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n ns of Tlay Ading in
National Capital
bered li old residents of the city In 1822
uf AiiutNentcnlN in the Primi
tive lerlinl f tlie leilcrnl Metrop
olis Cnrtmln Canterliurs Ilnll the
ilollil niitl Other IIiiIIm ffir jlcn
tul Ileerciitlon Ultl IilmlmnrK
A perusal of the Earliest archhes of
this cits indicates that the drama and
its disciples have always been vell patron
licd b the people of Washington and
Georgetown Thus although the adent
of that eminent engineer Major LEnfant
to whom the cit is indebted for its pres
ent beautiful plan is described in a copy
of the Georgetown Weeltly Record of
1794 as that of a distinguished astron
omer there is no mistake made in an
other number of the same Journal for 17SD
regarding the accomplishments of a coin
pan of strolling comedians under the
management of one Archibald Marlbor
ough Hamilton Sterling
Whether the manifold and brilliant
premises of the advertisement were car
Tied out in the actual performance there
are no direct means of ascertaining In
Uew of the fact however that the latter
was given necessarily by candle light
and without the aid of any of the me
chanical effects at present in vogue It
may be inferred that much was left to the
imagination of the audience
It is stated by the way In the adver
tisement for this performance that
the manager petitioned the town au
thorities In behalf of himself and
associates to remit the onerous tax that
was Imposed upon theatrical representa
tions amounting to 6 per night and it
further transpires that the selectmen did
meet and graciously consent to suspend
the operation of this tax law while- the
comedians were In town
Hr L Moilcy of this city possesses
an old poster of the date of November
16 176C ten by twelve Inches in size
which announced the last two nights of
the Old American Compan the come
dies on the bill being the School for
Scandal rnd Love a la Mode It is
stated that this poster came from the
collection of theatrical reminiscences made
by the late Peter Force who asserted
that the performances took place in a
theatre which was located on what is now
the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue
between and Sixth
Streets the exact site being at present
occupied by a coach factory It Is other
wise stated however that the perform
ance must have taken place in some other
city most probably Philadelphia as
Washington at the date mentioned In the
poster was nothing but a wilderness
It would appear that in and about the
year 1796 there was felt a longing by the
people of the city for some public amuse
ments of which there was at that time a
dearth A chronicle for the year 1796 refers
to this barrenness of theatricals and pub
lishes from a London paper an announce
ment cf the fact that a new play had been
brought out M a Venstlan theatre with
universal applause entitled Two Gentle
men of Verona alteredfrcm Shakespeare
with SIgnor Buonaparte in the role
of FIrEt Gentiemtn and SIgnor Beaulien in
that of Second Gentleman etc with a
triumphant entry Into Milan in which an
archbishop danced a hornpipe It was
stated to be the Intention of the company
to visit London This was at the time
when fhe great Napoleon was spreading
terror throughout ail Europe and It was
feared that his triumphant march would
not be checked before he should make an
assault upon the British Capital
It is said that in all probability the first
dramatic performance that took place In
Washington was given In the jear 1SO0 at
the Great Hotel then the largest tav
ern In the city which was kept bj a man
named Blodgett and was located on the
ground now occupied by the General Post
office Building Whether this Blodgett was
the originator of the celebrated Blodgett
claim which created such a stir in the Dis
trict a few vears ago Is not known The
plays that were presented on that occasion
or the actons who participated cannot be
ascertained but there is authentic record
to show that the performance took place
The first building devoted exclusively to
and who reconstructed It and named It
the Cit Assembly Rooms Here Carusl
held his dancing acaioraj and in this ball
were held many notable parties and halls
In 1S37 Carusis saloon was retroeled Into
a theatre and excellent performances took
place there for a long series of jears be
fore It became a variety hall It va3 called
the Washington Theatre and among the
man notable engagements wa3 oec of two
