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Eighth and Market Space
The Problem of Furnishing Water
to Good Hope Hill
Tlic Cvpcndllarc for rorcr Mil In
und Mmiritiiiie JteKZlriliMl as 12x
cpkHc A Hcqacot for Ilvtnrn of
Iotiml lVc A Communication
UeocUed Iroiu Xctr Zenlutnl
The East Washington Citizens Associa
tion recently seat an application to the
Commissioners requesting the extension
or water xnalna up Good Hope Hill anil
along the Bowen Road to Sultland Road
and along the Xaylor Road to Hamilton
In reporting upon the application TV A
McFarland Superintendent of the Water
Department has informed the Commis
sioners that as the present pressures are
Insufficient to force the water to the top
of Good Hope Hill an Independent force
main would of necessity be laid costing in
all about 25000 Ho states that thl3
would also call for the location of a stand
pipe at an elevation of about 2S0 feet
above tide as the territory along the
Bowen Road Is too level to permit the
use of a reservoir
Mr McFarland estimates the total first
cost of this Improvement at 33020 He
further Informs the Commissioners that
It would Increase the running expenses of
the Anacostia pumping station as the
pressures would have to be Increased
from the present 50 pounds to 100 pounds
to the square Inch thus doubling the coal
bill and increasing the wear and tear on
the machinery
Mr McFarland states that this project
Is a Dart of the general scheme for water-
main extension now under consideration
una lie exjircbfetrz mc ucuci uidi iuq ha
pendlture is not Justified at the present
The Commissioners yesterday voted to
Inform the East Washington Citizens As
sociation In accordance with the above
The Commissioners recently received an
application from James I Parsons of 112
New York Avenue for the return of the
pound fee paid for the release of his dog
from the pound In connection with the
matter Mr Parsons submitted a statement
to the effect that In Caking the dog the
catchers caught him a few feet from his
little girl who was playing with the dog
The throwing of the net Mr Parsons says
to frightened the child that serious conse
quences followed Mr Parsons protested
against the brutal and unreasonable act of
catching the dog when attended by one of
the family and not running at large
Mr Parsons also furnished the affidavit
of a neighbor who swore to the facts as
stated and In addition expostulated with
the dog etcher
Poundmaster Einstein in his report
stated to the Commissioners that the dog
taken pretty much as Mr Parsons
described except that two children were
playing together asout fifteen feet from
the dog and did not seem to be attending
to the animal With reference to throning
tho net end frightening the child Mr Ein
stein stated that the dog catchers have
explicit orders not to throw a net when
children are near and to let the dog go
i rather than to tako him from amort chil
Dr William C Woodward in forwarding
the poundmasters report to the Commls
ttoners Informed them that he saw
ing In the facts of the case or the reports
which warranted tho return of the pound
fee He recommended that tho application
bs denied and that Mr Parsons be In
formed that the licence tax authorizes him
to keep a deg and to let such dog run at
largo only when properly tagged
The Commissioners haverccelvcd from
Charles White Jr of 418 O Street south
west a statement relative to tho errone
ous advertisement and sale of lot 118
square 779 which led to tho Issue of a
deed to the parties buying the lot He
now asi s tha the sale be set aside and
the title restored to him Mr White In
forms the Commissioners that the said
lot assessed on the books of the Assessors
Office to Charles White and Charles
White Jr was advertised and sold end
dieded under tho name of Charles White
and others parties with which tho owner
of the lot has no connection He states
that on account of this erroneous adver
tisement the sale was not noticed by
him and hence was not protected
For these reasons Mr White asks that
tho sale bo declared void He informs the
Commissioners that he called the attention
of the Assessor to the matter last No
vember and protested that a deed to the
property should not be Issued to the par
ties who bought the tax But he states
