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The Senate Increases Hie Items and
Adopts the Measure
lions- Omnibus Public ItuililiiiRH Ai
iirniiriiitionx fto TIirouKh Mr IVt
tlcrriv riinnir IIIr Mind Mr flny
on tin- McnriiEUn Cnmil Attain
The Senate yesterday passed the last of
the appropriation bills the General De
ficiency measure The measure as it
passed the House appropriated 12500437
As reported from the Senate Committee
on Appropriations that sum is Increased
by H67SW making the total HM3
As the bill was being read action was
taken on the committee amendments and
they were all agreed to The bill covered
12 printed paces
The principal Items or increase are J00
S97 to jiay judgments of the Court of
Claims 3978 Tor deficiencies in the
postal service J3S09C9 for -the equipment
of naval vessels and J157SG for reimburse
ment of the Cubnn revenues for expenses
incurred In conducting the Investigation
of the receipts and expenditures of the
Island under the Bacon resolution
The following amendment was offcrcJ
by r Gallinger and adopted
That of the unexpended balance of
the appropriation for repairs tD the Aque
duct Bridge District of Columbia th
sum of 5145 may be used under th di
rection of the Secretary of War for the
temporary protection of said bridge and
the further sum of 30 may be used
for obtaining plans and estimates for re
builaing said bridge the said amounts t
be immediately available
After the committee amendments had
lecn disposed of the bill was open to gen
eral amendment Numerous changes of
an unimportant character were offered
and most of them were ruled out oa
points of oruer One amendment appro
propriating 2000 for the purchase of tni
copyright of the Government register an
directory belonging to the estate cf Ben
Perley Poore formerly a Washington tor
respondent and committee clerk was
n greed to
An amendment to give a months extra
pay to the employes of Congress was of
fered and agreed to Mr Hale remark
ing that there was no power In heaven or
among men to stop it
An amendment also prevailed providing
that ofhccis and enlisted men who served
In the forces during the war
with Spain and who were discharged after
August 12 1S33 shall receive an extract
months pay The Deficiency bill was
then passed
The House Omnibus Public Buildings
bill was taken np and was oppesed by Mr
Piatt of Connecticut who caliea attention
to the fact that the bill Increased by
J22030 the cost of the buildings provided
Mr Wellington taunted Mr Piatt with
opposition to the bill while he had not
appropriations amounting to
1 think said Mr Piatt that one ap
propriation bill which passed the Senate
carries 15000000 less than it would have
carried if I had not been on the commit
tee which reported It
Mr Carter expressed the opinion that
public buildings constituted the worst
place for an attempt at economy The
appropriations of the present session he
said were calculated to challenge the at
tention of the country although the most
strenuous efforts had been made to keep
them down It was true that the JjWMrJ
appropriation for the St Louis Exposition
might have been left out but it was
questionable whether it would have been
sound public policy to have disregarded
that great exposition The pension appro
priations had been larger than ever be
fore he declared
Mr Gallinger Just the sime
Mr Carter But the number of private
pension bills that have been passed In this
Congress Is greater than the number
passed at any previous Congresses e
are about to close this Congress and I do
not think we can make a record of econ
omy by keeping down the appropriations
for public buildings
Mr Fairbanks Chairman of the Com
mittee on Public Buildings and Grounds
explained that the increase mentioned was
not really an Increase of the
lions UUL wa viij x
limit of cost and that figure was Jl40000 j
less than recommenaeo uy me iciui
llr Pettus gave a humorous sketch of
his failure to have a Government building
erected In his own town In Alabama As
a reason for the failure he said senten
tlously We live too near the sun
The bill was then passed
llr Allison Chairman cf the Committee
on Appropriations said that the Senate
had reached a point In its business where
a practical arraiigenein - 7- -
made He proposed that at 530 o clock in
the afternoon a recess should take place
till 8 J and that at 1030 a further recess
should bo taken till 3 oclock today That
was agreed to by unanimous consent
Mr Pettlgrcw asked the Chair whether
he would not have a vote on his resolution
to disharge the Committee on Education
