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What Is Shown by Enumerators
Returns Already Counted
Itcnonitili Certain Tlint the Tulnl
Ititiilntim tif t Ii 1 nltetl States
III oi Kveee il
tj -three IVr Cent r Hit IViipIe
liv lliK in CitieM mill LurKe Iovviim
Of the 52000 numeration districts in tie
United States the Csnsus Omce has
counted in round numbers 17CC0 and
finds their population to bo 23CC0 CCO
This would mean on the law of averages
a total of about 770c0C00 But this will
not be reached It seems to be a Census
Office ruie that the general average of
these enumeration districts tends to fill as
the count proceeds slightly to bs sure but
erough to modifj results in the grand
When 13CC0 enumeration districts had
been counted they gave a population
which 1f multiplied bj four would put
the couutrjs total at 78000000 wnich
was the figure that enthusiastic estimators
had long set upon for the census of 1900
The count has cow proceeded far enough
to make reasonably certain that the total
will be not more that 75COO000 altbougj
it will not fall cry far below that figure
The reason It ma fill below at all is
that the Census Office in cutting out the
districts Intends to give those enumera
tors Mho hae to walk over a good deal of
territory a little less work to do Oa the
frontiers and in the ery remoteujdacej
this influence operates most stronglj and
as a rule the returns from such places
jrc among the last to be tabulated
Therefore it may be put down as a
settled fact that tne population of the
United States will not be more than
jUOOCOO This is the inside opinion of
the Census Office managers but being
conjectural has of course found no place
in any official bulletin
Figures have been carried far enough
also to show that about 33 per cent of
the population of the United States will
be found thing In cities or towns of S000
persons or aboe This is a very signifi
cant fact In 1S90 it was 9 per cent In
1730 it was 3 per cent How- far this move
ment is destined to go in the future is an
interesting speculative question at pres
ent what we know is that the long-observed
tendency here and abroad of peo
ple to crowd Into the cities has by no
means spent Its force
The ratio in this particular will vary
greatly with the different States In the
thickly populated East from Massachu
setts to Pennsylvania the percentage will
be far higher than 33 while in the ex
treme South and in the frontier States of
the West it will fall much much below
that hgure
The decade lust closed hao not been a
great one for immigration Census experts
hold that the ultimate effect of immigra
tion in regard to totals of population must
be small since It is a well Known prin
ciple of statistics as well as of biology that
the more dense population gets the slower
becomes itB Increase Imnilgiation simply
hastens the operation of this
process This at least Is the theoretical
view- and much data can be found to sup
port It
The population of the United States in
creased in the fifty ears before immi
gration set In from 1790 to 1S40 at a
faster rate than in the succeeding balf
century when Immigration was very large
In the South where there has been prac
tically no Immigration at all since the
slave trade the growth has not been
vastly different in the decades fiom 1S40
to 1S90 than that in the Xorth where im
migration Is heavy
A special agent of the census has been
sect to Seattle to investigate the charges
of padding which have been made against
ber by the neighboring cities The Census
Office from a cursory examination of the
tables fs convinced that there is consid
erable lustification for these charges and
It will act accordingly As the agent Is
now- oa his way It will be some time be
fore anything is heard of the results of his
The cities already counted show the fol
lowing results the returns for this year
being placed beside those of 190 with
the percentage of incicase
Otles 1M0 lSO increase
Greater Xew York 3537202 24M1 37 V
Cliicazo 100373 1OWW0 ZUl
Philadelphia 1233097 IOJojGJ 23 57
Cleveland 3k17fig 201353
Buffalo 85ilM 233081
Clneincali 325iK 2SCWS
Milwaukee 2fcj31j
VTasliirarlon 27S718
Jcrvj City 308433
Louirville 201731
Minneapolis 2713
H Paul K3C32
Mrproxnnate Dt crca
230 I
37 77
IS 31
20 S
IllilKliiif Juat Iknucil by die Tticlftli
CViinuh Oltlce
According to a bulletin Issued by the
Census Office yesterday the population of
Pittsburg is 321216 as against 23017 in
JSSO an increase of S29S9 or 347S per cent
for the decade In 1SS0 the population of
Tittsburg was iC3S9
Allegheny is glien 129E9C against a
population in ISjO of 105207 an Increase
of 21609 or 2337 per cent In 15S0 Allc
ghenjs population was 78632
Kansas City Mo has according to the
fgures of a bulletin Issued yesterday a
