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Ipou and Steel Shares the Features
ot the Day iu Wall Street
The nonth of C I Ilniitliintciii ami
tlic Import II Evert Little In
lluence on tin Mnrlol SIlKlit Ite
nctimiM In Southern II A
O nml Minnr Trnlllo MnlemeiUx
NEW YORK Aur H Generally con
sidered todnja Block market mndc further
proRTees toward a higher level but Its
jnoTcments were vvantlnir In the uniformi
ty that has characterized them since the
present recovery set In There were some
inoro pronounced exceptions to the Gen
eral tendency of tho market and with the
course of tho das dealings there were a
number of reactionary mociucnts of some
consequence The latter circumstance
could hardly be called surprising In view
ot several dceIopments In the days sit
uation It might hae been exnected for
example that the sudden and unexpected
death of a capitalist like Mr C P Hunt
ington might havo Riven a shock to
denco and have hurt uot only securities
Identified with him but also the general
As a matter of fact however the im
mediate market effects of his sudden de
mise were confined to a single stock
namely Southern Pacific and even In this
Instance the resultant decline was within
fractional limits In addition it became
known todaj that the weeks exports ot
gold would attain exceedingly and it may
be said unexpectedlj large proportions
total shipments in excess of f000q00 be
ing Indicated The market received this
announcement with virtual unconcern al
so It remains to be seen what will be
tho effects upon the banks reserves of
the shipment of some J17COO000 In gold
within ten dajs and there can ha dly
fail to appear on Saturday a substantial
reduction in surplus reserves
ilonev market conditions today -were
cot however essential altered and
until evidences of contraction appear
there the gold export movement Is likely
to be accorded little more attention than
at present The foreign exchange market
continued weak today under the offering
of bills in connection with gold ship
ments but as previously noted the
tendency or that market until it becomes
rrare pronounced than at present Is not
apt to interfere with the transfer of the
metal to the points where it is mojt in
request A few statements of railway
traffc made up the remainder of todays
The reactionary features of the market
aside from Southern Pacific were Sugar
Refining and Baltimore and Ohio Ic the
first instance the pressure appeared to
reflect the feeling of lessened confidjnee
tha the September dividend will be de
clared at an Increased rate Baltimore
and Ohio declined on the simultaneous
execution of large selling orders which
were however unattended by any
lar gossip bearing upon the stock In the
railway list the tone was generally steady
although many of the extreme advances
scored were shaded before the close Tho
grangers were particularly firm as also
were the Atchison shares Union Pacific
Jersey Central and the trunk line Issues
The most pronounced advances In the
market took place among the Iron and
cteel producing and manufacturing shares
Teimssee Coal and Iron and Colorado
Fuel and Iron were strong and active and
substantial advances were scored In Steel
Hoop National Steel and Tin Plate the
rise In the last named being attended by
a revival of recent rumors of the amal
gamation of these companies Federal
Steel American Steel and tVIre and Re
public Steel participated in the strength
In this quarter
The London market was strong chiefly
on account of the perceptible relaxation
in the money market there and foreign
houses bought moderately here
About the only selling from that quar
ter was In Southern Pacific and this was
mainly Instrumental in the early decline
in that stock
Jfcvr York Stock SlnrKer
Corrected dsily by W D Hlbbs Co mem
ber ct the Sew lork Stock Exchange ltU F
Open High Low CloL
American Steel 4 Wire 34 35 314 35
Amer Steel i ire pfd 75 75 75 75
American Sugar 15 IIS 123 K1i
American Tobacco 854 96 954 514
Atchison Z7K 1 X 27V4 2a a
Atchison pM 71 7I4 70 l i
llaltlmore A Ohio 75i 754 73VI
lialtlroore tz Ohio pld SIS 8114 flU Mi
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 5S 50V4 5 SO
rfceapeake Ohio Z7 27 Z7 27
I C C A St L 5 M4 S4 S84
CWeago B 0 126 127 12Bt 127H
Chicago SortWstn 1 14 184i 16411
Chicago Cat OSM In SsW SS4
G M St- Paul 112 1IIM 112T4 lltvi
filing R I P 10714 10si 107 10VS
Colorado Fuel A Iron 30U 36k 36 33V
cnxolidaud Cat i75i 170U 167i 170
Continental Tobacco 2Ci li 28 20
Continental Tob pfd 70 70 70 79
ltdeial Steel St 33V4 3t 254
Federal Steel pfd 664 CM W4 CT
Cencral Electric 134 131 134 133
Illinois Central 117H llsy 117U HSU
Louisville Nahvillc 72 7SV4 71 71
Manhattan Derated V aH4 J 91 OS
Metropolitan Traction 1554 156 1354 15
JlUecari Fdtc JS1S 52 SIS 51
National Lead Co 17S 17 17i 17i
Iew Jersey Central 130 130U 130 vw
New1 York Ontral 130 110S 130 130S
X V O vV 214 21 214 21S
Ntniiem Pacific Hit 52U 51S 52Vi
Northern Pacific pfd- 714 71 71 71
Pennsylvania Itailroad 129 128 129li
Keadiwr fint pfd 50H 14 Kit 594
houtbern PanBe 33V1 33S 334 33V4
