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lulls Three New Orleans Policemen
When Brought to Bav
Tvro ShnniinK AITrnjn It mult From
Attrmjif Iiik nn rrM S lie Mur
lcrr PIi ck Willi Ienll Mm lroni
lirliiml ii Door III tier Unci IV tl
inmr AroiistMl In the Creseeiit tj
NEW ORLEANS July n Two desper
ate shooting affairs following each other
In rapid succession in which three police
men Including Capt John Day recognized
as one cf the ablest men on the force were
lillcd ly Robert Charles a hae
caused the profoundest sensation Known
here since the assassination of Chief of
Tolico Ilenncssy by the Mafia There is a
fciiu o raft feeling and bitterness espe
cially since it has been learned that
Charles was an agitator and has been dis
tributing literature calling on the crushed
and trampled spirit of the blacks to as
sert itself It is this fact that makes the
triple murder different from others of the
Game kind here and may lead to increas
ing the already somewhat strained rela
tions between the whites and negroes
Tor some time past there hive been
frequent burglaries committed in this city
supposed to be by negroes About mid
night last night several negro women
called attention to two suspicious negroes
In Dryades Street near Washington Street
as possible burglars Sergeant Auckin
with two policemen went after the ne
groes There were a few words exchanged
when the negroes suddenly drew revolvers
and opened fire on the ofiiccrs
One of the negroes subsequently identi
fied as Charles wounded Policeman August
Mora fatallv Charles who vas slightly
wounded escaped during the sheeting The
other negro Leonard Tierce was captured
but only after a desperate struggle Pierce
refused at first to betraj his friend but
finally told where Charles lived
Captain Day who commands the pre inct
started at one for the pUcs with Srgcant
Auckin anij Policeman Perrier and svcia
hotel detectives It w as Ehoti aftr J
a m when the reached the co tase
which opens on an allev Day and Aukin
led the way up the alley followed by Fo
lieem3n Lamb and Trcn hard They 1a p d
03 tie door of Charlea room Another door
suddenly opened azd from this Ccarles
fired en the police His first shot htC p
tain Daj In the shoulder shattering it A
second shot struck the captain in ttc be d
and he fell over face forward The third
bullet struck Lamb in the head gong
through his brain
The negro kept on firirg with such pre
cision from behind the p otection of the
door that the other policemen retreacd
Charles then stepped from his room to
where the bodj of Captain Da lay and
cursing blm fired three fhtts Into the
body of the dead or dying man He then
opened fire on Co poral Terrier at the other
end of the alley The poliro surrounded
the house fired a number of shots into K
but waited for daj light to capture Cha Ics
At daylight they broke into the houe
only to find that Charles had escaped His
trunk was broken open and it wa found
to contain a Jarge amount ol liteiature en
the race question including a number cf
pamphlets on the negroes and Liberia by
D J Plummer a ccpy of the national icng
of Columbia with Columbia stricken
ojt by Charles and Africa substituted
and various certificates and papers shoe
ing that Charles had decided to go to Li
beria and also that he had organized a
Lfberian eocletv in New Orleans and po
posed to take fifteen hundred emigrants 10
Boodhounds were put on Charles track
and followed the trail for some distance to
a houBe where Charles had changed his
coat aad shirt leaving his bloody gar
ments behind The trail was lost there
60 bitter was the popular feeling on the
subject that a white man in tse neighbor
hood who declared that Cnarles ought
to be given a fair show and that a ie
gro was as human 23 a white man was
set upon by the mob and saved from a
threatened lynching onlj by the Interfer
ence of the police The white man was
taken by the police to Jail for protection
There he gave his name as Ed J Mc
Carthy and sail that he was a seaman
from New York
The mob at times showed a vindictive
cplrlt and there were threats of burn
ing the house in which Chailes had lived
Later In the day the police searched Ae
house where Leonard Pierce lived and 1
found various Liberlan pamphlets of much
the same character es in Charlca room Os
Pierces person they found forty car
About noon a large mob surrounded the
police jail where Pierce was confined and
threats were made to storm the jail nd
lynch the negro The police howeer an
ticipated the troublo and remove the
prisoner to the parish prison which Is
safe from the attacks of a mob
A party of six negroes who were re
ported to have said that more policemen
ought to be killed were chased by the
mob The negroes were finally captured
and Jailed by the police as a matter of
Hoy rnlln Tliroiicli n Ccllnr Door
Leopold Sybpex colored eight years old
fell through a cellar door in front of
house 413 O Street northwest last night
and sustained slight Injuries An ambu
lance took the boy to the Emergency Hos
pital He was not seriously hurt
Macou nml Cnr Collide
An electric car of tho Metropolitan Hall
way and a wagon belonging to tho Con
sumers Brewing Company the latter
driven by William R Downey of 1043
Thlrtj -third Street northwest came to
gether In a collision at tho corner of
Ninth and E Streets northwest last night
The shock threw Downey to the street He
sustained injuries about the head and
hands but they are not serious
