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The Favorable Influence of a Bet
ter Tone in London
Tile rorolRn QuotnllotiH of Amerienn
SIocIh Slioiv tinbKlnntlnl Ailsnncoa
The Itnllvrro LUI Oil- Leader t
flic JInrket IrrciciiliirlO Uc eIoj
Tonuril tlic Cluae the Dnj
NEW YORK Dec 31 The upward
movement vhicn was In progress In the
Block market at the close of business on
Saturday nas resumed in noteworthy pro
portions upon the opening of business this
morning Speculative Interest was faor
ably influenced by the fact that the Lon
don market appeared to be recovering
from the scare Induced by the numerous
failures announced on Saturday No ad
ditional Insolvencies were reported
London quotations for American stocks
showed general and substantial advances
the gains in some instances being In ex
cess of 1 per cent A further very faor
able influence in the market was the
showing made oy the banks in their week
ly statement on Saturday hlch was as
sumed to indicate that there was little
further Canger of anything approaching
moneJiry stringency
There was otherwise virtually nothing
of a Sanancial nature in the news of the
morning As regarded the general mar
ket or particular stocks interest centred
largely in the railway list in which some
particularly rapid rises were scored
Northern Pacific was a conspicuous fea
ture In an advance extending to two points
In both common and preferred shares
Union Pacific was likewise notably strong
an active The dealings in the granger
stocks were unusually animated St Taul
was again notably strong end acthe while
Burlington and Quincy after opening
higher reacted sharply Pennsylvania
was a conspicuous feature of the higher
priced stocks in a notably sharp advance
Other stocks In which the advances at
tained noteworthy proportions were the
Atchlon Issues Louis W and NashUlle
Baltimore and Ohio and Delaware and
Hudson Among the lower priced stocks
Southern Railway common and Texas and
Paciac were decidedly firm
Sjgar Refining was the active feature of
the Industrial quarter and after opening
decidedly higher the stocks showed a
somewhat reactionary tendency Southern
Pacific was the only feature cf the lallnay
list In which effective pressure was noted
The Industrial quarter aside from Sugar
was comparatively neglected and the deal
ings in the local traction shares were also
overshadowed by those In the railway list
The market became irregular In tone ia
tho last half hour of trading the moderate
declines belns the result of sales by oper
ators who are unwilling to carry stocks
over the holiday The closing was gener
ally Irregular at considerable recessions
from the best prices of the day
RVtt York Stock JInrxcer
Corrected daily bv TV n HIbbs 6 Co mem
bers rt the New York Stock Kxchanze HIS F
Open Mich Low do
American Cotton Oil SI aiK 31 31i
American a W 4354 s1 3i Hi
American S W picL S3 6S14 S3 6s
American Sugar lit 140 1437 HSi
American Tobacco 11J 113 III USli
Atchfcon 4CH 4Pi W 47s
Atchl on pld gsa S SS4 SP1
Baltimore Ohio Bt 64H S3 63V
Hallfmore 4 OIilo pfd ST4 86U 654 S
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 83 S7H ii Ml
Chesapeake A Ohio 42 42 42 42i
C C C St Louis 74 75 74 75
Chicco BIO 1424 144 H2V4 142A
Chicago crthTefn 172 172 171g 171
C 1 A St Tanl 147H Hi 147 147r
Chicago It I k P 121 122 lSTX 120
rhiaco fc Great West 17y ljtf 1S 16
Colorado Fuel 4 Iron 55H 534 M7 53
Consolidated Ca 1M 197 WVb 193
Continental Tobacco 39 SOM 3SS SS
Ocnfrtcntil Tob pfd 93A 934 ni 92
Delaware Hudson 1324 13tt 1324 133
Federal Steel 57 57 57 7
Federal Meel pld 77 7S 775 77U
Ccneral Electric 1 1924 160 192i
Illinois Central 1321 133 132 132
Louisville A VshvlIIe F7 59H KTJ fc
Metropolitan Traction I724 1724 171H 171i
Manhattan Elevated 1151 117 115 113U
Missouri Pacific 71 724 71 7114
M K T pM 4B tV 44 45VI
Kew Jersey Central 14W4 1454 14S 140
Xew Wk Cintral 144 145H 144 144j
3T T O Stti 32 31 S1U
Northern Pacific S414 S64 Sl4 83
Northern Tacific pfd SSV1 9 874
Pacific Mall 44 44 44 44
PennsTlrania Railroad 14S 1494 148 14B4
Peoples Gas 144 10GS 1044 105
Readme first pfd 70a 714 70U 71
Southern Pacific 41 44 43H 43T4
Southern Hallway 22U 224 21i 21j
Southern rtailitay pfd 72 72 72 72
- -few inc 264 261 20 2G4
Tennessee Coal Iron 14 634 4 MU
Colon Pacific 7tU 1S 795 KH4
Union Pacific pfd 844 65 S14 St
V S Leather 14 15 145g 14S
U S Leather pfd 78 78 78 78
T7 5 Rubber Si 294 2S4 iS
nabasll pfd 28 26 25 5
Western Union Tel 64S S44 814 844
Amalgamated Copper 03 03 93 94s
ExliTldend 1 per cent
The outlook for the coming year in Wall
Street Is a most rosy one It Is entirely
likely that before the end of the first three
months of the year prices will be ten to
