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ii y
Lansburgh Bro
Yasiilngtons Favorite Store
An Interesting Special
mi ii viins
Ivlilch llnvo Hern llriiiKiiiKT IIumi
HnmlH nf Ciiwdimtrit In 1 his slure
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ends lc each
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oz bottle
Aluminum Thimbles 5c dozen
Dressmakers S and 3 in Shears 19c
Bone Casing 9 yds to a piece 9c
5 d pieces Stir Alipacn lira Id -V
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lllack ord White Hooks and Kes lc
Shaped Collar each
Ulack Shoe Laces 5c dozen
Ijirge Size vv hite Safetv Pins Sc dozen
Black and hito Darning Cotton lc
Hair Tins in mood cabinet
1J in Hair Rolls all shadis 12c oath
DeMer KnlttliiB Cotton all numbers-
tc ball
Jilt Spikes for tie ends lc each
Glass head Black Pins lc box
Tlat Linen Corset Laces 1 ds long 2c
Shoe Laces with spiral ends Gc piir
Bone Crllar Buttons 3c dozen
2I d pieces A hite Cotton Tape Gc pc
S row Bristle Talr Brushes 10c each
1000 soles Feather Stitch Brald 6c pc
Wire Hair Pins crimped and plain 120
for 5c
Lansburgh Bro
420 to 426 Seventh St
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Go Carts
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more graceful than those of an
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IIotiAt Prompt Srv
ce and Itelfible
WorLnunship at uiull
Phono 772
Including Falnlem Extraction-
Uest Hold Crowiii ot
Sd LwYndp
1 t Filling soc tad op
Hourj 8 30 to 6 p m bundaj J9 to 4
jiij AIiUnt
DE PATTONS rlnln Dental Parlors
10 F t nr Id oor
CO Ualn ttort corner 7th and E
trreti Biancbei all over the cltj
nd In all market t30 tfa
pln Fny liajiECDti lloura 9 a m tt 8 p m
bundiri 1 to Vll FIUZEIt Dcatitt B16 15tli
it nw m7 T
612 814 7th St Tin Market Splice
Clinreliix Adopting NVw 3rttlid
of StcuriiiK JIiiiiImms
ien llir MrllMMllKts ItfHiirllliB
ImKtDii rriipiiKiiida lnlrnl
liillli r Than 1ulpll
rniit l tin- Inllj
AcresslonH to the churclicn this onr
will he lanie ISotumi arc at haml from
almnbt all principil hodies anJ from
eer pnrt of the countr It Is n note
wortln fait In the rellKlous world tint
JI thoilists who so lotifr led lit reliK
had also In the neu method of propi
Kindi It s true lint for mini jeurs
Ilrotherhoods of St Andrew nud Andrew
and Phllii Iiae In a sm ill wn follow
ed the min-to-man method but It re
mained f r lllslioi Tholmr i and his
Methodist Forward Moiemcnt to innuK
urite it in n large i Tl Ilishop did
not atlaclv the old method hut he lid
put his enerKhw on the new Hie time
cicms to lno Iki n ripe for the chanKe
and the result Is tint Mithmllsm is n
Itk Its Iirgest rnr for a lone time Ac
cospions in 1CKI sekited IresldliiB 1lders
districts in the Middle M st hic of 1 ite
reached Snn a wiek In Itrooklxn the
iccesslonn h p hen 121 While recent
fUurcs sent out from the Wisum head
cpnrtirs were a little oer colored it Is
true tint Methodist growth undir the
new pi in Is to si a record lireakiiiB
J car
Whit Is true of Methodism is also true
of all religious livlle In the Nca i nrk
Iplscopal diocese tho leadership of
Ilishop lotter is resulting in larger con
tinuation ilasis than for mam je ars
A reformed church In Newark h is taken in
ninetj four memlsTs rtcentlj n Ircshj
terian eliiirxh In Mnuhittiiu 11 and a
Congregational diureh In Iiookln
tiflit si In the district of Mimliitt in
nboxe SKtiith Strett and west of Central
Iark attrndiinee upon religious sin ices
is larger than for x ears past All churches
there are prosiorou Manhattan Congre
gationil Church the He Dr II A Stlm
son has succeeded where almost cerj
hod expected it to fall About J1M0
has been raised and is soon as the new
churrh can bo built Congrcsitionalism
will hae In New York not one principal
place of worship the Hroadwa Taber
mcle hut two
The Twentieth Centur Campaign with
William Philips Hull at its head issued
Its lecent nddress too late In the s ason
to hac the best ITect and it comes at
a time when rtliglous bodies are work
ing not together as It contemplates but
irt piratel A second feature of the new
ccuturj Is the emphasis I iid upon denom
inationalism The old sectarian bitterness
ha in pait pissed awn hut denomina
tional Ioealt is stronger this ear than
it has been The Congrcgatioiiallsts who
hae preiched comlt and interdomim
tionalism for the last decade are suc
ceeding as the hue not in the past by
lajing cmplnis upon Congregationalism
as something better thin other religious
Isms and therefore better worthj of
support and extension The Episcopalians
Tre sbj terians Baptists Lutherans and
Methodists In the country are working
under their own names and banners
John Wesley the founder of the Meth
odist Episcopal Church and Francis As
