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The Utilise Debates flic Q iestion
of Tree Carriage
Ilr III11 llnifi to trip Out f the
Mindr Clill I1III the iiprfiiirtii
llmi Irn liliiiK for lrniihMrntlfii
or tin- Millie Mc tnl i Unlike Op
jjovl 1 tlic Clrmlo
as an issue showed some life yes
terday in the House The members of the
body ere divided quite strictly upon
party lines and an animated discussion
brought out some strong expressions of
opinion especially from the members
from west of the Missouri Rter
The debate was precipitated by the mo
tion of Ilepresentatiie Hill to striKe from
the Sundry Civil bill the committee
amendment pnniding for un appropria
tion of 100000 to be used by the Feere
tary of the Treasury In defrajing the ex
penses incurred in shipping siher coin
from the mints to the banks
Representative Hill led the attack upon
the measure with the statement tint the
Government was being used by the ban s
by Individuals and by express compinii
and was being forced to raj exorbitant
charges which the Federal authorities
were under no necessity to pay
Representatics Bell and Shaforth of
Colorado replied to Mr Hill advancing
the theorj that to strike out the provision
for free transportation of siher would be
to legislate against silver and the at
tempt made by the Republicans was leally
fathered by a desire to drive siher cut of
circulation Both asserted that the strik
ing out of the clause would militate
against the Western States and keep
them from employing the kind of cur
rency which they hae been used to and
still desire The clause was retained
After the House had resolved itself into
Committee of the Whole Representative
IUU asked that the section of tho bill
providing for an appropriation of 10000
to be used by the Treasury to defray the
expense of transporting siher currency
be stricl en out He stated that he could
proie that the United States had been
used and used fraudulently In the matter
of the shipment of currency for private
individuals More than half of tlu silver
currency was shipped out at the expense
of the Government Other forms of monev
were transported at the expense of the
The Government of the United States
he- said Is being made a monkey of and
being forced by the banks to pay the ex
pense of shipping their own money An
express company in California has so
the Treasury records show forced the
Government to pay the espressage on its
own mccey transported by tho company
Itself The result of the striking out of
this i li use will be to make the circula
tion cf silver money more general
Representative JIcRse answered that
the tament of the expressage by the Gov
crcmen aided the distribution of silver
He stated that the iransportatlon oi the
piper certificates cost taking all things
Into consideration more than the trans
poraticu of silver He asked that all the
friend of silver as a mone should rail
to the support of the amendment which
gave the white metal free transportation
Representative Hill said he regretted
that the member from Arkansas should
make a party question out of the matter
under consideration and then continued
his speech stating that banKo in all parts
of the couatrj had taken unfair and
unjust advantoo j
tin - e I
Kv n 3 iio j
hf t ai jl i 1 it
la n - -
-1 of it kf - - i I
iu moneys the Government
was being made uso of and that exorbitant
freight charges were being msde wtalch
the Government was obliged to pay He
had read also by the Clerk a lett r from
oxSecretary Carlisle sustaining his point
that the silver shipments did not aid to
distributing silver but that the silver as
a rule found Its way back to the place
from which it was shipped
Representative Bell asserted that the
people west of the Missouri River con
fined themselves almost entire to the
use of silver com while the people of the
East used paper in prefeience He said
that the silver coin drifted back to the
centres of trade which was only natural
He deplored the attempt made b this Ad
ministration to legislate to the detriment
of silver circulation No otar Adm nls
tration so far as he knew bad ever
made any objection to the free carriage of
Bilver He thought it the duty of the Gov
ernment to be superior to paltry expense
and to see that all parts of the country
were taken care of without regard to sec
