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Number 2295
Xot fo Oppose Englands Landing
Troops at Shanghai
Ilciiiotlal Worn II Huiu hanjAjU
InRT Thin Government to 1roteNt
Asrnlnxt he elon of Great llrtt
itin CoiiNldered litvvlne to Aentl
esee n II Mlirht He HiithnrrnKKlntr
nt ome Time in the Future
tnltetl Stntex ritiiuSiis 1 With
draw Its Troops After the FillI ot
Pekin Purpose Ileinir Merel to
Hewtore Order OlliciulN IIopeTnl of
IlCNCiiInf Hie Member of the Lc
cullonn Huron lie Giern Maj Ienie
The Government has decided to Ignore
the attempt made by Chinese officials and
Shanghai merchants to have it interfere
in the acknowledged purpose of Great
Britain to land troops at Shanghai This
line ot policy was determined last night
by the President during a long distance
telephone conversation with Secretary Root
in Washington The particular basis for
consideration of the matter was a memo
rial to this Government from LI Hung
Chang- and the other Viceroys of southern
provinces of China
The memorial presented to Mr Alvey
A Adee Acting Secretary of State yes
terday morning by Minister Wu Ting fang
requested this Government to use its
friendly offices with Great Britain toward
securing a revocation of her intention to
land armed forces at Shanghai An agree
ment had been made between the Chinese
authorities at Shanghai and authorities
of foreign Governments by which the pro
tection of foreign interests there was en
trusted to the Joint care of the consular
body The memorial sets forth that the
protection is effective particularly with
twenty foreign warships off the city The
purpose of the v iceroys is to prevent a
change in the plan cf Jint protection which
would be upset they claim by the land
ing of a large force ef British troops They
contend also that the presence of the
troops might cause an anti foreign out
Secretary Root and Acting Secretary
Ade held a conference over the matter
yesterday and late in the afternoon Mr
Root went to the White House where
over tho long distance telephone he ex
plained the vlewB of Mr Adee and him
self to the President The determination
To Unltlmore and Itetnrn Ma
II A Snturuay and Suinlay
Augut 11 and IS rood for return until follow
ing Monday Ticket good ua til trains oirpt
Eojal Liijil d
ComocUh Occnpy ScnUHlii
1 n
frankly admitted fere that the- Go em
inent is making every effort to induce tho
Imperial authorities to place themselves
in communication with the allied com
manders to arrange a plan for tho safe
escort of the Ministers and other for
eigners out of the capital
While no direct Information to that ef
fect has been given it Jj Inferred from
remarks made by officials yesterday that
the Government has the terms of the flag
of truce plan reduced to writing and is
ready to submit it to the other powers for
aprroval or to General Chaffee for direct
presentation to the Chincso authorities
h It has not already done so
Opinions here incline toward the view
that Chinas attitude will be definitely
disclosed before the allies reach the gates
ot Pekln With that idea in the official
mind It was natural that some concern
was manifested in official circles yesterday
over the statement from St Petersburg
that the Russian Government had directed
its Minister at Pekln to accept a Chinese
escort out of that capital
The fear was expressed at the time that
such action might upset the plans for the
rescue of the Ministers even if It did not
result in the killing of the Russian rep
resentative and those who entrusted them
selves with him to the mercies of the Chi
nese When however the officials read
Khnllnr Dlnlrict
LONDON Aug 12 Despatches from St
Petersburg continue to report that the sit
uation in Siberia is grave The latest
report is that the Cossacks occupied Seak
shi Jn the Khallar district Ian Orloffs
column routed the enemy and then crossed
the Kh ilar River
The Chinese evacuated the Harbin coun
try to Slntehempe General Sarkarhoff or
dered that the Harbin fortifications should
be restored and that the telegraph should
be opened He also ordered that the rail
way should be placed in working order
Mundnrln Kxertlntr Tliriimclv ex
Protect lllMNlonnrle
PARIS Aug llre The French Consul at
Chung king sends the following despatch
to the Foreign Offices under date of Au
gust 3
Although several missions and tnmo
leached by the President is In accordance j christians nave been destrojed in this
with the views of Mr Root and Mr Adee
A reply will be Sent to the Viceroys ex
plaining that the United States cannot in
terfere with Great Britains purpose The
matter will not b brought to the atten
tion ot the British Government
Keaxou for Non interference
The decision not to Interfere or to sug
gest to Great Britain that she abandon her
purpose was based primarily on tha prin
ciple that a nation has the right to land
armed forces on foreign territory to pro
tect Its citizens and their interests If there
I reason to believe that the authorities
are unable or unwilling to give that pro
