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DlmriixInuH of n limit lirlclce Aoronsi
the MIsiIh1iiiiI
From the Minneapolis Time
Iralrie du Cbleii Wis Janri 23 The
new poatooa bull here tlurllug the fall
wns successfully launched and the cere
mony was witnessed by about 1S00 iopIe
At the signal given by A D Campbell
who had the construction In charge the
rabies were cut and the large boat slid
majestically into the water over 100 feet
This pontoon is 40S feet long 40 feet
wide 6 feet deep with a height of about
30 feet and has a draught of 12 inches It
Is the largest draw Detween Dubuque and
La Crosse It was built of fir which was
shipped from the State of Washington for
that purpose The cost of this great
structure Is about 40000 and a force of
over 100 men were employed for nearly
three months in its construction
The pontoon has great buoyancy and
strength being provided with a Howe
truss passing ihrough its entiro length
When trains pass over it the draft will
be Increased to eighteen Inches The ex
treme rise and falL of the Mississippi
llivcr Is twenty one feet and to over
come the variation In height of the places
between the pile bridge to which the
pontoon is attached aprons or movable
tracks have been provided which are ad
justed by means of powerful hydraulic
jacks and movable blocks which will be
operated by the men In charge of the
bridge The connection between the ends
of these aprons and the track of the
bridge is a simple device counterbal
anced by equal weights so one man can
clamp and unclainp the end of the pen
toon when swung in or out of position
The draw Is attached at one end to a
piling forty feet from the end of the sta
tionary bridge by an arm as long sia the
draw is wide About this piling or
pivot the draw will swing d scrlbing
in its course an arc of SO degrees and
when open lie at right angles to the
piling and entirely out of the chancnl
This draw was placed in he west chan
nel a new one being put In the east chan
nel a year ago The draw openings of the
bridges In either channel arc the only
ones in one section on the Mississippi
River which will permit a steamer and
large raft to pass through Other draws
swing half to one side and half to the
The closing and opening of these pon
toons is effected by a twenty horse power
engine situated on the draw working a
slmplo winch around which is wound a
chain the extremities of which are secur
ed to a cluster of pilings above and below
the pontoon so fixed as to give a diagonal
lead across the stream The bridges open
with the current In one minute and close
against the current in three minutes with
out showing any undue strain or requiring
the application of more than flve horse
power In relation to the passage of
trains it has proved to afford greater se
curity than draw bridges for
the pontoon Is capable of floating a weight
six times greater than that of an ordinary
A lnerr InilnMry r AVIiIoli Fortune
Are Aninnieil
From the London Daily Chronicle
Jn view of the dinner to the cats meat
men of London which Is to take place
soon the following facts supplied by one
who claims to know much of the class
which purveys meat for the domestic pet
may be of Interest
Two cases which have within the last
few vears come before different courts of
law simply show how profitable a trade
in London at least supplying cats meat
U In one or these cases a probate suit
a certain testator had left every
pennj of which had been practically made
in a little over twenty seven years by
mcars of s Weat End cats meat round
which the testator had originally acquired
for a uayment of J1600 from Ms father
who according to one of the witnesses
spent a fortune In following horse races
The same witness declared that the testa
tor would have left twice as ranch ax he
did but for luckless operations in music
hall and public house property The other
ease was one that came before the magis
trate at Souihwark A comely young wom
an of about twenty five years of age ap
peared in the witness box with a profuse
display of really fine diamonds The mag
istrateat that time Mr Fenwiek seemed
astonished when the witness told him that
she was a domestic animals butcher
and further questions elicited the fact that
her father had left lier the business two
ears before and that she cleared out of It
atlO a week regularly
To those who have enquired into the
facts of ihis trade such a statement would
represent but a commonplace A cats
meat round has frequently yielded any
thing from 300 to C1W when It came into
the market and there is one well known
West End rcund that changed hands for
1300 about a couple of years ago But
this trade like most of the best rounds
having been In the hands of tht tame fam
ilies during three or four gener ons The
huge buildings let out into lit
eo common nave increased i
value of cats meat rounds tr
extent One single building
reckoned to be worth 200 a
himself ty the purveyor
sole rlfcbt of supply and tlu
exceptional case other gi
flats are proportionately
tain public buildings like t
ones In Whiten have a i
a round comes Into the
It must always be recollected thai
though most of the purveyors buy daily in
on great central market yet are the va
rieties and quantities of meat they acquire
almost as much diversified as In the case
of meat for human bflrgs and the West
Kid cats meat provider obtains prices
that would lie absolutely impossible even
in genteel vllladom But in regard to the
latter class there Is p Dulwich cats ment
man who Is a property owner on a very
expensive scale and another South Ion
don dealer who still does his own buying
ant delivering has given a university edu
cation to certain of his sons one of whom
Is n clergyman
