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How lie Presidents Steward Ar
ranges for State Functions
Almot ItillmKril Toner Conferred
Cpnn the JlnMer of the CuUlne
Stiiipllrri for tlie Tnlilr Sccnrrel In
Open MnrUel Drinllft of
for Hie Knlerlnlnment
In the season of state dinners there are
two autocrats ot the White House One Is
the Presided and the other Is steward
and convenient Is not elaborate The room
ii about twenty five feet squar and well
lighted Along one side runs the great
tinge fully fifteen feet long with Its
warming racks covered with an enormous
hood Along the walls are the sinks
shelves and tables Running down the
centre of the room Is a long table for the
convenience of -the cooks As In all the
Iiasement rooms of the White House the
Increscent arches which support the celling
and the structure overhead may mar the
effect for some Near the kitchen are the
china closets and supply stores
Contrary to all traditions the supplies
for the Willie House dinners arc obtained
In open market Such is the excellence of
the Washington markets that It would
scarcely be necessary to arrange for these
supplies before ordering the dinner In
former days the White House fowls meats
and fish were obtained direct from farm or
shore This is no longer the practice The
White House steward merely advises his
tradecmen beforehand of the coming date
of the dinner and its probable menu and
the choicest products obtainable are gath
ered for hie inspection
The market opens at C oclock and short
ly after that hour Is overrun with the buy
ers for the Washington hotels and the pro
elders for the scores of private families
who entertain lavishly during the social
season It therefore behooves the White
House steward to make an early visit He
Is Invariably among the first He chooses
for his dinner the finest meats to be ob
tained of the score or more of butchers
he chooses the finest fish and shell fish
from the fish stalls and the choicest vege
tables from farmers He has his own wag
on and driver and as soon as his shopping
list Is exhausted the purchases are driven
direct to the White House By eight oclock
that morning the preparation of the din
ner has begun
The usual kitchen force of the While
House consists of one cook and a couple of
helpers For the preparation of the state
dinners three French chefs are employed
They require two helpers each and the
kltchcu is a scene of sizzling activity for
the day There are meats to be boiled and
baked and roasted vegetables to be pre
pared soups brewed and fancy dishes ar
ranged The bread used is also baked at
the White House The steward takes little
part In this preparation however though
he superintends all His task has been the
compilation of the menu and choosing of
the china and the setting and decoration of
the table But as he is responsible for all
he superintends each in detail
Scttlnc the Table
If the number of guests exceed fifty the
table is spread in the centre of the corri
dor If less the state dining room Is
used It Is interesting to note the at
tempts which have been successively made
to Increase the seating capacity of the
state dining room The original table was
a rectangular affair seating thirty six
guests When this became Inadequate a
shell was constructed similar in outline
to the figure 8 which placed atop the
ble Increased the seating capacity to fifty
The number of guests then controls the
choice of the dining room During the
afternoon the table Is prepared and its
setting arranged For tills purpose the
steward chooses one of the many sets ot
china belonging to the White House Each
mistress of the White House has exercis
ed her Inclination in the choice of a serv
ice and handed It down to succeeding Ad
ministrations as a valuable souvenir of the
makers art during that period The re
sult heB been the accumulation of half a
score of china services each Jully ade
quate even for one of the great dinars
given at this day One of the services In
use today was designed and ordered by
Mrs Lincoln another by Mrs Grant an
other by Mrs Harrison Irs Cleveland
contributed two exceedingly beautiful
services and another will mark Mrs Mc
Klnltys regime
The size of these services may be belter
understood when it is known that one of
Mrs Clevelands services consists of thir
ty dozen dishes One of Mrs Clevelands
servicer is Invariably used at the dinners
today It Is considered the most beautiful
at the White House Around the flange of
the plates Is a broad band of rich red
The other pieces are similarly decorated
with plain centres All he White House
services aro decorated In the best of taste
The coat of arms of the United States is
included In the decoration The silver and
glass service Is extremely modest There
is none of the -wealth of silver and cut
glass iso frequently displayed on tlie ta
bles of many of our mulll mtlllonalrcs
The glasses are cut simply with the
dentg The rpoons nnd
knives and forts are marrJ fJcnHcratic
ally TrcsldenCs House
Rxtrn WnlterK
The decoration of he state dining tablo
Is alwajs marked by extreme modesty
There is no attempt at elaborate display
