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Wm vWmivl Wgtff Btf JMHI4W
mss 2JL
Prices lower than ever
quoted before
Dross Sliiilds rubber liiietl
cambric covered
Sizes 2 3 4
Per pair 7c 8c 9c
Per doz pr 72c 79c 88c
Super Quality Velveteen Skirt
IHndinjj li inelies wide nod
llnish and wear
4c yard 42c dozen
12 vard pieces Mohair Soutache
liraid black and all colors
10c piece
i yard pieces Angora Skirt
liraid black and all colors
9c piece
Warranted Duplex loues all
23c dozen
Sc Feather Stitch Uraids
uevv patterns
5c piece
iiood black Sewing Silk large
22c dozen
Tubular Bone Casing line cot
ton silk stitched JMard pieces
9c piece 98c dozen
All silk Taffeta ltiltlnii regular
width full pieces
8c piece 88c dozen
Whalebones genuine PG ineh
Soled ed pure shell
12c each 142 dozen
ITooks and Eyes good quality
American make sizes and 1
per gross 5c
Nickel plated Safely Pins 1 pa
pers assorted sizes 1 Oc
Pure Sperm Machine Oil large
bottle 2C
Lansburgh Bro
420 io 426 Seventh St
vrr vr
I By i
I Special i
4 I
C On the part of many of our pa- J
trons we fcball continue our cut -
X price sale of Parlor Suite until j
nejet Saturday night
Every I
Suite J
in the
House I
and to a price that will not be J
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- ptlo of tho ridiculous prices you y
V will bo as wclromc to credit as T
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Irec X
m filf 821 SZS 7th Strest S W
C Between M and I bts
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Other Blake Cprlgliti at All Trlee
IlANOB von hint
Win Knabe Co
1422 Pa Ave N W
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Weve cot a Ou Heater
for J1S1 that throws oS
es much heat aa one of
Dearly djuble Its tlze
Will warm a hall room at 4
thoroughly as you could
exnect and absolutely
cafe and cubttantlal Tub
greatest Has of stoves
and beaters in ths city
Beet values too
C A riucldiman Co
616 12th 1204 G
All Uw Devest u4
cost attncUrt styles la
ens alio Blacks
fatttt Itatbtc
Shoes S525o
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The President Kntertaiiicd liy the
Secretary of War
Mr ISiiimI Jllnl punlr null Mrs
IlLIll Aihiiiik TIiiiki Willi IIIh
liciiNnl rnrlini llosiillnllt Yes
trriliiy W1tiioiii mill Mlflit The
Outlook for Ncs WciL rernoiinl
The midweek or Jnnunrv wan brought
to a hospitable close last night by a con
spicuous number of dinners at which
both hosts anil guests were of official and
social prominence in the Washington
The President and Jlrs McKInley were
entertained at dinner last nlRht by the
Secretary of War and Mrs Hoot The
company invited to meet the distinguished
quests were the Secretary of State and
Mrs Hay the Secretary of the Treasury
and Jlrs Oaie the Postmaster General
and Irs Smith the Attorney General
the Secretary of the Navy the Secretary
of the Interior and Mrs Hitchcock the
Secretary of Vgrlculttre and Miss Wilson
Senator and Mrs McMillan Hcpresentn
tlvc and Mrs Hltt Mrs Frederick Dent
Grant Miss Phelps Miss Knot and Gen
eral Corbln The floral decorations of the
table were bridesmaid roses while lilacs
and farleyensc ferns
Senator and Mrs KIKlns who have been
chief among the entertainers of the week
were again hosts at a dinner last night
when their guests were the Speaker ami
Mrs Henderson Senator and Mrs Thurs
ton Senator and Mis Scott Representa
tive and Mrs Dovenor Representative
and Mrs Johnston Representative and
Mrs Dayton Colonel and Mrs Hurt Mr
and Mrs Livingston Mrs Ffoulkc Mrs
Manning Mrs M I Ingalls and Senator
Mrs V S Grant gave a luncheon yester
day when her KUCbts were Mrs Jlackay
Smlth Mrs Dunn Mrs Audenried Mrs
F H Grant Miss JIcKlnley Miss Duncan
Miss Sherman Miss Sheridan Miss tuck
er Miss Kean Mips ratten Miss CocKrell
and Miss Sartorls
One of the most important demands on
the time of a Foelety woman is tho neces
sity of making calls so many days in the
week and of remaining at home some one
special afternoon to receive them It is
what the Philistine would call n big con
tract but not an Impossible one if each
hostess on her at home day would rec
ognize the value of her callers time
Those who receive in their own homes
of course are always graciously ready and
waiting to welcome and speed their gueBts
A footman whisks open the door the In
stant a visitor reaches It There 13 a
whiff of warm rose scented air a glim
mer of daintily shaded lights a minutes
chat a sip of tea and that Is one call
If the next visit happens to be mado at
one of thi large hotels or apartment houses
of the West End the experience gained
Is likely to furnish material for what Mr
Kipling would call quite another story In
commenting on her own individual trials
