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Representative Dick Said to Hae
Planned Forakcrs Defeat
Amlilttun to Occmij n cnt In Iir
Scnntc the CnilhC llniinn fiie
of n icierance of All Ile
latloiiN AYlth XUn Former 1usorlte
and Will Stand lij 111 CollcliKiif
The absorbing topic among Republican
politicians in Washington just con- is a
story told In Capitol circles to the effect
that Senator Foraker has unearthed a
deep laid plot on the part of Representa
tive Dick of Ohio to have him Foraker
turned donn for re election that the
young Akron lawyer may don the toga
of his former good friend Mr Foraker
is said to have accused Mr Dick of
tnachery when he discovered ths plot rnd
when the matter came to the cars of Mr
Hanna he promptly gave notice of a sev
erance of all relations with the former
lieutenant colonel of the Eighth Ohio Vol
unteer Infantry
Since the close of the campaign Mr
Sick has been conducting a political bu
reau in this cit is it said Kith Dr Hls
Eey looking out for tho Ohio end
This was thought strange by many but
it was explained that the expenditure of
money and the continuation of work was
necessary to close up the affairs of the
national campaign It has since been
learned it is caid that all business of the
late campaign was long ago settled up and
the books balanced
It wa again pointed out that Mr Dick
had no use for a bureau here as his
term as Chairman of the Ohio Republican
Committee expired when the headqjjrters
at Columbus was closed Within the last
few days it has been discovered it Is
said that Mr Dick used the bureau and
its agents to complete his organization
In his own Interests and against those of
Mr Foraker and the alleged good of he
party in Ohio
Mr Forakers friends claim that Mr
Dick is playing into the hands of the
Ohio Anti Saloon League to effect the
defeat of the Senator An agreement Is
alleged to hae been made whereb tho
anti saloon people are to favor Mr Dicks
Common talk at the Capitol has It that
Mr Dick named legislative tickets to be
put up in a number of counties to defeat
Mr Foraker
When Mr Henna learned the alleged
facTs he at once placed Mr Dick on the
black list it is said as for ionic time he
has been losing his fatherly affection for
the Buckeye Representative Senator
Foraker has cluays stood too stanchly by
3lr Hanna and the Administration for tha
RepuMicin hots to allow him to be retired
and it 13 reported that the Chairman of the
Republican National Committee is indig
nant about the secret movement
To defeat the Dick plot Mr Foraker will
demand and receive The formal endorse
ment of the State convention and Mr
Hanna has promised that his collcag ia
shall name his own campaign manager
and State committee officials as the Re
publican boss dd In 1ST To prevent a
deadlock in the Legislature the old or
ganization vwll be effectually repaired and
Mr Dick is said to be slated to go
Mr Hanna is reported to have sharp
ened bis axe and in the event of such
s hlng as great strength being developed
r anti saloon people Representative
eior will succeed Mr Foraker
K Oo trte House Orenplcd
i v li 1 The 3-
Cc a - t
by the
i by
the Lcgis
The event a T
tlrely different u
fore attempted at the
islature Governor Grefc -
to the state house by tfc i
fantry Regiment and the fornix w
of the session was attended by the j
bers or the Supreme Court and othci
Tlie Hotel Yendonr at Anbury 1irlc
tel Vendome was destroyed by fire shortly
after the change of the new year had ush
ered In the Twentieth Century Many po
po thought the fire alarm was the first
signal of the opening day In Educational
Hall many of the firemen were attending
tha dance given by the Knights of the
Golden Eagle others were at the enter
tainment of the Ariel Society They ap
peared on the scene in their evening suits
and fought the blue
There were sixteen guests in tho hotel
Fourteen of these were In bed when the
fire broke out one woman fled in her night
dress Columbus Knight an old man who
occupied a room on the third floor was
brcught down a ladder in his night robe
The Vendome which was a three story
building was owned by E D Palen of
New York and was originally known a3
the Asbary It was kept by W L Thomp
son who Is also a heavy loser by the fire
which was extinguished Just before day
Georse Sewnn
Pntl Cnntle
LONDON Jan L A despatch to the
Exchange Telegram Company from Swan
sea says it is understood that Sir George
Newnes the proprietor of a number of
newspapers and who has presided at all
the International chess matches will pur
chase Mme Pattls castle at