that the deed was issued on December 7
Mr White expresses his willingness to re
imburse the parties who purchased the
tax for any actual expenditures made by
them with legal interest from tho day of
At the Instance of Commissioner Ross
the statement has been referred to the
Assessor and the Collector of Taxes for
their consideration and report
The Commissioners recently received a
letter from John C Challice of 1112 New
Hampshire Avenue asking whether a li
cense would be required to practice medi
cine In tho District as an electrical phy
W D Montague Assistant Assessor in
reporting upon the matter has informed
the Commissioners that tho license laws
of the District taxing trades buslnesees
and professions do not Include physi
cians of any school and that they are
not licensed under any act
It Is understood that the applicant will
be Informed In accordance wlth the report
At the Instance of D E McComb Su
perintendent of Sewers and on the recom
mendation of the Superintendent of Po
lice the Commissioners have voted to ap
point Thomas Leo a watchman In the
sewer division as special policeman while
engaged In this work
The Commissioners have received from
Kenneth Cameron Chief Health Inspector
of the Municipality of Invercarglll New
Zealand the copy of an act relative to
the corporation of the municipalities of
New Zealand He asks of the Commis
sioners a careful consideration of the
same and requests them to send him
from tlmeto time any printed regulations
affecting the government of the District
of Columbia
A Georirln Woman Anion TliciNe
AVJio 1nhhctl Examination
At a meeting of the Justices of the Su
preme Court of the District yesterday
twenty six persons who passed the neces
sary examination were admitted to prac
tice in the District courts Among those
admitted Is Mrs Emma R Bailey of Geor
gia The others are William N Crom
well W G Gardiner George P Hoover
William Francis D Herron William Ca
rey Johnson Michael OHanlon and
James A Toomcy of tho District of Co
lumbia T F Athey Missouri Wilbur J
Carr New York James A Cobb Lou
isiana F F Crampton Michigan W S
Chcsley Maryland T H Ferguson Mich
igan Eugene M Gregory New Jersey R
Scott Hume and Robert M Heth Vir
ginia E H Hoffman and A F Spccht
Pennsylvania Joseph S McDonough Ken
tucky James L Neili Tennessee Herbert
G Ogdcn Jr New Jersey Richard B Po
sey Maryland A C Perkins Georgia
Benjamin R Stuart South Carolina and
Galen I Talt Nebraska
Charles Denegrc of Louisiana and Ellis
Hughes of the District who successfully
passed their examinations at the same
time as those mentioned above were ad
mitted to practice last week
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ArLnston DottUxc Co for a cue
of the season
To the oldest inhabitants of Wash
To the comrades who gathered at
the call of Abraham Lincoln April
To the old veteran firemen and to all
the old citizens not forgetting the
new generation
To ail my Montgomery County
friends who have known me since
my boyhood
I wish them all a happy
and prosperous New Year
and thank them all for the
patronage and good will ex
tended me during a business
career of nearly fifty years
Wash B Williams
7th and D Sts N W
Testimony Givrn Before Justice of
the Peace allan
Action llrnnKlit liy the AVoimin for
AVnitfB AllcRcd to He Due Her nn n
Conilirtnliil to the Nnvnl Officers
VIf He Declares the Claim Is
Unjutt Uxncnsc Account Itciim
Tho hearing In the suit of Miss Isabel
M Colo against Robert Burton Rodney to
recover J6CE0 for services claimed to have
been rendered as companion to the de
fendants wife Margaret Rodniv which
was begun yesterday aternoon before
Justice of the react Thomas H Callan
was not concluded The session of the
court was taken up in hearing thhe testi
mony of the plaintiff and the defendant
and an adjournment was taken to some
future day when argument of counsel will
be heard
The litigation Is a sequel to the mar
riage of Mr Rodney In Toronto Canada
on November 3 last Immediately after
the marriage ceremony Mr and Mrs Rod
ney came to Washington and Miss Cole
accompanied them In her declaration
filed in her suit against Mr Rodney Miss
Cole alleges that she came to Washington
at his solicitation as i companion for his
wife and for such service he agreed to
pay her a salary of ZQ per month On
