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Mail orders proigly Mei 8
a ii J fxprcaee prcpuM n all purcliaRM amount
ing to 5 or mer when frliipt to within a ratlim
nf 100 miles of thi i The mall order ile
rartrtent is prrftvtiy 4jtipMi and most care
ful attention is ivcn to them w tliat we can
assure ou cqni Kttofniilon as though vou wefc
2nd we are confident that it is the best
silk waist value ever offered at the juice
Last season waists of he same quality
of silk and made uji much like these had
1o be sold at 7r We didnt cheajten
-them to sell them for s2ii we bought
double as many as we bouglit then and
Ave got them for less They are in black
and all colors all shades which will be
desirable and fashionable this sjiring and
summer There are so many styles that
an adequate description is impossible
here but there isnt a leading fashion
missing Dressmakers will ask you o
make up such waisls as theeare
street crossings and when necessary to
stop shall stop on the near side thereof
tho front end of the car or train to rest
on a line with the curb on tho near side
of the Intersecting street provided that
in rases where stops are now allowed on
both sides of a crossing such stops may
be continued if the railroad companies so
desire and that street cars running along
the lurking through the middle or Penn
sylvania Avenue cast of the Capitol shall
li permitted to stop on the far side of the
crossings of Intersecting streets Instead
of the near side of such crossings
Street cars shall stop on the signal of
the fire appiratus bell before crossing at
Intersections of streets whenever a fire
company is about to cross the tracks on
which they are running they shall also
stop before crossing at the intersection of
the following common lire Jims of the llro
On G Street line -Second and G Streets
northwest TIdrd and G Streets northwest
Sixth and G Streets northwest Tenth and
O Streets northwest Twelfth nnd G
Streets northwest Thirteenth and G
Streets northwest Xorth Capitol and C
Streets northeast
On P Street line Connecticut Avenue
anil K Street northwet Connecticut Ave
nue and Jl Street northwest Fifth and 1
Streets northwest Sixth and P Streets
northwest Tenth and V Streets northwest
Twelfth and F Streets northwest Thir
teenth and F Streets northwest Twentieth
and I Streets northwest
On II Street line New Jtrsey Avtmi
nnd II Street northwest Second and If
Streets northwest Third and 11 Streets
nort hwest
On Fourteenth Street line Fourteenth
and K Streets northwest and Fourteenth
and It Streets northwest
On Seventh Street line Seventh and T
Streets northwest Seonti and i Streets
northwest Seventh nnd I Streets north
west Seventh and M Streets northwest
Seventh nnd n Streets northwest
On Ninth Vitroet line JJInth nnd D
Streets northist Ninth and K Streets
northwest Ninth and I Streets northwest
Ninth and M Streets northwest Ninth and
11 Streets northwest
On Klcvcnth Street line Ulovcnth and
11 Streets northwest Eleventh and a
At 1250
Handsome black taf
feta silk dress skirls
trimmed elegantlywith
ribbon or jtlaiu
These skirts are the
acme of stylishness and
would cost you half as
much again to have
them made to order
Opening souvenirs in summer dress goods
Suituru jui binpeu wiiuu goous embracing an enormous
variety of sorts
nc a yard for white corded dimities
ic a yard for sheer while India Linon
32c a yard for heavy welt piques
HJc a yard for the new spriig styles in zephyr ginghams in
all new checks and stripes as well as plain colors kind which sell
for J 0c elsewhere
-e a yard for organdie lawns in all the leading shades and
black regular selling jirice JlAo yard
32ic a yard for the new wash stuffs for spring and summer
which are being sold for as high as 2oti a yard elsewhere In
plain and a host of figured effects in imported dress ginghams
Irish dimities Foulardines dotted Swiss muslins taffeta corded
lawns and chanibrays
Streets northwest Eleventh and I Streets
On Fourth Street line Fourth ami II
Fttsnorthvt x Jersey Avenue
and I Street northwest
On Pennsylvania A enuo line Fifth
and Pennsylvania Avenue soutlieaht
Klghth and Pennsylvania Avenue south
east First and I Streets southeast New
Jersey Avenue and B Street southeast
On E Street line Tenth and K Streets
northwest Twelfth and K Streets north
