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Wishes Hopes and Expectations of National and Dis
trict Officials and Business Men
Everybody wishes that the new century
shall bring blessings to th world that
wrong and ell 3hall go cut and that Jus
tice and good shall enter Many etpre3l
the hope that wars may cease and that
such disputes as may arise between na
tions shall be adjusted without the shed
ding of bood Many who do not cxpies3
this hope impl it
The general spirit expressed by men in
public and private life is that there shall
prevail throughout the world peace on
earth good will to men Many spek
with an assurance which is more than
hope that great good is to conic end It
Is pointed out that as the world has
grown better so will it continue to grow
The elevation of the material and spirit
ual condition of man will they bcllcc go
Literature In Its various forms Includ
ing the press will continue to exercise its
sway oer the minds of men quickening
the sense of right touching the svrapa
thles and calling upon the mind and heart
Men hope that the multiplication of books
may go on and that as we pity the lack
of facilities suffered by our ancestors so
may our posterity pity us
It Is the wish of some that medical and
surgical science will develop till diseases
now reckoned as incurable will no longer
cause a fear and that death from acci
dent shall be minimized and longevity of
man increased
Some hope that the barriers of language
and national prejudice will be broken
down and that all men will be brothers
The Ircxlilcntx Wlnh
President McKinley through his secre
tary Mr Cortelyou said A wish for
the peace of the nation and the content
ment happiness and prosperity of all the
Secretary Root My immediate wish Is
for the speedy passage of the Army bill
in order that the department nj net the
volunteers home in time for their dis
charge As for anything further my
wishes are so many that it would be
difficult to find one which is paramount
Secretary Gage We will this vear en
deavor as we alwas have to maintain
the monetary and financial system of the
United States on a perfectly and solid
basis and strengthen it whenever such a
thing can be accomplished
Postmaster General Smith The exten
sion of rural free delivery and the coi
rection of the abuses in second class mat
ter will receive the special attention of
the PostofSce Department during the first
j ear of the new century I hope that at
the close of the year very few of the In
habitants of the United States will le
without free postal delivery The depart
ment has given Its sanction to no more
Important improvement to the service in
many years Legislation Is desired to
curtail improper second class privileges
The PostofQce Department however wIl
proceed to effect extensive changes In the
present administration of the scrvee
within the authority given by the exlslng
Minister Wu tlng Fang My New Year
greetings were those of peace and good
will toward the whole world In general
and the great United States in particular
As far as the twentieth century is con
cerned we all are living in the same age
the only difference is in the naming of it
The ntionN Law ainkerN
Senator Allison The coming century
presents so many vast problems with
which we will have to deal that nothing
hut the progress of time can tell what
the developments will be I only hope for
the very best that can happen
Senator Proctor My wish for the com
ing century Is that the great nations of
the world such as the United States Eng
land Germany Russia and France will
continue the work they have already be
gun In developing civilizing and bring
ing to a condition of progress equal to
ihelr own the smaller and weaker na
tions of the world as we are doing in tho
Philippines England and Germany are
doing In Africa and Russia is doing In
Senator Thurston I think that one of
the first great questions which will be de
cided during the first year of the new cen
tury will be the election of Senators by
popular vote I hope to sec the Fifty
Senatcr Barry The greatest achieve
ment which lies before the world is tbe
complete establishment of Justice
Representative Allen of Maine I hope
the coming century may be one of peaco
and moral and intellectual progress
Representative Barney I hope that the
American Republic may grow- in strength
and greatness during the twentieth cen
tury as during he nineteenth
Representative Berry Let us trust to
that supreme power whose will sways
all things above and below that public
opinion will so evolve along lines of equity
and fair pla that it will bo impossible for
one man to do Injury to another
Representative Cannon- I would have
it come to pass that all members of the
Committee on Appropriations and all their
successors and tho members of all other
committees of the House and their succes
zots and all members rf the Senate will
have the courage to repress every ten
dency toward extravagance In public af
Representative May the twen
tieth century witness the development of
a spirit of moderation In all the things of
life till intemperance of ecry kind shall
bo no more
Representative Cox- The twentieth
century like every other century that has
come and gone since time was will take
care of itself We arc creatures of des
tiny We must obey the supreme will I
hope many of the errors common in thc
nineteenth century will not be repeated in
the twentieth
Representative Dick Let us have peace
on earth good will to men
Representative Esch As the world Is
uuliEB te
trtBS rXyi L irEJveJt 1
a me Dest and
tyl ach trouble Is
the Bitters
This excellent
medicine nev
er falls to cure
Constl nation
SB Indigestion
i J Djjeuaiu
y Biliousness
Ilvcr and
Try it and be
getting better my wish is that tho good
work may continue
