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TheSlajer of Huron on Kcttelor
1nbliclr Executed
The Slurdcrcr Goes to IHi Doom With
Apparent Cheerfulness V Brunt
Crowd Present nml Order Prchcrv
cil li the German Troops The lor
clgn Ministers sol let Rcndj tn
Jlect the Iiniicrinl Trace Commls
Kloucrn Surprised liy Chliuis
Prompt Acceptance of the PrcIm
Innrj Note Not rriircil to Pre
sent the Delnllx of tlie Demands
Punishment of the Boxer Lenders
TEKIN Jan 1 10 a m Eu Hal the
murderer of Earon von Kettclcr the Ger
man Minister was beheaded jesterday In
Hataman Street the principal thorough
fare of the capital The execution which
was under German supervision took place
at the busiest hour of the day A great
crowd was present- German troops Kept
The murderer was made to Kneel on his
hands and Knees In the middle of the
street and he was Kept in this position for
half an hour awaiting the arrival o Ger
man officers wlio wanted to see tl exe
cution In the mean time the execut acr
sword in hand and his assistant s id
beside the condemned man They each
wore bloody clothes The pair had just
officiated at eight other Killings and did
not have time to wash
The man who was so shortly to die was
cheerful during the period of waiting He
laughed heartily several times He said
that his name was an honored one and
that he was an honest man
Upon the arrival of the German officers
the assistant executioner made a double
wrap of twine around the mans neck
crossing the string nnder his chin He
then pulled on the twine and the mans
queue stretching his neck to the utmost
Meantime the executioner put a knee be
tween the mans shoulderblades and his
hands on his head Then he jumped hard
shoeing the culprits face into the dust
after which he stepped back took his
sword and chopped his head off Two
blows Mere required to sever the head
which was subsequently placed In a cage
and hung over the street
The murderer was a soldier At the
outbreak of the Boxer troubles he was
stationed in Hataman Street -with orders
to shoot any foreigner who trld to pass
The killing of Earon on Kettcler was
done in obedience to these orders It Is
admitted by foreigners including Dr
Mumm von Schwartzensteln the present
German Minister that the man would not
hae been executed in a European coun
An early meeting of the Chinese peace
commissioners and the Ministers of the
allied rowers is not liKely The facts ot
the Chinese accepting the demands of the
Powers and asking for a conference have
temporarily placed the Ministers ct a dis
advantage While it is not admitted that
the Ministers are afraid to meet the Chi
nes commissioners to bo questioned the
former not having decided themselves the
details of what they want tbey have
practically determined to call a bait for
a time
They will call a meeting of the Min
isters and will then Bend a formal note to
the Chinese representatives requesting
them to write the questions they want to
ask The Ministers will then hold an
other meeting and agree upen the an
swers if possible Some of the Ministers
ill have to consult with their Govern
ments before agreeing to any change in
the demands and this lll require con
siderable time all of which is additional
reason why the negotiations should be
transferred to Europe or tho United
States particularly the larger questions
of indemnity and financial reform
As has hitherto been pointed cut there
are eleven Ministers here five of whom
represent countries which have absolutely
no interest in the conferences Neverthe
less tbej have power equal to the six
nations Interested The preliminary note
demands the severest punishment for
eleven officials whose names have already
been mentioned and such others as the
Ministers shall designate
The Ministers have not completed their
lists Tha lists of the American and Brit
ish representatives are most nearly com
plete These include about lift officials
The Minlsers have not agreed upon what
the severest punishment means Tbey say
tuat the Chinese having agreed to the
den andsshould proceed with the punish
It has been learned from an official Chi
nese source that the Chinese commission
ers wish the initiative on the question of
punishment to come from the allies They
want the Ministers to ask them what pun
ishments are proposed They will reply
but will not volunler further punishment
than Las already been decreed until they
are asked
From the same official source which Is
unquestionable it Is also learned that
China Is now prepared to behead Yu
Hsien formerly Governor of Shausl rs
soon as the Powers demand this punish
ment The Government will also banish
Prince Tuan to the northwest border for
life instead of to Moukden It will com
pel Prince Cbwangnnd Duke Lan to com
mit suicide will ultimately behead Gen
eral Tung fuh Slang and Inflict the se
verest punishment up to life banishment
to the northwest frontier on seven other
princes and officials whose heads were
originally demanded
These punishments are much more se
vere than tho Goernn ent has heretofore
confessed were possible and it is bellej
It Is about as far as the Government can
go but several of the iwcrs it is stated
will insist upon beheading Instead of bin
lshment There is every likelihood that
there will be a wrangle over the question
Several of the allied generals and all
the Ministers agree that a stop should be
put to the expeditions which are not only
