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Washington Traction Comjnny
Failure lo BeniavcAVIioi
The mcctrlenl nntrlncer Recom
mends summary rtlun Anhchk
Iilcnt of Propert Orili ri d Can on
11 Street Mne W 111 Mop im Inr side
The Cit and Suburban Railway Com
panv reccntlj tiled in application Kith
the Commissioners for a permit to erect
ji tit Hn on Iourth Street northeast be
tween land Avenue and the
Bunker Hill Head In th application it
w is stated that the feeder was to be
erected on the wooden poloe In the centre
of roulh Street the propertj of the tlt
ind of the compam It was also stated
th it the permit was requested on the
condition thit the erection of the wire
was a temporary expedient for increas
ing the current on the Michigan Avenue
extension of tnc compan s line and that
it would be remocd as soon as practi
Walter C Allen the Electrical Engl
mer in reporting upon the application
lrforms the Commissioners that tho wires
strung as a temporir expedient on the
Fourth Street line of the City and Sub
urban Rallwnv were allowed to be placed
there with tho understanding that the
were to be removed immediate after
tho ceremonies attending the opening of
Trinltj College At thit time Air Allen
sas that G II Harries lee President
of theeomp in stated that arrangements
wcr belt B made for the building of a
conduit In T Street from the power sta
tion to North Capitol Street through
which the feeders for this line would
run and nskln that these temporary
wires Im allowed to remain longer Mr
Allen states that this was done bv the
consent of the Engineer Commissioner
but he savs that frequent requests for a
plan showing the location of this conduit
have failed to bring an response In
consequence of this Mr Allen states he
wrote to the cumpanj recintl calling at
tention to the facts in the matter and
requesting tint the wires be remocd lm
riedlatclv Mr Allen sa s that he has re
ceived no repl to this letter and he
recommends that a letter be sent to the
compan ordering the removnl of these
wires within fort -eight hours after the
reeclpt of the notice
This recommendation his been approved
by the Engineer Commissioner and it Is
understood tint the board will concur In
the tction
The Commissioners jestcrday Issued an
order to provide for the regular assess
ment of propert real and personal in
the District of Columbia us provided by
law The order is
That for the fiscal jear to end June
30 1901 and pursuant to the act of Con
gress providlrg for a permanent form of
government for the District of Columbia
npproved June 11 1878 and the tenth sec
tion of An act to provide an immediate
revision and equalization of real estate
Values In the District of Columbia also
to provide nn assessment of real estate
In said District in the earlS6 and every
third jear thereafter and for other pur
poses approved August 14 liU a tax
be and the same Is hereby levied or
tl SO on every l of real estate
Within th District of Cohtntliln not ex
empt b law except upon the real prop
irt held and ued cxcluslvelv for agricul
tural purposes without the limits of the
lit of ashlngton and so designated by
the Assessor in his annual report the
rate on which shall be Jl on every 1U0
Lnd upon all personal propertj In the Dis
trict of Columbia not taxable elsewhere
il 50 on everv 1M according to the s
lessed valuation thereof
The law relating to the rale of taxation
Is as follows section 19 of the laws In
nrporating the government of the Dis
trict of Columbia
Provided That the rate of taxation In
an v one ear shall not exceed Jl Sv en
ever 1 of real estate not exempted by
law and on personal propert not taxa
ble elsewhere Jl 50 on ever JKi according
to the cash valuation thereof
The Commissioners are In receipt of
a eommunicatlon from David S Carll
civil engineer and general superintendent
calling attention to the fact that it Is
elangerous for cars going cast to stop at