Representative Glynn Speed the com
ing of the time when one political party
will not want the earth
Rcpiescntative Grout Mav ovcryman
in the twentieth century do Ills duly to
himself and his neighbor May every
twentieth century man obey tho Golden
Representative Jelf May the people
who govern and who shall all come after
us strive to carry out in this Republic
the ideals of Its fathers
Representative Kitchin I hope that
the great problems that now Irritate us
shall be rightly solved and that no other
perplexing problems shall come upon us
Representative Lorlmer Let us have
a sjstem of legislation wherein it wi l be
Impossible to ruin one mans bus ncss
that another mans business may Le made
more prosperous
Representative Davis I wish that the
twentieth century may bring plenty to all
mankind and that northers may stay
away from Florida
the District UlUe inlx
II B F Macfarland President of the
Board of District Commissioners I
would like to wish every man woman
and child in the District of Columbia
happiness which comes of unselfish hv
ing under a constant trust in God Happy
Is the people whose God ls the Lord
I wish for the District of Columbia
all that it needs to make it in every way
a capital wormy or the greatest nation
gin an improvement of the District which
will go on throughout thc new icnairy
and will make this the most splendid Capi
tal In the world I hone and telief
that the posts supporting thc same may
be of the same service to the citizen who
wends his way home In the wee small
hours as that so ably portrajed by the
comic artists
George S Wilson Secretary to thc Board
of Charities May the new year afford
some evidence that thc time will come
when prisons and poorhouses will be need
ed ro more
The CoinmlNlonrrs eeretnrles
Dr William Tindall Secretary to the
Board of Commissioners I wish the
English language contained a prcnoua of
common gender and then I wish that
everyone had Just enough work to keep
him her or It comfortably busy with
high wages Labor is ownership the
wild bee is singing but she sings to a
better purpose when there is plenty of
honey In sight
Clifford Howard Assistant Secretary of
the Board of Commissioners It would
prove to me a source of personal gratifi
cation If during the ccjnlng year some cne
in authority would have the roof remoied
from the tower of the city postofilce
Such a roof on a battlemcnted tower is
about as effective frpm an artistic and
practical point of view as a derby
perched on the crown of a silk hat
Frances I Nie secretary to Commis
sioner Ross My earnest wish Is that the
people of tbe District may receive so
much through the appropriation bill tnat
thy will have less cause to call upon the
commissioners anu consume their valu
able time
I also wish that the tid of prosperity
which ls now flowing over thc land may
never ebb but that it will so Increase
in volume this year that 1 may be lifted
by It and floated Into a harbor even nore
comfortable than the one In which I am
at present iroorcd
Moncure jurke secretary to the En
gineer Commissioner- I desire to lecelve
at the hands of those who come In ron
tact with this department the same con
sideration and courtesy that have marl td
their relations with us In the past
AValdo Hlbbs secretary to Commissioner
Macfarland I hope that Congress will
give thc municipal government enough
money to make places for all th worthy
ofilto seekers of tho District I wish that
thc departments could have all tho help
that they really need
Samuel Einstein Poundmastcr My
wish is that the good people of the Dis
trict would fasten on their dogs tags
more securely and not bother so much
about refunding the round fee
Perry Carson Janitor I certaiply
wish the people would wipe their Itct
when they come Into tho I3trict Build
Bob and Chaunccy thc elevator Levi
in unison Give us a new municipal
building with elevators big enough to
carry all the people up nt once
Pire mill Police Department
Richard Silvester Chief of Police I
sincerely hope that Congress will provldo
once and for all an adequate police system
and force for the District of Columbia
Capt M A Austin 01 the Metropolitan
police I wish that all of my wishes may
be fulfilled
Dr George T Vaughn surgeon at the
Emergency Hospital Peace and prosper
ity for ever body and a speedy settlement
of our diClculties in the Philippines
Jo ph Parri Chief District Fire De
partment My wish is that the New
Year will see an increase in the Tire De
partment I wish that Congress would
make a sufficient appropriation for the
building of several new stations to re
place some of tho dilapidated old build
ings which aro not fit for the firemen to
live In v number of new trucks are needed
b3dlj as well as several new engines Tho
incieaso in the should keep
pace with the rapid growth of the Na
tional Capital At present the department
has an area of seventy one square miles
to cover and but fourteen engines to do it
One thing that is needed most of all
however is an increase of the salaries
now paid to the firemen At present the
salaries are so low that it Is difficult to
that as we build up and beautify the Ds there be n sudden depletion in this fund
trict we may also make steady advance tho retired firemans and policemans pen
in moral and intellectual improvement vlon would be reduced considerably I
John W Ross Commissioner of the fink that this is a matter that should re-
District Looking to the needs of the
future and placing one good thing be
fore another I earnestly wish that the
coming year may give us the beginning
01 a new municipal building
Capt Lansing ri Beach the Engineer
Commissioner I wish to see during the
coming year the beginning of worK on the
municipal building the execution of the
sewage disposal system nt a rate which