fifty points higher than they are now The
Immediate market is more uncertain
Many believe that the reactions that have
occurred from day to day have pretented
the public from getting overloaded with
stocks and that the market is still In a
healthy condition capable of a much furth
er Immediate advance Others take the
-view and not without some reason that
there is to be a sharp reaction this week
They base their opinion simply on the fact
that prices have had a steady and Im
mense adtance a greater adance in two
months than they ever saw before The
street Is full of the two opposite views
It ma be said in comment that the bears
opinion is based entirely on technical con
ditions and that for the mest part these
same people believp stocks will sell higher
In the near future It may also be pointed
out that the bears bold the same view
they did two weeks ago and a month ago
and that they hate been entirely wrong
so far The believers in higher prices
have all the real arguments on their side
and they have been right while the bears
have been wrong The advice of conserva
the people Is to take profits and not to
pyramid but It is not thought that all
holdings of good securities should be sold
out Howcter this Is an excess of cau
tion that the public need hardly be warned
Yesterdays market was an Interesting
one though It offered no conclusive argu
ments either for or against a continuance
of the advance There was great IrrtKi
Jarity all day with man sharp bulges to
new high price records and at the same
time many declines The net result of the
day was a level of prices not tcry far
from that of last Saturday The London
market opened with advances and the New
York market followed suit During the
greater part of the session there was an
advance in the grangers the Pacifies tho
trunk lines and nearly all other railway
securities and some of the Industrials also
made rood gains In the last half hour of
the day there were sharp recessions on
profit taking by people that wished to be
gin the new year with clear slates There
was no cows cf importance Money was
easy from 5 to 6 per cent Tho talk was
nil of a plenty of funds after tho January
disbursements which are to be the larg
est on record
There was a bulge in the Erie securities
earlyln the day which caught many shorts
When the recent advance ended In these
stocks and the activity ceased in them for
a time the street came to the conclusion
that the movement was over In them It
turned Its attention with the insiders
to Northern Pacific and St Paul Many
sold the stock short Yes
crda morning there was another story
that lutde buying was continuing In th
Erles and the price of the preferred vas
adanced sharply four or lie points to
61 a new- high price record The common
also boomed up two or three points At
least one Important houec In this city
was advised of tho upward motement
early in the day It is said ery posi
tively that the community of ownershjn
deal Is being carried out in a big way
by people Interested In St Paul Northern
Pjcific and Erie
The other coal securities were nearly
all buojant and the net movements of
these stocks were the most satisfactory
of the day as their reactions at the close
wera unimportant Reading first prcfercd
advanced to 71 7 8 and closed at 71 Dela
ware and Hudson adanced to 131 1 4 and
clcsed at 133 Ontario and Western ad
vanced a polut to 132 1 4 but lost its gain
later In the day The coal situation Is
worthy of more consideration than most
market people are gllng it The harmony
in the trade Is more perfect than ecr
before and at the same time there is the
greatest demand for coal that the oal
people have ever witnessed With the
happy combination of high prices and
immense demand it Is certain that
the coming months will see Imuvnse
profits for the coal roads Some of
these securities hac had good adtanes
but others deserve much more than
they haye jet received Reading first
preferred is one of these securities The
Reading Is the greatest of the coal roads
Its business was hurt by the coal miners
strike but there will not be a strike eery
J car
The community of ownership plan Is
the popular one with big interests every
where at present The controlling Inter
ests in the New York traction companies
are working on a similar plan to that
that has been carried out so succssfullv
among the trunk lines in the East and
Is at present reaching fruition among the
Western systems There can be little
doubt that the Metropolitan people hae
bought large blocks of both Manhattan
and Brooklyn Rapid Transit In the past
two months One of the best Informed
brokers in the street is authority for the
statement that thl3 buying has been
