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being the North Presbyterian the Ver
mont Avenue Christian Twelfth Street
Methodist Protestant Reformed Zlons
Lutheran St Pauls Lutheran First Bap
tist and the Luther riace Memorial At
the Keller Memorial Lutheran Church
watch night services were also held
Appropriate service was held at the
Metropolitan 31 E Church and from 10
to 11 special service was conducted by
Miss Jennie Smith national rallroid evan
gelist of the Woman3 Christian Temper
ance Union
At the Church of tho Immaculate Con
ception an orchestra assisted the choir In
rendering the programme prepared for the
midnight mass The altar and church were
profutely decorated Hadns Imperial
mass was sung by the quartette and full
choir of thlrty flvc voices under the di
rection of Mrs Clara Baker Smith As
the bells rang midnight Miss Mabel Lati
mer sang Bassinls O Salutaris
At Trinity Catholic Church the Rev
John Conway formerly vice rector of
Georgetown University delivered a ser
mon and a special musical programme
was rendered early in the evening by
Trinity choir under direction of George
At St Peters Catholic Church an un
usual musical programme was rendered
beginning early In the ecning and con
tinuing until half an hour cefore midnight
the time for the saying of solemn high
Among other churches In which lmpoi
Uint services were held are Epiphany
New York Avenue Presbyterian Ilamline
St Pauls and Westminster Memorial A
union meeting of the Christian Endeavor
Society of Mt Vernon and the McKendree
Epworth League was also held
Members of the Order of the Sons of
Jonadab met In their various council rooms
last night The early part of the nlgbt
was spent around tho altars In renewing
tho pledge and In singing songs that arc
dear to the order After midnight lunch
eon was served The councils meeting were
Pioneer Hope Centennial Good Will
Faith and Empire
llockcts nm Clnnt rrnch crn
Promptly at midnight the din incident to
the season broke out Giant crackers v ere
detonateu and rockets seared blue and
glittering paths through the dark sky
Church bells pealed and sacred strains
came from many choirs Steam whistles
and tin horns were blown
The observance of the night in other
American cities was much the same as in
Washington At Philadelphia proud old
Independence Bell rang out 123 the num
ber of years of American independence
and then rang the midnight hour In New
York and Baltimore there were public
illuminations parades and confetti war
fare At Boston trumpeters on the front
upper balcony of the State House saluted
the new year and century just as was
done with regard to tho eighteenth and
nineteenth centuries by trumpeters on
Beacon Hill In San Francisco a carnival
is in progress and in Buffalo the people
are celebrating the new year the new
century the centenary pf the founding of
the city and the year of the Pan-American
Hovr 3Xr McKlnley fe pent the Xnnt
liny or the Ceutary
This is the manner In which the
President of the -United States Brent
the last day of the last month of the
nineteenth century He aroso shortly af
ter 7 read the newspapers and break
fastedjjat S30 with Mrs McKlnley re
mainlng with her in the private apart
mentiof the White House until 10 oclock
JhetTne went to Ms office
From that time until 1130 he was busy
transacting tho routine business At 1130
Sol Smith Russell the actor called with
his sen and daughter and paid his re
spects He then saw Senators Lindsay
Mason Proctor Representative e Curtis
Representative White afid several others
At 1 oclock he was in consultation with
Secretary Root At 130 he lunched with
Mrs McKlnley and remained with her un
til 245 when they went driving and re
turned to the White House at i At 413
he was in his office and In consultation
with Secretary Ccrtelyou until 5 oclock
From 5 until 7 he rested At 7 dinner was
served Abner McKlnley the Presidents
brother came In at 830 At 10 the Presi
dent again went to his office and was busy
with matters for the remainder of tho
entury When the clock struck the hour
12 the President Abner McKlnley and
vetary Cortelyou were iojether In the
Vet room The first hing the Presl
dld in the twentieth century was to
trom the Cabinet room hrough the
rs and look out of one of tho front
l at the bright lights burning along
nue Then he walked back and
s brother secretary and those of
ive staff remaining at the White
t hat hour Happy New Year
tfffl Given liy tlie Itev Wal
bee lladcUITc
Tjt of the New York Avenue
- i f urch was taxed to Its
xrVmc t t the occasion being
-vices The full choir
Ntar T v T
rendered a num
In n g i -
OS- Just before the
fxrat cm
Dr valace Kad
a- toV
-eased the
ei i v
no text but In
ir Kf e
i e m B Lei U rt tak wltn hU
lr CTe3 EDUt
S s l t
j cv IV R 1 Let us look
-- nrW - - forward
n - nbe to fnure has Its
11 the past
- i T 1
- i i It posjble to
rfilJF Wont be
t nseyoan K vith your
closed v
Ton ran rpIrj
brewed fat the
when you ma - rt i
Maerzrti Senate
CSi Arlington Hot t line Co tor a cje of lieu-
WoncTrr what
will say today
Htippy New Year
Our Friends ani
Mertz tt Hfiertz
906 and 908 F Street H W
Tlielr reraonnlltlea RepnIIcil hy the
Iter Mr IllttliiRpr
A unique and interesting programme
filled out thx long hours of vigil last
night at the Westminster Presbyterian
