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The Boers Penetrate Within a Few
Miles of Granf Reiuct
A LnrRC Party HreaUs the British
Cortlun mill Operates Xrnr Illch
i 11 ml 3Iartlal Ijnv Mill Farther
Extended The Ilurirhcr Forces in
tlic North Growing More Active
LONDON Jan 3 The Boer raiders of
the Cape Colony are still moving south
apparently without any hindrance A
party has passed Mhldleburg to Roodc
hoogle and another has reached Glcn
harry twenty miles north of Graaf Relnet
one of the chief centres of anti British
sentiment In ihe Colony General Kitch
eners official despatch allays any anxiety
regarding tho capture of the town at
A report from Cape Town states thrt
700 Boers bae broken the British cordon
at Zuurburg and are looting and burning
within a few miles of Richmond which
town is threatened There are some ru
mors of engagements between the In
vaders and their pursuers but no details
are given
It can be Inferred from certain vague
statements that great bodies of British
mounted troops are chasing the Boers
with the hope of being able to drive them
where they can be captured and thus pre
vent all chance of their return to the
Transvaal or Orange River Colony
Martial law has been proclaimed In five
more districts
It is stated that General Methucn is
concentrating a large force at Vryburg
with the object of checking the raiders
in the Kuruman district It is assumed
that Kimbcrley is now not menared as
1000 men have been sent thither to join
General Methuen
According to reports from Cape Town
the enthusiastic response to the Govern
ments call to arms continues Employes
of the Government offices railways and
banks are eagerly offering their services
to an extent threatening to paralyze the
ordinary administration of affairs Many
merchants oer fifty years of age are
volunteering The mercantile houses of
Cape Town are already so short handed
owing to previous enlistments that they
may put a veto on any more of their em
ployes going Rural loyalists are also re
sponding well to the call
The Cape Town correspondent of the
Dally Mail says that the best authori
ties anticipate favorable developments
shortly The Mall gives prominence to
a somewhat mystic statement to the effect
that the business will be finished much
sooner than people seem to expect
Meanwhile the effect of the withdrawal
of troops from the Transvaal and Orange
River Colony to deal with the invaders la
seen In the continued activity of the
Boers there General Knox fortunately I
for the British is holding General De
Wet who has been pushed farther north
but the Boers have reoccupied Jagers
fontain the richest town In the Orange
River Colony
They are also In possession of
smlth which place the British abandoned
on Christmas Day concurrently with Brit- j
lsh abandonment of Jagersfonteln The
Inhabitants with hundreds of wagons and
carts loaded with their belongings mourn- j
fully moved to Edenburg where they en
camped The men had defended tho towns
for months but the military authorities
decided that It was impracticable to con- I
tinue sending them supplies as they were
so far from the railways Reports from
Durban state that armed Boers are In the
neighborhood of Ladysmith possibly seek
ing a chance to release the Boer prisoners
The lrinee of Wnles Unlit Home n
Popular HcKlmeuf
CAPE TOWN Jan 2 Notwithstanding
the fact that today was a public holiday
recruiting proceeded at an active rate
The new regiment the Prince of Wales
light horse has established a recruiting
It Is learned that the Boers Invading the
Cjpe Colony obtained only six recruits
among the Afrikander residents In the
the Hopetown district It is believed that
their measure of success In other dis
tricts -was equally small the Dutch sedi
tion mongers fearing to translate their
words luto deeds
An Important seizure of bullets and
dynamite has been made In the Fazorburg
district The explosives arrived from
Cape Town packed in condensed milk cans
X2xilcs From the Transanal Appeal to
Mllner for Aid
DURBAN Natal Jan 2 A large num
ber of refugees who prior to the outbreak
of the war were in good circumstances
but who lost nearly all their possessions
by being compelled to fleo from their
homes are very anxious concerning tbo
future many of them now being almost
indigent Representations as to their
condition were recently made to Gov Sir
Alfred Mllner who has replied that the
furnishin of relief from imperial sources
is under nia direction
The Imperial Light Horse has been
formed into a brigade
RlRht Killed Tortr flve Wonnded
ll ml Twenty Missing nt Groolvlel
LONDON Jan 2 A casualty list issued
bv the War Office shows that a severe
skirmish occurred on December 26 at
Groolvlei near Greyllngstad in which
eight British were killed forty five
wounded and twenty missing
A despatch sent by General KltcLcner
