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Number 2 oS
His Physician Kind I IN Condition
The Icft I hub YfTecleil nml Alarm
ik Pelt nH to tin prentl of the
CoiiureMtlon Speelullt Called In
MiiLc n Clone Cnnilnntlan
INDIANAPOLIS March 10 The con
dition of ex Prcsldent Hnrrison is worse
tonight tnan It was jestcrday and the
tendencies toward pneumonia hae not
only become stronger but hae so far de-
eloped that the npex of the left lung is
solidified or as the attending physician
states it hepatlzed
While Dr Jameson Is not discounted
by Mr Harrisons condition he feels that
a crisis is near and that the conditions
now apparent warrant alarm He asked
today that another phjslclan might be
called for consultation and Dr Evans
Hadley a specialist in lung troubles was
called and an hours consultation was
held at which Mr Harrison was thor
oughly examined
This examination lid to the ellscovery
that his left lung is alreadv affected and
that great danger is threatening him
from the extension of the congestion Dr
Jameson said tonight that an effort is
how being made to stop the extension of
hepatization of the lung and if this could
be done he would feel greitl encouraged
but when congestion begins he said it is
rare that it does not extend to all parts
of the affected lung and unless the
present case proed exceptional this
would biing about ery dangerous condi
In respect to the generals condition to
day as compared with jesterday he said
General Harrison gained up to the
middle of the afternoon but is worse to
night not critically worse but worse
than he was at 3 oclock thl afternoon
His respiration Increased from thirty
to thirty six per minute his pulse from
ninety to ninety eight and his tempera
ture from ICC to 102 3 4 I regard the lat
ter taken In connection with the other
symptoms as very unfaorable
When questioned with reference to the
possible developments he was disinclined
to discuss them saving only that it was
unnecessary to enter the icaltns of con
jecture as the present conditions were
all that could be known except those
which they might reasonably lead to In
the near future
He admitted that any marked Increase
of Inflammation of the left lung would be
an exceedingly discouraging feature and
upon closer questioning confessed that
an increase under present conditions
was more probable than a decrease
Considering his age however the doctor
said that Mr Harrison was holding up
well and this was alwas favorable in
such cases His mind is perfectly
clear and while hee has a correct
appreciation of the gravity of his
case he is not discouraged and sub
mits to ail treatments with cheerfulness
and with a readiness which indicates a de
sire to assist the- ph slcian as nuch as
On the other hand Mrs Harrison is
nervous and exceedingly anxious As far
as possible she Is being encouraged by
Mr Harrison and by the attending phy
sician and she was very much gratilled
at the encouragement which she received
after the consultation between Dr Jame
son and Dr Hadley this evening
It may be said that Mr Harrison is In
a really dangerous state His death can
not occur suddenly for his disease does
not presage a sudden demise and there
is no reason to believe that It will prove
exceptional in his case
fchoMd It reach the fatal stage It will
probaM be attended by delirium follow
ed by loss of consciousness the gradual
sinking into a comatose state from which
death results
The members of the family who arc
absent are kept informed of the generals
condition from day to day and It Is
understood that they are holding them
telvcs In readiness to come at any time in
answer to a summons to his bedside
C Alexander Leaves the Clolec With
the PlnjKOem Club
LONDON March 10 At the annual din
ner of the Playgoers Club George Alex
ander manager of the St James Theatre
In answering President Flndens criticism
that the lack of new plas by English
authors was discreditable and reflected
blame on the actor managers invited the
club to elect a reading committee to con
sider any new plavs submitted and choose
the best which he
said he would pro
duce at a matinee at the fit James Thea
tre In collaboration with Mr Beerbohm
Tree who would cast the characters
Buffet nml Deroulrde Mnj lieet nt
PARIS March 10 The newnpapers say
that Paul Deroulede between whom and
