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The Silver Chaniiions Iccqiiioii
ill a Hold Lobby
llllnm M r iirlmrrr nml llu
Kutrrlnliicd In lie
nvftliii lj Ininc
It tr llllmitx A Trip In
Acvv IliKlnml IUK Int MkIi
William Jennings Bryan was given a
reception In the lobby of tbe Kbbltt House
jesterday afternoon nblch amounleil to an
nation anil for balf an hour the scene
In the corridors vvas suggestive of a politi
cal campaign The occurrence was the re
sult of a casual visit of the white metal
champion to the hostelry to pay liis re
spects to Senator Hate of Tennessee and
Itepresontative Conhcid of Missouri vho
are guests of the hous e
As soon as he entered the lobbj Colonel
Pryan was rccosnlzcd anil the guests and
visitors crowded about him and congntu
latcd him upon tbe prospects of himself
and his party this autumn The ranks ot
those who first recognized him were
swelled by throngs Iiom the street tnd
it was Eornc time before Mr Bryan could
get away
In the evening Mr Tlryan was the suesl
ot dinner of ltepresentatlvc James II Wil
liam t Illinois at the residence vt the
vr 1T Kie Island Avennc at v hich
is WiWmm M ivriiujtr was also n
r h van a tshmml slr of
vin Srr it wunan d
sr Me Vs at II Utt
ft ii t im ji rrMKt K 1- He
vW 4k fc Trwcpxm t tkf KhNtt
i awns taturmi and
r Svvu iw mvx aa tire arrj pr cm
1i larat saul OVel Bryan one
fcuvSir eewr a betel lobby in Wash
ajcs uitiwat carting sereral members
oT CYcgress aet that s the way It was
wth a this afternoon I happened In at
the Ebbtt and meeting a number of old
friends took time for a little chat with
them Little was said of a political na
ture and really nothing of Importance was
Speaking of Senator elect Illaclvburn
Colonel Bryan said that he had not heard
of his arrival in the city until Just before
train time and had not yet seen him I
shall return to Washington in about two
creeks continued Colonel Bryan and
shall stop here a short time on ray way to
Richmond I shall spend the next eight
days In the New England States and shall
be In New York on the 7th of next month
Colonel Bryan returned to his room at
the Metropolitan Hotel at about 10 oclock
and from that time until he left to go to
the station he was besieged by callers a
number of old acquaintances being de
sirous of a few minutes conversation witn
him before his departure On his way
through the lobby he was stopped several
times and though but a few minutes re
mained in which to catch his train for
each one who spoke to him he had a hearty
handshnlc and a word of greeting
The niin tf tiniiIt IlfViilrlrLn
lit Suit til If toil fiilfi v
Two Counties III Alnlininn Give the
Senntor InrKf Miiiorlflrn
BIKMIXGIUM Ala Jan 26 Demo
cratic primaries held in Crenshaw and
Jlarcngo counties yesterday show majori
ties for Senator John T Morgan as against
Gov Joseph JohnBton and the re election
of the Senator seems assured The coun
ties which acted yesterday were a week
ago considered certain for Johnston but
the Senator mado a couple of speeches
Ills friends stumped the district hard and
a landslide followed for the Senator The
governor was disappointed but has not
lost heart and has Etarted In for Russell
county which acts next Saturday
Former Congressman M W Howard
Populist has Etarted his campaign and
this will aid in the re election of Senator
A Sir llelirj W Crn Mic Wn the
lnuftf of a otcd Duel
NEW YORK Jan 2S Mary Travcrs
Hccksclicr wife ot John G Heckscbcr
and daughter of the late William It Trav
crs died al noon today at her home 21
West Seventy fifth Street New Yorl in
her fifty third year She had been 111 for
many months Mrs Hcckscher was form
erly the wife of Henry Winlhtop Gray
and tbe tvents leading up to the J
Hon ot tbe two and culminating in a duel
between lleckscher and Gray and the dl- j
voire of Mr and Mrs Gray were the social i
Kclsatlou of the ear 1S73 tn New York I
Though nobody was Injured In the duel
the which took place In Canada
was made the subject of protracted legal
Jnveillgation but little ever came cf It
Mimllpux In MlKmUnlpjil
JACKSON Miss Jan 2S The new State
board of health has organized and elected
Dr Cant of Water Valley president The
malpox situation was declared to be se
rious all over tbe State and compulsory
-vaccination was recommended The board
has no money and cannot supply vaccine
points until the legislature makes an ap
Stops he Conch
and worUm off the Cold
Lataltre Rromo Qulnloe TbU lire a cold Is
ese cay o CLre o rj Trice 2c
TliuiitiiM rlKti itRcfi MeiMliuiKlitrr
Secret I- AVeiln 1rcKtiin CIIihiiii
The magnificent home of Thomas Nelzon
Page tho author was thronn Into great
excitement yesterday by tbe announce