tion A panic would result he felt sure
If the Republicans were allowed to tinker
with existing monetary conditlors which
he considered progressing to a satisfac
tory condition But though the policy of
distributing silver to the outlying dis
tricts should not be changed the abuse
of the free transportation should and
could be corrected
Mr Shafroth explained that here was
shortly to be a mint in Denver Col
which would alter conditions materially
To this Mr Hepburn replied that the Lea
ver banks gave silver because they could
have It sent to them free and imposed
the cartwheel upon tho people because
they would not bear the cxpressage upon
the paper money
Mr Shafroth continued saving that
though because of the proposed mint
Denver might not he hunt by the striking
out of the section it was against the
principle that he spoke If a mint was
arbitrarily established by the Gove nment
at one place the Government should ex
tend the privileges of that institution to
every part of the country He hinted that
the same principle might be applied to
gold and paper currency He was sure
that the provision of the bill was neces
sary to the proper distribution of silver
Mr Hill admitted the final statement of
Mr Shafroth as regarded the legitimate
hhlpments but said the point espec ally
to bo fought was the illegitimate use of
the privileges especially bj the express
companies who desired to get the express
Mr Shafroth claimed that unless them
was a real necessity for silver to go
from one place to another It would not
go and therefore the express companies
could not make business out of It
There Is something deeper in this bill
than the mere saving of a small expense
he Edid It Is just a little legislation
cgainst the money In use in our mining
communities The gentleman may think
that ft Is a good economic step but I
think that It Is a subject upon which snap
judgment should not be taken
Mr Hill was asked If he Intended to
Jeniflita against the silver dollar Ho re
died that he wa3 opposed to tho circula
i n of all bills of less than 5
Mr Cannon said that though the amend
ment was reported by the committee he
believed that It should be stricken out
frr by such action silver would be forced
itito circulation He continued
We pay express charges for sliver tut
we dont do It for pacr We ought not
to send even gold from ibe sssaj oHlces
Gold like ever thing else goes where
hero is a demand for it The whole mat
ter take care of itself
Mr Hill then said that tho striking out
ot the clause would result la an Increased
of silver If you do not strike
out the clause you will pay flOOOOO use
IoIy SO per cent of which will be for
the benefit of the exvire3 companies
worn tne quesuon of striking out the
amendment was put tellers were orderd j
and the amendment was retained CI aves
and C6 noe
The iarly hours of the session in the
House jtsterda were enlivened by an at
tempt on the part of the Democrats to
retaliate upon the Rcpuhilcars for their
flllbusierlng tacti s the di before Im
mediately after the House was called to
order Mr Cannon moved thit it go into
the Committee of the Whole for tho con
sideration of the Sundr Civil bill Ml
Richardson called attention to the absence
of i quorum
In view of the fact tin yesterd ly we
won not allowed 10 pass a bill appropri
ates J800 without i quorum he said I
dont think we should piss one for S0
COOOm without the requisite number of
members for business being present
roll call resulted In -01 icas and J3 nays
and the Sundrj Civil bill wis taken up
point of order was raisul by Mr
Hepburn that tle appropriation for tl e
m scellaneous expenses of the Tlsh Corv
mtssloii diawu so that 10 per cent should
be Riallabe tnterrhangcabl was not In
accordance with tho statute which re
quires that all appropriations shall bo
madu for specific purposes Mr Moodj
answered that the arrangement was justi
fiable because it made an cquitanle distri
bution of tho money between the depart
ments of the Commission possible Mr
Hepburn objected on Hie ground that the
arrangement pat tlo disposal f too much
monej in the heads of the Superintendent
but his objection and the point of order
were overruled
Clinrles tomiitK rKnielit on till
I owning IS1II
Cnarles A Conant of Boston author
of several economic works was before
the House Committee on Banking es
