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Puliticil Activity Preceding the
or Parliament
Tlir lllnliitrrln Ornnh Midtleiils
tene Tlirlr Clnmnr for Certain
Cnhlnct IlriiilH AYiilrttliiK CIcnv nirr
In tin- Ilbrrnl lnrlM Until
Lord HitlMry unit Mr Morlcj
LONDON Jan 27 London Is waking up
politically st the end of this week In vieu
ot the reassembly of Parliament next Tues
day but so lone as the war latB no poli
tics but war politics will be taken seriously
Now that the real working politic ins arc
coming again to clo e quarters the bjs
terla has almost disappeared frcm tbe
English press The ministerial organs
which a week ago were hcwllng In urn for
the heads of Mr Hal four and Lord Lans
downe and fir tbe call of Lord Roebery
to office as a Conservative Minhter hue
grown strangely dumb So long in fact as
the government show that the have really
roused themselves to bring the war to tbe
speediest possible conclusion they will
carry Parliament and tbe country with
the British flag files over Pretoria thev
are expected In man well informed quar
ters to call on a general election promising
a reorganized and reformed arm and trust
ing for t uccess to the ieadcrlcss and in
coherent state of the Liberal part
The reality of the line of cleavage In the
Liberal party Is made more clear than
ever this week by the speeches of Lord
Itoscbcry and Mr Morley Clean up your
own mess and proceed scientifically as a
German would to make your fighting ma
chine equal to the work of the empire
and I will do nothing to embarrass jou
while jou arc doing It That Is in ef
fect Lord Hoscberys attitude toward the
government Mr Morleys attitude is
rather Clear out the sooner the better
yinlerlnl for ilic t lrlnllnK Orlli r
Work on the new Government Trintlne
Ofllce is to be pushed as rapidly as possi
ble The big concrete foundations have
been completed and Lieutenant Sewcll of
the Corps of Engineers of the Army has
advertised for 1400000 bricks C300 tons
of steel Ttork 170 tons of cast Iron bses
and 400000 squaro feet of fireproof floor
material There will be 10000000 bricks
JO the bulldlnj
Col A C XI Tennlngton of the Second
United States Artillery Is at tbe Ebbltt
fiom Havana He reports that all Is quiet
In the Cuban metropolis and that the resi
dents are happy and contented He Is here
attending to some matters In connection
with the War Department and will remain
about a week
1 II Holmes of I sporte Texas Is at
the Normandlc for a few weeks Mr
Holmes Is one of tbe foremost business
men of that town and U here forwarding
its Interests
I am trlng to get the Government to
Improve the harbor of San Jacinto said
he last night There Is an opportunity to
make this one of tbe finest ports on the
Gulf as tbe natural conditions are mag
nificent We want the harbor deepened
and with a channel we can
a commodate all the vessels which may
p t In The town Is very prosperous and
is in the ccntro of one of the tlnest fruit
belts In the Huntry The farmers raise
earl strawberries and vegetables all
through the winter and tbe town is grow
ing rapidly Postmaster Wilson of Ilrook
lyn N Y Is one of the men who are deep
ly Interested in the welfare of the place
and we think wc can get a great hatbor
VT n Corwine of Nw York U at the
Arlington Mr Corwine Is representing
the Merchants Association of tbat cilj
and is here in the interest of a new post
them and when the war is done with md j oClce for MannaUatl The necd of FUch a
building close to the Grand Central Depot
is being explained and the House Com
mittees on Public Buildings and Grounds
and lostofflces and Iostroads have been
invited to New York to examine Into the
necessities of a new postofflce The mem
bers of both committees will be tbe guests
of the commercial organizations of New
C E Scbonberg of New York is at the
Itfggs Mr Scbonberg Is a member of a
leading fireworks firm and Is here seeing
some of his old friends He will remain
several das
Dr BunJI Mano professor of engineer
ing of the Imix rlal University of Tokyo
and give place to men not drunken with I janan and one of the most distinguished
imperialism wno win give us uacR in
South Africa the peace which should never
have been broken
Mr Morles Mrenirth
It will probably be found when Parlia
ment meets that Mr Morley will marshal
at most thirty supporters and perhaps
fifty Irishmen in the House of Commons
who will go the utmost lengths to defeat
the ministry The rest of the Liberal
part will follow Lord Roseberys tactics
and as the great mass of the ministerial
ists will support the government they
seem safe enough in tbe saddle
This Rosebery and antl Rosebery or
rather imperialist and anti Imperialist line
of cleavage In the Liberal ranks shows It
pelf in many painful ways Tor instance
Lord Ilosebcry Is being practically drlvsn
out of his long held presidency ot the
Eighty Club one of the fighting organiza
tions of Liberalism and on the motion
of Sir William Harcourts son Mr
Is to lake his place The
latter has hitherto tried to sit on the fence
between the two factions ana some bow
scientists In the empire Is at tbe Raleigh
for a brief stay He is en route to New
