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Action of General Sickles
Tin- OrKmilrntloiin Will ISKIirr Act a
llir PrtHliIrntN Iirl or Vot Ap
peiir In tli IHrnlr CSeiirrul
GcenN Icfriic f UN Cimr we
There will le no civil war vi tenuis In the
inaugural parade Thla statement was
made last night ly General Sickles Who
was seen ly a Times reporter General
Sickles realllrmeMl hit attitude in regard to
the demand of the veterans to be assifrn
cd to an honored position In the parade
lle stated most positively that the vete
rans would not parade unless Invited to
servo as the personal tscort of the Presi
dent General Sickles spoke of his Inter
view with the President and the
ilnnla liiMnin4ln V tl tl
partmenl of the Potomac says that tho
organization is waiting for word from
General Sickles
A Noel lllukemau chief of staff to the
Grand Marshal lieles that the veter
ans will march in the parade- Ho has
former occasions by the veterans under
nwirlj the same conditions he states the
veterans declining to march If not grant
ed their demands nnd on nil of these oc
casions the veterans have been in the
column In the position assigned to them
Mr Hlakeman considers that precedence
has e stabllshed the rule as to where the
veterans shall march beyond all possi
bilitj of alteration
In view ot the fact that no change has
been made in the position assigned to the
veterans In the Inaugural parade in the
orders issued yesterday by the Grand
Marshal nnd of the previous utterances
of the veterans that they would not
parade unless granted their demands in
the matter of their place In the
slon there will be no veterans In the In
augural parado If they have meant what
was said
General Greene has announced that the
veterans position In the column will not
be changed nor will they lie permitted to
escort the President to the Capitol with
out the expressed direction of the Presi
dent that this lie don- General Greene
further states that he has not received
any communication from General Corbin
conveying th direction of the President
that the veterans shall serve as his escort
to the Capitol nor conveying any other
request of the President In regard to the
position in the column to be assigned
to the veterans it Is understood that
General Greene saw General Corblh yes
terday and that nothing was said In
reference to such direction having been
made by the President
Regarding the question raised by the
veterans organizations concerning their
position in the parade General Greene
I am particularly desirous to do spe
cial honor to the veterans In the parade
and for that teason 1 selected General
Pickles as one of the most distinguished
generals of the civil war to be the mar
shal of the verana division With the
view to further honoring the veterans I
airauged with the President the review
of the veterans at the Court of Honor In
front of the White House after the
The President Is th Commander-in-Chief
of the Army and there has never
been any occasion when any organiza
tions have taken precedence of the army
cured the souvenirs designed as a recog
nition of their work Mr Welier an
nounced the nppolntment of A B Coppes
ns chairman of the committee nt the
Haltimore and Potomac depot and of
lames H Forsyth as chairman at the
Haltimore and Ohio depot The badges of
the committee will admit the members ot
the committee to the platforms nt both
A small committee ylll be designated by
the chairman to meet the Incoming steam
ers at the city -wharfs The chairmen at
the depots will have authority to appoint
sub committee to take charge of trains
coming in at any other ixilnt selected as
the terminal for incoming trains
ChairmaiiKjohn Joy Edson of the Inau
gural Committee with General Miles
who rcpresentsthe Hall Reception Com
mittee and Colonel lilngham saw the
President and Secretary Cortelyou yes
terday ami had a long ronference over de
tails of the parade and the Inaugural Imll
The ceremonies will be entirely under
the manaKement of the Senate committee
until after the President is sworn into of
fice and has returned to the White House
The Iiend of the pageant will be halted
near the Treasury while the President re
pairs to the Kxeciitie Mansion He will
remain there but a few minutes He will
be met by Chairman Edson and several
VV other members of the inaugural
tliat the veterans serve aa lil personal f Ue whr wlu VKCnn nini the members of
escort to the Capitol preceding the- the Cabinet and others of the Preslden
clal ceremonies of inauguration In view tlal party to the Presidents reviewing
of the fact that the orders of the Grand
Marshal had not been changed to meet
with the desires of the President which
General Sickles beliefs th have been con
veyed to the Grand Marshal by General
Corbin Genera Sickles expresses the
I opinion that the President Is not a man of