the arrival of the bridal party in Wash
ington Mr Rodney secured accommoda
tions for his wife and Miss Cole at the
Fredonla Hotel while he made his home
with his sister Miss Lavinia Rcdncy at
723 Thirteenth Street northwest
The troubles of tho Rodneys with which
Miss Cole has been very closely connect
ed were exploited a few days ago In the
reports of a suit for separate support and
maintenance filed by Mrs Rodney against
her husband In evidence of the Justice of
her claim Mrs Rodney filed certain let
ters written her by Mr Rodney In which
he referred to Miss Cole as a varmint
and charged her with being the immediate
cause of the unpleasant and very extra
ordinary relation existing between him
self and his wife While testifying yester
day Mr Rodney charged Miss Cole with
having hypnotic and mesmeric influence
over Mrs Rodney and stated that ever
since his marriage she had obtruded her
self between him and his bride
Mr Rodney began his testimony by stat
ing that ho is a paymaster In the United
States Navy with the rank of Lieutenant
Commander On being asked if he were
on the active or retired list he stated
that his name is erroneously entered as
retired but that such entry Is unlawful
and he stated that he had dared the Navy
Department to Investigate the mater
Miss Cole when she appeared In court
with her attorney James Archer was
dressed In black and very heavily veiled
When called as witness she uncovered
her face She is a woman of preposcssing
appearance about twenty years of age
and spoke in low hut very positive tones
In answer to the questions asked her by
counsel on cither side Her story of her
Introduction to the Rodney family dates
back to last summer She said she met
Mr Rodney at Toronto Canada and after
his marriage at his solicitation she came
to Washington as a companion to lii3
wife There was no written contract in
reference to the matter but she elated
that Mr Rodney had agreed to pay her
a salary of 0 per month Her term of
service she stated was to continue for a
period of two years She performed her
service as companion to Mrs Rodne from
November 3 the date of her mainore
until December 22 For this Miss Colo
stilted she was entitled to JSToO and ImJ
received 21 on account leaving a balance
of JG650 tho amount sued for She also
slated that Bhe left a good position In
Toronto to accept the one offerd by Mr
Rodney The latter she said purchased
her railroad ticket from Toronto to ar h
The story Mr Rodney toll of Vf Ci7 s
coming to Washington differed crv gr t
ly from her version of the dftalr He
staled that he never saw Miss Cule until
tlo day before his marriage whin she
called upon him at his hotel In Toronto
with his bride elect The tetter he slid
came to him for some money and he gave
her 100 Half of this amount he said h
believed Miss Cole got A letter was of
fered In evidence In which Mr Rodney
in writing of his wifes mother slated
that ho liked little Miss Cole and In
explanation of this he said he had referred
to a half grown girl whom he saw with
his wife and her mother on his visit t
Toronto In the summer some monlis be
fore his marriage He was greatly rnr
prlscd when he saw Miss Cole the plain
tiff in the case nt the railroad station
ready to accomrany him and his wife to
Washington but at the request of his wife
he purchased a railroad ticket for Her
He denied positively tliat he had cm
ployed Miss Cole as a companies to hs
wife and stated that since she had lieen
In this city ho had paid for everything
she bought because he looked upon htr
as a gutst of his wife He paid alllier
hills he staled except rpn ri ir r n
SnuiLlnjr JncIiclK lilMliir -I to
New etjlcs Joseph AuviLach C J Ia ave
school amounting to 18 which he de
clared he will not pay
Among the items of expense he incurred
on Miss Coles account Mr Rodney enumer
ated railroad fare and meals 3930 ac
commodation at the Fredonla Hotel 37 a
skirt 15 silk shirt waist 785 a hat
3 dental work 1 and other things
amounting to about 35 Beginning while
en route from Toronto to Washington Miss
Cole Rodney stated put herself between
himself and his wife and has so conducted
herself since
Ever fince his marriage Mr Rodney de
clared Miss Cole has occupied tho same
room with her although he has frequently
