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J Values in
New Embroideries
Cuinbiic Ede 1 to 4 inches
vide regular V2c quality ic yd
Nainsook and Cambric Edge H
In II inches vide pretty new de-
Mgnx regular lfic quality V2lc yd
Entirely new assortment of In
set ling iu Xainsoolc Swiss and
tnnbiie excellent quality worth
UV special pi ice 1c jd
inch Cambric and Xainsonlc
Skirling beautifully designed
regular selling juice 9c d
jtricc 25c d
Special reductions in Iteiiinanti
of Enilnoidcry
Lansburgh Bro
420 to Seventh Street
Owing to death
in the family
our fctore will
not be reopened
for business until
Thursday morniug
February J
fi7 W 621 623 7lh Slref JL W
Dctwccn II and I Sts
Other ltalce rrctit at All Price
riAXos for hunt
1422 Pa Ave N W
The Tourist
can make an average speed of
IS miles per hour llh case on
most any country road It his
mount Is the Locomobile
safe light speedy economical
13 Fuel enn lie olininnl nt iiy
ronntr xtorc Will ran SO miles
Ttlfliont replpuifthlns
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Of America l026
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jnt t ft cannot bufld muiufe and ilrrncli
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per cent more cutrimcrt than ollfr Unit -I
cute it more mitiitfous and liealthlul lour
grocer a clhj It a fubsUtute tic loaf
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Weve got a Cas Heater
for Jln mat throws oa
as much heat as ons of
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Will warm a hall room ai I
thoroughly as you could
expect and absolutely
ate and substantial The
greatest line of ttovei
and heaters In th city
Cett values too
C A nuddiman Co
616 I2fi 1204 G
Dont Let Those Old
Diseased Teeth
rtrciln In ytrar mouth and
rUn your health Just let in
tale them out WITHOUT
PAIJf and replace tlicra with
good tralthy natural
looking act at lowest posslbla
nice S to ts
trttaMtihcd 18SJ 1109 r Street N W
Branch OlOct SOT 7th Street X TV
Dinuor Cucsts Entertained at the
British Embassy
The of War nnd Ir llnol
Ilitunreil li frrnntor nntl Mr
Illklns Mr nnil Mm AVcst In k house
Anions tlic Aotnblc Hosls of the
12 ciiIiik 3Ir Cnrrja Illticlicuu
Tho British Ambassador and Lady
Paunccfotc entertained at dinner last
night Their guests -acre the Italian Am
bassador and Daroness Iava the Russian
Ambassador the Mexican taibassador and
Senora de Azplro7 the Belgian Minister
and Countess Llchtcrvcldc the Spanish
Minister and Duchess de Arcos the Sec
retary of State and Mrs Hay General
and Mrs Miles Senator and Mrs Lodge
Senator and Mrs AVetinorc Senator and
Mrs McMillan Ilcprcsentative and Mrs
HIU Lady Ilromlcy Mrs Slater Miss
Doardraan Miss Jane Biggs Miss Paunce
fotc Mr Smaliey ot Je York Senator
Wolcott Mr Loverlng and Mr Lon liter
Senator and Mrs Blklns gave a dinner
last night in honor of the Secretary ot
War and Mrs Hoot The additional guests
Hero the Minister from Guatemala Ad
miral and Mrs Ludlov General and Mrs
Lndlng ton Justice and Mrs White the
Virst Assistant Postmaster General and
Mrs Perrj S Heath Mrs Irederich Dent
Grant Mrs Hobson Mrs Audcnried Sen
ator Jones and former Senator Davis
Mr and Mrs Westinghouse gae the
second ot their ieries of Mondaj dinners
last night when their guests were the
Secretary ot the Treasury and Mrs tage
j Legare Mrs Moorhcad Mrs Olmsted
Mrs George Bloomer Mrs Fairfax Ilarrl
I son Mrs Calderon Carlisle Mrs Charles
Walcott Mrs Sargeant Mrs Frances
Hodgson Burnett Mrs Reginald DeKoven
Mrs Story Mrs F B Lorlng Mrs bert
Mrs Ellis Mrs Harriet Lane Johnston
Miss Patten MUs Anna Maury Miss
Kennedy and Miss Curry Connelly
Miss Marie Calhoun Butler daughter ot
General and Mrs M C Butler 1451 X
Street and LleuL Robert Whitehead Mc
Nccly V S S will be married at St
Johns Church Thursdaj at noon Miss
Caroline Thompson of New York will be
caused by the death cf Col Henry
Law Ion Major General of Volunteers
Heretofore promotions to staff positions
were made arbitrarily without cxamlnition
All captains of tbe line are eligible for
tne vacancies In tbe Adjutant flemTilK
and tbe Inspector Generals Departments
Kxamlnllons arc being hld In tbe Phil
Cuba Porto Rico Hawaii and it
a number of places in the United States
It Is estimated that all tbe pjptr will nut
filling tho vacancies Is causing dissatis
faction In the staff departments concerned
which arc now short of officers The in
crease in the Army and the establishment
of new military departments in Cuba Por
to Ilico the Philippines and Alaska has
thrown so much extra work on the staff
departments that one vacancv makes a
great deal of difference Iu the amount of
work done
deride Not Any
Mans Infirmities
