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All hats trimmed ret
et charge
Kings Palace Two Stores
As Kings Palace drea everything with
of Miite and wraps Much of winter is jft
12 to 20 Suits 648
Suits made of the liandsomcst and met
rtjlish of material and nude up in tho e
effects which hare proven the lnot fahion
able Many of them are lined throughout
including the sUlts Willi taffeta sill and all
of them have till lined jaeWI Thee tints
were sold tlit season for 12 lot AO
0 Now reduced to
500 and 700 Coats 198
Ladies and Mines Jacket of the very lat
est effects in lcrcy cheviots lioucle cn
vert cloths in blael blue tans irrecn and
red in box reefer and shield front effects
silk lined and in all sires to fit the miss ol
fourteen jears up to 44 Inist measure Sold
at 5 and S7 Now reduced Cj J QQ
Dress Goods up to 49c for 19c
Lot colored Dress Coode comprising a line
of pretty plaid figured mohairs and wool
cashmeres and mtpxs which sold up IQe
to 40c to go Monday I
Domestics Special Prices
One cae Unbleached Shectine Muslin for
double bed M vridtli regular
price 17c rd Special for Mon- 1i
da laS2L
Yard wide pood grade Unbleached Muslin
very soft and fine free from black AXr
tpots worth 7c Monda M B
Full bleached Tabic Daiau k very heavy
TO inches wide handsome pattern excellent
value at the regular price Wc 5Qi
Special reduction for Monday- -
ft doz Bleached Towels with fringe un
usually heavy und extra large nie tx4S
inches regular 15c value Special lOr
reduction for Monday IUC
Itlraebed Sheets for double lied liand torn
and ironed sir Slxt worth inc IQr
Monday J 71
iCin Linen CraOi Toweling ctra heavy
fast selvages exceptionally good value at the
rxiilar pnee 10c Iteduced for Men- A3r
da to v
Premium itamps given
rce with inircbajt
100 New Spring Suits 498
one hundred Ladies Suits which have no right to be ess than
798 so early in the season The hundred came to us at a price
much below the prevailing market rates Consist of Cheviots
Serges and Homespuns Greys Black and Blues box and
tight fitting Jackets box pleated skirts Enormous values for so
little as 498 but characteristic of Kings Palace offerings
Enormous Reductions in Ladies Winter Suits and Wraps
the same Iilralitj fo have we cut the pricca
ahead vhlch makes these values all the irrcatrr
9 to 15 Capes and Coats 498
Ladies lack ts coniing of the very best
quality of Lcn cy broadcloth in the most ex
quisite shades made in all the mot fashion
Me effects alo Ki of Sails Silk Real Plush
Ospcs minmcd with hadome marten and
lhilet fur and silk lined Sold with such
immense success at 0 It 15 each J A Q
Jtcduced to J4 VO
Childrens 3 Reefers for 125
Plain and lloupli Cloth Itccfcrs for chil
dren in all sites plain and combination
color Sold for S3 ttcduccd Qi O C
600 Plush Capes 298
llalancc of the elecant Balis Silk Seal
Pluh Capes trimmed with fur and
silk lined which sold at He- Q f QQ
dnced to 7 0
Less Than Half for Trimmed Hats
Ladies Very Handomc Triimned Hats in a
cplcndid assortment of hacs and ef QQf
fectr which sold for Jf4 Ileduced to T7OL
lot of lakes Very Stslisuly Trimmed
llats in a splendid assortment of ihaic and
also of color effects which sold
for as much as 5 each Itcduced 1 A Q
to jno
Bedwear 5 Lots
Vrhilc Double Tllankcts foe double bed with
colored borders neatly bound 11 4 size very
soft and fine regular 113
Blankets Special reduction for CI 1Q
Monday plI7
Bed Coiniorls coveicd on both sides with
fancj figured padded Ibgu
lar price 75c Special reduction AQr
for Monday t 7l
Ioble Bed Comforts covered with good
croalit sateen on lth sides very large and
warm sold regularly for J1S3 and Qftr
150 Special reduction for Mondaj O 7t
We have some odd Comforts remaining from
orr regular lines which sold regularly tor
from flt5 to Sif5 ome covered on liolh
sides with sateen some with ilkoline guar
anteed pure white filing excellent value
at the regular price Special re- Q1 A R
duclion for Mondaj pi0
JO 4 Wiitc nianVet with fancy colored
Iwrdcr very fine and soft 9c CQf
value Monday 7v
Notions Reduced Prices
100 yd Black elng Silk Sc spool
Be Bed Working Cotton all sizes M spool
Brookes Spool Cotton black and
while 2c spool
Clarks O N T Darning Cotton Ic spool
c Lnamejed Kgg Darners 2c
to ratenl Safetj Tins Ic dozen
5c Kngllsh lins 3 paper
Jo Benn t Vtra 3cdoxtn
5c Kid Curlers So dozen
5c Cabinet Hair Tins plain and crimp
ed 32 box
f Hercules Braid assorted width 3c yd
Kings Palace Dept Stores
812 814 Seventh St 715 Market Space
Divergent Views of Herbert W
Lewis and Jlnjor Sylvester
The Srtmte Bill Adversely Ileimrteil
Ipon lr he Snprrlltlcaisleaat at
ClinrltJea Core of AlroliolUm In
4lie Krrlnieitnl Mnge v llosi
Iilnl Waird Deemed Mifflelent
Herbert W Lcwif the Superintendent
of Charities has Informed the Commis
sioners that the passage of the bill now
before Congress for the establishment of
an inebriate asylum In the nfttrlct would
be premature and inexpedient This ac
tion was taken in direct opposition to the
views expressed by Major Sylvester and
Sanitary Officer Frank in their annual re
port Tchcn tbey urged the Commissioners
to secure such an Institution as soon as
possible Senator McMillan Introduced a
bill In the Senate last month providing
or the establishment of the inebriate hos
pital and It was referred to the Commis
