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NuMr ER 2294
the mm I MA
Preparations llcing Made for Ex
tensive Operations
Expected That the Allied Ttoojh
VIH Me IiiKiiirciI for Mi 31onth
to Conic Amcrlcn to J riid Snppllc
for Tnfhe Thousand Men for Thnt
Length of Time Von WnldcrNee
Kxpectcd to Take
3Iocmcut hllhKCiiuent to tlie i2x
pcilltlon ARitiiiKt lrklti Not to III
crcle Direct Authority Over tbe
Troops r the United Stntci
Thought That Kclicf Force Will
Uracil lie Capital In Ton IJays
Preparations for a most extensive com
palgn In China are being made by all the
Marshal von Waldersee to command the
allied forces it is understood does not
mean that he will command the Pekln re
lief expedition but that he will command
In the event of future operations That
a more extensive campaign than the bend
ing of a relief expedition for the purpose
of escorting the Ministers from Pekln Is
thought of Is not denied by War Depart
ment officials
It Is fully expected that the allied troops
will be engaged in China for six months
to come All the staff departments of the
American Army are preparing for a cam
paign of that length Provisions for an
army of 12000 men for six months are
being purchased by the Commissary De
partment clothing and field equipment
for the same number of troops are being
provided and every provision is being
made for the wintering of troops on Chi
nese soil
While preparing for such operations
should they be necessary this country has
not committed Itself to any movement
other than that for the rescue of the for
eigners in Pekln the protection of Ameri
can citizens and the restoration of order
In the Chinese Empire That other opera
tions are contemplated however Is indi
cated by the tone of the reply made by
this Government to Germany in announc
ing that Field Marshal von Waldersee Is
agreeable to this country as commander
of the allied troops
operations In which the American troops
might participate This docs not mean
that Count Waldersee Is to exercise any
authority over the American troops ex
cept in the conduct of military operations
He will have nothing to do with the dis
cipline of the American troops and in both
camp and field they Till be under the Im
mediate command of tbe American officers
America Not Hound
It is pointed out also that while we
agree to him as commander tbe United
States does not bind itself to participate
in cny other operations than the relief ex
pedition to Pekln and It expressly avoids
any understanding which would compel co
operation with the other powers except for
the purposes outlined in the Presidents
message It Is believed however that it
wilt take rome time to bring about a com
plete restoration of order and in that
event the American troops will be quar
tered in China for some months to come
Plans for Jture operations are put aside
until the rescue of the foreigners shall be
accomplished When this Is dons the for
eign commanders will then decide upon a
line of action for the protection of the
foreigners find the restoration -of peace
By that time Field Marshal von Walder
Eee wilt have reached tbe front and If
agreeable to the other powers will take
command of the allied forces If war with
China develops as a result of tbe efforts
to restore peace he will be In command of
tbe forces for the conduct of operations
but in the special movement on Pekin he
XlZT To Baltimore nud Itcturn Via
II S o Saturday and Sunday
Augmt 11 nd 12 good for return until follow
ing Monday Tickets good on all trains except
Royal Limited
A Snclterluir Hay In Atisunt
Cool breezes blow at Clu gapeaLc Reach
Down-lo-Date Lumber Price at
the Friendly Corner Cth and N Y arc Com
Bon hoards 119
line of the river leaving the
to mobilize at Yangtsung and ad
vance along the Hue cf tbe railroad In
this Tray two columns would move on Pc
kin and to able to attack the city from
both the east and west without dimlnsh
lcg the strength of the present column
The importance however of having the
column going by the river route cf suffi
cient size to meet a large fores of the en
emy is thought -to b fully recognized by
the foreign commanders and It is not Im
probable that they will reorganize their
forces before leaving Yangtsung
It is not believed though that they will
wait long before advancing Several thou
sand troops have landed at Taku since the
relief column left Tientsin and there is
reason to believe that a number of these
frfSlne knim 1mJ K1 In
Command In I
ud iw juiu liiu liiixiu uuuj ivucu tut
expedition left Tientsin It was composed
of about 14CC0 troops From reports re
ceived from General Chaffee It Is esti
mated that counting the sick wounded
and killrd this force has been reduced to
not more than 11000 to 42000 effectives It
would be necessary to leave fully 2000
troops at Yangtsung so that not more
than 10000 of the original column would
be ready to advance on Pckin
This is considered a ery liberal esti
mate some of the army officers express
ing the opinion that not more than 8000
could leave Yangtsung If this bo true
foreign powers The selection of Field j the commanders would await the arrival
of re enforcements beforo making the ad
vance irora Yangtsung The Sixth Cav
alry numbering about S00 men is almost