No statement as to Mme Pattls plans for
the future can be obtained
The above report cannot be confirmed in
York Sow- a Hear Admiral
LONDON Jan 2 The official Ga
zette announces tho promotion of the
Duke of York to the rank of rear admiral
Viondtr what
will taj lodtjl
Our First Special j
t of the Century
1 TROUSERS order
Atokj 1 rtnirmber ocr gives
jvu loll protection
Wertz Mertz
906 and 908 F Street N W
The lIopUlnM ltripiinrtlonmrit Hill
Inj lie Culled Ijp on 3Iondn
Congress will reassemble tomorrow It
is thought that there will be lltle show
of enthusiasm and that tho arduous and ac
tive work of tho sesMon will not be re
sumed till Mondfly though one or two
general appropriation bills may be intro
duced directly after the Houe meets The
District of Columbia and the Naval Ap
propriation bills were practically ready
for presentation to tho House nhtn the
recess was taken on December 21
It is considered ilkeli that Friday will
be given over to the consideration of pri
vate bill reported from the Committees
on Claims and War Claims The only spe
cial orders on the House Calendar are those
which direct that pension and claim bill3
shall be considered ou alternate Fridajs
Mr Hopkins Chairman of the Commit
tee on Census may call up on Mondoy the
Reapportionment bill reportt d by the ma
jority of that committee Then will come
on for consideration the Durleigh and
Crumpacker bills It is thought that the
discussion of these bills ma consume a
week though there seems to bo no doubt
In the minds of well Informed public men
that the Hopkins bill will ba passed
Tho Burleigh proposition which is to
increase the membership of tne House to
35 win be supported as a rule by the
delegations from those States the repre
sentation of which under the Hopkins
bill would bo reduced A majority of the
Democrats will embrace this bill first be
cause it offers an agreeable solution of a
question which promised at one time to
involve the House in bitter partis vn and
sectional strife and because leaving out
of the count the so called doubtful States
the Hopkins bill wauld provide for a Dem
ocratic net gain in the eiccforal college of
one vote whereas the Burleigh bill would
mean a Republican net gain of four
The Crumpacker bill to reduce the- rep
resentation in the House of those States
which have restricted suffrage and which
is aimed directly at North Carolina South
Carolina Mtsslrsippl and Louisiana it is
understood will have hut feeble supiori
It will furnish tho text though for sever
al strong partisan ppeeche
It is believed that the Reapportionment
tho District of Columbia Sundry Civil
and Naval vpproprlatlon bills will provide
material for long and animated contro
Ilfflit Uetiieen liirtlMin of Hip Two
Routes Crust n Warmer
The struggle between the friends of the
Nicaragua Canal and the Panama lobby
is dally waxing hotter and the officials
of the French corporation are more hope
ful than ever before M Hutin President
of the Panama Company has returned to
Washington and seems well pleased with
the outlook He stated last night that
there was one chance in twenty of the
United States purchasing the equity of the
Panama Company in the- uncompleted dltth
ana that his corporation was net greatly
concerned anyway since in the event or
refusal by this Government and the
avowed determination to cut an American
fortified canal through Nicaragua and Cos
ta Rica the company was assured that
Irance Great Britain and Germany would
combine in a guaranty of the bonds of the
corporation and enable it to finish the
work Thus would M Hutin and his col
leagues get their monej back with in
Just how much fact there Is behind this
statement cannot be determined at pres
ent but it is believed by many Senators
Mr Morgan stated that even were Great
Britain to accept tho amended treaty it
was very likely tMt the great European
Powers would form a league and open an
international canal as a matter of safety
The Chairman of the Senate Committee
on Inter Oceanic Canals Is firmly opposed
to tbe United States purchasing the Pan
ama ditch even thouith almost certain
France Germany and Great Britain
ire It He demands an American
and owned by this
Sr Hi- hat the Panama Canal
r itv shout 100000000
V hen finished it
ii i tier
v but the
100 present -
an cqun -
000 alrcadj
scheme Is all
and these will ai i r
Iar The Panama dlu
ed down with obligations i i
eminent should never assi
is jttcr to spend from -
20000000 and have an A
free from complications and
mu canal
Several other Senators hold that there
is only a chance of the European nations
