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I 1
if I
Suelis Mental Condition the Sub
ject of Jlncli Testimony
Ill Former Amrlnlr In Irn
lon Ilurcnn Urn la re Tim I lie rni
o Intllcntlfin f IlermiiceiueHt Jlr
Cbnitln Culpi erf the ICliIence
of Dr ltoe ip rl lit Oilil
When court adjourned at 420 oclock last
evening after an extra session in the
Snell murder trial it was stated by Mr
Turner of counsel for the defendant that
Snell would not be put the stand and
It was very likely that the case would be
given to the jury on Tuesday
Three hours will probably be allotted to
ach tide for the presentation of the case
to the Jury so that It Is likely that alt
testimony In rebuttal will have been heard
by tomorrow evening or early Tuesdav
Yesterday was a battle of the experts
nnd Mr Turner In several Instances won
a hard fought point but only after much
argument The forenoon was occupcd by 1
the witnesses of the Government called 111 1
rebuttal and nlio were questioned as lo
their opinion of Snells mental condition I
Several of these witnesses were officials
of the jail and some crc social acquaint
ances In every case they were con- J
vlnced so they testified of tho sanity of
Snell and had never had any reason to
question It Some ef his ofUcial associates
In the Icntlon Ilureau were among them j
but uone had any idea that he may bavo I
Ijecn on Insane man The questions were
not many and nn the crjss cxamlration
Jlr Turner mcrtly drew from the wit- i
nesses that Snell had alwajs seemed to
them a well informed amiable man of
peaceable habits and that none cf them j
hid ever fcecn him cxcltl or provoked to
MiellK OrHelnl Anxnelnten
John W Watson Chid o the Southern
division of the Pension Bureau was the j
first ot these ullncsscs called Ills testl J
tnony was of his acquaintance of several
j cars with the defendant during wticb
lie had thought him n good clerk and an
cvcn tcmpcrcd man
Theodore V Sargent a clerk in the Pen
sion Ilureau had known Snell as nn In
dustrious man of an ccn disposition
Capt Jsro8 II Harris warden of the
jail testlneu that lie had thought Snell
a sane man nnd further said
There has been quite a difference In
Ids conduct and manner while being
nclned by physicians and while ncl un- j
ucr me eye 01 mese men ai me limes
when the doctors were there he seemed to
have a poor memory and to walk with a
limping and halting gait lie would stag
ger hrn he atteinpied 10 turn around
and nearly fall when he put his heels to
gether When he was being examined by
Dr Chapln of Philadelphia he exhibited
the same signs AVhen no ph3slclaus were
nround he walked as well as an body could
When Hr Auden on on the ro dlrecl
examination nsked the witness If he had
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ever seen Snell walk worse than at the
times mentioned mltaesi replied that
once when the defendant was being exam
ined by Dr Klchordson Superintendent of
the Government Hospital for the Insanr
Snell had placed his heels together had
wabbled and fallen lo the floor
1rederick IX Sayre another Pension Ilu
reau clerk gave testimony similar to that
of the other associates ot Snell In the of
fice as did Charles Newburgh who worked
lslde the defendant In the bureau
n ijimlrtnttii for lniirHiiee
Dr John II Junghaus was called nnd
testified that he bad examined Snell fot
life Insurance on October IS 1M7 for the
Knights f the Maaliees The wltncsg
produced the blank application signed lij
Snell in which the applicant had denied
having ever had convulsions or iny u
the ailments commonly noted In the ap
plications of inuranco companies The
applicant stated that he had no
the brain and was In genera s ixnl health
William H Griffith IcMlQVd that In
knew Snell and had ulvjjb looked Uxui
him as a perfectly ratiouil man
Edwin Ij Knbison a guard at the jail
testified that the prisoner had four or Ihe
hours sleep at the Jail every night wliitli
was a fair average for prisoners
Upon croswinmlnatlou he admitted
that this was perhaps it little l elow the
av erage
The wllnefs had setu Snell under ex
amination by the phlclaus and vhen
taking his exercise In the rotunda of Ihe
jail and at thwc ilmes the prfrcnerV
gait ai rolling and weak but hen he
was not under observation Ilia manner and
pait were normal
Snell had been veiy iniirh Interested in
the trial of Punk and in other affairs
going on In the outside world Tho wit
ness tcstillea that lie bad always conrld
cied the defendant a sane man
At Ij Thomasson and Thomas J Mitch
ell testified to their belief In the vanltyiof
the defendant s judecd from their obser
George G Martin a Pension Ilureau
employe held the same ipinlciu
James K Clark annlher Itnrlon Iiiirenu
clerk was or this general opinion as was
Dr A W Hossvell who lnd examined tho
defendant at the Jail
Dr KtihKclI had given Knell two ouues
of whisky and had thought I1I1 1 lo be suf
fcrlng from the nervousneiis folloving a
