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The Animal jlefiiiifr of the VNit
iiijr Xiiim Society
Mrmliorn if the OrKlinlvnt Iimi
nt the- Home of 3Ir
Work lo District Com in r ml li
Dr A omits nril seCritnrj llrport
Tho first annual meeting of the Instruc
tive Visiting Nur e Societj was i M jes
tcrdaj afternoon at tlio home of Its
President Mrs Henri Caliot I odge on
Massachusetts Aienue In nidltion to the
routine business which as qulcklj dis
POmhI of llic lame Catherine was ad
dressed 1 those who ire pamcuiiri
well Informed as to the work accom
plished and contemplated The Ilex P
II Il irton rector of St John s Church
Georgetown spoke of the excellent work
which had been done and partlculirlj
commcndeil the services rendered to the
sick bj the local nurse Mis Jelfcrt on
Br w C Woodward the Health Oflicer
of the District gave n short talk on the
work of the socletv He rend a number
of letters from promini nt phjsicians who
hid forme riv opposed the work in hand
but who had l en won oer to the hearty
support of the e iitcrprise bj the phenome
nii results attained Miss Wald of the
I niierhltt of New lork told of whit
hid been accomplished bj the Micletv In
that citj Ir A Worcester of Wiltham
Mass who Is slid lo hate done much for
dis trict njrslng ind who Is the founder
of a training school for district nurses In
Boston spoke to the sockt In a most in
couraglng nmnner and said that with all
of the societies that Ind bicn formed in
this countrj and in all of the cities end
towns in whlcji the work had been under
taken there was jet to le recorded a
single failure where the work was once
The ilrst annual report of the ocletj
was submitted bj ills Marj Hopkins its
Fccrctarj and was adopted The reiiorl
ls an interesting one and In part Is as
Similar societies hae existed In other
places for many jears The Idea origi
nated In England and was a part of the
i vstem of trained nursing estibllshcd In
V01 In Ilverpool In William riathbone
M P The particular branch of the
work which had as its fundamental prin
ciples the cmploj ment of educated and
refined women to care for and instruct
the sick poor in their homes was put
Into practical operation In Uvinool In
1ST and hab since spread over the Unite J
Ivlngdom and Europe The first employ
ment In America of trained nurses In
the homes of the poor was by the
W oman s Branch of the Citj Mission in
New York in 1S77 Fifteen jears ago the
WomtnB Kducntlon Association of Bos
ton established and gate the name In
structive District Nursing Association to
the first non sectnrlan societj of the sort
In merlca and about the same time a
similar society was founded In IhilaJel
phla The Chicago Association was or
ganized In 1S Boston Phil idelphia
nnd Chicago are the 1 irgest non scctailan
district and visiting nurse associations
in America but New York Urookljn
Buffalo Baltimore Kansas Cits and
Newport R I carrj on their work on
plans similar to these
Last February the first district nurse
was cmploj cd In Washington In bix
weeks It was ctident that sen Ices such
as she and other trained and detoted
women could pile were not onlj welcome
but pitifully necessary An appeal was
made to the public In such form that the
managers were able to put three addi
tional nursE in the field before summer
with Its attendant Illnesses came on Of
their services during the terrible heat of
the past season which being their first
was especially trying too much cannot
be said Consumption is terj common
and the neglect of any one case is a
direct menace to the community Intel
ligent patient instruction In the use of
such prei entile measures as can be
taken by any patient or relation has al
ready produced something like responsi
ble efforts In families and neighborhoods
which heretofore hae proved Incorrigi
ble The care of babies and joung chil
dren has been Improved under the teach
ing of the nurses and the results ought
to be showri In the greater vigor in the
children and efficiencj on the part of the
Terrible cates of illness and destitu
tion are retealed and cared for nnd con
fidential relations are established be
tween families of such people and the
helpful energetic tisltor She Is not a
dispenser of money therefore begging Is
not In order and there Is no Incentlte to
dissembling She has come to minister
with her own hands to their suffering
Iiodles and with the wai thus won to
their hearts and gratitude she becomes
a privileged person and a power for good
in their midst Often the nurse sees what
Is hidden from the doctor and the use of
knowledge thus obtained ma aiert con
ditions fatorable to the spread of dis
In closing Its report the board of man
agers expresses a hope thit the public
may continue Us support of this most
worth charity it Is also the hope of the
managers that bene possible donors
maj become annual subscribers for
either large or small amounts for the
care of a benevolent society being analo
gous to that of any household public or
private however welcome gifts maj be
the annual income should be Its measure
of expenditure Special training tejond
that of a hospital nurse Is required to fill
the places of superintendent and nurse
and such women are entitled to generous
nnd certain support The salaries paid
are low compar Ml to the sums earned in
private nursing but the nurses accept
them and work eurly and late for them
It Is the part of the managers who hive
undertaken to suppl such money to se
cure It bejond peradv enture and thej be
lieve that the Intelligent people of Wash
ington will recognize their own obligation
to assist buch endeav or Articles are con
