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A Report That He Has SuiTciuleretl
to Kitchener
Rumored oKlntlniiH Between the
Doer Lender nnd the British
London Press
Not Rend- tn Accept the IVcws in
LONDON reb 2S I a m -There has
been goslp for fc oral daj 3 that Gen ral
Kitchener would meet Commandant Gen
eral Botha jesterday Wedncsdijj to dis
cuss the question of a surrender It vas
impossible to trace the rumor to its
Fourco or to procure any sort of confir
The Chronicle this morning gives
prominence to the following which it
frankly admits it has no means of vcrifj
We have received from a quarter tint
we hae everj reason to believe is trust
worthy a report that General Botha has
fcurrendtred to General Kitchener
If this should prove true the coinci
dence of the surrender occurring on the
anniversaries of Majuba Hill and Paar
deberg is somewhat remarkable Gen
eral Frenchs huge captures of stock and
supplies and ihr general denudation of
the scene of e peratlons in the eastern
Transvaal are regarded as favoring the
On the other hind the correspondents
at Pretoria declare that General Botha
has crossed the railway to Delagoa Baj
and on Tuesday was to the north of Mid
dleburg apparently making for General
Vlljoens headqinrters bejond Roossen
kraal the seat of the Boer Government
One correspondent at Van Bcnsbcrg
saj s the Boer peace delegates recently at
tempted to arrange a meeting with Gen
eral Botha at Bethel but the latter wrote
refusing to meet them sajing that if he
eer desired to negotiate for peace he
would do so with the Liltish
Some persons deduce from the I let that
a despatch Trom General Kitchener 13
dated Mlddelb irg Feb 27 the probability
that a meeting has occurred or Is oc
curring there
The mystery concerning the where
abouts of General De Wet continues Ono
correspondent reports that more of his
followers were captured and
that the chase was being continued An
other correspondent under Tuesdays
dale sajs that a general action was then
Boer IrUanerH in Iainreneo Mar
eiuen Atraltlnfr a TrmiMptirt
DURBAN Feb 27 AdIces have been
received here from Lourenco Marques to
the effect that a Portuguese transport is
being awaited there to take to Portugal
the prisoners who were recently captured
during the Boer raid into Portuguese- territory-
It is said that the prisoners num
ber 750
Many of the Boers offered to surrender
to the British Consul but a majority of
them refused owing to the fact that they j
were rebels from the Cape Colony and I
feared being tried for treason Many of
the prisoners could have been so disposed
but they gave themselves up willingly
showing that they are sick of the war
The report of a plot among the
oners is absolutely denied They are split
into many cliques Fev er Js said to hav e
plajcd havoc among the captives There
were twent j -se en funerals in one day
Trade is at a standstill The railway
has not been taken over by the British
and this causes some discussion regarding
-1 nn rr tA InlnPnHll lit
1 lance
A Rnllwnj Line Cnt nnd Cattle
Taken Under Fire
PRETORIA Feb 27 The proprietor of
the Grand Hotel here who is charged
vlth being a secret agent of the Boo s
was arrested today He was admitted to
ball In the sum of 500
The Boers have cut the railway line
from Warm Baths to Pletersburg They
brought a train down close to Warm
Baths jesterday and then retired to the
point they had started from It Is sup
posed that the Boers are anxious to de
stroy the Plenaars River bridge Warm
Baths Is some distance north of Pretoria
The Boers took a number of cattle frem
a farmer at Eerstefabrinnken jeHterday
under shell fire from the British artlllerj
A Parts of AmerlcmiK AVI10 Entered
the Eiik1IIi Service Returning
LIVERPOOL Feb 27 A party of New
Orleans horse tenders who went to South
Afrlea some months ago In charge of
licries purcliased bj the British Govern
ment sailed today on the steamer Ger
manic for New York
They were enrolled In a Canadian regi
ment on their arrival In South Africa
and their time having expired thty came
here to take passage home It Is said
the were willing to re enllst If their eer
1 1ces had been required
Itntk nnd Mice t lie Exterminated
In Cape limn
CAPK TOWN Feb 27 The plague
cus s now number twenty nine There
have been seven deaths to date Only one
Kuropenn has died
The Government has decided that the
measures taken to suppress the disease
ore totally inadequate and that the coun
cil should avail Itself of the Government s
The Government believes the extermi
nation of rats and mice and a thorough
eleansfng and disinfection of the city arc
most neeeary measures Fifty Inspect
ors will be required for this work and
the Cape Government offers 10 pay all
the expenses
Cnpe Ton n Women lo Found a
fee holnrNlilp for Girls
OPE TOWN Feb 17 -At a inti ting of
women held here tod presided over by
laidy GUI wife of His Majesty 8 astrono
mer at the Cane of Good Hope It was de
cided to found a scholarslilp for girls as
a South African memorial to the late
Queen Vietoria
The CIiiiiiioU Mrlles nn LiiLmmn
Menmcr In ti Iok
1 ONDON Feb 27 Four of the crew of
the British steamer Chamois In a small
l iat reached the Newarp lightship en
the Norfolk coast today Ihev reported
that the Chamois ran into An unknown
steamer which ivas so badly damaged
that she sank twenty minutes later
The Chamois Iannehed a Uat with the
fourmrnto go to the rescue of those on the
unknown vessel but the attempt was vn
riiceciful Meauw hilethe Chamois w hlch