will complete It in five years the begin
ning of the reclamation of the Anacostia
Flats and the work of abolishing grade
crossings I think that if authority can
be obtained for these Improvements it will
bo tho banner year of substantial prog
ress in the District of Columbia
H H Darneille Assessor I desire
that all Interests of Washington may get
together and formulate a scheme by
which the annual taxes may be paid with
out seeming a burden end source of com
plaint to the citizen That Congress may
sec fit to Increase the force in the offices
of the Assessor and Collector thatthey
will be able to properly perform the du
ties assigned to them
E G Davis Collector of Taxes- My
wish is that the payments to the District
may be made in such a manner as not to
overwhelm and drive to distraction the
offico force on the three days before as
sessments are due
Dr William C Woodward thc Health
Officer- I wish that the present wave of
smallpox which has overspread the sur
rounding country and finds Washington a
magnet will quickly spend Its force and
return to oblivion where it belongs
Warner Stutler Superintendent of the
Street Cleaning Department My best
wish for thc New Year is that the Street
Cleaning Department may be granted an
appropriation sufficient to enable us to
make Washington the cleanest city in the
world and that our citizens may be so
happy that they will have no further
cause for complaining pens and pencils
Walter C Allen the Electrical Engi
neer My New year wish is that thc man
who wants a telephone but who refuses
to allow the wires to be strung over his
premises and his next door neighbor who
also wats a phone but who objects to
the tearing up of the street for placing
the wires underground will get together
and present a solution of the problem to
the department Also that the man who
sits on his front steps in summer in the
cool and pleasant shadow of thc screen on
the electric light in front of his house
will sympathize and be patient with his
opposite neighbor who complains of the
excessively strong light reflected on his
steps by the aforesaid screen
Thomas J Fisher Superintendent of
seventh Congress adopt an amendment to Lamps At the threshold of a new year
the Constitution permitting the sevral i and century my wish is That I may be
States to decide for themselves whether abls with a liberal appropriation to meet
they will continue the election of United and grant the requests of our citizens as
States Senator through their soclatlons and a few others who have not
tures or by direct vote of the people This i the honor in the matter of placing street
would soon do away with corrupt State lights in those portions of our great and
bodies and contested elections I think growing District needing same not only
we would have a finer body of statesmen that tbe nghts may mumine and show off
Cc lu fh h1itle of nnr IrnnrniK dnll
Senate nominated In a State convention
and made to run the gantlet of a popular
Senator Bate My fondest wish ls that
Justice shall rule that men shall be as
brothers that public opinion will never
permit of en unnecessary war and that
the necessity for any war may never
ctive thorough attention beforo another
New Near Day
I he nintriet fourtn
John R Young Clerk of the District
Suprme Court I hope before many
years o see erected in a suitable loca
tion a Judicial building as the home of
the Supreme Court of thc United States
the Court of Appeals for the District and
the Supreme Court of the District Such
a 5 ilding is absolutely necessary for tho
exredition of legal business of the Dis
trktand of the Government generally and
I hive no doubt that steps will be akeu
at an early date to secure its erection
Louis A Dent Register of Wills for
the District I think the most desirable
thlng to be wished for and the sooner
it comes the better Is the partition of tbe
Chinese Empire among the Powers of tho
world Under the present conditions China
Is a menace to the advancement ord
spread of civilization She aparcntly can
not reform herself so her reformation
must come through the Powers afer par
M A Clancy Assistant Clerk of the Su
preme Court of thc District- The most
drslrable result to bo accomplished durng
the coming century Is general
ient The ways and means for effecting
his are greater than ever before first
because of the improved means or spread
ing intelligence by means of books und
papers and secondly because there Is a
wider spread Interest on the part of cuu
cator3 generally In Improving the methoJs
of education
The roller Court
Judge I G Kimball of thc Police Court
I hope that the United States will fulfill
Its manifest destiny in carrying to the ut
termost parts of the earth the truths of
religious feedom and personal liberty
Judge Charles F Scott of tho Police
Court The happiness of the people and
thc abolition of the necessity for police
James L Pugh prosecuting attorney In
the District branch of the Police Court
My wish for tbe coming year and cen
tury is that everybody may be happy and
have everything they want
Alexander R Mullowny tho prosecut
ing attorney in the United States branch
of the Police Court- I hope that the war
In the Philippines will end that the coun
try will continue prosperous and that the
business of the Police Court may not be
as heavy as it has been in the past
Joseph Potts the clerk of the Police
Court -Health good luck and prosperity
for everybody
PriisrreKK In Medical Science
Dr Harvey W Wiley Chief Chemist of
thc Agricultural Department President of
the Longevity Club The new century
will see great strides made In the study
of medicine and beforo very long the spe
cific and individual cause of every disease
will become known which will in turn
lead to thc discovery of a positive euro
for each Sanitary science will advance