terday and made an argument in favor of
giving greater flexibility to the pper
currency He believed tho passage of Mr
Loverings bill would be an important
and benefit ml step In that direction
It was of great importance Jr Conant
slid to organize the credu system of tne
country upon a basis of such economy
and eillciency that Americin bankers and
exporters could compete successfully witn
their rivals in foreign markets This
could be done bj putting the standard te
yord question as was proposed in an
other menre reported b the commit
tee and bj permitting banks to ibbue
currency and credit with the greatest
freeaom consistent with safetv B this
means discount rates would be lowered
and manufacturers would Le able to con
duct their business at less cost and lay
their goods down In foreign markets at
lower rates than If the nicaetary system
of the country were organized upon a
clums and ineilicient basis
The difference bttween the rate charge 1
for money other things being equal Mr
Conant pointed out might make the dif
ference between command of a given mar-
let for American products and a complee
surrendeTof that market to the merchants
of other nations operating under a bet
ter organized and more flexible creJIt
svstem Such a handicap upon Ameri an
industry would react upoi the demand
for labor and raes of wages and might
prove a serious detriment to American
labor The benefits of such a measure as
that proposed by Mr Lovering it vas
declared would be especially felt in the
South where banks were widly scatter
ed and the use of other forms of a edit
than liank notes was less general than
In the commerciil cities of the North
east Tho South would gain in financial
Independence by the ability of their local
banks to increase their note issues when
the cotton crop was gathered and dur
ing the entire crop moving season
nciirosMilitiie Ctuvlieril Priiiiiihrn
ltellrf for iutr I inliiiiis
Just before the House rose from
lJ cw o vo c
i bill 1 m - - -
a n pit c a
- IPflill - i
K 1F i i r n r pet
I - ill Hil Ji
urcj are in a most pitiable condition
be said tor they have absolutely no
means of subsistence Since the great
inrush of gold digger tne game has ben
driven awa and the hillsides have been
denuded of foraots The poor natives are
dving by the thousands It is h gn tloic
they bad some aid
While Mr Cowherd was speaking a
message was received trotn toe Senate
and after it was read the House rose
from the Committee on the Whole thus
interrupting Mr Cowherd s remarks
1nr 1 Sluiiiciiiiil llnHilni
An effort is being made among hose in
terested in the District municipal build
ing to secure the consent of Speaker Hen
derson to a bill whicu will authorize the
building bjt not charge anj appropria
tion v this Congress The Speaker has
expreoscd himself us opposed to the pas
sage of any new building appropriations
thcugh the continuance appropriations will
be allowed to come to a vote
In Vleniorj of jcnrrnl linvv
Representative Ray prestnted a resolu
tion asking that the eulogies on the life
ard acts of Represntatlve Albert Shaw
be given place on the calendar Februarv
23 to be given immediate after the
business of tho day shall have been con
Two Arm OnlcerN ItcltriMl
Capt George S Hole First United
States Cavalry having been examined for
promotion and having been found physi
aly disqualified by reason of disability
incident to the service has been retired
with the rank of major For similar ica
jons First Ileut George W Cole Seventh
United States Cavalry has been retired
with the rank of captain
ilIiKies In IIotie
At 4 oclock the House took up tho spe
cial order of business the eulogies of the
late Reoreeentatlve Hoffeckcr of Delaware
The speakers were Repre3entativs Lacey
Hedge Broeiu9 Hill Gibson Norton
Miere Driggs Shattuc Hamilton Butler
and Crumpacker At 9 30 as a further
mark of respect the House adjourned
rteiireselitntlve on tlie SU U If
Representatives Grosvenor and Dick are
on the sick list The former has the grip
while tho latter is suffering from rheu
VVlt lit Correct Clillflrtll Xilsti
Sometimes children become willful end
refuse nourishing food demanding swcMs
candy Ice cream etc much to their det
riment It is a great help in such cases
to have a food that is naturally sweet and
attractive A case in Fhlladelphla will
Tho daughter of Mrs M U Searles