ment from New York of tho elopement of
his joung stepdaughter Miss Mlna licld
and Preston GIbon sen of the late Sen
ator Gibson of LouMana and nephew cf
Justice White of the United States Su
preme Court According to their usual
custom Mr and Mrs Iage tefused to
ee representatives of the prese but the
family has authoriied a formal announcc
muit of the marriage which took placu
Saturday morning
Miss Held Is Jut seventeen years old
and a petite brunette She vas a pupil at
a fashionable finishing school at
Terry X Y and was to have been pre
sented to society next winter She spent
the ChrKtmas holldavs at her home in
this city during which a dance was given
by Mrs 1nce In honor of her two daugh
ters These young women arc among the
heiresses cf the Capital their fither hav
ing been a brother and partner of Marshal
rield of Chicago
Young Glbon was a Junior at Princeton
and like his bride spent the Christmas
holldajs In Washington when an engage
ment of marriage is said to have come
The voung people met in New York Sat
urday and were married and are spending
the early days of their honeymoon in that
city They are expected to return to Wash
ington at the end of the month when they
will be received by the brides family
Murder UN iff itnil Tviu Children
Thru Vltrmpti MiRiir
CINCINNATI Ohio Jan 2S Today
Charles nartruff n tanner living in Mount
Adams one of Cincinnatis hilltops inur
lenrl his wife his sen Carl
and his infant daughter three menths old
He then attempted suicide by burning hitu
slf with the corpses The tngedy hap
lencd about 9 oclock this morning The
i flrst that was known of It way the falling
over of a stove which was heard by a
the little boy and his wife The baby was
found under the stove Both children were
dead the mother unconscious She died at
S30 oclock this afternoon It was found
that Bartruff had contemplated suicide as
he was bleeding from a wound In his head
evidently Inflicted with a glass Jar with
which he killed his wife
The man first locked the door leading
to the apartments and then began his
work of murder He used a glass Jar
which was broken and a clothes Iron and
tho leg of a chair All three of tho
weapons were spotted with the blood uf
his victims It is thought he first attacked
his wife with the heavy Jar then uspd the
other weapons to slay his children The
heads of all the victims were horribly fal
tered When the officer broke into the
with blood dripping from bis forehead
The overturned stove was concealed by
two chairs which were piled on It eo as
to catch fire The room was full of smoke
The man violently resisted arrest He
was tpken to Bremen Street station and
locked on Whilp in the cell he cxnrcssed
I no sign of remorse merely saying he
murmuring frequently that girl
Ixuls P Payn of the Insurance depart
ment i peat a good part of yesterday in
this city and had a talk with Benjamin
B Odcll Jr of the Republican State Com
mittee at the Fifth Avenue Hotel Only
Mi Odell and Mr Iajn were present and
both said later that what passed between
them nas entirely confidential Mr Oiell
bovever felt at liberty to make this state
Superintendent Payn and I bad a con
versation lasting some time and It was
tltogethcr pleasant In every w ay I may
say that the name ot Francis Hendricks
for superintendent of insurance will be
snt to the senate Monday evening by the
fvjvernor and confirmation will follow dur
ing the week The nomination will be the
eubje I cf a caucus This will probably
be held Tuesday evening The episode will
be settled entirely within tbe Republican
lines without regard to the attitude nblch
tbe Democratic senators may take on it
They do not enter Into our calculations at
all and I do not know anything of their
atttude on the matter
A Coin iioti to lie Called the lat
ctf IVIirunrj
NEW YORK Jan 28 President H W
Dearborn of the Commercial Travelers
Sound Money League will issue a call
within a few days for a convention of the
league at which it will begin work for
the success of the sound money In the
Ircsldcntial canvass this autumn The
convention will be beld in Carnegie Halt
In the latter part of rebruary and
speeches will be made by Senator Dcpew
former Major Warwick cf Philadelphia
and the Hon Edvard Lauterbach Since
the campaign of lMG In which tbe league
did much effective work for the Republican
ticket It has been thoroughly icorganlzed
and incorporated There are now 100000
meaning his wife It is thought he Is
crazy but his associates claim he has
long been morose He had been married
six jcars The parents of both bride end
bridegroom opposed the marriage Short
ly after Uic marriage the father of Bar
truff committed suicide
The prisoner says he was attacked with