to such a point that many diseases known
as filth diseases will become extinct
Our great grandchildren will look back
upon epidemics of cholera grip yello v
fever typhoid and consumption as we
now look back upon the great smallpo c
epidemics of a century ago Thc average
duration of human life will advance from
thirty five to over fifty years
It C Gill Superintendent of the Patent
Office Museum This year will see a
wonderful change In the field of trans
portation The horse will rapidly be sup
planted by electricity in commerce in
the army and almost completely in do
mestic life so that they will become as
rare at the close of the coming century
as the buffalo is todny
A Cloier ltelIiloni Inlon
Rabbi Louis Stern of the Eighth Street
Temple For all practical purposes tho
Jews have adopted the Christian calendar
But for the celebration of thc religious
feasts and occasions we use our on
time reckoning which traditionally goes
back to the beginning of thc world which
is now j CGI years I would like the va
rious creeds to come closer together in
the new year study each other better so
as to know and understand each other
more thorough This would do away
with a great deal of prejudice which even
this day exists with its harmful conse
quences As a citizen and taxpajer I
would like to sec every part of this city
supplied with an ample flow of good and
pure water
Dr D J Stafford of St Patricks I
wish thc new age may be an age of prog
ress civilization and equal liberty to all
mankind I wish that all men of all
races creeds nnd conditions may have
the blessings and peace of God and that
at the cud of thc twentieth century Jesus
Christ may bo better known and better
Dr Clara President of
the District Womans Suffrage Associa
tion The cause of suffrage in the new
year will receive many powerful adher
ents cverjvlere All thc States of tho
Union will grant women suffrage within
twenty five years Less than ten years
afterward Congress will grant women
suffrage Within fifty years the United
BiiAVi min iii
viclma to stomach liver and Mdwv troubles
S3 well as women ami all ft il the results in loa
of appetite iKtiaons In tlic blood backuclic nenr
ousnevf hea laclie and tired lhtlt tt run down
feeling But tlerea no need to feel like that
J Gardner of Idavfllc Ind hlectrlc
Hitters are Just the tiling for a man when he
doesnt care whether he Uvea or die It pave
mc new atrcngth and pood appetite I can now
cat anything and liavc a new leage on life
Only SO cenl at Henry I van druj ttcre 822
P Street 1 vcr bottle guaranteed
States will have a woman President
Josif Kaspar musical director of tho
Choral Socle y Music in the New Year
will make remarkable progression this
country nnd before long Americans will
becomo tho musicians of the world and
Washington the music capital both of the
New and tho Ohi Every cltizea In the
United States of the next generation will
understand something about music so that
all will appreciato its pleasures arid beau
tics This will be the result of the pres
ent growing custom of teaching music In
the public schools of giving th people
free concerts and of the wealth of the
country which makes the acquisition of
the best things muscnl a comparatively
easy matter I think It will end in the
United States Government establishing a
national music conservatory
John N Parsons of the Knights of La
bor I should like to see the eight hour
day established In this New Year In every
citv and hamlet of the United States I
should like to see a President elected by
the laboring people and public ownership
of nil public utilities telegraphs tele
phones expressages railways etc I
also hope to see a higher ordr of Chris
tianity among working people
In Hie Pliiitiiclnl World
C J Bell President of the American
Security and Trust Company I look for
ward to the new year with big optimism
get good men io enter the department and I Everything in tho business situation
as fast as they- are able to secure good I polnts o the best thc clt has ha1
positioLs elsewhere they leave Many ut for The u rcfects the
Z rC arailS s upport aa bi I maindcr of the country and the country
ShirhfieiK rrTlnS eT ls beginning an era of mmense prosper
penses they have little leit to lay aside I iir
for a rainy day This is not a condition of j reUal K bf lice that hcro wlU bcIna RZ
aifalrs that will induce many capable men ues earj
to enter the department Already rents are stiffening up
1 think that Washington should follow Perceptibly and this is always the frs
the lead made by other large cities the I n0 ln a real estate boom- There should
country over and make some provision for bo a IarSe Increase In the population of
the retirement of firemen nml nnlleprren I the Capital City in 1301 and the new pea-
I t t 1 - I Tain Is II lnnP Artrtlr hl nTnos nt
happy New Year as we cross from tho a certain number 01 years S
1 in a creditable manner For instance in i residents
nineteenth into the twentieth century I York -1 tiremnn or nnileemnn Clarence T Normcnt President of thc
wish for everyone that real and lasting has served for fifteen years he is retired Central National Bank The hearts of
on half pay In Washington they are not
retired until phvsically unfit to continue
service in the department and then they
are alloved a pension which in no case
can exceed the sum of Z0 per month Con
sequently after a man ls retired he is fit
for little else and the pension that ho ls
in tne worm 1 nope and believe that I allowed Is seldom sufficient for him to live
in the new year we shall be able to be- upon unless he has sonithng already laid
The relief fund is supplied from the
police fines and by contributions of 1 a
month by each man In tho service Should
Amricans were never so filled with good