Hoods Pills
Are used by
thousands of
the best families and are worthy jour con
fidence Try them once and you w 111 prefer them
to all others Sold by all druggists 23 cents
fe5KJ Big
VTerder what llertx
will cay twiij
Some merchants think it is
necessary to go to sleep in
July We like to keep our
employes hustling hence we
make these big reductions
You wont get such a chance
soon again
Ill 1 1 a Uuck Trousers to Order
Cnaalmere Trouiera to
Iliac Clio lot Stilt o Order
Tuner Cheviot Cult to Order
006 and 908 F St
Continued from lirst race
There arc daily conferences between the
commanders concerning an attack on Tn
tsin whjch islikelj to take place sn u
A Chinee report was re eived torlgjt
to the effct that Jung Lu the Chinese
generalissimo was protecting the foreign
ers iu Id in Nothing definite is known
A curious concomitant of the situation
here is that there is no intelligence oflce
and little ecouting There is no definite
information about the number position
or equipment of the Chinese
Tvo hundred and fifty Germans started
for Kiao Chou todav
tlilllll n Will- lfuier
TiENiTSEN Julv 411 a m Via
14 and thence by post to Shang
hai July 10 35 p ru A few scat
tering shells were delivered b the Ohi
ctse carlj this morning but other v He
there has been no resumption of yester
days actimi All the foreigners here th nk
it is high lino for the powers to awake to
the fact -that the are not fighing th
Boxers alone but a China such as Ihe
world never sav before a China eouipped
with plentj of modern rifles and powerful
guns and with men able to shoot
This is no holiday pleasure excursion
against dervish like fanatics carrying
spears aiid swords On the contrary it
is a business like war in which China is
showing tremendous advancement as a
fighting power and in which she Is dis
playing unexpected strength for the rea
son that she is acting alone and Inde
pendent of agreement between a lot of
heterogeneous elements The great neces
sity is celerity on tho part of the poAjrs
In putting an end to the trouble he
Chinese are an inhuman foe They t fce
no prisoners and horribly mutilate vuo
The military situation cf the allies docs i
not promise well under present conditions
though there is the greatest harmuny
among the commanders and they are
on the best terms with one another Valu
able time however is lost through mere
politeness The anomalous situation can
not be better shown than by the absence
of a general headquarters After the re
cent heavj night firing it took ill the
next diy to ascertain what had happened
it being netcssary to visit eight different
headquarters ail widely scattered
Anomaly Is also shown in the communica
tions with Tongku each nation having its
own Nobody Is rebuilding the railroad
Meanwhile the foreigners in Pekin are
desperately in need of help but it is cer
tain that no relief can start In less than
three weeks and progress then will be
very slow The rains are beginning now
and the roads will soon be impassable for
army transportation It will be absolutely
necessary to rebuild the railways Every
days delay makes the matters more diffi
More- American Troops
American interests here urgently appeal
for more American trocps It Is in this
belt of China where American trade Is the
largest Tientsin la now practically in a
state of siege rood is scarce and prices
are out of sight The banks arc shut and
no money can be obtained The merchants
are net trying to secure more suDplies be
cause those that they have obtained are
frequently commandeered by the enemy
The tugs have all been seized
The cond ion of Tientsin is such as to
render an epidemic mast probable and the
situation is very dtficult to handle
A report that General Maha wlth about
TOGO Hanhal and Kuag men arrived at
Tientsin on July 1 is confirmed Bao the
Boxer chief has his headquarters in the
Viceroys jamen The Chinese soldiers are
-cast the city The river is quite high
It is reported that General Nlehs family
bas liiciC kidnaped and that his forces
have been defeated by other Chinese troops
and Boxers
Kcports received here from Chinese
sources regarding the situation in Pekin
are very confii ting
Atlmlrul ej moiir Hit
TIENTSIN July 02 p m Via Chefco
July 21 and bv post to Shanghai July 21
At daylight this morning 1000 Jap
anese Russians 700 British and 100
Americans with cavalry and artillery at
tacked the Chinete who bad been placing
a battery on the west side of tho settle
ments The Japanese led In the attack
part of the artillery covering ad
vance while the other guns found tho
Chinese who were occupying tho village
below the West Arsenal
The Japanese infantry charged and dis
lodged the Chinese who ficd across the
open eounlrj uhre the Japanese cavalry
swooped doivn cu tbcm and cut them to
pieces as tLej made wild attempts to es
cape At liast 1C0 of them were killed
In the mean time the Amrlc ms md
Ji panese sailors rcoccupied the West Ar
senal after a brief fight with its defendeu
Thy captuicd four guns seenty
and five banners
While Admiral Seymour commander of
the British forcts and General fuiashima
the Japanese commander were standing on
a bridge at the West Arsenal watching the
effect of the sbclllns en the native city
the Chinett cptned with shranel deliv
ering a remarkably accurate fire One of
their shells pxploded on the bridge beside
Admiral Seymour wounding him slightly
A captain of infantry was killed and two
other officers and twenty men were