stautl required for the loan closets and
nurses medical bag equipment Such ar
ticles maj be sent at any time to the of
Jlce of the superintendent or will be call
ed for If the society Is notified Any
Information relating to the method of
work will b gladly given at any time by
the superintendent or by members of the
board of managers
The society will administer any money
which may be given or lieepienthed te it
In the name of persons for whom such
memorial Is maele
Bisffys Pure
Malt Whiskey
Tht Worldi Ftmouj Medicinal vhiikey
Courtis Colds Bronchitis Asth
ma Consumption Malaria Fevers
ChillsTand Dyspepsia of whatever form
quickly cured by taking Duffys Malt
Whiskey a teispoonful in a class of
water three times a day
Oentleine n 1 litre hid ntrrou dripruiik for
CJTer cm yexi I trat to wkk I could bftrturtralk
and ulrbt after bight could nut tlerp 1 mi dl
conrtsed tud I took tnr cue la inr own httidt
tying nochlnff to tnroneandlHgtnuttull Slurry
J -lire JrXalt ttliltkey I htrc taken Ibe thud
bolCe of 1U I tare not been to well In yrart aa
I am at the pretent time and my anoctlto It t lB
I feel I oin never tay eaonch tn rralre of
Uutrya lrc Jlalt ttnitkey I take It in not
si aler nearly esrrr morning before breakfatt VV ben
ltvar eataklnsitlonlywetffhedaeventr flrepoutidt
And pretent 1 weigh one bundled aid CTe tmdt
Very ten ly yonrt
CAUTION DuSys pure Malt U hUkey lsold
in sealed bottles only II offered in bulk It
li a fraud Be tore you get the genuine All
flrurelf u and ftocr or direct 1 00 a bottle
Medical booklet tent free
Dull Mat tAblikeyCoRobetterftY
Iicrj Iorm of IMIch 1 It Ill to It
In spite or the fact that the Ijramld
Pile Cure Is so well known as a certain
cure for everv form of piles there in
still manv people who think 1 surgical
operation the onlv sure cure
Hundreds of thorough trials in the
hands of phjslcians and patients have
proven 1 e jemel a douLt howtve r that sur
gical operations for piles ore unnecessTV
cruel mint times ebingi rous to life and
a relic of birburism The Ijramld 1 Ho
Cure will cure an form of plies effect
ing nnd without a p utlcli or pain or
Inconvenience at slight expense and no
elanger wlntever ns It Is perfectlv harm
less The wav It afreets patients tthj use
K miv be Inferred from the following
from Mr V Crook of Waterloo Iowa
Oenllcmen I have used the Pvramld
Pile Cure and It Is out of sight the best
thing 1 ever tried 1 think It his cnttrelv
cured me I have told Mr Krnpp our
drjgglst here about It and he has or
dered some This remedv is a great thln
for piles
From Mrs C O Splllman Huntsv ille
Ala Not long since vou sent my hus
band some of tour Pvramld Pile Cure
and It did him so much good that I want
to write to jem and tell jnu nbout It as
he suffered verv much and nothing seem
ed to reach his case nntil he tried the
Prom J D Roberts Jlount Morlnh Mo
1 have used th Pjramld Pile Cure and
results have been cntlrelv satisfactory
There can be no qmstlon but that It Is a
certain and lasting cure for piles at least
it has so proven In mj case
Miss Baster Nunlev of Cltj
Tenn writes- The Ijramld Pile One
has done mv sist r more good than anj
thlng she has ever taken I have nothing
but words of warm commend itlon for it
The Ijramld Pile Cure- has bc come lec
ognizeel ns the emlv standard pile cur
strictly on Its merits and what U lips
repeateellj done In obstinate c ises oti
In private practice of reputable phjslcians
and in Individual eases
It Is so cheap as to be within the reach
of all classes of pe ople and druggists
everjwherc state that It gives universal
satisfaction which can hardly be otli r
wlse when It Is remembered that It Is
composed of the best remedies known to
the mistical profession In treatment rf
rectal diseases It Is prepares by the
Pjramld Drug Co Marshall Mich and
for sale by all druggists
The Supreme- Court Mlcilt nil the
CotiMtlf utinnul CnMes
The Supreme Court jesterday failed to
hand down nnj decision in the Porto
Rican nnd Philippine cases It was sup
posed that some conclusion would be
arrived at and as a re sult the courtroom
and corridors were crowded with promi
nent lavvjcrs and bu lnes men who de
sired to learn the outcome at the earliest
possible moment
It was stateel jesterelav bv a Senator
who is a leader on the Administration
side of the Senate Chamber that no de
cision will be handed down until next
fall and then he added It will not
be a direct decision but a straddle
The general opinion Is thit the result
will favor the Administration without di
rectly holding that the Constitution does
not follow the flag
The- court sustained the title
of the State of Florida to the territory
known as Anastasia Island containing
M acres of land Suit was begun b
Charles M Furman as administrator
setting up title from Jesse Fish from
whom It was claimed the land was grant
eel by the King of Spain In l9Ti The court
directed that the case be dismissed
The court denied the application for a
writ of certiorari to the Court of Ap
peals lor the first circuit to bring up for
review the question involved In the case
of the Fnlted States vs Beebe Sons
Hon T V Powelerlv Fnlteel States
Commissioner of Immigration ivas ad
mitted to practice before the Supreme
- II KniilTmniiii ItenilK n Pnpcr Be
fore the lIlMtnrlcn iiclcty
At the monthly meeting of the Columbia
Historical Society held last night at the
Shoreham Hotel S II Kauffmann read
an Interesting and carefully prepired
paper upon the subject of Equestrian
Statuar In Wnshlngto 1 The first n on
ument of this kind ever erected in this
countrv Mr Kauffmann said was the