steady and In immense volurie The re
sult of the plan cannot but 1 e beneficial
though perhaps the immediate effect on
earnings will not be so great as it will
among the big railway systems The trac
tion securities were all buoyant yesterdav
morning but later they declined with the
general market until there were no net
gains for the session
The grangers as a group should be con
sidered the features of the market per
haps though speculation was satisfac
torily broad St Paul went to 148 thus
registering the highest price for twenty
j ears and at this level the buying was
of a sturdy and determined character
that suggested 1D0 for the stock in a short
time Professional traders expressed the
belief that this figure probably would be
reached on the first day of tho new year
The buying seemed still to come largely
from the same interests that have teen
booming the stock recently Burlington
which was weak on Saturday on account
of a poor statement for November ful
filled the expectations of its friends early
in the morning by advancing steadily to
144 It was believed that a further ad
vance will probably occur tomorrow
Atchison common and preferred were
both strong the preferred making a new
high price record above 89 Rock Island
was strong around 122 The buoyant tone
of the newspaper reports on the closing
of the market year has made the public
more confident of the railway securities
in particular and tere 13 1 continuance
of the steady investment -absorption of
these grangers Toward ihe close there
was sonic natural proSt tai ing
Pennsylvania advanced almost to KO
There seemed to be a race between this
stock and St Paul as to which should
reach that price first People with long
pocketbooks and long heads have been
buving this stockfor a long time and tho
adauce though delayed somewhatTs en
tirely satisfactory There is talk of a
much higher level for It than the present
one New York Central sold at 145 ex
dividend The Baltimore and Ohio securi
ties were strong
Railway earnings for the third week of
December were superb Fifty lines make
returns showing a gain in gross earnings
of S4 per cent
Sugar advanced sharply to 14D but the
buyers there encountered some important
opposition and the price reacted three or
four points at the close The probability
Is that the stock will sell at a hlgncr level
in the near future but it ia dangerous
cither to buy or to sell If one is an out
sider There was no news regarding either
the trust or Its stock yesterday
The Pacifies were quito as buoyant as
the grangers at the opening both Northern
common and Union common making new
high records
Leather fails to advance though It has
been tipped as a great purchase
The steel securities were again quiet
though they held their own well It Is
thought that the upward movement in
them may begin with tho New Year The
Iron trade reports are Improving every
day Orders are booked for nine months
The failure of Southern Pacific to ad
vance with tho remainder of its group has
created seme bearlshness regarding It
among professional traders but it Is prob
able that It will soon have a good upward
movement if the general market continues
strong The ne v Issue of bonds has prob
ably been the cause of the lack of buoy
ancy but the issue- is not large or for a
long term
Waaltliicton StucIE nxclintiBTe
Sales Capital Traction 4s 10000107
Union Trust and Storage Co 100102
Capital Traction 20103 5 8 200103 3 4
1005103 7 8 Washington Gas 47062 250
61 7 8 50061 3 4 C P Telephone 2
74 23073 3 4 25073 1 2 Mergenthaler
Linotype 150160 250179 2 4 100179 1 2
100179 1 4 10179 seller 10 100179
seller 20 220178 3 4 200178 1 2 1051
178 1 4 Lanston Monotype 100014 50014
After Call Wash Gas 200 SI 5 8 20061
Capital Traction 200103 7 S Mergentha
ler Linotype 60179 3 4 5R1S0
Bid AiVed
d a 4 woo Q J us nr
U S 4s 1837 Q J - JIB 118
11 S 4I It 1923 IM 119
U S 4s C 1925 138 139
U S ia C 1904 Q F 11314 115
II S s R 1008 Q F 109i 110
IJ S Ss It 1903 R C F 110JS 113
U 6 2s R 1900 SO Q J 1WH 1074
U fa 2s C 1900 30 Q J 1J7 108
Ss 1902 80 year funding gold 103
7s 1901 water stock currency 102
Funding currency S CSs 113
Capital Traction R R 4a 107 lOi
WaaKTrac t Hec Coll 44a WH M
Met- R R 6 s 1925 120 1224
Met R R Cert Indebtedness A 107
Met R R Ort Indebtedness B 117
Columbia R R Ts 1914 123
Columbia R R 2d mort 5a 103
City Suburban R R
Wash Cas Co ser A 6l 1002 27 106
Wash Caa Co ser B 6 a lB01 29 100
U a Elec Light Peb Imp 1907 100 104
U b Elec Light Cert Indcbt 100 10i4
Ches A 1ot Tel 1S98 1S11 103
Cbts t Pot TeL Con ts 102 103
American Security Trust 5s 190S 10J
Wash Market Co 1st T 1892-
1111 7000 retired annually 110
Wash Ukt Co Imp 6s 1912 27
Wssh list Co est 0s 1311 27