was also badlj dimiged disappeared In
the mist The four men searched for her
but could not find her and then undo
their way to the lMhlslilp Th y said
the Chamois watertight commrtmeiita
would keep her alloat and enable her to
reach port
After they had reported heats were sent
out to search for the ateaTir but thtlr
ifforts were futile and It Is feared that
she foundered carrying down alth her
the thirty or forty persons on board
Honrd Ilnnk foot lvtdc and all
lip If rongh nJ drttscd t oth and 2 Y nc
Aon Waldersecs Tactics Used to En
force the DemanilM
PEKIN Feb 27 General orders were
Issued toda to the British forces that
one brigade of cavalry nml one brigade
of infantry were to hold themselves in
readlnss for operations If the Chinese
Government proves recalcitrant in ear
thing out Hie demands of the Powers
thit have not ct been complied with
Replying to the protests made by Mr
Itoekhill acting American Minister
against the seizure of private property for
a legation quarter the other Ministers
say that they do not Intend to confiscate
the propertj Iney propose to have an
honcbt valuation placed on the property
taken foi this purpose and then to In
form the Chlmse Government that It
mutt pav for It
LONDON Iel 2 The rekln corre
spondent of the Morning Post sajs thit
Mr nockhlll the acting American Min
ister is sanguine of a settlement of the
main points of the Chinese question
within two months Mr Conger believes
that the chief task is alreadj accom
Sir Robert Hart Director of the Impc
riil Maritime Customs considers how
ever that there are vast difficulties ahead
An Inters lew fin the Chinese Policy
PiilillHheel In Inglniiil
chester Guardian publishes a New York
despatch which quotes President McKIn
ley In a formal protest ngalnst the policy
of the Powers In China as declaring
The thirst of Christendom for blood
must now be considered sufficiently slaked
after taking at least 100 lives for cvciy
Christian slaughtered
The Guardian referring editorially to
this sajs thit for a cautious politician
like McKlnley to speak so vigorously Is
a startling indication of the lengths to
which the ollcy of engennce has been
It is a forcibe plea the Guardian
adds for England s natural co-operation
with America In her Chinese policy
A Supplementary Kietlmnte bnbrait
tel In Berlin
BERLIN Tcb 27 A supplementary es
timate of 1206S2OD0 marks to meet the ex
penses of the China expedition was sub
mitted to the Bundesrath toda The
preamble states that no further military
operations except on the smallest scale
are expected In the future
To Be n Monument Erected by 1nb
lie butixcrlptlon
LONDON Feb 27 The committee hav
ing charge of the matter has decided that
the national memorial to Queen Victoria
shall be a monument erected by public
subscription The exact form w ill depend
on the amount subscribed
Taken From the Cemeterj With Im
peiNlnjr Ceremonies
MILAN Feb 27 The bodies of Verdi
and his second wife were removed toJay
with great ceremony from the cemetery
to the Musicians Home which Ver il
founded where they were Interred in the
chapel crjpt The weather was superb
A crowd estimated to number 10J00O
lined the route three and one half miles
long from the cemetery to the home At
the cemetery a choir of Sio voices sang a
selection from one of the composers
opera with sublime effect
The procession was an imposing one It
Included Count Torino representing the
Kin a representative of the Govern
ment the Presidents of the Senate and
Chamber of Deputies and representatives
from the universities conservatories and
associations throughout the kingJom
carrying banners There was an Im
mense numler of wreaths and great
quantities of Dowers
ROME Feb 27 The ceremony of plac
ing a bust of Verdi in the Capitol was at
tended today by many prominent persons
Mr Alfred IIIcLmnn Doch sot Fear
tlie Meet Combine
LONDON Feb 27 Sir Alfred Hickman
M P a well known ironmaster says
he sees no reason for alarm In Great
Britain over the new American Steel
Trust He thinks that the trust will sim
plify matters
He sajs he would rather fight one
American rival thin half a dozen The
recent rate- cutting In the United Suites
kept prices down while the amagama
tlon will tend to keep them up Moreover
the American market which It will ton
trol will be an ample field for the trusts
operations which at present are not
likely to extend to the British market
He would not however prophesy as to
the future
Cnnnda to Act If the Preferential
Clnnne l Evaded
OTTAWA OnL Feb 27 In the House
of Commons todiy In reply to a ques
tion whether it was the intention of the
Government so to amend the tariff act as
to debar from the advantage of the Brit
ish preferential elause articles partly
manufactured in Germany or manufac
tured from raw material grown or pro
duced In Germany the Minister of Fi
nance said no
He added howevir that if It could be
shown to the Government that British
manufacturers were evading the prefer
ential restrictions In this respett action
would be taken
Predictions of GrcalncsH Made 1 a
French MnleHiiiim
PARIS Teb 27 The Temps today
publishes what Is regarded as a strong
article written by M Lockroy
of Marine on the subject of Germa
ns mercantile marine developments
M Lockroy declares that Germany bids
fair to surpass England owing to the
energy the former nation has dlsplajed
In Improving Its harbors the nitural and
artificial advantages possessed by the
country and the Governments fostering
care M Lockroy predicts that Germiny