one of King George III which was Fit
up in York City In 1770 and which
was torn down bj the Bet olutlonarj pa
triots six tears later For more tbtn
Ectcnty fl e jears after that ctcnt there
was not an equestrian statue In this coun
try He then spoke of the Jackson statue
b Clark Mills which was untelled on
Jamjar i 13 the annlversir of the
Battle of Xew Orleans Much has been
said Mr KatifTmnnn stated regarding the
equilibrium of this statue but it has lie
asserted a perfect poise An interesting
point which Mr Kauffmann made was
that there are more eeiucstrian statues in
Washington than In ant citv not onl in
this countrj but ir the world Miej
compared terj rliy ns works of irt
with those of any other -It While that
of Ircde rick the Great in Berlin and
one or two others mat- be examples of
better workmanship than some of those In
Washington as a whole he states the
equetrian statues of this city are su
Mr Kauffmann made mention of all the
various monumi nts of this kind In Wash
ington from the Jaclfon statue the first
erected to that of Hancock the last un
telled In IsM After the speaker had con
cluded his paper it was commented upon
bj iternl of the members
Bcsolutlons adopted by the board of
managers upon the occasion of the death
of Ir Samuel C Buej a member of the
societj and a terj active worker In Its
Inierests were read and remarks were
made upon hts life and scrtlce In the
communltj The Bet Br Bjron Sun
derland his friend for minj jears paid
a ten high tribute to the memorj of the
deceased phjslcian and Chnrlcs Moore
the clerk to the Senate Committee on the
Biptrlct of Columbia spoke of the efforts
IJr Bu ej had put forward to secure legis
lation to promote a healthv condition of
the people of the District and to secure
sanltarj Improtement He spoke espe
clallj of his labors In behalf of filtration
of Potomac water and Isolated hospitals
for contagious diseases Brief remarks
were also made bj other memberR of the
A Smnlliiiit Hospital Iicftlrnjcil li
mi OrniiKe V 1 tlob
OBANGK X J March 1L A second at
tempt to destroj the smallpox detention
hospital In this city made earl this
morning was successful The building
was razeel to the ground b a mob of men
armed with axes
Just as the clock on the I Irst Presby
terian Church ceased striking li i clock
a pistol shot was hearel anel immediately
aftcrwarel a mob numbering nt least r
men rushed upon the building over
whelmed the guard of policemen and tore
the structure to pieceo
The crowd dispersed as rapldlv as It
had gathered Xo arrests were made It
Is said however that the policemen on
guard recognized several members of the
mob and It is expected that arrests will
The officers of the lmard of he tilth an
nounce their Intention to rebjlld the
building and have made a de
mand for efllclent protection
Incitement runs high In the eltj iml
It is thought that an attempt on the pirt
ofNihe health authorities to irect thet
building again will miet with resistance
Owing to the fact thit the ground upon
which tills building hss been croctesl Is
made ground and contains large quanti
ties of garbage- many people will tight
the proposed reconstruction of the build
ing on account of the dangtr to the pa
th nts who will be placed in It
It Is thought tint there Is another case
of smallpox in Orange Aaron Clanton
living on Matthews Street having de
veloped suspicious smptoms He is kept
under surtelllance
lilt llenllnu Inc iirpurnieil
ALBANY X Y March 11 The Tren
ds Schlatter Institute of Xew York
City formc d for the cure of acute nnd
chronic ellscaso means of medicines
osteopathy and divine healing filed arti
cles of Incorporation today with the Sec
retary of State The capital is J15W an 1
the directors are Henno A Hollenberg
M P Francis Se blatter and 1 jiw rcnoe
C Schlatter of WT lAxingtou Atenuc
Xew lork City
eiiMi to Develop the Kesourcea
of the IMiilipnim
laihor for the Ilnn
IntioiiN nnil tllitcM PrupeiHlt Inn
for the- Pacification of the IhlmulK
In OpportuHlt j fur Agriculture-
If the tnried Slates continues to hold
the Phlllpnlnes I am inclined to believe
that the Chinee Exclusion act will not
be enforced there- said A J Blithecotc
at the Arlington last night Mr Blithe
cole has traveled extensivelv In the Far
Kist and Is familiar with Oriental cus
toms and characteristics
I have Fcen a good deal of the Chinese-
In In the Mnlajan Peninsu
la he continued The countrj is under
British protection as far as foreign pollcj
Is conoerneil The urejent Sultan Ibra
him was crowned In 1S93 upon the death
-of his father He Is terj wealth and
lives In true Oriental splendor nnd tropi
cal ease His hobbj is fast horses and his
fleet animils are among the best known
in India and are not unknown in Bu
rope In religion he Is a Mohammedan
and has two wives native Malay women
Some time ago he announceel that his
thlrel wife must be a white woman either
from Burope or America He is now plan
ning a trip to England tli ijfi United
States to look for wife No 3jhe Sultan
speaks Bngllsh well and is nnlj thirtj
setcn jears old He has IMOjO Chinese
living in his domains and the are the
real work rs They are the most careful
cultivators of gambler pepper and sago
the chief products oLfJis country Rice
tobacco tea coffee and cocoa are also
grown The natural products In timber
are rattans and eUmar The countrj Is
exceedingly rich In Iron ore but It Is un
developed Some of the richest tin mines
In the world are around the Mala States
The Netherlands Island of Sumatra Just
across the Malacca Straits Is also rich In
d In natural resources but the mandarin
fnmlly to Hongkong where the govern
