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Buller Forced to Retreat Across
the Tugela River
English Mimed Don 11 by lie Boer
Fire as Ileforc a Scythe
Apparent 1nllnre of the Ilcltcf Movc
meiit n lciiiil to Itll the Hor
ror of llic Itcserse lit Ofllcinl Ie
pntchcK In the London r Ofllce
Tlic TrniiKvntilers ocoiint f the
Unfile Lnrcrlj nt Wirlnn c V Ifli
riiilt cnl From Jjpcnriiinni Cnmp
DrKpntriuir 1PriiK Comment An At
tempt fit lllsivulsc ti Grnvlt of
lhciItnntlon lo un tlic Continent
LONDON Jan 2S The following des
patch from Gen Sir Redvers JOullcr com
manding the Ladysmlth relict column -was
received at the War Office today
Spearmans Camp Jan 17 10 p m
On January 20 as reported General War
ren drove back the encmj and obtained
possession of the southern crests of the
high table land extending from a line at
Acftn Homes and Hongers Foort to the
western Ladycmllh hills From then to
January 23 he remained In close contact
with the enemy who held a strong position
on a range of small kopjes stretching
from northwest to southeast across the
plateau from Acton Homes on Spion Kop
to the left bank of the Tugela The ac
tual position held was perfectly tenable
but did not lend itself to an advance as
the southern slopes -were so steep that
General Warren could not get effective ar
tillery in position and to supply his troops
with wafer wis difficult
On January 23 I consented to his at
tacking Spion Kop rcrrls a large hill
Indeed a mountain which was evidently
the ley of the position out which was far
more accessible from the north than from
the south On the night of January 23 he
tcized Spion Kop but It was very difficult
to hold as Its pcrimctre was too large and
water which he had been led to believe
existed In this extraordinarily dry season
vras found very deficient
The crests were held all that day
against severe attacks and heavy shell fire
Our troops fought with great gallantry I
would especially mention the conduct of
the Second CameronUns and the Third
Kings Rojal Miles who supported at
tacks on the mountain from Its steepest
tide In each case they fought their way
to the top also the Second Lancashlrcs
end the Second Middlesex magnificently
maintained the best traditions of the Brit
ish Army throughout the trying day and
also on January 21 Thornj crofts mounted
Infantry who fought throughout equally as
well alangsldc General Woodgate who
was In command at the lummit being
wounded the officers who succeeded him
accJflcd on the night of January 21 to
abandon the position and did so before
daj light on the 2Mb
I reached Warrens camp at 6 a m
January 25 and decided that a second at
tack on Spion Kop would be useless and
that tbe enemys right was too strong to
allow mc to force it I accordingly decided
to withdraw the forces out of the Tugela
At C a in I commenced withdrawing tbe
train By S a m January 27 Warrens
force was concentrated south of the Tu
gela without the Joss of a man or a
pound of stores The fact that the force
could withdraw from actual touch In
cases the lines were less than a thousand
jards apart vlth the enemy In the per
fect manner it did Is I think sufficient
evidence of tbe morale of the troops That
we were permitted to withdraw our cum
brous ox and mule transport across a rhcr
eighty five yards uroad with twenty foot
banks a very swift stream unmolested
was I think proof that the enemy has
been taught to respect our soldiers fight
ing powers
A Tcrrlflr 1IrIiI to Hold nu Iiflio
lic Ptmlllou on Spion Kop
BOER CAMP Moddcr Spruit Upper Tu
gela River Jan 21 Wednesday At 1
oclock this morning some Vryheld burgh
ers forming the outposts on the highest
hills of the Eplon Kop group rushed Into
the laager announcing that tho British
had taken Spion Kop Be cnfcrccmcnts
tvere summoned but nothing could be done
for some time as he hill was envcloited
In mist At dawn there was a significant
-- W 5-
sign the Kaffirs fleeing to their kraals
from the hills Telegraphic communica
tion from the head laager was aJo cut off
At da light the Heidelberg and Carolina
contingents who were supplemented
commenced the ascent
There are three spurs rather precipitous
projectlon i facing the Boer position Up
these the burghers leaving their iores
at the first bank of rocks ascended At
the summit the found the British heavily
cnlrcnched Between the British trenches
and tho Bor commandos there as a
stretch or open veldt which had to be
rushed under a heavy rifle Isddlto mil
shrapnel fire Meanwhile two parties of
burghers ascended the other two spurs
covered by the Free State Krupp Creusot
and Maxim guns The British tried to
rush them but their infantry fell as be