will become the greatest shipbuilding
f ountry In the world
In support of his argument M Lockroy
quotes the recommendation of the Amer
ican naval attache to the Washington
Government that hereafter nival officers
and naval constructors should be sent to
Girmnny on vojages of Instruction In
stead of to the schools of England and
France as bus been the custom hereto
Voviih neetruii Alo Hemming Al
most Entlrel Gnxeoun
COBUKO Feb 27 Observations t iken
here list night showed that the new star
In the constellation Pereus is eonslder
abl hss brilliant than It was Moreover
Its spectrum his chmged booming al
most entirely gaseous
Cupe Coloit ltegixlriition IOHtponed
CAPE TOWN Feb 27 It Is announced
In an extraordinary Issue of the Ga
zette that tlie blennl i registration of
parliamentary voters hid been Indefinite
ly postponed
A Aevr niiKlltih nnl Reserve
LONDON Fh 28 ihe Dally Nws
sa It Is informed thit the Admiralty
Is about to establish a branch of the nav
nl rescve In connection with the North
America station with the view to at
tracting the Newfoundland fishermen
Prompt Lumber Delivery no ill lay
kirM ordcre invited h V UUicy A Co
An Obstruct ionNi Speech Leads to
DifKrace ful Scenes
Little Hope That ft Pnrllitnienfiiry
Gotcrnmciit Will Continue in An
trln Free Fight Between Flft
SlemlitTH Amid Cried of Shame
VIENNA Feb 27 The proceedings In
the Relchsrath today remov ed almost the
last hope that a continuance of a par
liamentary government Is possible under
existing conditions
A handful of extremists Czechs and
Pan Germans are responsible for the
state of affairs which is preventing all
work They daily turn the lower house of
the Relchsrath into a bear garden con
tending for their alleged rights in their
respective languages
There was an outbreak today that was
the most disgraceful ever witnessed In
the House The Czech Radicals put up
Heir Fraesscl to make an obstructionist
speech He boasted that he would speak
for eight hours
When he h id spoken for an hour In the
Czech language the Pan Germans broke
Into a buzz shouted and raved and de
manded that Vice President Zacek compel
Herr rnessel to speak In German The
Vice President who himself is a Czech
refused whereupon there was a btorm of
1 indignation
I Herr Zicek abandoned the chair whieh
I wis then taken by the President In a
frhort time the Germans made a dash for
Herr Traessel
Instantly dozens of deputies who had
hitherto been passive Joined In a free
light which raged liercelv for several
minutes Blows were exchanged clothes
were torn and hair pulled
About fifty members took part in the
f rav the othera crying Shame Ul
timately the attendants tore the batter
ed combatants apart
The President meanwhile had suspended
the sitting When he returned to the
ehalr he earnestly appealed to the depu
ties warning them that their conduct
would make parliamentary government
Impossible His remonstrances were un
heeded and the tumult was renewed
For the last two hours of the seslon
Herr Fraesscl spoke fitfully through the
uproar The Cabinet met subsequently
and it is rumored that the Ministers de
cided to resign on the ground that It was
Impossible to control the Parliament or
carrj on legislation
A Noteworthy Alteration In Great
Britains Odlclal Hosier
LONDON Feb 27 The new Issue of
the official navy list contains a note
worthy alteration the King appearing as
the nominal ex officio head of the navy
It is a remarkable fact that although
Queen Victoria alwavs so appeared In the
army list she was not mentioned in the
navy list
Indeed the navy list which first ap
peared In 1S1I never contained the name
of the reigning British sovereign al
though since laa the mme of Emperor
William has appeared as an honorary
M IIcrhIj epofT Wounded While
Holding a Iteeeptlou
LONDON Feb 2S A despatch to the
Times from St Petersburg sas that
while M Begplepoff Minister of Public
Instruction was holding a reception at
the Ministry on Wedncsdiy afternoon a
visitor named Peter Karjovich shot at
him with a revolver wounding him In
the neck
Scotch Mnnnfactlircrn See the ced
of Ilentlrrlnjr TIieniNeli er
LONDON Feb 27 Anions the irany
anxious Scottish manufacturers none Is
despondent regarding the effect of the new
steel combination Mr Clark manager
of the Steel Company of Scotland Is res
olutely optimistic He sas that the i leel
trade mmt follow the example of the oil
tenners who when the Standird Oil
Company found It was able to relinc at
a cost of a cent a gallon Introduced Im
provements In their own methods which
enabled them to refine as cheaply
Several Scotch Ironmasters when Inter
viewed recognized the necessity for be
stirring themsdves but were mcllnil to
laugh at the idea of the trust dtio
Ing the industry in Great Britain
A Mnn Willi K000 In Ieelr Ar
rented la Vienna
LONDON Feb 28 A despatch to the
Dally Mail from Vienna sas that Wil
liam Adolph Morley his been arresteJ
there with 3000 worth of Jewelry In his
jMjssessIon supposed to be the nroceels
of burglaries committed in Londun nnd
New 1 ork
lie ivs tint a month ago he left New
York where he lived at ill West Tliirtj
seventh Street He at first declared tint
he had bought the Jewelry from needy
aristocrats but later wald he hid been
commissioned tu sell It by a result nt of
Ihe KhIhit HevviirdN it Stcaniftlilp
Ollleer for llnicr
NEW YORK Feb 27 First Officer
H Haie of the Hamburg American
Line who has just returned to this coun
try after a years service with the com