population of 163732 against 132716 in
1S90 an increase of 31036 for the decade
ISM to 1900 In lfcSO the population was
The population- of Kansas City Kan U
given as 51 US against 3S316 in UjO
showing an Increase of 13102 or 31 ll per
cent ior the ten years in lSO the ropuia
tion was 3200 an increao of 109738 per
cent for the dpcade ending in 1S90
Newark N J is ghen a population of
216070 This shows an increase of 62210
or 3j33 per cent In the last ten years In
18SQ the population was 13608
The population of New Orleans Is 267104
against 212C39 in 1690 showing an In
crease of 41973 or 18 62 per cent from
1S90 to 1900 In 1SS0 the population wa3
The CfiiiuiiItiliiTH Without Author
lt In the JrciitiHC
Clarence A Brandenburg Assistant At
torney ior the District jesterday sub
mitted to the Commissioners his opinion
on the application of the Chesapeake and
rotornac Telephone Company for a permit
to construct conduit from manhole to pole
at tho jgufjwestcprnei pf Twenty fourth
Sid v bireeis northwest
The Commissioners he says have
bcea adlsed on jTejcral occasionsbv this
office wltH reference To their auiliority lo
grant permits for the laying of undcr
gTound conduits for telephone purposes
and for that reason It Is unnecessary to
refer to the laws particularly
The Commissioners were then advised
and that advice applies to this application
That they arc without authority of law to
grant such permits
In my opinion the Commissioners are
without authority to grakt the permit de
sired T
It is not turprfgirg to anjone who dritil lieu
riclis Utr that JIarrzen Stnate and agr pos
w9 such 0litiuu lljtora Ivertbody knema
that bne beers are tla purest and ti4t whole
pome of all beeni tjcrau thfy are brewed of
ttf ben malt and ho Ilione G3I Arlington
Bottlicg Co fcr a case If lleurichc
b J
llrovvn Asmiriex Clinrce of the
Prof H L Tctdd United States Navy
Director of the tautical Almanac wa3
retired ycstcrdayjowing to the ago limit
The dircctorshff of the Nautical Alma
nac will be assumed by Prof S J Ilrown
the astronomical director of the observa
tory r
Prof Todd was rraduated at the Xnval
Academy In 1S57 He served for two
years under Captain Dupont in Chinese
waters and was present at the attack on
the Taku forts in 1S3S and at Tientsin
when the treaji va sigaid He was next
ordered to dufy on the coast of Africa
and took rart ia capturing the slaver Erie
with S97 slaves on board and v as one
of the officers of the prize ordered to
take the slaves to Monrovia and bring
the ship her captain and mates into a
United States port This capture was a
prominent one as the ship was condemned
and the captain of the Erie was h3nged
being the onli efftcer of a slaver ever
executed for participation in the slave
He served throughout the civil war as
lieutenant and lieutenant commander be
ing flag lieutenant of the Cumberland at
the Norfolk Navy Yard when Sumter was
fired on He was in man engagements
with both heavy gun batteries and with
harpshooters during the war beini
slightly wounded in one of the fights He
was on dutv at the Naval Academj at dif
ferent times as instructor in gunnery rad
mathematics After his appoiutmen as
professor of mathematics in the navy in
1S77 he served for eight jears as head of
the department of phjsics and cheinittrr
at the Naval Academy In ISSfl he was
-ordered to dutv In the Nautical Almanac
office continuing until he became diiector
of the Nautical Almanac which position
he held on retirement
AlURird KKniInntM of Hie Viiime 3Inn
Cltn Inll bviiteiicci
In the Tolice Court jesterday before
Judge Taylor J2mes Cordon Henrj and
Ccorse Thomas George Henson Ignatius
Briscoe V H Duckman George BrooK3
Samuel Douglass and Williard Wade all
colored bojs were tried for an assault
committed on Itajmocd Krahllng a sixteen-
ear old nnitr boy The assault took
place on the 14th of June
It was brought out In the testimony that
on that night Krahllng and several com
panions were standing near the pump at
the corner of South Carolina Aenue and
Eleenth Street southeast when two col
ored boys accompanied by to colored
girls came up to get a drink of water One
of the bojs said to be James Gordon used
the pump so long that one of the white
bojs spolte to him about wasting the water
Gorton replied that the water did not be
lons to the white bo and then the four
colored persons went away
A few minutes later Gordon accom
panied by seme nine or ten colored boys
came bad Gn seeing the crowd the white
bojs arres whom wat Krahllng picked
up pcces of wopd to defend theojlea
In cis3 ti y if ere attacked The colored
bojs tcoV ibis to mean fight and in a few
seconds a pitchej battle was in progress
with the rttult that the white boys were
put to fllgnt JVVhile the latter were run
ning the colored boys threw a number ot