New Jerse Avenue and II Street south
east n the near sldq of the street as
reemircd to do by the recent order Issued
b the Commissioners Mr Carll states
thut the compan offers no objections to
the stop for the trains bound west but
he does ask that the trains bound east
rtiould not be required to stop on the near
fide lie Informs the Commissioners that
It Is Impossible for trains going up Cap
itol HIP to obtain a high rate of siieed
and he savs the could be brought to a
top In a verv short distance at any time
on reaching New Jerse Avenue
Mr Carll states that he is fearful that
if ever train Is compelled to etop on the
grade it might lead sometime Id serious
results if the track were slipper and
the trains should start to run backward
down the grade Mr Carll adds that It
Is on account of this danger that the pres
ent regulations of the compan forbid
ony stop at the street crossings on Capi
tol Hill Ittween First Street west and
the east side of Xevv Jerse Avenue cx
eent In cases of erm rgnc
Captain L S Beach the Engineer Com
missioner has forwarded to his colleagues
a recommendation that the request or the
compan he granted as It is believed that
the rtop on the near side of the street In
this case might result In accident
Thomas W Gilmer has written to the
Commissioners and submitted a state
ment relative to She general and firm en
forcement of the Police Regulations upon
all and not upon the few Mr Gilmer
disclaims an desire to Influence the
Board of Commissioners unduly or upon
n particular case but at the same time
he expresses the hope that the authori
ties will see to it that the police force
has no excuse to infer that the regula
tions or other laws are not to be rigidly
enforced uniformly and impartially
If it Is right to compel an man to
obc anv particular lew then Mr Gilmer
thinks that all should be compelled to
obe the same law under the same cir
cumstances Mr Gilmer admits that the
statement sounds like a platitude but he
thinks that the police should never for
get It He believes that an ollicer who
has the courage to enforec the law unl
forml is too valuable a man to lose
Cortlnulng Mr Gilmer
At the same time when a regulation Is
of anv importance the police should en
force It b soft persuasion If possible In
j jeh case the should not humiliate the
citizen b making nn arrest If the dig
itH of the law can l upheld In any
other wa The police should remember
the difference between the malum pro
hibitum and malum In se
I desire to a in this connection that
no p rson under arrest ought to be ex
posed to the public gaze In an open p i
trol wagon All vehicles for the trans
portation of prison rs should be eovtred
cspeclall In lw of the fact that Inno
emt people are often compelled to ride In
Moon S Wood of SO T nth Street
northwest rtcentl made application to
If you hi nt a rrfrular healthy mortratnt of tb
tels tcrj dsy you r lit vr wilt Im keep your
Lgwcliopen and b well torce In the fhajtoof vio
lent rM lecri lipoitonl dnirerou Tho smooth
t caelet most orfcetay vt keepiaff be Lowell
clr and cievi la to tke
can ay
rieaMfit Falatablc IoUnt TaJtoOood Do Good
Ter Btckcn Weaken or Gripe 10 3 and to rcnti
per box Write for free aajnple and booklet on
frcilth Addreaa 19
rrmuia htbedt coxpast chicaco r sew tobc
the Commlp lorers for permission to keep
a slxt -gallon gasoline can on the side
walk on the C Street side Of the above
The fire marshal In reporting the ap
plication states that he advised that the
parties purchase a Dower patent oil tank
and that If perfect he would approve the
same This he states the partjes did
and it was delivered March 5 He now
informs the Commissioners that he re
gards the tank as safe and recommends
that It be allowed to remain as requested
The Engineer Commissioner has recom
menced to his colleagues tint the lire
marsh il be requested to suggest some
other place for the repository of the can
thin on the sidewalk as It cannot be al