sioners for report They In turn referred
It to Superintendent Lewis and his report
was received by them yesterday
The latter states that there are a num
ber of reasons why the Commissioners
should not advise hasty action on this
measure In the first place he says
there is no good foundation on which to
bate a belief that such an institution
would effect the cure of that which Is
generally referred to as the disease of
Inebriety Some of the highest authori
ties both In this country and Europe hare
asserted that there is no cure for the so
called disease while others of equal repute
have contended that there is It is hard
to determine which of these Is right the
Charities Superintendent continues and
even allowing that those In the affirmative
can prove their case how far does the
treatment accorded the Inmates of the
asylums of hospitals go toward effecting
a cure The extent to which a cure can
be effected and the means of securing
such relief are yet to be determined and
until this Is done It scms that the estab
lishment of an Institution of the kind In
the Capital is premature
If Congress and the Commissioners de
sire to experiment In the treatment of
inebriety they can very properly do so
through tie lneertlon of a clause In the
bill for the establishment of a municipal
hospital which will assign one of the
wards in that Institution to such matters
and where all the experiments can be tar
ried on under the direction of the District
authorities The pirns and estimates of
this building are subject to the approval
of the Commissioners according to the
provisions of the bill now before Congress
and they can therefore Include such fpc
cial facilities for the treatment of Ine
briates as they deem wise and as may
be required by the conditions that prevail
in the District In conclusion Mr Lewis
states that the authority for the commit
ment of such patients as may be unwill
ing to become Inmates of this particular
ward of the municipal hospital can be
readily obtained from the proper authori
ties when It Is known that such a place
is In the process of construction
At present there Is no law or regulation
in this city regarding the Incarceration of
Intoxicated persons Some time ago there
was a police regulation which made help
lees Inebriety a misdemeanor punishable
by a fine of not more than 55 but the
ordinance was stricken from the books
and at present the police are not sup
posed to arrest those who may roam about
the streets In an Intoxicated condition The
District authorities have invested the
policemen with the power to take care of
intoxicated persons that are found on the
utreets and they are often taken to ibc
tatlonhouses and locked up over night
to prevent them doing barm to themselves
or other persons
ror somo time past the police officials
have been of the opinion that on Institu
tion of some kind should be established
In the city where such persons could be
detained or treated until tbey are cured
and it has been given a great deal of at
tention by tho present Superintendent of
Police Major Richard Sylvester His at
Untlon was first called to the matter by
the following recommendation of Sanitary
Officer Frank on the 1st or July IMS
There is a great and growing need for
the establishment of an asylum for In
ebriates More than the usual number of
persons suitable for admission to an asy
lum of this character has been called lo my
attention in the past year and I consider
a hospital tor the care of Inebriates quite
as necessary and humane as a hospital for
the Insane
Again tills year Mr Frank has spoken of
I the Inebriate asjlum I again urge the
Ctamlsnment ol a hospital tor Inebriates
He sas In his annual report It Is well
Imottn that the evil of Intemperance exists
In this commuuKy ana an lnsltutlon for
the detention of Inebriate1 Is greatly need
ed I believe lht If Corgress creates such
an institution It will have acccmplUhed a
work equal In all respects to the most hu
mane and beneflclent I am pure that such
an asjlu n or home would have a restrain
ing Influence
Thus Importuned by his subordinates
Major Sylvester made the following recom
mendation In bis report
This is an Institution which exists In
other progressive cities the sed of which
Is felt here Experience liar long since
prompted the recommendation for the es
tablishment of an Inebriate asylum in the
District Not a day passes but what ap
peals are made for tho care and treatment
cf subjects who cannot be properly cared
for at a hospital or Insane asjlum Some
of these are prepared lo meet the expense
of treatment ethers are not out under
any circumstances the burdens of many a
household would be lightened and many a
physical wreck prevented had we the
means at hand for radical care and treat
This recommendation Is ssld to be the
cause of the Introduction of the bill In the
Senate by Senator McMillan for the estab
lishment of such an Institution and It is
thought that the measure will be referred
to the Chief oj 1ollcc for report before the
Commissioners finally act upon it They
have not approved the report of Superin
tendent Lewis as yet but may do so next
week and It will be submitted to the Con
gressional committees when the bill is re
All Iniiiorfnnt Derision of the Su
preme Court of the IKMrlot
At a meeting of the Supreme Court of
the District jesterday In general term
