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S Kann Sons Go
AlnnjB ilie Rent of H rrj till for
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AdilKlonnl Inlior for tlie AMCorl
Olllce in tin- Cancellation of Aft
fcCHKlinnt n Iiicrcneel Leva on u
Portion or tlicArnu HoteLKronertj
a okrt titntt ni n Rfiliert YSlater called
the attention of the Commissioners to the
n ihr v iimi hpfn Inrormea in me
office of the Astessor that he must present
on affidavit before lie could obtain tax
bills asainn lot 9 square 144 He also
abked the Commissioners if this rule is in
force by oruer of the board
Jlr Slaters letter was referred to the
Hoard of Assistant Assessors for their
consideration They state that during the
pbt few j ears the clerks of their ofllce
have made out thousands of arrears bills
for persons who claim they Intend to pay
the same The bills they say are deliv
ered to these persons who arc well
known to be encage In the business of
canceling taxes by reason of a tax sale
Continuing Mr Kalbfus savs
We have delivered hundreds of blIU to
Mr Slater and th firm or which he Is j
irember and were nbsureel the same
would be paid In many cases they were
never paid and In all other cases w e after
wird receivtd a decree of the court can
celing the same In view of the Kreat
volume of important current work on
hand It was deemed wise to make some
regulation to curtail the great time and
labor wasted In making bills that were
never paid
On rebruary Slalcr dld
ask for all Mils In arrears on lot 9
square Hi and was informed that an ain
divlt was necessary Upon cxamlnition
of the records of this ofllce we found tho
taxes due from ISsSO to 1SSZ Tht tax for
ltK was sold to Robert Y Slater April
7 1807 Now Mr SHter understands that
suit brought upon this sale will operate
to cancel all buck taxes If we h td made
the bills as requested the bentttt resulting
would have be n to Mr Slater only in
that he would then hive been able to
how olllclally to the owner of the prop
trtv just what would be saved bj can-
It llipafnra l Mmwl l WllHtft
of tune to rmkr the bills for him unlehs
he mad- illldav It that he would pay thi rn
Ill V lev Ol paSL IIH UCIILV wv
tlon of thh property and that there was
no fee to be charged for the atliiUvit I
consider that this was onl a r asonabk
regulation and 1 hope that the Commis
fioncis will endorw the same
lu forwarding th report of the As
sistant Assessors to the Commissioners
II II Dirntille the Afsesor states that
he Is of the opinion that his olllce should
In no way assm persons In bringing bull
ngalnst tho District of Columbia Ac
coidinkb he recommends that Mr Slater
be infoinud that this lb a matter In the
it i i of iln A cLumnr ntwl 1nit n n
UlCltlUIl VI 411C o il -
aihilait as to payment H con kterMi only
lt ttlnn In tftlu ml lILn
a reasoiaoiu hsuhuuh k
Commlssionci Ross sesterd tj forwarded
papers in the caf to his ioliagu s with
the recomru rdatlon tl at the matter be
jl rreU to me VLioroey in tiio ijbiiii l
for his consid ration and report
A A Hochllng some time ago called the
attention of the Commissioners to the
fact that there had been an Increase In
the tax on bub lot 5 squire lw asssfU
In the name of W E Irall from 110 25 to
fflS In one enr The matter waa re
ferred bj the Commissioners to the Hoard
of Assistant Assessors who have now re
ported They say that the records for
USO show that the assessment for Im
provements on the Sixteenth Street front
of what was then the rno Hotel
and now kroun as the Hotel Gor
don was HI11 and that this aggregate
assessment Included the improvements on
the south V feet of sub lot 5 square Jj
being the property under present consd
This assessment the nwscssois say wan
continued to Js when the aggregate Mas
reduced to 35i The inform the Com
missioners that ill ltlrt it was found that
a considerable portion of the Sixteenth
Street front had changed ownership leav