west Fourteenth and I Streets north
It shall not le lawful for any street
car to stand upon a street or avenue for
n longer period than live minutes unless
the way be obstructed nor stop so as to
obstruct a street crossing or intersecting
street and no street car shall follow a
preceding car moving In the same direc
tion at a less intervol than one hundred
feet unless coupled thereto Kvrry street
ear In motion after sundown shall have
two lights one displayed at each end
In connection with tho execution of this
order the Capita Traction Company has
been granted permission to paint a strip
eighty two inches wide ncross tho space
of tlic track In red paint at the points
were the cars are required to ston for
the lire apparatus as an aid to the motor
men In carrying out the Intention of tho
V Iee lliiiiiiuf rly Petitions tlic
Court to DUHOItr n Purtuerhlilo
W Lee Hammerly who stated that he
was a partner Willi Louis F Wurdeman
in tlic conduct of n poolroom ut A
Seventh Street northwest yesterday filed
n petition in the Supreme Court of the
District asking that the partnership be
dissolved nnd that u receiver be appoint
ed by the fiiurt to take charge of the busi
It Is explained that the parties were en
raged In conducting a poolroom at COS
Seventh Street Hammerly states that by
the terms of un agreement entered Into
wltli Wurdeman In Jlareh IM he was to
manage tho poolroom for u year for a
weekly salary of 3 At the expiration of
this time he says It was understood that
he and Wurdeman were to bo equal joint
owners without further
payment or con
sideration from him
On February 23 last Hammerly siys
Wurdeman rerused to pay his weekly
salary unless he would surrender the
keys of the establishment
and on his re
fusing to do -so ordered him away from
the premises The
complainant Is repre
sented by Attorneys Turner Mitchell
llevlt Hlni Ma nil Hlnne Caused llniu
iij o Cot eminent Properly
Tho fire In the reviewing stand In front
of the AVhlte IIousu Friday night has
proved to lx more disastrous than was at
first supposed Two of the big stone pil
lars that mark the western gateway to
the White IIou c Grounds were so badly
damaged by the heat that they will prob
nbly have to be rebuilt The loss Is placed
at about J2li0 by members of the In
augural Committee but that figure Is
thought to be exaggerated Sir Parsons
lost a number of valuable tools and says
that JTEO will cover his loss The insur
ance on the structures expired but a few
hours before the lire
The question of lesponsibllily for the
damage to government property has not
yet been decided but Mr Edson of the
Inaugural Committee Is Inclined to hold
Contractor Parsons responsible for the
loss as ho Is said to have unnecessarily
delayed the removal of the structures
lr Parsons states that he used every
precaution for the protection of the build
ings and to that end employed a watch
The watchman denhs that ho was re
sponsible for the lire and says he had not
begun to light the lamps ut the time tho
blaze started
Sre IfnnnK Windows
The Index ot nrptrb pring millinery j
t --
f O A QA
tft7 cUIU tPt
silk boas 166
bouctit especially for the Opening
because they offered ua the opportu
nity of sellins them at half anil less
Splendid assortment
Opening souvenirs
in notions
He spool for crochet silk all tolors
Co a dozen for snap dress fasteners
c box for Invisible hairpins
So piece for 21 yard roll black tape
Cc bottle for best machine oil
Sc length for new frilled clastic
ISc pair for silk sido carters
Cc pair for new feather stitched
So pair for sleel Scissors
1c a package for JIme Louis hair
1c a card for hump hooks and eyes
Ic for tracing wheels
Silk underskirts
Despite all sales of MIk underskirts
heretofore held tho selling of the
lumdredtafreta silk underskirts which
arc put on sale tomorrow morning at
J7M will make the greatest event of
tlic reason
In two styles accordion pleated
flounces and tucked Mounces with
dust mules full width and in an as
sortment which embraces every new
shade and color Surely youve never
been offered skirts the equal of these
for less than 1
W Calvin Cbilse Makes HlniHi lf Oli
imloim to u TrinI Hoard
The hearing 111 the case of Policeman
William J Edwards before the police
trial board was brought to ail abrupt
termination yesterday afternoon by what