the rule of practice In relation to bills of
exceptions was changed so as to require
that they must be eettled before the closo
of the term The term of court way be
prolonged by adjournment In order that a
bill of exceptions In any case may be pre
pared but the adjournment cannot be
longer than for thirty eight days ex
clusive of Sundays except In cases where
a trial is begun In one term and not con
cluded before the commencement of the
It Is also ordered that all motions for
new trials and in arrest of Judgment must
be submitted to the trial court within fif
teen days after the verdict Is rendered
The Fire Dr pnrtinent Commended
The Commissioners have received a let
ter signed by a number of the residents
In tho vicinity of Sixth and G Streets
northnest commending the Klre Depart
ment for their prompt action in extin
guishing a lire In that vicinity The sign
ers state that the response lo the alarm
was the quickest on record the firemen
having extinguished tho fire within five
and a half minutes after tbey were first
Curio nud Unliiue Hello
One of the largest collection of antiques
curios and unique relics will lie put tip at auction
in New lork city neil month The collection which
as gotten Kcillur by the late Mr 0 Wernicke
as appraised at over a quarter of a million
dollars and at firit Mr W O B Cliflord the
executor of the Wernicke estate thought that
the demands of lis creditors could be met by
disporing cf Its collection at private sale
The late Mr Wernickes cnthuiiaam upon the
subject of old silver led him to male Investments
hieh cannot be full reaiiud as rapidl as Mr
Clifford deeirm except at auction The iCier
group U one of If not the largest in the worlds
noted collections and at the lime of Mr Wern
Iciea death uta said by experts to contain more
unique Individual pieces than any other
Among these Is a drinkinfr set which formerly
belonged to Oliver Cromwell A fortnight ago
the heavy silrer tankard bclorgina to the set dls
appeared quite mystrrioualy It was discovred
with equal mystery and some talk of kleptorjnia
Icr a week prior to tin sale the collection will
be on exhibition at tha residence No 8 West
Thirty third Street w York city the exhibi
tion roimntnclng february 6 There are more than
4000 pieces in the collection and many of the
furniture and art tils cannot It duplicated It
The Mails Frequently Used to Ob
tain Large Sums of Money
An flinl of the PnRtofllce Uepnrl
liirnt Tell lleivr nllllllc People
Arc llohlieil The Jewelry TrleU
nntl the Crisp llollnr IIIII The
Deeeiitlonsi Irncllcel Ipon Women
There arc more fraud orders Issued In
the winter than during the summer
months said James N Tyncr Assistant
Attorney General of the rostofficc Depart
ment to a representative of The Times
The reason for this may be ascribed to
tho fact that people read more In cold
weather than at other seasons of the year
Most of the schemers whose business is
of a fraudulent character and leads to the
mlsuso of the malls for obtaining thtlr
nefarious ends arc well aware of this
fact and consequently Insert their adver
tisements more persistently In the winter
months especially so during the holiday
The country Is full of people who de
velop all sorts of schemes lo live on the
gullibility cf their feliow citliens There
is hardly a city that has not Its set of
promoters and schemers New York Chi
cago and Hoston predominating There
arc some whose methods of obtaining their
ends are subject to more severe censure
and punishment than those of others
Those who advertise and offer apparently
honest and legitimate work lo men and
women and afterward rob them of their
hard earned savings are the ones who de
serve the severest censure and punish
ment Lottery schemes counterfeiters
green goods men brokerage and similar
concerns where a person is apt to know
that he may bo dealing with swindlers
and Is liable to lose his money also come
in for their share of punishment although
net as strong as the other class of mall
frauds as In this case the patron walks
Into the trap with open eyes
There were thlrty slv fraud orders Is
sued during the last six months twenty
four of which were entered upon the rec
ords during the last three months Ameri
can lottery schemes are almost a thing of
tho past as far as the Postofflce Depart
ment Is concerned There are German and
Austrian and occasionally Canadian lot
tery concerns which at regular Intervals
pour In a heavy mall of prospectuses and
circulars It does not make any differ
ence whether these lotteries arc legitimate
or fraudulent the rostofficc Department
docs not transmit their malls
One of tho most common schemes of
this kind which has proved profitable In
many cases to Its promoters may be desig
nated tho jewelry fraud Advertise
ments are Inserted In papers remote from
the base of operations reading like this
Barrels of money are emptied every
week Into the pockets of those vho are
wide awake If you want a few barrels
of money dont hesitate to take up our
offer at once
The concern advises tho patron to send
1 for which they offer to remit a haraple
of their Jewelry which Is gotten up so
well that no one rxecpt an expert can tell
tho difference between it and the genuine
On receipt of the dollar the patron of the
scheme Is sent a new crisp J J bill on
which Is pinned a piece of cheap Jewelry