and Iabor from further consideration of
the Eight Hour bill
The Presiding Ofilcer Mr Frye In
formed him that there would be a morning
ErS lon on Monday but on Mr Hoars
suggesting that this was the last legisla
tive day of the session the Presiding Offl
er corrected his first Ftatement and said
that Mr Hoar was clearly right
Mr Pettlgrcw said he had not Insisted
on his resolution because he was assured
he could have a vote upon it lie now
asked for unanimous consent to have a
Objection was made and Mr Pettlgrcw
declared that he would object to every
other request for unanimous consent He
did so for a few minutes but afterward
when Mr Gallinger asked unanimous con
sent for the consideration of House bills
they were unobjected to
In pursuance of previous notice Mr Clay
addressed the Senate in advocacy of a
Nicaragua Canal bill
At the close of Mr Clays remarks the
Senate proceeded to executive business
and afterward at 530 took a recess till 8
Mr lcttlttrew OliJeclM to ConIdcrn
tlon of Deficiency 1H II
In the Senate yesterday the conference
report on the Legislative Executive and
Judicial Appropriation bill was presented
and agreed to
Mr Hale reported the Deficiency bill
from the Committee on Appropriations
and asked for Its Immediate considera
Objection was made by Mr Pettlgrcw
who Insisted that the regular morning
business should be proceeded with and
that a vote should be taken on the reso
lution offered by him Friday In rela
tion to safety appliances on railroad cars
and engines He said that the friends of
the railroad companies had talked out the
two hours of Friday morning and that
the refusal of a vote would not facilitate
The question Is not debatable Mr Al
dricli Interposed
There will be a debatable question In
Untnre Hint to L of Food Tlint 1m
It Is Interesting to know that food alone
If of the right kind will surely cure most
A young lady In Corry Pa was se
riously 111 as the result of two serious
falls and from overwork was an Invalid
for five years She says It was Impos
sible to gain strength I had to lie down
most of every afternoon whether 1 had
company work or pleasure I wanted e cr
so much to enjoy
Two months ago I began using Grapc
JCuts Food and experienced a gain In
Oircngth at once In less than a week I
did not require more than an hours rest
and now when I have eaten my dinner
of which Grape Nuts forms the most
part 1 am not obliged to go to bed but
go to work or play Instead I am always
hungry for Grape Nuts for they satisfy
som graving I can scarcely define
A Menu of mine Is nursing a
baby She Is Inordinately fond
of Grape Nuts Food but found it neces
sary to forego tha luxury of the usual
amount because It Increased the flow of
milk eo much as to cause discomfort
Name can bo given by Postum Cereal
---Ltd Battle Creek Mich
two minutes Mr Pettlgrcw replied and
It will be debated too I shall protect
myself by ever possible rule that I tan
Mr Piatt said that no member of the
Senate had a right to say that he should
have a vote on any particular subject or
that he would do something terrible
The Senator from South Dakota was en
titled to his rights but the Senate was
also entitled To some protection
1 will do nothing said Mr Pettigrew
which the rultH do not permit but 1 can
invoke the rules
Mr Hale made the formal motion to
proceed with the consideration of the bill
and it was carrlid
Tho clerk was beginning to read the
bill so th it committee amendments could
1m acted on when reached but Mr Pet
tlgrcw Insistid upon the first formal
residing ef the bill and when some prog
ress had been made in the reading h
made the point of order that the bill had
liecn only Just reported and had to go
over till Monday
The point was overruled by the Presid
ing Otlicer Ir Fryc and the first formal
rending of the bill was proceeded with
After some time Mr Hale withdrew the
bill so as to let the morniiig business go
Immediately afterward Mr CuHom
Chairman of the Committer on Interstate
Corarreice reported back the House bill
In relation to safety appliances on railroad
cars and engines the one for which Mr
Pettigrew had been contending The bill
with committee amendments was ordered
to be printed Immediately
The resolution oITtruI on Friday by Mr
Pettlgrcw ordering nn lntcMigation by
the iuiiary Committee concerning the
connection of Lieutenant Colonel Iliis
tand and other army olllcers with a com
bln itiou to control the hemp market of
the Philippine islands was taken up cnJ
agreed f
fr Fctigrew then yielded to the arpeil
of Mr Hale to let the Senate go on with