burj ts lirst Ulshop of America set a
fashion of making religions conersions
which haing been followed with more
or less consistency throughout the cen
tury ses promise of disappearing n
tlrelv in the changes which are so strong
I at work at the turn of the century
Ieellng the differences between one sect
and another The Methodist Church has
always stood for the e angelical method
the labors of which were exemulilled bj
Bishop Asbur s indefatigable travels in
the American colonies in 1771 and luter
It has been the Idea of the Methodist
minister een up to the piesent time to
carr on the ordinary work of his church
in parallel with more or less meetings of
the reiallstic sort Today one learns
that the Methodist Church is doing less
to stir up religious fen or b emotional
outbreaks The p istor of a well-to-do
congregation in Washington admits that
he has this ear for the rirst time carried
on the work of his church without the
customar reUxallstlc and evangelical
It Indicates a deep seated change In the
attitude of the denomination that a
Methodist minister should feel comp lied
to declrre that out of eery IW Per
sons who attend his services are regul ir
members of the church It was the
original intention of Methodism to min
ister to the poor b making religious wor
snip and consecration so simple and at
tractive that those who wire awed by
th splendor of other denominations or
mado cvnlcal iiy tne conservatism oi some
might be free to experiment with religion
unembarrassed The poor who m ide up
the Methodist denomination a century
ago have given place to other generations
of greater wealth The liberal cslucation
of loda has tended to break down the
denominational antagonism to quesIon
able forms of amusement notably danc
ing and card plaIng Church mainte
nance has become a vast and seriojs
business enterprise no less than the run
ning of a great hotel or the publication
of a newspaper the one along spiritual
tho other along material lines
In the matter of church music de
chired a clergjman of this cit In Illus
tration of this point there Is a hard Ight
nil the time to secure the best In tljls
the Episcopal Church takes the lead but
wc are all following The pastor of to
day counts among his duties an arduous
and continual cimpaign of solicitation
among those whom he hopes to mike
membi rs of his Hock The old time method
of Incnaslug the church mtmhershlp by
accident as it were is gone in the fash
ionable churches at least
So far has this evolution proceeded in
ded that people have seriouslj enquired
whether i break was not imminent be
tween the old time Methodists and the
new It Is not correct to suppose th it
evangelistic methods have been wholly
relegated to the Salvation Arm The
various branch churches of the Metro
politan Temple New ork offering con
certs and revivallstlc meetings of evr
stripe are conspicuous examples But a
consultation with tne Methodist clergy
does not convince one that thev antici
pate an disruption The admit tint
the clnnge lias taken plice but the de
clare th it the ch nice Ins ben In the
attitude of the people toward revivals
not in the attitude of the religious teach
ers ami tu it tne mission en the Mi tho
dlst bod includes so much more thin
the evangelistic Ide a that it is absurd to
shake he ids and be solemn
The rational viiw Is well Illustrated b
the rpirlt In which th oncoming Gos
pel campaign Is prnnarnted Man be
lieve that the campaign because it is
calbil a campaign n is in mind revival
methods pushed to the limit But the
appeal which was recently Issued by the
committee in charge contains no Intima
tion of scntlmentul methods It Is a re
quest thut thev look the Held over and
iiecldr whether tin ire not movfsl to
some calm minded sincere efforts to
m ike the gt m ratlon sec piet In a n w
Revival meetings have declined because
people will no longer come to them The
professional evangelist has done a great
deal of harm tleclares one clergyman of
this city Savs another The people w ho
attend revival mieiings arc
who go lo all revival meetings to be
come saturates with the peculiar sensa
tions which thev recWvc The margin of
new and really needy sinners Is very
small Mr Moody frequently had to re
quest these hjibittiil comers to stay away
from his met tings to make room for
others The mere narration of religious
experiences win not sun tins age and
generation declares another Methodist
clergjman They require real preach
ing All minlFters of rich ami poor
churcheM alike agree that the tenth no
of the age to tllien lon bj clubs theatres
and recreation divert from the cburch s
and much more so from the revival
meetings those who btfore were taken
in at some unoccupied moment