combining against the United States by
completing a neutral watcrwaj unless
Great Britain should reject tho treaty and
the Senate were to abrogate the Clayton
Dulwer compact when It is regarded as a
certainty that all Europe would scramble
to get In at the completion of the Panama
I am of the opinion ihat the Senate will
rass tbe Canal bill some time in Februa
ry said Senator Perkins yesterday The
Impression seems to have gone abroad that
the United Slates cannot and will not do
anything toward canal legislation until
England is heard from This is not cor
rect for I know that the Canal bill will
be cailed up In the Senate by Mr Morgan
In due time at this session without ref
erence to the Hay Pauncefote Treaty and
frcm what I have heard the bill will be
The measure will be held back until
the end of January purely out of courtesy
to Great Britain in order to give i cash
able time for the consideration of the
Hay Pauncefote Treaty but the Senate
does not Intend to wait on tbe pleasure
of Lord Salisbury as there la nothing re
quiring the treaty making body to hold
the bill In abeyance pending ratification
of the convention and it will not beheld
As to the fate of the treaty I am con
vinced that England will accept it as
amended She knows that we want the
canal and are bound to have it without
reference to the Hay Pauncefote com
pact If necessary
Mr Perkins la one of the conservative
Republicans in the Senate and voiies
the general feeling of his colleagues on
the Republican side
A Younir Murylunder In n Crltlenl
Condition lroin vVotiiid
MIDLAND Md Jan 1 Albert Sevon
son a young man of prominence was
slabbed by his father on the public high
way this afternoon and now ilea in a
critical condition at the home of William
Shearer near the spot where he was
stabbed Young Stevenson recently left
I1I3 fathers home because of the latter
habits and was boarding with friends In
the town Angered at this Stevenson
swore vengeance and a few days ago
meeting the young man on the street
tried to shoot him but bystanders frus
trated the attempt
This afternoon the father and son nct
before the Opera House where a dance
was in progress and after a few words
the elder suddenly whipped out a long
dirk and plunged it Into his sonx cldr
Bystanders drove Stevenson away and
lifted the young man to carry him into
a neighboring house when the father agjln
attempted to assault him One of the
bearers knocked him down several times
and finally pounded him Into submission
until tbe sheriff appeared and took him
into custoay
Stopa the Cough
and Works OS the Cola
Liutlvc Bromo jufnle Tablets cur a roll
in one day No Cure No Ity Trice S3 cents
Beciliolim Tree Makes an Attack on
the Dramatic Clitic
Replies Io nn Aiionjnion Vrtlclc In
the London Inll Ylull lnnient
inir the Alwvurr of CeuitiM on the
Modern Mnire 1 lie Denunellttlon
Apiiliimled I liollNllllfl rtors
LONDON Jan 1 Clement Scott has
again set the dramatic profession by the
ears An anonvmous article in todays
Daily Mall had for its sequel one of the
most remarkable scenes ever witness d in
a London theatre Eecrbohm Tree gave
a special performance of Herod at Ecr
Majestys Theatre this afternoon The
theatre was thronged tho aud ence in
cluding all the most prominent members
of the profession here
At the close of the play in response to
great applause tho curtain rose disclos
ing Mr Tree surrounded by his entire
company He delivered a speesh which
had evidently been carefully prepared
saving that he spoke on behalf of the dra
matic profession in reply to the article in
tho Dally Mall the writer of which had
asserted that there were no great adore
at the present day as Kemble and Kan
were great adding
Our most famous tragedian Irving is
an incomparable actpr of farce melo
drama who has wantonly attempted tasks
for which his talent does not fit him -he
rest Tree and Windham for instance
lave distinguished themselves In eccen
tric comedy far more highly than in
serious drama Nor do we 3ee among the
younger actors a single talent for traely
or emotional comedy So with the ac
The level Is higher than heretofore but
it seems that no one emerges from re
spectable mediocrity
Far higher praise has been lavished
on living actors than has been found for
the great men of the past but tho praise
is less intelligently administered and tho
lest critics are merely enthusiastic from
sheer ooredom However it may be said
that Windham and Hare are accomplish
ed comedians Miss Terry has a pretty
gift of pathos when too much is not asked
of her and many another Haw trey and
