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rNiinp ou AViitins His Side of the
Xnvul Controversy
Ills lit anil Feverish Haste ii
Cause of Uarni to III Friends
Papers Mnj t Ho Mnele Public
lit Present Goaded ly Criticism
BOSTON March 1 Hear Admiral OV T
Sampson driven to deperatian bv news
paper criticisms is working hard on a
aolume of memoirs which is designed pri
marily to Indicate his- position In the
Morgan and Schley embrogllos
This fact was ascertained today at the
Oh irlesiown Navy Yard of which the ad
miral is the commandant
The admiral Is at work on his papers
This plpii remark by an of the
Uharkstown Navy Yard breathed the first
intimation that Admiral Sampson is preparing-
his memoirs that his official llfo
may he placed before posterity in its
proper light
The recent Morgan controersy has de
termined the rear admiral in his course
and he knows that if he writes his own
memoirs no unfortunate letters or ut
terances will creep In to cloud his acts
when the story of them is read In history
Rear Admiral Sampson Is non-committal
in tne matter Ills friends are diviJcJ
some denying that he is writing his ac
count of his actions others at the yard
i aying that it is eminently lifting that
the rear admiral should secure justice for
himself for the future inasmuch as the
present generation does not accord it
The Schley -Sampson embrogllo is what
lirst suggested the plan to the rear ad
miral As an officer In the navy he feels
that his lips are sealed as to his own
official acts against comment upon his
superiors In his memoirs there will be
ample Held for the play of his pen cither
for praise or for criticism
His personal reminiscences will enter
into the work hut the work will be foand
ed upon his naval career and present the
official correspondence which he has had
with the Navy Department and with men
of prominence outside since he became
prominent It will comprise a history of
the Spanish war from the SampMjn point
of v lew
It sot known how lone the admiral
will be at work on his papers or wheth
er they will be published during his life
time or whether he will present them In
autobiographical form or hand them down
hb memoirs
The Marquis De Tall rand provided
that his private papers should not be
published for 100 years after his death
and Rear Admiral Sampson may enter
tain this Idea The whole aim of the work
is that he may be Indicated in the eyes
of posterity
Some members of the family fear that
the admiral will break down under his
2lnil trouble over Gunner Morgan as he
is going to work at his literary indica
tion in a feerish haste that Is said to
bode no good to his physical and mentai
velfare He tias been acting in a some
what peculiar manner of late and Is so
wrought up oer the newspaper comments
and the epithets hurled at him in Con
gress that his frlenls entertain grave
doubts as to his future surmising that
the very fnct of his giving away to his
emotions suiuclently to write an auto
biography is an indication of an excited
condition which is undesirable to sa the
Rear ilinlrnl Cromwell to Take the
Snath Atlantic- station
Rear Admiral Bartlett J Cromwell
now commandant cf the League Island
Navy Yard near Philadelphia has been
selected to succeed Rear Admiral Wln
lleld S Schley as commander-in-chief of
the South Atlantic naval station Rear
Admiral John J Read now unassgned
will succeed Rear Admiral Cromwell as
commandant of the Ix uguo Island Yard
The orders detaching Rear Admiral
Schley ami directing his return to the
United States preparatory to retirement
will reach him at Montevideo some time
next month On being relieved by Rear
Admiral Cromwell he wH come to this
country and Mil probably be on waiting
orders until he Is placed on the retired
list In October next
The Vm York Deputy Surveyor May
I like- Iicnl Vclion
NEW YORK March 1 Theodore F
Reid one of the deputy surveyors In
volcd In the custom house shakeup
whose resignation has lxen asked for by
the Secretary of the Treasury Is likel
to resist the attempt to make him leave
the service There Is nothing In his case
reflecting an his Integrity but it is un
derstood that alleged Incfllc ency s the
basis for the request for his resignation
The story was told it the custom hjust
lod i that whin 1 special Treasury agent
came on from Washington not long ago
to look Into the methods of administra
tion of the surveyors department with a
view or improving the service he hai a
talk with Reid and was not Impressed
with the knowledge he showed of the
duties of his post ufler seven or eight
viars of service
When bei ii at the custom house lolay
Tield bild he had not resigned although
requested to do so and that he was i
ing onttrs una carrying on uie worn tn
his office He said he was not a Tarn
man De ni rat but was apiolnteJ by
Cleveland and voted for McKlnley asalnst
Mr Van Steenburgh Rcld s counsel
M client Is placed in a peculiar posli
tlou by reason of the fact that he Is a
veteran of the civil war Tne request for
his resignation Is tantamount to a dis
missal where no charge have been filed
The procedure would be to obtain a writ
of certiorari In the Federal courts to review-
the case My clients Interests will
certainly b protected
Daniel K Dnwllng the other deputy
surveyor who hid been asked to resign
said today I shall probably resign In a
lew dajs I do not know whether or not
there Is any politics In It but I notice
that twenty -six out of the thirty -one men
who are discharged Democrats
Secretary Mc Aneny of the Civil Service
Iteform Association said h thought the