Tell him rather fiozu lo gel rid of them
Most infirmities come from bid blood And
Are cured by Hoods SirsipirilU Every
person who has scrofuU Silt rheum
humors catarrh dyspepsia or rheumatism
should at once begin taking tills medicine
that the Infirmity may be promptly removed
impure Blood was troubled
with pimples resulting from impure blood
Since taking four bottles of Hoods Sar
saparilla my blood is thoroughly purified
aniihe pimples have disappeared lam
W H Matins SleubenviUe O
1t7 f O -a 1
diOOOd eauapmuu
Senator elect J C S Blackburn of
Kentucky returned from Frankfort late
jesterday afternoon add Is quartered at
the Xormandlc A happy reunion on a
small icale was held at Chamberlins last
night wherein Col Tom Ochiltreo was
the host and many of tho friends of Mr
Blackburn were present He stated that
all was quiet In Frankfort and that no
more trouble was likely to develop When
mo matter is urougnt Into tho Federal
courts he said Taylor will bo ousted and
Beckham will bo Installed a Governor
He will remain here during tho winter
Col Tom J Landrum a member ot
the staff of Mr Taylor of Kentucky when
the latter was Inaugurated Governor by
the Pepubhcans is at tho Ebbltt from
louIsvlllc He claims to be In the city on
pergonal business and states that while
the death of Mr Goebel Is to be deplored
the Investigation will clear Taylor of any
connection with the deed and will result
In peace and normal conditions in the
Bluegrass State Colonel Landrum leaves
for STcn York to day
Former Senator Lee Mantle of Montana
Is at the Arlington He Is in Washington
looking after some personal matters aud
will remain about a week
Mirtin n Madden of Chicago who 1ms
been at the Arlington arranging the de
tails for Admiral Dcwejs ilsit to the
Wind City in May left for New York last
night for a brief stay He stated that he
had dropped out of politics f ince being de
feated for the Senate by Mr Mason and
I was going to uevotc his energies to hU
private business
Did j on ever hear of whisky being sent
across the Atlantic for Its health slid
J It Ganzell a New York exporter at
the Itakigh last night Well this hap
pens ever jear At least buuu uarrcts oi
the A iierleau product are exported to Eu
rope even twelve niontns ana alter ucin
the Bishop of Washington and Mrs Sat- Jlpt jn European warehouses for a
terlee former Senator and Mrs J II or two the liquor Is returned to this loun
Hendcrson Mr and Mrs McGuire Mrs i trj The cause of this Is that when whisky
Forakcr Mrs Sheridan Mrs II S n Las been stored in a United States bondcl
Maine Miss Paulding Miss Waite Miss l warehouse for eight years it must be taken
Page Miss Rachel C Aiken Mr Justice out or the manufacturers are subjected to
Brewer the Japanese Minister General the Internal revenue tax of 1 lu pr gal oj
Corbln Dr Wyroan Mr Vanderllp Mr
Charles G Bennett and Dr William A
Mrs J L M Curry gave a luncheon
jesterda afternoon when her guests prc
Vre fJonrcn Frrtanr rc Alpvniir
Rather than piy tho tax and lose the
use of the money until the goods are sed
the owners prefer to take the slock across
I the water and sore it thrc until needed
It has been found that freight both wajs
and the cost of storage Is far less than tbe
tevenue tax This tat Is only paid whin
the goeds are taken out to be placed on tte
narke tfor consumption and when shlppol
to Europe In bond there Is no tax Whisk
regaining in this country out of bond Is
supposed to be on the market
Andre Lefon eon of a Paris glove manu
facturer Is at the Shoreham for a fear
dajs He is making a tour of the United
States One reason for the superiority ot
the French glove said he lart night la
that the people have been making gloves
since 15i0 and the father has constantly
the brides only attendant and the best kid gloic goes through tho hands of 2m
man will be LleuL
W K GIse V S N The people before being petfected At least
I ushers will be Lieut M C Butler jr
who will come on from Havana to assist
at his sisters wedding Lieut Marl Bris
tol U S X Lieut Louis Burton Jones
U S X and Lieut Satage Bates f S
M C A wedding breakfast will be fcered
after tho ceremony
Mrs William T Aldrich ot Mabanu
1531 New Hampshire Aenue will not be
at home today
Mr RIcardo Diez Albertlnl who has hen
appointed Secretar of the Cuban
Mrs Hamilton Fenton Colman has cards
out for a large card party St Valentine s
evening I
Mrs J II Bankhead will be at home at
the RIggs this afternoon from 3 to 0
when she will be assisted by Mrs Buck j
Ingham Smlthe of Tlorlda and the Mis es
Graves of Alabama
Anrnnrlf N In SfnfT Ilisllliins
In lip
1IIIe il b Uxnnitnnf Ion
A new system of selecting line officers
for staff positions In the Ilegular Army