lowed to occupj public space in the man
ner Indicated
The trustee of M C Stone deceased
through Lester 1 Piatt and others re
centl requested nn estimate for a side
walk on the south side of Chicago Street
northeast square The estimate was
made ojt and forwarded to the parties
being 33 Since then Tucker Bro of
100 F Street northeast hve crfred pro
test against the improvement proposed
C B Hunt the Computing Engineer in
reporting upon the matter Informs the
Commissioners that the original walk was
requested b 335 per cent of the abut
ting propert owners while the protest
ants represente d 2 7G per cent The cir
cumstances JustlfIng the walk and the
Commissioners having already ordered
the same Mr Hunt recommends that the
order be allowed to stand and that Tucker
A llro be advised In accordance there
with This the Commissioners have ap
prov ed
Thomas Eanham Superintendent of
Tarking has reported upon the applica
tion of Mrs Ella M Miller for the plant
ing of a tree In front of the premises
1S53 North Capitol Street Mr Lanham
states tint upon Investigation he finds
that there Is no vacancy In the line of
trees at tint point and that It Is not ad
visable to place one there This recom
mendation tl e Commissioners have ap
pro v ed
Walter C Allen the Electrical En
gineer has had under consideration for
some time a plan to do avva with the
large and unsightl fire alarm cards now
in use at the several engine and truck
houses He now proposes to replace them
rltli Hronlimi of conv Cllieilt
-form for reference such as are In use in
other cities The books will be arrangea
similar to a ledger Index so that when
a box Is struck it can be readily located
The book will oecup a convenient place
in the fire houses and In Mr Allens
opinion will be preferable to the present
h gc cards the books will be prepared
within 1 few weeks and will be read
for use shortlv afterward Onl a
nuTber will be issued as the expense
of compiling and printing them is consid
The introduction of the new books will
permit the numbering of boxes in four
figures and the use of other appliances
for tli extension of the box numbers
The svstem then will be no longer tied
up lo me iiniiiniiuiiB no i Miw
C B Dlckev of Si Seventeenth Street
northwest has written to the Commis
sioners complaining of the condition of
Seventeenth Street north of Mount Pleas
ant because It has not been cleaned
Warner Stutler the Superintendent of
Street Cleaning has Informed the Com
missioners that the street In question is
not within the limits of the street clean
ing service He alpo states that his In
spector reports that the condition of the
street Is due to the bad condition of the
gutters which have not been cleaned for
some time Mr Stutler states that upon
the receipt of the complaint and In or
dtr to prevent further complaint of the
same character his department ordered
cleaned the gutters of Park Street and
Huward Avenue which do not nor does
Seventeenth Street come under the su
p rvlsion of his department but under
the Superintendent of Count Roads
J L Magruder of 2319 H Street north
west has called the attention of the
Commissioners to the urgent need of
lights on Tw ent -fourth Street between
K and I Streets northwest
Ihomas J Fisher the Inspector of
Electric Lighting after investigating the
matter has recommended that the pres
ent gas lamp be removed and an addi
tional lamp added which in his opinion
will remove the cause of complaint He
estimates the cost of the work at Jll
The Attorney for the District has for
warded to the Commissioners a cop of
the bill in eqult suit 21S97 Eaura V
Callaghan s The District of Columbia
and requests Information from the As
sessor whether anv action has been taken
by advertisement or otherwise to enforce
the assessment
It appeirs tnat the suit was brought
for relief from penalties Interest and
taxes against part of lot 1 square 792
on the ground that the assessments were
