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escort to the President todij Tour
j ears ago Troop A which was better
known as the Black Hore Troop a
name talen from the conlblack clnrscrs
rlldcn iicorted the President on the oc
casion of his first Inauguration and were
imited to do m again wncn lie was re
llam nf the mllltamen from Massa
chusetts discarded their Ilea ocirnlH
when the reached WHShinsjOn end have
since Bono about onl with i cape When
tlie left the Ita State the mcrciir was
nmerlng cioe auoui tne zero murw miu
what appears to ashimrtoniins to be
onMnirv March weather is to them de
llchtfull snrincrllke
The colored portion of AVashlncton s
population Is of an emotlonil nature and
the sight of so much festllt has had an
exhilarating effect on it erj line a
band marched along the street plajimr a
llcl air csterda there was a dusk
wake of colored bojs In the reir dincing
and prancing in time with the cadences
of the music In the course of an
promptu concert In front of one of the
big hotels last night a band struck up a
cakewilk and Immediate a half oz n
TiaII colored bojs executed a cleer
walk much to the delight of a tort
crowd of spectators The Cakewalk vas
followed b a llielj jig and then a quia
tetteof new sbos doubles themsi lies into
all the ligures 01 duck ami nK
The posture most affected bj the Wash
Inirtnn nolice esterda was one with arm
outstretched pointing the wa to some
distant point In rcplj to the iiuestion of
some Msltor une mouern axiom 101
our troubles to a policeman wis
lowed to the letter b the stringers
lle who looked as If the might Hie In
Wmhlnirtnn wpre nlKO freoUelltlV appe 1-
ed to by isltors who wanted to lind their
wa In arious points 01 interest
Hut een the resident population of
-Washington is in a sense tr inslent and
the average Washlngtonlan found it dilli
cult to answer man of the queries Prob
abl the greatest number of questions
-concerning one thing were interrogations
regarding the location of the Congres
pional Librarj and the quickest waj of
getting there The Na Yard with the
esaels which form a portion of the In
auguration Meet was another Mecca for
the visitors and man were the compli
cations which resulted from ignorance of
the intricate rules governing tie jssuance
of transfers on the street cars
Tlie street car arrangements here are
unliki those of any other clt in the coun
try and the wheel like plan on which the
streets are laid out caused more than a
little confusion to visitors who were un
familiar with the cit A sailor from the
monitor Puritan approached a policeman
who was on dut in Georgetown jester
da afternoon and enquired tin shortest
wa to get back to the TCav ard He
said that he had got past DuKnt Circle
on the cars to visit a relative and start Id
to walk back after completing his calk 1
rrni Imin TilTrt hf nlnlned lO tlie
officer where a lot of streets ran into
each other I kept on in tne direction i
supposed the downtown section la but I
must have got wa off mv course Just
then a car came along nnd the policeman
put the sailor on board and he went batk
to the Puritan ver much confused
The militiaman who omes to Washing
ton cenerallv has a good bit of monci to
Fpend and he does it without hesitation
Jt was a common thing jesterda to see
soldiers in private uniforms rol ing atout
the streets in automobiles while captains
and majors rode on btrect cars The de
mocracv of the militia is responsible for
this In the Twintv -third New York Itig
iment there is an Interesting instance la
this connection A well known Gotham
broker is a private lp ore of the com
panies of which his bookkeeper Is the
commanuing officer The conditions that
prevail in the New York business office
are reversed and the broker obes the
commands of the man whoai he usually
directs to lialance hU accounts
In their pilgrimages about the down
town streets the soldiers of the various
riglments and companies of those regi
ments geuerall kept together and some
of the parties were co large as to resem
ble entire companies At Pennslvanla
Avenue and Thirteenth Street last night
the crowd was so dense that it was dill
cult for a person to make any progress in
gelling through the solid mass of Tiu
manltv A number of caialrjmen from
norm visiting troops tried In -vain to pen
etrate the crowd at this point The
could make no impression Tinall a
joungster with the chevrons of a bugkr
on Ills sleeves unswung his bugle and
It to his lips sounded the charge
idaclng took the cue and nitlia
rush cliarged straight at the crowd and
went through without difficulty Peace
loving citizens and soldiers who were not
peace loving were brushed from the side
walk Eierjone took the affair jmod
naturedlv however and those who saw
tb act save the cavalrymen a wide berth
v hen tLe met them on the sdevvajks
Street fakirs were In full bloom jester
day Probably the most popilar souvenir
was a walking stick of red white and
blue with a flag on the end At ever
street corner there vvere a number of
vendois of these articles and the business
the did was of the land office order
Man of the street merchants had huge
boards on which were dlsplajed all man
ner of souvenirs There was the cam
paign hat badge a miniature grc cam
paign hat There were also tin canteens
some of which were said to contain per
fumer There were all kinds of mcdaU
of bronze and brass and other metals and
nearlj eerj one had a patriotic tinge bj
virtu of th bit of red white and blue
ribbon attached
One soldier In eompan with a part of
friends near the liotanic Gardens spied
one of the street fakirs with a large stock
of souvenirs and straigbtwav announced
his Intention of buying one of each kind
The part started up the Avenue and
some article was purchased from near
even merchant encountered When the
soldiers reached the Treasury the valiant
purchaser had a string of medals which
would have been a credit to a Treneh
field marshal
The battalion gf Porto ICican volun
teers composed of natives of the island
-were conspicuous figures about the cltj
They were easily distinguished by thiir
elark complexions and the constant look
of wonderment which their faces wore