Numerous bouquets ot choice roses or or
chids are scattered along the centre and
bouquets and boutonnlcres of similar Don
ers placed by the plates of the ladies and
gentlemen AH is so arranged that though
he table presents a vision of unusual
beauty there Is no sense ot the overpow
ering in decoration Numerous candela
bra add to the scene with their soft lights
A score of wallers arc employed to serve
the dinners These aro readily secured
in Washington where the waiter is at his
best The waiters nre usually colored men
though under the Harrison Administration
Steward McKim chose white alters In
The one proposes the other disposes preference This unique departure has not
Though the President chooses his guests be followed by his successor The wait-
the steward may cut down the list In- L1 e - lK KJl
deed at this Beason the President surrend
rrs his place as head of the first house
hold of the land Before the great
Dewey dined dajs were spent pruning
the list of guests to the limit prescribed
by the autocrat of the Kitchen JIany a
man of rank owes his rejection on that
occasion not to the Ircsident but to the
steward who declared that juggling with
the board for an eternity would not make
t pace for one man beyond the seventy four
provided for The White House now has
two kitchens a private dining room a
state dining room and the great corridor
for emergencies In this new Mtchcn all
tho preparations are made for the great
ttate dinners The oU Icltchen still ans
wers the demands made upon It by the
modest entertainments of the Presidents
mcrous temptations in their way both
from the richness of apparel and Jewels ot
the guests and the liquor which an Intern
pcrato man could readily find occasion to
consume Only men whose honesty and
sobriety are beyond question are employed
They aro called upon for similar sen Ice
from time to time and And the employment
pleasant and report at the White House
later in the afternoon of the dinner and
are divided Into snuads and thoroughly
drilled In the part each is to play in the
evenings entertainment The dumb waiter
at the White House has not the capacity
necessary to carry the dishes from the
kitchen to the dining room Six or eight
of the waiters are detailed to carry the
dishes from the kitchen up the flight ot
stairs leading directly to the nutlet ri pan
try to return empty dishes to the lower
floor and hand the portion from the carv
ers to the waiting line of servers
Each waller Is supposed to serve four
or Ave guests He receives the dishes from
family The new kitchen though complete tbo carvers so adroitly carved that though
the form of the roast or fowl Is preserved
tho guest can readily separate a portion
He watches closely to the needs of the
guests vinder his charge The President
and his wife ore served by their personal
servant The White House dinners are
served ideally It Is said for the waiters
are not mere machines but men of Judg
ment and action For their two or three
hours work they are paid Jl or 5 and this
In connection with the natural prestige of
a waiter who serves at the White House
brings to the steward the best assistance
the city affords
It is Impossible to furnish In detail any
estimate of the materials and foods used
In the preparation of a state dinner When
It Is considered that only the choicest bits
are served the supplies purchased for a
dinner ot seventy must be something ex
traordinary A roast of lamb or a fillet of
beef for Instance Is served to but four or
five persons and the choicest morsels only
are eaten Of a fow1 the breast alone is
carved The same fastidiousness is observ
ed throughout every course
There are never more than twelve cours
es to a White House dinner As a usual
thing the courses range in number from
eight to twelve They are served without
haste but still in such succession that the
dinner may not seem to drag An cntlru
dinner in this manner Is served within two
hours and some of the most noted dinners
of the last two years have been served in
even less time As the dinners always be
gin at S oclock the White House guests
are not given to late hours
Official precedence at a state dinner Is
one of the most delicate questions with
which its managers have to deal There
is no one more sensitive than the average
diplomat At a diplomatic dinner prece
dence is determined by the official rank of
the guest and his seniority in point of
service in Washington So well are these
gradations established that an error
would be inexcusable All confusion how
ever Is avoided by a custom which con
veys unmistakably to each guest the exact
position he is expected to occupy at the
table Before entering the dining room
each guest is given an envelope enclosing
a card on which is printed a complete dia
gram of the table with the various seats
numbered The name of the lady is also
written on the card A cross is also
drawn through the number of the seat the
guest is to occupy The possibility of mis
take is further obviated by placing at each
plate another card with the guestss name
written across its face
The seats of least honor arc at the ends
of the table The President bits in the