So the religious novelties of the new
century are set forth as follows per
sonal work instead of revivals s a intans
of pmpignnda emphasis upon sctH as
against lutenlenomliiatloualtsm an edit
catlonal growth instead of the Iirgo
TrirnllnirK Iriplilnv fall ilin
preaclilng and pastoral rather than pill-
pic worn a rar larger recognition or the
laity Through these agencies will cime
It is expected u esslons to the churches
that will If present Indications arc borne
out be greater than lor man cars past
i II otlieni In llllmlet
The trite theatrical sa ing that Shake
speire spells ruin dots not hold good
In the case of E II Sot herns m ignlti
cent production ot Hamlet as showed
at the NitlomI Theatre last evening be
fore an audience that was numericallv
Iii rc and decided demonstrative In its
reception of the play and Its interpreters
Seldom his a presentation of a classi
cal drama received the s ime amount of
approval that wo accorded to llrmlet
To Judge from the amount of commenda
tion that was manifested one would lit
ltd to imagine tint It was not a Shake
spearean drama that occupied the stage
but a popular modern hook phi In his
lattst contribution to lotal theatrical his
torv Mr Sothern scored a veritable tri
umph and dlsplietl the most Intelligent
ml creditable piece of acting of his ta
The Hamlet of Mr Sothern Is a more
correct phv Ical reproduction or the
character as made famlll ir to the thea
tre patrons of this eountrv h Ednia
Booth thin his evtr been showed b an
other pliver of the loe The Booth dress
the dirk cliisteilng hair the li indsomc
os with tho shadow of mournfulnes
haunting th m the broad pile brow all
thes ch inulerlstlcs of the Booth Ham
let are exhibited b Mr Sothern w belli
er intentional or not and cannot but
help call up memories ot a Hnmbt of
another dav
Mr Sotheuis production of the pla
will nrove most attrartiw to Kttrtnii tti
dents of the drama for In It the will
mm in ii BinKcsprare s lints have tol
oin verv miterlall tamptrtd with b
any of the modern stage managers and
tint the reullngs ard Illustrative Imsi
iiesj are those th it have been in ide
familiar In previous presentations of the
piece Itathtr more of the text Is
ill the lirst scene of Horatio rind thp
sildler than is generally showed on the
stage Ophelias reelt il of Hamet s visit
is rt tamed but the speech of Hamlet
while the King Is at praver is omitted
After the Kings sollloqu and praver the
Queen and lolonlus take possession of
the room he h is occupied and there Hain
let berates the one and si lunhteis tho
other Th harsher treatment of Cullden
sttrn he wears a medallion of
Claudius while ltoencrantz has none Is
apparently a new but not especially valu
able point Throughout tho entire per
formance there is no effort at trickerv
and when on the throne Sothern does not
resort to theatrics and does not crawl like
a serpent in the plav scene or Juggle with
tne oeucnamber candlesticks as has been
done by some previous Hamlets The
to be or not to lie speech which is de
llveresi while gazing into a lire Is u
rutin r pleasing Innovation The Sothern
production of Hamlet Is the verv thing
that has been looked for by all who aie
liuiicii in tot- imoict esutuiisnineni oi i
Ch lIpAuiknni I l T
uiiunioiinicilll auiuildlUt 1 liartTIIll MI-
slble coherent tasteful pictorial and de
cldeill scholarly performance of the i lay
which will lind great favor with those who
like snakespeare and help form the thea
tregolng habit in man who now quite
excus iblv deem attendance at the thea
tre inertly a waste of time
Mr Sothern s Idea of Hamlet Is a
poetical one Ills treatment of the part
is luKiny runriiuic aim mere is out little
glamour on the gloom His prince Is an
intellectual ptrsonage with almost a
rellh for the artistic quality his life has
come to bar In this light the corus
cating genius of Hamlets speeches is
eis l intelligible and In no sense tho
utterances of a madman The soliloquy
is done superblv and almost In a whis
per and with a line sense of cadence- In
ever line and phrase The passages
with Polonius Horatio Host ncramz uiul
Oulldenstern are models of the mood In
which namlet ma be supposed to have
been In fooling all and the crPtic preg
nancies of his utterances seem to gratify
hlmorlf as much as the puzzled his
Virginia Harnetl is the Ophelia of the
performance and brings to the role a
charming personality an undeniable
genius and a vtiricil and valuable ex
perience which combine to make her
work notable Her reading as a rule Is
lucid and she never gives her audience
the idea that she is an elocutionist on
tile rampage as so many of her predeces
sors In the part have done She is alvvas
easll understood across the line of foot
lights and makes a good foil for her