one of his spells because his wife
dapped him in the face After that he
remembered nothing he says except that
everything went round and round
Old Prohibiting Tr iilc
ItlKoronsly Unforced
BALTIMORE Jan 2S Today was blue
Sunday In Baltimore for the first time in
years the Sunday blue laws of Maryland
which In various forms have been upon
the statute books for two centuries were
rigorously and relentlessly enforced
The police force of Baltimore patrolled
the town from Canton to Carroll and from
Locust Point to Waverly In search of vio
lators Milkmen Ice men druggists for
the salo of prescriplicns only were ex
empt All other merchants who were
found selling their wares between mid
night and midnight will be Indicted by the
grand Jury within a few days AH store
keepers were required to comply with the
provisions of the statute Neglect to do
so means unpleasant consequences Cigar
dealers grocers bootblacks fruit dealers
soda water dealers Ice cream nen con
fectioners and stationers who for years
have made no distinction between Sunday
and any other day were compelled to
close their establishments all day
A number of storekeepers placed amus
ing signs in their windows Ouo cigar
store had a large decorated placard read
ing This Is hypocrite day you must
buy Bibles and not cigars
In another store was a sign Procla
mation Renewal of the blue laws Wo
close on Sunday Buy your supplies to
In one large drug store a sign on the
cigar case reads Nothing doing
It is thousht that the law will become
so ridiculous that It will be repealed
Juror Itrovvu Ciinnot Attend the Mol
IlirnK Trlul liiln
NEW YORK Jan 28 Contrary to the
hope held out yesterday Juror Manhelm
Brown will not be able to attend the
Mollneux trial tomorrow and a further
adjournment will no doubt be ordered by
Recorder Goff
Assistant District Attorney Osborne said
today I am grievously disappointed I
had hoped from tho report of the doctor
yesterday that Mr Brown would be iblo
o appear In court tomorrow I had noti
fied a number of Important witnesses In
Philadelphia that they would be required
tomorrow and now I will have to notify
them not to come I do not know what
effect this will have on the trial Recorder
Golf Is tho only one to determine that
but I surmise that he will simply adjourn
the rase again at the hearing tomorrow
until next Thursday I guess there Is no
doubt that the caso will go on then
IlKht of n Mini Wlm Ilit Much Fill
plno Wraith Inlo American Humid
SAN FRANCISCO Jan 2S The trans
port City of Ickln brings news from Manila
that Harvey L Jackson the trader of
Malolos who succeeded In having 10000
of Insurgent coin turned over to the United
States Is a boach comber la Manila
without funds to return to this country
or start again In business Jackson did
well In business an a trader at Malolos
until the war came Then the Insurgents
looted his store and took him a prisoner
dragging him around from place to place
When Iawtoa captured San Nicolas
Jackson escaped to the American lines
and In revenge promised to reveal tho
hiding place of the Spanish commanders
treasure Under his guidance the soldiers
recovered 10000 In coin but they found
much more Incoln and Jewelry which was
divided among themselves Several rol
dlers wore diamond rings and all had
money Jackson got nothing ot the plun
der and his part In the recovery ot the
A jlo inline nl Proposed in Honor or
the Maryland Line
The liillnut Services nL Cencrnl
Sinrtllwooil ntul His Continental
Sfildlers to lie ltecngrnlzctl liy the
nv triuiiiMit Tin- Mrn Ylio AlvTnjf
Itfsixindeil lit Critical Moments
Mr Cummings from the House Commit
tee on the Library ha3 made a favorable
report on the bill to aid in the erection of
a monument to Gen William Small wood
and the soldiers of the Maryland Line who
fought In the war for Independence The
Maryland Society of the Sons of the Ameri
mn Revolution aiks Congress to aid In
the erection of a suitable monument in
Baltimore the design for which is to be
approved by the Secretary of War Ac
companying the report is an outline of
cho services of the Maryland Line under
General Smallnood and other officers
which reads In part as follows
The Old Guard occupied no higher sta
tion la the Preach Army than that held
by tbe Mar land Line In the Continental
Army As Napoleon and Ncy relied upon
the Old Guard In critical moments so did
Washington and Greene rely upon the
Marvlacd Line when the Independence of
the American Colonics was at stake In
December 1774 the Maryland convention
reiolved that if the Crown tried to carry
out by force the measures against Massa
chusetts Marlandv would assist her to
the last extremity As an earnest ot their