the Deficiency bill and not to Insist on
the Hist iornnil reading
Senator Hansbrough Chairman of tho
Committee on Public lands Introduced
a resolution authorizing the appointment
of a sub commlttce to Investigate the pub
lic lands of Hawaii iluring the coming re
cess The resolution elves the committee
authority to visit Hawaii If found neces
A Cireni Unli of Lerrlaliit Ion Ilnrlnir
the Cloxing Hours
The House met yesterday at 9 oclock
with a scant score of members present
Business was transacted by unanimous
consent The resolution authorizing the
Secretary of the Navy to expend 25000 in
having bronze medals struck for oniccrs
and men who served in the Cuban war
was passed
The bill authorizing national banks of
deposit to receive custom house receipts
of Hawaii and Alatku on deposit was
The bill imposing penalty for selling In
toxicating liquors to inhabitants of the
New Hebridjs was brought up by Mr
Sperry Mr Bailey objected and raiseel
the point of no quorum A quorum was
not present and the Sergeant-at-Arms was
ordered to bring in the members On the
call of the House nearly an hour was
consumed before a sufficient number of
members for business was obtained Mr
Sperry explained that the Philippine Isl
ands were not affected as that subject
was to be cared for by other legislation
Mr Bailey objected to the bill as being
loo wide in Its scope and as establishing
a dangerous precedent Mr Sperry called
for a yea and nay vote and the bill
Mr Mercer presented the bill providing
Increases for public buildings Upon tak
ing up this bill Mr Ballsy forced a vote
by tellers which resulted 122 to 5 Mr
Mercer explained the Increases as being
necessary because of the rise In the price
of building materials It carries no new
authorizations ho said The bill was
The Chair laid before the House the
Sundry Civil Appropriation bill with Sen
ate amendments Mr Cannon asked that
unanimous consent be given to non concur
In tho Senate amendments and that a con
ference be ordered Mr Cannon Mr
Moody and Mr McRae were appointed
Mr Itlxcy asked that th House be as
sured It would have an opportunity to
vote upon the appropriation for the Me
morial Bridge at Washington Mr Can
non stated that ho did not anticipate an
agreement at first conference and he
thought the opportunity desired would be
Mr Denny called up his bill for turn
ing over to the city council of Balti
more eight ionic columns from the old
custom house In that city now about
to Iks torn down The bill p iMtd
The bill for the Improvement of rivers
In the Grand Portage Indian It scrva
tion In Minnesota allowing the passge
of logs put into the strtams by lumber
companies was passed
The House bill regulating the school
fund formed by license taxes in Alaska
and providing that one half of the
amount collected shall be used for schools
and the other half be used for defraying
expenses of incorporated and unincor
porated towns In Alaska was called up
Mr Sulzer Introduced an amendment pro
hibiting the exportation of deer sulns
from Alaska which he said was designed
to protect the deer In the country The
amendment was lost and the bill pasred
The bill to Include among those en
titled to a pension allmcn who served
ninety days In the Union Army during
the civil war was called up by Mr Lln
ney It was arawn to amend the statute
barring from pensions all those who
aided the Confederacy It enables South
ern men conscripted Into the Confederate
Army and afterward wounded when ji
the Union ranks to draw pensions It
failed owing to objection by Mr Hay
The bill Imposing additional quaran
tine duties upon the United States Hos
pital Marine Corps was passed
Mr Iacey presented the conference re
port on the bill recommending lhat the
President shall order the Secretary of
the Interior to provide such regulations
for taking up lands in newly open jicb
ervations as shall prevent rushes and
the injustice which attends them It
Tho bill providing that members of the
Marine Corps who havo dist ngulsh
themselves in duty Bhall be recognlzsd by
promotion and by a gratlliy o 00 alia
a medal of honor was passed
The conference report was agreed to
on a bill authorizing the appointment of
Frank B Case as an ensign of the navy
on the retired list
The President returned to the House
without his approval a bill to pay the
heirs of Charles Crtggsbury 5000 for the
use of a building at Scranton Pa by
the provost marshal of the district from
February 1S62 to February 1SC5 The
records showed said the President that
tlie bill hau been presented to the mili
tary olllcers at the close of the war and