Thnse of the public who may Imagine
th there is no room for Initiative and In
genuliy in thj cats mat trade are vastl
mistaken In Kensington an enterprisln
young fellow Is said to be making a for
tune through the happy idea of supplying
on request fish Instead of meat for the
cats on his round The pets of the pros
perous ran obtain meat at almost an
time and they wll not look for the mo
part at the wares of tlie cats meat man
But no cat tan resist a tasty bit of fish
be It offered when It may and a hugr
success Is the result of the Innovation
Agnin there arc certain purveyors wh
takc the trouble tr obtain a close knowl
edge of every slnjie animal on their
rounds and its llttta peculiarities Thl
knowledge once grJned the cats mea
man buys and cuts his portions accord
ingly taking care that each cat gets Its
favorite bit- All chance of rivalry is re
moved at once try this means for a ca
will not for weeks unless driven by des
perate hunger touch the strange cuts of a
new purveyor
Certain of the l ondon cats meat men
rely largely both for extra Income and fo
continued patronage upon their skill Ir
doctoring pussy ard one of the craft
told the present writer Fixing names am
dates that he had frequently received as
much as a sovereign by restoring a eat V
health while on two ocasions he hail beer
paid five times much Ills cat pow
ders have not only brought him a regu
lar harvest of coppers for years but haw
served as an Introduction to some thou
ands of customers for meat
Drink Uctriihi Senile lccr Kith vour meal
lhone C3I Arlington Bottling Co for a case
niSTiiEssixr STOjiACiinisisAMi
rerroar eclly cured by the miiiterly power of
south American Xervics Tonic Invalids need
suer co longer because this great remedy ear
cure them all It Is a cure for the whole world
of stomirh weakness and indigestion The cure
begir j with the Sot dose The relief it bring
It rcaneloua and furpritinc It mikes ro failure
never disappoint Ko matter how long you hare
suCtrcd jour cure ll certain under tbe use of
this ireat hultli eirlrig force lleasant and al
ways safe gold by Edward Fterens Ienn ave
and th t and B F Whiteside 121 Pcnn
are DrucciiU Wuhinston D a
IV ANTED March 1 one unfurnished room b
gentleman within ten squares of lOtli a J F its
nw AJdrrst BOX Mi this office m23 3
WANTED -By man and wife three unfurnhhe i
roonu wrIUi balh light housekeeping flfl Ad
drart BOX Ml this office 1U22 3
WAXTED By a young man a quiet and rrflu J
bosrdiiijr liuue in sicinity of litli and Pa ale
Addrru BOI 500 thin office 2123
WAXTEII llcllable colored girl for general
housework inut stav at night J3 It t niv
IVXTKI Canloier on small truck firm siih
Kreenhoiises near city a man almut thirty state
ich i elicit good wages with lmard Address
BOX Ml tliii officii ro232
Call I
apprentice electric woik and lork
after c p in I II t ne ml
Vf XTKI1 White boy with wheel willing to
nuke himself useful with references W7 K tt
JVASTKII Priwtc family driver steady plate for
sober man today IJU Xciv York avc nw ml
VANTiil Good lurber kiddy work M and
1 sts nw ml
WANTKIl White liov to make himself useful
around printing office VKVAWi k CO Label
Printers ami Box Makers KB C st nw ml
SHOP 711 i st nw
r xi i Airs
WANTKll Pint class driver
1HY 1S4 Tlu avc
WAXTEIl Apprentiics and errand
2d st nc
WANTKIl Scleral tirt cla skirt hands steady
work KilttAKTZ 1120 Conn live m21 3
WAXTID Young man or lunchroom 5 week
ly second cook S waiter driver for store
Call 1MSKMKXT 513 lltli it nw ml
WAKTKB White waiter Lar man colored waiter
four dNhwas hen two house boys fellACKIn
POKUS W K st nw ml
WANTFll Boys between sixteen and eighteen
years old for messenger service can earn 18 to
CO 1101 F St nw feie eodSu
WANTIll 21 waiters for inauguration ball also
for hotel Inquire 2Zt Mil f4 lis el
WAX Ill Young man to work in restaurant oni
who call open oyster and make himMil useful
ylr S7 X J arc nw el
WANTrll -3 coored waitem at once for hotel also
3 waiters lor tatc BCSINEtS IllltKAU 1833 lltli
rt nw el
WANTED Two builKTS for Ssiturday 1 guar
anteed V4i La ave nw cl
WAVmiA burlier for Rituniji 2 guarantee
WO 11 st ne el
WANTHll A liushclman 1- II XY
lllllt ft CO 1111 Ta arc rtl 3
WAXTKI1 Exprienced salesmen for new goods
mirrors and musical pictures good men rapidly
advanced to managers portions eight States to
coer sold on installments HINSllOIti riB
CO 021 Vth st nw m21 3
rfirls to learn a trade wid
while learning Addres in person 323 B st
ne ml
WANTKIl Two young iadics that ran sing and of
good appearance also piano pbuer for store
show Enquire at 11 ITCH ITT tlPPICE 301 la
ire 4 oclock Monday ml
WANTEn Iight and dark colored girl for
tlrealrc 43 pr week W Xew York avc nw
WAXTEIl A reliable settled woman to do gen
eial housework and cooking German preferred
conic well tecmnmended Apply 11W lStli st
nw nit
WAXTED A capable woman to do general house
work in a small family stay nights references
rcqniriiL 1431 S st nw ml
WAXTKII Salcslady to a ist in ladies tailoring
establishment must liaie good appearance
SCil AlT 1120 Conn ave m23 3
WAXTEIl llrK class band ironer and liody ma
chine oiierator KBERE LILXBIIY 1310 Pla
aic I
WAXTEB lXer enccd nursery governew 20
infants nurse SCO clumljeniuid 13 waitreKS
SHI kitchen maids 18 14 plain cooks 15 li
WAXTEIl to do general hoincwork 11 E
st nw ra S
of few good waiters alfo
ctKks chambermaid and waitresses at once
Apply 1013 X Y aie ml
WAXTEH Cook at once lnut he first daM ard
come ready to work 41S 21 st nw ml
WAXTEIl Wliite nurse for a child and assist in
liglt work alwut the house stay at night Call
at 1013 7th st nw c22 S
u INTEII A d white or coloreil woman for
jHn houewoik in mnall family 1230 10th st