living at 1230 MiHiln Street was a delicate
child from infancy and had been Indulged
In many things She gradual got thin
ner and raoro fretful dally refusing food
other than sweets etc Quail coatrnct
Ing whooping cough which unflermlued
her health to such an extent that her
attending phjslclans agreed that her
cough had developed into bronchial ca
tarrh and that only a short time would
ensue before consumption wounl relieve
her sufferings
In despair the childs aunt van nut
for and knowing lie wonderful nutritive
value of Grape Nuts food she prepared
omo and Induced the Utile one to eat It
At the first taste she said Oh auntlo
this is so nice r want somo more From
that time tho child acquired an appetite
aud began to Improve Slia was fed on
Grape Nuts steadily until now sho a a
p rfcrtlv healthy strong child attends
the Girls Grammar School and Is a
bright and apt pupil
The IJill isolating to tlic District
Passed by the Senate
The Provision of tlic Mrnsiiri 1
rt iulil to lllrils mill llsli Hie
Klnew mitl Irlnon Sentence to He
Imposed AefH jintl ItmefN to J
Coiillaciitcil in C rtiilu tlifies
The fcemto vesterday pised tho Houe
bill tot the protection of birds and game
in the District of Columbia with an
amendment providing for the protection of
iisli in the Potomac The bill is as follows
That sections 1 and 3 of an act entitled
An act for the protection of birds preser
vation of game and for tho prevention of
its tale during certain closed sensons in
the District of Columbia approved March
3 3SCO be aud the are hereby amended
to read as follows
Tuat no perEon shall kill expose for
calc or have In his or her possession
either dead or alive any partridge other
wm quill between the 1st day of Febru
arj and the 1st day of November under a
penaO of 5 for each partridge otherwise
qLall killed exposed for sale or had In his
oi her poise8iou cither dead or alive
and in default thereof to bo imprisoned in
the workhouse for a period not less than
thirt das nor more than bix month3
That no person shall kill fxpose for
sale or have in his or her possession
either dead or alive any woodcock be
tween the 1st day of Januar and the 1st
day of Jul under a penalty of 5 for
each woodcock killed exposed for sale or
had in his or her possession cither dead
or alive and in default thereof to be im
prisoned In the workhouse for a period not
los than thirty days nor more than six
That no person shall expose for sale
or have in his or her possession either
dead or alive any prairie chicken other
wise pinnated grouse between the 1st
day of February and the 1st day of Sep
tember under a penalty of o for each
prairie chicken otherwise pinmted
grouse eposed for sale or had In hs
or her possession either dead or alive
and in default thereof to be imprisoned
In the workhouse for a period not less
than thirty dajs nor more than six
That no person shall kill expose for
sale or have in his or her possession
either dead alive nny wild turkey or
ruHcd grouse otherwise known as pheas
ant betveen the 2th day of December
and the 1st day of Nov ember except the
English ring necked cr otuerpheaauts of
foreign origin hatched and raised in farn
poultry inclosures under a penally of 3
for eacn wild turkey or ruffed ijrouse
otherwise known as pheasant killed ex
posed for sale or had in his or her pos
session cither dead or alive and In do
fault thereof to be imprisoned In the
vvorl house for a period not less than thir
ty das nor more than six month3
That no person shall kill expose for
sale oc have in his or her possession
cither dead or alive any squirrel or rab
bit except the species known as the Dns
lish rabbit Belgian hare between the 1st
day of February and the 1st daj of No
vember under a pcnalt of 2 for each
squirrel or rabbit killed exposed for sale
or had in his or her possession cither
dead or alive and In default thereof to
be Imprisoned in the workhouse for a
period not less than fiTteen dajs nor more
than three months
That no person shall kill
t r on j or i w mod
iiu r ollv aiiy
uiui n
lne r r t
K ix at Apri and t
ICC i J 1
I u ll less
tnan thirty das nor more than six
That no person shill kill expose for
sale or have in his or her possession
either dead or alive any water rail or or
tolan reed bin or rice bird marsh black
bird or other game bird not previously