-weeks which took place In March 1SC5
at the time of Tresldent LIncons Scond
Inauguration by tho Wallack and Daven
port combination which Introduced be
sides these distinguished actors Mlts Rose
Etjxge Harrv Placide and others The
nrsi woeK was devoted to tnc nsw play of
How She Loves Him with Wallack 03
tho stuttering Tom Vacll Davenport as
Captain Gawlcy Harry Placide as Diog
enes nsd Uce Etvnge as Atlanta Cruiser
The second week was given to English
remedy and The Schoc for Scandal
Honejmoon and Still Waters Run
Deep were presented
The next theatre built here vas erected
on Louisiana Avenue Jan east of Sixth
Street and was called The Washington
Theatre and afterward The American
Theatre It was In all llkelihooJ bjllt
oaily la the 20s for there is a record of
Us having been greatly enlarged and Im
proved in 1S2S This theatre enjoyed great
popularity and success for a number of
jears In It were held two Inauguration
balls and several bslls and receptions by
local military organizations During tho
war It too became a variety hal and was
known as Tho Canterbury AfUr tho
houses mentioned had flourished and de
clined there stood on the site described by
tns ate Ietcr Force as mat of the 17SG
house of worship into a playhouse It was
rebuilt however and had a prosperous ca
reer during the war which was d sjstcr
ously closed by the assassination of Presi
dent Lincoln
Then there was the Oxford which was
erected on he site on which Fords Opera
House aftertvard stood the property hav
ing been prjviosuly purchased by William
LWalI undjr whose management man no
table performances were given Laura
Koenc J W Wallacl Jr an J Edwin For
rest gave their last t presentations in tbU
citj in Walls Opera House as it was then
called This theatre was also burned and
on oeing rebuilt was rechrlsteced Ford s
taking the name of its lessee
This ilty has son a large number of
public halls which have in their time
run a cioo competition with the theatres
for patronage Tii Iron Hall one
of the earliest of these was
over what is now DroopV music
store on enrsylv ania Avenue and
is at present used as a photograph cs ab
lihment In antr bcllum das many ex
cellent performances took place here and
it was on the boards of this hall that
Stuart Robon made bis first ambitous
attempts which nr salt1 to have been la
mentable failures The hall was afterward
altered and became a favorite resort for
concert troupes magician etc The gifted
Parepa sang for the first time in Washing
ton In MUzerot Hall a did alsa Mrs
Seguin or Zclda Harrison as she then was
known Heller the elder Hermann and
other professors of the black art drew
latge crowds in this hull During the das
the Territorial Government It was occuplcl
b the LeglEative Assembl and after
the experience of lucse feather dLSter
statesmen the old hall was turnei over to
business and has since been occupied by
various photographers
Forrest Hall In Georgetown is one of the
landmark of that once Important city The
date of Its birth Is Eaid to be lost in the
obscurity of he dim paet ar1 it is by no
means certain that the strolling plajerc of
the last century did not make this their
stopping place
There were two Odd Fellows Halls one
on Seventh Street between D and E
Streets and the other on Eghth Street
southeast This latter hail w is for many
ears visited by dramatic and musical or
ganizations which were gladly welcomed
by the people of Capitol Hill who in the
davs before even the horse car lightened
the journey felt It quite a tilp into the
The hall on Seventh Street was for a long
time the principal place for the holding of
concerts school exhibitions light dra
matic entertainments etc It was the
home of the negro minstrel and man a
custicguihed knight of the burnt cork
made his first bow tn a Washington audi
ence behind the footlights of Odd Fellows
WIUad s Hall on F Street now demol
iEhd has been the scene of some notable
entertainments It was the favorite place
for lectures in 1S64 During that one sea
son E P Whipple P T Barjium George
vanacnnoii the elder and others well
known on the platform appeared The
pianist Gottschalk gave his last concert
In this city at Willarde Hall being asslft
cd b Mme Vnrnir Ed Hoffman and Carlo
Pattl the violinist a brother of the great
Adi lina
Carroll Lincoln Seaton and Metropoli
tan Halls are things of the past In the
first named of these Charles Dickens read
from his own works during his last visit to