Kmtbern llailnav 114 114 HV4 114
Sootbern IUila pfd MH 52S M4 52
Tennefete Coal A Iron 72 724 714 72
Union Pa rifle 59 S9 to
Union Paeiflc pd 761 764 764 704
U S Itber 104 114 10s 11
U S Leather pfd 03 CO 00
U S Itllbber 29J 30 294 3l
Mibarii pfd lii 14 lSi 1SU
Hretero UcSm Tel M tli El Ela
Ex dividend 1H
There was a general advance In the
prlcen of stocks yesterday continuing tho
good record made on Monday and even
bettering It on the whole The buying
was said to be more Important than at
any time heretofore with good commis
sion orders in evidence In addition to the
professional business which still domi
nated the situation There was a more
hopeful tono In the gossip also many of
the larger commission brokers going so
far as to predict that an advance of Im
portance may be looked for during the
present and succeeding weeks It is to
be feared however that this optimism Is
Ill founded The trading element is like
ly o continue in control The present ad
vance may last a daj or two longer but
it will be followed as all the other small
upward movements have been by a re
cession It Is not yet time to expect the
important boom that is to come when the
large people get Into the market This
class of people are now off yachting The
Xew York and Boston yacht clubs have
jnore boats In the water than ever before
la their history and a very large per
tentage of them are filled with people that
buy stocks either for themselves or for
others The momentary strength of the
market is due to the somewhat better
Chinese situation and to the much more
hopeful talk regarding tho crops The
street seems to paj little or no attention
to tho continuance of the gold shipments
and for a very good reason It Is very
different tt send out gold because you
have to and because you wish to Tho
shipments this week are likely to be 10
00000 a large rert of which will be for
he bond synuicite
Tho grangers were perhaps the features
of the marlct They all advanced well
an J closed the day with good net gains
The i rices attained wrc the highest on
this movement The rain two daji avo
undoubtedly broke the drought In the corn
regions and it Is now promised by people
that have the best of information that
the corn crop will be the largest on rec
ord -The meaning of this to such roads as
tho Atchison the Rock Island and the
Burlington cannot be over estimated
London bought theso securities and others
yesterday in fair volume and Chicago also
bought mostly to tover short contracts
St Paul advanced from 112 7 S a high
opening to 1H 1 S and ciosed at the top
Burllnglcn advanced to 1S7 3 4 and clewed
at 127 US Rock Island advanced to 10S
1 4 and closed at 10S 1 8 Atchison was
strong and It closed at the top with a gain
of 1 2 Tho prospects for the grangers are
excellent They have been selling at loo
low n price and the almost certainty of
sood crops makes their prices still further
away from Intrinsic value
The stctl recurlties were amorg the
most Interesting jesterday for two or thres
rcatous Buying began Iu the group at the
opening and the prices advanced well all
daj the close Icing rt or near the top la
all ot Hit securities Federal Steel com
mon advanced from 34 o 33 1 2 closing at
the latter figure The preferred ndancd
nearl a point Steel and Wire common
advanced from Si 3 4 to 35 7 S and chd
at 33 3 4 So murh for the advance In
prices The bujlng was also most sgnlfl
cant Louis Bell was said to be a verj
heavy buyer and It was hinted in quarters
that have been well Informed legardlng th
group that he was purchasing for the In
siders Two interesting pieces of gossip
were heard One regarding the Ted ral
Steel Company was that the riowcr are
buying Its securltlts and talking of much
higher prices or them One of the Floners
was quoted as offering fo bet that the com
pany will cari more In 1900 than It did In
1S39 The other story Is that Mr Gates
will become president ot the Steel and I o
Company when he returns to this country
it was said that he is behind much of the
Bell buying and that the directors wish to
have blm become the president of the com
pany and have persuaded him lo consent
The death of Collls P Huntington an
coinced soon after the market opsned had
no effect on prices even In the stocks of
the Huntington properties It was nt first
feared by some that there might be a tum
ble in Southern Pacific but after the first
prices showed a small recession from yes
terdays closing there was another ad
vance Pacific Mall was not traded In
lug the day but the bid price was up Mr
Huntington was an old man and it was
known that his death must soon come In
the natural order It Is understood too
that he had hU affairs arranged systemati
cally so th2t there will be no friction over
Brooklyn Rapid Transit was the feature
of the morning hours It got above 59 early
In the day and seemed inclined to go
higher Later it quieted down and closed
at E9 Talk of the report of the company
was general The document must be pub
lished according to law today The street
Is rather hopeful In Its expectations regard