unjust because lnnocert persons are made
victims but because they are arousing he
Chlncso to such an extent that when the
troops Hre withdrawn the foreigners re
maining here will reap the whirlwind
Whatever good effect the expedition had
during the early part of the campaign has
been absolutely lost throLgh the excesses
committed by the troops since then
Furthermore China has agreed to every
thing the Powers demanded and the havoc
Is therefore Inexcusable from any stand
Sir Ernest Satow the British Minister
Is suffering with pleurisy While his con
dition in serious it is not bclleed to be
dangerous There Is no Improvement in
the condition ot General Caselee the Brit
ish commander who is suffering with
evr hhlnKltXf full nice only 00
ptr 1000 rjprew kliinglrt xa too no excuse
to luve a leaky root on onr building
Call at OIL and X
General Andre However Sentences
lilm to Imprisonment
PA1US Jan 1 The military board
which has been sitting at Fort Mont
Valcrlcn In obedience to an order from M
Andre Minister of War to decide whether
Major Cuignct had been guilty of acts in
violation of discipline and whether he
could consequents be compulsorlly re
tired from the armyt has acquitted tha
accused by a vote of four to one
The proceedings were prlate and it Is
regarded as significant that the only de
tailed report thereof appears in the Na
tionalist newspapers to which it wrs ap
parently supplied surreptitiously Ac
cording to this report Major Cuignets at
titude was far from submissive He made
a defence which was a direct attack on
General Andre The witnesses all spoke
of Major Cuignct in eulogistic terms
The Included generals wno figured prom
inentij in the trial of Dreyfus at Rennes
namelv Boisdefire Gonse Rcgct and
Zurlindcn They manifested sympathy for
the accased and each shook his hand in
turn General Andre overruled the de
cision of the board and sentenced Major
Culsnet to sixty days imprisonment in a
LONDON Jan 2 According to the
Paris correspondent of the Dally News
the Cuignet court martial refused in face
of the evidence to convict the accused be
cause the members of the court are hos
tile to the Government and the- Republic
Tbe svmptoms revealed at the trial have
a grave meaning They Indicate that the
generals would upset the Government if
they could General Andre who is re
garded as an honest Republican has
given the court a pretty severe snub but
his action leaves the case In a most un
satisfactory condition
tin- Rcturnlne Consul GcucrnI Illx
ctibKCH tlic Boxer
SAN niNCISCO Jan 1 Among the
arrivals from the Orient today was United
States Consul General John Goodnow who
has represented this country for three
j ears at Shanghai He comes back on
sixty davs vacation Goodnow has an in
timate acquaintance with many of the lead
ing Chinese officials and what he says
about the recent troubles and the chances
for peace is interesting He declares that
the policy of the United States toward
China is tho only fair one and that America
is the only country In which the Chinese
have any confidence
Amonr the chief causes of the Boxer
uprising Mr Goodnow places the general
diffusion of knowledge of outside affairs
I among the common people due to the tele
I graph and the newspapers Sinco tho Chi
nese Japanese war there has been a great
increase in the use of the telegraph and a
rapid devlopmnt of newspapers Reading
of rewspapers has resulted in a growth of
patriotism Sectional discontent railroad
competition against native labor news
paper knowledge of foreign idels of China
and the growth of Chinese patriotism
helped to bring about the uprielng
Consul General Goodnow says that six
teen cut of nineteen provinces were kept
out of the uprising but many of the vice
roys of these provinces told him personally
that if a partition of China were attempt
ed they vould not for a moment try to
restrain the people Tbey would fight
The middle class Including the merchant
clement and the officials is particularly
well disponed toward the United States
The people know that this country does
not want any part of China They refer
with approval to tnp note of Secretary Hay
in which he declared for an open door In
China They approve also the fact that
Admiral Kerapff did not fire on the Taku
forts and they recognize that the Chinese
get the same justice in an American court
in China as the Americans
A rnmine Impending Ovv ItiK tn
Flood and Failure of Cro r
from Vladivostock are to the effect that
I there is great distress In the Russian
j Amur maritime provinces The events in
vniua maae native laoor scarce me i ar
vest largely failed floods were very de
structive and the railroad was monopo
lized by troops thus preventing the Im
portation of supplies
Consequently the prices of bare neces
saries are beond the peoples means
Even Government officials have been
obliged to appeal to the central admin
istration for relief It is feared that a
famine is imminent
To Withdraw Illx Itcslcnatlon ns
Ilcnil of AvrlKhts Companies
LONDON Jan 2 Lord Duiferln as was
announced a few days ago had arranged
to go to South Africa and had tendered
his resignation as Chairman of the Lon
don and Globe Finance Corporation before
he learned of the companys default In
view of the circumstances he announces
that he has deemed it his duty to ask his
co directors to allow him to withdraw
his resignation until he has had an op