In taking that view of the matter the
officials were mindful of the dangers ot
interfering with the affairs ot another
power Interference with Great Britains
purpose would establish a precedent which
might have embarrassing results to the
United States if at any future time this
Government deemed it necersary to land
American troops on foreign soil to protect
American citizens and their interests
There is authority for the assertion that
the Government intends to withdraw Its
armed forces from China after the rescue
of the foreigners in Pekln has been accom
plished if by that time the danger of a
general anti foreign outbreak in the Em
pire has passed and the Imperial authori
ties show that they are capable to protect
foreign Interests and make an earnest ef
fort to do so
Province the missionaries are safe Chung
king is quiet and the mandarins are doing
iheir utmost to repress the troubles I be
lieve they will succeed
Kdict Empowering Ii to Trent
With he lunrn
LONDON Aug 12 Shanghai cables to
various newspapers this morning confirm
the statement that an imperial edict h13
been issued appointing Li Hung Chang
Minister Plenipotentiary for the purpose of
negotiating for peace with the powers
It is provided however that all peace
proposals must be submitted to the throne
for approval
tiermnn CnrreftpondentM Aceount of
the IelHniifr Cnnonllie
BERLIN Auk 11 Referring to the
fighting at Peltsangr correspondents- of
Berlin papers sayllhat the Japanese tad
300 casualties The British had twenty
four wounded and the other allies no
losses The loss of the Chinese was in
considerable The German3 Austrians and
Italians returned to Tientsin The other
troops went forward toward Pekin
There is an unsubstantiated report that
the Japanese Minister nas had an audi
ence with the Empercr of Korea in refer
ence to the eruptions on the Manchuria
frontier The result of the Interview wa3
That the rescue of the that the Emperor gave permission to Japan
isters and those with them will end the
present troubles is beginning to be believed
here and the Government regards the
restoration of normal conditions as some
thing of the near future
While its assent to the designation of
Field Marshal Count von Wadersee as
commander-in-chief of the allied fores is
based on the possibility of militarj opera
tions after the Pekin campaign has ended
the Government has not in its note of as
sent committed itself to the continuance of
hostilities under von Waldcrsees lead and
intends to adhere strictl to the statement
of principles laid down in Secretary Havs
note of July 3 to American Ambsflsadorj
After Order I Hectored
It is learned that the Governments j ur
pote is to make known to the powers when
It considers that the time has arrived for
the withdrawal of Its forces that the with
drawal is due to the accomplishment of
the policy which caused the United States
to land troops on Chinese soil the lescue
ot the Ministers the protection of for
eigners generally and the restoration ot
srder throughout the Empire
It will mako plain that iU withdrawal
Is not to be construed as an abandonment
of anv claims to Indemnity for the burn
ing of the American Legation the murder
ous assault on its diplomatic representa
tives and the killing of American mis
sionaries and the destruction of their
property The Governments
policy is un
derstood to be that the question of in
demnity can be arranged bv negotiations
with the Chinese Government and that
the more important question of the fu
ture of China in which the United States
will maintain a deep Interest can be set
tled by exchanges among the powers
through the usual diplomatic channels or
by a general conference
A very optimistic feeling prevails In Gov
ernment circles over the prospects of res
cuing the foreigners In Pekin Jn Ihe opin
ion of the officials China Is mere than will
ing to get rid of her unwelcome diplomatic
guetts if their departure from the cap
ital will preserve that perturbed city from
the presence of a foreign army It Is very
ItU Not Hot nt Cheupcaic llcuch
to send an army to protect the frontier
The Korean King also approved a propo
sition for the laving ot a cable from Che
mulpo to Taku
Iluliin MinUter IiiMtructed to Leave
If He iictn Safe Conduct
ST PETERSBURG Aug 11 In reply to
the Identical notes sent by the foreign
Ministers at Pekin to their respective Gov
ernments in which it was stated that they
would not leave for Tientsin unless so in
structed by their Governments the Czar
has cabled M de Glere the Russian Min
ister to leave Pekln on condition that the
Chincso Emperor gives hint safe conduct
Similar to the Dcnpiitclie Iniiu Min
ister Conner and 1lclion
BERLIN Aug 11 The Foreign Ofile
has received a despatch from Herr Below
First Secretary of the German Embassy at
It is in the regular Forelcn Office rfnhor
I and Is similar to the despatchs sent by
jir vjnger anu vi ncnon tne French
The nhviHe to certnlii the Con
dition of Affnlr There
In a despatch received at the Navy De