wounded Three hundred British and 300
Japanese now hold the arsenal
After this action the Chinese sbled the
settlemnts severely for two hours Yester
day they maintained a heavy shell fire
causing thirteen casualties including three
bluejackets from the British warship Cen
turion who were killed in tho barrack3
Tho British brought up two more 4 inch
rifes vesterday mounting two on each
side of the settlements
The Russians plan to attacl the cast
sido of tLc native city tomorrow
The Chinese havo several 3 2 giins which
completely command the settlements The
men from the British warship Terrible who
saw service in Natal say that the fighting
here is much worse than it was at Lad
The Ninth Regiment qf American infan i
fire on them from the city wall and the
allies suffered severely They were unable
to repl and were finally brough across
tho canal and placed behind a mud wall
while the British American French and
Japanese light batteries shelled the walls
of the native cit -and the villages front
ing it p
It was known jesterdaMthat the Chi
nese had received re enforctjments of 1500
of Shantung trops
While tho shelling was proceeding a large
force of Chinese cavalrj left the clt and
1 moved westward threatening the dank of
the allies but for some reason the halted
t on the road and remained inactive
The shelling of the villages lasted for an
hour Then a conference of the iom
manders was held and it was decided to
attack the wall The American marines
bad Uip extreme left of the line the Ninth
llegiment the right while the Japanese
and French advanced in the centre along
the road the a tilcr covering them
The movement developed a terrific fire
t from lh italic nnil illm n The allies
B- -
Waldron and Naylor of tho viih Regi
ment were also hit Captain Llod of
the British marines and two Japanese offi
cers were killed At the time thU mes
sage is despatched the lines remain as
stated above The allies are unable to
cither advance or retire The casualties
will be very heavy The fire here was
just as hot as that at Santiago and much
longer sustained
The Russians have not yet been suc
cessful in their movement No detailed
reports from them have been received
O Seventh Artillery Or-
ilereil to Tnkn
It has been decided to send a battcryof
siege guns to China and orders were yes
terday issued for the transfer of Battery
O Seventh Artillery now at Tort Riley
Kan to San Francisco The battery will
leave for Taku at once There is but one
other siege battery in the army Battery
K Fifth Artillery Battery O Seventh
Artillery was stationed at Washington
Barracks for several months prior to its
transfer to Fort Riley and the officers
and men have many friends In this vicin
ity The officers who will accompany the
battery to China are Capt John R Wil
liams First Lieut C C Hearn and Sec
ond Lieut Philip II Ward Lieutenant
Ward Is a son of Col Thomas Ward of
tho Adjutant Generals Department and is
an officer of ability and promise
Troojis II anil 1 Thin ninlrj Start
for itfrninUI
Troops B and G of tho Third Cavalry
numbering 1S9 men left at noon yesterday
by special train for San Francisco There
they will Join Troops H and I which left
on Monday evening and will take the
transport Meade for Nagasaki en route
to China
Major Kingsbury cnmmandlng the iui
dron left with the trocps yesterday Lieut
F G Kister who Is acting as adjutant
Captain Hardee and Lieutenant Hedcgar
of Troop B and CaptalnBbughton of Troop
G were the other officers A special train
laden with the baggage and field equip
ment of the squadron went ahead of the
troop train
Four hundred men and nine officers of
the Fifth Cavalry Custers old regiment
who have Just returned from Porto Rico
will at once occupy Fort Mycr Tho new
comers left New- York last night and were
expected here between midnight and dawn
this morning
The America Mum to Convey Him
to MiniiKliul
William W Rockhill Director of Ihe
Bureau of American Republics who has
been appointed special envoy of the
State Department in China during the
troubles there will leave Seattle on Au
gust 3 en the steamer America Maru for
His duties will be confined almost ex
clusively to the forwarding to this Gov
ernment of accurate reports of everything
transpiring so that the Department offi
cials may be kept Informed daily on tho
situation Hi3 arrival is awaited with in
terest as only the most meagre reports
are now- received from Admiral Remey
Mr Rockhill has traveled throughout Chi
na and speaks the Manchu and other Chi
nese dialects fluently
IZtimleil to Scrrifnry lln li flic
neNe VfnHter
Minister Wu yesterday handed to the
State Department officials a despatch re
ceived by him from the Ctuneto Minister to
London who received it fiom Shcng Dliec
tor of Railwas and Telegraphs Tae mes
sage was published jestcrdjy and Is a3
Shanghai Jul 23 Itforma Ion
from Pekin dated July 18 has bten re
ceived 10 the effect that tho
deputed Wen Jin Under
tar of Department to see the foreign
Ministers He found ovcryono well
None was mltsiig except tho German
Minister Central Yung LI command
er of the northern arm is about to
memorialize tho throne to send them
all under escort to Tientsin in the
hope that the military opsrutions will
then be stopped
try is expected to arrive here today I JlmUHlppI ircr nnd Compiinlm
TIENTSIN July 13 2
p m -Via ofrrr Tlllr PrlreM
wj juij it aim jjusl iu cimugiai juij i
tt i - i
uuu hi tiuy iruife mis morning
the artillery opened a general attack on the