this city on which occasion the
guished novelist had the large windows of
the hall carefully padded in order that
rone of the sound should be lost At Lin
coln Hall the beautiful Christine Nilsson
made her first appearance in the National
Capital The Masonic Temple and Congre
gational Church still remnin devoted at
least in a measure to their old usages but
the day is probabi not far distant when
they too shall disappear
lnlercitiiiir MImcov erlcn Due to the
Ilritlxli IIer War
From Ihe London Standard
The war has Indlrecil led to an Inter
esting scientific discovery in Cape Colony
Two members of the Geological Sur
vey there being driven away from their
work on the northern frontier went to
stud the Lltenhage bed3 on the lower part
of the Sunday River which enters the sa
in Algoa Ba These b ds were known to
contain remains of reptiles though little
had hitherto been found which could be
Identified with precision But on this oc
casion the explorers were rewarded by
Ing from the hillside and cvidentlv those
ota reptile for the lertebrae a paddle and
Jas could be recognized Other boms
ere subsequently exhumed Thirty eight
vertebrae hae been obtained and both
the Jaws with their conical fluted teeth
those In frort beine the lamest with onp
dramatic amusements was erected in ISO j at least of the limbs uliich In shape bears
suuiiieu ou me comer oi meituini jome resemblance to a paddle
and C Streets A stoik companj built it f Provisionally the skeleton is referred to
end they gave it no other name than The as tho plesiosaurus This reptile well
Theatre It lasted for several jcars but known to European geologists had a long
4 lt lantvl ti lm mail iImi n anil Iha lira I 1 i
- sSr - Z - 1 Js were armed with formidable
euiu lu mi vaiuc nuu h itt
teeth and a rouch Idea of Us shnno miiM
be given by comparing it to a plucked
swan with paddles for limbs and a rather
short tall Capable of moving quickly
throjgh the water and striking oil about
it with Its lithe neck and jrawerful mouth
It must have been no less a terror to the
fishes of the sea than Its contemporary
the ichthjosaurns which as Its name Im
plles was more like a fish In shape had
et more terrible jaws and must have
rushed at its prcv like a shark These
scourges of the deep endured for long upon
the globe they vvo Id not e casilj exter
minated Fine specimens of both have
been found in these Iclinds in various
strata especially In the Oxford clay near
Peterborough and In other parts cf the
Jurassic sjstem to which Indeed these
Uitenhage beds are referred
But If this South African creature ba
a truo plesiosaurus it -vas cither a pygmy
species or Its career was cut short In I
early jouth for it is stated to be only
four feet long Now in England thoigh I
at their first appearance in the Lias they
are comparatively small from eight to
ten feet long they have been I iovn
afterward to reach forty feet IJjt allied
genera havo been Identified and now the
old genus plesiosaurus Is often subdi
vided and that name restricted to the
representatives found In the Lias an yet
earlier part of the secondary deposits
That question no doubt will be deter
mined when the remains can be carefully
studied but the old genus has been Iden
tified in Europe Asia and America and
a not remote beeii
very relation has un
earthed even In New Zealand
South Africa has alreadv supplied geo
logists With reptllla even mnr Imuran
than this nmong them bt nir
performance above referred to a theatre creaturc Hhout teeth on the palate Of
called The Adelphl It was desttoyed by lw0 formerly linked under the one
fire In 1SC0 only enjoying
a few years of UUQ Irom lw Creat teeth
Fords Tenth Street Theatre is still re
membered by many favorably because of
the cnjovablc performances once rendered
there and on account of the tragic occur
rences o wnicb it has been the scene Tfco
original building was a Baptist Church in
wnlch the Rev Obedlah Brown used 10
iireacn ana was altered Into a theatre In
ISIS After an existence of only about a
3 ear this piace of amuseent was desttoed
by Are and no few people said it was a
Judgment against those who had turned a
2s an improvement over scour
ing soaps It is made of finer
material It will not scratch
u scour off and wear out
surfaces on which it is used
iiKc Kumuiai oue occurs in India another
in ouin Airici ana a representative has
also been found In sandstones near Elgin
In Scotland But the imost reuarkablo