Is alleged to have been Insulting conduct
on the part of V Calvin Chase a negro
attorney who appeared In behalf of tho
Edwards was charged with conduct un
becoming an officer There were three
specifications which alleged tliat on Jan
uary I he mado a remark to Private
Payne which could be construed as a
thieat that about 725 oclock on the
night of March -1 he probably interfered
with Policemen Foster Dent and Payne
while they were putting an intoxicated
and turbulent prisoner Into a cell at No
C stationhouso nnd that on tho same
evening he used harsh language toward
PrlvnteDent and wanted to chastise him
The trial board was composed of In
spector Peariou and Lieutenants Swin
dell nnd lleffncr Inspector Pearson ob
jected to the manner In which Chase was
examining witnesses and was met with
the accusation
This board Is a prejudiced one and my
client cannot get justice here
The board excluded Chaso from the
room but after a consultation permitted
him to return Chase then took occasion
to sav that he would not retract ono word
Hint he had littered and that he reiterated
tho charge
Ho was then told that he could not con
tlnuo the hearing and was again exclud
The hearing was then continued until
Wednesday morning at 11 oclock to per
mit Edwards to secure other counsel
There ii no- greater demonstration of the purity
cf llrurkli leer than the arulysU made by the
cheinlta vl tlir United States Agricultural De
partment Plione W 31 Arlington Ikittling
Co lor a eao of Ilcurlclis llaerzcn Senate or
---- ----
l II
K rtTlilr
MOUjlZl 81 lW
h tW
Money M when joh want it
- U an U4 adrcrtWns phrase used indiscrimin
ate ly w e make Ute nUtemrnt with perfect sin
cerity and unlwIttlnjIy relond you jour money
when purrhasos are not Mtisfictory or credit
jonr account it you haee had the purchase
iharired It li iut nch pfoermslTc methods
which hare made this atcre what It I toll
TT Kf 0 55 rt 61 Jj 4H A 4
and the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Hechts Greater Stores a dual attraction which forms the most interesting occasion
of the season
For weeks and weeks weve been planning and preparing and our efforts crystallize tomorrow in the most magnificent showing of trimmed and tin trim-
med millinery flowers and foliage that we have ever asked you to come and view It is a showing of which we are proud for it is comprehensive in every
sense of the word and every hat conceit is represented the conjurings the ideals of the most prominent artists of Paris and New York and the handsome
conceptions of our own deft milliners which are as handsome as any
Aside from the millinery display it will also be a formal showing of the new fashions for spring in ladies tailor made suits costumes skirts jackets capes 1
I underskirts and silk waists an exhibit of the rich and rare dress stuffs and silks the new ribbons neckwear lace and embroideries shirt waists upholster-
ies baby carriages go carts and mens and boys clothing
Aim it will 1l Iltclils mx1i bidlulay the beginning of onr sixth year in business in this city ami we shall fittingly celebrate it by offering souvenir bargains in every depart nicnl worthf ul souvenirs which you 11 best appre
Kiglil at ho threshold of his stores sixth year the proprietors of his great organization eanuol refrain from expressing their appreciation of your patronage Tliey feeHhat it is a testimonial to their mode of storckeeping
heir charge system which has held out its helping hand to thousands and enabled them to live better and wear better clothes without having to feel the inconvenience which paying cash means For all this you have nt been asked a
penny extra on he contrary yon have bouglit for less than you have ever bought before
For his grand success we thank you a thousand times and again extend to you an invitation to be present tomorrow Tuesday or Wednesday
Suits of wordiful
quality of cheviot
serge and Venetian
cloths in black blue
fan castor and
brown with Eton
and double breasted
jackets -with new dip
front and new 1ostil
lion back with flar
ing skirts having
durable linings and
bindings Such suits
will cost you i0
more elsewhere for
others cannot muster
so much value for
less than 100
At 198
Stylish skirts of black
cheviot serge all
plain but have as much
style as high juiced
