergjmeu
will officiate
Francis E Zapp of Brick Haven In
Alexandria county reported at police
headquarters tonight that he had been
robbed of a sliver watch today by a man
named Joeph Godfrey who was boarding
at his house
Nicholas Eckhardt Jr of Washington
has reported to tho police of this ity
that bis bicscle was stolen and asks that
t be lroked out for
V ItiiKr llnllillllic
for III- Mftlli iil Museum
The officials of the Army Medical Mu
seum are preparing a bill which they wi 1
submit to Congress providing for the erec
tion of a library building to contain thu
valuable medical data that has ben col
lected for the museum and which has now
outgrown Us quarters
Tho officers in charge of this branch of
the building arc considerably embarrassed
npee Ihto tiel nf nc mit If la allil thlt
I there an- over two thousand volumes stored
nt thn Hni rnmnl Pelilllnr lllflee V hletl
U Hi UUIVH o vVb
922-24-26-28 7th St moKW
An after stock taking sale
that means startling selling
Tlif next three thiys will witness lie most lemni Libit Viilue olVeiiiis this store has yet known t have just coin
jiletetl the task of taking inventory anil all the broken gts and incomplete lines brought to light have been market for
inMaiit Ilearaiin Weve allotted ourselves three days tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday to do this needing out and
prices have been slashed with a sheer disregard for cost or value Its an salo that must bring prompt
i espouse from tho thrifty housekeeper and economical wife You can readily realize its importance from these specials
Unexampled values
in domestics
Art Needle Work
A lot of Hutlenberg Centre
piece and Table Cover Patterns
worth 2j cents go tomor
row- for
35 jard pieces of BattenberK I
Braid for Monday at - I
Dattenberg Rings In all sizes
per dozen for oaly
300 Imperial A Qc
long cloth T pc
Monday we shall put on sale In the
white goods department 100 pieces of
the genuine imperial longciptb No
SCO 6 yards in each piece for He a
piece Shrewil buyers will appreciate
the great value offering at once
10c and 2c 3
linings for 04
Monday we offer fine quality colored
French percalines in light and dark
and medium greys and light and dark
tan also a few high colors which al
ways sell at 10c and 12 l 2c a yard for
6 S tca yard Instead An unusual op
portunity for saving
2 linen bargains
M Inch cream German table dam
ask strictly all pure linen not a
thread of anything else soft-
finished quality Regular price
iSc a yard Monday for
A hundred dozen pure linen doilies
with colored borders full size m 1
AliriTO ei itil it TXn r dozen Jl I
Each for
Regular 1
kid gloves for
Tried on and guaranteed
Tho second and last lot of gloves
have been received by the Importer
and wo can now offer a complete line
of sizes in them They consist of real
kid gloves In 3 cIasp style with self
stitching and are in black and a com
plete assortment of fashionable shades
There are oil sizes at present Theso
gloves are the regular dollar kind
and never sold for less We shall try
them on tho hand and guarantee them
the same as any dollar glove and for
C9 cents
should be in the library but for which
there is at present no loom
The library is said to be the finest re
pository for works of the technical nature
relating to Ihe practice of medicine in the
United States and is of great use to the
members of the profession In this city
A Newly Clinrtereit Kntlvvny Com
pnny Ilec 1 Officer
The Old Dominion ami Great Falls Rail
way Company which was chartered by en
actment of the Legislrtture of Virginia at
its present session was organized yesterday
in Aiexaudria county Vn by tho selec
tion of the followlnj board of directors
viz George G Botcter Jcseph S Miller
N B Scott Nathaniel Wilson A B Hines
T B Jewell G N Stegmullcr George E
Ttultt Joseph Tabor Johnson P M Rlxey
W B Besley A II Grunwell R D
Weaver Samuel L Phillips Charles S
Bradley and S Thomas Brown
Tho following officers of the company