thing about these South African reptiles Is
that some of them present certain struc
tural resemblances to mammals One of
the most remarkable rejoices in the name
of Tareiasaurus Balnl and a evry perfect
speclment obtained by Prof II G Seeley
Is now in the British MuseurIt was found
In the neighborhood of Tamboer fonteln
Cape Colony at tire foot of tho NIeuw veldt
range As the professor states It can bo
compared with the known groups of rep
tiles recent and fossil as well as with the
mammals for there is much to recall the
latter in tho characters of the pelvis the
shoulder glrdlo and the fore and hind
limbs Id other respects It Is even more
like a rcptllo Still tho general outline of
the skeleton Is curiously suggestive of some
heavily built clumsy mammal
Africa Is Indeed n land nt rnlfiirlnl n
wall as of other wonders and with good
luck the pedigree of the mammals may jet
bo traced tp the point where they Cranched
off from a parent stem possibly reptilian
Tho southern part of tho continent has
remained above the sea during later sec
ondary and tertiary times so it may have
been one of ths nurseries in which the
larger mammals were developed to tako
In due course the place of the great rep
TIip Nrw Grnnd Cnmlllc IlArv llle
The firet opportunity afforded Washlng
tonlans to hear Camille DArville the fa
mous comic opera singer at the low prices
that make polite vaudeville so potent as
a palng amusement will be presented by
Marager Chase at the New Grand this
week In engaging this noted singer still
in the prime of her life and operatic t 1
umphs Mr Chase gives addlti nal but
not needed proof of the generous policy
animating his operations at the New Grand
and that it is reaping the success deserved
is abundantly plain to those who marvel
at the immense audiences drawn nightly
to this popular theatre This season is Miss
DArvilles first in polite vaudeville and
b right of her fame beauty and vocal
genius she stands at the head of the stel
lar attractions in this new sphere cf re
fined entertainment Certain It Is that
not excepting Pauline Hall and Cissie Lof
tus Miss DArvilles popularity exceed
that of any other vaudeville star and the
artistic character of her work aside from
her personal charm of face and form
places ber in her prominent position No
chronicling of Miss DArvilles triumphs
as tbo leading prima donna of the a t
decade U needed to attract the many who
beard her as Maid Marian in Robin Hood
with the BoKlcnians She invested that
charming role with beaut and voice all
her own and her success In It has never
bten equaled Miss DArvilles selection
cover the whole range of her wonderful
voice and comprise popular songs as well
as more classic numbers Another notable
feature of the bill is Bab Lund the Ju
venile whose precocity Is genius and not
incubatel Intelligence Although a wee
mite cf seven ears she possesses the
grace and eaic of a mature artiste Others
engaged are Prof Macarts dog and ircn
ke comedians th three Onrls jugglers
and equilibrists Elsworth and Burt In a
refined sketch Tom Mack black face
mcnologist Roger and Fields the German
funmakers and Fialkowski the wonderful
Imitator of animals The advance demand
for reserved scats presages another tre
mendous weeks business
Kernnii The IIIkIi Holler
The High Rollers open at the Lyceum
tomorrow with a matinee Those who ad
mire the beautiful and burlesque may ex
pect a genuine treat This is the second
season of the High Rollers and it has been
a triumphal march from one city to an
other They crowded every theatre where
they have performed The opening part
of the bill gives a glimpse of gay Parisian
life It is called The High Rollers at
the Paris Exposition After the first
part follows an olio of Taudeville artists
every one said to be a crackajack Every
performer taking part is a head liner
who dispenses wit humor grace and nov
elty until the spcciator wonders that
so much merit could be crowded Into one
performance Tor a finish there Is a bur
lesque on The Great Rub a play pro
nounced by tho entire New lork press the
best of Dalys productions and it has
proven a rich storehouse to draw from A
frivolity has been evolved of the catchiest
sort which Wended as It is with the fun
of the comedians the pretty girls in airy
costumes and the tuneful music produces
a perfection of detail ravishing to tho
ces and for the car melody and har
HoHtockx VIiltMi Carnival
Visitors to the Worlds Fair In Chicago
In 1893 doubtless remember the renowned