ment Is British
1 asked him If he cter thought of the
Philippines as u place for Chinese invest
ment and labor ies said he I went
there once b t under Sp inlsh rule there
was no encouragement Xow jou Ameri
cans exclude the Chinese 1 think Chi
nese labor Is jour saltation The rillplno
people are not Industrious and cannot eup
plj the labor necessary to develop the
v ist resources of those Islands You can
not bring labor from jour own countrj
to the tropics for jour laborers ennnot
stand that climate nor live as cheaply ns
Is necessary there England s liberal
policj with all people is what has made
her the greatest of all countries ns a colo
nizing power If the United States Is to
be a colonlzlnj power It must change lis
Immigration laws as to the colonies in
Asia at least regardless of what thse
laws maj be as to the home countrj
Have jou a plan for settling the Phil
ippines with Chinese 1 asked
Yes 1 hate discussed that matter
manj times with a prominent American
gentleman who acknowledges the feasl
blltt of the scheme If jour Congress will
grasp the situation and enact laws that
are liberal enough
What kind of laws would Congress
nesl to enact to make jour scheme a
workable one
My American frlcnel and I have it
mapped out on quite an elaborate scale
and the idea might appear to be a stilish
one for our own gain bo we will grant
In the beginning that this is so But It
would make of the Philippines one of the
ilchest colonial countries In the world
it would be the garden of gardens
The Government would confiscate nil
property of Insurgents who did not laj
elovtn their arms a certain date All
the Tagalo prisoners of war ns w ell is
all crlmlnJl of all classes would be exiled
to the Island of Guam this to be dona
as long as the war or any semblance of
It lasted It would intoltc making Guam
or a portion of It u penal settlement
Build a rallwaj the length of Ivon
along the Bio Grande de Cagayan
Other rallwa would soon be built
through other sections bj private cap
ital and the would pa from the start
nlmost This would give employment
to thousands of Chinese at once In the
work of construction
Mv friend would complete the organi
zation of a transportation company for
earning the Chinese to the Philippines
I would unifertnke to organize the Chi
nese who whed to go Bach one would
have to advance saj 10 to pay for his
transportation As much more would
hate to be deposited with the rompan
tn be drawn In the Philippines In the
shape of rice for subsistence until each
Chinaman got fairly started there There
would be no trouble about pauper Chi
nese I would guarantee that 1 could
llnd seteral millions suih manv of them
hating enough to buy an acre or more
of ground or to rent land and plant crops
nnd employ Chinese laborers with Be
sides the tens of thousands put to work
at agricultural pursuits as man more
would be cmplocd In the forests the
mines and In building If the island of
Tata with than lialf the area of the
Philippines can support SK D O of peo
ple the- Philippines can support twice
that number The Philippines hate a
greater diversity of resources than Japan
nnd the area Is almost as great
A Willow Misfortune Hlilileu bj
Her Children
WIIBKIIXG W Va March 11 The
death at Bridgeport jesterday of Mrs
Bninbara Hobbs an ages widow who
had p ls ed four score brought to light
a strange nnd sad ston which her chil
dren and friends hail guarded for several
j ears Mrs Hobbs as she was known
though her name was really Burnham
was the widow of a soldier of the civil
war and in ISM received J290 back pen
sion and nn allowance of 120 a month
Scarcelj had she secured her money
and was preparing to live a life of ease
when a joung fillow perhaps ia jeats
old named William Burnham appeared
In Bridge port and became acquainted
with liir He was a smooth talker flat
tered the old woman who was reallj in
her second childhood lesl her to believe
he loved her and before her children
kne w what was up married her
On the dav following Burnham secured
J2900 In cash tvhlih she took from the
Jiank and gave- him He- disappeared and
has not since been heard of To add to
the hardship her marriage cost her her
regular pension allownnce and left her
Her children took her In and
funnllfss her until her dentil
If you have your
curtains and draper
ies cleaned here we
will return them to
you looking like new
They will have even
edges and hang as
gracefully as when
first put up
Well call anywhere
A F Bornot
French Scourers and
1 103 G Street N
Avviiriln for tin- Three HcM Designs
nt the IiiniiKiirntloii
The prises for the best three private
electric Illumination eesgns exhibited
during the Inauguration were awarded t
a meeting of lhe Inaugural Committee
on Illumln ition held last night in the
rooms of the Inaugural Committee The
first prize of JKO was awarded to R T
Warwick of tlS Thirteenth Street north
west S Kann Sons Co of Klghth
Street and Market Space secured the
second prize hf K3 and the third prize
of J23 for the third best illumination was
awarded to CasCelbergs National Jew
eir Co 9J3 Pcnnsjlvania Avenue
The meeting of the committee was pre
sided oter b Chairman George Gibson
and the report of the suh cnimlttee on
the award of prizes for the best private
electric illumln ition was submitted rec
ommending unanimous the three de
signs as selected for the award of the
prizes The selections of the sub-committee
were appiovcd and the awards di
rected to be made accordinglj The
members of the sub committee whose
names were withheld pending the award
of the prizes are J E Powell Chair
man Waller C Allen Cdward A Crane