ing It If the stock should advance seveal
points on the report 1 might not be a bad
Idea to sell out for a temporary decline on
the realizing of the good news
The report of the Manhattan Railway
for the quarter ending June 30 wa3 an ex
cellent one Net earnings were 1013609
an increase compared with the same quar
ter last year of 123288 For the fiscal
year the net earnings of the sjstem in
creased 447623 The company had a sur
plus of 103513 against a deficit of 239
489 at the close of business last year
Manhattan was fairly stions like Brooklyn
yesterday getting as high is 92 and clos
ing at the top There are tvany tips that
the stock is going higher
The passage of the dividend on Iowa
preferred stock was not the occasion of
much surprise In the street The new
people in control were expected to cut off
the disbursement for a time
Sugar was rather weak It opened at
123 and sold down to 123 3 8 closing at
123 3 4 There w as a slight recovery dur
ing the last hour and many believed that
it was to be permanent but in the last
fifteen minutes of the day the stock broke
again There was no news regarding the
trust or its stock
The earnings of the Northern Pacific
for the first week of August showed an
Increase of 60000 The common stock
yesterday advanced to 32 1 4 and closed
at 52 1 8 with a good net gain The other
Pacifies were fairly strong
Baltimore and Ohio common was one
of the few weak features of tho day It
cpned at 75 1 8 and sold as low a 73 1 4
closing at 74 The preferred was little
dealt in and closed virtually at the open
ing price The selling of the common
stock was heavy It was explained when
tho July net earnings statement was made
public The earnings were 910148 show
ing a decrease of 239000
IVavIiliiirtun Stncfc Rxrtinicre
Sales V S Coupon 3s 1006103 3-
Real Estate Title 10080 Mcrgenthaler
Linotype lEfU7 1 1 10Q1S7 1 8 Ameri
can Graphophonc Co lOOigll Al 8 100
11 American Graphophonc Ci Pref 400
12 1 4 After Call Capital Traction 100
102 1 2 seller 20 Mergenthalsr Linotype
23S1S7 1 4
covEnxiiEjrr boxds
Did Aikcd
U S ft 1906 Q J 115 116
U S 4 1907 Q J 115 110
U a ft Jl 1923 13JS4 133
U S tl C 1925 I32tf 133
U h 6a C 1904 a P I- H3f
U S Sa II 19W IJ F 109 110
O S STm It 1C0S It a F 103 110
6a 1902 30 ycar funding gold 103
1001 Hater atotk currency 102
Funding currency 305a 120
Capital Traction It U a 107 107K
UU n It 6 1925 120 13
Met It IU Cert Indebtedness A 108
Met R 11 Cert Indebtedness 11 10
Columbia n It 1914 120
Columbia It It 2d roprt ft Ill 113
City Suburban It R 103
Wsih Oai Co Mr A 6s 1902 27 110
tVafu Caa Co T B 6a 1901 2 110
U S Elec LIsht Deb Imp 1307 103
U a Elec Ujrht Cert Indcbt 103
Chea Tot TeL 1898 1911 10J
Clica Tot TeL Con 6 102
Am Secy Trust 5s 1905 100
Wash Market Co 1st C 1892- 109
1811 7000 retired annually
Hash MIL Co Imp 6 1912 27
Wash Mkt Co eit C 1914 27
Masonic Hall Aran S C 1003 100
Amer Craphophone Deb 6a VOU
Anacostla Potomac 6s
Bank of Washington 3M1 400
antral 200
Farmers - Mechanics 200
Second 153
Cltiiens 163
Columbia ICO
Capital 140
Ueat End 116 118
Traders 7 120
Lincoln 115
National Safe Deposit Trust 132
VV ash Loan Trust 5G lib
American Security A Trust 199
Wash Safe Deposit
Firemen 33 aa
Franklin M
Metropolitan 8
Potomac C
Arlington j
German American soa
National Union 10
Columbia 10
niggs 7
Peoples en g
Commercil 32f iv
Bid AsUed
ncal Estax Titl 78
Columbia Title 4J 5
Washington Title 4a
District Title Zi
Capital Traction 102i
Capital Traction Co scrip i0i4
Georgetown Ttnnalljtown 20
Washington Cas 53
Ctoigttovtn Gas 53
Chesapeake 4 Potomac GO
Pcnno Ivania
Mcrgenthaler Linotype 167U
Lanton Monotpe Hij
American Craphophone 101
American Graphophonc pld 11
Pneumatic Gun Carriage 14
Washington Market 1Z
Norfolk Washington 150
Lincoln Hall
Tx dividend
Jits J
Wheat Tlirnxlilni Well nml Cum
Croii Avva IlcnrlKh
CHICAGO Aug 14 Wheat was very
dull Traders wero the principal sellers
and what llttlo commission house trade
there was was on the buying side espe
cially below 73c Thrashing returns from
the Xorthnest reported a Icld exceeding
expectations and a larr run of receipts
Is expected next week Liverpool was
firm iloslng 5 S higher Prmary receipts
were double those of last year but the
shipments continue heavy
The very small corn stocks attracted at
tention Tho total stock of all grades In
public houses Is about ljOOOO bushels
These very small supplies have kept the
September nervous and at times strong
up at its best about a cent but holding
less than halt of It The whole market was
strong early but cased off some Crop
news Is considered rather bearish Liver
pool was C S to 3 1 In the higher The
hipping bids are not any better than they
were last wock
Oats about held their own up a trifle
early but losing tho advance when corn
dd Oats are coming In very fast but also
guln out Just as fast
Provisions opened and closed Ann In
the mean time there was a soft spot on
liquidation by September longs The clos
ing strength was due to the Improvement
by September longs Packers are buying
against thcfc sales The cash trade In
meats was good