sincerity they ordered that all the males
in the colony from sixteen to fifty years
of age bo organized Into companies armed
equipped drilled and ready for Instant
The battle of Lexington was fought on
the Ulu of April 1775 On the ZUh of that
month voung and old enrolled with tbe
woman living above the Bartruft apart- I greatest enthusiasm In Maryland and were
dents She called to a policeman who armed and equipped lorty companies of
knocked and receiving no answer burst in aoumcsl men re raised While the city
1 fT A nn A - lll nnljl aj4 t n rl Anl A Aj4
the door In the centre of the floor stood I X V -
Marvlaud troop3 their to
Bartruff while near by lay the bodies of
were oa war
Boston Colonel Smallnood commanded
1H men of these troops which were mar
shaled into the national service They
went to New York and were incorporjted
Into Lord Stirlings brigade Their first
battle was on Long Island It was a dis
astrous cine for the patriots Four hun
dred of the Maryland Line as Small oods
troops were then called covered themselves
with glory by repeated charges upon an
overwhelming force of the enemy They
practically destroyed themselves to save
the Continental Army
Thoe 4 men of the Line un
der Majcr Gist made five bayonet charges
against Comwallls brigade Upon the
sixth charge the brigade recoiled aad b3
gan to give way In contusion Tho Mary
landers were outnumbered more than ten
lo one Availed by fresh troops lies-
room the man was found standing rear sians and by a British brigade In the
the door gaslng at the body ot his wife rear a portion of them with Lord Stir-
ling at their head surrendered Three
companies cut their way through the Brit
ish ranks maintaining their order until
they leached the edge of a creek whl h
the survivors were compelled to snlm
The loss In killed and wounded of tteie
400 Marj landers was 256 officers and men
From sunrise until the last gun they had
been hotlj engaged While the rest of the
at my had been routed or had fled they
maintained the battle unaided against two
brigades of the enemy This was on the
27th of August 1776 At the bittle of
Whllo Plains the Maryland battalion un
der Smallnocd was again engaged Tbe
Lino suffered severely Smallnocd himself
being among the wounded It had fought
three battles in three months and ncs
the flrtt of the Revolutionary troops to
use tbe havonet against British regulars
For tho ensuing campaign Marylands
quota was eight battailous numbering
1000 men one tenth of the whole army
They were promptly furnished and tte
Maryland line again became tho Mower
of the Continental Army In Ottober fol
lowing an additional quota of 2000 men
to serve three yeais In tho Maryland Line
was filled In August 1777 theje trocps
were cngigcd In an attack upon Statcn
Island The First Brigade was un
der command of General Smallwoad and
all were commanded by General Sullivan
Tbe net result of the cxpMItlon was 111
British prisoners of whom eleven wee
The Line participated In tbe bittle cf
the Brandywlne where It formed tho right
wing of the Revolutionary Army At one
timo Smallnood was in great Jeopardy
but extricated himself nlth great skill
At the battle of Germantonn on the 51
of October the gallantry of tho Maryland
ers was again conspicuous They advanced
In gallant style and with such resolution
that the British light Infantry were driven
from the field and their encampment fe 1
into the hands of the victorious Line
They also captured two C pounders
The jcar was ended by the gillant de
fense of Fort Mifflin In which the Mary
landera were prominent That vlaler the
Line under Smallncod reduced to 1100
ram was stationed at Wilmington to pro
tect Delaware from British Incursions
On June 2S Lieut Col Samuel Smith and
Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey with two
Marjianu Dattaiions and Smallwoods Sec
ond Maryland Brigade were engaged in the
battle of Monmouth The British were
drhen back by Smallnoods brigade with
a loss of 300 men killed outright Sir Henry
Clinton withdrew from the field and re
treated to- New York
Whcu the summer opened the line un
der Major Stewart distinguished Itself In
the storming of Stony Point Congress
voted a silver medal to Major Stewart and
the Maryland line received well merited
encomiums from General Wayne When
the army was afterward concentrated at
West Point the Maryland line formed its
right wing The line outdid Itself at the
battle of Camden Gists Maryland bri
gadc so reads the despatches was firm
as a rock mid Williams regiment with
Howard at Its head broke upon the enemy
and severed his front driving the opposing
corps before them The Second Maryland
Brigade again charged Cornwallls grena