panys China llect has a gold watch that
was given him by Emperor William of
Germinj On It Is engraved the rojal in
hlgnla of German and there Is a bis re
lief portrait of the Empcrur The gift
was in recognition of Haases skill and
bravery a ear ago when there was an
accident on the lretnrl 1 at se 1 and the
ship had lo put back to PI mouth
Her llfiiiNeini SlrneU li n Cur and
Ov erturiied
NEW YORK Feb 27 Mrs Clarence II
Mnckay had a wonderful escape from In
Jury toelay when the hansom In which
she was riding vis run Into In Fifth
Avenuo by a Twcnt e Ighth Street cross
town car The cab horse was killed
The windows of the hansom we re e I sd
and Mrs Mackay was held a prisoner In
side when the rig was virtually over
turned Throughout It nil she remanil
cool and It was In a 1 irge part elue to
this that she was not hurt Her first
thought was for the safety of her cab
min When she found that he was
she asked that a eterlmry Bjrgeon
be summoned to atle ml the horse which
was valued at 10 being an inpoicd
The accident occurreel shortly before 6
oclock The Btreet car was crowded w Ih
passengers and there was a panic among
them when It ran Into the hansom Sev
eral of the car windows were broken but
none of the passengers was hurt
Report of n New SpaulNli Cabinet
MADRID Feb 27 It is said today thit
Senor Sllvtla has been successful in form
ing a new Cabinet nnd that the names
are to be announced later
UonrilM for StaiielN Boards nnd
board loncrt price quick delivery from Cti
and N Y nu
Ihe Gunner Has n Talk With the
Rear Admiral
NEWPORT It I Fib 27 Gunner
Charles Morgan whose reported applica
tion for promotion to be ersign in the
navy was the cause of Admiral Sarrp
son s letter being made pubbY made a
fljing visit to Boston today In regard
to the matter He visited the torpedo
station early and getting leave of ab
sence took an early train for the city
He went to the Charlcstown Navy Yard
and was closeted with Admiral Sampson
for some time
At 1 o clock Lieutenant Bennett S imp
sons secretary and Morgan went out to
luncheon They were together on the
New York during the war with Spain
Nothing In the manner of either sug
gested tint the relitions between them
were those of old shipmates Rear Ad
miral Simpson refused to see all report
ers When a reeiucst for an interview was
maile reply sent out by his orderly
was Invariably that the admiral lias
nothing to say and refuses to- sec news
pnrer reporters Nevertheless It Is
known that e was pleased with Gun
ner Morgans visit
While he affected to make light of his
call on the reir admiral as If It were In
cidental to his call on the admiral s sec
retarv the fact of a gunner railing on an
admiral was sufficient to give the men at
the jard peculiar interest In the visit
Jlnt the visit was In connection with the
admiral s letter they had no doubt
When seen tonight at the Perry Houso
he refused to tall on what took place be
tween him and the rear admiral He did
say however that his visit vas for the
purpose of letting the udmlral know that
he had no hard feelings In the matter
and was heartily sorry for what had re
sulted He told the rear admiral thit
he was with him In every wuy for th
good of the service and said that he nnd
his superior officer fully understood each
Gunner Morgan sis that Jio has made
no application for promotion that he
simply isked the admiral if he would en
dorse him and that ho to Wash
ington to see when an application would
have to be made If he was to make one
Ho says that when the act becomes alaw
he will be beyond the age limit and there
fore will be out of the race
Gunner Morgan feels his position very
novvntovvn IIoilMes In Jen York Hnve
a Moving Day
NEW YORK Feb 27 Word was pass
ed among the downtown gamVUIng houses
today that something was spin or to be
doing tonight Most of them received
the warning early In the morning before
they had admitted any patrons- They at
once closed their doors and began to
pack up their rojlette wheels ajiet so on
In front of some of the houses In the
downtown business district moving vans
stood Into which large boxes and bundles
were hustled The vans made their way
to uptow n storage houses and came back
for more So great was the demand for
the wagons thit one gambler downtown
confided to a friend tnat he h td set all
of his apparatus out on the roof of
his house wrapped up In tarpaulins
District Attorney Philbln said today that
the something Importunt he spprte of es
tcrdav as about to hippen wasrtlll about
to happen and had nothing to d with the
Hfteen a raid of Tuesday nlghtv
1 did not even knoWwhcnUjfpoke that
these raids were te b -
speak t -
that s i 1
happei I
it Is mxi trejt Tu
one or tru
called 1 1 j fir i t I
Asked 5 wi
Phllbin 1 Hi v
The 1 - f
know v
combine 1 1 1
Fpon 1 c - - me
committee may be stated that Tucs ay
night s raid will be folluwed by ahrs all
over the city The committee thinks It
rm drive the gambling house I cepors oil
of town It has mapped out a rlan of
campaign to this end The committee h t s
the adlrtss of every gamollng iiquse In
the city
Many of the well known gambling
places in the TemLrloln including the
three biggest In the precinct were open
for business tonlht as usual
fcmall fry gamblers Including proprie
tors 01 crap games were more cautious
Some of them closed altogeth r Men In
evening dress nnd opera hats were barred
from the others
An Innocent Man arrovvI Kkraic
Lvtieliins In Iiiillannpnllii
day last Miss Dorothy Darter a joung