native city The Russians endeavored to
take tho railroad for the northeast of the
settlements while the Japanese Ameri
cans British Austrlans and French ad
vanced through the West Arsenal and
stormed Uie walls of tho city which the
Japanese ilanncd to breach with guncot
ton aftar ioavj shelling
The Russians marched at midnight in
tending to throw pontoons across the Lutal
Canal and take the fort Tho others
marched at 2 oclock In three col
umns At 4 20 the 4 inchers 6 and
12 pourders opened a heavy bombard
menu The Chinese reply was spirit
less At atont 5 oclock there was a
terrific explosion near the railroad fort
and It was Itlievcd that the magazines
there had been blown up by the 4 inch
gunB whlchwerc throwing Ijddlte
Allvfince nf the Mntli
The Americans sent two battalions of
the Ninth Regiment Colonel Llscum com
manding and a battalion of marines under
Major Waller They had three
field pieces and three Colt suns The
Chinese resisted but slightly at the West
Arsnal but subsequently they uneatpect
cdjy offered stubborn resistance
After taking the West Arsenal the line
of Uie allies lay across tho canal with no
protection The Chinese delivered a heavy
lUoaey IrOLbe jjreri upon
Ihe mind diacourifts acd
Ifucni ambition beauty
leer full cneriuirc3 loon
WPlMFN diuppMr when the Udneyj
Viill n out af tritr cf iutaud
Fcr plcaxtnc result uu Dr Kllmeri Sirjnp Hoot
Ihe ffrett kidney remedy At uruzziiU amiU
tcttte by mail inf asn pimplilrt
Addreu Dr Kilmer Co Dlsghaatoc N a
JACKSON Miss July 24 Col R M
Lev haE tendered to Irtsldent McKinley
through Adjutant General Henry tho en
tire First Regiment -Mississippi National
Guard for service in China The officers
met jesterday and decided unanimously to
make the tender The Waltham Guards
of Meridian and Capital Light Guards of
Jackson will volunteer also
The Genernl Will lit Our
llimteii nn
In TnUii
A cablegram was received at the Navy
Department yesterday announcing the ar
rival of tho transport Grant at Nagasaki
Tho vessel carried Major General Chaffee
and tho Sixth Cavalry which will start at
once for Taku where General Chaffee will
command American operations The Grant
made the voyage In twenty four days
Order il to TnUn
Capt George Montgomery Ordnance De
partment has been relieved from duty as
Inspector of ordnance at tbo Detrlck and
Harvey Machine Works Baltimore Md
and will proce cd via New York City and
Rock Island arsenal Illinois to Taku
China and report to Major General Chaffee
United States Volunteers for duty as ord
nance officer on his staff
Lieutenant Wune IrotnoteU
First Lieut Robert V Wynne Marino
Corps son of Robert F Wynne the rews
paper correspondent has been appointed
captain filling the vacancy caused by the
death of Capt A it Davis at Tientsin
Witnesses at the Xeely Hearing
Charge Lauiess
ife Willi tllf IiiikIs Alvvnr
o 1Inic III- Hie Ollici 1 lie
I 111111011 Tnkrn nt Ilnwmii t
1r llreelvnl Tlie
Iilriiiiit to tin Prisoner Arrest
NEW YORK July 24 The hearing of
the case of Charles I W Ncely tho head
of the financial department of the Cuban
postal service which is being argued be-
foro Justice Lacombe as to whether ho
should be extradited and
u avana for embezzlement
were obliged to remain on oppn g o mil stand trai In
Thej were umble to breach the wall
was continued
cms it innniM for npm t rrns
this nrnlng
a deep canal there DLring the wlthGcorge Marshall of the
ment Captain Davis of the marines was finance departmentln Cuba on the witness
killed and Lieutenant wounded 1
stand Mr Marshall was on tho witness
Lienantr MaorTn Captalt - crW in detai the
pasument of the postoifice in Havana
iwmin i w iiPiiinnniits 1
ana th finance department in particular
Today United States District Altornnv
Burnett of the prosecution paid particular
attention to tho fact that tho safe which
contained whatever funds were in the post
office had its outer door always open nnd
that there was a general laxness about the
handling of the funds
John D Lindsey of the defence briefly
cross examined the witness but long
enough to bring out the fact that the era
poes of the office all had access to the
safe as well as the emplojcs of the money
order bureau who kept their money order
blanks In the safe About one dozen cm
plocs had access to the safe Notwith
standing that tho door was never locked
It was brought out that the mones were
placed In three drawers in plain view and
of easy access
William Hoffman succeeded Mr Mar
shall Mr Hoffman 13 assistant cashier
of the North American Trust Company
and verified various deposits made with
his companr by Mr Neely He was then
Major Eugene F Sadd Treasurer of the
Island ot Cuba was next sworn and took
tho witness stand Major Sadd verified
various deposits made with him until April
15 Moncs were deposited wllh th Nnnh
American Trust Company to his credt but
since then have been deposited wit 1 the
major pc sonally Major Sadd was c cused
after being asked a few more questions
about deposits
Col George II Burton Inspector Gf neral
of Cuba was then recalled nnd asked to
explain more fully his testimony given jes
terday concerning his inspection of the
postoffico finance department In Cuba
In an affidavit given In Cuba Colonel Bur
ton told of a shortage In Mr Ncelys ac
count of about 10000 Colonel Burton
said on the stand that he reiterated that
JuJge Lacombe stopped him and said I
dont caro what testimony was given in
Cuba It will not bear tho slightest
