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Number 2439
Jo Objections However o Be
liaised to the Demands
The Imperial Pence Commissioner
to Uiifinirp If the lower Will Not
He Sntinneil With IllsmnntlliiK ln
ntcnil of Itnrlnu he Tnku lorlx
Information Inlreil Ciinceriiliie
the Locnllim of the Military TokIh
nml the Size of tlie Legation
Cuiirils To lKe Hie SiiiioiiiIuii of
Itinltlte Uvprilitionfc Wnlilerec
Ruthlenn Poller A IliirleMine to
Be Riven In the Temple ot Heaven
PEKIN Dec 31 The Chinese note ac
cepting the conditions of the Powers says
thai Prince Ching and Li Hung Chang on
behalf of China agree to the conditions
impesed and ask tor a conference with
the Ministers Tho official translation of
the note was made too late to permit the
calling of a meeting yesterday
It Is learned from an official Chinese
source that the Chinese do not desire to
object to any ot the demands but wish
tome of them explained When the reace
Commissioners meet the Ministers they
will ask it dismantling the Taku forts in
stead of destroying them nil not answer
the purpose- of the Powers They will
agree net to occupy the forts and not to
repair them for a term of years that will
be satisfactory to tho Powers
They will also ask where the Powers
propose to locate the military posts be
tweec Pekln and Taku for information
concerning the proposed strength of the
legation guards and If the latter cannot
be stationed together Instead of being
scattered about Pekin as at present Fur
thermore they will ask If it Is not pos
sible now that China has agreed to the
demands th3t the military expeditions to
the interior of the country be stopped and
whether the Powers will allow the re
opening of all the civil yamens in Pekln
It will be seen that these requests for
explanations are reasonable During the
rrcllminary meetings of tho Ministers the
question of razing the Taku forts was
discussed Some of the Ministers includ
ing Mr Conger opposed a demand of this
nature but the others Insisted so ener
getically upon It that thj y carried their
point It is possible that the Ministers
will now agree upon the dismantling of
the forts only but it Is unlikely that they
will be able to explain the locations of the
proposed military posts as this Is a mat
ter that will be left for luture determina
The size of the legation guards will de
pend upon how the Government actswhen
civil authority is restored If it shows
that it is capable of exercising a strong
hand the number ot the guards will be
small If however the Government dis
plays weakness tho guards will be large
Acqrilcscence in the immediate restoration
cf the civil government and the reopening
of the offical yamens is likely
Regarding the military expeditions little
has been said about them but the fact is
serious differences of opinion have existed
between some of the allied generals and
allied Ministers from the start regarding
the wisdom of such expeditions The Min
isters almost without exception are op
posed to them except when they are di
rected against robbers This has been the
case especially since early In November
when it was practically agreed that the
demands recently presented would be ac
quiesced in
It is credibly stated that Dr Mumm von
Schwartzensteln the German Minister is
particularly displeased with Field Mar
shal Count von Waldersees policy which
has been to drive the Chinese army out
of the country to kill all possible and to
tsscss heavy fines on villages whether or
cot they were Boxer headquarters There
has been more or less killing by the Ger
mans everywhere A harsh policy was
fucver announced yet nevertheless It has
been followed While at no time has the
difference between the Ministers and
I crals been serious enough to say that
their relations were strained the Minis
ters have not hesitated at times to criti
cise the conduct of the military to each
other and oc uislonally to outsiders The
Ministers undoubtedly wish to stop the
expeditions and will do so If it is possi
Li Hung Chang is still confined to his
house by lUcss but he is anxious to at
tend the coming meeting
The condition of General Gasolee the
British commander is serious He is suf
fering with pneumonia
It is feared that the Chinese will be
scandalized by a burlesque which British
officers are producing in the Temple ot
Heaven which is Chinas holy of holies
While the play is principally burlesque it
Is characterized by wholesale ridiculing of