M Buffet a duel Is said to be impending
Is trying to outwit tho police- who are
thadowing him They state that he has
arrived at Genoa They also Mate that
M Buffet has gone to Geneva where he
will meet M Deroulede
The Duke of Orleans formally vetoed
II Buffets participation in a dul but
the latter has resolved to disobey him
Til DlNeoter Ailiinnneeil
Athenian Detipateh
LONDON March 1L A despatch to the
Cnronlcle from Vienna states on the
authority of a tele graph despatch from
Athens that the grave of Hippocrates
was discovered during excavations at
A royal commission wa Immediately
tent to verify the report
A Cunnnel steamer Injured
DOVER March lO The steamer which
last night signaled for assistance off this
port was the Pas de Calais a channel
vessel She had been In collision with
nnd sunk a ketch One of her piddles
was damaged She has returned Icre
Attractive Lumber rntei iiualll
O If loo lji at Gth and X Tl aic V
LiMx Co
His I
to reprl
tome COUliF
Hussion student InipIIenteil in nil
leiiNhe Consplrnc
BERLIN Mnrch 10 Advices from St
Petersburg Indicate a widespread plot in
connection with the recent shooting of M
Bogoliepoff Minister of Instruction with
centres at ICIeff and Odessa The Go em
inent s harsh measure imprisoning on M
Uogohcpoffs advice a hundred noisy
Kieff students was the drop which caused
the cup to overflow
Eighteen of the students who were dis
cplinarily enrolled in the army refused to
take the oath of allegiance and were
court martialed and sentenced to be shot
The Czar pardoned them but they have
not since been heard of
Some msterious fate seems to hae
overtaken them and this Increases the
excitement among their fellow students
The People frightened li n nturitl
HOME Mnrch 10 The phenomenon
known as a blood rain occurred today
in Sicily and southern and central Italy
It was accompanied bya violent sirocco
which brought across the Mediterranean
showers of dust from theDcseit of Sahara
The atmosphere In Rome was suffocating
and the city was covered by whirling
clouds of sand
In Naples the ignorant people wero
alarmed by the lurid sky and the blood
like rain and rushed to the churches
The wind felt like a blast from a furnace
As the sun was setting the reddened at
mosphere caused it to look like a ball
of silver The populace declare that the
phenomenon portends an earthquake
Mount Vesuvius is Invisible from Naples
owing to the dense reddish and yellowish
The Postponement off llerroir Vild
fmiK AroiiHen the CompoNcr
BERLIN March 10 Siegfried Wagner
has left Munich In anger over the re
peated postponement of the production cf
his opera Hcrzog Wlldang at the Court
The crisis reached its climax In a scene
between the intendant of the theatre and
the composer on Saturdaj which ended
by Hcrr Wagner going to Uajreuth
He will arrange for the production of
his work at Leipsic on March 20
Crowd nt M Gratified li n Bru
tal huh riKht
NICE March 10 Ever since the bull
ring was opened here a few weeks ago
the people had been longing for an ex
hibition more exciting than Is allowed by
the Government regulations Their de
sire was gratified today when without
interference by the authorities a large
crowd witnessed an exhibition calculated
to satisfy the most callous and blood
The bulls tortured were splendid rrea
tures and fought gamely One tossed a
Spanish matador named Robert who
however was little hurt Another mata
dor was badly gored Three horses
wretched blindfolded starvelings were
disemboweled Two of the bulls Jumped
the barrier causing a panic among tho
onlookers but apparently nobody was
Finally Robert after a dramatic appeal
to the crowd which yelled crazlly for the
blood of the bulls stabbed one of them
while the throng looked on holding their
breath and gloating In silence until the
creature fell They then bellowed their
applause the women showering flowers
and the men coins upon the matadors
Embarked AVitli Other iloer Irion
er on n TrnliHport
LONDON March 11 The Lourenco Mar
ques correspondent of the Dally Mall
In reporting the compulsory embarka
tion of surrendered Boers on a Portuguese
transport fctates that an American officer
named Martlnisen objected to being taken
to Lisbon and sought the protection of
his consul who appealed unavailingly to
the Governor
Martlnisen was arrested and placed on