York and will leave that port for Paris
where he will represent his government
at the exposition
Col David Littler of Springfield 111 Is
at Chambcrllns Colonel Littler is a can
didate for the United State Senate and his
friends claim that he will be elected to suc
ceed Senator Cullom
R R Coddlngtou of Niagara Kalis N
T is at the Regent for a few days Mr
Coddlugton is connected with the Niagara
Tails Hdraulic Power Company the rival
to the new organization which has com
pleted tbe now famed tunnel He claims
that there is more power needed than lota
companies can supply and the big alumi
num and other mills are rannlng all the
The Pacific Coast is developing rapld
I said D L Phelps of Seattle Wash
-- the Metropolitan Everywhere --
suggest that by accepting the Eighty Cub i tT and prosperir and there s
presidency be merely tries in his canny i ro
Scotch way to keep Sir William Harcourt I TJVT I Tonand0
and will make
but completed a
forming a party of his own
to our coast defence Big 10
Then in Scotland Lord Robberys own
land grave differences have arisen between 1 lnch suns have been mounted at Fort Ca
Lord Iloseberj and the official Liberal ni1 rrt 1RIcr an5 Fort lllson
leaders altogether the Liberal machine I m te one ot thc mot formidable dc
fences in the country when completed
aeems in a bad way Never had bane
progressive Liberalism a finer chance than Vancouver is to have two miles of thc finest
in England todav hut the heart has been docks ever built The Vanderbllts have
eaten out of It by tbe personal jealousies
and bickerings growing more intense each
year tlnce Mr Gladstone left
The I en ramm Cnnnl
Thc attempt of one or two New York
correspondents to arouse English feeling
over the supposed Intention of the Senate
to pass tbe Nicaragua Canal bill without
reference to Englands susceptibilities has
fallen flat Today the Spectator repeats
its plea of eighteen months ago for Eng
lands voluntary- withdrawal from tbe
tieaty provided that the canal
be oln on equal terms to all nations at
peace with the United States and urges
that British trade would greatly benefit by
the canal especially it held by a friendly
neutral power Moreover Canada will net
desire to block tbe wav of the canal which
is In the Interests of the whole empire
A Dark Ittrrnrj AVrrk
In literary circles this has been the
blackest week In the memcry of middle
aged men Mr Ruskln of course passed
years ago from public gaze but he re
mained with Meredith and Swinburne as
living links with all that was great in the
Victorian era Keen regret is expres ed
that his dying wishes should preclude his
burial in Westminster Abbey which was
generally desired Mr Blackmore unlike
Mr Ruskln lived for English people almost
entirely through his writings in fact
through one Devonshire novel Lorna
Doone which has gene through forty edi
tions George Steevens on tbe oher band
has died almost on the threshold of fame
attained In a way only possible under the
changes which tbe past decade has made
In English journalism He succeeded In
t roving literature not necessarily divorced
from Journalism
IVer In the Army
Tho ravages of enteric fever among the
besieged garrison In Ladysmtth are at-
tratlng much attention here to the reports
of Prof Wright and other eminent
medical surgeons upon typhoid Inocula
tions in India Last year 11000 cases
vere under observation 2SJ3 of which
liad been inoculated Of the non-Inoculated
26 per cent have since contracted
typhoid of the Inoculated the percentage
was 0S3 per cent Thc death rate from
typhoid in the two classes has been 021
per cent and 02 per cent respectively not
very striking differences at first sight yet
tantamount If these relations are pre
served to the saving in the BrltUh army
in India alone of 260 lives and 1000 cases
of typhoid per annum It must be remem
bered that Inoculations mostly are per
formed upon young and unseasoned re
cruits Inoculations upon a large scale
are being carried out among tbe British
troops for South Africa We ought toon
to have data for final judgment How vital
Is the matter to England is seen from the
fact tbat 37 per cent of all tbe deaths in
the army in India are due to typhoid
which under Uie name of camp fever usu
ally accounts for as many casualties as
the bullet or the baonet during actual
ilnKC CoiumlKtioiirrx mnril
The following named gentlemen have
been designated by tbe President as com
missioners to test and examine the weight
and fine Less of the coin reserve at the sev
eral mints during the calendar year 1893
pursuant to tbe provisions of section 347
of the Revised Statues John P Jones
United States Senate E J mil House of
Representatives Dr H S Prltchett Su
perintendent Coast and Geodetic Survey
Prof S A Tultlman University of Roches
fer Pror IL II Kichelson University of
Nebraska Irof John A Mathews Colum
bia University Dr Cabell Whitehead Bu
reau of tbe Mint Marcus Benjamin
Smithsonian Institution Calvin CobbRoIso
Idaho Thomas B Miller Helena Mon
Edward Hardin New York E II Rich
Fort Dodge Iowa lrancis Bridler Chi
cago III and John II Perry of Connecti