husbinds Hamlet Her delivery of the
speich to Laertes in her lirst scene is
splendidly done and in the scenes with
llamiet she is tnvariabl satlsflng The
mad scene which onl needs to be con
ducted simply and without an striving
for effect Is plaed very gracefully and
with a line sense ofthe picturesque
Miss Charlotte Deane Is a decldctll able
Queen and her work Is pirtlcularly
strong In the scene In which Hamlet re
pioachts her for her iniideIty to her lord
Of the male members of the cast next
to Mr Sothern undoubted comes Edwin
Varre who dlplas an uncommon line
nbllit and who makes Polonius a reall
great conception Kol ind Buckstone that
stand b of so manv Sothern productions
Is an excellent Hr t Iravedlggtr Vin
cent Sternrod as liertes shows a strong
tendenc to overact which mars in other
wise commend ible performance Arthur
Iwrence is a King of the old school and
a good one too while the Horatio of
Henr Cavil Is especially well done
As a production pure and simple the
Sothern Hamlet Is elaborate and with
out any doubt the most magnificent the
drama has ever been given on a local
stage There is a large number of exlra
puoers who are abl handled and who
contribute greatlv to the effectiveness of
the scenes In which they appear
Mr Sothern will continue to present
Hamlet during the remainder of the
week with a matinee on Saturda On
Wednesday Miss Hurned will give a sne
clil matinee of Camllle which is at
tracting a good deal ot attention anil
promises to be nn event of more than
ordinar importance
I he riilunilila he nnlr Iiirm
I ast night at the Columbia Theatre
Washlivtonlans were Introduced to a new
bucolic pla The D ilr Tarm and it
proved to be erne of the best specimens of
the kind tliat has been seen lot ill for
a long time Mis Eleanor Merron is the
author of the plav and In addition por
tras most admirably one of the lealng
roles and proves tint she Is a decidedly
bright and clever oung woman In her
Initial effort at pla writing she has
scored a distinct success
Of course there ure certain convention
alities of the ha seed drama that Miss
M rron has not had the couragi to Ig
nore Thtre Is a barn ard scene with
horses and hens and chickens and a
noble dog that works a churn birds sing
frogs cro ik and other bits of rt illsm are
Introduttd then there is a pirt scene
on a winter nlit with the jolly farmers
anl their best girls arrlilng In sleighs
and the usual games and singing and
dancing and concluding with a quarrel
between uncle and nephew the act end
ing with the neplu w and his mother and
the girl of his choice btlng driven out into
the storm and forming a picture at the
snow -covered window as the curtain falls
Hut in the third act Miss Merron cuts
loose from the bonds that have bound her
to the conventional rural drama and as
serts herself with the result th it this
act Is the best In the play It Is Intense
I Interesting The runawa slave hidd i
In tne peddlers cart liungr thlrstv and
lacerated by bloodhounds tt rt fusing
food and drink until he can accomplish
ills pi ins of revenue the caucus In the
school house the eloquent appeal b
oung Newklrk for free soil free
speech f n e men and In mont the slur
at Xurthirn laborers by his enem ind
hl quick reply In Webster eloquent
words the quarrel the murder the
April May
This heading suggests the time for the
whole f lmlly to tike a Spring Medicine
also the on one to take Hoods Sar
It removes ever Impurity every nftcr
grlp weakness and poison cures even
the most stubborn Scrofula and Salt
Itheum as proved by thousands of tes
timonials sharpens the appetite tones
the stomach and nerves
In short Its the liest medicine ever made
for Spring conditions
It Is the best possible for you to take this
Spring Get a bottle and have the whole
family begin taking It today
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Is the Best Medicine Mony Can Buy
rest ot Newklrk and the tragic confession
of the runawa slave while his old
mother bends over him with a moan that
touches ones heart strings all theso go
to make up an act that Is new In the an
pals of rural dram i bullding
Throughout the there Is hardly a
dull moment The motto of the pla
w right seems to be action action always
action Miss Merron has endeavored to
keep her audience interested and she has
tertalnlv succtedtd in spite of the fact
th it she h is sometimes thought It nec
etsarv to work over old material
Henri lalghton the rustic hero Is
forcfil and acts wltl considerable dis
cretion and Judgment and Paul Talor
and Ilarr Itobinson portra two tpes
of eountrmtn with it tleft touth and re
freshing humor the formers Idea of a
eountrv lad btlng uncommon clever
Leslie Binghams dellneitlon of the he