Chlneso royalty Captain Hamilton im
personates the Empress Dowager who is
made to srg topical songs and dance Jigs
Hero Is a sample of Captain Hamiltons
Think ot me In this frosty weather
posing as Venus among the heathens
think of me In the altogether at my time
of life
At the end of the last act President
Kane of the prize committee who has
beea coniu Ins the auction sales of Brit
ish loot s Us the Dowager Empress at
suction di cribiag her as a fine old bit
of rare Chisa He bids SO cents for her
saying he can use her as a ladys maid
Ha then ai peals for bids for the Dowager
for the hoi or of China Obtain Parks of
the Seventh liajpnt Regiment who Imper
sonates Prince Tuan bids 5 for the honor
ot China v hereupon the auctioneer call
Gcing giing gone the honor of China
soli for five cVIars Pnnoe Tuan will you
marry her
To this Prince Tuan replies Ugh the
Dowager of China Is a royal personage
She Is s rd
It is ca y to understand that a play such
as this will scandalize the Chinese The
Temple of Heaven by the way is the calf
temple in all China where the Christian
God Is v r Upcd Here once a year the
Emperor f rbina prostrates himself and
worrhL a e God of heaven
A few Door left lit SS eto cncli of
tjt U3ir t hitc jim in 1
Uilftara J a 1 i k L Uj i to
Mith Street nd New ioik an us
bo cot
m K mts
j2 Kn
untimely and accordingly rit press for
a compliance with its term Should ho
urge that the report be sen to the
ate It la very unlil
partment will comply as
they do not consider It prdpfr to give to
flljie War Dc
S officials say
attorneys for Neely anA hathbonc an
ntllnc of the prosecutions f se
Only lllleh In the NeKnjintlniiM fur
Their Sale
There appears to be no Mjfcln the ne
gotiations for the transfer the Danish
West Indies to the Unkeu ktes exiept
in reeaid to the status to bcaccorded the
inhabitants of the Islands utier Aniercan
rule The price it is undersiod had lecn
agreed upon and a number nf the Iher
important terms have beer arrange to
tho satisfaction of both partes bulfjiere
remains tho question cf pe ileal status
Denmark Is desirous of liiVinBjr in
sular subjects given all tl4 rlfifp of
American citizenship but this Gvern
ment hesitates to accord ouch esae
naturalization preferring H the
tatu3 cf tho inhabitants undetemlned
until Congress sh I rrovlde a fcm of
ivcrnmcnt When this question hat been
djubted Ihe treaty will be slneiprob
bly nt Copenhagen where Mr Swinson
the American Minister Is conducting tho
- ii i i iiii
l --
B 3l5s JrfM KeVs J aSS raL bbY tbIbbbbbbIbbbbbbbbbbb0IbbbbbbbbbbbbI
K MySBt1 - R5 i Tr m ii I Tf bbbbbbobbbIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
Now Year Diversion of Our Troops
in tho Philippines
Luzon Now Fnlrly Unlet Altlidnsli
the Northern lortlon In SHU in n
fctntc of Itevolt V Hnnl Tnnli Con
fronting Cencral Hare in Ilninur
MANILA Dec 31 The Kew Year finds
administration officials in the Ihlltpplnes
confident of approaching peace Central
Luzon is thsy declare practically subdued
tht roads are open and the inhabitants
The northern part of the Island has been
the revolutionary centre since the elec
tions in the United States but the troops
there aided by 2000 rc enforcements are
rapidly quieting that part of the island
Hven the Ladrones who are meeting with
no support are surrendering or confining
their operations to Isolated districts
The civil government which has been es
tablished in Bangued is scarcely appre
ciated butit is having a moral effect on
the neighboring provinces In tho south
ern provinces the making of hemp Is still
disturbed but the conditions there are
slowly improving under Increased garri
Tho chlsf cities of the Itland of Ianay
are quiet though theresldents are secret
ly supporting the Insurgents in the in
terior The severo pjlcy Inaugurated by
General Hughes of arresting conspiring or
suspected Influential Inhabitants and con
fUcatlng their goods has bofcen the In
surgent grip
The other islands of the Visayan group
show Improvement Civil government is
being established and uchools are being
Tao altuatlon In Hamar stil remains
the hardest problem for the Americans to
stive owing to the fierce opposition of the
Insurgents and the terrorism they have
excited among the more peaceable luhab
itantb The impassable mouiitdiiis and
deep swampy valleys there greatly retard
niUSUTr operations of the 2C0 msn under
Gentral Hare
The recent transfer of the Twenty
alghib infantry to Mindanao simplifies the