Mrs Campbell for instance are always
prepared with an intelligent interpreta
The indignation aroused in tho profes
sion by this article can be easily under
stood and Mr Tree put It in words full of
brilliant sarcasm expressing his admira
tion of the writers courage of ignor
ance His speech was received with up
roarious applausa bj over a thousand ac
In the course of his icmarks Mr Tree
Detraction wa3 ever the weapon of the
impotent Happily the well being of the
drama is not In the hands of such as he
Its welfare Is In the hands of those gath
ered within these walls They will take
care of it I think it Is not too much to
say that in no times and In no country
has the influence of the drama artisti
cally ethically and socially been greater
thau at the present moment At no time
have its exponents been inspired with
greater enthusiasm of effort even if they
have sometimes failed of accomplish
A correspondent later interview ed Mr
Tree and found him Jubilant Ho gather
ed from Mr Trees remarks that the au
thorship of the article was attributed to
Mr Scott who has consistently attacked
Mr Tree- Lately he ha3 been writing
anonvmowdy and attacking the profession
generally It is noticeable that special
articles in the Dally Mall have hither
to beta signed
CellittN Xllt luu 1cti ttemiitx
nt Fnift Hiding
BOSTON Mass Jan 1 The second day
of ten hours racing in the six day event
at the Park Square Garden track opened
thll after-
i itr us carried on un
conscious and Kaser dislocating his wrist
Both pluckUy returned to the track how
ever aud getting their laps back were
up with the leaders at the end of the sev
enteenth hour The score at the end of
the twentieth hour follows
Walthour 3M miles G laps Kaser
133 C Stlnsou 303 fi McEachern 399 6
McLean ISI C Downey 199 C BaLcock
339 1 Muller 3C3 4 Gougoltz SCO 1
Fredericks 2S1 2 Lyser 133 3 Aucau
trler lr3 3
I lie Slnjer of Deputy W Ithoti K
efipet Iront 1reiielihuri I
FR VNKFORT Ky Jan 1 Tipton Day
the wounded fclajer of Deputy United
States Marshal Howard Wllsjn who uai
killed last July escaped from the French
burg jail at an early hour Ibis morning
Iu the fight last July which resulted from
an attempt of tbe deputy marshal to ar
rest Day the latter was wounded se
verely After Days arrest and confine
ment in Jail pitralybis resulted and It was
thought by everyone ho would live but
a few weeks He was In what wai sup
posed to b a critical condition recently
It Is said Day was assisted from the out
side Once in the mountains among his
friends Day will be safe as it will be
almost impossible to arrest him lurs
The ew Century l fuii Uli it
nnec of ft 11141171
At the close of business Monday after
noon the books ot the United States
Treasury showed an available rash bal
ance on hand in excess of all reserve
funds of 114141171 CZ The Treasury
j ear begins July 1 and the receipts for
the first six months of tJC fiscal year
have been J918I18C1 23 against 2SI
733104 S3 for the corresponding months
of the last fiscal year The expenditures
have been 73350533 6 against 61
676M0 S2 last year and the surplus of re
ceipts over current expenditures has been
1S4S1327 61 against 21116934 33
IlGth the receipts and the expenditures
have been larger In the last slv months
than during the corresponding months of
last year but the expenditures have
grown faster than the receipts and the
Hurpius for the first six months of this
fiscal year is less than for the bame time
last vear This Is said to Le clue to tbe
cot of tho military expedition to China
T JMiirfc the Tifll nt Tippecanoe
L lOHTK Ind Jan 1 Representa
tive Crumpacker of this district will In
troduce n bill In Congrees for an appro
priation of 50COO and the Indian i Legis
lature will be memorialized to make an
appropriation ot a similar amount for the
erection of a national monument to mark
the scene of General Harrisons famous
battle and victory at Tippecanoe this
Queens Gifts to the Poor
LONDON Jan 1 Tho Queen sent New
Year gifts ot meat and coal to over 900
poor persons In Windsor
Reception to the IVevi General
Eicelslor in such a way as to win an
The Rev J G Butler D D and the
Rev L B Wilson D D on behalf of the
churches of the city extended the hand of
fellowship and said the general secretary
could always count on the churches to as
sist In the work carried on by the asso
A violin solo by Harry S Richardson
was well received aud liberally applauded
B H Warner ex President of the Young
Mens ChrlstlamAssocIatlon was then in
troduced by Commissioner Macfarlaud
Mr Warner told of his experience as
president of tho association and said ho