jiiucu imiuence in me iupuui f
General nyrenforth
of the Inlon Veterans tnloa wfls
seen yesterday afternoon and stated that
stand where Mr McKlnloy jvlll remain
until the line has passed before him lie
will then be escorted luck to the White
House and will dine
The arrangement for tho evening is that
Mr Kelson shall rail at tho White House
at i2 aml ten minutes later sttirt for
the Pension Hulidfng where the ball is
to be held Clnlrman Eoson will ride In
the Presidents carriage wltlithe Presi
dent and Mrs McKlnley Cpon reaching
the building the President and Mrs
repair to the room assigned
to them and shortly after will go down
the position of the organizations he the main floor and lead the
i i r - i promenade
cTi - Vice President and Mrs Hoosevelt will
Sickles Otherwise General Dyrenfoith j fimv the President and Mrs McKlnley
was non rommlttal The President will then go to his room
A meeting of the Grand Army of the UIM1 therw for twenty minutes will re
Itepubllc was held last night ht the J1 vlulnr Governors the mem
uestlon seems not to hv l e UKiicSV
creiL Commander Stone head of the I erved for him and look over the
iant scene It Is expected that the grand
promenade will begin at about 10 oclock
Captain Haird the Superintendent of
the State War and Navy Hullding yes
terday had raised upon the east- side of
the structure the two massive electrical
oauges or tne Ktgbth and Ninth army
seen tlie rainc 4Uttlon aKitale1 on three I VT i i V V t0 wc president
y belonged durlnc the time he
was in the service The designs have been
raised to the fifth stor of the InllkllniT
The badge ot the eighth Is a star and
that of the Ninth nn anchor crossed by a
lare Held mm Each has u large number
of electric lights anU can be seen at a
considerable distance
Quite a number of additions were made
to the list of the Committee on Civic or
ganizations Captain Lewis has received
olHelil notices from tlieofollowing
Wilson Post Guard of Haltimore will
have titty men in the column and a drum
corps of eighteen pieces Captain NcUon
will be In command
The Associitlon Cadets of the local
Y M C A will march forty men Hruc
Slagruder will command the delegation
The interstate Itepubllcan Club of this
city will have thirty four men in line
Alexander Hawkins will lie In command
A delegation of seventy live men wth
a band of twenty two pieces will repre
sent the Cornelia Assembly of Haiti
more Charles Johnson will be In com
Lafayette Assembly of this city will
march twenty livo men with a band of
sixteen pieces The uniform will consist
of Hot top hats tan coats mackintoshes
and Hags and canes will be earned
Chnrles Cole will be In command
Black derby hats tan mackintoshes
light gnmbettas and black trousers will
distinguish a delegation of ilfty men
from the Citizens Assembly of Haiti
more The Metropolitan Band will pre
cede them In the parade and V O Wel
lington will be In comtnard
A C Kaufman representing the Gr
nun Fusiliers called at the headquarters
of the Committee on Iubllc Comfort es
terday to arrange for the accommodation
of that organization The German Fisl
liers is the oldest military organization
in the country dating iMck to Itevulu
tlonary times and belorss to Charles
ton S C
Mr Welier Chairman of the Commutes
on Public Comfort has been advised that
the Hirmlngham Hides of Alabama will
attend thr Inauguration The organzla
tion will inarch about forty men under
command of Captain I ndbltter
The Pension Hulldlng was turned over
yesterday to the Inaugural Committee nt
4 oclock In the afternoon Chairman
Kdsou received the custody of the budd
ing from Commissioner ivans without
formalities Most complete arrange
ments for watching and guarding the
The army represents the fnited Stiles buiVdlng have been made
Government and is entitled
to tile head of
the column The National Guard tepre
seut the states in the same relation and
their plate is Immediately behind the
army The veterans being a semi-military
organization precede the civic or
ganizations In 1SS1 General Sherman at
th inauguration of Garlleld established
his formation of the column which has
invariably been followed in all succeed
ing inaugural parades Porter four years
ago followed Uie same precedent ns
Grand Marshal of the Inaugural parade
General Dodge one of the most distin
guished veterans of tne civil war ob
served the same formation nt the Grant
parade In New York and General Uut
tcrfleld another distinguished civil war
veteran settled the riuestlon In like man
ner at the Dewey parade The position
to which the veterans have be en assigned
In the Fourth division of the military
grand division will not be altered ex
cept the President himself directing I
have not received a letter from General
Corbin Hating that is the wish of the
President that the veterans shall escort