made more than twent jears ago and
therefore come within the operation of
the Statute of Limitations
In replv to the request tif the Attorney
for the District the -pedal Assessment
Clcik states that the taxes In question
were advertised and sold In 1SS9 19 to
1SL3 Inclusive and in 1S and 1199
HefttiltM nt C OrtntiK
NU OIILEWS Marth 1C Ht sults of todays
races track fabt
r irst race r or ihrr j car old anil up ar J
belling one and cne Uxternth miles ipjptian
Irince Dupee C to lf won Uooiltrlce Mack
6 to 1 wcond Kenova O linen 4 to 5 third
Time I9 1 2
hm1 race For and upward
wllins one mile Tobc Taine Ihijr 5 to t
won Tillle tlnnnan 15 to 1 A otd
Altliea lek 7 to 5 thld Time 1 43
Third ra o Handicap or lour- car olds and up
ward one and one quarter miles oter hurdles
Ien Ilrrtinc 2 to I won Tornmj Ollnen
Mt Gowan 3 to 1 tecond Miwi Hansom Pow
er 7 to 5 tldrd Time 2 20 1 2
I ourth rate Credent Cit Ierliy for
one and ont eigl ih mile ITenrj Jay
Itye Cochran 8 to 1 won Uild 1irate an
duun 6 to 5 w cond Yarro Cavwood C to 5
third Time 1 j
rifth race Handicap for thrr y car old an 1
upward one and one sixteenth milt Jele
Jarhoe Ivne 4 to 1 won little DncIieM II
Shik JO to 1 eccnd Major ilanscr Cochran
0 to 5 third Time 1 10
Math race tr four- ear olds and upward one
mile Brotl tr Fred Landn S o 1 won little
bailie OWlkerson 12 to 1 wcond Terry It
Oltridi 6 to o third Time 1 11 1 4
eenth rate lor four j ear old anl upward
hfllinsr one mile Jlooimratk ochran ocn
won Lady ontrar Mack 3 to 1 hrt ond
rree Hand WuHh 5 to 1 third Time 1 41
Curtwj finUhed ncond 1 ut was disqualified
Hntrlew nt N OrlcniiM
btt OHU IN March 16 rntrlet for Mon
days rare
rirt rare For four y ar oldi ard upward
selling teien furlon ralite 102 Jude Mi
Cce IjreWs 1 il t llell 1I Prank McConnell
111 Helm Paxton Kff IKrust IHoiwni yfi
h Hand 107 Hadiant Heat 112 TTbor 113
econd race for nllies four fur
lonxt Ld Alaa Tnn Y rcUt 102 Marie
Ittl Tamlounne 11 1 Nie I- 10 hcntwkj
Muddle 110
Tlilrd race lor three-year-olds and upward
liandieap f ix forlonjii Unox Jrtrude I lliott
i Clara UU 93 Thurlea 15 George 101
Mm 107 tad Haul 106 Tom Mnjrvhj 110
bvv 112
1 ourth race ct latrKkn Turf Handicap for
Ihrte J tar old anl ujnrard one and cne eighth
mik Irrprcwt of Heautv it Hood a Brigade
Major Manner J7 Sir atiau Strantfest 100
Cluster 101 arro 104 Hen Lliaiur 101 Dis
solute Un lntru vic 131
Fifth race- lor tl ree v ar ohlii anl upward
tilling one and nnefiteenlh mile Ilija W
Scotch I rami ile DlumUt 17 Be trace OUe
Order Mahrajah 107 Ifnar del Kl little Mil
lie KW Putino King hlkwood 111 lactmaktr
Sisth race lor and upward
iwlhtijr ne mile Bermeath Hardly IthKker
101 IMgniar l toie noon trier iu jea
Je Jarboe Mrathfana Triuce 0d Bed Pirate
J H Hoaii Wt I terpe 110 Heroics 104
heienth rate Por four-year-old an I upward
seliint ne mll Haielnoor Ir IKfeiiitr II 19
Bmwn all Crystalline lOi Iiiuendo Belle
Jackwn Kola Hemohthinea C 1 Jono 1liidiatf
Gov Boyd 101 The Milliard III
Sllnitl the Ill it of Milking 111
rroin Puck
Ti theyre been enaped three montl and
laent had a quarrel
Htar raI 1 wonder whose fault it lV
See Knnni WIniluvtN
Tlie Indtx of euirb tprltif millinery
William II Richardson Under
in New Yoik City
Former Vnlei of tlie sverctnry of
tTie Mvlrn LeKittloit bntil to llnve
Oltlllllicil If ISO on UliKcd Fraudu
lent Puihth Asirtw HIh Iniiocrne e
Detective Bojd left the cits late last
night for New York to be present tomor
row at a hearing In the case of William
H Richardson colored under arrost for
the local police on a charge of forging
the name of Dr Charles U E Lardv
Secrctnrj of the Swiss Legation to thir
teen checks amounting In the aggregate
to HW He has made a denial of the
The search for Richardson began last
Wedmsda when Dr Lardy telephoned
to headquarters that his name had been
forged to a number of checks To Dee
tectlves Bojd and HartlgaD Dr Lardy
elated that Richardson was formerl cm
