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jas jJgjBRflSJWel f5
Position of Alpicil ly
General Greene
Order of the Llnr of March ImiinI by
the Grand Mnrwhnl PresltlenCs
tili Alone Cnn ChnuKre the Posl
lioii of Milllnrj or Clvle Bodies
General Greene Grand Marshal of the
Inaigural Parade jestcrdaj pave out tic
positions tha both cllc anil mllit ry
bodies will occupj In the street nasi ant
on March I The position of the I resi
dent as Commander-in-Chief of the
Arrn the Grand Martini contcn s
miltps it apiiropriatc that the mllit ry
shall immediately follow him In the col
mnn of march and hae precedence over
all other organizations whthei seml
mllltary or ci It The orders follow
General Orders No E
Headquarters of the Grand Marshal 1101
Pennsj Ivania Avenue Washington D
c l curuary jyji
The follow Ins orders for the Inaugural
parade arc published for the Information
and guidance of all concerned The suc
cess of the parade depends upon an exact
compliance with the instructions herein
after contained and particularly those in
regard to distances Paragraph XiV
1 The parade is organized as follows
A Military grand div ision Major Gen
eral Brooke V S Army Chief Marshal
rirst division Major General Ludlow
First Brigade lS forces Colonel Do
Russj Second Brigade National Guard
of the District of Columbia Brigadier
General Harries
Second division Hon AA O Stone Gov
ernor of Pennsylvania Third Brigade
National Guard Delaware and Pennsj 1
vanla Brigadier General Gobln Second
Brigade National Guard Pennsylvania
Brigadier General AAilev Pint Brigade
National Guard Pennsj Ivania lrigadier
General Schall
Third division Major General Wheeler
First Brigade National Guard New Jer
sey Georgia Connecticut Massachusetts
and Marjland Brigadier General King
Second Brigade National Guard New
York Virginia and North Carolina Brig
adier General Douglas Third Brigade
National Guard Tennessee Ohio Illinois
Alabama Maine Michigan Texas Iowa
West Virgirla Nebraska and Wjomlng
nrlrrndler General Metealf I
Fourth division Major General Sickles
rirst Brigade veteran associations
Brigadier General Second Brigade
veteran associations Brigadier General
B Civil grand division B If Warner
chief marshal
rirst division alarshal McCleary rirst
Brigade Mr Noyes Second Brigade Mr
Second division Marshal Cochran First
Brigade Mr Brown Second Brigade Mr
Third division Major General Howard
First Brigade Mr McDonald Second
Brigade Mr Lyons
The rjucurl to the Cnilltol
11 The President will be escorted
from the Executive Mansion to the Capi
tol by the Grand Marshal and Staff the
Corps of Cadets of the United States
Military Academy the Corps of Cadets
of the United States Naval Academy and
Troop A of Ohio followed by the rirst
Ph ision of the Military Grand Division
This division will be formed in two lines
on Fifteenth Street and Pennsjlvaaia
Avenue as follows viz the First Bri
gade with its right on Fifteenth Street
at New York Avenue thence on the east
side of Fifteenth Street facing west and
on the north side of Fenasjivanta Ave
nue facing south and its left between
Seventh and Sixth Streets the Second
Brigade with its left on Fifteenth Street
opposite ew icrk Avenue thence on
tvveen Thirteenth and Twelfth Streets
Commanding otlicers and their staffs will
be in the intervals leaving a clear spice
of not less than forty feet between the
two lines
The cscjrt will be formed on the north
side of Pennsylvania Avenue between
Fifteenth and Seventeenth Streets fac
ing south the Staff of the Grand Mar
shal with its left at Fifteenth Street the
Cadets of the United States mllitarv
Academy with their left opposite the east
gate of the Executive Mansion and the
Cadets of the United States Naval Acad
emy on their right The organizations or
tills movement The Second Brigade will
by successive regiments from the left
wheel to the right by companies and
stand fast until its right Hank la uncov
ered by the First Brigade and it will then
take up its march in rear of the First
The route of march will be along Penn
sylvania Avenue to Tlrst Street west
thence to B Street north thence to First
rUreet east thence to B Street south
thence to New Jersey Avenue thence
north on driveway leading along east
front of the Capitol to a point opposite
the south end of the Capitol where the
Division Commander will halt the leading
company of the First Brigade and close
his division In close column He will then
report to Major General Brooke Com
manding Military Grand Division
The personal escort to the President
Troop A of Ohio will leave the column at
B Street north and Delaware Avenue and
turning south Into the Capitol Grounds
will escort the Presidential party to the
teps of the Senate wing of the Capitol
Troop A will remain In line facing these
Eteps during the inaugural ceremonies
unci the carriages of the Presidential-party
will 1h parked on the right of the
The 1nrade
III During the inaugural ceremonies
the first division will remain In close
column In the position above Indicated