him to the Capitol
In escorting the President to the Capi
tol thesame question of precedence is
involved It Is possible that none of the
members of the Twenty third Ohio Vol
unteers who were to have served as the
personal escort of the President will lie
able to attend the inauguration In this
event i guard of honor might be se
lected with the Pre sldents approval
composed of members of e ach of the vet
eran posts
The order for the parade has been In
course of preparation and has been for
some time in the printers hands It ttsis
necessary that the orders arranged
for the convenience of the 2300 troops at
the post of march In the Inaugural pa
rade It was impossible to delay this
pending another iosble solution of the
Chairman C II Randolph presided at
a meeting of the Committee on Fire
works held in the rooms of the Inau
gural Committee last night The follow
ing resolutions were adopted
Whereat the assembling of rpettatora In Die vi
cinity of the place uherr the firework dUplafi
luve been diMlurKfd has on formrr oeraMOiw
resulted in im reading the doctor and undertaker
bill leeauc of fllneM more or lew Krious and
even fatal due to the nudtt air ami damp
ground at Much point K lectrd for the puriKwc
Whereat on the prex nt oreation the fireworks
display ultl le flitirel of lin aerial character
adopted ia rcmlrr liniieeesfriary the attendance of
the gpectator at the font of display with a
view to avohlitur the N rioiu iliflicultr and
Wbereae the display can le bet appreciated
from a more dibtant point of view therefore
be it
Iltwlied Tliat the public be requested not to
SKKemblc at the Mouulmul lrouliLl on the ufcht
of March 4 to witness the jtyroteihntcal display
in honor of the inauguration of William Mc
A sub commltlee charged with the du
ties of supervising the iiyrotechnIril dls
day was appointed as follows Richard
Shipp Chairman and Messrs Armstrong
Carey Dodge Jllmrod Moore Patterson
Potter Prescott and Stelnbrenner
It was decided tliat the discharge of
uvorks should begin nt 715 p m on the
night of March 4
The red badges specially designed for
the committee were distributed nt the
meeting of the Committee on P11I1II6
Comfort held last night In Metzerott Hall
over which the Chairman M I Welier
Kach of the members of the committee
was required to serve for six hours to
be distributed over the days March
2 3 and 4 and on the call of the
roll at the meeting the members were re
quired to designate the hours most con
venient for them to serve at the two de
pots of the Hitltimore and Ohio and the
Baltimore and Potomac railroads
Chairman Welier announced that the
medals would be distributed among the
members after the inauguration as u te
ward for service performed this being In
the estimation of the Inaugural Commit
tee the best plan to ensure that no mm
btrs would avoid duty after having se-
UeorKetiMVii t nl erlty Athletic
Convention HalL Sab Jlareh 2 730 p m
There it a good deal to be proud of in Imfi
the dlxtinctiou of brewing the het beer In the
United State It I vrry natural that llmrlcla
Ikct should lie judged rfphtly tjccauMi the bewt
rcalt and hoj are used to brew Maerzrn Senate
and Lager and tLcy am of roper age before
leatlng the brewery Phone 31 Arlington Bot
tling Co for a use of the but beer
A mass meeting of students of all de
partments of Ge orgetown University has
been called for this evening at 730 to
take place in the Georgetown University
law school building The object of the
meetli is the discussion of partlcipition
in the Inaugural parade of students of
the college
Major Richard Sylvester Chief of Police
yesterday Issued orders by which the po
lice 1U governed on the occasion of
the second Inauguration of William Mc
Klnley as President of the United States
on March t The order deals with the as
signment of officers and the detail of po
licemen that will constitute their com
mands Detailed Instructions arc also
given as to the clearing of Pennsylvania
Avenue the route of the parade the keep
ing open of certain streets for emergency
purposes the exclusion of boxes and lar
rcls from the sidewalks the locatlton of
ambulance stands and the general con
duct of the police toward the public The
orders provide ns follows
The escort to the President fr m Ki
ccutlve Mansion to the United Stat s Capi
tol will proceed nt 1031 oclock a m
March 4 IWl by way of Pennsylvania Ave
nue Fifteenth Street Pennsylvania Ave
nue First Street west to 15 Street north
to First Street east to It Stnet south
Into the south entrance to the Capitol
Grounds where It will rest except that
the Grand Marshal staff and aides will
enter the Capitol Grounds at the Kast
Capitol Street entrance nnd halt until the
conclusion of the ceremonies
Streets and avenues included In the
route of parade should he cleared inter
sections looped and police posted prompt