Midway Plaisance that wonderful high
way of nations where so many different
and distinct kinds of amusement were
presented All things considered this par
ticular division of the great exposition
was by far the most popular and the In
ternational amusement features enjded
a greater patronage than that accorded
any of the costly foreign or domestic ex
hibits in the Industrial section
For the first time since the idea of a
traveling Midway organization was con- I
ceived the residents of Washington and
vicinity will have an opportunlt of visit-
ing the Frank C Bo3tock Mighty Midway I
Carnival which will open its season In 1 i
this city next Tuesday evening at the Na
Exhibition It Is a well known fact ihat
at the Worlds Fair the Hagenback
Trained Wild Animal Exhibition wrs the
leading amusement feature and it was
visited by greater crowds and gave moro
satisfaction than any other attraction on
that strange street The Worlds Fair
served to Introduce trained wild anlmal3
in thi3 country while subsequent expo
sitions have demonstrated the rcmakable
degree of training to which wild beasts
could be brought While it Is not gen
erally known the fact still remains that
the whole of the Hagenback Trained Wild
Animal Shows at ever exposition since
the Worlds Fair have ben owned and
operated by Mr Bostock whoso thorough
knowledge of the traits and peculiarities
of the various members of the crimsl
kingdom Is so well known that it is need
less to recount a matter of show hlsiorj
This exhibition of educated animals is
being presented under a mammoth tent I
where the remarkable display of courjge
and daring by eight of the foremost train- I
ers of the world elicits admiration and
applause Among the bright particular
stirs of the animal show is Mile Marie
LouIs Morell who enjoys the title
Queen of Jaguars ThK daring littlo
French woman fearlessly enters a den of
jaguars and leopards and makes them oby
her as If they were harmless house cati
Another intrepid performer is Capt Wil
helm Cardono who will exhibit his trio
of forest bred African lions Leo Glad
stone and Emerson and conclualvely
demonstratc tho power of the human mind
over that of brute creation In addition
to the other animals of more or less fame
the notorious Wallace the man eating
lion will be exhibited and at the fame
time his bloody history wIl be graphically
recounted by SIgnor Ricardo Di Kenzo
who narrowly ccaped death In Wallaces
clutches at the Zoo In Baltimore Md
But almost evcrv form of amusement Is
to be found on the great Midway and the
features are delightful cosmopolitan in
their conception The magnitude of the
Midway may be Imagined when it is known
that it requires seventy special cars to
transport the variegated paraphernalia and
In his employ Including representatives of
nearly every civilized and semi clvllized
race on the globe
Minn Jones lrom London
The number of people who atteLd this
exhibition at 1211 Pennsylvania Avenue
from curiosity or because of the fact that
the entertainment Is one unusual merit
has Iargel increased since Thursday the
a lditlonal attraction being a very hand
some souvenir which Miss Jones la pre
senting to eacn lady wno attends the mati
nee receptions from 1 to 5 oclock Theoe
souvenirs aro quite artistic and the gifts
will be continued each day until the close
If Miss Jones engagement
Caster Last llntllr
Paxsons great hirtorlcal painting of
Custers last battle on the Little Big Horn
July 23 1S76 Is on exhibition at 1001 Penn
sylvania Avenue and Is drawing large
crowds of visitors
The lialntlnir represents the final stand
on Custers Hill of the remnant of the gal
lant Seventh Cavalry on that awful day
It contains over 200 figure of Indians
soldiers and scouts and is six feet high
and ten feet wide There are lrt It por
traits of General Custer Capt T W Cus
ter his brother Captain Yates Adjutant
Cook Lieutenants Calhoun Riley Smith
am Porter the scout nouyer and Indian
Chiefs Gall Crazy Horse Crow King
Hump White Bull
Spotted Eaglu and Two Moon
Ceneral Custer ia the central figure
pressing his left hand to the wound In hla
sVo and Just after firing his last shotr
2 15 P tl
Next Week
visited the battlefield Just after the fight
and many times In later vea s making
studies and si etches for this ricture He
has rcceiv I from officers soldiers ard In
diana their accounts of the battle and sift
ing these has arrived at histoilc iuth
which is one of the chief merits of his