from Pretoria todaj reports that General
Dc Wets force tried to move toward
Bethlehem They were headed off by
Colonel Pllcher and retreated toward
either Llndley or Reltz The British have
captured 130 Boer horses from Thaba
N Chu Colonel Williams has engaged the
Boers southwest of Mlddelburg Capo Col
There is no news of the Boers who are
Invading the western part of the Cape
ml In Kitcheners Next Post
LONDON Jan 2 The Daily Mall
stales that after bis work In South Africa
Is concluded General Kitchener will bo
appointed of the
forces in India General Hamilton will be
his military secretary
FrnnU Ilhhcy A Co iHHiie tmlfl to
Tr eir patron a heat hooldet of Information Call
on ami for Joi t iuuber price Door
1 10 flvcrlng 4L23 etc etc it Cth and X
1 ive
The Cniic Colon Mttintlon lloardcd
fi Undotihtedly hcrlons
CAPF TOWN Jan 2 The British bat
tleship Monarch will land guns tomorrow
as a precautionary measure The situa
tion Is undoubtedly serious
It is true that the Dutch have not Joined
the invaders In any considerable numbers
but a lack of arms Is believed to be the
true reason for abstention In many
places horses are freely offered and in
formation readily supplied to the Boers
Dutch Ihysiclnns DInirnoic 111k Cnra
Iilnint ni Bronchitis
THE HAGUE Jan 2 The dociors held
a consultation today on the cae of Mr
Kruger who Is suffering from bronchitis
They subsequently issued the following
The President has for some days been
suffering from a recurrence cf bronchitis
which in view of his age and the effects
of this climate makes it nccessiry for
him to be more than ordinarily careful
LONDON Jan 3 A despatch to the
Times from Brussels siys that in ad
dition to the ordinary symptoms of bron
chitis Mr Krugers left lung Is slightly
14 Hesolntion Introduced in the e
lirnHkti Legislature
LINCOLN Jan 2 Senator Trompen a
Hollander and Republican introduced a
resolution today stating that the Legis
lature viewed with the deepest concern
and profoundest sorrow the attempt of
Groat Britain to destroy the Republics of
South Africa and declaring sym
pathy for them in their struggle against
those those who seek to establish over
them a despotism maintained by English
power and English arms
A Bunion Cnrio Hunter Arrested uy
the Chmlron Innse
LINCOLN Neb Jan 2 The nerves of
R G Dennis of Boston were seriously
disturbed yesterday Mr Dennis Is a
curio hunter and has been at the Iine
Ridge Indian reservation for several days
hunting for fossils A party of horsemen
ran across him yesterday north of Cha
dron digging among the rocks They did
not approach near enough to sec what
he was doing but regarding his actions
as suspicious they reported the fact and
his description to the sheriff at Chadron
His description tallied with Pat Crowe
who Is accused of kidnaping young Ed
ward Cudahy of Omaha
A posse was hastily forued and Dennis
soon sighted the appearance of a body of
heavily armed horsemen waving their
arms and shouting at him They gave
Dennis the Idea that they were highway
men He leaped on his borne and at
tempted to escape Thin confirmed the
posse In its opinion and it took after him
Finally he was overtaken and compelled
to halt by a few bullets scut In his di
rection He easily proved ills Identity
when he reached town
reparations for lit estimation liy
the Congressional Committee
sentative Wanger of Montgomery County
made arrangements at the Lafayette Ho
tel today for the committee appointed by
Congress to Investigate hr subject of
hazing at West Point and to atcertaiu the
facts In regard to the charges made by the
father of Cadet Booz The committee will
probably hold two session tomorrow one
In tbe afternoon and one in the evening
They will have before them tho same wit
nesses who were examined by the military
Chairman Dick and his colleagues think
they will be able to get more facts than
the military board as they expect to have
the testlmonoy taken by the military board
before them to guide them Mr Wanger
said today it was tbpir intention to take
up the whole subject of hazing with the
intention of making recommendations to
Congress that wjuld put a stop to it
Present Fonnd on the Torch of a
Childless CoupleS II ouse
LOUISVILLE Ky Jan 2 Mr and Mrs
Doe Tipton of Springfield Township a
childless couple arehappy because of an
addition to their family Early this morn
ing Mr Tipton was arouted by the wall
ing cry of a child Investigation as to
the cause of the unusual sound resulted
in the discovery of a baskel on the back
porch of his residence from which the
cries came Upon faking the bafket Into
the lighted room It was found to con
tain a girl baby about a week old and
warmly dressed
Pinned to the babes underclothing was
2000 In paper money and a note plead-
Ing for Mr Tipton to take good care of
the baby and raise her to be a lady
and saying that when the J2000 was ex