by competitive examination has bin initi
ated by the War Department In filling thn
vacancy of major and assistant adjutant
j general caused by the promotion of Col
ariuur uaciriuur oi luc vijiuam ine
Department to be brigadier general and
PJ000WI0 pairs are manutavturcd in Francs
ren year and their valuation is at least
12000000 francs I liko Washington
greatl It Is a very beautiful place I
had no Idea joj had such a city
Georgia is experiencing the most pros
perous winter in a score of jears sali
M F Daniels ot Atlanta at the National
last night and the outlook is a bright
as a Southern sunny day I do not think
the growers will ship one bale of cotton
away from the State next car It will all
mission to the Paris Exposition U now be consumed within her own borders New
at tbe Grafton with his wife and i cotton mills hale cptung up everywhere
ten The will bail for Europe In the early especially In the northern part of the
cpring j Stale and I think they can handle- all of
the crop The tendency of all the South
Mrs C II Grosienor will receive at crn States is in this direction and In the
the Dewey this afternoon She will us course of a decade there will be no cotton
assisted by her daughters Mrs Leete and stt North for manufacture North Caro
Mrs Shepard and alto by the Mtses Vrn Una and Louisiana are well In line and the
Voorhls and Miss Katydid JoaeB j resources of the South will be kept In the
i South and placed on the market when
The chief eient of tonight will be th manufactured This part of the country
dance to be gUen at the Chevy u iCEtncd to be the richest In the United
Club house at which the guest will bo I statcg
and social world j
I never was in such a miserable city as
Boston Is In all my life said Henry A
Uery ot SL Louis at the Ebbltt fast
night He had finished his dinner and as
he used a toothpick was telling his troubles
lo Clerk Hamilton I had to go there on
business I am a leather dealer and was
tnUcrablc all the time 1 remained there
I was actually afraid to take my coat off
when In my room at the hotel for fear of
getting a call down from the manage-
Miss Annie Barbour will be received Into
mcnt j doQP sce wny anyone does busl
the community of the Ladles of th cre 1 ne4g tnere i kaow i wouldnt There is
Heart early In April Mrs Itcngifo widow I iiini ir nhnm i ihin itm mu
of the former Charge dAffalres of
ou rMl ikc turninc un iour coat loliar
bla will leave shortly after her slstern
reception Into the order to visit friends
Iu France
Mrs Buckingham wife of Lieutenant
Commander Benjamin H Buckingham
was the hostess at a delightful tea eh
terda when In spite ot the rain her
home 1S25 H Street was thronged with a
large and fashionable company
The British Ambassador and Ladr
Pauncefote will entertain at dinner ag3in
this evening
and not a soul seems to be cheerful or
familiar as In other cities I came near
freezing lo death in a barber shop while
the artist shaved me He had giasccs en
and held me at arms length with hi3
clammy hands Then the waiters In tbe
hotel dining room were simply awful They
talked Hawvard and wore better clothes
than I do I felt like a menial and didnt
enjoy an thing I ate No more Boston tor
ue I spent three days In New York
thawing out and feel better now
Pearl Wight a prominent New Orleans
attorney Is at the Shoreham attending to
some legal matters He will remain one
1 lnrite Viiilienre llktrn to IIIh Ad
lire in Hit
Gen John B Gordons lecture on the
Ijist Days of the Confederacy delivered
at tbe Congregational Church last night
was well attended despite tbe inclement
wejther It was under the nusnlccs of the
the vacancy of major and inspector general Ladles Aid Society of that church The
rostrum was handsomely decorated with
palms azaleas and potted plants and a
bug garrison flag was draped across the
pipes of the organ
General Gordon was introduced by Dr
Newman pastor of the church Ills dis
course piovcd to be a mingled tale of
humor and pathos and throughout tbe
audience was held in rapt attention now
hilarious with laughter and anon moved
almost to tears This lecture which the
be In for four months and this delay In I general has delivered times without
bcr Is on each occasion embellished with
new material of Interest and never falls
to receive a hearty approval The speaker
ruloglrcd In warmest terms his erstwhile
opponents on the field of battle Grant
and Sheridan McClelland and Hancock
were made the subject of especial com
mendation while on the other side Lee
and Jackson and Joseph H Johnston were
described in the highest terms A novel
feature Introduced was the sounding of the
old time hJgle calls by Lcm Wiley a
bugler of the war of 1861 63 which was