fore a scythe The firing continued with
undiminished fury the Boers advancing
rtep by step until 2 oclock Then a while
flag was dlsplaved and 150 British in the
first trenches surrendered They were sent
to the head laager
The storming of the rest of the summit
was still proceeding The ears of the be
holders were deafenid by the tremendous
cannonade At midnight the British In
fantry advance of which the earlier stages
bad been reported In the afternoon con
tlnued on two of the kopjes cast of Spion
Kop The object of the British was to
gain the summits of these two kopjes In
order to outflank the burghers who were
attacking the trenches Many were shot
down on top of the kopjes but the British
were so numerous that the gaps were filled
Toward the twilight they reached the
summit of the second kopje but got no
farther Meanwhile the Maxims were
belching flame on both Bales while a wall
of flame from the Boer Mausers held back
the British centre Under such pressure
they gradually gave way broke and aban
doned their position
Tho British prisoners speak highly of the
bravery of the burgers who despising
cover stood on the sky line to be shot at
by the Dublin Fusiliers who were sheltered
In trenches The Bocra rushed the trenches
shouting Hands up weapons down The
resistance however continued for some
time longer Then the Dublins and tbe
Light Horse had enough and throwing up
their arms rushed out of the trenches
An unusually high proportion of the
British lyddite shells failed to explode jes
tcrday The effect of the British abandon
ment of Jpion Kop can hardly be gauged
yet but it will undoubtedly be Immense
Tlic CnnnnlUrN nt lplnn Kop the
tlic Grrntest of tlic ttr
Africa Jan 26 A despatch from the Boer
laager at Moddcr Spruit dated January 23
C p m says that the British dead left on
the field on January 21 numbered 1300
Ccncral Buller who was reported to be
down with the fever has recovered
A despatch from Tretorla dated January
23 announces the capture of 130 prisoners
It concludes God be thanked though wo
also had to give brave valuable lives
Tlic British Comiuniiilrr nt Inilj
niltlt In iluiinlnc n Conn
Jan 28 There are signs that the be
sieged British arc preparing to make a
desperate coup In order to attempt to form
a Junction with General Buller The re
lief forces on the river display rockets and
search lights nightly There Is feverish
activity In the outer forts In Ladysmlth
there is bugling at all hours The Boers
think that General White will make a
serious attempt to escape from the
Etrlckcn cltj Thursday
It Is reported that Dr Jameson tho
leader of tbe Transvaal raid who is In
Ladysmlth has been wounded In the leg
by a shell from I ong Tom
President Steyn has concluded ks visit
and has returned home by train
lie Wltlilinlilo tlic Nnmr of llic Of
ficer Who Aunniloncd Spion Kop
LONDON Jan 29 The latest despatch
from Ladysmlth hellographed on January
21 describes the beleaguered British as
being delighted by hearing the guns of
the approaching relief column It says
It Is highly Inspiring to all the towns
folk and tbe garrison to listen to the in
spiring sound Some arc keeping glasses
glued to their eyes to catch the first slglit
of the khaki uniform
Tho gun fire seems to be increasing and
coming nearer Wo have commenced to
congratulate ourelves for we are nil con
vinced that tho relief of Lad statin can
now be only s matter of a few days
Even before the peoplcof England the bit
terly disappointed garrison must have real
ized the truth which yesterday plunged
England Into the deepest gloom and at the
eamo time evoked a ehorus of Jubilation
In the eontlncntal capitals Quotations
from the London papers cannot possibly
KortolU Jt vVhliiEloii stenmhoat Co
OrllK1itful trlpt dally at 6 80 p m to Old Point
Comfort Nrnport Ntwi No folk inJ UrjInU
BtUi Tor tcbrdulc im pjc 7
The Ilocrs Well Knew of HI Ad
vance Across the Tncrln
LONDON Jan 29 Despatches from
Durban show what has been thought likely
that the BoeVs well knew of General Bul
lers crossing the Tugela Rhcr and did
not Interfere with him in order to get
him entangled as they did The fact that
Spion Kops first ridge was abandoned by
the Boers after one volley makes It most
likely that the abandonment was a mere
ruse to lure the British U the next posi
tion which was covered by the Boer guns
Tho commentators doubt whether Gen
eral Buller Implies that his whole force
recrossed tho Tugela They yronder If
convey an adequate Idea of the effect of
the news of the British retreat to the south
bank of tho Tugela River after the confi
dence Inspired by General Bullers there
will be no turning back