hausted more money to defray all ex
penses would be sint him
Mr Tipton Is a wealthy farmer and be
and his wife are delighted with the In
fant and will raise it as their own
Arrent of a Man Clnlmlnir to He a
Mreet Knulneer
NEW YORK Jan 2 One George How
ard who describes himself as the chief
engineer of the Lexington Avenue division
of the Metropolitan Street Railway Com
pany was nrresied in his rooms in the
New Amsterdam Hotel about 6 oclock this
evening and locked up in the Adams Street
Brooklyn police nation charged with
The warrant for the arrest was issued
this morning by Magistrate Brenner of
Brooklyn on affidavits made by Detective
Harburger and by Henry Hawkes jr In
which It is alleged that Howard when he
married Ella Phllomcna Hawkes sister
of Henry Hawkes jr above mentioned
and daughter of Henry H Hawkes a
prominent Brooklyn politician and muni
cipal officeholder -was already a married
man with a wife and family In Boston
Howard this evening denied that he was
guilty of bigamy
Ella Hawkes is my lawful wife he
paid I did go to that woman In Boston
I lived witli her but she Is nothing to
me Her nine-year-old child Is mine but
the childs mother Is not my wife if
there Is a marriage certificate there is
none with my name in it
Howard said that before coming lo New
York five jeara ago he was chief en
gineer of the Rochester Street Railway
Company His brother went last night In
search of the general attorney of the
Metropolitan Street Railway Company to
get him to arrange Tor ball Magistrate
Brenner said the amount would be 1000
The Gales Work nt Mnneheiice
LONDON Jan 2 The recent galp over
threw an upright and a cross piece of one
of the great Trillthons at Stonehengc on
Salisbury Plain Wlllshirn Tho cross
piece was broken by th fall The last
previous fall of these great stone oc
curred ia 1807
The Ministers Decide to Delay
Answering Chinas Questions
A Mcmnrnudnm in Itenri to the De
mands to Ur Proposed Imiicriiil
Commissioners llrfitirst Wnldcrsce
to suspend the Punitive IMieril
tlons The Open Door Question
PEKIN Jan 2 The Ministers held a
meeting today at which It wa3 decided not
to answer auy Chinese questions concern
ing the demands of the Towers until the
preliminary note is formally signed by the
imperial commissioners They will ask Li
Hung Chang and Prince Chlng to sign the
note immediately
Meanwhile the Ministers will prepare a
memorandum of what must be done In the
way of punishment and otherwise to carry
out the terms of the demand note satisfac
torily A mePtlng for the above purpose
will be held tomorrow
The Chinese commissioners have writ
ten to Count von Waldersee Informing
him that ChiDa bus agreed tho demands
of the Powers and asking him to stop
sending expeditions into ihe country As
yet no answer has been received to the
Tho Ministers will make a formal re
quest to generals to the same effect as
soon as the note Is signed by the Chinese
When the Foreign Ministers in Pekin
and the Chinese peace plenipotentiaries
take up for consideration the question of
new commercial arrangements between
China and the Powers the American Gov
ernment will use Its best endeavors to
bring about the adhesion of the nations
concerned to the principle of the open
door Instructions to that end will be
sent to Minister Conger
In a despatch received at the State De
partment yesterday Mr Conger con
firmed press reports of the agreement of
the Chinese Government to tbo conditions
of the Powers and expressed the opinion
thnl the only questions of a difficult na
tuie in arranging a permanent treaty of
peace were those of indemnities and com
mercial agreements China has agreed to
the demands of the Powers to make new
commercial treaties and It is apparent to
officials in Washington that to preserve
harmony among tho foreign negotiators no
Power shall be given greater privileges in
Chinese trade than any other One gen
eral treaty may therefore be the result
of the negotiations and this Government
Is hepeful that the Powers will consent to
Incorporate In It a pledge to mutually ob
serve the open door
The Conditions of the Cxnrm Ahan
doiiment of Mnnehnriu
LONDON Jan 3 The Times corre
spondent at Pekln telegraphs the terms of
the agreement between Russia and China
regarding the abandonment of tho form
ers military occupation of Feng Tien the
southern and most Important province
of Manchuria and the resumption of the
Chinese civil administration thereunder
A Russian political resident will be sta
tioned at Moukden with fuuctoi3 similar
to the resident at Bokkharra or tho Brit
ish resident In the native states of India
The Chinese soldiery will be disarmed and
disbanded All the forts and magazines
not required by the Russians will be dis
mantled in the presence of officials ol
the Czar
Four Men Injured While Sinking a
Minfl at GInee liny V S
HALIFAX N S Jan 2 An explosion