thought that perhaps with one exception
he was the oldest member in len3th of
service in ihe association He became a
member in this city In 1SG3 He gave a
brief review ot the rise and progress of
the association and promised Mr Pierce
that the business and professloal Inter
ests of Washington In whose behalf ha
spoke would stand by him In carrying on
the work of increasing the efficiency of
the association
The Rev Samuel II Greene Acting
President of Columbian University spoke
for the educational institutions He re
ferred to his connection with the Voung
Mens Christian Association ad 0f ne
the young
folds He
Mr Pierce
on to re-
n to pay
- ur tne former
ucial secretaries Ills words ot com
mendation were loudly applauded
The new general secretary made a happy
rcsponso to the many handsome compli
ments paid him The occasion he said
bad been one of tbe most delightful of
hl3 life He thanked the members for
their kind words of greeting and all he
could ask was that he have their hearty
co operation in the work he was to un
TlVf iif teth Century IUIIkIoii to lie
DIscliMFM il on bnndii
Tle Church of Our Father Thirteenth
and L Streets northwest will celebrate
the opening of the new century with a
series of special services On Sunday
evening January 6 v- 111 be held a plat
form meeting at which time es Cov Sid
ney IVrhani will preside Twentieth
Century Religion will be discussed from
four standpoints the Jewish by Itabbl
Stern the Catholic by some prominent
representative of that church probatly
Tatlier Stafford that of the Evangelical
Protestant by Dr Frederick Wines As
sistant Director of the Census and the
Liberal Protestant it Is expected will be
represented by Itev Ulysse3 Grant Pierce
of Ithaca N V
Monday Tcsdiv and Wednesday some
of the most prominent men of the Inl
vtThallHt Church will be heard Including
Dr Charles 11 Eaton of New York Dr
John Coemau Adams of Drooklyn and
the Uev Henry It llose of Newark
On Thursday evening John Van Schaick
Jr who has been acting pastor for a vear
will be ordained to the Christian ministry
and installed as pastor of the church
llomrlixiM Urn IVtl nt the Ontrnl
I nlon MiHjtloiia
Special New Year Day sen lies were
conducted all day jestcrday at the Central
Union MLsston A New Year luncheon was
served between noon and 3 oclock to
about 350 homeless men who also re
ceived a bunch of Honors There was a
change of leiders and assistants every
hour and the services came to a close
at 30 oclock In the evening
The board ot directors their wives Mrs
Illtchiock Itev and Mrs W J Young
Mr ind Mrs A H Tyson Mr and Mrs
Wiiliam Dubois and the ladle i of the
Womens Band itcelved callers at the
inUsIon building all day Many of the
citys pastors and friends of the Institu
tion visited the mission md an oppor
tunity was given them to Inspect the
building and the virlous departments con
nected tl erewlth
I tic Viml Cuilet Ilolldi
ANNAPOLIS Jan 1 Tho naval ca
dets New Year holiday began jes crday
and wlIIMast until gun lire tonight
Ithciiiiintlmn Cured In n In
llrstlc Cure for rheumatism and neuntlcta
radically cure In 1 to 3 dars Ita aetion ujjon the
tjvtftn U rrinaikable and myatenoiu 1c re
moiN at once ttie ran ind the disease imme
diately Ulsapptar c Tlie first dow grcath benefit
75 cents and 1 Sold l Stciena Iliarniacy
Pennsylvania Aicnuo and Mnth
of the Y M C A
New Year Day was yesterday fittingly
observed by the Young Mens Christian
Association nt Its home on G Street be
tween Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Streets A reception was held during the
day from 3 to 7 p m In the evening
besmulng at S oclock the gymnasium
room wa3 converted into a hall whero a
warm welcome was extended to tho new
general secretary of the association Ly
man L Pierce An excellent programme
had been arranged and It was thorougnly
appreciated by an audience that occupied
every inch of space in the large room
District Commissioner Macfarland pre
sided The programme opened with a
cornet sola by Dr F A Swartw out which
was loudly applauded When nulci had
been restored Commissioner Macfarland
stepped forward and said
Wo celebrate tonlgnt this first night
of the twenthieth century a notable ac
cession to the moral forces of the District
of Columbia In Mr Pierce who now be
gins uis service as general secrecary of
this association Rightly viewed his
coming is more important than that of
many a man whom the world calls great
tie is a man of wealth though not
monej he is a man of power though not
In politics in one word he is a man of
God with all that that noble title Implies