B S Miriow and T S Sebrlng
The pa ment of bills Incurred for the
expenses of the Inaugural ceremonies Is
now the onlv business occupying the at
tention of the Inaugural Commlttee No
lurther business Is In view fnd on the
cumpletion of this work a muting of the
committee will be held It Still probably
be the last meeting Notwithsthnalng this
fact developments ma tie looked for
which miy have- considerable Influence
upon the conduct of future Inaugural
eiremonles and of other celebrations
which maj be held In the city
At this last meeting of the committee
reports from all of the chairmen of the
sub committees will be considered nnd
Chairman Bdson will also have a report
to make-
Mr Belson It Is understooel In his con
duct of the Inaugural affairs has Imbibed
many Ideas which he will be disposed to
make public The of he Chair
man of an Inaugural Committee Judging
from the present Instance is not entirely
tranquil and many eiuestlons arising are
difficult of solution
It is from this experience that Mr Ed
son Will desire to ilrnw mnlrhl una
Unon my arrival at Johore I met nn gestlun for the future it i rwoi tie
Intelligent and wealthy Chinaman with nc Jna suggest the organization of a pcr
whom I had become acquainted at Hong- aCnceleAtlof boy Hml ma
kong Chun Tick Ting a resident of that
city Ting had brought 1000 coolies from
China to work in his extensive tin mines
Mr Ting told me he was Intestine all
his In other countries than China
He realizes that his own abound-
accompant nils with the recommen
dation that the Board oT Trade
appoint such a one of Its
permanent committees In view of the
probability that consent In the future will
be refused for the use of the Pension
Building for Inaugural Balls Mr Bdson
will IirtlOaniV nave some nertlnenf n
marks to submit upon this subject and
sjstem of snueezlng Chinese subjects J Tre nlcmay uTr that
who made had driven him out of i and similar puriioses
the countrj wlthils capital as it had Te perpetuation of the occasion of this
many others He had come to the VlraJSl the eretlon J a Pcrma
nent memorial In the
shape of
Straits Settlements t ii t1 i a marble
a British colon J
column suitably marked us one of the
where man- of his countrj menj had In- pillars of a Court of Honor about the
tested in tin mining He had moved his nue jioue to do completed under slm
liar conditions Is another mntlpr whleli
will probably be referred to in Chairman
Edsons re port
Mr Kdson has returned from a trip to
Old Point Comfort and was at hts desk
jesterdav He states that he has ex
perienced considerable benefit from the
outing and only regrets that It was nec
essarily so brief
M 1 Weill r Chnirmnn of the Commit
tee on Public Comfort is Jubilant oter
the returns from one of the railroads
enumerating the number of strangers en
tering the city by thtt route for the In
augural ceremonies Mr Wellers origi
nal estimate of the number of guests that
the city would entertain during the oc
casion was 132009 This figure he bc
lletes will be exceeded by 18IW His
estimate of the arrivals by the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad was 40OjO and that
road has sent In an approximate esti
mate to Mr Weller stating that the ar
rivals were about 49W
Mr Weller believes that his estimate of
C3000 arrivals at the Penns Ivanla depot
Is apt to hate beenjargely underestimat
ed owing to the greatly Increased facili
ties of the railroads using that means of
entering the city A minimum of 150000
visitors Is the number that Mr Weller
now believes were present during the In
A Tncrcnue Shown her the
liuoniit Iiiat actir
The monthly balance sheet for the fifty
largest postofTicca In the United States
for Tebruan 1S01 shows the total re
ceipts to have been 4011530 a net In
crease of 1161151 oter the receipts for
February 1W or 13 2 per tn nt Out of
the oinces but one showed a de
crease Syracuse X Y whose receipts
were 23131 a decrease of SI 150 or 17 per
cent For all the other offices the show
ing was favorable especial j when
It is considered that February is not one
of the heat j mall months
Chicago as usual leads the list In the
nmount of Increase Its receipts being
IC2539I an increase of 104011 or 20 per
cent York remains at the head In
the nmount of receipts Iii717 an In
crease of JC9SS0 or 12 2 per cent Greater
Xew York would of course lead Chicago
bj many thousands as Brooklyn shows
receipts of ilZlMS an Increase of S3G2
or 7 2 per cent
Dajton Ohio ranks all the cities In
percentage of Increase Its receipts for
Fcbrunn of this ear are S23001 an in
crease of J429 or SS 7 per cent The en
terprise of the postmaster at Dayton In
pushing the business of his ofllce has
frequentl been described Washington
will top the JsoOOiO nurtCb a conslde
able this tear Its receipts for Tebruar
being I67S13 Increase JS529 Or 10 0 per
cent The receipts of Pittsburg Pa In
creased 22 7 per cent anel Kansas City
Mo 24 3 per cent
Other receipts were as follows Phila
delphia 3fSlS7 Increase 13UM 126 per
ce nt Boston Mass JA 476 Increase
JJ0210 S 4 per cent St Bouls J174Sn
Increase JiTOti IS 2 per ce nt Cincinnati
J112S76 Increase J114G3 11 2 per cent Bal
timore 190W Increase VJVJS S9 per
e ent Buffalo X Y 74 -17 Increase
11947 19 per cent Rochester X Y 11
SM increase J4S30 121 per cent Albany
X Y 22 increase 1AS2 4 6 per
cent Trov X Y 10rM Increase 473
4 5 per cent
A nnl Ilunril Ilntil to Place
the Iti npoimllillltJ
The Secrctan of the Xavj will desig
nate a board of enquln to ascertuln who
was responsible for the grounding of the
Dixie on a sandbar near Man and Point
while en route to Washington One of