He Is led to believe that he wil obtain
1000 counterfeit SI bills for JiO It Is
alleged that when any person sends In
either J40 or 1J0 for the amount speci
fied the schemers send simply cheap
Another scheme Is begun by advertising
for writers to copy letters at home It was
discovered by the schemers tnat it raid
best to Insert their advertisements under
the heading Female help WAnted The
patron upon answering Is requested to
sent 12 rents for an outfit He receives
a piece of ordinary canton flannel de
scribed as a Jewel burnishing ciotn and
a circular describing the work which Is
to be done This consists of writing what
are krown as chain letters asking tho
addressee to remit 12 cents lo the concern
for one of their burnishing cloths The
pay of the victim Is computed on tho
number of cloths he or she sells whereas
tho advertisement implies that the pay
will be based upon the number of letters
A scheme which was operated quite ex
tensively was the circulation throughout
the country of a pamphlet in relation to
stock brokerage This pamphlet said that
large profits were being made for cus
tomers the lowest beinj It per cent
monthly percentage on investments The
scheme was to obtain a large amount of
remittances after which the operations of
the concern were to be suspended leaving
the funds In the bar of the officers who
would make away as best they could
An advertlsen cnt extolling the virtues
of a patent medicine attracted the atten
tion of the postal authorities and caused
the issuance of a fraud order After hav
ing built up a large business the pro
prietor turnel the business over to some
one else who received remittances but
never returned any goods for them
An advertisement purporting to employ
lady copyists at a weekly salary of SIC and
asking for 15 cents for a copy of the Mai
den Lady and full particulars caused the
Interference of the postal lnspetors To
those who sent the required 15 cents the
concern sent the Instructions to write to
their friends as follows
My Dear Tom Would yiu like to get
a diamond scarf pin free It so send tbls
letter ayl 50 cents to the Maiden Lady
Publishing Company Cahootsvllle for a
years subscription to that publication
They will send you full Instructions for
getting the diamond scarf pin
The plan of this concern Is to obtain 15
cents on the promise of wotk and 50 cents
on the promise of a diamond scarf pin both
of which promises were fraudulent and
Another scheme consisted of an offer to
make loans to persons on advantageous
terms requiring certain payments of money
to be made to the concern In advance of
the Issuing of such loans and after receipt
of such payments fraudulently refuting to
make the loans as agreed before receipt of
cuch remittance
This Is tbo scheme of an enterprising
Westerner He sends postal cards to per
sons who have relatives in the Philippines
saying that your son before embarking
for the seat of war had bis photograph
taken with the ship as background and au
thorized me to correspond with you and
offer ou his photograph which I will send
upon the receipt of 50 cents The
swindler received lots of monej but the
patrons were disappointed at the non-receipt
of the promised picture
Another concern mailed requests for
prices on certain goods to iron dealers
After tccclpt of the price he would order
the goods priced citing fictitious refer
ence The goods were sent the references
were co consplrators and the dealer re
mained without compensation for his goods
A so called firm li the Hast offered 500
llk remnants silk thread embroidery silk
needles and other uaterlnl for the sum of
25 cents As a special Inducement the con
cern olfeicd an elaborate reproduction of
the photograph of the buyer finished In
colors and handsomely framed In a heavy
gold frame Remittances poured In Noth
ing was returned When again requested
to fulfill their contract the concern re
quested an additional sum of 14 cents to
defray cost of contemplated shipment
which never materialized
Another scheme was begun by advertis
ing for ladles to do embroidery work at
home for good pay and honest treatment
The second step was to send out circulars
to those answering enclosing sample of
work to bo done To do this successfully
however n certain make of sewing ma
chine was necessary which could be se
cured by making a remittance of II The
third step was taken after tbc dollar had
been received The work to b done or
rather the order for the same was sent
It was a phslcnl Impossibility to do the
work within the time prescribed however
and the machine was withheld until paid
for by the earnlnjsof the victim
Some of the schemes are so bare and
open faced It Is a wondtr that apparently
Intelligent people will answer the adver
tisements and thus fall Into their traps
continued Mr Tyner After the medium of
circulating their fraudulent schemes Iswlth
hcld from them they Tcry often branch
out again In the same business under as
sumed names Dut as a rule the first
fraud order Intiraldatesi the schemer suf
ficiently to cause him to look for another
field of Income perhaps worse perhaps bet
ter than the one he was forced to re
A Itcpeirt on the MnnnKement of St
llllxnhrths Anjlnni
The new superintendent of the St Eliza
beths Asylum for the Insane Dr A II
Richardson has made a report which was