centre of one of the long sides The next
seat in honor Is directly opposite At the
diplomatic dinners it h s heretofore been
the custom for this scat to be occupied by
the Presidents wife who is taken Into
dinner by the British Ambassador the
next in rank to the President among the
Diplomatic Corps
During this Administration however the
Invalidism of Mrs McKInley has occa
sioned a change The President keeps her
alwaa by his side and Mrs McKInley sits
between the President and the British Am
bassador The seat opposite Is now occu
pied by Secretary Hay There are no
toasts or speeches
When the dinner Is finished the President
and his wife rise as a signal that the ser
vice Is at an end The ladles pass to he
reception rooms and the men to the smok
ing rooms where coffee liquors and cigars
are served The gentlemen pass some
time in informal conversation and then
Join the ladies in the reception rooms Here
tea Is served Custom prescribes that none
of the guests shall leave until those of the
highest rank have taken leave of the host
and hostess Out of consideration to the
other guests these officials leave Immedi
ately after tea has been served The other
guests follow closely so that the entire
company has left the White House by 11
oclock Kansas City Star
Hfurmrel AVordn
From the Chicago Inter Ocean
Following the lead of Superintendent Andrew
the congregation of the University of Chiraco
ban adopted the followirg resolution
Resolved That the adoption liy the Beard ol
the University Pros for u u the official pub
lieationa and Journals ot the university ot the
litt of word witti changed spelling accepted by
the National educational Association be ap
The list ol words thus reformed is as fol
Program programme Thruout throughout
Tho though catalogue
Altho although Prolog prologue
Thorefarc thorough- Drcalog dcealegi
lare Demagog demagogue
Thru through rcdagog pedagogue
The vote by which the unh ferity was thus
aligned with the so called word reformers was
dose but the new spellim carried the day It
ia said an effort will be made to induce the lead
lng universities to join hands with Chicago and
form a league cr peihapt we thould say a
Sc Push its on
J Pull its off
sHw JS3aatVHHaaPfl
When the
world knows
our shoe
well shoe the
A Guarantee
Without a Precedent
If alter wearing an Hlee tus Shoe for a reasonable time hey dort prove tight
bring thru back and well give you a NEW pair This guarantee holds good Cor all
shoes xcept Patent Leather and Enamel Wearers of Elcitua Shoes dont have to struggle
Uto iSstJKir ugM their way out One sample motion of the hand Uthcr opens or
raster Xo strain bo exertion nothin to break nothing to pull out Such are the
mutt of the LXECTLS JASTEXKR The waterproof ELASTIC COMXn down the Instep
permits the shoe to fit snugly and rtenly all oer It teems almost Incredible et Mis
an actual fact that persons waste SKVrK DW8 yr annum putting on and removing
the ordinary lace or button she IXVnnTllELESS IXIXTLS SHOES COST SO J10I1E J
lufcy dont YOU wear this time saving ibocf J
Ladies parlor and tcpfiet room and lady attendant
Washington Electas Shoe Co I218 22Q F st n w
807 C Ballo 8t Unliot 1217 Market St- Plillni 423 Broactivitr V Y i
As Lapidaries and Gem Setters
Tliey Are Unrivaled
rnncliinUiipr Treasures Inhibited In
Their letom find UnoMenlnt Ions
Mioiift CoiiililnntloitH of Jewels find
Ireelou 3 lulu Thai AVonlil Cnnrm
a Irliicc Semic Ilnrrllnir Ornnment
One of the most interesting features of
Manila Industrial life is the wonderful
skill and ingenuity of lis lapidaries and
gem setters who strange to say arc the
women of the population whose taste and
workmanship have far surpassed the pow
ers of the men
He who has visited Spain and Morocco
must have remarked the superiority of the
Spanish artificer who has taught all of
the excellences of his craft to the natives
of his colonies In the case of the Phil
ippines the pupils have Improved on he
teacher and their art has become famous
throughout the Far East
The shops are small often mere dens
with a gloomy Interior which seems a
strange setting for the beautiful work
Ilentsare high and what Is worse the
Spanish system of taxation renders It Im
prudent for a shopkeeper lo display much
stock The customer enters is disap
pointed at the meagro assortment
shown and goes away Irritated that he
has been persuadedlo leave his name and
address Later in the day he is invited
nay urged to repeat his visit and If he
refuses he is inveigled by one mode or
another Should he still prove obdurate
the persistent rentle little brown woman
calls on him or waits patiently on the
steps of his hotel her wares In a locked
box under her robosa Such sparkle of
color and glitter or treasure The broil
ing sunshine steeps the streets and all
Manila quivers in the languor of the trop
ics but the tiny shop Is cool Before the
wonders now exhibited one forgets to re
member the thermometer
Among the treasures of ore of these lit
tle shops are necklaces of delicate pink
coral balls for the decoration of grandees
cans dainty statuettes ot coral with ttc
body and limbs formed of the stem and its