weight in the world with me in deciding
this case What must be done is to havo
competent testimony given here If it is
proven conclusively that money was em
bezzled and stolen from the public fund In
Cuba I will decide to havo tho det ndant
taken back to Cuba What must be done
is to have the competent testimony given
here aDd not in Havana Colonel Lurton
was then excused
The next witness sworn was William B
Benham a former head bookkeeper under
Mr Neel He was In Cuba In the finance
department from January 1S09 to
June 1S99 Mr Benham merely testified
as to various methods of entry It was
brought out tiat tho witness was dis
charged by Mr Ni ely for Incompetence
The next wRcss was John O Hazen
bead of the deteciire bureau of Roches
ter who arrested Neely He described tho
arrest in Rochester and said that when
searched tG M2 -vas found on him In cur
rency Of this amount cloven bills wero
of the 500 denomination There wero also
two checks for 111 each Detective Haen
said that Ncely was much surprised at
his arrest arid prolested his innocence
The arrest was on May 6 in Rochester
Just as Neely was going to tako a train to
Munr Ic Ind his heme On cross-examination
it wa3 brought out that the two
checks were personal ones received by
Mr Neel after his arrival in New York
Hazen was then excused
G T Gregory postofTice inspector for
Cuba who was on the stand csterday
was again calledand gave more minute
testimony rbout the examination of the
books of the finance department In tho
Cuban postofUce
State Iciinrtmeit Hn v Confirma
tion of the belittle Keiurt
The State Department has received no
confirmation of the report from Seattle
that international survejors have located
a boundary line between Alaska and
northwest Canada According to press de
spatches the boundary glve3 to the British
the northern half of the American Porcu
pine mining district The surveyors wno
an iid In hivi Joitivl lh lln nm
O T Tittman of Wiuhington and W T
King of Ottawi who followed
tions set forth In the modus Vivendi agree 1
to a year ago by fctcretary Hay and Lord
Officials of the Stat Department are in
clined to believe that the line mentioned
in the despatch is merely a preliminary
one established by the survejors a3 a basis
for future work Ac cirdlng to tho story
which comes from Sei ttle great indigna
tion prevails in southeastern Alaska over
the cession of the Iorcuptne mines A pe
tition has been forwarled to the Presi
dent signed by 14G miners appealing for
the correction of what is termed a costly
and unwarranted mistake
The petitioners represent that the m dua
yivenui nas pennuieu tne urltlsb to seize I
thousands of acres of the public domjin
containing rich deposits of gold All of the
KUhcena River and Glacier and Boulder
Creeks upon which Americans have spent
thousands of dollara In prospecting ore
taken away from their rightful proprietors
Iron posts demarklng the boundary are
crowded up to the root hills crossing and
recrosslng the Dalion Toll Road thus cut
ting off entrance to an exit from Amcri
tan mining camps
All this say the petitioners makes
oar future look uninviting We protect to
sou Mr President against the unjust
seizure of the Kiaheena abovo Kluckwan
which Is only ten miles from tidewater
whetcas we are entitled to the country
twenty miles liejond Kiurkwan inciudin
Vltncie Liicntc the Slintu ns Com
Inp rnim the Ixrrule IlitllillnK
GEOHOirrOWN K July 24 The testi
mony in tho Powers trial today was mainly
devoted to locating the exact spot where
Goebel Ml ty witnesses who wore cither
in the Stele House ard or just outsido
when he 3as shot AH who testified that
tbey heard the shots raid they sounded as
if they came from the Executive Building
and a majority of them located the sho s r3
comisg from the Secretary of States offi e
Miss Ellen Smith Jnmes Fletcher and
George Lockhart of Eartoursville drtai el
some damaging conversations with Jhn
end Caleb Iincr3 After the teatlmon is
all In on both sides tho Commoaweslth
will likely ask tnat the jury be taken to
Trankfort to vlen the scene of assarsira
tlon for themselves but it is prcbabo that
the defence will object
When court convened today th2 p o ecu
tion vas granted subpoenas duces tecum
against tho Western Union and Postal of
fices at Frankfort for all cipher me3igca
sent and received from December 22 to
Tebruary 5 and one against the Sc rctary
of State for the executive Journal of Gov
ernor TaIor and one sgalnst tho Assistant
Adjutant General for tho muster rolls of all
militia companies organized last ear and
up to January 20 of this year
llcxulinmrter of Nnttonnl Committee
In the Atiilltorlum Annex
CHICAGO July 21 Chairman Jones and
N ulcnal Committeeman Gahan of Illinois
held a conference at the Auditorium Annex
today at which the place of tho National
Democratic headquarters was definitely de
cided upon The committee will occupy
the rooms used by tho Republican Com
mittee In 1896 and signed acontrrct for
fourteen apartments on tho second third
and fourth floors of tho Auditorium Build
ing The entrance is from Wabash Ave
nue Tho rooms are well suited for the
purpose the only drawback being the
noiso of tho elevated trains In Wabash
In the selection of headauartcrs the
Chairman Jones left this afternoon for
Washington to confer with tho Democratic
Congressional Committee He said that no
definite plans had been made for the East
ern headquarters Ho will be back in