immediately followed by the revised calls
those now In use in the Army by the
nephew of Mr Wiley who Is the bugler
of the High School Cadet Corps
At tbe conclusion of the lecture at the
suggestion of General Gordon the audi
ence rose nnd sang America
Miielj Ilmt Annlt ernary of thr
III rlla of Hie Mrrtj red President
In many States business was suspended
yesterday In honor of the memory of Abra
ham Lincoln it being the ninety flrst an
niversary of his birth In this city the
Lincoln League observed the day with ap
propriate exercises at which a number ot
prominent colored men made addresses
Abraham Lincoln as Seen In His OfTlcia
Documents was the subject of a paper
read at Andrew Rankin Chapel Howard
University by John P Green
Lincoln was bom In the heart of what
Is now the Middle West but what was In
1303 tbe backwoods a wild Indian eonn
Tho Woman Suffragists Jlccciveil
by the President
ilrs I Mile to lip Ireaent
Hut Sees lllss A Ml lion In 1rltntr
The Business nt I lie In j I hr
Inc nt tlic Cnpllol tiiMtp
lnjf tlic iteellin of onlrrrs
A body ot liner looking more cultivate
and distinguished women is seldom seen
at the White House on any occasion than
those who called on the President and Mrs
McKInley jesterdaja afternoon to pay
their respects Notwithstanding the damp
and rainy weather Susan II Anthony the
venerable President ot the National
Woman Suffrage Association led her faith
ful followers to the Executive Mansion
In tho East Rocra which wns adorned with
cut flowers and potted plant where they
were receded by the President
Mrs Harriet Taj lor Upton the Treasurer
of tbe association and a delegate to the
contention from Ohio introduced the dele
gates to the President who shook hands
with each smiling and saying a friendly
word new and then when he recognized
friends and acquaintances On account ot
a slight indisposition Mrs McKInley was
unable to be present at the reception but i
the President gallantly took Alits An-
tbonjs arm and escorted her to the apart
ments of Mrs McKlnlej where the fore
most womens chahipion offered to the
lirst lad of the land the respects and best
wishes In the name ot the Nationjt Amer
ican Woman Suffrage ssociatlon Mrs
McKInley was deeply touched by the tri
bute of so many noble women anil as a
token ot thanks and appreciation she
handed Miss Anthony a Urge bunch of
white lilies with a few words of sincere
thanks and good wishes for tbe success ot
the suffrage cause
Upon the return of Mils nthony to the
East Room where the members were
awaiting her she was received with loud
applause and waving ot handkerchiefs
It was about 4 oclock when the execu
tive committee of the convention met in
cieculve session at the Itlggs House
where they discussed the plans to be pur
sued this morning at the tongies3 onal
hearings should the remonstrants con
front them remonstrants aaid
Mrs Upton are as unknown to us todav
as they ever were and I really think it is
mere talk for the purpose of political and
lersonal ends Hut let them come If they
will they will wish the had net come
after we get through with our addtcsses
V lent nf SIri iiBtli
There is however a crlaln and per
ceptible uneasiness among the officers and
those who are to speak at the Caplto to
handed donn the trade to his son that no i day when the subject of the
outiddcr might learn the art The modern
stranU Is broiched ConIlTjble poll t
cal work was done csterday af errojn and
the whole audlenie rising to thir feet
Miss Anthouy then introduced Mrs
Annie L Higgs State Librarian of Kansas
who spoke on Municipal riuffrage Mrs
Diggs said in part
One of the most specious objections
urged against womans assumption of civL
obligations is th charge that women are
narrow are petty that they think In
grooves that fur the most part they do
not reason they Mmply feel and hence
tbey do not render broad Impirtial Judg
ments and so do not take tomprehenstve
views of inatte s presented to them If
it be at all the ase that thpse things
are true In any larger deree ot women
than of men It Is Wiause womans point
of view has been i Ircuinsrribed and her
sense of relation and responsibility have
been undeieloned In the dozen or more
ears In Milch wonien have had the
municipal ballot In Kansas It is unques
tionably trie that their point of view has
broadened mat hr Iws petty and circum
scribed range of ihoughl has made her
more Judicious has brought about a bet
speaker She said in part Th story of
woman suffrage Iu the i outh is th story
of Individual effort It Is the story of
pioneers in unknooti pallia who have
bla7eil their way through a wilderness ot
opposition It has meant the pillory ot op
osing public opinion and a setting up In