purchased all of the deep water front close
to the city and will spend 20n0000 In
erecting wharves and warehouses The
Cape Nome trade will bring a terrific rush
In the spring and all who desire employ
ment can get it out our way
Lots of people In the South are still
firm believers In the old fallacy that a man
cannot shoot through a silk handkerchief
said Carver A Donnelly of St Louis at
the National It used to be a firm
Delict that a bullet from a revolver would
cither glance off or drop dead when it
came into contact with a pure silk hand
kerchief Only last week 1 saw two well
known railroad men In St Iouls make a
bet on this proposition They vent Into a
garden at tbe rear ot a house and titer
hanging up the handkerchief so tbat It
could flap In the breeze the Iconoclast took
a 26 callbre revolver and emptied the bar
rel at the piece of silk When thc other
man took tbe handkerchief down be found
five holes in it and paid the bet But he
told me afterward that he was not so sura
about the handkerchief being pure silk
The Quay clan is gathering in force from
Pcnnslvanta and several conferences wC
be held this week I W Durham Insur
ance Commissioner of thc Keystone State
Clarence Kuglcr a noted worker for tbe
former Republican boss John M Mack
and James P McNichoi Councilman from
the Tenth ward In Philadelphia are at the
Capital from the Quskcr City and are quar
tered at the Normandle W II Andrews
former State Senator from Allegheny
county and tbe prospective Republican
leader is also at the Normandle from
Pittsburg The five held a conference lth
Senator Penrose last night and later re
ported to Mr Quay The Peunsylvanlans
claim to be sanguine of victory for tuclr
man and will remain in tbe city for several
Major George II Hopkins and Col Prank
Hecker of Detroit Mich are at Cham
berlins Major Hopkins was Secretary
Algers right hand man during thc late
war Colonel Hecker was at tbe head ot
tbe Commlacary Department during that
period They will remain here only a few
George II Daniels general passenger
asent of thc New Yorl Central Railroad Is
at tbe Arlington He is here on a pleasure
trip and will remain only a few days
Mrs T H Stanton wife of Pic late Gen
eral Stanton who was burled ye3terday at
Arlington is at the Normandle from Oma
ha She is accompanied by her three
daughters and will reside In this city for
several months
Mr and Mrs Potter Palmer are at tbe
Arlington from Chicago The aie hero on
a pleasure trip and will remain several
n ecks
The Commit Ire of Arrnncrmi ntn to
Meet In Tliin City Jn
The meeting of tho Washington Centen
nial Committee which was to have taken
place on thc 21st of December will occur
February 1 Invitations have been Issued
by the State Department to the various
out-of-town members of the committee
and it is expected that all will attend The
committee will consist ot the members of
tho committees from thc District the
House and Senate and tbe
appointed by the Iresldent Thc
latter body is composed of thc governors
of thc various States and this Is thc sec
ond time they havo been notified to at
tend the meeting of the committee
At this meeting It is expected that tbe
plan for the proiwsed celebration of the
centennial will be discussed and Eomo con
clusion arrived at so that the work of
preparing for tbe celebration can be com
menced It Is expected that most of the
work will be performed by thc committee
of cltlrcns of the District and they have
already prepared a plan which they will
submit to the full committee when It
Oa tie evening of tho 21st the members
cf nil the committees will lie the guests
of the Washington Hoard of Trade at a
reception nnd banquet al tho Arlington
Hotel Invitations for this affair will bo
soil cut in a fctv days
Delinquency of the District Set
Forth by Major Sylvester
Wn IiliiKlon Inr Ilrliliiil Otlii r Ini
KroNNlte Communities In tin- Mni
t f Iriis hllnir Comfort ntnl Ail
sriiincrr for the MKhtlis An
Open Letter Prrslilrnt llrnckef
In reply to a letter from Mrs A P
Erackctt President of thc Aid Association
for the Blind of the District Major Syl
vester Chief of Police stated that tbo
District is behind othei communities In
Its provision for the care of the sightless
Thc object of the association ot which
Mrs Brackett is president Is to provide
Indoor employment for the blind of Wash
ington Major Sylvester heartily - com
mends the suggestion and states his will
ingness to co operate with the organiza
tion in accomplishing this end
In his reply to Mrs Brackett he says
The law requires that thc police shall
remove from the streets certain classes of
dependents and prevent the occupancy ot
public space for private purposes and In
Its enforcement those classes which are
subject la action should be dealt with In a
manner as public Interests require and at
the same time as humanely as possible
Provision has been made for tbe sick
for thc deaf and dumb for homeless chil
dren for the aged and decrepit for those
who may be mentally disordered for those
about to become charges on the District
who may have friends or relatives else
where In fact every class excepting the