ploved as his valet While acting In that
capacity Richardson appears to have hid
acces to the check book of his cmplover
and to have abstracted blank checks from
time to time during the past month The
checks It Is faid Ixire the forged signa
ture of Dr Lard and were enshed In this
city All were drawn on the Riggs Na
tional Bank for various amounts and
are 3aid to be In the handwriting of Rich
About ten dajs ago Dr Lardv suspected
something was amiss and began nn in
vestigation He called at the Riggs Bank
was shown several checks which he
claims he did not sign and then made
a report of the matter to the police Sus
picion fell upon Rlehardton for two rea
sons It Is said th it he alone had access
to the check book from which checks were
missing and that ceiupled with the fact
that he disappeared as soon as the mat
ter was reported gave color to thf theorj
of his guilt Steps were then taken to
find Richardion and after home difH
etiltv he was located in New iork The
poliee there v ere asked to arrest him and
jescrdav word was received that the
accused was In custod
Richardson had been In the emplove of
Dr 1 jnly since lT t Jul He was hlgh
1 r commanded and so far as known
i ie ntir lirfnrf b n under arrest Sev
eral vcars ago he gradu ited from the
Washington High School lie is
The Symptoms of a Cold
and the Grip arc Coincident
The Grip bgns with Inllucnzu piins In
the heml back nnd dust soreiis all
over Colds began th same w 1 before
Gilp was eve r heard nf Grip runs Into
Pneumonia Colds have been followed by
Inllamrratlon of the Lungs ever since the
werld bigan Fever nnd Sore Throat are
equal sjmptoms of both so is a Cough
bo Ih Hronchllls Either may result In
Catarrh The cardinal point of difference
Is the great prostration of Grip The uto
of 77 will brenk up Grip and Colds
and Us tonicity pr vents the prostration
bj fcuhtnlning the Higgtng energies
At all Drug Stores 25c or mailed
C5Dr HumphrejH Hook mnlletl free
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Says Goidenberg
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The Dependable Store
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Continuing Our iyiillinery Display
Monday and Tuesdfay of this Week
Pi ov db tin oiiCl our store Satin d I Woids of admiration
ami1 to u from cnery hide It was the firbt day of our Millinery
Opening Iiieli will be continued tomoiiow and Tuesday
Tlie latest and most ambitious ideas in fashionable Spring Mil
linen aie on exhibition It is indeed a showing foith that will de
light any woman a eiitable lieat for all loeis of exquibite and
fashionable ITeadwear our own importation ab well as smart and
thic cojiies of the best French modeln
There aie hundieds from which to choose and our piices are
far less than a on would pay for like Hats elsewheie Come tomor
low or Tuesday jou -ire welcome
onc ears of age and has alwajs lived In
While Investigating tho case the detec
tives visited the bank and saw several
of the checks said to have been forged
The signatures were excellent as Is evi
denced bv the fact that they were not
questioned by the bank when the check
Terc presented for pajment
Irlftlt linrrie nns to Honor tlir Mem
or of Ihelr Inlron Snlnl
Irish Americans in Washington todaj
begin the celebration of the anniversary
of the death of their patron saint The
celebration will b of a religious and
Sabbath keeping character for though
this Is St Patricks da the fact that It
fall on Sunday necessitates the postpone
ment of the usual festliltleu until to
morrow The religious pirt of the com
menoratlve programme however will lie
carried out today
Tills mornlnir at 11 oclock In St Pat
ricks Church high mass will be said The
celebration will be most elaborate and
will be participated In by all the well
known priests in the District Monslgnor
M irtinclll Apostolic Delegate and Futher
Rooker will be present and take nart in
the servlee A full choir will be in attend