Meanwhile the other divisions will be as
sembled marching to their places of ren
dezvous bv streets on the north or south
of pennoj Ivania Avenue hut not using
or croslng that avenue as follows
Grand Division
IV The second division consisting of
the National Guard of Pennsvlvania will
assemble by brigades in close column of
companies prepared to move at 115 p m
In the order designated in paragraph XXI
The First Brigade on Marjland Avenue
northeast head of column on First Street
cast the tlecond Brigade on 1 Street
northeast head of column at Maryland
Avenue the Third Brigade on A Street
northeast head of column at First Stitt
V The third division consisting of the
National Guird of the several States led
by their repectlve Governors and staffs
will assemble by brigades In close eejlumn
prepared to move at 2 p m In the order
designated in paragraph XXI The Flrbt
Brigade In East Capitol Street head of
column at First Street east the Second
Brigade in A Street southeast head of
column at Second Street east the Third
Brigade In II Street southeast head of
column at First Street east
VI The fourth division consisting of
Veteran Associations will assemble by
brigades In clone column prepared to
move at 3 p m In the order designated in
paragraph XXI The First Brigade In
Urst Street southeast head of column at
B Street south the Second Brigade In
New Jersey Avenue southeast head of
column at B Street south
Civic tirnud Division
VII The First Division will assemble
Jn close column prepared to move nt 3
oclock p m The First Brigade on Dela
ware Avenue northeast head of column
re stlng on B Street north Second
Brigade on New Jersey Avenue north
west head of column at B Street north
V11I The Second Division will assem
ble In closo column nn narcd vw at
sjj 7 5ft
32 oclock p m The Tlist Brigade on
First Strtet northw rsthend or column
resting on It Street northwest The Sec
ond Brigade on First Street and New
Jersey Avenue northwest head of col
urm it L fetmt northwest
IV The Third Division will assemble
in clo e column prepircl to move nt 310
ociock p ni The 11 rst Brigade on Scc
oid Street northwest head of column
resting at B ad First Streets northwest
The Sceond Rrigade on Third Street
northwest had of olumn at B nnd Sce
ord Streets northwest
X The President will be receives by
the Gland Marsh ll and Stiff nnd by his
person I escort Troop A of Ohio on
leaving the stops of the Senate wing of
the Capitol and the column will then
iOve In the order designated in para
graph XXI ruh division taking up the
n arch as Its he id Is cleued by the di
vision preceding It The route- will be
north through the Capitol grounds to B
Street north thence to First Street wist
thence to 1 ennsv Ivania Avenue theaco
to Twentieth Street west thence to It
Street north thence east on K Strcit to
point of dismissal
XI The parade will be reviewed by the
President from a stand on the south side
ol Pennsvlvania Avenue at Executive
Avenue between the Executive Mansion
nnd the War Department
The guide will be left throughout the
ertlre march The companies will be
brought to port arms when within twen
tv pacs of the reviewing stand and will
so remain until the companies havo
passed twenty paces bejond the review
ing stand
XI 1 The Fourth Division fAetcmns
will leave the column at Eighteenth
Street west and march south through
Highlcenlh Street F Street Seventeenth
Street around tho State Depirtment and
through Ecutivo Avenue to the grounds
ol the Executive Mansion where they will
be formed on the driveway for special rc
v iew bj the Prcsdcnt after the conclusion
of the parade
XliI The Civic Grand Division will
leave Pennsj Ivanli Avenue ntl Eighteenth
Street nest arrt march north through this
street to Iv Street there tailing their
place In rear of the Third Military Divi
Fornintinn nnl ISIstunceN
XIV The distance between companies
will be eight pares between battalions
sixteen paces between regiments twentj
four paces between brigades fort -eight
paces between divisions one bundled
All commanding ollhers will give spe
cial instructions mat these distances shall
not be incieast d for any reason what
cv or
Aides specially detailed from the Staff
of the Grand Marshal will be posted along
the line ol march whose duty it will be
to see that the column Is kept closed and
moving ind to communicate with head
quarters of the Grand Marshal as to the
progicss of the parade at their respective
XV Brigadier General N AV Day is
herebj assigned to command the rear
ruarel It will be his duty assisted by
thaaides under his command to keep the
rear poitlon of the column cjoscel and
have general supervision of ill move
ments in the rear not otherwise provided
for in these orders
l No carriages will be allowed in
the parade ccccpfthose occupied bj the
ire sldentlal party
XV11 The mounted staffs of all mar
shals v here the numbers permit and all
mounted escorts will form In platoons of
twelve tiles front
Military organizations will march In