the members of the board will be Captain
Watson the commandant of the Xorfolk
Xavj Yard
The vesHel was floated Sunday after
having been stranded for nearly a week
She was reloaelrd vestenla and start ed
list night for Xorfolk where- she Is to
be docked and undergo whatever repairs
ale neeessarv It Is the opinlor of naval
oflleers who have seen her tint she Is
not badly elamagid The- bar on which
she stuck does not appear on the river
charts It is twelve feet below the sur
face and the Dixie draws nineteen feet of
Pnf minimi llenillejH tooil AturU
Iiiltlc iilt r
In compliance with a request from head
quarters Lieutenant Ilolllnberger Ins
forwarded to Major Sylvester a report em
the re Cent capture- of Arthur Scnbright b
Policeman He mile y em n charge of break
ing Into the house of Thomas A Ander
son 4C Four-and-a-half Street southwest
on March 4
The report concludcsi The energv ami
Intelligence displays bj Policem m Head
ley In this case is worthy of commenda
tion and In this connection I would Ftate
that this oflleer has been extremely ac
tive nnd very successful In securing trn
tlctlons In speakeasj cases so much
so that 1 assigned to hlnr all the difficult
A customer of eturt who had been tufferinff
from a trveie cough for fttx month bought two
bottlet of Chamberlain Cough Remeilj from lit
and waa entirely cured by one and one half Lot
tlet of It It glret perfect sttUtctinn uilh our
trade Ilayiiet Parker k Co Unerllle Ala A
neritittent couch it the Orel symptom of coutumj
tlon ami atiould never lw nUcted Tliia It oni
one of the uany thoimnJ ho have been
iurel by Chamberlains Coush Itcmtil For salt
b llenr hvant wholesale and retail and all
imtiK ileiiiriis
f iri
a H1 I 1HM
J tHr uv f f En tabEB W aril
tNtgctablc PrcparalionforAs
sirailaling ihcFoodeindRcguIa
tuig the Stomachs andBowcis of
Promotes DigcslionChLvrftir
ness citvd RcstContains neither
OpiiimMorpliine norIiiieral
ftmfjan SuJ
Jtfptrmrtt -
boiiHjpti fJatvr
Apcrfccl Remedy forConslipa
non Sour StonytchDiirrhoca
Worms ConviilsionsFcvensii
ness nnd Loss of Sleep
Facsimile Signature of
vong or a nivt cigar without the least
compensation hlnco as the advertisers
n it American Ideas are nsslmllated
abroad Jut as unceremonlouslj
Nut all tU large reproductions of fig
ures and faces on our streets and along
the roof tops are hand work Manj of
them are machine made Bj a proeess
akin to that of miking lithographs ma
chines hive been invented to laj the
colors autonintltallv The finished prod
uct quite devoid of personalltv presents
accuratelv a copv of the working design
1 lit It uiiiiuik lIlllltlHt tllKNiillllir n
snclntliiii Ollliirx
lhe Woman s Baptist Misslonarj Asso
ciation of the- District held its annual
micting at thf Tirst Baptist Church cor
ner Sixteenth and O Streets tisterday
There was n good attendance at both af
ternoon and evening sessions Addresses
relating to their work in China and also
descriptive of the recent Hoter out
bicuks In the Celestl il Kingdom were
made at the evening session by lllss Anna
K loddard of Nlngpo China and Miss
Clam U Klghter of KInhlva China both
of whom were uctlve In the missionary
field In China for manj jears
The afternoon session was elevoted to
business The reading of the annuul re
ports ot the various officers thowed the
assoclption In n tery flourish K condi
tion The officers elected were 1ie sSdcnt
Mrs S P Bliss Secreturj Miss York
and Treasurer Miss Uucej
To avoid the deception by unscrupulous deal
irs ak for llrurictia by the names of Matrzen
Senate or l irer and not dark nr light
For liottle beer jhone VWat 8 Arlington Bot
tling Lo
Tlio Kind Ton Have Always Bought and which has been
in useior over SO years has homo tho signature- of
anu iias Dccn matlo under ills per-
V 2 sonalsnpcrvislcs sJbpo its infancy
5 CCCCftffS AIIoWTinonnfnilerelvnvrai In flila
All Counterfeits Imitations nnd aro bufr
Experiments that trifio with and cndanjrcr tho health off
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless snbstltuto for Castor Oil Pare
goric Drops and Soothing Syrups It is Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Naxcotio
feiibstancc Its ago is its guarantee It destroys Worms
and allays Foverisliness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles curc3 Constipation
and Flatulency It assimilates tho Food regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Bears the Signature of
T o I Ciim nhrM Ytiiili w r o tnLoti
1 1 1 w a iirnltlnrto lit rt litlllll rll Tli I lint iiuiiiinn j j
rench at period calBvhlIil plaj the I I Pond I I toelit to be cremat1
newest drnwlnns of the r husliind has already placed in pos
mister The ideas of the foreign artists on in 1111 panor an urn to contain nis
ire taken freely nnd converted Into wires asnes
1 1- 1n n t I IlUIIltlliriV 21111 LI11S 111 LCI IIIUll III II 113
aged mother-in-law- was pi iced in her
coffin recentlj anu it was round to ie
Just the right size for her Ills own
coffin he said just fltti d him
1 lie Schooner Willi Ilre Lost
LONDON M irch 11 A message was
picked up nt Harwich todaj in a sealed
bottle which reid as follows Schooner
Wild Tire of Ilalifat foundered all
hands lost In Baj of Blscaj 3
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
HSiasiiyH55s425tu uwiwmniJ fmwu u iwi vw - i w a
Jill- Ilosiie Work Done by Mmiy
Atelier Students
CeniiuiPrciullHni Ruliiisr spirit
rift Dolliirx VVeeUlj 1nlil lo tlio
12xiiert lilcnn IforrotTcil rrom
1rrnch rnHtcrx nml Ianllcntloiiii
AlthouRh the tit id advertisements of
the excellences of foods ointments cloth
ing all mechanical appliances known to