Church The boys of the church have a
debating sciety known as the Senate of
the Republic and last night its members
entertained their friends by a discis3ion
of a number of pending bills among them
being a measure for the abolition of the
cigarette After the deliberations of the
embryo legislative body Rev Dr Blttin
ger delivered an Interesting adrcss on
Presidents I Have Known
His introductory remarks were address
ed particularly to the joung men of ihe
orpanization pointing out to them the pos
sibilities before them and the opportuni
ties for reaching positions of eminence
Illustrating his remarks he pointed to the
humble beginnings of nearly Ml of the
Presidents Jackson he said was an ap
prentice to a saddler William Henry
Harrison was born of humble parentage
In a log cabin Tyler was a plowman and
remained upon his fathers farm until
twenty four years of age Filmore was a
dyer Lincoln was a rail splitter Johnson
was a tailor and Grant was a tanner
Continuing he admonished the young men
that their futuro character and condition
lay in their own hands To succeed It Is
necessary to Improve every passing mo
ment and with the blessing of God there
is no honor to which a young man may
not aspire
Of the Presidents Dr Bittenger said
that he had known and shaken hands with
eighteen of the twenty four and yet be
had voted for none lie had seen all the
Presidents from Jackson to McKlnley In
narrating his first acquaintance with
President Jackson the speaker said that
he had been taken by his father who then
lived in Georgetown to the White House
on New Year Day to call upon the Presi
dent Upon that occasion the farmers of
Dutchess County New York presented
the Chief Magistrate with a large and
very strong cheese which the callers were
allowed to sample In those days the New
Year callers were treated to wine and
cake Dr Blttingcr told of a number of
Interesting incidents in the life of -Old
Hickory and called attention to the prog
ress and development of the country since
that day Jackson he said paid the na
tional debt now it aggregated more than
two billions of dollars He then spoke
of his recollections of Van Burcn and
the log cabin and hard cider campaign of
Tippecanoe and Tyler too In turn he
referred to the achievements of the Ad
ministrations of Tyler Polk Taylor ril
racrc Pierce Buchanan and Lincoln and
some of his personal recollections of each
Reviewing them generally he said
Pierce was the most devoted to religious
duty usually atf ending ciurch three times
en Sunday and frequently once during the
week Other good churchmen were Polk
Buchanan and Benjamin Harrison Of h11
the Presidents two were signers of he
Declaration of Independence and two
were signers of the Constitution twelve
were military men eleven had previously
been Senators William Heury Harrison
was the oldest and Grant the youngest
the average age was fifty four years
In religion one was a liberal rne
member of Dutch Reform one Consrega
tlonallst one belonged to the Christian
Church eight were Episcopalians four
Methodists and eight Presbyterians Of
nativity he said Virginia furnished seven
Ohio Ave Massachusetts two New Jersey
two North Carolina three New York two
and Kentucky Pennsylvania New Hamp
shire and Vermont each one eight wrre
re elected two served In Congress after
having been President Johnson In the
Senate and John Quincy Adams in tbo
St rnlrlcUM Church Croivili il nt
nleht feerilcea
Solemn Mgh mass at midnight in every
Catholic church In Washington ushered in
the new year and the twentieth century
At St Patricks solemn high pontifical
mass by the Papal Delegate Mgr Mar
tlnclll was celebrated at midnight The
presence of the Archbishop lent an added
impresslveness to the service
St Patricks was crowded from chancel
rail to vestibule doors while outside
stood a great crowd unable to obtain ad
mittance which was by ticket only
Tho interior of the church was under
rated save at the altar which was bankeJ
high with palms Long rows of white
candles rising above each other shaped the
wlyle scheme of decoration into a pyra
mid which was surmounted by a crystal
star Small electric lights were strung
among the palms and when lighted at the
opening of the mass the effect wa3 an
unusually brilliant one
Mgr Martinelll was celebrant of the
mass He was assisted by Fathers Dolan
and Maloney as deacon and subdeacon
Fafner Lltche and Mr Montevan deacons
of honor Dr Stafford and Mr William
Shreve masters of ceremonies Rev Dr
Rocker of the apostolic delegation
preached the sermon which was on The
Mutable and Permanent Elements in the
Nineteenth Century
The full choir assisted by a string or
chestra End directed by Mr Armond Gum
precht rendered Gounods Messe Solo
nelle Solos were sung by Mr Melville
Hcnscy tenor Mrs Mattingly Rogers so
prano Miss Mamie Grant contralto and
Mr Gottschlld basso
Sons mill Prayer Clone the Yeur mid
Open the
St Teters Church at the corner of Sec
ond and C Streets southeast was crowded
to overflowing on the occasion of the sol
emn midnight high mass Tho church was
tastefully decorated and the sanctuary was
surrounded by a mass of palms flowers
and a sea of light which combined to
make the aspect highly effective and In
Half an hour before the midnight bells
rang out the old and ushered In the New