womin living just east of the suburb of
Irvington was attacked by a negro while
pissing along a loiely road to ihe subur
ban street car line The affair caused
Intense excitement and the Joung woman
is now In a precarious condition and
m ly die
Yesierela a negro giving the name of
Doc Itee el was arrestcel at New Castle
and todiv he was brought herqand taken
to the Darter home for IdejvtiUcatlon
The joung worn in hesitated btit later
Identified the man as her assillant Mean
time the people of the suburbs bad ar
rived and the pulice hurried the prisoner
b ick to the cltj to escape the mob
Five hundred persons fohovvei In street
cars and In other convejanees and as
scmbled around the police station an 1
the see ne looked so threatening that a
company of militlu was ordcicu out by
the Governor to prevent an attack on the
Jail to which the nigro had bin icrroved
for greater safetj
The crowd Increased and ihe mtllti 1
company was marched from the nrmory
to the State House and nlaceM imaer o -
ele rs from the adjutant general W Idle
the mob was still aioiiud the stitlun a
Mr Morgan telephoned from Morrlsown
tb it he had seen the negro s picture In an
afternoon piper and that he was In tint
plaee all Thursday afternoon 3 his cor
roborated the negro s
Ibe mob vas finally dispersed and
further trouble is not apprehended
I In Durham C Police eelcllif
Two IIiin Crools
RICHMOND Vi Feb 27 The police
of Durlnm N C hive been trying to
capture two bogus cheek men ho havo
recently been operating hearilj in tint
Slate Many merclnnts hiye Been vic
tims of the men
They claim to be traveling salesmen
and go bj the names of Jordan Hanna
C rindiaj R Ilancdridge Jordan IIUI
J Hall and J Harris They have pre
sented iheiks on the Franklin National
Bank of Philadelphia purporting to be
Issued to J Hall J Harris etc and
signed Hannon Co per S ilamam
Ihe men are said to have obtained pos
session of a book of checks ef th it b ink
with the revenue stamp Imprinted there
on The men are said to be bully vvanteel
In Boston Philadelphia W ashlngton Bal
timore1 ami Memphis
Arrival eif lie- Transport at ban
SAN FRANCISCO Feb 27 The army
transpeirt Indiana which was overdue
arrived todaj from Manila via Honolulu
She left Honolulu before the Solace and
that ess el reicheel port on Sunday
ihe Indiana brought 45V sick nnd sev
en insane soldiers from various regiments
serving In the Philippines There are
fifteen bodies on board Including those of
two men who died on the nln from Ma
nila to Honolulu
11 mis IlunlnesK College- Htli nnd K
Business Shorthand Typewriting- a a car
I umber of Every Kind for Stands
houe bulldin etc Flooring 125 labbcy
U Co
28 1001
Neither Coaling Stations Nor In
tervention to I5e 5 ranted
The Other Sliggcxtcd RcIntlnnK Ten
tative anil Dependent Upon the
Future Government of the He
public Mllltar Acts Accepted
HAVANA Feb 27 The constitutional
convention sat until 2X0 o clock this
morning finishing up the quest on of lh3
relations to exist between Cuba an J the
United States nnd adopting a preamble
which was read and adopted at a pubic
session this afternoon The preamble
which is longi sajs that the conention
received from the military government a
letter telling the convention what were
the wishes of the administrative branch
of the American Government regarding
the mutter of relations
The convention understood that the ob
ject of the Administration in desiring
these relations to exist was to presere
the Iniiepi ndence of Cuba the United
States wishing coaling stations for this
purpose This however would In Itself
militate agiinst that Independence which
It was the desire of both parties to pre
With regard to the other conditions
which the executive branch of the UnteJ
States Government suggested the object
of those which tended to protect the In
dependence of Cuha such as stipulating
the conditions under which Cuba might
raise loans were fully covereel the
constitution which In the opinion of the
convention fully protected the lndepenJ
ence of Cuba Regarding hygiene the
preamble states that the future Govern
ment of Cuba should make laws and ar
range with the United States how besuto
preserve a good state of hygiene In the
The preamble finishes bv stating that
the convention considers thatjthe follow
ing relations might exist between Cuba
and the United States provldeel the fu
ture Government of Cuba thicks them ad
f Irst The Government of tlje Republic
of Cuba will make no treaty arrange
ments with any foreign Power which
limits or compromises the Independence
of Cuua or which in any way permits or
authorizes any foreign power to obtain
by ireans of colonization or military or
naval alms or in other manner a
hold upon authority or a right over
any portion of Cabi
Second The Government of the Re
public of Cuba will not permit Its terri
tory to serve as the base of operations
in a war against the United States nor
against any other
Thin The Gov eminent of the Republic
of Cuba accepts in its entirety the Treaty
of Paris of December 10 1SD8 both In that
It affirms the rights of Cuba and with
regard to the obligations specifically
mentioned as beloiglng to Cuba and es
pecially with regard to those which li
ternallonal liw imposes for the protec
tion of lives and propertj Cuba will
take the plaee of the United Statea
which the latter aequlreel in this sense
in conformity with Artie I --
t et
At 1 I
- rlaiions by means of an ar
rangement baseil on reciprocity and
which with the tendencies to a free ex