The District of Columbia Is behind oth
er communities with respect to the sight
less who as a class aro far more capable
of helping themselves with proper encour
agement than any of the others I have
Appreciating their general honestv abil
ity and intelligence I have been slow In
rcraovlngthem from mibllc nlaces
Ing that some kind of shelter and employ
ment would sooner or later be established
which would save them from the humili
ation which would follow- strict and Im
partial action If driven from the streets
and corners where they sell pencils nnd
novelties they would have to Vake their
departure to other cities api ear In the
police court or suffer for the necessaries
of life
Your association of benevolent men and
women is an effort for their care pro
tection and indoor employment and I am
In thorough sympathy with the movement
and will be pleased to act as yovr treasu
rer until your Institution which Is to In
clude home and workshops is inaugurated
You have had given you through the
generosity of Stllson Hutchlns esq a
magnificent building for the purposes I
have named on which I am Informed you
must defray a mortgage in reasonable
time You have thoroughly repaired and
partly furnished It at your own expense
leasing an unfurnished floor to Mr Clcave
land to employ your capable subjects at
broom and mattress making Those who
are too aged or Infirm to work you pro
pos to care for and entertain
In order to provide for those who must
leave the streets it is first necessary that
your home should be put under way and
sustained It should be your first aim to
secure support for your building and
home for without it there would be no
quarters for the proposed work In Instruc
tion The employment of the blind is con
tingent on the success you have in main
taining the building The profits from the
workshop as I understand it accrue not
to you but to the person who conducts it
You require funds for matron fuel and
supplier and furniture and I have no
doubt our always liberally disposed citi
zens will gladly come to yur rescue with
donations of all kinds
I wish you success with your rrojeet
and trust that money and donations for
your home will be given liberally and
promptly so that you may first protect
those deserving and then advance to their
pioper training that they may become
self supporting in a measure at least
I will give you a substantial contribu
tion toward the debt on your building hope
that others will do likewise and that tbe
time Is not far distant when Congress vill
assist in the worthy cause
llrlmthic tlir tiifllllrutliiii of Hie
Hum rinslil J 1IIII
Tlie Hon David J Hill thc First Assis
tant Secretary of State has been suggested
as tbe probable successor of Dr D I
Whitman as Iresldent of the Columbian
University Dr Hill had a high reputa
tion at an educator before his entrance
Into official life at the State Department
and since his residence here has been pro
fessor of International law at the Colum
bian Law School
A number of others have been sitgRested
for the same place but no choice will be
made until thc meeting of tbe board of
trustees of the university at which the
question of a successor to the present in
cumbent of tbe presidency will be con
The Vnlur uf It rnfnrrrd Hull
tlrult Dcniunntrntrri
Chief Carpenter P T Mager who has
been on duty at Hongkong with Naval
Constructor Hobson has forwarded to the
Navy Department a report referring to
tne use or sneatblng on battleships
Tbe report says that tho writer exam
ined H II S Donaventure which ran in
between two pinnacle rocks In the Yellow
Sea while going fourteen knots an hour
and had to be pulled off by other shlpn
Tho Bonaventure was sheathed with four
Inches of teak and copper and despite the
force with which slio struck the damage
was so small that slm got to Nagasaki
Japan 1000 miles away where slight re
pairs were made nnd she then proceeded
1C0O miles to Hongkong where kbo was
fully repaired within six weeks
The Naval Board of Construction has re
ported adversely on the sheathing of bat
tleships and under the circumstances
Secretary Longs action on the report will
be watched with Interest
Iliitrrtnliied Willi a Lec
ture on Hie ClirlNliunn IVm
The Biological Society of this city held
its 317th regular meeting last night in Ihi
assembly hall of thc Cosmos Club 1320 H
Street northwest Mr I A Covlllc pre
sided and T W Stanton acted as secretary
After the transaction of routine business
William Ialmcr of tho National Museum
exhibited and spoke on specimens of tbo
Christmas fern or Iolvstlcbum acrosti
Thomas A Williams presented notes and
Illustrations on a new lecldea from Mexico
Barton W Evcrmann spoke on observations
concerning epcclcs and subspecies In the
Lake regions
About thirty members were present who
took a lively Interest In the different sub
jects presented
Viirnnrlm in tlir MkmiiI Cri
The question regarding thc filling of va
cancies In the grade of first lieutenant In
the Signal Corps has been settled by an
order Issued by tho War Department
which states that the vacancies can be
filled by transfer from tho line of officers
who have Bervcd nt least two years In