stones and bricki at them and a piece of
brick struck Krailing on the head knock
ing him senseless to the ground He was
picked up by his companion and taken to
his home and as later remoted to the
Homeopathic Hospital where it was round
that his skulIL had been fractured Foi
dajs his HfCpBurig b a thread He finally
get so be could be about and go out doors
Krahllng iras not put on the stand
honeer as Irpsccutor Muilowny said the
blow had nffrctcd the bojs mind It is said
he has completely lost his memory
None of the witnesses for the Govern
ment gae any testimony as to who Krahl
ings assailant was Policeman Dent bow
el cr who made the arrests testified that
Buckman on hearing that he was suspect
ed of throwing the stone that hit Krahllng
came to the Tiflh precinct station and gate
himself up and confessed that it was he
who struck Krahlicg James Gordon
Ignatius Briscoe George Brooks and
Gorgc Hcnsonwcre arrested on the night
cf the assault and the others were cap
tured several days afterward All have
been in jail -waiting trial In the cas
egainst Bucktian Judge Taylor imposed a
fine of C0 or four months In Jail he hav
ing already strcd two months George
Htnson Henry Thomas George Brooks
and Willard Wade were discharged Jail
sentences were imposed on the others as
follows Gcorso Thomas seventeen days
James Gordon thirteen dajs Samuel
Douglass thirteen dajs end Ignatius Bris
coe set en days making a sentence of
sixty days eacji the time already termed
being considered
A Iolireniiiii ltemotil for nmluct
liihcMomlnKr mi Ollictr
One of the first subjects considered by
the Commissioners yesterday was the
case of Irivate Claude D Clements of the
Metropolitan Police Force who was found
guilty before the Trial Olncer on the
charge of neglect of duty and of conduct
unbecoming a policeman
The papers in the case forwarded to the
Commissioners Include the report ot tho
trial showing that Clements entered tho
pemises 2023 L Street northwest while on
duty and that while there did accost a
woman with whom he was not acquainted
and attempted to put a lie crab upon her
In forwarding the papers Itichard
ester Major and Superintendent of Po
lice informed the Crmmlssioncrs as fol
lows It is clearly proicn that this offi
cer made an effort to place a lhe i rab
on the back of a person who had neither
spoken to him nor accosted him In any
wise in defiance of the rules and regula
tions requiring that an officer shall te
respectful and orderly in his words and ac
tions Surh uncalled for conduct on the
part of an officer without the slightest ex
cuse calls for the severest penalty that
can be Imposed by the Superintendent
It is fortunate for the officer perhaps
that this woman did not assault Mm for
surely there was proocation Such ac
tion might hac resulted in serious con
sequences to a mother or child and it is
dearly a caso of violation of the police or
ders and secral rules of manual as well
as of decency and I recommend that Irl
ate CUments be removed from the force
He has been called to account several
times by his lieutenant But a week or so
ago the Superintendent had occasion to
reprimand him for loafing and further
his lieutenant reports to me thafhe is u
very ordinary member of the force
Major Sylvester also called the attention
of the Commissioners to the case of Tri
lato G V Morgan who was removed
from the force in 1691 for u similar of
The recommendation of the Superin
tendent was jesterday approved by the
A llMiiift Irom Sfemlier if KiiKlne
Coiiinnnj Xi 1
The members of Chemical Engine Com
pany No 1 hae petitioned the Chief El
glneer of the Tire Department for permis
sion to place In the engine house a com
bination billiard and pool table They
stato that they have knowledge of a table
of the character described that is for sale
cheap and that the funds for the purpose
of bujlng It can be obtained by subscrip
tion i
In forwarding the request of the fire
men to the Commissioners Joseph Iarris
recommends that Ii be approved as In his
opinion It will serve as a pleasant and
harmless diversion for the men when not
on duty
It Is understood thai tho request will be
Hack towels
0O ilozrn hjck tow
rh Imth the plain
white ami thoe with
faiiu lonlfr 20 h 43
inches in size and of
hnny nulitj will lc
closed out toinrrrow at
12c ucli instead of
Unbl muslin
1000 jard of jard
wide plain untdeachfd
irulin in remnant
but all durable
lcncth the hcay
qiuiO whifh tlU
for Cc to le cla Td out
E tomorrow for 3c
ask CO Inches wi3e and
in lengths of 2 2 1 2 and
3 ards
New skirls
A lot of the new fall black
Fall skirts
Another lot of better black-
Shaker flannel
4 pities of white
Eliaktr fljnnol the oft
fleecy quality which
wlls usiallj for 7c
jjnl will le sold here
tomorrow at 27c a
We are pleased to be able