Inspectors who had been dlse barged had
no chance to contest their removal as
their places had been abolished and the
system chai gel
Mxhtrd Oil lien r j nt MkIiUuII
lnit Jveiilii
NORrorK Va March 1 -The trans
port Rnwllnb passed In Cape Hour- at
nightfall She has on board a battalion of
Porlo Rlcaus now enlisted In the service
of the 1nited States Thej will take part
In the inaugural parode
Trains anil steamers leaving here to
night cairled great crowds of civilians to
Washington Such an exodus from Nor
folk save In times of panic was never
reen before
I lie MflrirlouH
In Uie serd of nlluai ttaliu lin plarrJ the
ldral wintrr reiorU ot tlie South in euc prulim
Ity to aolunston Ml the Seaboard vir lire
Hallway souUitra Ijor atul Jliiburkt are 1
than 12 Itonr and Camden 14 limn ride lite
treat Florida re oru arc Io tlun II our rid
Atlanta am all inu Siullmet arc rraitiaT
vU UtU route Through Pullman ferric anl diA
Inc can oface 1431 New crk Avenue or IVuii
IrauU JUIlrod agent
IiBiuljer iirlrrs to Mtilt Try iin with
jour nt Luildleg Hooriii fl 15 up Lllbrj
zr j -a
Lumber iunlltle the best
Vr are thmfure after the bc t trade
U Co
i ve m t
i KfiJfc
Ctiltnn Pnrtli H to Honor flip Constitu
tional Coin ration
HAVANA March 1 The political par
ties here am prtpirlng a demonstration
In honor of the constitution il convention
La Nacion the organ of General Col
lazo who is noted for the violent nrtkics
he has written against the Americans
says that the self seeking policy of the
Cubans themselves justltlcs the oft-repeated
saving tint Cubans are not fit to
govern themselves Matters in the pres
ent crisis would not be so bad If there
were not i large numoor of Cubans who
are rejoicing at the prospect that the Isl
and will not be Independent
The constitutional convention is debat
ing the question of the best course to
pursue in v lew of the action of the Ameri
can Senate It Is isserted that some of
the delegates are In favor of 1 reaklng up
the convention while others wish to com
plete the work for which they were con
vened by formulating an election law The
opinion Is expressed that the conventon
might have proved less radical If the Ad
ministration had offered a prospect of i
reduction in the tariffs on Cuban sugar
and tobacco It is thought that the con
vention Ii is gone too far now to recede
even if Congress supports President M
vpcelnc ConipIfilntN VmUciI for by
Colonel IIIIki
HAVANA March 1 Colonel Blls Col
lector of Customs has written to the
Havana Board of Trade saving that the
latter has made specific complaints
against the customs rules and regulations
He suggests that the board of traJe ap
point a commission carefully to review
the regulations formulate complaints
and meet him in conference regarding
proopectlve changes in the tariffs
Colonel Loss savs he presumes these
changes will have to be subordinate to
the prime necessity of raising suit dent
revenue In regard to any redlstrlbut oa
of the tariffs it will have to be remem
bered that the lowering of duties on minj
articles of general consumption buch as
flour and rice will prove no gain to the
consumers as the merchants have forme 1
a ring and they would lie the onl ones
to benefit by a reduction in this class of
Fenor Canclo Secretary of Finance
savs that combinations among Importers
completely control the price of food
stuffs In Cuba The price of bread Is
the same now as It was before the In
tervention though the duty on flour has
been considerably reduced The price of
beef is also the same thotiKh the slaught
erers of cattle pa lonoM less a year
In municipal i barges than they paid dur
ing the Spanish regime
Fleeing Men ami Women Shot by
llexlcnn Troops
HERMOSILLO Mexico March 1 The
Government troops have adopted drastic
measures to rid the ranches and towns
of this State of Ytt0ul Indians who
while they pretend to belong to the peace
able element ot that tribe- are alleged to
be furnishing supplies to the Insurgents
A few dajs aso a number of ranches
bordering on the hostile country were
raided by detnehments of Government
troops and more than two hundred
Yaeiuls wen captured The other peace
able Yaquls In that section became
frightened over these raids and many
fled from their homes and sought refuge
in the mountains
One of thee lleelni parties of men
women and children was overtaken by a
force of Government troops in the Cerro
del Gallo and when they refused to halt
th v were Iln el on Eight of the Yaciuis
including two women were killed and
forty prisoners were taken
It Is now the policy of the Government
troops to take prisoner every Yaepil In
dian who cannot give a good account of
himself The are separated from their
families and deported to remote Interior
points of Mexico as fast as captured
The Old Mrvvnrt llnnxion In New
lurk Heine Removed
NEW YORK March 1 The famous
mansion that A T Stewart reared asa
home for himself more th in a quarter of
a century ago at 1ifth Avenue and
Thirtv -fourth Street which later was the
home of the Manhattan Club is being
torn down
The mansion cost more than JlOOOOOO
and It was bold for Its estimated value as
a pile of second bind building material
The terms of sale provide tint the last
vestige of the building shall be off the
ground in forty eight dajs Its eontruc
tlon required two vears When the work
men went to the roof ihev found It was
of Iron plate The contractors said they
wcre sure there was not another such
roof in New iorK The whole mansion Is
of iron anil stone the amount of wood In