close column of companies with not less
than sixteen nor more than twenty hies
front Companies will be equalized before
moving to the place of assembling
Civic organizations will march in com
panies of single rank Willi twenty files
frontnnd at the distance above speclllcd
No organization military or civic will
execute anj change of formation during
the entire march
XVIII The march will be In quick time
and the length of step thirty inches and
the cadence 120 steps per minute ns pre-
llijil In ft T11 Itamilflnna w
lt UAd ftrlt rt Cltiunfl C r b
east and the south side of Pennjvlvania BvL -
-Avenue farlnc north inrt r w I n majors win use innr uatons or
staffs only as prescribed in the regula
tions ana will not throw them in the
The Governors Island Band United
I States Army whose post is at the head of
the column Is the only band which will
I play Hall to the Chief at any time
Bands marching In close proximity will
alternate in piajing
In each division the band of the leading
regiment will begin piajing nt First
Street west of the next regiment at Sec
ond Street west of the third regiment at
Third Street west and so on In succession
to blxth street west the object being to
the escort will be so formed that I oisinDUte the music by the bands and by
wheeling to the left the right will be in corps unormy alon e
These troops will be In position not
later than 1015 a m
The President preceded by the Ohio
Troop Will be received by the Escort as
he comes out of the east gale of the
Executive Mansion end as he passes
along the line to Seventeenth Street each
organization when its flank Is uncov
ered will wheel by platoon to the left
The escort will then move In column
between the lilies of the two brigades of
tho First Division followed by the Presi
dential party In carriages
The Joint Committee or Arrangements
Members of the Cabinet
The Lieutenant General Commanding the
The Admiral of the Navj
Each regiment separate battalion bat
tery and squadron of tho First Division
will remain at attention while the escort
passes and will salute the President when
his carriage Is In Its front As soon as
tb Presidential party has passed the
right flank of the First Brigade this bri
KHde will break from the right to march
to ine leic in column 01 platoons Kegl
Ml bands will play marching In quick
time 12U steps per minute In passing the
reviewing stand
XIX Marshals and othT commanders
earning drawn swords will salute as pre
scribed in drill regulations the com
mander and his staff will salute and re
sume the carry together
The Chief Marshal of the civic division
and other commanders not carrving drawn
swords will salute the President by un
covering their starfs will not salute
All other otlicers all colors and stand
ards non commlsloncd staff officers non
commissioned officers commanding subdi
visions and drum majors will salute and
resume the caiy as prescribed In drill
regulations Men in ranks will not salute
All who salute will look toward the Presi
dent The flrt motion of the salute will
be made at six pares from the front of
the President and tho carry resumed at
six paces beyond
Governors of States and commanders of
grand divisions divisions and brigade will
not leavethe column to go on the review
ing stands but will continue the march
mental and battalion commanders will be with their commands to the place where
rareful not to lose distance in executing the organization will-be- dismiss
Marshals and their aides will lie
nated as follows
Grand Marshal Pash of red white and
Grand Marshals Staff Sash of red
Grand Marshals Aides Sash of white
Marshals of Grand Divisions Sash of
red and white
Marshals of Divisions Sash of blue and
Marshals of Brigades Sash of blue and
All aides except those of the Grand Mar
shalSash of blue
Sashes will be worn from the left shoul
der to the right side
XX The parade will be lcviewed by the
Grand Marshal nt Vermont Avenue fend
K Street Organizations quartered south
of Pennsj Ivania Av elide will then move
north through Fourteenth Street west
through L Street to Twenty second
Street and thence south through Twen
ty -second Street and proceed tho
most direct route to their respective
quarters Organizations quartered noith
of Pcnnsjlvanla Avenue will march by
their nearest streets to their respectle
No organization will be permitted to
fall out from the column until regularly
dismissed Commanding officers ot ull er
gnnlzations will make ample use of their
staff officers to communicate with the
organizations In their respective com
mands and assist In ke eping the same
cloed up and moving throughout the en
tire line of march and until thev1 have
reached their quarters
XXI The rolumn will move In tho fol
lowing order
Platoon ef Mounted Police
Governors Island Band
Grand Marshal
M ij een F V Greene U S V
A Noel Blakeman Chief of Start
Lieut Col John A Johnston U S A
Adjutant General
Lieut Col John I- Chamtwrlaln U S A
Chief of Aides
Major Iiichnrd K Thompson U S A
Slgnil Officer
Brifc Gen Nicholas W Day U 8 V