portunity of meeting the shareholders He
I will accordingly postpone his departure
for South Africa where his son was re-
i cently ueriously wounded In an engage-
1 mint with the Boers
A sciv York- Acvvspuper Artist Sep
urAtctl From Ills Companions
PORTLAND Me Jan 1 William H
Bcdwell a New York newspaper artist
Is believed to have perished In the White
Mountains News was received here to
night from Berlin N II that a searching
party had been organized and Btarled out
this attcrroon Mr Bodwell accompanied
by Chester Stiles of Cambridge and Ray
Evans of Gorham N II left the latter
town Sunday to climb Mount Washington
i by way of the carriage road When they
reached the nan wav House uouwcn was
tired out
Ills companions at his suggeatlo1 left
him there with two davs provisions and
proceeded up tho mountain to take photo
graphs alosg the way Returning jester
day to the camp tbey found that he had
left the camp They tracked him come
distance down the mountain ard hoped to
find hln safe on their arrival in Gorham
but suddenly the track left the path and
semd to turn back toward the mountain
where it was lost in the snow
It is believed that after recovering his
strength Bodwell started to descend the
mountain but reaching a clearing saw the
Tip Tip llcuse determined to reich It by
a Btralght route and In trying to carry
out that plan was overtaken by tlic snow
storm and lost his way The other two
rren reached Gorham today neprlj exhaust
pvv CY iilnr Cnrillulltlvx
PARIS Jan 1 President Loubet and
the Czar today exchanged cordialities on
the opening of tho new century
Norfolk A XVnahlnston Stcnmumit Co
Dcllslitfal trip ritlb at 0 30 p n hotn toot
7h rt to Old Point Comfort Kcaport Nc
loifolk and the South tor schedule tic pa 7
The Imaders Keeping the British
Columns Busj
The HoerH Practically Honmlnf nt
Av III Cnptnrlns Convojs mid Smnll
Posts 1 he Mnmitcil Troops Un
ahle to Overtake the Rnlders lte
eruItluK fur the Colonial Guards
CAPE TOWN Jan 1 The Cabinet held
a special meeting which occupied the
whole morning to consider the situation
in Cape Colony which Is regarded as
serious The council will probably be fol
lowed by a further extension of martial
law Parliament has been prorogued until
April i
Recruiting in connection with the Gov
ernments call for civilians to arm to aid
the military in repelling the noer Inva
sion of tho Cape Colony will begin here
Thursday The terms of enlistment will
be three months and the pay 5 shillings
a day The force will be called the Co
lonial Defence Torce and will be under
military control There is still no evi
dence of an appreciable number of the
Dutch colonists joining the Invaders but
the latter themselves have now consider
able numbers
They however are apparently not act
ing in combination having divided into
numerous small bodies They are carry
ing on a guerrilla war generally hnrass
ing and endeavoring to live on the coun
try They have been especially active n
the mountainous country between Coles
berg and Middclburg Two hundred of
them held up a mixed train of thirty tars
between Rosmead and Sherbourne and de
feated the escort consisting of sixty I
Prince Alfreds guards They looted the
train and burned the cars most of which
were empty freight vans
The forty passengers had a narrow es
cape the cars being riddled with volleys
The passengers were allowed to go and
tho escorts were subsequently released
Another party of 250 captured the post
at Ncsblfs House fifty miles southeast of
Colesberg Still another party estimated
to number SOO men have driven off a
number of cattle from Weltevrodcn
There is considerable alarm in the towns
in the district Many of the inhabitants
have jjono south and the banks have sent
their specie away Mounted British col
umns are reported to be everywhere pur
suing the Boers but they apparently only
succeed in keeping them moving
Meanwhile the Invaders farther north
i and westward of the Orange River and
Vaal River colonies are busy and thriv
ing They ambushed and captured thirty
miles from Kuruman a British convoy of
twenty six wagons loaded with military
stated that the escort consisting of
twenty five police made no resistance
All were deprived of their horses and
arms and were then released
Boers aro roaming seemingly with lit
tle Interference throughout the Vryburg
district between Kimberley and Mate
king seizing horses and It is said ob
taining many recruits from among the
colonists Do Vllliers a British Grlqui
Iand subject Is said to be commanding the
Boer encampment at Geluk
Correspondent TnUe u Glom XleiT
of the Jloer InvdHlnn
LONDON Jan 2 There are no details
of the British successes which were re
ported from the Transvaal and Orange
River Colony yesterday and there is no
means of judging what Importance can be
attached to them A majority of the
newspapers give the chief prominence to
them in their war columns placing the
details of the invasion of the Cape Col
ony second They mostly persist in their
optimism regarding the situation There
are but few of them which make any
comment at all Impartial observers are
astonished at what appears to be their
absurd apathy
The Cape Town correspondent of tho
Times in a despatch dated January 1
join3 the warning voices He says that
the imraedate aspect of affairs Is scarcelj
less gloomy than at the beginning of the
war The number of Invaders may be