The Ilfiillli OMitM rM Vii ttx on tin In
tricate irolilt m
Ella Loraine Horsey residing at 2119
California Avenue northwest recently
wrote to the Commissioners requesting
that the grass on a vacant lot near her
homo be cut and removed for sanitary
To this request Dr William C Wood
ward the District Health Officer replied
stating that the act governing the cutting
of weeds and grass on acant lots was
passed March 1 1S99 For that rcjson
he states the complaints for several years
prior to the passage of the law were nec
essarily vain He states In addition that
the act refers only to weeds while the
growth complained of consists of grass
and honeysuckle Uuder the circumstances
the Health Officer was of the opinion that
the law did not apply to tho case of Miss
Miss Dcrsey replied to the letter of he
Health Officer thanking him for his cour
tesy and calling on the Commissioners to
gie attention to her complaint oa the
ground that she could not comprehend the
distinction drawn by Dr Woodward
The grass being knee high she ta3
Interspersed with bushes holds the damp
ness ecn more closely than weeds would
do and from a sanitary standpoint must
be unwholesome under such heat us we
nave had As the Commissioners have had
the law passed for the relief of the citi
zens may I beg them for their interpre
tation of it It will surely be almost im
possible to separate the weeds from the
grass in over run lots and if only weeds
are to be cut the wise ordinance is paril
jzed by the Interpretation and the nuis
ance Is left unabated
At the request of the Commissioners
Dr Woodward has forwarded a statement
to lhcra with reference to the second let
ter of Miss
The authority of the Health Depart
ment to cause the removal of weeds he
sajs is derived from an act passed for
that purpose March 1 1899 The presence
of a supposed unsanitary condition result
ing from growing vegetation doss not pr
sc give the Health Department the right
to order the removal ot such vegetation
The fact that weeds ma be interspersed
among grass does not limit the authority
to caute the removal of such weeds and
does not extend the authority so as to re
quire the removal of grass
The statute ll silent as to what con
stitutes u weed That grass is not ordi
narily recognized as such Is shown by
Miss Dorsej s communications in the
formtr of which reference is mad to
weeds and grass and in the latter to c
separation of the weeds and the grass
In my Judgment the Health Depart
ment Is without authority to order the re
movel of grass Tho question ir howeir
esscntiallj one of law and I would sug
gest that the matter be referred lo the
Attorney for consideration and report
The last suggestion of the Health Offi
cer was approed bj the Commissioners
Condition of Ceore M Allen
George M Alien the Acting First
sistant Postmaster General is in a serIoii3
condition at the Hlgg3 House The at
tack of angina pectoris with ithlch Ic
was seized on is proving very se
vere He was resting mora easily
day but was still far from being out of
danger A W Machen the i hif of the
Tree Delivery Service i3 Acting I irst As
sistant In the absence of Mr Alien
Cures as
well as pre
vents constipi
tioti and imparts
a healthy ton to
the whole system
Bitiers -
yard for imported
chclot serge skirts with satin band
trimmed in several different effects
and full flare which will sell Tor 7
later will be sold tomorrow for 1498
Ladies suits
Ladiesstjlish black chev
j 200 duck skirts
satin damask linen
In lengths of 2
2j2 and 3 yards two
yards wide and which
sells for 100
cheviot terge skirts made with strap
scams and full Kare guaranteed all
wool and which will later sell for
and more will be sold tomorrow for
3 10 as a special bargain
iot serge suits with reefer
Jackets and newest skirts which sold
for J1298 will be sold tomorrow at
6 9S
to offer tomorrow 200 ladles black and
blue polka dot duck skirts at 99c
Thce are the skirts sold at 2
elsewhere and which formerly sold at
3 Hae knife pleated flounces and
are perfectly washable
f 100 duck skirts
Another lot of those
fine 5 I JO
blue polka dot duck skirts here this
morning at 1 98 Have two cir
cular flounces and are trimmed with
white braid Sold formerly for 430
A lot of ladies fall
Bed sheets
A lot of serr O
hundred bleached bdf
sheets all rcadr for
use with deep hems
hand torn and hand
ironed the kind fold
ik iully for 50c will
be told here for Slc
weight tan coert Jackets with
lining which are full worth 4 50
bo sold tomorrow at 2 98
Sale imported table linen
Soural thousand yards of the jjpnuiiu bleachcd Irish table
dainat k in mill lemuaiits of 2 2 and 15 yaid lengths olfrrcd at
less than two thuds lis ual pri es
The most iemaikable bargain Iledils have ever offered
The luckiest purchase they have ever made because it puts be