twice rejected Then the claim was for
less than 2500 and for less than a years
Mr Soutliard Chairman of the Commit
tee on Coinage Weights and Measures
moved to suspend the rules and pass the
bill establishing a bureau of standards In
the Treasury Department The bill pro
vides for the erection of a building as a
laboratory for the bureau at a cost of
200000 appropriating that amount as
well as 25000 for the equipment S25000
for the land 10000 for books and 31000
for salaries The bill was passt d A re
cess was taken from 505 until 830 oclock
At the night session the bill to provide
for suti ports of entry In the Territory of
Hawaii was passed
The bill allowing cities of 25000 Inhabi
tants to be designated as reserve banking
cities when tnree iourtns or tne imnKH
therein shall make the request and al
lowing banks of 100000 to receive on de
posit Federal funds was passed without
discussion The bill reduces the limit of
population in reserve cities from 50000 and
the limit of capitalization of banks from
A bill Introduced bv Mr Jones of Wash
ington allowing timber to be cut on Gov
ernment reservations In California Wash
ington and Oregon provided it is to be
ased for mining purposes was passed
Mr Cannon presented the General De
ficiency bill with Senate amendments
By unanimous consent It was decided to
non concur In the Senate amendments
and send the bill to conference Messrs
i Cannon Livingston ana iiarney were
nninted managers on the part of the
The House at 1030 took a recess until
2 p m today
Imnnrlnnt Notice of II A It It
Trnlna Iliirlnsr Inausriirnfloii
All trains for the Weft will depart from alio
all Metropolitan Ilranch trains will arrlrc at
and drpart from New York Avenue station on
March 3 4 and 5 All trains from tlie Hast will
arrive at and depart from regular station Xew
Jersey Avenue and C Street
Action Taken in tlie Wilcox and
Gilbert Contests
ficorgc D GearN IrotcM Aguliit tin
riiMViiHnu Delesnte Not Ipheltl
Gerrymander JVof Considered Suf
ficient Ground for tlixtiitiui
In the House yesterday Mr Taylor
Chairman or the Committee on Elec
tions remitted the conclusions of that
committee on the protest of George D
Gem- against the seating of Robert W
Wilcox Delegate from Hawaii and on
th contest of George MDavidson against
Gxirgo G tert Fitting for the Eighth
illstrict of Kentucky
Davidsons contest was based upon the
contention that the act of the Legisla
ture of Kentucky changing the bound
aries of the Eighth district in March
tf3 lolaled the constitution of the State
and was contrary to the act of Congress
apportioning Hcprcsenti tives among the I
States The report says that this is be
lieved to be tlie first time in the history
of the Government that Congress was
called upon to undo the work of a State
whoso Legislature had divided itself Into
the proper number of Congressional dis
tricts A discurslon of the matter led
liic committee to conclude
That a proper construction of the Con
stitution docs not warrant the conclusion
that by that Instrument Congress Is
clothed with power to determine the boun
daries of Congressional districts or to
revise the acts or a State Legislature
in fixing such boundaries and your com 4
mittee Is further of opinion that even It
sucli power is to be Implied from the
language of the Constitution it would be
In the last degree unwise and Intolerable
that It should exercise it To do so would
be to put into tlie hands of Congress the
ability to disfranchise In effect a large
body of the electors It would give Con
gress the power to apply to nil the States
In favor of one party a general system
of gerrymandering It is true that the
same method is to a large degree resorted
to by the several States but the division
of political power is so general and di
verse that notwithstanding the Inherent
vice of the system of gerrymandering
some kind of equality of distribution of
results is attained
Upon the charge of treason made
against Mr Wilcox by Mr Gear the com
mittee says We do not think that the
conduct of n native of the Hawaiian Isl
ands a year or more prior to the passage
of the organic act establishing a Terri
tory however Improper It may have been
abstractly viewed ought to deprive the
Hawaiian people of the representative
they have sent
As to the validity of the election at
which WJIcox was chosen It Is said
There was a full and free expression of
the popular will under the theory that
the Territory was entitled to send a Dele
gate to Congress and as a result of that
full and free popular expression Wilcox