less than a year ago but they have pene
trated farther Eouth Their presence near
fuli centres of hostile Dutch feeling as
Graaf Reinet constitutes en element of
danger which was not present last Jan
Tho pro lamatlon calling for volunteers
to defend the lines of communication
proves that the military authorities are
at last alive to the critical nature of the
situation but the measure comes ry
late in the dav The Empire has surely
given evidence that It has been ready
all along to answer any calls that may
be made upon It and it only asks to be
taken as far as possible into the confi
dence of those entrusted with the task
of bringing the war to a successful con
Everjone is aware of the lifficultles the
work has Imposed on the military bat that
is no reason why nono of them should
prove himself equl to the occasion Tho
secret of why the Boers are Invading the
Cape Colony and arc able to evade pursuit
Is that thej have secured fresh horses The
proclamation of military law directly the
first commando crossed tho Orange River
and tho immediate commandeering of all
horses carts and forage would have ren
dered the Boer advanco imposslvle
If military scruples forbade tho force
ble seizure of 200CO horses they
might have besn bought for ono third of
what Is reported to be tho cost of the war
per week
The colony regards with equanimity the
presence of Boer forces some hundred
miles within its borders And merely asks
tht military authorities to devise schemes
for tho defence of the country and the re
pelling mid capturo of the invaders and to
prevent the ppread of rebellion What
ever force is deemed necessary for this
purpofo will b3 forthcoming provided
those In authority act honestly by the pub
lic and state accurately tho full gravity
of the situation
The Daily Mail alone seems to take
the vliw vhlcli tho reports force upon Im
partial readers In an editorial entitled
Halt Way to Cape Town It de lares
that the position is most dingcrous and
the rrisls Is growing hourly graver It
tails urgently for the sending of
Its Cape Town correspondent
telegraphs that tho Invaders within the
colony now exceed 5C00 Two frcsi com
mandos have crossed the Orange River
Tho western column has split Into two
divisions one of which Is marching by
way of Sutherland toward Malmesbury
while tho other Is concentrating toward
Beaufort West
There has been n susplctus movement of
farnurs northward from Malmesbury dur
ing tl u past week It Is being rlosely
watched Bea ifort Wrtt is strongly for
tified and is defended by a powerful bat
tery The invaders who left Carnarvon
are moving toward Fraserburg They are
bcrng pursued by an overwhelming forco
of cavalry On the rastern side of the
invaded area the Boots arc concentrating
near Steynsburg with the object of forc
ing their way to Cradock one of the most
important strategic centres la the Colony
The Boers by splitting Into small par
ties have greatly increased the difficulty
of dealing with the Invasion They aro
now ranging over Immense tracts of terri
tory necessitating the employment of an
army corps General Kitchener has pour
ed troops Into tho disturbed areas but
the fugitive tactics of the Boers have
largely neutralized these precautions
It was then felt that the only meins of
preventing the invaders from coming Into
the rich districts of the western province
was for the Government to Issue a gen
eral call to arms The sole otject of the
proclamation Is to repel the invaders not
to trouble about the territories beyond
the colonies
It Is proposed to occupy the passes
leading to tho lower reaches of the
colony and thus hem in the Invaders
The call to arms has aroused remarkable
enthusiasm In the Cape Peninsula where
a corps Is already forming In anticipation
of enrollment Thursday
Yesterdays telegrams Indicate that the
call will meet with a splendid response in
tho eastern part of the colony In the
western part Its reccjitlon is doubtful
Not thirty per cent of the population
there is counted as loyal The pro Boer
leaders are suspiciously silent Their
silence is deemed dangerous There is
nothing like a panic but letters are ar
riving at Cape Town detailing damage and
robbery by the Invaders and beseeching
Itcpulseil Jij the GnrrlMon After Trr
ln to Cnpturc n Gun
PRETORIA Jan 1 A commando which
is believed to bo part of Delareys attack
ed Rhenostcr yesterday afternoon after the
mail train had passed They attempted to
take a gun but the garrison repulsed them
Seeing another train approaching the Boers
Commandos are hovering near tho rail
way at Viljoes Drift and Kaalfonteln
Stcenkamp the Boer commandant at Heil
brcn addressed a number of neutral Boers
who were arrested by his men last week
He said reports had reached him that they
were assisting the British and committing
other acts against tho Boera He found
that the reports were untrue Ho inform
ed thtm that they could either remain with
the commando or go home as he rcfufed
to coerce men who were unwilling fighters
The prisoners who had all taken the oath
of neutrality returned to their homes
General Kitcheners recent proclamation
that burghers surrendering would be pro
tected in camps and their stock and effects
safe guarded has already bad some effect
in the Orange River Colony where small
parties are coming in
Gencrnl Knox Cnpture Horse Srnp
pllefi nnc Ammunition
LONDON Jan 1 The War Office has
received tho following despatch from
