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Regular August
Thrifty shoppers are looking ahead buying
now for next season
We say it advisedly that reliable goods never
went for so little as now
Bear in mind that our regular marked prices are
lower than elsewhere and if you buy during this
sale the actual saving is half
Off Mens Suits
Choice of all fancy flannels cheviots cassi
meres worsteds and tweeds
500 were 750
667 were J000
800 were J2C0
900 were J350
XEW YORK Aug 14 Former Cbani
plin Fltzsimmons and Sharkey clinched
tleir twenty live round fight today by
atiecing upon a battleground They will
miet at the Seaside Sporting Club of
Coney Island on August 24 Kitzsiiuuions
waived the percentage basis and will iisnt
Sharkey for a purse of 25000
At the mcctlns Pat Powers was present
In the Interest of the Twentieth Century
Athletic Club Alex Brown ipbke for the
Seaside Club Powers first offered 53 per
cent of the gross receipts
Al Brown said
On behalf of the Seaside Club I will
jive 0 per cent
So -will the Garden retorted Pow
ers Brown then offered 63- per cent
1itoimmocs however suggested a 30
000 purse and finally J25000 was offered
and accepted Just as Billy Brady came In
Brady at once turned to Fitzsimmocs and
Sharkey and anxiously enquired AVfll
you two agree to tackle Jeffries on Aug
ust 31 In case of a victory
Each promised he would provided he
were not prevented by Injuries This
satded Brady and he left Then Sharkey
and the Coraishman talked about a
referee It did not tae them long to
agree upon Charley White Eacji man
consented to pay White 100 for his ser
vlcee Theclub -will also give him 30
The battle will be fought under Queens
berry rules The winner will receive 73
per cent and the loser 23 per cent of the
purse The men reserve the privilege of
furnishing their own gloves thcse gloves
to be new and subject to the approval of
the referee Soft bandages will be allow
ed to be worn and- the club must deposit
2300 to ensure the appearance o tne
men In the ring and as a guarantee that
the ccbtest will take place on the day
Both FItzsimmons and Sharkey posted
2s00 when the articles were signed and
the club has premised to place this sum
In the stakeholders hands tomorrow
EfTrt to Compel 3InnnfneliiriT to
Employ Lnloit Men
NEW YOHK Aug 14 The National
Board of the United Hatters of North
America this morning ordered a strike of
union men Id the hat factory of Eugene
V Connett Co Orange N J
The strike Is ordered for the purpose of
making the factory a fair instead of an
open shop as it is now A fair shop
Is one In which only union men arc em
ployed while an open shop employs both
union and non union men
O L Yeomans superintendent of the
Connett factory said today that none of
the men had gone out and that he had
cot been advised that a strike had been
ordered The Connett factory employs
over 300 men
The Hurmoiiy of Husband nml AVlfe
UroUen 3IolnNen
W1LKESBARKE Pa Aug 14 A week
ago lr and Mrs Armond Smith of this
city went to Lake WInola to camp out
Mr Smith is bald and was much bothered
by tlk e He poured a cupful of molasses
on a palm leaf fan put It close to his head
and slept peacefully the flies slicking to
the molasses
At daybreak yesterday his wife rather
iretless turned over The next moment
piercing shrieks awoke Smith He saw bis
wife tearing around choking with the fan
the molasses and her face and hair al
mixed up When he had c xtrlcated her she
came to this city and swore out a warrant
for his arrest This morning be was taken
before Alderman Donahue His wife ac