Year and century a service of sacred mu
sic as a farewell to the parting century
was rendered consisting of Oh Holy
Night soprano solo and chorus Buck-
- tennr solo Adam
ary of tho church
The pastor of the church Rev James M
OBrien celelrated the mass and was sup
ported by Rev John L Sullivan who
acted as deacon and Itov Philip B Mc
Gulre as subdeacon An augmented choir
rendered a Epeclal programme of raas3
music Rev Father McCuiro preached the
sermon Trank Waltcnmeyer acted as
master of ceremonies
This morning at 930 oclock solemn high
iriss will be celebrated by Rev Father
OSulllvan who Is visiting here from Ohio
It will be sung by a male choir under the
direction of Rev J L Sullivan of St
Apiiroprlnte Serlcc MnrU the CIox
InR of the Century
New Year Eve services were well at
tended at the Epiphany Church By 11
oclock tho hour set for the commence
ment of the service nearly every 3cal
In the church was occupied The Christ
mas decorations had not been removed
and the Interior of the church presened
a very pretty appearance Tho text
chosen by Rov Dr McKIm was We bring
one year to an end as It were a tile that
was told His remarks were in the na
ture of a review of the progress made
during the paat one hundred years The
doctor spoko of the prosperity of tho past
and what nght be expected In the fu
ture Music appropriate to the ocrj3ien
was sune by the congregation
The Old World Celeln aiions of the
Passing of 1000
Ispeclnl Ceromimles In London
crinoii of IVsIiiNm nml 0i
timlom Irom llu Inlplt OIinctv
luicfn nl lnri ntil ltonte Thr Ani
trnllnn IVileriitioit coiiiioemornteil
LONDON Jan 1 The farewell to the
century in London was quite unscnsatlon
al and with the exception of the special
turn given the services In the churches
and chapels the end did not differ notice
ably from the last day of any year The
crowd which ordinarily gathers on New
Years Eve outside St Pauls Cathedral
was perhaps larger than usual but nobody
seemed to have regarded the occasion In
any way as solemn Singing bawling
cheering horseplay and whisky tippling
occupied the unorganized mob until St
Pauls clock struck midnight when after
a big straggling cheer the groups broke
Into fitful singing of Auld Lang Syne
after which they separated noisily
The bulk of the crowd was made up of
shouting youths roughs and policemen
but there were a considerable number of
respectable persons present vainly hoping
there would be some organized recognition
of the unique event of their lives These
went home disappointed feeling that the
opportunity had been wasted
There was a special service at St Pauls
at 7 oclock in the evening experifnee
having shown the hopelessness of trying
to exclude the riotous debauched clement
from the midnight service Those who in
tended the evening service will probably
recall it as one of the most solemn occa
sions of their lives The vast congrega
tion followed the service with the most
reverent attention and Joined heartily In
the familiar hymns
Tne Rev Arthur Mason canon of Can
terbury preached an appropriate sermon
His tone was hopeful He rejoiced in the
general Improvement of humanity as com
pared with the conditions prevailing at
the beginning of the century with the ex
ception of gambling and sexual Immoral
ity which he said were increasing un
The service at Westminster Abbey was
less well attended Canon Gore preached
a peslmlstic sermon He said the century
was closing amid widespread sense of dis
appointment and anxiety on the part of
those who cared most for the truth and
The great movements of the century
from which man had hoped so much had
resulted in disillusion Social and religious
progress had been small The dominant
cry In Great Britain was for empire which
doubtless might be made to cover a noble
spirit of patriotism but now only served
to exalt the worship of our unregenerate
British selves He preessed to place his
hepe In Christianity but he considered that
neither the national church the Catholics
nor non Conforml3ts had succeeded In pen
etrating the stolid 1 difference
Services were general in London and
the provinces
PARI3 Jan 1 The new century was
not accorded any special solemn welcome
here Tho weather was damp and the
outdoor rejoicing fathered by the munici
pal council did not differ from the usual
celebration The Hotel De Vllle was Illu
minated and the band of the municipal
guard played outside Inside the council
ors drank toasts to each other and the
new era
At midnight mass was celebrated in the
Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Mont
maltre while the great bell solemnly sa
luted the new century There were masses
In many other churches A hundred thou
sand francs will be distributed among the
poor today by the municipality
ROME Jan 1 The year end fetes were
little different from those of previous
vears The principal popular features of
New Years eve here la a dinner the di
mensions of which are frequently Incom
patible with health The sacred services
however boro added solemnity Most of
the churches were open until midnight
when their bells and tho3e of the capital
unitedly welcomed the new century
The most imposing and most interest
ing religious ecremeny was held in the
ancient catacombs of Domitilla Tho func