Irg the south 21 feet of lot i In the namr
of Willi nn i Pnill and thus making It
netessirrj to locate the value of improve
ments on said part of lot 5 In order lu
enable the Assessor to rmer correct bills
and have etch owner pay a proper prw
portlon of the taxes Continuing the re
port sivs
Accordingly the board returned an at
sessment to commence with tho year IS9
of tHtOl as a proper valuation for the
Improvements on saldjiart of aid lot C
and no complaint or appeal from said as
sessment having leen made It was con
sidered as satisfactory to the owner and
has remained at that llgure to the present
There Is no claim that this part of lot
Union Trjt and Horaee Co JIH r it
pa latrrcst oa detrain sdbjeet to check
ttflfitm iiiimnitiiitllmicnilnni mi
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An Affidavit Acquired for Slaking
Certain Tax Bills
5 is vacant ground and It cannot properly
be maintained that such Improvements as
are found thereon arc legally exempt
from the pajment of the usual taxes It
Is true that prior to 1S9 the annual tax
on the part of the lot referred to amount
til to J1I0 23 This however Included only
the tax on the grond and did not include
any tax for the house which was on slid
ground The rate of taxation Is 1 50 on
each 11000 of assessed valuation making
150 as the annual tax on the assessment
of 10000 which fully explains the In
crease In the tax complained of This lot
Is properly chargeable the improve
ment and at the value stated
Commissioner Ross In forwarding tho
report of the assistant assessors to hls
colleagues for their consideration has
recommended that the complainant be In
formed In accordance with the rport
A KInne Chancellor of the German
Embassy has written to the Commis
sioners calling attention to the fact that
the water supplj Is not alwavs sufllcent
at the Embassy 1135 Massachusetts Ave
nue He states that during the hours of
the fcirenoon the lark Is especially felt in
tho upper floor of the house
The letter of the Chancellor was re
ferred to W A Mcrarland Superintend
ent of the Water Department who states
that the water pressure found at the cor
ner of Fourteenth Street and Massachu
setts Avenue is twent elght pounds to
the square Inch and is as great ns can
b obtained at that point under the ex st
ing conditions Mr Mcrarland stales
that this pressure is sutllclent to deliver
water to the highfst lixtures In th Ger
man Embassy Continuing Mr McFar
land says
It is probable that the failure of water
to reach these fixtures is caused by local
obstructions at me house or filter or at
some ether noint In the house nlumb lie
Captain Beath the Engineer Commis
sioner In forwarding the report of the
Superintendent of the XVater Department
to his associates has recommended lhat
the Chancellor of the Embassy be In
formed in accordance with the above re
port with the suggestion that the bouse
pipes be examined b a plumber
nvni snssios or coiiits
Poller Judder Arrnnice for n Iluih of
The Police Courts will be In session
Saturdiv night from 730 o clock until
midnight was the decision arrived at jes
terday bv Judges Kimball and Scott who
will preside This extra session was
deemed advistble in order to expedite the
handling of numerous cases that are cus
tomary during inaugural times or v hen
ever theie is an unusual gathering 111 the
city There will be no court on Sundav
but business will be resumed at S oclock
Monday morning
No EtensS
The blood may be In bad condition
yet with no external signs no skin
eruption or sores to indicate it The
symptoms in sucli cases being a variable
appetite poor digestion an indescribable
weakness and nervousness loss of flesh
and a general run down condition of the
system clearly showing the blood has
lost its nutritive qualities has become thin
and watery It is in just such cases that
S S S has done some of its quickest and