and those of her sister sufferers ono
woman prominent in official circles bad
cnmcthlng to say like this
I recognize my social obligations and
try to fulfil them but unless a cbango for
the better happens it Is useless to hope to
do justice to ray visiting list I hao a
great many calls to make during the sea
son and If j on arc an expert at figures joj
can reckon up how little time I have to li
It In I really enjoy my house-to-house
flitting and come home with my mind re
freshed from the pleasant incidents cf tho
afternoon but when I go to pay calls at
hotels and apartment houses I must siy
that It does not add to my happiness to
have to wait and keep en waiting until I
And out whether or not tho lady I have
called on is at home Here is the usual
programme of course there are always ex
ceptions Suppose I go to call upon sy
Mrs Blank wife of the Senator froji
Itlanktown I give my card to the man at
the door Yho hands it to the clerk at tho
detk who docrnt know whether or not
Mr Blank Is receiving but v ill send
at once and see The card Is turned over
i an attache who dleappeats up the stairs
As he is not entitled to the privileges of
the elevator I have to wait that much
longer for his return Sometimes my
various Mrs Blanks are at home some
times they are not but In cither case I
have lost so much time I cent up cards
last neck to three ladles living lu the same
hotel It took Just eighteen minutes for
nm to find that all of them were making
calls I hope they had better luck than I
It Is not In the least the fault of tho man
agers of the hotels and as I want lo be
charitable I wont go so far as to
say that it is a fault on the part of the
ladles by the name of Blank
What I Insist upon thinking however
Is that It would be very much Ix tter for
their callers if they would notify the clerk
In the office whether or not they intended
io be cut or at borne
Mrs Somers entertained at a luncheon
Mrs John S Ward has dinner Invita
tions out for tomorrow evening
Mrs W S Carrol will give a luncheon
tomorrow for voung people and another
en Tuesday lor hervIder friends
Those gallant hosts the Bachelors will
give their second cotillion of tho Reason
next Tuesday evening at tho National
Rifles Armory The decorations which arc
always such a picturesque feature vt the
dances will be in pale rose pink
An attractive dancing event of next
Trlday evening will bo the dance which
Mrs Charles G Dulln will give in compli
ment to her house guest Miss Jaqullh
Chief among the afternoon events of the
veek will lie the luncheon which Mrs
Audenried will give at Rauchers next
Kriday In compliment to the Misses HUi
cock i
Next Salurday will bo a field day for
teas Among the several for which invita
tions have been issued none are likely to
arouse more plcasurablo anticipations
than that to be given by Mrs Wcst
Ingbouse Another attractive affair will
be the reception to lo held the same after
noon by the Chlncso Minister and Jlmc
Last weeks charity ball has passed Into
reminiscence as one of tho most success
ful socially and financially ever given by
the ladles of the Childrens Hospital board
The old hotel has had many a noclal
triumph in Its past but it is doubtful if
its great banurictlng hall ever held a more
brilliant gathering than that assembled at
the command of Queen Fashion who wills
that on one night in each year Mvcct
Charity shall be ruler in the Kingdom of
the Gay The ballroom and reception par
lors were a3 tropical as a Southern forest
with tall wide branching palm trees that
hllcd the window recesses and hedged tha
walls like bcntlnels of living green Tho
brown and polished rafters of the ball
room were sprayed with branches of Ala
bama laurel the leaves of wl leli wcrv
reflected In the perfectly waxed flor Tho
great chandeliers wero garlanded with
vines and the mirror rests were banked
with ferns and flowers massed in gorgeous
hues Tho Stars and Stripes were in pa
triotic evidence forming a magnificent
buret cf color at the musicians gallery
which was draped with red white and
Owing to continued Illness Mrs Dewey
will be obliged In omit her last reception
of the season which was ct for tomorrow
Tho ladles of the Southern Relief So
clct have every rraion to bcllcre that
their anuual hall whh Is to take place
next week at the National Rifles Armory
will eclipse In brilliancy all previous func
tions In the history of the organization
Mrs McKinleys name heads the list of
patronesses and the young ladles of the
White House villi attend tho ball as Miss
Mabel McKInlcy and Miss Ilarber did last
year The additional patronesses are Mrs
Thomas Nelson Pap Mrs William IJ Bate
Mrs Marlon Butler Mrs C A Culberson