tion was splendid in tho extreme The
subterranean basiclla was beautifully dec
orated In honor of the dead The services
were Impressively grand A midnight mass
at SL Peters was largely attended The
Pope celebrated mass privately In his own
chapel A salvo of 101 guns from Castle
San Angclo ushered In the new century
SYDNEY N S W Jan 1 To the
Hplfi of Australia the dawn of the iew
ctnturyls chiefly noteworthy as witness
ing the birth of their long expected fed
eration This city Is full of visitors for
todays Inauguration fete The houses and
public buildings are decorated and there
is much tnthuslasm Prime Minister Bar
ton will preside today at the first meeting
of the Tederal Cabinet one of whose first
subjects of discussion will probably be
the homo Governments request for more
mounted troops for service In South
Tho great feature of tiio day however
will be a great five mile procession from
tho Government House to Centennial
Park where the Earl of Hopetoun will be
sworn in as Governor General of the new
commonwealth It Is estimated that half
a million persons will be able to witness
the ceremony and Join in tho singing of
tho 100th psalm to the accompaniment of
the massed bands The festivities will be
prolonged for a week during which busi
ness will be virtually stopped
Iitlliililne I mler
thO UUVtMullii i i
dlunapolis manufacturer and shipped to
Manila Philippine Islands for use in the
postal service there Tho desk was largo
enough to mako a dining tabic for five or
six people and weighed as much as a
piano It was wrapped in heavy Jute by
the manufacturers and delivered to tho
postofllce here where it was started on its
long Journey An official envelope of the
Postofllce Department was pasted on the
top with tho address of a Government of
ficer at Manila
If the Government had been required to
pay 2 cents for each half ounce the price
of ordinary first cUss mail the postage on
the dsk would have been more than the
cost of the desk at the factory By send
ing It by mail the cost of traufporiatlon
was saved by the Government
Oeenn MenniKhlp enicntn
NEW YORK Dec 31 United
States transport Rawlins Santiago trans
port McClellan San Juan Pretoria Ham
burg Standcndani Rotterdam Kansas
City Queenstown Arrived out Kaiser
Wilhelm II from New York at Naples
CW A M P t E0t commendtd o
SYYnilll tifrjthinc but if you lit
r rT tfdnry liter or bladder
KUU 1 trouble It will be found Juit
tbe remedy yot reed At drugziiu in fiur
cent end dollar tiles You may hive imile
buttle ot ttla worderlul new discovery by null
Iree also iiatnrhlet lellln all about Is and lu
great rurea
iiMrru Dr Kilmer 4 Co Olcitaroton N T
A Denfcnliitc Jlln Valient in the Twen
tieth Century
NEW YORK Dec 31 The largest
crowd that ver assembled In and around
the cltJ hall park was gathered there to
night tcf see the old century out and the
new century In It broke all records of
tho rast great as some of these records
have been
Whatever preparation the police had
made to keep the streets clear were over
whelmed as an irresistible flood Wo
men were buffeted pushed hauled tram
pled upon until they were fainting Inert
bodies In the arms of their escorts Num
bers of trem were dragged by almost su
perhuman efforts Into some of the stores
along Park Row where with their clothes
half torn off they were resuscitated with
such restoratives as were at hand
The ceremonies prescribed In ho city
hall programme were carried out to the
letter They were very simple and the
big crowd gathered about and In the old
building to witness them gave but per
functory attention to everything save the
It was 1013 when Randolph Guggen
helmcr president of the council formally
opened the proceedings with a short speech
Sousas Bahd out on tho steps before the
main entrance was the first Indication to
the big crowd that tho show was really
The music got to be an old story even
to those who were up close to the reser
vation limits and they fell back upon the
tin horns to relieve their feelings When
the splendid singing of the Choral Union
began with America there was a slight
hush In the tootlnc In the immediate vi
cinity and there was a decent hush when
the Star Spangled Banner followed But
tills was the limit The horns broke loose
And such a din It swept everything
before it The singers might as well have
been whistling In the teeth of a blizzard
when they tried to make themselves heard
in the final Hallelujah Chorus which
began when the nineteenth century had
about ten minutes life left This lasted
until one minute before 12 oclock when
It ceased and then everyone knew that
the moment had come The uproar that
then broke loose made what had gone be
fore seem a dead silence In comparison
Above the racket of the horns and shouts
there came suddenly the heavy booming of
a great steam whistle and that was the
first of the real New Year new century
outbreak Then tho fireworks were let
loose andin the crash and roar of the
bombs ana the tooting and the shouts you
could Just make out that Sousas Band was
there trying to say something about Old
acquaintances being forgot in the days of
Old Lang Sync
And that was the way tho new century
came to New York by way of th city hall
Cloalnc Tear nml Century landed
With Irnycr anil Sonit
The coming of a century was marked