cused him of trying to smother her lie
told his story meekly
The alderman sent them home Cime
back In a week he ss1 and if ou dont
feci better Ill give rov dfcrJttnn
J000 were 1500
J200 were 1800
1335 were 2000
1503 were 2250
i Off Separate irousers
Choice of the whole stock without reserve and
the offer couldnt com at a more timely moment
135 were 203
167 were 250
ZO0 were 3 00
235 were 350
335 were 500
400 were 600
Shirts Below Cost
OQ for some oi madras -with separate cuffs
- for all that sold for JOO
OOC and i25
f r for Manhattans regularly
sold up to 175
Straw Hats at About
Cor 7th and E Sts
Fitzsimuions and Sharkey to Bailie
at Coney Island August 24
Tlic Strusrxjrlc to Be for a Purse of
2UOO the VVlnuer ti Take 7
lcr Cent Coritrst to TnJic Ilnce
Before the SenHlile SportiiiB Clnlj
Chm Ie White to He Iteferce
Mnkess o Ilen of Xat Guilty nnil Ih
Hound Over
MARYSVILLE Ohio Aug 14 A war
rant was Issued last night by Mayor
Charles S Hamilton for Charles R H
Ferroll the man who murdered Express
Messenger Charles Lane near Mllford
Centre this county and who has been con
fined In the Columbus Jail since Sunday
Sheriff Robinson and Marshal Murphy went
to Columbus with the warrant to secure
the murderer and serve subpoenas They
returned with Ferroll on the 635 train this
morning There was a large crowd at the
depot all anxious to get a look at the man
Ferroll alighted from the steps of the
car In an unconcerned manner smoking a
cigarette He was conveyed to a cell In
the county Jail to await a preliminary
hearing at S oclock
He was arraigned before Mayor Hamil
ton in the court room and the warrant
read to him charging him with murder to
which he pleaded not guilty waived ex
amination and was bound over to the
Common Pleas Court to await the action
of the grand Jury which will convene on
September 10
A Permit Crnmcil to the Ioxtnl Tele
cruph Cnhlc Compnny
The Postal Telegraph Cable Company
has asked permission of the Commission
ers to extend several wires In various
parts of the city One of these Is for an
overhead wire from North Capitol and H
Streets to the corner of Seventh and
H Streets northeast Another is to
extend a wire from Seventh and Water
Streets southwest to the United States
Navy Yard A third Is to connect an office
at the southwest corner of Ninth Street
and New York Avenue northwest by a
metallic loop with an existing wire at
Ninth and Massachusetts Avenue north
These applications having been referred
to the Electrical Engineer for investiga
tion and report he yesterday returned
them to the Commissioners recommend
ing that permission be granted in each
instance to the company to string the
wires according to the application
Authority for this says Mr Allen
Is found In the recent opinion of the
Attorney for the District In which- it is
stated that telegraph companies having
complied with the act of Congress of 1SC8
have the right to string wires for tele
graphical purposes
The Postal Telegraph Cable Company
has submitted evidence that It hai com
plied with the terms of the act rcferr
It Is understood that the Commission -
will approve the recommendation of tht
Electrical Engineer and that The permit
will be granted
A Xlslit lollcL innii Wanted on lie
Crowing Ii mlinc to Arllnctini
U IL Phillips manager of the Wash
ington Arlington and Falls Church Rail
way has written to the Commissioners
relative to the patrolling of the Aqueduct
Bridge between sunset and sunrise
I would like to call the attention of
your honorable board he writes to the