Lord Kitchener dated Pretoria Decem
ber 31
Knox who Is following up De Wet
has captured borne horses five wag
on loads of suppllestand COOO rounds
of ammunition He releaEdand al
lowed to go to their farms- seventy
six Boers who were taken In De Wets
laager and who had been forced to
French recently captured twelve
prisoners and a large quantity of
carts and cattlo KITCHENER
To FlrMt llue Ilia Hreft Treated at
n Hospital ill Utrecht
LONDON Jan 2 A despatch to the
Morning Post from Brussels says that
In replying to an address from a deputa
tion of the American Boer Central Com
mittee ex President Kruger expressed a
wish to visit the United States if hen he
has concluded a course of treatment In
the Ophthalmic Hotpltal at Utrecht
A Stntcn Ixlnud Cnutrnctor Rohbef
Ij evr York Footpads
NEW YORK Jan 1 Three thugs
about 11 oclock tonight held up Thomas
OBrien a wealthy contractor of Rosebank
S I on West Twenty fifth Street beat
him severely and robbed him ot a valuable
gold watch Several citizens who witness
ed the daring robbery were afraid to go
to OBriens assistance When OBrien
reported the case at tho West Thirtieth
Street station a physician was called to
attend his injuries
Mr OBrien came from his home on
Staten Island to visit a friend in West
Twent flfth Street Ho left the house
shortly before 11 oclock tonight walking
toward Broadway He was midway be
tween Seventh and Sixth Avenues when
three men suddenly appmred and before
Mr OBrien had divined their intentions
they knocked him down Two of the men
pinioned his arms raining blows on his
face while the third made a hurried
search of his pockets Mr OBrien Is a
powerful man and fought desperately De
spite tho odds against him he struggled
to his feet
The thug who had been searching him
Joined In the fight and undr the shower
of blows OBrien was again beaten to the
sidewalk As he fell one cf the thugs
seized his watch and chain and the three
I then ran down the street
OBrien was too exhausted by the fight
to follow the highwaymen but as he stag
gered to his feet several citizens who had
witnessed the robbery but were afraid to
interfere came up and helped him to the
West Thirtieth Street station where ho
told the police of tho hold up Detectives
hurried to tho scene but the robbers had
not been captured up to a late hour to
night A phjsiclan found Mr OBrien suf
fering from several ugly contusions Ills
clothes were torn and his face bleeding
1IuiiN to Prevent llielr Desertion nt
hnu FrniiclNCO
Rico steamer Arcadia will arrive hero on
January 4 with 400 Porto Rlcans aboard
bound for Hawaii to work on the sugar
plantations Tho planters concluded that
they are best suited for plantation work
because of their knowledge of sugar mak
ing The have contracted for several
thousand of them One hundred of them
landed at New Orleans and got as far as
San Tranclsco where many of them de
serted This the Hawaiian planters at
tribute to tho San Irnuclico newspapers
and they have accordingly scut an agent
to New Orleans to accompany them and
protect them
This agent C Wnlttrs arrived here to
day and will wait for tho Porto Rlcans
Ho will go with them to San Trantisco
and seo them aboard the steamer for
Occnn Menmship 3Iov ements
NEW YORK Jan 1 Arrived Phlla
delphlan Liverpool Astoria GlaBgow
Arrived out Soutliwark from New York
ot Antwerp
Murvelous Clinnipnsrne IlKiircs
In 11 months tlih jtr 10 1821 asa O II
Jlummn litra Iiry wrre imprtl or 72111
more tlian any other brand h1 attention is
lallrd to its runurlably One qualitj
The Pennsylvania Legislature Or
ganized by Stalwarts
Mnrhnll Spenker of the House and
Jsnycler President of the Sennte
The Ilepnhllcnn Canons Indicates
Thnt the llenier Statesman Is ow
AMthln One Vote of the Gonl
HARR1SBURG Pa Jan 1 Matthew
Stanley Quay has apparently won his fight
He Is short the requisite number of votes
on the surface but his trusted lieutenants
confidently assure all anxious enquirers
that tho body of reserves will bo ordered
to the firing line at tha proper time Just
as they were brought to the front at tho
critical stage of the battle over the con
trol of the House today
Half an hour before the Legislature or
ganized today It was practically conceded
by the Quay men that their cause was lost
but as the balloting proceeded five Demo
crats voted for Marshall for Speaker and
the Quay men were Jubilant- Now tho
r talwart Republicans expect that two weeks
from today Quay will be elected While
the votes are not now In sight they promise
that It will not even be necessary to have
a Joint ballot that the two houses will
vote sepirately and then all that will be
needed is to compare the vote in Joint
session on the following day
That at least is what the Quay men ex
pect will hippen Pointing to the fact that
their candidate was chosen Speaker of tho
House today and the further fact that the
Senate Is also In their control they con
tend that the chances of electing the Uni
ted States Senator aro altogether In their
favor Analyzing tho vote on tho organi
zation of the Senate and House they show
that twenty six votes In the Senate and
ninety live In the House making a total of
121 votes and that the changing of tome
of theso votes will materially affect their
Quay is Eald to have been called upon
after the adjournment of tho Legislature
today bj three members of the House Tho