dfjnanded that sho should not This con
duct on tho part of Miss Cole he stated
was begun on the trip from Toronto to
this city and was continued at the Fre
donla Hotel and at their present residence
In Thirteenth Street Mr Rodney was rep
resented by Attorney Warder Vorhees who
several times during tho examination of
tho defendant was compelled to ask him
not to discuss matters not relevant to the
cause at issue
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com
pany which bought out the company char
tered over fifteen years ago under the ti
tle of the Elevator Barge and Dock Com
pany for the purposo of building a rail
road pn Water not run a car
on the tracks laid on Water Street since
itc purchase and wharf owners and those
doing business on Water Street are now
investigating the charter with the view
of ascertaining whether the company has
the right to maintain tracks that are not
used never have been used and possibly
may never bo used
Upon the sworn statement of William
Ford a blind colored pensioner Jus
tice J Barton Miller issued a war
rant for tho arrest of Frank Williams
who was charged with obtaining money
under false pretences It is alleged that
Williams called upon Mr L P Seibold a
Georgetown customs broker who takes
care of the blind mans pension money
and obtained sums aggregating 3 repre
senting that he had been senfby the
helpless pensioner
It Is stated by an engineer and general
constructor that the leak in the conduit
aqueduct as It passes over Cabin John
Bridge will ultimately affect the solidity
of that great nrch as already the constant
leakage has Impaired the corners of sev
eral of the stones As the apertures wid
en the stones will more quickly wear
away The perfection of the arch lies
largely in the Btrength of perfectly fit
ting stones It follows therefore that any
impairment or wearing away of the stones
of the arch affects the strength of the en
tire structure The leak should bo taken
notice of now said the engineer as tho
Cabin John arch Is too grand a wcrk from
engineering and structural standpoints to
suffer through negligence By noticing
ind correcting small imperfections as they
arise the arch will excite as much wonder
a hundred years from now as it does to
Mr John Edward Libhey will leave on
January 17 with Miss Libbey on a trip to
tho Bahama Islands From three weeks to
a month will be spent In the southern
r i ill
C a J S
ca tzGzrns
3JPMi Pro
How many years of her life docs a
vjotnan spend over the hot cook stove
getting those three meals a day Back
aching heiil tlirobhui nerves twitch
ing its all the saie thre are three
meals a day tr be prepared Dr Pierres
IV orite Prescription c mtiot lifhten
womans lalxr bat it can and does in
crease her strength H cures those dis
eases of the -womanly organs which un
dermine Yotono vitality
I carrict mUc Dr Pi rcts Favorite Pre
scription too highly a tonic lor tired worn
out worjtn who arc tfSt -d with female wcaU
n3 Mrs Itj V ncuaex of Cciar
Rapids Town U lielTed me vsry much
oca a rXuSfol physical once said to mc m
anweT f my curatta as tt i cE -cy 1 1 now
cf coseawhert it has really worked wonders-
1 Dr percts Pellets do rot
re art ur o 1 f ev nrr n Cod
Im C
Wild ivL
Potatoes 59
40c sacks Best Family 28c
110 sacks Best Family 112
0c sacks Best Family 56c
Barrel Best Family 395
Sun row 719 AM I Sun sets 448PM
Meon rises I Moon setsP323 AH
Hish tide
Low tide
420AMand 443PM
1044 AM and 1131 PM
Lamps lit today 56PM
Lamps out tomorrow G2SAM
Columbia Theatre The Battle of the Strong
afternoon and evenirur
New National Theatre The Tride of Jcnnico
afternoon and etcnlng
Iafayette Sjuarc Opera House A CildcJ
Fool afternoon and evening-
Chases New Grand Polite Vaudeville aftei
noon and evening
Academy of Music Sporting Life afternoon
and eeninj
Kcrnans Lyceum Theatre Sam Dcvcres Com
pany afternoon and evening-
The New Bijou The Victoria Burlcsquers
afternoon and evening
IurNc Containing l 0 Stolen
A purse containing 20 was stolen from a bu
reau drawer at an Atenue hotel yesterday the
property of Mr P A Guild a guest of the
house The police were notified of the robbery
laat night and are Iookirg fur the tnkf
A Dlxtmuiiri Hint Gone
The barber ehop of James D At n v
sjlvania Aicnuc northwest was entered by thieves