the stocks to be Jeered at and stared at bj
cruel crltlrs The South has Its Ideals
they are expressed todiy In Solomon 1
Proverbs though Solomons funeral was
preached three thousand yarn ago Julian
Ralph said that Ihe lilt y If nwnan out
Iaces her stabler sisters In their progress
to womens emanriiuitlon
Mrs Young Mid thst tin mm with his
hat In his hand doc obelsmceto the past
but the woman with her bonnet off bares
her brow and opens
Mn Miigatl Scott IiiiiIij of flrcgu
spoke on the theme Sucecss In Sight
She rreiled the stead growth of the
womans movemtut out in the far Wc3t
from its ver lnceplton up to the present
date saIng that the West Is the more
fruitful field of the sulTrugUt and that
the far and nung WcnI would be way
ahead of the le amed Jim older Hast In the
course of a few jears
As an extemporaneous speaker Mrs
Duolwa Is logical sarcastic witty
poetic and at times eloquent The address
was ver favorably received
Porence Howe Hill of New Jersey was
next oreented and dellvereil i farce of
her own composition passing in review
the womans suffrage movement The
scene of the farce Is laid on Mount Olym
pus where Ihe great Zeus is visited by
two deputations one of suffragists the
other of anli sulTraglsts The former asU
Zeus to bestow the billot upon them and
he is about tn do so when the remon
strants arrive upon the scene and rehearse
their stock arguments against the enfran
chisement of women It Is difficult for the
ruler of Olympus to understand why tb
anti suffragists wish to take away from
other women something they themselves
do not want and after trying In vain to
decide he leaves the matter In the hinds
of Minerva or Pallas the Goddess of Wis
dom who awards the suffragists what they
desire There aro a number of bright
choruses the whole farce being witty and
Mrs Tlorence Madison Howe Hall Is
the second daughter of Julia Ward Hone
and the late Samuel Grldley Hoe the
noted philanthropist She became actively
Interested in the womans club movement
about ten years ago serving as tho Presi
dent ot the Monday Afternoon Club ot
PlalnOeH as Chairman of Correspondence
of the tlencral Federation of Women
Clubs a3VIco President and Director ot
the New Jersey State Federation holding
the last named ofTice at present as also the
chairmanship of the Department ot Educa
tion She Is also President of the Plaln
fleld Branch Alliance of Unllarltn and
other liberal Christian women Her Iden
tification with the woman suffrace move
ment dates froia 1S52 when she was elected
President of the New Jersey State
elation and has held the office ever since
The last address was awaited with a
great deal of Interest and when Diana
Hlrschler of Massachusetts stepped before
the audience she was loudly applauded
The theme assigned to her for discussion
was Womans Position In the Law Mrs
Hlrschler spoke In part as follons
WiMiinn nnil the Iniv
At the opening of the century woman
was a creature of the common law The
common law Is a mass ot customs and de
cisions handed down from the Dark Ages
Let us note with some care womans i
nnilttnn In 1CAA 11 - nil
cv t ivv juc Ian
expound the law upon the married woman
ine woman- unmarried is not dlscussd
This can possibly be explained by tho fact
that only recently have many women ex
ercised the prerogative of remaining sin
gle In earlier days she passed from tho
guardianship of her father to that of her
husband sho was under a pcrpetutl tute
lage But we do find the latest authori
ties Pollock and Maitland glvlcg a chap
ter to woman They explain that It is
demoted to widows and spinsters We will
note then womans relation to the nubile
ntlft Irt tf irll trlttils T1 Inn
relaIon to the Tubl it rS l ITrsllenl Conllrr I lKnc
represented in the law maklnir Dower on
the bench In the Jury ror were they
allowed on the witness stand for It was
said a woman must not be heard on ac
count of her frailty and again it was
objected that the blood of a man must
not be tried by a woman Thus were onc
hilf of the people shut off from the
duties and privileges belonging to the
whole and thus were the other half sub
ject to the temptations of dominion and
pow er
Regarding tfie married women we must
pause On marriage the woman passeit
Into what was called coterturo I c the
cmer protection wing ot hfr husband and
while she was snuKly tucked awar ha
I bled up all she possessed her personal
property and the proceeds of her real prop
erty during life and any right to sue which
he should reduce to possession In fact
she was so securely covered that the law
didnt see her and when property came
which one would Judge should belong to
both viz the children the law said Tuck
them under ou wing also to him who