garments being full
width iluch better
lining and bindings are
in these skirts ihan
youve seen in skirts at
this price
fk f
J Ik
Suits of pebble cheviot in
black brown and blue and
Venetians and broadcloths
in black blue and every
fashionable shade The jack
ets are- in Eton and tight
iitting effects lined with
ialfeta silk and faced with
peau de soie silk Some of
lie jackets have the stylish
corded silk vests While
some of these suits are plain
the majority of hem are
dimmed some with satin
and ialfeta some with
black and gilt braid and
some with gilt braid and gilt
buttons The skirts are the
full llaring sort and have
flounces and the new girdle
they are lined with percalino
and have best bindings 25
At 598
We give you a big as
sortment of skirts from
which to choose at this
price Skirls of black
cheviots with three
bands of stitched satin
all full flaring and
with bes linings and
A silk waist leader at 425
- -
Womens readytowear sails skirts and silk waists
It is a natural consequence lliat we should lead in womens ready-to-wear suits skirts silk waists and the like
Instead of buying just what is shown in the markets we go to the leading designers choose our own fabrics give our spe
cial directions as to style and details in workmanship and thus get ready-to-wear garments which are not surpassed even by the crea
tions of exclusive dressmakers
Orders placed for this and three other large retail stores in I5allimore of which this store is but a link exceeds the pur
chases of any other concern
Thus do we get garments that are the very acme of perfection and by the iminensiry of our orders prices which enable us to nil
dersell all competitors
Last season we asked you to see the largest slock ever shown in the city Again we have exceeded previous showings deter
mined to make a bigger bid for your patronage than ever before with lower prices as an extra inducement
Aside from the suits represented below there are to be seen here the most elaborate productions which are made up novel
ties by the score with the richest and most elaborate trimmings embodying the most exclusive ideas and equal in workmanship and
fit to the elegant costumes of the most exclusive modistes
Our leaders in womens tailorniade suits and separate skirts
Es33 I
7 V
This price buys
jlierc what others ask
aS to 50 for the
highest grade tailor
ed suits produced
of broadcloth of ven
netian cloth of plain
cheviot and pebble
cheviot in all fash
ionaljle shades and
blue and black
C oiny lined through
out with taffeta silk
and having taffeta
silk drop skirts with
jackets in all styles
and full llaring
skirls The trim
mings of these suits
are most superb
1- -- -
Exhibit of
exquisite sprk
g ifiiieery
and such an exhibit The choicest crea
tions imaginable are here in profusion
The productions of our own milliners vie
with the conceptions of Parisian milliners
whove taken their inspirations from the
fashions of the Napoleonic era There are
dozens of genuine imported hats here but
we believe youll readily choose ours
At 5
we show dozens and doz
ens of styles which we
defy the world to equal
Hats of chiffon hats of straw braid hats
of all material which are being used in the new mushroom
shapes trimmed in a host of different effects equal in style and
workmanship to the hats which others offer at half and twice as
much Being a popular price hats at this price shall be our
Opening souvenirs in domestics
2Jc a yard for soft finish unbleached muslin in good
5 a yard for the genuine Fruit-of-the-loom muslin
7jc a yard for extra fine quality yard wide white es
which sells usually at V2ic a yard
lc for 12 yard pieces of English Longdoth which re
sells for 12 full 12 yards to the piece
S e a yard for fast black sateen the very best black which
sells for 12Jc a yard
4 Jc yard for extra fine quality white Shaker flannel soft
fleecy quality which regularly sells for 8e yard
Opening souvenirs in linings
invite an inspection of offering opening souvenirs
three days
ths I
le a yard for IJipjilesilk a new fabric for lining spring
tuines and which has every appearance of silk and wears far bet
ter in all leading shades and black Selling elsewhere for 38c
Opening in upholsteries carriages and
gocarts traveling goods etc
4 Tin vlml liflli flimr is ibvofiil fi ihf i1iTilir nf im1iritMtir ipu