of devotion and helpfulness- To the nine
teen hundred members of this association
to the forty thousand young men of tbe
District of Columbia bis coming is mo
mentous for Its influence may be felt
eventually in the lives of all of them and
it Is certain to do them nothing but good
He comes to us after long experience
and great success in association work He
heard the call of God above all the voices
of this world and laying aside everything
else he has given his life to the servico
of voung men Ha has been richly re
warded by gathering many men to tho
standard and helping them to become good
soldiers of Jesus Christ His Sunday af
ternoon men3 meeting at Trenton which
on one day had an attendance of 2300
men 130 of whom became Christians Il
lustrates his success Ho comes to us only
because ho believes his work In Trenton
done and In spite of Trentons offer of a
13rger salary than we can pay He comes
with knightly determination to avoid tho
tents of ease and march to great vic
tories He is a worthy successor of our
own Mr Sleman and we welcome him with
deep sympathy and high expectation
At the conclusion of his remarks which
elicited generous applause Mr Macfar
land Introduced S W Woodward Presi
dent of the Association who In a brief
speech welcomed General Secretary
Fierce on behalf of tho ofilccrs of the
association President Woodward intro
duced Morrill E Gates who spoke for the
board of managers assuring the General
Secretary that the board would be ever
ready to co operate with him In advanc
ing the good work of the association
Charles F Nesbit was next Intrcdured
by Commissioner Macfarland Mr Nesbit 4
spoke for ihe members and assured Mr 4
Piercc that he could alwavs depend on T
them to carry out whatever work n T
might call on them to perform i T
At this point in the programme Messrs I T
W D MeFarland and J D McFall sang Z
700 Ladles Muslin
Corset Covers made
of good muslin 1I
seams felled and
well finished
9W cents
ALEXANDRIA Va Jan 1 The Metho
dist Episcopal Church South was tonight
filled to Its utmost capacity the occasion
being the annual Yuletlde entertainment
The following was the programme render
ed Carol Welcome Christmas Day
school carol Carol Merrily school
prayer superintendent carol 0 Holy
Night school Scripture lesson carol
The Star the Bells the Song school
solo A Uttle Child Shall Lead Miss
Ethel Grimes carol All HalL Incar
nate Love school recitation Christ
mas Customs Miss Nina Tanner carol
The Guiding Star school organ selec
tion Mr Reiley soprano solo selected
Miss Stewart organ selection Mr
Reiley contralto solo selected Miss
Pollard organ selection Mr Reiley
soprano solo selected Miss Stew
art organ selection Mr Reiley
contralto solo Miss Tabier Miss Cockey
organist Mr De Moll cornetUt
The Hydraulian Steam Fire Engine
Company held Its seventy fourth annual
meeting tonight and elected the follow
ing officers to serve for one year M B
Harlow president W W Ballenger vice
president E F Downham second vice
president R E Gronan foreman Wil
liam Bontz engineer Henry llen and
William Kell drivers Thomas Waddey
f The last named is a volunteer
and a unanimou vote of thanks was ten
dered him for his serviecs in the past
The daughters of Lieut James Smith
tonight entertained a number of their
friends at their homo in North Fairfax
The colored people of this city who had
prepared an elaborate programme for the
observance of the thirty eighth anniver
sary of the signing of the emancipation
proclamation which was to have been
held tonight in Roberts Chapel M E
Church have postponed the celebration
until next Monday night The exercises
will then be held in the chapel of Ihs
John H iy Industrial School
Mr Carlton Acton night telegraph op
erator at the Washington and Southern
depot in this city In Jumping from a
freight car this morning fell and cut os
head badly
Mr George W Davis a well known and
highly esteemed citizen died at his home
In South Alfred Street between Gibbon
and Franklin Streets at 4 oclock this
afternoon The deceased was a carpenter
and is survived by a widow and son Mr
Davis was about sixty years of age
In the Corporation Court today Jule
J K M Norton granted a charter to the
E J Miller Company ot this city The
capital stock is J OCOn The following are
the officers- Wllllnm A Smoot Presi
dent R W Fuller Secretary C C P
Waller Treasurer The ofilccrs v 1th
William A Smoot Jrv and Ashby Miller
constitute the board of directors The
objects of the company arc to sell crock
ery and glassware and do a general busi
ness in household goods