Mrs J K Jones Mrs AVIlllam Lindsay
Mrs T S Martin Mrs George G Vest
-Mrs T II Ttirley Mrs Daniel Manning
Mrs Harriet Lane Johnston Mrs E I
Bingham Mrs Pcth Shepard Mrs J H
Bankhcad Mrs Claude Swanson Mrs
William A Gordon Miss Alice L Rlggs
Xirs James Blair Mrs John Nicholas Nor
ton Mrs Robert King Stone Mrs R Ran
dolph Powell Mrs Albert C Janln Mrs
Thomas Turner Miss Jane Rlggs Mlfs M
B Johnston Mrs J Haktn Gadsby Miss
Mary Morris Ambler Mrs R I Fleming
Miss Dorsey and Miss Klbbey
Miss Virginia Miller President of the
Southern Relief Society will recglvc -the
guests assisted by the ladles of the
tion Committee Mrs Albert Akers Mrs
M A Balllnger Mrs J T Callaghan Mrs
B M Gadsden Mrs Arthur Kendall Mrs
E Rust Smith and Mrs E Ayres A
reception committee formed of young ladles
and of which Miss Kendall is chairman will
also aid In extending the hospitalities of
the evening Among them will bo Miss
Grace McKInley Miss Duncan Miss Gor
don Miss Winchester of Georgia Miss
Denby Miss Plorence Beale Miss Grace
Dunlop Miss Peter of Georgetown Miss
Wright Wiughtcr of Gen Marcus Wright
Miss Cuthbert cf St Louis Miss Upshur
granddaughter of Rear Admiral Upshur
-Miss Esther Gordon Miss McAtee Miss
Cook Miss Powell Miss Paschal
MInetree Miss Hoge Mlsa Roach
Kleberg Miss OKarrell Miss Savllle
Riley Miss Walker of Norfolk
Ml Si
Tucker Miss Baker Miss Sallle Young
Miss Caperton Miss Lutz Miss Marshall
Miss Pegram Miss Ryan and Miss Ken
nedy of Georgia
A specially attractive feature or the ball
will bo tho home supper which will be
prepared under tho supervision of Mrs T
G Riley and Mrs Archibald Young The
supper room will bo In charge of Mrs
Merwinn and an efficient corps
Mrs John T Callaghan is tho Chairman
of the committee on decorations XIr Rob
ert E Lee will bo tho floor manager and
Mr William A Gordon President of the
Confederate Veterans Association will be
In charge of the ball
The giving of tho dance Is ono of the
means taken by the ladles of tho Relief
Society to replenish their treasury In ad
dition to assisting needy families they
have also organized an Industrial bureau
with which they try to enable people to
help themselves
Prince Henri dl Croy during his brief
visit to Washington enjoyed the glories
that come- of being a lion In tho social
world In addition- to the diplomatic din
ner given In his honor ho was feted at
other dinners where the guests were the
Capitals beaux and belles Mrs Gray
wife or Justice Gray of the Supreme Court
entertained him at an afternoon tea
which was ono of the most attractive after
noon Incidents of the week His serene
highness left for New York on Kriday and
will shortly sail for home
The President and Mrs McKInley will
hold their Congressional reception next
Wednesday evening from S to 11 oclock
Tho reception to the Judiciary at the
White House last Wednesday nlht was
tho second of a series of state receptions
to be given this season by the President
and Mrs McKInlcy While It lacked tho
brilliancy of the reception to tho Diplo
matic Corps it was quite large there being
present about 1300 guests among them
the members of the Supreme Court and
their families and a large number of men
nm Itnmnn rt ttnlttfra fini fcrwtnl
nence Tho ladles greatly outnumbered
the gentlemen in attendance But few of
the Diplomatic Con wcro prcaent but
there were quite a number of prominent
out-of-town guesls
Tho Ircsldcnt and Mrs SIcKinley fid
lowed by the memlers of the Cabinet and
their wives passed Into the Dlue Parlor
where the ladles took their position all
standing with the exception of Mrs Mc
KInley who seated bereelf on ono of the
blue and gold chairs that divided the re
ceiving party from the specially invited
guests behind tho line Only llva of the
Cabinet ladles were In he receiving party
neither Mrs Griggs Mrs Long uor Miss
Wilson being present
Mrs McKinleys gown was of heavy
white brocade with point lace draped
around the bottom of the skirt fastened in
places with silver ornaments The bodlct
was richly embroidered In pearls and sli
ver She wore her necklace of diamonds
and carried a bouquet of white carnations
and malden halr fern Mrs Hay wore an
elegant toilet of black velvet with Jet
trimmings and on the front of her bodice
sparkled a magnificent cluster of diamonds
Mrs Gage was In white moire profusely
bespangled with sliver and sho had pink
roses at her corsage and In her hair Mrs
Root wore heliotrope satin veiled in a
misty web of rich lace An especially
heavy pattern formed a handsome panel
down tho front necklace of diamonds
Mrs Smith was in Dresden- silk the
ground color of which nis pale green
The facings and bodice flmmlngs were