made public jcstcrelay of the operations of
the Institution under his direction since he
was placed In charge According to thiB re
port there are at present 2456 patients In
the hospital There were 18S full recoveries
of mental energy by persons confined In the
asylum during the past year and one pa
tient was released after 11 had been proved
to the satisfaction of the physicians In
charge that he was not Insane
The greatest number of patients came
from Virglna and the least from Utah the
latter being the only State from which only
one patient was taken Of foreign born
patients the majority arc Irish and closely
following In point of number are the Ger
mans Acute mania is the commonest form
of mental disease treated In the asjlum
but simple dementia is almost as prevalent
There are twenty four cases In the asylum
reported to beelue to the use of opium
The asylum according to the report Is
In great need of a storehouse nml refrig
erating plant for the preservation of the
food supplies of the hospital Moreover
the cottages In the grounds for the special
accommodation of patients arc In need of
appliances for proper heating and ventila
tion and for tbls the sum of J1S0O Is asked
The development of these cottages which
are known as detached buildings has
grown to proportions far beyond what was
originally Intended and at present there
arc In this group alone nearly 700 male pa
tients composed of members of the Na
tional Home for Disabled Volunteer Sol
diers soldiers and sailors from the regular
army and navy and civilians among the
latter being a large number of working
men who render excellent service upon the
form In the vineyard und garden In the
kitchen laundry and stable The food for
the patients In these detached buildings
Is brought from a kitchen In connection
with the main building of the hospital
through a tuanel TOO feet long which
causes the vessels holding It to become cold
and the food la often unpalatable when It
reaches Its destination
The president of the board of visitors
Dr ft Sunderland has earnestly requested
that the hospital begranted appropriations
sufficient to reraedjf Jhej snany defects ex
isting at present intlHedonduct of the In
stitution as well as for buying more land
and erecting buildlrigs which are vitally
necessary or accommodating the Increasing
number of patlentsi In Dr Sunderlands
view the present buildings and grounds
are wholly Inadequate for this purpose and
the existing state of affairs calls for Im
mediate remedy
A Wnr llepnrimrnt 4ntemrnt of
- a t
The War Depatlmentcavfc out for pub
lication jesterday the following summary
of Imports and exports of merchandise and
coin and tho tonnage of vessels entered
and cleared at the several ports In the
Island of Porto Itco during the month of
July 189 The tola value of merchan
dise Imported for the month was ISC 1203
classified as follows
Articles of food and animals to tho valuo
of J3010C3 or 46 per cent of the total lm--ports
Manufactured articles to the value of
33C15S or 20 per cent of the total Im
Articles of voluntary use luxuries etc
to the value of 63503 or 7 per cent of the
total Imports
Articles In crude condition or partial
ly manufactured to tho value of 48364
or 6 per cent of the total Imports
Miscellaneous articles to the value of
J2527I or 2 per cent of the total Imports
Of the total Imports above mentioned
Uic following were Imported free of duty
Manufactured articles to the value of
1 632
Articles of voluntary use luxuries etc
to the valuo of 821
Articles In a crude condition or partial
ly manufactured to the vluc of VA1
Miscellaneous articles to the value of 53-
275 Total free of duty 19521
Merchandise to the value of 17S3730 was
exported from the several ports In tho
Island during said mouth classified as fol
Products of agriculture to the value of
622019 or 79 per cent of the total pro
ducts of manufactures to the value of
144526 or 18 per cent of the total mis
cellaneous articles to the value of 21215
or 3 per cent of Ibe total and products
of mining to the value of 1970
There was Imported during the month
gold to the value of 3000 from the United
The tonnage of vessels entered and clear
ed at the several ports In the Island during
said month Is as follows
Vessels entered sailing 9481 net tons
vessels entered steam 81631 net tons
vessels cleared sailing 9096 net tons
vessels cleared steam S2C5 net tons
The Imnorts of merchandise by countries
during the month of July were as follows
Austria 208 Belgium 31 Denmark
4752 France 20866 Germany 84339
Italy 2714 Netherlands 43D2 Spain
227174 United Kingdom 144108 total
from Europe 468624 United States
2S7S58 and Canada 76l47
Thi exports were Austria none Bel
glum 2000 Denmark I 1033 Franco
111432 Germany 3347o Italy 36981
Netherlands none Spain 90804 United
Kingdom none total to Europe 295730
United Stales 321303 and Canada 57
Merchandise lo the value of 14 was
imported from the French West Indlos
There was exported during tho month
lo the French West Indies merchandise to
the value of 50 16 the British West In
dies 9440 to the Danish West Indies
5C6 making the lotel experts to the West
Indies 10C96
The Imports from Cnba amounted to 166
and tbc exports to Cuba -amounted to 99
The Imports from Venezuela South
America during said month amounted to
1316 exports to Venezuela South Ameri
ca amounted to 5074