Although to cool onlookers here the
wording of the first despatch nnnounclng
the occupation of Spion Kop did not con
vince them that the occupation was likely
to be permanent the general retreat
across the river comes upon all as n stun
ning blow The newspapers while not
disguising the gravity of the news at
tempt valorously to 7nd some comfort
The Standard sajs That there has
been a failure Is obvious but If we arc to
believe the Transvaal report there has
been a disaster
It proceeds to compare the versions and
sajs tint an absolute contradiction of tho
Boer sti Is in General Bullers jet his
omissions arc unaccountable if the ether
is correct even In its main outlines It
argues that General Bullers despatch
clearly Implies a voluntary relinquishment
of the position and savs
It Is Impossible that General Buller
should have suppressed all mention other
wise or if he mentioned it that tho War
cause such a scandalous deception of the
nation as would cause ihe deepest resent
It concludes It the relief of Lady
smith Is not to be left to fate it must
bo all re begun The centre and right
have tried Both have been unsuccessful
Can anything be done on the left along
toward Weenen or when Generals Roberts
and Kitchener have organized sufficient
forces and transport or will tho main scene
of operations be shifted to a very different
quarter with far more favorable results
Such sentiments couched in varying terms
find expression In a majority of the papers
All dilate upon the discrepancy between
the Boers and General Bullers accounts
They say they must accept General Bul
lers but they plainly show great un
The Telegraph sajs It Is a pity that
the English people are not treated with
franker confidence In matters like these
The Telegraph like the other papers
draws attention without comment to Gen
eral Bullers suppression of the name of
the officer who decided to abandon Spion
Kop It says editorially
Parliament meets tomorrow In the
greatest crisis within living memory Upon
the wisdom or folly of the supreme coun
ell during the coming session- will depend
the fate of England United we stand di
vided we fall The House of Commons
must do one of two things close up the
ranks or begin an attack on tho govern
ment which would simply mean a lacera
tion of their own bowels
This is the tone of all tho responsible
journals Tbe Daily News says The
Immediate duty of the opposition leaders
Is to support the government The paper
counsels General Buller to protect Plcter
marllzburg and to spare Ul the men pos
sible for an advance on Bloemfonteln in
v bich it says there Is one chance of re
lieving Ladjsmith This Is undoubtedly
tbe opinion of a great majority as It has
been of the rrilitary experts since the out
The Morning Tost which first attack
ed the government says there must be no
recrimination no partisanship but the co
operation of all for the prosecution of the
war The causes of failure In war are
usually either political strategical or
tactical In the present war there are evi
dences of weakness under each The first
necessities are the preparation of the navy
for every emergency for thereon tbe na
tion has to rely to prevent outside Inter
vention in the present war the mobiliza
tion of the militia and the embodiment of
volunteers A grave danger in South
Africa is a fresh rising in Cape Colony A
still graver danger is the unexpected hos
tility of one or more powers hitherto neu
tral Against this the best precaution is
speedy success in South Africa and tbe
only defence is the British Navy The
paper complains of the splitting up of Ihe
army and says that the government can
not be thought to comprehend the situation
unless It immediately prepares to despatch
30000 men
The Times paraphrases General Bul
lers despatch and In a sarcastic tone cays
there were probbly other reasons for tho
Boers not molesting the British retreat
than respect for the British soldiers fighting-powers
It adds
Tho Boers bad attained their end
Their resources arc too small for pru
dencoto allow the sacrifice of life need
lessly The probability is that another
C0000 men may be needed to follow the
task made unnecessarily heavy by
paredness want of sjstcm want of fore
sight and the extraordinary conduct of
affairs In South Africa but heavy or light
the thing has to be done We have at
stake not only the Immediate object of
ihe war but the prestige and position
Lord Dundonalds c ilry Is In danger
but probability points to the retirement of
the whole British foe Despatches fronl
Paris Vienna and Berlin describe the un
disguised joy of the people over the Brit
ish defeat which Is displayed as though