it being Inconsiderable and confined for
the most part to doors and window
Rullders have awaited the demolition
witL Interest because of the secrets of
construction that trev expect to be dis
closed The in irble for the Interior fit
tings was used with such lavishness as
to make It practicallv a mansion of mar
ble rrom top to bottom Mr Slewart
had the trimmings made all in marble
iuarried espeel i for the mansion and
every piece or It was examined It is said
by the owner himself
One of the decorators engaged In the
decoration when tne hnue was built vis
ited It totiv He ex imlned some of the
work he did then and found It almost as
goexl us the d iv it was completed
Coiiicrnluliitcit for Viit ltiNlxtliiK Hie
Til re Haute Mnli
TERRE HAI TK Ind March 1 Sheriff
Iaslg has been holding something like a
public reception a stream of people call
ing to commend him for telling hs depu
ties not forclblv to oppose the mob that
ljnc hed Ward the negro It Is evident
that public sentiment Is not fully aroascd
to the horrors of the hanging and burn
ing of George Ward and the demonstra
tion at the sheriffs ofhee today would
seem to Indicate that no one will bo
punished for the lynching
The affair has caused consternation
umong the negroes in this part of the
Slate As the excitement deci eases among
the white people it Ini renses among the
negroes They are loud In their condem
nation of the Ttrrc Haute mob
Many negroes have lied from Torre
Haute to Llra7ll lad where there Is a
Targe negro popul itlon
shv RetnritH lrom Peorln til Her Cell
In lopi kn
TOPHKA Kiin March 1 Mrs Carrie
Nation returned to Topeka early today
from Peoria where she went to edit a
newspaper for a dav Ipou her arrival
here she went at once to tho countj Jail
where she gave herself over to the cus
tody of the xhcriff
The 2000 bond which Mrs Nation was
requested to give In fore she left the city
was canceled Her trill will come up at
the April term of the District Court
IIfIIkIiIIiiI Side Trip for Iiinusrural
Vlsltim A In Norfolk mid AVaxli
inton stenmers
The Tnajrniflreiit palace idi amrrs Newport Kewn
and Norfolk dally at fl XI p in from eoirpany
Wif foot of fuTMitli street lor Old Point Coin
fort vrort Nesm fiorfoIVand Virginia lleaih
fsrae and comfortable uiih ft aiu
heat and electric Iilditi Cuiinc the Ik pI the
marlccU of nadiincton and Norfolk afford V
rpccfal rltr ot S W for il lound trluilL b in
effect March 4 5 and C good to return wltliln
five dais 1 or naterooin reren ation ttlcilione
J Sec ad luse 11
Only Two Hundred Soldier- jlay
JieLcit iuCIiiiit
Hie 1 nlteil MntfN It In Reported
IV 111 follow the Political iniuiilc
of Russia Hiifditloii Irepnrn
tloiis Continued Ii Other 1orccN
LONDON March L A despatch from
Pckln to the Morning Post dated Feb
ruary a savs tint the United States has
Instructed that the Americpn troops be
withdrawn with the exception of 100 for
duty in Tientsin and 10o to guard the
legation at Pekln
The despatch ndds that the United
Suites Is folloA Inir the example of Russia
politically and villi have a smaller mili
tate representation that that Power
Meanwhile the German Trench and
Uritlsh commanders have been ordered to
continue their preparations for the
prompt despatch of an expedition If the
Court again becomes recalcitrant
Acting under orders from the Secretary
of State both Minister Conger and Spec
cial Commissioner Rnckhdl have protest
ed to the other fori ign representatives at
Tekln against any seizure b foreign
Governments of property in Pekin for
the use of legations Mr Conger report
ed to the State Department that he be
lieved such seizures were to be made and
the Instructions to protest and to pace
the American Government on record as
against arbitrary action of that charac
ter were sent to him When Mr Rock
hltl relieved Mr Conger of his diplomatic
duties he renewed the protest Ink Gov
ernment holds that property In Peain
snouia dc acquired purchase
Natives Thirtj Mile From Clipe
Tiiun Mrlcken
CAPE TOWN March 1 Bubonic plague
has appeared among the natives emplojed
In the De Beers dvnamite factory at Som
erset West Strand a village on False
Bay about thirty miles from Capo Town
An official plague report shows that four
patients from that place were admitted
to the hospitals iiere Two cases are un
der observation In ward 78 of the contact
Illcjlity of Ivlfelicner s hennts Surren
der to the Ilorrs
LONDON March 1 Under date of to
day General Kitchener telegraphs to the
War Office from Pretoria that General De
Wet has oeen forced north of the Orange
River and Is now outside of the Cape
Colony He adds that two hundied
prisoners have been taken
A superior Roer force attacked eighty of
General Kitcheners scouts and after a
prolonged tight In which the British lost
twenty men the scouts surrendered
The- Prime Minister iverts n Pruh
nlile Cabinet Crisis
PARIS March 1 Much interest was
manifested here ii the outcome of an in
terpellation by M Zeraes In the Chamber
of Deputies today- on ctorlcil Interference
in political affairs
Some of the papers predicted that the
result would be the fall of the Ministry
but Prime Minister Waldeck Rousseau
deftly turned the Issue by showing how- he
had censured the Bishop of Grenoble
whose interference was the basis of M
Zeraes interpellation the censure having
been made under the existing law
It is daily becoming clearer that M
Is a parliamentarian
of the llret order
Commerce Pnrnlj icil by the Hoik
Lai liorers strike
3rARbILLig March 1 The strike of
dock laborers is assuming large propor
tions Vessels are unabli to discharge