growing need for a police officer on the
Aqueduct Bridge during the night from
sunset to sunrise On the night of August
12 four men came across the bridge about
1 oclock a m and held up and robbed
this companys watchman nt the end of
the bridge The opportune appearance of
other men In the road probably saved a
more serious loss
This company contributes 1S0 per an
num toward the pay of a special day of
ficer In Ilosslyn resulting In a great de
crease of lawlessness and It pays a night
watchman S3C per annum If the District
authorities would kindly co operate on the
bridge the passage of lawless men and
criminal acts would be lessened
The letter of Mr lhlllips has been for
warded to the Superintendent of Police for
Investigation and rcport
A Icnnon for Yontlifnl TIiIc vpn
Three colored lioys uho utre in Judge Tjy
lors court jettcrdjy morning charged with
petit larceny regarded their trial as a joke
Their laughter suicided however when Judge
Taylor Imposed on each an aggregaie jail m u
tence of forty sir days The bdys have for some
time list It u sanl licen doing a deal of petty
tillering In Bloodfleld
Xo one Vnovs better than those who hare
used Carters Mttle Liver Pilht what relief they
have gUen when taken for dyciM iieU diriiness
pain in the side constipation and disordered
KettiltH nt Snrntujrn
SARATOGA Aug 14 Resu1ti of today race
First race For five and one MU
furlortrs King IIcf Henry even won Gold
Icel OConnor A to 5 Fecond Ukcncss Mr
Cur fi to 1 third Time 114 l i
second race For four j car olds and upward
seven furlongs Feat T Burin i to 5 won
IVotits Wcddrrstrand 7 to 1 tecond iljtli
Turner 2 to 1 third Time 133 1 2
Thful raw For threc y car old ami upward
one and one sixteenth miles llnnockburu Hull
man 4 to 5 won Haffiello OConror S tn 5
t fcond John Yerlces T Burn 3 to 1 third
Pise 152 1 3
Fourth race For one mile
Kinns OConnor 8 to 1 won C ratio WtdJer
strand to 2 sewnd Itadford Henry 7 to 3
third Time 14ft 1 2
Fifth race The Kensington Hotel Handicap Hur
dle for three-year-old and upward two miles
Arquebu Bradl 1 to 5 won Inomar Acaiiw
5 to 2 seconi Only two started InRorcir re
fused to go over course Time 529 1 2
Kutrio at Surntofrn
SARATOGA Auff H Kntries for tomoiroVf
Vint race For fiie eightli tntle
Trima II 104 Anna 102 Sweet Tooth 113 His
torian 100 Sweepstake 102 Cogswell 105
Water riant 102 Iliady Sjnah 107 Quite K ght
104 Latallierc 07 Tlie Jade 102 Pifncc
irouth 100 Clasher 101 Jils Greenwood 1C2
Ijidr Haman 87
Second race For two-year-olds five etch h mile
Throcia 102 Mary McCoy 112 McAddie 115
KUnur 115 Fhilma PxCn 102 Tcnnlea 115
Tripasian 105 Twkarosj 105 Ginger Waa 105
Third race For three- ear olds one mile
Queen of Song IOC Unsightly 91 Kunja 101
Oitrud W
Fourth race Tor three-year-olds and upwar J
tlirrc rf Utters mile Meehanus J21 Sparrow
Wfnp HO John Verkes 108 Gibraltar 120
Fifth race Hurdle for three-year-olds and up
ward two mile Hen Eder 1C5 Jlr Stoffel
135 Eichbcrp 157
KeNiiIiK nt Si LouIn
ST LOUIS Aug II Krmlts of todjj s races
First race For and upwards
U turlongs Lssso Dale out won Free Lady
McCinn 4 to 5 second The Geezer OConnor
0to 1 third Time 1113 4
Second race ror three-year-old and upward
selling one and one sixteenth miles OrrU
DoniinieK 2 to 3 wen Jce Dohty It Smith
12 to 1 second Mnipm Stem aton 40 to
1 third Time 151 1 4
Third race For two-year-olds sellirr fire and
one half furlongs Qufcle Range fillmore 4 to
5 won The Iliiti kcr McGinn 7 to 1 econd
luaie a to i intra Time iw
iceininc race For three-year-olds and upwards