Clilcncjn Grnln nnil Provision Market
Corrected dally by VV B Ilibbs Co mem
bers of the New York Stock Exchange 1419 F
WHEAT Open Illsh Low CIos
September 74s 75 71si 74 75
October 70 7Ci 754 75H i
September 374 3S 37 37
October 2Ci 37 305 37
September 2IH 2154 214 214
October 22 224 22U 22 22
September 1105 1165 1152 1100
October 1167 1107 1157 1103
September CC3 6 S C f 0 062
October 670 370 0C2 067 70
September 700 700 0 93 007
October 097 C97 602 095
cvv Yorlc Coltnn Market
Open High Low Clos
September c7 e ta CM 8C4
October S57 E 63 2 8M
January 849 643 E28 829
Wliolcunle IrovlHlon nml Grnln Mar
ket Cluotntionn In Full
BALTIMORE Aug 14 Following are
todajs quotations In the local wholesale
provisions and grain markets
Wheat Stock In elevators 1424155 bus
The market for Southern was firm and
graded prices were l 4c a bushel bighei
than yesterdays transactions Receipts
were lighter and under a good demand all
of the offerings were readily dlspofcd of
Sales on grade at 71 l 2c for So 2 red
and 72 l 2c for steamer No 2 red Sample
lots sold at CSc 72c 73c 71c and on pri
vate terms
Corn Stock in elevators 1067523 bus
There was again an absence of receipts
and offerings of Southern consequently
the market was dull with prices purely
nominal Quote white and jellow afloat
45 1 201CC Cob steady at 235240 per
bbl for carload lots prime and jellow on
Western wheat opened dull August
73 1 lc Better foreign markets and sym
pathy with corn Improved prices Cash
wheat sold at 73 3 lc while September was
dull at 71 l 2c Offerings were light Tho
market closed easier spot atfd August
73 l 473 l 2c September 71 1 1071 l 2c
Sales car No 2 red traclc Mount Clare
74c 20000 fresh spot 73 3 lc Settling
price contract 73 5 Ec No 3 red and
steamer No 2 red at 72c
Western corn opened firm and higher
ATjgust corn was 13c and year 39 1 1 from
which prices eased off to 42 3 1 and 39c
respectively Demand for actual corn
and small stock at Chicago was the cause
of the firmness Private cables steady
fair demand The market closed easier
spot and August 12 1 1012 1 2 Sep
tember 42 1 2042 5 8 new and or old
November and or December 38 3 4c
Sales 10000 new and or old November
and or December 39c Settling price
mixed 12 3 lc steamer mixed 11 3 ic
Flour Market was quIcL We emote
Western Super 21002 50 Western Ex
tra 2700315 Western Tamily 310
375 Winter Patents 3850115 Spring
Patents 4250150 Spring Straight
1 000120 Spring Bakers 3250310
Baltimore Best Patents 175 Baltimore
High Grade Family 465 Baltimore
Hlgh Grade Extra 4 25 Baltimore Choice
Famll 1 CO Maryland Virginia and
Pennsylvania Super 2400250 Mary
land Virginia and Pennsylvania Extra
2700315 Marjland Virginia and Penn
sylvania Family 310S3 75 City Mills
Super 2 500265 Rio Extra 3 750110
Rye flour medium to choice 3 000325
Oats Stock In elevators 381911 bus
Old No 2 white 27 l 2c No 3 2C l 20
27 white No 1 25025 l 2c white un
grtded 25027 l 2e mixed No 2 25 1 20
26c mixed No 3 21 l 2025c mixed
No I 23 l 2021c ungraded 23 l 2026c
new So 2 white 26 l 2027c No 3 210
25c No 1 22 1 2023 l 2c ungraded 22
l 2027c No 2 mixed 21027c No 3 do
22023 l 2c No 4 do 21 1 2022 l 2c un
graded 21 1 2025C
Rye Stock in elevators 28797 bus Tho
market was dull No 2 nearby 18019c
and No 2 Western on spot 50c bag lots
of new 10051c
Butter Market firm Creamery separa
tor extra 2223c extra first 20021c
creamery first 20c crcamety imitation
extra 19020c Iowa and Northwestern
ladln extra 18019c do extra first 16
17 restern store packed 11015c cream
er roils 2 pounds 21022c creamery
prints 1 2 pound 22023c
Eggs Market firm Strictly fresh 13
l 2c per dozen
Poultry Market steady Old fowls 9
1 201OC per lb springers 10011 l 2c per
lb roosters 25030c apiece ducks 708c
per lb spring ducks 8010c per lb
Green Coffee The market Is dull
We quote No 7 Rio grade 9 1 lc
Roasted Coffee Market I steady
We quote Bulk roasted coffee Pure Java
32c iMaracaibo 23c pure Laguayra 23c
pure Santos 21c African Java 20 l 2c
Rio blend 20 l 2c Peaberry mixture 20c
pure Mocha 20c Java Mocha blend
27 l 2c These coffees are In fancy bags
paper lined If packed In cans or tubs
l 2c higher
Package Brands E L C 100 lb cases
13 l 2c 60 lb cases 13 6 10c 30 lb cases
13 7 10c Lion coffee In 100 lb lots 1270
In 60 lb lots 1280
Cotton Market quiet middling 10
1 lc strictly low middling 10 1 Sc low
middling 10c Stock In Baltimore 3631
The market for flour was quiet at steady
The demand for No 2 Western re was
Tlhereg illooey Saving
in 1 liis Shoe Sale
Our cut price retiring sale Is reducing stock at a great rate Many lines
especially thclowcr grades are already broken In sizes These we hive placed
on bargain tables at less than half value In our finest grade we still have
complete sizes and widths They must bo closed out no matter how great the
mens Vici Kid Shoes 198
All styles of Mens Shoes high and low cut every pair guaranteed band
sewed welt regular 350 grades now 198
Our Finest Ladies Shoes S79
Every pair Ladies Shoes hand turn and extension sole welt In all shapes
widths B to E now 179 former price 3
175 Swisses Shoes 99c