tin lr cargoes and trade Is becoming par
alyzed or Is being diverted to Genoa and
Mnnj Pi rnoim Frozen t Death In
ODESSA March 1 The recent blWznrd
killed thirty veil person i here and twenty-six
bodies of persons frozen to death
have been found between Radzelnala and
I to Celebrate Ills Mne ty
Annlv ersnry Indiij
ROME March 1 The Pope will cele
brate his ninety first birthday tomorrow
His physician Dr Mazzoni said today
Ills Holiness Is In marvelous health
He shows no sign of diminishing vigor
a miraculous thing In a man of his age
It Is said that the Pope had a narrow
escape from a serious accidi nt v hlle cele
brating mass on Wednesday through the
aeldental filling of a heavy brass candle
stick that had been Insecurely plueed on
the altar
Jniimi to OhNc rve the ituM of the
Cilllinllnil tiiiv eminent
VANCOUVER B C March 1 -11
Shlmlzu Jnpanc ie Consul for Canada and
seviril British Coumblan Government
delegates returned from Interviewing the
Canadian Govimment today Tho Consul
pleaded with the Canadian Government to
disallow th Natal act passed In British
Columbia excluding all coolie emigrants
by educational test and he latter urged
the Canadlm Government to let It stand
It Is understood that the Canadian Gov
ernment has decided to veto the British
Columbia Immigration legislation to keep
out Japanese Siiimlzu said In an lntr
vlew today- that owing to the desire of his
Government to continue Its friendly rela
tions with the Cundiin Government and
to promote trade no more cocie Immi
grants would bo permitted to enter Can
ada from Japan so long as it is di sired
to kt ep them oat
J II eiionle Jr Snll
LONDON March 1 Joseph II Chnite
jr Third Secretary of the American Ein
liassy In London sailed for Ni York
tod ly on tho American Line ste unship
St Louis
Oeciiil Mrnntnltlp Vlov
NEW YORK Mirch 1 Arrived cut
LAqultalne from New York at Havie
HiriiuKli Pnrlnr Cur to Atlantic City
Via IrnuHi lv imln Itlltlrofuf
Compiiiicing fiflay March 8 Uirouh Pullman
buffet parloi ear will be operated hc tiiem Wash
ington and Atlantic City Washington
12 13 p nc dally eiccpt Su and arriving
Vtlantie City 5 K p nu Retumlinr coinmcneni
March 0 luie Atlantic tlty 10 00 a nr week
days arrhintr Washington 3 10 p m
riii icati
poivr ifnno
Mlllvtorl scrndiM ull rliriit nnd
wiiic doers IV 1 1 taili at tilu and 1 kic
Men In the tehrnskn lriiitentlnrj
Sheltered in 1 einpornry Quarters
LINCOLN Nib March 1 j The 2S3
prisoners In the Nebraska State peniten
tiary ale tonight herded in the only por
tion of the building left standing the east
wing which Is entirely devoid of cells or
fittings The men are lying on stiaw
strewn over the floor and are guarded by
All dav the men wero kept at work In
the uninjured shops At meal tlmo the
warden and his assistants stood In the
centre of the bic court ad with quanti
ties of bologna sausage and hundreds of
loaves ot bread which were cut Into
slices bj convict assistants and distri
buted to the prisoners as they came tip
In double file
Thu body of the convict who purpose
ly allowed himself to be suffocated was
found this afternoon in the extreme cor
ner cell of the third story tlei When ths
men hail been released In the night he
lurned in the shadow of the wall and
crawled back inside He went back up
two flights of stairs aril hiding In a cell
least IKely to reached by rescuers ho
lay on the floor pillowed his head on his
arms and died J he llamcg evnly rllghtly
scorched him
The theorv most accepted Is that the
blaie was started bv some convict who
hoped to escape In the confusion lhe
panic among the trapped pHsoners was
caused bv the firt that the warden de
lned in releasing them until all hope of
saving the cell house was goc
lhe Mnlnttini Penalty Imposed on
the nrs Mini
NEW YORK March 1 Edward A
Leasure who on April 3 last shot and
killed George Crotty was nNalyned be
fore Judge Hurd In the County Court of
Brooklyn this morning for sentence
Leasure was the electrician on the liattle
ship Oregon In the war with Spain and
manipulated the -searchlights Df the ves
sel during the blockade of Cerv eras Heet
In the harbor of Santiago
Leasure pleaded guilty to manslaughter
In the second degree He said that he
shot Crotty in elf defcnce The two men
quarreled over a woman and later In the
evening m t In rifty thlrd Street near
their homes Leasure said that Crotty
was lying behind a tree in ambush to
assault him
When he was led forth to hear his sen
tence today Judge Hurd aid
I am sorry that I cannot show clem
ency In this matter of
Crotty was without the slightest Justifica
tion The sentence of this court Is that
you be confined In Sing Sing prison for a
term of fifteen ear at hard labor
lhe scntmce is tho maximum penalty
for the charge Leasure Is thirty -three
ears old
KesulnrN Utiell the Mntlnj niiin
evv lurk Reerults
ENNIS Tex March 1 A squad of reg
ulars from San Antonio arrived here this
morning and the trouble with the Nt
York recruits was quelled go that the
train got away tonight
The iren arrived here on- vednesday
night spending the night It lhCs place
They received liberty for a hort period
while a flaw in the tranpcrlaon schedule
was being perfected during vnjlch time a
portion of them old their Coii for liquor
They became unmanageable nud when tho
officer In charge attempted to use his au
thority he found he had no Influence over
them Tho men who obeyed order i were
few in number the rest lighting and quar
reling amung themselves
A few of them were subdied by violent
means and were chained tothelr seats