as viewed the sights of Washlnston
a far larger cit than the had ever awn
before It Is doubtful if an thing In the
cit not excepting the Washington
Monument or the Congressional I ilirar
or the huge crowds excited their wonder
to the extent that did the pig balloons of
fered for sale b the street fakirs These
balloons are the familiar squav kers
which can be Inflated with the breath
They Uike the form of n pig and when
the air is released let out a very pig
like sqii al The Porto Ricans regarded
this lifelike action with the greatest
axra7emnt and examined the to 3 In a
most olcmn manner
While the Massachusetts soldiers were
going about without overcoats the poor
1orto means were shivering In what they
considered a frigid climate Ioubtl i
the wll go back to the wit i
woudir In their minds pad ft mijr
wonderful tales of
No milili nl it i I i
tb H T HVit l
t e V st i
I It I I
i vw - ren
streets lp the evening thev were con
spicuous on the downtown thoroughfares
The brillLantl lighted Court or Honor
and the rounds of the iecutlve Man
sion wre popular plas of attiactipn
last night and were thronged li soldiers
and civil ins alike Oni of the special
policemen on dut at the Court of Honor
discovered two men trvlng to elimb up
one of the pillars or the north side of tlie
Avenue and upon crossing over and or
dering them awn he was met with the
st ilement that the were onl tr ing to
see vvhetlieror not thf columns wert real
mirblet Such howevtr is not tlie ease
although tho columns present the appear
ance of white stone even it a close view
The White House was dosed but this
did not prt vent the curious from gaping
through the windows Into the corridor
forae of them openlj expressed thi m
clvts a dlsippointed Ik cause the friled
to obtain a view of the President The
cvHciill thought that he was In the
habit of sitting on the portico of the man
ion on Sund t afternoons
The big stand south or the Treasur
building was u favorite resting place dur
ing the dav Jn the afternoon It was
crowded with wear sojourners In the
evening it afforded a splendid viewpoint
lrom which c tild be stcu the whole gall
decorated stretch of Pennslvania Ave
Ah a rule the crowds upon the streets
vcslcrdav wire ver ordirlv although
snmewhit nolsv A small sized riot was
nearlj preelpltattd on I Street about 9 J
n cluck wnen some one maue a msir
spectful rtmark concerning one of the
numbers nf the Sixtv nlnth New 1 ork
Kegiment hand whkh came to the cit i
with the Lincoln Post nun 01 -sew iork
Cit In addition to the fact that the
SWt nintl Is one of the best regiments
in New ork it is composes largel of sol
diers of Irish descent
An old veteran of the civil war who
said he had been present at eun In
auguration since the war was standing
under the shadow of the Ixigan Statue in
Iowa Circle vesterda afternoon The
statuols still veiled and on the outlines
of tho figure are visible beneath the
cloaking of canvass As he looked up at
the Tlcure said to a friend beside him
It s a pity that Jack Logan s statue
unveiled before this time I
fought vitti him down South and 1
know l lie was here now and there was
as mucfi going on as there is he would
v ant to bo right In it
The Metropolitan Hocl on the Avenue
Is tho headquarters for a number of Penn
Bvlvtnfit officers and coasequentl hun
drds of soldiers from the Kev stone
State are- to be found there at all hours
Ysterdav afternoon tho crowd amused
itself Ijv tossing small coins to the pav e
ments for which a number of colored
bos and some of the joungr element of
the troops engaged In a wild scramble
Several tierce Mguts for iosseson of the
monev endued and for a time it appeared
that a small sized riot was imminent
In order to prevent spectators from
scaling the Ieace Monument while the
parade Is passing toda a high board
fence ha been built around the park con
taining the memori il This was the scene
of an Interesting exhibition of fence scal
ing last evening A number of soldiers
frutn Mtrfstmrl nprformed all kinds of
fnts and bv standing on each others
siiuumers nau time troumu m Kt inB win
the fenciand gaining the hlgnest I oini
on thepedcstal of the monument
The lower end of Pennslvanla Avenue
near the Cipitol Is the Dowery of Wash
ington durirg Inauguration week Every
vacant store room which could be pro
cured h is been rented b sideshow pro
prietors and the result Is that the side
walks present much the appearance of a
midvva Agents with husk lungs and
T innnu tmes keen nn a continual
lamatiwi inscribing the wonders within
to the passers b Near all the places
were thronged all esieruay aiieoiuun
and evening
While all lines of business in the cit
receive a decided impetus during the In
auguration ceremonies tin re is no par
ticular business that is so increased as
tint f ih ticket broker Nearlv every
one who comes to Washington at this time
of the xcar bUs a round trip iicKei
Herein lies a great opportunit for the
ticket scalper for man persons who have
round trip tickets spend all the mone
the bring with them before the festivi
ties are concluded Then the ticket broker
is applied to and the return ticket is sold
for a nominal sum the v isitor trusting to
luck to get enougn mone river on iu em
r him back home On the lower part of
the Avtnue these brokers have set up
offices In stairwas in doorwajs and in
over conceivable corner Passers by are
urged to sell their return transportation
Ilu vice lrrsldeiit IIect rtecclve
1 b
ill t
i Ihe Heed
for cooJ
toto durxble and per
feet flttinjf Uilormade
clothes is something
IflC IlDCUi peclalljr so at th
mmammmmmmmmmmm present time
The Place
of all pUc
to Sure just such
clothe nude is at iffl
The Place
The Price
that depends
entirely upon Jiowmuth
j ou want to pay Eco
nomically inclined men
M that they alwaji
906 908 F St
nuil It ditertnlmd
Theodore Jtoosevelt Vice President
elect attended service at the Reformed
Church yesterda morning with Mrs
Roosevelt and Miss and Master Roosevelt
lrinr rhiirrh Governor Odcll Joined the
Vice President elect and they -went to the
White House wnere ine nau a hikjiv
talk with the President Mr Roosevelt
then -wont to the bouse of his sister Mrs