most effective work by building up the
blood and supplying the elements lacking
to make it strong and v igorous
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eral bottles of S S S
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emaciated cjsteniwitli
ery marked effect by
way of iumrovemeul
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great tonic and blooda5tjfe
puntier jIuukf
Pnnrplnn Xr
is the greatest of all
tonics and you will
find the appetite im
prov cs at once sit ength
returns and nervousness vanishes as new
rich -pure blood once more circulates
through all parts of the system
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erals whatever Send for our free book
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Comment on lie Orgnn Iriitlmi of the
District Firemen
Commissioner Macfarland yesterday
discussed briefly the recent action of
some of the firemen of the District in
orginlzlng u branch of the Federation of
j I abor He confessed to u little surprise
that It should havo been done as the
Commissioners have always- labored for
the good pf tho liremen in every wav
j thit was possible He said that he could
not quite see the motive of such a move
as tne liremen were exactly on the same
footing as the police and that the Eed
eratlon of Jibor had nev er sought to or
ganize either policemen or firemen else
where Mr Macfarland said
making enquiry about It I do
not bilieve that any considerable num
ber or the members of the department
hive gone into this movement They
Know that the professed object of the
movement to secure better conditions bv
larger appropriations is the very thing
that the Commissioners are working for
nd that they have succeeded this ses
sion in getting a substantial Improve
ment which will be followed up next
vear The Commissioners In doing this
have shown 1 think that they needed
no urging from any quarter in their ef
forts to improve conditions If any labor
organization desires to help It has only
to Join fortes with the Commissioners
n is not eeessary to organlre the
liremen into a branch of that orginlza
tlon if that Is the only object 1 must
say that I do not see how trie Commis
sioners can divide the responsibility for
tho administration of the Fire Depart
ment plicd upon them by Congress It
Is i governmental bervlce precisely
analogous to the Police Depirtment with
life tenure and pensions The fact that
neither policemen nor liremen are or
ganised Into branches of labor organiza
tions Kcvvhere suggests the Idea that
such action would be Incompatible and
might lead to embarrassing complica
With refirence to the organization of
the labor union in the Fire Department
Chh f Parrls said yesterday that the hrst
Intimation he had of the movement was
me siory in me pipers jesterdav morn
ing Ho said it was his personal
the step taken by the men was
a mistake He said the emplojes of the
Fire Dipartment were servants or the
ovcrnmtnt and tint a 1 ibor union In
the department would bf apt to work
trouble Chief Parrls Is of the opinion
that the union will be short llve d
Action of lite Commissioners
Kuril I off iitiiIii Tlientrea
The Commissioners jcstenHy morning
considered the question of dealing with
tho proposed opening of the theatres next
Sunday night In board session The sub
Jict was fully discussed bj the Commis
sioners nnd their authority In the matter
was considered They think the law
leaves them with little power to act They
say mey are powerless to close the the
atres if the managers Insist upon keeping
them open About the only course for
them to purnun Is to request the mana
gers to accede to the wishes of the Com
missioners In the matter and k n thole
houses closed
As an outcome of the discussion It was
determined to make such a request of
Man iger luckett of the Columbia Thea
tre Manager Chase or the New Grand
and the other managers of the city This