branches rosaries with beads llko drops
of blood pendants ot pure white pearls
lustrous and pear shaped chains of pcsrls
drop shaped ear Jewels which the seller
assures one are the offspring of tears and
suffering great jellow pearls the favor
ite purchase of the Chinese merchant and
costly strings ot pink pearls of peculiar
There arc sets of blood red cabochon gar
nets consisting of earrings pin and finger
ring and other sets of the orange red va
riety that emit light in tho dark like
flame Indeed the kinds of garnet dis
played are bewildering Silver flllgrce set
with yellow garnets mother-of-pearl
drinking cups with handles thickly cov
ered with pale green garnets nacre knife
handles that sparkle with the lightning of
carbuncles and small bowls of opalescent
mother-of-pearl that glow with their red
The saleswoman is astute Never think
that she does not note be surprise and ad
miration of her visitors face She turns
insinuatingly and says in her rich alto
voice Very pretty look jou Ono looks
and Is lost
It does not seem possible that the work
she Is showing you can be gold only
gold so line and lacelike are the patterns
There are a chain a necklace a chate
laine a hatpin and a brooch all of the
deepest yellow gold from eighteen to
twenty two carats and of exquisite handi
work The chain looks like a long yellow
braid of hair tied at the clasp with a true
lovers knot that it may not unravel it
self The necklace Is a flexible delicate
veined stem from which branch pendants
of the daintiest golden ferns Anything
more graceful or artistic than this work
it would be difficult to duplicate except
perhaps In the ral 1 smltherles of Ceylon
The chatelaine Is composed of solid ropes
of gold exact copies of Manila hemp rope
even to the threads with clasps designed
like fishhooks Ti hatpin la a miniature
Malay creese with a water lily leaf for
a handle and the brooch a golden alli
gator or young cayman he scalework be
ing a most ingenious imitation of nature
The sum of US Spanish pesetas 13050
gold purchases this entire set of five
pieces less than would be askcO for tho
necklace alone in New York London or
This woman has brought the crude gold
from the country made her own alloys
drawing out the gold wire and beating it
v Ith hammer and anvil following step by
tep the most modern and sclcntflc proc
esses of metal smithing
These metal workers arc as skillful with
silver as with gold Marvelous bangles of
chased silver set with precious stones
and brooches and pendants of quaint de
sign all manifest the most thoughtful hu
man labor One can bavo no Idea ot how
much can be done with sliver until he
has seen this profusion of devices In which
It is used
Very likely the collection will contain
some exquisite breastpins and stickpins of
ruble some a lovely poppy red others of
deepest carmine like drops of frozen wine
but the astonishing feature Is the superb
taste and Ingenuity which these women
often illiterate and entirely unlettered
demonstrate and many a Jeweler whoso
designs are monotonously conventional
might learn a useful lesson from these
Philippine lapidaries
Look you says Concha again her
name is Conception dlmlnutlzcd Con
cha and she holds1 out a necklace of gold
blue enameled set with grey pearls the
harmony cf stone and setting perfect
Why not amethyst instead of pearls
Concha one asks but she shrugs her
shoulders deprecatlngly
Amethyst looks vulgar with gold Ni
na she answers
Fewer rings are to be noticed perhaps
than any other ornament the betrothal
rings being almost universally enameled
gold but earrings necklaces bracelets
chains buttons small pins and brooches
arc abundant
These lapidaries combine the ability of
the Moorish gem worker with the patience
and originality of the Chinese and Japan
ese craftsman because they aro adept en
amclers and sacrifice even design to color
in this branch of their work and in all of
their jewelry a daintiness and personality
altogether Irresistibly attractive are felt
Tho longer one looks the more ho becomes
convinced that the display before him is
the expression of a mind tbe outcome of
a personal art and this belief Is wholly
satisfying for above all else a Jewel
should be unique Manila Times
MlHiourlN Model Town
From the Kanas City Journal
Balzac tclla of a model town in The Country
Doctor There is another model town in South
Carolina Hut the modelest lown of all aerts
Victor Smith existed in Missouri and was known
as Iron Mountain It Is noxv one cf the lost cities
of the world but in its prime wss one of the
curiosities ot communirm Itriefly it Lad no sort
corcromrnt no council no major no consta
bulary no editors no lawyers no Ihieies no
Lurgrlars no doctors no preachers A barber was
allowed to come in once a month to do cencral
hair cuttins and as soon as the job was Unshed
he was obliged to depart Itinerant preachers
were admitted on occasion but as a rule any
man in town was privileged to exhort once a
wrck Tlie denizens mindid their own business
and Interfered with no one elses If by any mis
fortune a dispute arose it was left to the judg