Chicago tho latter part of the week and
will make his arrangements for the open
ing of tho national headquarters in this
city In August He will be In Chicago the
greater part of the time from thea until
the polls close in November
nTXilotlon nn n Stcnm Launch
temleil hy Kutnl ItcHultN
SYRACUSE N Y July 24 Seven per
sons wero scalded by an explosion at the
lock at North Sallna Street at 2 oclock
today Two havo since died and the death
of a third is expected at any moment
A pleasure party of eight persons living
in Oswego had been making a trip on
board the steam launch Trilby owned by
Tred L Spink of South Scrlta The party
left Oswego on Sunday and a stop was
made at Fulton From there the party
went to Memphis remaining until this
morning Tho boat was on Its way to
Oswego ty way of the Oswego Canal when
shortly before 2 oclock a flue blew out
with disastrous results
On board the launch were Tred L Spink
and his wife of South Scriba with their
four children and Mrs Jay Kelsey of
Oswego The two women and the four
children wero badly scalded Mr Splnlv
cstaplng with slight Injuries lln Spink
and the children were taken to St Josephs
Hospital la a city ambulance
Jay Klsey was on shore at the time of
the accident Adam Bltzner the tender
ot lock 2 which the boat had Just ent red
when the explosion occurred was an eye
witness of the accident and rescued the
entire party He said
Every soul on board would have been
lost If that boat had got a bit further
down in the lock As It was they were
down Just enough so that tho tOD rail
was on a level with tho towpath I was
working at the grte when all of a sudJen
there was a nolso like a canron and then
a big clouJ of black smoke came from tho
boat I shut the gate and ran back to the
boat Thestcam was coming from the
boiler so thick I could hardly soe the peo
ple icslcrer
One of the children was knocked over
near the bow and I get It I made an effort
to reach tho other children and help tho
women out The skin dropped off the hands
of two of the children as they stood
srrpnmlnir nn tho tnwnnlh fln nf lh rhl
drcn started to walk up to ths other lock
and fell down
Some bojs that had been in swimming
came down and look her shoes off The
skin came off with the shoes
The report was heard at the Wolf Street
lock and a crowd of boatmen anil others
rushed down tho tovvpath Tho chidren
screaming with agony wero lying on the
grass and a hurry up call wa3 sent for
the city ambulance It was nearly fifteen
minutes before medical aid came Mr
Kelsey saj s he has no idea what caused
the accident
This evening Iva Kelsey aged nine and
Glidyo Kelsey aged Beven died and the
death of Harold aged four 13 expected
any moment The others will probably re
Wnrrcn OHnrc Ilci rrom the Bf
fectf of mi Aircldeiit
A despatch recched last night at Icllco
Headquarters tells or tho arrest near
Frederick Va of Ernest Mullen thargjd
with the murder yesterday mornlair of
Warren OHare an emploje of the Waa
ington Navy Yard Mullen was removed
to I eesburg and lodged in jail yesterday
afterr oon It Is probable the remains of
Ollaro will be brought here for burlil af
ter an Inquest has been held
It Is said that OHare and Mullen be
came involved in a quarrel the resul u
disparaging remarks made ry the latter
rccardinK the character of a noman
OHare had been attentive to the woman it
is laid and when he took etceDtlon
language used by Mullen ho was asseuled
and beaten with a heavy club ShDrtly
afterward OHare died from his Injurie3
OHare was n volunteer in the Spanish-
American war and was about tweny fivo
the Klcheinn Rivpr nn nnnirtop i I vea3 old He was spending a vicatioi c
cupino Creeks uon which Amcrcans lave
made valuable discoveries at great expense
of time anil mom
Did vou not say that you were not In
favor of ceding one Inch of public domain
Here arc thousands of acres of rich mining
ground that the Ilrltish are enclosing with
in thtlr Iron posts Will vou not Mr Pres
ident act with tho people and seo that
those posts are moved back
MtiluN thf IiiiktiI or UN
lu Inv Mm Sloiic
CLEVELAND Ohio July 21 Secretary
of State Hay arrived m this city over the
Pennsylvania line at noon He stopped at
Euclid station nnd did not ciuno down
town at all He was met by a carriage
from the Stone manslom and driven there
withoit having seen anyone The
tary attended the funeral of his mother-in-law
Mrs Stone this afternoon and
will stay In town a day or two
tn e ls at vvaiericru iiunen me
leged rurdercr livrd at
is twenty two vears old
Wateifo J He
Iliiniivtli In Vnrtilo ll ill
A torso attached to a cart owned by
Tbomis Itlley and driven by William
Laws became frightened last night at the
corner of Iour and a half Street and
Pennsvlvunla Avenue northwest and ran
awaj It dashed into Marble Hall Alle
colliding with a carriage belonging to
Matthew Snow another belonging to Hiuh
ards Co and a thld the property of
James Itudemans All the vehicles were
more or less damaged Laws jumped from
the cart in time to escape Injury
lnjiiril lij InlliiiK Irom - Cnr
A fall from a car ct tie Metropolitan
Itallwav at the corner ot Ninth and L
Streets northwest last night resuled In
serious fnjuries to Mrs Mary Hollies aged
slxtv elRlu vears who lives at 1025 Eighth
Street northwest
Shale into vour tliors MUns Foo Rae J
powder lor the feet It mIs the feet and makes
Ucht or new shoes feci asr turea corns bun
ions luollcn Lttuirtinir hot callous sure and
sweating fet Allens Foct Last relieves all pain