of two hundred pounds of dynamite took
place at Glace Bay the headquarters of
the Dominion Coal Company today where
the company are sinking a mammoth
shafL Four men were seriously Injured
The coal strike In PIctua County Is on
in earnest all mines being idle today
The county of Cumberland miners will go
out If their demands for Increase are not
conceded The managers of the Domin
ion Coal Company say there will be t o
strike in Cape Breton They are sure
none of the 4000 men in these collieries
will go out
A Tennessee Farmer Mysteriously
Murdered While Visiting
NASHVILLE Tenn Jan 2 One of the
bloodiest crimes ever committed In Ten
nessee came to light this morning Eu
gene Smltn a wealthy farmer living near
Lois in Moore County was murdered last
night while he was visiting at th house
of W R Williamson a tenant on his
place According to the statement of
Williamson his wife and daughter Lula
the man was murdered in their presence
by an unknown person who entered the
home while masked and killed the farmer
with an axe
After committing the deed the blood
thirsty Intruder turned to Williamson and
ordered him to keep his door shut and
allow no one to enter or leave the resi
dence until daybreak The tenant carried
out the instructions to the letter sitting
up all night with the corpse At daybreak
he telephoned the news to Lynchburg and
the county coroner responded
Williamson said that at about 830
oclock his wife daughter and Smith
were sitting about tho fire They heard
some one step upon the front porch Tho
visitor knocked upon the door and waB
told by Miss Williamson to enter A man
came In wearing a mask and carrying an
axe in his left hand and without saying
a word be struck Smith on the back of the
head with tbe axe knocking him out of
the chair The first blow crushed Smiths
skull but the murderer kept striking him
until ho ceased struggling
Treasurer of the Illinois Hoard of
AKrlenltiire n Defaulter
SPRINGFIELD Ills Jan 2 Announce
ment today that B II Bralnerd Treasurer
of the State Board of Agriculture and tel
ler of the Marine Hank Is short in his ac
counts caused a scnation In Springfield
business and social circles where he had
figured prominently for a number of year-
The officials at the Marine Bank declare
that Mr BralnerdS accounts tnore arc
correct and that his shortage Is with the
State Board of Agriculture The amount
of the defalcation Is estimated at 12000
Oeeim tenmsliip 3Iit enielit
NEW YORK Jap 2 Arrived Werra
Genoa Nomadic Liverpool Arrived out
Minnehaha from New York at London
Rotterdam from New York at Rotter
dam Sailed from foreign ports Phoe
nicia from Boulogne for New York
The lip ClinllciiKerM Trial Itncr
LONDON Jn 2 It is stated that the
yacht lllsiant Shore under command of
Captain Hogarth who corai
Valkvrie HI in addition to
Moieor and Sybarlta will
Shamrock II la the Iatters
Seven Men Killed In a Collision nt
Melton Station Mini
NEW ORLEANS Jan 2 Two double
header freight trains met a a head end
collision at Melton Station Miss near
Harristown on the Yazoo and Mississippi
Valley last night Both trains were six
hours late and were t have met at the
station but through a misunderstanding
or oversight one of the trains did not
stop but went crashing at fulljspeed into
the other Both trains wefe wrecked thj
track being covered with the debis of
freight and cars j
Engineer Fred Grief Brakcmtn William
Watson and Charles Crane and J F
Brown William Maberry William Hans
berry and Dave Carridene o the train
crews were all instantly killed En
gineers Hlldt and Charles Crane were
dangerously injured as well as several
other train hands Phvslclabc ami nurses
were sent to the scene of the wreck at
once Tho accident cut off all passenger
traffic on the Yazoo and Mississippi Val
ley road and trains are running today over
the Jackson and Natchez branch
Itlehurd Croker Said to Have Order
ed III in to It el I re
NEW YORK Jan 2 Richard Croker
has been heard from andhls orders to
Chief Devery are to get outfwlthout mak
ing any trouble Whether Devery will
obey is another matter Mr Croker has
put a time limit on him and If his ap
plication for retirement is not In within
that time he will ba retired by a vote of
three Police Commissioners and the ap
proval of the mayor It Is conceded that
whether Devery applies for retirement or
not Commissioner Abell will not vote to
retire him Commissioner Sexton has In
formed Devery of the status of affairs and
It is said that Devery has had a personal
letter from Mr Croker Devery will not
Sexton has been credited from time to
time with having had a hand In the trans
fers by the chief which brought affairs
in the department to a head but the best
informed men in Tammany say that this U
absurd Sexton being too ircwd a poli
tician to advise n move calculated to ar
ray the Brooklyn organization against