Cowles where after luncheon an in
formal reception was neiu iibuhh ju
afternoon Among tne callers were
Crelghton vvebu anu a nau uozen oi
Roosevelts old regiment of Rough
Riders Gen Joseph Wheeler also caled
Last night Mr anu Jirs itooseien at
tended a dinner given In their honor by
Senator Depew and Miss Spauldlng at
uhlrii Hie following were guests The
r mrnr nf Witr and Mrs Root Senator
and Senator atld Mrs Hiking
Senator and Mrs llanna uajor uenerai
and Mrs W heaton Mrs Sheridan Gen
eral aoeftMrs Greene Mrs Kernochan
Commander and Mrs Cobles Lad Cu
nard Mrs Paget Miss Johrson Mr ircd
erick Harrison Mr and Mrs A J Cas
satt and Senators Bacon and Daniel
A soldier I hoiiKlit tin Muffle tif New
Orliims Wan t iiliecesKnr
The equestrian statue of General Jack
son In Square Is a familiar
landmark- to all Washingtonians but
there Is only one lnstanee on record of Its
having been regarded as animate despite
the lifelike poce of Old HIckor and his
charger The incident occurred last night
about midnight after the greater portion
of tlie Inauguration crowds had disap
peared from the btrects
A policeman on dut at the Court of
Honor saw a dark object clinging to the
side of the pedestal of the statue and he
at once crossed the street and went Into
the park to Investigate Upon drawing
near he found a outhful soldier In a
cavalr uniform vainly endeavoring to
climb to the bark of the horse behind the
hero of New Oi leans Rut tho bronze
Hanks of the horse have lecn worn smooth
and the attempt was a failure
The cavalr man discouraged slid to the
ground and approached the PH
1 he officer lent the h t
ml at the same l uhii
trlng to do i ii cr
looked ii hi mi
- i i i i 1 iu arm inrl
Jcfcslmns ittne am t
ii nil 1 tl r
law v v
tv I sn iril 4 - ii
bit - Tf jw ijti ts i
tr w riip I unm
pi a-
i in the
i uing by charging
ib ih 1 iuvldliig for the installation
i uiuomatlc brakes bv railroads had dls
npixared It was passed by the Senate
and 1 iter by the House It was sent from
the House to the Senate to receive tlie
signature of the President pro tempore
of the Senate The messenger having the
bill dlsappe ired and Mr Petligrcw
ehargril that he had bem bribed to do so
b thV railroid lobblsts A request was
sent to the House to hive the bill rc ei
Aiiiiseil of VIoliitliiK KxeiNc Iilvvs
Saloons iu man instances kept open
house jisterday despite the stringent ex
cise laws and hi cause of the swarms of
strangers in the cit limits Samuel Gass
enheimer proprietor of the Lawrence
Hotel was arnsted last night by the
First precintl police cliarged with -violation
of the Sunda liquor law and It Is
thought warrants may be secured toda
for other allegeu offenders Mr Gassen
heimer went to the station and deposited
2W collateral thus securing his release
cor on iiimiii
Onr dniKlsts have liad nucli a run on Clum
bcrlains Cough Hemedy that they hare had to
order more and lodaj there is none in the
town I went for a bottle this looming and
thi drvifrgt4 bald Cltainlicrlaurg goes quuker
than an othtr kind as 11 Goddard I dpe
mont I There i good reasi n for it popu
lantv No ouVf remedy will loosen and re
lieve a coM so quickly Ko rthcr will preient
a cold or an utuik of tlie grip horn mulling
in pneumonia 2Costher ii more pleasant or ufc
to take Tcr talc by Henry Lmiu wholesale
and retail and all drufgkts
Infliiv of Visitors Extctds All
lm ijius IiMUiin
The Illlilrond 1 Mnlllllteri mill
Comfort Committee Taxed
to the- Limit Hill a Im Orjinii
irutiiijn let to Id mli tie lt
AH H esterda thousands of stran
gers poured Into the cltv packesl and
Jammed the railroad terminals ard over
flow id into the streets The efforts of the
railroad officials to take care of the im
mense throngs were redoubled Irom the
earl hours of Sunday aTic up until mid
night the most efficient handlers of traffic
of the big trunk lines wertf taxed to their
utmost to keep br with the rapid shift
ing of trains which pilled into the nrds
in rapid succession from all parts of the
country earning the thousand upon
thousand of isltors
The amount of trav el ov er the Baltimore
and Ohio and the PennslviinU Railroads
on esterda alone greatl exceeded all
prev lous records and the railroad officials
declare that the number of people w ho
came to Washington to witness the sec
ond in luguratlon of President McKinle
breaks all prev lous records
A heav Influx of strangers from nearb
points is reported while the traffic over
the lines from the extreme West and the
Gulf St ites has been unusuall heavy
President A J Cassatt of the Pcnnsl
vania Railroad arrived In a special car
from Philadelphia early In the forenoon
He was accompanied by Superinteadent
Rannard who assumed the management
of the immense work transacted in the big
offices on the second floor of the Sixth
Strict station
1 midnight ail the visiting organiza
tions both militar and civil had with
few exceptions reached the cit and were
housed in tneir quarters
AH of the Governors who will partici
pate In the exercises toda are in the
city Gov Aaron T Uliss of Michigan
accompanied bv his staff reached tlie
Capital at o clock In the evening The
detachment of the National Guard of the
Uadger State were quartered in the cit
before night-
A number of political clubs came to the
cit over the Pennsy ania The most
unique among these civil organizations
and one which attracted considerable at
tention in the crowded depot was the
Tavlor District McKlnlcy and Roosevelt
Republican Club of Tnlonvllle Orange
Count Va Col A C Walter was in
command The club s membership Is
composed of Confederate and Union vet
erans and i ver one is credited with be
ing a fighter both in battle and on the
political teld In the club are twin
brothers each 3lx feet four inches in
height who will carr an Immense ban
ner In the parade toda The club will
appear in line in Rough Rider costume
Tonight the Virginians will serenade Vice
President Roosevelt and Tlmoth L
Woodruff of New iork
The Toledo Republican Club of Rail
splitters of Toledo Ohio the Pennsyl
vania New Jersev Ohio Illinois and
man Western Republic in cluts followed
each other in rapid succession Into the
cit during the da
A provisional regiment composed of the