last night at the Central Union Mission
by appropriate watch night service
Many friends of the mission were as
sembled in the main auditorium to watch
the century and the old year die A num
ber of speakers addressed the meeting
until the midnight hour Today will be
a glad New Year Day at the mission fop
hundreds of the poor the hungry pad
the needy will be welcomed about the
festive board to partake of an annual
Those who attended the services last
night were impressed with the solemnity
of the occasion and nearly all remained
until the close of the meeting after mid
night The speakers were Messrs Pratt
Tyler Robblns Swartwout Wood Brown
Boycc Youm and Wheeler th last
named closing the services with prayer
A series of evangelistic services has
been arranged for today beginning at
noon and continuing until 930 p m From
1 to 5 oclock also a repast will lie served
All who come in the main dining hill of
the mission over which the ladies of the
Womens Band attached to the mf33t n
will preside More than three hundred of
the needy are expected to partake of this
Among those who will assist about the
various tables and are members of the
Womens Baud are Mrs H B F Macfar
land Mrs Sarah B Carrlgan Mrs Clara
and Miss Kraft Mrs E I Clayton Mrs
William Arnold Mrs John E Paul Mrs
J A Edgar Mrs Belt and others Each
guest wille given a button bearing rn
appropriate motto and a Happy New
Another feature of the entertainment
today is the New Year reception to Le
tendered friends of the mission by its
board of directors and the Womens Bnd
This has been set for noon to continue
until S oclock In tho evening
Mimlter nml Sliest IZiiterOiiiuMl
Willi JL 31lliiclll PruKrmiime
The members of the Concordia Club
Sixth and E Streets greeted the new cen
tury with song and good cheer last night
Thecardi issued to their numerous iricmls
Invited them to a twentieth century
watch meeting and long before the hour
of midnight the cozy music room of the
club house was well filled On the hour
the incmbt rs and guest3 greeted each
other with ihe Happy New Year and
from thence to an early hour music aril
song and fun reigned
A very attractive programme com
prising local and professional talent under
the direction of Mr Harry Wolf was pre
sented Among those who contributed to
the enjoyment of the occasion were Hon
Simon Wolf who delivered an address
lu his usual happy manner Me3srs II
Hunlein M E Kahn Mandolin Club
Messrs Becker and VogeUtern B Got
trell and W Morsell coon songs Lou
Green tramp Juggler sketch C F Beck
ley recitation Solomon and Deford
songs Garner and Miller Shackelford
coon songs and Messrs J C Taylor Eil
111 i HI - 1
lie lotKeii i
The first rrrest made by the police in
the twentieth century was that of Henry
Tlttis who vhs taken to the First pre
cinct stalionWTolBUcn Catts and Ein
mert at 120 ock Tlttls Issaid to
have had a iVldvcr and was In the sec
tion below Pennsylvania Avenue north
west when afested
William L Matthews celebrated the
birth of thorncw century by blowing a
monster hornat Eighteenth and L Streets
northwest He was ai rested by Third
p eciuct policemen and deposited S3 col
lateral for his appearance iu court to
Alphoise Wells and William Jones
jomg colored bnvH vere the first guests
at the House of Detention after the old
century had tjin They arc charged with
petiy larceny and were arrested by Po
llcejun Wright of the Second precinct
stat en n few minutes after 12 odock
Si Mil vim v Piinvrvriij
vmW ll of tlioii wnd wltt luie ued
CliamKilahlS CourIi llilneili fr lulilo ami U
gnpni iluriic le la1 few lu olr kroi 1
ciIrp It a misl lJ riMillfl m iriemuonU
Then MmtflM - - Waluli Vienuc CM
rajco Vtv nf the inet jiutnimnt retail riruirslts
in tiki it m ftelkl lid
rn ominid liirUriainCil li Iteinrli for la
Rnpiirin njiiy rani uiii njt ili Kivi t iirumiit
and tiiuiiMi uury 1 ali nuntrraiU ony
tender ot Ii El- J litii uiB
Fr rlc h Ibi v Ka i jI nd r tail
atil ul duitfit
Jeneral Harrison Before the Co
lumbia Club Indianapolis
The Western liemtphere the llepnb
ilenn Ilnlf of the Knrth Vi Place
for he Ionip or Itoynlty llvoln
tlon of the Free Amerlenn Deenp
ltnllon for Our Kx irrililenf
INDIANAPOLIS Dec 31 The palatial
homo of the Columbia Club the swell Re
publican club of this city and State and
which comprises within Its membership
nearly every Republican of prominence In
Indiana was dedicated tonight with ap
propriate ceremonies the structure having
been recently remodeled at a cost of 200
0CO The dedication was made the occasion
for a banquet with speeches by
Harrison United States Senators
Fairbanks and Beveridge Representatives
Overstreet and others Mr Harrison re
sponded to the toast Hail Columbia
and said in part
Columbia should have been the name
of the Western Hemisphere the republi
can half of the world the hemisphere
without n king on the ground the re
served world whero God sent the trodden
spirits of men to be revived to find where
all things were primitive mans prlmltlvc
Royal prerogatives are plants that re
quire a walled garden to defend them
from the wild free growths that crowd
and climb upon them Pomp and laced
garments arc incongruous in the brush
Danger and hardship are commoners The
man In front Is the captain the royal
commission to the contrary notwithstand