great work
The Ili lii Let I ure
Eugene V DcLa will lecture at the Xew
Grand on Sunday night His subject will
be Labor and Libert Some press opin
ions of Mr Debs follow
The name of Eugene V Debs is the
sweetest found that the working el ses
have heard sinco the davs of Abraham Lin
coln Los Angeles Civic Review
He is an orator He is a wit He 13 a
Eatinst After hearing him one can read
ily see how he has stepped Into t - leader
ship of union labor nn Arbor 1 mes
Mr Deba lecture in this city last nlgtt
was one of the finest it has bsen our
pleeoure to listen to Galveston Texas
Daily Press
Debs Is doing more to advance the cause
of the brotherhood of man than all the
big city newspapers in the countrv Cleve
land Forum
The Sniilu lltllidnr
This world famous painting is attract
ing such croads that the management 1
trying to arrange to cancel the date with
Baltimore and gie the extra Uro weeks
to this city Oter two thousand ladies and
gentlemen hae Weited the painting this
week It is on exhibition from 10 a m
to 10 p ra at 419 Seventh Street north
The Murine llitml iiiirtrt
Many of the regular attendants at the
White House and Capitol concerts of the
Marine Hand during the summer season
have expressed the desire to hear the band
under the more favorable surroundings of
a regular concert hall or theatre To these
It will doubtless afford gratification to
learn that on the 15th of May the band is
to render a concert In one of the theatres
of the city for tho benefit of local chari
ties A number of prominent society peo
ple have been interested and the event
bids fair to eclipse all other of the season
in point of Interest and successful man
agemc it The Marine Band Orchestra
composed of forty five members wld
doubtless contribute to the attractiveness
of the programme
An nxuuaalilr Inult
From the riirgende Illaettrr
Naturally if youve been discharced from two
or three places for listening at the keyhole in
cluding my friend Frau Schcrla I cini engage
Yes but jouve no idea nujtn what inter
esting things Ive heard
Well on the whole I think Ill lie you
htoclcii nml llnmif
From the Philadepl ia Press
Has he got a jacht
No but he liaj a reverue cutter thats a reg
ular clipper
V ou dont uy
les the scissors hs cuts fin coupons with
Adfni sion 10 cts
419 Seventh St N W
Over two thouand ladici rid gentlemen hate
vlalted thu masnifkrnt hie1 siie Oil 1ainting the
flrat week It
AT 8f5
25 and 50c
Polite Phenomenal Success
CanilHe DArville
The Beautiful and Gracious
The Peerless
Queen of Opera
Singer Wf Favorite
MbF frN ill mCk
li Ba mixXT
mmmvi issjuTtsrAB n atvssam i n rniftnimtimi
ill wfrwl iifpWWBL
th iiiilfflK
ill mWlmW
ill 4 f p5jjj
Sectnc Scats AheaJ
his faithful adjutant Lieutenant Cook
with one hand steadying the form of h s
chief now about to fall In death kneel i
in the act of firing a shot from his re-
The painting Is not horrible or shocking
In any way It Is Intense dramatic and
full of tremendous action and force One
can almost hear the rattling lire of the
carbines of the hard -pressed cavalrymen
and the trlumrh war Tvhojp of the Sioux
and Cheennes
It is impossible to point out the salient
reatures of this great worl of art in a
short review It must be seen to be fully
wui uci i urn o venui airoet ana The
artlst of the pIctllre E T raxeon
n0Un Y ta0 g lives In Butte Jlon and has served as
rnllotirf ii TinrCVBhf1C cer of the first Montana Volunteers In the
following da5s closing at midnight Sat-
wftr wlth Mr Iaxsdn has spent over
In K the subj ct of
While there are a score or moreshowson enAears
the Bal pre c e acquainted
Midway proper Director General Bo-
wlt eIe1 CEer and P3 oucers ani1
stock the Animal King makes a
coering a number of fossil bones project j clal feature of the Trained Wild Animal
Russian Dancers
Son for Itotli Weeks
fylhe Dand of lie U S Marin Corps
l ndcr the a pices ct
For the Benefit of the Ioor
8 P II
lievrvfd Seals SI and 73c adnision 50c
Ticket for sale at Sanders A Majrcana and
Droops Music Storrs Thomprfins Irur More and
by the committee It
Great Success of
from London
The Hjpnotie Vfarrel
Every lad attending afternoon rnrptions will
tertire a handsome soutrrur Lxhibitions every
halt hour from 1 to 3 and 7 to II
II--10 10 CFNTS
1211 1hVN 1 HE It
Ousters Last Battle
S3 IB76
Taxsoni Great laintinz Now on Exhibition at
1001 Pa Ave Cor IOih St
rmy offictra pronounce it true to luatorr Art
critics de lare it to he
nij3 7t
EUGSE v oebs