partment yesterday Admiral Hemey re
ported the depirturo of the gunboat Nash
vlllo from Taku for Nluchwang He
said that after a brief visit to Niu
chvang the Nashville would proceed to
Tho object of sending the Nashville to
Nluchwang it to ascertain the condition
of affairs there since the Russian military
and naval operations against the town If
American interests need protection the
Nashvilles call VUl ot course he pro
The colder Alexander Is at Lambftf
Point near Norfolk taking in coaUfor the
American naval vessels at Taku
Itnllnim at IV Hmuijj
ROME Aug of Italian
marines from the warthlp Calabria asslstod
In the capture of Peltsang They suffered
no losses
The Jta I ne nt Colombo
LONDON Aug 11 The hospital ship
Maine which Is on her way to Chlua has
arrived at Colombo Cejlon
IlumX Concert on ihc lln Pliorc
Co carl to Chesapeake licath toilaj
Western Harmony Makes Further
Resistance Futile
Ilcllef In Humpc That he Opposi
tion lo he Jlellef Armj Will Soon
Collnppie IIcIIIcokp Spirit of the
lellovv Hordes Snld o He Ileeom
ini A elU Imperial Threat
AKnlnnt lie ItKndoni No Longer
Give CmiHc for Alarm Excellent
SIkiim Discerned In he Conj Agree
ment 011 Von Wnlderiee for
RrlllHh Surprise
nt Irotrslt Afrniuxt Ailmirp Sej
inuiirri Min e In liinirtxe
Sjiecial Cablegram Copyrighted
LONDON Aug 11 There Is no tend
ency to be unduly sanguine over the Chi
nese situation but the European peoples
and Governments are beginning to give
lome credence to the reports that
nnce to the powers may soon collapse It
the terms of the Czars position in the i is recognized that at all events each freih
matter as given in the official Messen
ger of St Petersburg their concern van
ished They regard the instructions of
the Russian Minister as sufficiently broad
to give him discretion as to whether he
shall remain In Pekin or accept the Chi
nese assurances of a safe escort out of it
aggression of the allied forces seems to
diminish the strength of the Chinese op
position and modify their bellicose spirit
This alone Is a sufficient vindication of
the forward policy of the allies and thread
to sacrifice the legations unless the inva
sion bo abandoned no longer seriously
alarm the European powers It is be
lieved that the Pekln authorities are cow
duly Impressed with the warning that any
harm hereafter inflicted upon the for
eigners will be met with the infliction ot
the severest personal penalties This Is
something which appeals even to the most
fanatical Oriental and the successes already
gained by the allies are a sufficient indi
cation of their power to execute the threat
No one has a clear idea what authority
Is really in control In Pekin but it makes
little difference If fear of reprisals or any
other motive Is sufflcleni to protect the
legations until their rescue is complete
The best sign of all Is the prospective
easy agreement of the powers upon tho
German General von
Waldersce It signalizes harmony in tte
Western world sufficient to deprive China
ot any possible advantage during the mili
tary portion of the crisis and this so tr
as China is concerned means that her
case is absolutely hopeless The Fckln
authorities whoever they may be cannot
fail to be duly impressed with this fact
The attitude of France In this connection
Is dramatically interesting Five years tgo
the Idea ot such intimate military co- J
operation with the conqueror of 1870 would
have been absurdl impossible There has
been a certain amount of angry comment 1
in Paris over the proposal but nothing
approaching a general popular protest fca I
been observed The Waldeck RoussEau I
Government finds itself In a difficult poI
tlon because it will be denounced by its
opponent whatever it dots but there is
little doubt that It will acquiesce in one
form or another ard the countr will ac
cept the position with good grace
Much surprise Is expressed by the For
eign Office here at the pother caused by
Admiral Seymours little deal with the
Yangtse Viceroy and the disposition is to
chaige the grumblers with rank ingraJI
tiJe According to despatches to some of
the London newspapers the grumbers In
clude people in Washington
It is even suggested that the Stale Da
partment is not altogether satisfied with
Englands action but such a suggestion Is
soutcd here as Incredible because Secre
tary Hay must have known through Am
bassdior Choate what was coming and he
gave not the slightest hint of a disagree
ment here If there Is one idea more
firmly rooted In the British official mind
than any other it is that British and
American interetls In China are Identical
Consequently their action Is to bsMdentbal
It Is explained that the British action In
Shanghai Is purelv precautionary Vhat
cver may happen elsewhere England de
termined to keep the Yangtse Valley open
to the worlds trade It this can bi done
by tho maintenance of Chinese aufhomy
unimpaired so much the bettcrJ If not
DtHlsh authority will step Into tho breach
If It is not good enough for the Washing
ton statesmen the are quite at liberty to