roine Is colorless and lugubrious Melema
Bird Vnirle Blngb ini and Helen llart
e give tititr character sketches and
James I Wiilllck Is successful In depict
ing i hard lit nlttl and implacable squire
Arthur C Sinders Ji J Hland St
mour Strattuu and Com Chapman not
to mention a cutei baby In swaddling
clothes also f lie valuable support Miss
Merron lh author of the play deftly
It indies the of i vivacious oung
girl and is vor auiurg and wlsel re
frains from a tendr v to overact
The i ostiums of the period of the Vis
are a const int source of pleasure The
scenerv is all good the stage setting
showing the village street being txcep
tlorill tln
The Dnirv Tum wll be presented
during bilance hf the week with
mntlnets on I hursday nhd Saturdav
l lie Criiiul HnT i ikIiIiiii nnd nt
Another excellent vaudeville Is In evi
dence at Ch i e s i his Week and esterdav
two large audences heartily applauded
the numtrous good features of the pro
gramme Rose Coghlan the well known
actress heads the bIU and presents a
bright little pla let entitled The Ace of
Trumps which deals with a worn in of
the hilt world who having reformed
wishes to enter society and endeavors to
do so with the aid of the son of a former
lover The sketch Is well written and
affords Mis Coghlan a splendid opportu
nity for the display of her acknowledged
talents She retains her power to sway
an audience and provides a ver Interest
ing half hour enttrtaiohient In which she
has the valuable assistance of Louis Mas
sen Miss Coghlan wears a handsome cos
tume during the piece At last evenings
performance the actress received a beau
tiful bouquet of from lo
cal admirers Four curtain calls greeted
The Ace of Trumps at the night per
Second only In the matter of programme
prominence Is Sdue Grant whose Imita
tions given at the Grand on several pre
vious occasions make a distinct hit on
tver repetition All the Impersonations
of well known actors Ihit Mr Grant has
given on his earlier visits to Chases are
given and In addition he has several new
ones and a new song which Is ver amus
ing What Do You Think He Sald7
Mls Norton who was formerl seen with
Mr Grant was absent iesterda nnd the
comedl in announces his future appear
ances as a monologue entert liner He is
about the cleverest of the man perform
ers of his tpe and his work is invaria
bl clean cut and effective Marshalls
Quartette which used to come to Chases
under the name of the Edn i Bassctt Mar
hill Compan introduces most of the
old act with the chnrch drop scene
omitted however and the Hoi City
sung b a vouth instead of the customar
soprano The real feature of the turn is
an acrobatic specialt furnished by one of
the bos
Max Cincinnati who Is billed as a Eu
ropean juggler puts forward nn ordinar
juggling specialty which contains nothing
that Is novel although what he does Is
cleverly executed with much grace and
finish Harrington a mimic gives a num
ber of dialectic Imitations which he
marred b some frightful examples of how
the mother tongue Is handled on the vau
deville stage b the majorll of perform
ers While Harrington was learning his
different dialects he should hive taken
tome note of the language of the country
Kders troupe of monkeys are very amus
ing and are well adapted as an oiienlng
number for the bill
The olograph continues to please Im
mensely This weeks lot of pictures Is
especially Interesting the one showing the
late Queen Victoria coming in for the
greatest amount of appreciation There
is alwas 1 dally matfnee at Chases
The Iiifnette SovliV the A lnil
In the recent votlngcontest which was
offered the management of the Lnfa
ette stock compan to Us patrons Sd
ney Gninds great play Sowing the
Wind proved to be first in popular fav
or having 4226 votes to Its credit Last
night the company undr Walter Clarke
Eellews direction opened the week with
a revival of the Grundy work before an
audience which tested the capacity ot
the theatre
WJien Svdney Grundy wrote Sowing
the Wind he gave- to the English stage
one of Its most powerful and intensity
dramatic stories let ming with interest
and a masterpiece in Atrength and
Its atmosphere fs that of a half
century hack the charm ot which makes
itself felt in the quaint costumes old
time courtesv and manifest gillantry on
the part of the mm lirtjic pla Grundy
tells the story In his own brilliant and
terse wav He tails things b their prop
er names and vtt there are a delicacy
and a charm about his work that jppeal
to the auditor strongl He seems to dig
down Into the hum in emotions and to ex
tract all that is possible good and other
wise and mold It into shape according
to his will and fane His chiracters are
clear cut and perfectly drawn as If
while forming each the author hid none