several days ago who stole a diamond nn rallied
at G0 Mr Avery discovered hii loss yesterday
and reported it to headquarters
AlleKil Vncrnnt Sent to Jail
On chances of vagrancy In the Tolicc Court
yesterday Otto Fearson Elnora Brown Lula Tay
lor Uae Fletcher John Carroll William Dono
hoe and William Hunter were pent to the
workhouse The ca of William Johnson waa
nolle prossed and the personal bonds of Neal
Carter were taken
Clnlmn lie AVns Ttol1ctl
Marshall Williams a resident of O Btrect
Alley has conplairocd to the police that he was
knocked down and robbed near his home on the
night of December 22 by on unknown negro
Williams lost his hat and some small change and
was badly bruivd Detective Lacey is working
on the case Williams is forty jears old and
Ilclil for the Cirninl Jury
Warren Wright jesterday demanded a jury trial
and was held in 51000 bonds on a charge of
keeping an unlicensed bar It Is alleged that
th is his second offence Josephus Williams
was charged with a similar offence and will be
given a hearing Wednesday while Christian Seitz
was held in 30 bonds on a charge of selling
liquor to minors
KHtntc Left to the Xepliews
The will of Joseph T Davis dated December
15 1S00 and a codicil dated August 15 last were
filed yesterday for probata The estate Is left to
the testators nephews William L Davis and
Henry C Cromwell The codicil directs that
each of the beneficiaries shall give to other
relatives the sum of
A IiInliiiliiiiN Will riled
An attested copy of the will of Anthony J
Drf cl of Philadelphia Pa who died June 30
lSt wa placed on file yesterday In the office
of the Krcister of Will for the District of Co
lumbia The carrying out of certain prowfons of
the will In reference to certain property interests
in the District of Columbia made the filing
of the will here necessary
Ileeelvetl n IMeiiHnnt Surprise
Mr E L Bartholomew Supervisor of the
Washington district for the International Cor
respondence School of Scranton Pa was very
plea antly surpri ed on ChrWmas Day by re
ceiving a handsome life size pwrtrait of himself
by like The Rift which h a valuable one
came froni Mr Bartholomews associate in school
work and bespeaks the popularity which he has
Taken I nek to llleltnioml
Charles DandriiUe colored who when ar
rested K veral diyi ago by Delect it Williams
and Barbee while cndcaoririg to pawn a watch
gae the name of William Johnson was taken
baik to Richmond Va by Detecthe T J Wren
of that cit jesterday He U charged with
Lading stolen the watch from his father and
assault with intent
a o with hatirg committed an
tent to kill Albert Grctntrce of 700 Eat Broad
Sri ret in tint city on the morning of June 2
lfi in hh cmh avor to eseapc after stealing a
suit of clothes valued at 20
MnrrliiKe Lleeiie
Marriage licenses were iMied jesterday to
Charles E Sthwalm and Clara S Holtzhaucr
both of Richmond Va Andrew C Thompson
New York and Eleanor Cole Bislcy Baltimore
Md Willis L n Sicklin Hartford Conn
and Bow M Wheeler District of Columbia
John Ander n and India Henderson Vinton E
Paine and Kittle E Italler both of Prince
Ctirpe Count Herbert D llallinger and
AriVll T Ihompvm both of Fairfax County
a Norris S Patrfu and Margaret D Iorse
William Hcrton and Alhc Warren Edward Keegin
and Vnme fi Kein Hiitmi C Clarke and Ellxa
let1 I Stuart ilkiiw W Henderson and Ktta
W Bullard lcth of Prince George Count Md
FPon U gner baltm a and Julia A Car
roil Bedford Va Gccnr I Ntuminn and
Afimnda Damme rr loth of AnnapolM Md
Littleton Junes and Josephine Newton Harrj
Kilmlut and PcrovHa Hendrixon Fret WUon
Lbhv and Helen E Smith William G
Atreli Count v Va and Bernice Horsey
Vcntv Va Edxtard H Row and
Jrarta lntTn William Hamilton and fier
tfii V Litwn U tlurles JprIng and Mary
Ik t f rt n C tmrM P lMiht r and Florence
1 li B ion Ma hartholomew
UvuJy and Marj Crahan
Th 45c sacks Plllsburys 33c
160 sacks Plllsburys 140
The 90c sacks Plllsburys 70c
A barrel Plllsburys 525
This Coffee Bargain Today
Best Sugar SL
With each pound of any of the Coffees named below yon
niav purchase 5 pounds of Best Franklin Granulated Sugar at
Largo African Java 30c lb
Large Mountain Java 30c lb
Largo Oval Mocha 33c lb
Large American Coffee 29c lb
Largo Andes Mocha 35c lb
Large Govt Java 13c lb