and to posts The others were driven Into
the coaches by the civil officers and locked
in under guard The autt6rities at Wash
ington were Informed as were the depart
ment headquarters at San Antonio
The older men who came today say the
riiokies will get a taste of discipline nt
San Antonio that will teach them they are
regulars and not volunteei The train
started this afternoon for illusion with
the doors still locked and the regulars on
guird with loaded rifled
A IlKlitu With Two Des
perate 1
CLAYSVILLE Pa Mureh 1 An un
known burglar vas shot and killed and
his partner capture d early this morning
by- Constable John Necjy after a desper
ate fight
The residences of Dr J Ml Spronls I
G Porter 11 B Martin and James Mc
Cnne were robbed In the night of jew
elry and money amounting to fkOOO Neely
was told early in the morning that two
men were In an old house Jubt outside
the town eating breakfast He went out
and walked In ordering them to hold up
their hands One of the men struck him
in the face with an iron bar knocking
out three tilth The other lired at him
with a revolver shooting at him three
times mid missing s
Then Nely drew his revolver and shot
the m in with the Iron lnr hitting him In
tho forehead anil killing him lhe other
Jumid through a window- and escaped
but was captuied after Hi chase of an
The prisoner refuses to tt II anything
about the diad burglar Or himself The
goods were all found n tiem nnd In the
old building
The YV Vlurileri r it to Hie on the
ATLANTA Gi MareV J -James L
Baker the convicted git oft rtspitel
wife murderer villi not die oi the gil
lows Governor Candler un recommenda
tion of the prisoi commission y c sterday
commuted the death sentence to life Im
Baker has lien respited live times Ills
crime was an atrocious one but senti
ment h is gruivn in his favor and the
commutation was grnntnu because of a
serious doubt as to his sanity
Employer of Another 1nlernon Vlltl
V ill Out
PATERSON N J March 1 Thewriv
ers employ id at Prank -v Dugan s silk
mill will go on strike tomorrow This
was d elded at tho mass meeting of
weavers tonight held for the purpose of
hearing reports from all the mills as to
the risult of the demand for a hlgln r
and uniform schedule of wages
Frank Dugans weaver reported that
the company refused to grant the In
eiease nnd leftised Jo put lhe weavers on
piecework which was iitirt f lle J1
lnand nude The weiv rs from Pelgram
- Meiers mill nportr d that that com
pany hail uffere el nn Iiict a c of 6 per cent
at once and inothtr 5 per cent on April 1
A similar reixirt was retelved from John- I
son Cow din Ve Cot mill
lhe meeting could not decide on any
course of nction as to these mius as cue
reports from many of the either ndlls
vcr Incomplete and unsatisfactory
lhe weavers of X M ILevyi mill ate
still on strike
to Iliiltlmore mill Ititnin v In
It O S ntnrdiij no el inuiilnj
Slarcli 2 and 3 ncxid for return until following
Momlii riclrtt gojd un all lrain eacecit Itoja
Cures c crrina and all tvlu el euc
onr Iuml
era too erualiti low price
llll Mill
r Ubtioj A Co
An KiiiJnisiaMic Welcome Eientl
ed in ISnliirgii
Processions of the tttlvrs Held In
Honor of the Amerlean 1 Isltors
ProHperonM Crops Grently Aid In
tfce Pnclllcntlon of the Irov Ince
BALANGA Province of liataan Luzon
March 1 The members of the Philippine
Commission arrived here today In the
course of their tour of the Island for the
purpose of establishing civil governments
In the various prov Inces
They were received enthusiastically by
the natives Four hundred galleys and
houseboats were decorated in honor of the
visit A dozen bands and a number f na
tive girl serenaders welcomed the
nnnnrfl no Iht linil fmm ttiolt fnftneTv
from the beach to headquarters the route
being through streets that have received
American names Thousands of persons
nsccmblcd on the housetops to witness tho
procession On many of the houses Amer
ican flags vere displayed
Later In the day there were processions
of police citizens and school children
Extensive n building is being carried on
and the teiwn shows other evidences ofJ
protperlty Including a number of public
The officers of the Thirty -second Infan
try who are doing garrison duty here
report that the province Is In a satisfac
tory condition Its paclflcntlon having
been aided by good rice and sugar crops
The Insurrectos are drifting throJgh the
mountains beyond the province
A majority of the towns are adequitely
protectesl against ladrones The peaceful
natives are constantly gaining strength-
lhe Pllinit f the Mob Dill ot
elude Miontliifr
COLUMBIA S C March 1 Tt devel
ops according to the story of a man who
probably took part in the mobbing of
James W Tolbert at McCormick last
week that their purpose was not to kill
him but to box him up In a crate and
ship him to relatives In Anderson
A dozen masked men told Tolbert they
were going to 3hlp him out of town He
ran and they gave chase A young man
named W H Martin who was In Tol
bert s path tried to catch him He theu
fired on Martin and the pursuers shot
Tolbert down
The men had arranged with the railroad
to receive Tolbert boxed up In a crate
Tolbert swears he will prosecute the
ringleaders when he recovers
Ami KstlinutCM for the- ConiiitK Y enr
VIide Public
LONPON March 1 William St John
Brodrlck Secretary of State for War has
issued the army estimates for the coming
llnancial year He asks Parliament for
XS79150Ui of which JWS0K will be de
voted to South Africa
Up states that the estimate under this
head is based on the assumption that fot