ing The platoon and volley firing by the
word would not do the open order one
man to a tree firing at his own will and
at a particular savage wai better Out
of this ami like calls to do things upon hit
own initiative the free American was
born He thought he might get along
with kings and Imperial parliaments If
they were benevolent and did and al
lowed what he wished but they were for
ever doing their own pleasure as the way
of absolutism always Is And so he found
it necessary first to remonstrate and
then to resUt
The speaker then referred to the colo
nial charters which he said were irre
vocable grants but the kings and parlia
ment held otherwUe and continued
I estimate the gift of the governing fac
ulty to be Gods greatest gift to the Anglo-Saxon
and in the Constitution of the
United States Jth its diversions of pow
ers its limitations upon the governing
departments and Its sublime reservations
In the Interests of Individual liberty I see
the highest achievement of that most rare
I have no argument to make here or
anywhere against territorial expansion
but I jlo not as some do look to expan
sion as the safest or most attractive ave
nue of national development By the ad
vantages of abundant and cheap coal and
Iron of an enormous surplus of food prod
ucts and of Invention and economy In pro
duction we are now leading by a nose the
oriirlna and the greatest of the colonizing
nations Australa and New Zealand loy
ally send their contingents to South Af
rica but Great Britain cannot hold the
trade of her colonies against American
offerings of a better or cheaper product
The Central and South American States
assured of our purpose not only to re
spect but to defend their autonomy and
finding the peace and social order which
a closer and larger commercial inter
course with the world will bring offer to
our commerce a field the full development
of which will realize the Eldorado Hail
to Columbia the home of the free and
from which only freedom can fo out
After paying a tribute to the Columbia
Club he concluded
The decapitation of the ex Presidents
when the oath of ofhee has been admin
istered to his successor would greatly
vivify a somewhat tiresome ceremonial
And we may some time solve the news
paper problem what to do with our ex
Ircsideuts in that conclusive way Until
then I hope an ex President may be per
mitted to live somewhere midway between
the house of the gossip and the crypt of
the mummy He will know perhaps in
an especial way how to show the highest
honor to the Presidential ofllee and the
most courteous deference to tho Presi
dent Upon great questions however es
pecially upon questions of constitutional
law- you must give an ex President his
freedom or the axe and it is too late to
give me the axe
Any Democratic friends who may share
vour hospitality tonight will pardon me
for saying to any of them who have cist
beguiling looks toward me that the Demo
cratic party has never been less attractive
than now No plan of reorganization sug
gests itself to me exdpt that suggested
by a waggish lieutenant of my regiment
to a captain whose platoons were Invert
ed He said Captain If 1 were In your
place I would break ranks and have the
orderly call the roll Perhaps even this
hopeful programme may fall for an Inabil
ity to agree as to the roll and as to the
Gentlemen of the Columbia Club I
congratulate you upon the opening of this
magnificent clubhouse and thank you with
a full heart for your mmy acts of kind
r iiit f siiir rrive
Dec 31 The army
iv ed today from Ma
ge passenger list and
soldiers Among tho
Jge were Henry Clan
cico a inn he bind of the Forty-
seventh Infantry Carl Miller private
Company K Thirteenth Infantry Harry
P Miller corporal Company F Thirty
ninth infantry and John McCoII chief
cook of the Grant
Of tho dead soldiers ninety six died of
smallpox There were on bonrd seventy
nine discharged soldiers fortj flve pris
oners civilians connected with the
army and three press correspondents
Among the army officers wero Capts
Maxwell 8 Slmp on J D Carr and
Charles H McGco of the Twenty ninth
Infantry First Lieuts J S Switzer of
the Fourth Cavalry Weston P Chamber
lain and Lloyd England of the Third Ar
tillery and Thomas Ryan Fortieth Vol
unteer Infantry and Drs Allle W Wil
liams W U Slemen George R White
It M Thorhliurgh and Ira A Allen
Civil IZliiplo ei Not iempt
The Judge Advocate General of the Navy
h ii decided that civilian employes at the
United Stales navy yards and stations are
not exempt from Jury duty He holds
however that such persons should bo ex
cused in case their employment as Jurors
interfered with the public service
Talc laxative riromo Quinine Tablets All
rnBlt refund the money II it taila to cure
C Crovc jsnaturc H on h box 15c
LoralUte of Cape Colony Aakcd ia
Ilepel the lloer Ini niton
LONDON Dec 31 The end of the year
finds the British with their hands as full
as ever In South Africa and the outlook
does not encourage the hope of a speedy
endtng of tho trouble Concurrently with
General Kitcheners admission that the
Boer Invzacru nr steadily pushing south
botlTtn the eastern and western pcrts ot
the Cape Colony comes the announcement
from Cape Town that the Government haa
summoned the civilians to arms
The appeal is addressed to the loyalist