WAXTKII Three women c ook chambermaid
oicT i Hie dai 12 S13 other SI day 1035
11th t nw cl
WAXTEIl Three experienceil girls for confection
erv iet of rrf requirwL BBlXAHAXS 128 0th
tt nw el
WANTED IlellaWe woman lor general house
work one with experience Apply at once 411
Cth st nw
WAXTEIl White cliambermaid go home rilcliU
Ky 1 St nw tnStH
WANTED A loung lady for offlee work one
wlsi unclerHanils bookkeepm prtferreil Addre
in own handwriting stating salary expected BOX
355 this office n2 3
WAXTED Two girU for general liouework one
miHt know how to coofc Apply 311 Cth ft nw
WAXTED A white woman to do kitchen woik
and woMflg 180 Capitol tt mzJ S
sTT rn Cirl for confectioner- store Address
Q this office C21 3
- iiicrT OHKi
work In simll hmil mus
fly 143 Meridian st Mount 1Jeswa
WANTTD Woman fr cmcral hoasework mall
faniilr no iraaliina filty miles from Washington
must make herself one of the fatallr Address
Iloz 33 MldlaiKl Iliiqulcr county Va c20 S
pirli in full
WANTEll Settled woman white or colored for
washing and general housework in small family
-lay iills Apply Ml luih st ne ela tf
I XTEO Jstttlc d woman to cook and help in
-mall family Apply 3411 X st Ur ml3
WAXTEDfVimpe tent lioy or woman 10 take
1 l argc of boarding liouso dininroom 123 I
1 nw ml
AX lNTKRKsTIXO story aliout a joung Wath
ington lawicr Pastor E Hez Swem explains
nday night February 21 Ni ond Baptist
thurcli Auditorium 4tli and Va ale sc ml
WAXTED Man and wife to take charge of farm
A acres ill Falls Church Va on shares German
preferred Address Box 530 this offlee c22 3
VENTED Students to learn telegraphy taught
ir an evpett THE DBILLKBY 301 lltli st
nw 3
WAXTED Bi retpcelable colored woman wash
ing to do at home or out by the day lieje
all or address 115 Washinglon st nw ml
WAXTED By first class laundry woman to taki
lasb lwine or out by elay 437 X fX nw el
WAVrEli By colored gh place to work around
muse 1340 5th st nw el
WVNTEII Bi ourg widow situation as
nes or cmiauion
fe ill- ofiko
111 travel
Address BOX
mi2 2
VOI W LADY will give 30 to anyone secur
ng her a Goitmmtnt position Address BOX
s n ihis orree ml 3
H VTE11 A six or house In te
oeighlnrho l of Cth to 10th sts nw rent not
tlMive rx lutuers iiiia iiuu nils
ANTEDTo buy houie alut KOnO prefer
lortlinett will par spl eah lialance monthly
xn icun quick ClABK MUOi 003 ISth St
el 3 -
situations watid iiaik
ANTED Situation by a liakcr first or second
mud sober iltror e ounlry Address BOV 5f
his office nil
l ANTED Kxricrt bookkeeper desires 3 or 4 hours
ork elaili double entry Box 518 this office
AN ri tll House and outhouses with some lind
iose to Distri t Address BOX 511 this otflic
iiil -3
01 MAIJ Typewriter bousht sold rented
ud repaired Itarces tcasonahle rlblsins 30c
MKU RITLl I XCHAXOL 17 Otll at nw
table stc
Mass ale nw
WAXTED To rent cash register for one week
Apply to COMIXIAI HOTEL BAU 11th and II
sts m23 3
WAXTED To buy 100 or 150 ft of goo1 iron
fencing W1 Itli st nw m22 3
WANTED Ilisbest cash prices paid for jour old
gold siller that has lost its iiiefulness watches
diamonds etc pawn tickets liought L ABRA
HAMS ren oied to 433 Pth st nw ntH
WAXTED At SIXt flits 03 Ixuiijna aie
furniture show cast storks of groceries roll
lop desks pianos and organs for cash m3l 3
WAXTED Cood second hand minn Osraph or du
plieating apparatus cheap for cash Address
BOX 339 this office m21 3
WANTED Ladies to know that we do plaiting
of all kinels from 1 cent per jard up pinkinj
done while jou wait OliEXllEISlKKS 511 Otli
tt nw miO
WANTED Information of cruelty to animals any
act or neglect whereby unjustifiable plijsical pain
is caused or permitted to any living creature
except man please report to our otriee either
personally br telephone or by letter HUMANE
MICIETY Boom 24 Warder Bldg corner 9th
and F sts clO 7
WANTED To buv old fetlher bed E 11ABKS
75 Mirtlest
WANTED Highest cash prices paid for ladies
and scuts casl off clothing drop poetal Ill call
B TAIISHES 1308 7lll St nw mS lmo
Foil JtFXT llflOMS
Pllll HKXT Large fuinished room two square
from the Library S3 327 t se m23 3
FOB BENT Furnished lewni 213 Slh st se
FOB I1KXT Xic elj fiirnlslircl roeuns witli lull
51 per week 010 X St nw m23 3
FOB BENT l argc furnished room adjoining r
lor with use of parlor to one or two ladies
cheap references p 7h st nc m23 3
FOB BENT I lrge comfortaMc furnished rooms
reasonable 07 1 si nin m23 3
0lt BENT Nicel -furnish front room genlie
man 8 118 C ft nw L3
FOB HKXT Ijirge room furnished for light
liouseiecpins cheap 1013 20lll St nw m22 3
WANTED -I would like to furnish fifteen single
DCeommoialious for inauguration one night lt
two nifchts 130 persons exlicctins friends Ad
dress BOX MO this m -3
rOB BENT To gentleman room H neck IMS
O st nw c2l 3
FOB BENT Furnished or unfurnished second
and third floors iiot water beating near la ave
327 Cth st se m21 3
FOB BENT Furni lied orUnturnishcel three
bright pretty communicating rooms on third
floor or will rent sinjly if desired IO0I 11th st
nw m21 3
FOB BENT Two rooms furnished or unfiir
nlsheil 40 Mjrtlc st ne m21 3
FOB BENT Xlrelvfurnlshed rooms Apply at
store 210Sd st nw iu2l 2
FOB liENT Windows on Pa aie 17th to ISth
3 eali house and store it wanted Drop card
924 Whitney avc m21 3
FOB BEXT Comfortable iur rooms day or
week 70S Sth ft nw e20 3
FOR BEXT Fur small 2d story room no objec
tion to liousekcepbsT also kitchen to coloreil
laundress cheap lCCKi lltli St nw e20 3
FOB BEXT Pleasant furnished rooms with heat
and ga smaller rooms 5 1221 O st nw
FOB BENT Two convenient unfur looms with
gas heat water near Pension OBlce and market
tor liaht housekrepbuc 723 5th st nw c22 3
FOB BENT Unfur two or three large 2d floor
rooms complete for light housekeeping rcf ev