fore a on the opportunity to buy wai ranted pure Irifcli table linen
at much less than it has ever been before sold for It conies uiiuct
fiom the mill in Ii eland and represents the ends of pieces
mill remnants as they are usually called Every piece bears
the stain of the mill where produced
We have divided them into thiee lots
a yard Instead of
GDc yard for im
ported table dam
yard for imported
high grade Super
fine quality satin
damask 2 yards wide
and which usually sell3
for as high as J113
Silk waists 298
Formerly sold at S650
A makers surplus of ladies plain
colored and fancy colored silk waists
Including handsome striped effects now
so fashionable which sold for 6C0
and more will be put on sale tomorrow
at 298 each
10000 boxes Allans talcum
4c box
10000 boxes Allans famous perl jmed
and borated babv talcum powder with
patent sprinkling top will be sold to
morrow at 4c a box instead of 10c the
usual price This Is the best and most
delicate powder made
Mr Clarence A Brandenburg the As
sistant Attorney for the District yesterday
i submitted to the Commissioners an
I Ion relative to a communication on behalf
of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
I for the exemption from taxation cf sub-
7S square 533 It appears that the
church Is the owner of lots 78 and 79 In
the above named square the eist forty
i feet on Morgan Street being Improved by
a brick structure the basement of which
Is used for church purposes The west
I 03 feet on Morgan Street having a
frontage of 57 feet on New Jersey Avenue
Is vacant ground and is now lutd for
taxation On the advice of the former
Attorney for the District the Commission
ers exempted from taxation the east fortj
feet of said lots Improved by the bulldhig
used as a church The application is now
for the exemption 6f the remaining por
tion which is as appears from the papers
transmitted vacant grounU not used in
connection with the church
Section S of the act of Congress says
the Attorney approved March 1 1877
declarer that the act shall remain as the
permanent tax law of the District of Co
lumbia and provide that the property
exempt from taxation under the act hill
be the following and no other- First thp
Corcoran Art Duildlug free public library
buildings churches the Soldiers Home
and grounds actually occupied by such i
The plain terms of the law authorize
only the exemption of the property actually
occupied by Christ Evangelical Lutheran
Church and negatively prohibit the exemp
tion of anj other property It Is claimed
however that under orders of the Com
missioner made from time to time other
Institution j anil lands appurtenant thereto
have been exempted from taxation an 1 the
instance of the Marist Society I referred
to Tho application of that Institution
however rested on an entirely different
basis and the picperty was exempted for
an entirely different reason Section 147
nf the Revised Statutes relating to the
District provides that nil churches and
school houses mid all buildings and
grounds and propertj appurtenant thereto
and uhed in connection therewith in the
District and any cemeterj therein held
and ovned by a religious soIety having
a regular and known place of worship
or by any inccrporaK il association shall
be exempt from an and all taxes or as
sessments national or municipal
Section 14 of the act of Congress ap
proved Jun 11 1S7 provides that tho
term schcol houses in the act of June 17
1S7W was intended to embrace all collegiate
establishments actually used for educa
tional purposes and not for private gain
but if any portion of any said building
house or grounds In terms excepted Is
used to secure a rent or Income or for
anj business purpose such portion ot the
same or a sum cquil In value to such
portion jjial Je tjijed
It will be noiedtliiiT seel Ion 147 of the
Revised Statutes exempted property ap
purtenant to churches as well as to school
houses The act of Congress appiovcd
March 3 1877 operated tu repeal the sec
tion of the Revised Statutes so far es it
related to churches and other structures
and Institutions mentioned therein That
act did not deal with tchcol houses and the
above quoted provisions ot tho Revised
513 515 Seventh Street
Wash suits 49c
which sold up to 3
Choice of anv white or colored duck
pique and Galatea cloth washable
sailor blouse suits for boys in stock
which sold up to 3 for 49c tomorrow
This includes a lot of boys white duck
and linen crash double breasted suits
in sizes 6 lo 19 years
Wash suits
A lot of boys washable sailor
blouse suits of Galatea cloth gingham
etc in sizes 3 4 7 8 and 10 some of
which have silk embroidered shields
and which sold up to 9Sc to go tomor
row at 19c Sot a large lot to be
Shirt waists
A lot of boys percale
Wash pants
shirt waists both fancy patterns and