selling one mile and seventy yards Jimp Cll
j more 4 to 5 won Cuide Iiock E Mathews
i o o lecona names llals K u to 2 imrel
Time 1471 2
Fifth race For and upward six
and one half furlongs Kight Bells Dominies
3 to 1 won Ostra J T Woods c to 1 sec
ond St Wood McGinn 3 to 1 third Time
114 1 2
Sixth race For two-year-old maidens five and
one half furlong Lee Sparks Fallehry 5 to
I won Jidietta II Vanduzen 8 to 5 sec
ond Empyreal Watson 3 to 1 third Time
110 3 4
KntrleH nt St Ionip
ST LOUIS Aug 14 Entries for tomorrows
First race One mile Tom Cilmore 101 Tigrn
S0 LaMascotta 107 La Carina Sfl Crocket 107
Lee King SS Ida Ledford SiB M Lone 107 An-
roiee uo
S rcnd race One and tlirce sixUcnths miles
selling Lconag 102 Fly Fire 102 Sadie Levy
102 jGov Boyd 104 Elderim 3 Helen II
Carner 102 El Ghor 101 Sallle Ulnar 102
Lurdan 104 Kan Dora 102 Fngema S 102
Ilarre D 101
Third race Six and one half furlongs Drightic
I 103 Eothcn Lad 103 Henham 103 Prince
Ileal 10U Elsitha 103 John McKlroy 101 LauY
Curzon 00 Eleanor Holmes 103 Annie Oldfielc1
103 Gler Lake 101 Xcd Wicles 10s Admiral
Scldey 107
Fourth race Handicap one and one sixteenth
miles Ilauland 102 Joe Doughty 96 Muska
Ionee 100 Lady Callahan 101 Jinp OS
Fifth race Handicap three fourth mile Will
Fay 6S Iris M Dale Waldo 10S Grantor 105
Pinochle 112 Tom Collins 112
Sixth race For four and one hl
furlonga Minnie Cobb 107 Gcnntrose 101 Isa
bel 101 Wild Pirate 118 Staff 107 Alice Scor
pion Ill- Fred llelr J10 Small Jack lOlt
fiirdic Stone 107 Monot 110 Dorothy Leer 107
ltehiilta nt llnrlem
1IAUIEI Aug 11 Results of todays races
First race For two-year-olds fire furlongs
Sortie DIoss 2 to I won Natural Cas Hick
13 to 1 second Inrictus Hnos S to 1 third
Time 1051 5
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
Ax furlongs Josephine II T Knipbt 8 to 1
xon Hermoso Rce 2 to 5 second John A
Morris Kiley 5 to 2 third Time 117 4 5
Third race For three-year-olds one mile and
one hunfrcd 3 ards Scales Buchanan 8 to 3
won Greenock Tally 2 to 1 second The Ladr
Bergen 8 to 5 third Time 132 3 5
Fourth race La Grange selling stakes for
threc i ear-old- fire and one half furlongs Gold
Badge T Knight 5 to 2 won ilegea J Wal
do 3 to 1 second Handyman Tally C to 1
third Time 100 4 3
Fiftli race For three-year-olds and upward
one mile Eva Rice Buchanan 3 to 1 won
John Baler T Knight 6 to 3 econd Disso
lute J Waldo 3 to 1 third Time 1451 5
Sixth race For four-year-olds and upward
sellirg coe and one tigiith miles Macy Ber
gen C to 5 won Pay the Fiddler Flick 13
to 1 second Our Xellic Buchanan 2 to 1
third Time 113 4 3
Entries nt llnrlem
HARLEM Aug for tomorrows
First race For maiden two-year-olds
mile Lady Seabrook 110 Lady Fortune
Teller 110 Tootsle Green 110 Water Alone 110
Gloc 110 Ida V 110 Ittina del Cilia 110
Corn I Cut 110
Second race Selling three fourths mile Ob
tidian 110 Jim IV 110 Prestor 107 La Inn
ccsra 105 Jotepblne II 103 MacLaren 103 Ca
loocan 08 Olekma 03
Third rae Selling three fourths mile Braw
Lad 110 High Hoe 100 Woodtricr 107 Lomond
107 Irih Jewel 101 Miss Shanler 102 Floridian
100 Tildy Ann 93
Fourth race Handicap one mile and fifty yards
John Baser 109 llandpress 100 Honey Boy
06 Hansford 97 Miss MacDay 90 Belle of
Oakwood 00 Masrgic Davis M
Fifth race For two-year-olds selling five and
one half furlongs Dandy Jim 114 The Con
ejueror 10S Silurian 104 Satin Coat 103 llans
wurtt 103
Sixth race One and five eighths miles Barton
luri Judge Inny 103 Mononeali 101 Huh
1rather 100 Hose 09 Stuttgart 07 Frangible