had voted against his candidate for Speak
er and who pledged him their support for
Senator He Is also said to have received
other assurances during this afternoon and
evtnlng which led him to make this state
ment to a friend
I will certainly b elected I dont
expect a majority in tho caucus tonight
but there Is no question about tho final
When It was suggested to a Quay leader
that certain members had voted for Mar
shall for Speaker who would not ote for
Quay he replied that such talk was moon
shine that for every such loss there
would be a gain of two from among the
ranks of the anti Quay forces
Marshalls vote In the House today was
100 and tho fusion vote for Gen W H
Koontz his opponent was 99 Five of
Marshalls supporters were Democrats
Kain Fake and Shutt of Yorff Galvln
of Schuvlklll and Garvin of Adams One
other Democrat Rothrock of Mifflin
made Marshalls election possible by re
fusing to vote Of the absentees on ac
count of sickness Haldeman of Mont
gomery Is certain to vote for Quay and
Thompson of Centre and Nceb of Alle
ghany are claimed by both sides
The anti Quay leaders had a conference
with their people immediately After the
Legislature adjourned today and tbey
subsequently announced that not one of
their number had deserted They say
Quay is defeated and that the Democrats
who broke tha fusion agreement today
will not so easily get away from their
own ciitvfAs nominee for United States
Sen tor
Some Democrats think the ttTt Is now
ripe to spring a Democratic candidate and
nsk anti Quay Republicans to support
him Quay needs but 127 votes to be
elected and should any Democrats re
frain from voting he will need less
Senator W P Snyder a Stalwart was
elected President pro tem of the Senate
Governor Stone did not send his mes
sage to the Legislature today but will
do so tomorrow He and llrs Stone gave
a reception at the executive mansion this
Colonel Quay has remained at his pri
vate residence here He is not well but
Is buoyed up by the conviction that he
has won his fight
Tonights caucus Is not conclusive and
Quay having failed to secure the neces
sary number of votes he will keep his
opponents guessing until the first ballot
shall have been taken on the 15th Instant
The five Democrats who voted for Mar
shall for Speaker are quoted tonight s
saying that they will never vote for Quay
t i tjjui ilu luuigu fink lllc j
ing for Senator ma begin tomorrow on
the theory that the filling of a vacincy
in the United States Senate is unfinished
The caucus tonight sustains the claims
of the Quay men The vote was 123 for
yuay including zt senators and 17 mem
bers of tbe House Of the House contingent
three votes those of Tiffany and Hill of
Susquehanna and McPherson of Adams
were cast with the Fusionists this after
noon Quay Is by this showing within
four votes of the goal
Three names were presented to the cau
cus Matthew Stanley Quay Judgo Jchn
Stewart of Chambersburg and Represen
tative John Dalzell of Pittsburg After
the ballot the names of Dalzell and Stew
art were withdrawn and the nomination
of Quay was made unanimous giving him
123 votes In addition to these letters
were read from Haldeman of Mont
gomery and Thompson of Centre stating
that they would vote for Qua Beaver
of Juniata did not vote but said he would
abide by the caucus action This would
give Quay 12G votes
Colonel Guffey returned to Pittsburg to
night He has called off any further at
tempt at fusion or the House officers
Tin Two Iteptiblii mi FurtlniiN Pur
eel Out the Olllces
WILMINGTON Del Jan 1 The Gen
eral Assembly was organized at Dover
today by the two factions of the Republi
can party acting in unity The regulars
in the Senate took the President pro tem
Succumlis to Heart Tnllnre While on
n Visit to II Inncapolls
MINNEAPOLIS Minn Jan 2 130 a
m Ignatius Donnelly aged seventy is
dead Death came at 12 30 this morning
Mr Donnelly who lived In Hastings wa3
visiting at the home of his father-in-law
Bartln Hanson this city tonight when
he fell over in an unconscious condition
Dr Murphy was summoned and he at
once pronounced it a case of heart failure
and stated that the chances of the pa
tients recovery were exceedingly slender
owing to the advanced age of the sufferer
Mr Donnelly recently married Mi3S
Hanson of this city aged twenty three
and has been living on his farm near
Hastings He and his wife were on a
holiday visit to Minneapolis when Mr
Donnelly was stricken He had been visi
bly failing for some time
Ignatius Donnelly was born in Philadel
phia on November 3 1831 He was ad
mitted to the bar of his native State In 1S32
and four years later went to Minnesota
He was Lieutenant Governor and Governor
of Minnesota frm 1S9 to 1SC3 and repre
sented the State in Congress from 1S63 to
1860 For many years he was President
of the State Farmers Alliance and was
chairman of the anti monopoly conven
tion that nominated Peter Cooper for
President in 1872
In 1836 he was the candidate of the Peo
ples Tarty for Vice President He also
served many terms in the two branches
of the Minnesota State Legislature and
las been editor and proprietor of the
Anti Monopolist and the Representa
The thing that made him moro or less
prominent was his alleged discovery of an
arithmetical word cipher his cryptogram
by which he claimed to prove that the
Shakespearean plajs were all written by
Trancls Baron
He has also ben a farmer and an author