mentioned between the 1st day of Feb
ruary and the 1st day of September under
a penalt of J2 for each water rail or
ortolan reed bird or rice bird marsh
blackbird or other game bird not pre
viously mentioned killed exposed for
sale or had in his or her possession
either dead or alive and in default thereof
to bo imprisoned In the worl house for a
Lenod not less than fifteen dajs nor more
than six months
Sec 3 That for the purposes of this
act tne rouowing only shall be considered
game birds Tho Anatidac commonly
known as twans geese brant river and
sea ducks -he Rallidae commonly known
as rails cocts mud hens and gailimules
the Iimicolao commonl known as bhore
birds plovers surf birds snpe wood
cok sandpipers tittlers and curlews
the Gallinae commonly known as wild
turkeys grouse prairie chltkcns pheas
ants partridges and quails and the spe
cies of Icterldic commonly known as
nnrsh blackbirds and reed birds or rice
That no rerson shall kill citch ex
pose for sale or have in his or her pos
session living or dead any wild bird
other than a game bird English sparrow
crow Coopers hawk sharp shinned hawk
or great horned owl nor rob the nest of
any such wild bird of egg3 or oung nor
destro such nest except In the clearing
of land of trees or brush under a penalty
of Z for ever such bird killed caught
exposed for sale or had in his or her
possession either dead or alive and for
each nest deslrocd and In default there
of to bo imprisoned In the workhouse for
a period not exceeding thirtv dajs Pro
vided that this section shall not apply to
oiros or eggs collected for scientific pur
poses under permits issued by Ihe Super
intendent of Tollce of the District of Co
lumbia in accordance with such instrur
tions as tho secretary of tho Smithsonian
Institution ma prescribe such permits
to be In force for one year from date of
issue and non transferable
That no peon shall trap net or en
snare any water fowl or other wild bird
except the Fnglish sparrow or have in
his or her possession any trap snare ret
or illuminating device for the purpose
killing or capturing an such bird inder
a penalty of o for each vater fowl or
other wild bird except the Fngllsh spar
row killed or captured and in iWault
thereof be Imprisoned In the workhouse
not exceeding thirty da3 Provided tint
this act shill not apply to birds or ml
mals heretofore stuffed or to birds or
animals hereafter killed In open season
and subsequently stuffed
Sec 4 That section eight of an act for
the protection of fish In the District of
Columbia fo the maintenance of a per
manent pawning ground In the Potomac
River In said District and for other pur
poses 13 hereby amended so a to reid
Sec S Tint all nets boats or other
ontrlvances the property of any person
or persons convicted under tho provisions
ot this act shall be confiscated to ibe
District of Columbia and the same shall
be sold at public auction to the highest
bidder by the property cleric of said Dis
trict and tho proceeds therefrom be de
posited with the Coliottor of Taxes as
are other District revenues
See C That section 2 of An act for
the protection of lisj in the District of
Columbia for the traintcnance of a per
manent spawning ground In the Potomac
River in raid District and for other pur
poses approved May 17 1SSS bo and Ij
hereby amended to read as follows
Sec 2 Thit no person shall catch or
kill in the waters of tho Potomac River or
Its ttlbutarles within the District of Co
lumbia any black bass otherwise known
as gtcen bass and chub crapple other
wise knovvn is calico bass and strawberry
has bevieti the 1st day of April and
the 23th day of May of eich year nor
have in possession nor expose for sale any
Pi said species between tho dates afore
said nor catch or kill any of said pccles
of fish at any other tlmo during the year
except by angling nor catch nor kill any
of tho aforesaid species by what are kno vn
is out lines or trot lines hnving a succes
sion of hooks or devices
Time jpPn in Drluil luif the
OlcnninrKrerine III1I
The Semto Yesterday by a vote of 4
to 2 displaced the Ship Subsidy bill as
the unfinished business and set the
bounty job back for some time The coup
was ciTccted by one of the Republican
leaders Mr Spooncr who called up the
Grout Oleomargarine bill Mr Stewart
called for the eas and naS and only