Seventh race Selling fceen furlongs J J T
107 Pitfall 107 Xrgllgeme 107 Dandy II 107
Pell Mell 11 101 Grey John 104 Maryland Re
serve 104 Llerp 102 Miss Doolev llr Brown
Vail 102 IVCarno 100 Frelinghuysen If Pink
Tukct 97 Onolo 03
ItefcullN lit Iliirhlunil riirk
HIGHLAND lAHK Aug 11 liesults
days rates Track fast
First race For three-year-olds and upward
scllirir wven furlongs Alex Wondcrly 7 to
1 won Foey Landry 3 to 1 second Za
Zanciit Cobura 25 to 1 third Time 1271 2
Stcond race For two j ear olds M lIing live
furlongs Tud llaney Landry t to 5 non
Helen Graham L Thompson 8 to M coml
Amorosa J Daly G to 1 third Time- 1IK
Thud race For fnrec y ear olds and upward
selling one and one sinteenth miles Knitonda
Landry even won lady of the WMt A Vte
lr 3 to 2 second llallied J Daly 7 lo 5
third Time 117 1 2
Fourth live furlongs
Militant Coburn 1 to 2 won Lizric A Lan
elrv 6 to 5 stcond San Luis Ilentoli 7 to 2
third Time 102 1 1
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
tcMJng six furlongs Invasion Landry a to
5 won Sackhen A Welxr 0 to 3 second
Jack Adie Mctjuade 8 to 1 third Time
11 1 2
Sixth race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six furlongs Hungarian Colmrn 6
to 2 won Hy GeorgeU Flynn S to 1 wood
Winepress Mctjuade 3 to 1 third Time
111 It
JIntrloK nt IIIkIiIiiikI
HIGHLAND lViItlC Aug II Entries for to
morrows rates
First race Selling six and one half furlongs
Jwaie Jatbce J07 Jennie 107 Quaver 107
Oru Liixic 107 Inflleee 102 Qilecn Ann 100
Lottie Meiille 100 CHetta 100
Second race For two-year-olds selling flu
eighths of a mile Bald of Avon 107 Siroister
104 Amoroso 103 Donna Say 103 llandit 103
Scoteh Bramble IfWi Lyoor Belle 100 Daisy
Chain 90
Third race One mile Chapin 100 Spriixj
wells 104 Virgie O 101 Emil Zola 103 Mc
Grathiana Prince 90
Fourth lace Selling one and one eighth
miles Free Advice lit Windward 108 Sir
Florian 103 Logan Landeman 103 Kitty Ite
grnt 101 Mariana II 95 Gun Cotton 90
Filth rire cr two-year-oil maidens five
eightlia oi a niIeMrcani Life 103 Helen Gra
ham 103 MaUrni 103 lTerre Jr 103
Tempt 103 Diddle 103 Lightning Flash 100
Beezlebub 9S Bow Jangl tt Badge Bell 03
Gliueg 05 Bikc Bird 95
Sixth race--Selling three quarters of a mile-
Itallston 110 Olcot 100 Hunpsrian 101 It
0 Ran 103 Sslvado 101 Old Fox 100 Left
Bower 100 Miuch li -
Pittsburg 5 New York 0jJflst Rome
Pittsburg 7 Xew York 1 Second game
Boston 7 Chicago 0 First Kime
Boston 7 Chicago 6 Seconil game
St Loui G Philadelphia 2
Bo3ton at Chicago
Brooklyn at Cinclrrrdti
New York at Pittsburg
Philadelphia cat St Louis
How the Clulii Stnuil
Won Lost
Brooklyn 55 33
Pittsburg 51 42
Philadelphia 17 42
Boston 45 47
Chicago 45 47
St Louis 40 47
Cincinnati M 50
New York 35 51
Chicnito Ilefented liy HnNton
Unable Header
CHICAGO Auc 14 Boston defeated
Chicago twice toijoy In dull games Mc
cormicks error threw away the first and
in the second Chllds forgot to cover sec
ond base when McCormlck scooptd a
bounder As a result Boston piled up
three runs and won The scores
lli nt Citine
McCarthy If 0 13 0 1
Child 2h 2 14 3 0
Merits cf 0 0 2 0 0
Giccn rf 2 3 3 0 1
Canrel lb 0 0 8 0 0
Bradley 3b 2 3 2 0 0
McConnick ss 0 0 3 3 1
Chance c 0 15 11
Taylor p 0 1 1 2 0
Dexter 0 1 0 0 0
Totals b 11 30 9 i
Batted for Taylor
Hamilton tf 0 1 4 0 0
Long m 112 71
Stahl rf 1 1 2 0 0
Collins 3b 1 0 3 3 n
Freeman lb 2 2 10 1 0
Duffy If 0 2 4 0 0
Lone b 1 3 4 1 1
Sullhan c 1 110
Cuppy p 0 10 0 0
7 12
Chicago 0 2 2 0 0 0
Boston 0 0 0 2 0 0
0 0 1 1 6
2 10 2 7
TVo liase hits Chance Duffy Three base Hits