certain to have reached Yangtsung by
this time and will be in excellent shape
for active service Other troops have un
doubtedly pushed out frcm Tientsin and
If Is probable that re enforcements to the
extent of 3000 men reached the relief col
umn before Thursday
Secretary Root is taking active meas
ures to ensure proper treatment of the
sick and wounded of the American forces
He cabled Major Ilyde yesterday it Naga
saki to prepare to receive a large Bumber
of sick and wounded and to do everything
that he could to hasten the denarturu of
the hospital ship Relief to Taku whori
she will take on board the wounded men
who are to be sent to Nagasaki The pur
pose of sending the men to Nagasaki
promptly Is to avoid congestion In the hos
pitals ft Taku and In the field and In
this way enable the field officers and
surgeons to give their attention to those
who will need It at the front
HI Leudcrahlp
United Stnte
The ofnpial announcement was made yes
terday by the Secretary of War that tha
United States had agreed f tbe selection
of Count Waldersee -as commander-in-chief
of the International forces in any opera
tion in WhIchltheAinerican troops might
engage In Chlnact is understood how
ever that he IsZio command only In the
military movements and Is not to havo
The reply says that he is acceptable to 1 any control overs thb American troops be-
the United States as commander in any j yond their participation in some specific
Von AVnldrmee ISxpccted to Reach
China by September 2-
LONDON Aug 11 The Standards
Berlin correspondent says that General
Count von Waldersee will not travel to
China by way of the United States but
will go on the warship Sachsen which will
sail from either Genoa or Naples on Au
gust 21 and arrive at Shanghai on or
about September 22
Lundiiur of the Soldier of Any Other
Nation Opposed
The Navy Department it Is understood
has been informed officially that the Brit
ish Government will land 3000 troops at
Shanghai and that the Shanghai news
papers deprecated the landing of armed
focc3 by any nation other than Great
The Department is Informed that other
troops are not needed There Is reason to
believe that tbe decision of the British
Government was due to a conference be
tween the Viceroy and Admiral Seymour
Xo Specific
Itesnrdliitr the
Health of HnroneNN T on Ivettelcr
At the Instance of relatives of Baroness
von Kcttcler the State Department recent
ly cabled -to the Embassy in Berlin en-
Is not expected to take any part unless I quiring whether any neW3 of her
this movement should be delayed beyond
the expectations of the different countries
It Is certainly not thought by War De
partment officials here that the rescuing I
tlon had reached the German Government
The Charge dAffaires Mr Jackson ca
bled yesterday that no special tidings had
been received regarding Baroness
ler but that it is assumed that she was
expedition wLl be more than ten days i wcI1 on August I as the health of tho
longer in reaching Tekln and probably en
tering the city Much depends though
upon what is In front of the column Army
officers aro not oversanguine as to the
movement from Yangtsung They have
carefully studied the map Issued by the
war Department and have catbered all
the information they can as to the condi
tion of the country
The Itoutc From YnugrtNiinc
There is much difference of opinion as to
vhlch route should be taken from Yang
tsung It seems -to be a question of rail
road or water The main road to Pekln
runs along the line of the Pel Ho and at
Yangtsung a double tracked railroad di
verges to the west and extends In almost
a direct course to the city The main high
way goes directly to Thung a large city to
the cast of Pekln and better known as
East Pekln From there It extends west
ward to Pekln proper Thung Is a walled
city of some size and It is there that much
of the rice and other provisions for the
city arc stored
The advantages of the river route are
said to be that the siege guns and other
artillery can be easily transported on
scows to the walls of the city of Pekln
They could if necessary be landed for the
bombardment of Thung whereas if they
were sent up the railroad to Pekln and
It should be necessary to occupy Thung
It would be almost impossible to take tbem
across the country from the railroad ter
minus to Thung The advantages of the
railroad route aie that it presents faclli
t2s for tho rapid transportation of food
end other supplies from Yangtsung
It Is apparent to the military experts that
Yangtsung is to be made a base of opera
tions on Pekln To hold It will require a
garrison of some size and more troops will
be required to keep open the line of tom
munlratlon from there to Tientsin It is to
he a point of mobilization for the
coming to the front fiom Tien
tsin and its value as a base of supplies Is
fully appreciated becaute It is at the point
where the rier and railroad diverge
w holding Yangtsung the main body of
trtups could push on to Thung along the
members of the German Legation at Pe
kin was on that date reported good
31unnrrc of ChrlntiiiliN In Chllin
Charcot to an Imperial Decree
cllyn Davis one of the band of American
missionaries who lived In the province of
at the time the Boxers be