Labor and Liberty
23 CFT
to Ixtra Cliarj
fof Reserved SeaU
Entertainment nod Instruction
The Hails tB Ancients
New York Avj
OlEN I 1 11 TO I P 1L
For Promotion of
National Galleries
Illustrate Ffryptlan Asjrlaa Roman and Sa
rircnic Ktt Architecture Uanntrs and Customs
The Lecture and Assyrian Halla or the entira
ght bl will be available to literary or Lil
tcrical club for evenicff lectures reception etc
Admuaion Adults fiOi Children 2Ac
mM6 mo wefrSu tt
In the Shadow of the Cross
The strange and unexplainable painting of
Clmst will remain on exhibition a few dar
1 mg er Pure in religion sentiment Ileautifu
in cojntenance Inspiring in its mytenousnest
437 7th SL N opposite Uallantjnea Cook
Store 9 a m tot 10 p m It
Big Spectacular Production
The New and Ancient South
Under witer proof paullon lot lUh am V sU nw
Tfto Performances Daily at 2 and 8 PM
drmion 25 and 15 Cents
Greatest Company of Colored Talent and Finest
Costumes of any Colored Snow in th World
my5 2t
Only IS Cents
Arlington and Return
Electric tralna leave 11 St and Pa Ave about
every 15 mlnutea
Vh Alexundrls A M Vernon Ry
Chris Xanders
Finest American Port 75c qt
CHRIS XflNDERbte4n4Sst
Next Veek
FOKFICV MILS are forwarded to the porta of j
sailto dally and the scnedulw of closings ire
arranged on the prctumition ol their uninterrupt 1
td overland trarsit ror the week ending Mir j
from thu office aj follows
Tniuo Vtlantlc Mnils
MONDW c t 0 15 p m for FLU0PE per 9
a Kai r WUhelm der Grose from er
orlv Tia Cherbourg- Socthanpton and
TlEsVV c Vt 91J p m for LUKOPE per
s s New crk from iew iork via South
c vt 11 03 p m for BI LfilUlI direct per
s a rricsland Irom New ork via vntwerp
Mail must be din- d Per s a Friesland
AEIN1D 1 VI 15 p ra for FIUNCR
TURhEl LOllT and 11RITMI INDIA per
e s La Chanp3Kne from 2tvr lorn via
Havre Mail lor other parts of EDROPK
mut be directed Ter a s La Cbam
c t II 03 p m for tlROPF per a s
Kajr Inedneh from w York via Ply
mouth Cherbourg- and Hamburg
FRlim b U 7 15 p m tor AZORES 13
LA1 direct per s a- Spjrtas Prince from
Jevr vork
c Vt It 05 p ra fr NETHERLANDS di
rect per s s Rotterdam from New ork via
Rotterdam Mail must be dirteted Per s a i
e Vt 11 05 p tn for ITALY per 8- s j
Lm4 from Nen ork via Naples Mail must i
be di ected Per l Ima
c Vt II 05 p m for bCOrLANI per I
s Llliiopa frm New orlc via Claagow j
y Mill murt be directed Per a s Ethiopia
c Vt 11 05 p in for hi ROPE per a s I
Krum from New iorlv via Queenstown
c Vt 11 ft p m for OIt A direct p r
j s Norse Irum New iork via CTnuiac a f
Mails muit be directed Per F s Norse
PRINT I MVTTHt FTC rierman Jeamera
satlir from New iork on Tuesday take Print
c Ma trr ete for LRMVNi and specially
aMreed Printed Matter etc lor other parts of
1 1 ROPh
mericar and White Star steamers tailing from
New ork on Wedreda German iud French 1
ttcamfrs from New ork on Thursdays and Cu J
nam and Ctrnuii sttaphrs Irorr Nev iork on
Saturdays take Printed Matter eta for all
countries lor which the are advertised to carry
rrail t
Mulls for south mid Centrnl Aiucrirn
W Mt lmlles itf
MONDVV fc Vt 1105 p L for INvCUv
HUTI and MVRTIIV per s s liar
aid from cw lork
TllMiW fd vtfOa m for RVRBvDOS and
NORTH UK VZIb per s a Flununcnse from
eu vork
b At 2 SO p m for JVMUCV per t
Admlral Ievrey from Boaton
c Vt I to p m for CENTRAL UIFR
IOV except Costa Rica and bOUTII PV
flUC PORTS per - Mamo from New
Nork via Colon Mall for CIUVTEMALt
rmt be dirrcted Per a Vlamo
Vt II Oo p ra for PORTO RICO ST
TII05IVS ST CROIT via San Juan also
CIRVCVO and Vl NLIFI pr a J Ca
racas from New lork Mall for VV tMLLA
and CVRTIURKNV via Curacao must be
directed Per s s Caracas
Vt 11 05 p m for BER
MlDV per s s Pretcna from New Vork
e Vt II 05 p m for CWIPtCHL CHt
TVRVSCO and 1LCATVN per s a
vucatan from New lork via IroiTTeso Mails
for other parts of MLAICO mu t be directed
Per s a Vucatan
e At II 0o p m for XlSSvU N P and
pe a s Niagara frorr New York
TIIlRMlVi 1 U 2 30 p m for JVltvICt
per s s Vdmiral Schley from Boeton
e Kt 11 03 p m for TURKS ISLAND and
DOVIINICVN IthPLBLIC per s s Cherokee
from Vcw York
c Vt 11 05 p m lor PORTO RICO per
s s Arkadia from New York
FR1DV e t 11 05 p m for FORTUNT 13
OKNV ard GREYTOWN per s Mtai from
New lork Mail lor COST R1CV must be
directed Per a s Altai
c At 11 05 p m for NEWFOUNDLAND
per a s Silvia from New York
e At 11 05 p m for UCTVN per a
a Tordensjold from New York via Pro
c At 11 05 p m for NUFV ITAS GIBAttt