ascertain what they can get elsewhere
bearing in mind always that England is
perfectly prepared to fight for her own
hand In the Yangtse Valley
The foregoing statement mav be accepted
as the eemt offlcini exposition of the Brlt
1th policy in part at least in the tangled
Chinese question Doubtless British ac
tion in other respects will depend on cir
cumstances and the same may bo said of
most of the other powers But British
statesmen appear to be resigned to the
prospect of Germany and Russia demand
inr and obtaining territorial compensation
oni fr the murder of Its Minister and tho
oibr f r wanton aggression on the Slbe
rljn frontier
The KaiiftaM CII Tmni Item en Ion
dnn for IarlH
LONDON Aug 11 The famous Kansas
Cly lire brigade under command of Chief
George C Hale nrrlved here today and
left for Paris where they are to give cx
1 tbltionr in addition to Chief Hale there
aie fifteen men In the party They have
won numerous prizes heretofore In contests
where it was a question of a second or two
as to which engine got out of the house
The uniforms of the Kansas City men at
tracted many people today and thej were
enthusiastically applauded After the Paris
tournament the brigade will return to Lon
deu and glvo an exhibition
KitrmlHIoii With Spain
MADRID Aug 11 The Cabinet has ap
proved the extradition treaty with the
United State
On Ceneral Ion
VIENNA Aug 11-
roports that Capt
Wiilderwee Staff
-The Frcmlenblatt
Karl Wow Ilk will be
attached to the stall of Count von Walde
CliruiMalc Death trains love 10 11 2
fl and 7
3 8
Mnnrnrn Inlln Kieiirxlnn AukiiM kj
Vlf Ilt A O MOOO
Special iinWl dar eoithe and parlor cart
wlilout clianje e H SO elation 8 30 a nt
Mop otrs irtum trip Tickets jjooU
for titilata prtial low rte txkuraofnblrou
Kijjau lis m vorjiectioii with lit
Inldlc Opinion In Piirln MnKes No
rrotext Kiilnl the ppolntment
LONDON Aug 12 War news Is
scarce this morning The only In
formation contained In the Sunday rapers is
In the nature of unimportant asides For
Instance It 3 stated that the German au
thorities have received Japans approval of
the appointment of rield Marshal Count
von Maldersee as of
the allied forces The Jjpanese authorities
make the tame provlto a3 that of Great
Britain which has practically been agreed
to by all the powers although no oi
ficial report has as yet been received from
France as to whether she will agree to
have her troops servo under a Prussian
field raaishal
Meanwhile the correspondent of the
Sunday Special at Paris telegraphs that
M Mellne has suddenly raised opposition
to Frances acceptance of TValdersce as a
commander-in-chief by recalling the law
of February 14 1844 which reads as fol
A foreign officer cannot exercise titular
or provisional command lu the corps
Under this proviso M Mellne contends
that a foreign officer be he never so ex
alted cannot be substituted for a French
man at the mere will of a sovereign who
may be all powerful In Berlin but has no
authority whatever In Paris The only pre
eminence that M Mellne Is willing to
grant to Field Marshal Count von Walder
see is that by virtue of his station he will
preside over any war councils that may be
The correspondent concludes by stating
that the real public opinion in Paris ac
cepts the appointment of Waldersec with
out any protest
Milliliter CoiiKcra DeNpnfrh Snj the
Sltnatlon In Deiipernte
The State Department jesterday received
a despatch from Consul McWnde at Can
ton The message was given out em
bodied in the follrvdng bulletin
The following despatch from Consul
McWade at Canton communicating an
additional message from Mr Conger Is
made public this morning by the De
partment of State
Canton August 11 1900
Secretary of Stale Washington
Conger dating tenth Tsf Nan an
swering my message savs that the le
gations are under siege by the Imperial
soldiery The situation 1 desperate
The loss ot the legations Is CO killed
and about 100 wounded There is somo
sickness nevertheless te general
health continues gcod He concludes
Whatever may be the outcome
we will hold on Indefinitely
It is believed that the date as
signed to this despatch by- the Consul
refers to the file date when the mes
sage left Tsl Nan and doe not fix the
time when the message it Pekin by
Tsi Nan is about 30 below Pekin
and in cases of necesslt the hlnese Gov
ernment sends carriers tliltbci The most
Important fact In conrcton wth Mr Coo
pers reply to Mr McWade is that the Chi
nese Government 1 permitting at least
some messages from the powers to reach
thb Ministers which heretofore has been
gravely doubted
AmerleniiH dvanee Three Vllei
iler Shell nnd Hlfle Tire
The following despatch was received at
the Navy Department jestcrday morning
from Admiral Remej -
Chefoo Aug 10
Bureau of Navigation Washington
Aug 7 Chaffee telegraphs
from front Yangtsun occupied
Casualties about 60 my command and
two marines wounded Many prostrat
ed by heat and fatigue Next move jet
General commanding English front
telegraphs Marched from Peltsang