gan their atrocities left China soon after
the first attack on the Christians and Is
now home in Darny this city She said
today that she did not believe any of the
missionaries have hecn spared
The butchery of the missionaries and
Christian Chinese is not tbe result of the
insurrection sne said It Is due to
an imperial decree the Gov
ernor attempted to check the first assault
of the Bolters but word came to him that
the Empress wanted no Interference Le-Ping-Hens
who is at the head of tho
army was Governor of the province in
which wo lived Ho was strongly antl
fortlgn but was dignified and courteous
He is one of the most picturesque China
men I have ever seen-
Mrs Davis said that If war was de
clared on the Chinese by tho civilized na
tions there would be thousands of sui
cides among Chinamen to escape the hard
ships of the campaign The Chinese
she said care nothing for life But those
who do enlist will fight until they win or
die They are not cowards and they have
no pity Much of their cruelty I believe
is due to their own Insensibility to pain
In the Chinese hospitals they endure the
most excruciating agony without a word
of complaint
Americans are most appreciated by tho
Chinese and the English next The Ger
mans are hated becauso of their ulleced
cruel and overbearing manner Not long
ago a Chnese joy let fall a barrel which
ho had been tarrying in front of the hors
of a German soldier The soldier enraged
struck him a blow on the iead with a
club that killed him and then calmly rode
away He was arrested but diplomacy suc
ceeded in saving him from any punish
ment for the jiurder It is almost a
proverb In China that foreigners may do
as they please and go free
The liny Shore Limited at 5 p m
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lfcnoe nd Norfolk good to return Sunday niglit
UW rr rUttrcom phone S0 Schedule pa go 7
Gain if to build f Get neiv Lumber
prices fint cf P Libber Co some fiooiln jl3
Vast Army Concentrating Against
tlie Yellow Empire
KiinkIii MnLliir ColoNinl Prepara
tion to llnttle for tlie Supremacy
in nnrtcrii Alu Mtlmntc of the
Total of Allien at Tientsin lIncc
the Number at 3SOlll ijiieclciI
That FnrelRii Force In Clilnn AMU
He lucrrncil to IIJIOOOO hy the Kml
of September Further Detail of
the Occupation of YaiiRtNUiiK
SnK the Americnn mid llrltlh
TroopN Took the Lead fliliiene
Afrnll of the Jjiidlte Shell
LONDON Aug 11 There Is little addi
tional news direct from China the fullest
Items concerning the situation coming
from Washington
Despatches from Russia Indicate that
that country is not desirous of an inde
pendent struggle yet but will do much to
preserve her own territory from violation
She is however evidently making colos
sal preparations to shortly and finally set
tle the question of supremacy In eastern
The Berlin correspondent of the Stand
ard sends an estimate of the total force
at Tientsin which he places at 38000
with 114 guns This number will be In
creased by the middle of August by 2500
Germans with 6 guns 20SO French with 12
guns and 6000 Japanese with 30 guns
During September there will Bcan in
crease in of 11300 Germans with
34 guns 10000 French with 20 gns8M0
Russians with 24 guns and 1 100 British
sailors and marines with heavy guns from
England Australia and Capo Colony
Assuming that there are now 2000
leans with 24 guns as reported en route
from San Francisco there will bs In Pe
chl li by the end of September 78000 trocps
with 2S0 guns At the same date Russia
will have 142000 men nnd 242 guns In Man-
ria and Siberia Thus there will be ovr
230000 men and over 500 guns against
China plus 70 large warships and 12 tor
pedo boats In the Gulf of 21 war
ships and 1 torpedo boat on the Yangtss
Ilang IS ships and 2 torpedo beats at Can
ton and 2 German ship3 at Telngtan
A despatih to the Daily Mail dated
Chefoo August 10 describes the battle of
Yangtsun It says that the Americans
and British led the attack The Chinese
position consisted of seven lines of en
trenchments 200 yards apart ThJ7 re
tired frot one line to the other constantly
fliing until they were driven Iron the
last when they fled in the direction of
Pckin In a completely demoralized con
The Yangtsun positions were of great
naural strength and were splendidly forti
The British had 200 killed and wounded
and the Americans 250
Chinese prisoners say that their army
retreated because the British poured poison
on them referring to the lyddite shells
which were missiles they had never had
any experience with
lluMitln to Crunh Chinn With an Over
whelmlnfc Army
LONDON Aug 11 A despatch to the
Graphic from Moscow describes the
growth of the war fever against China
among all classes the feeling not being
alone connected with the Pekln situation
Russia It is said Is concentrating 400000
men In the Far East for tbe purpose of
Inflicting a series of stRggerln blows on
the Chinese She will not commence the
real offensive until success Is certain She
realizes that the future security of her
eastern boundaries depends upon her In
Dieting such chastisement as will deter the
Chinese for generations from violating
Russian territory r
Therefore the Slav fiat has gone forth
that the Mongol must be overwhelmed and
crushed beyond resurrection