ihansted no children lisil flh st nw e22 3
FOB BENT Unfur four rooms 3d floor south
front hot water heat on car line 101 E Cap
st e22 3
FOB BENT Unfurnished rooms heat and gas
413 Mass art nig 8
FOB BENT Two large unfurnished rooms 1101
Park place ne m22 3
rOB BEXT Two rooms on second floor gas
and heat 1608 Slh ft nw m22 3
FOB BEXT One or two large second story unfur
nished rooms suitable for light housekeeping
417 5d st nw m21 3
FOR BEXT Enllrei second floor two rooms and
bath vacant March 1 heal light and conking
gas SI Owner 1110 21t st nw inil a
FOR RENT Two large front unfur rooms suita
ble for light housekeeping all mod imps 631
2d st ne C21 3
FOB BEXT Furnished Hat light housekeeping
second floor not rented as stated 1301 fith st
liW m22 3
FOB BEXT rurnislied flat light liouekeeping
Bc eond floor 1301 Clli st nw m22 3
noons xn iioAim
111B BEXT Two beautifully funiislieil front
rooms southern exposure with or without lioard
private family trims modirate 713 L st n
ina 8
FOB BENT large jleasant second floor soulli
front comer room with c leganl table board 10I1
L Bt nw m23 3
BENT room and good board
mi2 3
217 1st st
- --
rOB BEXT Xieeljfurnifclied rooms
lioard to gentlemen near Xary Yard b53 1 s
se m21 3
FOB SALE Clicap horse wagon and harness
horse soung gentle gocwl driver suitable for
lady 707 7th St sw l23
FOB HIRE Two good saddle horses for He in
augural parade Address BOX 501 this office
FtlR SME Young horse seien 3 ears old and
new dayton clicap for cash a bargain Call 1110
I st se mSI 3
FOB SALE rheap horse harnes and liupgy
price S100 horse line ilrilel and saddler Bisiuis
It and 10 930 F st nw ln2 T3
FOB SALE Nineteen Virginia horses three nice
harness horses from Wurrenton others frum Ixiil
doun Countv one docked black cob FBEII
JOIIXSOX 4lltO 711 ll tt se phone Xr3 2
TOR SALE Different kind of second hand wagons
and buggies nothing in lesson refuv d 1210 Ohio
are MblVAXrl mSi S
lOR HAIX Ten horses and two mule sold for
want of use suitable for farm or city Use no
reasonable offer refused Can be seen at 123 lh
st nw m22 3
FOB SALE Good work horse 1000 K st sc
FOR SALE One single buggy harness in good
condition 7 trie double harness genuine rubber
trimmed suitable for surrey trap or light
brougham only 25 cost new 63 three fine fur
robes at cowl 10 per cent discount on horse
blankets and lap robes GKRML FIXERS I1AB
NESS FACTORY 041 I a ale m21 3
FOR SALE 15 horses and mares used in de
livery and transfer wagons suitable for any
ceneral business or would make excellent family
or farm horses 1 marc in foal 2 fat driving
mares no reasonable ctfer refused Call 212 44
st nw cl8 7
WAXTED Light wagon horse and lurne s cheap
for cash Adure is BOX 550 this office lnii 3
WAXTED A horse for its level 0 weeks light
groceries best care Box 513 this ofhee eI 3
HOODS Baking Powder Worlds Best 5 10
and lie
LOST On Ia avc beUccn 10th and ITIlt sis
nw Initial T gold ring Reward fur return
to 023 1C si nw m22 3
IST D A II pin Wednesday February 20
haidee Drown MacConias inserihis on the luck
Return to 1037 I3th St and ruche reward C21 3
ICC CIIEAM 70c calicn not made In a cellar
but above sround for sewer gas abounds In eel
ars and breeds tiphold diphtheria etc moral
dont rat that kind LACEYS Is pure and
delicious 507 N Y are Thouc 2031
SIGNS laiwest prices for ejilton signs and lian
ners for inauguration sl nd jiostal Address BOX
303 this offlee m23 3
PATENTED and unpatented inventions bought
and sold LUCAS U VO St- Louis Mi m23 2
SEWING MACHINES steward and repaired 1
LOVES 123S 0thstJiw m23 3
PlLL DBEaS SUITS or hire 1 up 71 7th st
nw elO tfem
ANY OBDIXABY CIOCK rleancd 30c Watches
jewelry music boxes atcyrllingly chatgcel satis
faclion eruaranteed send povul will call foraad
deliier free to all parts of District CAPITAL
CLOCK REPAimSOjCtlMPANY 1131 7th si nw
all kinds liound in short magazines etc
pocketliooks and all leather goods lettered in
gold or sliver we bind anything WILLIAMS
IIINDKRY 013 015 7th St nw CIIAS W DOW
I1EX Manager
COHEX 1104 7Hl st nw
SEWING MACHINES repaired and warranted 1
machines for rent by week or month at OPPEX
FOR REXT Iurnishcd fcAuse overlooking Capitol
p3rk is near -Library 17 rooms and bath terms
reu wnablc Owner North Capitol st m21 3
V1EXXA VA 15 miles from Washington licit
station bejond Falls Church at which express
trains slop houses at W S3 S10 and 12 per
month a small deposit now will hold them till
lou want them come out 433 p m get back
to city 740 p id Wednesdays and Saturdais
Address E W PIERCE Vienna Va m27 lmo
FOR SALE Grocery and confectionery cheap if
sold at once owner leaving eily Address BOX
507 tins office v m23 3
FOB SILK Bakery and confoctiitieTy must be
sold at once Addu s BOX 5C3 this
COIPKR In KING Thoirjand i of dollars made on
copper mining stiKks in the State of Washing
ton big strong safe company men of high
standing 21 properties rich mines sh rca S
cents on monthly payments for Fclmiary only
price alliances Match 1 eMince to visit mines elur
ing Inly and August satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded Call or write MONTEZUMA
-MIXING CO Boom 5 Warder Bid lli and F
sts m 3
FOB SALE Saloon central location 30fi lie t
bargain in city CAPITAL KUIXISS EX
CHANGE Atlantic Bldg m23 3
FOR SALE By a widow desiring to leave Ihe
city a well furnished looming house within
walking distance of departments all rooms rented
to permanent parties house paring 75 per month
clear of expenses terms to suit purchaser Ad
ilress IIOY 537 this olDce m2 3
FOR SALE Good established dry goods and no
tions store on account of le aring city 1000 44
st swr in3
FOR SALE Cigar and newspaper store indudin
inorning Sunday and weekly pajicr routes no