debauch He said Ihe defendant had told
him not to put any polsou in the whisky as
he wanted lo make a ulatenunt u Ihe
world about the case befoic he died The
witness had not noticed juy symptoms of
James W Walters captain of the watch
at the District jail related the circuni
Elances attendant upon the examination of
Snell at the jail During the time of the
doctors presence the witness caid Snell
walked badly but when he went to his cell
and thought he was unobserved he walked
as well as any man could It was the de
cided opinion of the witness that the man
was bane
John Wesley Carter coloied had itmvvn
Snell for five yea is lie had talked villi
limi on many occasions nnd bad never 1
supposed him to but a iaue J
man 1
lleteellte Ilntitiij Opinion
Detective Samuel Ij Drown liad known
Snell well for seven or tight yean1
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water and of mceling uic at the flying
hors s on Ihr nighl before llio tnipeily
said the witness
Mrs Welenbcrger was and
nuked If idle otlced in the
appearance of Snell on the- morning of the
ith of AugtiKt when he to her house
She said she had noticed no difference-
Dr D K Shue was callol and the de
fence promptly objeclcd to him as an ex
pert on Insanity and becauo he had been
In attendance during Hie jnornintr Ho
qualllled however by Ptatlng his various
ottlcei In his professleni ll saw Snell he
j testified nnd made a physical examination
of him at the Jell on August T last The
I witness produced a colons diagram of the
brain He stji u that ho had made an
examination of the skull of Snell ajid went
Into a detailed eleTrlptlon ot the d pres
I Ion near tho icat of the motor area
He was asked to state what effect this
fracture would have on the brain nnd he
replied that It would probably have none
He alfo Mated that an ophthalmoscopic
lest of the eyes ot the patient had re
sulted In finding them In a normal Ftate
He stated that tills tetttras Bnal and most
I reliable He had not found the slightest
I traces of ppUeps w the defendant
ltf ll Itml Not rilililiilneil
Witness sd Put prior lo the visits ot
Hie physic lane who had examined Snell he
had not complained of any Klliiient but
tbat afterward these complalnls had grown
In gi ometricnl ratio as the visits of the
physle inns were made
Have j on formed any opinion of the
sanity of the man doctor asked Mr
I have
Please state the result of jour opin
He Is a sane man
The iinswer vras so derided Cial It
created ejutlc a flurry in the court room
Oiidnws cxamlnlng Dr Shulc Jlr Tur
ner went tarefully inlo the delalla of the
rase and Ihe wltnrss was asked to
the head of the defendant He said
that tin- depression over the left eye was
only normal and that he had seen many
decljfs ones In the dissecting room The
wiliiess eontradleled the testimony of
wasting of the muteles ou one side- thu
larger sldo be iug due to Inflammatory
Tin pulses on IsjIH side s are vnchro
nous but one Is lighter U1111 the other be
cause of a smaller nrlery
This testimony wab contradle lory of
that ed other e xperts The witness had
had 11 htmdri d cases of cplli poy but had
nertr 011c of psychic epilepsy and
said that lliiy are very rare and have only
l cn recognized by llio Irrucb and Iug
lish schools very recent
ilr Turner fiuriillonetl Ihe viitne ss at
length and his answers evoked cjuitu a
sensation In court Snell was given at
various times twenty grains of tliloral
hydrato for insomnia nnd on one night
v Iricss pive him common salt in wit or
on vvlili h night the defmuant slept best
of all
rl lie Tlieritpeuth Alilefe of
Have you not heard that common salt
Is a well rtCfigoizctl remedy for nervous
Jess queries Mr Turner
Tho witness sjld ho believed he had
j Dr John II Chapln te silfied that he was
j a specialist on insanity He has been
with various intane hoxoltal in
He Xcw York mid Pennsjlvauij mid Is now
stated that he had never thought the dc- t c Iysician jn charge nt the
1 mne at
anylhlng but a c mn VUuTr
uau jiau a iaiK vtuu jsuei at uic station
house aflcr his arrett
He told me be remembered going lo
Wclsenbcrgcrs and asking lor a rtrlpL of
He tcilified thai he had Irfeii called In
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her ot epileptic patients under his charge
and vras asked to state the result of Ills
examinations of Snell at various times
The witness then related his visits to
SncK when he told him that he need not
answer any questions or submit to any ex
iimlnation unless he desired
Ills answers were mostly monosyllabic
Ills memory seemed to lie nnd his
manner seemed rather Indolent and his
strength below tho normal I noticed a
war near the right eye felt his head all
ever and he made no remark or objection
Hi- v iM that he had received the mark
over the eye from a lick by a mule
and 111- other fracture in a brawl In which
he had been beaten He said he knew- that
he was charged with a crime but that he