Don CnrloN Sou to frail for port
Arthur Net Weehy p
ODESSA Aug 10 The report that
Prince Jaime son of Don Carlos the pre
tender to tbe Spanish throne had started
for China is erroneous Ho has however
volunteered for- service there and will
probably start for Port Arthur next week
He is a cornet in the Grodno Dragoons
Mncdoiiuldfl Ilenpntch -Much the
Same an 31 1IcIiouh
LONDON Aug 10 The Forehjn Office
docs not make public the contents of the
despatch sent by Sir Claude Macdonald
from Pekin under date of August 4 mere
ly stating that the message Is much to
the same effect as the one from M PIchon
the French Minister which was published
Jniinueie Lou at PeftHnnpr
YOKOHAMA Aug 10 Official des
patches show that the Japanese losses ai
the battle of Peitsang were 200 killed and
Traniiportutlnn for ItiixMun Troop
COPENHAGEN Aug 10 Russia has
contracted with the Danish East Asian
Company for the transportation of 10500
troops to China
French Trou Snll for Clilnn
TOULON Aug 10 Tho transport Ar
dour has saIIed for China with 500 troops
and military stores
Ituniilu Charters the Sicilian
LONDON Aug 10 Russia has char
tered tbe Allan Line steamer Sicilian to
carry troops to the Far East
Germany LooUlnsr for TrnnnportM
BERLIN Aug 10 The admiralty is ne
gotiating with the North German Lloyds
and the Hamburg American Steamship
Company for eight more transports
II A O Wcek did Country Ex
Tickets ola Saturdays an Sundays for return
cntil Monday following at reduced rates from
Washington to Charlestown Frederick AnnapoIU
Junction and Intermediate points
Cool Off nt Chesapeake lleach
Iramc tlirelllnir hontea IicnI supplied
In building from Ctb
only 125
fcp fehL feAS
Cencrnl AlexlefT Iteport on Opera
tions AKnlnnt Cblueftc
ST PETERSBURG Aug 10 Major Gen
eral Alexleft reports the capture of Niu
chwang by the Russians General Grode
loff reports the capture of Kharbln
General Alexleff further reports that the
Russians captured on August a mining
boat and a vessel named Otwashnje They
bombarded the town of Gremjaschstsy and
the fort The Inhabitants are being dis
armed and a Russian administration intro
General Grodekoff reports that General
Renncnkampf on August 7 tovertook and
defeated the enemy who flejl from Algun
on August 4 The battle continued up lo
Jaist The Chinese in tbe evening attacked
nnd tried to turn both Ruestan flanks V xt
they were repelled with great loss by rlflo
fire and repeated charges bylthc Cossacks
The Chinese numbered 3Hjd Infantry and
400 cavalry They had twelve guns two
of which were captured Owing to the
mountainous character of the country the
Cossacks wero mostly compelled to fight
on foot General Rcnnenkampf was re
enforced hut the final result of the battle
is net given
It is reported that 12000 Chinese from
Huan and Hupti are marching toward
Pekin and Tientsin
Colonel Iglug reports from Port Arthur
under date of August f that General
Fleischer marching by way of Inkau
Colonel Chorunshenkoff marching from the
tast and Colonel Dombrowsky from tho
north moved simultaneously on the Chi
nese force at Halchan
Colonel Dombrowaky sent Cossacks to
cut oft the retreat The Chinese fled cast
wardly abandoning twehfc obsolete guns
some rifles and a quantity of ammunition
The Russians pursued them for thirty five
versts when they became too wearied to
proceed farther The Russian losses were
The OrcRnn to lie Only Temporarily
Itepnlrcd at Knrc
At the request of tho Japanese Govern
ment the Navy Department has directed
Capt G F F Wilde of the battleship
Oregon to remore his vessel from the
Japanese dock at Kure as soon as her In
juries have been repaired sufficiently to
enable her to remain In active service
temporarily When the Oregon reached
Kure Captain YVIIdo recommended to the
Navy Department that ife ba repaired
temporarily and proceed to Taku Secre
tary Long approved this
Later Admiral Remey telegraphed a rec
ommendation that the Oregons injuries be
completely and permanently repaired at
Kure and as he was tio senior officer In
Asiatic waters his recommendation was
followed The Japanese Government has
now Informed this Government that It
cannot spare the dock long enough to per
mit permanent repairs to the Oregon and
orders to take the vessel out of dock when
temporarily patched up wre IssueJ by he
Department The Oregon may go to Taku
hut It Is probable that she will be ordered
to Pugct Sound for permanent repairs
Three MrnnKe Deaths n One Ininlly
Amune Snnplclou
CHICAGO Aug 10 Whlfe seated on
the porch of bis houe JlVi Champlaln
Avenue Thursday evenly Edward V
Herrlck fell suddenly ronhts chair and
was dead before assistance reached- him
A bottle of nux vomica acd two packages
of tablets found In Mr Herrlcks room
form tbe centre about which there Is great
mystery The sudden death of three mem
bers of the family that of Mr Herrlck
being the last and the scrioos illness ot
another Is cause for a suggestion made
tonight that an investigation may reveal a
case of wholesale poisoning
In March 185 Mrs Magdalen Symbur
rer was engagtd as a servant in the family
through an advertisement which she In
serted In a newspaper asking for a position
Mr Herrlck who was senior partner In
the commission firm ot E P Herrlck Ca