will toward man and charty for a No
man need bo hungry or without employ
ment The new year will witness even
greater national felicity
W B Hibbs broker President of the
Washington Stock Exchange X can see
ntlhing except a wonderful business year
al ead of the United States with prosper
ity for every class The outlook for Wall
Street is for a continuance of the upward
movement in prices to a far higher level
than the present one It seems to me
that this should be clearer to anyone who
understands the magnificent business con
ditions at present Tbe country has moro
mon than ever before It has large
credit balances In every country In the
world for the first time in its history If
the great business activity should at iijr
time cause a temporary tightening of
moiiey rates Is York millions could
be drawn from Europe quickly The South
is more prosperous than ever before It
is obtaining top prices for Its immense
cotton crop prices double those of two
years ago Tho AVest with big crops of
corn and wheat and high prices for both
Is full of prosperity The people that
were borrowing money a few years ago
and paying S and 10 per cent Interest for
II are now lending money In New York
An for tho stock market outlook money Is
so cheap that Government bonds are vir
tually on a 1 3 4 per cent basis and the
big Investment Interests are Xein forced
to buy railway securities In order to live
It Is no longer possible for a man with
cxperslve tastes to retire with one or two
millions of doliais invested in Government
bonds This investment demand wjll car
ry the prices - the gilt edged railway se
curities to a S 1 2 and A per cent basis
E B Cottrcll broker The Outlook
for Washington in a business way is ex
cellent for the coming- rear I lielleve
that the revival long delayed In real
estate ls to arrive this spring I look for
much buying of suburban property first
and for a reflection ofthi3 the
city proper later in the yean The plenty
of money for Investment comes at a time
when the suburbs of the District are onlv
Just arriving at their perfection as resi
dence localities There will be tbe peapls
with the money vvho will wish to buy
homes and to make investments anl they
will find this sprjng a complete sjstem of
rapid transit all over the suburbs which
will add GO per cent to the value of every
lot which was before two or three hours
away from downtown
L D Fowler broker I believe that
the year 1S01 will be a golden one in rail
way history and in the Increases in value
of railway securities During the past
five years or more of hard times ths rall
wajs and the Industrial concerns as well
have been learning to economize in a way
that would have been considered impossi
ble ten years ago They nave been cut
ting down the cost of transportation 13
and 23 ana 50 per cent They have cut
into general office expenses millions of
dollars They have learned how business
can be done at the very minimum of e03t
with the best results Tho fruits of this
lesson of economy are wonderful already
as hjsincss revives The railways aro
earning more mouey than they ever did
before Next year thc results v 111 be still
more startling The great railway finan
ciers fully appreciate this situation and
thc public does not as yet The big inter
ests have been absorbing securities from
the public all the past summer and au
tumn Now they will wait for them to
advance in price This advance has only
Just begun Of course there will come a
time when the Insiders will sell out Be
fore the end of 1001 probably thc public
will own the corporations of the country
more entirely and wholly Ojin they ever
did before But they will pay for them
much bigger than the present prices
W B Gurlcy The city will have
a happy New Year I believe Everything
points hat way The business situation
is rosy In the extreme From the In
vestors point of view people are now ab
sorbed In stocks and bonds and some of
the local securities have already shown
great buoyancy Later In the year It will
be thought by many that prices In securi
ties have advanced far enough and they
will turn their attention to real estate
Washington follow New York in this
respect It is said that Wall Street peo
ple are buying an Immense amount of real
estate with their profits from stock spec
ulations and Investments
the nieetrlenl A orkern Present n
Grlev mice nt the Meeting
At a meeting of the Contra Labor
Union last night a resolution offered by
Henry W Szcgedy endorsing tho action
of Plate Printers Union No 1 o rii la
delphla was unanimously adopted The
resolution recounted tho Urpiimstantes
whiih led to the strike of the Philadel
phia pi ite printers and firther sacs
that their demands have been acceded
to bj twelve of the largest firms In the
trade It was also stated that only three
firms have refused to accept the terms of
settlement offered b the plate printers
The union besides endorsing the action
of the plate printers announced that it
will give them all tbe moral and financial
assistance In their power
A delegate from the Electrical Workers
Union reported that the electrical work
at tho Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Is being done by non union workmen A
committee was appointed to Investigate
the matter and report at tho next mcetng
of thc union
Twentieth tVnturj M irrliiKe
marrhiKe license record v as broken here
today by young people who are going to
start the new eentury In double harness
No less than thirty two were granted li
censes They arc from all parts of the
county and all intend to get married to
la Cittnrrli A our IlfeW Cloud
I ininent me and tlroat tieeialUts in daily
practice hlcjilv rccommeril Dr Vsmws Catairaal
Iondir as fijfi sure iicniutttiit painless and
harmlcs in oil cases of Cold In the Head Tor