were also elected Jceph S Miller Pre
ident II D Waver Vice President A B
Grunwell Treasurer and A B HInea Sec
Granite ware
Pelt quality
Onnite Imn T
Pot one pint
-will be sold
Momlij for
Ladies Hose 6c pr
Monday we will -put on sale 30 dozen
ladles full seamless black and tan
hose strictly fast colors with double
heels and toes for 6I 4c a pair
Theyve never been equaled under 10c
before and are seldom sold for that
We shall also offer a special lot of
lames- pure lisle thread hos fall
regular mane with nigh
spliced heel and toe which
sold at 23c for
Flannel for
Hounces choice of plrOc and
blue stripes full size fur
Monday we put on sale 23 pieces of
white doraet flannel 23 inches wide
of soft fine quality and offer it at 5
cents a yard
Ladles regular 50 cent flannelette
skirt patterns with deep
33C I
IOc Oakleys Soap 7ic
Oakleys Sweet Violet Toilet Soap
which always sells for 10c a cake will
go for 7 1 2 cents Instead tomorrow
Notion Surprises
5c feather stitched braid in new
patterns for 3c apiece
Regular 10c Hercules braid for
lengthening skirts 2 Inches wide Ic a
Rtgular 5c silk stitched whalebone
casing for 2 3 Ic apiece
Fullers 10c machine oil 4 ounce
size 3c
Kings 3c spool cotton 300 yard3 for
3 2 4c a spool
Regular 10c 5 quarters tubular shoe
laces 1c a dozen
Regular lCc stockinet dress shields
3 3 lc a pair
Regular 10c fancy garter webbing
3 3 lc a strip
12 dozen white agate 3hirt buttons
Regular 10c and 12c collar stiffening
3 3 lea length
GO lnch tape measures for lc
Regular lflc perfection shos polish
5c a bottle
An Infnnt With Smnllpov
Tho Health Offlco was notified yester
day afternoon that Charles Fowler tho
four-year-old son of John T Fowler a
patient at the smallpox hospital had de
veloped a case of the disease in tho de
tention camp Ho was removed to thu
pest house as soon as the diagnosis ot thu
case had been made The father of thu
boy was stricken with the disease abou
two weeks ago and hi3 family were re
moved to the detention camp The other
persons in the camp were reported to be
in good health with no prospect of another
outbreak AH the patients in the hospi
tal were also reported to be doing well
fcny Dmnnnres Clalmeil
Carrie L Adams yesterday filed suit
against the District to recover damages in
the amount ot 10000 for personal Injuries
alleged to have been sustained by her on
November li last on K near Twelfth
Street southeast Mrs Adams states sho
was talking along K Street ami when
near Twelfth Street because of the de
fective pavement slipped and fell into a
hole and severely sprained her right les
at the ankle
1 Blindness Is a Living Death
Sight Is Priceless
Wrong glasses will ruin the strongest eye Any sensation of pain is
a warning Neglected eyesight affects tho Brain and Mind resulting in
serious bodily illness which injury In time becomes permanent
Weak eyes strengthened faillns eyesight restored by using the
German Silicate Glasses
The opportunily of a lifetime to right any wrong with your cyc3
Dr Hugo Guske
German Oculist Optician
Twelve jcats practical experience with tho renown Optical Institute
of Berlin Germany assisted by a staff of graduated opticians Prof
Guskes new Optical Institute is fitted up with the finest improved instru
ments for the latest methods of testing every aliment to which the human
cyo is heir
To introduce our famous German Silicate
Lenses in this city we make a very special
lOday Of f er at M
Fitted Scientifically and Without Error
German Silleatc Lenses are the best in tho world for all uses They
are mailo to fit jour individual case and cannot tire or strain They re
lieve and cure thats the whole story
The Vniericm Journal of Health In one part cf an extract about Dr
Hugo Guskes success praises the latest ami most approved methods of
examining and correcting complicated cases of defected eyesight
Make us a call on the first orportunily
German Optical Institute
412 Seventh St N VV

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