of 23 River Street hecamc engaged In spec
ulation and met with financial disaster
On August 2 1SD9 his ttlftr died and the
physicians who attended he were at a loss
to account for her death
Mrs Cornelia Tontence a niece of Mr
Herrlck came to the bouse to attend hr
aunt s funeral She too was- taken sud
denly 111 and died August 11 Again the
physicians were puzzled to nam the exact
disease from which she died The next
month Mrs Edward T Herrlck wife of the
son of the dead man wasjaken alarmingly
ill The doctor who had atended the other
two cases which resulted fatally in the
same house shook his head and looked de
The sick woman was taken to a hos
pital where her Hfo was siUcd
They told me at tbehospital said
i iierrinc to- uv springer tne
coroners physician yesterday- that my
case of Illness was very mysterious and
asked mo where I lived and with whom I
told them Dont go nackjthere said the
doctor Dont associate with those people
any more You and your husband had bet
ter take another house anuMlie away from
the rest of the family
jyhen young Mrs Herrlck was taken to
tho hospital Mrs Symburcvr left the house
where she was employed It had been no
ticed it is said that Mr Herrlck was
deeply Infatuated with his servant and all
the efforts of the children were directed
toward tho breaking of their relations Mr
Herrlck was a man sixty three years old
and Mrs Symburncr about thirty Tho
marriage of master and maid was cele
brated last February scarcely six months
after the decth of the first Mrs Herrlck
U tbe Inquest today the widow wxs calm
and collected and did not seem to be at all
worried at the presence of death She gave
her testimony in a cool tone ot voice and
described her husbands action on Thu sday
night with exactitude The facta about
Mr Herrlckf Jeath as revealed yesterday
AVtcn he fell from his cair his wife was
summoned from the nelg Dors where she
had been calllnc Shesunmoned Dr J F
Orr the family pheiciar of 4135 Cham
plain Avenue who declarei hat death had
been caused by heart disease superinduced
by beat He was about to Issue a certifi
cate when Edward Herrlck a son who
lives at 363 East Forty fourth Street ap
peared and asked for an Investigation by
the coroner The stomac of the dead man
was secured and the Inrestlgatlon post
poned until the examination of thnt organ
has been completed
I cannot say conclusively said Dr
Springer tonight when seen by a reporter
hut thcro is every probability that Mr
Herrrks death was caused by poison The
condition of the organs of tbe body as
shown by tha autopsy made it apparent to
me that soma deadly drug ltko strychnine
was the cause of death
The police and coroner nre now- trying to
soho tho mystery surrounding tho fatali
ties of the Herrlck family
An apparent absence of any mothe
makes the police skeptlcaLof tho theories
advanced by the children of the dead man
and they believe death was caused by Mr
Herrlck unintentionally taking an over
dose of medicine
rljim IlnalncNR College Slh and K
Business Shorthand Typewritlnir 1 a year
T A Wlekcmliniit General Attent
Land Departnient ClieaapeaVo Deach Hallway of
fice at Bathhouse on bc aruVaSk no red caps
lllirheht frrtirieK of kooiI Flooring in
i N Y e clear doors town kept by lUUer Co and tound No 2
1 flooring 1TO
WAsnrsTGTOisr Saturday august 11 1900
3Iiniser Conners Refusal fo Leave
Pekin Coiumeniled
A Denpntch In Cipher cn to Him
Inxt MKlit TellliiK lllm of the Ad-
Mince of the Army of Itellef In
IlKliatlon at Oriental DiipIIcit
Japan HndurxeN Amcrienn Course
Beyond sending a cipher message to
Minister Conger fhe Government took no
action yesterday affecting tbe diplomatic
aspects of the Chinese question The mes
sage was based on another despatch from
Mr Conger transmitted In cipher through
Chinese official sources It was laid be
fore the State Department yesterday morn
ing by Minister Wu Ting fang the Chinese
Minister who had received it Thursday
night in a telegram from hl3 Government
and was given to the press by Alvey A
Adee the Acting Secretary of State
Mr Congers despatch follows
Secretary of State Washington
The states to tho
diplomatic body that the various for
eign Governments have repeatedly
asked through the respective Chinese
Ministers that we immediately depart
from Pekin under suitable escort Tho
Yamen asks Us to fix a date for our
departure and to make the necessarj
arrangements to do so Our reply Is
that we will seeklnstructions from our
Govcrnmentsandjthat In the absence
of such instructions we cannot quit
our post rff
I must informiyou that In order to
ensure our safe departure foreign
troops only can safely escort us and
they must be In sufficient force to
safely guard SCO foreigners Including
200 women snd children as well as
3000 native Christians whd cannot
be abandOuid to certain massacre We
cannot accept a Chinese escort under
any circumstances
All my colleagues are despatching
tho foregoing to their respective Gov
Of the Amerian marines seven have
been killed and sixteen wounded
among the latter Captain Myers and
Dr Llppett who are getting along
This message Is Identical except In ref
erence to the American killed and wound
ed with thp telegrams received by other
foreign Governments from their Ministers