It was said today that Mr Crokers de
cision reached this country on Monday and
that it was addressed to Commissioner
Sexton and that as soon as the commis
sioner had read It he handed It to Devery
There was a talk over the telephone with
another prominent Tammany man who
sometimes hears from Mr Croker and It
Is saii that he told Devery that there was
no use in holding out any longer How
much effect the combined arguments of
this official and Commissioner Sexton had
on Devery cannot bo learned Devery 13
as firm as a rock when he gets set on a
thing and It would surprise no one toseo
him defy all of his friends Tammany Hall
and Brooklyn forcing the board to re
tire him
Devery3 application for retirement or
his retirerrent without application may
be expected any day It Is hardly possible
tiut Croker has given hint more than a
weeks grace
ltcpuliliean Memhcr PpVcrtrOnt Of
fleesnnd ominateewclli iU
TRENTON K J Jan 2The Repub
lican members of the Senate spent two
hours In caucus at tho Republican club
tonight agreeing upon the organization of
the upper house for the session which
meets next Tuesday Senator ntney call
ed the caucus to order and Senator Reed
presided and Ward McKee was secretary
Senator Pitney of Morris County was se
lected as the President pre tcm without
opposition The lively contest over sec
retaryship between Walter II Edge of
Atlantic City and George A Frey of
Camden resulted In tho choice of Mr
Edge by a vote of 9 to 7 Senator Reed
of Somerset was chosen as leader of the
majority on the floor
The other officers agreed upon were as
follows For Assistant Secretary J Frank
Lindslcy Morris County Journal Clerk
Palmer Cherlan Union County Calendar
Clerk Robert E Bustard Fasaic County
Sergeant-at-Arms John T Garwood
Salem County Assistant
Arthur Bedell Camden Supervisor
of Bills Jesse R Salmon Essex Assist
ant Supervisor of Bills James Shoemaker
Cape May
Senators Francis Stokes and
were appointed a committee to ap
portion the minor offices These will bo
agreed upon at a conference next Monday
night Prospective legislation was only
casually discussed at tonights caucus
The caucus adopted a resolution unani
mously endorsing Gen William J Bowel
Of Camden for re election to the United
Statos Senate A similar resolution was
previously passed by the Republican na
Jority of the House of Assembly
Itev f II Vnll the Sweinllst Cholee
for Governor of New Jersey
NEW YORK Jan 2 The Rev Charles
H Vnll who resigned on Eunday as pas
tor of the First Unlversallst Chur h of
Jersey City has been nominated by tho
Social Democratic party for Governor of
New Jersey The election will not occur
until next November and tho minister
expects to accomplish much for the causc
of socialism during his ten months cam
The convention which nominated hlra
was held In Central Hall Jersey City en
New Year Day In accepting the nomina
tion Mr Vail said that the church as an
institution is the outcomo of a condition
worse than slavery You cannot save
men as Individuals he said You must
save them collectively by the economic
law of this century and that law Is bo
Cllnlon Count Illd Has Two lllvill
INDIANAPOLIS Ind Jan 2 Tliomas
D Given who clims to have becu elected
Treasurer of Clinton County today opened
an office In the rooms of the county auditor
and began receiving taxC3 and receipting
for them as county treasurer Just across
the hall the Democratic treasurer was
similarly cmplojed the Democrats recog
nizing him as the legally elected treasur
er and the Republic ins recognizing Mr
Given j -
Mr Fall the DcmocratuT official still
maintains a guard of tw nty armed men
and evcrvone who enters is met with tho
sight of Winchesters and revolvers In the
hands of men who are ready to UFe them
If any attempt it made to take posses
sion of tbe office by force
Ilepevi III AV Ith n Cold
NEW YORK Jan 2 nator Depew is
confined to his home by a severe cold
which may make It Impossible Tor him to
go to Washington for sevsral das He
had Intended to go to the Capitil today
but stayed over to ittend a dinner tomor
row His dm tor rold him he must not
leave his home
i Wsliigtonstennilinnt Co
iTrn m from foot
irvpurt Nw
k iuic see pec 7
- -
Mi Mm WmMMmY i
Xikoli Teslas Startling Claims of
a New Discovery
DNciiKie the Hesiilt of HIm nperl
ments in Colorado Noted
tioiiH Wliieh He Is Certain Came
Prom Other Planets Commnnlea
tlon Tilth Being of Other Worlds
NEW YORK Jan 2 Not quite two
years ago Nikola Tcsla went out to
orado to conduct experiments in relation
to the wireless transmission of energy
which engaged his attention for sev
eral years Mr Tesla found It necessary
In order to carry on his inventions and his
cxpriments to tbecxtent he desired to
work at an altitude of several thousand
fet He found condition sellable farhls
purpose in Colorado and went put there