the line and who aro not over forty jcara
of age
The more people know about a pure beer thc
mote the people will ak for lieuricirs vtaencn
fierstr ard Ijcr
v in caw
Tlion at rllrjton Botltinj
Hairdressing Parlor
t -Miss
Adie Cranfonl in charge of this
parlor has every facility for tin- comfort of
hor patrons Artistic bairdrcssinp nnd scien
tific sbampobing are her specialties The elite
of society among her clientele Spec- r -
iallr low fee 5JC
QQ tor nraal 1 to 1M Fins Silk and
O 7 1 gauze plain painted and tpargled
While black and colors
50 Zto S 83 rrI Sacklieej 3
ViOUu 12 rtrands with four diamond
clap Cret S3 to JIB at the iewelry estab
Dress Goods Department
Second Floor
9 0 C or Mo iviality Jfousseline de
A 7 boie TLoee with attractive figure on
Hlit srounJi arc Ulna selected for eTenlrir
drecs All areadjpted for summer wear
and very many ire wfy buylna now with
future wxar In Tiew Its an lnreitrnenl that
arc lirarly JO per cent
61 OC ynl the present wholesale price
J1 J price ef Uie famoua Xo loos
broadcloths Houijlil before the rie in price
we ire now rfvlns our patrons the liectfit
Maine t retail the wholeule price ol today
To chotwe from are three shades of old rose
two rreeu Lrovms and rcd nre greys
violeU and heliotropes three tana and modes
and black
CI Cfl yard eenres newlT Iieauttul ef
fecU In 19 tnch black rrepona that
cannot be re onWed to retail at lew than fl
a yard And note the preant supply will not
last lone
7 Cr yard for the IS Inch Keitlirii Check
I JV iuItlnE alreaijy settled upon in the
correct material for traveling dremen These
lave risen 25 per cent will be 1 a yard
Wedding Bells Still Ringing
Islnnil of Guam
in the
1 In T liliolil on the VVniir
llif Inliorrrn HiiKnitril lit Con
ntrnctliiiT hewer Illuhc IrnRreii
of till- IrTort n SiinprenB lnlys
iim V Library Ilnrtlj Vredctl
Capt R I Leary of the navy Governor
of tho Island of Guam has sent to Secre
tary Long a report of recent events In thc
island over which be presides Captain In
gate referred to as undergoing an opera
tion has since died nnd hU body has been
shipped to this country on the hospital ship
Solace General order No C mentioned
In the report was an order In which Cap
tain Lear commanded the natives to give
up polygamy and common law marriages
and to be married according to civil or
Ice machine will be a severe blow as the
temperature ot thc Island ranges In tbe
neighborhood of 100 degrees all tbe time
The report Is dated December 7 and is as
During the past week the epidemic of
typhoid fever ashore seems to bo waning
and I am pleased to report that nearly all
of our men now iu the hospital are doing
well and that there have been no deaths
in the command since the three already
reported but unfortunately at this Impor
tant period thc Voaemltea Ice machine is
again out of commission and the sick are
colng for Ice
We have been able to secure an addi
tional force of native laborers to work on
the sewer dllchea and the work la pro
gressing so favorably us is that ot tho
evaporating plant that I have directed
Lleutenrnt Leopold to be ready to proceed
to Manila In the first vessel that touches
at this port as his work Is now sufficiently
projected for our own force to continue It
rapidly and efficiently
I will take this opportunity to commend
Lleutonant Leopold for the excellent serv
ices that he has performed at this station
for his zeal ability and energy and es
pecially for his courageous determination
to overcome obstacles and utlllzo alt pos
sible resources available or procurable for
a successful termination ot tbe difficult
task assigned to him
I regret that Lieutenant Leopold was
not ordered to duty at this station or as
chief engineer of the Yosmlto which ves
sel Is without a sfnglo competent engineer
officer since by tho departments order
Lieutenant Nulton tbo only engineer of
ficer attached to the ship was relieved
from duty In that department and ordered
to duty as a line officer and although
Lieutenant Nultons presence as an ex
pert advisor may be very gratifying it
docs not relieve the Inexperienced officer
of any rcsiionslblllty for thc caro and pres
ervation of tbo englno and Its appurte
nances nur of blame for possible accident
or Injury resulting from the latter officers
Tne guard of the Yosemlte Is In charge of
a sergeant as Lieutenant Andresens Serv
ices were needed on shore and Lieutenant
Wocg U S M C who appears to be only
n tcniiorary officer nt this station has
joined the battalion making only three duty
officers ashore viz Lieutenants Carpenter
Androgen and Woo as Captain Ingato
has Just been under the surgeons knife
and will be on the sick list for a while
and riptaln Russell ha been survejed
nnd Is to be sent to the hospital at Yoho
Tho Brutus has 1 COO Ions ot coal In
cargo and the Yosemlte will soon require I
Lace Department
First Floor
Cp yard for Torchon Lace9 worth up to
J 12c They are the Iniportrs broken
t near WO i ece in all Edges aul Inset
inin up to 4 Inches vnde
yard for S to Kirch Silk Applique
Lace In uMt Am Iiolt lui pa
ly worth 50c to 75c a yard
lO yard for 4 to 9 inch Mack Silk Venice