ment of the first three men who happened to
come along Arbitration was the only court All
adults men and women married or single con
tributed to the maintenance of the schoola Eery
body worked at something There were no drones
When a man got too rich lie hsd fo divi with the
community a certain proportion of his roods
There was no liquor In the Ilace and no one
tm oked cigars or cigarettett A few of the old nun
chewed and seme old women utn tnnn
Punishments In tbe army said a re
tired officer who was a captain of cavalry
before the civil war In this country are
not of the same character as they were
half a century ago This remark was
made to a little party of military men who
were discussing whether the dignity of
discipline had made progress In late years
But I think said the old captain that
examples counted more In the general run
in older times than they do at present
Sometimes there were exceptions to the
rule I know- of a case he said where
an old colonel got much the worst of what
might be called an object lesson Tbe cir
cumstance occurred In the wilds of the
southwest before most of you young
veterans were born The colonel of our
regiment was a stickler for Illustrative
discipline He Invented punishments for
a breach of It and many of them were
amusing For Instance one day when a
man came on parade with his coat lacking
one button he assigned that offender to
the tailors trade and kept him for six
hours cutting off and sewing on the but
tons of his coat
On another occasion he penalized In a
novel manner a man who had taken leave
of absence without permission for the
purpose of fishing He compelled him to
fish all dar In a stream where the deni
zens of the water bit freely and to throw
back into the river again everything he
Nemesis however followed the old col
onel He was a great admirer of horses
and the abuse ot animals was a thing ho
would not tolerate One day he saw a
soldier kicking a horse and his Ire was
unbounded He had that soldier change
places who the abused quadruped He
had him chained In a stall fed with oats
and scraped with a curry comb The col
onel went Into the stall talked to he cul
prit as though he were a horse turned his
upper lip to ascertain his age and gave
him an equine character altogether
The man horse however said the of
ficer recollected that some horses Kick
ed Ho followed the natural bent Just
at the time when his tormentor was leav
ing the stall The kick caught the col
onel as ho was backing out and for a
quarter of an hour afterward the epau
lctcd stableman did not revive The man
horse was put under arrest but recollect
ing that speed was an equine attribute
took to his heels and that is all I recol
lect of tho circumstance
Only a few lynchirgs that I know of
remarked an old Maryland farmer to a
Times reporter have disgraced the State
of Maryland if one can call uch sum
mary Dunlshment a disgrace I had the
misfortune to witness one myself he con
tinued but that was more man a quarter
of a century ago I Imagine and I dont
care to witness another I had been In
company with a friend TUMng some rela
tives near South River In Anno Arundel
county and we were returning home one
beautirul summer mornlnir walking along
tho deep sandy road an3 intending to take
the train at a place near Annapolis called
Camp Parole
Just here let me tell you that a few days
beforo a youns negro had commtteda
felonious assault upon a woman living In
Anne Arundel county He was arrested
and placed in Jail at Aan polls On our
wa yto Camp Parole my friend and my
self met a party of farmers and others liv
ing In the vicinity of tho crime coming
from Annapolis with a uogro tied down
with ropes in an old fashioned ox cart
drawn by two horse j I knew some of the
party but there was co glance of recog
nition from anyone The crowd took no
notice either of myself or my friend but
had not passed us more than two hundred
yards before they turned Into the woods
along the side or the road A rope had
already been adjusted to their victims
neck and la ten minutes after my com
panion aLd myself met the avengers their
rude Justice had been satisfied
The negro was left hanging from a tree
the crowd scattered In different directions
and we walked on to Annapolis living
missed the train at Camp Parole The
whole community was excited over the
event for a little while I learned but no
arrests were ever made I never want to
witness another similar scene
The following Incident occurred at a
private dinner table in tbe middle section
of the city a few evenings ago The father
of tho family came home from his store
with Invitations to a social entertainment
for tbe whole family Including his three
daughters ranging In age from sixteen
to twenty two years
Its going to be a fine affair said the
old gentleman You girls will meet some
nice company he added with a benefi
cent smile around the board
Indeed Im not going said the oldest
daughter with a distinct pout ot rebellion
curling her upper lip
Not going Why querrled pater fa
Ilecause responded the young woman
dejectedly because I have nothing to
That made the old gentleman very an
gry Wear that blcjcle suit he retort