reasonable offer refused JOS SCHHOT 310 I3lh
st nw mil 3
HAVE CASH CfSTOMEIt for grocery store see
St in21 3
lOR SALE Dining room old stand large profits
Fst m2I 3
FOR SALE Cheap onelpalr horses and carriage
etc a snap for the inauguration Apply to
JAS SHEA 333 Pa avejnw e20 7
IHD BILI 3 CTLLECTiCD ejt no chaige II D
GORDON Lawyer OlJlltlrst nw mS 0
February 13 101 -Notice fs hereby given that
1001 the lease of the fishisiharf In the city of
Washington will be solcTby rublfc auction for the
term ol one year fromOlarcli 1 1EW1 at 3 oclock
p m on B St between 7th and Otli sts In front
of the fish ftalls of511e XCentcr Washington
Market all rights on privileges granted or al
lowed by the laws of the corporation of Washing
ton to cslabluh wharves cic docks for the land
ing cleaning and sale of fish in the city of Wash
ington and no whaifcriloclc sliall be deemed
eligible bnless situated at sonrc pomtnrci the north
side of the Potomac Rivfr and Eastern branch
between lltli St cast and lltli st west Terms
MO00O to be paid on the elay of sale and the resi
due to be paid within fire days from the day of
Ealc By order of the Board of Commissioners of
D C eIg 10texS
Miould be read daily as changes may occur at
any time
FOREIGN MAILS are forwarded to the ports of
sailing daily and the scLcdulc of closings Is ar
ranged on the presumption of their uninterrupted
overland transit For the week ending February
23 1901 the last connecting closes will be made
from this ofli e as follows
Mull for South nuel Central Amer
ica West Iiiillrn Etc
V per steamer from Miami Fla
Mails for NEWFOUNDLAND by rail to North
rdncy and thence sia steamer close here daily
except Sundaj at 1200 m and on Sundays
onlv at 1130 a m d h
Mall for MIQUEION by rail to Boston and
thence via steamer close here daily at 313 p
ciBv MULS close here via Port Tampa Fla
We dnesdars Fridays and Sundays at 220 p m
and via Miami Fla Tuesdjjs and Saturdays at
103O a ib 0
Mails far MEXICO overland unless specially
i jor despatch by steamers sailing from
-- here daily at 1030 5 m and
Fjr ami
daily at 700 p m up
despatch lr s s Coptic 0
fails for AUSTRALIA except West u
which is forwarded via Europe SVW ZEALAXD
FIJI SMO and HAWAII ia San Francisco
close here daly at 700 p m up to March 2
inclusive for despatch per s t Sierra 0
Mails tor AUSTRALIA except West Australia
utith eroes via Europe and New Zealand which
oes via San Francisco and FIJI ISLANDS via
Vancouicr cJo e here dally at 710 p 111 up to
March t Inclu die lor despatch per s s
Mails for COCHIN CHINA arc forwarded to
New York for connection with European steam
ISLANDS Military Mail de
spatched to San Francl eo at all closes for that
office to connect with Government transports the
sailings of which are irregular
b BrgUterrd mails close at 100 p in same
c Registered mails close at 300 p m same
d BegUtered malls close at 600 a m same
e Begistered mails close at 100 p ni pre
vious Saturday
0 BegUtered mails close at 100 p in pre
vious day
li Begislcred mails close at 1200 p m pre
vious elay
k Begistered mails close at 800 p m pre
cious day
o Begistered malls close at 600 p ra pre
vious day
mil SALE Wanted to saie you s30 wheels
J10 only nine factory closcil by trust repairing
and renting raeer models first class BlRGAIX
WHEEL CO 3034 M st nw
FOR SVLK Gcnts bicycles good condition 3
1211 N J are nw in23 3
FOR SALE Gcntii Srcrlii
Box 54J this ollicc
good condition 0
minis nuns etc
YOUNG PARROTS singing canaries mocking
bird dogs cats rabbits gold fish etc cata
logue free SCHMIDS B1BD STOBE 712 12th st
nw uli
I WILL furnish you paper for a room for lilc
7Pc S5c 101 match combination Drop postal
ROOMS PAPERED 2 up only dealer who gives
a legal guarantee with all work estimates fur
nished samples brought 40000 roll stock to se
lect from Send postal to
Anacostla Branch 10 Pierce St
fe7 lm
WALL PAPER You have time to prepare lOur
house for Inaugural ilsitors have the rooms pa
pered make them look bright and cheery our
assortment of wall papering is the most varied
and exclusiie In the city rooms rapered i un
I G NOLTE 821 Ninth Et nw Iel3 H
New VkFcb 57 10 a m VaderldMar 2710 aw
fi 10 ani
St LoulaMar 13 10 am
New YortMar20 10 a m
3 kidi
315 Cth St nw
St Louis A nr 3 10
NewYkApr 10 10 Jura
VaderldApr1710 arr
FricslandPeb 27 noon WesfnldMar 13 noon
SouthwarkMar 0 noon KensgtnMar20 noon
Piers 11 and 15 It New York Office 73
Or G W Moss 11 11 C St nw
Auction sale of unredeemed pledges I will sel
by public auction at 437 11th st nw Tuesday
February 26 at 7 p m all goods on which in
terest remains unpaid consisting of gold silver
and metal watches diamonds clocks chains
rings jewelry of all kinds clothing books musi
cal instruments guns revolicrs typewriters
mechanics tools etc HENBY B CROCK
Treasurer ml9 7
THOMAS DOWIJNG st CO Auctioneers
By virtue of a deed of trust dated Fcbruarv 23
1SS7 recorded In Liber No 1230 folio ill et seq
of the land rrcnrels of the District of Columbia 1
will sell at public auction on the premises on
1901 AT 430 OCLOCK P M the real estate
hing in said district by said deed comeyed and
described as part of a tract of land called
Aaron situated on the Marlboro Road east o
the Eastern Branch of the Potomac River it be
ing the same tract purchased by Sayles J BowCn
of Thomas Talbcrt as per deed elated March 13
1S08 recorded in Liber II M II No 11 folloi
2S9 and iCO and also that tract of land adioin
ing the above known as part of lots five and
eleven 5 and 11 in the sub diVision of a tract
called Nonsuch purchased by raid Bowcn of
Washington A Young and Hugh Ewirw as jier
deed dated May 31 1S72 recorded in Liber No
s4 folios 230 etc of said land records refer