Freeman 2 htahl Lone 2 Sacrifice hits Brad
ley Mcrtes 2 Green Stolen base Hamilton
Struck out By Tjitlor 2 by Cuppy 1 First base
on halls fl Taj lor 1 off Cuppy 3 Double plays
McCormlck Child and Ganzel Collin Long
and Fnemau McConnick and Ganzel Hit by
pitcher Ganzel Chance Freeman Ilt en bases
Chicago 8 Boston 7 Time of game 3 hours
and two minute
Second Game
Haralton if
Long ss
Stahl rf
Collins 3b
Freeman lh
Duffy lh
Hiriy 2b
R 11
U 0
2 2
- V i
Kulliian c ClK1 0
Dinecn p Oiro0
Lewis p S 1
Totals 7 8
McCarthy If 1 1
Chihis 2b t 0 1
Green rf 3 1 2
Dexter c O 1
Ganzel lb ll
Bradley lb l l
McConnick tf 0
Metes cf O1
Menefec p liSo
0 0
3 0
0 1
5 2
0 0
0 2 0
3 37
Two base hits Bradley 1GanzeiTIiree iiase hit
Barry Jacrifice f blte lkrCcrauick Dexter
Stolen bases McCarthy Mejea 2 Long itruck
out By IHncerr 2 by Lett w I by Menefee i
First bae on lall Menefee Wild
Passed ball Sullivan Time of game
1 Lour nd 43 minutes Umpires Hurst
The Onine Mnrkecl liy n I Ielit Ie
tsveen Ilnll Tin j era
ST LOUIS Aug 11 The game at
League Park today was uninteresting
the locals winning handily In the fifth
Inning TAoIverton spiked JIcGann who de
liberately threw the ball at the Quakers
third baseman hitting him on the back
of tho head The two then fought until
the police separated them
McGiaw 3b
Bnikett If
Heidritk cf
Donlin rf
Wallace ss
Kfittr 2b
McOanu lb
Crier c
Young p
Thomas ef
Slash If
Delehanly lb
Lajoie 2b
Hick if
Wolverton Sh
Dolan 3b
Murphy c
Cros ss -
Orth p
St Louis 0 Z
hiladclphh 0 0 0
It II ro A E
S 1 1 1 2
12 0 0 0
0 0 3 10
lT 1 1 O 0
114 3 0
0 0 2 5 0
1 1 10 0 0
1 2 0 1 0
110 4 1
C U 27 15 3
it II lO A E
0 2 10 0
0 110 2
0 1 11 0 0
1 2 2 2 1
0 0 3 0 1
0 0 0 0 O
0 1 C 0 0
0 12 2 0
1 2 3 8 1
0 1 1 3
2 11 21 13 J
V o i o o x o
10 0 0 0 1 12
Thrce bae hit McCanru Double play Lajuic
Cross and Delchauty First base on balls Off
Orth 3 ilerifkc Idts Burkett Young Stolen
bases Donlin Burkett Keister Dehhanty Time
of came 1 liour and 55 minuted Umpire Terry
Attendance 1170
IlritteM Take Itotli tinmen Alfiilnit
JVevv Vork
PITTSBUItG Aug 14 Pittsburg shut
out New York for tho first game and held
It down to one lone tally In tho second
It was the first double header of the sea
Eon and a crowd of nearly 5000 was in
attendance Leevcr whitewashed the
Giants and allowed them but four sing
les three of which were made by George
Davis Hickmans triple and Davis bit
to left In the seventh Inaing of the sec
ond game saved New York from another
shutout The scores
Ilrnt Clime
Beaumont ef 0 2 3 0 0
Clark II 112 0 0
OBrien lb 0 0 13 0 0
Wagner rf -0 0 10 0
Williams 3b 0 0 2 4 1
llilehev 21 01 2 1 0
SchriviT c 11 1 1 1
Elr n 2 2 2 7 0
Leevc r p 1 1110 0
Totals 5 S 27 13 2
Van llaltroi cf 0 16 10
Selluch If 0 0 10 1
Doyle lb 0 0 7 10
Smith rf 0 0 3 0 0
Hickman 3b 0 0 110
Davis ss 0 3 14 0
Gluason 2b 0 0 3 0 0
Gradv c 0 0 12 0
Mercer p 0 0 110
Totals 0 4 24 10 1
IitUburg 0 0 0 12 0 2 0 x 3
Xew York 00000000 0 0
Stolen lurt s Wagner Williams Gleason Two
base hit Sihriver Double plays Van lUltren
and Doyle ay and Hitchey Struck out By
Leevcr 1 Bases on balls Off Iever 2 oil
To lie bound land and foot for years by the
chains of disease Is the Worst fonn of slavery
O orgc D Williams of Manchester Mich sajs
Sly nlfe lias been so hclnlcss for rive scars that
she couU not tum oer in bed alone AJter
using tvii bottles of Electric Bitters she is won
derfully improved and able to do her own work
TliU a prcmc remedy for female diseases quicklyi
cuies nervousness sleeplessness melancholy
headache batltsche fainting and dirry spells It