was chosen by a considerable plurality
He comes here therefore as tho agent of
his people chosen apparently under the
forms of and with all the solemnity which
surrounds the most carefully conducted
election and we think he ought to be per
mitted to retain his seat as their repre
sentative In the capacity of a Delegate
if he Is not a suitable person to
here give expression to the wishes and
feelings of the people who Inhabit those
Islands and who are for all time to be
citzens of the American Hepubllc they
wlll no doubt discover that fact and in
due time send another
An OinxiIIiuM I1I1I Paused Yestfrday
Iiy the IIoukc
The House yesterday passed an omni
bus bill granting Increases on Federal
buildings Following arc the original
amounts and Increases
Aberdeen S D -7000 to 100M Abi
lene Tex 75Ofl to 100000 Boise Idaho
200000 to 50003 Brunswick Ga 50000
to 100000 Cheyenne Wyo 25000
to 325000 Cumbetland Md 75000
to iOOOOO Butte Mon 203000 to
225000 Eau Claire Wis 50000 to
tllOOCj ElmlQ N Y 1S5C10 to 222000
Crcston Iowa 500 to 100000 Eliza
beth City N C 55000 to 100000 Fergus
Falls Minn 5000 to 100000 Fitchburg
Mass 100000 to 125000 Free port III
75000 to 45000 Hot Springs Ark JiS
fO to iuwwu Helena Mon 200000 to
350000 Indianapolis Ind 1900100 to
2210100 Jamestown X Y 75000 to
115000 Janesvllie is S50OJ0 to 750K
Joliet 111 W to lJ0e Joplin Mo
50l to lwi0i0 I iwrriice Mass 100000
to U500 Lcadvllle Col 500mO to 75003
Iockport N Y 50100 to 105000 New
port Vt 50000 to ll0 Newport New
Vn U0u0 to 2iKOoO Norwich Conr
ltO0ou to 110110 Home N Y 50or -
70Uiw SL Cloud Minn 5000 to Cm0
Salt Lako City 300000 to JJMOOO S- tw
Wash 3O0 to 750000 Tampa Jl
250lW to JJoOOO Wllkesbarre Pa V M
to 150uv0 Winston N C 50im to WeO0
Oskaloosa Iowa 50000 to COiw0 Bntol
Tenn oO0O to VbW Carrollton ivy
25000 to VIOOOO Columbus Ga 51550UO to
159000 Dubuque lowa 100003 to 110000
A New Huron Man Interested In n
Neiv OH Ili ld
NEW HAVEN Conn March 2 Michiel
J Fahey of this city manager of a
branch office of the Western Union Tele
graph Company believes from word he
has received that he has suddenly
become wealthy He has been Informed
that he has an unconditional mining lease
of 150y0 acres of valuable coal oil and
mineral land near Gastonia on the border
line between North and South Carolina
The land Included In the lease Is thirty
by twenty miles In dimension For two
years Mr Fahey and the Itcv F It
Elam of South Carolina have been pros
pecting quietly They believed there was
mineral wealth In the tract First they
secured graphite coal and slate from the
land They continued their private in
vestigations and a few days ago the llev
Mr Elam discovered a rich oil well
The first presence of the oil was found
by Mr Elam oil February 22 and he sent
sample bottles of it to Mr Fahey hero
Mr Fahey who is an expert metallurgist
saw that the oil waB of a superior quality
and yesterday Fahey received the an
nouncement of the discovery of tlie well
by llev Mr Elam
Mr Elam la pursuing his Investigations
at King Mountain Mr Fahey has the
formal lease of the property In his pos
session It Is signed by llev Mr Elnm
who secured rights of the land from the
farmers who own the four counties In
which the tract is situated
The site of the newly discovered field
is about fifteen miles from Charlotte N
C The region Is the site of tlie famous
Tarleton raid of Revolutionary days
IIcinorrliiitre M From the Xon and
CnniM CniiNctI liy Oirrmtrlc
NEW YOIIK March 2 Elmer W
Iloche a dental student twenty one years
old died nt his home 225 Park Place
Brooklyn on Wednesday from hemor
rhage of the nose and gums The case
was reported yesterday to Coroner Bur
Boche was nttacked three months ago
with hemorrhages blood flowing from
both the nose and gums and since then
nttacks have occurred at Intervals with
Increasing severity until on Wednesday
one occurred which fesulted In his death
ftochc had been studying dentistry in a
Pennsylvania school for the last two
years and was ambitious to finish his
course In order to do so he remained In
school much longer than his condition
warranted hoping from time to time that
he would get relief He decided about a
week ago that his case was hopeless and
returnetl home As the physicians who
attended him were reluctant to gh a
death certificate In the circumstances
they reVrtcd the case to Coroner Bur
ger He Issued a certificate after Dr
Hartung the coroners physician lud
made an Investigation
Though lost to eight to memory dear
Thou cict will remain true to llcurichi
y fc ja
uffys mm MALI
CllUHtK the ArrtMI of n Man ClinrKCd