2 Large Soxes Parlor Matches for He
3 Cans of Baby Brand Eflilkfor 25c
Large Boneless Codfish for 6 54c lb
Best Sugar Cured Hams for WAc lb
Kb Cans Royal Baking Powder for 4 c
Good Fresh Roasts of Beef for 8c lb
JOHNSTONS 729 7th Street N W
OC90C00 W9 0
Well Bred Soon 00 BO
Wed Girls Who Use 3M F kJ L S J
Wbt JSffil Gtont
Weather 1 ml lea tint a
Fair much colder Tucwlay cold ware at night j
Wcdncsdjy and ThurFdaj tilr and cold irea
Highest temperature 4 p m 43
Lowest temperature 2 a m 31
Are Quickly
Hechts Greater Stores
VIH lie open today until 1
oclock for the convenience of
Its proprietors extend to
all their wishes that you may
enjoy a happy and prosperous
New Year They thank you
for your pitronage of the
past year by which they are
enabled to boast of the great
est year in their busiuess
513 515 Seventh Street
Cor 7th and I Sts
Ail Day
We yon one
and all a happy
New Year
House Herrmann
901 and 903 7th St
Cor of 1 Eye Street
Tour accompanied
by Mr C II Adamj including Monte Carlo
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First class throughout sallies on S S Kaiser
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Charles II Adams Agent
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Jackets and Sweaters
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The K coord
The following death for forty eight hours were
reported at the Health Department up to noon
yesterday Mejcr Cotthand 7S years Jamei
Egai 72 jcars Lcrcnro Parktr CS years Max
Marshall C1 jcars Samuel Gazer t3 jcara
Julia Archer G3 jcirs Henry Ames Blood fit
jcars Levi Brown 63 years Sophia 9 Lorintz
57 ears Samuel McDonald 5ft jears William
F Eaton 50 yean Charlrs Howell fi5 yearn
John Burroughs 52 years Samuel Kcew 52
j ran Mary Lewis 45 yean Henrietta Adams
S3 yoara Nathaniel Kidout 3 yean Klla Splvcr
30 jrars Esielle Williams 30 year John Tliomp
nn 9 years Etfle Holnead Daniel 2t years
Mary K lUrri on -3 years Lawrence Hill S3
rears Cera Tord Hi years Mary E Brosnan 20
jears Llojd Walts 7 months Charles ljneton
3 months Newton Clayton i days John Mocfe
8 days George Foy 2 days
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13th and D Sts S W
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n imi sr 7
Cared Whlla
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strengthens the Seminal Ducts itopploff Drains and
Esilisloos In Fifteen Days
Ho drnrs to ruin ttaa stomach but a direct local
and nositWe application to tbe entire urei brat tract
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tbe form of Crayons or Fen ell smcotb andCoxlbla
and so narrow as to pass the closest Stricture
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prepared at great expense an
lllnnntsd Treatise nuon tbe male
STstem wnicn uiej win seca w m
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Cincinnati O
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ned fcpcts Achei Old Bora Ulctn in Mouti
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tl Usonic Temple Chicago HL for proofs
raxes Capital 5GO0O0i We solicit the most ob
stinate cues We havr cured the wGrat case va
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cure fur Lost Manhood Niffht Losses N rTons
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6 a Vrtght Music Pea Bax 777 Marshall MiA
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own ngmcra
cvnnlon and
f23l Jfi Alia yoar
r V furnish the
iVmfc J vj vltlj uuukutnuiUiiiuila
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rlV AlUflCT UITUtUn CAmruMl
with most all other treatments lr wha ii tkr
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Uncle Sam Dont Wear
A truM but he carries the Air
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w SUtes Men women and children
vear and like them The Air Cushion Pad holds
ftith comfort nothing else will Consultation
and two neeks trial free Lady in attendance for
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Capt John P 6hton owner of the puncjy
Julia ticrame suddenly ill while aboard the boat
in the Washington Channel last nfiht and was
brought ashore and sent to the Emergency Hos
pital in an ambulant HU condition is not
scriotu He is siatjr jears of age
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