tllllls lloarteness and Catanli It cues ri lief
In 10 minutes andbylies the dLea like
a aBic I Iftv centiliOM by 1 S llliam
Ninth and F Streets kdni nd i Williams Tnud
and Icnusvhania Avenue 2
Tlic Actual Coum of Noses Slums
Him Short of Votes
SuriirUen Iev elieil hj the Iteiiuh
licnn CiitteiiNei The Ileiiver Stiiten
liidit CoutrolN the Senate hj n 3tiir
Sflii if Otii V Defection In the
limine Leave II I m Ilvc to the II111I
HARRI1BURG Pa Dec 31 Tho mo3t
remarkable fight In tho history of Penn
sylvania politics reached Its climax tonight
when tbe Republicans of the Senate and
House met separately to nominate candi
dates for president pro tem and speaker
Upon the election of these two officers de
pends in large measure tho success of
Maithew Stanley Quay In his contest for
re election to the United States Senate
Tbe results of tho caucuses are not en
tirely satisfactory to Colonel Quay There
Is still too much doubt about the action
of crtain members of the House So far
as the Senate Is concerned It Is controlled
b7 the Quay men by a narrow margin
Senator Snyder of Chester was nomi
nated for president pro tern by acclama
tion There wero twenty seven Senators
present one more than a majority Among
those present wero Senator Washburn
who quit thc Democratic party thl3 week
and announced himself as a Republican
and Senator Rice of Blocks who has been
identified with the anti Quay Republicans
for several years Rice gave notice that
he supported Senator Snyder for president
pro tem because Snyder had always voted
for bills In the Interest of agriculture
He al30 notified the conference that he
would not attend the caucus tomorrow
night or vote for ex Senator Quay This
announcement was an unpleasant sur
prise for those who Jumped to the con
clusion that Rice was a steadfast convert
to the Quay cause
The house caucus was attended by at
least one hundred members Representa
tive William T Marshall of Allegheny
tbe Quay candidate had no opposition
and was nominated by acclamation It
developed after adjournment that four
members whose names were responded to
on the roll call had been Impersonated by
others The four were Hill and Tiffany
of Susquehanna Arnold of Perry and
Alexander of Clearfield They denounced
the fraudulent use of their names In the
caucus and authorized the statement that
they were not present and would not vote
for Marshall tomorrow on the organiza
tion of the House This apparently re
duced Marshalls votes to 86 5 less than
the number necessary to elect
I here are 204 members in the House but
four are detained at home on account of
sickness and the number necessary to
elect is thereby reduced to 101 It is said
however that all the Democrats are not
In favor of the fusion which has been
agreed upon by the anti Quay Republicans
and Democrats and any defections from
the fusion list may still give Marshall a
Colonel Guffey tho Democratic leader
says tonight that all of the Democrats will
support tho fusion programme on thc or
ganization tomorrow General Koontz of
Somerset County has been agreed uoon
as the fusion candidate for Speaker of
me House
While the House caucus was in session
the anti Quay Republicans were also In
session at the Commonwealth Hotel where
fifty eight of them met and again pledged
themselves to stand again Quay The to
tal fusion strength tonight is claimed to
be 107 votes In the House The margin
on both side3 is so narrow that the ex
citement is intense and only the ballot
can determine the results
Tho Democrats and anti Quay Republi
cans held separate caucuses today and
appointed conference ommittees to co
operate In perfecting a fusion organiza
tion These committees have been at
work all day and their report has been
adopted by both ends of the combination
It will not be known until the ballot 13
taken In the House tomorrow- which side
has won Quay and anil Quay leaders
are still declaring at midnight that the
other side is whipped
There was a lively Quay demonstration
on the streets tonight and the crowd
seems to be with the Beaver statesman
ThompNiiii mid Iloxevinter the Ieml
infr Gantllilntcs for henntor
LINCOLN Neb Dec 31 The Nebraska
Legislature meets at noon tomorrow The
preliminary caucus was held tonight The
Republicans named W G Sears for Speak
er of thc House and C F Steele of Jeffer
son for President of the Senate The
selection of Sears was brought about by
a combination of the forces of Thompson
of Lincoln and Rosewater of Omaha the
two leading candidates for Senator Steele
is a Hinshaw man but the place went to
hi in without contest
Ten active candidates for the Senate
are on tho ground They are besides
Rosewater and Thompson George D Mel
klejohn AssUtant Secretary of War ex
Governor Crounz Representative Mercer
E- Hinshaw C E Adams State Senator
Currle ex Representative Haincr and L
M Richards Thompson and Rosewater
together have almost two thirds of the
members but thc other candidates Insist
upon a three fourths vote to nominate
before they will agree to go into caucus
A long fight is anticipated The Repub
licans have 71 out of 133 votes with six
Populist scats In contest
A Danirhler IerfnhtN In lLimex
Kindled lij Herxeir
PITTSBURG Pa Dec 31 Lillie Brown
twenty two years old was burned to death
at 213 Laka Street Allegheny this morn
ing Her mother is at the Allegheny Gen
eral Hospital She says the daughter st
attempted to cremate her and was de
stroyed by the flames started for this pur
poce The mother was badly burned and
may die Mrs McKInnan a neighbor who
heard the screams of the Injured women
entered the house and found tbe girl
burned black lying against the parlor cur
tains It is suppoed she tried to escape
thrpugh the window The mother was
found on the kitchen floor her clothes
How did till happen Mrs Brovn