Messrs Chilton and Vest voted In the
negative Mr Hanna was present but
refused to vote The Oleomargarine bill
was then taken up
Mr Halo asked Mr Proctor In charge
of It In view of the almost unammois
vote by which the bill was taken up to
allow tho Senate to come to a vote upon
it nt once
Tho Senator from Vermont said Mr
Jones of Arkansas may agree to that
but there are other Senators who will
I want to say o the Senator from
Maine said Mr Berry that the almost
unanimous vote to tike up this bill was
not because the Senate was almost unani
mous for It but It was In order to get rid
or cet aside and give a black co to the
SubMdy bill
Not that they love Caesar less Mr
Halo ip oted but that they love Rome
more Laughter
Mr Proctor addressed the Senate on
tho Oleomargarine bill Honors and re
sponsibilities he said sometimes come to
a man not only unsought but unexpected
That was his case today He had not
been able to attend all tho meetings of
the Agricdltural Committee at which the
question had been argued and would have
to leave it to other members of Iho com
mittee to elucidate somo points
He went on to stale what he understood
to ie the materials entering into the man
ufacture of oleomargarine the cost of
manufacture being from 11 1 i cents a
pound for the lowest grade of the finished
product up to IS cents for the highest
grade or an average of 14 cents a pound
The consumption In the United States he
gave as a little over one pound per capita
Tho amount exported was five and a half
million pounds in ISM In some foreign
countries the per capita consumption was
niiieh Hrgcr than In the United States the
consumption in Denmark being three and
a naif pounds
Mr Caffcry enquired whether the oleo
margarine consumed in Denmark was
manufactured there or was imported from
the United Sfates
Mr Proctor -was not able to sa cut
he thought ILwas both
Mr Voot enquired whether the bill was
a revenue measure or a police measure
Mr Proctor replied that on Its face the
bill showed that it was for the collection
of revenue and Incidentally for the tro
tcction of honest producers of butter and
for the safety of the consumer
At the request of Mr Cockrell the bill
was laid aside informally and a bill sot
ting apart a reservation Rawlins Park
In the clt of Washington as a site for a
memorial building to be erected by the
Nitlonal Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution was passed By
unammus conwn the calendar was again
taken up All the pension bills 198 were
pissed and ail tho House bills that were
not objected to Thcue included the fol
To incorporate the National Society of
United States Daughers of 1S12 with
To pay H P0JPr 334 tnr tro
Jh fh itxus in 1
Wr r If IMs bun1
- I 1 ig 1 r
i oti f Mlae i
c t i I oi on
- 11 t AT
1 tir prajKt
p f uj to l
r ts i r
for luioi uieri rturing tho civil war
To enlarge the powers of the courts of
the District of Columbia in cases involv
ing delinquent children
To amend the ttatutc concerning the de
tail of retired army and navy ofilcers for
military instrtitlon in schools with
amendments Auhorizinga railroad draw
bridge across Little Rivr at the mouth
of Beg Lake Alk Appropriating 63000
Tor a lighthouse and fog signal at Point
No Point in Chciapeake Bay
To amend the let relating to Inspection
of hulls and boifcrs
Joint resolution ratifying an agreement
between the Sta es of Tennessee and Vir
ginia with respfct to the boundary line
between them
Authorizing railrond bridges aciosn the
Warrior and Tonbigbe rivers Alabama
and across Nehabm Bay and river In Ore
mong the pinston bills were bills
granting pensions of 10 a month to the
Idojrs of General DuBarry Admiral
Crcsby Colonel Liscuin and Commissary
General Penrose
At C p m the Senate adjourned until
Nominated li tin IreMlilint
The President esterday sent to the
Senate the following nominations
To be ppocial examiner of druKs medicines and
chemical in tlic detnet of lto ton and
Clurloton Mjw
W ILIUM II PWtkHt of Vfaatliuetut
To I s commandfr in the navv
Lie it Com TIIEODOHC IOltTtlt
Hows This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
1- J CHENEY CO Toledo O
We tho undersigned have knovn F J
Cheney for the last 15 ears and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and flnanclally able to carry
out any obligation made by their firm
Wholesale Druggists Toledo O