and kivra rst and comfcrt We have over 2o0CO
ttstimoniuli It cure while vou walk Try it
toda All druciuta and tbe stores icll it 25
enti Sample tint IUEJZ Addiss -Mini S
Olmttcd Le Rcy N Y
5I3 5J5 Seventh Street
Remnant nndadiflot hale Tliui silay See Wednesdays papers
ISc for 50c and 75c silks
This iiMiiarknlile offering is made to close out a lot of odd
pieces of silk comprising
22 inch extra hsavy corded bengaHnc
Fancy crepe silks
AllsJiSicolored chinas
Aflilk figured taffetas
in desirable shaded such as light blue pink heliotrope laven
der navy tnrqupibc cardinal lemon etc bome pieces of jfood
length some containing enough only for dresses and waist
The lot is notjargc and it is safe to xay will not hold out all
day therefoic an early response is necessary to avoid disap
I5c a yard while they last
Plain organdie up to 1 9c for 4c
in remnant lengths to be sure but in desirable lengths and
in such shades as light blue pink Isile cadet navy cerise lav
ender red and black
513 515 Seventh Street
found at the well known establish
ment of CHARLES E HODGKIN the ex
pert In gas3 No 313 Seventh Street
northwest where I will bi pleased to see
Reand ioraU aachlngel nW ly
will receive my careful and personal at
tention Thanking my friends for their
former patronage I beg to remain
Yours Most Sincerely
Ij21 8tem J W COMPTON
Rubber Stamps eeal3 Stcncll3
Tox Tyiewriters
E23 Seventh St N W Phone 2C22
summit KEsoim
Chautauqua Hotel
CluutaLfjua Ecac Ba Rlioe LVsryaid
llort delightful TOirmcr and family rrecrt on
Chesapeake Bay Hist hatpin boating crabbing
flshirg larpe airy rooms abnrdanee of shade tvro
tntfria laments daily In Act tonum divine services
Sunday at 11 Z 0 and S oclock Trains leave
D A O SUticn y20 1 45 and 1 33 Ueturaici
are Deach C CO a m 7 45 ard J 15 p m
Round trip 50 cent 11 iiyr T5 cents child en
nan price itoom ana ooaru uu per wees ana
up Ileautiful bjding lots for mle ddrcsi
It Ii rarker ChauUiMia Beach Md jy30 tfcni
DLLtcF POINT IIOlSE On Potcmac Rircr front
ttween Aikmona ard Colcmal Utach bath
Inf crabbing and ftairg terms 5 per wetk
1 per daj fpecial rates to partita II D COOEH
proprietor Jylollttem
Corner Cth and C S 7
Is the pride of all well dressed men We
hare all the most medem improvsmentn
and employ only skilled workmen thus
enaunnjr orly the latest and fist claas
work If our launurji QIUi are large
purchae one of our nw conon books
and cave 10 per cent As ihe driver Icr
a booklet explaining the whole system
Tbone 1537
Walters Headache Powders
Are acknowledged the best
them Ask cr iVatcrs
Vcur druggist stUi
Guaranteed Cure for
Sixth end St W
ALEXANDRIA July 24 The stranger
brought up from Accomk mareh and car
ried to the Inflrmarj last night was
what improved today but la still in a pre
carious condition He
connected account of nlmself but says he
before Judge Norton today She gives her
house 2CS South Lee Street to Mrs Albert
T Schceni for Hie and after her death
she directs that the property be equally ap
portioned between the children of Mrs
Now land and their heirs All the residue
of her estate Is given to Mrs Schceni ab
Louis E Skldmore the last ot an old
Alexandria family died this afternoon in
the seventy eighth year of hi3 age He had
been engnged in the grocer business on
Cameron Street for many vcars
Tormer Major Strauci has purchased
from J G Co- the handsome old fashloccd
icsldence on Prince Street near Royal
long occupied by Ceorge I Thomas Tha
propertj will be fitted up and used as a
residence by the former mi or
W J Hayliss has bought for 500 from
A W rmstrong specmlommhsioner a
house and lot belonging tOs the Hunter
estate on the west siito of Patrick Streat
between Queen and Price ii Streets
llecnril Ciiiinut It liiiiieitrlic d
In every instanc where- leer is sold in
Ltuted States a4 a landard bevtraK there is
not ne with a reiord equal to Ileuncha Maec
zen St natc or I ager in litallh qualities This
rreortl rttnnot be imtxach d the arulij
made y the chemists of ibe virrtcffitural De
partment n the hurhei recognund authority
h whuh the purity of sjich mattirs is deter
mined Tltooc 31 vrlirirtpn llottlinc Co for
a case of llitiiiilia and vcllll soon know that
the tK irs are pure and tthisome
coixuisMOAcns aoTicns
Washington D C July 10 1000
Notice Is hereby given that in accord
ance with tho acts arproved June 23 1S73
June 10 1S79 June 17 1S90 August 11
1S01 July g 1S3S and June 2 1300 the
following water mains have been laid
On East Capitol Street between Six
teenth and Seventeenth Streets city ot
Washington District of Columbia June
14 1900 Sixteenth Street between East
Capitol ard A Streets northeast city ot
Yashington District of Columbia June 14
1500 Seaton Street between Le Droit Ave
nue and First Strpit nnrtlnrM T
I Park Addition Plat 13 County of Wash
ington District of Columbia Juno 11 1200
Decatur Street Between serth Capital
and Tirst Streets northeast city ot Wash
ington District ot Columbia June 19 1900
aad a witer main tax has been levied
against all lots or land abutting upon the
street road or alley oa which the said
vaster mains were laid repectlvely
Square 10SI lot C Mary L Hughe 50S
Square 1084 15 Herrr O Warier 2SI3
Square 10SI rob lot 19 Ilrary C WanKT 20 0
Square 10SJ pjb lot 17 Henry G Wagner 100
Square 105 nib let Albert M Itead 13 3
Squire 0SS ub lot 21 Albert M Read f
I cquarc J0M sib lot 12 Albert M Real 20 CI
Equate 105 nib lot 23 Albert 3 Read 20 tl