is a vc aend to weak Jlckly run down people
Cure i uiranteed Only SO cents Sold hy Henry
Evans Druggist 922 1 Stttet northwest
44444444944444444s 444t404
I Were Going to Take Stock
but before we begin we want to make things a little lively So this is what we
have done
Weve gone through our Mens Clothing stock and picked out small lots odd lots
and almost complete lots of certain styles that were a little backward in going for
J ward all good suits in excellent patterns and qualities that have commanded as
much as 18
Weve bunched them together into one large lot and offer you your choice for
Mtijm K
There are all sizes thus almost any man may ba fitted but not every size in ey
ery style so the early comers naturally have best choosing
There are also Youths sizes from 15 to 20 years
This is a plain statement of facts It would almost be a waste of effort to cry
and interest you with a combination of strong adjectives
You are acquainted with our straightforward methods you are familiar with the
character of our clothing you know the interest and merit all Parker Bridget offer
ings are possessed of thus you may expect just what we advertise
Weve labored too hard and long to win your confidence to endanger it by offer
ing less than we advertise
We deal in facts this clothing business would not keep growing otherwise
The styles as above stated are the best of the season and in weights suitable for
present and future wear Many are amazingly like the ones that will open up the
fall selling
Have we spoken plain enough Yes Well youve a privilege that hasnt been
accorded before this season of choosing from suits that have sold as high as18
for 775
Parker Bridget Co
Outfitters Pa Ave and 9th St
Mtrccr 2 Hit by pitcher Hickman Passed
hall Grady Lmpire Swartwood Attendance
1390 Time of game 1 hour and 30 minutes
Second Cnrne
llMumont cf 0 0 3 0 0
Clark If O 0 4 0 U
OBrien lb 0 0 15 1 0
Wagner rf 110 0 0
Williams 3b 2 2 0 11
Bitchcy 2b 2 2 14 0
OConnor c 113 10
Ely ss 10 15 0
Chfsbro 1 0 1 0 J J
TotaU 7- 27 14 1
Van llsltren cf 0 0 4 0 0
Sjllach If 0 0 6 0 0
Doyle lh 0 15 0O
Smith rf 0 0 0 0 1
Hickman 3b 11 1 1
Daiis m 0 13 3 1
Clcason 2b 0 0 2 2 1
Flowennan c 0 0 3 11
Hawley p 0 -0 0 1 1
Totals 1
Xcw York
0 7
0 0 1
Stolen bases Davis Beaumont Two base hit
Three Use hit Williams 2 llitchey
Hickman Struck cut By Chrahro 2 by Haw
ley 2 Bae on lolls Off Cheshro 2 off Haw
ley 2 Wild pitch Chcsbro Umpire Swart
HoliKhly Trenteil by Miner nt AVIluI
lier In
ALTOONA Pa Aug 11 For a week
or more there has been an Intense feel
ing in the mining town of YVindber against
two Chinamen who recently opened a laun
dry there Placards have been posted on
the door of their laundry and the stairs
leading down to their basement habita
tion have been made a depository for all
kinds of filth Saturday night the miners
held a meeting and decided to warn the
Chinamen out of town They appointed a
committee of five who yesterday visited
the laundry and told the Chinamen they
must be missing this morning The Chi
namen laughed at them
This morning about daybreak a mob of
miners descended upon the laundry
dragged the Chinamen from their bunks
and threw them into a tub of starch one
at a time Then they tied a rope about the
neck of each of them and pulled them
through the streets to the edge of the
town They were told If they returned
they would be tarred and feathered The
Chinamen have not been heard of since
Citizens of Windber led by the clergy
men havo sent out searchers for the fu
gitives announcing that they will bring