fv rjees Ilrolen lots but 11 to 2 a
yaid rallies
7 Cf J1nI ot M sdllc To Ket 1 Inehei
- wide The new square mcdi in black
and cream Hall price orth 1M a yard
Embroidery Department
1A yard for choice of 30O different styles
ll Swiw and Cambric Embroideries from
dainty baby rdim to 6 inch flouncing Some
worth lc a rrd today
Q Cr fard for 8 to 10 inch Cambric Skirt
X J V Flountlnijj in new open patterns
Cannot be duplicated to retail at lew than
55c to 45c a vard
800 tons which will nearly exhaust the
cargo of the Brutus
The Thanksgiving Day service on shore
at the Roman Catholic Church was a great
success and wae attended by a larger
congregation thvii has ever before been
witnessed in this island the Interior of
the church being packed In every a llable
place whllo outside the people wbo could
not get In the doors were fifteen rows
deep and the entire assemblage seemed
to evince a sincere ernest and devout
Interest In their first American Thanks
giving Day service and reports from other
villages assure me that the day was prop
erly respected throughout tbe Island all
of which Is most gratifying to us as be
ing representative of their cordial and
faithful acceptance of the radical change
of government
It Ii a pleasure to report In response
to my general order No 5 more than 200
people have already enlisted In the ranks
of domestic and civil reformation a small
army of children arc jubilant and the
wedding bells are yet a ringlng
The Solace has arrived from Honolulu
bringing four junior officers for the Guam
Battalion which will be a very acceptable
addition to our present busy force a3
Lieutenant Woog must return to Manila
per Solace
livery other naval station has a suit
able library while this station has none
religious laws The breaking down of the not even as much ai a single law book
and not wanting this command to be de
prived ot the ordinary facilities for plain
mental and Intellectual sustenance while
Isolated from the world at though encased
In an armor of coral and barnacles I must
respectfully renew my request for a suit
able library to be sent to thc station
Vlr IiiMilrs IltpntlattA in
From the Karsis City Star
Theyso wan thing that this counthry
ought to be thankful fr said Mr Dooley
laying down his paper an tbat Is that
we still have a lot iv young an growin
orator fr to lead us on
Whos been oratln now Mr Hen
nessy asked
Me young frtnd Sinttor Beverldgc th
child orator Iv Tall Creek This engagln
an hopeful la ad first made an impression
with his eloqutnee at the age Iv wan whin
he addhressed a meetln Iv th Tippecanoe
Club oa th Issues Iv th day At th age lv
eight he was llllctcd to th United States
Slnlt rayjoocin th average ago in that
body to ninety three years In th Slnlt
beln a modest child he rayfused to speak
r Ave minyltes but was flnlly injooced
fr to make a few thousan remarks on wan
Iv th subjects now much discussed by
orators whin th dures arro closed aci
th Are escapes broken
Ills subject was th rhIlppcens an he
said hed Just come frm there I have
cruised lie says fr two thousan miles
through th Ar cbey Ielago thats a fun
ny nams Ivry mlnlt a surprise an delight
to those that sec me he says I see corn
growln on banana threes I see th glory
ous heights Iv Dig Dong that ar re Irrady
atln civilization like quills upon th fret
ful porcyplnc he I see rice coffee
rolls cocoanuts choice seegars oats hay
bard and soft coal an Genral Otis an
theres n man I raysplct he Bays I see
flowers bloomln that was superyor to anny
conservatory In Poolasky county he says
I see th low an vicious Inhabitants Iv th
counthry soon I thrust to be me fellow
citizens an as I set there an watched th
sea rollln up Its uncounted mlllyons iv
feet ir blue wather an th stars cparilin
like lamp posts wo pas3 In th night as I
see th mountains raisin their snow capped
heads fr to salute th sun while their feet
cxtinded almost to th place where I stud
whin I see all th glories Iv that almost I
ma- say throplcal clime an thought
what n gud place this vmd be fr to ship
base burnlu parlor stoves an mens
shirtings to th accursed natives Iv neigh
borly Chlny I says to mesllf This Is no
mtre mans wiirrk A Higher Power even
than Mack much as I raysplct him Is In
Table Linen
Second Floor
CQjard for CS Inch whle all puce linen
Ds Parnak full bleached and aatln finish
Ten lOOtl Uesfcns Qualitjr ceneraliy retail
Ine today at 75c a yard Compartorw will
tell jou so
f om best
Crtf for larso aire Laundry Il3i in art
J vlk colors elaborately embroidered in
white cord etc Well worth 05c
1 Cf lor 28 inch and SSc or 51 Inch Sw
jt i
Starts with fluted rufn onlr 50c
pair for Shams to match
39c for Six of Rogers Al Spoons
tacb package bears tbe name and guarantee of the famous maker a n cessary reminder
became trje is a Iei price than usually asked for inferior imitation One restriction not
more than one dozen to each purchar
Note the Prices
SSc for sis teaspoons 68c for sir dessert spoons 73c for six table spoons 7Sc for six
knlTca 73c for six forks Initials engTared free
The Palais Royal
A Lisner Q and Eleventh Sts
this here Job We cannot pause we can