ly nt 1G oclock a m
When the escort shall have passed and
the Presidents carriage reaches the
northern entrance to the grounds the
Presidential party will enter and con
tinue to the east Senate steps where the
President and others will alight the
vehicles will turn to the left aim park in
theJVirtheJtht roadway
when the President Is ready to enter
his carriage at the conclusion of the Cap
itol ceremonies his conveyance lollowed
by the others of his party will drive
south turn to the right and halt parallel
with the Senate steps facing north
All other carriages including those of
the Cabinet Supreme Judges 8cn
ntors and Diplomatic Corps will enter
the Capitol Grounds from the north or by
the driveway leading from First Street
west stopping nt the Senate nrchwav tj
permit their occupants to alight and ex
cepting those of tho Cabinet Supreme
Judges Senators and Diplomatic Corps
which will park as hereinafter stitid
will proceed along the driveway next to
the Capitol Hulldlng to H Street so th
to First Street west where they will turn
Into the drivewny south of the Capitol
facing east The places of entrance men
tioned will bo closed to all carriages when
the scort approaching the Capitol shall
have nrrlved at First Stn it west which
will be about 11 oclock a m and shall
not again lie opened
Carriages of the Cabinet Supreme
Judges Senators and Diplomatic Corps
will be permitted to occupy the northeast
roadways In the Capitol Grounds In the
rear of those of the Presidential party
and shall be facilitated III crossing the
route ot panicle before the parado moves
and may proceed via Delaware and New
Jersey Avenues northwest
All the carriages mentioned except
those which wHl park In the lpirtheast
roadway and In lho Senate driveway will
leave the grounds by the south guests
entering them at the south nrjhway
Such carriages will proceed to is Street
south traverse that street to Fourtli
Street thence north on Fourth Street
across Pennsylvania Avenue where the
Intersecting street will be looped for that
purpose This crossing will be perma
nently closed by direction of tho Grand
Marshal nt 11 oclock p m
Fifteenth Street and Seventeenth
Street will be looped at Pennsylvania
Avenue and at a distance of nbout ISO
feet back from the Avenue for the pur
pose of preventing vehicles from con
gesting at these points at any time dur
ing the parade
After tho close of the exercises at
the east front of the Capitol the loop
extending from the northeast corner of
the Presidential stand across the drive
way to the footway on the east will be
dropped and space will be cleared for the
Easy to Take true
Easy to operate Is
only of Hoodt
lib the best mildest
tafest cathartic ever offered the people Pro
pared bjr the proprietors of Hoods Sarsaparilla
parade the Grand Marshal nnd staff en
tering from the east the first division
following from tho sVth the parade pro
ceeding to the north of the Capitol
grounds and when thd carriages of the
President Vice President Cabinet Sen
ate and House committees Lieutenant
General and Admiral shall have taken
iwsltlon will continue by the following
route lUStrect north to First Street
weit to TrnnsylvanlH Avenue to Fif
teenth Street to Pennsylvania Avenue to
Twentieth Street to K Street east on Jv
Street to Vermont Avenue where it will
be reviewed by Geiu F V Greene Grand
Marshal thence to Fourteenth Street
wheie it will be dismissed
Persons having tickets of admission
to tlie Senate will V permitted to form
nortli to the northwest of the Senate
archway doors down the footway anil lie
maintained ns nearly ns possible in
ranks of four to facilitate entrance and
prevent congestion at the door Members
of the Public Order Committee will act
In concert with the police in facilitating
this arrangement this at the request of
the of the Senate
The crowd will -lie cleared from the
route of parade after the outside exer
cises have been concluded and no- per
sons excepting those with permits will
be permitted to occupy or cross the line
of inarch after the head of the parade Is
In motion
Carriages will not lie allowed to enter
the Capitol grounds without permit at
First Street west and H Street north
after 11 oclock a m
The I Street south entrance to the
Cnpitol should be clear for the parade to
enter the grounds
All members of tne White House squad
will report for duty to Sergeant K C
Go who will assign uch ns may be
required to act as et cort to the Presiden
tial party to and from the stand keeping
those thereon free from annoyance The
space In front and to the rear of the re
viewing stand must be kept clear
After the President has been escorted
to the Capitol passage at Intersecting
streets may be resumed until 1 oclock p
m when the parade route must be clear
ed except at Fourth Street which has