-With IIlKnmy
the clever detective work of the llev Ed
ward J Flynn a Iloman Catholic priest
Frank Hncklng an alleged hlRamist is
locked up in this city The prisoner is
accused of having had four wives three
of whom are living All of Hockings
wives It Is said live In Mount Vernon
Hocking Is a house painter and Is thirty-six
years old The priest says that
he has a glib tongue and that he caught
his victims by conversing with them
while he worked
Hockings last venture in the matrimo
nial line and the one which brought him
to prief took place two weeks ago when
he married Miss Elizabeth Maycock a
housekeeper for Assistant City Judge
Charles Sinnot Miss Maycock Is one of
Father Flynns parishioners She want
ed to be married by the priest but Hock
ing insisted on having the llev S I
Iraliam an Episcopal clergyman per
form the ceremony and he carried his
When Father Flynn heard of the wed
ding he began an investigation lie
found a woman named Mary Archer who
said that Hocking married her in the
northern part of the State In 1SS4 and
that four years later he married a crip
pled woman named Jane Tucker at
Ileasantville JJ Y The second wife
died and It is reported that Hocking
before marrying Miss Maycock had mar
ried another woman Father Flynn ob
tained thr e of Hockings wedding cer
thlcates and turned them over to the po
lice who arrested the man
The prisoner Is the son of Alvln Hock
ing a Mount Vernon contractor By
marrying Miss Mncnck It Is believed I
that he expected to secure nulte a sum
of money as she recently received a leg
acy Father Flvnn sns that the reason
that Hocking did not i want to be mar
ried by a priest was because he feared
that when he bans were called some one
who knew of I1I3 formtr marriages might
warn the Intended bride
In n Fnetory
ILIZIHTH N J March IL Joscph
Bayer of this city a patternmaker for
ty years old committed suicide yesterday
at the Singer Sewing 1 Machine Works
where ho was employed for many years
Ho was missed from his wort bench and
a boy who went to look for Vm found
Hnjcr lying on tle lloor of the lavatory
with his throat cut from ear to ear In
hsl hand was the knife he had used to
kill himself He leaves a wife and seven
Deafness Cannot He Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear There Is
only one vsay to cure deafness and that Is
by constitutional remedies Deafness I3
caused by an Inllamed condition of the mu
cous lining of the Eustachian Tube When
this tube gets inllamed you have a mm
bllng sound or Imperfect hearing and when
it is entirely closed deafness Is the result
and unless the Inflammation can bo taken
out and this tube restored to Its normal
condition hearing will bo destroyed for
ever nine cares out of ten arc caused by
catarrh which Is nothing but an inllamed
condition of the mucous surfaces
We will glvo Ono Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness caused by catarrh
that can not be cured by Halls Catarrh
Cure Send for circulars frea
F J CHENEY CO Toledo Ohio
Sold by Druggists 75c
Halls Family Pills are the best
tliini to the Uenl Said to
llu ie Item Ileiiimlled
EAITMORE March 2 The consolida
tion of the tin can manufacturing Inter
ests of the United States has practically
been effected The money required to fi
nance the deal estimated at over J10
000000 was It Is said placed on deposit
yesterday in New York Chicago Phila
delphia and Baltimore banks
The leading Baltimore manufacturers
held out for a long time against the pro
moters insisting that they bo paid In
cash Instead of stock The promoters of
fered half cash and half stock but the
manufacturers Insisted upon all cash and
upon this basis the deal is efrectcd The
Mar land plants besides those controlled
by the Big Four the A Booth Com
pany the Norton Tin Plate and Can Com
pany Black Krebs and the It Tynes
Smith Can Company upon which options
have been obtained follow
The J II Thlrkei Company the Gibbs
Preserving Company the Baltimore Can
Company Klrtvan c Itiggs Line Weav
er Co H C Campen Co the Wil
liam Fait Company Martin Wagner
Co all of Biltlmore J B Hanway of
Jopria Harford county Reynolds Bros
and S J Scnaca of Havre de Grace
Some of these concerns do a general
packing and preserving business In addi
tion to making tin cans but they only
gave options on their can plants In can
ning circles it Is said that all the options
will not be exercised
NEW YORK March 2 -It Is reported
from Chicago that the tin can consolida
tion which the Moore Bros are forming
Is being underwritten entirely In this
city and that the cnsltal of tlie new