Thirteenth Kouith and 1 ort scventh
New York National Guard of llrookln
In four compvnles remained in Baltimore
last night as guests of the Twent -first
Regiment of thafeitv The Pennsylvania
Railroad has agreed to have the com
mand In Washington this mornlnv n tlmo
for the parade
The entire brigade of the Pennsylvania
National Guard Is now In Washington
read to fall into lire today Ten regi
ments arrived in the city between mid
night Saturda and estcrdty afternoon
The Tourth and Tifth Ma land
Into the temporary depot at
the Pennslvanla Avenue Bridge ester
dav morning Tlie were followed bv
Governor Smith and his staff who are
quartered at the Raleigh
The Sevent -first Regiment of New
York was among the eariv arrivals es
terdav They came In shortly after JJ
o clock The special car of the Chicago
American reached Washington at C3
p m and brought 2j0 public school chil
dren The turbulent youngsters caused
considerable aiKlet to the teachers who
accompanied them Ifwas no small Un
dertaking to watch aftcr them- in the Im
mense crowJh
The Presidents Own th Eighth Ohio
Regiment of infantry bringing Its own
band and many friends from Canton
Ohio nre expected here at S oclock this
morning Troop A of Ohio the Presi
dents snecial escort in the parade toda
reached the cit during the afternoon
The Uredeiicksburg Hides several hun
dred strong pulld into the ards at
Ninth and Mnrjland Avenue early es
terday morning adding one more ion
tingent to Virginias representation The
Port -eighth Sep irate Company of
Op vego N Y were also booked as ar
rivals ihe Chirbston S C Military
Compan who will do the honors for the
Palmetto State in the ceremonies will
not reacli the cit until 9 oejock this
morning The Pirst Mainland Regiment
will not b on the ground until the same
hour while the train bearing the Ienn
svlvania Legislature will be a few min
utes later in putting In its ippearance
Brigadier General John A Wile and
staff urrived last night
The Naval Cadets will be brought Into
Washington at o clock this morning on
a special train from Annapolis A detach
ment of the United States troops from
Fortress Monroe will be brought In at 8
oclock The will be followed li the
Carlisle Indians from Carlisli Pa
The Provisional Regiment First Heav
ArtlHer of Massachusetts con posed of
three battillons the first under command
of Capt N O Dinforth scond under
command of Cupt Albert Click and third
under command of Capt F F Cutting
arrived car in the afternoon
The A C Harmer Club composed of
about 1W men attired in silk hats black
suits and black box overcoats with canes
arrived from Philadelphia about 3 o clock
The club is in command of Isaac D Hart
The handling of the militar bodies and
all triveiera who came as organizations
was carrifd out without a hitch esterda
At the Pennslvanla Avenue Bridge on
the PeiinsIvaiil i Railroad tracks the
committee in charge erected a heav
flight of stairs for the use of the troops
In climbing the embankment The soldiers
arriving nfter midnight were fo cl
to disembark In tne uarK j numwr
lights had been i tl v
Mdi r it otumi I
t herolr I
m ii in i
i d - i j
UH ttUU r ettfn ut i il H A
Ucs enhanr 1 i r t
1 k u a er i i
rof ms r ir oi tt 1 i
w Hi e belli r ma
Ibriugfj valta ol j 1 t i t hoo m I
i IaISJfSSvTu if tut I
trVSuert mrr siltr th lur i ik u
part if mermUiiK trav I
s ar heu da a wiie1
n r it OII
T i ir se
itiedi ite
1 i ii of gre it
ere coming to and
me depot Shortly after C a m the
Fifth Regiment Nation J Guard from
Staunton Ma s arrived Tills was the
lrst militarv organization whleh arrived
after d i light
The militarv organis itlons and private
parties and individuils who arrived Jn
the cit at the Billitnoic nnd Ohio depot
were will cared for b the members of
the Committee on Public Comfort who
wire awaiting their arrlv il Ihe chair
man of the lommlttei J H Fors th
wis on h ind carl and remained on dut
tlil midnight The othei membtrs of the
committee who did aetlvo dut during
the day are
lairc 1 huh T Ilbirt Dr II Hd T T
Iulhr C smith l Ijiuli i
lianm 1 an 11 Tucktr fiiouard William II
Ilaintovr Charles P tahirt O lutkett I V
Thomas James Vi Hauler nrk Ornn
II llallau J Kinllc 1 nsle t J lloKjn Wil
liam I Vlcxr N V traight Miuiirl llraml
tiiburi I t renmrc limes itibbins Iltnr K
heck das llojd James 1 latritk Ma
lunej h limit w I Tiqe P tu Jlk
J trunk lcrr Rol ett Mahorne Milium V VI
beg A 1 pert Charles VV Iiler VIkj1
J Gritlith Hiram lluikinham John 11 Jliard
William 1 Ilrjan Michael Wallace
Joseph Repetli who supervised the as
signment of visitors to the city to lodg
ings and the sevent -live Gonzaga Col
li ge oadits also hid u lively day of It
the guides being kept on the run from
di break until long after midnight
Nearly vcry organization whether
militarv or civic which arrived vvaB ac
companied bv binds of music Every or
ganization which arrived was awaited by
friinds who accorded the members cor
dial gnetlngs In most Instances the
friends joined the lino of march nnd ac
companied tlie organization to its head-
Thiy cant be equaled In purify age and
strength- llecri h Micrzcn ScnatCj or I ager
quitters The rirst rourth and rifth
Regiments of Mar land troops which ar
rived enrl In the day made a splendid
appearance and were deserving of the
ovation given them as they emerged from
the depot soon after their arrival The
First Regiment In command of Lieuten
ant Colonil McLean and the Fifth Regi
ment under Col Frank Markoe pro
ceeded to their headquarters at the Cit
Hall and the Fourth Regiment in charge
of Col Wllinrd Howard proceeded to
their headquarters at the corner of It
and Seventh Streets northwest
The Essex Troop Cavalrv from Newark
N J which jlso arrived In the cit during
the carl part of the da also madd a
handsome appearance
The llrst of the civic organizations to
arrive vesterday morning was the Youn
Mens Republican Club of Wilmington
Del It numbered ICO mn In command
of E Mitchell the President The cub
was accompanied bv n band which headed
tho column of march on Its wa to the
Ardmore Hotel Then came the Roosevelt
Marching Club 250 strong The organiza
tion came in a special train from Minne