Wholesale Druggists Toledo O
Halls C tarrh Cure Is taken laiernilly
acting directly upon the blood ard mucous
surfaces of tlie system Testimonials free
Pi ice 75c per bottle Sold by all drug
Halls Tamlly Pills are thj besl
---- -
iareus SIotes
9 BR339i
ui V
juyw anaMAiiHtiiti
To Sell or Rent for
150 Wire Gots 90c
20000 Giiairs 22ic each
Place Orders NOV
IilrMm riirnliin lied
X jirlVes
ESarcias ftloies
1218 1220 F St W
UnilcTlilUer and Liter-
CM Teen Ave Jf W TVuhlnstcn D a
Little of Astreeinent on the
Wnr Tux Itrilm tlon Hill
The conferees on the War Tax Reduc
tion bill were In conference csterday
afternoon for almost two hours and on
adjournment were as far apart as ever
Tlie House conferees refused to agree to
the Senates reduction on beer and manu
factured tobacco at thn expense of the
stamp tax duties that had been stricken
off by tho House and the managers or the
part of the Senate declined to accept the
provisions of the House bill on any con
promlse suggested by the House confer
One of the Democratic members sale
last night that from the present outlook
he did not believe there could be any
agreement and further expressed his opin
ion that the Republicans did not tlesiro
the reduction bill to become n law There
appeared from his point of view to be
no common ground upon which the Repub
lican managers for the two houses could
lnrKe Iiicrrm Over the ilenMlre
lltflsefl li tlic Holme
The Fortifications Appropriation bill ac
reported to the Senite from tLe Appro
priations Committee carries a total ot
14 513101 or 4200 000 more than the
House till The committee added 221 COO
for purchasing dishing Island Portland
Me as a site for fortifications 71000 for
carriages for 12 Inch mortars and J1t 000
for a chemical laboratory at the Sandy
Hook proving ground
The Itlver mill llnrlior IUU Likely
to Die In the Si nntc
The River and Harbor Appropriation bill
is in some danger of defeat so it was said
last evening According to the story Sen
ators Allison Hale and Aldrich notified
the members of the Senate Commttteo
csterday that unless the used the prun
ing knife on the bill they would bold it up
in tho Senate and talk it to death As a
result of the warning so it was said the
Commerce Committee tomorrow will go
over the bill and make a horizontal cut of
33 per cent on the last appropriation and
a similar cut on the appropriation for
the continuing contract system The bill
which was practically completed Iriday
evening by tho committee carried 67
000000 in found numbers an Increase cf
7000000 over the bill a3 passed by the
House Even at that most of the House
Items in the bill were cut in half The
increase made was the result of the de
mands of Individual Fenators The bill
will probably be reported to Ihe Senate
DEVIL On caturdav evening Februarr 18
Yf at 5 V p in Wit FL BTAIX at Im
residence 412 M Street nirtliwet of consumption
aced Movent vears and tkree months
ot funeral in Mondjy vlornlng Times
M C1IE On satunlar Iduury 10 1001
IOIIS UiLIlUt VhSTIli only on of W L
and Mary v vvaesche nee Terry aged nine
nrmths and fourteen dars
Funeral services snmhv at 4 oclock p m
at 110 O Street nortlicnt Interment at liealles
ville Monda lebruary 1 ml
BF VCII Suddenly on Ttiurvlar Februarr 14 at
11 45 p m MVItt WIHIMY MEVCli beloved
wife of hll Beach and devoted mother of Ir
Eltanora Gutes and Mrs Rattle Powers
Loved in life remembered in death
liv Her Daughter IlvTTIB POWFltS
Funeral will take place undaj at J p m
1 II n i OH fs h IN i
c if- ill 1 le aua
x i nr i ism btaue o B
- mon - icing principal liSa per
tat Must be a iu
fcy MtuTih
CHAS pOADA i cnt
from societys contractor Get the In
formation at secretaryb office 633 G Street
northwest then drop us a postal and wo
will call Good coal and prompt delivery
Satisfaction guaranteed ml5 7
Real Estate and Perfect Titles
Parties who failed to pay 1S9S taxes and
whose property t old can protect them
from maturing to a deed nd loss of prop
erty by calling at the ofilce cf WASHING
Louisiana Avenue northwest city
New Telephone
from lie a da up
cially adapted to residences and the
ainall users rates from 7 1 Zc a day
For particulars address
No 61S Hth St nw
T on ritich of
1S fine Marten arf nM and 10 00
cw Mone ilartcn Opossum hearts 125
o I lectric Seal Scarf 2 DO
1 GO Pjed Itaceovll ktl 2 75