their own armies had been winning great
Again Paris know of the abandonment
of Spion Kop before London Dr Lcyda
the diplomatic agent of the Transvaal
knew It Thursday night when the War Of
fice hero announced that it had no Infor
mation The Paris papers say that the War
news of the capture of Spion Kop before
the adverse news wSsjibllshcd
I lie Ilocr 1oaltlon Chosen VA Ith Vlnii
lerlj hlHl mill Forethought
a m On Tuesday night a force under
General Woodgate attarked Spion Kop and
took the position at tho point of the
Officc should suppress It for it would net At 113 a m Wednesday tho
Ish were half way up to tho summit and
the field guns wre pushed forward Gen
eral Lyttlctons brigade was extended In
tho centre opposite Totgietcrs Drift
With telescopes Boers could be seen beck
oning to comrades who were climbing be
hind the rocks on the west side of the bill
While the British advanced from the east
there was a tremendous cross fire from the
highest point of the hill The troops must
have sufTered heavily while crossing the
onc of fire The Boer guns were hard to
locate Their positions had been selected
with masterly skill At 10 a m the Boer3
began climbing down over the nek the
naval guns playing Ijddite on them At 2
p m the whole hill up to the nek was
held by tbe British who began throwing
up entrenchments At about 3 oclock ad
vances began on the westjside
Tho Third Kings Royal Rifles and the
Second Camcronians made a magnificent
assault up the most precipitous side of the
sugar loaf mountain reaching the summit
at 313 This Is the northeast extremity
of the key to the pos ltltn
The Ilrltlnh ttlrnnic nn jjlplon Kop
licftcrlhcil h n Correspondent
LONDON Jan 23 The Dally New3
publishes n defpatrh dated Spearmans
Camp Wednesday aflcrricon but held back
until Pridayj Janvary V Clfrp m Tho
correspondent says
Having gallantly taken a portion of
Tabanyama Mountain during last night
General Warrens troops are finding con
siderable difficulty in holding it There
has been heavy lighting today The Boer
shells arn splendidly directed and In the
face of the enemys hcivy fire the further
advance of our troops has been checked
Again and again attempts have been
made to dislodge tbe enemy and things
bad begun to look serious Determined as
had been their attack however the Boers
had not succeeded in dislodging them
meanwhile tho Kings Royal Rifles ap
proaching from the Potgleters Drift side
of the mountain range began tbe arduous
ascent of Spion Kop The heights at the
place where they arrived were precipitous
and their task was no light one They
advanced however and apparently at first
without knowledge of the Boers but be
fore reaching the top they became exposed
to a flank fire from tbo oncmy
Tho last part of the hill wa3 even
mora precipitous than the road along
which they had come but the brave fel
lows scrambled up Utile by little some
times on their feet and hands sometimes
crawling on their knees until panting
and exhausted they reached the top and
threw themselves down upon the grojnd
with a cheer It was grandly1 accom
plished Thcro is still tho serious diffi
culty of keeping this Important point with
out artillery The position therefore now
is that the British hold Spion Kop at the
cast end of the range They also bold tho
west end Tho Boers are entrenched In
the Intermediate part besides holding other
entrenched positions on tbe adjoining
kopjes which command the British post
Tbe IlelKlnn Cnpltnl Hiithuncil Over
the liner ircnt Victor
BRUSSELS Jan 2S -The news of the
retreat of the British under General War
ren caused tbo greatest enthusiasm at
tho Transvaal legation here Tho Petit
Belu issued a special dltion at S p m
with scare heads This caused an Intense
sensation on the streets and boulevads
and In the cafes tbe people snatching the
papers from tbo hands of tbe news sellers
The Boer legation i also delighted with
Dr Leyds reception Vy president Loubet
and Baron von Buclow Gernun Minister of
Foreign Affairs regarding ft as a special
mark of sympathy by Franco and Ger
many though Dr Lrds declares that bla
viIts bad no political significance
fine n Krndunte of nmlirlilRe mid
tine in Ilelr to n Iliiriinrlr
CAPE TOWN Jan 23 1103 a m
Advocate De Wet who Is commanding the
Boers at Colesberg is a son of a member
of the Capo Parliament representing Alle
wal North He Is a member of the Pre
toria bar He was graduated as a con
coleglale by University where
he gained the chancellors medal In the
laM tripos He Is an example of tho young
Afrikander benefited by tho highest ad
vantages of British rule then turning Hos
tile Advocates Jude and Stewart and