ence being liad to said elceds for a more paiticu
lar description lioth tracts containing aliout
forty five acres more or less and being the same
land ccnveieel by William P Dole and wife to
George B Starkweather by deed dated Febiuary
23 16S7 and rtcorde d in Liber No 1230 folio
loo et seq
Terms of sale One third cash and the bilince
in one and two years secured by the notes of
the purchaser drawing 0 per cent interest arid a
deed of trust on the property or all cash at pur
chaser option A deposit of a will be required
at time of sale If terms of sale are not complied
with wiihin fifteen days the trustee reserves the
right to resell on file days notice at risk and
cost of defaulting purchaser Conveyancing
stamps and recording at purchasers cost
caWA ds Office 31 tA St X W
Thos TFagotanT
ItenI Islnto llrokcr mill Aiictlenic er
97 F Street N W
407 1st b h ir bath 1 m I 3000
17 3d st b h 4r lot 21x08 ft 3800
21 Jackson Alley b h and stable 1300
1133 O I h tr bath a m 1 1401
50 Grant tt Anacostla tame 7r bath ami
2C00 price less than cost built by owner
1319 3th store and dwelling rented for
130 per month 53700
1159 and 1101 20th St itore and dwell
ing prompt tenant 5200
IBM 21 t f h 5r water and sewer 3400
Per sq It
Nw ror lClh and Carolina sts 23iS0 Itsl 25
Ne comer Fix ave and B 22x71 4 00
Sw cor B I arc and 11th 70x100 ft 3 00
B at bet ISth and SOtli 43xJ ft 3 60
1913 I st lot 34x115 ft 3 00
14 bet Clifton k Boanoke 10383x10043 2 50
B bet Fla avc and 22d 25x100 It 2 00
1200 21st st lot S3 ft front 2 00
921 Jf J arc ot txlX ft 1 -5
lth bet E and F OOtISj ft 1 23
Va ave bet 27th and 2Sth 110x122 ft 60
Wisconsin nr St Albans Church 50x200 ft 40
S st bet 33d and 3tth 70x150 ft- 40
Bismarck near Sherman avc 50x150 1
Ne part of lot 7 square 6S2
Ne 42 Mirtie Cr
Ne 1 Fcncon st 7r
Ne 7 Jackson Alley tr
Ne 50 Sli sx 4r
Ne 622 S4 st 4r
Ne 619 Blairs court 4r
Ne square 677 3 lots
Se 923 Ca ave comer llr
Se 0 5th st 8r and bath
Se 12n E st Or and lath
Se 1102 Oth 12r
Se 1101 9th 7r
Se 1252 11th 7r
Se 925 Ca ave Or
Se nw comer 12th and K 6r
Se 313 S C ave 4r
15 CO
15 1
15 30
8 00
8 30
8 30
Offer wanted
SO 00
30 00
22 95
12 00
10 JO
9 30
9 30
7 00
Apply at GC3 for Wesklj RjIIein
FOB SALE Go cart good condition for S250
mB S
EGGS White Boeks Light Brahmas 1 for fif
teen BOX 3115 Station G city m23 3
FOB SALE Cheap bedroom suite in good condi
tion 232 ISth st aw m23 3
FOB SALE 143 for cobbler solid oak rockJ
BEDMOND 311 7th st storjgetc
FOR SALE A fine meat box I
- 723 East Capitol St
e21 3
t with
eil 3
- 1075
FOR SALE Fine three piece parlor suite good as
new cost C0 for 1250 313 Oth st nw ml 3
FOR SALE Oak folding lied long mirror front
good as new cost 35 for 2250 313 Clh St
mill 3
FOR SALE A male toy terrier four months old
fine breed feOO I st nw m21 J
FOR SALE Collie pups tie weeks old pedigree
Address BOX537 this offlee tn21 3
FOR SALE Antique furniture lery handsome
mahogany secretary and liookcase glass doors
100 years old Call at 4 1 st nw mil 3
FOR SALE Sawed seasoned pine wood blocks
5 per cord dcIivcrceL Address BOX 313 this
ui21 3
FOR SALE Law books 17 volumes 2d edition
or 31 lt edition American and English Ilicclo
paedia Law Box 531vhis office c20 4
FOR SALE Lumber doors brick windows
stone and stable fixtures 20th and Kalorama
ave nw e20 3
FOR SALE A celebrated artesian lithU watir
spring and loltliiiR plant will be sold or leased
at a low price on account of death of pro
prietor Address or apply J A LARRIMORE 515
7th st nw IU20 7
FOR SALE Dress goods silks lace curtains por
tieres blankets comforts mens and boys
clothing capes coats skirts etc on weekly
payments drop postal I call JOSEPH CAI1X
237 Pa ave nw ela lmo
FOR SALE Special bargains in sewing machines
Singer machine 3 White fc00 Domestic
750 Wheeler - Wilson No 0 15 New Home
12 all e omplcte and warranleei for five ears at
st nw machines for rent by week or month
lOR SALE To pay storage elegant furniture o
12 room residence cvcri thing complete or sep
arate 419Jlh St nw e23 lmo
FOR SALE Gooel quality opaque shades fitted to
jour windows only 25c the best quality oil
opaque shades 50 cents hung free will call
with samples KIEEBLATTS lltli and 11 sts
FOR SALE 0 for hair mattress In two parts
lounges 2 73 gasoline stoves and refrigerators
parlor and ledroom suites 1 per week will
nioic and store your goods cash or credit RED
yOXD 311 and 313 7th st nw
One Square Piano 15 cash F O SMITH
1223 Pa aie elS tl
TVIHK IIOAKO ami meals sent out Tcaun3lle
nice location Call l40 O t uv wil l
Washington Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway
From Station Pennsylvania Ave and 13 1 2 St
la effect November 1 1500
For Alexandria Week days 030 704 730
800 835 850 923 1000 li0O 1130 a m
X1203 1220 1245 xl06 123 SU0 S30 5J
SS0 359 xl13 435 450 510 x324 540
604 630 700 730 800 845 030 1015
1120 and 1159 p m Sundays 745 900 045
1030 1100 1130 a m 1200 noon 12S30 100
130 2011 230 300 330 400 430 500 530
flii 030 700 730 800 b13 930 1013
1120 and 1150 p m
For Mount Vernon Week days 030 800 1000
llrtJ a m X1IC3 xl3 200 x2S9 359 X4 13
x524 700 and 930 p m Sundays 901 a
lC0 noon 200 40O 700 and 930 p m
For Arlington and Aqueduct Bridge Week
days 630 7tM 730 800 835 859 923 1000
end 1101 a m 1220 1245 105 125
200 230 250 330 359 135 450 524
604 630 700 and 800 p ra Sundays 745
900 945 1030 1100 and 11J0 a in 120o
noon 1230 100 l SO 200 230 300 331
100 430 500 -530 600 630 700 730
and 800 p m I
Parcels carried Baegige checked
xEprcjs To Arlington only
1 E ABBOT Prcidect
J C0LV1X Sunerintendrnt
forfolk wasnington
Steamboat Co
Every day in the year for Norfolk Sew
port Xrna and all points South by the
superb pouerful steel fwlae e steamers
Newport News Norfolk awl Wash