the transport He stated that he resigned
from the United States Army to Join the
An Attempt on Toot to Effect n Con
EDINBURGH March 10 -A scheme is
afoot aiming at a combination of the
Scottish breweries with a capital of
48Mv0tM The success of the plan how
ever is doubtful The big concerns are
lukewarm but the smaller ones are eager
as competition Is very keen and oftjn
necessitates discounts of 40 per cent
Seven liner Killed In n Ilcht With
CAPE TOWN March 10 -A party of
Capo Irregulars under Captain Colletln
engaged a number of Boers at Sandfon
teln and drove them off
Seven of the burghers -were killed and
several wounded
The British sustained no lo s
The Iloer Ioree n Thuumunil
Men All Told
DURBAN March 10 General Trenchs
operations to the end of February re
sulted In a thousand Boers being killed
wounded or captured A commandant
beven Held comets and two landrosts
were captured In addition there were
captured beven guns and S0O rifles 1S0O0O
rounds of ammunition 60u0 horses 211
mules COiO trek oxen 27000 cattle 175000
sheep and 100 wagons and carts some
of American design
The coal market of the Can evi v
ue mg wuicneu nere Ji
are being rapiuly de velo
already consider
Capo Colon
jeauing mini
aid of ii
Li Hung Changs Attitude in
Kiib ian Negotiation
Impcrlnl Troop Loone Four Giilm in
a rieht
BERLIN March 10 Field Marshal
Count von Waldersee reports that an ex
pedition consisting of 1000 German troops
which left Paotlns fu on March 5 with
the object of driving the imperial troops
into Shansl Province stormed a gate in
the great wall eighty miles from
fu and captured four guns
General Chaffee nv ot the HeadH of
Itoer Chief
LONDON March 11 The Fekin corre
spondent of the Morning Post says that
the International Commission decided to
execute Boxers convicted of partIiialon
in outrages
General Chaffee however although he
accepted the commissions ruling refused
to allow the decapitation of certain noted
chiefs who were condemned by Chinese
Judges for many murders
The Americans he adab are the only
foreigners who have not executed anj
body In Pekln although they have ar
rested many criminals
IlUNHias Mnaeliiirln Treat Itt Kiird
ed nM eruiiti
LONDON March 11 The Dall
Malls correspondent nt Yokohama rep
resents the Japanese Government as re
garding Russias action in Manchuria as
serious He declares It Is slgniflctnt that
orders have been given to the Japanese
navy Including the new English built
battleship Hatsuse to hasten eastward
The correspondent however asserts
that Japan Is In no position to do any
thing boond making an emphatic pro
test single handed and that there Is no
prospect of a coalition between herself
and any other Power
According to the MallB St Pe tcrsburg
correspondent Russia Is getting irritable
over the foreign especially the British
press Insinuations of bad faitt on her
part He says that some of Russias
recent diplomatic remarks verged on
He adds that Russia docs not aim at
the annexation of Manchuria because the
expense of administration would be too
great Sho see s no reason to fenr the
action of the other Powers but foresees
the quiet achievement of her policy
The slliiallnu However Still He-
swswsKSBf f WW
Protest Vlnde li the Anicrlenn nnd
IlrltlHli ComjiimiilerM AKitliiHt Eiii
plojIiifC Chinese Splcx liidlnniuK
Over nn UiitntlMfnctory Eelict
PEKIN March 10 In the presence of
the soldiers of four nations and repre
sentative civilians the bodies of the sol
diers who were killed during the siege
were removed esterday from the grounds
of the British legation and burled with
military honors
LI Hung Chang has had a lone hand In
the negotiation of the treaty with Russia
regarding Manchuria He admits that it
will be hard for China to accept two of
the articles of the convention referring
to those providing for a Russian military
occupation of the province and the ces
sion of all mining rights
LI is very secretive even with his
closest friends regarding the text of the
treaty He is charged with showing a
dangerous partiality for Russia The ac
quiescence of China is regarded as a fore
gone conclusion The Ministers share in
the gloom of the situation and are pre
paring for a long occupation of Manchu
ria by Russia
General Van Gul President of the In
ternational commission administering the