of rose pink velvet Mm Hitchcocks
gown was a long overdress of mauve satin
brocaded in black and white leaf clus
ters Thrt lower skirt was formed of a
deep flounce of white point lace
The President and Mrs McKInley will
hold their Congressional rectptlou next
Lady Bromley who has arrived In Wash
ington to attend tho wedding of her sou
Mr Robert Bromley to tbo Hon Lillian
Paunecfote next month will bo a guest at
the British Embassy until after that event
Ste has been traveling extensively during
tlic past year and made her Journey to this
country by way of Hawaii Neither the
ambassadors family nor their distinguished
guest will go out formally during tho lat
trrs visit owing lo he recent death of
Prince Tcck
Mrs Wcsllnghouse has cards out for Sat
urday Kcbruary 5 nt S oclock
Lieut John W Crawford privato secre
tary to Admiral Dowev Is entertaining his
mother from Vlneland N J ami also Mrs
Charles Boody from Bridgclon N J
Mr Richard 11 ICenney and Mrs Alden
B ltlcbirdtan of 1710 Sixteenth Slice
have cards out fcr Tuesday January 10 4
tx 7 oclock
Gen John R Brooke formerly
Of Cuba Is a guest nt tho Sliore
hara He is accompanied by Mrs Brooke
nrtl uill remain several vueks
The marriage of Miss Isabella Rnundtree
and Mr Robert McWade who lias Just been
appointed Fnllcil Slates Consul at Canton
China will lake place In this city early
next month The teremony will be a iulct
affair and the coule will go at once to
Philadelphia where they will be given a
reception nt tho Hotel Rcllevun by the
Fivo oclock Tea Club of that city Mr
McWade will 1311 for China about Kcbru
ary 1
The Tuesday geruian contributed Its at
traction to the gayctles of last week The
great liallroom at Rauschers with its
rose veiled lights and graceful palms was
tbo scene of the dance as en the flrst meet
ing of tho club last month Tho chapernnes
of tho evening wero Mrs Philip A Dar
ncllle Mrs R G Rutherford Mrs F W
Waleho Mrs S II Gibson and Mrs Pol
lock Tho cotillion was led by Dr A
Ilanies Hooc and Miss Lottie Pattnn The
favors were unusually rrctty both In col
oring and design
Tho Xlljscs Hitchcock daughters of the
Secretory of the Interior will be the
guests of honor at a luncheon to bo given
In their honor by Mrs Audenried at
Rauchers Saturday February 3
Miss Nelly Hopkins a grandnlecc of
the Into Johns Hopkins of Baltimore and
Mr I oral Ca Kellogg of tho National
Metropolitan Bank of this city were mar
ried last Wednesday evening at tho
wv j4 w 7qrpr
1wfe 3c -pi
ilenco of Mrs Zara E De Vaughn 21S I
Street Rev I Mctt rector of the Church
of the Advent -officiating
Mrs Hamilton Kenton tolman 152S O
Street has tanlf out for a progressive
euchre party bo St Valentines Eve
Dr Henry D Fjryp was a gracious heat
of Kriday evening his hospitality express
ing Itself In t no house warming of his
handsome new residence corner of Con
necticut Aventic raid Q Street
A musical programme was rendered by
Mrs W Sinclair Bowcn Miss Vlgnall Mr
Rakemann Mr Alfred A Raynal and the
Misses Kavnnl and a number of other well
known musicians A buffet supper was
served from a table elaborately decorated
with flowers Among the guests were
Mr and Mrs James M Johnston Miss
Sophie Stanton Miss Emlyu Bailey Mr
and Mrs Gordon Cummlngs Dr and Mrs
William Mercer Sprlgg Dr and Mrs Bar-
rif Dr and Mrs Bow en the Rev Dr and
Mrs Randolph McKlm Mis PriscilU
IVige Dr and Mrs M W Johnston Dr
ami Mrs King Mr and Mm Perry Heath
Scnor Iuza Arriaga Dr RutBn Dr Ncal
Dr Sterrely and the majority of tho rep
resentatives of the medical fritcnlty of
the city
According to the Chinese calendar next
Wednesday will be New Year Day There
will bo Interchanging of friendly visits
betvvcen the natives of the Celestial King
dom residing In tho city and a deputation
will wait upon Minister Wu Otherwise
the holiday will be passed quietly without
any Junketings or special gayety as the
day is a fast instead of a feast the festivi
ties to begin a day later and tr be kept
up more or less until January IS
On Saturday Kcbruary 3 the Minister
and Madame Wu will hold the large recep
tion which is a feature of their hospitality
each year
The spacious parlor was beautifully dec
orated with palms cut flowers and nmilax
the ceremony being performed beneath a
bower of palms and smllax Tho bride en
tered the parlor with Dr Benjamin I
Ryder of Philadelphia preceded by the
bridesmaid Miss Nona Coleman and was
met by the groom and the best man Mr
George S Coleman The wedding was at
tended only by tho relatives of the bride
and groom after which a reception was
tendered to their numerous friends from
S to 10 oclock The bride wore a beautiful
gown of Ivory satin and muslin with a
diamond sunburst the gift of the groom