of course will end the oilleial action of
the Commissioners nt this time and It is
thought that the managers will see that
It Is to their best Interests to jleld to the
wishes of the authorltks
AViiiiIm K000 DniiingeN
Iidrbara ills of 12C G Street north
wept vestcrday Med suit against Julius
I All litnson to recover j00o claimed as
damages sustained because of allegel
nigligent acts on the pnrt of the defend
ant s agents Mrs Wilis explains that in
thu rear of the premises there Is an ex
avntion winch is covned with a t ap
dooi on December 7 Ppki she btites that
an emalovo of Alchlnsou went to tho
premises mi ntioneil for tin purpose of
mikinf repairs in the plumbing or sewer
age of the house she occupied A hen iln
rinploie left the premises the plaint rt
slutes he left the cxeavalii i opm and
she fell into it injuring hei knee head
and rlJhl oje
CullKrttfH Height Tunic Strlclni
The iIiikioii of the new adlition to the Inane
Allium at Coiigrixi llf inits liai been practical
ttleil it M tin Onl tlie most unejcrecteil cjn
sjve liie town from having its only thorouglif re
run tlirougii the c litre of Hie aIum round
ami before tiir cilizum of that Miction liave re
cmereil from the hock cume another njtull as
had The hni0iouio li to lie located immediately
ailjoinini O ngrrni Height on be uiitli near
tho residences or iicnru bender Keilj Maine
and othelH
All case of weak or lame back backache rheu
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Dont Borrow Trouble HjfJ g I r
I E Mnjlirvr nj Sevvnjce Deposits
111k Itenl EMitte
Proceedings to recover 6uuo claimed
as damages to his property were Insti
tuted against the District of Columbia bv
Imuel E Mas hew Majhevv owns lots
Xos 7 S 10 12 J3 and 14 in square No
Ill andllso lots Nos 3 and 4 In sguare
No 1119 and lots 7 S 9 10 In square No
1115 and also a certain tract of land con
taining four acres north of C Street
northeast and south of Cool Run Itoad
All of this property lies In the squares
bounded by Nineteenth Twenttethr A
and O Streets northeast
Mr Mayhevv complains thai In lf the
District authorities caused to he con
structed a large sewer with an inside
diameter of twentj two feet ner the
rorth boundary of the cltj ThiJ sewer
lie sajs runs in close proximltv to his
building lots He also savs that the offal
from slaughter houses In the city and
District tilth and garbage from private
and public houses and the surplus of wa
ter drained from the northwest and
northeast sections of the city bv means
of the sewer referred to is carried to
and deposited upon his lots and ground
Majhew declares that the market value
pf his land has depreciated and has made
it useless for agricultural purposes The
plaintiff is represented by AttorneVb Wil
liam T Mattingly Son
DiiIiiiiim Sentence- for Pnsiini Coun
terfeit Ithht ld
William N Dodson colored was con
victed jesterday In Criminal Court No 1
on an Indictment charging him with at
tempting to pass counterfeit money
When the Government had concluded its
side of the case Dodson withdrew his plea
oi not guilty to the charge and under in
structions from the court the jurv re
turned a verdict of guilty Evidence was
presented to the court to show that Dod
son had previously borne a gooel charac
ter and Justice
Uirnard suspended sen
tence during the prisoner s good behav ior
iiiu uioriev wmen uoeison was charged
with attempting to place in circulation
was a JJO bill nlle ged to have been Issued
y Vle Oneida National Hank or Ctlca
iV Itna Ittred that Deidson offered
the hill in pajment for a linger ring he
wished to purchase from a local pawn
broker In November last
IrocM ciIiiiKH Against Eight IVrson
Conllneil nt St Elizabeth
The District Commissioners through
Attorney A Leftvvich Sinclair jesterday
instituted lunacy proceedings against
elsht persons all white whose name s aro
ns follows Henrj Slater Vincent Strald
ther John T Carroll Frederick Greer