ington on the following schedule
Washmiclonet3U pm
Alexandria 700 pm
Ft Monrcc70u am
Norfolk stxiam
Lv Portsmouth500 pm
IY Norfolk 600 pm
Iv Ft Monroe700 pm
Ar Alexandria 03U an
Ar Washington am
TlcLtrt cm sale- at 817 Pcnn ave B and
- O ticket ofhc 019 Pcuto ave and cornel
- 15h st and N Y ave C t 0 ticket of-
- fn is at 513 Penn ave and CU0 11th at
- S A L ticket office 1431 N Y ave and
- on board steamers
JJirFor further infonnatien apply at gen
- era offices 7th st wharf Washington D C
- Phone 750
S tl JOHN CALLAHAN General Manager
Cor 12th
and F Sts
Oldest In age longest located
Regular gradaale two schools
Authorized by the District Go arnment
To treat alt diseases of the Nose Throat and
Lungs Heart Nerves Brain Blocd SWn
Stomach Kidneys and Bladder Night Losses
Sexual Weakness and all Special Diseases
of either sex Stricture Varicocele
Hydrocele cured without cutting or opera
tion No pain No loss of time A prompt
and permanent cure guaranteed Syphilis
any stage cured for life without mercury
or potash No exposure
Salty Office Hours 10 to 1 and 3 to 6
Sunday 10 to 12
The 3 Days Cure
for men leads all remedies In this city a
prompt and permanent eyre or no charge Con
sultation free DR ilcKEKHAX 11C 12th st
OOlce hours 0 to 12 a it 0 to 8 p ro Sundays 2 to
4 p m Only Specialist in Diseases of Men mS lm
Fan3 SJsTf
US a ilyyy
509 12th St
VCTAQQ successful
1 T UnnO practice in
the Cure of Chronic Nervous
and Special Diseases of Men
and Women
Means Everything to You if You Suffer
from Ctrr Obesity Kheim4vtl t Cocitlp tlcn Filet
Ti roat Lung Brl Ed art Elco -d SUn Slit set
OoBorrht a Olett B trie tare TrlcoceU and Hydroecl
enrBd wit Otis oeienxioa rron Dtnineo no puinu
irutmraent Tutd
Herrooi and SeztiU Dtlillty Lost by Dreasii or In
Crist Syphllli all tatctt Slovd Poitcn and Ulcsrs
cured for life by f maUkOili
Private Waiting Room for Ladies
OFFICE H3URS 10 ts 1 3 Is 6 Sundavs 10 to 12
Dr Leather man
diseases Hydrocele Varicocele
potency and Syphilitic Disease
Advce and coruultation tr
to 12 2 to 5 also
Saturday cveninirs
-oil to treat roman ills
rrceul rities Home comfort
t ami durin confinement Trained
m expert physician in attendance at our
riun 03ice Iwurs from 10 am to 6 pm
cy office -102 Cth st nw Kooras 101 10
Phone eaat 7S3 ra5
Loan Offlca
314 Ninth Street N W
Jloney Loaned on Watches Diamonds Jewelry
Business strictly confidential No connection
with any other Loan OrHce in the city
Medium and Card Reader AVj Jiinatons mot fa
mous Clairvoyant and Palmist Consult her on
buainevi love and family affairs reunites the
epurated remove spelU cauM speedy mar
riacei and rive luck Open daily Cerman
spoken 23c and 50c 02D H st nvi ml 7
Palmist and life reader Without askln a ques
tion she will tell you the object of your call sriv
Inff names of friends anil relatives The Jladame
will refuse to accept any fee unless she nives
the uimost satisfaction and unless jou find her
superior to anv medium palmist or clairvoyant
la the city 1XV3I Fye st n v ml
JIMkT CIIFniN Siritil Business Medium and
Life Header consult her on all busineis affairs
love troubles absent friends she lus no equal
I7 I at mr iu23l
mr invrs Palmist and Card Reader Bill F
it nw tlioroush palmistry reailinK 23c card
readings If- 10 to i1 m23 3
OF SPECIAL Importance to worklncrmen if the
inauiuration ceremonies arc iwntrHina you hold
lour monev till vou tee us we bare a beautiful
line of warm overcoats and suits made by Wash
in ton tailors best fabrics scarcely used a
fieures to mlt poor men with families Th
opportune JfSTlFS OLD STAND C1D II st
m9 7
WVNTTD Contributions toward raisins K1 to
send e5 copies hi the Kldiiely liilT II It
1433 2d Peslon Slitli Congress In every labo
bodyin this country Aildrrtc JAMIJi MILHOX
CIIWIlON Iloum 17 521 Tcnlli t nw Washing
ton D C n 2
IIKiHRST prices pa fr Ecntiemens cast oS
earmcuts musical lnilrumcnts cuns ami rr
volvcrs drop iotat S ATIAS 957 D St nw
elS lt
FOiniFNT Store willi 5 ruom luellinj lar
ard cellar 3--0 1st st so key next door 3
FOR IinXT liooms in liuildini XZ F st p s
cheap rent Aply to W J DANTl Ilutcli
Biilldinc 10th and 1 sis Il S
Ioit nxciiAXii
V XTKI1 To exchanje new Columbia graphi
plume tsir a tyieriter Adcrcss llo i ih
office -
and DiDlnj Tars Ilarrlsborj l
ileepinfr Dinlna Smolder tnd Observa
tion Cars Harrlfburc to Chlcsn Cincinnati
lodlananolis St Louis Cleveland and Toledo
BntTet Partor Car to Harrisbtirz
A FAST LIXE Pullman BuSet Parlor
Car to Harrisburr Buffet Parlor Car larrls
rmrj to Piltihursr
Sleepinir Car Washington to St Louis and
ashlntton to Toledo anJ Slcepina and Din
ins Cars Ilarrljbnri to Indiananolls St Louis
- If ila Tla Cincinnati and Chlcajo
Vstf l0 rilllrB and Chicajo Dinlna Car
to Chieairo
PulLnan Slecpins Cars Washlrrton to
Iittsburic and Ilarrssbuni to CTeteland and
ClndnnatL Dlnltsr Car
1010 P j j 4crFC EXPRESS Pullman Sleen
in Car to Pitubonr
JAM rr Krie Canandalpia Roci ester
Z falla dally eicept
1050 A II For Elraira and Rrnovo dsilr firtst
Sunday For tVllliamsc sn dally S P M
JS I M Daily for WlUUmiwrt and BtiSalo
yia ErapcTiom Jonetian with thmiah Bnflet
Sleeping Car lor Itochrmer Erie Buffalo and
Masrara Falls daily eicept Saturday ultti
Sleepmff Car TVashlnjton to Rochester
1040 P lL For Frie Carsadalaua Bochester
Buffalo and Siaeara Falla daily Pullman
Meeplnff Car WashiDcton to Ilochester 8itur
days only
lor New Vorlc all Parlor Cars with Dinlm
Car trom Baltimore
For riillnclelphln Vevv Yort and the
Eipresa 700 Dining Car 757 313 909
P00 Dininc Car 1000 Dinlna Car and
110 Dinlna Car trom Wilmington A JL
1143 315 150 Ilirlins Car Irom Baltimore
B 1000 and 1150 P II On Sundays 700
Dinlna Car 757 815 900 900 IHmnj