Her bouquet was of bride roses The
bridesmaid Miss Coleman was gowned In
white taffeta and muslin and carried a
bouquet of pink roses After the recep
tion the couple left for an extended tour
through the Northern States The brides
golng away dress was a tailor suit of Ox
ford grey The wedding gifts received
were many and pretty
The Trench Club held an Interesting
meeting last Wednesday evening at the
residence of Miss Lawton In Massachu
setts Avenue when an entertaining pro
gramme vvasi Dened by Mr Buynltskl
with a reading of a monologue In verse
Mme Boulardiby Gustave Nadatid Mr
E D Preston gave a recitation Un Solo
dc Klute which was warmly applauded
by the audience Mrs Dlttmar read a pa
thetic little istory entitled Vlcux Yen
and tho literary cprogrammc was closed
with Marc Sorials dainty monologue Un
Objct dArtVrecited by Miss Sewell Dur
ing the evening Miss Elizabeth Edson
sang Vidals Sli J etals Rayou and
Mrs V I WIndbm gave ono of Szcmcl
enyls waltzed Mr Charles C Rogers
gave ChoplufcVarse Drillaute and In an
swer to repeated demands gave other
numbers from Cliopln Among thoo pres
ent were Mrnnd Mrs W D WIndom
Miss Scdgely Mr Ralph Jefferson Mrs
and Miss Difttnary Miss Kalrgrleve Prof
R P Mrs and
Miss Sewcll Mf nhd Mrs Preston Mis
MacNaughton Mr Totf Mrs Sheridan
Miss Camp Mr Joseph Becker Miss Ma
rie Becker Dr Anita McGce Mr Scudder
Miss Parret Miss Mele Mr Hugll Miss
Robinson Miss llebsehiltz Mrs Stearns
Mr Paul Volnot Mrs and Miss Klsher
Mrs Cole Mrs Itogfrs and Dr II W
Mrs Mcnefec Mrs Dougherty and the
ladles of the Washington College will be
at home Fridays February - and 1C from
I to 6 oclock
The members of the Columbia Heights
Art Club were entertained nt the residence
of Mrs John Hyde In Euclid Place Thnra
day afternoon Mrs Gallaher presided
with Miss Kate Schneider as secretary
The discussion of the subject Greek
civilization was led by Mrs Frank Benton
Among the guestH present were Mrs Fannie
II Ward Mrs Ellen T Longfellow Mrs
James A Freer and Miss Elizabeth Hyde
Mr and Mre T Hamilton Coats have
issued invitations for a reception in honor
of the fifth anniversary of their marriage
February C S to 10 oclock at 10 Sixth
Street northeast
The monthly social of the Excelsior Lit
erary Club was held at the residence of
Mrs George A Bacon 1703 Nineteenth
Street Thursday evening An elegant pro
gramme was prepared by the hostess con
sisting of vocal and instrumental music
readings etc as follows Mandolin and
piano duct by Miss Francis Edwards and
Mrs A II Krear respectively original
poem by Mr J L McCrcery reading Miss
M C Bennett piano solo Miss Ethel Tlb
betts address Mr George A Bacon vocal
solo Miss Francis IMnanls remarks by
Mr J II Kletcher of New York vocal
duct Mr and Mrs A II Krear Others
taking part wtre Miss S E Lynde of Bos
ton Mass Mr J C Knapp of Nebraska
Mrs Edwards Mrs E A Tibheits and
others Refreshments were servd An in
vitation was extended to the rluj by the
hostess to attend a reception to her daugh
ter Mrs Belle ilacon Bond at her resi
dence Thursday evening February 13 The
next social will be held at the residence
of Mrs A II Krear February 12
Mrs B F Lelghton 70S Massachusetts
Avenue Capitol Hill villi receive tomorrov
from 2 to C
The Indies Auxiliary will hold a recep
tion at Carroll Institute Thursday evening
February 1
Onlng lo hK atr ence from the city Mrs
Ryan wife oY Ult Ilrt Assistant Secre
tary of the lutcfiyr will nut resume her
Tuesdays at Ji6nij until after Easter She
will kail for fTulii Tuesday to visit her
son Captain Ryan of lh couimlssjry de
partment at SinljJKt
Tho Wednesday Cotillion Club will give
Its first gerulin dl Carroll Institute Hall
on Tuesday Jjdujry I Instead of oil Wed
nesday nlKbtilt 10 oclock Tho german
will be led by Mr George Thomas Cox
The patronesses 7ire Mrs William Todd
Devan Mis JJwcUi P MInetree and Mrs
William Nelson Mooro
Rev J J Mulr D I and Mra Mulr
have as their iksls Mrs R II Mulr of
East Orange Nifl and her daughter Miss
Mabel F Mulr
Naval Constructor Samuel II Pool- re
tired and Mrs Pook celebrated their
golden wedding anniversary last Tuesday
night Mr Pcok has been a famous naval
architect In bis day Ho was born In
Brooklyn In 1S27 and learned the rudi
ments of his profession nt the Brooklyn
navy yard He designed many fast clip
per ships and at the outbreak of the civil
war made plans for nine gunboats He
superintended the building of the United
States steamer Galena mid the torpedo
boat Spuyten Dtiyvcl As naval constructor
he served at the Boston Brooklyn Ports
mouth and San Francisco navy yards and
since his retirement ten years ago has
made his home In this city The reception