Lauenburs from New iork Ordinary mall
SUNDVV h t 12 00 m for ST PIERRE-
MlyLHON per steamer from North Sidney
Mails for XT VOl NDLWP by rail to North
Svdne and thence na steamer close here daily
except Si mlav at 12 00 m and on Sundas only
at 11 30 a m d h
Mails f r MIQLILOS bv rail for BostoD and
thence via steamer close here daly at 3 15 p
m d
CUB MAILS close here via Port Tampa Fla
Wednesdays Fridays and Sundais at 2J0 p m
Via Miami Fla Tuesdays and- Saturdavs at
10 30 a m f
Mails for MEXICO overland unless specially
aoVtresed for despatch by steamer aaitinc from
New lork vlose here dally at 10 30a m and
10 00 p ra k
CORTCZ and GUATEMALA by rail to New Or-
J1LLE JHORFil Queen of the Jaguars
The High Rollers
Extravaganza Company
Prmentlim a ITnlimr Conceit
IIIaMtrntlnR the and Foililex of tlie Iren h Cnpitnl
3Ininmotli and Mnmilflcent Mtilr Glorloaal Ilrllltant
bj Urn itlful Amrii
A UurlcufiaCj ou the Latest Crnxe of rent Production
A Wealth of Special Scenery Electrical Effects and Gorgeous Costumes
Frank C Bostocks Mighty Midway Carnival
Free Shows
Thp Only Unicfele Ajcenslon
ist In the WorlJ
Frank St John
In i Terrific Leap for Lite into
i i toot Square Net
Free Shows
iranada Fedora
On the High Blre Orer a Bix
tiful RerOiTing Fire Fountain
Mile Orrocco
Ascending the Silver Spiral la
the Ijsterious Globe
While on the Midway Do Not Fail to Visit
The Streets of Cairo Turkish -Theatre Streets of All Nations HInloo Theatre
Boer Laager Crystal Maze Cinematographe African Village Racing Yachts the
30000 Ventlan Gondolas Wombwells Roval British Menagerie the Wild West
Bostocks Renowned Trained Wild Animals
Under the Tersonal Direction of T fMHaUITO
SgSMJJ FRANk c BOSTOCK the Animal King Wlwn I O
IovroKrici mjtice
Jhould be read daily as changes may occur at
Street near Broadway Xew York
I Modern and Luxurious in AH Its Appointments
American and European Plan
Under new management
1 B U1MBLEN3 SONS Proprietors
Avon Inn and Coitages
Most select wort on the New Jeney Coast
Send far particulars apltoJ3ni
Hauling Storage
hauled and placed in position
CHIN carefully packed for shipment
htatile or 1lrr Traps
Springmanns Express
9S7 D St X IV
Tc icpiiunc ioi
p2 tf
ROYAL Baking Powder
Highest of all In leavening
Strength V S Government Report
leans and thence v a steamer close here djilj at
13 00 p ra the connecting cos for which le
In7 Sindaja and TueHJjj for COT KIC and
XlordJvi for IltLIZE IULRTO COBTLZ and
Trnn lailtlc Mali
Mills for CHINA JPW irVUMI and
rillLIPriNE ISLVND na San Francisco close
here at 6 33 p m up to Mar G inctunre
for despatch per a topuc o
Mails for CHIVl JlW and IMLILlPriXE
IaLNDS via Tacoma cose here dally at 8 35
p in np to Ma G Irfixnwe lor despatch per s
a Dalnjvostocfc o
clone here dailr t 6 3a p m up to Maj
11 tncliLsivc for despatch per ship Galilee o
Mails for ALbTRUJY iexcept V uatralia
Ial INUS na San Francisco cioss here dailj at
6p m up to Mar 12 lncluane for despatch
per s s Alameda o
Mails for CHIN JIPW U U a4
PHILIPPINE laLANDS via San Francuco clow
here dailr at 6 35 p m up to May 11 inclusive
for cWpatch per e merican Mara o
INLANDS na Seattle close hre daily at 03
p m up to May 14 for despatch per
s a Toua Maru Reutered mail must be directed
via Seattle o
Mails for CIHN and JPAV via Vancouver
clo e here daily at C 5 p m up to May 2 Ia
cltuire for despatch per s e Lmprei of India
HeyLttered mail must be directed ia Vancou
ver o
Mails for IIAWMI via San Francisco clow
here daily at 0 35 p m ixp to May 25 inclusire
for despatch per a t Australia o
Mails for AUSTUALIK except West Australia
which goes via Europe and ISew Zealand which
jfoes via San Francisco HAWAII and HJI 13
LVNDS via Vancouver close here daily at 633
p ra up to May 2 inclusive for despatch per
s s oranxL o
Mails for COOIIV CIIIV are forwarded to
New Vork for conTtion with Furopean steamen
PHILIPPINE ILANPb Military Mail de
patched to San Franc uc at all riches for that
olflce to connect with Government tranporu th
sailings of which are irregular
b Registered malls cIoe at 1 00 p m ism
c Registered malls close 3tS00 p tn iam
d Regutrred mails close at 5 0O a m sama
e ltrcitered mr its cIoe at 1 00 p m
I Registered null close at 1 00 p m pre
tIoM day
h Resutered mails close at 12 00 p m pre
vious ay
k Krxitered mails close at S 00 p m pre
vious day
of Unentered malls close at C 00 p m pre
vious djr
JOHN A ULTIltnT Postaiater

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