but that one before him and to Its own
particular completion his energies were
Eugene Ormonde enacts the role of
Braba7on He plis quietly and re
scrvedlv up to the third net and then fully
meets the demands of the pirt Miss
Ptrcv Hasvell ui Rosamond realizes the
possibilities within her reach and grasps
them irmly She Is pleasing smpa
thttlc and withal womanly and In the
more dramatic passages she plavs Willi
much force In the sex against sex
scene Mr Ormonde nnd Miss Haswell
seem In realit to be lighting for suprem
ac In artistic delineation Charles W n
gate Is an excellent and m inly Ned
Annesle and John T Sullivan gives a
striking portraval of the polished hpo
critical Lord Pttwortli Robert Rogers
proves a thoroughly mtddlesome crusty
ind amusing Mr Watklns while John
Oil Murph handles the role of fair
Richard Curslter vtry cleverlv Walter
Craven Is an effective Mr Deikln Fred
crick Sullivan plajs Glossop cap lbly and
H II Lunsford Is a good Webb a valet
Miss Louise Macklntosii gives a fiultless
Interpolation of the Hon Mrs Fretwell
i gossip and makes the part of mm h
Importance while In Maud Frttwell the
daughter Miss Gravce Scott has i dis
tinctively amusing character which sho
plavs verv skillfully
John T Boss the new scenic artist ot
the Lafavetle has furnished some
cspwi illv tffcctlye settings for Solving
the Wind which add materially to tho
production There will be matinees
Wedncsda and Situnlay
I be cni1ein itiuiir Al Ife
The current attraction at the Academy
of Music A loung Wife last night
proved to lie one of the best melodramas
that has occupied tlj Academ stage this
eirand delighted an audience that filled
every portion of the theatre The author
J K TUIotson h is supplbd an untisu ill
good plot which contains a number ot
thrilling situations and effective climaxes
He Ins worked out his storv Ingtnlousl
tonsistcntl and not at all convention
The principal stor revolves around the
oung wife ot a rich malls son who h is
a half brothtr commonly rtgardeil as the
black sheep of the famil and who Is
utilized by the dramatist as the very
necessar villain This half brother be
longs to a band of burglars one of whom
assists him to rob his father s safe Dur
ing the burglar the banker appears ills
covers his sou who kills his pirent after
u ratht r desperate struggle The oung
wife of the good son comes upon the
scene at this Juncture and hears her father-in-law
declare that hi son murdered
him and not btlng aware of the cilstcnce
of Hie half brother ndiurall believes her
husband his commlted the crime She
herself L accused of tho murder anil af
ter no end of complications the Innocent
comes out triumphant Just before the
nnal full of the curtain
The company presenting A Young
Wife Is entirely adequate to its de
mands The principal part Is eipably
lnterprtttd by Selma Hermann n oung
actress who tiossesses a handsnmo face
and figure a musical voice which she
uses Intelligently and nn evident knowl
edge of the better methods of her art
John L Wooderson Adolph Jackson
Mark Fcnton Edna Brothers and Al
berta Lea are among the members of the
M Inaugural Ball
Less Than Half Price
Wc have the entire line of iVlattings used at the
Pension Office during the inaugural ceremonies
something between 3000 and 4000 yards of mattings
that always retail at 50c 45c and 40c
Well close them out at less
than half price
15c 18c 22c 24c
The greatest matting buying opportunity of the age
Clark Davenport
813 Pa Ave f
Security Here
Washingtons Only Exclusive Carpet House
Daily Recitals
Crown Piano
Angelus Orchestral
The liquid tones of the one and the
faultless pla ing of the other produce
the most entrancing melody
We arc showing the new models In
Crown Pianos Come and admire
Steinway and Other Pianos
925 Pennsylvania Avenue
cast whose work is above the average
A Young Wife Is produced with con
siderable scenic effect There will be
matinees on Thursday and Saturday
The Illjtiu Dalnt Pnree Ilurles
il tiers
The principal performers of Dainty
Iaree this weeks attraction at the
Btjou Theatre are the combined Klta
muri and Takezawa troupes of Jap
anese acrobats The two good slzsd au
diences that witnessed their marvelous
work esterda gave the Japs a rousing
reception Th lr acrobatic feats and clever
Juggling easily put them at the head of
similar acts the daring slide for life
executed b two members of the troupe
from the of the auditorium to the
stage being one of the most sensational
bits of work that has ever been shown In
this clt The performance of the Dainty
Paree compan Is In many was a most
excellent one The customary burLsques
are entitled A Fair- Tarm and Paris
Fpside Down and are used princlpilly
to show the company in Its entirety The