Masonic Hall Assn 5s C 1903 103
Aroericsn Craphophone Deb 5s j
Aucostia Potomac 6s
BanV of Vtaahngton 401 410
Metropolitan i30
Central -
larmers and Mechanics 10
Second 163
Citlrens IM
Columbia 105
Capital 1W
nest End 116
Traders l 5
Lincoln Hi 123
National Safe Deposit and 140
Mash Loan and Trust 160
American Security and Trust IMK
Withlccton bate Deposit 71
Usica Trust Storag 101 103
Bid Asked
Firemen 3J
Franklin 4t
Metropolitan 73
Potomac 70
Arlirgton 13
CcrmanAmerlcan 210
National Union 1O4
Columbia 12
ieu les 5i
Colonial 110
Commercial 4
Real EaUte Title TO
Columbia Title 4
Uathington Title 24
btttrict Title SH
Capital Tra tlon 103i
City L Suburban 2J
Georcttavrn Tcnnalljtown 10
Washlccon Gas Cl
Georgetown Gar bo
Chesapeake i Potomac 734
Ielmsyltania 3j
Iferaentbaler Liootrpe 175i
Lanston Monctjpe 13H
American Graphophone
American Graphophone ptil
Pneumatic Gun Carriage
Washington Market
Norfolk A UashiLgton
Ijncoln Hall
Ex dividend
1 K
10 H
Chlcnsru Grnln mid Provlrilon Ttlnrkef
Corrected dalh by W P Ilibtw A Co mem
bers of the New York Htock Exchange 1419 F
HEAT Open Hiph Low CIos
Jaliuarj 721 744 72S 74J
Maj 755 77 754 4 77
January 36a 3654 30 S6H
ilaj 36 37 37 30i T 37 37
January 224 224- 224 22
aiay 24 21 24 21
January 1242 1237 1242 1257
Jlay 1260 12 W 1202 1275
L vnt
January G92 0 92 OW G SOB
ilaj 705 707B 703 707B
January C43 630 045 G501
May G57 G 62 G57 GG2U
INew Yorl C0II011
Open High Low CIo
January OCT 9 70 9 tfl 9 09
ilarcll 9 42 9 4S 9 41 9 40
ilaj 934 939 934 937
Wliolcflnlc lrov isluxi unil Grnln
Let Quotations In Fnll
BALTIMORE Dec 31 Following aro
todays quotations In tho local wholesale
provision and grain markets
Wheat Stock In clevatois 941090 bus
Receipts for Southern were light and
with a good demand the market ruled firm
and prices were higher Sales on grade at
75 l 2c for No 2 red and a small lot by
sample brought 72c
Corn Stock in elevators 10C6594 bus
The market for Southern was firm and
higher under light receipts and a good de
mand Sales of cargoes on grade at 43 l 2c
for No 2 white and of yellow or mixed at
42 3 4c Cob firm at 225 per bbl for car
load lots prime jellow on spot
Western wheat today opened strong and
higher December 75c Decidedly firmer
for foreign markets Paris alone being the
exception and a continuance of small
spring wheat receipts made a stronger
opening than could be held Cash
sold at 75c from which there
was a decline January selling at
74 7 Sc and 74 3 4c May being dull
Private cables quiet not much change
The market closed strong spot December
77c bid January 77c bid Tebruary 78 l 4c
bid 78 l 2c asked May Sic bid Sales
2800 fresh spot and 2400 fresh to arrive
all at 75c 10000 January each at 74 7 Sc
and 74 3 4c 30000 January 74 3 4c 10000
May 79 7 8c Settling price contract
74 7 8c No 2 red 72 3 8c steamer No 2
red 72 3 8C
Western corn today was firmer early but
later prices eased off trade being prin
cipally of the switching order Cash sold
at 41 l 2c and February at same price
January being 41 3 Sc Private cables dull
and steady The mnrket closed firm spot
new 41 7 Sc bid jear 41 7 8c bid Janu
ary 41 5 Sc bid February 41 3 4c bid 42c
esked Sales 73000 new spot B O
41 l 2c 75000 February 41 l 2c 10000
year 41 l 2c 53000 January 41 l 2c car
No 2 white track No 2 elevator 43c 10
000 February 41 3 4c 20000 December
new 41 3 4c Settling price mixed 42 l 2c
new 41 3 4c steamer mixed 41c No 3
Flour Market was quiet Vestcrn Su
per J23302 45 Western Extra 2550
2 90 Western Family 3 3003 60 Win
ter Patents 3 8004 00 Spring Tatents
3 830410 Spring Straight 3 750385
Spring Bakers 2300315 Baltimore
Best Patents 4 60 Baltimore
Family 450 Baltimore Illgh
Grade Extra 4 10 Baltimore Choice
Family 3 85 Maryland Virginia and
Pennsylvania Super 2 330245 Mary
land Virginia and Pennsylvania Extra
2 5502 90 Maryland Virginia and Penn
syhanla Tamlly 3 3003 00 City Mills
Super 2 3002 65 Itlo Extra 3 6503 80
Rje flour medium to choice 2000325
Oats Market quiet Stock in elevators
348816 bus White No 2 31 l 2c do No
3 30030 l 2c do No 4 29 l 203Oc do un
graded 29 1 2031 1 2 mixed No 2 280
28 l 2c do No 3 27 l 202Sc do No 4
26 1 2027 l 2c ungraded 28029c
Re The market was quiet Stock in
elevators 179586 bus o 2 rye In car
lots 50c No 3 rye 48c No 2 Western
rye 51c for spot and about sane price
for December rye Bag lots nearby quo
table at from 43050c per bus as to qual
ity and condition
Hay Market quiet No 1 timothy 17
No 2 16 00016 50 No 3 13 0001550
Uv I clover mixed 15 50016 00 No 2
clover mixed 14 00013 00 No 1 clover
15 00015 50 No 2 clover 13 50014 50
Straw Market was dull No 1 straight
rye new 14 00014 60 No 2 do 13 000
13 30 tangled rye 9 50010 00 wheat
6 5007 00 oat straw 7508 00