PODUlaf milSiC 16C t curtains rugs carriages go carts linoleums and the like and we
The falo ones Vou Will Iove Me
and I Vou Everybody Has a
Whistle Like ile He Laid Away a
Suit of Grey Hunkydory Cupids
Dream AVultzes rinkie When
the Uirda Go Xorth Again The
New born Kins and hundreds of
others to select from
-5 for reclining go carts with English gearing bought to
sell at M
jP for a good size trunk which were bought to sell at X
le for 4 4 tapestry table covers in all colors worth Jc
15c for white applique bureau and washstand scarfs and
shams covers and centre pieces worth up to ittlc
Opening souvenirs in shoes
DTtc a pair during the opening for childrens and misses pat-
ent leather shoes in sizes Si to 2 with soft vici kid tops our
lar values at lii0 and 175
11 a pair for ladies patent leather oxfords with heavy
soles and bull dog toes which are best values possible to find
at 2 J
1S a pair for ladies patent leather lace shoes with heavy
sides and Cuban heels also with light soles and French heels
ont values
c a pair for ladies red black and tan Turkish boudoir slip-
pers which sell regularly for 7Hc
Oriler In Mop on Uif nr Mill-
in t TiMinr
The order issued by the Commissioner
relative to tho stopping of the Mreet cars
on tho near side of the street coes Into
effect on the several lines of the city and
DUtriet today
IlcKlnnini llh the first trips from the
car barns this mornlnx the ears will etop
on the near side of the street approached
to take on or let off passengers This Is
a return to the former practice whl h
was changed last year at the request or
persons who Interested themselves In the
matter and Induced tin Commissioners to
lnsue an order that the cars should stop
on the fr side of the street
The chuuge proved unsatisfactory In
many particulars and resulted In several
accidents o the apparatus of the lIr
DepHrtment while running to lires Two
lives were lost In this way and the cir-
uinstances surrounding the death of
2lieman Keefe last m nith were such as
to cause the Commit sloners to revoke
their former order and to adopt new reg
ulations relative to the stopping of the
cars on the streets known as the prlnci
lal fire runs
The order of the Commissioners was
promulgated on l ebrusry 21 and has
been duly advertised u provld s that
f ectlon 2U Article X of the Tollcc Reg
tdations be amended to read as follows
Bee 1A No street car shall move at a
ereatcr rate of Keed than twelve miles
un hour In the city of Washington nor
iin Ereatcr rate of siM ed than fifteen
inlles an hour outside of said city except
bHwecn proposed nint Street north ami
Jicreo aim Itoad within the village of
fenleytown where street cars hall not
niovo ot a greater rate of pecd than
twelve inlles an hour
Street cars shall not exceed a rale of
speed greater than six miles an hour at
Ilojd AViillnee Com ieted of Murder
Takes nn Appeal
JJoyd Wallace colored who Is under
sentence to be hanged In the District Jail
on April 12 yestcnluy tiled an appeal from
the judgment of the Supreme Court of
tho District In the Court of Appeals for
the District of Columbia
Wallace was convicted in December be
fore Justice Clabaugh In Criminal Court
No 1 of the murder of Robert Stafford
also colored on August 16 last The tes
timony slven at tho trial showed that tho
during these
trouble between Wallace and StafLml
who was his half brother was caused
bv Jealousy over a woman named Jnck
siin It was testified that Wallace enticed
Stafford Into u dark alley and picked t
quarrel with him anil then stabbed him to
death with a penknife Wallace in tes
tifying In his own behalf stated that Staf
ford first attacked him with nn axe nnd
that the fatal blow was struck In Mif
The bill of exceptions In the case wero
placed on file In the Court of Apjwals yes
terday by Itoyal Hughes Wallaces at
Clearing Sale of Pianos
To Make Room for Our New Stock of
Sohmer Worch and Kroeger Pianos
Wc Offer lhe Following Piano Bargains
f40 lfiillel Davis new
700 Steiiiway used 50
275 Maihushek used 10
250 Heiming used ilS5
Sold on easy payments or per cent discount for cash
Let us send you on trial free of all expense a
in competition with strictly high grade makes We guarantee
vou satisfaction and will save vou money
r r J

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