chorus Is of good size and Is possessed
of considerable good looks
The olio is made up of such well known
vaudeville performers as Carroll and EH
ston comedy entertainers the Murpnys
acrobatic sketch artists Batchellar Sis
ters musicians and dancers Caswell end
Arnold trie acrobatic girl and the clown
and the Grahams song illustrators Mat
inee dail
Kernnns The Ltoplans
The chief attraction with The
Utopians which opened what promises
to be a very successful engagement at
Kernans this week Is Chuck Conners
who throush th kindness of some New
York newspapers has come Into consid
erable notoriety which he seeks to take
financial advantage of b appearing In
what Is reputed to be a true representa
tion of life in the community in which
he Is popularly supposed to be a reigning
favorite He is assisted b several oung
men and women who give a ver inter
esting performance which is well worth
The comp iny furnishes two burlesques
of the customar sort In Grand Utopia
anil one Intended to satirize the depart
ment store The company Is of good
size and trt considerable merit and pro
vides n first class bill which Is in some
respects above the average
The olio Includes the following well
known and capable performers Whiting
and Whiting in songs and dances the
Hickman Brothers three In number in
in amusing coined act and Frobel and
Rngc clever gsmnasts A series ot liv
ing pictures representing popular art
studies are well put on by the feminine
members of the org mlzaiion Matinee
liliinltiin lleeeptloim
The receptions ot Chlqulta the Cuban
midget grow in popularity as her en
gagement continues This mite of
humanitv Is a wonderfully magnetic at
traction her charming personality being
her great feature She Ins Justly earned
the title she wears of the Living Doll
Her grace of manner grows upon one
and a great many people come agaln and
again to see her Chlqultas receptions
at 311 Stventh Street northwest will close
next Saturday evening
Mr MfKlnle lo TnKe the Prirtl
Triiiirt Coiitliiriitnl Jimrnej
The adjournment of Congress leaves no
room for doubt that the President will
make the piiosed trip to the Pacific
Coast to witness the launching of the bat
tleship Ohio The launching will take
place on Ma 18 In the hirbor of San
Francisco Senator Bard saw the Presi
dent esterday before dep irtlng for
his home and received the assurance that
nothing but illness or other unforeseen
dltnculty would prevent him from taking
the trans continental journe
The President his received a large num
ber of Invitations to stop at different
places en routo and man of these he will
be able to accept The itlrerary Ins not
tt been made out however and will not
lie for several weeks It is regarded as
probable however that the Presidential
partv will go by a Southtn route and
rtturn b a Northern ore and that it will
leave Washington about May 1
Hechts Greater Stores
r13 5ir Seventh Street
500 rainyday
skirts at 198
rive hundred rainy day skirts were
put on sale this morning at 1 3 which
equal the values we have sold for dou
ble this price all season They have
eight rows of stitching at bottoms and
3 button side fastenings They are In
three shades of blue brown and
gray and also have gros grain silk
belts There are all lengths and all
sizes In the lot nnd at Jl 93 are ex
tremely big bargains
Other special skirt bargains
O or aiies black cheviot
H UX serge skirts full dating
y w and finished at bottoms
with three satin bands which are
stitched the same skirts which are
being sold about town at J Ml and
for lot of ladles black
broadcloth skirts full
flaring trimmed with 10
rows of tucking splendid linings and
bindings and equal to the skirts sold
elsewhere for Jll and J12
J CC for ladles handsome black
IJ UX taffeta silk skirts either
S S plain or trimmed with
satin ribbon the very acme of stylish
ness and fully worth J12 50 as others
sell them
Hecht Company
513 515 Seventh St
Of any make repaired JL0O
Mall orders promptly attended ta
The Japanese Minister and Madame
Takahira entertained at dinner last night
when their guests were the Belgian Min
ister and Countess de LIchtervelde Jus
tice and Mrs Harlan Dr and Mrs
David J Hill the Chilean Minister and
Scnora icuna Mrs Steele Mr and Mrs
de Wollant Count and Countess Quadt
Captain and Madame VIgnal Senor and
Scnora Torres y Sagaseta of the Mexican
Fmbass Count Hacke Mr Komatz
Baron Nlshl antl Mr Nakamura of the
Japanese Lga Ion The table was florally
beautiful with American Beauty roses
Commander and Mr Cowles gave a
dinner last night In honor of Vice Presi
dent UoosevelL
Mrs Clarence Eugene Do le 1203 Prince
ton Street and her sister Miss Gillis of
New York will be at home informally
this afternoon
Mrs Root and Mis Root left eslerday