apolis George H Belden the President
of the club was In charge A brass bind
consisting of fcixty pieces led the organi
sation to Its headquarters at Harpers
The Srncuse Escort consisting of seventh-five
men made a splendid appear
anee in their khaki uniforms This or
ganization was in command of A H
Gustadt itH President and was also ac
comp inleil by a bnnd of fifty pieces The
are quartered at the Twentieth Century
1 Jotel Thf St unlna Republican League
of Cincinnati Ohio which arrived shortly
ufter noon lined up 175 strong In front
of the dpnot The organization is in
charge of 11 I Pfolster and Is accom
panied b music The league is quartered
at Harpers Hall
During the earl part of the afternoon
the Colored Republican Club from Phila
delphia PL arrived Tlie members were
uniformed in silk hats and gre coats
Following this organization was the
Han- S Scott Seventh Ward Repub
lican Association of Philadelphia Pa in
command of Capt James Scott It num
bered ninet strong and was accompanied
by the Liberty Band The members of
the club vvere uniformed in top hats and
black coats On the march to headquar
ters at Douglas Hotel the file leaders car
ried an Immense club banner
About B p m the Naval Reserves ar
rived from Baltimore They numbered
about 00 and made a good appearance as
the marched up Pennslvanla Avenue
Earl in the afternoon Company G Sev
enth Regiment Rhode Island National
Guard arrlvci This command was also
accompanied b a band The Rhode Isl
anders were close followed bv the Rich
mond Blues from Richmond a
The last of the civic organizations to
arrive was the Young Mens Republican
Club of Pittsburg Pa It numbcied over
1H and was accompanied b a brass band
Notwithstanding the continuous crowd
ing and rush during the day not an ac
cident took place at the station The of
ficials of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road stated that although the crowd was
ver large there was not a hitch nor halt
in the arrangements made for handling
tho crowds and in consequence all trains
were prett nearj on schedule time
Reception anil Kill erlnlnment to Be
Given Tomorrow MKlit
Tomorrow ev enlng the Young Men s
Christian Association will keep open
house to friends and visitors from out of
the cit and to Washingtonians as well
Washington people entertaining persons
interested in associations elsewhere are
invited to bring them to the building on
tint evening The association orchestra
and Mandolin Club will be In attendance
tha c will be a brief entertainment b
Mr Archie Leon French the well known
impersonator light refreshments will be
sered greetings will lie extended and
responded to and everything possible
done to give the a Isltors a good time
L idies are cordial invlte4 to come A
number of visiting organizations have
expressed their intention of coming to
tuc reception in a body
Clear SUIph nml n Miina Tempera
ture to lrevull Toiluj
According to the Weather Bureau the
Weather toda will be the finest ever ex
perienced on the Inauguration of a Pres
ident The reputation of the Bureau is
staked on this statement Last night
Chairman yohit Joy Edson received the
following iletWr from Chief Willis L
cvenlnic March 3 0 SO p m
Mr Jilm Jovhdaon Chairman Inaugind Com
mittee y
Dear str Tlie weather tnniorro T Mondar
Vlartli 4 will lie tlie finest ever cxiHricneed on
tl e inauguration of a Piesitlnit
Tlie tVv will wireh be clear and the temperature
varm olid balmr a fit meteorological climax to
the moffnifiefnt wtrs il ne by joirwlf ani jour
able asMtantv iMncirilr voura
Chief I fc Heather Bureau
This letter together with one conveing
similar intelligence to Seqretar Cortel
ou was written by Chief Moore imme
diati ly after the fqree ist officials com
pleted their work last night Mr Moore
was hlghlv elattd at the prospect and
called attention to the fact that he had
inserted the word surel in the lettei
wtien he asserted that the sky would be
clear lie said he wb willing to stake
not onl hUqwn repujition but the rep
utation of the entire v cather Bureau on
the accurac of th forecast
There is not a sign of a storm east of
the Mississippi River and there Is not the
slightest indication which gives ground
for the Jeast fear that -he da will be
anv thing but a perfect one
For several das Indications have been
favorable for the pre of pleisant
weather on Inauguration Dav and the
public has been building high hopes that
the occasion of the second Inauguration
of William McKinle would prove an ex
ception as far as weather was concerned
to the general Inauguration Day rule
Since last Wednesda the forecast offi
cials at weather stations all over the
I nlted States have been instructed to
keep an especlall keen lookout for an
indications of storm weather which
might posslblv affect Washington on
March -1 The ilemenls have been kind
however and President McKinle will
take the oath of office for the second time
iu the bright sunshine of a cloudless r
r t tl kin Mi
till Of I lutttBi
ir HuBel at five
i losi - tb - d- en rojte to
v l D of tl clt
ves t i hi ij
is i nor-
v in
i i l a t
i c rrunt
wilt arc r r dv fns va
in ii - me
- While in the
u Dtrit house of the
vania Riilroad she became sep irated
from the rest of the part Her absence
was not diseovend until the were on the
train m route to this cltv
Mr Young who is stopping lemporarll
at ViVi H Strut northwest has her rail
road ticket ind mom and she Is m
tlrel without means On reaching here
he notified tlie polite and the New iork
ind rse Cit authorities were usktil to
helpfind the Qung lad
A la tint of llnilvvnj Aieldiiil lore
telis the lisulllt to Frli iiils
strange ft iture in connection with the
deith of Milton F Thompson who was
killed on the Pittsburg Virginia and
Charleston Railroad Frlda has devel
oped fell i c thu recover of ids bod from
the vvreekjfce Some das ngo Thompson
was in i I- Craw fords drug store Ho
said that ho ft It thit somehow he was
to meet his death within i few dis and
depressed th spirits of all his hearers b
his speieh
At ids honl where he had a wife and
three children he expressed tin same
ficllng of dread So strong did this pre
monition Viicome that Thompson took n