There was no trade during the month
with any other South American countries
HIiIh for a Truck- lloune
The Commissioners jesterday succeeded
In their endeavors to secure bide for the
construction of tba new truck house In
Georgetown within the amount appropri
ated for the purpose Heretofore the
lowest bid received has been much higher
tbau the utnount appropriated by Congress
The bids received jestorday wero as fol
lows Cranford Paving Company for the
construction of a house with concrete
walls 15000 J M Dunn 15920 with
terra cotta furnishings 550 extra nml
John Hughes Jr of Baltimore S13599
with 375 extra for terra cotta furnishings
The bill appropriating the money for tho
truck house provided hat tho slto should
be purchased from the amount also This
has been done 3500 having been used
for tbc purpose
mrrjjtrmi 171179
The Gleaners Column
will be devoted to weekly
portrayal of Washingtons
merchants Times readers
will find It to their advan
tage to acquaint them
selves with the concerns In
the following column
At n Tteeent Sjoelnl Kveni
The Gleaner was a guest recently at an
afternon tea and while there happenei to
be near a gathering of society women en
gaged In gossip Finally they brought up
the subject of drcsssmaking All present
seemed to admire the gown of Mrs M
who spoke In high terms of Schwartz the
expert Ladles Tailor fonnerly of Balti
more who designed and made ber suit
The Gleaner determined to Interview Mr
Schwartz and found him located at 1120
Connecticut Avenue His force of em
ployes consist of tne most expert tailors
in the city and his collection of styles
for Tailor made lteccotIon Suits Jackets
etc will suit the most fastidious dresser
Being familiar with the average charge
for such high class workmanship I was
surprised when Mr Schwartz quoted a few
low prices for similar patterns He is now
making a specialty of Shirt Waists to
order and speaks of Its big success There
is no doubt that this tailors custom J s are
dally Increasing as he guarantees satis
faction to all
A Inlni Inveatnient
Andrew Carnegie the noted millionaire
steel magnate once said that If every
young man from the time he started out
to gain a livelihood would save 20 per cent
of his earnings and Invest the same legit
imately that there would be comparative
ly few poor men In the world To those
who care to avail themselves of the great
manufacturers advice The Gleaner would
suggest as a starter an Interview with
Mr Louis P Shoemaker at 920 F Street
where he Is prepared to show some oppor
tunities for Investment In real estate and
there can be no safer or more legitimate
Investment for anyones money which
will surprise the most pessimistic He has
property for salo at speculative pricca
consisting of large and small holdings
fronting Rock Creek Park and ou line of
Chevy Chase and Brlghtwood Avenue car
- -
lleiiv Alinut rt Srvrliic Mnclilnef
Anyono who Is In need of a sewing ma
should not fall to call at the store
of Mr Lewis Baaxt 927 F Street Mr Baar
handles a full line of machines Including
the White Singer New Home etc He
also has a rental and repair department
both being conducted Judiciously carefully
and by competent hands
1lennnnt nnil Iteneflclnl
To the uninitiated It Is almost useless to
try to describe the beauties of the Turkish
Bath and only a trial can thoroughly con
vince you that what Is claimed for It both
as a pleasure and a benefit Is absolutely
true In every respect-
A few evenings ago I was treated to an
enjoyable half hour chat with Dr John N
Bovce proprietor of the elegant bath at
No 1229 G Street after which the genial
doctor showed me through the different
apartments of the bath It Is certainly one
of the most modern In equipment and ele
gant In appointments that It has ever been
my lot to examine Every comfort and
convenience that can possibly be arranged
for the guests Is here provided and the
services rendered by the four expert mas
seurs In attendance Is par excellence
Five dollars Invested In a course of eight
baths at this establishment is worth ten
times tho amount spent in doctors bills
and medicine
WnahliiKleiiin Icntllnir Cafe
1 ltnrnn n ftf tta llC nllffllWr tit
llSIHUhluu nun -
up-to-date bostelrlcs can boast of one that
Is a credit both to tne city anu to us
I refer to the nochelie care at o 111
ti ii ciai Trtiui o Mr Ptnrpneei
Hough the denial proprietor has provided
every comfort ana luxury oDiaioauie iur
hl3 guests The llocnene is an innovauou
to Washington because of Its combined
privacy and up-to-date features In Its
specially furnished private dining parlors
ono u be Just as exclusive as In his c wn
home can order viands and drlnXs of the
swellcst description and rest assured that
the service Is complete The Rochelle Is
fast becoming the most popular cafe In the
AVhee t llur Iatlerns
One of the most popular establishments
in the city among the ladies who are out
looking for the modes and fancies of Dame
Fashion Is the store of Mr Lewis Daar
at No 327 F Street- For thirty five ears
Mr Baar has represented the Hutterick
Publishing Company In this District for
tho sale of their celebrated patterns and
publications among which The Delinea
tor Is the leader
A Homelike Hotel
Of course the most Important factor In
the make up of a persons living Is to se
lect a homelike place for an nbode This