All our best grades In VIcI Kid black or tan every pair sold with a guar
antee They are great bargains
Girls Slippers 49c
Choice of tho finest grades in all sizes values up to 150 now 19c
TCC table of broken sizes shoes and
49c table
it Ladles Oxfords worth
tabic ot best grade Boys nnd
youths Shoes
COT table of Misses and Childrens
00 fine Inoes
7CC table ot Ladles Lace and Button
OC table of Shoe Polish all kinds
table of Mens Shoes worth 2
ortb 10c
Jacob Sfrasburger
900 7th St cor 1
Store for Rent fixtures for sale
elovv and offerings were also limited
Choice bag lots were in fair request
There was a fair demand for No 2 white
and No 2 mixed oats but the major por
tion of the arrivals were of medium and
low grades
The market for butter was firm Re
ceipts were fair and the demand was fair
Receipts of strictly fresh eggs were light
and with a good demand- prices were firm
ly held
There was a fair demand for choice offer
ings of poultry and with moderate re
ceipts priced ruled steady
The cotton market was steady
Sme day
Today lait year
Hour 14810 15878 bbls
Wheat 643G1 45272 bu
Cum 2477 lih3T bus
Oats 12J0L 32034 bus
live 2014 -94 bu
Mill feed K5 77 tons
Hay 48 IIP tons
Straw 3 tons
Including 18225 Lrhcls Southern and 4613t
bushels Western -
Including bushels Southern and 72477
bushels Western -
I Today
Flour J 203
Wheat Tk 48000
Corn - 944
Hay 30
Mill feed 505
Same day
last ear
20401 bbls
52000 bu3
85714 111
10 tons
77 tons
Including 153 barrels coastwi
A 3eetine Ueiween Their Chief nutl
u liMMloiirtry
From tbg Pall Mall Camltc
An Interesting account of he pigmies of
Central Afrlcals given by A B Lloyd
one of he Church Societys missionaries
in his book1 InDwart Land and Canni
bal Country ilis first Interview with
them took place In a clearing of the for
est While reading a book he became
aware of a number of little faces peering
at him through the thicket He held out
his hands In sign of friendly greeting
Slowly and very shyly a rlgmy advanced
sLired at the white man In amazement
and hid his face behind his hands Other
pigmies advanced behind their leader I
now he says had a complete view of my
visitors and what struck me first of all
was naturally the shortneES of their
stature But although they w re very
ehort abont four feet by subsequent
measurement yet there was a powerful
nes about their build that Is not often
seen in African races Broad chesteJ wth
muscles flnily developed short thick ne k
and small bullet head the lower limbs
were massive and strong to a degrej The
chest was covered with black curly hair
and most of the men wore thick black
beards Each carried rlther bow and
quiver of arrows or short throwing spears
Round their arms they wore iron rings
and some ot them bad these around their
necks also I chatted away to the little
mn who knew the Toro language and I
was very nrich amazed at the smart way
In which he answered my questions His
knowledge of the language was not per
fect by any means and he often used
words that were strange to me and sa
vored of plgmjland yet he spoke suffi
ciently well for me to be able to follow
1 Thepeniy leader explained that his
country wns seven days Journey In length
by six in breadth I next asked him tho
number of his people and he took a piece
of stick and broke It up into little pieces
about forty In all and said that each piece
represented a chief and he then went on
to tell me t number of followers of each
some had wo hundred others only fifty
and a few as many as five hundred It was
very simple then to calculate that tho total
number would be somewhere about ten
He told me that lie know long ago of my
coming and I asked him How 1 He said
that several dais ago he saw nn Saw
me I said When did you see me 1
have seen you in the forest for slxdays
But 1 did not see jou I said and then
he laughed moit heartily and said No 1
could not see him but he saw me Upon
further enquiry I found that a large party
of these little creatures had been watching
our every movement all through the for
est while we were In tha most blissful ig
norance of the fact At every camp they
had hovered about us peering at us
through tho thicket as we passed Why
did they not attack us is the question
that kept coming np Into my mind If
they are the thievish wicked little people
that they have been represented why did
they not molest us Wo were entirely in
their power ind had been for the last six
dajs Perhaps It was our very helpleES
nss that protected us they saw that we
wero not as the other white men who bad
passed through their forest armed with
guns and having a big following of sol
diers or perhaps 1 had been overheard
speaking In the language of Toro to my
boys and this had fflren them confidence
I flrml believe howi vcr that they are not
untrustworthy folk a Is usually supposed
but like most Afncat when not inter
feerd with they are rerfectly harmless
3tiurHntlnn of IIIm IJlNrcKiirtl for
CVrtulii IlrothcrH In lutt
From the San Francisco Wave
The late- Henry VV Paine of the Massachusetts
bar was once defending a chanty case in whicn