Commanding Hear Guard
Lieut Winileld S Overton U S A Mill
tar Seeretarj
Trpop A of Ohio
Personal Escort of the PrMent
Detachment of Veterans of tho Twcntj
third Chio Volunteers
Presidential Part In Carriages
iiiarviti n i mi imiMois
Chief Marshal
Staff Major Will un A Simpson U S
A i inei or start ling uen jonn l
Weston U S A Col Henry G 8harp
USA Lieut Col E E bravo U S
Couchs Colds
Asthma Bronchitis
and Sore Throat
A Majors Louis A La Garde U S A
ivoiei i amitii u a A jamrs L laSe I
Webster Vinson V S A
Charles McCIurc U S A Me nI C
Martin V S A J Csicourt Sawjv U
S A Samuel it Jones U S A Capt
Eli D Hovle V S A Capt R B Bo
nn U S A Capt uncs T Dean U S
A Capt S S Jjirdan U S A Lieut
Joseph S HermnrU S A
Ilrit Divlttlon
V Brigadier General V S A
Marsh il
Slarf Major John M Cuson Jr V S
V Chief or StnlT Major II C Carbaugh
U S V Adjutant General
Aides Captains E A Root U S A C
S Radford 17 S M C A W Yates U
S A C S Bromwell U S A Licutcn
nnts IlalstiMd Dorsej U S A G M
Root IT S A W 11 Tschappat U S A
Col I D De Russv U S A
United States forces
Corps of Cadets U S Militarv Academj
Lieut Col O L lleln U S A com-
Corps of Cadets U S Navil
Commander Colahnn lT b N com
m indant
Ecventh I S Infantry
Major R 1 C Irvine U S A command
Regiment U S Artlllerj
Col I I Gucnther U S A command
Battalion Porto Rlcaii Regiment
Major Eben Swift U S A command
Regiment U S Marines
Col I C Pope U S M C command
First Battalion Lieut Col B R Russell
Second B ittnlion -Major T N Wood
Third Battalion Major Lincoln Karmmj
Naval Brigade
Commandei Charles Belknap U S N
Lieut K B Ilas ett U fc N iijulnnt
First Battalion U S S Dixie-
Second Biitaliou U S S Topeka Puri
tan Dolphin Svlph
Third Battalion U S S Hartford
Fourth Battalion IT s S l nncuster
Ratterj Llcht Artlllerj
Capt Hurles D Parkhurst U S A
Pqindion IT S Civalrj
Col illim A Itaffcrtv U S A com
Hospital Corps
blCOM nilHivilK
Dlstilct of Columbia National Guard
Brig Gen Geo II Harries commanding
Capt Alfred P Bobbins Aide-de-camp
Acting Adjutant Goncrnl
Staff Major George Henderson Surge-on
Gent nil Major Michael V Tlerney
Chler or Ordnanc Major Edwin II
Commissary General Mnjor
Charles II Ounind tlipector General
Major Walter D Iav Idge jr Ju Jge Ad
vociite General Major Jemes E Bell
Inspector of General Rllie Practice
Major Hcnrv II Pirmenter Quartermas
ter Generii Mnjoi Frank L Averlll
Chief of Engineers
Aides Capt Edward FRIggs Capt C
Trcd Cook Capt Andrew Parker Lieu
tenant Commander Sherburne G Hopkins
Engineer Corps
First Lieut Roj 11 llajes commanding
Second Regiment lnfantrj
Col M Eiomet Urell commanding
Capt Charles E Swigart adjutant
rirst Battalion Major Richard D Slmms
Sixth Battalion Major William E Har
vey commanding
Fourth Battalion Major Anton Stcphan
First Regiment jnfantrj
Lieut Col Burton R Rosa commanding
First Lieut Leroj W llerron acting ad
First Battalion Major Jesse B K Lee
Third Battalion Major Glendle B Young
Second Battalion Major Luther II Relch
clderfcr commanding
First Separate Battalion
Major Arthur Brooks commanding
Signal Corps
Naval Battalion
Commander Robert I Halns command
First Division Lieut Alfred P Lang
Second Division Lieut Joseph A Dempf
Ambulance Corps
First Lieut Warren D Tales command
High School Cadet Reglm nt of Infantry
Col C E Bocsch commanding
Capt AV A Hlllebrand adjutant
First Battalion Major It Wilson com
Second Battalion Major H C Robb com
Colored High School Battalion
Major Walter P Raj rommandlng
First Lieut Roland R Johnson adjutant
eeinl IHvInIuji
Gov William A Stone of Pennsylvania
Brig Gen Thomas J Stewart Adjutant
Gen ral
Staff Col Ezra II Ripple Assistant
Adjutant General Frank G Sweeney In
spector General Thomas Potter Jr
Quartermaster General Lieut Col Sam
uel Assistant Quartermaster Gen
eral Col Edward E Bobbins Commis
sary General Lieut Col George M Ilil
stcad Assistant Commissary General
Col John V Shot maker Surgeon Gen
eral Col Frank K Patterson Inspector
of Rile Practice Col Sheldon lJttcr
Chief of Ordnance Cols John S Muckle
Albert J Ixgan Asher Miner
jIdes Lieut Cols James Elverson Jr
Henry Hall Millard Htinslker Thomas J
Keenan Jr James M Reid William L
Elklns Hariy C Trexley A Frank Selt
zer Ned Arden Flood Charles C Pratt
Milton Tajlor Av Fred Rej nolds
Governor john Hunn
Brig Gen J P AVIckersham Adjutant
Staff Brig Gen I T Parker Cols
J Ernest Smith AVJlliam F Haines
Iewls B Morrow Edgar L Hajncs
Harrj AW Vivan 1 homas J Pyle Lev 1 G
Sterner Charles Avr Barger Lieut Cols
F D Lackey A D Chaj tor
National Guard
First Regiment lnfantrj
Col Theodore lownsend Commanding
National Guard
Maj Gen Chatles Miller Commanding
Lieut Col AVIIIIam J Elliott Assistant
Adjutant General
Staff Lieut Col John P In
spector LIcuL Col Howard L Calder
Judge Advocate Lieut Col AVilliam F
Richardson Quartermaster Lieut Col
Austin Curtln Commissary of Subsist
ence Lieut Col Joseph It AWaver
Lieut Col I F Loree
And It Pulled Her Out
Doctor after doctor said 1 should not
drink strong coffee It struck me ns
peculiar that this advice should be so