aituaiin there as the chh f sppositlon is
confined to a band of SOO rtbtl riflemen
ho have heretofore occupied au impreg
nable position whence they have made
frequent raids on the towns A report of
a decieive ont foment is ally expected
from the coerg 1 Colonel Birtliiuimer
Mindb remains uniwlcitcd by the
Amerii It is unioi ilv firibn
a r a laige n ir
iut u 4 deemed unwi e o iiurb thcjt
1 i
at present owing to tne scarcity
There Is unprecedented activity every
where among the 477 American posts
Scouting parties and small expeditions are
striking rapidly day anl night The in
surgents are kept constantly on the move
and they seldom have tho opportunity of
resting In the same place Tne dally bul
letins chronicle the burning of hundreds
of native barracks and shelters and many
hostile villages are burned and their de
struction never reported
The effect of General Mat Arthurs proc
lamation is being felt Prisoners are ac
cumulating In Manila where overy avail
able building is being used as a jail Other
Jails are planned for the prisoners cap
tured in the various provinces The whole
sale retention of rebels is the severest kind
of a blow to the Insurgent cause eliminat
ing hero worship and preventing relight
Official statements show that the Insur
gents casualties from August to Christ
mas were as follows Killed 27 officers
and 1740 men captured W6 officers and
1934 men During the last six das of
tremendous activity 107 rebels have been
killed and 210 captured including seven
officers One hundred and twenty rifles
were captured The capture of so many
piitoiiers was undoubtedly duo to the
spreading Influence of the elections and
General MacArthurs proclamation which
have caused a number of the Insurgents to
practically give tnemselves up
Undoubtedly the bottom of the insur
rection 3 dropping out but an early re
duction of the army would be fatal For
a long time disturbances are inevitable
Numerous towns where the inhabitants
have Heretofore sympathized with the
rebels are now blocked by the military
ashore and isolated by the navy Tho
residents experiencing relief from Insur
gent terrorism and reaping the benefits
of American institution are now refus
ing to make the customary contributions
to the rebeli
Thj Manila leaders and backers of Ihe
Insurreetlcn arc beginning to realize the
Intentions of the Philippine Commission
and are deserting cause The new
federal pirty is enrolling the most loyal
Filipinos including a large number of
cffkials and ex militnry officers The
prospects are bright for a combination cf
diversified factions working In behalf of
Tho department of education reports
splendid progress Lnrser buildings arc
needed The attendance has Increased 33
per cent since September Vhat are ur
gently needed now are a new tariff the
improvement of Manila lnrbor and the
reds and bridges the reorganization of
the nathe cruris the enactment of laws
establishing the validity of titles nd
troops to replace Ihe returning volunteers
Tonights uflial bulletin repirts he
capture ot ten cfTlceis and seventy one
en by tho Fourth Cavalry and Fourth
ijfuntiy ii ar Inius
rimiM llnslneritf College Mh nm K
Busincts Shorthand Tjpcviritin 21 a year
Tjo Senate May Not Bo Furnished
With Desired Information
ieeretnry Itoot Not IIIijiohciKIo Com
ply Willi Revolution Calllne for
the Iteliorl Submitted lofjhe Wlir
lJeiiiirlnicnt by Auditor Lnwhhf
Senator Bacons resolution adopted by
the Senate shortly before ChaBrmas call
ing upon the Secretary of Wagfdr a copy
of the report made by AudtSsr Lawshc
giving the result ot his inspigtlon of the
accounts of civil and militarVofficers In
Cuba will probably not be ccoiplied with
by th War Department f
Secretary Itoot is ofposedfcito1 sending
the report to the Senate an has so In
formed the President He explained yci
negotiations with the Danish Foreign Of
The wishes of the Inhabitants of tho isl
ands In regard to the change has already
been expressed a plebiscite having devel
oped that a majority was favorable to
transfer from Danish to American con
trol The treaty in course of preparation
provides for the sale to the United States
of all the islands St Thomas St John
and St Croix
IliKht of the OivnerM of the Nine
teenth Century MnKilTliie
LONDON Dec 31 The proprietors of
the Nlnetcenlh Century Magazine have
apparently forgotten that the march of
time was making the present title of their
periodical inappropriate and consequent
ly lacking the foresight to register the