nine of paper and wrote a list of his pall
beari rs
a riirwnsii ATT tic
An aitack was lalel made on C V dlher
of ChiroUe Ioa tl t liearl proved fatal It
came through his kllne8 Hi baik got o lame
hu i ould not ftoop without treat pain nor M
in a chair except iropneil b cihioa o
nmedy helped lilnl nntil he tried Uecttic fit
terii which elletid uch a wonderful chanje that
he Brills he feels like a new man Ills inarvil
oud medicine cures backache and kttlucy trouhle
purifies the blood and builds up our health
Only UK at Henrf brans Urtig Hon Vii F
it nvv
An nnicli iit ainilnj lenlee ti Ac
coiitmodnte tlie A inltortt
The strict car facilities for esterday
were as nearly perfect as the two com
panies could make them At an early
hour thousands of visitors to the Inau
guration and man Washingtonians
were astir and the managers of the lines
saw a bus day before them
The Washington Traction and Electric
Compan had all of their regular extra
men at hand and n 1 irge force of others
ready to push out extra cars at a mo
ment s notice The Pennslvanla Avenue
line was thronged Jrom 8 oclock in the
morning until midnight As the i rush In
creased these temporary facilities were
emploved The trathc was principally to
nnd from the steam railway depots
though thousands of passengers took a
triii to Georgetown and the Navy Yard
On the Seventh Street line of this com
pan cars were less crowded though they
were well patronized
The various branches of the Metropol
ian Compan did an immense buslnoss
Refore work on the line had been fairly
begun for the day it became apparent
that there was going to be a congestion
of traffic To overcome this men were
sent to different points on oil lines of the
compan to watch for a possible crush
clothed av 1th authority to call out cars
for relief Within fifteen minutes be
tween 11 and 12 oclock noon about
of these relief cars were sent out
Ihe Washington Alexandria and
Mount Vernon Electric Railroad Corn
pan did a thriving business Trains
vvere run to Arlington ever thirty min
utes nnd each one from 10 o clock In th3
morning until 3 o clock in the afternoon
was jammed with people to visit the
nntlonal cemcter Thousands of
strangers who had hoped to visit Wash
ington s tomb at Mount Vernon were sad
ly disappointed AVhen they called for
tickets for that point the railroad officials
informed them that the grounds were not
open and the trip was abandoned
There was but one complaint stringers
had to make of the service on the Metro
politan lines The transfer sstem sore
Iv puzzled and aggravated them
Following arc the rules promulgated by
Major Sylvesttr Superintendent of Po
lice to govern the movements of street
cars during the Inaugural parade today
The cars of the Capital Traction Com
pany going west will not pass Third
Street east after 9 30 ocloik a m until
the rear of the parade shall have left the
Capitol Grounds going east they will
cease to pass the west front of Washing
ton Circle at 10 oclock a m until the
rear of the parade nn its return shall
have passed Twent and K Streets
at least two squares
On Fourteenth Street the cars are not
to pass to the line of parade- after 10
o clock apd will not be permitted to leavn
the Raltlmore and Ohio depot later than
9 Z o clock a m
When the head of the procession shall
havi reached Seventeenth and Pennsl
vanla Avenue the cars on the Fourteenth
Street line will not go farther south than
Thomas Circle nor farther north than 1
Street until the rear of the parade shall
have passed Thirteenth and K Streets
after being reviewed bv the Grand Slar
shal The Superintendent of Police will
in his discretion permit cars to run
through the northeastern section of the
cit on C and U Streets On G Street
cars will not rua west of Third Street
afer 7pm nor before 1 a m Tuesday
morning in order to prevent blockading
the street at the Pension Office The Cap
ital Traction cars wll not be allowed to
pass I iftli Street east after 930 oclock
The Metropolitan cars have until 10
o clock to pass the same street
Cars on streets which intersect the line
of parade at an point will stop after the
streets are closed by the police and when
the parade is passing and until the rear
of the sane on its return shall have
passed said street at least one square
except that the police mav in their dis
cretion nermlt the cars of the Capital
Traction Compan to cross Pennsylvania
Avenue at Seventh Street previous to the
return of the parade
Spee lnl vdilreir to the IMttxlmrK
lnflllitO t Folillilrj Church
The inauguration services at the Found
r Church latt night consisted of a plat
form meeting that attracted an assembly
that completely filled the spacious audi
torium of that house of worship The
Washington Infantry of Pittsburg Pa
comprising sixty men attended in a bodv
bearing the banner of the organization
The compan marched down the aisles
and was assigned to seats In front of the
altar The church was decorated with
choice flowers of the early spring
Tlie paslor of the church the Rev Dr
I uther B v II ou in a few appropriate
words welcomed the soldiers from the
Kc stone State
After a brief song service a cornet solo
b Mr Kenne and selections b the
choir Rev Ir Wilson Introduced the
Rev Tennis Hamlin of the Church of the
Covenant who said in part
To the man guests who are In our
cit for a fiw das tills Is a notable occa
sion I think it is right that once In four
cars representatives of the people of
this broad land should come here for
the Washington of todav is a home In a
civic sense for ever cl izen come from
whatever section he mdi It Is a cit
whom all should and I think do cherish
with natriotic emotions I think it is
right too that the induction into office
of the President of 73 0uO0W people should
be attended with some dUpla We
Americans have no smpath with the
pomp and splendor of the courts of the
Old World and et we should not let our
denocratic Ideas set at nat ght all i1Inpliv
though our Chief Magistrates be demo
ratlc In their Ideas
We have had an illustration of their
slmpllcit In the visit of ex President
Harrison to this cit From his high
position lie descended or ascended if voi