a lo of fifteen was charged with arton He made
out a strorg case io prole ilie defendant ac
idiot After a charge from the judje which was
practically ai oider for acquittal the jur brought
in a verdict of guilt The udje aslu d Paine
if he would move for a new trial I thank you
for your sujrcction waj the answer hut I am
oppreved with the gravest doubts whether I have
the right to moe for a new triil our honor
I have alread asked for and have received for my
idiot clltirt the most precious heritage of our
irglish and Imencan common law a trial h a
Jury of hla peers
Iaiuc had an old quarrel with the Supreme
Court and never lost an opportuilt of showing
his contempt for that botij Oncv riding from
Hoston to Cambridge- with a load oi law books
he was accosted lv a OJna Harvard man with
the remark Vou have quite a load Mr Paine
Law books I wipponet Oh no was the
iiwur only Supreme Court reports
Ulectrlclly Cniiilujed lu lien Ilim u
ft Giant Kim
From the Western Electrician
One of the chief attractions of Jackson
ville III Is the large trees which over
arch many of the principal streets shield
ing them from the sun The grounds of
the State Insane Hospital loced there
are also shaded with many trees and re
cently a limb of one ot the largest of the
trees was broken off by the wind As It
fell It blocked the carriage drive and It
was decided to cut away the whoe tree
As the workmen found the tree too large
for a crosscut saw they were about to
chop It down when It was suggested that
the electrician electrocute It
Following out the suggestion connec
tion was made with an arc lamp circuit
passing near The electrician changed the
circuit at the power house so It could be
thrown on to a djnamo that was opjratlng
a power circuit and then dropped a couple
of short wires from the nearest arc lamp
pole connecting twenty feet of No 11 iron
wire between them Putting thewlre around
the tree and having a couple of men bo d
It taut the current was turned on but it
was found that only a thirty live atnpire
circuit could be obtained This wat not
sufficient to make any appreciable effect
on the trunk of the tree After another
unsuccessful attempt with a smaller lion
wlra the ere light circuit had to be put in
service for the night
The following morning a pair of No 2
weather proof lines were run to the near
est underground feeder and a twenty foot
piece of seven strand No 16 galvanized
iron wire was Inserted in the circuit three
of the strands being taken out to give air
spaco and room for the products of com
bustion to pass The feeder was cut cut
of regular duty and put on a small dynamo
which waa also specially arranged for a
wide regulation of voltage The dynamo
tender was given a code of signals and
told to keep his eye on a man who was
placed on top of the Administration Build
ing tower to transmit the signals from the
Soon after a signal vas passed the wire
became uncomfortable to the touch an
other signal and It soon began to smoke
and the bark to blacken another and the
zlnr whitened while those holding the
cautery began sliding It slowly back and
orth Tho bark sparked and smoked The
vire took a dull rvl color in the sunlight
and a cherry hue in the crevice Its mo
tion was adjusted so as to give sufficient
air to reduce the wood to soft charcoal
after the water was evaporated and to
remove the charcoal as fast as formed
In an hour the crevice was eighteen
Inches deep and at this point the wire
having been considerably reduced in size
by oxidization gave way and was replaced
by another The operation was kept up
until the trunk was almost cut through
when the litle bit of unburned wood In
the centre oi the trunk parted and the
tree fell
The tree was an elm with a large per
centage of water andwas eleven feet in
circumference The current in the tau
tery was from 120 to 135 amperes direct
the voltage at the machine being irled
from SO to 113 The time consumej In
the operation was two hours and ten min
3len AIhci AVImi Arc Likely tn Lone
Their IrcKince of 3lliul
From the Cliicajjj Inter Ocean
Women alwas act queer at flres said
Smith oracularly Smith Is an old bach
elor and naturally his Judgment on women
Is embittered
They do eh enquired Miss Jones who
i fifty unmarried and naturally preju
diced against bachelors
Yes they do said Smithy firmly
I shant argue the question said Miss
Jones but Ill merely tell you what came
under my own eyes the last time a fire was
announced at this hotel You know the
belbov or the clerk rnies a cry of fire
about e ery so often Im an old boarder
and consequently I pay no attention o it
Well a few weeks ago about 1 oclock In
the morning I heard a terrific jelllns ot
Tlrj Tire
Theyre at it again I thought and I
went to the door and looked out In the
corridor Mr Nicely who rooms at the
end of the hall came walking down in a
nightshirt and a silk hat No Immediate
danger Miss Jones he assured me
Plenty of time to dress A gentleman In
Xo 13 stepped out in the corridor and
carefully hung his dress suit on the chan
delier trousers coat vest and tie Then