nine miles toward Yangtsun where
formed from for attack with Amer
icans on right Russians ori left- After
rapid advance of three miles under hot
rifle and shell fire our troops carried
first line of defence Casutltles about
CO killed or death of sunstroke
Iavorahle Iteplj o file Kmpcrorn
1rnponnl Ileirlved
FRVNKFORT Aug 11 The Berlin ccr
spondent of the Frankfurter Zeitung savs
the German Foreign Office has received a
favorable repl from Great Bltain Rus
sia Austria and Italy In regard to tha
Emperors proposal that Field Marsha
Count von Walderee be ntaife commander-in-chief
of tho allied forces Jn China Tne
British reply was mo t frleidly
PARIS Aug 11 Although the appoint
ment of Field Marshal Count von Walde
see U at present limited to the command ot
Gerraen troops in China the French For
eign Offlco Is prepared to agree to his se
lection as commander-in-chief of the allied
troops inasmuch as the post will bs
merely nominal The soldiers of the
powers will probabl enter Pekin It s
thought here long before Waldersee ar
rives on the scene
The Torelgn Office prafestes ect re U
norancc of the details connoted with the
appointment It says It does not know
how It will be effected what Its duration
will be or within what geographical llmlU
Its operation will be circumscribed Up to
the present time the Foreign Office says
It has not been approached 1 Germany on
the subject
Chlncne Vllnliitera Wife nnd Com
panion Have n Ynehtikiir Mlihiip
CAPE MAY N J Aug 11 Madam Wu
wife of the Chinese Minister her son Choa
Chu Fung Shao Chee and Wu Hsuch Lieu
nephews of the Wus Mrs Ncsmlth
Madame llanuarua Hall and Miss Ncsmlth
had an from a e irloui accident while
out vachting this morning The pnrty went
out sailing In the jacht Martha Capt Wal
ter V Covoruale
They had gottsn well under way in Cape
Island Sound when the yacht sprang a leak
She gradually filled and the members of
tho party became greatly alarmed as the
roso in the hold They called for
Tftripand Capt Alexis Ecbellenger went to
their rescue In a battealt The party was
Iml safe nl Cinlta Drtli and the
u ucncita ivtti
yacht towed lu for repairs
Mnple 1iililiiir Club
Second excuraioa of tho waAon to Chautauqua
lleach Bav lilitge Thursday August 18 Come
wilh im Trains kra U t rtatlfn 0 30 a m
stul t 30 p jn
Hit liore Limited Ivs V in
Garrisons at Halifax anil Esqui
mau lo I5e Increased
IlrltlNli Nnvnl Kxprl Claim to Hnve
found it Snfe nml rlnii llontc for
Ships of Wnr Into the irent LnkeH
IIoiikc of CommoiiK to He AnUed
to Ante Monej for the Work
Spinal Cablegram Copj lighted
LONDON Aug 11 By an order of the
Cabinet issued on the recommendation of
the junta Anown as the Cabinet Committee
ot the National Defence the Intelligence
department of theWar Office has been en
gaged for several months In Investigating
the preparedresa for war of Canada and
the Australasian colonfe
The investigation Is understood to have
been completed so far as the latter are
concerned and a scheme of defence s be
ing prepared which will form the Lisls
upon which the Government of the fed
erated colonies will work
The dominant idea ot this scheme Is the
constitution from various mllltarj odds and
ends in the present colonies of one homo
geneous colonial army recruited voluntarily
with power reserved of enforcing a modi
fled form of conscription known as the
militia ballot Concurrently Australia will
be raised to the rank ot a second class
naval station The Canadian scheme is
not so far forward as the Australasian for
the reason that It Is much more complex
and because Canada not only has to be pre
pared against outside attack but must be
placed In a position to attack
Anxious consideration has been given the
question How best to defend the long land
frontier and furnish adequate protection to
the ports In th connection the War Of
fice Intelligence department has been co
operating with a small committee of naval
experts appointed by the lord of the ad
The Integral part of the Canadian
scheme is the obtaining of safe and ear
access for ships otwar to the Great Lakes
Somo such route is said
mate object part of the general scheme
of imperial defence and offence
Tte Canadian scheme further provides
for an Increase In tbo garrisons at Halifax
and Esquimau the raising of a
the Dominion Governments consent can be
obtained of which there is said to be some
doubt and the raising of the North Ameri
can naval station to first rank with an
effort to tap for the rovil navj an Illimit
able supply of recruits afforded by the fish
ing population of the Dominion and ew
Affiassluntioti of the Crnr Said ii lie
ROME Aug 11 Delectlves are watch
ing all Italians from America who are ar
riving at Liverpool Antwerpand else
w here
Several Anarchists arc reported to be on
their way from America to Russia with
tho intention of nssassiacting the Czar
The Russian Government has been notified
ot the movements ot theso people
Composed h VlnrKherltn Ilovvntrer
fifteen of Itnl
Special Cablegram Copj lighted
LONDON Aug 11 Most touching and