ed which I saw you have on yesterday
afternoon That rig would disgrace a vau
deville artist Its brand new and even
If It doesnt happen to be decollctte Its
outrageous all through Then tho old
gentleman kicked over a chair put on his
hat and went to the corner grocery to
smoke a cigar and discuss the Boer rr
with a man who always disagreed with him
A street car conductor said the other day
that ho had repeatedly observed the pref
erence of mankind for turning to tbe
right Perhaps this is to be accounted
for he added because most persons are
right handed I have often been told that
when a man Is lost In tbo woods he will
persistently wander around and keep
turning to the right moving always in
the direction of the hands of a watch
My attention has been especially called to
the matter by watching empty cars fill up
Watch them yourself and you will find
that my observations are correct As the
paseengeis get aboard Ibey Instinctively
turn to tbo right and after entering the
car they seek a scat on the right side
notwithstanding tbe fact that the left
hand seats may be nearly empty I believe
that you will find In 3 per cent of the
cars running In Washington the right sldo
Is always more crowded than the left
Perhaps this tendency to take the right
side has been strengthened by tbe railway
tradition that the safest place In the coatn
In tbe event of incident Is near tbe centre
of tbe car and on tbe right side You
will discover If you natch that many
travelers upon entering a railway car will
hasten to locate themselves In this posi
tion It Is difficult to explain just wh
people do a great many queer things and
their habits while traveling are curio js
and interesting
I feel sorry for the fellow on that
Mollncux Jury In New York said n Wash
ington business man to a Times reporter
As a general rule he said I feel sorry
for any business man on a jury but they
have had an awful Blege It seems and
with slight prospects of an early relief I
had an experience some years ago he
continued when I served on a Jury In this
city In the ijise of n man charged with a
serious offence The evidence against tbo
accused wa3 circumstantial altogether and
also of the most trifling character The
discussions In the Jury room were enough
to drive a sane man into a lunatic asylum
There vvcro two men on the panel one a
German and the other a colored man who
I sincerely believe from the moment they
were sworn In until a decision was at last
reached vfere In favor of hanging the de
fendant In the case I almost felt like
bribing both of them lo yield their opin
ions but at last they were both convinced
that the other ten men were correct and
reluctantly consented to a verdict of
acquittal Jury servlco was new to bcMi
of them nnd by no means disagreeable
particularly to the colored man who
evinced a great love for argument
Express messengers havo lough times
said an old employe of a big company to
a Times reporter I havo been In the
The Popular Store
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rood hearv weight well napped and the-
same quality whieh has heretofore
sold for 10c a yard for
t7 IXCH RED FLANNEL not strictly all-
wool but Jut enough cotton in It to rise
It the great wearing cfiality it pos- O Cf
T ses tsery yard worth 59c for J
LINES WINDOW SHADES made with frinie
and Inrertion to match we hare them in
jeliow and white spring rollers
ture all complete they are really I Cf
worth Mv for JJl
f YARD WIDE MLKOLINTS in both figured
and plain a Tery good quality which we
T hate alwan scld for 10c a yard fp
t -for
CltETONNES 20 inches wide a very good
quality in a liandsome lite of colorings and
patterns which will prcne very
serrlceable and worth 12 l 2c a f Ip
yard for u2t
COTTON CRASH 17 inches wide bleached
T or unbleached good hvy quality wnich
T has the wearing qualities and worth Air
T To a yard for r2w
wide nnt pattetr qiallty which we
I kuow you will U well pleased with 1 Of
and reduced from 3oc a yard to -
10- rRFY PLAXKETS they axe made
tl - horders SDlenliO wtlgni ami
mtl rettslnlr dtotc Tery service-
T able and worth Wc for
I good muslin Und torn and ironed and will
I wear splendidly sheets like there are 1Q
f really worth 59c for v
V wrivcnnir PILLOW CASEiJ IIemmed 45
the quality of muslin used for these cLej
is known for n wearing quality
They are hand torn and ironed and JQf
worth 13c jr
The Safest Place o Purchase
Ladies Muslin
deep muslin ruffle edged tilth torchon 1r
lace Kvtra full cut Worth 39c for 1VU
high and equate neck trimmed with
chon and lak laie felled sram
petfect fitting North 35c for
tucked neck and slreve flniftied with cam
bric ruffle double back jole full lQr
length anil width Worth 69c for J7t
csenhric runV made on trench bands Qflr
all lengths and worth rA for
HDIKV MILIN niFJUSE made of floe
muslin and open front -felted seams Ofst
full lengths and width Worth 39c
made with pointed yoke trimmed with deep
ruffle edged with braid full sweep CQr
skirt with poeteK Worth lM to1
cheap kind but one of our leaders which
we has reduced in price for an one day
sale They are made with donhle heel and