Car 1100 Dlnina Car from Wilminston A
M 1315 315 450 Dinlna Car Irom Balti
more I00ii and 1150 P II For Phila
delphia only Express 715 A JL li15 P
JI week davm S OU 110 Dinlnz Car and
640 P M dally
For Iaston without chars 745 A M week
days and 450 P M daily
For Baltimore 620 700 745 757 315 900
1000 1050 1100 A 31 1215 1245 120
201 315 330 4K Limited 410 420
431 450 540 615 fi 745 1000 1040
1135 and 1150 P JL On Sundays 700 757
815 900 905 1050 1100 A II 1215
115 201 315 330 000 Limited 410
420 450 540 013 G50 743 1000 1010
nd 1150 P II
For Popes Crtci Liuf 713 A K and 4J1 P if
For Annapolis 700 000 A iL 1215 and 511
P JI weekdays Sundays f00 A IL and
510 P L
Expreiss lor Florida and points on Atlantic Coast
Line 450 A M 312 P JI dally Florida
SpecUl 810 P JI week days
Express for Florida and points on Seaboard Air
Line 833 A M dally Florida and Jtetro
politan Limited 855 P JL daily
EiprcM for Richmond only 1111 A JI week
days 500 P II daily
Accommodation for Quantico 713 A JL dally
and 123 P JI weei daja
Seaihorc Corinectloun
For Atlantic City via Delaware River Brldje all
nil route 315 100 Consreasionat Lim
ltedT and 1130 P JL daily Via Market
Street wharf 1000 and 1100 A JL 1115
P JL week days 1150 P JL daily
For Cape May 1100 A JL week daya 1L50
P JL daily
Tlcict othces corner Fifteenth and O Streets
and at the station Sisth and B burets where
orders aan be left for the checklra of bajjaja
to desrinatfon from hotels and residences
Telephone call 1111 lor Pennsylvania ItaC
road Cab Service
j it J n wood
Ceneral Jlanacer General Pissercer
Southern Ry
Schedule in effect January 17 1WL
Trains leave from Penna Station
801 a m Daily Local tor Harrisonburg a4
or Charlotte and way stations
1115 a m Dally U S Fast UalL Sleepinj
cars to Xenr Orleans Columbia Sarannab and
Jackaonville unitim at Salisbury with aletper tor
AhfivUle CbatUnooga anJ SItisphu and at
Danville with sleecr for and at
Charlotte with sleeper for Actuta Solid train
Watungtoa to aNevr Orlcaiu Dining car service
117 a m Dally Local for
401 p m Week Pays Local for Front Coy a I
and Harriwr nrff
430 p rn Daily Local for ChirlotiesTille
635 p m Wetk Days Jfew York and Florida
Limited Composite Cafe and SnioUn Car Din
injj Car Compartment and Drawing Room Sleep
ing Car and Library and Observation Car Xew
York and Washington to St Augustine anil
Pullman Drawing Room Sleepiny Car Xew York
and Washington to Aiken and Auyusta Connect
ing at Columbia uitli Parlor Car for Charleston
and at Waycro with Parlor Car for
955 p m Daily X Y Fla Express Slep
Ins cars to Augusta with connection for
and Charleston and to Savannah Jacksor
and Port Tampa and Thursdays to
ThrouzH coaches to Jatk onr
lanta Uniting at Danville with
from Richmond and Norfolk
ist sleeper Washington to
Wednesday- and Krirf
1001 p m D 5
Limited fv
oke v
j Atlanta
ntomery Mo-
j car aerrice Tues-
car Washington to
h1 Tuwdaya Thurwlays and
v Limited Annex Sleeper
iw Orleans connecting at New Orleans
oun Kt Limited for San Francisco
LeiTe Wa hington 901 a m dally Azi9 p m
week days and 625 p m Sundavs for Bluc
rnont fl25 p m Saturdays and 433 p m week
daya and llf p ra Wednesdays md Satur
days only for Ltesbur 325 pv m week days to
Through trains from tfce South arrlTe Washing
ton Ci am C52 am 735 am daily 1015
am daily except Monday 215 pm and 850
t ra dally From Harriionburg 1137 am weei
ty t and 9t pm dally From Chariot teiT ill e
am and UV pin daily
Tickets sleeplns car rfserrations and other in
formation furnished and bajrpace called for and
checked from hotels and residences by Union
Traniftr Co on orders left at Ticket Offlee 705
15th St XW 511 Penna Ave XW aad at
Venn a Station
Phone 1411 for P R R Cab Service
FRANK S CANNON 3d V P and Gen Mffrv
S II HAHDWICK General Passr Agent
U S BROWN General Agent
S Ohio By
TliruasrU the Grniidersit Scenery in
America All Train VentlbuIeU
lulcctrlo Uubteil Stcntu llcnttil
IllnliiK Cam on Tliroanh Tralnsj
blutlou sjlxiu and II Street
Schedule In effect December 5 ISO
300 P M DAILY Cincinnati and St Louis
Siiccul Solid train lor Cincinnati Pullman
Sleepers to Cincinnati Lciincton Louisville
rpolb and St Loui without change Par
lor Car Cosinston Va to Virginia Hot Sprinj
Parlor Cara Cincinnati to Chicago
1110 P M DAILY F F V limited Solid
train lor Cincinnati Pullman Sleepers to Cincin
nati Lexington and Louisville -without chanze
Connection Lr Virginia Hot Springs daily Pull
man compartment car to Virginia Hot Springs
irrmut change Tuesdjjs Thursdars and Satur
tavs sleepers Cincinnati to Chicago and St
Ncnport News crlolk and Old Pcint Coinlort
lva Penn It It
3D0 P JL IIMLY For CordonsvIIle Char
tlesille staunion daily ana lar Itrchmond
daily ejtccpt Sunday
ireservatlon and tickets at Chesapeake and Ohlr
offices JI3 Pennsylvania Avenue 600 14th Street
uear V and st the Satlon Telephone call 1441
Ur PennsjlvanU CaUroad Cab SmcL
Telephone lOCa Ceneral Passenger Aceat
seaboard Air Line Railway
3J A M daily Florida and Atlanta Fajt Mail
lor Petersburg Italeigh Southern Pines Iiae
hurst Camden Columbia Savannah JacUon
ville Tallahassee and Tampa Charlotte
Athens Atlanta Xew Orleans and poins
West Through sleeping cars to Jacksonville
and Hamlet to Atlanta
53 P M dailv Florida and Metropolitan
Koom Compartment Obserra
tion and tuning Car Ior Rslegh Southern
Pines Pinehurst Camden Columbia Savannan
Jacksonville and St Augusttoe Seepirg Car
Jacksonville to Tampa
C 55 P If dally Florida and Metropolitan Lim
ited for Charlotte Athens Atlanta Chat
tanooga Naihville Sew Orleans and points
Scnthwest Through sleeping can to Atlanta
For further information apply to w II Xe
r sSELL Ceneral Agent 14H -Saw lolt ave

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