ance and in addition numerous hoIo
artists Gounod s Mess Solum lie will
le sung and Father Stafford will deliv
er a sermon on the lif of St Patrick
In the evening at Chases Opera
House the Ancient Order of Hibernians
will give nn entertainment at which there
will be Irish and national music and a
number of prominent speakers
Mnndav evening at 7 3C the newly or
ginlzed Society of Friendly Sons of St
Patrick will gather at Rauschers for a
business meeting to be follow id it S
ocloek by a lunqlict at which there will
be well known speakers I here will b
another 1 auquct at the G A It Hall
given bv Irlsh AmerlcaiiB who intend to
organize a Sh imrock Club An interest
ing musical progrimmc of Moore s Mel
odiis ind a list of speakers have been
In Alexandria at the Lvceum the Irish
citizens of the city will assemble Mon
ti 1 evening to Inar music anil speeches
to Order
Cbolee of
handsome as
Black Blue
A Pair ofWinners I
Fane y A ors
teds Cheviots
Cissimers and
nil s t j 1 1 s h
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Top Coats
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chance to sc
turc the nobbi
est Top Co it for
theprlce Cbolct
from an elegant
fttssortment of
Oxford Grcvs
and C o v e r t h
Wt II lined an I
tillortd rihhtl
A lri Tup toat
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I Ilrancli Store Wtjfl 7tli rt
As a Souvenir of the Opening We Quote Special Prioes on
the Following Items
The popular chiffon nnrt straw hats an oncnlnc spe
cial Jl lints forJ2 9S Some are cntlrcle tuckel chiffon
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arict of the litest colors ind shapes from the small
turoin or toque to tile nrge pinc iKe stjles
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jard for thlsale
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t tr
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blue maize violet
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The White Home Cat Giei Hiith
to Fnc Kitten
The Mother n Terror to ltodentM at
tlit MniiHlon Not pt to Lose Her
PokUIoii With CliniiKlng dmlnt
trnlfoiiH Sketch f Her Career
W hen the President nnd Mrs McKInlcv
return to the White House thev will llnd
five- new and strange faces there to greet
them for an important event took place
jesterday at the Executive Mansion Way
back in a dark corner of the store room
in the basement of the house netling In
a warm and soft bed mane of an old coat
and other cast off garments Is a quintette
of prettv little black and white kittens
Their eyes are not jet opened to the daj
llght and their meow Is low and feeble
jet the- were the centre of all Interest
vesterday at the Mansion There Is no
prouder feline In all Washington than is
Tabbj the mother and she guards her
offspring with jealous care
Tabbj ins had a somewhat check
ered career She is by no me ins aristo
cratic slmplj because she is the White
House eat but on the eontrarj is ex
tremely democratic and plain in her
tastes and habits She tloes not belong
to the Angora tribe and Ins never in
sisted that blue bloeid coursed through
her vtins On the eontrarj she seems
proud of her humble birth in a blind il
ley In South Washington nnd of her rise
through her own unaided efTorts to the
loftj position which she now occupies
She might be stjled a self made c it
One drizzlj rainj daj about a jear ago
Tibbj leaped the high fence palings
about the White Hiiuso grounds and stole
softly up to the kitchen door nnd awaited
an opportunity to giln admittance She
had all the appearanee of an unsueeessful
otllce seeker whose Influence had failed to
I ind the coveted Job She was lean and
hiingrj looking Fin ill she gained the
kitehen and bugged the ringi At llrst
the cook was disposed to eject the in
truder at the end of a bruom stick but
Uabbj s pitiful condition appealed to
her and from the bountiful larder n dish
of milk nnd i piece of meat were brought