n Pekln It was evidently prepared in
accordance with an agreement among the
diplomats that an Identical communica
tion should bo transmitted to their respec
tito Governments Its most important
feature is the exposure of the seeming at
tempt of the CMnese Government to se
cure by a trick the consent of the Min
isters to leave Pckin under Chinese es
There was no warrant for tbe
to inform Minister Conger that hi3
Government had repeatedly asked that
Mr Conger -immediately depart from
Pekln under suitable escort Such a
statement was false so far as It applied
to tbo Inlted States and it Is believed
here none of the other powers had
repeat av through the Chlnesu
represet s capital that the
Ministers immediately depart
from that ty
Considerable Indignation U felt over what
appears to be a Chinese He that If bslieved
by the Ministers might have resulted in
the massacre of theraselvis and the several
thousand other foreigners and native Chrs
tlans who afe with them In Pekin After a
careful consideration of the matter the
officials decided probably with the Presi
dents concurrence thnt It would he better
to Ignore the attempt at deception for the
time being and perhaps let it pass alto
gether What other Govern Bents may dD
remains to be seen but It Is probable that
as the telegrams from the Ministers en he
subject were Identical representations to
tbe imperial authorities will not be mine
by any power until It has consulted the
wishes and views of the others This Gov
ernment has apparently deemed It the
wisest course to continue to accept the
professions of the Chlncscas made in good
faith It was apparent to tha officials in
Washington that if the attention o Ih2
Imperial authorities were called to thlr
seeming attempt at deception they would
answer that In Informing the Ministers that
tho powers desired them to leave Pkln
they were merely attempting to roinply
with the Presidents practical demand that
measures be taken for the liberation of the
foreigners and putting them in a place of
The contents of the cipher despatch sent
to Minister Conger was not disclosed It
Is assumed however that he was told
that the Government endorsed his policy
in declining to leavo Pekln under a Chi
nese escort that no request that he leavo
Pekln had been made to China and that
the relief column was at Yangtsun on Mon
day and was rapidly approaching the cap
The memorandum defining the attitude
of this Government in regard to the latest
aspect of the situation at Pekln and de
manding that the rifle firing on the lega
tions ceaso Immediately was transmitted
by telegraph to the American Ambassa
dors In Europe and tht American Minis
tor at Tokyo The first response was re
ceived today It came from the Japanese
Government through Mr Takhlra Its
Minister here and was a hearty concur
rence with tho sentiments expressed by
iio United States
Alaiknn Supcr vlnorN ThonRlit
Hare Ileen Drowned
Fear Is expressed nt the Cense Bureau
that the two census supervisors for Alas
ka Charles M Robinson and W G
Coffin have been drowned and that all the
records in their possession are lost
They left Rampart City Alaska June 9
for St Michaels by boat on the Yukon
River and havo not been heard from since
If It should prove true that they have been
lost a new census of Alaska would have to
be taken
Order InmuciI for Teanm to He bvnt
from Manila
Orders havo been Issued for additional
teams to be sent from Manila to China to
increase tho available transportation nec
essary for the movement of General Chaf
fees army These teams can be procured
much sooner from Manila than from this
The Hotteitt liny in AiikuM
Its always cool at Chesapeake Beach
UlH To Cumberland anil Return
-30 To Luruy and Return
Latter including admlstuon to Caverns From
B k O station b a m Sundaj Auirust 12
Stopping at Metropolitan Branch Stations en
route lit irnlnir leave Lurar and Cumberland
at C p m b me day
CnrRO lot of North Cnrollnti llonrdi
Seme bcardi only 1 J5 at Cth and X Y ate nw
Kitchener nnd Methucn Ilomhardlnsr
IIIniTroin North nnd South
PRETORIA Aug 10 Part of the rail
way south of Vcreenlglng was destroyed by
tho Boers last night A number of pas
sengers havo been brought here on an
armored train
There is a scarcity of coal In Johannes
burg owing to the fact that Sprtngs the
eource of the supply has been c it off by
the Boers
General Hamilton has relieved Rusten
burg the Boers who were besieging tho
place making only a feeble resistance
They fled to the we3t
Generals Kitchener and Mcthuen are
bombarding De Wctff position from tne
north and south
Announcement That De AVetn Jfnrch
I Vrrexted
LONDON Aur 11 The only fresh In
formation concerning Iho military opera
tions In Soufh Africa Is a curt despatch
announcing that General De Wets march
has been arrested by General Mcthuen and
that General Bullers column has crossed
tna vaal River and is no somo twenty
three miles south of Ermclo The opposi
tion offered by tho Boers is very slight
There Is no additional Information re
garding the plot to capture General Rob
berts and assassinate bis officers With
few exceptions the report of tho conspiracy
Is regarded seriously The Times says
editorially that it Is a corroboration of its