Hessie Dyrenforth Joseph W Deal
Adelaide Campbell and Iiridget Donne lv
iTIKi curt lrformed In the petitions
tiled In the ofllce of Clerk Voung that II
of the parties mentioned are indigent in
sane persons with homicidal and other
dangerous tendencies and unlit to he it
large In the District
On presentation of the petitions to Jus
tice Cole sitting for Probate business
the court appointed two phvslelans in
viCl c tse to examine thr nlta i
tics They have been ordered to make
their x iminitlons and appear in court
on Frlelaj next and testify regarding the
saultv or the subjects of the proceedings
All of the alleged lunatics are now in
St Ellriheths asjlum having heen com
mitted on temporary permits several elajs
ogei to aw lit the judicial enquiries
Vlnri hlcenirs
Mdrrnju licenses were feiucd jetcrday to
Kiclurd Johnson and Berth Dijcs Jchn 1
imith and Margaret Virginia Dent w O Bai
Flk 1jrk V C and I uzie Tugh Uiirut
ol Columbia Walter Pjjne and VlaWl Minor
Samuel Harris and Mirj Irances JhcLkhi Italpli
VV Hills and Marv I ilna Gorman Italpli T
llrlcker and II Loime Allen Ijlward C Clwlf
and Knuna Hollainl F Vuptistus Itutts and ler
trnde U Burner Ireil A Murdock and Alberta
i ilnMcii
INtuf 11 tiled iimiiiC DniiIitorM
The 111 of Mary Nichols Thompson datni
April 2It IbJi waa filed yciterdav for proUttt
fche leases to her daughter Jane E S Mattbj
2r Martla V Itatenun 1 Uathtl V Phelps
and to Horence Thompson another datisfi
ter all hr housthold coob a d i anion 1 ruifv
and the tock of pomN lift the testHtrK by her
husband Tlioniis Thumpon
The Heath Heenrd
The follow ing deaths for twenty four hours
were trior ted at the Health Hipartmcnt up to
noon jesterday Ann J Downs 75 years John
ICeUey C3 jeari Sarah Ann CalncB Gfl 3 cars
Mary Flizabith Haydeu C3 ca s Samutl I
Irvine C2 ytars Adeline Quten 00 ear AUr
sarct Uiirerss 51 yearn Michael iotthclf u3
years Kate A oodw orth 37 eirs brahan
Haes 15 j cars Robert c sstj Si yean
Fffeluu lleidenheimer 22 year Ma tu Brown
i icans itun Kmot 2 month
A Complete
I Eont let your friends j
and guests sleep on t
the floor when f
you can get
Woven Wire Colsfor 90c
Upholstered Cots for 100
and 125
Soft Downy Pillows 25c
All cotton Mattress 90c
Wood seat Chairs 25c
Camp Stools and Chairs 15c
and 35c
Iron Bed Spring and Mat
tress complete 585
7tb and Mass Are N W
And 1014 Seventi Street Northwest
m58 S
Razors 1
Got Your Money Backif You
Want It
ioio Pa Avo
The Sort of ALE Youll
rALLANTINTTS ioM t aoomll
Jiht rhoIcaome a delicious appetizer a
fiecdid tede for the convalescing
1 a dozen bottles
1331 E Street N W
Complete llomcfarolsaera
Caih cr Oecit
Ccr 7th and I Eye
Is Beneficial
V To all It is a rich and nutritious food
V Our ZWIEB tCK ia the real Impo ted Cer
V man ZWIEBACK It la prescribed by A
V ihjJldans ZWIEB VCK is a dainty 4
3 cnp food It la Mild at high- Jr J
V clasa grocery stores Try a pound J 3 i 4
f HENRY RFUTER 3d and GSts I
IVeutlier IntHcntluna
lair ami colder tojaj tomorrow elocdj but
proniili no ram coniinuea iren nortttwcslcrjy
Ibsliest terrpcrature i pm 47
lowest teirrierature H am 31
un nw 6 37AJI I Sim sets 5aPl
Moon rose Moon ets231 A il
High tide
low tide
2 31 VM and 3 22 PM
9 2 A M and 10 03 PM
Lamps lit today
Lamjis out tomorrotr
54 A M
Valional E S iilard repertoire aitcmoon
jnd evening
Columbia ajr llarlior eTenlnj
Chases New llrand Polite audeville aftcr
nonii and evening
Iifatettc Camdle afternoon and evening
Academy Sis HopVius evening
hernan s anity rair Burlesquers afternoon
an 1 evening
Bijo i Frcreh Beauties Burlesriuerj afternoon
and evening
Annulled n Policeman
Herbert Campbell was jebluday committed to
jail for it djjo bcinjf unable to pay a fine
of iO for jssaultmj Toliccinan John J Dono
CliurKeil A Itl tcalinpr UnriiCMS
Kite additional charge of recevins etolen
liariiess were filed atraimt Charles K Hill in the
Police Court jeterdjy Hie cases were set for