Mill feed Market was firm Light
weight bran 16 50 medium 15 50016 00ri
heavy do 14 o015 00 medium middling
15 00016 00 latter for lightweight all
track spring bran In 200 lb sacks
1700 do In 100 lb sacks 17 50 City
Mills middling firm at 18 per ton
Grain freights Market dull Liverpool
per bus 3d January London per quarter
3s February Glasgow 2s Ol 2d03s
January Belfast 3s January Dublin 3s
January Bristol 3s January Lelth 3s
3d January Cork 3s 6d January Den
mark 3s Cd January picked ports 2s
10 l 2d January Antwerp 3s 3d Jan
uary Bremen CO pfgs January and Feb
ruary Hamburg 2s 3d April Havre
none offered
Butter The market was steady Cream
ery separator extra 2C026 l 2c extra
first 21 l 2025c creamery first 23024c
creamery Imitation extra 19020c Iowa
and Northwestern ladle extra 17018c
do extra first 16c Western store packed
13014c Ohio rolls first 16017c second
14015c West Virginia rolls first 140
15c second 13014c Elgin creamery
prints 1 2 lb do 1 lb 28c do 2 lbs
26027c Maryland and Pennsylvania
creamery prints 1 2 lb 27028c do 1 lb
27r do 2 lbs 26c
Eggs The market was dull Strictly
fresh 21c Western 20021c
Tlsli and oysters Tho market for fish
was dull Crocus 203c rock boiling
13020c medium 12c do pan 8010c
white perch large 8010c medium 40Cc
yellow perch large 4c grey trout per
bbl large 8310 do per lb smill 304c
fresh salmon lb 15c catfish 304c
flounders per lb 50Cc eels 405c lob
sters 18020c clams while per 100 40c
The teeth will not decay nor
tho gums become coft if you use
far the Teeth and lireath
Ui mail 25 and 76c liall L UuckeL N V City
oysicrs diiik stock jOcjf
choice raw box per bCf 3 5005 medium
15002 30 culls 73cSlM
Green fruits arid vjawlibles The mar
ket was quiet Apjdcs Western Mary
land and Pennsyhimi packed per
bbl 10002 00 New York per bbl fancy
King 3CO03 50 do pnofllto choice 2 000
2 23 Baldwins per bWj 2500275 Green
ings 2 300275 do Jyo Ss all varieties
per bbl 1 0001 50 do In bulk per meas
ured bbl S0cfe100 cabbage New York
per ton 12 0001100 cranberries Cape
Cod per bbl 3 00010 00 do per box
2 5002 75 celery Michigan per dozen
20fi50c do New York per dozen 23060c
cucumbers Florida pbr box 1500200
lima beans native per bus box 1000
125 lettuce native per box 507c on
ions New York yellow per bus SO09Oc
do Western jellow per bus 80090c oys
ter plants native per bunch 22 l 2c
pumpklis native each 406c quinces
New York per bbl No 1 15001 75 do
No 2 1 000123 string beans Norfolk
per basket green 50075c do wax 1 CO0
123 turnips nativ per box 20025c
Groceries Raw vugar dull refined
dull Quotations per 100 lb lots Granu
lated 5 70 cut loaf 6 10 Keystone A
3 70 yellow sugars 4 6304 S3 Molasses
N O St Clare 3Sc Kingsland 34c7 Sun
light N O 26c St Vincent P R 3c St
Johns P It 19c No 12 Sugar House 18c
Sjrups The market was steady Gold
Medal 27c King Vanilla 29c Rock
Candy Drips 27c Gilt Edge 24c Corn
22c No 12 17c Tea was firm Hyson
superior to fine 2S032c choice to choic
est 42046c uncolored japan new crop
finest 31033c choice to choicest 320313
extra choice 46c Oolong Ainoy and Fu
chow new crop finest 40043c choice
to choicest extra finest 30040c
Potatoes The market was steady Mary
land and Pennsylvania prime per bus
tO035c do seconds per bus 4SJ52e do
New York prlmet per bus 55058c sweets
Eastern Shore yellows per bbl 10123
do per flour bbl 1300140 do Maryland
per bbl 9Oc0llO Anno Arundel yellows
per has lS20c lo per bbl 9Oc0l Vir
ginia yams 500 ibc
Toultry Market was firm Old fowls
707 l 2c per lb springers 7 l 208c per
lb roosters 2r23c apiece ducks 910e
per lb turkcyF 10c per lb dressed chick
ens S09c do ducks 9010c do turkeys
Green coffee Market steady No 7 Rio
grade 707 1 Sc
Roasted coffee Market steady Bulk
roasted coffee Pure Java 32c Maracal
bo 22c pure Laguayra 22c pure Santos
19c African Java 18 l 2c Rio blend
18 l 2c Teaberry mixture 18c pure
Mocha 30c Java Mocha blend 27 l 2c
These coffees are in fancy bags paper
lined If packed in cans or tubs l 2c
Tackage brands E L C 100 lb cases
12c CO lb cases 12 l 10c 36 Ib cases
12 2 lOc Lion coffee In 100 lb lots 11 20
in CO lb lots 1130
Cotton Market steady middling 10c
strictly low middling 9 7 Sc low middling
9 3 4c Stock in Baltimore 16307 bales
Ilnll of the Holme ut in Proper nn
itnrj Condition
It has long been admitted that some
thing should be done fori the hall of the
House of Reprcsentaflvesto make It more
habitable Many plans have been propos
ed from time to time and all have failed
of adoption Beautifql aa the Capitol un
doubtedly is from tho outside it would be
hard to conceive a more unsanitary badly
arranged building on tbe Inside This is
not strange as the Capitol was not con
structed for a Congress1 as large ns the