Mr Stockenstroom who hold important
Boer commands are all members of the
English bar Stockenstroom Is the heir
to an English colonial baronetcy
No to Identify the Aiiicrlcnn
Schooner Lntll the Morm Ahlltes
ST JOHNS N P Jan 2S Nothing to
Identify the wrecked American schooner
was obtainable today The authorities say
that tho storms arc so severe that the
fishermen cannot cross the lay to Fox Isl
and in boats until the storm abates
lrrioiinll tondnctrd Tour via
leniis Ivnuln llnllrond
rclruiri two wectV lour to Florldi 13
Fibnury 1J twenty three dJjV tour to Old Mexi
co WOO rebnitrr 12 toity lx days tou to
Old Mexico ind CilllrrnU - Jhruiry 27
thitt one toiir to filifoniia fc75 Hte to
Florida includes riilroad IMlluun ind mtil ien
Ice o and Irom Jacksonville Otter rates Include
II necKsary expense duilcc lr l Itinera
rlci and further inloticaticn ar to ijtuli
aeuator Elcct Blackburn Summar
izes lie Kcnliick Situation
The Illnc Grn lrclslaturc Snfclj
Ilciuocrntlc II Will Oust Got
orimr Tnj lor rtcrrj1 Cnse n Test
Tlic Condition of Affair Grossly
l xnKKcrnted by tlic lnstcru Pre
In an Interview last night Senator elect
nb nfrM i tho nn
J C S Blackburn declared It as his be-
ment while other declare that the officials
Jr Gocbc he
nt the War Office kept back the news In the rightful Governor of Kentucky by
order that they and their friends might the legislature and WnJJiro would be
take advantage at the sock exchange of the no further trouble HI own election ho
said was finally settled as- Governor Tay
lor had stated to Judge Pryor who is
Colonel Blackburns attorney that It would
give him pleasure to sign Mr Blackburns
credcntlalt which are expected to be for
warded to this city in a fcw days
Mr Blackburn arrived in the city
early yesterday evening and registered
at the Nertnandie He spent the greater
part of tho evening with friends at
the Shorcham and was the recipient
of numerous greetings from former ac
quaintances and congratulations on his
election to the Senate Mr Blackburn
was seen at hi3 hotel lafe last night and
In reply to a question as to tho report
that Governor Taylor would rcfu to
sign Ills election commission said On
the contrary Governor Taylor assjretl my
attorney Judge Prvor on Friday that it
would give him great pleasure to sign my
credentials and said that he desired to
congratulate me There was no pciib e
wny in which ho could have refused to
sign them even bad he been so Inclined
Judge Pryor presented him with a tran
script of the election prcicedlngs In both
the houo and the senate which were
signed by tho speaker of the house and
by the lieutenant governor respectively
If every contested election In the legis
lature were to be decided In favor of tho
Republicans they would still not have a
majority In cither house As to the legal
ity of the elertlon there Is no room for
doubt Governor Taylor acknowledged the
legislature as legal when he sent both
houses his message and besides lie was
elected on the same day that the new
members of the legislature were I ex
pect to receive my commission from the
governor Tuesday or Wednesday and shall
at once present my credentials In the
AVhcn questioned as to tbe probable
outcome of the trouble over the seating
of Governor Taylor Senator Blackburn re
plied There will be no further trouble
Everyone recognizes the fact that the elec
tion will bo legally decided and tho peo
ple are not going to be so foolish as to
oppose it When I crossed the Alleghanlcs
and saw somo of the Eastern papers I
concluded that they must be trying to
transfer the war In South Africa to Ken
tucky Tbe condition of affairs In the
State seems to have been grossly exagger
ated The only bloodshed has been caused
by trouble among the Republicans them
selves There was a disgraceful mob In
Frankfort last Thursday and the result
was that somo of the Republicans threat
ened to vote for the seating of Gocbel un
less those men were sent out of the city
Mr Blackburn said that although he had
no personal knowledge of the fact he be
lieved the reports to be true that prominent
Kentucky citizens and politicians have
asked tho IYcsIdcnt to send Federal troops
to prevent further trouble He said he was
convinced that this Is unnecessary but that
there are many Kentucklans who are anx
ious to have every precaution taken to pre
vent a possibility of bloodshed Referring
to the unseating of State Representative
Berry a Republican and the seating of
van Meter Democrat contestants for the
seat from Lafayette county on the Guber
natorial Contest Committee Senator Black
burn said Van Meter was my candidate
Thcro were five members of the Elections