Marion Hoy the five-year-old daughter
of Mr Thomas C Hoy died at- its par
ents residence on Duke Street this morn
ing of diphtheria
Delta Ledge No 26 Ancient Order of
United Workmen will at S oclock tomor
row night publicly install their recently
elected officers and also give a literary
The Co operative Charities Association
will meet In the rcoms of the Business
Mens League tomorrow afternoon at 3
The recently elected officers of Georgo
Mason Council Royal Arcanum were to
night Installed
The local stockholders of the Anglo
American Savings and Loan Association
will meet tomorrow
Alderman Thco llalllnger Is quite 111
at his home In Cameron Street
Mr Richard Ruda will leave tomorrow
lir Chicago where he has secured a ucra
tle position
The Womans Auxiliary to It E Lee
Camp Confederate Vetcrnas will meet to
morrow afternoon at 3 oclock in the camp
The funeral of Mrs Caroline Stabler
Marshall whose death occurred yester
day will take place fom her late rcsl
dnnre tomorrow mornlnir at 11 oclock
I I II t I H I tl 1 H
L o 7S7y as jt fi yi
Z7 twuz tKO 4
513 515 Seventh Street
Samples 2 to 16 silk boas 105
X A maker closed out to us several dozen samples of ladies
J black silk neck ruffs which he made to be sold at 2 to C These
we offer at the astonishingly low price of 103 because we can do
0 it They arc handsome pieces crinkled and chenille trimmed
X and some have the string of chenille Wonderful bargains at
Samples 1 to 250 lace collars 50c
A lot of samples of silk and lace collars and revers conic to
us with the silk boas told of above All of them are worth 1 to
230 Hence at 30c are genuine bargains Xo two alike and a
big assortment
Hecht Company
513 515 Seventh Street
SPECIAL NOTICE I hereby warn the
public that I will not be responsible for
debts contracted by my wife ELIZABETH
GRIFFITH other wise known a3 Mrs
Thos F McCauley
NOTICE The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Lincoln National
Bank for the election ot directors will be
held at their banking house TUESDAY
JANUARY 8 1901 from 12to 2 oclock p
a It is proposed to amend Section 3 ot
the Articles of Association by striking out
fifteen and inserting- not less than five
or more than fifteen F A 3TIER
Cashier de68121519222623 ja257
THE DESCENDANTS ot Elizabeth Wise
wife of John Wise who died at Alex
andria Virginia in 1SH may hear some
thing to their advantage by corresponding
with C W CHAMER Attorney at Law
Piedmont W Va Jal 3t
whereabouts of II Josephine Gould
daughter of Jerome Whitney and widow of
William GoBld deceased X 605 6th St
ot the Capital Traction Company for
the election of directors will be held at
the office of the company Union Pas
senger Station on WEDNESDVY THE
The polls will be opened at 10 30 a zn
and closed at 1 p m G T DUNLOP
C M KOONES Secretary
4jS Louisiana Avenue northwest
Fire Insurance
Rcoms rOS and 509 Fifth floor the
Evening Star Building All parties
wishing to furnish accommodations to
visitors during the Inaugural are re
quested to call at headquarters or aend
description of quarters stating number
of persons that can be supplied with
rooms with and without meals etc also
list of prices per dav
M I WELLER Chairman
Public Comfort Committee
Heal Estate and Perfect Tltle3
Parties ttho failed to pay 1S93 taxes and
hase property was sold can protect them
from maturing to a deed and loss ot prop
erty by calling at tho office of WASHING
TON LAW CLAIMS CO tloom 1 472
Louisiana Avenue northne3t city
nolS tfera
Mexlc 1renlilent to pil
lem e of Abacaee
AUSTIN Tex Jan 1 A despatch from
Monterey Mexico says
President Torflrio Diaz will apply to
Congress for a leave of absence from the
country early in January He will go di
rect to France and will spend seeral
months In Paris and traveling on the Con
lie may Isit the United States oa his
return Journey
It ulutlfiu Are In Order
tart a Mnii account for ljol Union Saving
Dank 122 I
CROWLEY udJmIy at 12 noon on Vonday
December 31 lyou at the residence of her parents
ISU Sd st lie hvTMLhEN IlhltX VDETTK be
lovid and oldest child of Joseph J and Annie M
Crowley nee OConnor in the eishtl jear of
her liappy life
Notice of funeral hereafter dc3 2tem
ImlerluLer nuil Livery
SSI Im Are h IT Washington Dl 0
200 Ladles Muslin
Chemises trimmed
with ruffles and
worth almost double
25 cents
Manufacturers surplus sale
j And now- while every other store in town is holding Clearance Sales and Reduction Sales offer-
X ing vou the picked over assortments and end8 of lines at reduced prices vc are accepting large lots