been provided for
Lieutenants Hoyle Amiss and Moore
will detail such forces as may be neces
sary under bicycle privates to patrol the
Avenue and direct the removal of all
boxes barrels chairs and other obstruc
tions as persons occupying tin same will
be violators of the law and should be dealt
with acordlngly If such boxes are aban
doned they may be removed or destroyed
Caution persons not to leave houses
unprotected against displaying money or
jewelry and to be on the lookout for plck
Members of the force will permit per
sons displaying passes properly signed by
the Superintendent to pass through the
lines at Fourth Street northwest and will
co operate with memlicrs of the Commit
tee on Iubllc Order who have police
The ambulance surgeons are special
policemen and will co rperate with the
regular Torcc
Ambulance stations and their te Iephone
calls follow
Chairman 2Si Third Street northwest 732
S15 Vermont Avenue northwest Main 131
Station Xo 1 Casualty Hospital Main 237
Station Xo 2 Consn Ional Hotel Main 21C3
Station Xo 3 First street and PennlTania
Atenue northwest Main 57
Station Xo 4 Third street and TcnnKania
Avenue northncot Edmonds Williams dniff
fctore Eat 75si
Station Xo 5 Seventh Street and Ieninjlrania
Avennc northwest CiknanM drug store Unit 141
Station Xo 0 Xinth Mriet and Icnnyivanla
Avenue northwest Steven1 drug store Main inotl
Station Xo 7 Twelltli Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue northwest lialeigli Hotel Main 19li
Station Xo 8 Thirteenth Street and Pennsyl
vania Avenue northwest Cgraras drug store
Main JSiCs
Station Xo 0 Kittrrntlr Street and Ieumylvanlj
Avnuc northwest Hotel Itesmt Main 1KJ2
Station Xo 10 Fifteenth Street and er Vork
Avenue northwest Thomproifs drug ktore Main
701 1
Station Xo 11 Seventeenth strct and lVnn
svlrania Avnue northwest Kruks drug store
Main ISM
Station Xo 12 Nineteenth Slieet and Pennsyl
vania Avenue northwest Freemans Express
Station Xo 13 Tw cnty seeontl Street and Penn
sylvania Awnue northwest Ihickctts diug store
Main 1DCC 2
Station Xo 11 Pension Omce emergency room
-Main 2187 3
Till- City Urine Overrun With the
Iiimiicnrntltiii YiMlturs
Although the Inaugural ceremonies will
not be held for almost a week the city is
rapidly Hlllng up with visitors Intent on
seeing the sights before the rush begins
The hotel registers testify to the number
of strangers already in the city and there
is nn unmistakable increase in the size of
the crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue The
cafe proprietors say their business has
already Incrcasesl per cent which is
Indisputable evidence that other than
Washingtonlans are in the city From
the Htireiu of Kngravlng and Printing
comes the Information that there are now
more strangers In the city than at any
other one time since the Dewey celebra
The Hureau of Kngravlng -pd Print
ing is one of tlie best barometers by
which the coming unci going of visitors
to the city Is estimated said an official
When wo have few visitors it Is a wife
bet tliat there nre not many strangers In
the cits When the building is overrun
Willi callers you can rest assured that
the sightseers are numerous throughout
the city This assertion can be proved
by a talk with any one of the officials
the printers or tlie guides principally
the latter The officials and printers have
rnthlng to do with the visitors except
to look them over as they pass but with
the guides It Is different They have to
receive the strangers hllot thejn through
the building and explain the workings
of the different departments
Tlie various hotels are also beginning to
feel tlie pressure Many of the prosp c
tlve visitors however engaged quarters
minths In advance so that now only
temporary accommodations can be se
cured by tourists Hy the end of the
week many who now occupy rooms In
the hotels will be forced to leave and
seek quarters In boarding houses The
number of guests thus forcesj to seek new
quarters will run into the hundreds ac
cording to tlie statements of the hotel
clerks and the records of the office
which show tliat nearly every room In all
the downtown hotels Is now occupied
Wo are serving ftillv 25 per cent more
patrons this week than we havo for a
long time past remarked the proprietor
of a lunchroom As It is now tlie ln
ctease Is gradual and we are getting Into
position to meet nil comers We are in
a pfsltlon to judge of the Increase in
the cit s population and I can say from
my own experience tliat Washington
population has Increased by many hun
dred persons since the tieglnnlng of the
Even the policemen oil the downtown
beats have their little story about the
steadily increasing crowd of strangers
who are arriving In the city At the
Pennsylvania anil Haltimore and Ohio
depots tlie bluccoats havo about the
same story to tell Tlie arrival