10S3 jub Iot 21 Alberr It Read 3 75
iare ICoS tub lot 23 Albert IL Read IS 7 i
Square 1085 atb Ict 28 Albert M Read 3 75
Square 1070 mb lot S7 Jeste 11 Wilson aad
J V Hord trust 20 72
Square 1070 sub lot 26 Jesse II Wilaon and
J F Hoed trust 20 J
Square 1070 sub lot SS Jesse U Wilson and
J F Hood trtut 20 Q
Sqi are 1070 tub lot 3 Jesse IL Wilson aad
J F Hoed tniat 2071
Square 1070 aub Iot 33 A Street front Jesse
II Wilson and J V Hood trust 2125
Square 1031 let 7 Mary L Hushes 78 S5
Square 1081 let S Mary U Hughes 73 a
Fquare 1031 sb lot 20 Henry CI Warner MOD
Square lObJ tub let 21 Henry C Wasner 20 00
Square I0S4 sub lot 22 Henry C Wagn r 20 00
Square 1081 sab lot 23 Henry C WOO
Square Mtel tub lot 2J Henry J Wagner 20C0
Sub lot 24 block T7 Le- Droit Tart Ad
dition plat 15 AiBe JI llaeurda 23 CO
Square CG0 port of lot 19 bejrfcnini at the
KKithvrcat corner of aaiil let tbecce east
0317 ft thence north 23 fL thence west
63 17 ft therce south 2J ft to the
Eirjr John Cooi trust SS 00
Square 66o fart of lot 29 besnaninfr at tee
tjutnrettt rorner of said lot thence east
fJ f tVrsce ncrth 23 IL tlierce west 63
ft thence south 2S ft to beginninj John
Cook trust 73 75
Square 009 part of lot 21 beejlnmnj at the
touthwett corner of said lot tiienre eait
C3 ft therce north 23 thence west 63
thence south 23 ft to neijlnninr John
Cook trust 78 75
Squarr 6t part of lot 22 besicains at the
touthwat tcrntr cf said lot thence east
tl ft thence north SS ft thence west el
ft thence tnth 23 ft to the beginning-
John Cook trust 5125
Square 889 sub lot 113 George W Mont
gomery 7 50
Square 689 sub lot 115 Ccore TV Mont
gomery 17 50
see cub lot 111 Gecrze W Mont-
eomerr 1375
Square COO sublet 113 Ceorse W Mont
gomery 825
Square 069 part of lot J being the west 11
ft by the depth of said lot Don A San
ford El 3
Square 6G8 lot i Don A SrJoni 73 75
Square 669 lot 5 Don A Sanlord 73 73
Square tW lot 6 Don A Sanford
Squaie est nib lot 7 CfaaIes Bctt
Sqaare CO tub lot 73 Oarles Bait
Square 609 sub lot 72 Charles Dut
Square em sub lot 7L llce S Earjham
Square CO sub lot 70 Harriet J Ruppert
Square G b lot 09 Thomas E Wasa
man trust
Square 660 sub lot Ci Thomas K
man trtut
ciuare 86 sub fet 67 John Roche 2S23
unable to give a Square BSB sub lot 6ft John Ilitau jr 23 25
iatruro tun ioE o Ianu i neaver -a zj
cquare s tuo lot w Hand r Weaver 23
8 9r
26 25
20 25
28 25
is from the neighborhood of Atlanta Ga 1 Square 609 sub lot 62 David F Weaver 25 25
and that his name is John House Station- I lm e sub lot 75 Conrad Rauroan 28 IS
Keeper Sherwood suspecting that he had eubiot 7 Robert Ca roll 26 35
escaped from St Elizabeth Hospital In Jg ft g T r
Washington the infirmary tctoy tqan Bb lot 80t Otto Johaon 28 23
and found that House was not wanted Square am sub lot 61 Thomas IL Hall 24 25
there 5cre 89 sub let 82 Tloirjs II Hall 28 23
The will of Mrs Cather ns Nowlacd whi I Fre a tuo ioc S3 John Kahrniopf 2C23
died hero at the age cf nlnetv a short time I
ago was probated in the Corporation Court j
tug Yi pirriTix nr a govt
la envied by all whose stcnuths and liven ve
out of order lint tJh honld hrtcw that r
knurs New I lie Pilla give a Fpndid appetite
tourd digetion and a regular bodily habit that
insures pufut 1 ralth and uieat titrcv Orh 25
ctrtt at Henry Ivans drug stoic 922 F Street
COIF On Mi mlay Jal 1 lm at 1 1 p m
MV1 1 COM Ukvril ilaushttr of nnie ard
Iarniy ole aled nine iirs one month and thrti
Atetp in Jesus
lunal from risuente of her pirenti 1116
Simli Carolina Lnue southeast at 2 p m W a
CmlcrtHker anil ltrc rr
KS lCLn Ave- W WaaLiciton D
Square C69 sub lot SI John Fahmkocf 28 25
Square 689 sub lot SS Henry Chastaln 8 25
tquare 669 eub lot S3 Ilci y Chastain 28 25
By order of the Commissioners c tho
District of Columbia
JelG 12t ex Su Water Registrar D C
Washington July 3 1900
Notice 13 hereby given that In accord
ance with the acts approved June 23 1S73
June 10 1S71 June 17 1S30 August 11
1S34 July 8 1S9S and June 2 1900 the fol
loving water mains have been laid viz
On South Carolina Avenue between Sec
ond and Third Streets southeast city cf
Washington District of Columbia on June
7 1000 and oa Tenth Street between G
and I Streets southeast city of Washing
ton District of Columbia oa June 9 1500
and a water mala tax has teen levied upon
all lots or lard abutting upon the street
mni r allev In which the said water
Lrnains were ld respectively
cnuare 765 lot 13 Ro e JL Taylcr
oare 7m lot 14 Ro e M Taylor
cZr Til lot M Taylor
i 705 lot in Rose t TajtOT
I t ouare 7C5 lot 17 Rose SI Tailor
mare Jtw - - i ww
Pouare 7ijo i lof 19 Mamie K torment
rK 1 on Vlani IT imman
i -- -
519 37
23 00
23 00
25 CO
ii 01
C5 00
23 CO
2a OJ
btniaK 7u lot l iticnaru 11 Moes ami
K I Stoner trut 23 00
Square 703 lot 22 Richard II Stoke acl
F L Stoner trait 23 CO
Square 971 part of tub lot 13 besnninn
CI 2 ft south from the co thwest corner
of said lot tbince south 22 1 2 ft thence
est 115 It 1012 incnes thence north
22 1 2 ft theme west to the btginaing
Solumin Carr 2S It
Sqtlarti 1171 eub iut 33 Jhn Thomas 23 tj
Total asscs racnt JiS 33
Hi order of the CommUsioaers of ha
Dibttiet of Columbia
JelC 12t ex Su Water Registrar D C
lHTitRjl VSK
Corrplete Iloma Furnishers
Cash or Credit
Corner 7Ui and I Eye StJ
All the newest tnd
ni05t attractive- gtjks
in men sbecs IjUcu
tans patent Uatber
tq j1 to asj
mad Z wU
t23 rounrj Hanta Auliuc

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