present or for the needs of a nation of
76000000 people The ventilation hns al
was been a most troublesome question
and the process of solutfon has cost an
enormous amount of money The base
ment has many dark hridcliecrless rooms
almost unlighted and unventilated tho
restaurants are almost underneath the
ground end the
sits In close quarters To remedy all the
numerous defects of the present building
at one timo Is manifestly Impossible for
it would take so long to correct them
that Congress would be compelled to sit
In a torn up building But one by one
they can be taken In hand and gradually
the Capitol can be brought to conform to
modern Ideas of a building for a great
legislative body Preliminary to other
changeB It Is proposed to reconstruct the
House of Representatives and Chairman
Prince of he Committee on Ventilation
and Acoustics has introduced a bill for
that purpose
After considerable study and discussion
a commission once prepared plans for the
remodeling of the House It Is along the
lines of this plan that it is proposed the
alterations shall bo made Briefly they
contemplate the removal of the desks
from the chamber the chairs to be re
placed by benches The dimensions of
the chamber are to bo contracted and the
space about the sides to be utilized for
reading writing and smoking rooms A
new system of ventilating Is contemflated
Aside from the fact that the chamber
would thus bo made more hibltable tho
great argument from a popu ar point of
view in favor of the proposed change is
that the business of the House would be
greatly exriedlted At present the mem
bers who ttend tho sessions devote most
of their time in the chamber to reading
and writing and conversation Ordinarily
little attention Is paid to what Is being
said or what business Is being transacted
with the result that because of the confu
sion much of the timo Is wasted On tho
other hand an argument used against the
removal of the desks Is that If the mem
bers were to carry on their correspond
ence elsewhere and did not have the at
tractions of a desk to hold them in the
House fhe greatest difficulty would be ex
perienced In securing and maintaining a
quorum Thirty members of tbo House
of Commons Is a sufficient number to
transact business but a majority of tho
House of Representatives is required
An attempt was made two years ago to
pass a similar bill but Speaker Reed de
clined to let it come up largely on the
ground that It would create too much un
favorable comment to the effect that tho
House was patterning after tho House of
Commons Tho advocates of tho plan for
xemodellng the HouEe are hopeful that the
bill will pass this year as the work can be
dono only during tho long recess and if
not done during the coming summer two
years must elapse before sufficient time
will be had
AIciiiiicl of IurIIccm of the DN
trlct Supreme Court
At a meeting of the Justices of the Su
preme Court of the District yesterday
the following assignments of the members
of the bench to the different branches of
the court were made Chief Justice ning
ham Circuit Court No 1 Justice Harry
M Clabaugh Circuit Court No 2 Justice
Job Barnard Criminal pourt No 1 Jus
tice C C Cole Criminal Court No 2 Jus
tice A B Hagner Equity Court No 1
and Justice Andrew Ai Bradley Equity
Court No 2
Tho changes mentioned will take effect
oa February 4 1901
A J Sdvera is of the opinion that he would
not be lolng right by his fsmil if he did not
kiep a bottle of tliamberlains Cough IlemcuV fii
the houec 1 neier fell alarmed when I hear
my little Ijov cough he sas einco I discover
of what a omlerful medicine it is for the euro
of coughs colds and croup in children I have
ued it freuentl mjtclf too and it never fails
10 cure Mr hilvcra is a well knonn citizen
of Huff Hay JnrnaUu Wet India Islamls This
rcmcil is for sale bj Henry Trans wholesale aud
retail and all druggists
C American Becurltr and Trust Co
requires illllful snd responsible packers
A Our wcrk Is guaranteed in every rtspect
U reproof Storags Warehouse
11 IO 5tl Street U
in Ptooe 0a
A Aim ItT M HEAD General ilanager
rcJO ctd tt V
Sunday Times
Prize Scholarship Awards
1 r
International Correspondence Schools
Stock Brokers
1421 F Street Phone 1770
DKANCIl OFFICE Suite S Ctntril Kstlontl
IUnk Builoine Seventh Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue PUone 2202
Capital 5500000
Letters of Credit
Scranton Pa
The Following Courses Were Selected By he Successful Contestants
First Prize
A lrec scliolarahiit In Com
merclitl llruucliert
including Instruction In arithmetic
spelling vertical or slanting pen
minship grammar punctuation
letter writing single eTry book
keeping double eatry bookkeeping