toe Juaranlcru Mainie atxi are
worth 13c a pair for
press service for thirty years and I have
curried in my car all sorts of packages
from canary birds up to eagles and fine
trxuhcombo to tewing machines In fact
I have been In charge of almost every con
ceivable thing on the face of the globe In
long experience Including packages of
my - - -
Virginia when one uay i rccciveu - vy
monvv nme fellow was sending to his
girl I never could understand how ho
could be a pet He was chained with some
kind of yarn that he broke as soon as the
train started That monkey destroyed
about 500 worth of goods for which I was
responsible before he lixd gone forty miles
from the station where he was shipped
He was a nend incarnate He choked a
canary bird to death he tore several
dresses and bonnets Into shreds he had a
fight with a beautiful maltese cat and
whipped the cat nnd made an attempt to
kill me with a crowbar But he couldnt
tho crowbar was too heavy for him I got
posscsson ot it and killed him in tlmo to
prove him from escaping and taking pos
session ot the whole outfit
Yes evprcss messenger service Is hard
A rle re for- Amerlcnn Support eif lie
Sou 111 rrlcevn Ilrpniillc
To the Editor cf The Times
As an American who has spent much of a
leng life studying the public mind in con
nection with the press let mo speak for
the people of the West to say that there
as here tho great majority sympathize
with the South African republics and desire
to seo the United States take position if
possible lo close this discreditable war
aud stop the fearful loss of life
The Boera may not be as well bred as
the Ilritons they may bo lacking In refine
ment but they went a long way off two
and a half ccuturles ago to found a repub
lic and make homes The story told by
General Joubert to Queen Victoria should
be read by every American It shows pa
thetically what his people have suffered
from England since the earliest years of
tho century and how they were driven
from their homes when England wanted a
seaport nt the Cape Without arms or am
munition they wero thrown among the hos
tile Kaffirs thousands were massacred and
cno entire company of BOO all families
murdered men women and children The
story is a record of infamy all through tbe
We are natural allies of the Anglo-Saxons
wherever we find them and our natural
alliance with England ia beyond question
Tbe fate of the world and Its progress may
depend on it but the British Government
only recognizes this when It feels that such
an alliance Is necessary to Dritish suprema
cy The English people the people of the
three Isles have over been our friends tbe
British Government is tbe friend only of
those It needs If the supposed alliance Is
to sustain England in this war wc become
partlceps crtmicli
It will be a great opportunity to Improva
two clap Kid filore in all the leading
sliade art exceptional value and as good
a clove as you wih to wear Value
SI for
and neck finished with silk embroidery
made to button acres the chest A value
which Is seldom offered Every OQf
ment worth 6V foe
Kgjptian fleece lined et flnUhed with silk
tape and learl button All sizes IQf
Value 39c tor
Three Trimmed
Hat Specials
tucked t3gef trimmed fn front with Luge bow
of ribbln and telvet wings with dotted
velvet tips steel buckle hunda
of two shades of ribbon worth ff QQ
ffiJJt for 4J70
at the side with shaded wings double bow
of velevt and ribbon crown
large buckle to the side lando
to the side of riblwn worth 13W CQQ
trimmed with tin quality velvet heavy
satin ribbon and tip puffed
front with dull jet worth ff l QQ
783 for 7J0
Shoes Below Cost
Although the demand during the pait week
for our great shoe bargains has lieen iJio
nomeiul we tlll reave a few more big values
in the department
bout 38 pairs of IddieV Dongola Kid But
ton and Lace Shoes nude of good solid leath
er and rery serviceable nearly all QQe
slze Worth 150 for 77L
v Fine V ici Kid Button and f ace
Shoes- patent leather or kid tips exception
ally good value and a natty SiO J1 A Q
shoe for
Ladies Dongolj Kid Button and Lace Siot
-solid leather and extension soles 7 Of
Worth I3 for
If we can convince England and the world
that the natural alliance between the two
countries never can countenance wrong or
permit wrong to be done The worlJ will
respect such action on our part the Eng
lish themselves will respect It AH the
republics of the world need our support
anil we uo noi deserve place among ic
enough to make m Ix lleve
money Ij TS o Jo n Mt
tt1 nil the train robbers In existence were
on my track from the time tho train
started until it came to a halt at the end
of my route
One of my worst experiences said the
old messenger occurred up in wese
England may govern well and deserve
praise for enlightened rule and compara
tive freedom but It has ever been her
policy to rule or ruin During our civil
war tbe English people were with us but
the British Government was not
As a Republican I resent the suspicion
that this Administration has no sympathy
for the Africanders They have and de
serve the sympathy and respect of the
American people If there were no dia
monds found In South Africa no gold