wish to call It an ascent to the pau rf
a private citizen of thf TJnltel
And however m h disp av u roa make j
Il the u r i ii n nl Presidrt Mckin
n jret tha P w 11 t ban
t iw n ira ter Those ho i
i Ihx mh ilflcent spect i to ail e
better appreciation of tin rtatne
prajicieur of our betervA t -v i ni
T SdJVCfS A i t foi tew
will rehii There t it nat
v r ff- tae vfai r is ni tt
i to the nation Anil
tha r r r en - and iavr should
- 1
t i Im it ii dlji i e i tok
l v i ti ab isrepard
v iU 1 i i mil It
i k 1 i u jo ominous
i i o e are having In
North South East
nil West
The Rev Dr Hamlin however took an
optimistic viev believing that a reaction
and respect for law would riassert Itself
in tlie future He referred to the Capit il
Cit saing
I went nut on our gieat Avenue this
afternoon The disregard of 1 iw we see
tod i will not be understood to be the
custoinar and norm il condition In our
cit The Commissioner of th District
who will speak to OU Is a Christian man
and Mr McKinle is a ChrlstI in states
man We have a well got erne tl cit nnd
I hope vou Oimg soldiers will not judge
of our ell b what OU have seen during
our brief sojourn here
The Rev Dr W IKon then Introduced
Commissioner M icfarland who said in
It seems lo me most appropriate that
we on the eve of the llrst Inauguration
of the twenticlh centurv should assemble
In the house of God and ask the blessings
of him who has been our guide in all
feneritlons Of course there are people
to whom reference has been made who
see nothing except tint which thev see
with their oes Rut we who think we
can discern the unseen ought b our ex
ample to Inspire a better regard for law
and all tint pertains to the highest civili
There Is one fortunate tiling in this
Inauguration It will cause no change in
the pollc and conditions of the country
as do some Administrations Sir McKin
le hat been President and he will con
tinue to hi Presldint Ills pollcv will not
change We are assured of this by the
announcement that the entire Cabinet will
be renominitcd with possibly tlie ceip
ttion of Attoine General Griggs who
Mr Macfarla id closeiT by reciting
W hltlier s centennial poepi
After a few remarks 11 tho Rev Dr
Smith of M irion Ind and by the pastor
tlie congregation dispersed
Dr Bulls Cough
Cures a cough or cold it otice
Conquers croup bronchitis
grippe and consumption jc
A Dctrrniinril FlKlit on the Illver
nml Jlnrbor ltlli
Vr Carter last nsjvt made an attempt
lit ceTent tne River ann Harbor Appro
priation bill He spike for four hours In
an endeavor to hnvc the bill fall and be
kept out of conferenct He was aided by
Mn Pettlgrew who supplied him with
Mr Carter went bVer the Items from
every State and pointed cut the Jobs
His action came as a surprise as the con
servative ex Chairman of the Republican
National Committee was supposed to be
lh accord with his party colleagues Nev
er In the hlbtor of the Senate has such
a surprise been sprung and the benate
was unable to save Itself
He went over the various items and
asked Mr Depew if he knew where
Manatuck Harbor was in New York
Mr Depew said he did not
Air Carter said that this was only one
item He then asked Mr Aldrich if he
Knew where n point was in Rhode Island
for which JIPOOO was asked
Mr Aldrich did not repl
Mr Carter then returned to Manatuck
Harbor and said that the water was
from one to two feet deep there and the
turtles had to tow the cattish out through
the inlet He Bcored a number of items
as Jobs and said many of the rivers
referred to could be naviguted lietter on
horseback or In a buckboard than in a
rovvboat He said that bunches of
money were to be expended
Mr Wellington said that the River and
Harbor bill should not be passed as It
was a steal
Mr Carter referred to the river and
harbor jobs In Maine which were put
Into the bill solely for the purpose of get
ting votes He went all through the
bill and called attention to harbors of
two feet of water including the Pocheco
River in New Hampshire with nine
Inches of water He also called atten
tion to the 1owow River in Massa
Mr Kenne held that the statements of
the Senator from Montana were ver Im
portant and suggested the absence of a
luoram The roll ntfx called nnd fort
six Senators responded
Tillman defended the rivers In
South Carolina HerraldHhat the whole
scheme was a steal And his State waned
its share
Mr Carter called the bill a financial
complication and an opera bouffe
measure He held that every backwoods
man knew the bill as the pork bill
it will fall iu ever- future Congress
said hi and it should fall It is without
decency or merit Men have stood mute
in this Senate during this session because
of this bill ami their honest convictions
have been sold for aporonrlations for
their home harbors The bill ought to be
vetoed if it passed It is a general steal
and each fellow wants his share
Referring to the Items for Arkansas he
said that Mr Jones should never open his
mouth in the Senate again
This Is a loot said he and tho Sena
tor knows it
Tlie conference report on the Sundr
Civil bill was b ought in by Mr Allison
He bald thet the conferees had disagreed
mainly on appropriations for Governors
Island the pasturing of sheep in tne
Northwest and the three big expositions
at St IxiuK Ruffalo and Charleston He
moved that the Senate insist upon its
amendments This was done
Mr Carter then resumed his argument
He went through Alabama Tennessee
1 lorina Mississippi and Missouri
He then charged Mr Mason with hav
ing had his mouth shut b an appropria
tion for Illinois
At this point it was suggested that the
Senate go into executive session Mr
Carter agreed on condition that he be al
lowed to resume his speech when the
doors were opened This was agreed to
and at 2 SO the Senate went into execu
tive session
Mr Berry gave notice that he would I
nviu iiuL agHinsc me aunury civil Din
until a vote wa3 had on the River and
Harbor bill If he adheres to his purpose
an extra session may result
leiin IvtMiin fenlilierx irnte IleeaiiKe
R dimrnile In Clulilieil
Pennsvlvrnta troopers chased Stephen
Powell a negro special officer into the
First precinct station last night after
Trank Mullen a member of the State Na