Is not alnajs an easy matter In a city like
Washington but after a fair trial at the
lUsmere 1408 II Street northwest one
will soon become convinced of Its supe
ilorlty over an family hotel in the city
It is run strictly on the American plan
A- nnnnintment and convenience
uaa a - -
of 1 modern hotel Including electric ele
vator and private Dams anu iu iaci
every arrangement which Its genial land
ii ihiv make fnr the comfort and
entertainment of Its guests During this
week the seasons series 01 uaura
progressive euchre parties will be started
These entertainments always charming
end enjoyable lend a pleasing effect to
the decidedly homelike surroundings of
this hotel
A Chnt at Deinnvnn
ny the way when
atJPLjM jgjtf
a person Is looking
for anything no
matter what It is
of the utmost Im
portance that the
best be obtained
This applies partic
ularly to the pur
chase of whisky
which can bo adul
terated to such an
extent as to make
It positively a slow
poison and 1 men
ace to health Mr William J Donovan of
1528 Seventh Street northwest the well
known proprietor of the Baseball House
sells about as good n blend of genuine
whisky as can be bought anywhere Ills
famous Columbia Club whisky meets
all the demands of the connoisseur and
pleases the tastes of the best Judges of
whisky Some of Mr Donovans old base
ball patrons now- tcrvlng their country In
Manila have sent for mid received a
goodly supply of Columbia Club and
attribute their present good health to a
generous potation of this absolutely pure
and medicinally fine brand of whisky
Dont forget the address 1328 Seventh
Street northwest
An Expert Cutter A Iciiiiiliir lliiuae
T E Gilbert SIS F Street northwest
formerly Hcarn Gilbert has secured
the services of Mr E F Mttdil who Is
well known ar one of the most expert art
ists In his business Mr Mudd has a num
ber of friends who will renew their pat-mage
to tho cutter who always gave
tlicm creditably designed garments High
prices tiro not In vogue In this establish
ment of Mr Gilbert but really handsome
materials cut artistically tailored splen
didly trlmmetl correctly perfect In fit and
popularly priced This Is the place that
Tfi Cnrrpri Qnltilinn ni IftA Pi1i
IJjfiHTsr purest bqst bread that ever
5ltfS responses were received corr
T AVhir ITerron Cashier of the T
Co opened tiie mail in the ord
eorrect answers were found to i
MIrn Haiirht 11th and S sts nw Cuy C
Kiker 80t 21st it nvi Philip II Ward Jr
1111 2M st nw Xadle it Lake 11th and
S st nw Mary A Heidr CO K st ne
Harvey llJinlit lllh ind S st nw Itir
jorie Mertr 19 Quincy St ne R N Som
mer 657 K t ne J U llarber 919 E st
nw Marion T Anderson Cavlr Room City
Postofflce lloht MeKinney 1611 7th st nw
Wallace l fondon ISIS Clh st nvr Wal
ter Ilalght 11th and S t nw Iddie
Thomas 213i E st nw Charlie Clougb
1030 oth it nw Mllo Barnett 10th and
Jfa air Charlie flslte MO E t nw
Mrs S K Morse 21V4 B st nw Frank
E Alteraus 1110 1 it nvr Clara O Smith
117 Stli st ne Willie Reldy COO K it ne
Joe Lake lllh and S st nvr L S Frey
S010 1 t nw A Itowiee 1032 D r ne
filen C Doriy lot I D it ne Clia A
fJordon Ml New Jersey ave se Everett
Green 13 Otli st nw John S fireen 323
13th it Austin W Hammond 1JC5 Em
eron it ne Ilerlha Maude 5th and P sts
nw Edmund flecker Jr Wl 1 vt nwj
Annie 1 t Robinson Hrishtwood D C
Majme E Ilajre 5th and I sts nw James
R Darr S07 O t nw T II Fitman 132
Q St nw J II Vundt S31 K t nw
Tboinas lllandy lt0 Ii ave W T Shane
321 X J ave se C E Uernhard 1102
Park t nw Joe liaisht 11th and 3 sts
nw Eddie Stmms 040 O st ne John
Oreer 1 102 Iark t nw E Big as W2
O st nw W P Zantsinirer Room 215 P
0 lpt Mn W Wialier 20 I st nw
Josephine Eeltein 613 II St nw Mrs
William G52 fclli st ne Ilu lirwl Garrison
GOO K t ne Heie Testeler 325 E st ne
Mr Reidy WO E t ne Ada Garrison 652
Better than Medicine
will be a Trip
via the Magnificent
Sunset Limited
A Shoe Shoreline
The window display of B A Waggaman
Cos J330 shoe at 1311 caught the eye
of the Gleaner as he strolled leisurely
along F Street After making himself
known to Mr Waggaman a short chat
about the merits of the shoe was enjoyed
Mr Waggaman demonstrated the many
meritorious qualities of the shoe and
showed about twenty five styles that
would touch the pocketbeok of any man
The extreme swells In all leathers as well
as shapes that looked the very height of
ease The Waggaman shoe Is undoubtedly
a big bit judging from the number of
customers that purchased In the short time
I remained 350 for all shoes Is the key
to Its success
IJrlnLs nnil n Hecllnlnjr Chmlr CliHrs
eil to the County
READING Pa Jan 27 The county
commissioners are holding up the bill of
the Hotel Fenu for the board of the twelve
Jurymen in the murder trial of Solomon
Qulnter last month They claim that It Is
excessive as It amounts to 12230 for the
four and three quarters days board of the
Of this amount 1133 is for board for four
teen men twelve Jurors and two tipstaves
at J2 a day J7123 for the use of two par
lors at 11 a day and J2S0 Is for the use
of a reclining chair for one of the Jury
men who waB ill The balance of the bill
Is 31 for drinks from the bar 11 for ci
gars JSno for eatables from the cafe and
75 cents for decks of playing cards with
-which the Jurors whlled away the time
w hllo deliberating over the life or death
of a man
An Attorne Minim rrril