title Twentieth Century which has
been snapped up tho magazine will bs
heniefortli entitled the Nineteenth Cen
tury and After
On the title page will bo reproduced a
Janus like head adapted from a Greek
coin of Tenedos by Sir Edward Former
terday that If It was sent l47the Senate Presided or the Itojal Academy The family and childrens rarty at
it would become public property and lie hcail which looks to the left is that of a There was a magnificent tree I
m rnnallnr i fnr th lat Interests Iearoeu man uraiiBwieui it in ituiau
of the public service that tbe report be
made public pending the trkh of the ac
cused postal officials eourse
will be followed In replying to the Senate
resolution has not --
The rr
fused i
It m
mininnlc 1c tin fitritf VIV fin th nthr lllS
side looking to the riEht is the head of
0u mocii m strongly condemned by
both the Dutch and English Loyalists
It Is reported that a number of ren
sational arrests including that ot a
former member of the Cape Cabinet and
the editor of a leading Afrikander Bond
newspaper are Impending The charge
against tbese men will be sedition
Tho Twentioth Century Wolcomed
at Various Capitals
t Itnther Quiet Day nt Berlin ax
1IIOO OlUcinily Itecosnlzeil
the Oiinluc Yenr of the New Cycle
Ceremonies in Vlennil Churche
I5ERLIN Jan 1 Owing to the bit
terly cold weather popular celebration ot
the years eg was comparatively quiet
although some of the streets especially
Friedrichstrasse were full of tho usual
noisy hat smashing crowd3 until long
past midnight Evening serWces were
held in all the churches anC at midnljht
tha chimes rang the old year out and the
new year in
The Kiaperor and Empress had a quiet
filled with
Numerous balls and dinners were
-- - -
a young woman with the numeral XX be- ncrs by the Mexican Minister and Mr j byteri
Side it I - - w vnl
Two lieu Pntnlly Injured ty the Ig
nition of Colli illK
WILKESllAKItE Pa Dec 31 A heavy
explosion of gns In the Hollcnback mine
of the Lehigh and Wllkesbarre Coal Com
pany this morning fatally injured two
men and caused general alarm thrcushout
the mine Men in all parts of the mine
wero affected by the concusalcn and
thinking that the danger was general
they threw down their tools and Bed
It took somo time to discover thu trere
was no further danger and meanwlills
the rumor had spread around town that
thirty or forty had been killed and there
wan great exetcment Tho two men in
jured Benjamin Thomas and Enoch
Kregcr are in a bad way and may not
rrcovcr Kreger is burned Internally by
Inhaling some of the gas A number ot
other men were Injured but none dis
abled A feeder had Jgclted and set fire
to n large body of gas in the red ash vein
Prrfcit purity in lawiry pnnJuctj ii ciempli
lied in llallaiiiinet India Ialc Ale
v r Am js I
i ap i it the t i
1 f
Iri rt
a i rttlc v rr nt t
ji -
icNA Jan 1 The death ot the
century was observed by the celebration
ot the most solemn masses in all the
churches at C oclock last evening The
congregations were enormous The Area
bishop with the greatest pomp solemn
ized mass at the Cathedral of St Stepncn
at midnight In celebration of the birth
ot the twentieth century
Burgomaster Lueger the vice burgo
master councilors officials and promi
nent personages were present in the vast
congregation The exterior of the itio
dral was brilliantly Illuminated The tra
trcs restaurants and cafes were thron ed
as they usually arc on the night of oL
Sylvestcrs Day
Although tho Emperor is In Vienna
there was no court fete His Majesiy aud
the archdukis will entertain the Minis
ters and other dignitaries at dinner to
Tle first snow of the season fell last
BitUSSELS Dkc -31 There is m
festivity in the city this evening Thin
were two official and many private
dinner At the theatres the peoji
wero demonstrative over the birth of t
new century
Norfolk WiiIilnKton Stcnmliont Co J
Dclisfctful trips dally at C30 p m J T
7tli it to Old Point Cumfort Kcwpi I
Norfolk and tte ioutb For schedula see pa u
Price One Cent
The World Bids Farewell to the
Old and Welcomes the New
Advent of the Cjelc of 1001 Mnrkvil
Volxy HemonotratlonH In lie
Streclx nml Impremtlvc 2IlilnlRht
Services in hit Clinrchen The
lrelilcnt Wulctru for the Wlilte
House Cloclc to Ileeoril the llccln
nfnc of Another Yenr Oleftocre ot
ColiRrntnlntlon Sent to Queen Vic
toria Vrnxn the Drltlxh nmliLNxy
Rrvctlnit Ileiimtelieil to Other
Ilillem by Tliclr Ilejireiicntatlvel