1J OQ Fltell Scjrfa 4 75
Slow Marten sarf 4 75
25 00 Mink ScirM Urge IJ 50
S3 00 Heclnc Seal Muffs 2M
WOO hrminur Vlnffi 2 75
25 O Mink Vlnlfi luur itripeH 13
WW IVrblai Mmrn large 5 J
25c saiynmii lac
Furs and floili tamiL ts ltercd and
Iti paired at redm ed
Accordion Ilaltmif good work low
WOLF FUR CO 013 G Street
Reputation Dullt on Qualit
J AtfoOfcO
P CDWAftO Jf iHH tl
All tints pure
All til iti good
All thiti rvfn xhlng
All ti it a healthful
111 vvhlske because
ie is perfectl pure
Only tl full lit For
sale b
Edward J Ouinn
Phone 21l
for 125 to 175 wrappers
l 0--O -
All Rata
Free of Charge
810-812-814 Seventh Street
and 715 Market Space
rrernlum SUmpt I
With Every I
vJP Wrapper sales at 75f sire common enough but it is sel
dom your privilege to buy actual 1 JiJ and l7u
value at Te You have the opportunity on this lot we offer to
morrow and theyre the finest and heaviest flannelettes made
with deep flounces full length and width with fitted waist
lining with bretelles oer the shoulders edged with velvet
iibbon and trimmed with mules and braid There ai e all sizes
too a grand vaiiety of desirable colorings Choice 7oc
9 P for undershirts worth up to 250
O A complete sample line of Mercerized Sateen u
rjdi p
- -
1TT A i C 1
XL iAS JLIk vfcv K
skirts at it fraction of regular prices and in enormous
variety of effects in black and colors and embracing kirts isith
graduated flounces accordion pleated flounces double flounces
t orded flounces and ruffles and each has extra dust ruffle
Bought in the regular way they would hae to be sold for as
much as 250 Choice Kc
il AQ for 5 and 6 silk waists
m vjrSTf J Look the town over and look particularly at the
Silk waibts which are being just now so much
advertised and then come heie and see what you can buy for
even less
Hundreds of the cleverest creations made of finest taffeta
in black and eery stylish shade including pink light blue
loyal cardinal lavender heliotrope white grey red antl
cerise with Fiederick the Great and Bishop sleeves and elab
orately trimmed J4S formerly sold at 5 and C
New 10 spring suits 698
Weve just opened up a shipment of Xew Spring Suits
made of all wool black and blue cheviot serge with Ktou jack
ets with silk faced lapels and also double breasted Etons like
those w e see elsew here at 10 We offer them at special price
of i8 The jackets which may be worn closed or open are
lined with extra fine quality mercerized silk and the skirts are
the new full llaie beren goiu soit with flounces
for 12 and 15 Auto coats
We are selling more Automobile Coats than
anv other two stores in town That is a fact
And we are selling them because we are showing the biggest
alues e er offered Ilandsoiue black blue tan and castor Ker
sey automobile coats with flare cuffs high aud notch collars
and strai seams lined with IJomaine silk
for childs 19c hosiery
Tomorrow we put on sale another shipment of sec
onds in ciiiUlren s fast black hose at 74c ai pair
While these are the makers seconds theyll give equal the
wear as the peifect ones for in most cases it is simply a
diopped stitch which causes them to be thrown aside Have
double knees and high spliced heels and toes
for bleached muslin
I Tour bleached muslin in every way is equal to
lit of the Loom which sells at 8c it is yard wide
ing of it at Jc is extraoidinarv
The largest variety and stock in the city
Decorating outfits and decorations af all
Complete assortment of Hag poles brack
ets etc
Buildings decorated YOUR order should
be on our books NOW
SPECIAL 1000 8 foot Bunting Flags
P Poles and Brackets at 225 each
h complete g n g
M Q Copelanct Co
lth St N w
Established 1862
I -------
----- 9 9 4 - --
At Fb a IP0
To begin your preparation for the guests that are to
be with j ou during Inauguration week Youll probably
need an extra Bedroom Suite some eiockery and quite a
number of other things and 3011 can get them all here
on credit if ou wish We have made great preparation
for supplying Inauguration needs and our prices are sev
eial notches lower than you will find elsewhere We are
complete furnishers and our liberal credit plan may be of
considerable assistance to 011 in tiie bin ing
a ticvsy Ko tHl tiisj rm
igsA aica 1 ilia
901903 Seventh Street
Corner I Eye Street
----- - ----- ------- 4 -

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