Committee four Republicans and one
Democrat The Republicans voted in favor
of Berrys retaining bis seat while the one
Democrat presented a minority report pro
viding for the unseating of Berry and the
seating of Van Meter The minority report
was adopted by a vote of 31 to 43 one Re
publican absenting himself This was con
sidered n test vote to decide the political
standing of tbe house and now that it
has proved to bo safely Democratic no
arc sure of the control of both houses
Mr Blackburn expressed confidence In
tho firmness of tho Goebel Democratic
organization and added There Is no doubt
that Goebel will bo seated Just as soon as
tbe assembly can carry out its programme
for with eighty six Democrats to fifty two
Republicans there Is nothing to prevent
our success
On hearing that Colonel Bryan did not
leave tbe city until tonight Mr Blackburn
expressed regret at having missed htm
and said I understood that Colonel Bryan
left Washington this morning Had I
known bo was here all day I certainly
should have gone to sec him
The Possible Cllninx to the Political
Tnncle In KentneUr
TRANKFORT Ky Jan 28 The pres
ent week promises to see the end of tho
gubernatorial contest so far as the legis
lature is concerned It likewise seems
probable that thcro will be two govern
ments existing each claiming to be headed
by the rightful and legal governor The
reports will probably reach the house on
Friday and It seems that the programme
of the Goebel men Is to dispose of the con
test as soon as possible The contest of
GUI Dem vs Brlster Rep of Logan
county will be taken up tomorrow and
disposed of
It seems probvblc Gill will be seated but
this Is not certain It is reported that the
mountain men will return In a larger force
than before but this Is no believed
Ilroivn Inlvcrslt Students Mnjr ns
the llnlldliiK Hum
Hall one of tho recitation halls of Brovn
University formerly occupied by tho uni
versity grammar school was burned this
evening An overheated furnace Is sup
posed to have caused the fire The ball
was used by the departments of civil en
gineering and pure mathematics As tho
hall burned tho freshmen who had bicn
holding recitations In mathematics In tha
hall sang In chorus What Do We Care
The loss of tho building will seriously
cripple tho work of caching for Brown
was already cramped for recitation rooms
Lord Huberts A Islts the Mtllne
CArE TOWN Jan 23 Field Marshal
Lord Roberts accompanied by the mem
bers of bis staff today visited the hospital
ship Maine which was fitted out by Ameri
can ladles In London
The To Ik of the Town
Is the tinprtwlented importation of 109M3 caws
of C II Mumms Kxtra Dry in 1S99 or iZua
more than any other hranil accounted for by Ihe
rnalntenarce ot Ihe Mihest standard of quality
Their 1603 vintage now imported la exceptionally
OfTclnl Vntlcc of tlic Dentil of lie
Hmperor of Clilnn
I ftvnAv so 1- -
Moscow says the Chinese legation at St
Petersburg has received by cable official
notice that Kmperor Kuang Su Is dead
end that his body Is now lying In state
Tho ceremonial of the state funeral Is
fixed for Thursday and the new heir to
the throne v Ill bo proclaimed Emperor at
Pckln on February 3 under the name
Cbik Nanga
The Empress Dowager It Is said fears
dlsturbancs In the southern provinces
The President of Mexico Vrrnncrs
for Mix Intended lletlrement
MEXICO CITV Jan 2S The g7etting
of Gen Bernardo Reyes to be Minister of
War Is but the carrying out of a plan
long entertained by President Diaz of
providing for bis succession and retiring
from active participation In public affairs
For years he has regarded Reyes 33 his
right hand man His political experience
as Governor of Neuvo de Leon and his
military career have endowed him with
those qualities here considered necessary
to the chief executive
It was well known that four years ago
President Diaz was sincere In his desire
to retire He feels that his mission has
been fulfilled and that he merits a rest
Tbe plan Is to make General Reyei the
personal representative of the President
who will thus be relieved and enabled to
make the tour which he has from time to
time proposed In deference to the plead
ings of his advisers
Four years henco it Is expected that
Reyes will succeed Diaz In proper person
Tho President will go abroad as soon as
tho preliminaries for carrying on the gov
ernment as Indicated are fully completed
Arizona Coirhoj a nml ltlners 1re
pnre to Aventse Mnrders
EL PASO Tec Jan 23 11 J
cm now here from BIsbee Ariz says the
cowboys ind miners of southern Arizona
and New Mexico have organized inJ sre
preparing to Invade Sonora and avenge
the murder cZ jnerlean claim progpectors