affairs of Pekln recently learned from
certain Chinese that many Boxer leaders
had returned to the capital Ho favors
a plan to employ reliable Chinese a spies
with permits to make arrests He wrote
to the commanders of the various con
tingents stating that he would issue such
General Gaselee the British commander
and General Chaffee replied objecting to
this they holding that It would open the
door for blackmail
The Italian com
mander consented
It is certain that thousands of Boxers
are now in the city but it would be a
hard task to determine whoof them were
active participants in the massacres and
plundering and to pick out the officials
who countenanced the Boxer movement
Unless further lists are secured from the
Boxer headquarters it Is
generally con
ceded that It will be almost impossible
to arrest the actual leaders
Some davs ago an edict was Issued
under foreign pressure restoring their
nonors to Hsu Chlng Cheng Yuen Chang
Hsu Yung Yi Lien Yuen nnd LI San
who were beheaded here In July and Aug
ust The first three were Chinese the
next a Manchu and the last a Mongol
The first four were capable progressive
ministers of the
Tho edict callously ttates that they suf
fered death because of thtlr blowing hot
and cold It is understood that they
were the only men nt a full meeting of
high officials last June who denounced
the Boxers nnd the attacking of the le
gations It is said that the Ministers will
demand that a better edict be issued jut
1 honoring these men Even Russia Is
lnuignant over the wording of the edict
Tills Is probably due to the fact that Hsu
Chlng Cheng was director of the Rus
sian bank and of the Manchurlan Rail
way and received a salary from Russia
SuiiiiiornSrcfrtfc M
rcdernl Authorities to Tnlc Chnrcc
in Stin FrilPCsco
The conference between the California
Commission nnd Secretary Gage Assist
ant Secretary Spauldlng and Surgeon
General Wyman of the Marine Hospital
Service Saturday relative to the bubonic
pligue situation in San Francisco has re
sulted in a definite plan of procedure The
clash between the State authorities and
the Federal Government has virtually
been settled and Secretary Gage Insists
that Surgeon General White of the Ma
rine Hospital Service who is now In San
Francisco shall have charge of the meas
ures taken to stamp out the plague
The Federal authorities believe that
for the present at least a rigid individ
ual Isolation of the plague cases In China
town will be sulllclent to deal with the sit
uation adequately Neither the State nor
the whole city will be quaiantlned unless
conditions change for the worse Some
members of the California Commission
expressed the belief again vesterday that
the dreaded disease does not exist In San
Francisco One of them said he thought
the report recently returned by the Treas
urys commission of experts did not con
tain the positivo statement that the
plague exists in California There is high
authority In tho Treasury Department
however for the statemnt that the re
port of the several experts did contain
the declaration
It was further stated in the report that
six deaths had already occurred from
the disease in the Chinese quarter of San
Francisco and that several cases exist
there now Besides these statements of
fact the report contains a mass of mat
ter relative to the introduction of the dis
ease the present state of the cases un
der treatment and the exact location and
surroundings The Treasury Department
withholds the text of tho report from
General MncArtliur Declares It the
MANILA March 10 General MacArthur
will review the Thirty fifth Volunteer
Regiment tomorrow The reciment is
about to sail for the United States
Replj Ing to certain statements made in
the Senate at Washington General Mac
Arthur says
So long as the nation jields men
abundantly for military service our in
stitutions are safe for a warlike spirit
which alone creates civilizes and defends
a country is essential to national per
petuity This does not mean an over
whelming arm menacing liberty and
peace but the people should foster In
the public mind the memory of brilliant
Wnrlike nations are ijot necessarily
military nations On the contrary the
more warlike the spirit the jess necessary
is It to have a large stanilng army be
cause the able bodied men are willing to
ngnt on national demand