diers with the bayonet Tin British troops
began to recede Their llao was broken
and thronn Into disorder but the brave
Marylanders unsupported nlth cavalry
were compelled to withdraw Afterward
2000 British regulars were poured upon the
two Mao land brigades containing only S00
men who still fought unflinchingly They
were assaulted by British cavalry In front
and rear DeKalb fell while attempting to
restore the line After performing their
duty valiantly these gallant troops over
whelmed with numbers took to the woods
and swamps Gist moved off with a body
of 100 men maintaining unbroken ranks
and Howard made his escape with a smaller
party The loss of the Maryland line was
100 killed and wounded and 170 prisoners
mostly wounded In the ten succecllng
days Smallnood collected over 700
officers and privates One hun
dred and fifty of the line who were pris
oners were afterward captured bj General
Marlon while on their way to Charleston
Thereafter under Washingtons direc
tions the seven regiments of the old line
were consolidated Into ono regiment It
was called tho First Maryland and placed
under Col Otho II Williams Smallnood
was retained In the army as second In com
mand January 17 1781 100 of tho Mary
laud Line under Lieutenant Colonel How
ard fought with Gen John Morgan at the
Cowpens liefer tb battle Morgan re
minded the MaryUndcrs of tho confidence
he had always reposed In their skill and
courage and assured them that victory
nas certain If they acted well their part
Tho British wera under the celebrated
trooper TarlcXon He assailed tho Mary
landers who never faltered Tarlctoas
reserve was then ordered Into action This
extended his front so as to endanger How
ards right That officer -attempted to
change front The British mistaking the
movement for flight rushed forward with
great Impetuosity Honard suddenly faced
about and poured Into the enemy a mur
derous fire ThIrvranks recoiled under
the shock At UilsiHoward ordered hU
men to give them ljo bayonet It was a
terrible but a decisive charge The day
was won The whole British Infantry
were either klllfl or captured Tarlcton
himself narrow ryj escaped after a personal
encounter with Colonel Washington At
ono time Howard held In his hands the
snords of seven British officers who had
surrendered lo bhn Congress awarded lilm
a silver medal 1 i
On March 1317S1 the Tlrst and Second
Mar land formed the left of the Conti
nental line at Guilford Court House The
British assaulted the line Howard rushed
upon them with the bayonet His old
Maryland regiment broke through the
British ranks driving them headlong from
tho Held with terrific slaughter
On September S 17S1 a Maryland bri
gade under Colonel Williams won further
renown In tho battle of Eutaw Springs
The Marylanders assisted by a Virginia
regiment onco more charged the British
regulars with the bayonet Howards
regiment was received by the Buffs an
Irish corps which had Just Joined Haw
dons army Here the fiercest struggle ot
the war ensued Neither would yield but
crossing bavoncts their ranks mingled to
gether Opposing files sank down each
pierced with tho bayonet of his antag
onist They were found grappled In death
and transfixed together upon the field of
battle The omccrs fought hand to hand
The British line had given way and the
Buffs unable to maintain the conflict
broke and fled So flighted was Greene
at the conduct of the Marylanders that he
rode up and complimented them and their
commander In the midst of action Greene
attributed his success to the free use ot
the bavonct made by the Maryland troops
In their charge in the face of murderous
artillery and musketry Each corps en
gaged received the thanks of Congress
From this time until the surcrnder of
Cornwallls In October tho line was In
active service
llfltru Thousand People Aivntllnc
TrniiHportntlon to thr Gold Ilclili
TACOMA Wash Jan 23 Fifteen thou
sand men and women arc preparing to go
to Cape Nome on the first steamers sailing
from Dawson and from Pacific Coast ports
Puget Sound shipping authorities believe
that this Is a conservative estimate Ten
to twelve thousand arc already booked or
have applied for passage on steamers sail
ing from Tucona Seattle Portland and
San Francisco It Is not yet certain that
the thirty steamers now In sight can carry
all who want to Join the first rush It Is
rntnldrerl Inn Life hnwever In secure an
more steamers from the Atlantic coast par
ticularly as most of the steamers brought
around two years ago for the Klondike
rush were wrecked on tho Pacific The
only hope of tbcsteamship company there
fore Is that Uttj Coyeninent will release
a number ot trantportt now running to
Manila in time for them to be fitted up