mines worked there If the worlds cupidity
were not aroused there would be no war
no question of supremacy no lust for pow
er The farmers of the Transvaal did not
desire these mines and only wished to be
left In the enjoyment ot their homes their
flocks ami herds and their farms
Washington Jan 26
The Popular Store
of Stirring and Rattling Good Values
Every one of em money savers for tlie eeonoiuiitil shoppers Day bv day we are gain
ing the reputation of being the Capitals Greatest IJurgiiin Store Heres the proof in the fol
lowing items Certainly well charge the goods
The Biggest Values
Ever Offered
Ladies Ready-to-Wear Garments
alee quality ot braid and jet storm collars
and full seep regular price 1 AD
Mens and Boys
Clothing I
MENS STORM COATS Theres ibemt TJ ot
em in the lot consisting of All wool T
chllla Irish Frieies and Meltons Time
coats have sri all wool cloth lining-
and big storm collar Always t L A Q T
sold forJS
MENS SLITS Nobhr ratteen of Vfns
Suiu in single and double breasted styles
Theyre made In cheviots worsteds and Scotch
enect suitings in light and dark shade
r iegantiy sniined Met worth up to
tied V 9 - or
MENS PANTS The balance of our stock of
S2jO Mens Pants made of Cassimere ami
Scotch gooeee In neat worsted stripe effect
Sizes up to 10 waist Worth el JO
CHILDRENS SUlTS Several stiles double
breasted Suits Ages S to II years In checks
stripes and plaid effects Worth J 1 f r
ito for plZ3
fects and grey mixtures ages
regular wc values lor
4 toll JQf J
grey ehauee ages 4 to It year good
values at COc and 3c and now re- J Of
ducetl to
CHILDREVS TAJIS In grey brown blue i
and red some are made to pullcIOWD OPp
over the ears Worth 75c for J J
Mens and Boys
rino Crey Shirts and Drawer silk trimmed
heavy fleece ilned Shirts and Drawers in T
white and brown regular made all sizes
Actually worth 73c a garment A C
MENS CLOVES men heavy knitted J
Scotch Cloves made of the best e- X
lectcd Haddington wool Regular Oc A Q
value for rl
MOCHA CLOVES mens pare Mocha uiotm
in tan ana grey tvery pair guaran
89c t
fine Vie
pearl buttons Drawers have supencler
tapes Rcguar price 73c a garment A Ac
Special -
PERCALE SHIRTS JlSJ and L3fl quality
mens Fancy Percale Shirt absolutely fat J
colors Separate pair of cuffs Jit per- T
feet The best value In the city QQr J
-- - -
PERCALE SHIRTS good quality of mens a
Fancy Percale Shirts full regular made sept
rate link cuffs fast colors and worth Q
73c ior
heavy Working Shirts ill English cheviot
strongly mackvextra collar piece guar- TtQf T
anteed to wear Worth 5c for J k J
mens Australian Wool Shirts and Drawers a a
good heavy quality sizes 31 to They
are the DOS shrinkabte goods and CI 4
guaranteed Reduced from L30 tol a
MEN S SILK NECKWEAR the 33c and 50J i
quality in four-in- bands imperials and
puffs a nice assortment of colors and pat-
tons the greatest values shown this
scaijn for - 4
SHIRTS 75C quality of Mens and Hoys
White Laundered ShirU pure linen ixwom J
famous Marcus muslin thoroughly re-en- T
forced spliced neck bandsthe great- OQ T
est shirt value ever shown for X
LAUir fiijaiii steel
rod paragen frame princess shaped handles
close roll and everyone J -I on
teed nd actually worth fl for sHJ
416 Seventh Street 416
Tlie Cnre or Pains
From the Philadelphia Recont
A woman carrying the remnant of a withered
palm entered a Thirteenth Street fTorit es
tablishment yesterday morning and wanted Iier
money back She exclaimed in no uncertain
language that she had been cheated and the
florist in order to get rid of her was forced to
give her another plant She probably wont
have any better luck with that one he re
marked er she had gone out became she
doesnt know how to take care ot plants In fact
few women do A draught Is just a i fatal to 1
young house plant as ft ti to a child It should
have plenty of sunshine and on a el ar bright
day it might be placed in the open air Npr
sliould It be kept in a room after the gas is
lighted Gas will invariably make a potfed plant
sickly At night it should be kept in the dark
Unless a woman wants to give hffr plants
great deal of her time and attention it is m
less for her 10 think of attemptL g to ras
912S to nnd lletnm Tin
Saturday and Sunday January 27 and 23 I
Heurch3 beers are a constant and welcome
visitor to tens of thousands ot home Maerren
Senate and Lager are the recognised representa
tives of pure malt and hop beverage Thore
631 Arlington Bottling Co for a cie
Piano Industry
Should have two definitions the industry
of manufacturing Pianos and the industry
of selling them Just now we arc engaged
in selling as it would appear all the Pianos
that are being sold in Washington There
is a logical reason for this as you know
Our Piano
Removal Sale
Affords the greatest Piano opportunity of
many years We remove within a short
time to our magnificent new warerooms 1209
Pen na Ave VVe will not take one of our
present stock of Pianos with us Every one
must he sold
If you want a Piano now or ever expect
to require one NOW is the time to buy
Wm Knabe Cov
1422 Pa Ave N W

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