universal I
1 have been a school teacher anil a few
years ago began to feel I was pretty well
worn out nnd nervous found that I was
depending more and more upon coffee
to carrv me tnrougn my aajrs work
times when teaching In a boarding
school I liave asked the matron for a cup
of cofic e strong because 1 felt 1 could
not get through the recitation without It
Of course 1 was living on borrowed
itrength and two jears ago the phjslcal
crash ctmc Nervous prostration and
neurasthenia For weeks 1 could not
even walk or stand alone The phjsician
nail It would be two or thrie years be
fore I could recover so as to be able to
iii anj thing appetite was gone I
lould not sleep and I was in a desperate
condition nervous and otherwise
I was wanting eolfee verj badly but it
wi kept from me One morning about
three weeks nftcr tho breakdown the
nurse brought me a cup ot coffee of de
licious Uavor Alay 1 have it I ex
claimed Yes the doctor sajs it will not
hurt ou now I could not understand
It and did not irv but Just drank the rof
fee and had It every morning after that
Aly appetite iK gan to return with the
first cup and 1 had been enjoying It for
n month or more when sister said Does
your coffee tustc an good as It did before
you were sick Oh jes I said It never
tasteel better Is it rtrong enough to
suit jou I said It could not be Im
proved Do ou know she said You
arc not elrinking Mocha or Java hut
Postum rood Coffee and so It was every
grain of it
I had often scoffed at Postum Food Cof
fee befoie 1 Inevv of Its value and its
delicious flavor
It has Is en a savior to me Instead of
waiting Pvo or thno jcars to recover
sticngth 1 am now in good working con
dition six months after the breakdown
and fe 1 better than I have in ten jears
past S AV H Everett AVash Full
nuno given by Postum Cereal Co Ltd
Battle Creek Mich
There Is a reason for such rapid recov
ery Postum Food Coffee contains the
natural phosphate of potash and albumen
from tho grains of tho Held which nature
has sent for the use of humanity In the
iineiy J nese materials combine in the
I human sj sten and go to make up tho
grey matter iliat Ills the nerve cells In
the brain and all through the structure
i AVe must furnish proper materials if we
would build the proper body
I You can get those materials In a de
licious form in Postum Food Coffee
n nniil Simple mill Ef
fee tun I Cn re for 1 1
Catarrh oi the stomach Ka3 long been
considered the next thing lo Incurable
The usual sjmptoms nron Hull or bloat
liisf sensation after eat nTrareompnlpd
sometimes with sour or wattrj risings a national ulPk
formation of gases causing pressure on Squadron A Major OU Brldgman Com-
the heart- and lungs end difficult breath-
Inc headaches tickle aboetJto nervous
ness and a general played out languid
There Is often a foul taste In the mouth
coated t ngue and If ijl Interior of the
stomach could be seen It would show a
inrtimid condition
The cere for this common and obtl
rale tioible Is found In a treatment
which ctuses the food to bo rcadllj
thoroughly digested before it has time to
ferment mil irritate the delicate mucous
surfaces of the stomach To secure a
prompt and healthy digestion Is the one
nceessurj thing to do and when normal
digestion is secureel tho catarrhal condi
tion will Ji ellsappeared
Accorelng to Dr Harlanson the safest
and best treatment Is to use after each
meal a tablet composed of Diastase
Aseptic Pepsin nit tile Nux Golden Seal
nnd fruit acids These tablets can now
be- found at nil drug stores under the
name of Stuarts Djspepsla Tablets and
not being a patent medicine can be
used avith perfect safety and assurance
that health appetite and thorough di
gestion will follow their regular use after
Mr N J Booher Chicago III writes
Catarrh Is n local condition resulting
from u neglected cold in the- he id where-
eomes Inflamed and the poisonous dls
charge therefrom passing backward Into
the thro it reaches the stomach thu pro
ducing e atairn of tho stomach Msllcal
authorities prescribed for me for three
jcars for catarrh of stomach without
cute hut today I am the happiest of
men after using only one box of Stuart s
Ivspepsla Tablets I cannot find nppro
piiato words to express mj good feeling
I have found Mesh appetite and sound
rest from their use
Stuarts Djspepsla Tablets is the safest
preparation as well as the simplest and
most convenient for form of
Indigestion catarrh of stomach bilious
ness sour stomach heartburn and bloat
Irg after meals
Send for little book mailed free on
stomach troubles by addressing F A
Stuait Co Alarslnll Mich Tho tablets
can be found ot all drug stores
Ordnance Officer Lieut Col E A D Sei
dell Inspector of Ride Practice
Aides Majs Sanford Clarence Iewls
Charles J S Aimer LiwlsE Beltler
Brig Gen J P S Gobln
Staff JIaJor AVIIIIam S Millar Inspect
or Major Norman S rftrquhar Judge
Advocate Alajnr Orlando L Nichols
Quartertnaster Alajor Simon B Cameron
Commissary ot Subsistence Major AVil
liam 1 Clarke Ordnance Officer Alajor