was attended by a number of relatives
and friends there being four generations
of tho family present
Mr and Mrs H G Jacobs have Issued
Invitations for the marriage of their
daughter Frances Mabel to Mr Frank
Campbell Nlckells Wednesday February
7 at S oclock Calvary Baptist Church
A leceptlnu will follow from SG0 to 11 nt
Rahschers The couple will be at homo
Tuesday Kcbruary 10 at 112 Thirteenth
Street South Minneapolis
Tho Idea of an Oriental evening was car
ried out In a pleasing manner at St Kath
arines School Kriday evening The guest3
of the occasion were received In the Phil
ippine room by Mrs Dashlelds superin
tendent of the school Mrs Laura Schwlch
tenhcrg Miss Spauldlng and Mrs Towner
Mrs Schwlchtcnberg has lately returned
from the Philippines where she went as
Inspector general of hospitals for tho White
Cross of America and she contribute
much to the entertainment of the etcnlnj
by appearing In the costume worn by the
native women of the Islands and relating
some of the Interesting and thrilling Inci
dents connected with her travels In our
new possessions on the other side of tho
world as she showed the wonderful war
relics and curios she had bro ight homo
with her Noticeable among this collec
tion were some of the weapons tucd by the
savages In those far away lviands long
wicked looking blades called bnlo kriss
and borong knives the queer woodea
worn by the Islanders and specimens of
their window panes which are made of
oyster shells ground down and psIUheJ till
they are transparent
Adjoining the Philippine apartment was
tho St Katharine s room which was pret i
tlly decorated In palms American flags
ami tho class colors Here n number of
the young ladles of tho school becomingly
attired fn evening dress held sway They
were Miss Ethel PJtney Miss Chesley
Buck Miss Pauline Poffenberger and Mis3
Helen Guild
In the Japanese room Mrs Griffith John
son did the honors She was assisted by
Miss Catherine Weed Mlsa Etta Weir
Miss Katie McCartney Miss Daisy Mackall
and Miss Matnl Williamson pupils cf the
school The teIlc all wore the Japanese
costume and served tea and other Japa
nese refreshments In true Orkntal style
A musical programme was contributed by
Mrs Jrfilth Johnson who gave n number
cf piano selections and Mr Lymnn who
An attractive factor In the evenings en
tertainment was Master Don Morrison
who added to the pleasure of the occasion
In many gracious little ways
Mrs Anloinette It Perlle has Issued
invitations for the marriage of her niece
Miss Annie A H Casey to Mr Lewis S
Smith Thursday evening Kebruary 1 at
7 oclock at the Church of the Epiphany
The ceremony will be followed by a re
ception from S to 3 oclock at Mrs Perlles
residence t21 I oiirteenth Stret north
Mrs Conant and Mrs Ixvell of Boston
are guests of Mrs Walter Rich 1203 Massa
chusetts Avenue southeast
Mrs Cttshman wife of Representative
Cushman of Washington who has ben
seriously sick with fever has so far con
valesced as to hope to be able shortly to
receive and return calls
Mm F A Sebrlng 6l U Street north
cast is on a two weeks visit to her
brother-in-law Mr James K Sebrlng of
Philadelphia Mrs Sebrlng has been very
111 for the past eight menths and her
friends hope that the trpl may greatly Im
prove her health
Mrs Florence Donohue and ier daugh
ter Mrs Herbert Lindsay Dvyo will be
at home en Moidays after 3 oclock during
Topics mill fur Vnrlims
four Aiinuniirril
The Civic Centre of Washington which
Is organized for the promotion of public
good in the municipal sanitary educa
tional Industrial and charitable depart
ments of tho city in co operallon with
the Board of School Trustees at the Cen
tral High School has arranged to give
the following lectures during the season
of JD0O Lectures comprising tho Social
Science Course will be ou Tuesday nights
at S oclcck nnd will begin January it
Course 1 will be ou municipal govern
ment nnd Is in charge of E Hani Durand
Ph D assistant professor of finance and
administration In the Lcland Stanford Jr
University and will consist of the follow
ing themes The Growth of Cities aud
Their General Functions January 30
Municipal Moncindles and Franchlse s
February C State Control and Municipal
Home Rule Kebruary 13 Tho Proper
Organization of the City Government
Kebruary 20 Municipal Corruption and
Municipal Reform Kebruary 27
Tho second course in charge of M L
Jacabscc cf the Treasury Bureau of Sta
tistics will treat on social history of
Europe and comprises- tho following
themes Europe Before the Revolution
March C Social Results of the Revolu
tion March J3 The Reaction March
20 National Unity March 27 Social
Ism and Social Movements April 3
The third course will treat on ihe evolu