for a few das visit to New York
Mrs Patterson will leave for Chicago
the latter part of this week
Senator Kean left last night for his
home in New Jersey His mother and
sisters will remain in Washington until
April 1 when tbty will go to New York
for a ten davs visit to Mrs Lmlen
Roosevelt On March 23 Mrs Kean will
give a dinner In honor of Mrs Hamilton
Fish Webster of New York who has
taken a house on M Street for the present
Mr M A Merrill mother of the late
II Clav Merrill is dangerously ill at the
residence of her sister SU North Capitol
Mrs Leger wife of the Haitian Minis
ter will siil nett Tuesda for Haiti
She will be absent six weeks
The Chilean Minister and Senora Vi
cuna gave a dinner Sunday evening for
the First Assistant Secretar of State
and Mrs David Jine Hill The addi
tional guests were the Swiss Minister
Mr and Mrs Howard the First Stcre
tarv of the Buss in Embassy and Mrs
de Wollant nnd Mr and Mrs tie Cruz
Mr and Mrs John Tileston Granger
who came from Old Point for the Inaugu
ration are now on a weeks visP to New
Captain PnililncL llifN In lekln
The War Department was advised ts
terda of the death In Ptkln of Capt
Richird B Paddock of the Sixth United
States Cavalr on March D Captain
Paddock t nt riHl the sen Ice on October
10 1SS3 being appointed from Princeton
III He served in the Santiago camiialgn
Itetiirulngr With niertetiii Ilenil
The transport McClellan has arrived at
Havana on her way to New York bring
ing home the bodies of X soldiers and
civilians who died at different places in
nf nc mrro rlitrpjstiblc nourishment than the finest Beef
tea For Breakfast Luncheon orSupper it is unequalled
Bold at all grocery tlorct orncru ocxl imc
10thHlhandFStsN W
Early Spring Sale
Fresh lots of excellent kinds
moderately priced We have set
the standard hifjh for this class of
goods and shall maintuin it The
garments must be of worthy mus
lin the cut must be the newest
and never skimpy the making
must be of the most conscientious
order the trimming of good final
ity and in good taste
This new lot possesses all these
meiits and that other important
one low price
Included in this sale are several
lots of Childrens Gingham
Dresses for early spring weir
Night Gowns
Cambric tucked oke ruffle on neck
and sleeves Each 50c
Nainsook square neck yoke of tucks
and embroider ruffle of embroidery
on neck and sleeves Each 75c
Nainsook Cambric and Muslin trim
med w Ith lace embroidery and hem
stitched tucks Each Jl 00
square neck yoke of fine
tucks embroidery beading and ace In
sertion narrow lace edged ruffle on
neck and sleeves Each 1 50
Cambric hem and two clusters of
tucks yoke band Pair 25c
Muslin cluster of tucks and ruffle
of embroider Pair 39c
Cambric umbrella effect deep ruffle
trimmed with insertion and lace edge
Pair 50
Short Petticoats
Muslin cluster of tucks and ruf
fe of embroider Each 50c
Cambric umbrella effect wide lawn
ruffle trimmed with lace with two
clusters of tucks above Each 75c
Long Petticoats
Muslin umbrella floupce trimmed with
three ruffles of lace Insertion narrow ruf
fle edged with lace extra dust ruf
fle Each 11 00
Cambric deep lawn umbrella flounce
two clusters of hemstitched tucks
and hem Each Jl 00
Gingham Dresses
Childrens Gingham Dresses Hubbard
stIe with pointed joke trimmed with
feather braid and ruffle of embroidery
Waist Dresses for boys with three box
plaits collar cuffs and lelt trim
med with feather braid Each Jl
Children s Gingh im Dresses waist and
Hubbard stles trimmed with tucks
hemstitching and embroidery EachJl 25
Childrens Gulmpe Dresses waist trim
med with feather braid aand ruffles edg
ed with Hamburg embroider also one
piece Russian Dresses for bos with
white pique eollir cuffs belt and
plait down the side Each 1175
Childrens Gingham Dresses made with
long waists box plaited collar cuffs
and belt of white pique Each J2
A choice line of Childrens Gingham
Dresses in dainty shades of pink and
blue made In the latest stIes lens
waists gathered Into a square yoke trim
med with three bands of insertion ruffles
of embroider on shoulder embroider on
neck and sleeves sash of same
tied on the side Each J2 25
tecond tioor
The Inaugural
Souvenir Book
The Tnauguial Connpitlee hav
ing a number of copies of the In
augural Souenir remaining un
sold offer the same in our liook
Department at the
Reduced Price of
50c each
This ery handsome souvenir
contains a biief description of the
ndugiiiil itieiiionies of the past
one bundled ears with portraits
of all the IliMtlents fiom Wash
ington to McKinley
Hook Heparin nt HjHMiicnt
Standard Patterns for Easter
Ready ICc to 25c
Standard Fashion Sheets for
Easter Free
Iitttrn Department lint Floor

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