he wrapped a blanket around him seized
his gold headed cane and started down
stairs Tho door opposite mine wa3 oren
and I could see the llames inoting up
past the window It was a rial fire al
though as we know now nothing came of
It An old gentleman stood before tho
glass putting the finishing touches to his
toilet He was all dressed save his neck
tie and be couldnt get that in a bow to
suit him Three times he tied it mtled
It and began over again Then he walked
off and left his pocketbook on the dresr
The old professor who Is Interested in
botany stopped me as I started downstairs
and asked me if this wouldnt be terrible
on the Japanese lilies
Where are they I asked
Why right there In the back end of
the garden he said pointing a chaklng
finger at some shrubs he had set out In a
vacant lot seventj flve feet In the rear
These arc only a few of my own observa
tions concluded Miss Jones hiughtily
but they convince me that women do act
queer at fires Of course they do Hut
what about the men
Charge Whatsoever for
Treatment Services
or Attention
In order that the afflctrd of this city nuj hare
in opportunity to tt bU skill and abilitj to rois
ter distae Dr ounjf ha dtrrimnrd to throw
open the doors of his private nanitarium corner
Twelfth and F Streets iocr HuTlr to emy
npiiljliic In person Iic
fwrc Awjtu il will rcrclo the mot
expert treatment nerttcen nnd nt
tentlon until en red free f charge
The only fee required of nityone Ik
n mere noiulnnl kudi to corr netanl
eoMt of niedlelnen prescribed Thin
offer nlNo nppllew to nil old pntfentit
renewing- trentmeiit before thnt
Treats all diicajcs of the brain and nervous y
tcm Catanli Asthma Bronchitis Dyspepsia Con
stipation Livrr Disease all affections of the Ke
Ear Noe Throat and Lung flight Emwiona
Sexual Weakness Organic eakness Stricture
Varicocele Hydrocele and all diseases of a dell
cate nature affecting the Urinary Organs
Office Hours 10 to I and 3 to 6 dally
Sundays 10 lo 12
Wednesday and Saturday evenings
from 7 to 8
Cor 12th and F Sts
If jcu are thinkicg of borrowlnsf money to tide
over cur financial difficulties come to ttt We
are especially organized and equipped for lendxej
money on pianos or household furniture in any
amount from flO up and you will find our acrricc
rapid rslUble and atrictly confidential
Loans carried from one month to a year as you
may decide and smalt loans will receive the same
consideration sa large ones
If you appreciate low rates courteous treat
ment and attention to vour ntcrc3ts you will
negotiate a loan through u
Most private offices in the city special for
ladies publicity
Corner 0th and F Ecs N W
Tne Washington
Loan Trust Co
Loans In any amount made on spprored
real Kttti or collateral at rtsaonabl rates
Interest paid upon dfposita on montnjy
balances subject to catcc
This company acta u executor admin
lstrator trustee airent treasurer registrar
and in all other fiduciary capacities
Coxes tar rent in burglar aad fire proof
vaults for safe deposit and storagt ot
able packages
JOIIK A E1VOPE Vice Presidnt
ELLIS SPEAR Second Vice President
ANDREW PAnKEJt Treasurer
BRICE J KOSES Assistant Treasurer
iyl2 sreta tt
Capital 500000
Letters of Credit
S American Security 2
i and Trust Co
Interest on Deposits
S Vou can open an account with thii y
S company check against it at will and
receive interest ra our monthly balances s
S C J BELL President S
Union Trust and Storage Co
of the District oX Columbia
No 1 400 F St N W
Caoilal S 1200000
At a very small cot have an eay mind and be
prepared foi damage in any amount b storm to
your bouse by getunny one of my Tornado
policies In one of the oldest and strongest com
panies in Amenta
Juneiili I IVcllvr i 1 St V AV
Money to loan at 4- and 5 per cent on D C
real estate au7 15t eod
Tell IIIm TIkuikIi Illiiul the
IIIToi t of tin- Tunc
From the Vew YorL Commercial AdvcrtL cr
A blind organ grinder who is well
known to the people in the neighborhood
of Tompkins Square said tho other day
that he preferred that locality because he
found its population very appreciative
How do they show it By the number
of coins they put In your can was ask
Xo sir answered the blind man grave
ly I mate a good deal more In other dis
tricts They are all poor people around
thcr and often I go away wlthoutgetllng
an thing But I can feel their apprecia
tion Although blind I always know hon
blg a crowd my playing attracts nnd what
effect it has on them How do I feel It
I could net describe to jou if I would
There are many things that we blind folk
feel without being ablo to explain how
Otherwise our life would not be worth liv
ing Anyhow I know when my tune makes
people 8toji a nd feel moved I know when
I send a tcrill through a group of women
and children and It makes me happy
Ai II t to IliiKineKH
From ll Kliegcnde Illaetter 1
TenM t to lis Iindloril who U a pliiclciaii
The lioiife rally must be repaired doctor s a
result of tlie dampness I haie contracted rlieuma
tLm and mv children all have had cold
Landlord eviiltntly jleased In that case nir
ritar sir you should call at mv onlec in ofiicc