tion of Industry and comprise the fol
lowing discussions Tho Economic Devel
opment of Society by Charles P Nclll
Ph April 10 Agriculture by L G
Powers chief statistician in the Census
OihcV In charge of division of agriculture
April 17 Manufactures by Carroll I
Wright LU D United States Commis
sioner of Labor April 21 Transporta
tion by II T Newcomb LU M chief
of the division of agriculture In the Cen
sus Office May 1 Industrial Combinations
and Trusts by II T Newcomb May S
The Relation of tho Modern Industrial
System to Intellectual Developmcn by
Carroll D Wright May 13
The Natural Science Courses will be held
on Thursday nights at S oclock ami will
begin on Kebruary 1 The first course
biology the adoption of plants and ani
mals to their environments consists of
Ave themes which are as follows Light
Relations in Plants- by Dr John M Coul
ter of the University of Chicago Kebruary
1 Adaptation of Plants to Arid Regions
by K V Covllle chief of division of
botany Department of Agriculture Feli
ruary S Some Interesting Features of
lLaect Life by Dr U O Howard De
pirtmcnt of Agriculture Kebruary 1
Adaptation to Environment in Birds by
Dr T S Palmer biological survey March
1 Adaptation to Environment In Mam
mals by Vernon Bailey biological sur
vey March S The second course Is on
geology earth modeling forces and com
prises four lectures Volcanoes and Earth
Movements by J S Dlller of the Geo
logical Survey March IS Oceans nnd
Their Products by W J McGce Bureau
of American Ethnology March 22 Ero
sion by G K Gilbert of the Geological
Survey March 2U The Grand Canyorr of
the Colorado by Major J W Powell
Chief of the Bureau of American Eth
nology April 7
Dr K II Newell is chairman of the
municipal department of the Civic Cen
tre Dr George M Kobcr chairman of
the public health department Mrs Alia
B Foster ihalrman of the committee on
school of the department of education
Prof E A Fay chairman of the commit
tee on education of the blind deaf and
feeble minded Miss Josephine A Clark
chairman of tho committee on libraries
The above lectures will bo given under
the university extension movement and
are under tho auspices of the Civic Centre
of this city
Where- Miuiklni fs Crime
From the fltvrland IUin lVabr
It Is rurfu3 t find tlat thrre is a cwintry la
the world in which It is ctnmldt red a ciime to
smote Ahjrlnli U the rrhn ami the Ijvr for
LI1I1I111C tobacro ibtM Iroiii the vrar lllli It uas
at ilrst iiotiIj intended to prewnt priests from
rnoking in the churches but It waj taken t
literally and nowailajs even foreigners luve to
smote tub rosa u it they were still schoolliori
At the It erptlon
From the Chicago Times Iterald
Who i that timid looting little man ever
there In Ihc corner
That U Wratonbroote the great Inventor
They fay hit patents lure made him a million
aire many tinxs over
Hm Tu look at him one would think he was
earninir about 0 a week somewhere and glad to
have the pririlege of iloins It Who is that tall
dicnlfled looMnff young man near him J
George theres a fellow who looks aj if he lud
betn liorn to rule nations
Thatii eitonhroolta ton lie one cf the
best polo platers In this town
Clearing Sale
Of New and Slightly Used Pianos
To make room for new stock vi have decided to sacrifice
a number of excellent Iianos that we fully expected to Hell
at much higher prices They are all standard makes ami in
perfect condition Following are some of the special cuts
500 Pool Piano Walnut Case Now 335
500 Crown Piano Mahogany Case Now 350
450 Shaw Piano iMahogany Case Now 31
400 Brambach Piano Mahogany Case Now 300
350 Russell Piano Walnut Case Now 295-
350 Hallett Davis Piano Rosewood finish Now 225
300 Milton Piano slightly bruised Now 240
Stool and Cover free with each piano Fasy Terms
Stcinway Piano Warerooms
925 Pa Avenue N W
Ladies Tailoring
Ladles desiring really high class service are assured of receiving ab
solute satisfaction A force of expert tailors has been secured from New
York C03tumes and garments for all occasions are mado noon the most
recent metropolitan lines and strictly up to the newest decrees of fash
Ion We give patrons only the best the market offers and employ only
the hUhcst prlced talent apoa all work We dont preach from the house
top that our garments are guaranteed BECAUSE THAT IMPORTANT
We solicit your patronage
Ladies Tailor
Mrs Sydney Goldmann who before mar
riage was tho Hon Agnc3 Peel second
daughter of Lord Peel ts among the vol
unteer nurses for South Africa Mrs
Goldmann left her magnificent London
home at tho lint call for nurses Her hus
band Is a South African millionaire
James Pyle who died In New York the
other day was one of the pioneers of mod