X f merchandise from manufacturers and importers becaiibe we are in a position to accept them
The purchases of last week will be ready todav and just how advantageously we bought
T you may judge from the values we offer Purchases charged
Nobodys cut prices equal these
values in coats skirts suits and furs
Z Reduce as much as they dare they cannot afford to cut deep
1 enough to equal these vatnes which came to us from the fore-
It most maker in the land
Suits up to 20 S9S
embracing broadcloths camels
hairs homespuns etc with all style
slik llned jickets with new stylish
shape skirts
4- 30 electric seal coats 2500
2 coney fur muffs 89c
8 sable foi neck scarfs 498
15 neck scarfs 99S
of sable fox and of marten with
long tails
30 velour jackets 2998
Ladies 10 jackets 98
of black kersey satin lined tailor
stitched newest in style
Ladies 1250 jackets 750
in tan castor black and mode ker
sey ergo silk lined tailor stitched
pearl buttons
20automobile coats 1230
short length satin lined flare col
lars and revers pearl buttons
33 automobile coats 2298
full length made of fine English
kersey flare collars and revers
satin lined
Skirts up to G US
Lot ladles dress skirts of blue and
black cheviot serge homespuns and
the like somo trimmed with taffeta
silk for 198 which sold for as high
as SS
Lot of ladies
S skirts 3DS
Lot ladies black all wool cheviot
serge skirts with deep flounce and
straps sold for JS choice for 5303
Lot of 11 skirts 798
embracing black pebble cheviots
and cheviot serges trimmed
several wide rows of satin
18 taffeta silk skirts 1250
125 and 149 evening silks
98c yard
On one large centre table weve pli
ed a lot of evening silk received yes
terday embracing mast desirable silks
for reception gowns evening waists
and dresses including satin brocades
Bengallnes crepe de chines pltsse
cream and white satins armures
corded taffetas etc all L25 end
Sl values and they go at SSo for
249 and 298 plaid golf
cloths S149
Nobody has reduced desirable plaid
golf cloths We are able by the pur
chase of several hundred yards to put
before you today 51 lnch narrow
medium and large plaid black golf
cloth in castor light and dark jre
blue oxford browns etc xtra
heavy weight which requires no lin
ing at JL4 It Is the regular J3
and 5203 quality and youll appreciate
the bargain
IOcyard bleached muslin 6gc
Several cases of yard wide bleached
muslin come to us direct from the
mill This is the best 10c muslin on
the market and though bearing no
brand mark youll recognize It at
once We offer these at S 7 8c yard
Not remnants but full piece nrfect
and OTcnghly desirable
IOc outing cloth 7c
Today we offer the Identical out
ing flannel you find about town selling
at 10c yard will be sold today at
7 7 Sc yard Splendid assortment of
check patterns
25c and 30c mercerized farm
ers satin and Italian cloth
8c yard
Several hundred yards of these In
mill remnants were closed out to us
under price All extra high silky fin
ish In good line of shades and greys
for lining underskirts capes and
coats Are the regular 23c and 30c
quality S3 4C yard-
5000 yards IOc striped swiss T
4gc yard 5
700 yards 5 quarter table oil- i
cloth 9c yard x
slightly Imperfect T
Best Yale Holland window
shades 1 9c
fixtures complete three colors only
j Reduced
I Telephone
I Rates
Upon ne opening or iu BOAtu Hi
CHANGES it Capitol Hill uid Gtorjf
town on or About December 1 THE
PHONE com pixy woi fcan
circuit equipped with lone dlatxace la
liniment in residences oalj at
948 per year U parties ok each
Uesvage Rate Telephone on meUlIi
eircnita equipped with long Uitan in
ctruments In residence only will be
furnished at
30 per year for GOO ontiraril
call tt parties on each circuit
For full particular in regard ta tha
aove and to other new rates applj to
the Contract Department 619 14th at
nw Telephone 1503 Jllmo
To Measure
In 6t lih Oxfords and gny mixtures
HTorth 20 00
Feizman M nt
505 Seventh St N W
Dont Mar
Nice Clothing
by wearing poori done up linndry
It the shirr be immaculate our Do
mestic finish for instance and have tte
collars and cuffs MVTCll EX ICILY m
thade c also put in all collars our
Anti swear buttonhole nliich sreatiy
facilitate the on putting Try iu once
and youll be agreeably surprised
Theres Lite in Eerr Drop of Pure
It sure you jeet the rtclit brard loot for U
label OHONOCO For sale only by
American Plan European Kan
G A WIXDECK Proprietor
Corner 4th and H Sts N W
delS lmo WAS11DCTOS D C
Complete HoRiefm nlahert
Cash or Cndit
Cor 7th and I Eye
Greater boon to man than wealth
Warners Safe Can givjj hin healti

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