They will flfht against tho Mexican troops
for the Imlipendence ofSonora and the
Yaqui nation He is of the opinion that
the contemp ted movement would bo
crowned with success
The EI Paso TIme3 edited by CapU
Juan S Hart Cuban Interpreter of tbe
evacuation committee and a capialn of
Immunes says today
Tbo men who wer said to have been
despatched In Spanish style by Torres
Ilalmed to be American prospectors They
were by accident found near a Yaqui camp
No proof of any guilt has been heralded to
tbe world only tbe news of a merUless
death to each probably ordered by Diaz
himself If on Investigation the fact3
turn out as reported then Sonora may say
good bye to the Mexican Republic
The history of Texas may be rcreatcd
President Diaz should disclaim at oiic j the
accusation that his authorities have shot
innocent Americans In Sonora and he
should warn his authorities to avoid fric
tion which can only end by a repetition of
the Texas Invasion
Governor W ell tnlts n Elec
tion In I tnh
SALT LAKE ttah Jan 28 Governor
Wells has Issued a proclamation calling a
special election to be held on April 2 to
fill the vacancy In Utahs Congressional
representation caused br the action of
Congress In refusing to seat Brlgham II
Roberts It was looked upon here as a
foregone conclusion two months ago that
Roberts would not be allowed to sit In tha
House hence both Democrats and Repub
licans have been casting about for candi
dates to fill the vacancy
Major IC W Young a grandson of Brig
ham Young who is a graduate of West
Point and who gained distinction In the
war In th Philippines and who now holds
tho position of associate Justice of the su
preme court In the Philippines Is the fa
vorite candidate of tbe Democrats and
pressure is being brought on him to accept
the nomination He Is a monogamist and
also a Mormon but Is very liberal in hi3
view3 The next most popular candidate
of the Democrats is former Congressman
King who refused the nomination when
Roberts received it In order to run for tha
Senate The legislature at that time failed
to elect a United States Senator at all
James T Hammond the present Sec
retary of State has the lead on the Re
publican side and In all probability will
be the nominee He is a liberal Mormon
with only one wife The Democrat
party havllg failed to elect ft United
States Senator and being responsible for
the election of Roberts is In bad odor to
some extent with the people and It is
generally conceded that the Republicans
have the better chanco of winning
Tho turning down of Roberts has
brought the admission from even the most
bigoted Mormons that It Is useless for a
poligimlst to bo a candidate for any Fed
eral office again
The Captntu mid Crexr of the Hark
Hthel Were Probnlil Murdered
VICTORIA B a Jan 23 It is reported
here that tbe Australian briganttne tnei
which has been posted as missing since
December 1 was scuttled by mutineers
who killed the captain mate and four
seamen Tho Ethel balled from Sydney
New South Wales and was owned by J
Loutlt She measured 14U tons and wa3
built in 1873
Accidentally Killed Himself
UTICA N Y Jan 23 Word has beca
received here tonight from Moose Rtver
In the Adlrondacks ot the tragic death
nt that place late yesterday afternoon of
Bees E- Thomas a prominent lawyer of
this city Mr Thomas was examining his
gun when his finger accidentally touched
the trigger the load killing him Instant
ly Mr Thomas was a prominent Mason
Trav el n Lnxnry
The Ilojal Limited finest day train In the
world leaves Washington n t O It It ata
tlon New Jersey Avenue and O Street dally 3
p m arrives ew York 8 p m Splendid din
ing and cafe car lervice
riyana Business College Nth mid K
S Census Office Examination- Si
Price One Cent
Bishop Satterlce Ontlines the Aims
of the Episcopal Church
1 I Hoped to Make Ihe National
Cnpltnl n Centre of Educational In
fluence Xot n Monument of Sec
tnrlnnUm Bat n AVItncas for
tlnn Unity The School for Girl
NEW YORK Jan 23 The Rt Rev
Henry Y Satterlee Bishop of Washington
preached at Trinity Church today on tho
projected cathedral at the National Cap
ital He maintained that tho building of
cathedrals In tho great cities of the mod
ern world exercised a powerful Influence
on the Intellectual and spiritual develop
ment of the people and so raised the plane
of all religious thought Tbe purpose of
erecting a great Episcopal cathedral at
the National Capital Is not he said that
It may be a mere monument of sectarian
Ism but that It may be a witness for
Christian unity a unity based upon tho
Holy Scriptures and the apostolic creed
the holy sacraments and apostolic order