view of the excessive leniency of the po
litical and military policy pursued In South
of Free State Ileporteil
to llaie Killed Illninelr
LONDON Aug 11 The Dally Tele
gram prints a despatch from Lourenco
Marques stating that it i3 rumored there
that ex President Steyn of the Orango
Free State has committed suicide
Ills Attention tnlled to Deportation
of IrlKh AmrrtennH to Ceylon
NEW YORK Aug 10 The Executive
Committee of the United Irish League of
this city held a special aieetlng today to
discuss the deportation of Boer prisoners
captured by Lord Roberts having learned
that 233 of them including twenty two
Irish Americans had been sent to the
Island of Ceylon
The commitsslon decide la send the
following letter on the subject to Presi
dent McKInley
We respectfully ask your attention to
the news from Colombo Ceylon that 233
prisoners of war Including twanty iwo
American citizens captured in South
Africa by the British forces operating
against the Beers have been sent to and
have arrived at Ceylon whoso climate is
notoriously fatal to white men
Such a courso on the part of Great
Britain Is in violation of lawgiot war
which prescribe for prisoners of war such
treatment while in the hands of tbe enemy
as will not menace their health nor restrict
their liberty more than Js necesjary to
restrain them from again Joining thlr cwn
forces and resuming hostility to tbe cap
tors and Is In most unfavorable contrast
to the Christian kindliness and care ex
tended by the Boers to those whom the
fortune of war has- placed within their
We therefore respectfully request Im
jnedlato ictlon on the part of our Gov
ernment in tbe matter and that the at
tention cf the government of Great Britain
be a o cc and emphatically directed to
tbe JloIaI if the law complained of and
further I it be called upon to promptly
release aiii rmpensate tha American citi
zens so outraged as such violation
of Iavr ha voided their capture
Indian Say They Saw Anilrrrx Ilnl
loon In the Winter of 18S
VICTORIA B C Aug 10 The steamer
Tees wtich arrived today brought a be
lated report of the sighting of a balloon
presumably that of the missing Andree
and his companions near the north of the
Mackenzie River in the winter of 1SS
The news is given in a letter written by
a miner at Fort Yukon to a friend at
Selkirk The letter was shown to Fred
Harrison these who copied It and for
wardedlfs contents to Victoria The let
ter said
Think you were right about what you
said about Andree A short time ago some
Indians arrived here from the Mackenzie
nnd I learned from them that a balloon
was seen to land near the mouth of that
river during the winter before last Some
men landed from It and made a camp
They remained a short time and thtn got
Into the car They then threw something
out tbe natives said on the ice and the
balloon ose Into tho air It was soon out
of sight The natives were afraid and did
not visit the camp
The natives who came here from Fort
Yukon did not see the balloon themselves
but were told of its coming by people liv
ing to tbe northward of them I could not
find out anything abou the men at all
Mr Harrison ho is bound to Dawson
says in his letter that ho will make every
endeavor to ascertain the truth of the
story of the Indians and It possible learn
more It Is considered not at all impos
sible here that the Indians may have given
out this report in the hope of getting a
reward for a short time ago notices were
sent to a the northern trading posts and
freely circulated ir the Northwest from
Lynn Candl to the Arctic In which a re
ward was offcreri by the Swedish Govern
ment for any Information of the ioit ex
ploring party
In these notices which villi havo reached
the northern settlements months ago the
balloon Is described and pictured and tho
offer of money for Information Is made
A Dynamite Cartrldse Rtplodcd fu
ller n Car nt Flume
FIUME Aug 10 A dynamite cartridge
exploded under a car ot the electric rail
way yesterday
Tho police bellce that the cartridge
was placed on the track by Anarchists as
a protest against the mourning demon
stration here for King Humbert
Snjn He Had Xo Tellosv CoilHplrn
tor In Italy
LONDON Aug 11 The Rome corres
pondent of the Daily Mail says that
Brescl King Humbert assassin acknowl
edges that he left the United States on a
mission which was the outcome of a plot
hatched in Patcrson He claims that no
ono in Italy km-a- anything about tho plot
The correspondent adds that this story
Is evidently told with the view to shel
tering Brescis associate
ijllTOO To Clilcaeo and Return Vln
11 O It II
Account G A R Encampment Tickets rood
going August 23 2tS and 27 returning until 31st
except by deposit at Chicago and fee of 50 cents
they may be extended to iepterabcr CO Choice
ot several routes Solid trains without change
through historic ground Apply at B O of
fices for further information
rtniul Concert nt Chesnpcake Bench
Lumber I down nt the FWemlly
Corner We never were as high as otbers F Lib
bey Co v
Price One Cent
Biyan Stevenson andTowne Meet
Party Managers
The Democratic Nominee for Presi
dent Will Not Ilcpcnt JII Illatnrto
Tour of Four Yearn Abo Hut Will
Probably iic a Inrce nmber of
Speeches New York Want Him
CHICAGO Aug 10 Mr Bryan spent