of every train brings in a new lot
Is the statement they make The deiwits
ate crowded with every incoming train
and there is a perceptible decrease In the
number of persons whl uro leaving the
The present condition of affairs re
minds me very strongly or four years
ago remarked a Haltimore and
fihio railroad official Just nbout
thus time before the Inauguration
the sale of tickets began to fall
off It seemed that noone wanted to
travel out or the city Hut we had plcnts
of work to do after the Inauguration It
was then we learned the tremendous
amount of business We had been doing
For days after Mirch 4 there was a line
of tourists reaching way mt Into tin
ste et Kvery outgoing train was filled
There was 11 scarcity of seating room nnd
you couldnt buy a berth for love 1101
money But if you want to see how tills
city Is swelling Its population Just stand
at this window and watch tlie crowls git
off tlie trains will venture the sues
that before the end of the week there wil
be very little chance for a man who va
not wise enough to secure lodging In ad
vn ice
Pennsylvania Avenue ns a rule war
the exception of Saturday night Is al
most deserted bv 8 oclock in tlie eveniiig
During the da them are verv few per
6011s on tlie street compared to otlu
hirie cities unless It lie at 4 oclock In th
afternoon Just after the department
have closed down for the day With
past two or three ilays however th
JiorouKhfare has been crowded lioth
night nnd It Is not a difficult las
to separate the visitor from tlie untlvi
The sightseers have been everywher
tnd have intcrvlewcii everyone from th
lepmmcnt chief down to the messenger
Anil aa the day draws near for the Ir
luguratlou ceremonies tlie visitors t
the various offices increase anil th
juestlons multiply until the colored in
etigers are forced in self defence I
abandon their stations t tlie approach c
every new face
The IiiiCi flenominntioiinl Council
of Women in Session
CIliltiiK by DelcKnteM Tlint Mormon
Ism Is roYvinr In the Acxt In
Jlueiicc of the HomcH of the Conn
try Invoked to Present KsSiireint
A resolution endorsing tho proposed
anti polygamy amendment to the Federal
Constitution was adopted at a meeting of
the - Intenlenomlnatlonil Council of
Women held yesterday forenoon nt the
Church of the Covenant ThV Interde
nominational Council Is an organization
formed several months ago having as
Its object the furtherance of Chris
tian and patriotic non sectarian work
among women It was the outcome
of the work carried on by women
In the fight against the seating in the
House of Hrigham II Hoberts and the
first thing that has received its attention
Is the question of polygamy
Tho meeting yesterday morning was at
tended by several hundred women of all
denominations and was presided over by
Mrs Darwin James of New York the
President of the council After listening
to addresses by Mrs Margaret Sangster
of New York and Dr Sarah J Elliott a
missionary who hui been engaged In work
among the Mormons for a number of
years a resolution was Introduced and
unanimously adopted which expressed the
favor with which the council regarded the
movement td abolish polygamy by amend-
lller the Constitution
Resolutions also adopted calling
upon tho District authorities to refuse
any applications for permits to open the
atres in Washington on Sunday
Mrs Darwin James the President of
the council wvj introduced by Mrs Teu
nis Hamlin In a brief address Mrs James
Htated the purpose for which tho council
was organized which she said was to
promote the work of women along Chris
tian nnd patriotic lines She said that
the first work to be undertaken was the
speedy abolishment of polygamy from the
culled States through action of Congress
The most effectual way to do this she
said was to be found in tlie enactment ot
an anti polygamy amendment to the Con
stitution In conclusion MrsJnmes stat
ed that tills was absolutely necessary In
order to pt event the spread of polygamy
until it would have gained such strength
that In order to exterminate it another
civil war would be precipitated The
speaker asserted tliat the Mormon fulth
aim especially me practice or polygamy
was rapidly gaining ground In the West
and besought all denominations to join
forces to crush out the growing evil
Mrs Margaret E Sangster ot New
York was introduced when Mrs James
had concluded The subject of her ad
dress was The Sanctity of the Home
Mrs Sangster pictured the home as tho
stronghold of national morality and clean
liness nnd said In part
The home Is the most tisccious posses
sion we have Home life Is founded on
love purity fidelity and fear of God A
man gets his li shest ideal of woman from
the women In his home No home stands
entirely alone It has Its relations to the
church and to the state
If anywhere In this land there exists