had absolutely no recollection of It On
the thltil visit he complained that he did
not get enough sleep and thJt he thougnt
they ought to give him more whisky On
ibis occasion he said that he heard music
in Ms imagination beard cars running and
saw a man In n white robe He also said
he had spells I than had him walked
Jlon up and nnd down the corridor and
wntrlieil him very carefully There was
1111 halting cf cither the arm or the body
but there vvas -a alight limp I concluded
that he was suffering from remorse and
the physical depression resulting from
alcoholic or other excess I diil not And
anything abiorraal in him other tbau what
I have mentioned
The wltnera dilated upou tho various
forms of feigned Insanity and said that It
was very easy for a man lo say he did
not remember which was the very best
reaon to assume that he did remember
the Ily peillietle nl Onc stlnli
The long hypothetical question was lien
put to the witness who replied
Tho man described in this case was not
insane I use nil impersonal expression
The witness tlft n said that the convul
sions could nijj luhls opinion be charged
to the hypotlieiir tot epilepsy alone- but
that they wcni more probably the result ef
alcoholic or ofbeH execrscs
I believe that vvhen the man feigned to
have heard music and seen the man In the
white robe hq wajsj stating to me what he
never experienced fur since he slid they
had come to tiim lnrlng cm- of his Spells
this was the lutuial conclusion Halleptlcs
have no jsiwer te recall what they have ex
perienced anjJ they may be only duter
aiinisl as hls gctjiuu during the trance may
manifest them
The witness said that tho shrinkage of
the leg of Snell was no evidence or Indica
tion of epilepsy or paralysis but that he
thought the small tide was normal and the
large side swollen
Mr Turrcr endeavored to shoie that the
ultni Hi had not always been conrt In his
opinions in testimony in capital case3 be
fore In this ciy and asked the witness if
he bad heard of the iost mortem 011 the
brain or Schneider at whose trial he had
testified The witness had read of it bet
had not attended Mr Turner read from
n book by Dr Chapln Tho Compendium
of npllepsy Iu which the anther said that
wimp patients suffered from nocturnal at
tacks of epilepsy only The witness had
It Hilled that there was no such uaniencla
1 11 of insanity known nr recognized er
nocturnal epilepsy The witness slid thai
the liook was written some time ago nod
hu views may have ilitTere d
Then you admit that that is one error
j on have made
lipe rlH nt OilUs
Ves I admit lhat Dr s ys that
look Is full ot errors
Dr Itosfe was sitting besdet Mr Turner
and the auditors broke Into n laugh Taeie
wen- constant sillies between the witness
as you
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I and Mr Turner At one point Ihe witness
Vou are trying to be clear to me and
I am trying to bo clear to you
I want you to bo clear to the Jury
I think the Jury can understand mo
I hope they can and Ill try to said
Mr Turner
The vvltiless declined to testify 33 to the
various forms of epileptic disease
The best thing to do when a man Is
in a seizure Is to let him alone Any at
tempt to inovo him or control him In any
wsy will result In an outbreak of great
violence Ho will break furniture and re
sist every effort to control him
The witness said there was a maxim In
insane hospitals which forbade tho con
tradicllons of epileptics but that when
not Hearing a seizure they were usually
the incst tractable ot patients AIo that
epllevsy and other diseases were not in
compatible in tho same man at the i amo
titie and that the disease might exist for
a long time and not be recognized
Heredity and consanguineous marriages
were gone into the witness saying lhat the
former case predisposed the subject to its
heritage and in the hitter degeneracy
might be looked for although nol of
slty an adjunct ot such marriavcs Ihe
witness was asked if in the event of an
Injury to the right side ot the skull and
an atrophied left side of tho boily he
would attribute It to th Impingement of
the fractured skull on the brain
Well replietl the witness you have
tho best of the argument right along but
my professional opinion Is that there was
ne paralysis
The witness refused to describe the di
mensions of the motor area of the brain
and Mr Turner endeavored to make- him
contribute to the overthrow or the testi
mony of Dr Shute who had testified that
the fracture was within one twelfUi ot an
Inch from the motor nrea
The doctor did not like the examination
ami said
If jou wish you may put an expert on
the stand I dont know sinythlug about
thrse things you are ou now
Why doctor I thought yon were an ex
pert and I nin seeking knoiliHlgc
A Civil rri le-e- Jvitlillitlltlou
It looks lo me more like a civil service
The long hypothetical question of Ihe
defence was put and Hie doctor vvas nsked