asked Mrs McKinnon
Lillie did it was tho startling reply
that ratne from the mothers lips She
has been mad ever slnco I had her ar
rested on Christmas
Mrs Brown became unconscious nnd
further details of the alleged crime eould
not be obtained The girl died at the hos
pital in which her mother Is dying
evv Vorl Greek loiiud Dead In
Ills llooiii
NEW YORK Dec 31 George Dozes
keeper of an oyster house at 161 Washing
ton Street lirooklvn was found dead in
his room with a bullet through his heart
this morning Mrs Jlagcvj Ertell his
companion who some time gD threw car
bolic acid In his fato becau3e he had Sep
arated her from her husband was mi sing
The room showed that there had been a
tinlflc struggle
Mrs Ertell the police say was intense
ly Jealous of Dezc3 attentions to other
women Tho police arc scllng lies
Dczes was a political ello from Sparii
Ho was reputed to be one of the wealhles
Greeks lu thc United States
ItiHolutliui rr In Orel it
tjrt a savniiot arc omit for 11 Liuuii SamJ
Uauk 11ZZ I Mrtxt
Positive Relief
In any case but there are conditions caused by continued neglect or
rupture which absolutely require the aid of an experienced physlcka
to cure Do not allow yourself to get in this doubtful state which
may develop troubles of a serious and at times fatal nature you
can be cured of bleeding itcning and protruding piles by an oint
ment which is frco from cocaine or any Injurious ingredients one
which has the endorsement of tho ablest rectal specialist of the coun
try Use
Cores Catarrh Iturn rimplci and Pile
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Jak0teCohhUnE OI A ICITS
30 Tablet 10c ALL UltUGGISTS or mallei for price
H T JIASOU CJI1 MICAL CO 021 Arch bt Milla Ta
Iavors the Hxtenfilon of the Presi
dents Tenure of OHIce
CLEVELAND Ohio Dec 31 Senator
M A Hanna favors a change in the tenure
of office of President of the United States
and believes a single term of either six
or eight years duration would be an ad
vantage to the country both from a finan
cial and a moral standpoint He said
I think It would be a good business
proposition to extend thc term of the
next President I do not know whether
six or eight years would be preferable Of
course It would be best to limit the Pres
ident to one term in case the term should
be lengthened This question has been
frequently agitated and because Mr
Cleveland happens to speak of It at this
time and In its favor does not give cither
bim or his part7 a patent right on it
George Washington was one of the first
to agitato In favor of a single term I
believe a single long term of office would
permit a President to better carry out a
policy of care for the best Interests of
the country than does the present system
Then limitation of his Presidency to that
one term would be an additional Incentive
for him to accomplish all the good things
possiolo during his Incumbency of the of
fice so that his Administration might
stand as a monument to his memory
Senator Hanna has taken the aggressive
In the contest against Chairman Burton
of tho Rivers and Harbors Committee Mr
Burton has gone on record as being op
posed to Senator Hannas Ship Subsidy
bill for the reason that its benefits were
for a limited few rich men Mr Burtons
pet measure ls one calling for the ex
penditure of several millions of dollars In
extending the Cleveland Breakwater sev
eral miles down the lake In order to per
mit of Clevelands entire lake frontage
being used for dock purposes
The Omiihii City Council Adda
OOO tn the Sam
OMAHA Neb Dec 31 The Cudahy
kidnaping case took several peculiar turns
today the most Interesting of which is
tho passing of an ordinance by the city
council offering a reward of 25C0O for
the apprehension of the kidnapers Mr
Cudahy says he will not withdraw his re
wards but merely adds his 25000 to that
of the city making a total of JiOOOO
This feature of the case ls thc culmina
tion of the excitement produced among
the citizens by the letter sent to Cudahy
threatening death to his boy if he did
not withdraw he rewnrtl
The State Is also expected to add 3C0O
to thc cJIer of the city
The mvsterious Elolse V Tarrell who
has been so very active In writing letters
touching the Cudahy case has at last
been uncovered beyond a doubt It de
velops that the person Is a man named
Harold Terrlnl a former New York clerk
of the Windsor Hotel The chief of police
has sent wires to Cincinnati and elsewhere
to arrest Terrlnl on sight and he will be
brought to Omal a This man is known to
be a crook and robbed the hotel of 100
belonging to a guest on leaving
The motive for tho exposure of Crowe
Is believed to be that Teirinl was not
treated fairly In the division of the spoils
arretted at Alexnndrln With Guns
mid Cumpln Ontflt
ALEXANDRI v Dec 31 William Wolfe
and Robert Lester young boys were ar
rested here this afternoon shortly after
their arrival from Washington by Police
man Herbert Knight and last night were
turned over to Detective Muller and re
turned to their homes In Washington
William Belt the young son of Asoistant
Fire Chief Belt of Washington came
here with the other boys but returned
home befere the arrests were made A
small arsenal was carried by thc trio
loaded into a large dry goods box and
mounted upon four wheels which tha
boys brought to this city on the ferry
The youths reached the city about 2
oclock nnd leaving the boat began to
whel their improvised arsenal on whccl3
about the streets It broke down In front
of the Columbia Fle Engine House and
while repairing the vehicle the boys at
tracted the attention of Policeman
Knight He approached them and they
were unable to give a good account of
their presence in town Young Belt left
his companions as the policeman came up
and was not arrested Wolfe and Lester