Among his books are Atalantls the An
tediluvian World Rqgnarok Caesars
Column Doctor Hughuet The Godn
Bottle and Tho American Peoples
Ho married Katherine McCaffery on
September 10 1855 She died In 1891 His
second wife was Marian Hanson
Likely to lie the Senatorial Choice
of Colorado FusInnlstH
DENVER Col Jan 1 T M Patterson
will probably be the successor ot B O
Wolcott In the United States Senate In
the House caucus E G Montgomery a
stanch friend of Mr Patterson was made
tho choice of the Silver Fusionists for
Speaker This Is regarded as a severe
blow to the aspirations of Gov C S
Another action that points stronglv to
ward the election of Mr Patterson was
the practical dissolution of the Populist
Price One Cent
Tho Kidnaper Reported Overtaken
Near Oelrichs S D
Gives Three Horsemen a Wild Chase
nnt rinall Ilronsht to a Unit Tho
cvvs nroUKht to Chndron Sfeh by
a Ranchman The Unndlts llrother
Arrested by the Police of Omaha
SIOUX CITY Iowa Jan 1 A special to
the Journal from Chadron Neb an
nounces the capture of Pat Crowe near
Oelrichs S D It says
When the detectivessterted a posse
after Pat Crowe yesterday they wcro on
a hot trail They have captured their
man Three riders following Crowe came
upon him Crowe on the Pine RIdga
Reservation near Oelrichs S D and cap
tured him after a wild chase
Crowe was driving a team and buck
board He whipped the horses and tried
to outrun the horsemen who soon brought
him to a haU with their six shooters
John Delfelder a cattleman baa just
reached Chadron with the news He says
the posse has stopped at a ranch about
thirty miles out for lunch and to feed
tclr horses
Omaha Police Take the Klilnnpcrs
Brother Into Custody
OMAHA Jan L John Crowe an elder
brother of Pat Crowe wa3 arrested this
evening- at his home in Council Bluffs
He armed with two enormous revolvers
and had the air of a man intending to
fight The detectives caught him asleep
and half drunk They took his revolvers
from him and landed him in the Jail He
vigorously denied any knowledge of tho
kidnaping or of Pats whereabouts Chief
Donahue of Omaha said this evening
We arrested John Crowe on general
suspicion An old set of harness and
huggy in his possession we know were
taken over the Douglass Street Bridge
several times after midnight on tne nights
Immediately before and after the kidnap
ing and the vehicle was drawn by a bay
horse which might be the one we now
have which the kidnapers used We know
Pat loafed around John s place a great
deal and we think we have clews that
lead to a certainty that John was con
nected with Pat In the affair-
Chief Donahue also said We also ar
rested a woman a sister-in-law of Crowe
at Johns house She was not identified as
connected with the case and we turned her
party In Colorado which began this Ioose 1 aked Joln Crowe wbat he was
i t tc iit nu eii I wearing those enormous guns for if he
O - 11 V t illil t n tl
tors walked Into the Democratic Sena
torial caucus and announced that they had
decided by resolution to be Democrats
Severn Representative Ttnrrowly
Escape n Watery Grave
NEW ORLEANS Jan 1 A telegram
from New Iberia announces that the
IlJUJe of Representatives very nearly lost
several members In the storm ot last Sun
day Representative Robert Broussard
made up a party for the holidays to hunt
ducks in Vermillion Bay The party in
ntu all ilUb uuk u7 uiu uui jii a aaua
factory answer and I will keep him locked
up for a while I believe the bandits
made their home around John Crowes
Bethlehem Pa Ilamllvs Fonnd
Was a Poiirjlans Son
BETHLEHEMJan 1 Charles Kers li
ner aged thirteen eldest son of Oliver F
Kerschnergardcner for President Lln
dermanyof the Bethlehem Steel Company
WnO a o a rliv li or t arri tnun rniitpnail
hbme early this morning Ho said that
wa3 cmoroiormeu nustiea away to an
ciuaed Representatives uroussara anff hninnod rattmnd rut two milps from
Breazeale of Louisiana W K RodenbAfrg town and searched When he Informed
of Illinois J F Stalllngs and Hjjcr clay- i his kidnapers that they had not President
ton of Alabama and several rjthers I Undermans son but only his gardeners
The party left Averys Hland on the reached home at midnight and today Is in
for the Vertsfllion
Gulf coast swamps on
Sunday morning Ip a large yawl Tho
yawl was caugnt in a gale blown about
In all directions and finally upset three
of thcr party being thrown Into the water
aruT having a desperate struggle for their
lives When rescued they were completely
exbajsted and could have held out only a
few minutes longer Tho Congressional
I arty saved the lives of two other hunters
caught in the same storm
He Recommends a Law for Compul
sory Arbitration
HARRISBURG Pa Jan 1 In his mes
sage to the Pennsylvania Legislature to
day Governor Stone says he is hopeful
that a practicable law for the compulsory
arbitration of labor disputes could be
framed and he urges tint the question be
considered The Governor says
Experience In the past Justifies the pas
sage of ruch legislation as will preserve
public order In the too frequent troubles
that grow out of labor disputes There is
no way by which trouble and disorder can
be averted so well and so speedily as by
McPherson of Adams who voted with the arbitration and settlement of the
5 I e IDruay pnco tnces In dispute A law that would au
and i then go to some other candidate thorize the use of State troops in the pro-
teition of those who wish to work and In