forth and placed before the starving fe
Since tint da Tabb b is been the of
fltlil While House e it She showed her
npprecl ltlon bj at ouch getting to work
and disposing of whatever rodents
clnnctd to lurk about the White House
cellar Since tint time the mouse traps
hive rustttl and the tenantless rat holes
Iihvi become Illltd with dust
Talibv did not fttl homier tint her
appointment hid bt en continued until one
tlav when the stilrwaj was unguardesl
she rjn upstairs and was petted and ca
ichmiI bj Mrs McKinlej Then she felt
tonflilcnt of lur ground and she now be
lli ves th it her tenure of ollice is for life
Once before Tibbj give birth to kittens
In the White House and the unfeeling
servants inttndeil to drown the helpless
little creatures but Mrs who
lrnrncd of the thri itemd execution for
bade it and tomfortable homes in re
snertable families wen found forTabbjs
liMtrdjj would have been i dull daj
at the Etcutlvi Mansion bail it not been
for the birth of those live kittens The
event was the all absorbing topic of con
versation among the Idle attaches of the
house and there are at least live clilm
anls ror eith kitten Two of the little
ones aie black and white a third Is black
with white spots a fourth is black all
save three puns a spot ovtr one eje and
the tip of lis tall while the fifth is a
Jit black and when full grown will be
sleek and glossy like Its distinguished
mother Suggestions for names are being
SlTllMIN OVITftlKllt
ricni Wlul to Eat
re veil comic lutek to tlie Mine lietel l
lllaihjl this Jf1
nice ltallnrmt I came awat last tear Ironi
that liutil ami forgot to tip Ihe liejd waiter
Set Kuiiftrt W liultiw
Tin inilu vt winerb trtin millinery
Says Goldenbcrg
Sells Lowest
Lot 2 This Is a
beautiful lot of
Cambrics Swiss
and Nainsook Em
hroiderles up to 6
Inches wide in an
immense variety of
patterns dainty
open efTects so
much In demand for
bojs shirt waists
Ac Actual values
up to 15c 7 C
Sale price
1 l
Cambric and Swiss All over Em
broidery 20 Inches wide In all the J
new open designs suitable
for jokes or shirt waists val
ues up to Jl 50 sale price
513 9th St N W
Fine Stationerr
Ollice Supplies
Legal Blanks
Ice Cream Boxes at a ery
low price
1iiper iNapkin
Ink in large or Miiall
Blank Book
1iinting and EngrTvinp
Wholesale agents for the
J H Ogihie Fnb Co of j
Xo older too Miiall none
too large
Call up Main Soil
Columbian Lnu StiltlentM Cclebrnte
Their Respite From Mini
Celebrating their relief from the grind
of stud aboit students of the class
of ISijB of the Columbian Law School
gathered in the Ebbltt House to banquet
and make speeches last night The dinner
was In honor of the close of the mid jear
examination period and was entitled
Mid Year Examination Dinner
The feast of eatables spre ad before the
embrjo attornejs was elaborate o nd
presented a tempting array of dainties
The feast of reason expressed in lingual
tlaboration and following the banipiet
was un iv old ibl curtailed The guests of
the evening were to havo been Justice
Brewer Senator Daniel and E B Hav
of the Washington Bar Justice Brewer
was called iwaj bj the death of his sis
ter and Senitor Daniel was detained on
account of the Illness of his son Mr
llaj however was present and delighted
I ot 3 This Is a
wonderful lot It
Includes Swiss
Cambric and Nain
sook in widths
suitable for skirt
ings Including In
serting and bead
Irgs which arc
now so mv ch In
demand values
up to 19c Q3C
Sale price 4
ie Sale of Embroideries
2000 yards of Fine Embroideiies The entire balance of an
importers stock bought at our own prices Tomorrow we hand
them over to jou and we are confident that they are the biggest
Embroidery values we cer offered
We ha cdhided the stock into four different lots consisting
of Cambric Swiss and Nainsook to make it easy for ou to se
lect just what von want
Iot 1 Consists of
Cambric and Swiss
Eirbroidrrks up to
4 Inches wide all
the newest pat
terns Insertions