company will be 7SOnoX of which one
halt will be common stock and one lnlf
7 per cent preferred stock Edwin Nor
ton of Norton Brow It Is added Is like
ly to be chosen president of the com
Mensiil e AkiiIm ClirlNtlnn
InKiri in the House
Medical bill which has been so objection
able to the Christian Scientists because it
prohibits them from attempting to heal
th sick without a license from the State
Board of Health passed the House of
Representatives yesterday by a vote of
it to 42 The bill received 77 votes on en
grossment two weeks ago but the action
yesterday was a great surprise to the
Christ m Scientists who brought all their
forces 10 bear to defeat the measure
The ss mo bill Introduced In the Senate
was engrossed there on Tuesday and the
Indications are that that body will pass it
The bill prohibits persons not now regis
tered as physicians from practicing medi
cine or surgery In any of its departments
or professing to cure and attempt to treat
the sick except when healers are exam
ined as to their fitness Tlie bill does not
repeal the law allowing osteopaths to
practice but applies to all others who
heal the sick for pay
Clie cU Stolen In Chicnfro
CHICAGO March 2 Checks valued at
75000 have been stolen from various
firms with otilces In the Exchange Build
ing at the stock yards The thief whose
operations havo covered a period of 1
week has so far eluded the police and
private detectives The banks have been
ordered to stop payment on the checks
which range In amounts from J100 to
Then slall our name HeurlchV be familiar j
in hi mouth as a household ttora
DlFFVS PUKE MALT WHISK KY lias cured over four nullum pcrsors in the past
half century as shown by the following statistics which have been carffi ami
compiled from our records of unsolicited letters from grateful patients v li v DUFFYS
PUKE MALT WHISKEY is a Godsend to suffering humanity
Consumption 22S7
Colds 42417
Dronehitis 1 M8i tl
La Grippe v J52i9
Malaria aiB21
Dyspepsia 21ST1
Nervousness from overwork 28n4
Lost Vitalitv 41G47
Weak Heart - 274G2
Depression -- 2714
Weak Women m24fi
Exhaustion t 2f874
Sluggish PIood - 227481
Grand Total - Sfl872L
Statistics show that the death rate from Grip throughout the United States lias been
decreased over 40 per cent due entirely to the universal use of Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey
as a preventive and cure for the Grip Leading doctors everywhere prescribe it for Grip
Consumption Coughs and Colds
This record of marvelous cures stands unparalleled by any medicine or prescription
ever discovered in the world The voluntary testimony we receive daily from grateful pa
tients is proof positive that DUFFYS PURE MALT WHISKEY las never been equaled by
any remedy
Abraham E Elmer of Utica X Y who is 11 vears old savs under date of January
201001 Duffys PURE MALT WHISKEY has been my only medicine for over 25 years
It has prolonged mv life and saved me from illness many times It has just cured me of the
Mr John McGrath of 441 E S2d St New York Citv who is 102 years old writes us
on January 1 1101 and says DUFFYS PURE MALT AVHISKEY is my only stimulant
and tonic it is both food and drink I have learned to appreciate a good pure healthful
stimulant and tonic like yours It tones up my system stimulates my blood as well as keep
ing me proof against coughs and colds I feel so jonng I take long walks every day and eat
and sleep well I shave myself so you see I am not feeble
DUFFYJS PyRE MALT WniSKEY is an absolutely pure gentle invigorating stimu
lant and tonic which aids digestion stimulates and purifies the blood builds nerve tissues
invigorates the brain tones up the heart and strengthens the entire system driving out all
disease germs It is the true elixir of life and has prolonged thousands of lives as shown by
the above statistics
If vou are half sick it is because vour blood is out of order You need a stimulant
Take DUFFYS PIRE MALT WHISKEY as directed and you will be cured and your
system will not be injured as it would be with deadly drugs
For oveuforty years it has stood the most crucial test of eminent doctors and chem
ists the world oyer and is today recognized and endorsed by the authorities in the medical
profession as tlie best stimulant and tonic on account of its absolute purity and medicinal
properties It Contains no fusel oil It is the only Whiskey stumped as a MEDICINE by the
United States doveinnient This is a guarantee
CAUTION Our patrons are cautioned against
advertisement shows the full size bottle of DUFFYS