hath shall be given and the children be
came his
In short marriage digested a woman of
her legal self her personal property her
power over her real property and as she
had no will over them during life she had
none after death
A One Milctl Cnnlrnrt
On the other hand the law recognized
that she had a personality before coer
ture and may have contracted debts and
said 7 her 1 husband must pay them but If
when certain nrcnosei amendments to tfc I
constitution as offered by Mrs Illlle Dev- I 1 7 na T
s IunS
rer er
ereux Blake were dfeate1 at the morn- 1 hT
Ing session the strengih of Ihe supporters i L suchat fnf coula
ot Mrs Carrie Chapman Out was tested lA h m s1
hc h deb nddt1
and shown for the first time It Is ruraond to
that Mrs Blake has altogether withdrawn Coniernlnf e husband marriage
from the race and will protatlv throw her I 1slfa hIm ot ne except the power to
strength to another canddate rem ihn I dispose of one third life interest In his
Western contingent of the convention
Last nights session was as well at
tended as any of the preceding ones not
withstanding the inclement weather Miss
Anthony was as prompt as usual opening
at the stroke of S
Before entering- itpoi the programme
real estate at his death It added to him
power ocr and control of his wifes self
Blnckstone says a husband may gUe his
wife moderate chastisement I hae looked
In aln through Blackstonc to Bnd a sim
ilar right granted to the wife against her
husband And old writer says If a man
of the evening she recited to the audience bat an outlaw a traitor a pagan or hl3
the circumstances of her visit to the 1 wfe Is dispunishable for by the law
White House and deposited in front of i common these can have no action and he
her in a high vase of cut glasn a large i adls Plaintively God grant gentle women
cluster of white lilies those which were better sport nnd better company He
presented lo her by Mrs McKInley Mrs I might within bounds restrain her liberty
Bowers of Pennsvlvnnta then arose and i ne might and did sell her at the auction
made a motion to give Mrs McKInley a lock as late as the first quarter of this
standing vote of thinks for th kindness century
accorded to the President of the Suffrage Admission to tomorrows hearings at the
Association This motion was seconded Capitol will be by ticket only SU3an B
by Mrs Garrett of Kansas and carried I vnthony will have in charge the speakers
wlio will address the Senate Judiciary
Committee Clara Bewick Colb will speak
on Our Work with Congress Laura M
Johns on Limited Suffrage Mary C C
Bradford on Hesults of Woman Suffrage
In the Enfranchised States Jessie Cas
sidy Saunders on Tbe Position of Women
in Foreign Countries Mr Carrie Chap
man Catt on The Latct Phase ot the
Bev Anna Howard Saw will have tn
charge those who will address the House
I Judiciary Committee Harriet Stantou
lllatct will make an address on The Po
litical Position of Women in England
Lillle Devereux Blakp Tho Constitutloual
rgument Elizabeth Sheldon Tllllns
hast The Economic Basis of Suffrage
Hala Hammond Butt The Changed In
tellectual Qualifications ot Women of This
Century Catharine Waugh Mrtullocli
This afternoon at 2 oclock the election
of officers will take place ami an Inter
estlng time may be looked for Notwlth
Hover Iowa Ina Light Taylor South
Carolina Virginia D Young Kansas Nan
nle K Garrett Michigan nmily II
Ketcham Mississippi Nalu Hammond
Butt Xew Jersey Dr Florence De Hart
Ohio Georgia Hoplcj District of Colum
bia Nettie Louisa White and Kansas
Laura A Gregg
Tonights session will be taken up with
the following programme Address by
Mabel Ioomls Todd of Massaebusetts on
The Village Beautiful Knimagenn
Paul Superintendent Street denning De
partment 1Irst ward Chkago Women
In the Street Cleaning Department Sofjj
loovnn Krlcdland of Itussla The Russian
Womau Dr Julia Holmes Smith dean
of National Medical College Illinois
her heirt to Ihe great I Women on Managing Boards Eliuhpth
iiurnu uuriia ui lurte iiiu mules
of Freedom
n Ivor
3lliiliitnrr Prrseiitrd
thr V I I nt
Inspector Gen Joseph C Ilrecklnridgs
and several of the officers of his depart
ment esterday presented Mrs Lanton with
a very handsome ivory miniature of her
It was painted from a picture ot General
Lavvton in the full dresx uniform of n
major general with ail his meduM of honor
on The picture Is one that Mrs Iawton
especially admires and she was deeply
touched by the kindness of the old friends
ot the husband In presenting her with the
miniature It Is handsomely
carved Ivory and is an extremely good
likeness ot the dead officer
Iorl Yt iirs uf tiers Icr in the till led
Mute Vat
Bearick Chief Inspector of Machinery at