for the Cape Noma trade In that event
at least four more steamers will be sent
north two eaclubythe Empire Steamship
Company and the Pacific Coast Steamship
The North American Mail Steamship
Company contemplates taking two of Its
American steamers from lh Tacoma Hong
Uong route and sending them to Cape Nome
Dawson advices state that the number ot
men going to Nome from there will be
limited only by the carrvlng capacity of the
steamers down the Yukon Four to sit
thousand aro curiam to go Many Klon
dikcrs hare bought canoes or arc building
rafts upon whlth to follow the Ice down
the Yukon to trie new El Dorado In their
anxiety to reach Nome before the passen
gers rora Puget Styind hundreds of Klon
dikers will disembark on the lower Yukon
and march across Tu Sdra 200 miles to
Nome City
Thli great race between the Nome stam
pedera from Klondike and from Puget
Sound promises to be tnc most exciting
feature of the rush northward Those ar
riving first will obtain the beil beach
claims which are considered the most de
sirable part of the Nome gold fields since
they can be worked by poor men having
only rockers Thousands more will go to
Nome by second sailings of steamcr3 and
by next August the camp will probably
consist of COCCO people
CnriieKlc Former Mnunirrr Ilelilnil
u IUk Milhulln Ioiupnnj
until recently at the head of Andrew Car
negies interests arrived at the Hotel
Walton IViday night where he was wet
by several prominent last rn and Western
capitalists with whom he went Into Imme
diate conference tbe seace lasting tin 11
an early hour Saturday morning Those
present were Andrew Mjllon the wealthy
banker of Pittsburg Henry Phlpps II L
Staffer and Mr Shoonmakcr all ot Pitts
burg the latter Mr Fricks right hand
man Mr McCook and Jay Pblppj of New
York and Henry G Mom of Philadelphia
All of the gentlemen arose early yester
day morning and left the hotel at S oclock
Before they left honever the object cr
their meeting was let drcp and for tho
first time it rarao out that Henry Frlclc
was the big financial power behind the Nev
York Shipbuilding Company whlli was
capitalized a short time ago at J3O00OOO
and whose yard Is located on the DeUnaro
River between Camden and Gloucester
Tho destination of the party yesterday
morning was therefore the new shipyard
nhere the buildings are rapidly approach
ing completion
Tho Intention cf the company Is to make
its yard tho finest in the world with a
capacity for a dozen battleship at a time
The property on which the ard Is locatel
has a frontage on the Delaware River ct
3600 feet and an area of 130 acres and
Mr Frlck conceived the thought that in or
der to develop the yard in a manner com
mensurate with the original Intentlcn the
capital should at least be Increased to
JC000000 and this Is what brought him to
Illtnl IIIshsIit Diirlnic 11 sinriii OfT
the Irjluir Iilii MioiiIn
NORFOLK Va Jan 2S News reached
here today from Jlorehead City N C to
the effect that the barge Houseman of
Ihlladelphla has been lost off Frying Fan
Shoals and that two of her crew were I
drowned The barges Houseman Rose
Hagan and Three Sisters owned by F
Hagan Co of Ihlladelphla were bound
for Charleston S C via Norfolk in tow of
the lug Froteclor alid were overtaken by a
storm when ott Frying Fan Shoals X
The Houseman is reported to have been
lost Tho tug and other barges have nr
rived at Morehcad City Reports of the
disaster do not state the names of the men
raid to have been lost
AVnr HnlluuiiH fur Hit- llrlllsli
LONDON Jan 28 -The Royal Fnglneers
bavo been Instructed to prepare twelve
balloons immediately
Health Guarantee
Get a bottle of Hostellers Stomach Hit
ters from any druggist It will cure your
weak stomach The Hitters Is for constipa
tion Indigestion dyspepsia biliousness
nervousness and all diseases arising from
weak digestion It has been known all
over the country for the past fifty years
as the Conqueror of Dyspepsia Sec that a
neck of the bottle
It Makes Holers
Rich Blood Bitters
Debate on lie Currency Bill o IJc
Forced From Xow On
A Iorccntt of tlir Work Ilnnuril for
tlic Sennte This 17rck The Vnrlons
Philippine Itrsoliitlon to lie III
miicil Toilny y Mr Tlllmnii The
Uuny tnie to llr Considered
It Is the Intention ot leaders on both
sides of the Senate to Inflst upon a gen
eral debate of the Currency bill to tbe
exclusion of other matters which have
crowded out the financial measure re
Senator Teller has declared that while
he did not like to b discourteous to any
Senator who would like to speak he should
insist after today that nothing not even
the courtesy of the Senate shall allow tho
Currency bill to be set aildo It anyone
wants to speak on It Mr Teller stated