opening clcsing and changing
books and stenography
Second Prize
A Free uhulnrslilii In Mc
climlcnl AJruvvIiijr
including Instruction In arithmetic
formulas and mensuration geo
metrical drawing and mechanical
This Scholarship Includes a Com
plete Drafting Outfit retail price
12 55
Third Prize
A Tree Scliolnrsliip In Me
clinnlcnl Eitftiiiecriij
Including instruction In arithmetic
formulas geometrical drawing me
chanical drawing geometry and
trigonometry elementary mechan
ics hydromechanics algebra loga
rithms pneumatics heat steam
and steam engines strength of ma
terials applied mechanics steam
boIler3 machine design and dyna
mos and motors
Fourth Trize
n siioxtz
A Irco bclinlnr4lilp In
Ornnnicntnl DciIkii
Including Instruction In geometrical
drawing freehand drawing historic
ornament composition and applied
This Scholarship includes a Com
plete Designing Outfit retail price
Fifth Prize
A Tree St holnmlilii In Civ II
Including Instruction in arithmetic
formulas geometrical drawing me
chanical drawing geometry and
trigonometry elementary mechan
ics algebra logarithms hydraulics
pneumatics elementary graphical
statics strength of materials an
alysis of stresses proportioning the
material details of construction
details bills and estimates sur
veying land surveying mapping
railroad location railroad construc
tion track work railroad struct
ures drainage sewerage streets
and highways paving water wheels
hydraulic machinery water supply
and distribution Irrigation heat
steam and steam engines steam
boilers locomotives dynamos and
motors electric lighting electric
railways descriptive astronomy
elementary chemistry geology
blow piping and mineralogy
Sixth Prize
A Free Scliolnrup in Com
mercial llrnnclieK
Seventh Prize
A Tree Scholarship In elec
trical Engineering
Including Instruction in arithmetic
formulas geometrical drawing me
chanical drawing geometry and
trigonometry elementary mechan
ics hydromechanics algebra loga
rithms pneumatics heat steam
and steam engines strength
of materials applied mechanics
steam boilers machine design prin
ciples of electricity electrical meas
urements applied electricity bat
teries electric transmission elec
tric railways electric lighting de
sign of continuous current dynamo
electric irachlnery design of continuous-current
motors principles
of alternating current apparatus
design of alternating current appa
This scholarship Includes a free
outfit of electrical apparatus with
which to do the work of the course
Eighth Trize
A Vree ScliolarNhln In Elec
trical KnelneerlriKT
Xinth Prize
A Free Scliolarikiu In Civil
Tenth Prize
A Iree Srhnlnrxlilp In fom
mercinl Ilrnnvlics
The Colliery Engineer Company
Washington D C Dec 31 1900
To tho winnors of Tho Times Free Scholarship Offer
You aro cordially invited to cll at tho District ofHco of Tho In
ternational Corrospondenco Schools G19 Pennsylvania Avenuo
NorthwoBt Thursday oveninj next and receive tho Bound Vol
umes Drawing Outfits otc which boloncr to tho Scholarships
awarded by Tho Thnos Certificate of Scholarship which will be
delivered to tho winnors by Tho Times must bo presented to so
curo Bound Volumes otc
4 and 5 Per Cent
Loaned on Real Estate In DlatrlcL of Columbia
Lowest Commission
nolS U 100S F Street
Members hew York Stock Exchange
1419 F Street
Correspondents o
Ksw York
Money to Loan
At 4 and 5 Per Cent
aell U 7M ltth St N W
rimxiTunE pianos etc ax the
Cash to Loan
without reisers from your ponetslon and la an
troount from 10 to tWX Our rates art tha
chitpeat and jou can nuke jour ova tenra
Loans made within three hrcra from tht tfma
jou apply e loan for the Inter tat only and
do Dot want jour goodi so jcu teed bare no
fear of lofina them Our effloea are up on the
fifth floor away frcm the street and are to ar
ranged that we can ensure strict eat prlncy Drop
In and ffet our rates
613 030 F ST SEAR 8TII X W
Room 74 Atlantic BuildlnsT
Taie Ele7ator to Fifth Floor
A Bank Wont Do
What we do We will loan you if 0 NET oa
your Furniture Pianos Salary ttc Jfo I neon
Tenlenee No publicity N delaj Any amount
from 5 to 1000 In one tour Lowest rates
and easy terms Our methods and offices guar
antee the strictest priTacy
The Increase In our business In the past year
and unlimited capital enable ua to offer better
Inducements than small companies that do a
email business and hare limited capItaL Com
parison of rates will conrlnce you Courteous
treatment and your wants supplied without delay
at the old reliable
Private ratrance Room 9 la the rear
M tf Phone llsi
Need a Little
Extra Money
If you do well males you a loan
gladly and It wont cost much we
loan money at a Tery low rate la
it much lower than anyone else
Call and ce ua all business ia