The Philippine Commission the families
of Colonel Gardener Governor of Taja
bas and Major Johnson Governor of
Romblon and representatives of the Fed
eral party will sail on the transport
Sumner for Lucena tomorrow
Mr WilllniiiM Denies the Reported
PlircIiriHe of Controlini Interest
RICHMOND Va March 10 PresIdent
John Skclton WlUHms of the Seaboard
Air Line was asked today regarding the
report sent out last night which asserted
positively that the Seabord system had
been purchased by August Belmont and
the Rothschilds He ridiculed the story
and said
The reDort that a controlling Interest
in the Seaboard Air Line system had been
purchased byparties allleiLto the Louis
ville and Nashville or any other sstem
is an Idle falsehood and without founda
I and my Immediate associates own a
controlling interest In this sstcm My
financial Interest In It today Is larger
than It has ever been before The condi
tion of the sjtcm Is stronger than ever
and the earnings are heavier than at any
time In its past history
We arc satlsiled with the property
intend to hold it andoperate It and a
controlling interest In the S ahord Air
Line system Is not for sale to anjbody
attny price
rillvei fil Presidents Tentlf
VKiliiM II I hi in evv York
NEW YORK March 10 Presidents
Daniel C Oilman of Johns Hopkins Uni
versity and Seth Low of Columbia Gen
Thomas L James President of the Lin
coln National Bank and Henry S Clark
paying -teller and Secretary W H Beebe
Miners Xot Dismayed by the Op
cratorh Checkmate
Other GrleiuneeK The ny Will rte
Ilroujtht Ip nt Hnxletoii 111 AKrec
That There Is Little Probnlilllt
of a Strike Tiiklnir Place
IIAS2LETON Pa March 10 Contrary
to expectations President Mitchell of the
United Mine V orkers did not come here
today It was stated at headquarters this
evening that he would not arrive until to
morrow evening and possibly not until
Tuesday morning Why his coming has
been delayed the officials of the union
professed not to know
It is suspected however that the action
taken by the coal companies toward con
tinuing the present wage scale In advance
of such a demanel being made upon them
has had something to do with Mr
Mitchells delay In coming here
This checkmate move on the part of the
companies seems to have taken the labor
lenders compltti ly by surprise They had
contemplated making the demand for a
continuance of the wage scale the prin
cipal object of the convention When the
suggestion was made to Benjamin James
a member of the National Executive
Board of United Mine Workers that this
move of the companies rather took the
wlrd out of the sails of the convention
he said this was not the case as the con
vention had many other things to con
He declined to answer the question
whether or not the convention would
make a demand for an Increase of wages
beond that of the present wage scale
and also what ellect the probable non
appearance of the operators at the de
sired Joint convention would have upon
the questions at Issue
Very few of the delegates have so far
reached here but those who have arrived
sem Inclined to think that the agreement
of the companies to continue the present
wage scale will satisfy tho men They
care very little whether the operators
come to tho convention or not and think
that there certainly will be no strike
Minor grievances they believe could
easil be adjusted at the respective col
lieries where they exist especially as
both the men and the operators are eager
to continue working
Hundreels of delegates will be here to
morrow and not far from a thousand are
exoected to attend the convention
SCRANTON Pa March 10 Presdent
John Mitchell of the United Mine Work
ers accompanied by his private sfcie
tary Miss Elizabeth Morris arrlveet in
the city this afternoon He was met at
the station by Fred Dllcher national or
ganizer and Secretary Dempsey of the
local union This evening Mr Mitchell
spent at his hotel the St Charles In
close conference with the labor leaders
of this city and AVllkcsbarre
Mr Mitchell was asked by a reporter
what effect the notice posted by the mine
owners on Saturday of a continuation of
the 10 per cent advance would have upon
the deliberations of the Hazleton conven
That Is a matter for the convention
to decide nnd I cannot discuss It he an
swered I will say however that it