the Jlrst fpur months the Held force In
South ATrica will b maintained at Its
full strength ami that there will be a
gradual diminution after that time The
estimates do not Indicate sweeping
schemes of army reform
The cost or keeping the British troops
In China during the coming- y car Is esti
mated at i2llW00
All Hallways Entcrliitc ChlcilKo Un a
lllc IIiinIuc m
CHICAGO March 1 Railroad traffic
last month broke the February record on
every road catering Chicago The volume
of business from the beginning to the
end of the month was a marvel to traffic
The outlook for March bulness is ex
ceedingly promising Westbound mer
clnnellse Is now moving In uiprecedented
lv large volume so there is as much
westbound as catbound traffic
A Itnce Crimnile Inlked of in At
lanta Gn
ATLANTA Ga M irch 1 The police
have in custexly three negroes who answer
the description of the man who assaulteel
Mrs Buchanan at her home here yester
day They are waiting until she is strong
enough to see them when an effort villi
be made to secure an Identification
Chief Manly ordered the arreit of every
loiterer and suspicious cturacter and
twenty negroes are now confined at police
barracks on this charge Excitement is
still rampant and demands are being made
on the authorities that they institute a
crusade against the negroes Infesting the
city who It Is bellevid aro responsible
for the many bold robberies In the last
thirty days
Vn lurk Pollee A islt lllic Place for
the rifts -third Time
NEW YORK March 1 Police Commis
sioner Murphy received today the reports
he had Instructed the precinct command
ers to forward to him describing the
character and location of every known
and suspected Illegal resort in the city
Two days ago Colonel Murphv promised
to the reporters that when he obtained
these reports he would outline the plans
he Ind ill view for the suppression of
gimbUng and disorderly houses
He sold todiy with a laugh that he
was unable to lill the contract He gave
the Impression that the reports were sa
voluminous as to need time to digest
lhe police went Into the raiding busi
ness once more todav W Ith the Commit
tee ot fifteen watching the uptown
trinibUne houses und District Attorney
Phllbln ready to make trouble downtown
the police pit ked out The Allens West
slue Club at JJ Sivth Avenue where
Alle n has long defied attempts to put him
out of business
The raid was not a success and after
tlulr two captives hid been disch irged
in Jefferson Market Court for lack of
evidence the raiders sent their regrets to
Commissioner Murphy and a formal re
nort that they had been unable to find
any gambling going on
loll iv s riiel was the fifty third made
on Allens places Thlrtv four indict
ments hue been founel ngilnst him
A few of the larger gambling houses
were doing business tonight but only pa
trons who were well known to the doer
keepers were aelmlttetl lhe knowledge
that the Committee of riftcen has In Its
possession a whole hatch of warrints anil
Hint another raid may take pi ice any
night has for the time being driven
most of tin- gamblers out of business
William II ilildwiu Jr of the fift 2n
commenting on Colonel Murphys asser
tion that them was no open gambling In
the city now said today
i would like to believe that Commis
sioner Murphy Is right but I believe that
he is tiling tlelueled Tnie will tell We
know that some of the big gambling
houses which expected raids last night
were dosed It Is not the object of this
committee to go eiut raiding witli a brass
band We ttrtnlnlv don t intend to ac
eommenlite the gamblers when they most
expect us
Ply mis Illmllies College Sth and K
Dullness Shorthand Ty peTltInB J5 a jcar
Illinill lellH
the Creat MMicinc
No I rloorlnr C Pine tjtSOtl
at Ctli and X
per 100 K It CIcu one
1 u
Steel Cnmiiniilm Advise Their Stork
holders to Accept Mnrsniiii Offer
NEW YORK March 1 Circulars are
being sent out bv the directors of the
steel companies combined In the United
States Steel Corporation advising that
the stockholders change their stock for
the stock of the new- company under the
terms offere d
The Chairman of the Teder a Steel Com
pany said today that directors of his
company had informally considered the
proiwsitlon made by the Morgan syndi
cate and all had practically agreed to
accept it He explained that It would
not be necessary for the stockholders to
vote on the proposition as there is noth
ing to hinder a stockholder from exchang
ing I1I3 holdings for those of the new
company it was expected that what the
large stockholders did would be followed
by the smaller stockholders
Chilrman John W Gates of the Amer
ican StCCl and Wire kI1 IVtr
dlrta tors of hl3 company had also agreed
A detachment of scout escorted thenr syndicate te3 e MS 0rT
gan He further M thu nil
of the other companies had so far asr he
knew taken similar action and apparent
ly there was no hitch of any kind
Regarding a Philadelphia despatch
stating that the Pennsylvania Steel Cam
bria bteel and Bethlehem Steel Com
panies were going to a com
munity of Interests In competition with
tho United States Steel Corporation
Chilrman Baldwin the agent in this clty
or the Pennsylvania Steel Company said
There Is no truth In the report of a
new- steel combiner to tight the United
Slates company On the contrary I
think the new corporation will be a good
thing andI will be pleased to see Itgo
The Dominion Iron nnd bteel Com
pany ot tn ell Out
MONTREAL March l President Whit
ney ot the Dominion Iron and Steel Com
pany and A J Moxnm the general man
ager arrived here and were In con