the shipyards will on Friday etlre with
tbe rank of rear admiral after serving
forty years in the Isavy
Commander Bea ot Stare Island who
will succeed him arrived here today and
will go on temporary duty Wednesday in
order to permit Captain Itearlck to leave
for Washlngtoa to make his home there
with his family
Captain Rcaricl has served on every for
eign naval station and on every squadron
- If yon tried Uneada Biscuit once asa nov
elty order another box and judge of itlfor its plain
poodncss The second box will please jou better
than the first the third box will be an improvement
on the second The more we make the better we
make them The more you cat the better you like
them Get in the habit of it
Har you tried th sweet sister of tfneda Biscuit
Uneeda UlnJorWauror
Mlnntlon In llaiTntl
i Senator Hawley was one of the early
callers at the Whlto House yesterday
morning He presented an Invita
tion to the President to attend the eight
eenth annual banquet of the Loyal Le
glon at National Rifles Hall on the even
ing of February 22 the anniversary of
Washingtons birthday President McKIn
ley was made a member of the District
Commandcr y of the Loyal Legion while a
member of Congress He was transferred
to the Ohio Commandcry upon his return
to civil life The President did not promise
that he would accept the invitation but
It Is greatly desired by the members of
the organization that be should attend
Senator Cullom accompanied by former
Attorney General Smith and Judge Hart
well both ot Hawaii conferred with the
President relative to several subjects In
which they are Interested The question
of relief for Hawaii on account of the rav
ages of the bubonic plague was tbe first
subject discussed It was decided at tne
last meeting of the Cabinet that the Presi
dent would Issue a proclamation reconven
ing the old Hawaiian Legislature in order
that steps may be taken to relieve the dis
tress caused by the recent outbreak As a
result ot the conference yesterday how
ever It was decided to abandon this plan
and to rely upon prompt action by Con
gress The bill for the government of Ha
waii which was framed by Senator Cullom
Is now pending In the Senate nnd it Is
said that the President is anxious for Its
early passage
The Senatorial contest in Illinois was
referred to In the course of the Interview
and the condition of affairs was explained
to the President Senator Cullom haa been
friendly to the Administration and it Is
expected that he will be given assistance
in his effort to secure re election to the
Monslgnor Sbarrettl Bishop of Havana
had a short talk with Mr McKInley rela
tive to Church matters in Cuba and to gen
eral conditions existing there The Bishop
Is to return to Havana In a few days
Senator Scott called to urge the appoint
ment of J E Dana of West Virginia as
one of the Commissioners to the Paris Ex
position The list ot Commissioners has
already ben made up however
Representative Graff ot Illinois made a
short call on the President during which
he cpoke of the banquet given by the
KicRapoo Club of Peoria last night to cele
brate Lincolns birthday Mr- McKInley
sent an appropriate message to the presi
dent of the club in which he spoke ot bl3
regret at being unable to attend an event
In honor of his Illustrious predecessor A
number ot prominent men principally from
Illlnlos responded t0 toasts at the ban
quet and Charles G Dawes the Comp
troller ot the Currency was present
Unit tins Square nkcil for hy the
Ilnuirlttpr of llir llctnlutlun
Mr Daniel Manning President of the
Xatlonal Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution and Mrs William P
Frye wife of the Senator from Maine con
ferred with the District Commissioners yes
terday in the Interest of securing Rawlins
Square as the site ot a memorial building
to erected by the Daughters of tho
American Revolution
The ladles stated to the Commissioner
t U- - T1 AAA In ltd
Tho Protective aluc of the Ballot Rev trcasury for the purpose They thcught tha
Anna Howard Shan will make the
closing CIlnce when complcted would cost about
J2 000O and they expressed entire confi
dence In the ability of the organization to
raise the ararunt required It was ex
plained that the proposed building ac
ter understanding between herself and standing tl c favorable outlook for the sue-
consideratlcn would
the man citizen has enhanced her useful- c ss ot Mrs Catt something may happen 5 h P n 3 nhCrr0 Sare It
ne s as a citizen and enriched her chsrac I between now nnd the hour set aside for cci rhfn S hJ ainL thev aid and
ter as an Individual In all the relations the election which may change the present 0UJieaJlB lr I -
of life
t I i - i us annm utrauij kuuiu ue auwi as 11 -