change or their natural and manufactured
products would mutuallj assure the two
countries ample special advantages in
their respective markets
Wooed anil Weil W Ithln Six Weeks
of Len v iiifir fail
Westvood Cooper who was released from
San Quentin prison onlj sk weeks ago
after serving a three J cars sentence for
passing a spurious check Is again In
trouble having it Is alleged Imperson
ated an Australian doctor and heir to a
large English estate at Crocket Cal and
married a joung girl of that town
Cooper the police assert has a record
as a swindler and a bigamist having
married women in Toronto and Chicago
and left them after securing their
When released from San Quentli he
came here and answereel an advertise
ment for a waiter at a hotel at Crocket
There he soon Ingratiated himself with
the boarders ami spread the storj that he
was an Australian doctor He obtained a
position In a local pnjslclans otllce The
name he gave was Ernest Moore CKid
He forged a phjsiclans ellploma and no
doubt was entertained as to his claims
About three weeks ago he show eel letters
he had received from England pjrporting
to be eotirt records declaring tint he hid
inherited a fortune of 31000 from an
aunt in Iondon On the strength of these
he obtained credit at a bank In San
Francisco nml paid attentions to JIM
Nori Schncieler daughter of the hotel
keeper at ValleJo Junction Mrs Schnei
der doubted his credentials but he
brought her to this cltj to prove
their genuineness He faileel to do this
but ininigeel to keep her here while he
took the last train to Crocket Siturdaj
evening lie sent a despatch to Nora pur
porting to be from her mother giving her
permisslou to marrj Chidwick
When he nrrlvcel the girl was readj
They were mirrled and left town and
that was the J 1st seen eif them
Cooper has a Imd record having swin
dled Miss M iry Murpbj of Chicago out
of J ami cippeei wltn Miss Campiign
who lived near Toro to He is said to be
one of the most export forgers in the
Ihe Clioj iinI1 JoIiiisoii Muterj lTp In
the TesiiH IieglNlatllre
AISTIN Tex Feb 27 There vvcis a
slrlted debite In the House of Repre
sentatives this morning over the nsolft
lion Introduced by W A Shaw jesterelij
calling on tho Governor to furnish the
Legislature with ull the Information In
his pot session conee rnlng the Choj nskl
JohiiMin prizefight ot Galveston and that
he nlso stite whit steps bid been taken
toward prosecuting tho principals in the
An amendment was ofTered that the
Governor also be askeel tei mike an en
qulrj Into the recent burning to death
of a white mm at Dallas This amend
ment w is elefcated The orlglml resolu
tion was adopted bj a vote of 01 je is aid
W naje
Governor Saj era will send a communi
cation to the llouce tomorrow giving n
lull account of too States action hi the
matter of arresting and the proposed
prosecution of the two prlncipils to the
Galveston fight
Ocenn Menmslilp Mo iciiicutN
NEW YORK Feb i Arrived Ilolivii
Marseilles Victoria Genoa Frankfurt
Itromen Chesapeake Liverpool Arrived
put Prlnzessln Victoria Luise from New
York at Nissan Rulgaria from New
York at Hamburg Pennsjlvanli from
New York at Cherbourg Kalscrln Maria
Theresi from New York at Naples St
Louis from New York at Southampton
in Iiurjdar pioof vaults for rent 3a jear
up Union Triit anil Storage Co lltl F
This I umber Yard never Dlmippoluls
Quirk delivery activate dcallnni Ctli and h Y
He IVItlulrnTVH Them Because of
Dispute With Thompson
LINCOLN Neb Feb 27 There was an
other strike on In the Senatorial right to
night Mr Roseuater withdrew his Doug
las County delegation numbering eight
giving as his reason that two of Thomp
sons men had said in caucus last night
that would not vote fer Rosewater
If he were nominated Fifty two of the
seventj two Republicans remained In cau
cus and balloting went on
Rosewater earlier in the daj served
notice upon D E Thompson that he pro
posed opening out on him through his
newspaper ami woulel demand his with
drawal on the ground that he was dls
lojal to the two years ago Rose
water had vainly sought to induce
Thompson to tie Up with him and the
notice was but the repetition of an old
tin cat
Mr Rosewater later qualified his state
ment of the morning by sajlng that he
would Indulge In no personalities In his
discussion of the Senatorial situation but
that he should certainly have something
lo about existing conditions The
Thompson men say that Mr Kosewaters
action Is taken entirely because Thomp
son has refused his frequent proposals
for a tlc up and the disbelief of Rose
water that Thompson Is sincere when he
sajs he- cannot deliver all his men to
It is understooel Rosewater will base hU
attack on Tnompsons corporation aflla
tlons nut Thompsons m n say that It will
fall of having inj influence because Rose
water has at all times been willing to tie
up with Thompson It the latter will take
The most serious effect probablj Is the
practical disruption of the caucus Speak
er Sears who presides Is a Rosewater
man He rules that as there are less
than slxtj -seven members present the
number necessarj to elect any result the
caucus ma- reach will not be binding
upon the members This Is the last hope
of a caucus and onlj the interference of
the National Committee will prevent an
adjournment without elections
Thompson galneel one vote today The
ballot was Short term D E Thomp
son 29 Hinshaw 13 Martin I AVcther
ald 4 Allen trusionL 12 Berg Fusion
7 scattering II
Long term Melklejohn 33 Currle Jl