pathetic Is a letter written by the Dowager
that vou will meet my wishes I beg vou
to have this praver copied and printed
and recommended in memory of my lord
and King so that all the people may pray
for him And let It be krown too that it
was 1 who wrote it and perhaps for the
love which against my deserts the people
bear me they will willingly jetlte it
The Bishop in publishing the appeal
How could I not grant the praver cf
tb august and pious ladv written with
the body of the King her husband before
htr eyes It would have been cruel and
wrong to withhold from the faithful so
edifying an example ot faith pletj and
Christian fortitude I have psked counsel
herewith I publish the forrnof the prayer
which the Queen has composed
Prayer In Memor of King Humbert I My
Ixrd nnd Most Beloved Contort to be
Recited in Conjunction With the Roary
Because he was merciful to all accord
ing to thy law O Lord be merciful to him
ami give him peace bscause ho cared only
fot justice have pity on blm O Lord bj
Cduse he alwavs forgave evervone Torglvo
thou his errors Inevitable to human
nature O Lord because he loved his peo
ple and had only one thought the good
of La Patrla Receive thou him Into the
glorious kingdom O Lord because bo was
was good until his last breath and fell a
victim to his goodness Give him the
crown of martvrs o Lord
A letor Hinmniiiieln stroiijr Speech to
Iliii Inrlinmetit
ROME Aug 11 The new King Victor
Emmanuel HI took tho conitltuTional oath
before Parliament thli morning After
going through tho ceremony he made a
strong speech which showed clearl that
he means to direct things himself The
speech made an excellent Impression
An enthusiastic crowd line 1 the streets
from the palace to the chamber
Snft the lloerN Hnve No IhntiKht of
Givlnc Up the MriiKKlc
LONDON Aug 12 Despatches from
Cape Town and Lourenco Marauei this
morning give interviews with President
Kruger at Machadodorp and wi h Secretary
of State Reitz as ho was leaving Lourenco
Marques for Waterval
Both ot theso leaders said thoy had not
lV slightest idea that the war was any
ihere neer over As a matter of fact they
thought the fighting would last for somo
time to come
IIjiuih IlttNliiei College Sth nnd 1C
Business Shorthand Typewriting IU I year
Cieat pitaeliute Jump Chesapeake Ikach
Democratic Gnlnn Proplimird In the
Kiddie Western State
LINCOLN Aug 11 Secretary Edjcrton
of the Populist National Committee places
no confidence in thj reports that Senator
Butler Is disgruntled and will bolt If the
Populists substitute Stevenson for Towne
on their ticket The secretary returned
today from the Chicago meeting of the
Executive Committee to a3lst Vice Chair
man Edmlston In managing the national
headquarters here He safd
The meeting of tho Executive Com
mittee was thoroughly harnionioar Tho
stories concerning Senator Butler to the
effect that he s about to organize a bolt
are Imaginative The Senator was unable
to attend the Chicago meeting but I have
letters from him which show that he Is
where he has always stood There U cot
the least likelihood that he will permit his
recsntrevesi inNorth Carolina tolnfluenca
him In his support of Mr Bryan and the
principles he represents The Senator Is
not that kind of a person
Regarding the declination of Mr Towne
he said
It Is a fact that the Executive Com
mittee was practically unanimous for the
and endorsement of Mr
Stevenson It was a matter however that
will require action by the full National
Committee I have not the least doubt
that the Populists will endorse Stevenson
and that thero will be comolete and har
monious fusion with the Democrats and
Silver Republicans There Is no gainsay
ing that the situation in Indiana and Illi
nois 13 most encouraging to the Bryan
cause The enthusiasm at Indianapolis
could not be otherwise construed I be
lieve Bryan will make such gains In the
middle and Western States as will elect
him easily
cordauce with a plan that he has adoDted
to have been Ior the present campaign He said that
found and the House ot Commons will bo I while he might deliver a number of brief
it I j fl rfl r B In rntnnnaa n lnwln tnn A
exhaustively In a single speech than by
treating all partiajly in the same speeech
and then in another speech treating all
again but In respect to some other phase
He said he was witling lo go on record on
each of these subjects fully and in order
to do so effectively he believed it was best
to treat them separately
IV 111 Atiend the- Vlretltifr of
United Irlh Societies
CHICAGO Aug 11 Mr Bryan said to
day that be had definitely decided to at
tend the United Irish Societies celebration
to be held In Chicago August 15 He will
probably remain In Chicago until that day
when he will return to Lincoln His only
other speeches before the actual cam
paigning begins in September will be at
the notification of his nomination by the
Populists which Is to be held in Topeka
August 23 and his address at the G A
R reunion in this city August 30
After two davs of conference between