seems to me that the willingness of the
operators to continue the present scale
shows a friendly feeling on their part
but I cannot tell how the convention will
regard It We have a number of griev
ances to consider and I only hope that
they will be met by the coal operators in
the same pleasant manner
Service Held at IHh Inte Home In
Ilrook1 n
NEW YORK March 10 The funeral of
Col Henry Edward Roehr editor of the
Brooklyn Frele Press was held at his
home in Brooklyn tonight The house
was crowded with friends of the famlly
and the business acquaintances of the
dead Journalist In the gathering were
representatives of the Ofrman Hospital
Society the Eastern District Turnvereln
the German Savings Bank the Arion Sing
ing Society and the Loyal Legion There
was a profusion of flowers Ex Judge
Charles E Naeher delivered the funeral
oration In German
The Arlon Singing Society then sang a
funeral anthem which was followed by
an address In English by George H
Ksher Jacob Grammer
of the Brooklyn Frele Press spoke of
Colonel Roehrs work In the newspaper
offices He said ever man In the office
from pressman to editor loved him and
revered his memory
The body will be taken to Fresh Pond
tomorrow where It will be incinerated
A Trenton J Mini bargeel With
slenliitK a AVnteli
TRENTON N J Mnrch 10 Harr
Shock formerly a student of Cornell
University was arrested and held under
200 ball today charged with the larceny
of a gold watch from Mrs John Magow
an whose husband Is a half brother of
ex Mayor Frank A Magowan
Shock originally came from Strouds
burg Pa and Is said to belong to a
family of some prominence there Last
winter he met Miss Florence Magowan
a hnlf slster of the ex-mayo- whom he
marrleel last January since which time
Mr and Mrs Shock have been living at
oi v uiunium appeared Deiore -Magistrate tlo jiaBmnin hInc in East State Street
i enjie in inu jenerson viarKet i once
Court today
as complilniints against
Ross Rnjmond the swindler who got Gen
eral James to cash for him a forged check
for J200
Icamond Is now charged with both
forgcrj and swindling by false pretences
He waived examination but -Magistrate
Poole decided to hear the evidence since
come to court on Sunday to testify Gen
eral James was first called
This man came to the bank on Jan
uary ib with a letter of introduction
from Secretary llcebe of Columbl i say
ing that he was Dr Sandys said Gen
eral James He said that he had come
to see me for the purpose of le arnlng
whether could give him any Informa
tion about a rclatl e of his who hid
been emplojed as a clerk In the New
York postothce several yoars ago This
relative he said had recently fallen heir
to u large estate In Kurupe
I told htm Whurn ha lll nltt iln On
uorinaiion anil after thanking me he
ft Then he stonncd and men-
- n iu lust come over irojj
been leeiv
Some time ago an attempt to rob the
Magowan hoube was reported to the po
lice and this together with some minor
thefts ami the larceny of Mrs Magow
ans watch led to the calling In of de
tectives Suspicion was at first directed
toward a former boarder In the house
but subsequently tho missing watch was
located In a pawnshop In Philadelphia
so distinguished a party of witnesses had Jl vatcli Rallied w h t h of shnek
who was then arrested on Mrs
ans complaint
Shock gave his name at the police sta
tion as John Kennedy with a view of
avoiding publicity He will have a hear
ing tomorrow morning
The- VlirnuT IHci
An EITort to Inan the Elections IHH
BALTIMORE Md -March 10 A deter
mlnedeffort is to be made tomorrow night
to pass tho Elections bill Tomorrow
afternoon Charles J Bonaparte and other
members of the Reform League will ap
pear before tho Joint committee Jn oppo
sition to the measure
Mr Gorman is very much worried over
the attitude of Senator Applegarth of
Dorchester Without his vote the bill
cannot pass Applegarths position Is an
unenviable one If he voted for the bill
his own people will bury him and If ha
docs not vote for It he will be read out of
There Is probably not another county In
the State In which the whites will suffer
so great a loss In votes as in Applegarths
County should the Illiterates be disfran
chised Fully 2S per cent of the white
population in the county would be denied
the right to vote The bulk of them live
In Senator Applegarths district Strange