not hesitate we cannot delay we cannot
even stop Ye must In other wurruds go
on with a holy purpose In our hearts th
flag over our heads an th Inspired
wurruds Iv A Jeremiah Beveridge in our
ears he says An he set down
Well sir twas a gr reat speech
Twas a speech ye cud waltz to Even
younger men thin Slnltor Beveridge had
nlver made grander orations Th throu
ble Is th Slnlt Is too common fr such
magnificent sintlmints Its too common
an Its too old Th young la ad comes
frm home where hes paralyzed th llthry
society an th debatln club an he loads
himsilf up with a speech an he says
to Whin I begin peggln ar round
a few lv these vllets Ill make ol Hoar
look like Confederate money an th
pa apers begin fr to tell that th inflnt
Demostheens Iv Barrys Junction Is about
fr to revive th oratorical thraditon3 lv
th Slnlt an th fire department comes up
fr a week an wets down th Capitol
bulldln Th speech comes off they aint
a dhry eye in th house an th pa apers
say Wheres yeer Danl Wabster an
yeer Champ Clark now An th young
man goes away an has hi3 pitchers took
on a Mnetoscope He has a nice time
while It lasts Hlnnlssy but It dont las
long It dont las long Th la ad has th
wind bt Its endurance that counts
Th wise ol boys with their lone whis
kers discusses Iilm over th slvln up game
an says wan Iv thlm What ye think
lv th kid s speech Twas a good
speech says th other It carries me
back to me own boyhood days I made a
speech Just Ilka that durln th Mexican
war Oh thlm days thlm daysl I lead
th ace Mike An afthcr awhile th Boy
Demostheens larns that while hes potlsh
ln off his Iplgrams an ol guy that splnds
all his time sleeptn en a bench Is polish
In him off Th man that sinds seeds to
his canstitooents lasts longer thin th
wan that slnds thlm flowers Iv iloquence
an though th hand Iv Gawd may be In
th Phllpcen question It hasnt Interfered
up to date In tb sergeant-at-arms ques
tion An whin th young man sees tlib
he says sky whin he means skyand not
th jooled canopy iv hlvcn an ho
says Thlipeens an not th glorious
isles Iv th Passyfie an beln onto th
character iv his fellow slnitors he mln
tlons nobody higher In their presence thin
th steward iv tV Capitol An he nlver
makes a speech but whin he wants to
smoke an thin he moves that
th Slnlte go Into executive session Thin
hes a rale Slnltor Ive seen It mannys
th tlmo th boy orator goln Into th
Slnlte an comln out a uet nute Ive
seen a man that made speeches that was
set to music an played be a silver cornet
hand in Ioway that hadnt been in Con
gress fr a month befure ho wuddent
speak above a whisper or more thin an
Inch frm yeer ear
Do yc think hlvcn sint us th rhllp
peens Mr Honncssy asked
I dont know said Mr Dooley th
divvle take thlm I P DUNNE
Tlir trenl Machine fur lltloll
rlrvnteil Itnlluny
From the Philadelphia Times
The mammoth machine for supplying
power for tho Boston Elevated Railway
now In progress Is said lo bo the monarch
of engines Its Indicated power at maxi
mum efficiency Is 400O but this can be
varied 12 to 13 per cent either way with
out affecting Its efficiency the cngin
shaft Is of hollow forged nlckti steel 1
feet 10 Inches In length 3- Inches in di
ameter In the bearings and 27 Inches in
the body with a 17 1-2-inch hole through
Its length
The weight ot tho engine sh vft Is 6j
410 pounds ot tho crank disc 5S00 1
pounds of thc armature 123000 pounds
making a load on tho bearings aside from
the connecting rod pistons etc ot 513
929 pounds 113 pounds per square Inch of
projected area The diameter of thc fly
wheel l 2S feet and the main bearings
are 22 Inches In diameter JC Inches long
and 10 feet 0 Inches centre to centre
Manicure Parlor
Miss 31 A Micliener deaiics to inform
her friends ami patrous that sin- N now a mem
ber of tbe Palais Royal staff and requests a
visit to this cozy balcony parlor Hours 9 a
in to 3 p m Terms for gentlemen
HOc ladies jZ
Opening Sales of 1900 at The Palais Royal
Nearly 110000 worth or new goods have been received since Januarv 1 Contracted for some months since prior to the
general rise in prices it can I truly stilted tbat in many instances less than todays wholesale quotations are being asked here
at retail bpecial bargain lots are in not a few cases at half price Accompany the writer through tbe various departments and
let him point out these Bargain Spots
QO rfor 12 18 and M liitton Pufjle
7 OLMousquetairrs usually S22J J2S5
and 3 M a pair All aim in rink bhk
mode lavfmkr tin jllow and rJIe Bat
quabt guaranteed
O Q 79c and B3e for Ma to 5150 Calf Elln
J7l Clove lined With and without fjr
tops Sizes for axn ladies and children
Reliable Linings
Second Floor
O Cr Tard for 50c quality Meiertiwl
JV Sn SSc yard for 43c Moreen VJa
for 2 ard 15c for 20c qnahtr Silk lmhh
lerealine 15c for 25c Illacktuck Saline Waist
Lining ITc yard for 20c Linen Crah Of
cour it 1 ray in a newspaper advertise
ment to make claim of Tallies Ton are re
queued to make comparisons with Llaiugj
clMITere a test that will satisfy us and vou
instead of tiS dozen for extra
Bne Satin Damask Napkins made
satHy flax
Bedwear Department
tl OO fot r Comforts filled with