the Democrats Populists and Sliver Re
publicans composing the tripartite Na
tional Advisory Committee it has at last
been practically decided it is declared
that it will not be wise to interfere in
no f tortio i mhnr rtnnfnciit the Idaho embroglio The plan now adopt-
I 01 fc in tnlFA trlA rAltlnmiin nf tkn tlit
enclosing a prayer which she compoed for betn lh tasnnletl - h -
the late King Humbert She sajs
I have thought and I believe God has
helped me In writing a praver In memory
of our poor King which ever one might
say for the repose ot his soul I have
written Just as I thought it simply and
ists to the Idaho politicians themselves
It Is said that there will ultimately be
complete fusion between the three par
ties that are opposing the Republicans In
that- State No ODDOsItion has divplnned
1 to the return of ex Senator Fred Dubois
from my heart so that evervone cou d lo lne united states senate in case tne
understand it But first of all I bsllcve j Legislature is carried by the Fusionlsts
there Is need of tho permission and but j the places on the State ticket In
bation of a Bishop before publishing It eliding the nomination for Congressmen
and I have thought of you whom I ar being fought for
ate from the depths of my heart Hop ng
Kx 1reident Hnrrlson Han omr
Important Law Cnei on Ilnnd
New member of the Execuive Committee
of the Republican National Committee ar
rived last night from Republican head
quarters at Chicago to spend Sunday with
his family Today he denied that he had
given out an interview- stating that ex-
Presldent Harrison had consented lo take
part In the campaign
Chairman Hernly of the Republican
Statn Central Cnmmlttpe lin fnrmiTlv In
and having received a favoabla reply 1 1 vited Mr Harrison to take part in the
I I 1
campaign but he has received no an
It is said that Mr Harrison feels deep
Interest in the success of the Republicans
this fall but that he Is known to have
some very Important cases on hand and
It Is possible that he will not find time to
make any speeches
Irneticnll ConeedeN Thnt the
House Will He llemoeratle
INDIVNAPOLIS Aug 11 Jesse Over
street Representative from this the Sev
enth Indiana district and Secretary of
tho Republican Congressional Committee
discussed today the outlook for tho Con
gressional elections He said there vai
danger in Republican ov erconfldencc and
Wc are making our estimates on a ma
jority of only three now But the oddj
this time are really In favor of the Demo
crats They have to begin with 122 Repre
sentatives from the Southern States that
nearly always glvo solid Democratic dele
gations In some Northern States they
have 10 per cent of the Representatives
They have CO per cent of the New York
delegation On the face cf the outlook
their chance3 for controlling the uxt
House are better than ours but I am sure
that we shall defeat them
Jlelvlnlej to He n Gnrit
CHICACO Aug 11 President McKln
ley Senator Cushman K Davis Represen
tative Jonathan P Dolllver and probably
Secretary John D Long will bo guesti of
the Hamilton Club at a banquet at the
udltorium Hotel on tho evening of Au
gust29 during the G A R encampment
All havo accepted with the exception of
Secretary Long All including President
McKlnley will respond to toasts
T A AVIcuerhnm Geiieriil tecnt
Land Department ChesapeaVo Peach Hallway of
flee at Oathhouse on boardwalk no red caps
Strolllnu on the ilonrdtvnllc
Cool breezes blon at ChctapcAc Beach
Price Three Cents
England Fears That the Wily Boer
Will Foil Jlethucn
Kitchener Not Expected to- Overtake
the Uuemy Ho In Iiirulmr Uneer
tnlnt of the Mltnntlon Tn the
TrmiHTnnl The Pretorln Pint
Ireu Clnmorit for nn Iro a IlnnO
LONDON Aug 11 As far as the de
spatches reveal the military sltratlon la
South Africa the past week ot activity oi
the part of General Roberts subordinates
resultct In the apparent clearing up of the
Orange Free State but the situation in the
Transvaal Is still veiled In considerable un
As expected guerrilla warfare has pro
ceeded without respite The fighting west
of Pretoria resulted in the abandonment
of Rusenburs and the capture of thre
hundred British at Elands River camp
General Delarey Is still there with a largo
force which Is most ectlve and General
De Wet la apparently trying lo Join them
with General Kitchener at his heels and
General Methuen at his head
thether Methucs who Is now engaging
him will succeed In forcing him to stand
at biy Is a question that is not nnwrd
hopefully here General De Wet having so
often foiled that general and prrsult oC
the nimble Boer has seldom reJtcd In
overtaking him Thus a somewhat pessi
mistic view is taken lest General Kitchen-
ja General Methuens present actions
nrnn Will Trent of Mllltnrlni
TruKtn nnd Sepnrntely
INDIANAPOLIS Aug 11 A prominent
Democrat who conversed with Mr Bryan
after his notification speech was delivered
here on Wednesday and who naked him
why he devoted the entire address to im
perialism say3 that Mr Bryan stated to