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Galatea cloth knee pants will be put
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ns thej last you may have them for 3c
pair they are pants which sold for
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10 years
Wash pants
Boys washable pique and
dHck knee pants and some middy long
pants which sold up to as high as SOcr
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morning and sold for 10c pair offer
ing a most extraordinary bargain
Childs dresses
Little girls gingham dresses
In variety of patterns trimmed with
braid which sold for 30c to go for 19c
each tomorrow -
Statutes was recognized as an existing ex
emption law by Congress The Mari3 So
ciety and several other ln ititions were
exempted on the ground that they were
educational Institutions and the property
appurenant thereto and used In connection
therewith was also exempted evidently on
the theory that the grounds appurtenant
to educational institutions are necessary for
the use thcreor Congress in determining
the extent ot exemption makes a difference
between churches and educational institu
tions Christ Evanglical Lutheran Church
being a church within the meaning of the
law Is limited to grounds actually occu
pied by the church buildings
In my opinion the Commissioners are
without authority to exempt from taxation
ground not actu illy occupied by the church
Mn It- letrullj 1 seil li
ert on tlciir Hove
The question Of whether union labor
labels might It illy be attached to cigar
boxes has been decided in the affirmative
by Acting Commissioner Wilson of the
Internal Revenue office He has just Is
sued an opinion in part as follows
This office has received a letter sub
mitting a sample label furnished by the
Cigarmakers International Union to cigar
manufacturers o be used in connection
vitli their statutory packages of cigars
and presenting the question whether the
use of such labels by manufacturers Is
Regulations scries 7 Xo 8 revised
supplement No 1 aro not Intended to
prohibit the use of union labels by manu
facturers in connection with their statu
tory packages of tobacco snuff cigars and
cigarettes and the concurrent ruling of
May 2S last has not been revoked
The office letter addtessed to collectors
of internal revenue on May 24 concern
ing the enforcement of the provisions of
he last paragraph of section 10 of the act
aforesaid July 24 1897 was not intended
to prohibit manufacturers from using
union labels In connection with their stat
utory paHages of tobacco cigars or cig
arettes when such labels do not contain
any promise or offer of or any order or
certlflcate for any gift prize premium
pajment or reward
Heirs of lie Lute William Thom
son iio to Imv
Proceedings were instituted In equity
yesterday by Mary C Thomson and
Georgia II Thomson through their at
torncjs Lambert Limbert against An
drew C Keeley trustee Richard K Pajn
ter and Thomas J Fisher S Co for an
accounting and the appointment of a re
ceiver to manage and control premises
720 Seventeenth Street northncst
The bill states that since 3887 the com
plainants as legatees under the last will
and testament of the late William Thom
son Jr have been nosfessed of the prop
erty In question and that Messrs Fisher
5 Co have acted as their agents in this
city but it is alleged the defendants
and Pajuter having recently obtained
a convejancc from some of the heirs of
William Thomson Jr have filed suit in
ejectment Mr Thomson is said to have
been for many jears United States Con
sul to Southampton England and to have
left a large estate both there and here of
which it is charged other heirs received
about 100 000 Tho property In question
is said to be very valuable and the court
is asked to appoint a rccrjver to man
age the same and require Messrs ruher
6 Co to account for revenues received by
lollovv tin CrtMvil
and tc Irot llnnklejs Original Ioon JIiureU
at ilutud Utu wei k undaj ecieeita 4 and 8
p ui
T Tt Ti rt
Pillow cases
ZZO dqzen full sire
bleached pillow cases
all cf them hand torn
and- iTimtd and Iron
ed will be sold here
tomorrow at c each
e soiling of last week
1000 corset covers 8c
One thousand ladies cambric corset
coders all plain but all with seams
felled and thoroughly finished
Curtain ends
EOO Nottingham lice curtain
Lace Curtains
A In nf fino Vntflncham
ends in white and cream which are
worth up to 33c each variety of de
signs to go for 19c each
lace curtains In handsome Irish point
Brussels and floral effects worth up
to 1250 to go on sale tomorrow for
J149 pair
Scarfs and shams
fs I vj
Lot of white applique scarfs
and shams worth up to 23c each to
go on sale tomorrow at ISc each
HECHT CO 513515 7th St
Commissioners Keren e mi
Opinion on Exemption
ANlitiiiit Attorney for lie DlMrict