Ih the spring cf 1S9 built a laboratory
about ten miles from PIke3 Peak and went
to work
What ho acomplished In the eight or
nine months while he was working there
he has kept pretty much to himself ever
since but when the National Red Cross
which was arranging for the end of tbe
century meetings of Its various branches
throughout the country asked Mr Tesla
to Indicate what In his opinion would be
one of the greatest achievements of the
coming century he gave just a hint of
one of the wonders he discovered in Col
In a more elaborate way Mr Tesla dwelt
on his work to a reporter this afternoon
He regards his latest results as far and
away the most Important he has ever at
tained Briefly Tesla has been able to
note a novel manisfestation of energy
which he knows Is not of solar or ter
restrial origin and being neither he con
cludes that it must emanate from one of
the planets
While he was conducting his experiments
In his Colorado laboratory one day the
Instrument which he was using to observe
the electrical condition of the earth was
affected in an unaccountablo manner It
recorded tlireo distinct though very faint
movements one after the other These
movements were observed not once but
many times tho number of Impulses vary
ing and Mr Tesla now firmly believes
that with improved apparatus it will be
quite possible for the people of the earth
to communicate with tbe Inhabitants of
other planets In telling about his work
and his discovery Mr Tesla said
I set out to carry on my experiments
along three different lines first to as
certain the best conditions for transmit
ting power without wires second to de
velop apparatus for the transmission of
messages across the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans on which problem I have been
engaged for eight years and third to
work on another problem which involves
a still greater mastery of electrical forces
and which with my present knowledge
I consider of still greater importance than
even th transmission of power without
wires and which I shall make known In
duo course
There were however numerous points
to be found out about electrical vibra
tions and there were actions on which
I was still in doubt In my laboratory In
New York I was able to go only to elec
trical discharges of sixteen feet in length
and I had only reached effective elec
trical pressures of about 8000000 volts
To carry the problems on which I was
working further I had to master elec
trical pressures of at least 50000000 volts
and electrical discharges were necessary
for somo purposes measuring at least
fifty or one hundred feet
The results I attained were far be
yond any I had expected One of the first
observations I made in Colorado wa3 of
great scientific importance and confirma
tory of a result I had already obtained
jn New York I refer to my discovery of
the stationary electrical waves In the
earth The slgniilcan o of this phenome
non has not jet been grasped by teciinl
rU men but It virtually amounts to a
positive proof that with proper apparatus
such as I have perfected a wireless trans
mission of signals to any point on the
globe Is practicable When I read state
ments to the effect that such a thing is
Impossible and recall the numerous ad
expressed confi
verso criticism of my
dence that I can ultimately accomplish
this I experience a feeling or satisfaction
In perfecting my appiratua I encoun
tered fit first great difficulties I had a
few narrow escapes from sudden sparks
jumping out to great distance and a num
ber of times my laboratory caught fire
but I carried all the work through with
cut a serious mishap I gradually learned
how to confine electrical currents of a
pressure of 30000000 volts to produce
electrical movements up to 110000 horse
power and I kuirccdcd In obtaining elec
trical discharg s measuring from end to
end 100 feet and more These results
were however rendered more valuable
by the fact that they opened up still
greater possibilities for tho future
Parallel with the development of my
machinery for the production of power
ful effects I also perfected novel methods
for detecting feeble electrical actions
which I feel confident will be important in
a number of lines of scientific research
To illustrate the efficacy of these methods
I nicd only to sa7 that whereas with ordi
nary finely adjusted appliances a light
ning discharge could be detected at a dis
tant e of only 300 miles wlthr my methods
It was easy to observe tho effect In the
receiving Instrument at a distance of
1100 mile It was in fact In investigat
ing feeble electrical actions transmitted
through the earih that I made some ob
servations which are to me the most grat
ifying r -
Chief among- these were feeble electri
cal disturbances which I could barely note
at times and vnlch by their character
unmistakably showed that they were