inhabitants of twenty seven districts In
the Colony Including Cape Town Itself
and they are asked to assist the military
forces In repelling the Invasion by the
formation ot a paid defence force Be
yond this there is virtually no news ot
the actual situation In the Colony
The full story of the Helvetia disaster
has not yet been told The newspapers
here are remarkably Indulgent In their
comments despite the loss of a blc 47
gun and the capture of a position mat is
officially described as very strong
The details of the affair at the Vaal
Station briefly reported by General Kitch
ener on December 2D show that the Boers
derailed a supply train and captured five
wagon loads of provisions They set fire
to what they could not remove Three of
the trains escort were wounded and ten
were captured besides the engineer fire
man and guard Other troops pursued the
Bcrsr but only exchanged s lots with their
rear guard and tho burghers got clear
with their booty
After a Commniiilo Which Ileceutly
Derailed a Train
DURBAN Natal Dec 31 Advices from
Delagoa Bay show It is believed there
that General Carrlngton Is pursuing to
ward Swaziland a commando which re
cently derailed a train
There are Immense timber accumula
tions here It Is expected that with Im
perial management of the railroads there
will bo active harbor and other develop
ments here
General Baden Powell has arrived at
Pletermarltzburg He has been the re
cipient of a number of gifts from ad
mlrera The people of Durban gave him
a gold shield set with a valuable diamond
His visit excited much enthusiasm
niudc the nrltlsh nml DninnKC Cnpc
Colony ItnilrnndM
LONDON Dec 31 General Kitchener
In a despatch dated Fretorta Dec 31 re
ports that a small part ot the Bn 3 in
vading tho eastern part of the Cape Colony
have broken through the British lines and
gone in a southwesterly direction They
crossed tho railway between Bangor and
Sherberne damiging the line General
Williams column Is follOAlcg them
The western Invaders passed the Carnar
von and Victoria West road on tho morn
ing of December 30 going south They
were closely followed by Generals Thorne
cruft and De Lisle Very few colonists are
Joining the Invaders Hertzogs men arc
dropping worn horses
Kit n nc Ilsn and he Dmvnser Think
the DemnmlN llmiillintlnfr
SHANGHAI Dec 31 It 13 learned on
good authority that the Emperor and Dow
ager Empress became very angry when the
demands of the Powers as contained In
the preliminary note were submitted to
them by LI Hung- Chang and Prince Chlng
They thought that the Towers had taken
advantage of Chinas present condition to
exact humiliating term3
It Is the general opinion here among
Chineo merchants and officials that the
conditions laid down will greatly Increase
the anti foreign feeling and give in
creased opportunity to the secret societies
to foment sedition It Is held that the old
authority Is discountenanced and dis
graced while no adequate provision for
new authority Is substituted
Tho Cblness commissioners have verbal
ly Informed the foreign Ministers of the
thrones assent to tho demands but the
official document has not yet been pre
There is some local acitation over the
reported arrest made by Chinese officials
In the foreign settlements here The af
fair Is quite unimportant and any alarm
over it Is groundless The agitation was
impired by the man arrested who was
decoyed from the settlements before he
was taken Into custody
The Vloit nlsitHtroiiH Freshets for n
Uunrter nf n Century
LONDON Dec 3 There have been ab
normal rains In England following a pro
longed wet period Thi3 has caused the
most serious floods in a quarter of a cen
tury In tho middle and western counties
Hundreds ot houses arc Isolated manu
factories stopped railways washed out
and h adreds of head of livestock drowned
Worcestershire Leicestershire Warwick
shire Gloucestershire and Somersetshire
arp among tho worst sufferers The Avon
River at Bath Is fourteen Teet above its
normal level
To ChnrKe Defamation of Chnrneter
Anlnst Ilavniilln Mnjor
IIWAXA Dec 3 Mr Dadys lawyers
say that they will commence an action
against Mayor Rodriguez for defamation
of character becauso of the latter aylns
that Mr Dady tried to obtain the con
tract for sewering and paving the city
by Illegal means
They will alo prosecute the mayor on the
charge that he misrepresented Mr Dadys
case to the civil governor by suppressing
a certain paragraph In tho communication
from General Wood to the city council
which paragraph Mr Dadys lawyers
claim would have had material Influence
In the case
Many ot the councllmea are very much
incensed against Mayor Rodriguez for ve
toing tne conditions of the contract One
of the causes which assisted Mr Dady
In getting the city council on his side Is
the unpopularity of the engineers depart
ment wlh all parties of the Cubans The
Cuhars have alwavs claimed that that de
pamnent wasted hundreds of thousands of
dollars of Cuban money in the unnecessary
cleaning of Havana and other temporary
Civil Governor Nunez says that he has
net decided the question regarding Mr
Dailys ultimate rights but merely whether
tho mayor had the right to veto the reso
lution of tne council under tho circum
The Cheque HniiU to Suspend
LONDON Dec 31 At a meeting of the
shareholders of the Cheque Bank today it