Rosewater 13 Crounse 8 R L Metcalfe
3 W II Thompson 11 scattering 5
Onlj Mx Dnjs of the Mnntaan Lejiln
latnrea ScnmIou Reninln
HELENA Mon Feb 27 Todajs bal
lot for United States Senator resulted as
Carter Rep 31 Frame Dem 33
MacGlnnis Dem 18 scattering 13
Only six dajs more of the session re
main and It Is believed that
there will bo no election
The Allinny Cnnenn Taken Lp Mr
UrneUettw Measures
T t -7 ne - vloaa
wli afTS teOt
m bt 1 i rod i 1 r
ti 1-
omn t x- 0i W during
WT - CH7 1 tlEtrmVW V V vM - svv
as wtfI t ths Mrsftrftd to hi aiwl niW
Y bdi 111MUC10CU 111 illt
iiniii the expreseel desire of
Republican Senators thit nothing should
he done to disturb the New York police
situation for the present at least pre
vailed against the Intimations of Indi
viduals that the question should bo
brought up now
DiNgrncefnl Scenes Enacted at H
Kallvraj Station
BUFFALO N V Feb 7 A party of
United States soldiers bound from New
York to San Francisco raided a saloon at
Erie Pa while the train was waiting at
the railroad station The proprietors or
the place Veit Bros were unable to pro
tect themselves anil the men carrleel
awaj all the bottled liquors anJ all the
cigars thev could find
When this sime detachment was In
Buffalo one of the men made a statement
declaring that before the train vas out
of New York ten hours the entire trajn
load of soldiers was drunk end it was
impossible for the officers to control
them This soldier declared thit the four
commissioned officers and the non-commissioned
ofilcers were as bad as the mtn
themselves and that all along the route
the men got off the train at statlo is and
came back loaded with bottbs of whijKj
rights It is were constantlj in
progress on the train
Two Itnllnns Killed nnd Tho In
jured In New Jork
NEW YORK reb 7 Two Italian la
borers were killed outright and two more
were buried and serlouslj Injured by the
collapse of the brick and stone wall of
an old building at 231 West Nineteenth
Street at 6 oclork this morning
Eleven other Italians who were working
In a trench beside the wall escaped as If
by a miracle As soon as the accident oc
curred a large banil of men and bojs
from the neighborhood organized a volun
teer rescue party and began digging In
the ruins for the dead and Injured
Patrick to lie Charged With tbe
lliirder of lllllloiialre nice
NEW YORK Feb -7 It was an
nouneed this morning at the office of the
district ittorney that an application for
11 wnrnnt on the chirge of murder In the
first degree would be madx for Albert
T Patrick who Is now locked up In the
Tombs nceusetl of forging the will of
Willi im Marsh Rice the millionaire This
new move on the part of the district at
torne v will be mule on the report of Irof
Wlttllius the cuemlst who todaj turned
in a em intlt itiv e report on the nmlj sis or
the contents of the stomach of Mr Itice
Prof Wltthaus sajs In his report tn it
he found mercurj In suillcient quantity
to kill
1 h report tnd v is esmsideril a tlmelj
one In the etlstrlet nttornej s educe fer
at leat It s thought It will foil anj ef
fort of P itrlek to seiure his release on
1 all The liwjr was almost set frie
v esterel iv Cash to the amount of 110 -CO
hid been depuslttel with the eitj
rlnmbeirliln and Judge McMahon hid
Just slglKsl pipers when Assistant Dis
trict Attornej Osborne heard of It Mr
Osborne at omv went before Judge Mc
Vnhon and on his representations the or
der of reieise was revobeel and Patrick
remained In the Tombs
Patrick has been In the- Tombs since
October I list He Is held on the olmplc
charge of forgery made In a polite toiirt
There has been no Indictment found
agiinst hm
In Eleetrle Itniltvii Projected
LONDON Felt 27 It Is reported thit
T Johnson the wtll known rallroul
man Is seeking pirliamcntary sanction
for an electric railroad from London to
VirfoIU A Washington Steamboat Co
Delightful trips daily at 0 CO p m from foot
7th tt to Old Point Comfort Newport News
Norfolk and the South I or sehnlule nt page 7
Reliable Lumber Anrd Low prices
and host polities frank Ldjbej S Co
jlUr11 - f
Price One Cent
Army Appropriation
raised by the Senate
VTr niiir ux jv
I ih gna -
-Mm i i - r nn srout
v -
- j
The Philippine and Cnlnn Amend
ment Incorporated In the Meanaro
V IlKlit hy a Remnant of the
Minority 111 Protest Overridden
Shortly before 1 oclock this morning the
Senate passeel the Army Appropriation
bill by u vote of to IS carrying with it
the Spooncr Philippine amendment and
the Piatt Cuban amendment The result
was attained by a precipitate retreat on
the part of the led by Mr Jones
of Arkansas
The Spooner amendment was passed by
a vote of 45 to 27 onlj seven Democrats
attempting- to eppose It Those of the
minority who fought to the end were
Messrs Heitfeld Pettlgrew Tuner Al
len Money Bacoi and Teller Tho vote
on the Piatt Citaan amendment was
lo 20
The detailed vote on tho Spooner Phil
ippine amendment was as follows
Yeas Aldnch Ultson Hard Ilnreridge Bor
rows Carter Chandler Clark Cullom Drboe
Depew Dillingham DoKlTer Eliim FalrbanV
Foraker Foster CalllnireT Hale lUnna ilana
brougb llawley Krin Ivcanu Kyle Lexlfrc Mc
Comis lle Clfmber JIcLaunn JlcJIillao Nefaon
Perkin Piatt of Connecticut Pritchard Proc
tor Juarles Scott Sewel Sboup Sunon
Spooner Stewart Thurston Warrtn and VVol
cott to
Vays Allen Bacon Bate Berry Butltr Caf
fery Chilton Clay ocknll Culbrwra HarrU
Hoar Jones of Akansas Jones of Nerada Kern
ncy Iinlay McEneiy Mallory Jvartin Petti
grew Petttun liaollss TaliikTMj Teller Till