kPl7 best white ctttcn coTercd with
Silkollne In new effects and colors A new
supply will cost us and you considerably more
ACr o wi Sheets that
T J k cannot be bousht today to retail at
less titan ZQc
Art Department
First Floor
0 C at PacnttI or Cut Work Pcarf
U i20v54 inches and Hiams 3626 inches
Elaborate designs Good Tatue at ft
1 Qr pair for samples f 2c and Ifcue
from Mcsvs Lor i Taylor ot Sew
York Phoicc of French Lisle and Fjigllsh
Cotton Hose plain and drop stltch Illack
fancy stripe French boot patterns vnd
Children Plain and Ribbed llow in Mvcfc
and tan For Infants are cozy Cashmere
Wool Hose
OQf pair fcr Lord Taylors 50c Uoe
VoveltT polki dob boots and stripes
Plain Black Lwlish Hose with white feet
French Isle Hone with fancy drop ttltch
Vnd warm Cashmere Hoie for ladtm and chit
5Qc for Lord Taylors 75c quality lllack
J 7 Lisle Hose in all orer and lace ankle
effects vnd dainty color combinations in
French boot pattern effects Plain colors too
And stripes AH the wains noTelties at
only SSc a pair for choice
AQr for LflnI Tailors tetter Hose most
Iy Jl Talue Some of black in elabor
ate lace effects Some of art shades in plaids
stripes boot pattern etc Spun Silk anil
JlerceriMd Stockings are here in the
seasons prettiest styles
AQr pair for Lord k Taylirs Full Dre
Silk Stockings in black ana ereninr
soaucs vnu rrencli orelty Hwe In Terticat
npes an uyae Iolnts etc Sot
worth less than IM
Handkerchief Department
tOf for I 301 warranted all pure Linen
Handkerchiefs Soft finished ironed
ready to use Better than todays usual UMe
Your Name on 50 Cards 43c
Samples here to proTe the work Is the
best Emrmre in the stationery department
to left ot LleTenth Street entrance
Your iName on 50 Cards 25c
your card plate ami net 50 cards
printed therefrom for the nominal sum of
25c Satisfaction guaranteed
A Plea for the Soldiers in JIanila
American Women Write Home Ite
Iiiendns That Certnln Supplier He
Stent to lie Sick nnil Wounded I
Ilenrth of Writing Paper Honks
lnzxles anil Games Aiked Kr
A number ot letters have been received
at the War Departaent from women la
Manila Interested In the work among he
soktlers in the hospitals there A letter
frcm Mrs Lawton before the death of her
husband says that pajamas towels bed
linen slippers and handkerchiefs are bad
ly needed also games puzzles and books
to amuse the sick men The letter says
They cannot have too much reading
matter Many of the sick are able to bur
writing material but have no one to get
It for them They write home when they
have It and It means so much to the fam
ilies far away
I dont think a mall comes without
bringing to General Lawton and even to
myself pitiful letters enquiring about a
son brother or relativo oat here If the
men had pads pencils and stamped en
velopes It would be a great help
A letter from another woman says
The hospitals AVe have Just started a
society for systematic vi3ltlng of the hos
pitals and tbe distribution of the books pa
pers and stores sent us from home
They have formed a society there tb
Manila Aid Society The pajamas and
Other thlnPS Mrttinl rnmn In snn
hospitals are not well supplied I have
interviewed nearly every nurse la Manila
anl all long for mere bedding pajamas
si jipcrs towels and other things There
aro thie large hospitals in the city be
sides one at Corregtuof and the division
and field hospitals The one we have been
the most interested In has between eleven
and fourteen beds In tents and is unspeak
ably forlorn
Mrs Lawton Is ill nnd I am trying to
set our society organized and working
We had three meetings and I think that
It is in working order now I do not like
the responsibility I have to go out cow
and get material for pajamas and take pa
pers to thc hospital and straighten out
some misunderstandings atcut ward visi
Mrs Florence V Handbury of Detroit
Mich Is President of the Manila Aid So
ciety which 13 sending many things to tha
sick soldiers in the Philippines She has
written General Corbin as follows
When I wrote you some three months
ago asking for free transportation of tho
books etc collected by our Manila Aid
boclcty I also wrote to Manila to Mrs
Lawton asking what else we could send to
the sufferers in the hospitals there I wrote
General Sternberg and he answered me that
the Government provided everything I
Know that even our Government has Us
limitations with so many thousand men
00 miles across the sea I have annealed
I t the Duugbters of the Revolution the
u iphlcrs of 1S12 thc Colonial Dimes and
i r patriotic societies to help us In this
urk s Mrs Lawton will soon return to
America we shall have to change tha ad
dress of our boxes and send them to Mrs
LIscum Soldiers Relief Society Manila I
would like to send somo reading matter to
some ot the garrisons In the other islands
to relieve the tedium of barracks life May
I ask that privilege It would be a god
send to those men PleaFC help me all you
can My whole heart and time are glvn to
work and 1 find peoule here so npa
thctlc ind v illmg to mak th Gou rnnu
io e viuiug Instead of helping ah ih y

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