the preservation of public order where a
strike exists if within a given time arbi
trators were not selected by the employes
and close the mine mill factory or shop
if within the same length of time an equal
number of arbitrators were not selected by
the employer ought to be sutsalned by
the courts as a police regulation for the
benefit of society
Willie each act Is arbitrary it is not
moro so than public interference with
private rights in many other cass for
tne good of the public and experience has
taught us that each of these steps may
become necessary and generally do be
come necessary where labor disputes
lead to violence
Tho court or president Judge of the
county could then at the request of either
pirty or any of the selected arbitrators
appoint one or threa careful able Impar
tial men to sit with tho arbitrators se
lected when upon hearing both sides a
decision could bo rendered that would be
at once binding upon both parties and work
would at once be resumed I respectfully
urge upon the Legislature consideration
of these suggestions
Uepuhlicaiis of Maine Ivsrlsln
turc MtCt In Omens
AUGUST Me Jan 1 Tho Repub
lican caucuses for legislative nomination
were held tonight at which Hannibal E
Hamlin of Ellsworth son of tho late
i Vico President Hannibal Hamlin was
reading clerk sergeant-at-arms and the Manlev
paqc of the Senate and the Union Re- mlnJ eft Veutlvc
i i i Mil ui i I man of me utetuiive
lUUUl ttU3 lIO ltt miuiiiui utin HIIU
chaplain In tho House the Union Re
publicans took the Srcaker the reading
clerk tho sergeant-at-arms and the page
while the regulars took the clerk the en
rolling clerk and tho chaplain
Thus there was equitable distribution
of tho oflces The President pro tem nf
the Senate is llenrj C Ellison and the
Speaker of the HOise Is J V Xc ammons
No reference was made to the Senatorial
question and that fight is to come later
As It looks now there will be seven regu
lars who will stand out against Addlcks
nominated for President of the Senate
of Augusta Chair
uonimuiee ot me
Republican National Committee was
nominated for Speaker of the House both
without opposition
The Senato contains only ono Democrat
The Houso has 20 Democrats out of 151
members Wednesday William P Fryc
will be renominated for the United States
Senato for six ears On Thursday John
F Hill of Augusta will ho Inaugurated
A bottle of Usllantin India Vale Ala is
an appetizing featute of anj dinner
bed suffering from the drug administered
The boy in company with his
brother Raymond ws In tha
back jard at twilight when the Mdapers
pulled Charlie over the fence and ran off
with him to their awaiting team Kay
mond ran shrieking for help to the house
and search wa3 promptly instituted but
the captors escaped in the darkness
When Mr Linderman was informed he se
cured the service of Chief Burgess Stro
man and they set out energetically to re
cover the boy
Vigilance committees were formed and
tho head of each were police Every tramp
rendezvous was scoured and before the
searching parties returned the boy reach
ed home safe and sound He told a well
connected story He says that when his
captors learned that he was a poor boy
they told him tht he was not the hid thty
wanted and he muld return home
Several theories have been advanced as
to tho identity of the kidnapers and their
object Ore theory Is that It was tho
work of tramps who frequent Bethlehem
The mother may have offended some one
of them who retaliated in this way but
the mother asserts that she has had no
trouble at all with tramps Another theory
is that the boy was mistaken by his ab
ductors for some one else probably the son
of wealthy parents Tho statement of the
man when he released tho boy strength
ens this theory Others believe that tho
boy was seized in tho hope that Mr Lin
derman who is kindly disposed toward
the father would ransom him
Organize the Nebraska Legislature
In Itoth Brunches
LINCOLN Neb Jan 1 Th Nebraska
Legislature met at noon today The Re
publicans controlled both houses and se
lected Chief Steele as President of tha
Senate and W G Scars as Speaker of the
House besides a full complement of other
officers After formal organization had
bean completed an adjournment was taken
until tomorrow when the returns of tha
last election will be canvassed and the
result declared
Reception Hclil In the Clcvclnud
Chnitiucr of Commerce rtnllilliiK
CLEVELAND Ohio Jan 1 Cleveland
society participated tonight In a reception
given by Senator and Mrs M A Hanna
tho occasion being the debut of their
daughter Miss Ruth Hanna Because of
the inaccessibility of Stnator Hannas
residence the reception was held In tho
Cleveland Chamber of Commerco build
ing The mam audttorlam and club rooms
had been entirely redei orated for
the occasion Every effort was
made to make the affair tha
social event ot the season Twelvs
hundred persons were present Miss
Hanna was assisted in receiving by tho
Senator and Mrs JIanm The debntanto
was attired entirely in white and woro
strings ot pearls her favorite gems
Breaker Huji to Strike
breaker boys at tho No 2 D II colliery
at Plymouth met this afternoon and re
solved to go on strike In tho morning
They desire a raise of wages which tho
company has refused to grant
n mis Ituslncss Collcc1 hll nnil TO
Buslnckf Shortliind lypcwrltini 2i a jar

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