I tliiri Tlint Tliey Arr ot
lo Wniv Collection of
lf iirlmii ht fttoiiH or the
Itcvlieit MiKiiIcn To
V f f ----
I WnslilnKton Ie ople Acnin Iltperl
j ence II u mil 1 1 -
I Perhaps the most discomforting weather
i conditions of the summer were experienced
yesterday when humidity of the most in
tense character settled upon the city and
the temperature again ranged high in the
nineties The mercury temporarily de
pressed by the cooling rains which have
prevailed during several days revived Its
vigor with the reappearance ot the sun
during the morning and made a running
record that undeceived those who had
formed the conclusion that hot weather
had been relegated to the bookkeeping de
partment of he Weather Bureau and only
to be again considered for purposes of
comparisons In some future year when hot
weather might again be expected to pre
vail But the dog dajs continue to hold
their own and no prospect of cessation
of the heat is advanced by the Weather
Bureau officials
The temperature during the morning
hours was fairly stationary At 9 oclock
and at noon the thermometer officially
registered 52 degrees In the nexi hour
and a half the mercury ran up the tube
five degrees when the top of the metal
was opposite the 87 degree bar At 4
oclock when the thermometer recorded
90 degrees the maximum for the day was
reached After that hour there -vas a
gradual decrease in the heat The official
forecast for today- is for fair weather gen
erally with light variable winds
Hurt in n CoIIInIoii of Cnri
eur filen Keaho
A favorable report was given out last
night from the Georgetown University
Hospital of the condition of Joscpv M
Anderson the motorman who sustained a
fracture of the leg and other Injuries as
the result of a collision near Glen Echo
jesterday morning Several other persons
were severely shaken up Considerable
damage wa3 done to bjth cars Traffic on
the road was delajed only a short time
The cause of the collision is uncertain
It is reported that a tie up had occurred
on the road just this side of Glen Echo
junction and that one track was blocked
Owing to this condition cars were run
in each direction along the east bound
track and through a misunderstanding
of orders two trains cime together about
8 oclock Few passengers were on tho
cars Motorman Anderson was caught be
tween the cars He was brought to this
city and placed at the hospital directly
after the accident He lives at 719 East
Capitol Street and Is unrmrned
CinrKes IMeil liy Mr Mnrearet M
Kline Afnlnt Her 1Iii1iiiiiiI
Margaret M Kline yesterday through
her attorney Oscar Xauck filed suit
against her husband William G Kline
for separate support and maintenance It
is stated that the parties were married
in this city in 1S95 Since then Mrs
Kline alleges that several times her hus
band has deserted her Stje also alleges
that her husband Is addicted to drinking
to excess and that while under the in
fluence of liquor in July 1897 he struck
her in the face and on the bodj On Au
gust 21 last Mrs Kline declares her hus
band caused to be Inserted In n local news
paper a notice warning the public that he
would not be responsible for anj debts
contracted by his wife
Tlinrceil Willi Petit Inreenj
George Miller a mnetecn j ear old white lioy
wan arretted jesterdaj lv Detectives Drown ami
li j on a charge ot prttt lan tn Frnk Uun
r of 1129 New Jersey veiuie lepor td to ihe
police on tlut seme one lud stolen a
rjzor and revolver fiom him The projurtv was
taken tiveral uiela ago rtrrdaj moruiig the
detectives recovered it from Miller
48 pieces of pool
quality aprcn singe
ham in awortment of
cheek patterns the
Hind -wild at 64c us
ually will Im uld hue
tomorrow at 47c
was due entirely to the skill displayed by our stock managers in securing
and offering merchandise at such little prices that selling was compelled This
will so on It will mark the last week of August and September so intensely
I that it too may follow in the footsteps of the preceding three weeks Much
Organdie lawn
Fifteen piccei of
white orpandie lawn
the fine sheer quality
which has been Mlltnjr
for J24c a jard will
be closed out tomorrow
at 4c yard
Golf cloth
A lot of golf cloth
the newet fabric fcr
fall for ladieV seisirate
skirs extra hcary
and worth 55c yard
to po for one dj
tomorrow ior J3c
strictly summer merchandise particularly the boys washable clothing and the ladies wash skirts
will be sold at fractional prices Purchases will be charged terms will be made to suit your con
venience Everybody can buy with this privilege
The umbrella sensation
of the season is the umbrella offering which ve told of in Fri
day evenings papers the sale of IMo ladies and mens all sillc
umbrellas the regular price of which is 7 C I Ck
and S for vP 1 m2
The selling yesterday was immense nearly everybody