to match values
up to 10c
Sale price
Lot 4 This lot
includes Swiss
Cambric nnd Nain
sooks and you will
nnd In It the Irish
point effects also
the fine Nainsook
Clover Leaf Bow
Knot and other
new patterns av er
asing In width ID
Inches Valucn
up to 25c 1 0 JC
Sale price 2
Large variety of Cream and Ara
bian Point Venice All over so much
In demand for the spring
dresses regular Mm values CQC
sale price
Inserting and Edging to match Sc
3 anl up
Linings for Easter Gowns
In view of the nearness of Easter and the Easter drefe in
prepaiation our Lining Department is a ery busy spot We keep
the reliable linings the only kind it pays jou to buy These few
special items will emphasize our claims for selling the best linings
at the least possible prices
Good quality of French Percallne
beetled on both sides of the celebrated
Midnight Die This goods cannot be
bought anywhere for less Qr
than 10c a vard
21 Inch French Haircloth In Black
and Slate thoroughly shrunk We
guarantee this to be the best grade
as we only carry the best nrC
These goods are worth
special for a vard
An excellent eiuallty of French Ter
eaIIn sort ana silky ana
beautifully moired This
worth 15c a ard special
Bralnard Armstrong Co s 50 janl
Spool Silk in black and all colors
42jc dozen
In black and colors
10c Chenille oc
All silk TafTeta Seam Binding black
and all colors full pieces Cc
100 j anl spools of French Basting
Cotton Uc dozen
15c Double Nnnsook and Stockinette
Dress Shields sizes 3 to 4 Sc pair
Universal Hump Hooks and Ees 2
dozen for lc
12 aril pleres of Soutache Braids In
black nnd nil colors usually 2c yard
In bolts of 12 jards for Sc
P V P Whalebones Tc dozen
TCimsey s Long Waist Formers 2
19o Chic Whalebones all slze3 15c
Ec Assorted Bookplns 2Uc paper
Nem twlst Tape 2 pieces for lc
A special purchase of mercerized and
stik flnlshed Linings In guaranteed
fast black and a goed assortment of
new- colorings These are
w orth 15c and 20c a yard 1 1 1 jf
Tor Mondays sale V-
leader This is an eycUent quality and
beautifully mercerized There n f f
Is nothing shown better for 33c S
a ard our price
Century Silk This is a lining that
Is entirely new and has never been
snown until this season Wo
hav e It In guaranteed fast black r r
Notion and Dress Findings Sale
Ic Narrow Gilt and Silver Braids
3c a ard
5c Large Wood Cabinets Hairpins
12 yards of Narrow White Cotton
Hercules Braid so much in demand
for dress trimming Sc
10c Black Hrcules Braid
wide 5c a jard
Gilt Sliver
Spikes lc
10c Angora Braid
and Jet Ribbon End
black and colors
10c Tine Feather stitched Braid full
C jard piecs 5c
12 dozen Agate Buttons for Ec
Aluminum Thimbles 2 for lc
Kings 2X jard Spools Cotton l4c
30e Genuine Steel Scissors all sizes
with our guarantee 23c pair
Silk Stitched vAhalebone Casing all
colors 3vc
9i44444Q x44440 044W4s44444444
The Coming and Billing
s Paris and London Notes
Diess Materials and Tiim
Embi oidery Crocheting
Late Making Tatting
All In
The Delineator
1 Per Year
Subscribe at this Store
927 F St
Mens 98c
Boys 49c
The Knit Jacket
A Sweater
Spec illst
his listeners with an interesting and
tellcltous address
The toastmaster of tho evening was
Daniel O Hastings and under his able
m inagement toasts were responded to by
members of the class Charles A Maca
tee Jr responded to the most live topic
of the lot Our Recent Examinations
Tho other to ists were The American
Spirit Perrj S Pearson Class Patriot
ism J Homer Dels The Lawjer as a
Debater Walter A McXejl Columbian
Law School George B Nelson and
1 air W oman I C Foster
ifVTAinjfTyT35 y
TEETH Every ttgftr -
Z oed DnUinPD Pt
25t POWUbK r3f
N FWglZE LIQUID pqbox 2vhy city
0iVC ofttt
I Your
I Doctor
Thonc 1H1
for fimllj orders
Thnrps S1J F st
should know And he does If
Ton ate in doubt about a safe
stimulant to have in the hoii e let
us send a sample without charge
BYE to jour phsieian He will
tell vou

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