Moi that llrml Culil in 111 minute
or It will develop Into Chronic Catarrh Dr
Agneivs atarrual Iouiler stops cold in th head
in 10 minutes and relieves most acute and deep
seated Catarrh after one application Cures
quicklj and permanently I have usrd lr Ac
news Catarrhal lovdr with best results It Is
a great renicdv and I never cease recommending
It John E Dell Iaulaing Ohio Fifty cents
Fold by V S iVIillams Mnth and F Streets Ld
monds A Wiliunu Third Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue 12
iien Is a Lawyer
tike a horse t Why whea he draws ccnTjaiCM
When Is a Broker
Ufcdy to go Imfcef Yne he treats bis cus
tomers unfairly tint fa
Not a Joke
Why arr ttc building- P blff business whick
i growing
Larger Every Day
Brcaus we give cTerybody fclr and square treat
innt and fast service
Howard Crosby Co
JOOl Cuesinnl St Pblla
tM Consrrea St Ilontou
C2 AValf St- Scvt York
Stock Brokers
42I F Street Phone 1770
BRANCH OFFICE Sulle S Central Kationa
Bank Huildintr Serenth Street and PennaylTanli
Arenue Phone 2202
G13 FIftoonth Street
v G Broadway New York
Plttsbm g Washington Richmond Atlanta
Xew Orleans Jacksonville Birmingham alacca
and all principal intermediate Eastern cities
Money to Loan
At4iand 5 Per Cent
m ti m nth ST s w
Srmbtra Xr York Stock Excitujrs
1419 F Street
Cerrefpcndenta el
Strw York
4 and 5 Per Cent
rrcmptl Loaned on Real Estate In District ol
IOCS F Street
aioMiy waited avd to ioah
We Negotiate Loans
On lite Policies Warehouse Receipts HVathoM
Good Pianos and Other Chattels Leans mile on
monthly payment system It ou hare a loan
cLsewhcre we will take it up and advance you
more money No expense unlees loan is made
Rocxn 3 First Flocr Rear Oppo Patent Office
RI - t C V w ne Peoty ol money at
IVI UIMCI onr disposal to loan on
nit IVI 17 V Security remains in owners
IVIVllfc1 possession Loans are made
W O ll PV ratable In small easj monthly
- payments Business strictly
IUIOsM FY private No eapense unless
IflUICI Jn gjjjj information
MDIMPV cheerfully green Private room
for ladies Our rates are as
pjl f IVI TV low ai offered by criers and
VriSli I vantage to deal with the old
wished tod tellable
ip3 tf
C02 F St N VI
Cash to Loan
rHhout removal from your pcession and In any
amount from 10 up to S0O Our rates are the
cheapest and jou can make your own terms
Loans made within three hours from the time you
apply Wc loan for the inteiest only and do not
want your goods so you need have no fear ot
losing them Our effices are up on the filth floor
away frcra the street and are bo arranged that wo
can insure strictest privacy Drop In and get our
029 030 F St near 0h Mr
Room 74 Atlantic Buildinff
Take Elevator to Fifth Floor
To loan on fumitorr pianos etc without re
moral or publicity and the day you ask for it
We will loan any amount making time and pay
meets to suit Riving one month or one year as
you desire and at rates that you can afford to
pay If jou now have a loin with any other
company and desire more money give us a calL
Will as cheerfully make a 10 loan as 100 and
no charge or expense if loan is not made Always
ready and willirc to give Information regarding
rates and methods to secure loan TTe arc the
oldest loan tompany in the eity and will give
you honest treatment AU business strictly con
fidentiaL Private offices
Washington Morta3 loan Co
CIO r Street X XV
Loans of 10
nc6 tl
antl ttpTrartls zunut
vvnw etc at lowest rates and en the day
you apply We are loanlns on the BUlding and
Loan Association plan whuh makes the cost of
carrviag loans much less than yoa pay else
where and allows you to pay It off in any sized
notes you desire running from one to twelr
months ou only iay for the use of money for
the leneth of time jou carry it U you have a
loan with some other company we will pay it
ni von more monev if desired Rates
I cheerfully riven and no cost to you unless loan
is made lans maur ujuit - MiiuKu
Call and set rates Front room first flcor
American Building
National Morttrarre Loan Co
025 P Street Jf XV
We Have It for You
Ycu need go to no trouble to borrow from
friends be Independent of asking favors We will
lend you on jour furniture and punos or any
h jichold goods or peisonil property vv ill chatu
vou ess and make the most lenient terms In
fart vou can borow on our own terms Call and
get our rates before jou decide who to borrow
from Strictly ccnfidentiaL Private otflcts CO
still tfem
MONEY LOWED on D CMdandVa real es
tate alo tocks bonds second trus etc
Address at once BOX 733 this ogee lt
MONEY TO LOVJ at ii S and 4 per
cent in sums ct flOuO to S100CO on D C
real estate pay a 5 ad 8 per cent mortgaged
and tegin anew all transactions condjeteed with
economical consideration for borrowers WUIL
SAUXDLR3 CO HOT F st nw jyl tfem
MONEY loaned salaried people and retail mer
chants upon their own names without se
curity easy payments TOLMAN Rojm 4 9C3
t4 l St ocil lyr
from headaches nausea giddiness stomach pjtu
and Indigestion folIoT a the use of Warners Sad
Cure Sld by all drewists

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