The world at midnight passed the mo
ment which marked the close of the nine
teenth centurr and tho beginning ot the
twentieth The earth whirled over the
line between the then and now without
a trcmcr so used Is it to coursing through
the centuries A hundred years is suh
a little tick of time to IU For ages the
world hai been saying to man A century
to you Is a second to me
Dwellers on this little globe that spina
through space In whose tiny eyes tach
revolution ot the sun marks an interval
of time showed considerable agitation
The stroke of twelve called forth in every
man in a greater or less degree an emo
tion Some were sorry some were glad
Some thought of the days that are gone
some of the days to come In the hearts
of some hope was forever burled In the
hearts ot others it was born again In
seme it was strengthened and refreshed
With some persons it was a season ot
solemn prayer and religious medltaIos
with others a period ot gayety and con
viviality But man ever since he was
has looked at things in different lights and
from different points of view- This Labt
will be strong In him when the earth tells
from the twentieth and Into the twenty
first century
The century that is dead Is thronged
with thoughts and deeds that are good
and bad The new century according to
the disposition of him who views It gives
promise to the world of wondroc3 bless
ing or tearful trouble
All agree though that the creative
tlltv fit wtan vrhlrti in fh epnturv nnw lv
ing has carried the world along froalskelS
flint and steel to the frictlou match7ilgr
Up to the arc light the scythelO fiii
reaper tho flail to the thresher the lever
to tho cyliuder press the courier to tha
telegraph the spinning whel to the power
loom and the stage coach to the locomo
tive will not halt at the croasing of tha
centuries but will more on to the creation
ot new marvels perhaps at an accelerated
There was one thought which came per
haps oftener than any other to men who
thought at all It was that a century
seems short as we look back and Sang a3
we look ahead just as a road over which
one has traveled and 13 to travel As one
looks the farther back the centuries seem
to crowd upon each other and events that
happened decades apart seem almost ontK
Tho centuries rush together as railroad
ties do as one leaves then behind Dis
tance diminishes the Intervals Already
men seem to s8that the American epochs
along the pathway of tho nineteenth cen
tury and which in the last century we re
garded as immensely distant appear to
approach each other It will cot be long
before the war of 1812 the war -with Mex
ico and the civil war will appear as ot
yesterday today tomorrow
The twentieth century did not break
first upon America It dawned in the Fa
East The people of the islands and t
seas along the ISOth meridian of w
longitude gave it welcome to the vr
It wa3 1501 In Continental Asia nine
and In western Europe five hours
midnight reached Washington
tury is traveling wcsLand r
the west side of the ISfth r - 1
noon today Then January
on its Journey roundithe j
A Nolsy Welc m
Midnight in Washing i
roarious moment Th
cance of the time t i
ot one year and the e
was overwhelmed
cance that It was t
and tho beginni lJ
preparations r - v j
and tho ch -U h
world for tf
he- hour
In WSSi i a -
in praern
was nc
dtst rut
the new On
gratulalt ry n
A EUtnbiT ot
es of C
Furipe roc i at
eh seT
JUL ry He 0-
- iea
-1 -
jc night
j1 festive
Hi -as ob erved in all
i rehes - In p very
irer iatduight mass was
- Ii- j vaBeordsuce wiihtho
an -v
Inraome of thVlJrotcvact churches sun
ris aujjjtUiss were held -
FTe8fet his brother Abner
ami StjTerary Qbrtclycu kept watch at
the EiroattSrer Mansion
A Mennnse to Queen Ylutorln
Lord Paunrefote the British Ambassa
dor surrounded by the secretaries and at
tached of the Embassy and their families
and the domestic servants watched the
exit of the old itury and tho
ri nke of twelve
ge to tea Queen
e diplomatic repreec
irnoicats ot CouUnent 1
ie German Embassy and
-steed by as tje d century passed away
jnd the nj tarae Congratulatory de
spatches cre sent at midnight to various
crowded haJs in tLo ld World
A watch meetini aa held by the repro
senatnH of Mexi and ot the
pf ityl Jicl South America
TLe ritirss nc h d all along the
cui ihe plac vh ro Uterich nnd
iii ot a- e the poor and lowly
i4 jnhe midnight
ve -he rmral Union Mission A
r at Luther FU
i unltlnj churthem

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