Mrs Dlggs of Topeka Is State Librar
ian of Kansas and also President of the
Kansas Kqual Suffrage tsociation
Wuiiimi SnffrnKf In tin South
Ti 1 ract univcrsa aentlon
V The ljdi s -aid the object In view by the
At the work conference at 3 oclock this
he of
Bas 0 Illc a IaC for
afternoon Elnora M Babcock ch ilrman of lh natna h0li aEd in nbich 13
committee on press work will preside rould be held It was also
Mr unrnl I Voung of South -S E Vard MasVa ulT Tnor
Una who sroke on Th Stor of Woman xllc0 Slone Ittackwel California Ida J l JX
Suffrage In the South wa the nett Hutted Harper Pennsylvania Ida Porter documents relics of wars an 1
public events and other objects appropri
ate to tne permanent museum oi a pa
triotic organization
The Commissioned were much intere tei
in tho representations made by the ladies
aud promised their assistance In every
possible way continent with Ihe best In
terests of all concerned
furl Hrhurx tit SptuU
delphia brnnch of the American
League has secured Carl Schura
to deliver an address on the evening ot
Iebruarj II on which day the branch
known a3 the American League of PhiH
delphtJ proposes to hold Its first business
Professor tvvnter Prove tlint
linl Is tlic lrrnle xt Urn In
Known lo iMic p
MIDDLHTOWN Conn The man who Is
expected to survive a week and do ten
hours hard mental work a day with noth
ing to sustain him but alcoholic beverages
has passed his third day and is in a happy
frame of mind and in excellent physical
condition Prof Atwater of Weslcvan
who Is trying to demonstrate the effect ot
alcoholic drinks upon brain workers com
municated with Ostergren by telephono
this afternoon
Ostrzrcn said that he Is studying ten
framed in t hours every day and exercising with dumb-
i Dens tor two nours ine resi ui iiiu ujj uu
puts In according to inclination not ai
watcr assembled the chemical class of Wes
Iean around the glass case In which Oster
gren Is confined thi3 afternoon and lectured
on the value of his calrolmcler to seence
Duftys Pure Malt Whiskey the old fam
II remedy of forty years standing Is the
purest form ot alcoholic stimulant as It
contains none cf that deadly poison Fusel
oil It gives power to the brain strength I
and elasticity to the muscles and ilhns J
to the blood It brings you retrcsning
sleep It cures nervousness and Indiges
tion It is a promoter ot good health and
longevity Makes the old young keeps that
young stroug Over 7000 doctors prescritn
it on account of Its purity and excellence
The most sensitive stomach will retain It
All druggists and grocers Be sure you
get the genuine
Hechts Greater Stores
Tinale of the
Reduction Sale
Yon cannot afford to miss the
bargain opportunities of this great
10 and SI2 Silk Waists 498
Our splendid showing of black
iina colored taffeta and black
satin waists lias never been equal
ed at anything near the present
price Jtanj new tucking and
heinstirthing eTects are shown
The colors include the favorites
bluette old rose automobile gar
net tan pinks scarier cerise new
grevs etc Superbly made Some
with new white silk stitching
finish 10 and 12 J AD
waists 445
15 Spring Suits 750
Ladies handsome spring suits
of tine grade cheviots in all the
latest shades The jackets are
the new shapes The skirts are in
new box pleat inlaid pleat etc
Eery suit nicely lined fan r
suits for vpOU
Hecht Company
513 515 Seventh St
It Will Pay You to Look at
These Prices Before You Buy
Mlliu TjUtls 3 grains -
UthU Tablets 5 graias
Ilroino tavatlve tannine Tablet for
rolds I5e
Pure Norwegian Ctrd I Uer Oil per pint
Uotelters ltitterj Tic
Hhite Pine Cotig h fc jrup per bottle 13
Korfhound Tar and WiM Cbrrry Cough
Strap lii
Rett Olirc Oil s pint bottle
Best Oilte Oil I pint hottle
It t OIit Oil 1 quart bottle
Stuarts DTipepIl Tahlets 50c jize
Stunts nvspepaii TaMcU fl sue
Jennings Drue Store
Wholesale and Rrtall 1112 Conn Are MV
Meet Me at Droops
Droops Music House
- 925 Pa Ave NW
Thone 1953
COFFEE Choice Java and atactia 33 per lb
Have vmr r usuiuam uvur noa sells at ZZc
15c and J3c per lb
Tvtetlth and O StJ N W
fair Imo m
Alt the newest aa4
uat itttaetix atrlta la
nans aaoea UU a
tans patel hataer
Lquat to any
OS- ransTlvnnlst Arena
Allorthc Cure tor Colds ami Crif
Lleventh and G
ROYAL Baking Powder
Highest of all In leavening
Strength US Government Report
612 814
rtla St T1S 31artet Space
NO FLfL as ebtap iml n satuijctir
as Coir There no vssle in miu
U no Kill b pkcM to clean t p It
hglitj up qutrklr ttiw enabling the col
to set th nfab rtMvJr on time Tioull
ure money on fuel it jou use CtAc
Thore 1737 for a uyilj
Washington Gaslight Co
413 10th St NW

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