tional Guard had been struck on the head
vvitli a club It ytas alleged that the col
ored policeman struck ilullen Powell
e caped injur but the soldiers to the
number of several hundred sathered
ahojt the station and were vehement in
denunciation of the action of the police
Further trouble ma3 narrowly averted
The disturbance began when a trooper
unknown to the police smashed a window
on D Street near Thirteenth Street
northwest Powell and another police
man ran toward the soldier followed by a
mob of men In uniforms and civilian
dress and it is said the negro drew his
club and in wielding it struck Mullen
heav 11 over the held A severe scalp
wound resulted and Mullen sought medi
eal attention at the Emergenc Hospital
Stanwhlle the soldiers started for the
policeman nnd drove Powell toward the
station on Twelfth Street Near tlie sta
tion Powell had to run with the mob at
his heels Lieutenant AiriS3 was in the
statlonhouse and he addresbed the sol
diers from the door The troops were
loud in their compliints against the po
lice ofticers but finally dispersed Short
1 afterward Powell was sent home b
the lieutenant
At the hospital Mullen was treated and
his wound bindaged white a number of
fellow soldiers waited without the build
ing He was able to leave the hospital
about midnight
She Will ee Her llanlinml kh1ii In
ntiKiiriiteil President
Mrs McKInley will be present at the
official ceremonies of the Inauguration to
be held on the steps of tlie Capitol fcihe
will be escorted to the Cpitol b djti
tant General Corbin and in her part will
be Miss Helen McKinle Mrs Dune m
Miss Kinle Dr and Mrs
U t a I rs Hawks Miss Hawks
u j Mr il Mr Abner McKInley The
jiurtv will 1- eed to the Capitol in
He carriage
During e rt monies in the Senate
Mrs MKli 1 her party of friends
will 1 private gal-
hr i i reach the Capitol
on f ti
r i t h i een constructed ad-
jjmii t i i tfor where the President
wll mKi i i lice and Mrs Mc-
Kin ev jt t r m r ts will occupy it
enr tJr H worn and delivers
pis addr
aiiniiKiirntioii Iii Hours nf the Cit
Postmister Merritt his Issuid the fol
lovlng concerning the city postolilce
hours for tod iv
The following divisions of the lriln of
lice will be closed to the public on Mon
di March 1 1001- order division
and resittr division
A delivcrv bv c irrlers from miln of
lice and M Ulon G will bt made at 7 30
a m
Carriirs windows will be open for de
livery of m lil to the clerks in the depart
ments from J to 10 30 a m and for the
gcnenl public from 6 to 7 p m
Collections will be made at the miin
office and Station G at J 30 a m and 5
and 11 30 p m
Collections will be made at Statica A
at i 30 and 8 0 a m and and 11 JO p
m at Station 15 at 7 m and 9 13 a m and
5 and 11 30 P m at Stations D and V at
8 DO a m 5 and 11 30 p in it Station II
at H a m and I p m at llrookland Sta
tion at U a m and I p m Dtliv cries
at stations at 7 30 a in
Countv collections at 9 i m and 5 p
m nd 9 30 p m Station F
ii following named stitions will be
open to the public for the transaction of
lmsinss Station A C to 11 a m 5 to
7 p in Station H to 11 iu in 5 30 to 7
ii m btation C 7 to 10 a m St ulon D
t to 11 n in 5 30 to 7pm Station I
6 to 11 J m 5 to 7pm Stntlou G C to
11 a in K to 7 p m Station II 6 to 11
a m 5 to 7 p m llrookland S to 11 a
m 5 to 7pm
A Oir nml nn olllile
vbout 11 oclock on SaturJav night a car o
the Anacostia and Ivtomac Railroad in iharge
o II T Haws as motorman and V S Seaton
conductor collided with an cninc drawing a
Haltimore and Ohio freight train at the criwi iiii
in Monroe felreet Vnacwtla near the Nary nm
Dudse The car was partly demoh lied The
damaee lo the car was about X nhile the
cowcatcher of the engine wan torn completely off
ltlii ugh there were several oopIe in the car
at the time no one was injured There are no
rates at thu crossing the arrnal of a train
li snc heralded by an electric bell which rinss
t iailiiiuousl until the train has passed How the
accident occurred however could not be learned
The freight train wa in charge of J Secher con
ductor and 0 P Crarnmuct engineer
SPFClAb NOTICE VII German Americana are
reapectlulljr invited to attend a meeting called
for the purpoM ot organizing a National Leaun
of German American Republicans at lleurichs
liathaktller Mh and E rta nw on MONDAY
MARCH 1 TOP M Hon Richard Rartholdt
C will address the meeting Br order
more Md m3 3
Hechts Closed
Ail Day
Tuesday starts tlie
second week of the
Gigantic Fire Sale
See this evenings
Times and Star for
annoiincement of ex
traordinary bar
Rent the
Kb need to lay out the full ralue of
the extra bedding and furniture jou will
need for inauguration
Cots Pillows
Bed Clothing
Bedroom Furniture
Parlor Furniture
t n
felS mwf if
514 9th NW
SYS a reus Notes j
1218 1220 F St N W I
Eye Examination
Fie Examination 00
Sic cpec or E G Frame 25
llet Kock CrjsUI Lenses 75
Hefrattionist in Clurgc
a ivhisky of Inown merit 1 qt delivered
By our method of laundering
we can guarantee that your flan
nels will NOT shrink No use tak
ing chances when we offer you a
certainty with our Cl VRUiTfcE
1 A II M n D Y
shh U II U II I i
Cor Siilh C Sts
Telephone 657 East
Do you ti e one If not pet one
and youll save money V Gas
Heater consumes the cheapest fuel
Youll pare ojrself trouble because
thre no store to prepare no
asbe to be taken out no dost etc
Euy jour Gas Heater here an ex
tetiMve line of Gas Heaters Gu
Vo etc at the right prices
Excelsior Diaries and
Calendars at Cost
rrcd 11 Mcliols t Co 13 E St W
One pound Wedding Tlate Note Paper
13c m23
Herrmann 1 XB Seventh
6t corner of I hjre bt
Complete Home Furnishers
C uli or Credit
Is Beneficial
To alL It U a rich and nutritious food
Our ZW IEn VC K is the real imported Ccr
iran ZniEUUk It u prescribed bj
phjMcianv ZWICmCK ij a dainty
i sold at nijn
crip food it 4 tr
claas grocery stores Try a pound
rquity Building 31J llj street
Collections Iiotary Tublic
Undertaker autl Llvcr7
t2 Pern Are K IT Washington O C
hLFK On uluay March 3 1001 at T
p in GLOItOE hLLM at residence 21- Ii
Street northwest
Notice of funeral hereafter
Ilaltimorc and en lurk papers please cep

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