The building of the cathedral would be la
accordance with the genius of a nation la
which church and slato are separated by
the Constitution for the cathedral would
bo utterly Independent of the Government
and from Its pulpit the preacher might
denounce fearlessly all corruption In tha
Go rnment even la the -very highest
The Bishop said that- the cathedral site
which has already been purchased wojltl
become the centre of educational Influ
ence In the church The R3pe3entallves
and Senators would not of necessity send
their daughters to Roman Catholic con
vents A school for girls was to be opened
at the cathedral site this autumn Many
and many a woman of Washington tha
Bishop said had told him that she was
a Roman Catholic today because she had
been sent to a Roman Catholic convent
Bishop Satterlee attributed the decline
in thq numerical strength of tbe Church
since the fourth century to Roman Cath
olicism Mohammedanism and the unloa
of church and state in the MldiLc Ages
The debt on the land already purchaser
for the cathedral Is 130000 It Is to te
called the Cathedral of St Teter and St
The tchlilhop or evT Yorli liny IJ
Mnde n Cardinal
NEW YORK Jan 23 It was slated today-
in Catholic circles In this city that
Archbishop Corrigan Is going to Roma
after Easter The Archbishop It was said
fs then to make bis visit ad lima to the
Pope This visit during which an account
of rhe affairs of his diocese Is given must
bejmadoWthe Pope by Archbishops and
Bishops Injcharge of the episcopal sees
cveryten years During his stay in Rome
the Archbishop will participate
monies In honorofthe holy year
Before his departure from tWa country
the Archbishop will consecrate the nevr
chapel at St Josephs Seminary
Yonkers This chapel which cost
30 000 Is a gift of the Archbishop himself
to the seminary
The news that Archbishop Corrlgan Is
going to Rome has revived talk of the pos
sibility of his being made a Cardinal The
Syracuse Catholic Sun declares that It
Is stated on tho best of authority that
A chbishop Corrlgan will soon be raised
to hi Cardlnalate Rumors to this ef
fect that paper says have been In clr
cuVIon time and again but now It Is
wf 11 known In higher ecclesiastical circles
that the present Jubilee year will see
Archbishop Corrlgan become a member of
tbe College of Cardinals The archdiocese
of New York next to Paris is perhaps
the most populous wealthy and Important
in the Catholic world and It Is deemed
fitting that it should be honored In the
sec of a cardinal
The Cxar Will lie fliclnllr Itepre
seuted In Cnundn
LONDON Jan 23 A despatch to the
Times from St Petersburg rays that a
decree has been Issued establishing a Rus
sian consulate In Canada The salary of
the office will be 10500 roubles annually
Mrrrlmnc Ilns nf Been llenrit
From since Octolier 1
LONDON Jan 2S A despatch from
Mallnhead says that a piece of wood ap
parently part of a beat has been picked
up there On it are the brass letter
Merrlm It Is probably from a boat
belonging to the British steamer Merrlmac
which sailed from Quebec October 23 for
Belfast and which was posted at Lloyds
as missing on January 10
A Former French War minister A ho
Helped to Prosecute Dreyfus
NANTES Jan 23 General Mercler
former Minister of War who took a very
prominent part in the prosecution of Drey
fus has been elected to the Senate re-
ceiving 703 votes against 2S7 cast for his
opponent M Riom
tutted Mntc hlp Alc miider
luls In nt Gibraltar
GIBRALTAR Jan 2S The United
State colllpr Alexander his arrived her
with her machinery out of order
The Stranded British Steamer In
Hunger of llrenkliiK lp
NORrOLIC Va Jan 23 The Merritt tug
Rescue sailed today for Ocracoke N C
where the British steamer Arlosto strand
ed December 21 when twenty one of her
crew were drowned The Rescue will at
tempt to haul tho Arlosto off and It Is
confidently anticipated that she will suc
Should she not float the steamer shortly
It Is believed that the Britisher will pound
to pieces as tho first northeast gale
which has prevailed off this coast since
she went ashore Is brewing and storm
signals were hoisted by the local weather
bureau tonight
She llnd n Iloneh Vojnrre nnd Wa t
Twenty Bays Oysjdne
HALIFAX N S Jan 23 Tha Elder
Dempster steamer Ashantl twenty day
overdue from Liverpool with the Canadian
malls arrived this afteruoon She was
buffeted about on tho Atlantic snd several
times was blown off her course No ma
terial damage was sustained by the
Wanhliitttou Clevelnnd Mccper vl
II t o
Quick lervice and superior accommodations
dailv on 8 30 p in train without change aWs
Intrt Cleveland 109 next morninf

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