him that the speech was delivered in ac-
be mere running fights with small bodies
ot the enemy while De Wet achieves his
escape on the east of Pretoria
General French Is pressing on Machado
dorp He was last reported at Wonder
fontein east of the capital Butlers col
umn is ponderously marching ncrth along
the Ennelo Road Botha of course being
his object but his trains are constantly
Reports of constant small Boer suc
cesses with nothing to Indicate a speedy
asKea at tne next session 10 vuie - D laiuua u
niuuey j
f wrf j
en wfare dis
e causing deep
toward the cost of the works Their Democratic organizations it had been and
nltude is so great that Canada could not I wa still his purpose to deliver only four j satisfaction here The Pretoria plot
well be asked to undertake- them from her i set speeches during the campaign One of though dismissed by Lord Roberts In a
own resources particularly as the i these he said was on Imperialism -and he
nan enaeavcreu io cover mat subject In bis
notification speech Another speech will be
devoted to militarism a third to trusts
and n fourth to the money question
Mr Bryan added that he believed each
rble force of Canadian regular troop if of these subjects couid be covered more
few words has been taken very seriously
and there Is an almost unanimous outcry
that the sternest measures be taken Tho
angry press clamors for an iron nand
and strongly criticises Lord Roberts dan
gerous leniency
The Times is especially bitter and
anticipating the objection that the Pre
toria plot must not be seriously taken ex
presses the following widely entertained
opinion as regards the intelligence ot the
British army
Officers going to bed in fancied security
would fall an easy prey to three or four
Russians and from what we know of the
carelesseness and laxity displayed In so
many directions In this war we may as
sume that there was at least a fair chance
of the conspirators penetrating the head
quarters of General Roberts
liainfall In Quebec Alarum
Itomnii Catholic Citureh
MONTREAL Quebec Aug 11 The rain
fall In the province of Quebec which has
been greater than anywhere else on the
continent has alarmed the Roman Cath
olic Church which fears that the crops
will be desroyed and distress caused
thereby Today Archbishop Bruchesi ot
Montreal Issued an order to the clergy oC
his diocese to offer prayer asking for di
vine Intervention on behalf of the agri
Mr Seton TIiontpoii Senntor Kla
hergv Hilda Spoilt mid Othern
NEW 10RK Aug 11 Ernest Seton
Thompson and his wife arrived on the
steamship St Paul this morning Senator
Nathaniel A Elsberg was also on board
returning from a business trip ab oad
Several theatrical people arrived on the
ship Hilda Cjnjiis oner or rrohmanslead
ing ladies is returning from a trip on the
Continent Some members of ihe Zara
ccrnpany were also oi board
A Squadron of the Fifth Cavalry
Coming to Iort Uyrr
NEW YORK Aug IK The United
States transport Sedgwick arrived here th
afternoon from San Juan She has on
board Companies A B C and D of tho
Eleventh Inrantry and a squadron ot tha
Fifth Cavalry
The first three of the Infantry companies
will be stationed at Fort Columbus Gov
ernors Island and Company D will go to
Fort Ethan Allen U
Tho squadron of cavalry will go to Fort
Myer Va
dot erniir Itnonevclt AVHl CnmpnKn
in Mr IirynnM Home Mate
CHICAGO Aug 11 Theodore Roosevelt
will Invade Nebrafiurlng the campaign
A trip through that State Is planned to lot
ion n months spoechmaklng tour embrac
ing the Northwest nnd the Pacific Slope
Announcement to that effect was mado
today by Secretary Perry S Heath of the
Republican National Committee who re
turned from the East today after confer
ences with Senator Hanna Governor Roose
velt and national Republican leaders
lifter the Demoerntle omliintlnit for
Zovernor of New Aoric
NEW YORK Aug 11 Comptroller Bin
S Coler announced today that he vas a
candidate for the Democratic nomination
for Governor this fall ard that he ex
pected to get it Mr Coer did not mako
thi3 announcement In these words Instead
he maue following statement to tho
reporters who calltd upon him today
Any young man or old man for that
matter who sajs that he will noi rccept
the nomination for Governor of New York
belittles himself Hud belittles the office
It seems to have come to a q eslon of
whether a young man aif stay In politic
and that being the case I am not the man
U refuse to fight I think that yon can
interpret the meaning of that
In the contest for the nomination for
Governor Mr Coler will have tho actlvo
support of ex United States Senator D B
Hill and according to all inltcatlons to
day of the delegates from Kings County
It is said he will he opposed by Richard
Croker The struggle will begin at tho
meeting of tho State Committee In Sara
toga on Thursday when the committee will
assemble Tor tne purpose ot issuing a can
for the Democratic State Oanvemioa
More AVnrnt Weather for Toiltt
It s rauili cooler at Chesapeake Buch

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