bought two of them and some took more The assortment is
most comprehensive and includes plain and colored silk umbrel
las with tape and colored borders They are mounted on double-lock
frames and have handles of pearl silver trimmed and
hammered gold They represent a makera samples of 19 lines
which he sold to sell for to S and its really doing a wonder
ful thing to offer hem at 198
Bargains muslin undergarments
for the choice of a large tableful of muslin and cambric underwear
embracing corset covers drawers chemise skirts and gowns most of
which are elaborately trimmed with lace and lace Inserting and em
broidery and embroidery inserting elegantly made garments with
felled seams end the most thorough workmanship In the greatest variety of
up-to-date elfects which cannot be duplicated elsewhere for less than 173 2
and even more
800 pairs drawers 19c
Eight hundred pairs of ladies mus
lin drawers with hemstitched cambric
ruffies sell for 39c
Curtain scrim 7f
Tomorrow we shall sell 36- O
Inch cn am curtain scrim In handsome
designs for 1 7 Se yard which sells
the city over for 3c yard
Window shades
The best quality Holland
Lot ot the new shape wire
window shades trimmed with heavy
Tambour lace ortfringe and worth 39c
will be sold for 23c each tomorrow
complete with fixtures
Table oilcloth
Best quality 3 quarter
colored tabic oilcloth in I sirable pat
terns to go tomorrow for 12 l 2c
Wire bustles
bustles which are being sold about
town for 29c each to go tomorrow for
19c ech
Action on n Petition of the W A
311 V Ilnllronil Company
The Washington Alexandria and Mount
Vernon Railway Company through their
counsel Wilson Hoehling yesterday- filed
a petition In the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict asking that the Commissioners in
dividually and collectively be restrained
from reraovitTs or interfering with the
electrical switches and connections of the
complainant In Its pit at the intersection
of Maryland Avenue and Fourteenth Street
southwest The petition was presented to
Justice Clataugh who granted the re
straining order asked tor and appointed
September 12 as the date upon which ar
gument would be heard on the question ot
making the injunction permanent
It is explained in the petition that un
der the terms cf a decree issued some
time ago by Justice Barnard the Anacostia
and Potomac River Railroad Company in
stalled electrical switches at E Street
north and B Street south to enable tho
Washington Alexandria and Mount Ver
non Railway Company to connect Its
source of motive power with its own con
tuetor bars for use in case of accident or
In the event that the Anacostia and Poto
mac River Railroad should fall to furnish
the power necessary to propel the
cars It Is also stated that in
June last the Commissioners directed that
all the constructions in connection with
the electrical switches be removed It is
alleged that the objection made by the
Commissioners to the present apparatus
is that they constitute a grounded circuit
a sjstem which it is alleged other local
street railways are not permitted to use
On Thursday the Commissioners noti
fied the officers of the Washington Alex
andria and Mount Vernon Railway Com
pany that they should remove the switches
referred to within forty eight hours The
time for the execution of this order ex
pired jesterday
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Dont Know it
How To Find Oat
Fill a bottle or common glass itk your
water and let it stand twenty four hours a
seaimenr or set-
absolutely free by mall
tmi uiuitiics an
rt jxTTa unhealthy condi
rr T tlon of th kld
y your linen it is
U evidence of kid-
Lr nev trotlhl inn
X frequent desire to
tr nass it or Dam in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order
What to Do
There is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed that Dr Kilmers Swamp
Root the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism pain in the
back kidneys liver bladder and every part
of the urinary passage It corrects inability
to nold water and scalding patn in passing
it or bad effects following use of liquor
wine or beer and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day and to get up many tmes
during the night The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp Root is soon
realized it stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases
If you need a medicine you should have the
best Sold by druggists in50c andl sizes
You may have a sample bottle of this
wondertul discovery
ana a oook mat tellSiSiiii
more about It both sent IfTPSii C
ai g Mpfuu
Address ur ruimer cc noma ot Siramp Koot
Co Birghamton N Y When writing men
tion reading this generous effer in this paper

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