them back and protect them to the last
The Chinamen have been Inoffensive at
all times and their treatment Is resented
by the better class of citizens
lle AiiiienrM nt n Siiiiilny Seliool
nlc In Imitulit
TORONTO Ont Aug 14 A sea ser
jent made Its appearance at Kingston
360 miles above tidewater today The
periodical summer visits of the monster
so far inland havo never been credited
before but possibly to set all doubt at
rest the serpent exhibited himself to a
Sunday school picnic at Channel Island
A large number of people saw It and all
descriptions correspond In making the
animal have a head like a calf but larger
fully as large as a mans head fierce
staring eyes like coals of fire heavy
whiskers or bristles on cash side of tho
mouth the head and neck being grey
The serpent gave chase to Fred Cadcvi
at Howes Island who had to seek a safe
landing for himself and his boat and nar
rowly escaped fapture
At the Sunday school plcnlo where the
serpent was a visitor V raised Its body
partly out of tho water id leisurely sur
veyed the picnic appointments and then
glided away The serpent J a rapid swim
mer When Irst seen it was making to
ward the Kingston penitentiary whero
the Welland Canal dynamiters are Incar
A -Man Kills IIli Scetheiirt nrlnka
Laiiiliinuiii nnil Drown
HARltlSBURG Pa Aug 14 A murder
and suicide caused Intense excitement on
South Cameron Street tonight Jere Wash
ington colored an employe of the Penn
sylvania Steel Works shot and killed Cora
Jlles colored and then swallowing two
ounces of laudanum jumped In the canal
and was drowned ills body has not been
Washington had been paying court to the
woman but her coldness drove him to the
desperate act of tonight He was heard
remonstrating with the woman at her sis
ters home and then a shot was fired
The woman screamed and ran toward ths
door Again tho revolver was discharged
nnd a bullet tore through her heart Wash
ington dared the crowd to touch him and
walked away He was followed and when
a brakeman on a passing train Charles E
Baker pointed out the murderers hldins
place he fired at Baker but missed him
-T -
Would Ilnther Be Bnrleit in tlie Same
Crnie Tlinu Live Apart
CLINTON Mo Aug 14 Farmer Jones
and Bonnie Turner two young people
living near Coal a village about twelve
miles cast of Clinton were foand In a
dying condition In a buggy by the road-
side this mcmlng They died about two
hours later from the effects of morphine
whlh they had taken with suicidal intent
Jones was about twenty two years old and
JIIss Bcnnie was eigoieeci They Intended
to marry but Jones was recently kicked
by a horse whlci required the expendi
ture of the money he had saved As scon
as he recovered and found It necessary tc
leave home In seareh of work the yoani
people decided that they would rather dii
together than be separated
They went driving in the afternoon re
maining away all night This mornlni
they unhitched the horse from the buggy
j tied him to a fence fastened the laprobe
over the side of the buggy top so that they
could not be seen from the road jnd took
About 0 oclock a man passlns discov
ered them Three physicians were
Then hesprang Into the canal and swim- moned but were unable to save them A
mlng to the other side was confronted by
his pursuers He turned back and in mid
stream swallowed the laudanum and waj
note to Jones mother was found in his
memorandum book telling where his
picture could be found and asking that
they be burled in the same grave
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