was agreed to go Into voluntary liquida
tion and wind up the business of the con
cern There was only one dissenting
The Jlore You llne the More You
spend unless you deposit the surplua aura from
temptation ftart a uwnsa account at the l niou
S jniiKS Uank 1222 f Street
specjrLV KencKS
THE DE5CENIiiSTS cf Elizabeth Wl
wife of John Wlie who died at Alex
nndrlfl Vlrclnlft In 114 beAftsamei
thing to their advantage by tot i MaWaMinc
with a W CRAMER Attoriey
Piedmont W Va Hl StAtv
whereabouts ot H JosephlVi OouMfcttSiJ
dauchter of Jerome Whitney anvIdomfjvf f 1
William Gould deceased Xti4u 6t
ot the Capital Traction Company fori
the election of directors will De neia
th nfflr nf ih romnanv Union Pas
senger Station on WEDNESDAY THE
The poll3 will be opened at 1030 a crl
and closed at 1 p m O T UUSbur
C M KOONE3 Secretary
Rooms SOS and 509 Fifth floor tho
Evening Star Building AH parties
wishing to furnish accommodations to
visitors during tho inaugural are re
quested to call at headquarters or send
description of quarters statins number
of persons that can be supplied with
rooms with and without meals etc also
list of prices per day
Public Comfort Committee
de2S lmoiem
Real Estato and Perfect Titles
Parties who failed to pay 1S33 taxes and
whose property was sold can protect them
from maturing to a deed and loss ot prop
erty by calling at the office of WASHING
Louisiana Avenue northwest city
nolg tfem
Upon the opening of ItJ DIUSnT EX
CHAXGES at Capitol Hill ind Ceorzt
town on or about December 1 THB
rnONE COMPANY will install UNUN
circuits eq jipped with m distance ia
ftruments in residences only at
-13 per Tear U parties on each
Message liate Telephones on metafile
circuits equipped with long distance In
struments In residences only will be
furnished at
tJSO per year or COO ontTrard
calls O parties on each circuit
For full jnrtlcnlars In rejard to On
above and to other new rates apply to
tbe Contract Department 613 ltth st
nw Telephone 1S03 Jal lmo
Theres Life in Every Drop ot Pure
lie srre you set the riajht brand look for the
label OROXOCO For sale only by
Dont HcsiteiB
To Send Laundry
to us because we Ire it our
beat attention We i f flte In ad
vance to pleae XOUP as we please
thousand- of pur patrons whose
laundry we bare done for years
Domestic flnbll on shirt and
nur fafcous Anti swear button
holes m collar Phone or postal
gets quick response-
American Plan
European Plan
C A WISDECK Proprietor
Corner 14th and H Sts NW
II is Wise to Meet
danger boldly and rely upon others experience
vho have found Warners Safe Cure amuse far
Liver troublea
A Virginia Oflicinl Takes the Lrtvr
Into III Own Hands
TtlCIIMOXD Va Dec 31 J E Bren
ner vva3 yesterday horsewhipped through
the streets of Emporia Va7 by Sergt
Samuel Robinson of that town It wasTrej
ported to the sergeant that Brenner who
was engaged la railroad work near by wa3
living with a negro woman on Uraball
Street He at once went o investigate
carrying a horsewhip with hm He found
Brenner in the vomans room and ordered
him to leave at once
Ill not do It replied Brenner I
have committed no crime Get out your
As a reply the sergeant began to rain
blows on Brenner with his whip and the
latter having no weapons sought safety
in flight The sergeant lashed his man
through the streets of the town well out
Into the country and then stopped becauso
he was winded Brenner returned to town
secured a good lawcr and had Robinson
up before Mayor Piersous Public senti
ment was all with the sergeant and the
scene in court was a disorderly one Tho
mayor however wa3 of tho opinion that
the official Tiad taken the law In his own
hands In an unwarranted manner He
therefore fined him 30
nClSE On Minilar December St 1000 at 10
a n ANNIK IIEIb K widow ot the late J C
lleie in the seventieth ear of her ace
Kuneral from her late residence Myrtle Street
northeast Wednesday January 2 11 at 3 p m
Friends and relatives invited It
JEN KIXS Entered into rest Monday December
51 1M at 0 a m INDIANA beloved wie
of Jefferson Jenkins alter a hnscnaj illne
nhich she bore uith Christian fortitude
Another one las pone
To divell with him who gave
Another loving mother
Is sheltered in the grave
God needed one more ancl
To join his iihininc band
And so he bent with lovin smile
And clasped our Annas hand
Dy Her Father an i Mother
Through all her suffering she smiled
A smile o heavenly birth
And when the angels aid come home
hc smiled farewell to earth
Ry Her Husband and Children
Funeral from lur parents residence IKS Four
ami a half Street southwcit Tuesdar January 1
trot at 330 p m Friends and relatives invited
to attend It
ATWELL On vionuav uecemDcr 31 im at ner I
late resilience 1O03 Florida Avenue northeast 1
JOSEPHINE H beloved wife of Chester W At
well and djushter of John and nnie Kraft In
ia tiTntrfourth vear ot her aire
Funeral will UVe place Wednesday January
1101 at II a m from Holy Xatne Church
it Chicago papers please copy
CROW LEY Suddenly at 12 noon on Ifondjy
December 31 19CO at the residence ot her parents
loved and eldest child of Joseph J and Annie M
Crowley nee OConnor in the eighth year of
her happy life
Notice of funeral hereafter ile31 2tcra
ImlertnUcr anil Livery
Sj Tenn Ave N W Washington D O

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