min and a thousand other things never
dreamed of In the philosophy of a hun
dred jears atco are continually catching
the eye anil possibly shocking the artli
tlc sensibilities of the beholder few of
the ordinary observers Kite a moments
question to the makers of advertise
ments Th advertising craze has grown
of late to such huge nnd unlovely pro
portions that any brief account falls to
A Siievlnl nf ItnccK tu lie Hclil
cut the Civile
GLASGOW March II The exhibition
authorities here hate concludeel arrange
ments for a flueclal series of races on
June 7 and S during the Cljde Regatta
tveek A cordial Intltation has been sent
to the United States to send a jacht to
compete and it Is hoped that an Amer
ican boat Hill be present
Emperor William has already accepted
an Intltation ami he has Informed the
authorities that the Meteor will take part
In the races Sir Thomas Lipton has In
timated that he will race both the Sham
rock II and the Shamrock June T and 8
were chosen as the dates for the races
number of distinguished guests Hritlsh
and Continental will visit the eTrfnWtlon
Earl Roberts has promised to be pres
ent King Edward has Intimated that
he hopes to be able to take a personal In
terest In the exhibition It Is expected
that If circumstances permit he will
cxplaln Its workines The office of a i range to be present so as to witness the
large advertising concern Is one of the i great yachting contest
busiest places In town Artists are con
stantly appearing with designs for the
firm a small army of men with paint
pots and brushes are hovering about
waiting to be sent out and everywhere
are gay evidences of the results of nil
this labor
Who are the men that paint these he
roic pictures one sees on unused walls
and lofty fences asked a reporter of
one of the men who keeps these subordi
nates busy
They are not the people ou think
them I fancy was the answer Instad
of being daubers with about the ability
necessary to wield a whitewash brush
our best men are real artists By this I
mean that many of them have had years
of training In drawing nnd color work
Several of them have btudled abroad In
thf ateliers of well known men A man
whom I saw painting a head on a wall
the other day Is a night instructor In a
New York art school He had studied lite
jears In the Paris art schools
Whv do they take up this work
The other doesnt pay It Is a case of
commercialism In nrt They find that
they ennt make the real thing pay mj
thev come to this common cilllng Theres
monej in it Whv our star painters get
The races will be of high Importance
as affording an opportunity for gauging
the Shamrock Hs chances for the Amer
icas Cup
lliiiuiihrp AVntelieil the WorU
nn Her Drntlilied
came today to the knowledge of Prof
Burtlett of the Yale Medical School
who is the coroners medical examiner In
this rity that Mrs Marie Moore Hum
phret who died on Saturday morning last
at her home frl West Street hail been
treated bj mail for the last four jears
bj cUirtojants and spiritualists and thft
eten when sho became critically ill a
week ago her husband would not call in
a reputable phjslcian
The family Is ten well known In Xew
Haven and prominent people in different
parts of Connecticut are related to the
Humphrejs The healers who had been
ministering to Mrs Humphrejs hid nev
er seen the woman the eloctoring being
done through the mails The husband
told Prof Hartlett that some time ago
he made up his mind that his wife could
not recover but he still had great faith
linJnlr X nnr 1 the mail healing process and continued
a wttk
The mm who paint the designs In vari
ous tnicceijllile ami conspicuous places
hde with them small copies of the de
sifins to be reproduced I ons experience
mnke them expert In accurately tracing
the design upon the chosen surface Al
though thf fimtliar advertisements Mut
tered oer the city pecm cxactb alike
and one face se m the Xict counterpart
of another jt closer Inspection will -show
arlous points of difference In the case
of a ery fnmlliar picture which N dis
placed from one end of the United States
to the other wlun It was lirst brought
out one man was hired for the sole pur
pose of painting that one design and to
do this l traveled iiom Maine to Cali
Not the least of oir dlllkultits Mid
lhe adertislni man li finding places to
put our sJgnJ We hue nva wJo do mull
ing le but ro about and obtain permis
sion from owners to put up billboards on
thtlr premises use a acant wall or dec
orate a fince or u roof It nteds great
tact to do this When there are objec
tions the muni h overcome and aftei
this 1 done the owner often pets the idea
that his available space Is worth thous
ands of dollars to us and to him The ex
perience ot advertising men among
farmers and tramps would make a mighty
Interesting book
vh do ou say tramps7
Oh the tramps are our worst enemies
Thej build fires behind our billboard and
burn th m or eHe tear them down out
of sheer wantonness
Advertising linns are liberal subscribers
it to the last
Three week ago when he was sure
that her illness would prove fatal he
concluded to build three coffins In the
house where he resided one for the d
Ing woman one for his mother-in-law
who Is 0 vears old and the third for
himself He had been a carpenter but
recentlv has been in the real estate busi
The first coffin made was for his wife
She on her sick bed watched the work
progressing on her coffin Her husbind
measured her bodv for a lit nnd when
the cottln was finished to make sure
there was no mistake in the measure
ments he helped his wife to get into it
and she lav down In the casktt just as