if in his opinion under the circumstances
uoted the iKrrson assumed In the crise vvas
a sane or an insane man
I would iay lhat the Insanity is not
made out There is no symptom present
save the commission of the crime
Then to what do you attribute all these
To dentition to Indigestion to alco
holism anil other thlngsi
He was then asked If he prcfrrrqd to
attribute his convulsions lo the causes be
had named nether than tie a pressure 011 the
skull and he- replied Hint either ot the
causes named by Mr Turner or himself
might be responsible- He admitted tha
the excessive use of alcohol would have a
bad effect upon an epileptic
The witness was excused at 15P oclock
and rourl adjourned until tomorrow morn
ing at 10 oclock
Clin plain la m
Tho statement was made ye steniay at the
While House lhat Kcv Paul Louis Iey
nolrts will be npoolnted chaplain In the
Inlted States Navy vice llev Charles II
Parks resigned The llev Mr Keynolds
Is pastor of St Marys Catholic Church
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lishment of a boulevard on Pennsylvania
Vvenue between Ihe Capitol and Iight
centh Street will work irreparable Injury
to the buslm d interests of the city and
will bo -a serious detriment to the suc
cessful conduct ot the establishments on
that thoroughfare which is so essential
to tho life of tho citys trade Tho views
expressed by Mr llulkley are ho says the
sentiments of the association lu rerre
Third Floor
The latest shipment of these popular
AVnists has been opened and joes on sale 4
Monday morning Xew designs new colors 4
and new effects are shown in this lot Wc have
handled in the past some elegant Waists but 4
have no hesitation in pronouncing these beau- 4
ties Every conceivable color is shown j
also all sizes Though better than their pre- 4
decessors we still name the old favor- m J
itc price of choice of lot 4 7 C 4
850 Black Satin Waists 398
Second Floor
We Ii nvc made a great cut In the price of Black Satin Waists la
order to reduce the stock They ere beautifully tucked In newest de
signs really elegant waists worth fully fSJ0 This sale
Third Week of the Undermuslin
We are unfurling new beauties and great- X
er values each day The most substantial
proof of the bargains is in the spirited selling X
The entire line is marked at prices that makes f
competition llinch We name ImsIow but three X
specials Others of cqnal merit are here for t
Bargain Table No 2
A splendid assortment
ot Drawcra with deep
umbrella ruffles trimmed
with Hamburs edging
alenclenncs QQC
choice for
Bargain Table No 3 X
A fine selection of good X
Quality Muslin Gowns of 4
various styles Empire 4
effect square or V neck V
yokes full length
ann wiaui cnoice 70L j
J 4
fit tustetely nt Cincinnati nt llierlmc
of the Hotel ltnlilie rj
New developments in tho case cf Nich
olas alias Nick Moran under arrest la
Pittsburg snspected of having robbed Rep
resentative Samuel M Robertson of Louis
iana Capt Charles D Talmer and Mrs
GHIett at Wlllards Hotel on January S
show conclusively that te prisoner Is in
nocent evf the crime
Despite the fact that Moran was posi
tively identified by William Barnhart a
clerk at Wlllards Hotel as the man who
registered there as C L DougUss of
Tombstone Ariz the accused man has es
tablished an alibi
The police of Cincinnati in reply to a
communication from Inspector Boardman
state that Moran was under arrest In
their city from January C until 11 oclock
on the morning of January S thus showim
that it would have been an impossibility
for Moran to have been in Washington at
the time alleged
Allrifci M Duller Trlcel 1111 11 CimrKe
of Viia rnney
Henry De Tine and Isaiah Brown col
ored were arraigned In Ihe Police Court
yesterday charged with vagrancy - De
tective Hollctt who made the arrest tes
tified that the men were attempting to
fleeco a countryman at the Pennsylvania
Railroad station by orferic to bet that he
could nol open a lock which they evhblted
Brown was orderrd lo furnish real estate
bond in the sum ot J50 or serve ninety
days in the workhouse and Devlno was
held in the sum of 20 with the alterna
tive ot forty days in the same institution
Walter Butler was convicted of the lar
ceny of thirteen pigeons from A Han
cock In default of 20 he was sent to
jail for four months
Alfreel Latz for stealing S worth ot
scrap iron from the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Company was seatenced to jail
for thirty days
Vn 5e
yr 1 i s sSvr
vWJ iJi t
Connoisseurs of
Fine Whiskies-
Give voluntary testimony that our famous brands of
Murray Hill Club
and Wilsons Finest
arc superior In ptuity and flax or to any whisky distilled Might as
well drink poison as some of the lie stuff sold over many bars
When you want a drink of prime whisky or a bottle to take home
come to us and i ell glxe joua choice of two of the BEST BRANDS
Mclnnis Bros 22f

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