Frank A Harrington a local attorney
was yesterday disbarred from practicing
before the Department of the Interior It
was cnarged that Harrington had allowed
others to use his name in the prosecution
of pension claims for uhlch he drew the
Why did
the Judge
of the
Mothers Bread
The- poptilaritr of
rtircd if you can
judge by the wond
rous success of our T
puzzle offer It tlcv
onstrated c 1e t
that the peo 1
interest hi d
Cth lueVer 213 O rt nw
Rich til E Capitol St P F
OCoi D st nw Elisabeth Smith
1208 1 nw W If Saunders Aiueentia
I C J E Sanger Anacostia D C Mabel
Benson Anacostia D C b E- Edward
Anaewna D C W W Combs Anacostia
D C Kettle A Whitmer Takoma D G
Mrs Lucas 1514 34lh St nw Mrs L V
Stewart 1508 KI it nvr Mis Chart ft
Harmon 1CCC Valley at Leonard Griebel
11 Condrlt road John May 1317 33d t nw
II P jjlas rarkin Takoma Park Vfd
Irene Mattinzlr 1GC4 Valley st nvr Susie
Holme 613 II st nw F A Eckstein
If S Senate P O W H Douglas 709 h
St se Mrs 11 C Wallacb 539 0th st sr
Moses Howard 1111 nth it nw Mrs E L
Vewell 1531 6th it nw It R Simm 920
M St nw James F ltartey 829 t it se
Mrs T Phillips 1705 13th st nw Edwin
II Frailer 609 6th st nw JH E R
William 117 T St nw J E WjnVoop
C31 T St nw C W Jackson 1913 Oth rt
nw C W Fernner 733 3d it nw James
Denty 09 6th st nw T Doran MeCarly
731 3d st nw Frits Heider 1231 M St
ne Bessie It Mess 73 V t nw Taiker
Jf Wier 73S 3d st nvr Susie W David
son 1531 6th St nw Charlie G Price 632
E st sw Ida Cheeldine 421 Oth st sw
Edwin L Tewell Oth and M sts nw A
J Sanford 1119 44 st sv V F Stewart
011 X st nw Worth L Harper 619 O st
sw Marshall Cheseldine Claim Dept
Southern R R Mrs J Harmon 163 Valley
St Mr Henderson 3339 T st nw Miss
A Dulin 1002 25th St nw Butler II Wy
man S12 M st nw Samnel Lee 723 4i
tt sw
Deliveries of prizes vill be made by Monday evening
Corbys flodern Bakery
Makers of
Mothers Bread
2335 Brightwood Ave Phone 1440
The Journey from New Orleans over this Route Is the moit Pleasurable Evrerience that caa
he crowded into an equal space of time Scenic Magnificence Train legance epicurean Cuisine
in short the lumptuotuness of livlce has never bees 10 well illustrated as fpen that Finest
Thing on Wheels
Special Through Trains consisting of Sleeping and Dining Cars will leave Sew York every
Saturday and Tuesday connecting directly with the Sunstt Limited at New Orleans
For full iufo miticn free Illustrated Pamohlets Map and Time Tables also lowest rate
sleeping car tickets and harjaje checked apply to Southern Facile Co 311 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington P C
gcod dressers are looking for where stylish
clothes are made reasonably
31nnnfnctarers Meet nntl Dlscais ther
Scarcity of Wood Pulp
CIIICACO Jan 27 A serious famine
threatens the paper industry of the United
states various causes nave conspiretz to
lessen the product of the mills while tho
I demand for print paper and the other or-
dinary grades Is unprecedented
These conditions have led to a secret
meeting of the leading paper manufactu
rers of the United States at the Great
Northern Hotel to consider what would ba
done to avert the famine threatened by
the shortage In wood pulp Nearly all
of the leading paper manufacturers of the
country were present and the principal
topic of Interest was a new fibre for the
manufacture of paper to take the plac
of the wood fibre now In almost univer
sal use What the new fibre Is the paper
manufacturers would not say
Not for twenty years has such a seri
ous condition confronted the manufactu
rers of naper and there Is great danger
that we may be forced to close our mills
lor lack or material sam a v jcnaei
fer of the Hartford City Paper Company
who presided over the meeting The
principal cause of this condition Is that
wood pulp from which the lower grades
of paper are manufactured Is so hard to
get that there Is a constant scramble fot
material Recent enquiry of the pulp
mills at Sault Ste Marie the largest pulp
mills In the world develops the fact that
there Is not a pound for sale there and
other mills are as hard pressed We have
not come together to form any combina
tion or to raise prices The demand nat
urally governs prices The sole object Is
to avert a famine If possible for a famlno
would hurt the producer as much as tho
nttt w have been a3ked to Inspect
a new fibre to take the place of wood I
i cannot say now v hat the fibre Is but If It
proves to be wbat 113 oiscovcrera ciuiua
for It we will no longer be dependent up
on wood pulp and paper will be greatly
The most important eraalities of a pure arid
wholesome beer should pces are age purity
and ilrenartb uy anaijsii meac
can be found in Maerzen Senate and Laser beer
Phoe 631 Arlington Dotlting Co for a css
I of lleurkhs
Order Mollnetis a stimulant during the famous trial cow occupying the at
tention of the world Because of his long confinement he needed It
How many of Washingtons officeholders clerks and professional men
and hundreds of those who necessarily lead a confined sedentary life need
a stimulant Keep in your office or at home a bottle of
Pure Celtic Club Whisky
vhlch Invigorates and strengthens the system and makes lifo worth living
Try this prime whisky which I sell at one dollar for full quart
William Cannon 12251227 seventh snw

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