ern business methods He was convinced
of th value of advertising by Iloraco
Greeley and ipent millions In bringing bis
goods to the attention of the public
Gen J C Bates Is said to be one of tho
few officers who now speak the Filipino
dialect fluently
Henry Clews the metropolitan financier
spends his spare time in working- out diffi
cult che3 rrobcm3
An island in the Nil has Iecn purchased
by Lord Kitchener It is said that he will
stock It with plants and trees preparatory
to building a villa thc
Thomas Wentworth Hlsglnson hai been
requested lo deliver an address on Early
Harvard Athletics on the occasion of the
new Hnrvard boathono opening
The trustees of Johns Hopkins Universi
ty have granted President Daniel C Gil
man au extended leave of absence in rec
ognition of his services as the head of the
institution since its formation President
Gllman will leave for a European tour
early in the spring
Charles Broadway Rouss the blind New
York millionaire has given his native
town Winchester Va 30000 toward the
building of a new city hall to cost 0000
Reoresentatlve J C Needham of Cali
fornia U said to have one of the best post
age stamp collections In the United States
II began to accunmulate them when he
was a small boy and has always taken an
Interest in securlns additional rare speci
Superintendent Drury of tho Great
Eastern Railway of England has received
from Emperor William a pair of diamond
sleevc Ilnks In evidence of the German
munarcbK appreciation of the arrange
ments made for his comfort during his re
cent trip to England
Col felon Churchill Is known la the
British annv aj the Blhlo officer be
cause of his disjoin of preaching to his
mcu on Sundny
The Czar Is about to make lrlnce George
of Greece a present of a line yacht which
is now being built In Seluutopol It Is In
rvaembrauce of the fact that the prince
once saved the Czars life while they were
traveling In Japan
a rrll
ill i nmuiitii l
from Ibe iDdianapolts Xews j
TUe American llicul woo Hare lcen cnmzcu
in uuVing a crti us cI fuia rirt baric found
in the iwmf ins of the Interior trits of la
duns wliwc rvntrnee wu prcrinmly unknown
jnd tliey rjn aerws intellicrnt white peram who
vcvr unaware that the United M3tcs UivenzccnC
lull UUn ortrcil of tlie island
A Century Ak
Froni the Hartford Times
The Wplnnina cf this renrury vexed pePe a
hundred jwrs 3X jt a it does now Unl Jleb
bourne was one of thce who toot a sound view of
the milter fr he wrote to Ms mother In Febru
ary 1 00 actnowledsirg a parrel ot boots and
said I Is hete I lavc not thanked you yet lor
SI a Talc nt the Mnetetnth Century by
the way it is only the eULreerth but no matter
for that the t ry is evceleL
Never Quit Certainty
For Hope
Yoa mjy Uke Hoods SirsipurUU for
all discuses arising from or promoted by
impure Uoodwilh perfect confidence thit
it witt do you good Never tike ny sub
stitute In Hoods SarsapjritU yoa hxve
the best medicine money can buy It
cures completely and permanently
ahen others fait io do any good
Scrofulous Humor mii in ter
rible condition from the itching and burning
of scrofulous humor Grew worse under
treatment cf several doctors Took
Hoods Sarsaparilla and Hoods PSIs
These cured me thoxighty JJ Little
Fulton iV Y liemember
Arlington Hotel
LonK Loaf Square Loaf
minimas Old Homestead
YOCR Grocer sells It
BEST bread in town
OUR whole wheat aids digestion
l hoae 1K3
COrrZE Cbcce Java and Mochj Sc p lb
arc ycu ptrclUMd from anyone wlio sella atS2c
tZc and Isrjwr Ibf
Twcllth and O Sti X vY
Jair lraoem
Our Slieii 5 Machines
conic in beautiful
antique oak cabi
net wort and
with five years
guarantee A pos
tal or telephone 772 will brinjj
one to you for trial free
CAuerbac TSHGenl Agency
Domestic Sewing MacWas Co
rriitliilar Krrry Ionf of Ilrend
Yon II uy Front
roir c ocer It il is not stamped Corbvs
jirrriIFK3 BKEVD refnse It JlOTHKirs
nilKAlr contains 20 per cent more nutriment
iliac other breads All grocers sell it ta
Best Rubber
Plates - -
nit PAITOX IJcntUt
jalC tf
Dont Lcf Those Old
Diseased Teeth
remain in your mouth and
ruin your health Just let us
take them out VrrilOUr
PVI and replace them with
a gocd healthy natural
looUng act at lowest poaJiMj
prn e fJ to 3
itabliJied taw 13W F Street
Itranch OOce HI 4i Street S V
812 814 7tli nt 13 Slarkct Space
I Keep Up With Progress I
tST as lamps replaced eacdlcs -and 3
KM replaced the lamps so has j
KbECriMCTTV renlaccd ni in all J
raodcraly equipped houses J
oIkju yours Hadnt you
HOW let tts rjire yco an estimate
fjr electric lights to be put in ycur f
home Phone 137T y
V 9 nteclrlo MkIiIIiic Co T
Ulectrlo Iurrcr Co

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