as It may appear quite a number of tha
Illiterates are taxpaers
The Republican leaders aro making their
last stand against the bill and should It
pass in spite of thfc opposition they will
appeal to me courts
He Will Spend Todn In IVevv York
Inxpeetlii Newspaper PlnntN
NEW YORK March 10 Mr Bryan
went to church this morning and listened
to a sermon by the Rev Dr Charles II
Parkhurst Dr Parkhurst went over to
the hotel to call as noon as tho service
-was over but Just mhsed Mr Br an who
had gone up to Mr GlrJnTs house nnd
who went thence to luncheon t the r omo
of Orlando J Smith President of the
American Press Association
After luncheon he went to East Orange
where he ate again with a friend On
the train he met Col William I Brown
with whom he had an entertaining con
versation i
Mr Bryan spent this evening at the
Hoffman House Tomorrow he will visit
the plants of sevnl of the illustratid
weekly papers In this city He will leave
Jvew lork for his nome tomorrow night
stopping on the way for a short time in
Movement ot
W ith Aelmlrnl ItoKerN Alionrd
rived tonight from Fort Koai
anchored near the Hartford
the Inland
March 10 The fourth
party of Porto Rlcans en route to Hawaii
to work on the sugar plantations there
passed through New Orleans today 551
strong The men who are handling this
movement and have undertaken to take
lOW Porto Ricans to Hawaii report that
the local press Is strongly antagonizing
the movement and endeavoring to excite
the people against It
The local paper at Caguas declared thit
the Porto Rlran emigrants taken to
Hawaii are either sold into slavery or
kile 1 and that It Is the purpose of the
Americans to remove all the nativerTfd
settle Porto Rico with Chinese The de
nunciation of the papers has rendered It
more difficult to secure emigrants and it
will take some time to overcome the feel
The Porto Rican emigration business is
reaching out to other points An Engish
tramp ship landed at Ponce and took on
board five hundred peonle who wore to gj
to Cuba and work on the Cuban planta
tions The customs authorities at Ponce
however Interfered as the steamer was a
freighter and tne emigrants were com
pelled to come ashore The affair how
ever has caused a great deal of excite
ment among the natives who threatened
to mob the English vessel There vas
another emigrant vessel at Ponce taking
on board a large party of natives who
proposed to emigrate to Ecuador
It wis the sentiment of all the Ameri
cans on the California the vessel which
brought the Porto Rlcans to New Orleans
that this emigration movement oppose
bv many of the natives was beneficial as
the Island was congested as to popula
tion and many of the natives were sickly
from lack of food the island not raising
enough to support Its population sln5e the
great storm
ClirlHtinn Science FttlleMl to Ileal
Mm Ilassett Hurt lij u Fall
DERBY Conn March 10 Mrs Marii
E Bissett of Zotx Bridge died vesterday
at the age of eighty Her trust in Chris
tian Science and failure to call a physi
cian are siid to have been the cause
Two weeks ago she fell down a flight of
stairs rutting a gash four Inches long on
her scalp She refused to have a doctor
Members of her family Christian Scien
tists attempte d to close tho wound with
bandages Mrs Bassett was full of faith
She said the wound would give her no
more trouble than a pin prick
Blood poisoning set in however and
she grew rapidly worse She still refused
medical aid but neighbors called Dr F
N Loomis of this city Ho found her
case hopeless The wound was in terrible
condition from neglect She Insisted to
the last thit she was getting better
Mrs Bassett had been a strong believer
in Christian Science for five ears con
vetting her husband and son She prac
tices healing among her neighbors
StnrtM for Manila
NORFOLK Va March 10 The United
States cruiser New York flagship of the
Asiatic Squadron with Admiral Rogers
aboard having completed taking on
stores and coal sailed for Manila anil
passed Cape Henr outward bound about
The old frigate Hartford arrived oft
Lamberts Point and will coal there
The United StateB collier Leonldas ar
The Cnptnln of the Schooner Ran
dall Drowned
schooner Mar Adelaide TL
elence which
Price One Cent
The Crew of the Caniici down Ar
rested in Xcw York
The Trouble Attributed li the Cnp
tiiln to the Mixed Nntlonnlltiea