man Turley Turner 7
The amendment as adopteoIii as fol
All military civil and Judicial powers
necessary to irnvern the Philippine Isl
ands acquired from Spain by the treaties
concluded at Paris on the 10th day of De
cember lfDS and at Washington on the
7th day of November 1900 shall until
otherw lse provided by Congress be vested
In such person and persona and shall be
exercised In such manner as the President
of the Inlted States rhall direct for ihe
establishment of civil government and for
maintaining and protecting the Inhabi
tants of said islands in the free enjoyment
of their llbertj property and religion
provided that all franchises granted un
der the authority hereof shall contain a
reservation of the right toalter amend or
repeal the sairs nnd provided that no
sale or lease of public propertj shall bo
made and no franchise granted which Is
not approved by the President of tho
United States and Is not In his judgment
clearlj necessary for the Immediate gov
ernment of the Islands and Indispensable
for the Interest of the people thereof ami
which cannot without great public mis
chief be postponed until the establish
ment of permanent civil government
The Inducements which
members ot the opposition to glvei
up were divers The 2M00O appropriation
for the Char tT Exposition placated
South Carolina Th - -
1 ul KxpwuHOU a4MgttUl
it t
tie sen tune It fe am
tte no C t at
-he River l d Hmu bill
J5W f Torir 1 US Vn 1
111 ft ti 1 - T n r
sr Stales it is not known how Mr
os was placated
Much indignation was expressed at the
result but no hope was advinced The
love of appointments and Jobs on the
Sundry Civil and Paver and Harbor bills
galneel the day and those who were pla
cateil spent the day In trying to forces
the belligerents tei give up
When the bill was called up at 1130
oclock jesterday morning Mr Turner
resumed his address
He criticised It as a departure from th
American system the first departure In
the history of the country and as vesting
In the President of the United States all
ot the powers which belong to and are
exercised bj the Czar of Russia It was
he said a trenstrous proposition which
ought not to be countenanceel for a mo
ment If salel he I were a Filipino I
woulel never cease opposition to the at
tempt to Impose the rule of the United
States Government on mjself and my reo
ple In the face of so tjrannlcal a propei
sitlon as that involved In the amendment
And I should lose faith In the justice and
mercy and love ot the Almighty 11 he per
mitted the struggle which the people of
the Philippine islands are now making to
throw oft the rule ot the United States to
Mr Teller addressed the Senate prom
islng to be as brief as he could in dis
cussing the two controverted quest ons
the Piinlpplno Islands and Cuba As to
the former the amendment had Leca
verj much Improved by Mr Hoars
amendment to It but still It was an
provision As to the Cuban
proposition It was verj much tetter than
the public prcsa ad led him to expect
but some features of It did not meet his
approv il
Mr lloir remarked that the United
States had no more right to govern th
people of the Philippine islands than the
people of the Philippines had to govern
the people of the United States Ho added
that If Mr Teller would make his amend
ment declare that the Constitution of tho
United btates was to be In full force and
effect In the Philippines so long as the
authority of the United States was main
tained there he would acquiesce cheerfully
Mr Teller proceeellng with his argu
ment against the Spooner amendment
s iel that the eeiict had gone out nnd tfcit
that legislation was to be put on the stat
ute book The ailmlnlstratlon of affairs
In the Philippine Islanels hail been on
that principle for two jears and it would
go on with the statute or without It But
be regretteel to see the American Con
gress putting itself on what he belleveel
to be a wlekeel and vicious sjstem of ad
mlulstrvtion and he rould not lend his
support to It
Mr Pettlgrew read a prospectus of a
lniuLiind mining syndicate formed to op
erate in the Philippines The head of the
companj was nameel as Representative
Hull anil the document salel that no
other company coultl get the same grants
that the syndlcite could Mr Pettigrevv
scored Mr Hull for exploiting the fhll
lpplnes while ht framed a bill to raise an
army to steal the land from the natives
This he Mid was onlj a sample of what
was being done and what would be done
lie referreel to several other co npanles
organized by army officers in tho Philip
He read a Utter signeel by As
histiint Seerelarj of War Mel
klejohn nnd Adjutant General
lleistard emlorslng the Minlla Hemn
Corapanj a scheme te control the out
nut of Manila hemp The letter alleged
that the signers were partners tn tho
eorporaton with Assistant Attornej Gtil
erd Iaijd and stiteel that the duties
will be irringed to suit ourselies
A cablegram was also read from Gen-
ril Otis stating that ho had eerired 1
co xl locttlon for the company Aeljutant
Gereral Corbln was also eonnecteel with
the companj but liter droppeil out
nininr HawkeM wns ulvfn a sum of
mouej ami a position under tho War
1 t irtTnnt
nnn r1 V
1 uu uinuii i iiiniuiuniti j
Hawkes as in inspctor of custom- In the
Olllclnl rntrainmr s nn
t all ncAsUn U and at Jifttiliitmrtcrs K VV
Midntotli 431 Mntti Mutt irortfiwctl Mn
tnriirntcri Like our CouipIit MtocKa
of ljmlxr and mUittcrlf t 0th and V V atc

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