neither of solar origin norjroduced by any
causes known to me on the globe What
could they be I have Incessantly thought
of this for months until finally I arrived
at the conviction amounting to almost
knowledge that they must be of planetary
origin I think over It now and it scexs to
me that only men absolutely stricken with
blindness Insensible to the greatness of
nature can hold tlat this planet is the
only one Inhabited by Intelligent beings
I have perfected my transmitting ap
paratus so far that I can undertake to
construct a machine which will without
the slightest doubt be fully competent
to convey sufficient energy to the planet
Mars to operate cne of these delicate ap
pliances which we are now using here as
for Instance a very sensitive telegraph
or telephone instrument Now since we
ourselves are already so far advanced Is
it unreasonable to at least believe in the
possibility that of twenty or twenty five
rlanets of the solar sjstem one If not
more might be ahead of us in the evolu
tion Where there it suns heat and
moisture life mu3t originate and must
go on developing just as a stone must
fall to earth
I would have abstained from making
these observations known for some time
yot had I not been asked by the Red Cross
Society to give a short expression of
opinion for their meetings on New Year
Eve I believe it to be the noblest and
worthiest association in existence and I
desired to give them my best This dis
covery In my opinion was my best
With improved means of investigation we
shall soon be able to find out whether
indeed these disturbances which I have
noticed are what I feel they mutt be
The tlrao has certainly arrived for the
electrician lo join the astronomer for tha
exploration of the neighboring worlds
The Oath of nillee Administered to
3Iemhers hy tZovernor Crane
BOSTON Mass Jan 2 The 1221 Great
and General Court of Massachusetts as
sembled today and organized for business
Governor Crane administered tho oath to
the members after vhich both branches
were called to order James J Meiers
was re elected Speaker of the House by
practically a unanimous vote and useu
a gavel made from the wood of the Olym
pla and the small Spanish cruiser San
doval which Secretary Long sent hlra
The inauguration of Covernor Crane
Lieutenant Governor Bates and the ex
ecutive council will take place tomorrow
and the balance of the State officers will
be sworn In January 10
The Kx Iliindlt Wants to He Door
keeper of the Vlissonrl House
souri will doubtless publicly recognize one
cf her citizens who has led a low abiding
life for the past sixteen years after fill
ing the role of a bandit for a quarter of a
century by electing a former member of
Quantrclls band of guerrillas to be door
keeper of the House of Representatives In
the State Legislature This Is tbe ambition
of Frank James who with his brother
Jesse terrorized the State for more than
a decade after Lee bad surrendered his
sword at Appomattox Mr James is an
open and avowed candidate for the position
and claims to have more than t nough
votes pledged to elect him doorkeeper He
said today
I have not much longer to live and it
Is my life ambition to get this position I
care not so much for emoluments as the
honor of tho office
The opposition to James Is confined
mainly to the younger generation of poli
ticians The veterans almost to a man
are for him and declare ho Is going to be
A IJSSin appetite KeU ju 1 the right stimu
lus from Uallantinca India Pale Ale-
Price One Cent-
Defections Dishearten the Anti
Quay Element
The Stalwart Johilant Claiming the
Klectlon of Their Candidate on
IS McTIrIicm Dcaertlon
the Lnit Straw Encrsj Displayed
by Both Sides Daring the Fleht
HARRISBURO Pa Jan 2 All tho Ufa
has disappeared from tha fight against
Matthew Stanley Quay by tbe develop
ments of the last twenty four hours It
has been a series cf progressive surprises
for the anti Quay leaders and they admit
that tho wind has been taken out of their
First camo tho desertion of Senator
Washburn from the ranks of the Demo
crats and his prompt alignment wllh tho
stalwart wing of the Republican party
This defection spoiled the only remaining
chance of interfering with the organization
of the Senate so far as tho anti Quay men
were concerned and prevented a tie up of
thb Senates organization
Close upon the heels of this loss cams
tho desertion of Representative McTighe
of Pittsburg one of the members of the
House selected by Senator Fllnn the leader
of the Insurgents In his own district as
a saf6 man for the anti Quay movement
at any turn As the name of McTighe was
upon the anti Quay pledged list It had a
tendency to discredit the whole list
With the Senate and House organized
against them the insurgents had met at
the Commonwealth Hotel and agreed to
stand together to the last ditch The de
clared that Quay could not be elected and