strictly confidential
Washington Mortgage Loan Co
6IO F St N W
Do You Heed Money We Haie It for You
We want to call your attention to our plan ot
loaning money on Furniture Pianos Organs or
any household Roods We say to you If you need
money this is the most reliable loan office In the
city You hare no delay No unnecessary ques
tions to ask you Our terms are the cheapest
cur payments the smallest and your own time
to return the money We will lend you any
amount ram 10 up Private ofScea Business
strictly confidential COLUiUJIA GUARANTEE
CO 612 T St nw aull tf
When You Want Money
come to ua We mate loans on
ture Pianos and other UousehoTd Effects
at lowest rates of interest without re
moral from the premises Any amount
from 10 up for long or short time
No delay or publicity AH transactions
iSTPnrate rooms for ladies
snccniTY LOAX CO-
Cur fith and F Sts X W de7 tfem
We Negotiate Loans
We will lean you any amount from 5 op
in monthly payments for one month or a
STORAGE RECEIPTS etc If yon hare s
loan elsewhere we will pay it off and ad
rance you mere money Jto expense unless
loan Is made
Room 3 First Floor near Opp Talent Offlc
Loans of 10 n
d tiMTiird tiiade
Wagons etc at lowest rates and on tbe day you
We are loaning on the Buildic and Loan
Association plin which makes the cost of carry
ing leans much less than you pay elsewhere and
allows you to pay it off in any azea notes you
desire runnicR from one to twlTe month You
oaly pay for tbe use o the money for the leneh
of time you carry it If you hare a loan witb
lome other company we will pay it off and ad
vance you more money if desired Rates cheer
fully civeD and no cost to you unless loan fj
ma He Loan3 male anywhere in the District
Call and get rates Front room first floor Scien
tific American Billdlnff
National Morttrapce Loan Co
czs r st a w
UONET TO LOAX at 84 3 and 4H per
cent in sums of flOuO to 10000 on D a
real estate pay off 5 and 6 per cent mortgages
and begin anew all transactions conducted with
economical consideration for borrowers WJL H
SOUNDERS CO li07 F st nw Jyl tfem
MOSEY I hare money to lend on furniture
pianos or personal properly at lowest rates
business confidential JOUS UARTXK Room 34
Warder Building dsl lmo
Room 10 Central Hide Cor Sth and Fenn Ato
Rooms 40 and UeUerctt Build n 1110 F St
THE LATEST memorial death sctne of
tvangeiisc jioouv nia uvinjf word immortal
ized in 3 lithographed colored scenes the pic
ture should be In every family agrcnr wanted
Address I L TIKMU3 IOU 11th St nw jal 3t
FOR SALE Fine parlor 3tove in good condi
tion price 3 610 D st nvr jal 3t
FOR SVLE I have a few fine diamonds on easy
terms Address BOX 399 this offlce
FOR SLE Large baby carriage nearly new 5
121 D St nw de31 3t
FOR SLE -23 oak folding bed 1030 one 3J
oak mirror front folding bed 2250 313 Cth
St nw de30 3t
I OR SALE The entire contents ol a Iargre board
ing house such as oak and enamel bedroom
furniture pillows folding bed chairs mattresses
springs stoves organ cots trunks dimngroom
tabln iron beds rockers mtrrors ice box oil
heater gas hcate s students lamp also five Iron
beds that have never been used the above has
been moved to our place of buiness and must be
sold quick FRIES 4 110PWOOD 8th and K stsL
nw dcjO 3t
FOR SVLE Caligraph universal keyboard first
rate condition Address BOX 3SO this office
dc30 3t
FOR SVLE Cheap hound good rabbit dog set
ter good bird doe J X st sw de30 3t
iOUNG lady out of employment will sacrifice
lirr marquise nn lor fej cost iZa Address
Box 379 this office de29 3tem
LOOK 35 for a newly painted side door milk
wagon 333 Md ave ne de29 3tem
Organs S5 up
Square pianos 25 up Upright pianos as low
S3 and all other piano- organs and small
musical goods at 25 ptr ctnt to 50 per cent
reduction Open late Mondaj night Sew dears
tve BRVDBURVS1223 Fa ave dcOO tf
FOR SVLE Standard Grand sewing machine
uwl 7 weeks 23 cost 65 lea lng city Ad
drew BOX 327 thH office de27 Ct
FOR SALE Six oral photo mezzotints for 35c
dell tf
possess every desirable improvement Invented in
the past 50 years as appertains to pianos
oc20 3raos
FOR SLE Picture frames made to order Ma
up largest and most complete line of pic
ture frames and n tdaillons la the city
ARDS 730 7th st n v oclO 3mos
FOR SLE Oood qvallty opaqiv shades nttTto
your windows only 23c the best quality oil
opsone shades 50 cents hung free will call
With asmples KLnnaLATTs 11th and It sts
ne mye tf
FOR SILE 5 for hair mattress in two parts
lounges f275 gasoline stoles and refrig
erators parlor and bedroom suites 91 per week
will nove and store your goods cash or credit
REDMOND 311 and 313 7th st nw del tfenl

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