further that he knew ot several Senators
who desire lo speak on the measure and
that he should take It upon himself to set
that they arc given an opportunity each
day after 2 oclock
Mr Pettlgrcw spoke of the difference be
tween the House Llll and the Senate sub
stitute and said that he preferred to wait
for a conference report before submitting
any remarks
Mr Allen explained that he had up to
this timo been unablo to prepare his
speech owing to the peculiar position In
which he hud been placed by tho death of
the gentleman who had been elected to
succeed him in the Senate
A number of other Senators cxnrcssed
their intention to speak on tho bill but
gave various reasons for not doing so last
neck several of these will take an oppor
tunity of addressing the Senate this week
since the vote on the bill Is to be taken on
tho litli of February and but little timo
Is now left for the many speeches that aro
to be delivered
Mr Allen In some remarks mado by him
last week taunted Mr Aldrlch Chairman
of the Finance Committee for the manner
in which the speech ot the latter had been
treated by Mr Teller and added that he
had supposed that Mr Allison or some
equally well informed and experienced
Senator would rc enforce the Senator
from Rhode Island but that ho seemed to
be left without support It Is probable that
some of the older Senators of the majority
will lake up this challenge and during the
present week will reply to tho speeches
that have been made by the opposition
Mr Tillman gave notice last Thursday
that Immediately after the completion ot
the routine morning business today be Will
call up the various resolutions on the Phil
ippine question and ask leave ot the Sen
ate to submit seme remarks thereon
Mr Bacon who wa3 to have spoken on
this subject last Wednedsy was called
home by the illness of his law partner and
wa3 unable to deliver the address on the
day for which he had given notice his
colleague Mr Clay announced for him
that lie win submit his remarks on the
subject tomorrow
Mr Chandler announced last Thurs
day that Jf Mr Turley a member of the
Elections Committee had been In the city
he Mr Chvndler would have asked the
Senate to take up the question concern
ing a vacant seat in the Senate from tbe
Commonnealh ot Pennsylvania Mr Tur
ley will return either today or tomor
row and the Quay cac nlll be called up
at the first opportunity A lengthy debate
Is expected to precede the vote as neniy
every membtr of the Elections Committee
Is prepared to spak en the subject and
several other Senators have Informally
renounced their Intention of dUcussing
the cittestlon
ihe Committee en Privileges and Elec
tions will resume the hearing in the Clark
rase today and will be In session each
day this week unless iorehlng unexpect
ed happens to delay the proceedings
In this event It is expected that the care
Of Mr Scott cf West Virginia will be
taken up and a decision reached as to
whether it Is nccesiary for the committee
lo summon witnesses In order to decide It
An informal meeting of the committee
on Porto Rico will be held today to arrange
for a regular meeting at which all of tte
members can be present to dUcuss the
parts of the Forakcr bill for the govern
ment of tho Island which were passed
over at the last meeting There Is a d f
ference of opinion in the committee on
the subjects of tariff a Federal court cus
toms laws and a Representative la Con
gress for the Island and a full attend
ance of the committee I necessary to
reach a decision before reporting the bill
to the Seuale
On- Thursday he Committee 03 Com
merce will resume its hearing oa the
Hanna Payno Ship Subsidy bill A num
ber of amendments to the bill have been
drafted and the committee Is dIrous cf
receiving suggestions as to any ctaeis
that are necessary to get the bill into tte
most acceptable form possible before it
it reported On the same day the Cullom
bill to regulate loramerce between th
States and Territories will be taken 1 p
in the Committee on Interstate Commerce
and the parts cf the measure on which
a decision was not reached at the last
meeting will be discussed
Vlr Micriiiuii in nil Imllaii
Aliprctprnlloii 1 Til f 1itiln
There Is no flted order ot business for
he House this week as only one appro
priation bill the Indian is on the calen
dar There are however a number of im
portant measures on the calendar a few
of which will be considered but just what
bills will be called up will be uetcrmined
this morning
Jlr Sherman Chairman of the Commit
tee on Indian Affairs will it Is said ask
consideration of the Indian Appropriation
bill today although there has been no
agreement to that effect