she would recline in death
Mrs Humphrey said to her husband
thit It was a little too snug Her hus
band thought otherwise but It was de
cided to enlarge it Then the coffin was
placed In the bedroom near the bed on
which Mrs Humphrey spent her last
ilajs There was one regret In the hus
bands mind which he explained todaj as
You see I placed common chest han
dles on the coffin Thej only cost 75
cents Nice silver plated handles would
have been much better and I am sorr
now that I did not buy some These chest
handles did not look quite right but I will
not make the sanv mistake on my coffin
That w III be all right and so w HI
nntrlei for the Second Itimnlne of
the Hunter teepleline
The following are the entries for the
second running of th Hunters Champion
Steeplechase to be run at the spring meet
ing of the Washington Club at
Bennlng March 28 to April 13 Inclusive
J W Colt Crnr Valley Hunt 1
Jamn S Madinrorth unoce tallej Hunt 2
I Eareckwn Elkrulge Hunt J
II S IMfirc Meaiitm Krook I
Th Hitchcock jr Mratlow Brook l
in Jlitclie otk jr vir Hitchcocks Hunt 1
Itobert Vtullr 1iedmont Hunt 1
lurry Msith Iifilmont Hunt l
Iran tot Hose Trre Hunt 1
F Iresrav Hadnor Hunt J
II F flruV Hadnor Hunt 1
II ItisrjTn tljrOiill lliinl 1
owing to the fact that on those days aHv c llarrs lAarrenton Hunt 1
H C Ufattie Deen Kun Hunt 1
J T tinlerson Deep Run Hunt 1
II M Tailor Overland Hunt 2
James Kerr Chery Chase Hunt 1
K Icaveringr Elkride Hunt Club 1
There are alreadj two hundred horses
quartered at the Bennlng race course and
as more hate engaged stable
room so by opening stable room will
be nt a premium From the present out
look the meeting should be the best In
Ilritilt nt teir Orlrana
M ORLEINS March It Results of todava
rares track fast
First race For maiden one
mile Njnme Nolan Cochran 5 to 1 won
Hanwut lhipef i to I wotmI Ford
Mack S to I third Time 1 42 1 t
ecnnil race For three-rear-olds selling six
and one half furlonc Roomcrack Cochran 6
to J won Belle of Elgin Lamlrv 6 to 1 Sec
ond Ford OBrien 2 to 1 thlrel Time I 21
Third race For four-Fear-olds and upward six
furlongs Cad Hazel Vtonderlj 6 to 5 won
Eleanor Ilonard Cochran 5 to 1 second Mo
mentum WaMi 5 to 1 third Time 113 3 1
Fourth race Hihveight liandicap for
and upward furlcns Johnnie
McCarthy Cochran 6 to 5 won Sir Florian
Marie V to 5 second Ranco U Ilrien 4 to
1 third Tune 128
Fifth race tor and upward
celling one mile Miss Patron Cochran 3 to
1 won fewonlirran Olfnr to 1 second
IinJen Flla Landry 0 to 5 third Time
1 39 3 1
Sixth race Fcr and upward
sellirg one and onc sitteentli miles Red Pirate
Cochran even won Iaarm Landry 15 to
1 second Lnlu Wonderli 25 to 1 third
Innuendo finished third but uas dlqualined for
fouhnic Time 1 JS
Ilntrles nt et Orleans
NEW OHILANS March 11 Following are the
entne s for tomorrows races
Firt race For and upward sell
ing seven furlonp Helen Taxton Esallte 113
Brother I red Irng Hazelnoor Blenheim dray
John 113 Jack idle Sam Lazarus Woodtrice
120 The Burhnjton Route 123
Second race For and upward
ellin six furlongs Lizzie Jaekson Oleoma
US Weidcman 100 Chiffon ltoy Morn 101
foorland Za Za Cid Law 116 lour Lcat
f Clover Barney haal Pauline J 108
Third rate ror four-year-olds and upward
selling seven furlomrcPantland 97 Lamitr
Annie Lauretta OS Jim Core II I illibiutcr 100
Althfj 101 Comnand Windward 16 Fair De
ceit er 105 Heroics 107 Lackman 100 El
Moran 113
Fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
handicap one and one eighth miles Jeaie
92 Domadse Henrt Clay Rye 93 Picador
111 Beana 07 Sarilla Edna Rilev 93 Major
tfansir Siher Coin lftv Knisht Banneret I3
llisolute 105 arro Iw
lifth race For four-year-olds and upward sell
irc one and one half miles Little Boy Rlue
05 Bert Davis 100 Graj Do 101 The Tlanet
lot Mr FitzhUKli lale Lead 107 Covernor
Bold 10 Irfon Ferjruon 109
iittli race For three- ear olds selling one
mile Flee he dOr 93 Free tdmission Duke of
Bohemia Leorpe rab 97 Janouood CS Made
line f Juanett 100 Georgia Gardner Cojrswe
sixth race Cogswell Janouood Jitan
evr Orlrntiw elections
1 Irt race Jack tdie Blenheim VV oodtrice
Scund race Barney fcaal Four Leaf C Pauline
Third race vltbei Heroics Command
Fourth race Knight Banneret Sarilla Jessie
rifth race Sir litzhugh Fal c Lead BeTt
Sixth race Ceiswell Janowood Juanett
13 lirhers tn He Arrestoel
KALKIGII N C M irch 11 The arrest
of five persons charged with being In the
mob which ljncheil James Martindale at
Carthage Is expected to be mnde todaj
There does not appear to hive lieen anj
attempt at conceilment Popular senti
ment is entirely with the It nchers and
com ictluns are practlcnllv Impossible
VMirK wwyttri
At once it begins its work
It gels In through the pores reaches that lump In throat and held
dlsioltes It makes It easj to discharge heals everj raw spot bivcet
ens bad breath clears jour he id -frees the air pas ages jou breathe
like a child The good air reaches jour lung- free from the poison
of Catarrh It make- good blood Nothing to swallow or Inhale
- Croup Iiiuiilen oiirnltjln Duriis nnd Piles Snfe Sure Speedy
No Calomel Aloes or Opiates
Masons bellow Tablets Care
Sea and Car Sickness Headache
Drain sad Nerve Tonic 10c
Mason s Bro a Tablets Cure
Bilious and Liver Troubles
0 K In ibe moraine Ilk
Masons Red Tablets Cure
Bronchitis Bad Breilh
SureoUnljbla rest 0c
Masons w alle Tablets Cure
Tonsilltls Colds
ttednce lauaencatloa 10c
Masons Cream ot Olives Cnres
Crone Pimples ticnraltts
Barns end Piles 15c
All Drerxliti or mailed far rice by
521 Arch Street
Philadelphia Pa

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