ference most of the day with a number of
prominent Montreal men interested In the
Mr Whitney- subsequently stated that
the conference had nothing to do with the
reported purchase of the company by the
Morgan syndicate and Mr Whitney
We have neither consummated such a
deal nor thought of it We have had no
negotiations with Mr Morgan nor his syn
dicate We have an excellent property in
Cape Breton and we are not likely to part
with it
We are going to develop It ourselves
and will enter Into competition with the
big American concern and we believe we
can produce Iron and steel as cheap If not
a good deal cheaper than our American
rival I believe we can do it a good deal
A SeitTO Prisoner Act 3In Cost IHni
Ills Life
NEW ORLEANS March l John Tun
sell a negro confined in the Wcstwego
Jail In Jefferson Parish opposite New Or
leans charged with highway robbery got
possession of some matches and tried to
burn the Jail which Is a wooden building
He sue ceeded for the jail was complete
ly destroyed by lire but tho negro could
not escape from the flames and was him
self so badly burned that he was brought
to the Cliartty Hospital In this city In a
critical condition
Two PerNoitK Ilurneil to Death
Other bertoiifily Hurt
charred bexlies were taken Out of the
Leary building at Mill and Piatt Streets
this afternoon after the firemen had sub
dued a lire that destroy ed the three upper
doors ot the building and damaged the
two lower floors The fire was caused by
an explosion of the fumes ot gasoline on
the third floor where sixty girls and
twenty men were at work for the Seneca
Camera Company
The girls escaped by- climbing a ladder
and going through a skylight to an ad
joining building The employes of Bridge
ton s factory which Is In the neighbor
hood seized blankets and ordered several
men who were clinging to windows on
the third story to jump They uid so one
at a time
Edward Tlee anil William Roeynk were
caught and escaped with their lives al
though one Is Mill in great danger I rinK
Udell missed the blanket and turned over
twice before he struck the sidewalk He
may live although he Is frightfully In
Lieut Kelcev Martin of the tire deport
ment was struck bv a piece of wood and
knocked from the top ot a ladder His
leg was broken Six others were injured
by leaping from the fourth floor D W
Allen and T Conrad of New York City
were In the office of the Seneca Camera
Company when the explosion took pace
Both men were batlly burned before they
could escape They went to a hospital
I ati this afternoon one of the bodies
was Identified as that of John Henry- Tha
other body which is that of a lioy Is srp
peised to be Prank Meyer
The damage to the building- Is estimated
at J131KW the total loss bclnjr fcWOOO
From on the ISiiKton Craft Is
BOSTON March 1 Independence Is
the name which will be emblazoned on
the Liwon cup defender Mr Law son
gave out the name this afternoon saying
Mr CrownIuhield s beautiful creation
is from now on the Independence Al
though no one can now predict with any
degree of certainty how she will race or
what her position will be at the finish
whenever she does nice 1 can nsstire nil
her well wishers tint she will never belie
her n ime
Work on the Indepemlence was contin
ued today with unceasing zeal The train
ing up cannot be completed before Tues
The- Ire liMirj Department tn
the Loss of the Kill
The Treasury Department is determined
tint the invelIgation of the disaster to
the- steamship Rio dc Janeiro at San
Francisco by which scores of passengers
lost their lives shall be as searching as
possible to determine the responsibility
of the Life Saving Service In the matter
The depirtment his been officially in
formed of the investigation already or
dered bv the superintendent of the Fort
Paint Llfo S iv ing st itlon and heartily ap
proves it ihis villi be conducted by
Superintendent Blakeny nnd Inspector
Mutiger The superintenelent was also
intomicd ycsterdiy of the stitcment
made bv the Norweglm Mark Ellison
the surfmaii who is on watch at the
Fort IVInt station when the disaster oc
curred eirbodvlng the confession that
he heard signals of distress but did not
heed them Superlntenelant Klmbill of
the Life Saving Service slid yesterday
that In all the histon of the senile a
case of negligence of duty had never
occurrcil and he deslris to make an ex
ample of tho present Instance provided
eiit inwailtmtlon shows that somtliody is
I guiltv lie approves the Immediate sus
pension Ol ftlirilllUll AUI Ull IUIM UIJ
IVorfolfc A AVantilnirteili Stenniliont Co
Delightful trips daily at C 30 p m from loot
7th -a to Old Point Comfort ewport News
Norfolk and the ioulh tor Khedulc set i age H
Two ircrut paid on depOMt Mibjtct to check
Union lu t ami Morale Co llll F tt
o 1 Partition N C Pine tfSSO
per 100 hi ft Clear T eV f beaded S sidea lyr
I Mtibry i Co
Price One Cent
The -Kipper Kill Awaiting tlio
Jtneiiiors Signature
The ew Clinrtrr far Ilttnliurpj 11
leuheny and Srrniiton Anr
Id Tlit InsnrRFiit Une tlem Prac
tically Iepjlilnteit Ont of Power
PITTSBURG March 1 Ripper
bill has been passed by the Pennsylvania
I eglstature and Is in the hands of Gov
ernor Stone who Is expected to sign It
In a few- days Within thirty days ot
the date- on whiclt he signs the bill Gov
ernor Stone will appoint an entirely- new
set of municipal officers foe Pittsburgv
The mayor the three directors of depart
ments the city attorney and the sinking
fund commisiioners will be removed and
In their places adherents of Senator Quay