that the ballot on the Hth would cocflrm
this prophecy Then they Issued a
containing the names of sixty odd
Republicans wlio had pledged themselves
never to vote for Quay and to remain out
of all caucuses called In his Interest Be
fore this list reached the public McTighe
of Pittsburg deserted and a few hours
later Hill and Tiffany of Susquehanna
whose names were on the list attended
the caucus which nominated Quay for an
other term in the United States Senate
Another member McPherson of Adams
also took part In this caucus
These breaks still further discredited
the anti Quay list and then came the offi
cial declaration that further attempts at
fusion were off owing to the action of the
six Democrats In the House
Col James Guffey the Democratic lead
er went home thoroughly disgusted
Senator Fllnn said he could fight the ma
chine but he could not fight two parties
at the same time Another insurgent lead
er admitted the fight wa3 settled and tha
lawmakers might just as well get down
to business Still another when asked
about the situation replied Walt till
we get our second wind
Everybody here believes that the con
test against Quay will end with his
non to the Senate on the 13th The Quay
i jinagers say they have added several
names to their list since yesterday and
there Is no doubt that they have a suffi
cient number to elect with some to spare
The Senate and House formally
j noted candidates for the United States
Senate today The following were put In
the running by several admirers Mat
thew Stanley Quay George A Jenks who
was voted for by the Democrats through
out the deadlock two years agof James M
Guffey Representative John Dalzell of
Pittsburg ex Representative George F
Huff of Westmoreland Postmaster Gen
eral Charles Emory Smith Representative
William Connell of Scranton ex Gov
Robert E Pattlson of Philadelphia cx
Representatlve S P Wolverton of Sun
bury Judge John Stewart of Chambers
burg ex Attorney General H C McCor
mlck of Williamsport Dr John Howard
Harris of Union ex Attorney General W
U Henscl and Willisni JI Nelson of
The Intense strain of the fight which
seems to have reached Its climax In the
organization of the House Is Illustrated
by the fact that one member Burnett of
Sullivan left the bedside of a daughter
seriously 111 and drove thirty miles to
catch a train at Easton which brought
him here in time to vote He supported
the fusion programme
A special train was run from Tyrone
to Bellcfonte to bring to Harrisburg a
sick member Thompson of Centre but
his physicians would not permit him to
leave home
Quay says he will certainly be elected
and feels grateful to all his loyal sup
porters Senator Penrose said today that
Quay had at last been vindicated
Commendation of Democratic Jlcra
liers Who Voted for linrshall
YORK Pa Jan 2 The Young Mens
Democratic Society of this city met here
tonight and passed resolutions com
mending the action at Harrisburg of the
three assemblymen who voted for Speaker
Marshall thus enabling the Quayltes
to organize the House against the insur
gents They read as follows
Whereas York County Democratic members of
tie ncmvjhania Legislature liaro always Etood
firmly for J Democratic caucu3 and a Democratic
nominee for peoVer of the Hou c desirintr ta
cat their votes for none but a mtrabtr of their
oh n partv and
Whereas they were not afforded an opportunity
lo vote tr i member of their own party oIiw
to the action ol the Fusion caucus therefore
it is
itesolveil That this society approte the conrve
pursued- hv the three members from York
Count wlio deemed it their risht to cxercja
their own judgment in the premises
ChiirRes of Fraud In the Twelfth
Texan Congressional District
AUSTIN Tex Jan 2 C C Drake of
Eaglfl Pass late Republican candidate for
Congres in the Twelfth district was
here today and will probably file tomor
row with the Secretary of State notice
of his Intention to contest the election
of J L Slayden the Democratic nominee
In that district The basis of the proposed
contest will bo the casting of alleged
fraudulent Democratic votes in Bexar
Medl i and Saa Saba Counties
Maine Itrpuhllcnns Ilenomlnnte Tryc
lis Senator
AUGUSTA Me Jan 2 William P
1rjc of Lewlston was renominated as
United States Senator at a caucus of tha
Republican members of the Legislature
tonight Great applause followed In
nominating Mr Frye Mr Fernald said
Foremost among the august and dls
tlnguisned body of men comprising tbo
United States Senate is one who 13 not
tnnrrrr tn the Reoublicans of Maine
a man of Intregrlty a man of well known
and approved political opinions a man
who has confidence In the American people
and believes the richest heritage he csa
possess Is to be an American citizen
Flyuns Business College Sth and Iv
BualnejJ Shorthand Trpcwrltlnj a i year

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