George II Halberstadt Surgeon
Aides Capts AVIIIIam AV Inglls and
Trcd 11 Drake
Ninth Regiment Infantry
Col C Bow Doughertyf Commanding
Thirteenth Regiment
Col Louis A AVatres Commanding
Twelfth Regiment Infantry
Col Charles AI Clement Commanding
Eighth Regiment
CoU Theodore F Hoffman Commanding
Fourth Regiment rJitrahtry
Col Christopher T ONiii Commanding
Governors Troop Dismcjunted
Capt Fred AI Olt Commanding
Batterj C Dismounted
Capt Francis AI Beani Commanding
Brig Gen John A Wiley
Alajor John R Robertson Assistant Ad
jutant General
Staff Alajor Samuel A 3efTerls sr In
spector Alajor Edward B McCormlck
Judge Advocate Alalor Lewis A Anshutz
Quartermaster Alajor AVIhlim S AIcLean
of Subsistence Major Samnel
C Aiulllgan Surgeon Alajor Lewis T
Brown Ordnance Officef
Aide Capt Frank AV Nesblt
Fifth Regiment Infantry
Col Theodore Burchfleld Commanding
Sixteenth Regiment
Col AVHIIs J Hillings Commanding
Eighteenth Regiment Inlantry
Col Frank I Rut edge Commanding
Fourteenth Regiment
Col AVIllam E Thompson Commanding
Tenth Heglmcnt Ipfantrr
Col James Elder Barrett Commanding
Sheridan Troop dismounted Capt C S
Jones Commanding
Battery B dismounted Capt AVIIIIam C
Wallace Commanding
MUST BllitlvPE
Brig Gen John AA Schall
Alajor J Campbell Gllmore Assistant Ad
jutant General
Staff Alajor Charles H AVorman In
spector Alajor D Paxson Judge
Advocate Alajor Thomas C Steele Quar
termaster Alajor J Av likes O Nelll
of Subsistence Alajor AV J Ash
cnreltcr Surgeon Alajor David S B
Chew Ordnance Officer
Aides Capt Thomas J Dolan and Au
gustus Drum Porter
First Regiment lnfantrj
Col AAcndell P Bowman Commanding
Second Regiment Infantry
Col Henrj T Lechert Commanding
Sixth Regiment lnfantrj
Col James It Corjell Commanding
Ihlrd Regiment
Col Robert Ralston Commanding
Battery A dismounted Capt Barchij II
AVarburton Commanding
AVaslilngton Infantry
Capt AAilliam R Geilfuss Commanding
Illrl Iivltu
Gen Joseph AA heeler U S
tecrs Jjngaciier General u a
Army retired Marshal
Staff Capt J A Dapraj U S Army
Adjutant General Col Allen C Bakewell
U S A Lieut Col John Jacob Astor
U S AT Capts AVIIIIam Astor Chanler
U S V F S Hodgson U S V Joshua
Brown U S Ar Thomas B Hujch Sur
geon John A AVj eth Leonard A lison U
S A Wilson Smith N N G Irving
McKesson N Y N G iiariou Sims AVj
U S A Lleuts AVIIIIam Kelly nnd
AVIIIIam W Flscus jr
Brig Gen Charles King U S A
Gov Forri st AI Aoorhees
A C Ollphant Adjutant General
National Gu lrd
Provisional Regiment
Col Q OAI Glllmore Commending
Battery Light Artlllerj Capt U G Lee
Essex Troop Capt It Wayne Parker
Georgia Artillery ot Savannah Capt J
C Slmironds Commanding
Gov George P AlelCan
Col AVIIIIam E 1 SandenV Assistant Ad
jutant General
StalT Brig Gen George II Knight
Surgeon General Brig Gen Phelps
gemcry Judge Advocate General Cols
Watson J Miller and Walter E Cue
JIv ivnirshTTS
National Guard
Provisional Rtglment FirstIIeavy Art
AlaJ P Nutter Commanding
First Bittalion Capt N O Danfirth
Second Battalion Capt Albert Chick
Third Battalion Capt F F Cutting
Governor John Walter iltnlth
AInJ Gen John S Saunders Adjutant
Gem ral
Staff Brig Gen Charles l
Quartermaster General Brig Gen Aiur
rny Vnndiver Chief of Ordnance Brig
Gen Francis E Waters Judge Advocate
General Hrlg Gen L V Baughman In
soeclor Central Brig Gen John B
SchWHtka Suigeni i neral
dis Cols Charles Goldsborough
George AI Upsher John AVntcrs Arthur
P Gorman Israel Rosenteld Robert
Albeit AV Slsk William U Henry
John P Moore Arthur D Foster
National Guard
Gin lawrason Rlggs
Col Allan AleLean Adjutant General
StafT Col John AI T Kinney Chief
Surgeon AlaJ Charles It Spence Chief
Quartermaster M ij Frank AA Coale
Chief Commissary AlaJ Joslah Pierce
Jr Chief ot Ordnance AlaJ C V Stark
lolf Paymaster
Aide Lieut Alirkham Alurshall
Fourth Regiment
Col Wlllard llowaul
I lflh Regiment
Col Krink Alarkoe
First Regiment
Lieut Col AtcClean
First Separate Company Infanlr Cap-
tnln Spencer
Tioop A Captain Shirley
Battalion Naval llitervs Capt J E
Veteran Corps Mfth Regiment Ciptaln
Battalion commanding
Brig Gcr Henrj T Douglas U S A
Gov B B Olell jr
Brig Gen Edwnrd AI Hoffman Adju
tant General
i Mnjor Harrison K Bird Military Becre
I tary
1 Co s Towler Cipt
William lttnncr C A Shcrrill George
F Roth Lieutenant Commander A xJ
1 rj Major C O Davis Captains A E
Mrlntjre J T Sadler C ll R ss J J
Bvme S P AVhlte C J Delleolsc
Lleuts C Mattock and AV U Thompson
Thlrd Signal Corps Capt E J AVhceler
First Signal Corps Oscar Erlandscn
Provisional Battalion Lieut Col Quick
Twentj thlnl Regiment
Lieut Col J E Comrmnllng
Provisional Battalion Capt AV J Dunn
rirst Battalion Aolunteer Mllit a
Capt John M Grltlln Commanding
Richmond How tzcrs
K Seventieth Regiment
Battalion Naval Reserves
Lieut II H Dawson Commanding
Lee Ritles of Charlotte
Brig Gen AV S Metealf U S V Mar
Governor Benton McMlllln
Governor George K Nash
Brig Gen George R Gygcr Adjutant
Staff Brig Gen Henry C Tajlor Brig
Gen Fdmond C Brush Brig Gen
t N P Darrow C Adams
r Liii turn Cols W AJll IUII XlUflltlO