a condition of things In which the home
Is trampled upon men brutullzed and
women degraded there lies a menace
to the peace and order of the
whole national life just as in physical
life The dfsense of one organ affects
the health of the whole
The curse of rests not on
that alone but Is a blot on H J escutch
eon of tlK nation
Information concerning the practice of
polygamy hi Utah and other Western
States was contained in the address of
Dr Sarah J Elliott a member of tho
council who for seven years was a mis
sionary in Utah She spoke of the con II
tlons existing In Utah Dr Elliott said
that the general Impression that polygt
my was exrlnct among tho Mormons was
an erroneous one
She showed that since Utah acquired
statehood there had been a great in
crease In the ireachlne of the doctrine of
polygamy nnd that this was responsible
for a considerable Increase In the prac
tice She spoke of the homes In Utah
nnd the manner In which the nraetice of
polygamy Is reganled by Mormon women
iiut tnose women wno nau neen tiorn
Mormons she added regard the Practice
or polygamy ns a divine institution
In touching on the political effect of the
spread of polygamy Dr Elliott showed
that there were at present nine Western
States where it was practiced nnd that
If there was to be an extension the doc
trine would gain such strength that the
laws of the land might lie set ab defiance
Dr Elliott said tliat nt present the pub
lie schools of Utah were under control of
the dominant Church and the children
are taught by Mormons who advocate
the diictrlne of polygamy She mjged all
present to Join forces regardlesHt sect
nnd interest themselves In theTBMIsh
ment of the Iniquity
Mrs Tennis S Hamlin added a plea for
the cause in a brier speech speaking or
the Kood work that had been done by
those who Interested themselves In the
fight against the seating of Hrigham
Roberts in ISO
The ItemnliiN to He Interred nt
Mnuul Olivet Cemetery
Mrs AVIIllam II Young a native ot
Gaithersburg Md and for more than
fifty years a resident of Washington died
nt 10 oclock yesterday morning at 1321
Ninth Street northwest Mrs Young
was the wife of Night Manager W II
Young of the Western Union Telegraph
Company She had been suffering with
an attack of heart failure for a month
nnd her death was not unexpected by His
Immediate family and a large circle cf
Mrs Young was of French descent and
was a member of the well known Liffell
family of Maryland Her greit gr ni
lather served In the Continental army
during tlie Revolutionary War
The news of Mrs Youngs death caused
considerable sorrow at the Capitol yes
terday where Mr Young has been well
known for more than thirty years
The funeral services will be held to
morrow morning at 8 oclock nt the
Church of the Immaculate Conception
the Rev S F Ryan The Interment w 11
be made In Mount Olivet Cemetery The
pallbearers arc J F Riley F J Mc
Quade J C Noyes J E HIbbs Cor
nelius Clark and Joseph Casey
The- Xntlonnl Tom Pinch
When Charles Dickens wrote Martin
Chuzzlewlt he devoted not a word In its
preface to Tom Pinch tlie self sacrificing
character around whom the most attrac
tive portion of Ills famous novel vas con
structed but Mr E S Willard in his
drama of that name entertained a largo
and appreciative audience at the National
Theatre last evening
The dramatization of Martin Chuzzle
wlt was In many respects remarkable
Th author of the play modestly de
scribed It on the programme as construct
ed of incidents from the work of the cele
brated English author but It wasn most
satisfactory portrayal of the principal
characters and faithfully followed the
thread of the story
Sir Willard In the title role was all
that could be desired He presented the
Ideal of Dickens conception of the gentle
lovable and self sacrificing man about
whom the others in the story revolved like
the spokes In n wheel Mr Willard was
frequently applauded by a large and Intel
ligent audience which was entertained by
a play entirely devoid of action but so
artistic In Its every feature that It was
pleasing and satisfying throughout
One of tje remarkable things about last
nights performance was the perfect bal
tnce of the company There was not a
weak member of the cast Mr Frederick
Volpe is to be especially commended fur
his delineation at the arcli hypocrite
Pecksniff The other characters were
presented hy the following J G Taylor
is old Martin Chuzzlewlt Maud Hoffman
is Mary Graham Miss O Cavendish as
Mrs Lupin Ernest Ktallard as Mark Tap
ey Alice Beet as Charity Alice Lonm n
as Mercy Mrs K Johnson no June A S
llomewood as Martin Chuzslewit Marie
Linden ns Ruth Pinch If Barf not as
Murgatroyd and Ruby Johnson as Llzzi
The play was presented In three ncf
mil the settings were particularly pretty
md the costuming remarkably correct
einlndlng one of the ceiebratetl illustra