the day at the Auditorium Charles A
Towne arrived In the morning and paid
his respects to the standard bearer of the
Democratic party Mr Stevenson too Is
in the city
Mr Bryan will stay In Chicago for a
few days perhaps a week and during that
time plans of the campaign will be thor
oughly discussed He will be In attend
ance at all important conferences
While his historic tour of four years ago
will not be repeated Mr Bryan will make
many speeches this fall If he satisfies
even a small part of the demands made
upen him New York through Norman E
Mack has asked the Nebraskan for one
week this fall
The Populist National Committee will
meet in Chicago August 27 to select a can
didate for Vice- President to succeed
Charles A Towne resigned
The Executive Committee decided that
It did not have authority to fill the va
cancy on the ticket and so called a meet
ing of the full committee The selection
of General Stevenson Is almost a foregone
conclusion It Is stated on authority that
two thirds of the members of the Execu
tive Committee favor Mr Stevenson
In addition to reaching this decision In
the Vice Presidential matter the Execu
tive Committee officially decided upon Lin
coln Neb as the place for the
of the Nations Committee and de
cided to establish branch headquarters in
Chicago Just over tho Democratic na
tional headquarters Vice Chairman Ed
mlston and Secretary J A Edgerton will
be in charge of tie Lincoln headquarters
and Eugene Smith of Chicago will be in
charge of headquarters here
Arrangement for the Convention
of Antl Imprrlnliflt
rangements are in progress fqr tt two
anti imperialistic conventions hwe nrtt
week and letters received from the mr pa
gers Indicate that both will be largely n
It Is said that Osborne Riley and others
of New York have advised the managers
here of the coming of many prominent men
who will favor the nomination ot a ticket-
Among those who have accepted Invita
tions to attend are Louis Erich and Gen
M J Palmer of Colorado Francis P
Nash or Cleveland Louis Le Lacrolx ot
Oxford N C R IL Darn Louisville ex
treasurer of the Republican State Com
mittee of that State Dr W D Tobey or
Sallna Kan Dr Edwin Waldo Emerson
and Allen French ot Concord Mass and
Fisk Warren of Boston
Gold Democrat nnd Aiiti MeKinley
Republican In Line
NEW YORK Aug 10 Chairman James
K McGuire of tha Executive Committee
will not reach town until Monday He is
kept up the State by several political en
gagements From reports received from
the various county chairmen a big at
tendance is indicated for their meeting
which will follow that of the State com
mittee at Saratoga next Thursday Bright
prospects for Democratic success are de
scribed in letters received from the vari
ous county chairmen and they express a
desire to- push campaign work on definite
and systematic lines
Thomas E Carmody of Penn Van will
address a big open air Democratic mass
meeting to be held In Queens Borough the
afternoon of August IS This meeting will
probably open the speaking campaign in
Queens Col George H Lodevlck of Rens
selaer who opposed Bryan In 1S30 de
clares that the Gold Democrats ot Rens
selaer County are solidly in lino with him
for Bryan and Stevenson this year and
that many aro working hard for the ticket
The report conus from one of the southern
tier counties ot a revolt of Republican civil
war veterans against McKinley and his
policy One writer declares that twenty
Republican G A R men of his acquaint
ance are openly denouncing McKInley
V Teututle CnmpniKii Itinerary
Submitted to Mr llnnun
NEW YORK Aug 10 Secretary Younga
submitted to Senator Hanna today a tenta
tive campaign Itinerary for Governor
It provides for a stumping tour to last
forty three days during which Governor
Roosevelt will speak IrrTTIInoIs Michigan
Wisconsin North Dakota Montana Idaho
Wyoming Utah Colorado Kansar Ne
braska Missouri Kentucky Indiana Ohio
and West Virginia
The trip would begin in the first week
in September and if this Itinerary were
accepted the Governor would expect te re
turn to New York State by October 5 ami
devote the rest ot the- time until electioir
day to speech making under the direction
of the State committee
Will Work Independently for Ilrjnii
INDIANAPOLIS Aug 10 The Silver
Republicans and Populists of Indiana who
support Bryan have decided to conduct a
separate campaign and will soon organize
a bureau here and work Independently for
the Democratic national ticket
Tciiin DemocrntH Adjonru
DALLAS Tex Aug 10 The Demo
cratic State Convention finished Its labors
and adjourned sine die at 3 oclock today
Tho ticket nominated Is headed by Joseph
II Sayers of Bastrop County for Govern
or James H Browning of Potter County
was named for Lieutenant Governor
Ocean Stenmnhlp 1lneineni
NEW YORK Aug 10 Arrived Augusta
Victoria Hamburg Arrived out Kaiser
Fredcrlca New York at Cherbourg Hud
son at Colon
Parachute Jump ChcinpeuUe Ueneh
1- To Baltimore and lie- IjMS
turn Via lennlvnulu Itnllroad
Tickets en sale Saturday and Sunday August U
and 12 good to return until Monday Auguit 13
All trains except Congressional Limited
Hnyers of the finest White Pine Lum
ber to be found Kill se choicest stock at Cth and
S Y ate

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