The Men Ucfuxcel to AVork Sar
ins the Milp Whs Lnsenirurtliy
NEW YORK March 10 The British
tramp steamship Carapcrdown which an
chored off Liberty Island this morning
had a mutiny aboard CapL John Smith
the skipper is inclined to attribute the
vicissitudes of his trip partly to tho mixed
nationalities aboard
The Camperdown left Matanzas for
New York on February 2S In a fotr on -March
4 at 5 a m she grounded on the
shoals of Cape Lookout orth Carolina
She stuck there until 1030 p m on Wed
nesday last when she hacTceil off without
help Captain Smith had Jettisoned a
part of his cargo from the forward hatch
and thus lightened her She was within
a cables length of deep water and soon
backed into it and anchored The en
gineers examined her inner hull and foend
thit she was leaking very little
The skipper noticed that her sir able
seamen and six firemen were sulky
Some sea lawer among them had per
suaded them that the ship was not In good
condition They refuseel to work unless
the captain put into Norfolk
The Camperdown was under way In half
an hour heading for Sandy Hook The
cook the mess boy and the second mate
assisted the engineer In stoking and the
mate and captain took turns In steering
and at keeping lookout
At 8 a m on Thursday the skpper
called the men on deck and tr ld them that
it they did not turn to he would allow
no provisions to be served xo tlcm Alt
hands went forward without rtein a
sound They subsisted on h nltack and
got water without trouble
The Camperdown anchored In the fog
off Sandy Hook at 8 oclock on Saturday
night and this morning came up to Quar
antine The skipper telephoned to police
headquarters that he wanted the muti
neers arrested
The police boat went alongside the
Camperdown off Liberty Island and took
off the prisoners none of whom had been
In irons They said they had refused to
do their work because they believed the
Camperdown was unseaworhy She is a
steel single screw of 1620 tons measure
ment and is only three years old
The mutineers were locked up In the
Church Street police station They will
be arraigned before a United States Com
missioner tomorrow morning
JIM ntlniis Crusade Reflected In
the Kansas Primaries
TOPEKA Kan March 10 Thezcsult
of Mra Nations crusade was shown in
fifty Kansas towns yesterday where Re
publican primaries were held for city
Without a single exception Kansas
towns voted for law and order and
against saloons and Joints Women
flocked to the polls everywhere Four
fifths of the vote was for prohibition In
Topeka and other towns sleet snow and
rain uiu not ueter tnera
Despatches state that the women aban
doned social functions and used their
carriages In taking to the polls men and
women who would agree to vote against
The Jersey City Suicide Miss Cath
erine Herns
NEW iCiRK March 10 Mrs Florence
Roberts leading lady of Forepaughs
Theatre Philadelphia called at the
morgue in Jerse City this afternoon an
Identified the woman who killed herself
in Lubbens Hotel in that city on Friday
by Inhaling illuminating gas as her half-
sister Catherine Burns forty jears old
who until recently had been a member of
the Dairy Farm company
MUs Burns home was In PhJadelphla
but sho originally came from New York
Mrs Roberts could assign no cause for
her sisters suichle She said that the
picture of a baby found in Miss Burns
valise was probably that of the child of a
friend of the dead woman
Mrs Roberts returned to Philadelphia
after giving Instructions to turn the body
over the Actors Fund for burial
A Ulanstrmis Fire In n n Frnnclfieo
SAN TRANCISCO March 10 -Three
hostlers and sevent thrte horces were
burned to death In an early morning firo
at the Morton Livery Slltta at Leaven
worth and Gear Streets
The fire broke out at 3 oclock and
spread so fit the hortes were
smothered before they could be lcmovcd
The three men who were sleeping over a
hay loft had no chance to e scae before
the dense smoke chok them
They were Charles White 3f Phlulel
phia who came here from Chicago last
Slay and James Rich ird hite id
Charles Young both Callfornians
The Glouee ster Schooner Comnion
Menlth DIsisppenrH at Sea
GLOUCESTER Mass March 10 An
other schooner has been added to the list
of the lost with nil t h tha
mnnwenlth of thJ
James G Tar

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