lons of Crulkshank the pen ard ink
llustrntor of Dickens characters
Tom Pinch Is tB be again presented
iy the Willard company at tho matinee
Ills afternoon
Dr Bulls Cough
ures n cotigli r coM nt once fl - -
onqucrs croup broticUUs SVl USsJ
grippe aadcuuiumplloa 25c J m
iv tiib wonin ok socikty
Onrmun nnd Mr IIUIn to He
Mnrried nt Noon
Tlie Belgian Minister unci Countess ele
Llchterveldc entertained dinner guests at
their legation last night The guests were
the1 Austria Minister and Haroness ilen
gelmuller Mr and Mrs Thomas F
WnlsrP Mrs Frederick Dent Grant Miss
McMillan Miss Patten Count Hacko and
Mr Hermlto of the French Embassy
Countess de Llchterveido will sail March
16 to spend the spring and summer at her
home In Hrusscls She will bo accompa
nied by her little son -
Senator and Mrs Elklns entertained at
dinner last night when their guests were
the Mexlrtin Ambassador and Senorn Az
piroz the Japanese Minister -and Mrs
TakahiPa the Persian Minister Senator
and Mrs Scott Representative and Mrs
Dajton Representative nna Mrs Dove
ner Mr and MrsTerry SJ Heath Solici
tor General and lira Richards Dr and
Mrs T DeWitt Talmage Dr and Mrs
David J Hill and Senator and Mrs Hoar
Senator nnd Mrs Jones of Nevada gave
a dinner last night in honor of ex Senator
and Mrs Farrell of Illinois Invited to
meet tbem were Senator and Mrs Hanna
Senator and Mrs Ciillom Senator and
Mrs McMillan Miss Kibbey and Mr
Bocufvcof the French Embassy
Mrs William F Aldrich wife of Repre
sentative Aldrlch of Alabama and her
daughter Mrs Lillian Aldrlch Pratt were
at home for the last time yesterday after
nbon Mrs sWrlch who Is among the
most graciously cordial hostesses of the
Congresslfnial circle will be greatly miss
ed from Capital society next winter 13
Representative Aldrlch did not care to re
turn to Congress and the Xamlly will re
turn to Alabama where they have one of
the most beautiful homes in the State In
the receiving iiarty were Miss Foster of
Alabama the Misses Tongue Miss Hos
klns and Miss Wasserbach Tlie beautiful
drawing rooms were fragrant with pink
roses nnd carnations together with u large
wicker basket filled with narcissus blooms
Airs Aldrlch welcomed her callers In a
crochet silk with a bolero of pink panne
velvet appllqued with gold threaded Rus
sian lace Mrs Pratt was In turquoise
bengallne with a bolero trimmed with gold
nraia ana i erstan lace
The marriage of Miss Mary Edna Gor
man and Mr Ralph Hills will be solemn
ized at noon today at tho residence of the
brides parents ex Senator and Mrs Gor
man on K Street Only tho Immediate
families of the contracting parties will
witness tile ceremony This groom Is con
nected with ie Navy Department Their
Washington home will be at the West
over Sixteenth and U Streets
Mrs Daniel Lothrop gave a breakfast
yesterday to the former and present offi
cer of ili national board of the Society
of the Children of the American Revolu
tion Tlie affair was given at Rauschcrs
and the decorations and music jrerc in
patriotic keeping with the occasion The
guests were Mrs Fairbanks Mrs Stern
berg Mrs Field Mrs Manning Mrs
Hamlin Airs Burrows Mrs Paul Mrs
Catlln Mrs Fleming Mrs Benjamin
Mrs Greely Mrs Alexander Mrs White
Mrs Davis Mrs Comwcli Airs Taylor
Mrs Clarke and Mrs Janln
Senator and Mrs Fairbanks entertained
guests at dinner last nlglit
Mrs Barbour 17IIRhode Island Avenue
will give n small tea on Saturday In honor
ot Mrs Dougherty of Philadelphia and
Mrs George C Broome
The Illinois Republican Association will
give a reception Tuesday evening March
P S to 10 o clock to meet Gov and Mrs
Richard Yates at the Arlington
The Misses Blumenthal will be at home
with their guest Miss Newmyer tomor
row evening nt 1227 Thirtieth Street
The Spanish Vnr Claims
The -conference report on the bill ap
pointing a commission of live to hear and
determine all claims ot citizens against
Spain as provided in the Treaty of Paris
was presented in the Senate yesterday
and laid over Each commissioner is to
receive a salary ot ofJ0 per year
tlth and G its
1133 Broadway
New York
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exclusive designs
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Inauguration occa
Full Dinner
Of natural hard
ood jast as it
came from the
tree beautifully
polished and em
bellished with
views ot the Na
tional Capital on
Key ot Pros
Entirely new
maile from natural
wood with pic
ture of the lresi
dpnt and Vice
President on the
handle and pic
tures of the White
Houje al and
real thprmometer
in the centre
nuking it not onlj
ornamental hut a
useful souvenir
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Headquarters for Souvonirs and
Travelers Goods
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llridjre Work frpecialtics Hour 0 am to S ptn
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