Mr Curti3 today will ask unanimous
consent for the consideration of a joint
resolution reported from the Committee
on Military Affairs authorizing the Secre
tary of Wax to use I0000U ot the appro
priations for the support ot the regular
and volunteer army for tho llscal year
ending June 30 1D0O for the construction
of a modern military hospital at Fori
Leavenworth Kan This Joint resolution
I was before Ihe House on Saturday but
went over on objection
Till Contest llrrllirnl Off
NEW YORK Jan 2S The conlest be
tween Jaik Ollrlen ami Frank Erne which
was to have been decided at the Ilruadnay
Athletic Club on next Friday night for the
lightweight champions p has been de
clared off The club In order to llll the
date left vacant has matched Kid Uronl
to fight Tim Callahan of Ihlladelphla
They will meet at 121 pounds
lftwicUa lcers are a rontant and welcome
viittor tu tern of tltoibJluU of homes Vjrrzrn
Senate and I iser arc the rctiKMZfd rrprcena
tivel of pure male and liop berrMgrs Ilioia
11 Uhnglon lUittlin Co for i e
IIOM II Tlie mbers of Maillia llandrUIge
Cbiinril No I li of A will nible at tin
ball Itonilav Jimmy t 12 ftlIoU lurp lo
attrnd tbe funeral of our fiitrr MHS UK
IIOMUU Hy oidtr of lib V Kurliler Councilor
Crace IOttry Itecordlnff Secretary It
CUItTM On Saturday January 27 1000 at
CM p in MVItY AIICK infant ilaujhler and
onlv child of Clarence 1- and Alice H lfleM
Ooftii ol diiifithrria aged one year tevcu
monltu and fifteen days
Puneral and Interment prliate Ja23 2t
Yirrros On Saturdiy January 27 1W at
115 p in AXXIt beloved wife of William
Funeral from her late residence 20M Moth
Street northwest Tuesjay January 30 at 2
p m
4 IB
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your laundry sir
out the
IIow main- men are having such oorlv lonMip
laundry that tis a positive struggle to get into the
shirts they receive Sleeves are stuck together with
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eve Anv Mution of pin U a warninl V
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nhlch injury in tirre beromw permanent y
Weak ejes ttrennthenwl falling cyesistlt
rrtored by iHing the X
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Glasses r
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optician lrof Guakes new Optical In- J
y etitute is fitted up with the finest J
proved Instruments for the latest method 1
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t human eje it heir
X To introduce our famous -
f Gsimati Silicate Lenses in
y this city wc make a very 1
10 Day
Offer at
or strain Titer relieve
The Vmrncan Journal of llrallli In
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out error y
cii f are the belt in S
all They are male I
Ihe world for
and unaot tire J
individual cue
to lit juur
and cure that i J
part of an extract about Dr Hugo J
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t approved method of examining and
tci nr complicated case of defect- -
d cveiht
Mite ui a call on the Ant opportunity
412 Seventh St N W
it the mot effective cnte for all throat and
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1or Llfelnnr Lnr
From the Pittsburg Newt
In Japan It is etiquette for an engaired girl to
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cbacc in this country ihe frequently gires
liim the mitten
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r I
r av Ss jo T
Efseman Bros Cor 7th and E
LIGHT COMPANY Washington D a
January 13 1300 The annual rreetlng ot
the shareholders nf the WASHINGTON
CAS LIGHT COMPANY for the clectloa ot
directors and for such other business as
may properly come before said meeting
will be held at th office cf the company
FEBnCAItY 5 1900 at 12 OCLOCK
NOON Tho polls will be open from 12
oclock noon to 1 oclock p m WILLIAM
n OrtME Secretary
Potomac Telephone Cropany A divi
dend of Jt per share vltl be payable on
the 29th day of January IlOO o the stock
holders of record at re Jte of business
on the 19th of Janus i0 at the office
of the treasurer of sctvpany 613 Four
teenth Street northwesi Washington D C
Tho transfer books will bu closed from
the 20th day of January tc ae 29th of
January Inclusive
Washington D C January 13 1900
WANTED Fire prirate ermag iluiferts book
cepinif or mathematics indiridua instruc
tion per month fire a week W p
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911 G St i W
ritman ceir ItAPID method CiCLISII Spe
cial iht to delicate or backward puplU Prime
Washington Preparatory School 1CJ r It
fat Imcm
tnilerliiler ntul Livery
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arranged to salt the purchaser
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