cOv that is genuine Offered in any other form it is not the
so called DUFI
is sold in sealeu uut
PURE MALT and this is the only i
If you are sick and run down write our doctor for free advice It
RZratSE A SfSifS
b iTSElSi BJ w iVba -will cost you nothing to learn how to regain health strength and
vitality Medical booklet containing symptoms and remedies for diseases sent free All correspond
ence with our doctor is strictly confidential and no testimonials are used without permission All
druggists and grocers or direct 100 a bottle
A Warrniit to He Asked for Ceorse
M Fryhofer
CHICAGO Slarch 2 Col George W
Fryhofer partner of Edmond Palmer tha
banker and liquid air promoter in the
Bank of Ellettsville Ind cannot be
found The depositors In the defunct
bank have declared their Intention of
swearing out a warrant for his arrest
Fryhofer left IouIsvie on Tuesday at
noon saying he was going to Chicago
He left instructions that his mail be for
warded to him In care of Edmoni Palm
er Chicago at headquarters of th Paim
cr Liquid Air Company
Fryhofer was treasurer of the school
fund of the village of Ellettsvilie Vv hen
his bank closed he had In his possession
more than JCUO He was removed from
his position and a successor tlected The
formal demand was made on the former
treasurer at Louisville that he turn over
the funds He failed to do so and under
the Indiana statute Is an embezzler It U
on this cnarge the warrant will be asked
A Min Frnnelseo Mnn Senrs IHm iloj N
SAN FRANCISCO March 2 Because
the father of nine-year-old Jacob Johan
sen believed the child told an untruth he
seared his checks and cars and hands
with a red hot poker Johansen was ar
rested by the Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Children
He coolly admitted the accusation and
In justification of his method of chastis
ing his offspring took refuge in a Biblical
Johansen sr is a porter in II S Crock
er Cos stationery store His little boy
while playing in the store took some pen
cils which he gave to his playmates At
first he denied having taken them but
later confessed
Then tlie father proceeded to administer
chastisement by searing him witli a pok
er The boy will bear the scars of tlie
burns to his grave
Volnnteer Cnvalryiuen Brought
Hack to Snn Irnnelsco
SAN FRANCISCO March 2 The trans
port Meade arrived yesterday bringing
home the Eleventh Volunteer Cavalry
from Manila The majority of the men
composing the regiment enlisted in the
Philippines being reorganized from three
other regiments the greater number of
the men coming from the Eastern States
The Eleventh saw much hard flghtlng
in campaigns against the Filipinos and
the regiment earned a good reputation for
efficiency and valor It u likely that mem
bers of the Eleventh will be mustered out
about April 1
There were forty four cabin passengers
on the Meade only sixteen of whom were
civilians KG enlisted men 63 sick and 9
Insane The transport also brought 43
military convicts deported from Philippine
prisons 24 other ex soldiers whose pres
ence in the island was not desired longer
and 23 discharged soldiers
A Missionary Iteturned From Cultin
31nke a Prophecy
SHAMOKIN Pa March 2 G Edgar
Betts has arrived here on his way home
to England For eight years he as a
missionary in China and last July narrow
ly escaped being beheaded by orders of
Prince Tuan the leader of the Boxers
With eleven other missionaries Mr
1 Betts was given refuge In the home of an
Influential Chinese gentleman at Kuel
j Yang City and later when the interna
1 tlonal forces were marching on Iekln the
missionaries escaped to the seaboard and
were given protection under the British
I Hag
i Mr Betts Is of the opinion there will
soon be another massacre by the Chinese
unless the Empire Is dtsmembcreil or tho
spread of Christianity prevails
It U absence makes the heart grow loader for
Ueurichs ilaerzen Beer
Dont Hssaistto
Home ana Tomb of Washington
Steamer Charles IVSacalester
Built expressly for this service with all modern equipments
arch 5 and 65 19Q13
Four Trips
Leaves 7th Streat Wharf 10 1045 a m 145 230 p m Leaves
Ml Vernon 1230 115 400 and 500 p m
Two Trips Gaily Sunday Excepted iO a m and 145 p in
This route affords passengers an unequaled opportunity to view 32 miles of
magnlncent scenery on the historic Potomac Points of Interest en route to
Mount Vernon Arlington United Btates Arsenal Potomac Park Alexandria a
Fort Foote Fort Washington United States Fish Commission
Fare Round Trip 50 cents
Admission to Grounds and Mansion 23c
mS 2

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