however were taken to the station and
there their wagon was opened and found
to contain two rifles a shotgun pistols
ammunition food and clothing together
with a tent ajid camping utensils Whn
questioned the boys admitted they had
run away from home and word was sent
to Washington of their nrrc3t Do ec lve
Muller of Washington came here tonight
and took chaige of the youths returning
them to Wishington The wagon and
contents a e held at the station for the
parents of he bo3
Accompanied by voung Wolfe arid Les
ter Detective Muller reached here late
last night Their parents were notified
nnd called at headquarters when tha
youths were turned over to them The
bojs stated they ran away to have a good
time but did not know where they were
going Young Lester lives at 2ii North
Capitol Street and the Wolfe boy at 227
North Capitol Street
Uivuiep Proceedings DNmNhcrt
On 1 im o Atloniev Ilownuie A keain
counsel for MizaWth Critlilh the proceeding- for
dmrce i 1 li ted It ner against it liul
Oeorjn U G tilth w l vesttrua ed
Miss Helen Goulds Christmas Let
ter to 3Ien of the Xavy
Sent nn Behalf of the International
Women Alliiliitry The Writer
Reeelrea nn Kxpreioilon of Heart
felt ThnukM From Secretary Loner
mill Assistant Secretnry HacLett
Miss Helen Gould recently wrote a let
ter to the enlisted men of the navy send
ing Christmas greetings on behalf of tho
International Womens Auxiliary of thc
Young Mens Christian Association The
letter and a response from Frank W
Hackelt Assistant Secretary of the Navy
were made ptblle yesterday They fol
To the Enlisted men of the United States
My Dear Friends An Invitation ha3
been given me to write you a short letter
of Christmas greeting and I accept it
gladly for since thc Spanish war I have
fell a warm interest In our sailors and
As Christmas Day approaches with lLa
menage of peace and good will our
thoughts turn reverently to the Christ
whose birth we still celebrate although
nineteen centuries have elapsed since his
coming His lire and teachings are still
the wonder of the world for he taught the
love of God as a Father the brotherhood
of man aaC the love of righteousness and
his beautiful life exemplifies his theories
Human life took on a new aspect and he
gave It wider meaning than It ever pos
sessed before His Idea of the brother
hood of all is very beautiful and I think
we should emphasize it more than we do
During the past year the members of
the Womens Auxiliary have been deeply
interested In everything that concerns
the welfare of the enlist d men of our
army and navy and our iresident espe
cially Mrs McAlplne ha a3ked me to ex
tend you a cordial rreetlng and sincere
good wishes
Hoping yon will all have a happy
Christmas and a bright New Year I re
main very sincerely
Dear Miss Gould A copy of the
Ch istmas letter addressed by you as sec
ond vice president of the International
Womens Auxiliary of the Young Mens
Christian Association to the enlisted men
of the navy has Just been brought to my
I have read It with lively interest
The Secretary of the Navy after reading
it has expressed to me his grateful ap
preciation of your tboughtfulness It is
with peculiar pleasure that I act upon
the suggestion of the Secretary and tell
you how sincerely the department is
gratified at this fresh illustration of the
Interest you have so steadily evinced in
the welfare of the enlisted men of tho
In thanking you the Secretary and my
self do but voice the thanks as we be
lieve of every sailor who 13 cheered by
the receipt of your beautiful and appro
priate letter Yours respectfully
aaeral Service Attended
Nutritive Refreshing Fconomical in use A
cupful of this delicious Cocoa costs less than one cent
Kola at all grocery stores onier ll next lime-
ag sJ3ttirzzA nz yyj tt
a Number of Friends
The funeral services over the remains nf
Samuel McDonald who died at the Emer
gency i im
held y
lu the Speares i
rooms p th nsaot
stream f llnar id the
casket bet e time
set for o oegta the 1
became it was necessary
to deny ivcpl the imme
diate family and those In charge of the
funeral arrangements The bier was
loaded down with beautiful floral offer
ings most of which wero sent pnony
mously but conspicuous among them was
a magnificent wreath of white orchids
which rested against the foot of the cas
ket and which was sent by William H
McDonald the brother of the deceased
and an immense bouquet of white roses
from Mr Frank Bennett of the Arlington
Rev Walden Mycr assistant rector at
Christ Protestant Episcopal Church in
South Washington read tbe Episcopal
prayer or the dead after which the sim
ple ritual of the Cracl Amy of the Re
public was carried out by John A Rawlins
Tost No 1 of which McDonald was a
member previous to his dismissal during
Clevelands Administration when he iden
tified himself with Staunton Post at his
home in Steubenville Ohio
The pallbearers all members of the
Grand Army of the Republic were John
M Keogh John Bosworth R B Schwick
ardl James Lawlcr N M MacCrea anl
John Finn
The family was represented by the fol
lowing nephews Judge William McDonald
Miller of Steubenville Ohio Frank E
Miller of Pittsburg Nelson Miller who
Is attending Columbia College in New
York and Samuel McD Langston from
Camdea N J and Mr and Mrs J B Dar
lington thc latter a sister of the deceased
as was also MI3 Mary McDonald who
arrived In the city late in the afternoon
Following thc services the remains vero
taket to the Pennsylvania depot Tho
funeral party which folowed the bodir to
Baltimore whire it wi3 cremated was
composed of Judge Milter Samuel McD
Lanjson Dr E S Kimball and Under
taker Spcarc After seeing the body
placed In the oven of the cremaory at
lordoun Park Cemetery the party re
turned to this ciy

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