by the lining membrane of the nose be- I Charles II Craighead AVIIIIam H
can Jerome S Burrows Mcllvlllc AI Gil
lotte Eelwnrd J Bird jr George B Don
nvin Charles B Wing Henry C Ellison
Carl J Hosier Georgo G King
National Guard
Eighth Regiment
Col Edward Vollrath Commanding
Govt mor Richard Yates
Aides Cols AValter Fleldhousc John
D G Edward G Halle David
AV noss Edwin S Conway Charles E
Bevcr AVIIIIam 1 AAashburn Ludwlg
AVolf jr AVilliam J Conzelman George
AV Dixon IMwin Norton Charles R
Lvon Isanr L I 11 wood Ch tries I AVal
kcr Charles II Carmon George T Buck
ingham J Osear AVIIliams Frederick II
Smith George R Cottrell John K Rob
ertson Andrew J lister Louis E Klnne
Frank Kern Randolph Smith George L
Pittlnger E Ardell AVclls George Faby
nn Frederick A Bangs AVIIIIam J Alex
liv AA 1111 em Nelson R S Critchell Jo
seph II Strong Ljmnn B Cutler spe
cial aide
National Guard
Co II Fifth lnfantrj Capt J F Cassell
Co AI Tifth Infantry Capt A AL
rco G Fifth Capt T J Simp
son e
Co I Fifth Infantrv Capt E C Acker
Co G Third Alabama lnfantrj
Co K Third Alabama lnfantrj
National Guard
Provisional Battalion Alajor Frank B
AV AVelch Commanding
Co AI First lnfantrj Capt I AV Gra
Co C Second lnfantrj Capt AV R
Signal Corps Lieut G AV Butler
Gov Aaron T Bliss
Brig Gen Geo IL Brown Adjt Gen
Staff Cols Fred A Green Inspector
General James II Kldd Quartermaster
General James N Cox Aide Frank r
Graves Aide B F Kaufman Aide AAil
liam AI Hatch Aide LleuL Cols George
II Turner Assistant Adjutant General
AVIIIIam B Kalmbach Assistant Inspector
General S II Averj Assistant Quarter
master General Herbert E Johnson AUJi
tary Seeretarj D B Duffleld Judge Ad
vocate R AV Norrlngton Assistant Ad
jutant General Charles L Bojnton Com
manding First Brigade AL N G Charles
AV Harrah Commanding First lnfantrj
AAilliam T AIcGurring Commanding Sec
ond Robert J Bates Command
ing Third lnfantrj B O Newell Com
manding First Independent Battalion
National Guard
Troop B First Cavalry Captain Paget
Gov Leslie JI Shaw
NtRllASK v
Gov Charles II Dietrich
Gov De Forrest Richards
Eighth Ind Battalion Alajor Abram
wlth Commanding
Butler Zouaves Capt W T Thompson
Fourth Ui ision
Veteran Organizations
Maj Gen Daniel E Sickles U S A
Retired Alarshal
Brig Gen J AV Clous U S Chief of
Capt Henry A Castle II S A Adjutant
The details of this division by brigades
and organizations will be published In sub
sequent orders
Escort Amerlcus Club of Pittsburg Pa
B II AVamer Chief Alarshal
Col John C Schoficld Chief of StafT
Capt Alarttn R Thorp Adjutant GeneraL
District of Columbia Alountcd BrU ide
Edward II Droop Commanding
First Iliv Ision
Hon J T ArcCTeary Alarshal
Hon Thomas C Noj es Commanding
Lincoln Club of New Aork CitJ George
Gregorj Commanding
A C Harmer Republican Club of Phila
delphia Isaac D Hertzell commanding
Columbus Glee Club of Columbus Ohio
George D Freeman Commanding
TIpiccanoe Club of Cleveland Ohio C
C Alorse Commanding
The Hamilton Club f Chicago HI AV
rieldhouse Commanding
The J C rremont Assoclatloa of Iowa
Gilbert Falonsbee Commanding
Hon J A AVIedersheim Commanding
AVest Chester Pioneer Corps No 1 Capt
Howard Haw ley Commanding
The Rail Splitters of the Lincoln Club
George Roulet Commanding
Young Alcn s Republican Club A
ton Del Major Edwtud -Mitchell
Tho Garret A llolnrt Association AV O
Keubltr Commanding
The Stamina Republican League of Cin
cinnati Ohio Capt Henry J Pfeis
ter Commanding
The Syracuse Escort Republican Club
Alajor A II Gutstadt Commanding
Second Dlvlftion
Hon R 11 Cochran Alarshal
Hon I- S Brown Commanding
The Frellnghiiyen Ijincers Association
Alajor Jesse R Salmon Commanding
The Continental Club of Philadelphia
Pa Jonn Jordan commanding
Tho Harrison Club ol Philadelph i Pa
Capt Alex Crow j Commanding
AA AV Grlest Club Laucasti r Pa Capt
11 F Frallev Commanding
C I Huntington Republican L igue of
Newport News An Alajor John
Oast Commanding
Hon Ilojci 11 null Commanding
Union County Republican Committee of
New Jcrscj lion iinmiiion i isn
Third congressional District of Alarjland
Association Hon Frank C Wachter
The Frisco Line Baud Okla
homa Major Zach Alulh ill Com-
Roosevelt Republican Club of St Paul
Minn Alajor N C Robinson
Topi kit Republican I 1 imhf in Club of
Kansas capt W S Eberle
Republican Leigue of Atlanta Ga Hun
J 1 Hanson Commanding
Minneapolis Republican IT unheal Club
ol Alluneipolis Capt Frank P Nintz
Harrj S Scott Seventh Wnnl Republican
Association Philadelphia Capt J nuts
Scott Commanding
Ihlrd imlalnn
G n O O Howard U S A
J Stuart AIcDoinld Cominnndirg
Cnlon League oi viuryianu
Tnjior PiEtrlet Republican Club of Air
fcluii Hon A C Walter Com
United Republican Club or Philadelphia
Hon G E Fisher Commanding
Plioenix Republican club of San Fran
cisco lion Julius Kahn Com
Bloomlngion Zouaves Bloomlngton Ind
Capt A J Bund j Cnmmaniing
Johns Hopkins College Cadets Baltimore
J Abner Tajlor Jr Commanding
Columbian University Cadets Iisrict of
Columbia Adolph E U John
son Commanding
- llx 2 V yf rK