wlll be Installed In office For more than
twelve years the city councils have elect
ed these officers but In future the city
recorder will appoint them
The Ripper bill alttcts the three cities
of the second class rittsburg Allegheny
City and Scranton But the bill was
passed for the purpose of ousting State
Senators C L Magee and William Fllnn
from political control of Pittsburg Alle
gheny City and Sera ton Quay towns
are onlv Included because the constitution
forbids special legislation for Individual
cities In Allegheny City only the pres
ent mayor J G Wyman will lose his
place his successor will reappoint tho
present Incumbents of the other offices
The ripper bill provides that the Gov
ernor shall appoint a city recorder for
each ot the three cities and the recorders
shaH appoint the officers named above
As the State constitution provides that
no elective municipal official may be re
moved during his term of office to make
way- for another man preferred by the
Legislature the ripper bill abolishes tho
office of mayor and names a city recorder
to perform his duties The present mayor
of Pittsburg W J Diehl has publicly an
nounced that he will not give up his office
until the courts have decided against him
Mayor Wyman of Allegheny has placed
big bolts on his office door and says hi
sucesscr will not be permitted to take
Four years ago an attempt was nade
by the Quay men to pass a ripper bill
bjt the opposition in Pittsburg was so
great even from the enemies of the local
Republican machine thit the project was
abandoned Several months ago how
ever Senator Flinn caused the council to
eject Edward M Blgeiow director of pub
lic works from othcewlthout a hearing
and now the only opponents of the rip
per are nearly- all adherents of the local
The new bill is really a new charter for
cities of the second class with a clause
incorporsited removing- the mayor and
all the officers elected by councils Mayor
Diehl was elected two years ago by U0M
The Governors appointee will
hold office until Februarv IMS when a
successor will be elected by the people
The new charter places all power and re
sponsibility In the recorders hands
Ileretofore the mayor has been a figure
Hlte IiliiM ami Roliertsau Gi Over to
the Gun 3Iatrnatc
more Re publicans Representatives Hitch
ins and Robertson of Wilmington went
to the support of Addlcks at Dover to
day giving him twenty two votes for the
short term Senatorship
When all the members are present this
leaves seven Republicans yet standing
out The desertion of llltchlns and Rob
ertson has been expected for some time
and there was no excitement when tho
two men changed today as their action
hail been anticipated and conceded Rob
ertson represents a district in which tho
majoritv ot Republicans are aga nst the
election of Vdnitki mid nc was nominated
and elected on that grounC In lt3i and
again in 1300
The votes todav showed no other change
and it is still believed that the Republi
cans will not furnish enough votes to
Addlcks to elect him
Yesterday ChniiireH In the Unllcit of
Utile- MKillllclllle e
LINCOLN Neh March 1 Only three
changes occurred in todays balloting
each of no significance The vote was -
Short term D E Thompson 3S HW
shaw 12 Martin I Harlan 3 Dietrich
i Harrington Fusion C Berg Fusion
5 Allen rusion 43 scattering 9
Long term Meiklejohn 33 Rosewater
13 Currie 11 Crounse 6 Hitchcock Fu
sion 19 W II Thompson Fusion 15
silent Clinnues In the ISaHstisz at
HELENA Mon March 1 Conrad gain
ed Jive votes in the Joint ballot for Sena
tor today Trank gained one and Mac
GinnLs lost three
The vote was Carter 2 Frank 10
Conrad 13 Cooper MacGlnnis S Toole
The Golden Rule Mayor AVillliir
to Run Once More
TOLKDO Ohio March L Golden
Rule Mnyor Sam Jones Issued a Ions
manifesto today announcing his candi
dacy for the third term for mayor of tle
Petltieins were circulated and signed by-more-
than 3000 voters asking him to run
as an independent candidate
He says he Is convinced that the peopla
want him again hence his candidacy
History- of a Pair of
RICHMOND Va March 1 A G Pret
low ot Powhatan County showed to his
friends here today a peculiar pair of spec
tacle vv orn for in iny j ears by Thomas
Jefferson The lenses are of the exact
size of a dime They are set In very sub
stintlal frames of solid silver nnd made
by a Philadelphl i firm still In existence
Some time ago Mr Pretlow wrote to
know If the gla jes were really made for
Jefferson and received In reply a letter
from the house s ty Ing that on a certain
date of about a century ago a pair of
spect icles were made by the house for
Mr Thomas Jefferson of Charlottes
vlle Va and describing the glasses
The description shows the spectacles In
Pietlow s po esslon to be those of
Thomas Jefferson beyonel nutston Pret
low Inheriteel the glasses Jle Is a di
r ct descendant of the great statesman
The Treaty Mntutt Viiclinngved
The State Department Is still without
Information as to th attitude of the Brit
ish Government concerning the Senate
amendments to the Hay Pauncefoto
Treaty Nothing has been heard from
any quarter to change the conviction of
the department that the answer of Great
Britain will i ermlt the treaty to lie saved
before March I when It will expire Ly
l2 To a nil lletnrn KI25
inrnnajllliiilil llnilronil
Ticket on aalc Saturday and Similar Jlareh
and a good to return until vfonelav vlarch t
All trains except Congressional Limited
lleaeliiunrtem for low- Lumber price
and rottaxe bninlins materiala at 6th and Jt
are nw

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