JicantiEr tolj Hill keeps a harness ttore at the
roriu r of Tenth street and Louuiana V i nue
north rest
Children Ithont a Home
ltbert It Mary M and Lillian lteees acil
ten efsht and fitc year respect Ucly were
tijuporanly committed to the care of the Board
f Children- Guardian eterda by Judjre fatott
it bemff shown that they were destitute of a suit
able home
llt lil fr the Krnntl Jtir
Thomas Brown and Frank Dorsej lth colored
alleged harnew thieve3 were yeterdi held for
the actum of the grand jury by Judge Vott in
tlirte cnea of housebreaking TIey were at-
convicted of ten cae of pettv larceny ind were
c nt to jiil tT a total of 150 da a m deiault
of V hue
Tin tit niij Jur PnlK o Vcrce
Tlu jurv which heard the tc ltmony m the case
ct Itichanl Meaiiy who is clurged with at
leiptnu to makt a assault upon 3fary
BjiiVi colored after locked in the con
sultation rowm on Mondaj niRht yesttrdai mom
injr repotted to Justice Barnard that an agTCe
im nt hai not been rt a hed Justice Barnard
then ditliarueil the jurj Meany waa put on trial
un Monday niornin and the cae was jumbmitted
to the jury at 3 30 p m
Aciinci1 of ClioUInt a Wounn
Joseph flilinorc colored was arrested lat
night by roltcemai anford because ho Is said
to have attempted to choke Besii Kej col
ored at Ninth and C Streets northwest jester
daj TIe woman was sent to the Lmcrgeney
HopitaI n an ambulance for reatment Oil
more made a dash for Hbtrt but Policeman San
ford soon overtook the fugitive and arretted him
It 19 Raid the woman will rccotcr
C A S T O R I A Fcr Infants and Chita
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
2r fe
- v 7
Consists of a Large Oal Sideboard with French plate glass swelled front
Heavy Oak Extension Tabic and 6 Handsome High back Cane scat Oak Chairs
Cash or Credit
415 417 7th Street
Saturday March 2
fcilent Salesmen
and Self Measurement Kules
JIailed Free
The clean up salo of heavy
weight Suits Overcoats and
Trousers to order at cost
price positively ends tomor
Order at once or you will
lose this splendid money-saving
Satisfaction or Money Back
10 tf
94 1 Penna Ave N W
Wnite Ash Coal
qa 25 PER TON
la J ZEH5
702 Eleventh Street N W
Excelsior Diaries and
Calendars at Cost
rred B Mchols Co 013 E St 3TV
One pound Wedding Plate Note Paper
13c m23
Direct Branch of Factory
J C COUFF Manager
Ml the seven as1 moC
attractive nvlec la neni
fhoes Blanks tau pat
ent leather Equal to any
043 renniylrnnla ATcnne
1 f
bnoe5 s2so
Phntlf I1 12 qort bctUea of the
riiUllC ilOt izgton Brewing Coa Famoo
Pnr RrPr Golden Hop BEEU for L D-
rui UCLI
Ured In unlettered wagon
Binffy Pisro
Mi Whiskey
No Doctors
Wanted when Warners Safe Cure is used fcr
Lirer or Kidney disease Directions on LabeL
Eold bv all Druggists
HAVE YOU Sox Ttaxoat Plmplta Copper Cot
crtd fepoti Acbca 014 crt Uiccn u ItouU
Ujar FallinA Writ
IjI Uuonic Temple CMcafo IIL fcr proor it
tr Capital iXOOOQ W toliclt tbt moat ob
itictr cues tte have cured th wont cawj t
U to U dar ltO a Cook Frt mTfi tt
Is the moat eaeetho cure or all throat and
lung trouble All 50c and Jl
aSlalfr aio other lUfuio
tlon Uj J jot lira iraa 4 hs
1mVIi iJrt5r Tetlmlal
n Keller
Ul lCIr 6j re
turn Mali tiiuniiruiri
lini LVTV T
Meatta hi pw MaaiVSr PIMulfV I aT
Heurlnc In 11 Iliniuicre Suit
Hearing in the suit ot K Itond against
the Dtrlet to recover iUijXtf cialmeJ as damaged
for pergonal inurle was teirun vistcnlay la
Circuit Court Xo i Justice CUtaiujh preaidinit
JIiss Bon I alleges in her declaration that on De
cember II ISM Vfhilc lie was walinR along In
diana Avenn near Second treet he stepped
on a manhole cover whh cave way and i
was precipitated into the sewer below She de
clares that she was aertoualv injured lieu Ban
U represented by Attorneys vjidrcw i Bradley
and II 1rcsiott Catley anil the Ditr let by
Attorneys Duval and Brandesbcrff
Bears the

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