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Georgetown Universltv Captain Duff-
University Cadets Alorgantown AT Aa
J AI Burns Comm indlng
Gallaudet College Cadets District of Co
lumbia George G AV Andrews
Cirovo City College Grove City PO S
Af Gardner CoTmandinir
Active Alarjland Republican Association
F B Aietzerott Commanding
AVllsop Post Guard Baltimore ol G W
F Burnham Commanding
Association Cadets Y AI C A District
of Columbl i Lieut Bruce Alagrudcr
Agricultural College Cadets College
Park Aid Alajor AV W Cobey
Carlisle Indian School Cadets Alajor AV
G Thompson Commanllng
Y AI C A District of Columbia
Hon Judson AA Ljons Commanding
J Ii Goodall Republican Beneficial As
sociation Philadelphia Pa Frank R
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The Ainu Supiiooed to lie Jnmcs Mc
Carthy Empires From Injuries
The man supposed to be James Mc
Carthy who accompanied Charles Toulke
the safe blower and was injured with
him at the Airginia AUdland crossing of
the Southern Railway Alexandria
CountJ Va about two weeks ago died
last night at 6 oclock at the Emergency
Hnspital Death resulted from shock tho
fracture of both legs and hips and in
ternal injuries The body Is at the
The remains of AleCarthy as the police
think him to- be lie awaiting probable
burial In a paupers grave It has not
been possible to notify friends of his
condition because AleCarthy has been de
lirious since being taken to the hospital
Even during lucid moments the phjsi
cians did not believe him capable of mak
ing a ration il statement so death eame
rithout the secret of his life and the
fatal accident being made known Sev
eral dajs ago a woman named Anderson
living on Pennsylavnia Avenue visited
the hospital and claimed to identlfj the
patient positively as James McCarthj aa
iw t r a lormer ciassmaie
utners wno saw mo
V A iJ mmnfliV man were uncertain of his identitj es
- - ---- -
ntqii T
General Grant Republican Club St Den-
Is Aid tjapt Tnomas aims
Bj Command of Alajor General Greene
Chief of Staff
Adjutant General
Au EITort Ileitis Alndc to Reorguiilxc
lllr Old Bod J
In pursuance to a call Issued some dajs
ago E J Ratlgan President of the
Building Trades Council which adjourned
on Alareh 7 19V rcpresentatlv es of nine of
the nllillated building trades unions met
last night at Costeilos Hall
Ing was presided over bj President Ratl
gan who explained that the nbject was
to reorganize the old council AVitli this
object in view a committee of three was
appointed lo visit the building trades
unions which were not represented by
delegates at tho meeting and endeavor to
have them send representatives to the
licit meeting vvnicii win ie ne ii ai ine
sane place on Alarch II
It was stated that at the next meeting
an election will be held to choose officers
lor the council
Played out
Detective AVeedon who knew
AlcCarthy je irs ago Photographs of
AlcCarthj are said to be in the rogues
galleries of manv cities Including the
local bureau and have been examined
carefully to disclose the secret of the
Identity of the man now dead
AAhen placed at the hospital with
roulke whose was buried hi pot
ters field a week ago AleCarthy was In a
critical condition He had escaped burns
so evident about the body of Foulke but
at no time was his chance of recover
considered probable While the patient
claimed to be John Howard of Boston
Aliss arc later he gave other names
anJ addresss as ids own one being that
of a Baltimorenn
Foulke and AleCarthy were brought to
this citv on a irclght train from the
srene of the accident First it was be-
Tlirt tneet I HCVeCl llley liaei ueel siiuln uy u nam
lie iiii in luviuiij v wu -
Itiown the burns nbout his body led to
the belief that an explosion had caused
their injuries The was advanced
that the men intended to hold up a train
nnd possibly blow open the mail car or
cljnamlte a safe and postoffice Inspectors
were interested in the lnvestlagtlon Then
Foulke was identified it 13 said bejond
doubt but his death closes further en
quiry as to his recent exploits AlcCarthj
was about fortv years of age He was
tall and muscular had a scanty beard
and dark hair
No matter how Alasona yellow- tablets will promptly restore toiio
and vigor to Brain and Nerve They awaken a healthy action of all
the bodily organs they renew mental vim steady shattered nerves
and all so naturally for they do not stimulate they feed provide a
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Dyspeptic condition but as a nerve tone they are superb
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Sen nnd Cur Sickness llendaehe Ilrnin and ci ie Invltonitor
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Bilious aat Liver TrouMea
0 K lo the aiorolo 10c
Muoas Red Tablets Cure
Brociiltli Bad Breat
Sure olt HUMS rest 10c
Toosllltls Colds
Reduce lollanmatlos IGc
M25eos Cream ot Olives Cures
Croup Ncuralflt
Burns ind Piles ISc
All Drurctsts or nailed or f rice by
21 Area Street
PbdaicloBU P

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